Restaurants near canandaigua ny

Does it seem like these carts are legit from this dispo?

2023.05.29 14:40 youknowit1998 Does it seem like these carts are legit from this dispo?

So I live in NY and the only thing near me is reservation dispensaries I'm going on vacation about an hour and a half from upstate canna co. I've been wanting to try carts but I would only want ones that are legit, i didnt see these brands on the fake list any help is appreciated. Does it look legit? Don't know if anyone on here has been there. I can't post the link to the store due to rules.
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2023.05.29 14:37 Zealousideal_Virus97 Suggestions for itinerary mid June

Tickets bought, rooms booked, car rental complete. Heading to Pacific City for 2 nights and Yachats for one night. Landing at PDX at 9:30 and plan to head over to Cannon Beach and explore areas as we head south to Pacific City.
We are interested in hikes, casual towns, relaxing sights and good local food, coffee, beer, live music, farmers markets and unusual iconic spots.
Hikes we pulled from ChatGPT:
Pacific City:
  1. Cape Kiwanda Trail
  2. Cascade Head Trail
  3. Sandlake Trail
  4. Nestucca River Trail
  1. Cape Perpetua Trail
  2. Amanda's Trail
  3. Cummins Creek Trail
  4. Oregon Coast Trail
Since we can only do a hike a day what do you think we should consider a priority?
We have a nice dinner Monday night but any Recs on casual spots?
Anything that is seasonally happening around these areas in mid June?
We’d like to explore north on Sun when we land. Is it safe to park car with luggage in Cannon beach? Suggestions on that arrival day given an 1:45hr drive down to PC? We’d like to see Cannon/ Tillmook
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
More ChatGPT suggestions:
Pacific City Casual dining spots:
  1. Pelican Pub & Brewery
  2. Stimulus Coffee + Bakery
  3. Grateful Bread Bakery & Restaurant
  4. The Oar House Bar & Grill
Other dining options:
Here are some great dining options around Pacific City and Yachats, Oregon:
  1. The Schooner Restaurant and Lounge - located in Netarts Bay, near Pacific City. They serve seafood and classic American dishes with stunning views of the bay.
  2. Grateful Bread Bakery and Restaurant - located in Pacific City, they serve baked goods, sandwiches, and soups. The bakery is known for their fresh bread and delicious pastries.
  3. The Drift Inn - located in Yachats, they serve a variety of dishes made with fresh, local ingredients. They often feature live music, making it a popular spot for locals and tourists alike.
  4. Luna Sea Fish House - located in Yachats, they serve seafood caught locally and prepared in a variety of ways. They also have vegetarian and gluten-free options.
  5. Pelican Brewing Company - located in Pacific City, they serve a range of beers along with their pub menu, which features seafood, burgers, and sandwiches.
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2023.05.29 14:33 Defiance42 Japan Trip Report: Keeping Strictly Kosher in Japan & More!

Tokyo-Lake Kawaguchiko-Kyoto-Osaka

The trip was my wife and I (upper 20s/lower 30s) for 10 days (not including 2 flight days) in May just after the end of Golden Week. It was our first trip to Japan and we had an amazing time! We did a lot of the standard tourist activities, but our perspective as kosher-observant travelers is a bit more unique so I figured I'd start the post with it. Feel free to skip past that section if it doesn't interest you.
Keeping Kosher and Sabbath Observance in Japan
Tourist Tips and Cultural Observations
Hotel Reviews
Trip Highlights
Slight Disappointments
We enjoyed everything we did in Japan, but I'll just point out two things that didn't quite live up to expectations.
I struggled to list any disappointments whatsoever. We had a really amazing time overall. Not sure when we’ll have a chance to go back, but I hope we get to one day!
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2023.05.29 14:01 resortgreenbanaras Best Resorts in Varanasi: Experience Luxury and Tranquility

Best Resorts in Varanasi: Experience Luxury and Tranquility
Varanasi, the spiritual capital of India, is not only famous for its ancient temples and religious rituals but also offers a serene escape from the bustling city life. If you're planning a visit to this enchanting city, choosing the right resort can make your stay truly memorable. In this article, we will explore the best resorts in Varanasi that provide a perfect blend of comfort, luxury, and tranquility.
Introduction to Varanasi as a Tourist Destination
Varanasi, also known as Banaras or Kashi, It is one of the inhabited cities in the world. It is situated on the banks of the sacred River Ganges and is considered a significant pilgrimage site for Hindus. The city attracts millions of tourists each year who come to immerse themselves in its rich cultural heritage, spirituality, and stunning architecture.
Importance of Choosing the Best Resort in Varanasi
When planning a trip to Varanasi, selecting the right resort is crucial for a pleasant and comfortable stay. The best resorts in Varanasi offer luxurious accommodations, excellent amenities, and a serene atmosphere that allows you to relax and rejuvenate after exploring the city's vibrant streets and ghats.
Factors to Consider When Selecting a Resort
Before diving into the top resorts in Varanasi, let's take a look at some important factors to consider when choosing the perfect resort for your stay:
The location of the resort plays a vital role in ensuring convenience and accessibility to the city's main attractions. Look for resorts that are situated near the ghats or offer a picturesque view of the River Ganges.
Amenities and Facilities
Check for the amenities and facilities provided by the resort, such as swimming pools, spa services, fitness centers, and recreational activities. A resort with well-maintained amenities can enhance your overall experience.
Accommodation Options
Consider the variety of accommodation options available, including luxurious rooms, suites, and villas. The resort should provide comfortable and well-appointed rooms that cater to your specific needs.
Dining Options
Good food is an essential part of any travel experience. Opt for resorts that offer a range of dining options, from authentic local cuisine to international delicacies. It's even better if the resort has a rooftop restaurant overlooking the Ganges.
Activities and Attractions Nearby
Explore the activities and attractions in close proximity to the resort. Whether it's a boat ride on the Ganges, a visit to nearby temples, or an evening aarti ceremony, having attractions nearby can add value to your stay.
Recommendations for Different Types of Travelers
Based on your preferences and travel style, here are some recommendations:
  1. If you seek tranquility and breathtaking views, choose Serene Shores or Riverside Oasis.
  2. For a peaceful retreat amidst nature, Blissful Retreat or Tranquil Haven are ideal choices.
  3. History and culture enthusiasts will appreciate the charm of Majestic Heritage.
  4. If you enjoy a blend of spirituality and luxury, consider Blissful Retreat or Riverside Oasis.
Visit Us: Resort Green Banaras
Contact Us:
Address: Betawar Village Chunar Road, Behind Children's Academy Bachchhaon, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh - 221011
Call Us: 9999703752 , 7678238966
Email: [email protected]
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2023.05.29 13:30 tribhaangany Top Restaurants To Enjoy Indian Food Online in NY

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2023.05.29 13:16 shieldcoins Driving Change in Singapore: Exploring Tesla Superchargers and the Electric Vehicle Revolution

Driving Change in Singapore: Exploring Tesla Superchargers and the Electric Vehicle Revolution
Tesla Superchargers are special charging sites that let Tesla users charge their cars in minutes instead of hours. These Tesla Superchargers are in Singapore near shopping malls, hotels, and restaurants, so you can charge them while running chores or eating lunch. With its smart technology and unique style, Tesla sets a high bar for other electric car makers. Singapore is slowly building Supercharger stations to meet the growing demand for Tesla Superchargers and make its transportation system greener and more cutting-edge.
To get the most out of these supercharger stations in Singapore, you should know how they work and what makes them different from other charging stations.

