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Securing financing before a large pay increase

2023.05.30 11:55 WildGoatDancers Securing financing before a large pay increase

I will be moving for a new job and will be going from making 30k to 90k and I have a credit score of 790. However, I need to buy a car before I start my new job so that I'm able to commute to work, so I wont have a paystub w/ my higher pay when I apply for financing (I'm thinking of getting financing from my credit union, but am open to other ideas). Any tips on securing financing before a big pay increase? Should I attach my job offer letter to my loan application? I'm looking at a few used car options in the $20-25K range and could put $10k down.
Thanks for any advice!
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2023.05.30 09:01 tsirchregem Morax and the Lady of the Golden Hall

Morax and the Lady of the Golden Hall
Do you ever wonder who the 'Lady of the golden hall' is?

The 'Golden Halls upon the moon' & 'moon-mansion' is probably referring to the Lunar Palace.
The Boatman's Dialogue about the 'Lady of the Golden Hall'

The Boatman is tasked on guiding the souls to the 'Golden halls' so does that make the Lunar Palace the 'Afterlife'?

Morax is always mentioned in every Moon Sisters lore and he wished to go to the Lunar Palace with Azhdaha.
Morax who is called the 'Golden God' and is speculated to be a Sun
Oathsworn Eye lore and the 'Golden God'

Does Morax being a Sun and the Lady of the Golden halls being in the Moon Palace symbolize something?

The Sun is often showed as the Geo Element and Earth is said to be the basis of ALL LIFE.

meanwhile the Lunar Palace is the 'Afterlife' where the Boatman guides the souls of the deceased
and the Moon is a 'corpse' of a Moon Sister who died during a 'catastrophe'
So the Sun has many connections with 'Life'
While the Moon has many connections with 'Death'
So is there a possibility that the 'Lady of the Golden halls' is the Shade of Death?

The Hesperus Boons and Phosporus Guidance in the Enkanomiya Achievement possibly represents TWO of the 4 Shades.

Istaroth, the Shade of Wind and Time is represented by the Kairos' Constancy which is a 'Time' Trial Challenge.
Morax is represented by Hesperus' Boons because its about gaining 'Precious Treasures'.
Phosporos' Guidance is about 'Guiding' Seelie to their Seelie Courts.

Which is similar to the 'Lady of the Golden halls' who tasked the Boatman to 'guide' the souls of the deceased to the Lunar Palace (Afterlife)

Sun - represented by Geo which is the Origin of Life
Moon - heavy connections with Death and Afterlife, the Moon itself is a literal 'corpse' of a Moon Sister.

Hesperus and Phosphorus in Greek Mythology are 'half-brothers' so there's a possibility that Morax and the 'Lady of the Golden halls' knows each other.
Hesperus and Phosporus

and just because both Hesperus and Phosporos are Male Greek Gods doesn't mean they can't be represented as Female in Genshin.

Kairos, who's also a Greek God is a Male but is represented by Istaroth, a Female Shade.
Caerus the Greek God represented by Kairos in Genshin

So there's a chance that the 'Lady of the Golden halls' represents Phosphoros as the Shade of Death.
Morax and the Golden Lady points of similarity:
  • Both are called 'Golden'
  • Both are represented by a Celestial Body (Sun & Moon)
  • Both has dominion over 'souls'
  • Morax's 'Golden House' and the Lady's 'Golden Hall'
  • Morax's Lingju Law which states that All life will come to an end (Death) and the Boatman's song about (Life)

Credits to u/rienununana13 on twt

The Boatman's Song

Morax fits the description of what the Boatman is singing about:

"the golden house of a god who births life."
Morax literally lives in a 'Golden House' where he makes Mora, his 'flesh and blood'
Morax's Golden House
he's also known to produce Life and body parts. here
It is also mentioned by Venti that the 'purest soil' gave BIRTH to human life.
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2023.05.30 07:33 Billionairesmustdye Banks need you in misery ALWAYS.

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2023.05.30 07:32 SuperInconvenient Joint check advice - do I have to be present?

