Dreadwing location

What's with the sparkly rocks on the southern island of the Burning Shores map?

2023.05.10 23:13 Diligent-East-2333 What's with the sparkly rocks on the southern island of the Burning Shores map?

So I was exploring and came across this island south of the Dreadwing site, inhabitated by Snapmaws, Grazers and a few Waterwings. There was a sparkling rock, glittering like the trails that lead to valuable loot, ruins oand brimshine alike. Some of the sparkly rocks are underwater in the ponds, too. But I found... absolutely nothing. Am I missing something? I fought all the machines, nothing changed. No prompt by the ginger avenger either. I always took those sparkly rocks as a hint to explore and be rewarded with something 🙈 Mind you, I finished all the main and side quests of the DLC, so it's not related to them. (Also I think it's weird that there's no campfire and no marked machine site on this part of the map.) Have you stumbled across this? Have I been there before and looted the treasure already and then forgot, lol? A screenshot of the location on the map as well as of said rock(s) here: https://ibb.co/cF0pm4J
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2023.05.10 16:57 Earth1048Web-Slinger Transformers: Prime (Season 2 Episodes 1-8 Reviews)

2X01 - Orion Pax, Part 1 - 4/5: Megatron deceiving Optimus, who lost his memory from the events of the first season finale, by telling him Ratchet and the Autobots are at fault for Cybertron’s condition is a good start for the season. It was interesting to learn that only a Prime or someone that a Prime entrusts the Key to Vector Sigma can activate Vector Sigma which can imprint collective memories of the Primes to restore Optimus’ memories. There is some tension amongst the Autobots with Optimus being deceived by the Decepticons as he deciphers coordinates for Iacon relics on Earth.
2X02 - Orion Pax, Part 2 - 5/5: A great next step for the Orion Pax arc! I like that the Decepticons created a Space Bridge in some mine deposit which feels similar to the second season of Animated. It was great seeing how Arcee was saddened by the sight of Cybertron and talked about what they did to protect in the fog of war, but when the fog of war was lifted, it was not so glory. Jack being the first human in the Aligned continuity to set foot on Cybertron was a great moment and it was interesting that no one, not even Ratchet, would know where Vector Sigma lies, only that the key would guide them there. The subtle reference to A New Hope when Fowler asked Breakdown over the comm was great because it would make Breakdown think that there are some Cons that care for others instead of just themselves.
2X03 - Orion Pax, Part 3 - 5/5: Optimus regaining his memories and coming back to the Autobots made the Orion Pax three-parter great! Vector Sigma lying in secret within Kaon was interesting since it is the capital of the Decepticons and Megatron didn’t know about it since he believed Vector Sigma to be a myth. The Insecticons in this series are a great addition since Arcee couldn’t destroy the one she fought, but a bunch of Scraplets were able to maul it to death. It showed the Insecticons are more resilient than the Vehicon troopers.
2X04 - Operation Bumblebee, Part 1 - 4/5: Learning about the organ known as the T-cog which allows a Transformer to alternate forms and access their weapons was interesting. Ratchet does show to have regrets as he reveals he couldn’t fix Bumblebee’s voice box after Megatron destroyed it in the battle of Tyger Pax. I remember when I first saw this episode, I referred to Starscream as emo when he injured himself to reveal to MECH what Energon is as they need it for their man-made Transformer.
2X05 - Operation Bumblebee, Part 2 - 4/5: It doesn’t have much of a great ending as the Orion Pax story, but it’s still great. Ratchet offering to give up his T-cog for Bumblebee is reasonable since he is mostly at the base and hardly in the field. The Forge of Solus Prime is a neat tool that has special properties only a Prime can unlock to forge any weapon. Ratchet being delirious like he was administered nitrous oxide for surgery was hilarious and I like that he mentioned a Fuzor. Seeing Bumblebee yeeting MECH soldiers to get to his T-cog was some crazy stuff.
2X06 - Loose Cannons - 4/5: Wheeljack making his way back to Earth as he chased the Decepticon Dreadwing down for extinguishing Seaspray’s spark was entertaining. It was interesting how Dreadwing sensed his spark twin, Skyquake, coming online when Starscream awakened him in his debut. It feels similar to when Dinobot II sensed Rampage’s death since half of Rampage’s spark was used for Dinobot II. Wheeljack becoming a part-time member of team Prime was great and I like how all of the Autobots except for Ratchet convinced him to stay on Earth.
2X07 - Crossfire - 5/5: Airachnid betraying the Decepticons and finding a hive of Insecticons where she is able to control them in a cave by her mind was great! Even though he was a Decepticon, Breakdown didn’t deserve a death like the one he got in this episode. Arcee shows to still hold a grudge against Starscream for Cliffjumper’s death. It was great with Starscream having the Autobots to go to a location because he believe all of his enemies would extinguish each other’s sparks since is running on fumes as he revealed his T-cog was stolen and he’s forced to salvage bits of Energon. Airachnid nearly eliminating Arcee as she had her tangled up in a web only to be saved by Starscream was also a good moment.
2X08 - Nemesis Prime - 4/5: MECH completing Project Chimera by perfecting their own man-made Transformer was great with it resembling Optimus and Miko coining it as Nemesis Prime. MECH using “Nemesis Prime” to cause the government to hunt down any Transformers, Autobots or Decepticons, was neat and I like to think of it as the inspiration for Age of Extinction or they got the idea from All Hail Megatron where the Transformers were hunted down after New York was destroyed in the Autobots and Decepticons’ battle. It was interesting with Silas being at the controls and was able to give Optimus and Bulkhead a hard time in their fights and it was great seeing Bill in action in this episode as he fights Silas hand-to-hand. The ending was good with it setting up Silas to use the deceased Breakdown’s body as his own since Silas’ organs are critically injured.
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2023.04.18 16:47 freakyjelly_44 Anyone know where I can find a dreadwing?

I am trying to get some upgrades going/finished before i finish the story again for the burning shores and i need dreadwing parts. I know about the one in the snowy mountains by the storm bird but I don't want to fight both at the same time. Anyone know of other locations as well as maybe another storm bird loacation.
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2023.02.22 12:46 IsabellSigma no dreadwing location

I need dreadwing parts for my armor upgrade, but when I activate the quest it says unknown location. I know they only appear after the demeter quest, but I did that already and I also overwrote all tallneck. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?
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2022.12.11 22:23 gaylord096 hey does anyone know how to complete this mission? i made the stl drive and it says i need erchius crystals which i also have?

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2022.11.25 04:27 khem123 Transformers for Sale/Trade

I'm looking to unload, (Mostly sell, and or potentially trade) some of my collection. We've run out of room in our current location, and as much as we would like to keep everything it isn't possible anymore. I'm currently looking for a Legacy Cosmos (Who isn't?), Titans Return Sixshot.
I've taken an inventory of the items I would like to remove. I can also provide pictures for any particular item if someone is interested, but added a few below. I'm not really sure on all the prices, but through Google I found what most of the items are typically worth? All of these are sealed/never opened, unless otherwise stated, and from a smoke free/climate controlled home. Shipping charges are calculated separately.
Armada/Energon/Cybertron pics: https://imgur.com/a/f9PoLwf
Masterpiece and Seige https://imgur.com/a/7GJewrI
Masterpiece/Thrilling 30, Titans Return, Combiner Wars: https://imgur.com/a/a2PyRux
Please let me know if you have questions.
Transformers Armada/Energon/Cybertron
Armada Wheeljack -
Armada Firebot/Makeshift/Prowl - $30
Energon Shockblast - $60
Cybertron Primus with Unicron head - $200
Transformers Car Robots/RID
Scourge - ???
Takara Gigatron - $100
Takara Fire Convoy - $200
Takara God Magnus - $140
Destruction Bludgeon - $50
All 5 Combiner Ruination Combaticons/Decepticons -
Takara Predacon Dark Scream -

Transformers - Heroes of Cybertron (Walgreens exclusive) Want to sell all together
Espionage team (Bumblebee & Spike)
Jazz - $10
Grimlock x2 - $10 each
Perceptor - $10
Wheeljack - $10
Soundwave - $10
Megatron - $10
Cyclonus x2 - $10 each
Galvatron - $10
Powermaster Gigatron (Overlord) - $10
Dirge - $10

Transformers Classics/Universe
Grimlock - $20
Galvatron - $30
All 6 Micromaster Constructicons ??
5 Micromaster Protectobots (Missing Prowl) ??

Transformers War for Cybertron - Seige
Phantomstrike Squadron (Skywarp with Targetmasters) - $300
Seeker 3 pack - $80

CombineTitan/Power of the Primes
Dreadwing - $30 SOLD
Blackwing - $30 SOLD

Transformers Takara and Hasbro Masterpiece
MP-07 Starscream x5 (US) - $150 each
MP-27 Ironhide - $150
MP-11SW Skywarp - $250
MP-02 Soundwave x2 - $250
TRU Rodimus Prime (2011) -
TRU Grimlock x2 (2010) - $200
TRU Thundercracker (2012) -
TRU Optimus Prime (2012) -
Walmart Skywarp (2008) -
MP-05 Megatron (Version 1) - Opened/displayed a short amount of time - ???
20th Anniversary Optimus Prime -

3rd Party Masterpiece
FT-03 Quake Wave - opened and displayed briefly -
X-Transbots 84 MX-1 Leader Apollyon -
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2022.11.15 17:34 SanjiDJ Map bugged?

I was looking on Google for scorchers and dreadwings locations, and some of them are not appearing on my map (not even as a ? mark). I tried walking to those locations as well but no machines were on site. Happened to anyone else?
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2022.10.29 06:10 Smasher_WoTB Some Homebrew Lore for my ChapterMaster, what do yall think? Did I overdo it a bit? If so, how did I overdo it?(Am still a bit new to making Homebrew Lore, lemme know if I went too far but don't be a jerk is all I ask)

[Homebrew Lore for my Custom Dark Angels Successor Chapter Sons of Retribution ]

-Name: Askeus Tempor

Titles: Master of the Ironwing, Slayer of Rangda, Reclaimer of Excindio, Reviver of the Dreadwing, Ironwing Praetor of the 1st Legion, ChapterMaster of the Sons of Retribution Adeptus Astartes Chapter.

