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Global Chitosan Market Report 2023, Forecast to 2028

2023.05.30 08:44 WKInformation Global Chitosan Market Report 2023, Forecast to 2028

Global Chitosan Market Report 2023, Forecast to 2028
We will present the Chitosan market in five sections, with the aim of assisting users in better understanding the forecast, competition, trend, etc.
Click a section below to be directed to one of the parts:
  1. Growth of the Chitosan Market
  2. Competition in the Chitosan Market (Including at Least 40+ Industry-Related Companies)
  3. Views of Senior Analysts & Insights into the Chitosan Market
  4. Classification of the Chitosan Market
  5. Analysis of Chitosan by Region.


1. Growth of the Chitosan Market

According to the OJ DATA “Global Chitosan market report 2023, forecast to 2028”, Chitosan is expected to experience a significant growth in the next few years. This natural fiber is increasingly used as a dietary supplement for weight loss and in water treatment facilities to absorb toxins, grease, oil and metals. Additionally, it is also utilized in food and beverages, agrochemicals, and medical and pharmaceuticals. The OJ DATA regression analysis model predicts a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.96% for 2023-2028.

2. Competition (Including at Least 40+ Industry-Related Companies)

Some of the companies that are profiled in this report are:
  • Primex
  • Qingdao Yunzhou Biochemistry
  • Norwegian Chitosan AS
  • Ningbo Zhenhai Haixin
  • KIMICA Corporation
  • (……)
  • (Please contact us for sample, which will provide a complete list, at least 40 related companies)

Report Attributes Report Details
Report Title Global Chitosan market report 2023, forecast to 2028
By Type Shrimp, Prawns, Crabs, Lobsters, Fungi
By Application Water Treatment, Biomedical & Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Food & Beverage, and Others
By Companies Primex, Qingdao Yunzhou Biochemistry, Norwegian Chitosan AS, Ningbo Zhenhai Haixin, KIMICA Corporation ………..(Please see more in our sample which including at Least 40+ Industry-Related Companies)
Regions Covered North America, Europe, APAC, Latin America, MEA
Base Year 2022
Historical Year 2018 to 2022 (Data from 2010 can be provided as per availability)
Forecast Year 2028
Customization Available Yes, the report can be customized as per your need.
Chitosan is a biopolymer with a wide range of applications in the food, pharmaceutical and medical industries. Due to its unique properties, it has become increasingly popular in the global market, leading to increased competition among manufacturers. Furthermore, the emergence of new technologies and processes has enabled the production of Chitosan at a lower cost and higher quality. As a result, the market is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. Finally, the presence of numerous players in the market has led to a highly competitive environment, thus further driving down prices and improving product quality.
from - https://ojdata.com/reports/chitosan-market-634159/


3. Views of Senior Analysts & Insights

Views of senior analysts
Abigail, Senior Analyst at OJ DATA’s Chemical Market Research Center, commented that the Chitosan market is a rapidly growing industry with a wide range of potential applications. It is important for market participants to stay informed of the latest developments and trends in the industry. It is also important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the various Chitosan products to ensure that the right product is chosen for the right application. It is also important to maintain a competitive edge by continuously researching and developing new products and technologies. Finally, it is essential to establish strong relationships with suppliers and customers to ensure a successful business.
Market insight
The global chitosan market is driven by the increasing waste from the seafood industry, the growing applications of chitosan, and government support for waste utilization. Shell waste is processed into chitin and other high-value products. Chitosan extracted from crustaceans such as crabs, shrimp, and lobster is widely used for reducing body weight due to its lipid absorption property. In addition, the rising demand for Chitofelx in hemostatic dressings because of its anticoagulant properties is expected to drive the market growth. Moreover, the growing demand for bio-based cosmetic products is also expected to propel the market growth during the forecast period. However, the high cost of bulk production for water treatment may hinder this market growth. Nevertheless, the increasing number of new sources for commercial chitosan, such as fungi, snails, and other molluscs, may replace the conventional sources, such as crab and shrimp, in case of shortages of marine waste. The easy availability of fungi waste in agriculture and the artificial production of fungi through cheap nutrients via simple chemical procedures may create lucrative opportunities for the chitosan market growth.