The price of charging
When Tesla users in Singapore use Superchargers, they will be charged per kWh (kilowatt-hour). On the touchscreen of the car, the guidance app shows the prices for each supercharger spot. If you own a Tesla and want to save money on charging your car, keep an eye out for off-peak hours at Superchargers when you can get cheaper rates on your energy use.

How long it takes to charge
A supercharger is exactly what it sounds like it's a charger for your car that charges it faster than the chargers you'd find at home or other places in Singapore. With a Tesla Supercharger, you can add 200 miles to your car's range in just 15 minutes.

Charger for Tesla
How long can your battery keep going?
Tesla cars are sleek, smart, and fuel-efficient. It's almost like they were made to be the best of both worlds. Tesla sets high standards for other EVs, but one thing to think about is how long it takes to charge and how long a charge lasts.
On average, a car with a full charge can go up to 336 miles. But it still depends on what kind of Tesla you have and how you drive.

Things to do while you wait for Shopping centers in Singapore
Singapore set up a network of charging points that can charge your Tesla in less than an hour (as compared to overnight chargers at home) because of how well Tesla Superchargers work. That way, you can spend less time waiting for your Tesla to charge and more time driving.
Orchard Central has Tesla superchargers inside a shopping mall near a line of stores and restaurants where you can shop and eat while your car is charging.
Millenia Walk is a great place to get a good meal or do some shopping while your car is being charged at a Tesla Supercharger. If you are staying at one of the nearby hotels, like Conrad Centennial Singapore or Millenia Singapore, you can just plug in and check out the chef's new specials at the hotel restaurant while your Tesla charges.
If you want to try different kinds of food in Singapore while you wait for your Tesla to be fully charged, you can do so in Katong V. There are many places to eat there.
The best place to charge up at a Tesla Supercharger is at the Star Vista. The Star Vista has many shops, places to eat, and services that you can use while you're charging up.

Where Superchargers are?
For electric cars like Tesla to be a better and less polluting choice, they need charge stations in different places. Because charging stations aren't always around, it can be a pain to charge a Tesla on a long journey.
Lucky for Tesla drivers in Singapore, the number of charging points is growing all the time, and they can charge their cars at any of these Tesla power stations. With these spots, Tesla users in Singapore are one step closer to having an easy-to-use network of superchargers.

Singapore – Katong V
Roadside Assistance: 800 492 2239
The third Tesla Supercharger in Singapore can be found in the middle of the Katong District. The first outdoor Tesla superchargers in Singapore can be found at 30 East Coast Road, where the V3 Supercharger Stations are.
This Supercharger is near shops, eateries, and the East Coast Parkway Road, making it a great spot for Tesla owners who want to fully charge their cars before going on a trip. So, if you have some extra time while running errands in town or going to a favorite restaurant nearby, you can hook your car up to a booster at Katong V.

The Star Vista in Singapore
Roadside Assistance: 800 492 2239
At The Star Vista, which is in Singapore, Tesla has just opened their fourth Supercharger station. It's close to both Holland Village and Bukit Timah, so you can charge your phone while shopping or eating. The Tesla Superchargers are near the bottom of the hill from the Rochester Drive door to the mall's B2 parking lot. Star Vista is a shopping mall in Singapore with places to eat and things to do. You can make a full day of shopping and eating if you stop by to charge your Tesla at one of the Superchargers.

Orchard Square
Roadside Assistance: 800 492 2239
The Tesla supercharger in Orchard Center is the first of a network of charging stations in Singapore and Southeast Asia. This V3 Supercharger spot is in the Orchard Central parking lot on level 9.
Orchard Central is a great place for Singapore's first Tesla Supercharger station because it is in a busy shopping area. This station has three other Tesla V3 Superchargers, so you won't have to wait for other Tesla users to finish charging.

Millenia Walk is in Singapore
Roadside Assistance: 800 492 2239
There are also Tesla V3 Superchargers in Millenia Walk, which is in one of Singapore's busiest shopping areas. You can charge your Tesla car there without going too far from the city center. Basement 1 of the Millenia Walk Carpark is where you can find the three Tesla Superchargers.
Millenia Walk is Singapore's second Supercharger station. The first one, in Orchard Central, opened when Tesla's superchargers did. These V3 Superchargers are in the busy business and shopping district of the city, which is great for Tesla users who are always on the go. Hotels like the Millenia Singapore and Conrad Centennial Singapore are also close by.

Electric cars are a great way for Singapore to make its transportation system cleaner and more efficient. Since the number of Tesla users in Singapore is growing, it is likely that more Tesla Superchargers will be added in the near future. So, don't forget to add this list to your bookmarks if you want to know where the next Tesla Superchargers will be in Singapore. Singapore is always getting bigger and taking big steps to make city traffic cleaner. This makes Singapore the best place to own an electric car because there are so many charging points. Tesla has built a network of "Superchargers" around the world, and one of them is in Singapore. This will help make traffic in cities more sustainable and efficient. In just a few minutes, these V3 Supercharger stations can add enough charge for thousands of miles, which is enough for most people to drive straight for days if they want to.
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2023.05.29 13:06 Critical_Tie_2460 Clean Your Restaurant with Professional Help

It is a good idea to employ a best and affordable Restaurant Cleaning Services Fort Lauderdale Fl occasionally because it’s nearly hard to keep up with all the cleaning that has to be done. You can search the internet or the phone book for a restaurant cleaning service. Call around to other locations if you have no idea what the going rate is or what specific cleaning services are offered.
Clean Your Restaurant with Professional Help
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2023.05.29 12:49 CheesecakeGlobal277 I won the investigation.

I am so happy that I won the investigation at work and I get to keep my job. I needed to get this off my chest.
I am a 23M in the UK and I've been working in hospitality at a restaurant for nearly two years now. Hospitality is an extremely physically demanding job but I have always found enjoyment and pleasure working with my amazing colleagues and a really positive working environment.
One day, I came into work to start my shift. As I was doing my job that I normally do, one of my female colleagues who has spoken sexually around me before said to me "My throat hurts, and I haven't been sucking dick" and I jokingly responded to her "Well then maybe you should suck mine then" which she laughed at. She's always made jokes about wanting to fuck her colleagues and that she's not in a relationship so I thought my response made sense in the context. Big mistake.
She then reported me to a manager about the incident who understandably told me off. I get that and I apologised because I wronged her. She then went on a long spiel about how I'm not a good person because of this comment even though in the same conversation she admitted "I'm a really nice guy, that I go above and beyond for people, and that I'm really funny". She wanted me fired which the manager present thought was way too far. I suggested the idea of me working at an alternative branch to which she said that "I'm too friendly and that I will easily make friends there". I then suggested to her the idea of working alternative shifts. She didn't like the idea of me getting an income. SHE WANTED MY HEAD ON A PLATTER.
The main manager caught wind of the story and essentially spoke to me about how what I did was wrong but within the context, it was just an honest mistake. He gave me a slap on the wrist and a verbal warning which I was fine with.
The same woman who reported decided to then make a grievance against me after she saw come into work with a smile in my face the day after the incident. She was serious about me losing my job which infuriated many of my colleagues who heard about what happened. I realised that most people were on my side as they believed and have known me to be quite a friendly and respectful person.
An investigation was started and I would be told the outcome the following Monday. I am stressed to the brim at the prospect of losing my job then Monday comes and... Nothing. No call from my manager, no text message, Nothing. After speaking to someone about my stressful experience, I just took it as silence is golden.
I then found out on Saturday that they sorted it out but I've just been told I can't find out what exactly happened in the outcome. She knows that I'm a teacher during term time, and so i think she believed that by having this put on my record, that she can ruin my teaching career and future job prospects. I've been told it's not going to be on any of my references as the situation was unfair to begin with. I will still say I was wrong for what i said but context will always be king.
I then played Kanye West "Can't tell me nothing" and bought a chain to celebrate justice existing in the world.
Thank you for coming to my TEDTALK.
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2023.05.29 12:03 mjonat Wunderflats scam? (with a twist)

