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2023.03.25 09:16 structura1 CAN I BUILD A HOME ADDITION WITHOUT A PERMIT?


If you’re in the beginning stages of planning your home addition you’ve probably got endless questions. After all, building something from the ground up is a huge undertaking. It’s an opportunity not everyone gets, so if you’re one of the lucky few who do, you want it done right! That’s where proper permitting comes in.
Maybe you’ve heard there’s ways around building permits for home additions or maybe you’re confident you can do the work on your own with the city being none the wiser about permits. Before you get ahead of yourself though, take a closer look at the permit requirements for your home addition. Weigh the risks with us below and you be the judge.


In a word, no. You can’t build a home addition without a permit; At least not without consequence. Even so, this doesn’t keep some homeowners from trying and succeeding, either by doing the work themselves or hiring an unethical contractor or handyman. Unfortunately, they’ll find this shortcut presents a slew of problems that could have easily been avoided.
Even if you try to be sneaky and build without a permit (and sometimes it seems much easier to do so), the bottom line is that permits for home additions are there for your safety. The permitting process allows the city to check your plans for flaws and later inspect the work, ensuring it’s up to the safety standards required by the state.


  • DIY: The DIY (do it yourself) movement is still going strong with many homeowners taking matters into their own hands. If they can’t do it, they might have a family friend or relative that can. The desire to “do it yourself” coupled with personal connections can lead to building an addition without permit.

  • Cost: The price of obtaining a building permit can deter some from applying for one at all; Though the cost of the permit, generally in the hundreds, is nothing in comparison to the penalties incurred if you’re caught building without one.

  • Timeline: Homeowners with their hearts set on starting their addition as soon as possible might be more prone to bend the rules. Permitting may take a while between submitting the actual plans and application and then waiting on the permit to become available.


Can a home addition be built without permitting? Sure. Is it your best option in the long run? Certainly not. There’s more than a handful of reasons why building an addition without permit is a risk without rewards. Check out some of these reasons below, noting the consequential and legal ramifications:

  • Loan Obstacles: There’s no guarantee of mortgage companies approving a home’s financing if the home has unpermitted work. This can pose major issues when it comes time to sell (more on that later) or for those who acquired a home without knowledge of the permitting issues.
Lenders will likely require an in depth inspection of the unpermitted work to be submitted with the loan application. Others may only approve the loan if the project can become permitted and then approved by inspectors. Even after all of this, there’s still a chance the loan application will be rejected altogether.

  • Penalties: If making retroactive corrections weren’t enough, building an addition without permit almost always leads to penalties. The cost of these penalties varies based upon exactly what work was done without the permit. Fines for building without permit can be upwards of $600 and into the thousands if the penalty isn’t paid within a certain amount of time.
States like California take accountability to the next level, upping the penalties significantly for any contractors who have been found not using proper permitting. The Contractors State License Board states that penalties can reach up to $5,000 for those operating outside their permitting safety standards.

  • Resale Issues: You may think you worked the system and successfully constructed a home addition without permitting but when it comes time to sell you may think differently. Going into the selling process your home won’t be appraised for as high a value as your square footage deserves since the addition wasn’t done under permits.
Many prospective homebuyers may also become uninterested once they’re made aware of the unpermitted work. It’s mandatory for the current homeowners to report their unpermitted work in the selling process and some buyers might not want to take on the hassle of getting it up to code or the risk of insuring it as is.

  • Insurance Problems: Insurance companies want to be sure that the project they’re insuring has been approved by all the right entities. You’d be hard pressed to find an insurance carrier that doesn’t perform their due diligence with regard to permitting when a homeowner specifically requests build coverage for an addition.
Even if the carrier doesn’t ask for this permitting proof upfront, you’d likely run into problems if you need to make a claim on incidents during the build of the addition. Once they find that it wasn’t properly permitted, you’ll be on the hook to cover the amount of the incident.
Similarly, it’ll be near impossible to find coverage for the addition itself once it’s complete if it was done without permitting. Trying to make a claim with your current carrier for anything falling under this new work will undoubtedly be denied, seen as negligence on your part by the insurance carrier.