Favoured WarGear:

Left Arm) Relic Plasma Cannon OR Storm Bolter OR Heavy Storm Shield OR Volkite Serpenta
Right Arm) Thunder Hammer or MasterCrafted Relic Paragon Blade
Backmount) Cyclone Missile Launcher OR Banner of the Ironwing
Armour) MasterCrafted Relic Terminator Armour(combination of Indomitus and Cataphractii Pattern Prototypes originally made during the Great Crusade)

-Notable Deeds:

-Lead a charge through the Gloriana Class BattleShip Paradigm of Hate and aided the evacuation efforts of the wounded off the BattleShip before it was destroyed during the Battle of Advex-Mors in the 1st Rangdan Xenocides.
-Fought alongside Lionel Johnson in several Boarding Actions during the Rangdan Xenocides.
-Was eventually promoted to a Terminator Praetor of the Ironwing and sent off to command an Ironwing, Deathwing and Deadwing focused Dark Angels Crusade Fleet.
-Dueled&Slew a Chaos Terminator Lord of the Sons of Horus during the Horus Heresy.
-His Flagship BattleBarge Indomitable Hammer got lost in the Warp a few Decades after The Scouring ended and recently re-emerged a few decades before the Fall of Cadia in late M41 near a Sons of Retribution Strikeforce consisting of 2 StrikeCruisers and 1 BattleBarge, it promptly came into contact with them and was brought into the Inner Circle of the Dark Angels after contact was made with The Rock due to his status with the 1st Legion prior to his disappearance.
-Helped the Dark Angels Chapter locate 3 ancient Dreadwing Armouries deep within The Rock and helped the salvaging of the ruins of several Ironwing Vaults in the debris field of Caliban.
-Has led the Elite Ironwing and Dreadwing Terminators of the Sons of Retribution into battle on many occasions.
-Was promoted to ChapteMaster of the Sons of Retribution when their current ChapterMaster was slain in a duel with an Avatar of Khaine whilst pursuing a Drukhari Raiding Party when Askeus helped lead the rescue effort to retrieve the bodies of the ChapterMaster and most of his BodyGuard Terminators, due to his efforts to push through to their bodies as swiftly as possible one of the Terminator Captains that was serving in a Dreadwing Terminator Command Squad that was escorting the ChapterMasters personal Terminator Squad was able to be preserved and interred within one of the previously unused Deredeo Dreadnoughts that was stored onboard the Indomitable Hammer .
-Held off a horde of Slaaneshi Daemons with his signature Plasma Cannon, Master Crafted Relic Paragon Blade and Cyclone Missile Launcher whilst a Leviathan Siege Dreadnought dueled the Avatar of Khaine that had killed their ChapterMaster, the Dreadnought did not kill the Avatar of Khaine but held it's attention long enough for several squads of Tactical Marines and 3 Techmarines of the Ironwing to retrieve the bodies of their fallen Brothers and their Wargear and they were forced to retreat when a second Avatar of Khaine was summoned to deal with the horde of Slaaneshi Daemons and Drukhari Reinforcements arrived.

He is currently partaking in a Crusade with elements of the Sons of Retribution , Black Templars, Knights of Byzantium and Blades of Vengeance Chapters against a Chaos Incursion.
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2022.09.29 01:49 Smasher_WoTB Hello, I've been working on some Homebody Lore for my Dark Angels Legion Crusade Fleet in Horus Heresy and who they become in the 40k Era.

Their 30k Era Name will be "Crusaders of Vengeance", and the 40k Era Chapter name will be "Sons of Retribution".
Their Colour Scheme is very similar to the original Dark Angels Legion Heraldry but they replace most Reds with a Dark Green to mourn the Destruction of Caliban and dissappearance/death of their Gene Sire.
They have 2 heavily customized and modified Battle Barges, one of which has been lengthened to be approximately 13 kilometers long and much larger than most Battle Barges. They are a Fleet Based Chapter but have half a dozen Recruiting Worlds. They maintained most elements of the Dreadwing, Ironwing, Stormwing, Deathwing and some elements of the Firewing but none of their Ravenwing or Greenwing survived into the 42nd Millennium aside from Dreadnoughts or those that got lost in Stasis and/orthe Warp for Centuries or Millennia.
They do have some very powerful DAOT Battle Automata, but they grow increasingly rarer and harder to maintain. Currently they have a deal with 3 ForgeWorlds that know how to produce certain rare parts and supplies for these Battle Automate in exchange for near unlimited access to the Archives of the Chapter and they will only prioritize immediate threats to the Chapters/Imperiums existence, the Hunt for the Fallen and the defense of Sol over coming to the aid of these 3 ForgeWorlds. Although it is such a complex, precise and expensive process to construct 1 Maniple of 3 that the Sons of Retribution have to wait centuries for any replacements to destroyed Battle Automata, and all the intact ones are taken care of with the utmost care by their members of the Ironwing and the few Techmarines in the Chapter that are not in the Ironwing(usually because they joined another of the 4 other Wings, although a few particularly Legendary Techmarines were in the ranks of 2 different Wings.).
Their 2 heavily modified and upgraded Battle Barges cost so much to maintain they only have 2 other BattleBarges and 10 Strike Cruisers of varying sizes, although they always seem to have 5 or more Mechanicus ForgeShips traveling with them among all of their Fleetgroups/Expeditions.
During the Horus Heresy and The Scouring they looted many Traitor Worlds, and with the aid of those 3 ForgeWorlds assisting the Ironwing they have maintained many more Relics than most other Chapters, though it is mostly Dreadnoughts, Terminator Suits, Heavy Tanks and Battle Automata that they maintain as Relics. They do not have enough resources to maintain their Fleet, Relics, Battle Automata, Vehicles all while acquiring "new" Relics. Sometimes they will drop off Loot at ForgeWorlds that they got from SpaceHulks, Dead Worlds or Traitors(but non-Chaosy ones) that they have salvaged but are not able to repaiscrap themselves. One time they found the site of an Ancient Void Battle and were able to drag the remains of hundreds of Imperial(many of them had been so severely damaged that only 30% or less of their original Mass was salvageable and able to he located) and Ex-Imperial Warships and Ships to the nearest ForgeWorlds. This is why they were able to modify the 2nd of their upgraded Battle Barges, the ForgeWorlds repaird them by gifting them 50 suits of repaired and salvaged Terminator Armor of various Patterns, 3 Legion Variants of the Baneblade, a Mastodon aswell as several hundred suits of Power Armor of various Marks and were able to fully repair 1 of their oldest Strike Cruisers that had been sitting in Drydock awaiting repairs for nearly 1,000 years.
They mainly focus on Heavy Armoured Assaults or devastating Combined Arms Assaults from all of their 4.5 Wings and some Adeptus Mechanicus support(usually in the form of Imperial Knights, Mechanicus Battle Automata, Skitarii Hordes or rarely an Ordinatus or two for breaking extremely well fortified Enemy Positions or to devastate hundreds or thousands of Heavy Enemy Vehicles.).
What do yall think?
I've got 2 Captains, 2 Dreadnoughts and 6 Terminators that are deserving of names but have only come up with Names for 1 Dreadnought, 1 Techmarine in Terminator Armour and 2 Terminators so far.
Any suggestions for Names that would fit in the 30k and 40k Eras?
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2022.09.21 20:13 Brausenmann Dreadwing Location

Hi Guys! I just beat the Game but the Game Will Not Show me the Dreadwing location? Is it locked behind some other progress in the Game?
I know where it is Supposed to be…
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2022.08.31 14:17 WLF359 Horizon Forbidden West – Patch 1.18