4. Classification of the Chitosan Market

Based on type
Chitosan can be sourced from shrimp, prawns, crabs, lobsters, and fungi. Shrimp chitosan has the highest revenue share, due to its large demand for water treatment and in the food and beverage industry. It is biocompatible, biodegradable, and non-toxic, unlike other chemical products. Moreover, the easy availability of shrimp reduces the manufacturing cost, making Chitosan widely accessible and driving the market. The crab chitosan segment is expected to experience the highest growth, due to its increasing use in plantations to maintain soil biodiversity. Studies show that Chitosan-treated plants have a higher growth rate than untreated plants. For example, according to a report by the International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences, the average height for 70% chitosan and 30% non-plants was 27.8 and 21.7 cm, respectively.
Based on application
Chitosan is widely used in water treatment, biomedical and pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and beverage, and other applications. The water treatment segment held the highest revenue share due to its biodegradable nature and effectiveness in removing toxic materials, making it a preferred choice for water treatment plants compared to traditional methods, such as sand filtration. Additionally, the food and beverage segment is anticipated to witness steady growth driven by the increasing demand for chitosan to improve the quality and shelf life of agricultural, poultry, and marine food products.
from - https://ojdata.com/reports/chitosan-market-634159/

5. Analysis by Regions

In terms of geography, the global Chitosan market is segmented into North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, South America, and the Middle East and Africa. Asia Pacific is the largest regional market, and is forecasted to grow the fastest due to the booming end-use industries in Japan, China, India, and South Korea. The government support for biobased products and the recognition of the product’s benefits are driving the regional demand for Chitosan. For example, in Korea, chitooligosaccharides and glucosamine are deemed safe for dietary supplements, and in Japan, it is listed on the food additives list. Japan is one of the major producers and consumers of Chitosan due to the abundance of raw material and the early recognition of its benefits.
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2023.05.30 07:11 thelonelyvirgo Once thought there was an earthquake while I was at work

I was an assistant manager at a relatively well-known fast food pasta chain. It was a $2000 (cash) night, so it was pretty busy. It was the only time I’d ever worked 12 hours, at least at that particular job.
My cook had just finished his closing tasks and I was on the tail end of mine. My dishwasher was finishing up, too.
My cook left. I was bagging the deposit. The desk started to rumble. I initially wrote it off as a figment of my imagination until the rumbling grew more intense.
I sprinted into the washroom to tell my dishwasher to get to a safe spot, expecting him to also be panicked.
Instead, I found him buried under a pile of pots and pans. For some reason, he pulled a screw out of the wall that held the shelf of pots and pans stable. These were industrial sized cookware, unfortunately for him. I helped him out of the pile.
It was miraculous he didn’t have a concussion.
It cost him $700 to replace the shelf he destroyed, and, to this day, he still can’t recall exactly what possessed him to pull the screw out of the wall.
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2023.05.30 04:22 soul2197 [FS/FT] [US-NJ][07042] [H] Arena: the Contest + Tanares Adventures big bundle - fully sleeved and sorted, Earth KS w/ insert, Rising Sun bundle, Kabuto Sumo bundle, Frostpunk, Forest of Radgost, Maglev Maps Volume 1, Power Plants, Bardsung, Destinies, and more - [W] $$$, a few trades

Please use private messages as I won't receive chat messages on my phone
Clearing out a bunch of mostly unplayed games from my collection. Buyer pays shipping from 07042 or local pickup available. Happy to combine multiple items to ease shipping costs.
Available games
All items marked as condition 5 are new in shrink wrap.
Arena: the Contest + Tanares Adventures big bundle - all fully sleeved and sorted [4.5* aside from two points listed below] - $700 (local only for now, I will drive up to 1 hour to meet you part way if needed), contains the following consolidated boxes:
Bardsung (retail edition) [4] (played through first chapter, excellent condition) - $80
Call to Adventure [5] - $20
Champions of Midgard [3] (box a bit worn, components in excellent condition) - $30
Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated - The C Team Pack [5] - $15
Concordia Venus [5] - $55
Dandelions [5] - $15
Destinies [4] + Destinies: Sea of Sand [5] (base game only played once) - $40
Earth [4] (only played once, includes upgraded KS bits, wooden insert fully assembled and all cards sleeved) - $90
Equinox Golem Edition [5] - $25
Forest of Radgost [4.5] (oak pledge, opened but never played) - $85
Frostpunk [5] (Kickstarter core pledge w/ Frostlander expansion) - $100
Gloom of Kilforth [4] (excellent condition, includes Pimp My Gloom, Dark Gloom, and Encounters, Fully sleeved) - $95
It's a Wonderful World: War or Peace [4.5] (opened box but envelopes inside are untouched) - $15
Kabuto Sumo bundle [4] (contains base game and Insect All-Stars together in base box, only played once, Total Mayhem expansion NIS and Andre the Goliath promo NIS) - $65
Kingdomino [3] (good condition, a bit of shelf wear) - $10
Maglev Maps Volume 1 [4.5] (box was opened just to remove the screen printed meeples from the kickstarter, nothing else was touched) - $85
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Rolling Heights [4] (only played once, excellent condition) - $60
Rumi K [2] (pretty beat up, also awkwardly long box to ship) - $5 local only
Tiny Towns [4] (played once, excellent condition) - $20
The Magnificent [5] - $25
Valor & Villainy: Minions of Mordak [5] - $30
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2023.05.30 03:20 Jackster22 Need case suggestions for quite home NAS build.