  • Faulty Results: One of the biggest risks of building an addition without permit is ending up with a bad final result. The permit application can make certain there’s no potential issues in your design, especially when it comes to structure. Improper foreknowledge can lead to structural instability and lack of other support materials.
The same can be said for virtually any part of the build from the wiring down to the floors. At the end of the day, a project of this size requiring this much time, effort, and money should produce a perfect product. There’s no need to risk any other outcome.
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2023.03.25 09:15 Glass_Sentence7139 DreamWorld/Land of Nod

Ok, so this is my first reddit post, so please excuse any confusion. Recently, while watching YouTube, I stumbled upon a list of 10 alternate/parallel universe stories. I have believed in the theories of alternate universes forever...I mean literally, for as long as I can remember, and I have good reason.
I am a woman, almost 50 y.o, who has always had these "dreams". In my dreams, I am someplace else, but with full memories of ever part of my life when in the dream. I wake up at least 5x's/night, with full memories of the dream I had just had. I tried keeping dream logs, but, with the amount of dreams I have a night, along with the details remembered in each dream, I don't have the time to write down each dream. If i were to write them, they would be complete stories, not dreams. I almost wish I had someone who could write them for me.
The majority of my dreams are all in the same world. I call this world "The Land Of Nod", Don't ask me why I call it that, I started calling it that when I was about 15 and it just stuck.
My earliest memory of having repetitive dreams and dreams of this other world, was about when I was either 4 or 5, but I am sure I have had them my whole life, unfortunately, our brains don't start storing memories until about that age. My earliest memory of this life, was when I was approx. 3-4 y/o. My parents tell me that as a baby, I had colic until I was 9-months old, that's pretty late for colic, considering it usually subsides by the time a baby id 3-4 months old, I truly believe that it was not colic that kept me awake all night instead of sleeping, I believe I was having these dreams even then. At that young age, and I believe i was so confused, about what to believe and what not to believe, kept me up, crying, trying to stay in in world. Now, I know this is just a guess, but if you had experienced the things I have experienced thru-out the past 49 years of my life, you would understand why I feel this way. My friends and co-workers ask me everyday about my dreams the night before. Sometimes I tell them, sometimes I don't and sometimes i can't, because in "The Land Of Nod", there are creatures that don't exist here. There are everyday animals sold in their pet shops that don't exist here, on this plane, and most importantly, there are colors that don't exist here. They are impossible for me to describe, and although I will vividly remember the colors I see for several days after the dream, the memories slowly fade with time. But one thing I am sure of, they were there.
I compare it to how different animals, can see different colors due to the cones in their eyes. They say dogs only see in black and white, yet some insects can see different colors on the color spectrum, like ultraviolet,that our human eyes can't even imagine. Well, you can think I'm insane all you want, but it's true. There are amazing, marvelous, beautiful colors, both light and dark, shimmery, yet not opaque, indistinct, yet comprehensible, all at the same time.
When i say I wake up 5x/night,I am not exaggerating, in fact, I am lowering the bar. There have been times when i have woken up 9-10x/night due to these dreams.
Like I said, the majority of the time, I go to the same world when i dream. I know the whole town so well, I could draw a map. I know where the movie theater is,the mall, the train stations and the houses.
While some of you are probably thinking that I have taken bits and pieces of the real world and introduced them to create "The Land of Nod", i assure you, that is not the case. These are places, I know I have never seen, with people, most of who I have never met. Sometimes different people in my family will be there, and other times, someone entirely different would be my mother or father. On these occasions, I remember that whole entire life, clear as day. All the memories are intact, Sometimes, I am me, but younger, or older and other times, I am someone completely different. I have been a black woman in my dreams (I am a white woman in this dimension). I have been a Chinese male, and a Chinese female. For some reason, I have been Chinese more than any other ethnicity,
Now don't go getting up in arms over race and sex....I have no control over my dreams in the past, or even who I will be tonight.
A common theme with most of my dreams is the world ending. I have dreamt about this more times than I could begin to explain. 9 out of 10 times, in my dreams, the world ends due to floods and tsunami's. On occasion, I have been in the thick of it, trying to save people and get them on boats. But most of the time, it's after the fact. The damage and destruction. The haunting shapes of twisted metal from where skyscrapers use to be. I will say this: all of the dreams about the tsunami catastrophes appear to be far in the future. I can tell by what has been left over. The remnants, even of the twisted skyscrapers, are nothing that even remotely looks like this century.
I have not only had dreams of the end times, I have had dreams where I have lived a whole lifetime, grown up, fell in love, got married, grew old and relaxed with my old, true love, on a raft, in a makeshift lake that was inside a giant spaceship, where we could look up and see the clear dome, at least a 100 feet above us, showing all the stars. I remember the peace I felt in that moment.The peace of knowing I had a good life, with a man I love and being ready to accept death.
I have had movies that were complete movies. I( watched them fro beginning to end. They don't exist here in this dimension...believe me, I have searched. I have dreamt of musicals, one I remember i call "Stomp", because it was a horror, comical musical, of this band of gypsies, that floated from town to town, killing people, by stomping their heads while circling around them singing. I remember all these and more, vividly.
I have seen giant insects like 4 feet long spiders and 12 inch bees, whose abdomens were completely transparent, so much so, that I could see the intestines, both blue and green, inside the liquid sac of their abdomen.
I don't know why, after all these years I am talking about this.
I believe, honestly in my heart, that these are different dimensions that are out there, but we are unable to see or touch them, at least I can't when I'm awake,.
One more thing I would like to mention. When i crawl into bed and drift off to "The Land of Nod", i almost always find myself waking up there. I go to sleep here and wake up, still drowsy, in a different bed, but knowing where I am and who I am.
This was just a quick synopsis of my dream world and how i believe it relates to parallel dimensions. If anyone is interested, I have dreams and stories from the other side that could last for days. Do the math: between 4- 10 dreams a night, every night. Almost always remembering every detail. I have a lot written down, but more in my memory, stored, hoping someday to possibly write a book, or one of the movies or musicals I saw in the other world.
I would like to do a sleep study someday, but I wouldn't know what to say as to why. It's not really a medical reason, so insurance wouldn't cover it. I wish there was a scientist out there, studying dreams and other dimensions. If there was, I would be the perfect candidate.
Until then, if anyone happens to find my dreamworld interesting, amusing, or has had similar occurrences, Please let me know.
Sleep well. Don't fear. Namaste.
I certainly have no shortages of dream stories to tell....I just don't have enough time left on earth to tell them all.
Good night all...I'm off to "the Land of Nod" again. Hopefully I will only visit the other world no more than 5 times tonight......it takes a toll on my waking life.
I have never written about it before,maybe the fact that you are all a bunch of strangers that can't judge me helps me to speak my dark into the light. I've gotta be at work in a few hours, and I have an extremely tough job, being an SUD counselor for addicts in a recovery home, so I have to be on-point. Thanks again for listening to an old lady drag on about nothing and everything at the same time. I appreciate all of you. There is purpose, both in this life and the next, I can promise you that!
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2023.03.25 09:15 Curious_Marshmallow x86-64: Moving from PIC 8259 to APIC