Horizon Forbidden West – Patch 1.18
Hi everyone!
We’re very happy to announce that our team is releasing another patch for Horizon Forbidden West today. Patch 1.18 fixes a number of progression issues and crashes and adds a new Face Paint to celebrate Pride. Please see the full patch details below, but beware of spoilers!
  • Introduced “Mark of Pride” Pride Flag Face Paint.
Aloy wearing the \"Mark of Pride\" Face Paint
Main Quests
  • Fixed an issue in Main Quest “Faro’s Tomb“ where the Hunter Merchant could be missing in Thebes.
  • Fixed floating weapons in the cinematic following the “Talk to the Tenakth Marshal” mission objective of Main Quest “The Embassy”.
  • Fixed an issue in Main Quest “The Kulrut” where Hekarro was practicing his pantomime skills and got blocked behind an invisible wall.
  • Fixed issues related to players not being able to enter or exit The Base.
  • Fixed an issue where a Kotallo callout could play inside The Base without Kotallo being present.
Side Quests
  • We now keep Riverhymn’s settlement icon on the map after completing Side Quest “The Roots that Bind“.
  • Fixed an issue where Porguf would not provide the option to start the Errand Quest “Broken Locks”.
  • Fixed an issue in Side Quest “The Deluge” where players could ride their ground mount through a lake.
  • Fixed an issue in Side Quest “Signal Spike” where the player could be unable to progress after the “Search the Canyon for the Source of the Signal” objective.
  • Fixed an issue in Chainscrape where, before completing Side Quest “The Bristlebacks”, the Herbalist would have an icon above their head but will not be interactable.
World Activities
  • Fixed an issue in Salvage Contracts “Mine Launchers” where progression could become blocked when the player sets Custom Difficulty Settings for Easy Loot.
  • Fixed an issue in which after completing all Salvage Contracts in New Game Plus, the player could obtain the Oseram Artificer outfit twice.
  • Fixed an issue in Rebel Camp “Devil’s Grasp” where the objective “Search the Command Center” could become blocked after restarting from save.
  • Fixed an issue in Rebel Camp “The Hive” where the objective “Destroy the Weapon Caches” would not update after destroying all the caches.
  • Fixed an issue in Rebel Camp “Breached Rock” where the Rebel Champion would not have the Bunker Key in its loot if the player left the camp after killing the rebels.
  • Fixed an issue in Cauldron CHI where a puzzle room had distracting shadow flickering.
  • Fixed an issue in Machine Strike where the health of a piece with the Sweep Skill could go to 255 instead of dying.
  • Fixed an issue where players remained stuck at 99.42% completion after completing all Rebel Camps.
  • We are blasting off again no more! Fixed an issue in Gauntlet Run “Cliffs of the Cry” where upon completing the race, the player would launch into the sky.
  • Fixed an issue where the player was unable to complete “Relics From Ruins” in New Game+ due to already having the Ancestor's Return weapon from a previous playthrough.
  • Fixed an issue in Sunken Cavern “The Shining Wastes” where the player would get stuck if they investigate an Oseram corpse while swimming.
  • Fixed an inaccessible Supply Cache located in Las Vegas that was placed under the ground.
  • Fixed an inaccessible Supply Cache located northeast of Rebel Outpost “Stillsands South” that was placed under the ground.
  • Fixed an issue where Audio Datapoints were getting aborted on specific player actions.
  • Fixed an issue where Audio Datapoint 37 could not be collected due to Veter being noninteractive.
  • Arrows ready? We made the Dreadwing more likely to attack when fighting in a forested area.
  • Additional VFX for Tremortusk’s “Shatter Swing” and Thunderjaw’s “Laser Blast” attacks.
  • Fixed an issue near Fall’s Edge where a non-functional and low-resolution Thunderjaw could spawn in.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Stalker Primary Nerve” was listed as a Loot for the Ravager’s Antenna.
  • Fixed an issue where setting a Job for the Stalker Primary Nerve put the waypoint in Ravager areas instead of Stalker Areas.
  • Fixed an issue where Behemoth and Apex Behemoth list "Bellowback Primary Nerve" as loot instead of "Behemoth Primary Nerve."
  • Fixed an area in Sheerside Climb where the player is unable to fly away on a flying mount.
  • Fixed an issue where Apex Shellsnapper Hearts were listed under “Valuables to Sell” despite being used for upgrades.
  • Fixed an issue where the job system will not direct the player to Apex machine parts.
  • Fixed a camera issue where, when aiming with a Blastsling weapon and rotating the camera, the projectile parable would jitter.
  • Fixed a camera issue where activating Concentration zoom during a normal zoom would have a jarring snap back.
  • Fixed an issue where the Hunter Bow could not be upgraded in New Game+.
  • Fixed an issue for Light Arrows of Level 4 Carja's Bane which had an incorrect amount of Tear damage.
  • Fixed an issue where upgrade Level 3 of the Rain of Sparks warrior bow switches perks from “critical hit chance” to “multiple enemy damage”, and then back to “critical hit chance” at Level 4.
  • Fixed an issue where the player could not use Melee Combat after fast traveling from a crawl space.
  • Level 3 of the Toughened Valor Surge has Melee Damage Resistance reduced from 50% to 35%.
  • Plant Forager now works on Medicinal Waterweed.
  • Fixed "Pickup Animation" to reset to "On" in Settings when the "Reset" action is pressed.
  • Fixed an issue where the Job description in the Jobs menu in Quest Log always displays Level 1 regardless of the actual level of the Job.
  • Fixed an issue where the Custom Marker was not visible in the 3D space if the waypoint was marked on the location of an inactive quest.
  • Fixed an issue with the subtitles being out-of-sync in the opening title sequence.
  • Fixed an issue in the Machine Catalogue where unscanned machines can be viewed when they are adjacent to scanned machines.
Performance and Stability
  • Made improvements to TAA for PS5 Resolution Mode and PS4.
  • Fixed several instances of Aloy’s armor model jittering when playing in Balanced Mode.
  • Fixed an issue where geometry appears low resolution when skipping the opening title sequence.
Photo mode
  • Introduced “Mark of Pride” Pride Flag Face Paint.
  • Fixed an issue where starting the game via Activity Cards could start a new game in New Game Plus, instead of starting the selected activity.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Auto Heal” setting does not fully heal Aloy after leaving combat for a short time.
  • Fixed issues where the player ended up underneath the terrain or got stuck inside geometry.
Please continue to inform us of any issues via the Support Form. We want to ask you use this as your primary form of sending in your issues; our team is unable to use the comments on this post, mentions or DMs on social media as an efficient way of sourcing issues. Thank you for all the reports sent in already, they have been extremely helpful!
See you out there in the Forbidden West,
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2022.08.12 05:17 TheRovingRebel Custom Dark Angels Lore

So I am currently working on kitbashing some Dark Angels Legion veteran squads with dual lightning claws. I think putting them with a Chaplain and running them as Firewing could be really good, and as I really like the look of blood spatter over white armor as seen with the World Eaters, I've decided to paint and kitbash them to represent a custom legion specific unit. I wrote lore for them and the Order of the Hekatonystika they belong to. (As Dark Angels have three separate simultaneous command structures - the Principa Belicosa, the Hexagrammaton, and the Hekatonystika)
Anyway, after a deep dive into Dark Angels lore (especially from Book Nine of HH 1.0) this is what I came up with. I also took inspiration from the recent short story Postulant, which focuses around a certain Dreadwing aspirant, although I won't explain that further for those of you who have yet to read it.
I also play Word Bearers so I came up with an account of early Heresy Dark Angels traitors unrelated to Luther and his Dark Angels. It's a bit long, but I think people might enjoy it. At the end is also a brief account of a custom character who leads the traitor Dark Angels in this excerpt.
Anyway, criticism welcome:

The Order of the Penitent Sons:
A rare and yet infamous Order during the Great Crusade, the Order of the Penitent Sons is made up of the Legion's most undisciplined warriors. Many of it's members have suffered censure at the hand of Legion authorities for crimes ranging from disobeying direct orders to the murder of Imperial citizens, and amongst its ranks can be found many rejected aspirants from all six different Wings. Together, they embrace the doctrine of Penitence, which states that their shame can only be washed away by blood - either their own sacrifice or a heroic deed so great as to obfuscate their previous misdeeds. As a result, the knights of the Order are ravenous in battle, fighting and killing with a fierce desire to see themselves redeemed no matter the cost. When gathered and deployed, they paint much of their armor in white, a sign of the purity and finality of their quest. The ranking members of the Order are almost exclusively Legion Chaplains who themselves have committed no crime, and it is their sacred, honored duty to lead so-called Penitent knights in the pursuit of their redemption. The Order Penitent has been destroyed and reformed several times throughout the Great Crusade, as in a legion as large and as characteristically ruthless as the Dark Angels, there are bound to be even astartes who either fail to live up to the Legion's strict disciplinary standards or commit some atrocity beyond the tolerance of Legion authorities. However, for what they lack in discipline, they more than make up for in their talent for violence. Over time, there inevitably becomes enough censured legionaries and rejected Hexagrammaton aspirants to warrant the re-founding of the Order. When this happens, the Order is usually short-lived, as they are quickly sent on some of the most dangerous and perhaps suicidal missions the legion has to offer.
At the outbreak of the Horus Heresy, the Order was active, notably including a former Librarian which had unintentionally broken the Edict of Nikea during a recent desperate struggle. The Order would see its ranks swell early in the conflict as enraged legionaries pursued their own vengeful bloodlusts against traitor forces, occasionally recklessly disobeying orders in the process. By the middle years of the Horus Heresy, the Order was all but extinguished - never to be reformed.
Expunged from all legion records, however, is an account of Penitent knights said to be whispered only in the most secretive sanctums of the Inner Circle of the Firewing. It is said that a far-flung, stranded Cenobium of the Order of the Penitent Sons was found during the events leading up to the Heresy by a small Word Bearers expeditionary fleet. They had been sent as a relatively insignificant vanguard of a greater Dark Angels fleet against a xenos stronghold on a world designated ninety-two-thirty-three, completely expecting to not survive the attack. However, the Cenobium encountered significantly less resistance than expected and triumphed with great success. Yet during the battle their ship was crippled, and with them their ability to leave. They waited for the arrival of the bulk of their expeditionary fleet, but it never came. Years later, a Word Bearers expeditionary fleet arrived to scout the system for any potential return of its former xenos occupants. After discovering Dark Angels still alive on the planet and learning some of their predicament, the Word Bearers offered rescue. Looked down upon by their own legion and marooned on a distant world, their shameful solitude was manipulated and groomed as the Word Bearers slowly learned more and used it to their advantage. Their chaplains long dead, the Penitent knights of ninety-two-thirty-three requested to be transferred back to a First Legion fleet. Their request was denied, and they had no choice but to accompany the Word Bearers during what would become the final year of the Great Crusade. During this time they came to believe that they were indeed in need of redemption, but not of any kind that the First Legion could offer. They learned not to sacrifice themselves to atone for their dishonor, but instead to sacrifice others on the altar of vengeance. Their last embers of true shame were stamped out - replaced by bitterness, which became hatred, and hatred became murderous rage.
At the onset of the Heresy, these fallen Angels fell upon a remote Dark Angels outpost which had been unaware of recent events, deceiving their brothers and murdering them in cold blood. In this, they proved their loyalty to the accompanying Word Bearers expeditionary force, as each vowed allegiance to the Warmaster – to the solemn approval of their Word Bearer overseers.
It was during the throes of the Thramas Crusade that the Lion learned of the existence of these wayward knights via highly encrypted reports classified at the Vermillion level. His cold rage boiled over, and he immediately assembled a large detachment of Firewing operatives and personally swore them to the utmost secrecy. What followed was a two year long brutal campaign of assassination and subterfuge, as the Firewing employed all manner of tactics to locate and destroy the traitorous Dark Angels, along with any Word Bearers they could find who knew of their existence. While suffering many losses, the Firewing were ultimately resoundingly successful, and all trace of the existence of the traitors was thoroughly redacted. Not long after the destruction of the traitors, the last members of the Order were killed off in an unrelated distant campaign, regaining their honor in the process while never having learned of the existence of their traitorous brethren. With their deaths, the Lion forbade the Order of the Penitent Sons from ever being reestablished.
Knight-Captain Kaevius, Proctor of the Dreadwing, Preceptor of the Order of Penitent Sons:
The Firewing’s pursuit of their traitorous kin was hampered significantly by a particularly notorious Penitent knight, who had at one time been a respected line officer. A Terran veteran and former member of the Host of Bone, his record was eventually stained by multiple questionable incidents, culminating when he murdered two Imperial remembrancers whom he deemed had been asking too many questions in the pursuit of their official duties. As a result, Knight-Captain Kaevius was assigned to the Order of the Penitent Sons. Due to his abilities as a commander, he quickly rose to Preceptor of the small Order. Accordingly, after the deaths of the Cenobium’s chaplains in battle on ninety-two-thirty-three, he had been designated as his Cenobium’s de-facto leader. Ultimately, it was his will and firm grasp of Dark Angels tactical doctrines that saw his ad-hoc company of Dark Angels persist, fighting where possible and evading their Firewing pursuers for two years with the assistance of the Word Bearers. Yet in their final confrontation, an unavoidable trap had been set, and Kaevius knew that escape was not possible. His Word Bearer allies were slaughtered attempting to flee, leaving Kaevius and his troops to face their fate alone. Kaevius took one last chance to meet those who hunted him in an open confrontation. His gamble succeeded, and as the last of his Cenobium of traitors fell around him, he met in personal combat the very commander which had censured him all those years ago. Both died at each other’s blades, both taking grim satisfaction in the knowledge that their hated enemy had died with them.
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2022.07.18 16:36 Old-Hovercraft4332 NG+ question

