Pontiac solstice gas mileage

Accepting by mileage?

2023.06.04 08:41 LittlePrincessRhodes Accepting by mileage?

I see everyone on here talking about choosing orders by mileage, which I dont understand at all, like I'm in a pretty populous area, but unless you all live in a big city I can't see accepting by mileage being condusive to consistent enough orders to make anywhere close to 100 dollars in a day. I always go by dollars per hour. I'm sure it's not ideal for my car but I'd surely be spending a third of my money on gas just waiting most of the time if I went for 2 dollars a mile like I've seen suggested.
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2023.06.04 08:01 Calm-Championship472 P0443 and P0421 on 04 Lancer ES 2.0 SOHC 4g94

Hi I have 04 Lancer ES with P0443 and P0421 the symptoms are kinda shity gas mileage and sometimes the pump will want to click off when pumping gas. The fuel door is broken (need to open by hand) and the fuel gauge seems to be all wacked out and have a mind of its own(as if you have to drive down the road a while for it to be accurate) Also it might smell like fuel a little bit (not sure) It can have a rough idle on occation too - I've replaced the sparkplugs,fuel cap and upstream o2 sensor. I have a new evap purge solenoid i got in the mail today
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2023.06.04 06:46 Real_Wafer_440 Would this be a good order to take??

Would this be a good order to take??
Just asking if anyone else would take this order. My car doesn’t have the best gas mileage which is mostly why I didn’t take it. Also I’ve only started driving with uber for 3 months.
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2023.06.04 05:24 NewEngClamChowder i also have an anecdotal story about Mike Babcock

Several years ago, Coach Babcock was the coach of the Anaheim Mighty Ducks. My wife’s ex was working for the team, and he was giving us a private, behind-the-scenes tour of the Pond. We parked near the players garage, took the elevator down, and walked over to the team arena entrance. As we were going in the door, my son, who was m, I dunno, 6(?) at the time got all excited and shouted “Papa!!! Who’s that?” Ends up Mr. Babcock had pulled in and parked his jet-black Pontiac Solstice. We stood in the doorway and watched him fumble out of the tiny car. He saw us, basically team-store models, all dressed in our Ducks gear, and for a split second he had a look on his face that said “ah fuck, you fuckin kidding me, this fuckin sucks, dammit” He quickly put a smile on his face and walked across the lot. As he approached the door, he addressed us all. Chatted with my wife, whom he knew by name already (??). Made small talk with my daughter. Signed a In & Out fry sack for my son. After a minute or two, he held the door for us all as we walked into the arena. It was a wonderful encounter, but before we walked away, he called my son over, knelt down, and whispered something in his ear. My son was very upset, and didn’t talk the rest of the tour. We got home, and he immediately took off his Ducks jersey and threw it in the trash. He was inconsolable. He didn’t talk to me for week. He seemed to be avoiding me entirely.
Edit: after the Babcock news broke, I asked him what Mike said like 20 years ago. Apparently Mike told him that in nineteen ninety eight the Undertaker threw Mankind off Hell In A Cell, and plummeted 16ft through an announcer's table.
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2023.06.04 05:07 Leigha0415 Corolla Cross Hybrid?

I had originally reserved a '22 Corolla Cross that was allocated to my local dealership. It was AWD XLE with JBL package. Apparently, it was so close to the end of the model year, Toyota cancelled building the car. We were in a position where we thought we needed a vehicle asap (which we actually didn't) and wound up buying my '23 Rav4 XLE AWD in Lunar Rock. I've always liked the look of the recent generation of Rav4 and Lunar Rock is my favorite color by far. The cons of buying the Rav4 were there is no power lift gate and no JBL system. The former was more important to me than the latter. Also, I only drive around town and up a lot of hills so my gas mileage sucks (anywhere from 17-22mpg).
So the dealership has a '23 Corolla Cross HYBRID XSE AWD incoming and I am curious if I should entertain switching. I drove a '22 gas and loved it. I know this is a Rav4 forum, but are there any more pros/cons I should consider in my decision? (I already have the financials sorted out and I'm okay with that part).
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2023.06.04 04:43 snorton711 2023 Corolla Tire Pressure

Just got a new 23 Corolla LE, car came with tires around 45 psi, is that too high? I thought 35 psi was what they were supposed to be. I’m getting pretty good gas mileage though!
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2023.06.04 04:40 punchingsquids The more gas in your tank, the worse your gas mileage.

