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2023.03.25 07:25 BugSprayUser Fear and Staging in Lakeview

“We can’t stop here this is lighting country” our Engine Boss says as we blow past the lake county fairgrounds. “Yeah that’s the point that’s why we’re here” The 50ft tall wooden cowboy proclaiming “the tallest town in Oregon” glares down at us as he does all travelers. He then turns the engine around in a motel parking lot. 3 different helitack crews are already motel’d up and have been for god knows how long. One crew has a flat tire, a trash bag over there passenger rear window, and boxes of La Croix spilling out of there room. With my window rolled down I could hear them belching that sweet flavored, carbonated hydration. We place an order at Burger Queen but after waiting for 45 minutes we get an urgent call.
“The storm is coming get to the office now”
We pull into the compound and we’re met outside by a man who walked up in tattered greens and yellows and a hardhat and never introduced himself. Seeing the burn scars from the Bootleg and all the other fires that have ran through the district recently we wondered what there was to save. The man hands is a map of the district with giant red arrows all pointing at one range. “YA SEE THAT” he barks “That’s the only patch of green timber left on this district that’s where you boys are headed” He then turns around and walks behind a storage container and we never heard from him after that.
We departed the compound and realized there were no USFS or ODF signs anywhere. “Did anyone catch his name” my engine boss asks as we all shake our heads in confusion. My engine boss calls the phone number we got the call from and it went straight to voicemail. The voicemail read “Just put Dr Gonzo on your shift tickets and bring them back to the orange container”. We depart and head into the ponderosa.
As we picked our way through the burn scars I started to forget what green looked like, until we rounded the corner and saw our oasis. A 5 acre green marsh with 4 large ponderosa in it….as-well as a full fire camps worth of resources. Right as we pull in we’re approached by an emancipated chipper operator.
“How much longer do we have here” he cries “Gotta ask Gonzo about that” the security guard we were talking too says before turning to us and saying “contractors am I right” He then points us to our parking area.
It was nearing dinner time but there was no sign of a dinner tent, or any real support tents for that matter. But we assumed they were just getting set up for the storm and a whole camp for staging seemed a little strange. We waited until near sundown and we’re about to bust out some MREs before we hear a distant helicopter coming closer. Then we hear the other resources start cheering, whistling, then running. We decide they must be going somewhere important so we follow. An A-Star appears over the horizon with a sling load of cardboard boxes appears over the horizon. He circles camp once then dumps his load onto the crowd of a few hundred at this point. The boxes slam into the ground and some break open as everyone around us charges them like a Walmart just opened on black Friday. We figured we should do the same so grab a box and a case of gato’s and head back to our rig.
We open it up to find we scored a box of MRE crackers and carrots. “What the hell is going on in this place” our crew member says says. “No clue, this is stranger than any ODF inmate camp I’ve ever found myself in” Responds our engine boss. We eat our dinner and bed down with no sign of a storm.
The next morning we wake up to a radio briefing that told us “The storm is headed up from Yreka and should arrive above you by late afternoon. “Isn’t this the same briefing we got yesterday?” Our first year says to the Engine Boss “Yes it was, Something must be going on here”
continued in part 2
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