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2023.06.04 18:46 smoshylumb8 Girl I met unadded me as a friend on snapchat after I talked with her

I'm looking for some advice. Last night I went to the bar with some friends and started dancing for fun and this girl said I was a great dancer. I started talking to her and she kept talking and also touched me on the arm a few times, and it seemed like we were having a good conversation and I added her on snapchat. After that, I said what my last name was and then she said what her last name was because we were both Italian people with Italian last names, then I kept messing up the pronunctuation because it was really loud in the bar from the music, and tried to keep it light and teases her by pronouncing it slightly differently. And then she caught on to that and she's like "you're messing with me now" and walked over to her friend and she's like "he's messing with me" and they both walked away without saying anything. Did I do someone wrong here? I didn't think she would get offended if I mispronounced her name as a joke because we were having a good conversation.
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2023.06.04 18:46 Just_me_andmystuff Kind of immoral but way more efficient alternative to the Shrine of Resurrection

So during the Calamity, when Link is wounded/died, he is placed in the Shrine of resurrection for recovery. This takes 100 years. However, I got thinking, wouldn't it be more efficient to let this link die and wait for a new reincarnation? Hear me out: How long could it possibly take, every time a hero is needed a new one pops up. We just wait for a new kid and train him. As for how we figure out if the kid's the right one, just send them near the korok forest, see if they come back with the sword. Of course this would be immoral, but surely more efficient than waiting 100 years.
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Contact JahCoin#5396 - Or join https://discord.gg/mw2lobbies if interested!
What can this be used for? - Boosting your mw2 stats - Levelling up any guns - Maxing out all your weapons easily - No grind needed for your camos easily obtian gold, platinum, Polyatomic and Orion with just a few games
How does it work? - All bots are run off PS5s, and are completely safe to play against. - They'll stand more or less still, moving periodically to avoid AFK timers. - They'll fire randomly, but never attack you. - It's completely safe for you. All the kills and stats you get in game will count as if it were a real match.
NORMAL / SHIPMENT BOT LOBBY PRICES: - 1 Bot Lobby - $7 - 3 Bot Lobbies - $20 - 5 Bot Lobbies - $29 - 10 Bot Lobbies - $57 - 20 Bot Lobbies - $105 - 50 Bot Lobbies - $240
LONGSHOT BOT LOBBY PRICES: - 1 Longshot Bot Lobby - $11 - 3 Longshot Bot Lobbies - $30 - 5 Longshot Bot Lobbies - $47 - 10 Longshot Bot Lobbies - $87 - 20 Longshot Bot Lobbies - $165
NUKE SERVICE - Get the calling card, skin, and emblem! - $85 - ( will need account details, can be done in ~a day )
RULES / MUST READ - 1.If there is another player running around Do Not Kill! They are not a bot, bots will all have the same operator for easy identification! - 2.Never use any Player Killing kill-streaks! Replace your streaks for a UAV and Advanced UAV only! This is going to help speed up your kills and tracking of the players. Do not use counter UAVs, SAEs, Chopper Gunners, VTOLs, Ect. You may effect the lobby of the another person. - 3.Equip a grenade! Equip a Tactical Insert! Equip Scavenger Perk for ammunition. Equip Eagle Eye! When you have 20-25 kills (shortly after an advanced UAV is recommended so you don't accidently NUKE), place a Tactical Insert near the spawn to avoid running around and run 15 feet to kill yourself, and pull your standard grenade and hold in hand until it blows. - 4.Never use nuke! Nuke will end the game, and nuke is a high risk of being banned. You may be penalized one game if you call in a nuke.
Notice of how to play: Domination: Spawn and capture your nearest flag. Avoid B. Run to their spawn and murder! Capturing B will cause the game to end faster. This is at your own cost!
Discord: JahCoin#5396 - Discord with Vouches: https://discord.gg/mw2lobbies
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2023.06.04 18:46 Kortekk June bug shells = grubs problem?

