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2023.06.02 16:41 viridian-fox Can I mix rosemary and peppermint into Argan — will it spoil? How long does it last?

I love using this mixture for my scalp. I always make it right before I put it on my scalp, just mix in my palm. I’d like to put it into a little bottle, but worried it might spoil. Is there something I can add to make that not happen?
Also, any other scalp oils you love? Thank you :)
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2023.06.02 16:40 ThePeoplesDoge Mango Smile- WOW

Mango Smile- WOW
She is packing trichomes like crazy. Such a citrusy, fruity smell. I'm loving it!
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2023.06.02 16:40 asrea_ Should I got to an event despite my mother telling me not to go...

Basic information about me is I am 19 years old, a girl, and a graduating senior high school from the Philippines. So first of all the event I am going to is a Cosplay/Gaming Convention called ConQuest. My friends and I have been planning this since the start of the year. We purchased a ticket in March, and already planned to book a hotel or Airbnb so we would not commute with all of our belongings, and to make our lives easier.
As months pass by fast, I told my mother at April or May (I cannot remember, but I know I told her) that me and my friends would go to an event in June. I also told her that my friend bought the ticket for me for free. I also told her the location. (The location was in Manila in SM Mall of Asia. It's an hour's drive away from my home.) So tomorrow is the day that we are going to the Airbnb we booked. My friend's parents are going to drive us there, and they would also drive us back home.
I told my Mother, just a moment ago, that tomorrow would be the day we would go to SM MOA and that we are going to be there in our Airbnb until Monday. She got furious. She thought that we would just go there and come back home after. She did not know that we would be there until Monday. So I begged her to let me go to the event. I also fucking cried, cause I can't help it. She told me I always go out. Yes, I always go out because those are school-related things. I only go out when we have group works that we needed to do that is outside the school. Unlike my other colleague and friends, I always let her know where I would be going. I would always tell her what we would do, because I do not want her to lose her trust on me. I want her to trust me, and I also wanted her to understand me at the same time. I was crying hysterically at her. Letting her know that I want to go. I need her to let me go, because I've done everything for her. She told me to go to my father, if I would not follow her words. My father was telling my mother that I am already 19, and nearing in college. He was telling her why won't she let me go to things/events like this. He was saying that this was normal, that he also did this kinds of events when he was a teenager. They were shouting and stuff, but my mother's words were the loudest in my ears. After that I go straight to my room, and thought to myself, should I still go to that event, and angered my mother after, or should I just stay here again.
Im sorry for the bad english TT. I just needed to let this out, and get some advice about my mother. This was not the first time she did not let me go. But I understand the first time. I was also sick at that time. But right now, I'm fully fine. I told her a month before the event already because i knew that there will be a possibility that she wouldn't let me...and here I am. I am already old enough, so why wouldn't she let me. I am missing a lot in my teenage life.
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2023.06.02 16:39 NefariousnessNo7149 Does my boyfriend actually love me?