I am trying to migrate from 8259 to APIC. I have read osdev wiki and looked at code written in C. I still can't get APIC working. Things I have done:
  1. Parse MADT and fetch local APIC address.
  2. Disable APIC.
  3. Set bit 11 of MSR:0x1B.
  4. Convert physical APIC address to virtual (I am in protected mode).
  5. Set spurious vector register.
Repo: https://github.com/mansoormemon/asm-os/
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2023.03.25 09:14 Tamburineman Starting off - working my way trough

Good day!
I am starting out my journey of re-learning the piano. It's been about 18 years since I am done with music school and had some basic piano lessons. I got the chance to get a electric keyboard and thought would be good to get back in.
Booy, am I in for a ride. Even simple playing of C major scale (C to C man I don't know how is playing notes in a sequence in English) seems to make my fingers find the right keys to play. I have tried to play some simple songs from free resources. But often even sheet music tagged as 'simple' seems to have crazy moves.
So I am thinking of trying some seemingly simple pop-songs. Where do you guys get your sheet music? What seems to be the best service? musicnotes.com charges 5$ for a piece, which seems a bit expensive. musescore.com has some subscription model, not sure what am I getting for 5$/month, is it unlimited. Any advice here on where to find decent sheet music that is priced all right?
Also, are there any good resources you can recommend to find exercises for finger dexterity, rhythm, etc?
And also, I am looking for some decent, probably layman level music theory resource. Understanding how the scales are built up etc. any input would be appreciated.
Thanks for reading.
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2023.03.25 09:13 Dreyarn Screen time for apps counting while iPhone is locked?