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2023.06.04 02:52 TheBlueBeans Looking at two mavericks at dealer tomorrow.

I’m trying to find the very standard XLs with a hybrid engine. This dealer has one hybrid and one ecoboost.
Honestly, as much as I want the hybrid for work purposes (I have to drive an hour and a half to work every day), how different is the gas mileage really? Is it worth getting an ecoboost over a hybrid if the hybrid doesn’t work out for some reason?
Also, any tips for lowering the price would be super helpful. All the dealers near me mark up the truck about $4000ish.
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2023.06.04 02:27 samuraidogparty Wife wants a “cool old-looking convertible” and I’m struggling because of her demands.

Wife wants a convertible as a summer cruiser but insists it needs to have a backseat (so the kids, 6 and 8, can go too) and “look old and cute” which seems open to interpretation.
She loves the Autobianchi Bianchina from that old Audrey Hepburn movie, but good luck finding one in the states. Also, no clue if I can even work on it or find parts. So that’s one example she gave me.
She liked the 1991 Mercedes SL-Class we saw, but no back seat. Which looks nothing like a “cute old looking car” but whatever. She said it “looked classy.”
She even liked the Fiat 124 and the Pontiac Solstice, but again, no back seat. I haven’t the slightest clue, and I’m really struggling to think of options.
I recommended the Mini Cooper convertible and she didn’t hate it. I also showed her a Nissan Figaro which she liked, but she’s “weirded out that it’s right hand drive.”
Edit to add: she also loved the Porsche 911 Targa, but it’s $200k and that’s definitely out of budget.
Help me internet geniuses!
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2023.06.04 02:21 Eswift33 Help with logs (with link to chart) - chasing misfires

So i've been trying to figure out some weird idle hunting on cold start. Pulled some codes from INPA:
Cyl 2,4,5,6 misfire without cutout (intermittent)
O2 sensor bank 4,5,6 errors
So far I smoke tested the vacuum lines, which were good. Replaced the O2 sensor that was giving the error. It now runs WORSE than before lol. Just idles rougher and hunts more. I took it for a 30 minute drive on the highway and here is the log / graph (you can enable different data points by clicking on the list below the graph) https://datazap.meeswift/cruising-hwy-after-o2-sensor-replacement-adaptations-not-cleared?log=0&data=
It's very odd as there has been no CEL at all the entire time. Aside from my gas mileage appearing to be bad (?) and the weird hunting on start no other symptoms.
Appreciate any feedback., I'm thinking I'll do spark plugs next (not sure when were last done anyways) and valve adjustment (?)
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2023.06.04 01:22 TheRealPedram 2016 Sonata Sport has to go. What next?

I’ve got a 2016 Hyundai Sonata Sport and it’s currently at 116,000 miles and the engine is burning oil like crazy. However, I have it in immaculate shape and once the car is filled with high octane gas and fresh oil too off, the knocking goes away and runs smooth until another 700 miles.
I like my Sonaya so much as it looks very good for the price and it’s very comfortable. However, I just do not want to even bother with the engine going bust, it looks very close now.
I’m on a tight budget so anything above $20k is a no go. It’ll be a car for the next two years only whatever I buy next.
Up and coming entrepreneur and money is starting to come in fast!
What I need: -Reliable, don’t want to worry about my engine shitting out on me -Comfortable, I love how the materials in my sonata feel compared to a similar mode toyota that is just trash plastic -Look good, so no camry or corolla. I want a. good looking car -Strictly no SUV or CUV
So far have an offer of $12k for the sonata . Was thinking of getting a clean low mileage 2012 Lexus ES
What do you think?
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2023.06.04 01:03 accomp_guy 2020 explorer limited - gas mileage