Hello all, apologies in advance for the length of this. My boyfriend and I have been together for 7 years. Due to traumatic events from my childhood and a past ED, I suffer from chronic depression and anxiety. Recently, I have been noticing things about my boyfriend that just..I’m on the fence to say the least. For reference, he is a medical student. When I speak to him about medical complications I have, he doesn’t even acknowledge me as a person. He treats me like a case study at best. I was telling him about a recent issue I’ve been having and all he had to say was he couldn’t wait to tell one of his profs. about it. He never asks me how I’m doing. As for the anxiety/depression combo, he never checks in or asks me how I’m feeling. I’ve been on suicide watch before and attempted. I’ve made multiple attempts to open up to him, something that anyone with anxiety and depression would acknowledge to be difficult. I never wanted him to have that guilt factor and blame himself as significant others usually do, so I try to be as transparent as I can possibly be. Sometimes it would just be brief sentences and relative silence. For those instances where I’m irritable or not in a mood, I would typically change the topic to avoid any type of argument or I would just tell him I don’t feel like talking right now/I would like some quiet time. I also do this to avoid snapping and saying something that I don’t mean. He also doesn’t listen to me. I’ll mention something 2 minutes ago and he won’t even remember and to him it’s the first time he’s hearing it. It irritates me, so I do call him out on it sometimes because it gets overbearing. I don’t feel like he cares about me as a person at all. I think the things he does for me is more out of codependency and a fear of being alone, rather than because he actually cares. He thinks he should do these things so he does. Another thing he does is make sexual advancements and touches me suggestively even though I am clearly not in a mood and am going through something. I do understand that while I have these issues, he does not. He also has this habit of asking me why I feel depressed when I’ve clearly voiced multiple times that it’s not that simple. He brushes my serious concerns off like nothing. Due to all of these issues with myself, I have repeatedly told him it would be more beneficial for him to find someone that could give him the things he needed, things that I can’t. I am not selfish and as much as I love him I also acknowledge it’s unfair. Dealing with people with depression is difficult. Anyways, anytime the conversation goes in a breakup direction or something of the sort, he goes ballistic, cries and behaves frantic. I don’t know what to do, say or even ask you guys. If anyone can shine light and let me know what to do/what I’m doing wrong I would really appreciate that. (Also, I do go to therapy and I am on medication. I would never use someone as my emotional crutch, my emotions are my responsibility.)
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2023.06.02 16:39 ExcitingDegree Running PUPs on FullDMD, B2S on Backglass - Opinions?

I'm still mixed on PuPs as a whole, sometimes too much going on and the sound mix takes away from the table sounds, but I love the idea of a good PuP pack in general.
Some PuPs seem to have been built to run on a FullDMD (GotG for example), other games, like Tales from the Crypt, seem to have given you the option to run the PuP on the FullDMD or the Backglass. What I like about the FullDMD is that it seems to be easier to engage with as a player, however, you often need to make the scoreboard DMD even smaller to fit inside the PuP, so you "waste" a lot of real estate on a mostly static backglass, with the FullDMD having ALL the action (scenes and scoreboard). It seems more natural but also harder to see.
For some other PuPs, Tron LE for example, the PuP runs only on the big backglass, not that you couldn't move it but it's obvious that PuP is not meant for a FullDMD...I suppose you could modify it somehow but the way the action window at the bottom integrates with the PuP, you'd have to place your scoreboard on an additional DMD (not the backglass of course).
Just wondering what everyone who engages with the PuPs has been, have you in general used your FullDMD mostly for your scoreboard and maybe a topper (I like the lowDMD packs in popper putting the scoreboard towards the lower half of the fullDMD, with a topper in the top half if available). Or have you been trying to set the PUP itself to run on your FullDMD so you can use the standard backglass on the big screen and not have the PuP way up there?
Discuss. :)
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2023.06.02 16:39 Fancy_Lingonberry_45 Put together a selection of my favorite goods that I think you will love

Put together a selection of my favorite goods that I think you will love
Love my keychains! The quality is amazing and it's the perfect gift for my daughter. She loved it too. Highly recommend this product!
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2023.06.02 16:39 theglo17 Taking the first step

Today I HAVE to let this dangerous game go. I (25m) feel i have lost everything, including myself. Since a young age, I have always loved card games, it started with family game nights, playing poker , spades, tunk even uni. As I got older, phone games became more popular, I dove into games such as online poker and blackjack. Then I find myself playing in the casinos, roulette is my game of choice. That rush of playing those games never left. Since the the legalization of online sports came about its had me in a chokehold. I’ve lost so much, won some, but then lost even more. I’ve gone in such spirals, lost jobs, lost apartments even my car and now I am in crippling debt. Even now, I find myself trying to muster up a few hundred to put on something to make up for it, but enough is enough. The rush and the agony of a loss is not worth it in end. No amount of money ive made I’ll be able to recoup. Its a terrible feeling, losing 100s of thousands, maybe make a few K, but in the the losses outweigh the wins. My family knows, my partner knows. And its just time for a change. I’ve deleted all my sports gambling apps, no longer have an urge to be at casinos. It’s tough. I still have a love for sports, it’s so hard to watch my favorite ones now because everything is “fanduel this, DraftKings that” every 10 seconds. It’s something I can’t even enjoy anymore without having gambling thrown in my face, which feels like almost a slap in the face. I want to get myself back on track, develop new hobbies. Not feel my life is in shambles. Any advice on how I can move forward, or anyone in my shoes thats made progress id love to hear from you.
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2023.06.02 16:39 Et_circenses Feeling doubt when dating