For a few months I have had screen time limits set for many social apps like Twitter, Instagram, Apollo, etc, but I noticed that sometimes I was getting the “5 minutes left” notification too soon, even while the iPhone is locked. Eventually I noticed this is caused by the screen time counting up when I open the app and then lock the phone without going to the home screen or another app, and it just defeats the purpose of these timers and even the whole screen time feature.
Does this happen for other people as well? Is this intended behavior? Or if it isn’t, does anyone know how to fix this?
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2023.03.25 09:12 Gundi_22 Can't even play. Uninstalled already.

76gb beta which has a huge queue to get in last night. Today I thought I'd try again and can't get past the stupid Blizzard log in screen. QR code doesn't work and the link says page not found.
Thanks I guess, definitely won't be buying this game anytime soon. Especially at full price lol
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2023.03.25 09:12 Friendly-Wall89 I'm getting burnt out as a mother

I 33f have a baby boy 1.5 years with my husband 29m and I'm a SAHM. Before you jump to saying what's so difficult about taking care of 1 child, it's not. I absolutely adore my son and I'd stand barefoot on top of broken glass for him. My problem isn't my son, it's my husband or at least his unwillingness to give me a break at bedtime. Our son is disabled, he has a whole mess of medical issues that cause him to still be infantile. He's maybe 3 months developmentally. I organize all of his therapies, appointments, I take him to everything, he's literally never been babysat, not by family or friends or even been in daycare. He spent 5 months in the NICU when he was born prematurely. Since coming home he does not fall asleep on his own, he doesn't stay asleep for more than 2-3 hours, even less if I try to put him down after he's asleep. He hasn't spent a single full night in his crib and I literally hold him all night in a chair in our bedroom, otherwise I'd be getting up repeatedly throughout the night. I want to lay in my own fu**ing bed, I want to sleep through the night, I'm so exhausted all the time. I've gained well over 100 pounds since having him because I have no energy, I'm just exhausted. I really rarely ask if my husband can get him to sleep and put him down in his crib so I can have a break from doing it EVERY SINGLE NIGHT! He just starts complaining that the baby won't fall asleep for him or that the chair is uncomfortable. We've tried letting him cry it out in the crib but even with melatonin he won't fall asleep unless he's held. My husband will fain incompetence with things too, acting like he doesn't know how to do this or that and he has no patience with our son when he doesn't want to do it. I can not stress this enough he is in no way, shape or form abusive towards either of us, we have a very good relationship, he is absolutely a wonderful father and husband, I am only here about the one thing. I would say I have only asked him to take over 5 whole times in the time that our son's been home, over of which he refused and I was incredibly sick. I'm just so sick of it. I get up with the baby give him meds and a bottle then more meds, I get him back to sleep then spend the whole day with him regardless of my husband is working, maybe 2-3 times a month he'll get up early enough and take the baby to the living room, then I get to sleep in our bed for an hour or two, if he's behaved. Otherwise I have to get up and calm him. Anytime I bring up this to my husband I'm meet with defensive argument, accusations that I'm calling him a bad father and then he just tells me I'm mean to him all the time. That last one might be true because when we started dating he had depression and anxiety that he struggled with. I helped him overcome a lot and we are very strong together (we lost another baby a year prior to prematurity and then his dad died from covid 5 months later). However, since our son was born my priorities shifted and the stress of what we were going through fell on my shoulders and continues to do so. Our son is my number one priority and will always come first, because of that and the lack of sleep I get, I'm sometimes very short and verbally aggressive towards my husband. I don't coddle him anymore. He's not a man child, he's an adult and I stand up to bat for him but also I'm tired. I love being a mom, I say it a lot that I feel I was made to be this kind of mom. I can't picture what raising a normal child would be like anymore. I know I made my husband out to be this terrible person for this one thing, but this is just one those nights that I asked for help and was met with indifference and hostility. I really just wanted to get this off my chest. Thanks for reading.
TLDR: husband won't let me sleep in our bed because our baby is a baby.
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2023.03.25 09:12 AquaTeeth Visible Wireless (Verizon subsidiary) UNLIMITED plan for $10 (code: 3MQ6JN6)