We just joined the club! Curious on avg gas mileage and total mileage on a tank everyone is getting?
I don’t know if our gage or computer is off, but with a full tank the car reads “185 miles to E”.
So 10.27 miles per gallon of gas.
Seems EXTREMELY low. Is this normal or anyone have ideas on what the issue might be ?
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2023.06.04 00:49 ExcellentAccount6816 Which reliable vehicle?

Hi all, I’m a 20F and currently drive a 2010 Honda Civic EX Coupe that’s nearing 200,000 miles so I’m planning for my next move though I take very good care of my current vehicle so it’s not urgent. I’m hoping to save enough cash to buy a car outright because I have no debt and would like to keep it that way. I have a 15-20 minute commute (when I’m not wfh) to work but sometimes use my car to drive to appointments during the workday as well, nothing too crazy distance wise, highway and backroads.
For starters, should I plan to buy one brand new or used? I know brand new isn’t always necessary but I’m not sure which route to go. If used, what seems to be a good year and mileage to look for.
My only requirements are four doors and decent gas mileage, I am very far from picky I don’t really care what the car looks like as long as I can get from point a to point b. I live in a snowy state in the US and have never had an AWD car but would be open to it if it seemed like a good move.
And two, of the following cars (I am dead set on a Toyota or Honda I am all for practicality and reliability) what should I go for?
-Honda Civic (again)
-Honda Accord
-Toyota Camry
-Toyota Corolla
-Toyota Prius (biggest question/concern is about maintenance specifically related to the battery)
-Toyota RAV4
Any favorites? I know they’re all fairly similar with the exception of the suv and the hybrid but it would be nice to know if any one stands out as better.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.03 22:56 anon199112 Wait to buy a new car when property sells or buy a used car in the interim?

Apologies for the long post. Let me start by saying we live in a remote area. We are nowhere near cities so it's not like we can run down to a used lot on the corner and shop around, for those who disagree with the used car choice.
We have two cars right now: a 1985 Chevy Suburban and a 1997 Toyota Celica. There's 3 kids in our family (8, 7 and 3) and we have another on the way that's due in October. We had a 2016 Kia Sorento but got rid of it after being told the engine needed to be replaced for a second time after having it completely rebuilt 3 years ago. Understandably, I didn't want to dump 8k into the same problem twice. There's also the issue of insurance no longer wanting to cover the vehicle in our state thanks to TikTok videos showing people how to steal them.
We're renting where we live currently but we are closing on a house on 6/9. We have to wait to close on the house before we can sell a piece of property we have because most of our belongings are stored in a storage shed on the property. With the money netted from the property, we plan to buy a 2023 Toyota Highlander. However, not a lot of properties are selling in our area right now and we need a safe vehicle for the family while we wait for it to sell.
The Suburban has a third row and is very reliable but it has terrible gas mileage (12 mpg on average). It does not have airbags and only has lap belts in the back, which is a concern for the kids in booster seats. It was initially bought as more of a vehicle meant to tow trailers and move things but it's become the main family vehicle after we sold the Sorento.
The Celica only has seating for 4 people so it's not really an option. This vehicle has been owned by my spouse for about 10 years. We are both open to selling it.
Now on to the used car:
There is a 2006 GMC Yukon with 250k miles on it for sale for $5000. From what I've read, they're very reliable up to 300k or even 400k miles. This is the only vehicle within a 2 hour drive that has a 3rd row, is decently priced, seemingly taken care of and isn't a total heap of junk. The interior is nice and the owner claims it's been meticulously cared for and regularly maintained. I know the gas mileage isn't THAT much better than the Suburban (average of 16 mpg) but it's safer with better seatbelts and has airbags. Of course we'd get an inspection done and want to look up the CarFax.
I'm here because I thought it would be a good idea to buy a used car in the interim but my mom freaked out on me and acted like I was an idiot. Paying 5k for a used vehicle wouldn't break us financially by any means. We will still have a decent cushion in savings after closing on the house and paying for this vehicle, if we buy it, but we can't stretch much more than 5k in cash on a car for now and we do not want to get a loan.
So... which car should I buy? Wait for the Highlander and drive the Suburban for now or go for the Yukon first while we wait for the property to sell?
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2023.06.03 22:51 Sensitive-Flower-588 I’ve been seeing 123 a lot the past week and a half