Tl:dr: I dated someone I really great, and everything went fine, but didn't work out. It ended on good terms, but because of my previous dating experience I now doubt myself and her. How have others dealt with this?

So my dating life have been pretty depressing, not having dated much, having a lot to learn, and dating bad matches.
All I've dated, except this last person, weren't good for me for different reasons. I have no bad feelings for them, but my experience with them have made me hesitant, doubtful and untrusting to some extent. It isn't something I blame anyone for, but my experience still left an mark on me.
Then I met someone in university. We didn't talk at first, and when we did it was only professionally in the beginning. We later matched on Tinder, where I was hesitant to write anything. One night I'm out drinking with a friend, where she was at the same bar. Still, I was hesitant, shy, and pretty drunk, so didn't have the courage. But as I wanted to text her the next day, she wrote me first. We seemed to hit it off, even though I felt a bit awkward and didn't know what to say, but we went on a few dates, and I really liked it.
I'm in no way perfect in dating, I don't know what to say or do, and tend to overthink a little. I'm hesitent because I don't want to repeat past experiences and get hurt again, and I don't want to do something she wouldn't like. Therefore I wanted to take it slow. It all influenced me when we dated, and she quistioned me about it. To her it seemed like I sent mixed signals, and didn't want to interact with her oustide of dates. I really loved that she brought it up, because with her I felt I could be honest, so we started communicating.
Then fast forward some weeks, we don't see eachother much, and every time we want to hang out it gets cancelled. The reason is too much work and study, and I respected that, but we kept in contact. Then one week she become more silent and distant than usual. I didn't question it even though I wanted to, thinking she was just busy. Then I asked if she wanna hang out again, but no answer, then 24 hours later I text again.
She hadn't forgotten me, but didn't know what to say. She explains to me that she thinks I'm really sweet and really likes to hang out with me, but she feels like she got into dating too fast. She have som personal things she needs to figure out, and as she don't have much time and energy, and doesn't feel right asking for others time and energy. She's afraid she will go down with stress.
I tell her I think she's sweet, beautiful and lovely, that I really enjoyed the time with her, that I had hoped to see where dating would take us, and I respect her decision, wanting her to feel better. I also tell her she can always text me, and if she feels like it we can hang out. She said she appreciates that, and for now we are just friends. We haven't spoken for a few days, but I really want to, tho. I do think it's best to just let it be for a while, maybe, idk.
Here is where my thoughts becomes a problem. Now my head starts doubting her, not trusting her words. My head keeps telling me "what if there is someone else" or "what if she's just being nice, and she's just not interrested". I try to just keep it simple saying to myself we had a great time, but regardless of reason we aren't dating anymore, and holding on to hope with her words "for now" won't help, as if we can date again later. No matter what I don't know when she will feel better, and I don't know if she would be interested anyway, I should just move on. Still, my thoughts creeps in on me, and I don't know how to stop them.
Have others experienced thoughts like that, and how do you deal with it?
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2023.06.02 16:39 CrusadiaFleximus Announcing my temporary departure

I am aware of the fact that everyone on this sub knows and loves me, I'm on the same level as hiyoribestgirl and the like, and this is going to tear all of you apart but I'll be ghosting the sub for a month - I know, I know. The pain is immeasurable
Anyway, so as to avoid spoilers I figured I'd distance myself from the sub the moment the synopsis is posted, just to make sure I'm risk free.
This moment is now
Love you all and I'll be back the day 9.5 is translated cause there's no way i'll be waiting even one second to get started with it, so I'm looking forward to hearing what y'all got to say then
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2023.06.02 16:39 kingjames2727 Remote Office Backups - Single Hosts?