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2023.03.25 09:10 chukline Help me to choose the right Monitor for my need please ! <3

Hi, if you were me which monitor would you purchase within the 4 listed below and WHY? It will be mainly used for HIGH COMPETITIVE FPS GAMES such as CSGO, APEX and VALORANT.
  1. Alienware AW2723DF // https://www.amazon.ca/-/fgp/product/B0BCXJ7XXM/ref=ox_sc_saved_image_1?smid=A2IA82PI2KED45&psc=1
  2. BenQ MOBIUZ EX270QM // https://www.amazon.ca/-/fgp/product/B0B8Q6S98S/ref=ox_sc_saved_image_2?smid=A3DWYIK6Y9EEQB&psc=1
  3. ASUS ROG Strix // https://www.amazon.ca/-/fgp/product/B0966ZJBQY/ref=ox_sc_saved_image_5?smid=A3DWYIK6Y9EEQB&psc=1
  4. ASUS ROG Swift // https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B08LCNWQWL?tag=rtings-c-mn-20&ie=UTF8
You can also suggest anything else as long as it's 27" and 1440p as i want to upgrade one of my cheap 1080p. My budget is 1000-1500$ max. The overall stand quality and stuff doesn't really mean much to me as it will be mounted on an ARM and will barely never move.
I think that i have a good PC configuration to push anything mentioned above or anything else to it's best result.
CPU: Ryzen 9 5950X
GPU: 3070TI (I am planning to upgrade to a 4080/4090 in a few months).
I am also a high competitive player so i need to get the best out of this monitor for me to get to push myself to my best in-game performance.
CSGO: Global Elite
APEX: Master
VALORANT: Haven't played in a while couldn't tell.
I don't know alot about Monitor and stuff so feel free to give me any advice, suggestion, pro/cons, or anything that could help out. THANKS ALOT ! <3
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2023.03.25 09:09 Ok_Spare4464 New Friends. ( Power Rangers x Super Sentai Fan-art. )

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2023.03.25 09:09 Salt_Lengthiness508 Private Middle Bedroom at M Vertica, KL

Private Middle Bedroom at M Vertica, KL
Virtual 601163816078
Whatsapp: https://appoin.me/virtual_l3wh
Room Detail: https://appoin.me/rooms_pHfdF
Comfortable Fully Furnished Room For Rent ✨ FREE WIFI
ROOM: ✅ Room With Aircond ✅ Complete Bedding Set ✅ Chair ✅ Table ✅ Wardrobe ✅ Personal Fridge ✅ Smart Meter (Room electricity in individual room (whole room) is measured based on smart meter)
COMMON AREA ✅ Water Heater ✅ Washing Machine & Dryer ✅ Microwave & Induction Cooker ✅ Water Dispenser ✅ Main Door Smart Lock
Rental included 🔴 Fully furnished 🔴 FREE High Speed internet WIFI 🔴 Common Area Cleaning Service
📍 Perfect Location 📍 ➡️ Sunway Velocity Mall ➡️ Walking distance to MRT ➡️ swimming pool, gym, cinema & other facilites
Amenities: ➡️ 5 Minutes Walking Distance to LRT/MRT MALURI ➡️ 5 Minutes Walking Distance to AEON MALURI ➡️ 2 Minutes to SUNWAY VELOCITY MALL ➡️ 5 Minutes to IKEA & MyTownKL ➡️ 8 Minutes to ZOUK TREC ➡️ 10 Minutes to Pavillion ➡️ 15 Minutes to KLCC
  • Monthly rental depends on room type
  • Queen bedroom can rent for 2 pax
  • Additional RM100 per month for extra 1 pax
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2023.03.25 09:09 Cooooook My (22F) Gf dumped me (22M)