I’ll check the time and it’s 1:23 or 10:23. Licence plates, video views, comment likes, gas mileage etc.
Does anyone know what this angel number means for TF?
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2023.06.03 22:38 Seespeck Could not be happier with our 2023 Cavalry Blue RAV4 Hybrid XSE

Could not be happier with our 2023 Cavalry Blue RAV4 Hybrid XSE
We picked up our new RAV4 this week and absolutely love it. Quality is excellent. Rides smooth and fun. 11 speaker JBL system sound SO GOOD. So far the gas mileage is outstanding.
We are in Muskoka, Ontario (Canada) and we waited almost right on 12 months from time of order. We were told we moved up the queue since someone ahead of us who ordered the same vehicle walked away from their allocation. Got lucky I guess.
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2023.06.03 22:26 aztekautog Benefits of tinted windows for your car

Benefits of tinted windows for your car

You deal with your car from all around. Car engine, ordinary check ups, maintenance and week by week washing, however have you pondered the consideration of your vehicle's windows?
Your vehicle windows assume a greater part than simply being a visual guide and alleviation from heat. You might consider auto window tinting, as a stylish upgrade, yet it really gives durable practical advantages to secure you and your vehicle.
Auto robbery includes the burglary of vehicles as well as the belongings in the vehicle. The capacity to perceive what's inside a vehicle is one of the variables adding to car break-ins. How might you stop that? Indeed, having tinted windows gives you more protection and might lessen the probability of having your vehicle broken into on the grounds that malignant individuals can't perceive what's inside.
Luckily, you can think about tinting your auto windows to ban malevolent individuals from seeing what's inside. Other than the further development of protection and security, auto window tinting has a large group of different advantages.
Having your car windows expertly tinted will not burn through every last cent. Tinting your windows is a straightforward and moderate cycle that should be possible on practically all vehicles. We energetically suggest counseling a nearby window tint expert in West Jordan, UT as opposed to doing it without anyone else's help on the grounds that appropriately tinting your windows is a work of art.

Here are a few lists to show you the benefits of having auto tinted windows:

UV Protection
A great many people in West Jordan, UT ignore the way that your skin can experience the ill effects of inside your car. Yet, auto window tinting can obstruct almost 100% of the sun's UV rays for added assurance while you drive.
If you drive for a few hours in West Jordan, UT consistently, auto window tinting is something you can't easily overcome. Direct exposure to daylight while driving can have unfavorable health impacts. Other than the distress, you'll be inclined to burns from the sun and other skin conditions, and can likewise cause infections.

Protects Car Interior from Fading
The sturdiness of your car will rely upon the means you take. One method of ensuring your resource includes introducing quality window tinting. UV rays don't simply harm your skin. They likewise cause inside materials like your seats and dashboard to fade and break. Tinted windows can safeguard these materials from blurring and causing your vehicle to seem more seasoned than it really is and it will likewise extend the existence of your vehicle's inside.