Hi all. I am after a new case for my home server.
It runs in my bedroom and I want to make it quiet and dust free.
Not got a massive budget but happy to spend $100-200 on this.

So I am after:
  1. Ideally, a cube, not a tower so I can put it on my Ikea wardrobe. Think LIAN LI PC-8000.
  2. 12x 3.5" bays. Does not have to be hot swap.
  3. Air filters.
  4. Full ATX but would settle for m-ATX or ITX if it was the perfect case.
  5. Full ATX PSU or a smaller one if I can get a silent PSU.
  6. Decent airflow with 120mm or larger fans that I can replace or fit with beQuite.
  1. Space for 2x 2.5" drives
  2. Space for a larger CPU heatsink as I currently use a stock Intel one.

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2023.05.30 02:15 imperpu Budget/bargain hydrating concealer recommendations

Like so many others this year, I'm really tightening my spending belt and look for alternatives to some of my regular make up staples. My shelf has been dominated by brands from Mecca and Sephora for a long, long number of years, but as priorities and life has changed I've been slowly replacing them with more budget-friendly options to save my wallet and sanity.
With my favourite concealer running low I'm hoping for some recommendations on someone's tried and true concealer favourites at a lower price point ($30 and under would be brilliant.) I use concealer for under eyes, face brightening, and spot coverage, and my skin type is super dry (currently pregnant so the more hydrating/non-matte the better!)
Some of my favourite concealers that I'd love a competitive 'drugstore' replacement:
Hydration, coverage and price is my real focus here. I've had a handful of friends recommend Maybelline's FIT Me Concealer, but would love to know if there's any others I've been sleeping on that are your staples that you think will fit my needs. Thank you in advance 🙏
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2023.05.30 00:38 BangGH Bosch Dishwasher Power Cord Recall explained

Long time ago, far far away, Bosch use to supply their dishwashers with a basic 16-awg power cord. In Europe, this wouldn't be a problem, as they run on 240v power, making it less amp hungry.
Their machines consume 12-15 amps.
However, here in America-land, we have 120v outlets. This means the same machine will need twice the ampacity. Most of our outlet are supply using minimum 14-awg (lower means bigger in America).
Yet they still supply 16-awg cords. This has lead to many-a-fires because the draw was at the limits of the cords capacity.
Not so recently there was a recall and Bosch reluctantly replaced all original power cord with a shorter one connected to a supplied junction box. This way, as long as it's short enough that 3' part of the run can handle the amperage (barely). It's still 16-awg, but shorter the run, the lower the resistance.
It's beyond me why they just didn't change the whole plug to 14-awg altogether is beyond me. Has to be cheaper than the box solution. However, my theory is the box solution is already invented and off the shelf.
With a twist of the arm, it meets NEC requirements and so junction box and shorter cord it is. You're still getting 16-awg.
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2023.05.30 00:34 br0han123 Where to find a replacement hinge?

One of my kitchen cabinet hinges broke. It says it's an ikea hinge but I couldn't find anything that looked similar on the ikea website. Any ideas on how to best replace this? Home Depot didn't seem to have the right one either...
Image of working one: https://imgur.com/a/eR7Tu0Z
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2023.05.29 21:58 waesis Does anyone know if these shelves would be alright for an omnibus collection?

Does anyone know if these shelves would be alright for an omnibus collection?
I’ve been collecting for about 3 months now and I finally am gonna need an actual shelf. I see everyone recommend Kallax’s from IKEA but they are a bit pricey and I was wondering in these would be alright? Anyone have any experience with these?
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2023.05.29 21:29 AlienNationSSB #Alien-Nation Chapter 168: Now or Never