Hey there,
We're a SMB, with around 220 employees across 8 offices - that has grown through acquisitions over the years. With each acquisition, comes an office, a network - typically a physical server (or two).
We've setup a management VLAN in each office which segregates access to all our ILOs/Backup Storage/Veeam/Switch Management from the typical LAN.
When it comes to backups, our usual setup has a VM at each site running Veeam which performs the backup at the hypervisor level and pushes the data to local storage, then to offsite/cloud (all happening on the management VLAN).
Two questions.
1) We recently rebuilt one of our very old hyper-v servers in one of our remote sites. Server has 1 single VM, running as a file server. This setup was different, we backed this up using the 'Veeam Agent' from the file-server itself - this has worked fine, but when I'm thinking about security, having a backup process running on the data-lan side makes me twitch given the work we've done to move everything to the management vlan side. Running the backup from the file-server means - we need firewall rules that allows access to our storage (which lives on management vlan, from the data lan) etc - plus, in the event of the File-Server being compromised - potential risk around harvesting passwords stored in the Veeam Agent, and exposing access to our larger cloud repo.
My solution is to fire up another VM with Veeam installed - the same way we do it in other larger sites - but this seems like big hoops for a single VM. But is that the price you pay to keep everything secure/on the management VLAN? How are others handling these smaller offices?

2) A few weeks ago we acquired another company - who was previously managed by a MSP. 1 Host, 3 VMs, being backed up by a Datto Appliance. Given the small size of this office, we put the MSP on notice and will transfer IT responsibilities to our team. To assume responsibility of the Datto appliance, they want an commitment until the end of 2025 - I can't predict the future requirements (we're growning) for the next 2 years. I'd love to transition this site to use Veeam (like our others) - but I don't know that I could flush away all the past-backup retention that the datto/datto cloud has stored and just start over. Any recommendations for this kind of thing? - what are some policies you follow?

A long post - but I wanted to include as much context as possible.
Appreciate your help
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2023.06.02 16:38 yournailsupplier Size, shape, and material selection for E-file carbide bits: the complete guide

Size, shape, and material selection for E-file carbide bits: the complete guide
Electric nail files are a practical solution for professionals who want to expedite their nail services while still producing a faultless finish. E-files have become a common tool in the nail business due to their ability to swiftly and effectively shape and smooth nails. Choosing the best e-file component for the work is crucial given the wide range of cute easy nails options available. Carbide bits can help with this.
When utilizing an e-file, carbide bits are a professional nailist's must-have equipment. They are available in a variety of forms, dimensions, and materials, each with a specific function for providing accurate and effective nail services. You can guarantee a profitable and secure nail service by choosing the proper carbide bit for each unique client and service.

1. Aspects of Carbide Bits

One of the most important tools for nail technicians is a carbide bit since it has several benefits. Therefore, being aware of the advantages and distinctions of nail drill bits gives you the ability to easily produce outcomes that are professional-looking while also achieving faultless and exact nail enhancements.
Carbide e-file bits, in contrast to other sorts, are constructed from a hard, dense substance that is intended to remove products effectively without harming the natural nail. They work well for shaping and perfecting nails as well as applying hard materials like acrylic and hard gel.
They are made for different jobs and available in a variety of sizes and forms. A cone-shaped bit, for instance, is excellent for precise work in the cuticle area, whilst a flame-shaped bit is perfect for removing products from difficult-to-reach places. For shaping and smoothing surfaces, the barrel-shaped bit is a common option. In order to provide safe and effective nail services, it's critical to select the appropriate carbide bit for the task.
Follow the manufacturer's recommendations and suggested RPMs while using a carbide bit to avoid overheating or harming the natural nail. Always begin at a low RPM and raise the speed gradually as necessary.
Overall, they are an excellent tool for creating stunning and durable nail modifications. They can save the time and effort required for your nail treatments while still producing precise and efficient results when used and maintained properly. It's crucial to exercise caution when using any instrument and to put your customers' safety and wellbeing first at all times.