Just started my NG+ run, I love the fact that they actually managed to give us legendary weapons with decent ammo types, and the Precision Bow I need an upgrade for requires the usual Dreadwing metal fang, now, where is the Dreadwing? Been searching at its usual site location and it's not there, please don't tell me I have to curse Guerrilla because they made it spawn only after you first encounter it with Alva in the story, please...
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2022.07.17 17:00 Woodstovia [Excerpt - White Dwarf] The Siege of Barbarus begins - Some new info on what Lion, Russ and Corax are doing during the Siege + Barbarus, Inwit, the Iron Warriors, and the Death Guard

With White Dwarf hyping up a new "Siege of Barbarus campaign with Lion, Russ and the Raven Guard vs the Death Guard, Iron Warriors and Sons of Horus here is the new lore setting the scene for the conflict
Elements of the XIVth Legion (Death Guard) garrison of Barbarus assault the vast industrial hives of Malagant, a world made valuable by the strategic worth of its manufactoria and a beacon of defiance against the Warmaster's onslaught. Yet where the Death Guard expects to crush the Malagantine auxilia in short order, they find themselves mired in cunning ambushes and punishing counter-attacks led by Legionaries wearing the sable armour of the XIXth Legion (Raven Guard). Lacking the numbers to meet the enemy head-on, the sons of Corax ply their deadly skills as skirmishers and assassins upon their erstwhile brothers. Unable to abandon such vital location, the Traitors are trapped on the planet for three years and are prevented from joining the defence of Barbarus.
The Iˢᵗ Legion (Dark Angels) fleets reach Luth Tyre, a key mustering world for the Traitors sitting upon one of the most stable warp routes in the southern Imperium.
The Lion can ill-afford the obliteration of such a valuable prize and orders his Knight-Praetors to deploy their Orders and capture the world in the name of Terra. The Dark Angels make planetfall in the wake of an orbital bombardment so intense that it fuses the planet's rolling white desert to plains of jagged glass and sets the upper layers of the atmosphere ablaze. Luth Tyre's IVᵗʰ Legion (Iron Warriors) garrison and their XIVᵗʰ Legion (Death Guard) allies mount a valiant resistance against overwhelming enemy numbers, but one by one their strongholds are blasted to rubble and utterly destroyed by the Iˢᵗ Legion. Isolated Iron Warriors forces mount desperate last stands amongst the ruins of shattered fortresses and broken refineries across the world, with the death toll continuing to rise for the invading Loyalists.
During the fighting, a combined Death Guard, Iron Warriors and Traitor Mechanicum force mounts a daring attempt to reach Luth Tyre's tertiary spaceport at the planet's south pole. They fight their way through massed Loyalist forces and packs of raging Ambulls in a desperate bid to reach the spaceport's warp-capable craft, which they use to escape into the void, leaving Luth Tyre firmly under Imperial control.
Chemos, the home world of the IIIʳᵈ Legion (Emperor's Children, comes under direct attack by the Iˢᵗ Legion (Dark Angels). The Dark Angels' vast armada smashes through the Emperor's Children system defence fleet, leaving behind them only the smouldering wrecks of venerable IIIʳᵈ Legion warships and frozen corpses floating in the darkness of the void. The invasion that follows sees the Dreadwing deploy to the surface of Chemos en masse to engage the IIIʳᵈ Legion garrison and plant seismic devices of immense potency in key locations on the planet. The Emperor's Children, though vastly outnumbered, fight fiercely in defence of their home world and inflict heavy casualties upon the invaders, but ultimately it is a futile effort. The Dreadwing proves merciless in the prosecution of attacks on strategic targets and scours enemy strongholds of all life using weapons born of humanity's darkest nightmares. With their objectives completed, the Dark Angels return to their fleet in orbit and remotely detonate the seismic macro-charges. A chain of catastrophic explosions wracks Chemos and splits its tectonic plates apart, creating kilometres-deep canyons that swallow the planet's glittering metropolises into their cavernous depths. At the height of this cataclysm, the Dark Angels fleet begins the orbital bombardment of Chemos, launching a spread of cyclonic torpedoes at predetermined weak spots across the world's surface, each strike piercing the weakened crust and detonating within Chemos' core. The once-proud home world of the IIIʳᵈ Legion breaks apart, sending colossal slabs of planetary debris tumbling through space. The Chemos system is declared Perdita, and warning beacons promising swift reitrbution upon any trespassers are placed around the system's boundaries before the Dark Angels depart to continue their crusade of vengeance.
Hungry for the strategic prize that Rogal Dorn's home world represents and the industrial wealth of its surrounding empire, a vast Traitor fleet, led by elements of the IIIʳᵈ Legion (Emperor's Children) and roving forces allied to the Warmaster, attacks the worlds of the Inwit Cluster. Each piecemeal assault is repelled by the garrison of the VIIᵗʰ Legion (Imperial Fists) and the loyalist Auxilia forces stationed in the system, who are in turn forced to fall back from their forward positions in clashes of growing intensity. Eventually, the Loyalists are forced to retreat to Inwit, where they are besieged by the numerically superior Traitor fleets. The Imperial Fists lose dozens of warships in desperate attempts to break the blockade and seek reinforcements. However, the frigate Astral Majesty manages to break through and successfully translate into the Warp. The heavily damaged warship of the VIIᵗʰ Legion is forced to exist the Warp near the system of Amaranthine in the galactic south, where, by chance alone, it encounters a scout elements of the Iˢᵗ Legion (Dark Angels) fleet. The surviving Imperial Fists are taken before the Lion to request the assistance of the Dark Angels in lifting the siege of Inwit, but they are denied. The sons of Dorn are instead conscripted by the lord of the Iˢᵗ Legion to be part of his crusade of vengeance. They reluctantly join their forces with those of the Dark Angels and aid them in the prosecution of their campaign, leaving behind the people of Inwit to face their enemies alone and without aid.
The vast fleet of the Iˢᵗ Legion (Dark Angels) reaches the moon of Deliverance in the Kiavahr system. There, in the fortress of the XIXᵗʰ Legion (Raven Guard), the Lion meets with his brother Primarchs Corvus Corax and Leman Russ. The Lion is quick to question Corax's absence from all the major fronts of the war since Isstvan, but his ire is put to rest by Leman Russ, who points at the survival of his own Legion as proof of the Raven Lord's continuous loyalty to the Emperor. Fully recovered from the wounds he suffered in the Trisolian system, Leman Russ declares that he and all VIᵗʰ Legion (Space Wolves) warriors on Deliverance will join the Dark Angels in their crusade of obliteration. To appease the Lion's call to arms, and knowing well the fate that befalls those who do not demonstrate loyalty as the First Primarch expects it, Corax offers vast quantities of munitions and supplies from the forge-fanes of Kiavahr to the Dark Angels and Space Wolves, including thousands of newly created suits of Mark VI 'Corvus' pattern power armour. Hesitant to commit any significant portion of his depleted Legion to what he sees as an undertaking of excessive violence and needless waste, Corax assigns only a small Expeditionary force of his Raven Guard to accompany the Dark Angels in the next stages of their campaign. Few in number but bearing the experience of a thousand battlefields between them, the Raven Guard depart Deliverance with orders to eliminate key enemy targes ahead of the Lion's onslaught in order to save entire worlds from complete annihilation.
A contingent of Raven Guard Legionaries mounts a stealth operation of the world of Ydursk against Traitor Imperial Army forces under the command of Tyrant-General Maylon Idar III. Despite their overwhelming numerical superiority, Idar's forces are dismantled piece by piece in a planet-wide series of coordinated strikes by the Raven Guard. The command chain of the turncoat army is sent into disarray as assassinations conducted by the XIXᵗʰ Legion snipers eliminate key members of Idar's inner circle in sequence. Incapable of discerning the true nature of his assailants and unable to strike back at his shadowy attackers, Idar consolidates his remaining forces within the capital fortress of Ydursk where he broadcasts a call for diplomacy. His call is answered by clandestine agents of Corax's Legion, but he is not met by an emissary in the centre of the grand courtyard of his palatial residence, as per his requests. Instead, a single mass-reactive round fired at hypersonic velocity ends his reign. When the Iˢᵗ Legion (Dark Angels) fleet reaches Ydursk, the planet is back under Imperial control, sparing it the Lion's judgement.
The battered remnants of the IVᵗʰ Legion (Iron Warriors) garrison fleeing the ruination of Luth Tyre arrive at Barbarus. Though few in number, they bring with them scores of Mechanicum battle-automata, which they swiftly deploy as part of the defensive lines, using the expertise of their Legion to greatly enhance the fortifications of Barbarus. Knowing that the grim home world of the Death Guard is one of the few strongholds left for the Warmaster's Legions in the southern reaches of the Imperium, they vow to defend Barbarus to the last drop of Olympian blood and to make the encroaching Loyalist forces pay a heavy price before the end.
Spearheaded by the mighty warships Endurance and Terminus Est, the main bulk of the XIVᵗʰ Legion (Death Guard) fleet enters the Warp to join the Warmaster's attack on the Sol System and Terra. The Death Guard garrison of Barbarus receives terse communications from their Primarch Mortarion to defend their home world from all threats at any cost. Any attempts made by the Barbaran forces to establish contact with their Primarch and ascertain details further to this curt communication are met with ominous silence. Heeding Mortarion's last standing order, Castellan-Praetor Vrokhorn of the Death Guard enacts a brutal campaign of forced recruitment and accelerated implantation, depleting the populations of the XIVᵗʰ Legion's fief-worlds around Barbarus in order to reinforce the numbers of his Legionaries, thus consigning the once-mighty realm of the Death Guard to wither away and fall into ruin.
With the bulk of the XIVᵗʰ Legion (Death Guard) unaccounted for since their fleet's departure for the Sol System, an emissary of the XVIᵗʰ Legion (Sons of Horus) is sent to Barbarus to investigate the absence of Mortarion and his Legion. Justaerin Captain Arbras Haax arrives at the home world of the XIVᵗʰ Legion accompanied by an elite contingent of Sons of Horus. There he finds the Barbaran garrison heavily engaged in a bloody campaign of enforced conscriptions, with the ranks of the standing Legionary force swelled by new inductees. Despite this, the fate of Mortarion himself cannot be ascertained, and the XIVᵗʰ Legion command is far from forthcoming regarding the motivations for their heightened state of activity. Haax is forced to remain upon Barbarus as a conduit for the Warmaster's will, under the instruction to bring harsh censure upon the Death Guard should they be foolish enough to defy the will of the Warmaster as he stands on the threshold of victory.
A vanguard fleet of the VIᵗʰ Legion (Space Wolves) clashes with a XIVᵗʰ Legion (Death Guard) raiding force returning to Barbarus from the systems surrounding Galaspar. Vicious boarding actions are launched by both fleets, and terrible destruction is unleashed in the close confines of corridors and enginarium decks as Legionaries from both sides seek to cripple or capture enemy vessels. The Space Wolves inflict heavy casualties on the Death Guard and force them to retreat, capturing the XIVᵗʰ Legion grand cruiser Dawn of Desolation in the process. The Death Guard survivors who return to their home world warn Castellan-Praetor Vrokhorn that the arrival of the Loyalist hosts is now imminent. In response, the siege-masters of the XIVᵗʰ order the planet of Barbarus to be flooded, creating thousands of square kilometres of chem-marshes in the areas surrounding their strongholds. Void shield generators splutter into life, coughing clouds of noxious toxins into the atmosphere as they cast a hazy aegis above command centres and harbour areas. The defensive guns of every emplacement on the planet are turned skyward to peer through the world's cloying atmosphere, and they are ever-vigilant for the coming attack.
A vast Loyalist armada breaks from the Warp into Barbarus system, spearheaded by Lion El'Jonson's Gloriana class flagship, the Invincible Reason. Alongside the fleets of the Iˢᵗ Legion (Dark Angels) sail the warships of the XIXᵗʰ Legion (Raven Guard) and those of the VIᵗʰ Legion (Space Wolves), led by their Primarch Leman Russ. The Loyalist armada smashes through the scant few remaining XVIᵗʰ Legion (Death Guard) ships taht stand in defence of their home world to obliterate the inner system defence platforms and orbital stations and, at last, reach Barbarus' orbit.
Swarms of Death Guard Stormbirds and Thunderhawks rise from the planet's surface to mount futile attack runs in a desperate bid to give their brothers on the ground time to prepare for the coming invasion, but they are swiftly shot down by massed formations of interceptor craft launched from the bays of Raven Guard cruisers. Sheltering behind the multiple layers of void-shielded defences, the Death Guard and their allies look up as the pale sun of Barbarus is eclipsed by scores of falling drop pods and swarms of orbital landing craft that bring the wrath of two Primarchs and warriors from three Loyalist Legions to the surface of Barbarus.
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2022.07.08 17:51 Emergency-Metal-9483 Sunwing weapons (minor spoilers?)