Alien-Nation Chapter 168: Now or Never

All Chapters First Chapter of Alien-Nation Previous Chapter
Chapter summary: Elias wanders the grounds inspecting everything he can, has a fatheson moment with Larry then sends Vaughn to go try and spring people from jail.
It had been easy for me to see during the speech I'd given roughly how many had already arrived up the narrow pass, and as I stood from inspecting a firing port in a trench, testing whether the old cast iron cannon would roll back far enough on its rails after firing.
I gave it a pass after measuring against a rod. Certainly it was far from the highest of technologies at our disposal, but certainly it would be either lethal, injurious, or at the very least, extremely loud. The gathered mishmashed array of weaponry pointing outward was impressive enough, but the real piece de resistance was the sheer number of railguns we'd had returned to us, frequently carried by a two man team. I signed off on it for final inspection, noting the plug in place over the end, and went to the railgun positioned further down the trench near the intersection.
This was one I recognized. This shared at least something in common to the cannon, insofar as it was far from the latest model at our disposal. I spotted some of my own extremely crude handiwork, a far more rough set of welds performed along the plate's protective, unsanded metal edges. Mister Singer, if he were ever presented with it, may have recognized the shoddy, unstable hand that welded together some of the protective casing. The service flap told me the model without needing to even open it, the household door frame hinges pulled from Verns' stock of spare parts bin, before we implemented something even so basic as refined latches with catch points.
That had to make this a Mk. II. Sentimentality had no place on the front lines. I sucked in a breath at the sight of another old muzzle-loader being carried into the workshop for upgrades, already laid out on the timber worktable and ready for use and sucked in a breath.
I just hoped the earliest design of managing power flow wouldn't give out from the faster firing. Complex but beautifully arrayed piping had given way to simpler, more streamlined designs as we incorporated a greater number of readily available alien parts. Some of which we were supplied an initial batch of in the bag with the blueprints, and then we were told how to work free those same parts from various broken pieces of technology we'd reclaimed off the Shil'vati, or even the freely given away omni-pads. With every iteration we demonstrated a degree of adaptation to using the parts we had available, and each generation marked a leap forward in our own understanding of Shil'vati technology, courtesy of G-Man and his father's handiwork.
The final barrels of the extremely limited run of the second batch we'd paid handsomely for were marked 'present,' too. They had gone the least far afield, with one already slagging itself during the attack on the data center. I frowned at the spreadsheet, as if my impression of it might cause their fate to improve.
The latest blueprints could maintain a decent rate of fire without burning out its power management system located in the welded together case. Or, rather, the barrel gave out first. For the first time, perhaps as a result of being coupled with the magazines and a relatively rapid-fire exchange meant the neosteel barrels we received had finally become the weak point in the design.
It was only after we'd returned to Camp Death that I'd noticed the difference.
The new batch we'd paid dearly for seemed somewhat altered from the first batch we'd been building all the others out of, made from an alloyed material that shone somewhat dimmer under the sun as George and I worked in the shed elbow-to-elbow, though the contrast was not immediately obvious until one held the two against each other. It was slightly thicker, too, all of which to me indicated a change in supply in some manner, but our supplier had hardly announced themselves to Sam.
This was a troubling puzzle to me. I still couldn't be sure it was the new microbatch of barrels alloys being far from equal to the originals we'd finally finished building out? Or was it the expanded magazines and power couplings' ability to fire faster creating an overall volume of fire that overheated the barrel from overuse? Or was the power management design faulty, generating more heat per shot? Were we misusing them?
I measured the barrel of the Mk. II, just to be sure the shelf life of the barrel hadn't come due. So far, inspections of the original batch of barrels had mercifully indicated they'd all been brought back here were in comparatively great shape, with this one being no exception. That lent me some comfort that these new barrels were just not up to the task of heavy, sustained fire. I couldn't know that for certain, and an unreliable weapon was cause for anxiety.
Indeed, there was almost no wear on this version at all, disproving the worst case scenario that these were only good for a certain number of rounds before they'd be worn down to uselessness. Certainly, they'd eventually give out, but it seemed we were still far off from that point.
"Sir?" Asked the gunner, staring at me.
I stared at him, then down at the spreadsheet. "This thing fires three rounds a minute. Do you think that rate of fire is sufficient?"
I could tell he wasn't sure whether a 'no' would have him replaced with someone professing to be more accurate.
"Get it upgraded." I took the white gel pen and scribbled on it- make ready for an upgrade as soon as the final repaired railgun clears the shed. Assigned to casemate #4, Operator... "Call sign?"
"Brut," he answered.
"Brut...with the Umlaut?" He gave a thumbs up and I added them. Costing nothing but a drop of gel ink for a little personalization if it made for a happy gunner was a good investment. "Use it well. Get it upgraded if there's time, keep an eye on the work shed. Once the repairs stop, you can take this to the front of the line, Brüt."