2. Electronic File: Electric Nail Drill

With its superior performance and cutting-edge features, the electric nail drill revolutionizes the sector and raises the bar for top-notch nail care. You can begin on a path of expertise and advance your skill to unmatched heights with this ground-breaking tool at your side.
The electric nail drill's inventive replaceable bit system, a true game-changer in the nail care industry, is at the core of its genius. With the help of this ground-breaking function, you can quickly adjust to a variety of nail care needs and expertly shape, smooth, and remove acrylic or gel polish with accuracy and finesse. With a wide range of specialized bits at your disposal, you have the ability to produce faultless, expert-level results that will awe and impress.
By making the investment in an electric nail drill, you may easily improve the complexity of your elaborate patterns and nail modifications. Limitations and compromises are a thing of the past. You are enabled to meet your clients' various preferences and particular nail care needs thanks to the option to swap between parts. With this game-changing tool, you can realize any concept, whether it be big and spectacular or delicate and refined, guaranteeing that every client leaves your salon smiling.

3. Cleaning and Sanitizing Your Carbide Bits

For these components to function well and last a long time, proper care and upkeep are essential.
To get rid of any dirt or nail polish buildup after each use, the bits must be carefully cleaned. Professionals can do this by using a brush or bit cleaner and then sterilizing the bits with a disinfectant solution. It's also vital to note that experts shouldn't immerse carbide bits in acetone or any other harsh solvents since this could harm the bits' surface and affect their effectiveness.
In order to avoid contamination or damage, professionals should keep these parts in a clean, dry environment when not in use. Furthermore, a lot of nail technicians choose to keep their pieces in a special holder or container so that nails art blog they are simple to find and use when needed. Inspecting carbide bits for wear or damage on a regular basis is also crucial. It is best to change a bit if it appears dull or has any nicks or chips in order to guarantee the security and caliber of your nail services.
Long-term time and financial savings for nail experts can be realized by giving them the proper care and maintenance. In order to keep their carbide bits reliable and efficient, nail technicians should adhere to these best practices.
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2023.06.02 16:38 654323456789 i (22F) don't know how to ask my friend (23F) what she means by "needing space"

a friend of mine was acting off yesterday, and ended up texting me something about needing space. this is completely out of the blue and i've been racking my brain trying to figure out what i did to cause it but i haven't come up with anything
as someone with adhd, i can be a lot to handle sometimes, and i've had friends ask for space before (however this friend was one of the ones who seemed to enjoy/embrace my quirks, again making it confusing). i want to respect her and give her what she needs but its honestly really hurting me, especially because i don't know what she means. it could be something as simple as not wanting to make plans because she is doing other things rn, or it could mean that she doesn't want to talk to me for a while. realistically, i don't think it is that one, but my mind can't help but go to worst case scenario
how do i ask her what she needs without feeling like im not respecting the fact that she asked for space? also, does anyone have any advice as to what i might be able to do to remedy this or at least reassure myself? i'm seeing her in a group setting tomorrow and i'm really scared because i don't know how to handle it, especially since she is one of the main people i hang out with in the big group we will be in.
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2023.06.02 16:38 AceOuttlaw Hi all! I'm a sprout and I thought I'd give my opinion on this game!

