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Water Pump for 2017 Audi A4 Quattro 2.0L Premium Plus

2023.05.30 05:44 Pretend-Court-6694 Water Pump for 2017 Audi A4 Quattro 2.0L Premium Plus

So a few months ago my mechanic told me that my water pump is starting to go and it’s going to have to be replaced soon and I kind of knew that already cus i was leaking antifreeze coolant in that area. Im replacing it myself because the labor is absolutely ridiclously expensive. Can I just replace the water pump or do I need to replace the thermostat assembly as well? I’ve had mulitple people tell me to just replace the water pump but then I’ve had people tell me that I have to do both. Any suggestions? Also i know there was a partial settlement when Audi would give you 20-40% refund if you paid for it out of pocket but I missed the cut off date for that by like a month. But any suggestions would be great.
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2023.05.30 05:43 techgalgardener Patio pond end of weekend update. Starting to come together. Need to determine bog filter container.

Patio pond end of weekend update. Starting to come together. Need to determine bog filter container.
Also have slate stone. Was going to originally try for whimsical fountain, but I think a big filter is a better option. Once I figure out how I want water to flow out of the filter, I will get it lined.
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2023.05.30 05:34 Vomero1 Help with water trailer mod

Help with water trailer mod
Hi guys, so I installed the water trailer mod and finally found the water filter to make it safe to drink but I'm having trouble making it work. Do I need to equip it and use it on the trailer or do I have to install it on the trailer? I would really appreciate the help.
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2023.05.30 05:26 Capt-Kirk31 Team Green, bur I wish they were still blue

Team Green, bur I wish they were still blue
Too Many chargers. My drill shank is bent and the half inch impact is weak. The water pump is awesome
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2023.05.30 05:18 Ainoskedoyu Help Chasing Misfire in 06 MDX

Hi all, asking for help with anything I might have missed. Car is a 2006 Acura MDX, 220,00 miles that I've owned for a few years, tried to be good with maintenance/upkeep. About a year ago it started misfiring intermittently on startup, mostly on cylinder 5, sometimes setting P0300 on other cylinders. Every once in awhile it would go flashing CEL and illuminate the VTM4 light. Seems more common at lower fuel levels and when using lower octane fuel Misfire condition only persists after a start until you get the RPMs above 2000. Once you do that, it runs great at any stress/load. I've driven it freeway for multiple hours like that, no hesitation or loss of power. So far I've replaced timing belt/water pump (it was getting due anyway), injectors, coils, plugs, EGR valve, MAF sensor, Air filter (was due anyway), adjusted valves, ran Seafoam, fuel pump assembly. I've tested compression (cylinder 1 and 2 slightly out of spec % with the others), bleeddown on the front bank (well within tolerance and close to each other), fuel pressure (before changing pump -good pressure at prime and run, changed due to possibility of leaking back into tank). Wife got tired of watching me cuss at it, we took it to a reputable shop. They said valves were too tight and adjusted, a week later it came back. Shop told me it's a lean misfire as tge temp hits 104, and it's leaning out as it warms up. Their only suggestion is cleaning the valves might clear some carbon that's causing sticking valves, but they don't know if that will work. At this point, my intention is to pull the heads and have them machined, replace valves and gaskets. I know the J35A5 has the concern with worn camshafts, not sure how I could go about testing that though. Any help/advice/things I missed appreciated
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2023.05.30 05:11 Rough_Tomato Ford fiesta mechanic

Corvallis team, I have a 2012 Ford Fiesta and it's time to get some mechanic help
Does anyone know of a Corvallis or Albany mechanic that knows fiestas inside and out?
I'm having trouble with "maybe" a bad bearing that occasionally causes some drag. Happens driving or idling. There is a small scritch sound that goes with it. The car will slow slightly if this happens while driving. Happens once or twice an hour...
Plus the engine has started to idle rough for the first 30 seconds after starting it.
For the "bearing" issue, I've removed the accessory belt and looked for bad bearings, no issues with water pump, AC. Alternator and battery removed and tested at a shop. All good.
If you know a mechanic for this, that's awesome. If you know this problem and an easy fix, that's even better!
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2023.05.30 05:09 chidi-arianagrande Budget Line Items