There was no point dismantling all our old ones and creating a backlog while some still needed repairs. I wrote on the hatch Upgrade from Mk. II to Mk. IV. That would give it a magazine and more than triple its firing rate. Anything more than that, I quietly held my doubts for the feasibility of upgrading in a timely manner. The Mark V's took too much time and effort to build their complex power management systems for not enough gain, stuffed too tightly into the protective case to be completed quickly. The Mark VI's tended to overheat their crude fire control circuitry, the consequence of an overcorrection back to simplicity; they could maintain a high fire rate, but were too delicate. The VII's were the ones with the new barrel. Promising, but those barrel faults...I still worried it might have been the power management system.
We'd started considering adding water tanks to help maintain them, but it brought the weight higher than that of a Mk. I, and successfully swapping a boiling hot tank off a delicate, electronically-loaded railgun in combat seemed like a very questionable use of the time. We'd just have to ask the crews manning the railguns to be a bit judicious in our fire, and hope that the flaw was limited to the new little batch of barrels.
How many rounds, exactly, and exactly how fast was yet to be determined; we hadn't conducted the amount of testing a proper military might carry out, but while we had no shortage to man, we also did not have so many as to test dozens until their point of failure, weighing and comparing all their possible conditions.
All this uncertainty kept bouncing around my head. How many troops did we have here? How many rounds for every type of rifle, including the more exotic variants? How reliant on them were we to deal damage, and was it all stored somewhat safely? On the less direct side of things, how many tons of food did we have stored, and was it distributed well? How many thousands of gallons of water could we draw? How many pounds of soap to wash utensils, cups, wounds, and shower with? How many pounds of food over how many men, to last how many days? If it rained, some of these might be alleviated, and yet might kick off a whole host of other issues. There was no way of knowing, no way of taking a perfect stock. But I could estimate.
We had a lot of people. And a lot of guns. And a lot of defenses, and literally countless tons of high explosives, triggered by various means and methods. And we were mad as hell. While exactly how mad was less concrete a figure, I knew this many men away from home could end poorly.
Ultimately, whether it was the fault of the new barrel or the design had finally reached the limitations of its potential rate of fire without causing other issues, I couldn't say for certain. So I had to do my best.
I gave the railgun a clean bill of health to operate if needed, 'priority upgrade,' and noted the rate of fire for the defensive position at 'three a minute.' This one being one of our oldest models, I left it to the operator with my blessings, and made a mental note to add the next railgun we had to be stationed nearby, just so that we weren't under strength from that angle.
I craned my neck from the trench to behold even more insurgents trickling into the old clearing. The arrivals always came in ones-and-twos, their body language telling me the story of the journey it had taken to get here. They'd had to have abandoned their vehicles to the traffic-snarled roads almost certainly some miles away unless they knew the path George and I would occasionally take;.
Those who brought their own heavy weapons lay them down at their feet before collapsing. Water and food was distributed, though I couldn't speak to the quality, and a trash run would have to be made, tossing the empty tins into ammunition containers.
Of all the newcomers who had yet to be organized into place, I counted two mortars, several more volunteers grouping up to retrieve ammo after taking down descriptions of the vehicles from their exhausted owners and sprinting back out into the night to fetch whatever had been left behind.
The resourcefulness lifted my spirits. No one entertained the notion that these men were taking their leave to flee a certain doom. All present felt some degree of faith, understood who they were, why they were here, and what we were setting out to accomplish. Cells worked to find one another in the darkness, congealing themselves into a more coherent, practiced fighting force by virtue of familiarity with one another. Discipline was sharp and needed little enforcement past an initial reminder. No flashlights switched on inside the premises or campfires were lit despite the encroaching edges of the cold front. Insurgents were guided to whatever defensive positions, pillboxes, trenches, battlements, or bunkers still sat empty, depending somewhat on their expected role after detailing their skills to sentries or those otherwise familiar with the camp carefully explaining sight lines and our overall defensive strategy.
Whispered word overheard from those arrivals seemed to indicate a mixture of panic and outrage was fast spreading through the state's populace, carrying them on frightened wings as they took flight in the night, from here to the southernmost beaches and bays. It seemed word had gotten out successfully, then. That knocked down one more obstacle to our success, or at least set the pieces in place. Soon, all that would remain would be the ugly business of following through, and hoping, no praying that I hadn't massively miscalculated in my hubris.
I took the ramp out of the trench so they could pour some loose gravel into it, helping ensure that if those threatening looking storm clouds opened and if the drains clogged, we still would have some footing, and retired to the command cabin, eyeing how empty it felt with all the finished products being set into defensive arrangements; only the workshop still retained all its rather explosive concoctions.
The manpower situation was such that those familiar in reliably manufacturing complex bombs were spending their time setting up defenses in the fields beyond and settling in our new arrivals.