Question - I've finished the game, and now find just flying around on the Sunwing really enjoyable, just trying to reveal what's left hidden on the map. One thing I've been wanting to do is to have some kind of attack while on the Sunwing - either shooting an arrow or have the Sunwing shoot plasma - but afaict there's no way to do that.
That said - I did find an elemental Bomb that the sunwing can pick up and drop - so far it's the only weapon I've been able to figure out how to use while flying, and was wondering if anyone had any more info?
The bomb is located on top of a wrecked plane near the beach with the Dreadwing in the south - you can pick up the bomb, fly over the beach (or anywhere) and drop it, and it sets off a massive electrical surge - but I haven't seen anything else like it anywhere - it's not noted in a map icon, nor can you pick it up if you're not on the Sunwing.
I would imagine that there are other bombs of elemental types scattered around, but haven't found anything yet - anyone have any more info?
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2022.06.25 08:15 Dfchang813 DEFINITIVE New Game Plus Coil Run Guide

NEW GAME PLUS Coil Run Guide
This guide shows you the order to play the quests so you obtain the best version of every coil in the game. It will also list coils you pick up as part of Main Quests or Side Quests you need to do. You may skip some of them if you don’t feel like the coils are worth it. For example, Critical Damage +15%x2 can be easily bought at Arrowhand but in order to get the 3rd one you have to complete Side Quest A Tribe Apart followed by Errand The Music in Metal. I suggest playing on Story Mode as you will be doing this over and over again to grind coils that only appear once per playthrough. Good luck!
1. To the Brink
2. A Bigger Boom (Must do this to activate Boom or Bust later)
3. The Embassy – Shock +7% - from killing Grudda, Regalla’s Champion
4. Death’s Door
5. The Dying Lands – Critical Chance +10% from killing the Grimhorn
6. Fly to Arrowhand – BUY Critical Damage +15%x2, Critical Chance +15%x1, and Damage Over Time 25%x2
7. Fly to Scalding Spear – BUY Stealth Damage +25%x1, Sharpshot Tear Damage +100%x1, and Melee Follow Up +25%x1
8. Breaking Even – (Must do this to activate Boom or Bust later) – High Ground Damage +15% from killing Rockbreaker
9. Abadund – FLY to Tower of Tears and START Main Quest Sea of Sands where you need to get components for Diving Mask. BUY from him Draw Speed +25%x1, Melee Follow Up +25%x1. Then leave. You will pick up components for Diving Mask from other quests to maximize efficiency.
10. Runda Salvage Contract Pristine Bellowback – Instant Corroding Chance +4%. Loot the Bellowback to get the Synthetic Membrane for the Diving Mask.
11. Danur Salvage Contract Colleague and Key – Critical Chance +15%. NOTE: You need to complete Danur Salvage Contract Mine Launchers first before he will give you the next contract Colleague and Key.
12. Fly to Thornmarsh – BUY Long Range Damage +25%x2, High Ground Damage +25%x1, Reload Speed +25%x1, Knockdown Chance +15%x1, Overdraw Damage +15%x1, Instant Confused Chance +2%x1, Instant Corroding Chance +4%x1, Instant Drenched Chance +2%x1, Instant Slowed Chance +3%x1
13. Fly to the Maw, Arena – BUY Knockdown Damage +25%x1, Multiple Enemy Damage +25%x2, and Explosive Damage +12%x2
COMPLETE REBEL CAMP Breached Rock on way to meet Kotallo at Stone Crest.
14. The Broken Sky – Concentration Damage +10% from killing the Rebel Tremortusk. At the Bulwark during this Main Quest BUY Close Range Damage +25%x1, Sharpshot Tear Damage +100%x1, and Agility Damage +15%x1
15. A Soldier’s March – Reload Speed +25% from killing Frostclaw
16. First to Fly – Melee Follow Up Damage +25% from killing Stormbird. PICK UP Greenshine Slab before leaving. This restocks what you will spend for the Reload Speed +25% coil you bought earlier at Thornmarsh.
17. A Hunt to Remember – High Ground Damage +25% from killing Scorcher
18. The Kulrut – Stealth Damage +25% from killing Slitherfang.
Note: Returning Aether to Gaia and finishing Main Quest The Kulrut instantly begins Cradle of Echoes which puts all other quests on hold until it’s done. You will want to do 19,20, and 21 first before returning Aether to Gaia.
19. Opening the Arena – Draw Speed +15% from killing Rollerback. After opening the Arena find the merchant who will have changed positions and BUY AGAIN Knockdown Damage +25%x1, Multiple Enemy Damage +25%x2, and Explosive Damage +12%x2
20. Arena Medals – Use Arena Medals to buy Instant Brittle Chance +3%x1, Instant Burning Chance +4%x1, Instant Explosion Chance +2%x1, Instant Plasma Blast Chance +4%x1
21. First Forge – This can be initiated after obtaining Aether in the first part of Kulrut. When returning to the Base to return Aether to Gaia Erend and Varl will be back at the Base. Must clear all 5 Rebel Camps, then talk to Erend at Base to locate First Forge. Talk to Erend again at the Base after finishing First Forge and he will give you Close Range Damage +25%. You also get a Plasma and Shock +12% from killing Asera.
22. Cradle of Echoes – After finishing this Main Quest, open the chest at the Base for Overdraw Damage +10% and Close Range Damage +15%.
23. The Burning Blossoms – Agility Damage +15% from killing the Shellsnapper. Loot the Longleg you fight at the beginning of this Side Quest to get the Machine Knee Cap for the Diving Mask.
24. Need to Know – Draw Speed +25% from killing Tideripper
25. Sea of Sands – Knockdown Chance +15% from killing Tideripper. You will already have the components for the Diving Mask saving you from tracking the machines in the desert to obtain them.
BE SURE TO PICK UP Greenshine Cluster in the Pump Maintenance Station. It's right when you swim down before the door. You will need this to restock one of the two Greenshine Clusters you spent to buy the Knockdown Power +15% and Overdraw Damage +15% coils in Thornmarsh.
26. Boom or Bust – AFTER starting this Side Quest, talk to Abadund again who is now outside and BUY AGAIN Draw Speed +25%x1, Melee Follow Up Damage +25% x1. You do not have to actually finish Boom or Bust Side Quest but if you do finish it before buying the coils, he will return inside Hidden Ember and the coils will disappear.
27. Seeds of the Past – Component Tear +25% from killing Dreadwing
28. Lofty Ambitions – Critical Chance +15% from killing Stormbird.
Note: for me, this Side Quest was consistently bugged after returning to Hidden Ember after returning Poseidon to Gaia. Morlund would remain inside Hidden Ember and not be outside to start the quest. This corrected only after finishing Main Quest Seeds of the Past.
29. The Blood Choke – Knockdown Damage +25% from killing Fireclaw. (Note: You can kill the Fireclaw endlessly to farm coil by fast traveling away to respawn it BUT ONLY IF YOU KEEP AT LEAST ONE REBEL ALIVE. Killing all the Rebels and the Fireclaw will stop the respawn. In other words you cannot clear the entire site.
30. A Tribe Apart – Reload Speed +15% from killing Widemaw. (NOTE: You must do this Side Quest to unlock Errand The Music in Metal)
31. The Music in Metal – Critical Damage +15% from killing Apex Longleg. Note this Errand unlocks only after Seeds of the Past Main Quest is completed.
32. Faro’s Tomb – Burning Enemy Damage +18% from killing Apex Thunderjaw outside Digsite
33. Digsite Merchant – MUST buy from her BEFORE SPEAKING TO ALVA. BUY Melee Follow Up +25%x1, Draw Speed 25%x1. Extremely easy to miss this merchant as you only have one window of opportunity to buy from her after killing Apex Thunderjaw but before speaking to Alva.
34. The Souvenir – Unlocks Legacy’s Landfall merchant. BUY Aerial Enemy Damage +25%x2
35. What Was Lost – Concentration Damage +15% from killing Scorcher. MUST LOOT SCORCHER BEFORE CUT SCENE STARTS. Use Elite Ropecaster to make this easier
36. Gemini – Overdraw Damage +15% from killing Slaughterspine
37. Wings of the Ten
38. Singularity – Instant Burning Chance +4% from killing Spectre Prime.
39. Final Wrap Up - Buying all the shards in the run costs 25,629 shards. Keep in mind you will gain over 20,000 shards each run by selling loot as well. Decide how many shards you wish to grind. Also go to a Sunken Cavern to pick up the second Greenshine Cluster to restock the ones you used earlier at Thornmarsh. I use the one at The Shining Wastes but there are plenty of Greenshine Clusters to pick up.
If you do ALL of the above, it will take about 7.5 hours at maximum efficiency. You can save probably over 90 minutes if you skip the second Close Range Damage +25% coil that requires beating all 6 Rebel Camps and the Critical Damage +15% coil that requires 2 side missions.
UPDATED 07/01/2022: Made huge update to fine tune order of quests and incorporate Rebel Camps into the progression chart. Also added in costs of buying coils and where to pick up Greenshine slap and 2 Greenshine Clusters that you need per playthrough.
submitted by Dfchang813 to horizon [link] [comments]