Husband and I are in baby step 3B/4/5 (we own a home but are saving to upgrade, ideally about $300,000 more), and we “have” a budget but aren’t very strict about it and in the last year since we had our baby we have fallen off the wagon a bit. As we work toward our goal to the down payment on a new home within the next 3 years, I think it’s time we have a more specific budget to follow so less falls through the cracks. We’ve been pretty lazy, and the more time I spend back in the TMMO world, the more I realize we can be doing a lot better. I’m not going full scorched-earth, rice-and-beans, but somewhere in-between being totally apathetic and also reaching our financial goals. (In all honesty, I 100% could go full gazelle-intense but my husband works a job he hates and if we cut our lifestyle back more than 10-20% he would go into a deep depression.) We weren’t using sinking funds before so I’m trying this out in June. I took averages for the last three months which is how I came up with these numbers.
Here’s the general outline of our new budget (we live in Bay Area, VHCOL). SF= sinking fund Take home pay- $11500 Mortgage- $4000 Gas/Electric SF- $150 (we have solar, in summer we pay like $40 but winter is higher) Water- $75 AT&T- $225 (2 phones. I’m aware this sucks, but paying them off early saves $0) Internet- $12 (husband’s job gives us $50/month so it’s really $62) Car Insurance- $58 Trash SF-$80 Subscriptions SF-$50 (we have Spotify and then rotate through 2 media subscriptions, currently HBO and STARZ which is under budget) Daycare-$1690 529 Savings- $200 (1 year old, we are 1 and done) Groceries- $1150 (includes household items, diapers, personal items like shampoo, food, and pet food/littemeds) Gas- $140 Home Improvement SF- $200 (we don’t spend even close to this amount but we will be doing stuff to the house before we sell, so this is savings) Eating Out/Entertainment/Stuff We Want but Don’t Need SF- $500 My personal money- $50 (I have a side hussle of “passive” income that makes a few hundred a month which is also part of my personal money. Husband insists it’s mine not ours.) Husband’s personal money- $300 Gifts SF- $125 Medical/Vet SF- $200 Travel SF-$200 Car maintenance and new car SF- $150 (husband thinks I’ll need to replace my 2012 Honda CR-V soon… nothing is wrong with it and I plan on running it into the ground, I couldn’t care less about vehicles, so I figure like 5+ years from now I’ll get another one) House savings: $2000
Looking for general input. Are my budget line items specific enough? Instead of sinking funds, does it make sense to just make a general savings account and take out whatever we need when necessary and delete those line items? Is it worth the effort to disaggregate the groceries to pet care and household and food? How muc should we really expect to spend on home improvements before selling?
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2023.05.30 05:04 Indieonion West Lakes flow through?

How is it possible that west lakes is flushed daily with 490 million litres of sea water? That’s a massive pumping system ?! Source, a wee plaque at the lake.
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2023.05.30 04:59 Sunandmoon1229 Question about purchasing new filter and pump for above ground pool

Question about purchasing new filter and pump for above ground pool
I will admit my knowledge of our above ground pool is pretty limited. We recently moved into our home and the filter and pump that came with our pool is not working so I need to get a new one. Our filter and pump both have hose connections that have red handles that you can push down to stop water from entering or leaving ( I will attach a photo below) when researching new ones online I’m not seeing that on a lot of the cartridge filters, but instead just an area that looks like something screws into it. Can I take these off my old pump and filter and place them on a new pump? I’m sorry for my limited knowledge and o really hope what I am saying makes sense with my pictures below. Thank you!
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2023.05.30 04:47 DryConcentrate7127 Sand Point Well Questions

Hello everyone, I am going to be installing a 2" sand well point and have some questions I am hoping you all can help answer. Before I go into the questions this well point is going to be used for watering our garden with wobbler sprinklers, along with a potential future lawn irrigation system for 3/4-1 acre My questions are as follows.
  1. I am going to be renting a electric jackhammer to drive the 2" pipe into the ground. That being said I know you're supposed to use drive couplings, however I saw someone made a comment somewhere on the forums saying to remove the drive couplings once installed and that confused me....Can't I just use drive couplings for each section of pipe and leave it in there?
  2. I was planning on using teflon tape for each connection. Should I also be using pipe dope for each section of pipe as added protection?
  3. I am looking to irrigate the garden and potentially a future lawn sprinkler system for 1 acre. I know the size of the pump is going to be contingent upon the flow of water, and I don't want the pump to outrun the flow of water but I am thinking of going with a 1HP pump from Harbor Freight and a 14 gallon pressure tank. I am going to have to reduce the pipe from 2" to the 1 1/4" inlet but I am hoping this is correctly sized.
  4. If I go with this 1HP Harbor Freight Pump will I have to upgrade to a 20 amp circuit or larger? I will have an electrician wire this for me, however just looking to understand if there's any caveats I might encounter before trenching a line for the electrical.
  5. Will I regret going with either a Harbor Freight or Pump from Menards, or is there not much a difference quality wise vs other brands found online?
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2023.05.30 04:44 autotldr Two million litres of water drained from reservoir in search for phone