And then I had the couple hostages, weakened by months of captivity, restrained and kept under guard, but still sitting right on top of the half-done armaments.
I told myself that we had taken precautions- the most reactive sets separated by a thin membranous bag of water to prevent chain reactions from taking root and a few emergency containment systems, but they relied on someone present. I'd need all hands on deck- and what if a direct lance of energy landed from some heavy weapon hit the shed, perhaps to try and make a point? No mere bag of water would make a difference then.
Then again, if they brought that king of weaponry to bear, then the outcome would be certain. The Shil'vati would still lose their hostages, and have tacitly admitted I'd forced their hand, and that they'd declared we were enough of a threat to sacrifice noblewomen just to put a stop to.
I hunched over a smaller map in the command cabin, pinning down the garrisons and jails Verns might be held in. Perhaps I'd been premature in my assessment in lacking a future need of a good map when I'd jumped atop the table for my little motivational speech. I'd gotten caught up in the moment; I hadn't foreseen the need for an offensive element.
I was sorely missing my Lieutenants. Vendetta wasn't here, which was one of the greater anxieties weighing on my shoulders.
The one word I'd whispered in his ear all that time ago to bring him around to believing I did, in fact, have a plan: Victory. He should be here already.
He'd sprinted off across the field in glee back when I told him of this plan's possibility, that "Plan C" might come about due to a few cells going dark and my suspicion that it wasn't moles. The null hypothesis, that there were in fact moles, had put him in direct danger by sending him to double-check.
I cursed my blindness. My eagerness to take a night off, to get him out of the way so he wouldn't clash with the others, so I could be a 'normal boy' for a night and attend a party- one I wouldn't be kicked out of, To find social acceptance.
All part of a 'coming of age,' even after I'd already spilt blood, led a war campaign effort, kissed, earned more money than most would see in a lifetime, and mentally cut ties with my family. By almost any account, I already was a man, yet I'd gotten obsessive in imitating the modern trappings of defining such things. I should have seen the cells reporting members' absences and even going dark as a whole for what it was. I could have called off Town Hall, started assembling even more people here.
Then again, if I had, then perhaps...the shil'vati might not have started grabbing everyone. I hated to think of Verns as 'sacrificial.' They likely didn't have much on him, just a neighbor's report. Then again, we'd had that meeting right after the bar fight at Lucky's, right? How thoroughly had George cleared out his house, if they went back to rummage around and investigate? How well could George cover his tracks? We'd left that ammo crate in the hallway, for starters- clumsy of us, yet we were in a panic. Like children. I tensed as I remembered so vividly the sudden sharp report of the gun, watched Patrick's empty eyes stare up. But not children.
There was nothing I could do for Vendetta. We'd sent the Bat Signal out. Either he'd be here, or he'd miss it.
I weighed the value of sending George away once he got here. The order would certainly annoy him after he'd just arrived, something of an arduous task given how far backed up the traffic had become. I also knew it meant I'd have one fewer lieutenant here, where I desperately needed him. I could hardly ask him to burn down the childhood home, and it would certainly reek of hiding evidence.
"Sir," A sentry stood in the door frame, and I stretched from where my muscles had tensed up, pulling my shoulders back and yawning silently beneath my mask, lumbering toward him.
I didn't realize how tall I'd gotten until I realized he was staring up at me and had taken a half-step backwards- not to make way so I could lead from the door, either, but almost defensively.
"Yes, what is it?" I asked, stopping in place.
"We've received a message for you, sir. Radio is reporting that a 'Hex' has checked in from her position. She and Binary report 'Green as Grass,' sir."
I wasn't used to being called 'sir,' and it caught me off guard. I realized he was standing there, waiting for a response from me of some sort, too.
What should I say for him to send back to Hex? I momentarily remembered the sensation of the kiss, the warm, slightly wet softness, the tenderness, and felt a bit of a blush under my mask. While every instinct screamed at me to not air even a hint of my romances or inner turmoil about a kiss over the unencrypted connection, there was a level of 'not talking about it' that I was unfamiliar with and hadn't planned for. Could my message back be coded into something subtle? Nothing came to mind.
"G-good," I finally stuttered a little awkwardly. "That's very good."
"What does it mean, sir?"
I pushed the distractions out of my head. This was no time to be thinking about girls- and my mind stubbornly disobeyed, wandering right back to Natalie. At first to the hug she'd offered me, when I was scared. Frightened of the mind-wiper device. That tenderness she'd offered- I pushed the memory from my mind, too. This wasn't the time to fantasize, either. I had to live in the world that was before me, here in the present. People were relying on me. I could figure out all that other stuff- girls, hope, my future- sometime later.
"It means the operation can proceed as planned."
If the Twins stopped reporting or got caught with the hostages, then we'd have a lot less leverage stopping Azraea from blowing us all sky high. A couple noblewomen- who I wasn't terribly familiar with and seemed to be somewhat less important, provided they were truthful to me of their station. This unfortunate pair had relied on connections to already-stationed family members to arrive, rather than on their raw political power to muscle their way to Earth's then-closely guarded secret coordinates, and were present only for evidence of said hostages' presence.