Accident safety from Shatter Proofing
A window tint is a film that adheres to the window and tends to hold broken glass together in case of a mishap, hence keeping hazardous shards from zooming around. On the off chance that you have the typical vehicle window, it will probably break into pieces once an object hits the window.
Window tint is a lifeline with regards to shatter-proof cars. Ordinarily, window tints make a film around the glass. If there should arise an occurrence of an effect, the window can break, yet the pieces will stay together. Given the recurrence and flightiness of vehicle crashes, it's smarter to be protected by having auto window tinting.

Increased Security and Privacy
Various sorts of auto window tinting in West Jordan, UT will give better security and protection to you and other car tenants. Window tints permit you to watch out while making it harder for others to see in. Furthermore, that makes it harder for anybody to see valuables left inside your vehicle. On the off chance that you end up leaving assets in your vehicle, you'll be certain that intrusive eyes will not be enticed to break in.

Tinting your vehicle windows builds your vehicle's security.
You can leave your vehicle anywhere in West Jordan, UT without stressing that a vindictive bystander will check inside your vehicle for any assets. One may never know whether there are any occupants in the vehicle! In any case, vehicle tint shouldn't be used for being watchful with your vehicle. Outfitted robbers can break into your vehicle, regardless of color. As you put on auto window tinting, don't disregard security measures, particularly when driving in deserted areas.

Safer Driving
Have you driven a vehicle anywhere in West Jordan, UT when the sun is glaring straight in your face? Irritating is putting it mildly! The experience is destructive, and it may increase the odds of colliding with another vehicle.
Auto window tinting is the most ideal approach to shield you from the immediate glare from daylight. It will permit you to have an incredible view when driving in West Jordan, UT. Accordingly, you'll be better situated to perceive any approaching vehicles, people on foot, and traffic signs. Indeed, even without your shades, the auto window tint will offer greatest assurance from the glare.

Keep your Car Cool
By shutting out UV rays, window tints can make the inside vehicle fundamentally cooler and more comfortable, especially during summer months in West Jordan, UT. Driving in a warm vehicle during summer is quite possibly the most upsetting encounter for a driver. The sun can make temperatures develop in your vehicle. With time, the warmth gets very uncomfortable, and you may require a forced air system to make the vehicle livable.

Better Gas Mileage
Running the air conditioner stunts your gas mileage. By obstructing the sun and cooling the cabin, window tints permit you to eliminate your air conditioner use and get more mileage out of your tank. Auto window tinting can make it conceivable to adjust the environment inside a vehicle. Everybody will be glad and fuel utilization will be less on the grounds that the cooling will not be utilized so much.

Improved Appearance
There could be no alternate method to put it. Tinted windows give a vehicle some personality and work on the general style of the outside. Auto window tinting makes a head-turning appearance on any vehicle make or model. Furthermore, indeed, intriguing your companions is additionally significant, a cool film will consistently be a conversational point.

A great many people in West Jordan, UT simply tint their vehicle windows for aesthetics, yet there's something else to it. On the off chance that you don't have an auto window tint, you're passing up a large group of noteworthy benefits. Auto window tinting gives assurance, security, and solace. Getting your vehicle windows tinted by an expert will promise you a few benefits over the long haul. Ideally at this point you see a few benefits of having auto window tinting.

It would assist with conversing with an expert to talk about what you expect with auto window tinting. Taking into account that vehicle window tints are on various levels, earlier examination on specialist co-ops will give you huge progress

Do you need auto window tinting in West Jordan, UT?
Aztek Auto Glass Inc is your best accomplice for auto window tinting as they probably are aware how to do the work right. They will stay away from patterns along the edges just as air pockets.
The window tint they put on a vehicle is constantly done appropriately and expertly.
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2023.06.03 22:02 jaxonguy5un Don’t understand the fascination with the 2.7 and 3.5. V8 in a truck all day