Not sure this is the correct sub, but I have a question about a joint check that I'm a listed recipient on. The other party and I had a falling out, and I'm very motivated to be done with the entire thing.
It was a refund on a deposit made on an apartment, and I was the one it was sent to. I received it, signed it, and sent it to the other party. They live in North Dakota, if that's important, and I want to know if me signing the check is enough for them to cash it.
It wouldn't be going into a joint account, and I read that both parties may have to be present for a bank/credit union to accept it. I live states away, and quite frankly would rather no one get the money than appear in person. Is my signature gonna be enough?
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2023.05.30 06:59 gopackgo1002 Best credit card, details within

Finally trying to up my game from my crappy 1% cashback credit union visa. Considering opening a couple new CCs. Thank you in advance for advice!
About me:
-$87k income -720 credit score -Spend $1500/mo avg. on credit cards, about -$500 grocery, $200 restaurants/bars, $100 gas, the rest is misc -Don't hold a balance
What I care about, in order of importance
  1. Airport lounge access with at least 6 complimentary passes that can be used with a travel companion. I'm flying out of YVR (Vancouver) and typically go to USA or international, don't fly in Canada much.
  2. Points towards flights (destinations above). I don't have a preferred airline but I don't want to have to jump through a million hoops to cash my points in or try to figure out complex points conversions like airmiles or Aventura.
  3. Solid travel insurance including trip cancelation and lost baggage
  4. (Optional) other travel perks like free checked bags, priority services at YVR airport, upgrades or status etc
I don't mind high annual fees if they're worth it. Between me and travel companions, we can likely drink the annual fees in an airport lounge in 2 or 3 trips. 🥂 And all the places I shop take AMEX, so that's not an issue.
Currently looking at AMEX cobalt, Scotia Amex gold, various Aeroplan cards
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2023.05.30 06:33 AlwaysTired689 Finally got my Unionbank Gold VISA today!

Finally got my Unionbank Gold VISA today!
Gulat ako na mabilis lang delivery especially i’m from the province. Also very happy with my CL! My reference card is my first cc na 10 months pa lang and below 6 digits yung CL kaya happy ako na UB gave me a bigger one ❤️ NAFFL na rin so super sulit
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2023.05.30 06:25 Human_Scientist_415 37 [M4F] A Solitary Wanderer and Devotee of the Natural World, Calling from Northern Ontario

Greetings and salutations, dear readers of the ether,
As I sit to scribe this message, the call of the wilderness echoes in my heart. I am a man of thirty-seven years, eternally captivated by the symphony of life that sings in the woods, the mountains, the rivers and the valleys. As the poet Thoreau sought his solace in the lap of nature, I too find my peace in her embrace, seeking my Walden in the grand expanse of the outdoors.
Over the past years, I have embarked on a personal journey, much akin to a pilgrimage towards the higher self. The tempest of life once bore heavily upon me, as the scale once read 350 pounds. But as the wind molds the oak, adversity only steered me toward fortitude. I stand today a man reshaped, both in body and spirit, at a hearty 250 pounds, a testament to my dedication and resilience.
My faithful companion in this voyage has been a dog, a creature of such innate wisdom and unwavering loyalty that it puts us, so-called sophisticated beings, to shame. She, in her silent understanding and boundless affection, has been the brightest beacon in the darkest nights, an essential part of my existence.
Yet, in this vast universe, I find myself yearning for a connection that echoes my love for learning and conversation. The placid tranquility of the INTP personality courses through me, but I do not conform to the limitations of any abstract construct. I am but a man who delights in the intellectual pursuits, a man who values the dance of words and ideas, craving the companionship of a kindred spirit, a woman of intellect and grace.
Should this message resonate with you, dear reader, you who too might gaze at the stars with wonder, who might marvel at the dance of the fireflies, who might find joy in the rustling of the leaves and the rhythm of the rain, who might crave for thoughtful conversation under the moonlit sky, I invite you to embark on this journey with me.
As we traverse this path, sharing our stories and dreams, perhaps we might find that we were not just two souls wandering in the wilderness, but two halves of a whole, waiting to meet at the crossroads of destiny. For is not life a quest for such profound union, a testament to the timeless words of Thoreau, "There is no remedy for love but to love more"?
I await your response with the anticipation of a humble man hoping to meet the love of his life. May the moon guide your path and the wind whisper my plea into your ears.
Yours faithfully,
An Admirer of the Wild
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2023.05.30 05:52 esjehbi Downsides of credit union mortgage

Vancity is offering a 1 year fixed at 5% which seems like a great option, but I’ve heard a number of people warn me against taking a mortgage from a credit union. Some say that you’re at risk if they go under (seems unlikely) others that it’s just generally a pain. Can anyone knowledgeable give me a clear breakdown of the cons of credit union mortgages? Thanks!
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2023.05.30 05:21 SweetLemonKiss Pay with affirm or with credit card from a credit union for $980 purchase?