2022.06.16 04:37 Commander_Z Cyborg #36 - Titans Together

Cyborg #36 - Titans Together

<< < >
Author: Commander_Z
Book: Cyborg
Arc: Grayson
Set: 73
Recommended Reading: Grayson #4
Note: This issue takes place before Cyborg #34!

Part 1: Mistakes

Victor Stone woke up on a cold, concrete floor in a small, makeshift jail cell. The cell seemed like it was in the warehouse he was attacking with Nightwing… no, not Dick, it must have been someone else. Dick could be rough but he was never this bad. Vic peered out of the bars, trying to get a read on his location or find a way out. The situation wasn’t great. They kept the warehouse dark and he couldn’t see anything more than about 10 feet out of the cell. Except for what was lit by the single exposed light bulb dangling in the middle of the walkway: another cell, occupied.
“So, you’re finally awake?” Dick asked. “I’ve been looking for a way out for a bit. No luck. No sign of Kory either…”
“Yeah. Seems like a real problem.”
“We wouldn’t be in this mess if we could just trust each other. How little do you think of me that you thought I could be… that?”
“Pretty low. I’d heard you left the Titans, figured you just went on a self destructive spiral. I’ve done it too and there’s no shame in losing yourself for a bit. I’m mad I didn’t figure it out, but the Dick Grayson I know wouldn’t apologize. But I guess you aren’t the Dick Grayson I know anymore. Or at least you’re trying not to be.”
Dick nodded. “I’m trying to be better. But it’s a lot of work. And it takes -”
Footsteps banged out across the warehouse. Someone was coming. Both men shut up instantly, readying themselves.
The red Nightwing - Vic had started thinking of him as “Dreadwing”- strided over to Vic’s cell, pressed some buttons and unlocked the door.
“Get up. There’s someone who wants to meet you.”
⚙ ⚙ ⚙ ⚙ ⚙
Dreadwing led Cyborg to a small room that probably was the foreman’s office when this place was used as a normal warehouse. He moved the left handcuff from Vic’s hand to the big metal desk, then sat down on top of it and pulled out his phone.
“Nightwing here. I have the Cyborg.”
“Good work. But do not think that one delayed success outweighs numerous failures.”
“High Priest, don’t be absurd. I’ve done everything you asked and mo - ”
“Silence. You will speak when spoken to.” Dreadwing clenched his fists, but stayed silent.
“But you, you, Victor Stone. You are an expected boon. I did not expect to meet you so soon. Welcome.”
Vic raised an eyebrow. “Thanks?”
“You are most welcome. I have never been one for idle talk, so I will come out with what I desire from you. What do you think about the practicality of mass deployment of your technology?”
Vic paused. ‘It’s impossible, of course. At least not without fixing the power issue. And I don’t think they’ve got the tech to do that even if I helped them for some dumb reason. But he won’t take no for an answer, probably. I either tell him what he wants to hear or don’t and lead him in a productive direction.’
“It would be tough. But doable.”
“Elaborate on that.”
“I… I don’t think I can without having more technical specifications to browse through and explain. In short…” Vic quickly looked around the room, making sure it was only Dreadwing there. Satisfied that it was, he quickly shifted his free arm and launched a flashbang into the room. “Your time’s up.”
The flash bang went off an instant later and Vic took quick advantage of it. With much effort, he lifted up the desk and Dreadwing with it and let the handcuff drop to the floor, no longer wrapped around the desk’s leg. Then, he ran.
He burst out the door, and sprinted deeper into the warehouse without direction. Anywhere was better than there, with him. He couldn’t place it but something about the “High Priest” gave Cyborg bad vibes, beyond the usual ones that the people he dealt with did. Vic turned around a stack of boxes, but immediately did a heel turn. Somehow, Dreading had gotten ahead of him.
“You’re not getting away, Cyborg! Cheap tricks will only get you so far!”
Behind Cyborg things were no better. A large portion of the HIVE army that he fought earlier filled the passage behind him and with Dreadwing in front of him, there was no escape. No easy one, at least.
He shifted his arm again, this time into a force cannon and fired a quick blast at Dreadwing, who dodged out of the way.
“What did I tell you?”
Dreadwing rushed in at Vic and pulled out his escrima rods and bashed them into his knees, sending Cyborg to the ground.
“You’ll stay down if you know what’s good for you. We aren’t done with you yet.”
Vic fired another shot at Dreadwing, hitting him square in the chest. His eyes flared up and he smacked Cyborg in the head, knocking out cold.

Part 2: Jailbreak

Vic woke up on the floor of his cell again with an awful headache. He stood up with a groan.
“Dick? You there?” He said while massaging his head.
No response.
“Great. Hopefully he’s out trying to get us out of this and not being interrogated. Or just saving his own skin…”
He sat on the ground, back against the wall. “He wouldn’t do that… right?”
⚙ ⚙ ⚙ ⚙ ⚙
Dick Grayson’s escape was going less than perfect. He had just managed to get the door unlocked when Vic was recaptured by the imposter and just managed to get out and clear of the area when they returned him to his cell. But he had no idea where to go next. He needed to find the keys to Vic and Kory’s cells, not to mention Kory herself. The warehouse wasn’t that big, but that almost made it harder. A large place is tough to secure completely, but a smaller place can have constant watches of all important locations.
He climbed up on top of some of the boxes, trying to get a better vantage point. But the warehouse was too dark for him to see much more than vague details.
‘Vic and my cells are in the middle more or less. Vic was taken towards the northside, which I think was where the entrance was. Hard to remember for sure from early. But, if that’s where that is, they probably aren’t keeping Kory there too. She’ll probably be on the farside then.’
Hoping and climbing across the stacks of boxes that Dick figured contained either HIVE weapons and armor or they were leftover from when they took this place. He hoped it wasn’t the former; HIVE having such an established base in Detroit couldn’t be a good thing for the city.
Just when he thought that he made a wrong assumption, he found her. Her cell was pretty much the same as Dick and Vic’s, but the walls and bars were made of a lighter colored material, probably something that prevents her from just breaking out with her powers. A guard was posted on either side of the cell’s door, about four feet in between them, Dick estimated.
‘I can get them both before they can sound any alarm. Drop down on the left one, then lead over to the other. Quick maneuver, 10 seconds top.’
He jumped down on the guard, knocking cold with a quick blow to the back of the head. But before he could even move towards the other one, a green blast of energy tore through the bars and blasted the guard into some wooden crates.
“I’m glad to see you’re okay, but you’ve just blown our cover. This was going to be a stealth mission…”
Kory smacked him on the back. “That pun was bad enough that I’m not sorry,” she said, chuckling.
“I guess you did save me the effort of finding the key. But how’d you get out of that? Seems like that cell was made to keep someone as powerful as you in it.”
“Wasn’t enough to do it though. Have you found Vic yet?”
Dick nodded. “Our cells were next to each other. He got taken into talk with someone but sounded like he tried to break out during that. He didn’t get far and ended up unconscious back at his cell when I was leaving mine.”
“So let’s go get him and get out of here.”
“Let’s do it. Follow me, try and be quiet this time.”
She grinned. “No promises.”
The way back to the central cells was quiet and painless. Dick carefully checked each crossing to make sure that there weren’t any guards and there never were. The path was clear until they reached the cells and saw why. Every single guard and as many of the tanks as they could fit into the small space behind them was crammed into the warehouse. Not to mention Dreadwing himself, standing smugly in front of the whole group.
“Nice of you to join us, but you’re going to be headed back to your cells. You can either do it the easy way or the hard one. I’m hoping you pick the hard one. I’ve been looking forward to beating you the entire time after all…”
“Funny, I was thinking the same thing…” Dick said. “Star, you rescue Vic! I’ll deal with him.”