So, my gf and me broke up 2 weeks ago officially, we’ve been together for 3-4 years and basically saw each other all the time since we live close to each other. We’ve had issues and a huge problem months ago that caused her to say she was losing love for me, months passed by and I began to get her love back and she was basically “good” again, and we were like the old times having fun and loving each other. She’s always been loyal but, recently she mentioned a co-worker was flirting with her and she ignored him, I took the initiative and went to her job and basically told him to chill, she wasn’t bothered by that. Weeks go on and I slowly notice she’s drifting apart, she eventually asks to not see each other to then breaking up and basically being very mean and not wanting to talk or fix stuff. Everytime I would call her she would be an a-hole and would say stop looking for me when she was the kindest person ever, I proceeded to drop flowers for her and texts that I love her a lot, and I’ll give her, her space. Days later I find on social media that a certain guy posted a girl, I look at the video and the girl seems familiar and to my guess it was her you couldn’t see the face but the shoes were hers. I called her and she denied and then proceeded to say she has feelings for him and the guy was the co-worker who flirted with her. I got mad and said things I shouldn’t and eventually apologized, but I felt betrayed because 2 weeks ago she said she loved me and we did everything and I saw changes and now she said she doesn’t and apparently she never moved on from the problem we had. When I said things I shouldn’t she backfired and would say this guy is better and a lot of more inappropriate things about him. I eventually apologized but she never did, everytime I would call to apologize, things got worst like “I’m with him rn, I don’t want you, you need to leave us alone”. So my question is how do you move on from a relationship so fast. When he’s(me) constantly trying and you’re with another guy 5 days after the break up. She has yet to apologize for the mean things or even contact me as to why. I haven’t contacted her anymore and don’t plan to, I’m just confused as to why she’s being so mean when we were just good weeks ago, and doesn’t feel the urge to even apologize atleast for the things she’s said or look for me like I have. I’ve tried everything already and I’m finally moving on slowly with NC.
Ps. Before the break up she said she’s willing to move on from any problems we’ve had in the past and leave it on the past, and heal together. No I did not cheat.
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2023.03.25 09:08 MaprqndM Trying to make a website with Lapis

I want to make a website with Lapis, but need to run it with LuaJIT and not with vanilla Lua?
I've cloned the Lapis repository through GitHub.
Or is it better to develop in a Linux environment rather than Windows?
package.path = package.path..";C:\\Users\\user\\Downloads\\proj\\project\\Lua\\modules\\lapis\\lapis\\?.lua" local lapis = require("lapis") local app = lapis.Application() app:get("/", function() return "

I am Lapis

" end) app:run()
I wrote the code for testing purposes.
Indicates that the module could not be loaded.

Currently, it is written on Windows, and the lua file is executed through the launch.json file in vscode.
How do I make a website through Lapis?
And is there a better Lua specific web framework than Lapis?

The current Lua version I'm writing is 5.4.2.
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2023.03.25 09:06 AlbelaMatwala To conflate the moon landing with warranty period

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2023.03.25 09:06 PlentyNothings 💖 a toast to the month of love - Discount code “JOY23”+ my rewards code “JAZA4793” serves you up to 20% off. 💖

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2023.03.25 09:06 PlentyNothings It takes three springs to make one leap year - “JOY23 ” with my Rewards code "JAZA4793"

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2023.03.25 09:06 dailysamosa How much should one earn monthly in India to deserve the luxury of buying an iPhone, in India

I am battling this question from a long time, I can afford an iPhone 14 Pro Max with half of my monthly income, but I am still not able to justify the purchase and its cost in my mind.
Using a nearly 5 year old One Plus 6t which is showing its age to such extent that it hinders day to day function.
I like good stuff and use them to the point they aren't usable anymore.
What do you think one should earn monthly to justify the cost of the latest top model iPhone? Do I deserve it with what I earn?

iphone #iphone14

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2023.03.25 09:06 Twelfty88 Is it normal to be this bad?