Sorry if this isnt the best place to ask but I saw some other people asking about wunderflats on this sub.
So we are in Berlin and we are in a place through wunderflats...we havent actually paid yet but heres where it gets a bit wierd.
Wunderflats has payment details listed on the website but the landlord has sent us different details through whatsapp text message and said to pay us there instead.
We are in the flat and spent the first night here last night. We havent met the landlord, we just got the keys from a restaurant near the place.
We are having a bit of an argument here between us saying if we should just pay the landlord to the details he sent on whatsapp...I mean we are in the flat after all..but just find it incredibly strange that he gave different details through whatsapp to pay.
What should we do in this situation?
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2023.05.29 11:53 TimeBit4099 Hilton head, SC area fishing

Been fishing Florida gulf, and grew up striper n blues fishing in NY. Taking a trip between the two in July near Hilton head, savannah Ga and gonna bring my stuff. Any easy access spots? What species are my best bet this time of year? If I could score dinner on an out of state trip that would be awesome. Thanks in advance y’all
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2023.05.29 11:47 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Lifestyle] - Jaeki Cho’s Righteous Eats Has a Mission: Supporting New York Restaurants NY Times

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2023.05.29 11:41 HereNowHappy Akuru as a tragic character

It's time for another character examination. Today's subject: Akuru Akutsu
Let's start by starting the obvious, he's the tsukkomi to Yoshiko's boke
When they were 5 years old, A-kun thought that Yoshiko was a weirdo and didn't want to play with her. He was already quite studious and wanted to prepare for his future (chapter 67)
Despite her oblivious nature, Yoshiko has harassed and forced herself onto him. And it was even worse during their childhood because she was stronger than him. He has been driven to the brink of insanity and can barely contain his frustration, hench all the compilations of him punching her
He had literal nightmares about getting married to Yoshiko and having stupid children (chapter 97.5)
That's already tragic in itself, but it gets worst when you realize ...before the events of the series, Yoshiko was his only friend
Relationship with Family
As early as chapter 2, we learn that A-kun's parents are always busy with work. We only ever see his mom in a flashback
It's possible that their career-driven mindsets have influenced A-kun. His younger sister, Ruri is the same way, except she is more willing to spent time with friends and have fun
I'll elaborate more on Ruri if I make a thread about her, just know that she has some sort of disability. Whereas Yoshiko is capable if she's motivated, Ruri needs to see a specialist
A-kun feels bad for Ruri and promises to be there for her. At the same time, he doesn't believe she can change. His blunt comments are the reason why Ruri hates him. She hates Yoshiko too for embracing her status as an "idiot". Compared to the other two, Ruri loves Sayaka for encouraging her to get better (chapter 10)
To his credit, A-kun has owned up to his lack of faith in Ruri (chapter 54). Since then, he's reviewed her assignments and come up with strategies to help her (chapter 108)
Relationship with Classmates
A-kun claims that he doesn't feel lonely and his main focus is studying. Especially since everyone around him is strange and obsessive
During summer vacation and the school trip, A-kun didn't plan on doing anything. He thinks doing something for fun is a waste of time. That being said, it's revealed that he doesn't actually have a goal in mind (chapter 126). The only exception he makes is when Yoshiko is out of town, two or three times per year (chapter 48)
His violent tendencies and short-fuse have turned him into an outcast, on the same level as Yoshiko. He was so scary that Sayaka ran away from him and cried during their initial encounters. When A-kun went to the movie theater with Ruri, he almost hit her for getting too excited – and it reminded him of Yoshiko (chapter 13)
Ryuuichi, the street delinquent, wanted to study with A-kun. As expected, A-kun turned him down, stating that it served him no purpose. Furthermore, he accused Ryuuichi of trying to mooch answers off him (chapter 40)
Ryuuichi thought he could befriend A-kun by copying his routine and ended up getting a perfect score on their mid-terms. Instead, it caused A-kun to see Ryuuichi as an enemy. Because while he thinks idiots are trash, he also hates people who exceed his grades (chapter 105)
Akane is A-kun's polar opposite. She wants to hang out with her peers and create youthful memories. Akane isn't a hard worker, so A-kun believes she doesn't deserve to have fun. Likewise, she hates him for sabotaging the summer festival just to teach Yoshiko a lesson (chapter 62). When the class is forced into groups of six, he takes perverse joy in the fact that Yoshiko is going to ruin the trip for Akane (chapter 119). Ironically, the disciplinary president likes him for his apparent sadism (chapter 125)
In perhaps the most epic moment in the series, Sayaka tells A-kun that he's weird for being prejudiced, stubborn, and not even trying to make friends. Sayaka goes as far to claim his attitude is what drew Yoshiko to him in the first place. And if he won't be friends with people for their odd behavior, including her, then he'll have to deal with Yoshiko by himself. This caused A-kun to admit that he wants to be friends with Sayaka (chapter 42)
To all the fans who ship A-kun and Sayaka, I'm sorry to tell you that he feels no romantic feeling for her whatsoever (chapter 119.7). He only wants to date her so that Yoshiko and the disciplinary president give up on him (chapter 126)
Relationship with Yoshiko
A-kun holds Yoshiko in some regard, since he still refers to her as his childhood friend and genuinely wants to see her improve. Every morning he wakes her up and goes to school with her. If she runs off somewhere like the park, he goes after her. After school, her walks her home. Reluctantly, he spends time with her at the mall, karaoke, and at restaurants. He attends all her tutoring sessions with their sensei. The explanation provided is that he does this as a favor to Yoshiko's mother. He also admits that he'd feel guilty if Yoshiko failed in society and couldn't survive
One time, Yoshiko fell asleep outside and he gave some cover (chapter 8). Another time, Yoshiko caught a cold and he nursed back to full health. He claimed that it was to prevent other people from catching it (chapter 83)
He spent an entire day preparing material for Yoshiko memorize for their mid-terms, and forcibly gave her an overnight cram session (chapter 36)
Canonically, he spends so much time worrying about Yoshiko that he isn't about to get more than 99% on his tests. It's only in chapter 116 that he achieves a perfect score
There are times where A-kun gets along with Yoshiko, albeit they are rare. When she's reasonably calm (chapter 61). When he plays at the arcade (chapter 91). On her birthday, when they play catch (chapter 94.5). For the most part though, they need a third-party involved like Sayaka or Dog
He can unexpectedly get caught up in Yoshiko's schemes
Example 1: A-kun pretended to hold a kid hostage after Yoshiko called him a demon (chapter 12).
Example 2: Without realizing it, A-kun started to play with Yoshiko (chapter 38)
Example 3: He let Yoshiko borrow his school uniform so that she could become "Yoshio" (chapter 52)
Example 4: They legitimately teamed up with sneak Dog into an airport (chapter 119.4)
It hurts A-kun's pride when Yoshiko succeeds at something that he can't.
Example 1: Yoshiko challenged A-kun to a concentration game, which he normally plays by himself. When she was about to win, he declared the match invalid (chapter 20)
Example 2: Yoshiko bragged about how good she was at Aitatsu, the arcade game I mentioned earlier. It prompted him to spend an hour learning how to play
On multiple occasions, A-kun has put Yoshiko in harm's way such as spike traps (chapter 22), pitfall traps (chapter 26), bear traps (chapter 105.5), and throwing her at an actual bear (chapter 121). Crushing her with boulders and impaling her with sharp rocks (chapter 102). There was also that time he plotted with Yoshiko's mom to abandon her in a forest located in the Philippines (chapter 122)
Given Yoshiko's near-invulnerability, the sheer lengths A-kun goes to keep her away are somewhat justified. Additionally, he has attempted to minimize her behavior in more constructive ways (chapter 72)
Final Conclusion
In the most toxic way, A-kun and Yoshiko are obsessed with each other. She has mental issues and bad influences that cause her to pursue him. In spite of his hatred for her, A-kun feels obligated to watch over her. He has embraced Yoshiko as his responsibility – apologizing to others on her behalf, bringing spare bananas for her to eat, and training her to function in society. Even at his own detriment, he blames himself for not dealing with Yoshiko properly and hates it when Sayaka and the disciplinary president sacrifice themselves for him
A-kun may appear to be the voice of reason, and I suppose he is for this series, but it's hard to deny that he's hotheaded, insensitive, and anti-social. The bigger question is whether or not, that's his true nature or if it's the trauma he experienced growing up
Someone might say, "he's surrounded by freaks! I would act the same way!". However, there are people he can get along with like Sayaka. If he put himself out there more, he could probably make some friends. Just to be clear, I don't think there's anything wrong with being a loner. In this case though, I think it's necessary since his only "friend" is the source of his problems. Having a real friend would heal some of the damage
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2023.05.29 11:34 Sharp_Issue_3178 AITA for wanting low contact with my MIL?