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 46%. (I'm a bot)
An Indian government official has been suspended after ordering a reservoir to be drained so he could find his phone.
Food inspector Rajesh Vishwas dropped his Samsung smartphone in Kherkatta dam while taking a selfie, The Times of India newspaper reported.
Over three days, more than two million litres of water were pumped from the reservoir so he could retrieve it.
The water emptied from the dam would be enough to irrigate at least 1,500 acres of land, local media reported.
Mr Vishwas told reporters the water was unusable for irrigation and he had received permission from a senior official to drain the reservoir.
Authorities suspended Mr Vishwas after he was widely criticised for wasting water resources.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: water#1 Vishwas#2 reservoir#3 reported#4 phone#5
Post found in /worldnews, /SeenOnNews_longtail and /BreakingNews24hr.
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2023.05.30 04:37 OutInTheBlack Collins Park Drinking Fountains

In November when they opened the new "Uncle Milty's" playground by Avenue C the fountains weren't on yet, so I assumed they wouldn't turn them on until after the winter to avoid pipes freezing. Well now it's warming up again and I'm wondering if anybody knows when they plan to turn on all the drinking fountains. None of them are on for the length of the park as of this weekend. The bathrooms are open, which is great, but I'd love to be able to refill the water bottles right there in the playground while my kid is burning off the day's energy. Anybody at the Parks dept browse this and have any input?
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2023.05.30 04:32 thatclearautumnsky Resolving Basement Leak

Hi everyone,
I bought a house recently in St. Louis. It's from 1929 with a concrete pour basement and a rear crawlspace. There is no sump pump.
The basement leaks from one of the walls during heavy rains, at the joint where the wall and floor meet. There is one spot it usually comes from and another 2 or so during really heavy rain periods.
It doesn't form more than a medium sized puddle but I wanted to make sure I addressed the problem properly.
It's definitely a gutters and drainage issue on that side, the gutters overflow with rain and the soil next to the house has a neutral grade. I'm having the gutters replaced and the soil regarded to address that.
I called 3 waterproofing/foundation repair companies for an assessment to ensure the foundation itself didn't need repair. All 3 of them said it was in good condition and didn't show signs of sinking, cracking or bowing which was very reassuring. One of them measured it and said it had very little settlement over 94 years.
1st guy said it was a gutters and drainage issue, do that and call him if the problem stays.
2nd guy suggested crack sealant for the joint where the water was coming in but said the water could be pushed out another way. Thought it was a gutters and drainage issue.
3rd guy offered to install an interior French drain and sump pump system. I thought at the time that was overkill and I should try exterior solutions.
I had a separate problem with my crawlspace where an animal had chewed on a sill so I called 3rd guy's company for a crawlspace assessment and 4th guy came out and I arranged repair with him. They were doing a 25% off special on all work so I considered adding the interior French drain system. He also did a walk around the basement and exterior and said the foundation was in good shape with no structural issues.
I talked with 3rd guy again and he said that the interior system warranties against water intrusion. The intrusion doesn't bother me so much as the potential damage to my foundation. He said that the interior drain would reduce hydrostatic pressure when the water table rises which is what causes walls to bow and sometimes foundation sinking if it's bad enough. (I'm not sure if it actually does this or merely channels water that's already entered in).
I thought that would be a good solution for the long term and signed a contract, but after looking it up I am thinking now the much less expensive gutter and regrading work will potentially solve the problem. There is a 3 day cancelation period and I might walk it back tomorrow and just have the crawlspace work done.
Most of the people I've talked to are saying the gutter and drainage problem is the priority and the interior waterproofing is a measure I could take if that doesn't resolve the problem.
I'm just frustrated and don't know what to do. At the end of the day I want to make sure the foundation is protected and doesn't cause my home structural damage.
If anybody has some perspectives on this or advice I really appreciate it. Thank you.
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2023.05.30 04:29 stormy001 Hot Spell: KPKM Announces RM400,000 Additional Allocation for Water Pumps, Tube Wells

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2023.05.30 04:21 Van-G Booster Pump on City Water

Will a booster pump maintain 50-60 psi and 15 gpm in our home?
Supply from the street is 5/8” copper to curb and then splits to 1/2” for us and our neighbour (semi’s). Inside the house is all new 3/4” copper.
Static pressure is just shy of 90 psi so I want to get a reducer put in to keep static at 60 psi.
However, when we shower it drops to 45 psi. It’s enough but anything on top of that drops pressure and flow rate off to an annoying rate.
So, to my question - will a booster pump bring up my pressure and flow rate given supply is 1/2” but plumbing is 3/4”?
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2023.05.30 04:21 john_wick909 Spa waterfall very low

Spa waterfall very low
My spa barely flown into pool. A pool guy had some suggestions but trying to figure out locations of his suggested parts. Can anyone walk me through this?
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2023.05.30 04:07 SnakePlantMaster How to secure return hose on chiller?