June bug shells = grubs problem?
Seeing lots of shedded June bug shells in my lawn -- does this automatically mean I will have a grub problem?
If so, when would be the best time to apply a grub control product? Google results say late summer to fall, but that seems counterintuitive if there is an issue right now
Any input would be appreciated!
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2023.06.04 18:46 Loose-Ad873 So I wasn't aware of the romance system

Had my eye on Julien. Kept giving him flowers and pretty much anything I thought he could like and I wouldn't miss too much. Heard the chimes intensify and things were going the right way, I thought. Imagine my excitement when the dragon announced Aelinor as my beloved instead (as a s/f). Thought it was a bug so no biggie. Fought the dragon. Came home to her in my bedroom. At this point my brain got an error but i was determined to fix my romance. Dumped her in the ocean (sorry El) so I could romance the Knight in shining armor. Never found him because apparently he ran away from me long ago. Hugest sigh. Now I'm stuck with a pointless murder on my mind & aware I was supposed to beat him up instead to romance him (???). It was awkward and a bit disappointing in the end but great game nonetheless. I'll play it again in NG+ with better decisions next time.
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2023.06.04 18:46 metaljesusrocks We had a fantastic time in Bend & Crater Lake Oregon! Found some cool games, met amazing people and I can't wait to go back. And I really, really want that Blockbuster NES 😍 VIDEO >> https://youtu.be/u738xv7_aXk

We had a fantastic time in Bend & Crater Lake Oregon! Found some cool games, met amazing people and I can't wait to go back. And I really, really want that Blockbuster NES 😍 VIDEO >> https://youtu.be/u738xv7_aXk submitted by metaljesusrocks to MetalJesus [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 18:46 didyoumentionfood Note to myself and universe.

I do not know why I am being like this. It's been a year. I should be good like everyone said. I should have healed. I should be able to entertain a thought of a new person.
I can not do this anymore. I don't want to live like this. I tried to kill myself last night. Thought of ruining your hajj like this dad. I could not do it. You hate me already for ruining your reputation. I was a good kid! It was one mistake just trusting one wrong person. I regret the day when i listened to my guy friends to go ahead and approach that selfish and heartless person. How was I suppose to know some boys don't become men ever. They'll always need a wali themselves. I cannot spend time in my own house without being reminded of him sitting there. I was happiest. How can one treat someone who loves them, respects them and would mold their world for them just so they could find the comfort they are looking for. I was just a body to lust afterall
I cannot even complain to Allah to punish you for this pain im in. I cannot undo all the countless prayers i did for your comfort and peace. I wish i could tell you and make you understand that i am in mental and physical pain. While you are living your life like nothing happened. You married someone within months. You decided to marry someone while you were in touch with me. You kept me on hook while you are married. Some part of me thought you wouldn't turn out be such a spinless person. You would come back to me. All those fake words of values, culture and integrity. You have non. You are exactly the guy you use to look down on.You are worse than the guys you judged. They did those things to someone in that bullshit. I should have never left the house just cause i was scared you cause a scene standing outside my house like that. You made me the women who I would never respect. There was suppose to be only one guy for life. You corrupted me for your fun. Fuck I do it myself just to get you back. How low can I fall. I hate myself. I hate how I look. Want to burn this face and body that made you wanted to use me and just let go. I want to die and never be found by my family. I have my parents on verge of divorce cause i fucked their family life up. I never wanted this to be public. Why didnt you listen dad? You'll never get to read this. But i'm sorry. It was one mistake. I did everything right! Everything that you approve of. Be proud of. I never wanted to cause you this pain. Mom didn't cause this. I never should have done this.
I wish i could just say this to someone. All those friends. Not a single one I could talk to. I don't like it when someone else calls him names. WTF IS WRONG WITH ME........
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2023.06.04 18:46 Ok-Train5382 Rental price increase, delayed landlord response

Hi all.
So our letting agent has asked us to let them know if we want to renew our tenancy. Current one ends 31st July. We have responded that we are happy to but will need to know what, if any, rent increase there is. That was a couple weeks ago now.
From dealing with our landlord before I assume the agent is having a difficult time getting ahold of her. What I’m concerned about is, if it takes the agent another month to get in contact with the landlord, we might not have enough time to find a new place to live if the increase is extortionate.
If we are only notified of the potential increase early/mid July; do we have any legal standing to request longer to find alternative accommodation or do we still have to move out by the end of July?
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2023.06.04 18:46 tacky_pear How to get Resourceful and Patron?