Well first impressions but BLEH. So I started this game not long ago I just got to HW. And I LOVE this game, I'm a bun boy on adamantoise and I can't stop playing this game, the gameplay is fun. The characters are awesome (Haurchefant is my favorite) the fashion is like uhm YES gimme more untill I have no gil. And the community is beautiful, one thing I didn't like about ff14 was ARR the 1-50 was okay a bit of a slog but I enjoyed it but the post ARR had me so friggin bored but to my knowledge no expansion after ARR feels like a slog!. But this was my first impressions on FF14!. If you see me in game make sure to wave at me!. I love this game I'm addicted and I can totally stop whenever I want!!......take care all!.
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2023.06.02 16:38 PeriodSelf Really tired of having to consider HCBM

My DH has primary custody of his son(7) and we have been together almost 4 years and married for about 9 months. Since we have been together it’s been the same standard routine BM gets SS 1st, 3rd, and 5th weekends and Thursdays 6-8pm. DH used to be way more lenient with her and let SS stay extra nights on her weekends. But as he got older we stopped letting that happen because it wasn’t worth dealing with her any more than we had to so now we mostly stick to the court order and it’s usually fine. Sometimes she will take her Thursday 2 hours a a different time or on a different day if it’s convenient.
Anyway. I say all that to say this. It’s my family reunion soon and we were planning on leaving Thursday morning and camping with my family till Saturday. Well. It just occurred to us yesterday morning that we have to take SS to his mom that evening at 6! Idk why we hadn’t thought of it already but we didn’t. Anyway DH asked HCBM if there was any way she would take him on Wednesday for a couple extra hours or on Thursday morning for a late breakfast or something and she refused because “we don’t let her watch him while I’m at work”. I work in a very small bakery part time and I took him to work with me Monday and Tuesday because my mom who normally would watch him went out of town. I work like 5 hours max on those days and he actually enjoys coming to work with me when he has to.
I really just hate that I can’t go on a trip with my family without having to consider her. I’m filled with so much resentment and anger at her because she truly is human garbage, yet she gets to call herself “mom” while I raise her kid and teach him how to read help him with school. Also, I don’t believe it’s my responsibility to coparent with her. If my husband leaves SS in my possession when he leaves for work I get to decide who watches him and I don’t want to or have to contact her unless it’s court appointed time and I’m the only one who can. (DH usually handles swaps). If he wants to let her watch SS then that’s his choice and he can take him to her and pick him up.
Anyway. I don’t know how to end this. I’m just frustrated. I love my life and I’m really happy with my husband and SS they are the best things that ever happened to me. I just wish she wasn’t a part of it.
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2023.06.02 16:38 Sad_Recommendation27 My partner and I almost never have sex (TW: sa)

My 21M and myself 24M almost never have sex and I don’t know how much longer I can hold out. we have been dating for 6 months and basically have done nothing.
When we met he virtually had no sex experience and the first time we were a little intimate kind of freaked out so we stopped. This happened again so he told me that when I’m touching him and stuff he freezes and doesn’t know what to do and can’t get “unstuck” is how he described it.
Another time we tried he told me to keep going but he was literally laying there not moving a muscle so I couldn’t it just felt so wrong.
He said it probably comes from SA from when he was a kid that he never got help for later in life only back when it happened did he have some therapy.
I feel really selfish in a way because I do love him and feel like every other aspect of our relationship is perfect. I don’t pester him about it but it’s a little disappointing when we have such a great day and we’re getting really close but I know sex is pretty much off the table. I have talked about it with him but he just says he doesn’t know what to do and he may he asexual which I’m still learning about.
Is this something that can possibly change over time? How important is sexual compatibility to continue a relationship?
::let me say this too. I’m not talking about penetration here. We are so far from that it hasn’t even crossed my mind. I mean we can’t even take our clothes off yet, sometimes dry humping like teenagers but clothes on.
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2023.06.02 16:38 TheEndOfRico Frank discussion: Is getting my masters worth it?