I (F25) got married to my husband (25 M) this year. We got engaged on vacation in Aug. My husband’s grandma died as soon as got to our condo Sunday. She suffered w/ dementia and Alzheimer’s since I met her 5 years ago. My MIL told us that they planned to have the funeral that Friday. Of course, we wouldn’t miss the funeral, but my MIL said they couldn’t have the funeral after we got back (we were supposed to come back Saturday) because she couldn’t take another day with her sister in town (as her sister and her family were in town to say their final goodbyes to their mom). My now husband pre-paid for a bunch of events that we could do which his family did know about.
My husband and I weren’t inviting his dad’s set of parents bc they are very mean. My MIL and FIL tried to guilt trip us into inviting them. My in-laws decided to throw us an “engagement party” so the grandparents who weren’t invited could feel included in wedding festivities. My in-laws wanted us to tell them that it was a small destination wedding with only close friends and family. Also, my MIL wanted us to send out the Save the Dates after their engagement party, so the grandparents wouldn’t find out. My MIL also didn’t want me to post photos on my Facebook as the grandma would see them and it wouldn’t play into the small wedding story. My MIL pushed to only have the guests be 30 guests and under to keep with the whole “small wedding” charade. This is not my ideal engagement party. While at the family engagement party, my FIL dad said to my husband, “you got fat” and the grandma said, “we can’t stay, we have a concert to go to.” Clearly, they’re amazing.
I took her to show my wedding dress, she said “very nice.” At our venue outing she wasn’t very interested until she found out that the place we can stay has cabins that she can rent out, so now she can turn it into a mini vacation. Throughout the whole planning process, she nor my FIL ask if they could help or anything. I told them when we got our marriage license and we had two more months until the wedding and then my MIL stated that she got a new job and has unlimited PTO. She glossed over the news and just talked about herself.
My MIL also said there was no place for reservations for a “rehearsal dinner” since it no place near took a reservation for a large party or it would cost more. She only looked at the lodge we were staying at the the restaurant we got our wedding catered. I ended up booking a reservation for a place 20 minutes away that took a big party. I didn’t invite my husbands side of the family since my MIL reserved a brunch place for the Sunday after and only invited their friends and not my family (even though we were all staying the night at the lodge. I’m just annoyed and frustrated. My husband has talked to them about how they need to give me affirmations, but clearly that did not stick.
I want to go low contact, but then I feel guilty. AITA?
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2023.05.29 10:56 BeBa420 How many baht should I budget for a fun day in Phuket?

Hi everyone
I’ll be in Phuket late Decembeearly Jan. was originally going for a week, but the resort looked so good I wound up extending the stay for a total of two weeks. Just trying to figure out how much money I should aim to save by then for spending on food and activities
I’ve got buffet breakfast every day at the resort so thinking that’ll be my main meal and I might visit a restaurant or room service later in the day for dinners. Will probably just have fruit or skip lunch.
I’m planning on spending most of my time by the pool at the resort. I’ve got a lot to read and I plan on drinking a lot each day (mostly cocktails and a few beers at the hotel bars). Also plan on visiting a cannabis shop for weed and edibles. Ideally I’d like to have a bit of a buzz (or a bit drunk) most of the trip
For activities I’d like to visit a few spas for massage and spa treatments, mostly focusing on relaxation. I’ve also found a few parks near my hotel (there’s an elephant park, a tiger park and a dolphin watching tour, I’m interested in seeing all three). Happy to take suggestions for nice sites to tour as well. Would love to visit a cannabis farm if there are any in Phuket that do tours.
Currently budgeting about $200aud a day (around 4500 baht by todays exchange rate). Is this enough or too much? Or should I budget more for the type of trip I’d like to have? (Resort, flights and shuttle to/from the resort are already paid for, I just need to worry about food, activities and lots of weed/alcohol)
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2023.05.29 10:51 Emotional-Baseball29 AITA for getting upset that my friends made plans without me

For context, I (26f) had wanted to celebrate my birthday this weekend (it is during the week) by going for a hike at this lovely spot I love. My friends hummed and hawed about it, and my "best friend"/ roommate (24f) decided instead she would throw a huge party (to celebrate America, not me) at our flat, so I spent Saturday cooking, cleaning, making drinks and doing dishes for this gathering, which I wasn't allowed to invite even one of my own friends to. On Sunday I had asked to go for a little brunch at a restaurant I enjoy, just her and my other friend, which she sidestepped because she wanted to go for a walk, and said we could just "eat near here." So I obliged and while it was nice, it wasn't what I had wanted to do. Then in the evening, my roommate goes to Mass (she and our other friends are very religous and I'm not so I'm usually left out of any activities following Mass) and has a whole dinner with our friends and sends me an invite 15 minutes before they started, so I couldn't make it and spent my Sunday evening alone.
So come today, it is a holiday in some parts of the UK but I do not have this day off. And I find out that my friends have decided to do a hike, which is what I wanted to do for my birthday the whole time, without me. I understand I have to work and they are free to make plans on their own, that happens some times, but they could have planned to go on the weekend and we all could have enjoyed.
I just feel like a last priority and am quite upset today, but I'm not sure if I'm over-reacting or just plain reacting to feeling lonely. I've been snarky with them since and have decided to celebrate with some friends I'm not as close to during the week and not invite these closer friends, AITA?
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2023.05.29 10:39 TreacleOutrageous296 Another package “takes the tour”

Another package “takes the tour”
  • Originated in Waterville, ME
  • Destination near Utica NY Path so far:
  • Waterville, ME
  • Jersey City, NJ
  • Pittsburgh, PA
Packages were never this badly sorted, before DeJoy 🤯
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2023.05.29 10:23 OkRow7895 Please help plan our first trip to Mexico (Yucatan, Campeche, and Quintana Roo).