So I've been playing stellaris for a while and I met the requirements for Resourceful and for Patron many many many times. They never unlock however, does anyone have any idea why?
(obviously playing in ironman mode)
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2023.06.04 18:46 terminator_chic What are the next steps here?

My feelings are everywhere, so my flair should be more of a scrolling billboard of most of the options. Also this is really long, I hope I can make it palatable.
I probably have ADHD and autism. Obviously undiagnosed for both. I've been fighting my entire life to be heard, to get help, to get a diagnosis or support or just someone who will truely listen to me and hear what I'm trying to express. My childhood/genetic family is pretty much all in the same boat as me, so they've understood but are no help. As a result, my mental health has been slowly declining for decades and I had a breakdown last autumn that I'm still recovering from.
So over the weekend my way NT husband and I had a thing. Like up all night, tears, talking, doing everything to really really be heard. Oh my goodness we had a breakthrough! We've been together almost twenty years and finally, a single person I'm not related to really hears me and understands what I'm trying to communicate! For the first time in my entire life.
I already am on anxiety and depression meds thanks to the breakdown. I'm seeing a therapist regularly about those issues. I have an assessment scheduled through the same place as my therapist and they know I think it's ADHD, but could be something else, so we'll see what they think I need to be assessed for. I also did some decent online assessments (I've done plenty, this was something husband wanted to see and I love taking them) and I tested very high probably for both. I knew that of course.
So now what? If I tell my therapist next week that I think I'm autistic, I'm guessing based on past experience that it will be brushed under the rug like it usually is. Do I message my therapist and ask if my husband can join our next session so we can let her know about our weekend and what's happened? Do I need to go find a place that specializes in autism? I'm so lost.
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2023.06.04 18:46 EvenRent7600 Moved to another state and hate it

I am school right now finishing pre-read for the trade school I’m going to next year but working these jobs in between has been HORRIBLE. I literally hate it here but I have a beautiful apartment with nothing in it yet. I’m afraid of purchasing a whole bunch of stuff and then I end up saying I want to go somewhere else in the middle of my lease and not have enough money. I do not know where I want to be and who I am but I don’t like the way I feel right now and want to start over.
I even asked family members would they move here and they said no but as soon as I say I think it’s time for me to go to and they tell me I might as well stay here. These people out here do not accept LGBT/Blacks and extremely passive aggressive out here.
I want out but I’m afraid.
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2023.06.04 18:46 OnlyConference2512 Looks Good!

Looks Good!
I guess this is what happens when the network engineers at T-Mobile decided to experiment with pairing old Sprint N41 5G and 2x2 of old Sprint B25 LTE together on an older sprint keep site with upgraded T-Mobile equipment and I must say it looks good. Download speed is very similar to other N41 sites in my area but the upload speed is about 2 to 3 times what I usually can achieve on my Pixel 6a when N41 is paired with either B2 or B4/B66 LTE. Usually only get around 25 to 30 up. I bet it has something to do with the extra G blocks of B25 as there's probably less congestion and interference up there considering all the other major carriers here use B2 also.
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2023.06.04 18:46 awkwardly-awkwarded With blurry view and teary eyes, i left the exam hall