I’m wanting to invest in this computer, but don’t have the full amount to purchase it. I’m aware it’s always best to save and pay it but with the goals in mind I have, I believe this will be best option.
The interest from affirm is over 20-25%, while credit union offers 13-18% APR. To me, getting a card with a credit seems much reasonable, but I’m not so sure.
Please share your thoughts, ideas, suggestion.
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2023.05.30 05:00 Monthemod AVOID GETTING SCAMMED

When working with a writer, many will ask that you pay them up front for the work. This is typical and should be expected. However! We recommend not using Cash App, Venmo, Western Union, or BTC due to payments being impossible to reverse specifically through these platforms. Only use the above if you fully trust the writer you work with!
We highly recommend using PayPal to pay for your project! When sending a payment through PayPal for "Goods And Services" your payment is protected by PayPal in the case that you get scammed or receive work that doesn't match what you ordered! All that you need to do is file a dispute under that payment and provide evidence to their dispute team!
Some have mentioned that Venmo is backed by PayPal. While this may be true, their platform doesn't allow senders to protect their payments.
For those who may not feel comfortable paying in full, contact your writer and request if you can pay as you go! For example: If you have a $60 four page assignment, pay the freelancer 25% ($15) upfront for the first page. Once they turn the first page in, pay another $15 upfront for the second page. And so on and so forth until the project is complete!
Never reveal your name, birth day, social security, home address, phone number, or any piece of info that can expose you!
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2023.05.30 04:43 gambs Translation & Release Status Update/Discussion - May 28

Previous threads
This is the weekly translation status update thread. Use this thread to discuss translation news, issues, titles you're looking forward to, etc.
Note: This is simply a mirror from 4chan's weekly thread on the /jp/ board. All credit goes to the user VNTS there. VNDB links will be included. Entries in Bold have had changes since last week

Fan Translations

Official work



Age titles

  • Kiminozo - Kickstarter for English release planned pending success of JP Crowdfunding

Spike Chunsoft









Kagura Games


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2023.05.30 04:29 egotistiic “Equally Yoked Christian Singles”

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2023.05.30 04:12 Auresma Account Executive - Sell SaaS to Small Banks and Credit Unions - $500 Million Funding - Palo Alto Hybrid Role - $80 to $90k Base at RevsUp, a Recruitment Entrepreneur Company

Account Executive - Sell SaaS to Small Banks and Credit Unions - $500 Million Funding - Palo Alto Hybrid Role - $80 to $90k Base at RevsUp, a Recruitment Entrepreneur Company submitted by Auresma to techsalesjobs [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 04:12 Auresma Account Executive - Sell SaaS to Small Banks and Credit Unions - $500 Million Funding - Palo Alto Hybrid Role - $80 to $90k Base at RevsUp, a Recruitment Entrepreneur Company

Account Executive - Sell SaaS to Small Banks and Credit Unions - $500 Million Funding - Palo Alto Hybrid Role - $80 to $90k Base at RevsUp, a Recruitment Entrepreneur Company submitted by Auresma to techsalesjobs [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 04:11 Appropriate-Reward11 Credit Card Recommendation

* Current credit cards you are the primary account holder of: (list cards, limits, opening date): 0
* FICO Scores with source (see note on FICO score sources below): 757 (Chase Credit Journey)
* Oldest credit card account age with you as primary name on the account: NA
* Number of personal credit cards approved for in the past 6 months: Haven't Applied
* Number of personal credit cards approved for in the past 12 months: Haven't Applied
* Number of personal credit cards approved for in the past 24 months: Haven't Applied
* Annual income $: 45,760