Let me first start by saying have I have driven trucks with V8s my whole life from a1977 f250 with a big block to a 5.4 to a 5.0. Currently have a f250 with the 7.3. I have friends and family who have both the 2.7 and 3.5 in their trucks and have driven both of those. I get on paper the 5.0 does not have the power of the others but I also know that many people don’t get the V8 because of gas mileage. I guess I just don’t see the appeal. Do those of you that have the 2.7 and 3.5 not haul heavy stuff? Or is there some other reason why you went with the engine you did?
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2023.06.03 22:00 bobwvng [H] Bundle leftovers, Destiny 2: Lightfall, F1 2020, more [W] Lost Ruins, Offers

barter.vg: https://barter.vg7166/
My Wishlist: https://store.steampowered.com/wishlist/profiles/76561199047824498/#sort=order
GameTrade Rep: https://www.reddit.com/GameTradeRep/comments/nc9p7z/bobwvngs_gametrade_rep_page/
IGS Rep: https://www.reddit.com/IGSRep/comments/nc9zs9/bobwvngs_igs_rep_page/
Indiegala Rep: https://www.indiegala.com/trades/use200068fa6b4311eab4afcf7c48530a3b
Steamtrades: https://www.steamtrades.com/use76561199047824498
SGS Flair: https://www.reddit.com/sgsflaicomments/ovh34k/flair_profile_ubobwvng
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2023.06.03 22:00 bobwvng [H] Bundle leftovers, Destiny 2: Lightfall, F1 2020, more [W] Lost Ruins, Offers

barter.vg: https://barter.vg7166/
My Wishlist: https://store.steampowered.com/wishlist/profiles/76561199047824498/#sort=order
GameTrade Rep: https://www.reddit.com/GameTradeRep/comments/nc9p7z/bobwvngs_gametrade_rep_page/
IGS Rep: https://www.reddit.com/IGSRep/comments/nc9zs9/bobwvngs_igs_rep_page/
Indiegala Rep: https://www.indiegala.com/trades/use200068fa6b4311eab4afcf7c48530a3b
Steamtrades: https://www.steamtrades.com/use76561199047824498
SGS Flair: https://www.reddit.com/sgsflaicomments/ovh34k/flair_profile_ubobwvng
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2023.06.03 21:59 bobwvng [H] Bundle Leftovers, Metro Exodus, F1 2020, more [W] Lost Ruins, Offers

barter.vg: https://barter.vg7166/
My Wishlist: https://store.steampowered.com/wishlist/profiles/76561199047824498/#sort=order
GameTrade Rep: https://www.reddit.com/GameTradeRep/comments/nc9p7z/bobwvngs_gametrade_rep_page/
IGS Rep: https://www.reddit.com/IGSRep/comments/nc9zs9/bobwvngs_igs_rep_page/
Indiegala Rep: https://www.indiegala.com/trades/use200068fa6b4311eab4afcf7c48530a3b
Steamtrades: https://www.steamtrades.com/use76561199047824498
SGS Flair: https://www.reddit.com/sgsflaicomments/ovh34k/flair_profile_ubobwvng
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2023.06.03 20:32 terminal_cadet R35 1900mile road trip After Action Report

So I'm an American living in England and I have been daily driving my 2010 R35 GTR for 2 years now. As my time in Europe is coming to an end I decided to take a roadrip to race around the Nurburgring and hit a few WW2 Memorials along the way. We hit Normandy, Dunkirk, Brussels, Bastogne (Battle of the Bulge), Nurburgring, then back to England.
Trip of a lifetime and it was amazing to see the sites and play around in a powerful car along the way. Below I'll list a few of the lessons learned from the trip in regards to taking the GTR that far.
Lessons Learned: - I have the TRex Tech head unit installed and it was a lifesaver to be able to display carplay and maps. I would highly recommend installing this if you are thinking about it. https://t-rex.tech/product/nissan-gt-r-pro-kit-2009-2016/
It was a great trip, the car operaterated perfectly and was waaaay more comfortable than expected.
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