We are couple in our mid 30s that are travelling to Mexico (Yucatan, Campeche, and Quintana Roo) in August, and we are super excited.
Day 1,2, and 3: We will be arriving in Merida on Aug 22 to attend a friend’s event. We will be staying in Merida until Aug 24. While we attend friend’s event, we will also try to cover things to see and do around Merida.
Day 4: We will start driving to Calakmul/Xpujil on early morning of Aug 25. We plan to visit Uxmal and Edzna on the way. Our goal is to reach Xpujil by sundown. Is it possible to see both Uxmal and Edzna in one day and still drive to Calakmul? If we were to pick only one, which would you recommend? I am tempted to pick Edzna as it seems to be much older than Uxmal. Any recommendations on places to eat on the way? Any other de-tours on the way? What is the best place to stay and eat in Calakmul/Xpujil area?
Day 5: Visit Calakmul on Aug 26. Overnight stay in Calakmul.
Day 6: Visit other archeological sites near Xpujil on morning of Aug 27. Drive to Bacalar. If time permits visit Kohunlich. Is Kohunlich a must-see? I need help picking a nice place to stay in Bacalar. We plan to stay on the lagoon for 2 nights. It is our anniversary, so we don’t mind splurging a little bit (somewhere between mid-range and up-scale). Ideally, we would love something private or semi-private and that has direct access to lagoon for swimming, kayaking etc.,
Day 7 and 8: Relax in Bacalar. What activities do you recommend during our stay in Bacalar? I have seen some wonderful pictures on the internet, but I am not sure where they were taken from. The lagoon is so big. Is there a particular part of the lagoon that is better than the other for staying? What are some good local restaurants, street foods, markets?
Day 9: Morning on Aug 30 we start driving back to Merida to meet our friends. We plan to see Chacchoben, Grottoes Loltún, and Mayapan on the way. We plan to reach Merida by sundown. Anything else to see on the way? Any good places to stop to eat?
Day 10, 11 and 12: We plan to spend in Merida until Sept 2. Will cover Chichén-Itzá on one of these days. Also considering visiting Progreso. If we plan to stay for a night or two in Progresso, any good recommendations for beach front accommodations?
Day 13 to Day 18: Still unplanned. We were planning to spend this time at a beach resort in Playa Del Carmen or Cancun but are now unsure due to the ongoing sargassum situation. We have our outbound flight from Cancun so ideally, we would like to drive towards the west towards the end of our trip. We are considering spending a day or two in Valladolid. Any ideas or suggestions?
Looking for other help/suggestions/recommendations:
  1. We are foodies so please please give us all your recommendations about food… be it restaurants, or any local fruits, street food etc., Also, any off the beaten path locations that I might have missed? Any specific dishes that I should try without fail? Any other places that I should consider visiting?
  2. Car Rental: We will rent a car for the entirety of our trip. We probably won’t need it for a few days when we are staying in Merida, but it is cheaper to book one round trip from Cancun for entire time. Any recommendations on who to book car with? Has anyone used Victory Lux Cancún before to rent a vehicle?
Sorry for the long post. Thank you for your time.
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2023.05.29 10:19 QuittingKteam Quitting Kratom wiki + other sidebar info.

(From the sidebar of QuittingKratom. Posting for those who are new, or may need a "refresher" or for those who are on the Reddit mobile app and have difficulty finding the sidebar information. If you encounter someone brand new here, feel free to link this to them. So many of us are "lost" when we're new and have no idea where to start. This wiki is a good place to start, along with the support from the wonderful members of this subreddit. If you're looking for more links to helpful information from the sidebar, scroll to the bottom of this post. I've added them there, after the Wiki information, for convenience.)
So you've decided you want to quit Kratom.

Withdrawal Symptoms

You may experience a number of withdrawal symptoms, both physical and psychological. Keep in mind that all humans are affected differently and experiences with symptoms will differ among us.

Physical Withdrawal Symptoms

The most common physical withdrawal symptoms experienced are outlined below.

Restless Leg Syndrome

Also known as RLS, this is the most common symptom of withdrawal. It can be described as an irresistible urge to move one's body to stop uncomfortable or odd sensations. It most commonly affects the legs, but can also affect the arms, torso, and head. Moving the affected body part modulates the sensations, providing temporary relief. On average, this symptom will be almost entirely gone by day 7.


As you would expect with RLS, insomnia is another commonly experienced withdrawal symptom. Lack of sleep usually occurs due to RLS, but it can continue even without RLS present.

Uncontrollable Body Temperature

This withdrawal symptom can be common, yet not as common as the two above. This symptom causes the body to experience drastic changes in temperature within a short period of time. This probably sounds much worse than it really is, but during the day it is fine. At night it involves being cold, putting the covers over you, then being really warm and throwing all the covers off.

Other symptoms

In addition to the above, you may experience a runny nose, teary eyes, sneezing, diarrhea, and an aching body. These are generally not a major problem. For diarrhea, loperamide can help (see below). For aches and pains, OTC pain relievers such as Advil can be useful.

Psychological Withdrawal Symptoms

Commonly referred to as PAWS (Post Acute Withdrawal Symptoms). Usually the psychological withdrawals tend to kick in after the physical withdrawals have passed. Described below are the most common psychological withdrawals that are experienced.


The lack of energy and enthusiasm is the most common psychological withdrawal experienced. This symptom can be minor for some, but it is quite commonly major. Although ironic, a good remedy for this lethargic feeling is exercise. It may be hard to get exercising initially due to the lethargy, but many people experience a huge improvement in their mood afterwards.


Cravings are quite commonly experienced by addicts withdrawing from Kratom. Major cravings can cause addicts to relapse if the impulse is acted upon. Usually cravings don't last too long, and they seem to come in waves. Psychologically, cravings can play with your mind. You may find yourself thinking things like "I'll just take it this once, I've already made the decision to quit so I won't do it again".


Depression can play a big part in relapse when it comes to recovery from Kratom addiction. Although some users have existing mood disorders or depression, the PAWS during Kratom withdrawal hugely amplify these feelings/mindsets. Expect to experience some mild to moderate depressed feelings during PAWS and prepare your mind to acknowledge that these feelings are caused by the Kratom withdrawal. You WILL feel better. Once again exercise is a HUGE help to mitigate the depression experienced during withdrawal. It has been proven that regular exercise is as effective than the most common anti-depressants.