* OK with category-specific cards?: If it best fits me
* OK with rotating category cards?: If it best fits me
* Dining $: I rarely dine out but with cash back benefits I will at least 1-2x a month; UberEats/DoorDash 60-120/m (cutting back on this)
* Groceries $: 150-200/m (SafeWay Supermarket, Me & my brother usually splits the total); Farmers Market $20-40/every 2 weeks
* Gas $: 0
* Travel $: $300-500 Flights every 6-7 months (Southwest);
Turo Car rentals $200-350 (when traveling or in general whenever I need to drive somewhere. This is occasionally);
Lyft/Uber $30-50/month;
* Any other categories (examples: phone/internet, insurance) or stores (example: Amazon) with significant, regular credit card spend (the more you specify, the better): $50-100 for Amazon each paycheck on any household or personal items
* Any other significant, regular credit card spend you didn't include above?: Personal Shopping $100-150 every now & then (This is Occasionally)
* Can you pay rent by credit card? If yes, list rent amount and if there's a fee for paying by credit card: Rent $500 (I live with my brother); Credit Card Fees: Amex: 3.00%, Visa: 2.20%, MasterCard: 2.20%, Diners: 2.20%, Discover: 2.20%, JCB: 2.20%, UnionPay: 2.20%)

Amazon Prime?: $8.26
* Adobe Membership: $19.99
* PlayStation Network: $9.99 (canceling this)
* Current member of Chase, US Bank or any other big bank?: Banking with Chase
* Are you open to Business Cards?: Yes, I have a Successful Clothing Brand but don't need this at the moment.
PURPOSE* What's the purpose of your next card (choose ONE)?: First Credit Card
* If you answered "first credit card", are you an authorized user on any other cards? Yes my moms with Capital One
* Do you have any cards you've been looking at? QuickSilver, SavorOne, Chase Freedom Unlimited, DiscoverIt Student

*I am a college student and as you can tell I don't really have that many expenses monthly and save a significant amount from my paychecks. I have a schedule of when I would pay for things and I believe most of my daily expenses can be paid with a credit card\*
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2023.05.30 03:02 EventfulLol Awful time to buy house, but is this a good deal?

Hi all, some background. Located in TX, LCOL area. My wife and I are 23 years old, I’m an accountant and she’s a first year teacher next semester. Both around 780 TransUnion credit score. Gross takehome is around 110k, no car notes or credit card debt, monthly spending/expenses between us is budgeted around $2700 without housing expense. Currently, we rent a duplex and rent + utilities is usually $1700. When we renewed our lease this month,our landlord put an option to purchase which pique’d our interest. We plan to stay in the area for the foreseeable future, and have been looking to buy, except mortgage rates are high and obviously housing prices are crazy. Landlord is looking to sell around 220k, and we can comfortably put 20k down before closing costs. Total sqft is 1400, the kicker is that the other side of the duplex is a studio, like 270sqft that she charges $1000 a month for, and she says there is always demand as we live near a hospital and nurses are constantly staying there. So essentially we would have our mortgage payment more than 50% covered by the other unit, which entices me even with shitty rates and high property values. Does this seem like a decent decision? Any comments appreciated, thank you
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2023.05.30 02:13 keramicz Sturdy Speaker Stands for KEF R3 (or Small Tables?)

Like many others, I was able to grab some KEF R3 speakers at Best Buy. However, I think I got the deal of the century.
Story time: the "Open Box - Fair" that I wanted at $495 got bought literally by the time I got to the store to ask the Magnolia guy to show me what their Fair condition looked like. Instead, he said he could let me grab their floor models, but the lowest price he could knock it down to was like $750 (even told me he listed it as super beat up to try and help me out). He told me to call corporate and they would potentially be able to price adjust, but then on the phone, corporate told me they can't adjust in-store pricing for open box stuff. I was pretty defeated. Then, the next day I just was refreshing randomly and his pair showed up at $495!! I HAVE NEVER CHECKED OUT ONLINE SO FAST BEFORE. I couldn't believe my luck. I also had a $5 credit on my BB account, so that made it a lil more magical. For 1-2 year-old broken-in floor models that had one tiny ding on one speaker, I was over the moon. They sound fantastic! Currently paired with a KEF R2c center and are replacing my Q150 LR's, and hooked up to my Denon X3600H.
Unfortunately, I used some strong double-sided tape on my current cheap speaker stands that didn't peel off very well. They somehow ripped out the MDF where it was attached to the base (Q150's are OK thankfully except for a few dings from my prying/leverage points). Right now my R3s are sitting on the old stands, but the weight difference is making me VERY nervous because of how cheap the current stands are. Also, lesson learned that I should try that blu-tack stuff instead.
Does anyone have recommendations for stable speaker stands that'll hold chonky, 30-lb speakers? I'm thinking 24" tall. Black or a dark brown would be preferred, and less than $200 for the pair. In the future, might have toddlers or pets that brush by them, so a lower chance of knocking over is helpful. I've seen people note they fill theirs with sand, so I could try that to help lower the center of gravity. I'd also consider some small tables that could flank my entertainment stand. TIA!
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2023.05.30 02:12 jerseynegrita06 I am at my wit's end and I don't know what to do, please help!