"Sir, beg your pardon," I could sense something bubbling under his words, against his better judgment, but some sense of desperation demanded he ask me this anyways. "But what is the operation? I've been manning the airwaves with Radio, helping spread word, but everyone I make contact with seems to want to know."
"I don't see the wisdom in broadcasting the finer details of our plan, I'm sure you understand."
I sensed the inner conflict by the way he froze up. He wanted to object, probably, to swear he wouldn't leak more than the minimum. The problem was, anyone listening for long might take a morsel here, a morsel there, and bring it all together and undo us.
"You have all you're meant to have at this point, frustrating though that must be to try and inform others of the going-ons. Our objective is right before us. When the time comes and the enemy appears, blast them." I didn't want to say there isn't much else to plan. At least, not for them to consider.
"And you, sir?"
"I'll be right here, alongside you," I promised. That seemed to ease some of his pressing curiosity, at least. "We'll be here together, to watch the birth of a miracle." That, or we'd die together. Those words didn't quite have the same catchy ring, though.
I looked over my shoulder back at the map. What more good could be wrought over pondering what jail he might be in, without more details?
"Another matter. Hex said G-Man should arrive in a few minutes."
"Thank you. Anything else to report?"
"No sir, the shortwave beckons." They gave a hand-on-heart and stepped out, leaving the doorframe empty.
I told myself I may as well follow. There was no good to come of disappearing into a tent, secluded for long periods, not when anxiety might run through the gathered troops. I had to make myself seen at least periodically. Besides, it was easier to get a more complete picture from out here than in there.
Radio looked like a one-man-band by the way he was surrounded by boxy electronics of varying sizes, their glows dimmed slightly by thin pieces of fabric taped over the tiny glowing screens, and the trap stretched over his head. Wires snaked their way along the ground, a trooper trying to lay the cable into a thin channel of dirt with a spade to reduce the tripping hazard.
Pierce crouched next to him with a laptop plugged into something wired together, the final outlet of which looked vaguely like an international travel inverter, her fingers flying across the trackpad.
"Radio, how are we?"
"We've made lots of contact, I think. So much traffic on the airwaves it's actually hard to find a clear channel to broadcast on."
"Do they have our encryption keys?" I asked, the question almost automatic.
"No, having one kind of defeats the purpose of being heard and getting the signal out. Besides, encrypting's probably easy for the Shil'vati to crack. Less easy for human intelligence agencies, but impossible for the people who we want to hear us."
I already knew most of this, but humoured him. Little entertained radio quite like his namesake.
"What's our chance of discovery, then? Rough time to them figuring out it's us here, and finding the signal's origin."
"At least with a somewhat uncountable number of HAM signals being thrown across the airwaves, we are a really big needle in a gigantic haystack. Besides, how many times have we actually been where we're broadcasting from?"
That was a point I hadn't considered.
The Shil'vati would likely regard our signal as just a relay point, rather than the source, let alone the destination.
Would they strike it just to silence the orders, once they figured out how many of them were originating from the same point?
I comforted myself by staring upstream of the creek that wandered to the south of Camp Death, following its course with my eyes to where it flowed under the concrete tunnels under the highway, under the train tracks, to where it ultimately ran back to where Radio and I had visited Saint Michael's. Then I turned my head back across the field, toward where the foundation of Mojo and Mister Pasta's had been, where Vaughn had called in the kill team on the Fed's sting operation,
We'd certainly set up plenty of remote broadcast towers before, to entice them into launching strikes on collaborationists. That Saint Michael's was still standing after we'd broadcast all kinds of propaganda from there meant they'd almost certainly learned to be a bit more cautious about lashing out blindly.
In the darkness I saw a familiar figure materialize, and with a bit of relief, I ran up to greet Larry. I wanted to give the old mechanic a hug, but knew that expressions of intimacy while standing near the middle of the camp's defensive perimeter in front of everyone was more than a bit inappropriate, and settled for a nod of acknowledgment.
"I cleaned up the mess at Jules place," he said, going back to referring to his friend by their code name, glancing at Pierce.
I felt a moment of shame. We'd panicked and grabbed everything. Perhaps we were like children after all, leaving our toys out and in the hall. "Thank you."
"Saw Patrick."
"Patrick saw," I said back. "Patrick- called."
Whatever Larry was about to say, that brought him up short. "Oh. Oh." The words seemed to leave him pained. He'd known Patrick, too, and I felt the weight of guilt. It seemed he moved on faster than I could, because he changed the topic quickly.
"What's up?" He gestured at the radio setup.
Pierce seemed to be quite engrossed in her work, trying to connect the laptop to a radio via a USB cable, fumbling with the port in the dark. The laptop's screen was showing a shaky handheld video of a mass arrest- and I thought I could hear my own voice echoing the words I'd spoken just a short while ago.
"Just uploading the speech. I've spliced it up to some footage that one of the newcomers brought. We'll also be exporting raw versions of both- just the audio, the video, make sure people have the record and can decide for themselves."
Sometimes the truth was the best propaganda.
"How are you getting video out? I thought the internet was down."