Hello everyone. Forgive this post as I am just going to lay out my situation, and it may come off as humblebragging but I am genuinely stuck.
Essentially, I am about to graduate a Film Studies degree (academic, not practical) with a first. I am one of the few students who is genuinely eager to pursue the subject for my entire career, as it is my one true passion. I have applied for a Masters in a film-related degree at the same uni and have a good chance of getting it funded with a scholarship (which comes with a cash stipend also) as I am known well by the department and have good grades. If I get the scholarship, I would obviously do it as it is such a great opportunity. I would be expected to apply for a PhD after (though not required) as that is the nature of the scholarship. Ultimately this is what I would like to do, but not necessarily straight away.
However, I am academically burnt out, and if I don’t get the scholarship I would struggle to fund my masters and living expenses (or at the very least, wouldn’t want to live another year as a student living off of peanuts). Of course arts-adjacent degrees are not that well regarded, though I feel I have enough passion and knowledge that I could still land a good job in the field and eventually build a nice career for myself around the subject I love.
I realise I’m rambling, so in short, if I cannot get my masters funded, how valuable is it really, given that so much of the film and journalism industry is based on individual merit?
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2023.06.02 16:37 locust_elysian Anyone else in the UK fed up with the weather?

I'm based in the south of the UK and it's been warm and sunny for a few weeks now. The general consensus amongst NTs is that this weather is amazing, and we should all love it. But I am struggling. For me, it gets a little too warm (and we will undoubtedly get much hotter weather further into the summer) and I find the sensory issues with feeling hot and sweaty really hard. I also burn easily so have to wear suncream, which I hate, again due to sensory issues. I love being outside but I'm starting to find myself staying in and not being out in nature (the one thing that truly calms me) because I can't stand the thought of having to put suncream on or be too hot. It also gets so noisy in the UK when the sun shines, everyone goes outside playing music, drinking, having barbecues and stuff.
I can't really talk to anyone in real life about this, as they all think I'm mad because we're meant to love summer, and it's not even that hot yet. I know not everyone in this sub will feel the same, but I thought perhaps there might be a slightly higher chance of some people relating?
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2023.06.02 16:37 IAMHARRY69 I stopped talking to my 2 year crush

I liked a girl I met her during online classes in 2021 she was pretty and smart at first I didn't feel anything towards her but as time went i started developing a crush towards her i gathered up my courage to send a friend req to her on snap and she didn't accept it .2 days after I send her my request on snap my father died. I was heartbroken and on the 3rd day after my father's death she accepted my req .as I was going thru a tough time she was my pillar we used to talk everyday watch cricket matches together everything I fell in more love with her every single day .while we were playing a casual game of truth or dare i asked her if she would say yes if I asked her out.she without hesitation said yes.the happiness that came to me was not describeable i felt happy after a long time.then our classes started offline as the pandemic ended .i was thrilled to see her.but to my surprise she ignored me everytime in class didn't even look at me and hung out with other boys.i wasn't jealous that she was with other boys and talking to them ,i was jealous of the attention she gave them the the looks she gave them she never gave them to me she was always awkward with me .after that I finally decided to ask her to be my girlfriend.i asked her that in April 29 8:03 night time my heart was racing i felt like dying ahhh.she replied my message with i m not interested in a relationship.which was a shock to me i felt devsated.but she still wanted to talk to me and still chatted with me every single day ,even after that she still used to ignore me in school.on the day may 30 my brithday she wished me a happy birthday that was an experience tbh haha.we talked and talked for nearly a year and then it was farewell day . everyone got dressed in the best manner took photos and things.i wanted a photo with her but I was not courageous enough to ask her .i wish she would just ask me for one i prayed for her to just approach me .she never did she didn't care.she went around taking pictures with her guy friends but didn't want to take one with me.i was sad but I didn't wanna ask her about it as she would just give me a dumb excuse .and one morning i decided to text her bestfriend for advice.she helped me a lot in talking with her and stuff but one day her bestfriend accidentally told that I asked for advice (I don't think it's a accident that's what she told me)at that time my crush refused to talk to her bestfriend because of me i was feeling guilty because it happened because of me i asked my crush to Just forgive her and I would never do a mistake like that again ,she told me a valid point that the conversation between us should be between us which I respected and understood was my fault and i sincerely apologized . things went back to normal I saw her for the last time during farewell and never again' we chatted every single day but the only difference was she became very rude and dry to me she used to became angry at me get irritated hide her online status and i felt like she hated me i know I made a mistake by telling bestfriend and i apologized my ass off she accepted it too. After that she just did things to hurt me like used to send me pics of her with other boys and asked me if she looked good in it and shit.i was feeling like I was her plaything a toy to be exact.i was fed up with the constant fights and ignoring she did so one day i told her that we needed to stop talking,and i asked her if she cared if I left she didn't say anything and refused to answer me .i stayed because I thought her refusing to answer me was a sign that she wanted me to stay.and on May 21 it was one of her guy friends birthday she put like a story' wishing Happy Birthday to him.and since my brithday was only 9 days from then I thought she would do the same thing with me .my brithday came ,she didn't wish me ,i told her 2 days before my brithday that may 30 was my brithday day,yet she didn't wish me ,and at may 31 i asked her did u know what day was yesterday,and she replied yes it was your brithday,she had on purpose didn't wish me , she talked like she didn't even care .at that point in time I knew exactly what I had to do.i told her that I'm done and i said bye to her forever to which she didn't reply anything just left me on read.its been 3 days since I told her bye .ofc I miss her.but i feel like I shouldn't go back to her and apologize.i know nobody's gonna read all this but to those who did what do u think?did I do the right thing?
My English is bad(sorry)
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2023.06.02 16:37 Litchi_Aki Help, I want the default LED please!