Taper vs. Cold Turkey

While one method may work for some, it may not work for another. We are all different and unique in many ways, including the way our body reacts to (lack of) substances.


Tapering has been tried many times by different people. Some found tapering helpful, others did not. The main advantages of tapering are:
Disadvantages of tapering off Kratom are:
Note: Another effective method used is to taper with stem and vein kratom.

Cold Turkey

The cold turkey method seems to be the more preferable method as well as the most successful. The main advantages are:
Disadvantages of going cold turkey are:

Managing Your Withdrawals

There are a few tried and tested methods to dealing with various withdrawals symptoms. They are described below.


The most effective way to make yourself feel better. It has been proven that regular exercise is as effective than the most common anti-depressants. The effects are very profound, and can remain present for hours. Exercise releases a flood of endorphins, directly stimulating your opioid receptors the same way Kratom does, reducing both physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms. Regular exercise will hasten the recovery process by bringing your body's endorphin system back online. It can be difficult to get started, but if you force yourself, you should find that it gets easier after only a few minutes as your heart starts pumping and the endorphins start flowing. Heavy weightlifting is one of the most efficient methods, in terms of benefits vs. time spent, but prolonged cardiovascular activity (jogging, bicycling, etc.) is also effective. Intense yoga is another option.


When you stop taking Kratom, your sex drive may return with a vengeance. Take advantage of it :). Orgasm, like exercise, causes a release of endorphins.


It can be difficult when you are uncomfortable and your mind is racing, but a few minutes of meditation can significantly improve the way you feel. Close your eyes, and let your thoughts flow without trying to control or resist them. Take slow deep breaths, focusing on each inhale and exhale. Try not to think about anything else, but if a thought arises, let it be. Visualize each inhalation as bringing healing energy into your body, and each exhalation as removing negativity. Continue until you feel better, or longer, and repeat the process anytime you feel overwhelmed. Check out /meditation for great tips on meditation.



Warning, kratom and loperamide.. We don't know if loperamide (in the recommended dosage for diarrhea ( combined with kratom has health risks (in particular heart issues at higher doses), or people could start to abuse it. It had been reported that even the recommended loperamide doses can cause a rebound of withdrawal symptoms after you stop using it . Therfore we don't recommend to use loperamide. Other warnings: At recommended doses, the half-life of loperamide is approximately 10 hours. However, with higher doses, even as little as 16 mg, longer half-lives have been observed (upwards of 41 hours). News videos: "it's actually potentially even worse than using heroin...", "Kratom and Loperamide is a dangerous combination".


There are a number of drugs and supplements that can improve mood, motivation, and sleep quality. Most of those listed are naturally derived, and many can be easily obtained at such locations as GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, pharmacies, and "natural" grocery stores, as well as online at sites like AllStarHealth,, and Amazon.
Warning: It's best to avoid using antihistamines (diphenhydramine, dimenhydrinate, hydroxyzine etc.) such as those found in Benadryl, Dramamine, NyQuil, Unisom, and Tylenol PM. While they can produce drowsiness under normal conditions, they are well known for exacerbating Restless Leg Syndrome, which will make your insomnia worse, not better.

Prescription drugs

In addition, there are various prescription drugs that can be of assistance. The ones listed below are prescription-only. These are not necessarily recommended; do your research before considering them. Be especially careful if you are taking any psychiatric prescriptions, such as SSRIs, MAOIs, or Wellbutrin. The following information is not a substitute for medical advice. Always consult your doctor. [We do not recommend to use this medications together with Kratom].
Warning: Be mindful of the possibility of drug substitution. With addiction, drug substitution is a common problem when going through recovery. With all CNS depressant drugs (antidepressants, benzodiazepines, neuroleptics), it should be kept in mind that these drugs sedate in the long term and can trigger a so-called 'hangover', ie. they also lead to additional exhaustion during the day. In some cases, this can be perceived as a burden and can lead to losing sight of the desired goal or lowering the motivation to endure the withdrawal. Whether drug treatment makes the withdrawal easier or more difficult depends on personal factors and cannot be determined in general. Remember that your body can regenerate itself best and fastest if it is not exposed to other stresses.

Stem and Vein Kratom

Although total alkaloid levels are lower than in leaf, there is supposedly relatively more mitragynine present in S&V. The levels of mitraphylline, rhynchophylline (related to mitragynine) and corynantheidine are higher. In kratom communities on the internet it is sometimes reported that S&V can reduce tolerance to kratom, but this seems not to be the case. Anecdotal reports claim that S&V can be useful for mitigating withdrawal symptoms, and accelerating the brain's recovery from kratom addiction. There is a great guide on using stem and vein kratom to taper off here.


Relapse is a normal part of recovery. It has happened to every single one of us. Try not to beat yourself up about it or feel like you are worthless and useless. That doesn't help a thing. It is just a small bump in your road to recovery. All you can do is get back up, dust yourself off and get back to quitting as soon as you are ready. You will know when you are ready.

More important information from the sidebar

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2023.05.29 10:18 givingtree17 31 [F4M] TX - Voice call with anyone 30+ in the US

Hi :) I’m looking for someone near-ish my age to hang out and talk on the phone with.
I like traveling to big cities and I’ve been almost everywhere in the US. I’m not particularly drawn to the outdoors or new restaurants but I think it would be cool to meet someone who is to motivate me in the way. Weight lifting > cardio, though falling in love with cardio is on my list of future goals…the very far future lol. I can’t sing to save my life but I still sing all the time. If I know a song, I probably know every word. Try me lol. I’m on a huge Phoebe Bridgers kick right now since I only recently discovered her.
I love arts and crafts and I always joke that I’d make a hot step mom. I love baking too though I’d really taken a break from it since the holidays. I like cooking but find it a little sad to cook for just one person so I don’t explore it much. I’m having the best year of my life. I’m happy career wise (I work at a restaurant that I love with amazing coworkers) and I feel like I’ve really gotten finances figured out. Mostly due to me really wanting to buy a house next year. It’s important to me that any future partners believe in their ability to make and stick to financial goals, even if they haven’t really made goals in the past. I don’t mind helping someone figure it out as long as you’re willing to make sacrifices to achieve your goals.
I grew up in a super conservative and sort of religious household (did anyone else get Bill OReilly kids books for Christmas) and I hate politics now and I’m agnostic, but I’d say a lot of the same values shaped me. Sometimes I think about going to church just for the sense of community but I’ve been saying that for the last 10 years lol.
I get not everyone has a perfect life or upbringing but I’m really looking for someone who makes the best out of their situation and that’s proven to be a little difficult on Reddit. I truly believe things happen through us and not to us so I find self pity to be a little draining. Please be a generally positive person who believes they have the power to change their lives and circumstances.
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2023.05.29 08:33 Zagaroth [No Need For A Core?] - CH 082: Girl's Day Out