This is not a rant. I just wanna share this to all the aspirants who'd be giving exams next year or a year after.
It's a weird feeling, a sense of hollowness, emptiness that makes you calm down and look back at all those days you could have studied or to those days where you put 110 percent of yourself just lose at the end.
My mains percentile would get me nothing but maybe few state colleges, I won't be even near to the cut off of jee advanced. Two years that I spent, waiting for this day just passed by infront of my eyes....and that hurts. All those moments flashing back to my head while I was trying to solve questions during the exam. The whole journey back to home on the bike, I cried.
I am nothing, maybe a failure, you can say. But this is something i wanna say to all the 24tards and 25tards from my heart.
1) DONNOT DO IT IF YOU ARE NOT SERIOUS ABOUT IT OR DOING IT JUST IN PEER PRESSURE. These two years makes you get connected with an exam you never wanted to give on the first hand. I know its just a paper, there's various things that value way more than than this. But when you keep yourself associated to it for so long you slowly get attached to it. And trust me, it's gonna hurt you.
2) If you are really serious about it...then be serious about it. Consistency and health is the key. I didn't have both. My health detoriated and I kept ignoring. This was the biggest reason I couldn't be consistent even after becoming enough serious about it.
3) To all those who are gonna take a drop (like me), you are brave. Trust me you are. To chose a path that takes hardwork, patience and lots of struggles from your side is a sign that you are a warrior. I am proud of you. Just know that there are still things that matter way more than this. Life is unexpected, so make sure to take time for yourself as well while you grind for 2024.
Thanks for reading :)
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2023.06.04 18:45 AdRepresentative5457 Lunch Boxes & Chocklit Cows + Vol. 2 lossless

good day everyone!! new to this reddit sub forum. long time Manson fan, lost my digital collection a while ago and I'm just starting to get back into it. also buying some items I still don't have in my collection and stuff. having a lot of fun looking for stuff and listening to material I hadn't thought about in years!!
I've been looking for lossless rips of the first spooky kids collection scott released, but all I find are dead torrents. also wanna know if a lossless of Vol 2 exists? I think I remember having it but I can't say for sure. of not can I get a link for the best quality version available?
thanks in advance!
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2023.06.04 18:45 fitznerd What to charge as flat rate?

Hi guys, I no longer nanny but I keep in good contact with the previous families I nanny with. One of them wants me to come with them on their annual vacation. They want to know what I would charge as a flat rate. They cover flight and food and it sounds like it’ll be a very relaxed job. Mainly just waking G4 up in the morning and getting her ready for the day by 11am. Then potentially watching her for a few date nights. They welcomed me to come along the holiday activities they’re doing but also acknowledged that I would want to venture out on my own. No additional responsibilities such as food prep or cleaning as they will do all of that. The vacation would be a total of 12 days.
A few extra things I feel I should add, I live in a completely different state now. Which would either require me to drive 5 hours to board the plane with them or make arrangements to get to the airport where I’m at. When I worked for them I was making 22hr in a MCOL area. They gave me bonuses throughout the year and even given me money long after I wasn’t their nanny.
Doing this vacation has no affect on my income as I’m an independent artist and create my own schedule. If anything regardless of what I charge I’d be making more money in the end. I do believe I’ll have a lot of independent time on this trip as I have done other activities with this family and they have always been good about taking over for their child versus leaving it all on me. Overall this is a family I enjoy being around. Since I’ve moved I’ve come up and seen them a few times on my visit and consider them pretty good friends.
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2023.06.04 18:45 Lost-Lu Biggest gut punch of the film. Imagine the hurt... Especially at that age.

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2023.06.04 18:45 ApprehensiveFault743 43M [chat] looking to meet new people

Hi there. I enjoy meeting new people, but most of my days I’m stuck at work and spend a lot of time alone. So I’ve decided to put myself out there and see if I can make new chat friends.
I enjoy getting outdoors, working in the soil, going hiking and going to the beach. Work has been a bit busy lately and I’ve fallen off a bit with my fitness. I’ve got to get back to running and working out.
Do you like to get outdoors? Did you watch Succession? Any idea of what to watch next? If not, what do you do for fun?
That’s not a whole lot about me, but it’s a start. I’m looking for someone to chat about pretty much anything. So if that sounds like you and any of this catches your attention, feel free to message me.
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2023.06.04 18:45 AlSweigart 2,000 free sign ups available for the "Automate the Boring Stuff with Python" online course. (June 2023)

