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we love jeffy from sml

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This is a fan page for the YouTuber SML. Share some thoughts on the guy, share art, and just talk to other fans. Political Opinions are banned and will be deleted.

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This subreddit is dedicated to providing a space for people who would like to post their own potential DEATH BATTLE! matchups for people to see and debate over. This sub is meant for simple matchups, or talking about what would be the best matchups for characters. If you would like more detailed match-ups, we recommend whowouldwin . However if your goal is simply to start a quick debate, this is the place to go!

2023.06.08 09:11 Unlikely-Coffee-3077 creepypasta sml movie lost episode bowser jr's death

just recently i have a lost sml movie DVD that has words SML MOVIE LOST EPISODE 2013 written in black sharpie what is weird is sml movie didn't exist until 2019 i found the DVD on big w for 20 dollars i won't give the seller
after waiting in 20 minutes late at night i was wrong
the DVD started off with a blue screen with a text saying the following episode of sml movie called bowser jr's death has caused people to have extreme nightmares and suicide watch at your own risk then the DVD menu appeared with Play All Episodes and Extras then click play all button the message stayed for 30 seconds but i convinced it
the episode started with no opening theme like any normal episode Marvin Jeffy and other puppet express crew were nowhere to be in seen bowser jr was still there the episode was pretty bad the episode looked like the ghost and the molly mcgee episode ice princess after this 2 minutes the screen went black
at this point there was no music stuff gets creppy
i was very upset how could Logan Thirtyacre let this go i continued to watch it
could see the ghost figure after the blur went away
it was molly mcgee
yes it was indeed molly mcgee one of the favourite characters from ghost and the molly mcgee i was very shocked
molly said something he started slashing bowser jr with a kitchen mouth blood was seen after 4 minutes of molly mcgee stabbing bowser jr's stomach bowser jr died hyper animated image of of dead bowser jr mixed in molly mcgee evil laughing the episode ended the DVD menu reappears with a message was Kenya i couldn't translate it because words are written
i turned off the DVD and burned it in dad's bonfire she is big fan of sml movie and i don't want to rest of the life
after watching this episode and it turns out episdoe was aired on YouTube in January 2021 which i believe this episode was aired in season 2 but it aired on Nickelodeon that sml movie didn't play because sml movie is not for kids it is also report it
that in 3 o clock for a regular sml movie episode
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2023.06.08 08:16 Unlikely-Coffee-3077 creepypasta not long enough sml movie lost episode

creepypasta not long enough sml movie lost episode
until recently it was Logan Thirtyacre during the dead tails doll who found the dead tails doll video it was summer of 2019 and sml movie had premiered
Logan working on 2 shows he was working on another episode he saw no reason make a digital copy the episode was called Not Long Enough
the episode started with bowser jr and Jeffy they were going they knocked the door and a alien he took the box he open it took a knife out and stabbed himself
the planet express crew didn't to see one to be in upset Marvin and Jeffy angry at bowser jr music was loud walked the empty street bowser jr gave up with his friends
he had frozen and began to cry the crying went for a minutes he entered the building bowser jr went on the tube set the timer on it when it came back as parts of bowser jr were decaying
in a place there were shapes and colours it was closer bowser jr started walking he was void he kept walking for a few minutes after his long walk bowser jr found a page on the ground it was photo of Marvin and Jeffy bowser jr looked at it for a few seconds before beginning to cry again the picture soon returns into the sand and bowser jr continued walking
the view zoomed out and turned to solid black his frozen body had fallen out and he was lying in an abandoned room he was drawn in animated style as tails doll's corpse from the tails doll movie dead tails doll
Marvin and Jeffy walked into the room they saw bowser jr had done to himself and Marvin said he got what he deserved
she took a knife put it in cardboard box and headed to the sports car
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2023.06.05 20:25 piccrewmak Top 10 times I wasted time

10 when I did your mom
9 when I didn’t have fu.
8 when I watched paint dry
7 when I watched the classic sml video Jeffy watches paint dry
6 when I hung out with you before I realized you aren’t cool
5 all the times that I did things that I didn’t want to do
4 every time
3 being born
2 when I did the last thing you did for the first time
1 when I decided to write the tip 10 times I wasted time
10 when I did your mom
9 when I didn’t have fu.
8 when I watched paint dry
7 when I watched the classic sml video Jeffy watches paint dry
6 when I hung out with you before I realized you aren’t cool
5 all the times that I did things that I didn’t want to do
4 every time
3 being born
2 when I did the last thing you did for the first time
1 when I decided to write
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2023.06.04 02:54 BercoTV I noticed a plot hole while watching SML Movie: Jeffy's Summer Detention!

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2023.06.03 06:26 FroyoRound SML Premake Idea: Jeffy's Gamer Girl Problem!