Cover Art <<Previous Start Next >>
As Moriko was ushered into the backroom, Princess Kagami asked “She has a curtained-off area, mind if we follow and continue to talk?”
“I have no problem with that, your highness.” Moriko had very little body shyness, so she’d have been only a little self-conscious about it even without the curtain, but she certainly appreciated the consideration of being asked. The curtained-off area in question contained a pair of magic circles inscribed onto the ceiling and floor, where she stripped down under mistress Ula’s instructions and stood in different poses while lights zipped about her. Ula said that this was taking her measurements, and Moriko believed her, she’d just never had this level of magic scanning before. It did take her a moment to understand what the poses were for, they made various muscles strain in different ways which in turn would allow measurements to take her movements into account.
The conversation from the princesses on the other side of the curtain was carried on mostly by them, and for the most part, it was just small talk that helped Moriko learn a bit about her … hosts? Maybe not technically yet, but it felt a lot like that’s how they were acting, and she was feeling obligated like a guest. She couldn’t think of a better word for it.
The rest of the afternoon and the early evening became quite the busy flurry of shopping, with the first part being a second dress to leave the shop in rather than her uniform. It seems that Mistress Ula kept a selection of ‘last minute’ dresses available in a near-ready state for the princesses’ convenience, requiring only a minimal amount of adjustment to fit one intended for Princess Tiriana to Moriko, as they were the most alike in stature.
This allowed Moriko to see why the royals were confident that Ula could pull a complete dress together in two days. Once the decisions were made, the chosen dress was dropped onto a wooden mannequin that adjusted itself to match the measurements taken of Moriko. Ula eyed the dress a moment then grabbed several spools of different color and weight threads to put onto a set of spindles built into a nearby table. With her preparations complete, Ula drew a flat tool kit from her dress to reveal several rune-etched needles of silvery metal, a small pair of scissors, and a stitch cutter. With a touch and murmured word these devices sprang to life and moved to her will. With expert swiftness she threaded each needle and set them to hovering, then went to work making her adjustments, drawing in or letting out where needed, switching out a couple of panels of the skirt to make it move better for Moriko’s needs, and other small adjustments as well as finishing up the edges. She was doing the work of at least a dozen normal skilled seamstresses with the added advantage of not getting in her own way.
In less than half an hour Moriko had a brand new dress ready for her to head out on the town with the princesses, and her normal soft boots would do well enough for this. Then it was time for accessories. The four princesses were definitely showing off, every place they brought Moriko to had deadly options, many of which were close enough to the weapons Moriko had trained in to be useful to her.
Fancy, delicate-looking fans had ribbing of adamantine with concealed sharp tips. Parasols and umbrellas had options ranging from a short blade you could draw from the bottom like a dagger to a blade that could pop out from the top to make it into a small spear. The embroidery on slender gloves hid tiny metal studs, which were backed by thin but surprisingly tough leather to protect the skin beneath. Hairpins that doubled as thin knives. Weighted handbags. The list went on, and many were selected for Moriko with little chance for her to say no.
Then there was jewelry. Everywhere they went the royals compared several pieces on Moriko, and always bought at least one expensive piece, ‘for the shop owner’s time and trouble’ if nothing else. They were talking around a subject, but it became clearer towards the end of the shopping spree when Moriko was instructed to not wear any of the jewelry on the night of the dinner, it seemed that she would be loaned a small selection of royal jewelry for the duration of the evening.
During all of this Moriko got a better feel for her hosts. Princess Kagami was the one she felt closest to in many ways, they were both the eldest sibling of large families, and it showed in the ways she guided and subtly manipulated conversations of her sisters to keep the peace and avoid topics wandering too far afield. Kagami was also only two years younger than Moriko herself, though she had been married several years now. Her husband was a younger son from a southern barony
Princess Kitiara was not quite as stern as her cool expression and northern coloration suggested, but her composure was due in part to her focus on military matters. She was married to the daughter of a Marquess from the northern border, who would have been the heir were it not for the issue of producing more heirs. Moriko hesitated a moment before making a suggestion when she learned about this. “Um, if she wants to inherit, the two of you might consider visiting the Azeria clan? The kitsune are shape changers, and might know some magic to help you fix that issue temporarily?”
Kitiara gave a slight smile. “Thank you, but we have already considered that. Neither one of us is particularly interested in the role of father or mother here, and we’d both prefer to be on the front line if anything happened, so we’ve decided to keep things as they are.” It had been almost two hundred years since there were any official conflicts with the Trionean Empire, but even if relations were superficially friendly the different cultures were a source of constant tension along the border, and even without proof many were convinced that many of the bandits in the northern territories were financed by the empire.
Princess Tiriana, the one whose dress had been co-opted for Moriko and who was engaged to an elven noble, was the most enthusiastic about the shopping, and on more than one occasion had to be restrained by her sisters from buying even more things for Moriko. She hoped that the princess’s husband-to-be was well off because it seemed that the twenty-eight-year-old had little care about spending money. At least she seemed to have an eye for quality rather than wanting to buy every sparkling trinket, though that could get expensive fast too.
While Tiriana had the most enthusiasm, Bridgette had the most energy. Scarcely a year older than Kazue, she burned with a passionate intensity that would not be out of place at Sakiya’s monastery though her talents were more towards the magical than the martial. She did not have the sort of excitable distractability that the kitsune did however, she was much more focused and could wax on about her studies in magic given the slightest encouragement. It seems that her magic was fueled by one of their older bloodlines awakening, and gave her magic more akin to that of a druid than a wizard, though with a focus on fire as a medium of renewal.
Lady Yuriko was more reserved and seemed amused as she shadowed the group, though she did occasionally offer a suggestion or bit of guidance. Moriko was fairly certain that the kitsune represented more security than the rest of their guards combined.
Physically Moriko could easily keep up with even Bridgette for energy, but this sort of new socialization was a touch overwhelming and emotionally exhausting, so she was quite glad when the other women declared the shopping finished and that it was time for supper. She was ushered into a restaurant with a discreet, unmarked entrance, where they were then led to a private dining room after passing through a slightly more public area. The guardsmen that remained after packages were sent off to be delivered to Moriko’s room at the monastery took up stations in an outer room to the one where the women would be eating. Once orders were placed, the six of them were briefly alone for the first time since she had been ambushed, and Yuriko brought out a small blue orb and placed it on the table where it began to glow. She stared at it for a moment, then nodded. “Speak freely.”
Princess Kagami sighed as she relaxed, which surprised Moriko as she had not realized that the other woman had not been relaxed until that moment. “I think that went well. Moriko, I need to apologize for something. While we did want to help you shop for everything, there was another purpose. Circumstances have already led to you and your spouses being drawn into some royal secrets, so you now get to enjoy another. Lady Yuriko here is also our current spymaster, as is tradition for the Azeria Clan advisor. Our unofficial public appearance with you has allowed her agents to watch the reactions of surprised folk, and are undoubtedly keeping track of the actions of anyone suspicious.” She gave Moriko a grin. “We may be a peaceful kingdom, but even with our advantages there is some internal dissent, and there are a few external threats. So it’s best to keep track of people who react the most to this sort of surprise information. We can’t keep your dungeon a secret, so we might as well take advantage of the situation.” Kagami then turned toward Yuriko with a lightly scolding tone. “As for you, you know very well that Mistress Ula hates it when you surprise her like that. This is why we do half our shopping when you are otherwise occupied.”
Yuriko made a small show of looking repentant, but Moriko rather doubted the sincerity of it. See, this was why she was nervous about dealing with nobility, none of this had even occurred to her as a layer of what was happening. It might not be as bad as she had been imagining for a public court, but she really hated not knowing or understanding what was going on around her with people that were supposed to be her allies.
Kitiara chuckled at Moriko’s expression. “You wear your thoughts on your face when you aren’t guarded. I understand and agree, that’s part of why my wife Catherine and I have decided to leave things be when it comes to potentially inheriting the position of Marquess. We’ll keep our focus on defending the northern border with our strength of arms, and let this lot deal with politics.”
Moriko blushed slightly at being caught out, and it did not help that she could hear Mordecai laughing in the back of her head. He was curious about something however, and Moriko decided to at least bring it up. “Ah, that brings up a topic. Maybe it would be best to cover it later, but I can let you know now. Our ‘open-mindedness’ when it comes to romance surprises him a touch, especially when it comes to nobility. He doesn’t think it was allowed so openly when he was around previously.”
Kagami held up a finger and the others all waited while she thought. After a few moments, she nodded as she made a decision. “I think it will take up more time than we have to go over such questions in detail. While we will answer what you need to know so that we can hopefully write up an official treaty, I’ll make sure we pull together a copy of the founding charter and subsequent changes to help give all of you a better understanding of how everything works in this kingdom.” She smiled slightly. “I take it you are not a history buff, and only really concerned yourself with rules that affected you? Don’t worry, that’s how most people in any nation deal with laws, but you have found yourself in a position where you need to know more.”
Moriko smiled at that. “Guilty. Oh, Mordecai is asking why you are being so generous with our shopping and with some of your secrets?” She gestured towards Yuriko, their recently revealed spymaster.
“Ah, that one is easy.” Lady Yuriko said. “Having a dungeon near our kingdom is unprecedented, and we want to get ahead of other people’s responses. You are technically situated inside the range set aside for all the various mountain tribes to maintain their own governments outside of our or Danuana’s political or legal systems, but you and your wife are citizens of Kuiccihan, so the situation is complicated. What we are hoping for in broad scope is to convince the three of you to sign an alliance treaty that would make your territory a sovereign vassal. This is not as constraining as a standard suzerain-vassal relationship, not only is control of your territory strictly your own but you have the freedom to work on your own foreign relations separately, given that they do not conflict with the security of Kuiccihan. So to be blunt, we are offering both wealth and access to some of our secrets to entice you to trust us, and we do so with the anticipation that this will be beneficial in the long term for our kingdom.”
So a bribe in other words. “And this is all to help warm us up to the idea?”
Bridgette pouted a little at Moriko’s tone. “Don’t be like that. You are effectively our peer, and we have good reason to consider you truly a friendly state. We normally have to be super careful about making people close friends, but you were thrust into this position and we have a lot of information about you from the temple, so we want to make you a real friend. We just have to also deal with all the other stuff at the same time.” Crap, the girl’s sad face was almost as effective as Kazue’s, she just didn’t have ears or tails that could droop.
<<Previous Start Next >>
My Discord if you would like to talk about the book or see what else I am up to (I also try to stream once a week, but that's strictly hobby level).
My Patreon if you want to support me directly.
Also to be found on Royal Road.
$3 Patreon: Early chapters, lore excerpts $5 Patreon: Short Stories $10 Patreon: New stories not published anywhere else (Until after I finish this story at least)
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2023.05.29 07:43 desain_m4ster I(M42) need help understanding when to draw a line of paying for all the house bills for my wife (F39)?