This post might be triggering! Trigger warning! This is my first post here, please bear with me. I have been living with my bf for the past 6 years...he is 43 and I'm 38F. I always try to own my part in any situations that arise and I try to keep my friends & family out of my toxic relationship, so here I am hoping for some help. We have been having some issues recently, we have so many fights that sometimes I can't even remember how they started! Just last week Wednesday we argued about something petty, but he screams and throws things and it makes me uncomfortable so I slept at my mom's house. He has an entire telenovela about me in his mind where I have all these secret lovers and it irritates me to NO END! To be fair to him, I had a coworker that used to harass me BEFORE I was dating my bf and my union rep had to get involved. I never told him bc it happened before were dating. One day while on the phone with him this same coworker (who is really a jerk) made a loud noise in the background of my phone call because he knew I was on the phone with my bf and wanted to cause trouble. This caused a chain reaction where my bf has consistently accused me of cheating with this former coworker and said I only filed a report because our affair was going south and I wanted revenge (the telenovela!). He constantly brings up that coworker FOUR YEARS LATER and it makes me so angry, and according to him, that's my guilt! Meanwhile, he is the ONLY one that has literally cheated. He went to NY to be with some girl once and spent this past Thanksgiving with an ex-girlfriend!
Back to last week, we weren't really speaking to each other because I was very busy with work and my sorority so I would basically come home from work, get on a Zoom meeting, eat, and fall asleep. I was hoping this would help to avoid any problems, but it didn't. I came back to our apartment Thursday night after spending one night at my mom's because I thought the fight was over. He called an emergency mental health line and got set up with therapists, which I thought was great but he started up his telenovela making accusations about stuff that NEVER HAPPENED and creating new characters that don't exist. I got angry and tried to defend myself. He told me my voice was grating and to leave him alone or he would cut himself. I told him he was not going to cut himself and he did! He bled all over the kitchen & living room. He refused medical attention until the next day. I had an appointment for a biopsy and I took him with me to the hospital and he got treated. I finally got him to settle down...but then Saturday morning while he was sleeping I went for a hair appointment. I made certain to text him because he wants to know where I am all the time and he FLIPPED OUT asking who I was getting my hair done for and why didn't I ask if he wanted to come (he was SLEEPING!) and he started making up characters at the hair salon that I'm seeing (the salon is ladies only!) When I returned from the salon he told me his therapist told him to go no contact with me...but we live in the same house and he needed me to help him get ready for his daughter's visit. We spent the whole weekend being cordial to each other...and I even drove him to take his daughter home Sunday night. All week we were fine, then on Wednesday while at work, I get a call that the police are at my apartment because he was having a mental health crisis. I had to pick him up from the hospital and he CURSED ME OUT the whole ride like it was my fault the therapist called the police!
I was finally able to calm him down...then I reminded him that this weekend I'm driving to South Carolina to visit my sick grandmother with my older sister. These two hate each other, but if he wants to go they have to suck it up. I pack his things and I let him know we can stay in a hotel but my priority is my grandmother, I'm not going on vacation! At the 11th hour as I'm getting in the car he decides he doesn't want to go, just go ahead and enjoy my grandma & sister. I knew it was going to be something but I tried to keep in contact so he wouldn't accuse me of anything. He claimed we were barbecuing and they had a man set up for me. Meanwhile, my grandma is gravely ill and the last thing on my mind was a bbq or a man! I turned on my location, I text him, and kept him updated...he called me as soon as I got to my sister's house in Virginia. He was speaking to me regularly, being kind and normal. As soon as I smiled at my sister & he could hear that we were together a switch flipped. He stopped texting me and refused to take my calls. When I got back to Jersey he called me fake and told me not to speak to him except to let him know the date the lease ends. I've been crying since I got home three hours ago! I know this isn't right but I wanted things to work out. I don't know if there's a way we can stay together without our mental health deteriorating but this lease isn't over for another year and I can't just leave the apartment. He doesn't work and abandoning the apartment is going to destroy my credit bc he doesn't work. I don't know what to do...
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2023.05.30 01:44 ciretose Marika the Handmaid God?