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2023.06.02 03:57 Shadow_Pikachu726 NO WAY THEY ACTUALLY DID THIS

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2023.06.02 02:51 Jaden_Playz1 I dont get it? is it goodman is mad or jeffys butler 2

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2023.05.31 23:49 Severe-Station-4898 SML Is Becoming Unwatchable

Logan Thirtyacre, the creator of the SuperMarioLogan...his channel is becoming incredibly unwatchable for the last few years and months for me and others. The show with puppets used to be very creative and heartwarming with Bowser Junior and Mario being relatable characters, having emotional and comedic stories with likable characters, and being its own unique brand.
But ever since Jeffy came, Logan has focused less on making the show for everyone, and more on filling his pockets with money. Let's take a look at what makes SML incredibly painful to watch nowadays. The characters never learn or grow, the jokes and comedy is overused to death, the plots and cliches also never change, but ultimately, Logan Thirtyacre does NOT care.
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2023.05.31 02:18 bloodyowl666 Rocketboy BOY film studio

Rocketboy BOY film studio
Hey I made a series I know it not sml but I'm thinking about adding a jeffy camo
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2023.05.30 20:46 1241O OG SuperMarioLogan/SML videos (ft. Deleted + lost videos)

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2023.05.30 16:55 Murky-Prize-90 SML used to be good before Jeffy came?

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2023.05.28 01:37 SquareLukester SML Movie: Jeffy's Gamer Girl Problem!

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2023.05.28 00:12 bigchip4 Mac's Rap Battles #2

Jeffy: my name is Jeffy so I can see the shirt but let me tell you like watching Brian's a bad father this probably going to hurt. When I step on track and when I watch you hide your true self I say why do that? You can handle these blows but I'm going to stab a pencil in your nose and you won’t know. Your Modern episodes now are about as funny old cutaway scenes but I left this Kid after season 3 finished like green bean canned.
Stewie: look common sense is something this dumbass can’t learn. But your entire fan base was like SML in Feb. 2021 crashed and burned but it’s time to do what Logan's job and leave this fucker burned and put ashes in urn. Make like Louis and go die and more importantly for these disses here’s how I describe your personality in one sentence “why are you like this?” I'm playing this puppet like Rupert, a toy, but this raps made you a really bad boy.
Jeffy: “You said I was a bad boy?” AHHH! Are you fucking high?! Seth has to be on meth if he thinks Ted 2 was funny I’ll smash this football head like an egg call me the Easter Bunny, Daddy! In this fight I'm Chad you make America Dad sad. In this fight I was the best. Looking like my reject Daddy and Uncle Luigi by the way you're dressed but it’s looking I killed a Million ways in this west. I will teach that the Simpsons. Over your shitshow is Best nothing about your ego says you have brain but time to bring the pain!
Stewie: you're the goddamn puppet, but your lines are poorly sewed, and your disses hardly tickled who do you think I am Elmo? Your channel’s humor makes me sick! Sick! You're like Joe’s actor, an annoying tick! Flow straight out of the baby bottle it never dries out but by 2017 all fans over 15 had left and died out! Looks like this dumbass bit off more than he could chew but looks like you're just a piece of Apu's Poo!

Who Won?

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2023.05.26 03:23 ItsEdgyYT these sml imitators arent smart

these sml imitators arent smart
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2023.05.22 22:39 Yogurt-Infamous My thoughts on modern Sml and cody nowadays?

Well let me make this a bit short or long by saying after how old sml was like it was good and better and lot more funny and drama but nowadays modern sml is just not as good or as funny as it is anymore.. and the characters just been out of character mostly of the Marvin cody torture and let's not forget that Brooklyn guy has been quite overused in every some episodes and always rude and sarcastic at times especially to rose when it's her voice or her being stupid or dumb especially when she's always on jeffy's side and not on mario or Marvin's side even though the episodes are ok or put into effort some of them just hasn't been long episodes as it anymore and almost with the same plot or jokes and etc and jr has gone out of character and making fun of cody and his own mother getting into trouble and lying and finding ways to be quite annoying at least his voice sounds a little deeper or lower pitched since he's 14 and Joseph is ok but times he's kinda too poor and likes to hang out with jr and gets offended when some people mentioned his skin color and jeffy has gone completely out of character and gotten even more very stupid and ridiculous than before oh yea cody hasn't been much the same ever since he's nowadays as a punching bag treated like a doormat and etc plus he's getting too much bad luck at times but not to know that some of the characters are usually out of character and there hasn't been any old characters ever since like peach and Luigi
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2023.05.22 11:26 Turboz002 SML Movie Idea: Jeffy's Rumor!

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2023.05.20 04:13 FroyoRound SML Idea: Jeffy Saves Blue Sky Studios

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2023.05.18 20:07 Severe-Station-4898 Ranking The Classic Vs. Modern SML Characters

Welcome to me ranking the classic counterparts of old SML characters vs. ranking the puppet human versions, and the newer versions of the characters. Ranking the older versions to the modern versions. So, Junior, Cody, Joseph, Rose, Mario, Jeffy, Bowser, Black Yoshi, and so on.
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2023.05.17 02:49 FroyoRound SML Idea: Jeffy's Clone 2: Electric Boogaloo

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2023.05.15 00:38 FroyoRound SML Perfect Video Idea: Jeffy's Old Dad!