I finally got around to setting up our chiller on our axolotl tank. Then realized I didn’t have a way to secure the return hose. So I set it up but turned it off because I didn’t trust it. I didn’t want to take it out though. I was really tired from doing a huge water change and I’m sick. Anyway. My laziness resulted in me going to put in the last load of laundry and hearing the water pouring out of the tank. As predicted, the hose came out. Thankfully maybe only a few gallons came out. I took out the pump and hoses (clearly like I should have done earlier 🤦‍♀️). I bought clips from Amazon that should be here tomorrow. But now I’m paranoid. I don’t have a canister filter rn. How do I secure this hose so I’m not paranoid about this happening again and worse next time?
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2023.05.30 04:05 SnakePlantMaster How to secure chiller return hose?

I finally got around to setting up our chiller. Then realized I didn’t have a way to secure the return hose. So I set it up but turned it off because I didn’t trust it. I didn’t want to take it out though. I was really tired from doing a huge water change and I’m sick. Anyway. My laziness resulted in me going to put in the last load of laundry and hearing the water pouring out of the tank. As predicted, the hose came out. Thankfully maybe only a few gallons came out. I took out the pump and hoses (clearly like I should have done earlier 🤦‍♀️). I bought clips from Amazon that should be here tomorrow. But now I’m paranoid. I don’t have a canister filter rn. How do I secure this hose so I’m not paranoid about this happening again and worse next time?
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2023.05.30 04:05 cbvv1992 🔥60% Off Code And Clip Coupon – $10.76-$12.99 Water Bottle Pump Dispenser 5 Gallon!!

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2023.05.30 03:59 Joyceable Frequently Asked Questions For L10s Ultra[2023.05]

Welcome to the May FAQ for the L10s Ultra robot! As a user of this powerful cleaning assistant, you may encounter some common issues during your cleaning sessions, but don't worry - I’m here to help. In this month's FAQ, I'll provide answers and solutions to some of the most frequently asked questions related to the L10s Ultra. Whether you're having trouble with the charging dock, cleaning performance, or maintenance, I've got tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your robot. As always, if you don't find the answer you're looking for here, don't hesitate to reach out for further assistance.