Or will I never get the hang of this bloody game.
I went to the driving range to hit a ball for the first time at the end of January some 9 weeks ago. Literally never played anything but a few rounds of crazy golf in my life. Thought an iron was something to get creases out of your trousers etc.
Unsurprisingly I wasn't very good and struggled to hit the ball with any consistency.
Since then I have played 5 rounds of 18 holes and 2 rounds of 9 holes whilst also going to the driving range a few times each week. So I've been fairly active over the last couple of months. The amount of effort was not being reflected in my scores. Handicaps are capped at 36 in my society regardless of slope so ive come last every time andmy best stsbleford score is 20. My first 2 official submitted scorecards were 118 and 119 on a very easy par 64 course and it started to get frustrating.
So I invested in a 60 minute swing lesson with thr head pro at a local club. And it was good...during the lesson. I was making cleaner contact and it was comfortably the best hour I've spent at the range.
Yesterday I played an admittedly tough course (in quite poor conditions as we had heavy rain overnight). My actual handicap according to WHS for this course was 63 giving me 4 shots on the hardest 9 holes. I still had to pick up on 8 of them, in some instances meaning it took 11 or more shots on the par 5's..it was miserable.
My final official scorecard reads 149...78 over par...
This gave me just 21 points playing to a ridiculous 63 handicap and just 11 points for the society comp (playing to 36).
It's the worst I've played, everything felt unnatural, no confidence etc.
I wasn't expecting to be getting pars or bogeys on most holes at this stage but I was hoping to see some kind of improvement and not to go backwards.
I've never put so much effort into something to see such little progress and it was kind of demoralising to be honest!
Is this just part of it? Will it get better one day or suddenly click? And tips or advice because after yesterday I felt like throwing my clubs in the sea..but obviously I'll be back out there next week!
Cheers for reading
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2023.03.25 09:05 AutoModerator [Get] Dan Koe – Digital Economics Masters Degree Full Course Download

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2023.03.25 09:05 doowapeedoo AITA? Current Club President Keeps Asking Me to Become An Officer But I Just Want to Be a Member

AITA for not wanting to step up? So this past year I recently went back to graduate school and decided I wanted to become part of a campus club. I found one that was championed by the director of my certificate program, but it’s completely student-led and he doesn’t butt in much. More on this later.
I took about 5-6 emails to get in touch with the current club President. Communication was mainly through email because they didn’t have a club email or website. When I finally put in my membership application, I asked if there were any dues. Since August 2022 I’m technically a “member” but haven’t paid any actual dues because the president is not sure how to get the $ from us.
There’s more. The current President is trying to keep the club going and was left the club after all the officers left the previous year (she wasn’t clear on what happened). I have only been to one official zoom meeting, and even helped put together a webinar, presentations, and coordinated an Eventbrite page for a big event summer of 2022. All materials and sites I obviously granted acct access / pwds to the current President.
Now onto the dilemma: I’ve been in club leadership positions before. In junior college, in undergrad, previously for a corporate-led club at my previous work. I am naturally a helper and try to help coordinate tasks, events, and marketing of things I’m genuinely interested in to a certain capacity. I have a full-time job (remote) & help run my team’s internship program, I’m also a part-time TA with the university, and additionally I have my school work as well as a 19 month old. I had hoped to just enjoy being a member helping out when I can but not having to put so much energy into actually leading/driving a club. The president brings up being an officer to me in every conversation we have and I have politely said no each time.
They also try to guilt me by saying they cannot run the club alone and we need more members. Every question I have about how we attracted members before, what events have we attended before, do we have any funds are vaguely answered with I don’t know or they are looking into it. They’ve even asked me to meet in person to collaborate but I cannot due to my schedule with work / class / a baby. They also have their own family, are finishing up their doctorate and typically is all over the place. I just don’t want to get dumped with club responsibilities that are meant to be for the officers.
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2023.03.25 09:03 shadowknight63782 Fear of failure

Here's my story:-
I am an Asian 18M and I hate my country's education system, so 2 years ago I decided I wanted to study aboard and specifically America but wait there's no college exam? And that's when I found the difference in college acceptance. I wanted to study computer science, physics, philosophy and psychology.
At this point I was in 10th grade but already did maths till calculus and knew quite good amount of physics. So believing that everything will work out I decided to completely abandon my education system(but i didn't dropped out) and started studying what I wanted to.
Two months later I was ready with sat and extracurriculars and was also prepared for upcoming CS olympiad (Olympiad was going to be my main achievement and was for important to get scholarship) but one night after completing my coding session I was checking dates(mostly bcz you can't trust your memories completely) only to found out that it has been extended and it's after my application deadline and from that point nothing went right. And thanks to that I didn't get any scholarship so i can't study abroad. I was also not preparing for my country's entrance exam.
Because I was amazing in studies in school, everyone have high hopes from me which puts me in a position fear of failure
How to do you deal with fear of failure and not give shit about what people think of you?
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