SML Perfect Video Idea: Jeffy's Old Dad!

“Jeffy's Old Dad” is is the upcoming episode of SML Movies. It is sequel to “Jeffy's New Dad!”.


Mario is back!


This episode starts with Jeffy in the dinner table room and telling his father Marvin that he wants to chocolate cake. Marvin gives him a plate of green beans instead. Jeffy screams at him saying he doesn't like green beans. Marvin, like many times before, he have to eat green beans instead, and Marvin and Rose leave.

Later, Jeffy all done the green beans, as Jeffy receives chocolate cake to eat, who’s inside the cake, successfully got himself inside, only to be covered by a cake, terrifying Jeffy. Jeffy chases. They fall down in bathtub. A man revelaed Mario! Jeffy says "Daddy? what are you doing here?".

Mario telling an backstory about contract with Nintendo is terminated and his pleas to save Mario from losing his position weren't good enough and leaves with Mario's hat. Mario starts crying and says that he dosen't want to be his old self anymore. Brooklyn T. Guy, now in his doctor's outfit, also states that Mario is no longer allowed to be Jeffy's dad and wants to send Jeffy to foster care. Mario won't allow it but negotiates plastic surgery. Jeffy says "You're my long lost daddy? Mario says "yes". Jeffy hugs to Mario, Jeffy says "You came back! I miss you so much." Jeffy and Mario laughing, Then, they grew some bonds and because of friends as long lost father and son. We then see a montage of them getting trampoline, rides rollercoaster and going to see a movie.

Marvin and Rose appears, And they, Marvin and Rose surprises Jeffy and Mario. Marvin says "what are you doing in my house?". Mario telling his plastic surgery. Jeffy telling watch an movie with long lost father. Marvin agreed.

Meanwhile, Butler says "I have a situation, Mario have an return without Nintnedo terminated" Mr. Goodman angry and they have an ride the car and fast like Furious 7.

Marvin and Rose have stay back realize and enjoy. Marvin decides needs help instead. Joy (Napping Princess) then arrives and Marvin shows him what happened to Jeffy. Joy telling an awesome story. Mr. Goodman arrives at Marvin's house and gives her a brief explanation of how broken the Nintendo termianted. Marvin and Rose gets hitted by Mr. Goodman. Mr. Goodman calls police. Brooklyn Guy then arrives and Mr. Goodman tells Mario gets kidnapped.

He needed more popcorn and told Mario to stay put. Police officer comes in sneaky and captures. Jeffy appears, Mario are missing. In living room, Jeffy gasps, Marvin and Rose have died. And they, The news then reveals that Mario is being arrested agains and the Nintendo company has yet to decide the appropriate punishment for Mario's public urination. Jeffy has to go on a mission to rescue him, especially Joy.

Then goes to an airplane with Brooklyn Guy as the pilot. Mr. Goodman grabbing Mario. And they, Looking the window, he was Jeffy. and start chasing the airplane.

In the airplane, Mr. Goodman realizes that they're being chased and tells Brooklyn Guy to speed up. they causing Jeffy to scream for help. As a last resort, he tells Joy to shoot the wings, which he agrees to, causing the airplane to explode, presumably killing everyone inside. Jeffy saves Mario.

In Marvin’s House, Jeffy just takes Mario back to Marvin and Rose. Marvin and Rose celebrate party, Mario says "cue music!". They plays "We Are Born to Play". the video ends with Rosalina being happy that they played with each other, despise not playing with each other. Rosalina dances instead. The narrator says And know, he was a happily ever after, the end, but first.". The narrator revealed Mama Larry (Mama Luigi) asking the viewers if they are ready for Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures Season 4.


  • Jeffy
  • Mario
  • Marvin
  • Rose
  • Mr. Goodman
  • Brooklyn Guy
  • Joy (debut)
  • Rosalina (cameo)
  • Mama Luigi (human form debut; post-video)


  • It is a sequel to “Jeffy's New Dad”.
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2023.05.12 21:58 Hi-im-dumb245 The SML demographic.

A lot of people think that SML is rather a kid's channel or an adult's channel. And there's arguments for each side. But I lean more on pre-teen side. The reason I say this is because the humour and language does appeal to a younger audience who use the language all the time. There's no real problem with the main demographic. Except that some adult viewers, who watched SML as kids, are expecting them to create insane level plots. And also complain about Jeffy, a character that makes them the most money. Now, I’m not trying to start any fights. But if your creation is loved my your MAIN DEMOGRAPHIC and makes you a lot of money, you would reuse that creation.
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