First off, the foundation of my argument is built on the "Gods, Lords, and Empyreans." argument made by Tarnished Archeologist. (Link imbedded above)
If you haven't watched the video, I strongly recommend, but the part I am building on is his argument that part of being an Empyreans is being able to give birth.
We know Marika took a consort, Godfrey, who then became the first Elden Lord. A father and a mother. An Empyrean and a Lord. The Empyrean as a result of this union and subsequent birth of a demigod then becomes a God the argument goes.
From this union, Godwin the Golden was born. The child intended to become the heir to Lordship. Morgott and Mohg also came from this union, but were viewed as ill Omen and unworthy of becoming a lord. Even if worthy they were not capable of giving birth.
Godfrey could be a lord, but her union with Godfrey did not produce an Empyrean to go with the Lord.
Three children, no Empyrean.
Remember the number three.
Marika had a potential lord Godwin, but Godfrey seemed incapable of producing an Empyrean. So Marika became Radagon and married Rennala in an effort to create an Empyrean for Godwin.
From this union came another set of three Radagon, Rykard and Ranni.
Ranni, finally, an Empyrean.
Ranni, as the Tarnished Archeologist argued, was conceived specifically for a union with her half brother Godwin.
Understandably she was not unwilling to be forced into this fate. So rather than be bound to him, seeing no other way out she conspired to kill him, likely during the binding ritual, in order to escape forced marriage that would imprison her as a breeding tool of the greater will.
Marika/Radagon's plan had failed. Her son murdered, and Ranni gone, she abandoned Rennala as she had Godfrey.
They had three children. Three repeats again.
And her third attempting, was to attempt to producing an Empyrean alone.
And from this most ultimate of incest, a child born of a single being, came twins: Malenia and Miquella. Both Empyreans, both also born cursed.
And of course, Marika/Radagon, perhaps because she herself now saw no escape from her burden of being the literal mother of all, destroyed the rune of death.
Without death, rebirth would be impossible after all.
The Greater will trapped her within the Erdtree until either replacement emerged, or a new lord to which Marika would be forced into a union with. We find Marika trapped within the Erdtree. A God, we are told, but a prisoner we see.
Outside of the Erdtree, three Empyreans who can take her place remain.
The most obvious choice, Malenia, is clearly uninterested in seeking a lord and becoming a God, likely knowing that future was one of constantly giving birth to rot and decay.
Perhaps this is even a primary source of conflict with Radahn, who presumably sought to become a lord himself and viewed Malenia's future through the lens of his interactions with the stars and not realizing the Rot that surrounded it (where do we find Astel...)
We see in the cinematic of the fight between her and Radahn that she was penetrated and he was poisoned with rot, and we know that a tree sprung from this "Bloom".
interestingly Scarlet Aeonia states "Each time the scarlet flower blooms, Malenia's rot advances. It has bloomed twice already. With the third bloom, she will become a true goddess."
Again three. Three Children with Godfrey, three with Rennala, now we have the twins and perhaps Melina...
But that is another discussion, back to this topic.
It appears the first bloom produced not just the devestation of Caelid, but several "Buds" which became daughters, including Millicent. Perhaps she would be capable of herself becoming an empyrean, and then a third bloom would complete the Empyrean to Lord cycle by producing a potential Lord.
Perhaps one who could slay Malenia would be worthy to be that lord.
But like Ranni, Malenia did not seek to become a God.
Leaving only one willing potential Empyrean.
Miquella's path to becoming an Empyrean of course had two very big issues.
First, Miquella was born male. But given Marika/Radagon that barrier clearly would not be insurmountable. And certainly the St. Trina lore seems to indicate this was a surmountable problem, perhaps one even already addressed.
However there was a second problem, Miquella was cursed with eternal childhood.
Never reaching puberty would make being able to reproduce impossible.
I think Miquella and her followers believed that during an eclipse, when the Moon (feminine) blocked out the sun (Masculine) they would be able to complete some kind of ritual that would allow Miquella to overcome one or both of these issues, becoming St. Trina fully and/or coming of age and starting a new order that would supersede Marika...but it failed.
Perhaps why it failed is what we will learn more about in the DLC, but I think the above makes the various motivations clearer and actions understandable.
If "The Greater Will" demands a "God" be more or less a reproductive slave, who would wish to be a God? And if you find yourself in this position, having the powers of a god and yet still trapped, what can you do when the only escape is creating your replacement?
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2023.05.30 01:30 Beginning-Trifle624 Reaffirmation