If you want to learn to code, I've released 2,000 free sign ups for my course following my Automate the Boring Stuff with Python book (each has 1,000 sign ups, use the other one if one is sold out):
Udemy has changed their promo code and severely limited the number of sign ups I can provide each month, so only sign up if you are reasonably certain you can eventually finish the course. The first 15 of the course's 50 videos are free on YouTube if you want to preview them.
YOU CAN ALSO WATCH THE VIDEOS WITHOUT SIGNING UP FOR THE COURSE. All of the videos on the course webpage have "preview" turned on. Scroll down to find and click "Expand All Sections" and then click the preview link. You won't have access to the forums and other materials, but you can watch the videos.
NOTE: Be sure to BUY the course for $0, and not sign up for Udemy's subscription plan. The subscription plan is free for the first seven days and then they charge you. It's selected by default. If you are on a laptop and can't click the BUY checkbox, try shrinking the browser window. Some have reported it works in mobile view.
Sometimes it takes an hour or so for the code to become active just after I create it, so if it doesn't work, go ahead and try again a while later.
Some people in India and South Africa get a "The coupon has exceeded it's maximum possible redemptions" error message. Udemy advises that you contact their support if you have difficulty applying coupon codes, so click here to go to the contact form. If you have a VPN service, try to sign up from a North American or European proxy.
I'm also working on another Udemy course that follows my recent book "Beyond the Basic Stuff with Python". So far I have the first 15 of the planned 56 videos done. You can watch them for free on YouTube.
Side note: My latest book, Python Programming Exercises Gently Explained is a set of 42 programming exercises for beginners for free or as a 99 cent ebook.
Frequently Asked Questions: (read this before posting questions)
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2023.06.04 18:45 Pure_Life_ Flight Credit

I have a $500 flight credit expiring in a week and trying to book a last minute vacation. I had a flight picked out and called but the agent informed me I could not fly economy since the original flight was main cabin (I have to purchase a main cabin ticket to use my flight credit). This added considerably to the cost. Plus because I was looking at a particular flight it was apparently holding my seats in inventory and the price went up $100 by the time I called in. So the flight I had picked out would end up being over $200 more. So I am going back to the drawing board and looking at a few other options, and will reserve/hold the tickets before calling the agent. (I understand if you're using a flight credit the best way to book is by calling). So asking advice:
My flight credits expire on June 15. Is there anything else I should be concerned with as far as using these credits? Any other ways AA will try to squeeze more money from me? Can I wait until the day before the credits expire, to book? I want to wait and watch prices., deciding between two destinations.
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2023.06.04 18:45 Wonderful_Bad6531 I missed everything🤦 😂😅 at least i have my bucket .

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2023.06.04 18:45 CacheValue The guy who had a house alarm go off and a door break down on a no zombies spawn map - did he watch the Dog Goblin VHS?

If so it makes me wonder if what broke into that house was the dog goblin and that now the dog goblin is in his world with him and makes me wonder if the Dog Goblin is real and what happens if you say it three times?
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2023.06.04 18:45 LMF5000 How can I monitor LeafSpy remotely over WiFi?

I have the Leaf in the garage and a simple system to use it to power the house in emergencies (basically a suitably-fused 12V inverter across the leaf's "starter" battery. Inverter's output then feeds the house via a transfer switch). There is WiFi in the garage (powered by the house or the leaf).
I'd like to be able to track real-time battery info like SoC and discharge rate. LeafSpy does exactly what I need - the question is, how can I read the LeafSpy data from the house? The bluetooth signal from the OBD dongle isn't an option because the stone walls are too thick and the garage is too far away.
So far I've managed to do it by putting a spare android tablet in the car to run LeafSpy and connect to the OBD dongle, and used airdroid to remote-access the tablet over WiFi to see the leafspy readings. It worked ok but is quite a clunky workaround. Surely there's a better way? For example I see "server" settings in LeafSPY - can that somehow do what I'm trying to do?
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