Part 3: Acceptance

Dick and Dreadwing were an even match. It was as if the two had known each other for decades, fought hundreds of times, each having seen each punch, kick, parry, feign thousands of times before. Neither one could land a hit or even come close in their dance of blows.
“You’re somehow even worse than I expected you to be,” Dreadwing sneered. “I could’ve taken you when I was 10, 8 if they let me use a staff.”
“Good for you, I guess. I had a happy childhood and I’ll still win this fight,” Dick said, leaping out of the way of one of Dreadwing’s kicks only to retaliate with a punch to his chest that was blocked.
“We’ll see how well that serves you in a fight. You’re soft and worthless. Your friend didn’t even realize that I wasn’t you! You’re pathetic and alone.”
“Maybe I was once.” Dick feigned sweeping Dreadwing’s legs, only to swing a left hook at him, connecting the first punch of their fight. “Hell, maybe I still am. But I’m trying to be better. What are you trying to be?”
“What I need to be, better than you.” Dreadwing drew his escrima sticks and started to launch a flurry of blows. Dick jumped backwards to get out of his wild attacks, barely dodging in time.
“Starfire, how’s the rescue going?”
Starfire was flying above the troops, blasting the HIVE soldiers, trying to make some progress against their overwhelming numbers.
“I - ”
A blast from one of the tanks flew at her but she casually dodged it. “It’s going. Just hold on a little longer…”
She responded by launching a volley of starbolts back at them, having been ignoring them so far as they hadn’t shot at her yet. The tanks exploded into a burst of colors and flames as the surrounding HIVE soldiers worked on evacuating the area around the flaming tanks.
She flew down closer to the ground and swept the HIVE soldiers out of the area around Vic’s cell before blasting the door open with another starbolt.
“Victor Stone?” She asked.
“That’s me,” Cyborg said, whipping some of the dust off himself from the door’s explosion.
“Starfire,” she said, holding out a hand. “Or Koriand'r, or even just Kory. I’m not picky.”
“Nice to meet you, Kory. Don’t suppose you can handle the rest of… that?” Vic said, gesturing towards the small army of HIVE soldiers. “I think Dick could use a hand even if he wouldn’t admit it.”
Starfire looked over the army then nodded. “No problem. Honestly, I was doing that already. Take that guy down for me though. Can’t stand being in a cell like that, even if I knew I could break out…”
“Will do. Thanks!” Cyborg sprinted towards Nightwing and Dreadwing, still locked in combat, but with Dick fighting more defensively after Dreadwing drew his escrima sticks.
Starfire started to glow orange as she turned to face the HIVE soldiers. “Alright. Who’s up first?”
⚙ ⚙ ⚙ ⚙ ⚙
The rhythm was broken. Dick wasn’t losing per say, but ever since Dreadwing drew out his weapons, he was struggling to find an opening. Dreadwing’s technique was impeccable, but there was something else beyond that, something wild and primal that made him stronger, less predictable.
Dick was backing further and further back, trying to find an opening but everything was too tight. He’d go for a quick jab and be swatted off like he was a rookie, back in training. He’d go for a kick and take three blows in return for the one glancing strike he landed. He had to keep backing up, trading inches and feet that he was quickly running out of. The warehouse’s wall was still plenty far away, but he only had a couple of steps before he’d have backed into a giant wooden box.
A force shot rang out and Dreadwing turned around, narrowly blocking Cyborg's shot.
“This was a private event, Stone.”
“Weird, I’m fairly sure he’s on the list,” Nightwing said, taking advantage of the opening to punch at Dreadwing’s head, landing his first solid blow in many exchanges.
“Tsk. No problem. I can take you two together.”
“Maybe once…” Dick admitted. “But I’ve grown past that. And with a little trust… I think we’ll do just fine. What do you think, Cyborg?”
“Why not. What’s on your mind?”
“Remember our old Titans maneuvers? I’m thinking maneuver Tango 4!”
Cyborg raised an eyebrow, dodging out one of Dreadwing’s jabs. “We never actually used that one in a fight. You sure?”
“Just go with it. On your mark…”
“Go!” Vic shape shifted both of his arms into force cannons, laying down a volley of suppressive fire from all directions towards Dreadwing. Dreadwing started to block the shots, but quickly turned around when he saw Nightwing barrelling towards him.
“That’s your plan? Really? I expected more from -”
Before Dreadwing could react, Vic’s shots changed. Instead of many small, suppressive shots, two large blasts hit him directly, toppling Dreadwing to the ground.
“You know, I never used that plan in part because I could never give up the spotlight. But now… Now I realize we should have used that one way more. Either way, you’ve lost Dreadwing - give it up.”
He shook his head. “The battle maybe, but not the war. HIVE - fallback to rally point November 13!” Dreadwing then opened a pouch on his belt and pressed a small button.
The warehouse filled with smoke in an instant, then the fire came. Each of the crates burst into flames, filling the place with so much smoke Vic couldn’t even see his hands if he held them inches from his face.
“Cyborg, Starfire! Get out of here!” Nightwing shouted, before sprinting out himself.
“On it!” Cyborg and Starfire said, following after him.
About 15 seconds after they were out of the building, there was no building. The flames consumed all of the contents and weakened the walls to the point that the metal could no longer support itself. They were out, but so was HIVE. However they got out, they did. Not even a single grunt was found in the area, much to the trio’s confusion. “Well crap. Sorry we couldn’t stop them here,” Cyborg said.
“Don’t be,” Starfire said. “Not the first time we’ve seen them, not going to be the last. Hopefully they aren’t planning on sticking around in Detroit…”
Vic nodded. “I hope so too, but if they are, I know who to call.”
“Does that mean things are good between us?” Dick asked.
“No. Not yet. But things aren’t bad either. They’re… neutral.”
He shrugged. “I’ll take that. It’s progress.”
Vic reached out to him for a handshake, and he warmly accepted. “Good luck with everything. And if you need me, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’ll be there.”
“Thanks Vic,” Dick said. “That means more to me than you can know.”
<< < >
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2022.06.07 04:48 Dfchang813 Best Coil NG+ Run