Hello, I love DS4Windows and it is working amazingly, but I wish to remove the custom color. There many games who make use of the LED like indicating health, accent color reflective of the character you’re playing as and stuff like that. I couldn’t find a way to disable custom LED so I was asking for help here.
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2023.06.02 16:37 BirdofParadise41923 Mango varieties - can you ID these?

Mango varieties - can you ID these?
I live in southern florida and moved to a property with 8 large mango trees (I thank the previous owner every day and it’s a big reason we bought this house) There seem to be 6 different varieties, and I only know for certain that the longer one is a Nam Dok Mai. Any mango/fruit experts out there? Much love
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2023.06.02 16:37 Jv_waterboy 2 years.

2 years ago today I took a chance and a flight to a rehab over a thousand miles away from home. I had a blast, met some great people, and continued to follow the program they set out in front of me.
I've been to countless events... dinners, concerts, funerals, weddings, family gatherings, all without a sip. It can be hard sometimes, but it is well well worth it. I love this sub and you guys and gals.
2 years down, a lifetime to go.
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2023.06.02 16:36 Cadyus Itinerary Recommendations

Hoping to do a 10-day, multi-city trip to Italy in October with my girlfriend. We are both Americans. So far, we just have a rough idea of the cities we want to visit, but would love some suggestions on the best way to travel from city-to-city and how to structure the trip. If there's also a city you think we should visit not on the list (or a city you DONT think we should visit), feel free to let me know.
Rough sketch of plan so far (highly subject to change):
- Fly into Rome (spend 2 days) - Florence (3 days) - Bologna/Tuscany/Parma/Modena/Reggio Emilia (3-5 days), probably plan to fly out of here back home - Should we be adding a coastal city like Cinque Terre?
BUDGET: I would say somewhere between $2,000-$3,000 per person (which includes airfare and hotels/AirBnB's). We aren't looking to travel on the cheap but also probably cannot afford a luxury experience; somewhere in between is perfect.
PRIMARY INTERESTS: Food, food culture, and cooking. Everything we do in terms of traveling tends to revolve around food, and we are very much willing to go the extra mile for it. While I have much respect for art and architecture, I am certainly not well-versed and it's not really our primary interest. We plan on seeing/walking through some of the major sites but I guess not really dedicating a ton of time to it. We're also really into wine and would love some recommendations on Tuscany Wine Tours if anyone has any good recommendations.
Hoping to gather the community's thoughts on the feasibility of travel from city-to-city. And anything that's recommended in between. Thanks!
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