Anyone have experience reaffirming with capital one, department of commerce federal credit union or gm financial? From what I read, as long as you can afford the payments, are current and can exempt the equity, reaffirmation is pretty easy and common? Do lenders refuse to reaffirm often?
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2023.05.30 00:20 Seaglerton Hacked Bank Accounts

My brother and dad started a FoxBets account at the end of last year because my brother is real good at sports and wanted to bet, but wasn't of age to do so. My dad decided that they would bet together in small amounts to have fun by taking a little risk. One thing led to another and my dads bank account that was linked to the FoxBets account got hacked. The hacker was able to hack all of my savings from my savings account and some out of my checking, as well as my brother's and both my parents. We ended up getting new cards. Apparently there's a fucking thing called Visa Updater that automatically updates sites with new card info, so this hacker started hacking again. This time, he took from my parent's credit cards from a different bank (credit union) and now from a credit card from the bank. What is the fix? We are going to get LifeLock, and my parent's took off work to open new accounts with a different bank, close old accounts from the old bank, and exit the credit union because they've fucked up so much. Is it possible that the reason the hacker got the information for credit cards from a second bank is because they have my father's ssn? I'm a high school senior and have no clue what the hell to do. So far this asshole took about $8k from my family in total.
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2023.05.29 23:54 Antibenshaprio Food for the brain.

You’re a communist. You miss the Soviet Union. You think the project can rise again, if done properly. How do you do it? Let me tell you, the answer isn’t to do something cartoonish, like start a war.
The best way to do this, my friends, is to destroy capitalism historically. You do that by attacking the enemies the communism. Who was credited for defeating the USSR? Well, none other than Ronald Reagan and Maggie Thatcher. Ever wonder why those two were SO popular back in the day? Ronald Reagan won by landslides. There’s now debate over Reagan’s importance in taking the the USSR (which he certainly did do, without firing a SINGLE FUCKING SHOT). Back in the 80’s? No question. He was almost unanimously considered one of the greatest people of the 20 century, among Thatcher, Churchill, MLK, Ali, and so fourth.
He was a crowd pleaser. His policies were widely popular. Communism is a far more left wing ideology than anything, so does it strike y’all as odd that it is predominantly left wingers who want to destroy the man? People hate him, and look for any way to tarnish him, ranging from revisionism, to false interpretations, to downright fucking lying. Same goes for the Iron Lady.
THIS is how you win a war that you already lost. History is written by the winners. History is where we came from. It’s the root to the tree. Poison the root, what happens to the tree?
Ahhh, you want proof that character assassination is going on? Well, how about we look at our friend Reagan. The man who refused to support a racist hotel (long before he was in politics), is now portrayed as nothing but a raging racist, who started the drug war.
It’s not just Reagan, my friends. It’s our FOUNDERS. It’s George Washington himself. They want to destroy our heroes so that America falls. Ever wonder why your average non-history enthusiast talks about how much of a piece of shit Hitler was (absolutely justified), but doesn’t realize that Stalin (ONE OF THE MOST INFLUENTIAL COMMIES) had killed over 600k people before the fucking war started? He starved out his own goddamn people, yet many motherfuckers never cared to notice/remember. I would say it blows my mind, but in the end, nobody’s mind was more blown than Hitler’s.
I made an entire fucking post to say this. Pay attention to your surroundings and the agendas from the woke left. God fucking speed.
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