Hello everyone, I would appreciate some opinions on a situation I'm facing to determine if I'm being unreasonable. My partner and I have been married for three years, and we moved to a different country together two years ago. During this time, my partner decided to pursue a new profession, and I have been supportive in every possible way, including financially supporting their courses and covering all our bills.
However, after two years, my partner has been unable to secure a job and is hesitant to work part-time at a coffee shop or restaurant to contribute to our finances. They prefer to focus solely on their career, spending long hours at the computer in pursuit of a job.
Meanwhile, I have been working full-time and bearing the financial burden of paying all the bills and rent in an expensive suburb near the city centre. Additionally, I've hired a cleaner every fortnight to ensure our home remains tidy, allowing both of us to concentrate on our careers. To save money, I've also taken on the responsibility of cooking on weekends, as my partner dislikes cooking and prefers dining out.
The issue of household chores has also arisen. Tired of having to cook and clean up afterward, I bought a dishwasher to eliminate any conflicts regarding dishwashing duties. Furthermore, my partner complained about having to handle all the laundry, so I suggested that we each take care of our own laundry, which they agreed to.
However, when I mentioned that it's been two years and it's time for my partner to start contributing equally to the bills, they reacted negatively and became upset with me. I believe it is fair for us to split the financial responsibilities evenly, just like the household chores. I suggested that if they cannot afford to contribute financially, they could take on a greater share of the housework. However, my partner dismissed this idea and accused me of promoting patriarchal ideals.
This situation has left me feeling exhausted and contemplating the possibility of ending the marriage. I find it unfair to be solely responsible for our financial well-being while also taking care of all the household chores. I am more than willing to split everything equally, including both the bills and the housework.
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2023.05.29 07:22 Financial_Owl_7245 I see a way to make some bread off of Toast Inc. ($TOST).

I see a way to make some bread off of Toast Inc. ($TOST).
Two reasons would make me deploy a simple covered call strategy. The first is to act on a short-term trading opportunity while enabling some downside protection. The second is to establish what I hope will be a longer-term position in well-run company at lower entry points. In this case, I'll do those, and make some bread, I hope, with Toast.
Yes, I'm talking about Toast Inc. ($TOST) , the Boston-based company that's become a best of breed name in a growing niche market. The company provides a cloud-connected operating system specifically geared toward the restaurant business. Its platform is used in some 85,000 locations -- nearly all in the U.S. -- and processed some $101 billion in gross payment volume over the past year.
Toast ($TOST) platform connects the front-of-the house with back-of the house operations across dine-in, takeout, and delivery channels through a comprehensive suite of software-as-a-service products and financial technology services. This menu includes reservations management, customer ordering, inventory management, payroll, accounting, or payments processing. If you have friends that work in the hospitality industry, you will find out quickly how highly they think about the platform's capabilities.
The company generates revenue through four sources: subscription services; financial technology services; hardware; and professional services. Debuting late summer of 2021, Toast stock quickly shot up to nearly $70 a share. But the prices fell as the Fed started its monetary tightening regime in the first quarter of 2022; the stock was trading in the low teens by the summer of last year.
Toast is moving toward profitability with nearly 40% revenue growth projected for fiscal 2023 following by sales growth in the high 20s in fiscal 2024. The company is also expanding into other countries like the U.K. and Canada. It certainly has the balance sheet to get to the point of producing positive cash flow with nearly $1 billion of cash and marketable securities on its balance sheet and no debt. Valuation is under three times annual revenues before taking net cash into consideration.
Toast appears poised to continue to capture even greater market share with arguably the best restaurant POS and management platform in the industry. And from a technical standpoint, its stock has formed a solid base in the high-teens, suggesting limited downside risk. This can be mitigated further via a simple covered call strategy. In addition, liquidity against this equity is extremely solid and the option premiums are quite lucrative.

Option Strategy

To establish an initial position in $TOST using a covered call strategy, do the following. Selecting the January $20 call strikes, fashion a covered call order with a net debit in the $16.60 to $16.70 a share range. This strategy provides downside protection of approximately just over 20%. This strategy also has nearly 20% potential upside even if stock drifts down a little over the option duration.
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