Q: What is the issue with black carpets?
A: Based on my observation, currently all robot vacuums in the industry use cliff sensors to detect height, which causes black materials to be unrecognized and unable to move on black carpets. This issue also exists in L10s ultra. For those who have black carpets, you can set up a no-go zone or virtual wall, or cover the bottom 15cm of the LDS sensor with tape (make sure mapping is completed and there are no stairs) to enable cleaning on black carpets.
Q: What is the silicone hole next to the water tank for in the charging dock of L10s ultra?
A: This is a reserved hole for the water inlet and outlet. By using the water inlet and outlet device, it is more convenient to use L10s ultra.
Q: Is the cleaning solution used by L10s ultra acidic or alkaline? Can it damage the floor?
A: The cleaning solution used by L10s Ultra is alkaline. It is generally safe for the floor if it is not heavily used. However, if you are using your own cleaning solution, it is not certain.
Q: When does the light on the charging dock of L10s ultra turn off?
A: The light on the charging dock of L10s ultra will turn off automatically ten minutes after the robot vacuum is fully charged. However, if the robot vacuum is in do-not-disturb mode and the main light turns off after 30 seconds, the charging dock light will also turn off.
Q: How to set up a customized cleaning?
A: 1. Open the homepage of the plug-in, and enter the Customized Cleaning section via Cleaning Settings > Customized Cleaning > Settings.
  1. Manual Setup: In the Customized Setting section, you can select different areas to have personalized settings including the suction, humidity of the mop pad, cleaning times, etc.
  2. Intelligent Recommendation: Tap the "Intelligent Recommendation" button in the Customized Setting section, the personalized cleaning patterns will be generated according to room types.
Q: How to enable the Child Lock function?
A: The robot will not respond to commands from the buttons of the self-wash base or the base station when the Child Lock is switched on.
  1. Press and hold the left and right buttons on the self-wash base or the base station simultaneously for 3 seconds to turn the child lock on or off.
  2. When your robot is connected to the network, you can open the App > Plug-in Home Page > Settings > Device Settings to enable or disable the Child Lock function.
Q: What should I do when the base fails to pump wastewater into the waste tank or the water level in the washboard is abnormal?
A: 1. Take out the waste tank to check whether the sealing ring is deformed or not installed properly, if so, reset the sealing ring manually. If the waste tank is broken, please contact customer service.
  1. Make sure the waste tank is normal. Then close the waste tank cover, put the waste tank back, and press the tank to make it installed in place.
  2. Press the clips on both sides of the washboard to take them out. Pour out the wastewater, and check whether the filter is clogged, if so, clean it.
  3. Wipe off the water left in the base with a dry cloth, install the washboard, and fasten the clips on both sides of the washboard.
  4. Clean the mop pad first. If the error remains, please contact customer service.
Q: The robot fails to recharge.
A: 1. There may be too many obstacles around the dock/base. Clear the obstacles or place the dock/base in an open area.
  1. Your robot may be too far away from the dock. Place your robot near the dock.
  2. While cleaning, ensure your robot sets out from the base/dock to make the location of the base/dock accurate in the map.
  3. Make sure the base or the base station is powered on.
  4. Check whether the in-app maps are askew or overlapping. If so, recreate maps.
Q: Why is the map different than before? What should I do if the map is distorted, inclined, or overlapped?
A: The map is distorted or overlapped:
Make sure the map is saved successfully, which means the parted sections are shown on the map, and the area cleaning can work properly.
Turn off the power and restart the robot vacuum. Then manually place the robot vacuum to the charging base and try to restore the map. If the restoration fails, replace the charging base position and redo the mapping.
  1. Properly place the base against the wall by making sure the open space beside the base should be at least 0.5m, and there are no obstacles 1m from the front of the base.
  2. While the robot vacuum is working, please do not manually move the machine.
  3. Strong light or highly reflective situations might cause the malfunction of the mapping.
  4. We recommend closing the curtain or finding another time when the light is not so strong to clean. For highly reflective surfaces, it’s better to cover 15cm from the bottom of the surface while cleaning.
Users can reset the mapping, and the robot will remap during its next cleaning.
  1. Regularly check and clean the navigation sensors with a soft cloth or tissue.
Q: Why does Mi Home/Dreamehome App indicate that the robot is offline?
A: 1. When the robot is turned off, the APP cannot connect to the machine
  1. The online and offline status changes of the robot are related to the strength of the network signal at the location where the robot is located. If the network signal at the location where the robot is located is weak or unstable, the robot will be offline.
  2. There is no internet connection with your Wi-Fi.
You can solve it according to the following solutions:
  1. Check whether the robot is in a shutdown state. If it is in a shutdown state, please press and hold the power key of the robot to turn it on, and then reconfigure the network;
  2. Offline during normal operation of the robot will not affect it to continue to complete the previous cleaning task. When the network signal is better, the robot will automatically return to the online state
  3. You can add or reset the network to the robot, and put the router close to the robot to assign the network to the machine
  4. Check whether the Wi-Fi works normally. If the Wi-Fi is abnormal, repair it in time, and then configure the network again
  5. Please check whether the 5G preference is selected in the distribution network settings of the machine, and you need to turn off this setting
Q: I want to reset the system or all settings.
A: 1. When the button is malfunctioning or you cannot turn off your robot, open the upper cover of your robot, press the Reset button, and your robot will restart automatically.
  1. Note: The system reset will clear all scheduled cleaning tasks and cleaning modes, and delete the Wi-Fi network connections.
Q: I want to schedule a cleaning.
A: 1. Enter the plug-in homepage, tap Settings (top right) > Scheduled Cleaning > Add (lower right) in turn.
  1. You can set the parameters in advance including Cleaning Range, Starting Time, and Repeat.
  2. Tap "√" in the top right-hand corner to save your settings, and the cleaning is scheduled.

I hope this article has been helpful in answering your questions. If you have any further inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact me.
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2023.05.30 03:56 Embarrassed_Ad1414 How can I replace this motor?

How can I replace this motor?
This motor pumps out the water from the sink to a septic tank in the backyard. It stopped working this month and I wanted to replace it. I have never touched plumbing before and am not afraid to tackle this. Just for reference I am in Canada and I think the standard piping is abs for drainage but I’m not sure. Any help is appreciated.
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2023.05.30 03:54 browner6666 Could not leave this beauty behind for 20 bucks

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