Asking for community to help fill this out. I’m talking about the missable purple ones. Some are sold by merchants but I think there are quite a few given as quest rewards or drops from main quest, side quest, and even errand monsters.
These are the coils I really want to pick up every NG+ play through but your mileage may differ.
Here we go:
  1. Sharpshot Tear Damage +100%: TWO. Buy ONE from merchant in Scalding Spear and BUY ONE from merchant at The Bulwark.
  2. Stealth +25%: TWO. Buy ONE from merchant Scalding Spear. Loot ONE from Slitherfang boss in Kulrut main quest.
  3. Long Range Damage +25%: TWO. Buy BOTH from merchant at Thornmarsh.
  4. Close Range +25%. TWO. Buy ONE at Bulwark. Erend gives you ONE at the Base if you talk to him immediately after finishing the First Forge Side Quest BUT BEFORE beating the game and the final mission Singularity!!! Doing this Side Quest AFTER beating the game will miss the coil. Confirmed by SuperiorArachnid.
  5. Critical Hit Chance +15%. THREE. Buy ONE from the merchant at Arrowhand. Loot ONE from the Stormbird in Lofty Ambitions Side Quest. Get ONE as reward for fulfilling the Salvage Contract: Colleague and Key given to you by Danur in The Raintrace, Lowlands.
  6. Damage Over Time +25%. TWO. Buy BOTH from the merchant at Arrowhand.
  7. Draw Speed +25%. THREE. Buy ONE from the merchant at Hidden Ember. Buy ONE from the merchant at the Digsite near Legacy’s Landfall BEFORE entering Faro’s Tomb. Loot ONE off the Tideripper at the end of the Need to Know Side Quest.
NOTE: You can buy TWO from Abadund the merchant in Hidden Ember if you do so BEFORE you go into the sunken city for the first time. Visit him again after initiating the Boom or Bust Side Quest WHEN HE IS OUTSIDE and he will have restocked his coils. This will NOT work if you finish the Boom or Bust Side Quest and he has returned inside. This is likely a bug and may be patched in the future. Thanks to u/Mostropi for discovering the answer to this last great mystery in our definitive Coil Resource Guide!
  1. Knockdown Power +15%: TWO. Buy ONE from the merchant at Thornmarsh. Loot ONE from the Tideripper at the end of Main Quest Sea of Sands.
  2. Overdraw +15%: TWO. Buy ONE from the merchant at Thornmarsh. Loot ONE from the Slaughterspine miniboss at the end of Gemini Main Quest.
  3. Reload Speed +25%: TWO. Buy ONE from the merchant at Thornmarsh. Loot ONE from the Frostclaw mini boss at end of A Soldier’s March side quest.
  4. High Ground +25%. TWO. Buy ONE from the merchant at Thornmarsh. Loot ONE off Scorcher at end of Side Quest A Hunt to Remember.
  5. Component Tear +25%. ONE. Loot ONE from Dreadwing at end of Main Quest Seeds of the Past. No one has more than one of these. There may be only one in game until we have more info.
  6. Agility Damage +15%. TWO. Buy ONE from the merchant at The Bulwark. Loot ONE from the Shellsnapper at end of the Side Quest Burning Blooms.
  7. Concentration Damage +15%. ONE. Loot ONE off Scorcher at end of Side Quest What Was Lost.
BUT!!! due to bug or glitch you WILL NOT get this coil unless you loot the body BEFORE THE CUT SCENE PLAYS. I advise killing with silent strike so you are very close to body when it dies so you can immediately loot to beat the automatic cut scene from playing. If you can toggle loot button to immediate instead of hold would be great as well.
  1. BUY all Legendary Instants.
Arena: Instant Brittle Chance +3%, Instant Burning Chance +4%, Instant Explosion Chance +2%, Instant Plasma Blast Chance +4%
Thornmarsh: Instant Confused Chance +2%, Instant Corroding Chance +4%, Instant Drenched Chance +2%, Instant Slowed Chance +3%.
  1. Loot Spectre Prime at end of Main Quest Singularity for Instant Burning Chance +4%.
  2. Reward for Salvage Contract Pristine Bellowback given by Runda in Stillsands desert. Instant Corroding Chance +4%. Note: Reward will not flash on the screen but you will get it. Just check your inventory. Odd bug that seems to occur only on NG+.
I don’t find these coils particularly useful but for sake of thoroughness I’ll list them.
  1. Melee Follow Up +25%. FOUR. This would be the only 25% damage coil that exists 4 times so take from that what you will. Buy ONE from EACH merchant at Scalding Spear, Hidden Ember, and the Digsite BEFORE you enter Faro’s Tomb. Loot ONE from the Stormbird at end of Errand First to Fly.
NOTE: You can buy TWO from Abadund the merchant in Hidden Ember if you do so BEFORE you go into the sunken city for the first time. Visit him again immediately after beginning the Boom or Bust Side Quest WHEN HE IS OUTSIDE and he will have restocked his coils. It will not work after you finish the Boom or Bust side quest and he has returned inside. This is likely a bug and may be patched in the future. Thanks to u/Mostropi for discovering the answer to this last great mystery in our Definitive Coil Resource Guide!
  1. Knockdown Damage +25%. TWO. Buy ONE from the merchant at the Arena. Loot ONE from the Fireclaw at end of Side Quest Blood Choke.
NOTE 1: you can buy TWO from Arena merchant if you buy from her BEFORE doing Kulrut and then visit her again AFTER Kulrut. She will have restocked all her coils. This is likely a bug which may be patched in the future.
NOTE 2: If you keep at least ONE Rebel Soldier alive in the Blood Choke Side Quest, you can keep killing the Fireclaw, looting the Knockdown coil, leave, return, and kill the respawned Fireclaw for the coil again and again. If at any time you kill ALL the Rebels AND the Fireclaw, it will no longer respawn. This is a bug and may be patched in the future. Thanks to u/paristeta for discovering this amazing exploit. Only coil in the game so far you can do this with.
  1. Multiple Enemy Damage +25%. TWO. Buy BOTH from the merchant at the Arena.
NOTE: You can buy FOUR of these if you visit her BEFORE the Kulrut Main Quest and again AFTER the Kulrut. She will have restocked her coils. This is likely a bug that may be patched in the future.
  1. Aerial enemy damage +25%. TWO. Buy BOTH from the merchant at Legacy’s Landfall.
  2. Critical Damage +15%. THREE. Buy TWO from the merchant at Arrowhand. Loot ONE from the Apex Longleg in the Errand The Music in Metal.
  3. Explosive Damage +12%. TWO. Buy BOTH from the merchant in the Arena. But you can also farm these by killing apex predators as well.
NOTE: You can buy FOUR of these if you buy from her BEFORE the Kulrut Main Quest and then visit her again AFTER Kulrut. She will have restocked all her coils. This is likely a bug and may be patched in the future.
The following are coils dropped from machines fought at end of quests and errands. They are set loot and never vary. I’ve included them for the sake of being thorough but they are obsolete due to the existence of higher percentage coils and the possibility of NG+ to endlessly obtain the best versions of these coils. You can buy many of them at Merchants as well but majority are blue coils and I haven’t included merchants information here as I want to focus on on coils being dropped as set loot in quests and errands.
  1. Critical Hit Chance +10%. Loot from Grimhorn at end of Main Quest The Dying Lands.
  2. Drenched Enemy Damage +18%. Found in chest in campfire southeast of Arrowhand. Drakka leads you there en route to machine pen in Side Quest Thirst for the Hunt. Interestingly this is one of few unique coils to be found in a chest.
  3. Drenched Enemy Damage +18%. Loot from Dreadwing at end of Errand A Shining Example.
  4. Knockdown Damage +15%. Loot from dead Stormbird at top of tower end of Side Quest The Twilight Path.
  5. Reload Speed +15%. Loot from Widemaw at end of Side Quest A Tribe Apart.
  6. Shocked Enemy Damage +18%. Loot from Slitherfang you fight in beginning of Side Quest Forbidden Legacy.
  7. Burning Enemy Damage +18%. Loot from Apex Thunderjaw guarding the Digsite in Main Quest Faro’s Tomb.
  8. High Ground Damage +15%. Loot from Rockbreaker at end of Side Quest Breaking Even.
  9. Knockdown Power +10%. Loot from Stormbird at end of Side Quest Burden of Command.
  10. Long Range Damage +15%. Loot from Thunderjaw at end of Side Quest Burden of Command.
  11. Melee Follow Up +15%. Loot from Thunderjaw at end of Side Quest Thirst for the Hunt.
  12. Stealth Damage +15%. Loot from Apex Clawstrider at end of Errand The Oldgrowth.
  13. Concentration Damage +10%. Loot from Tremortusk at end of Main Quest Broken Sky.
  14. Draw Speed +15%. Loot from Rollerback at end of Side Quest Opening the Arena.
  15. Draw Speed +15%. Reward for completing Salvage Contract: Plowhorns and Plants given by Handa in The Greenswell.
  16. Component Tear +15%. Loot from Shellsnapper at end of Side Quest Boom or Bust.
  17. Component Tear +15%. Reward from Handa for completing Salvage Contract: Ravager Cannon in the Greenswell.
  18. Plasma and Shock +12%. Loot from Asera at end of Rebel Camp First Forge.
  19. Overdraw +10%. Chest at the Base after finishing Cradle of Echoes. Zo will let you know chest has been refilled.
  20. Close Range Damage +15%. Chest at the Base after finishing Cradle of Echoes. Zo will let you know chest has been refilled.
  21. Close Range Damage +15%. Loot from the Stormbird in the Side Quest The Second Verse.
  22. Agility Damage +10%. Loot from Thunderjaw in Side Quest Valley of the Fallen.
  23. Overdraw Damage +10%. Loot from Tremortusk in Side Quest Valley of the Fallen.
  24. Shock +7%. Loot from Grudda, Regalla's Champion after defeating him outside Barren Light.
  25. Shock +7%. Reward for completing Salvage Contract: Convoy Ambush given by Larend in Barren Light.
  26. Fire +7%. Reward for completing Salvage Contract: Alarm Antennas given by Larend in Barren Light.
  27. Acid and Fire +12%, All Defense +3%, Ranged Defense +8%, Plasma Defense +13%, Shocked Enemy Damage +12% THREE OF EACH. 1. Cauldron Gemini. Legendary Chest in hallway right before entering room to fight Slaughterspine in Gemini. It is only there on way back and it is missable. Entering the arena will trigger an Energy shield that will permanently block your way back. 2. Cauldron Gemini. Legendary Chest IN the arena where you fight the Slaughterspine. 3. In the restockable chest at the Base AFTER completing Main Quest Gemini.
NOTE: I find it very odd that you would get the exact same chest contents all in Gemini or at the Base after finishing Gemini. None of the coils are that good and this may be a bug that will be patched in the future.
Thanks again and hope this is useful for those trying to road map a quick and efficient NG+ run while picking up the best coils in game.
HUGE UPDATE. THANKS TO TRIPLEHBKANE the location of the third Critical Hit +15% coil has been found and confirmed by me via YouTube. It is a reward for completing the Colleague and Key Salvage Contract given by Danur in the Raintrace, Lowlands.
HUGE UPDATE 2: Found this myself!! High Ground Damage +25% loot Scorcher at end of A Hunt to Remember Sidequest!!! Whoohooo!!!
HUGE UPDATE 3: Big Thanks to Crasp27 for confirming that you need to kill Scorcher in Side Quest What Was Lost BEFORE CUT SCENE to get Concentration Damage +15%. Excellent work!!
submitted by Dfchang813 to horizon [link] [comments]

2022.05.08 18:53 Morsk4ziv Dreadwing location

I need Dreadwing parts for an upgrade. The internet says there is one just north of LATOPOLIS. I can't seem to find it there. There are a bunch of longlegs and hippos instead. What am I missing? Thank you!
Edit: thank you all for the help. It spawns only after a certain point in the story. I have not reached that yet.
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2022.04.28 06:08 youknowiactafool Apex Dreadwing

I'm at the location near the arena with the stormbird/dreadwing spawn at the mountain top. It's night and I switched difficulty to very hard. Still am only seeing a regular dreadwing. Not apex.
I'm at story mission Gemini. Am I not going to have an apex dreadwing spawn until after the story?
Really wanted the utaru winterweave armor now, kinda sucks it's gated this way.
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2022.04.26 20:52 awkwardtsunami When do you benefit from being able to override larger machines?

I can't think of a time when I've found a use for overriding a Slaughterspine or Thunderjaw. You can override one of the two Tremortusks in that icy location, but there's the risk of explosive damage destroying components you need. You could I guess also override the Stormbird or Dreadwing in the mountains... but apart from that? It wasn't much more useful in the previous game either.
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2022.04.20 01:42 Hares123 Unusual Double Encounters (HFW)

There are certain machines sites that can spawn two heavyweight machines where most of the cases there is only one. For example, the Shellsnapper site near the Standstills (desert for Las Vegas) can sometimes spawn two of them. Another example is one of the Fireclaws site on the marshes, where two can spawn (only seen this on video)... But there might be another one for the Slaughterspine.
In this video the first battle is of two Slaughterspines in the marked location near the memorial island and the boat that takes you to the Isle of Spires. I have never seen two of them there and I usually go there to fight it... It might be because Im on PS4 and this is PS5 footage so I want to ask any PS5 players here. Has this ever happened to you? Have you seen other sites with two stormbirds or two Dreadwings?
By the way, I do know of the Dreadwing+Stormbird combo.
submitted by Hares123 to horizon [link] [comments]