Radio held a hand up, and then put it down, as if I'd been a teacher asking a question and he'd been chasing extra credit. The next few sentences were practically a foreign language to me, uttering a series of numbers in rapid succession, followed by what sounded like a name. That may've been a model, an edition of a model, a make, a special form of broadcasting- all of it may well have been bounced off the ionosphere for how far it went over my head. I wasn't used to being so completely out of my depth, but everyone seems to have specialized in some skill or another. I'd preferred getting involved in all aspects of the revolution, but at a certain point delegation was a necessity, and I was watching not just the task's needs, but also the capabilities of my lieutenants grow well past my ability to offer useful insight and guidance.
"I...see." I didn't, but I wasn't sure what else to say. I wanted to express curiosity, but I felt like this new capability was something we'd discuss later, if there was a later. "And people can receive high definition video over shortwave? It just takes a long time?"
It seemed to me to be an apparently somewhat technical process to perform over shortwave, and only when finally pressed for details, Radio at last admitted something I did understand: "I am not sure most people know how to collect the signal, or have the right equipment to, but I'm sure someone will, Maybe that person will redistribute the videos."
There. Actionable, useful information.
"Then continue," I said. "At least unless anything more pressing jumps up to do."
"Let's hope it's good for more than the history books," Pierce commented mildly.
"The world has to know, and I am certain the shil'vati have no interest in putting such footage out there. That's reason enough for us, isn't it?" I watched Radio nod and then scurry about the camp, tracing one of the wires toward the antenna array nearest the highway. I turned to Larry, breaking off from the amusing spectacle. "Do you remember my promise?" My question was genuine, but he seemed to waver slightly, now that the possibility of actually delivering on it was here and present. Perhaps the aura of our inner circle's invincibility had been shattered with the loss of his neighbors, and it would be best to set his mind to something productive. "If you want it to come true, see to it that the mortar teams are trained. Get the cannons in position, and make sure we're good for more than just one wave."
Larry snapped a salute, fingers on brow, and I clumsily approximated one in return, though I had never done a salute before in my life. I could sense the slight smile from behind his mask, and with a quick check over his shoulder that no one was watching, he reached out, straightened my palm out slightly, then brought the edge of my palm higher until it was a bit more level. "That's better," he judged, then leaving me alone once I dropped the hand a few seconds later.
George showed up a few minutes earlier than Hex had predicted, out of breath and escorted by a sentry. "Ditched the truck," he wheezed. "The huge bags of claymores and equipment were really heavy. Had to haul it under the interstate." His shoes shone with creekwater; He'd almost certainly taken the path Larry had forbade us from trying, and I couldn't imagine doing it in the pitch black darkness at any speed.
I motioned to the sentry. "Help him get that bag into the workshop." He was the best bomb maker, but he also had helped build this place. I wanted to pick his brain, but I would give him time to rest, first.
"Hey, Radio. Radio!" I heard the shortwave radio he'd set at the top squawk to life with a familiar grumble on the other end, distorted somewhat by the tinny speaker. I scooped it up. Someone with a vocoder- Radio gave those out sparingly.
"'E' here," I answered for him, but didn't want to announce myself. Not right away.
A moment's pause.
"What are your orders?"
"Vendetta?" I wanted to confirm.
"I'm here with over fifty people waiting at Warehouse Base for something to do," I knew the transmission would likely be monitored, but the time for subtlety was over. "You're on speakerphone, by the way."
The line was likely tapped, or at least would be intercepted, its contents determining priority for being passed upward or presented to someone with authority, possibly even Azraea herself.
Whatever orders I gave, they'd have to be in code, or at least sound like something unimportant, low-priority so that we might give him as much opportunity to get the drop on the enemy as he could be afforded.
"Don't bother trying to come here yet," I quickly supplied. "By now, if you're not on your way here, you have your own party to go to." I took a moment to survey the grounds. "We've practically got a full house. See about getting a house party of your own, though you'll have to pull the guests out of their own company. Or something to flank."
"Any idea where to start?"
The map fresh in my mind, I found the answer sprang to me.
"There's a rest stop along Route One. If you've got any party poppers, you can get them to open up to you like a can opener. You know, it's all about introducing yourself well."
I heard him laugh mirthlessly, the sound coming through like a cheese grater run over the asphalt.
"That one's a big bite, maybe more than we can chew without choking. Why don't we start with something smaller?"
I wanted to protest, to direct him to the biggest ones first. Then again, how much did they have on Verns? How likely was he to be somewhere heavily defended?
"What do you have in mind?"
"Well, right across the river from where the naughty girls all get sent. Why don't we start there? Every party needs a few ladies, right?" I could hear a roar of assent from the background.
I wasn't quite sure what he meant by that- was he going to try and attack the Shil'vati base? Surely not those women? He wasn't that insane. Then it clicked- the Women's Correctional Facility in Wilmington, just upstream of the Christina River from where he was broadcasting from at the old Warehouse Base. Easy to get to, certainly, and right near the interstate with pedestrian bridges and neighborhoods to scatter in after the strike made it an excellent candidate. Almost certain to succeed.
The strike wouldn't yield us Verns, though forcing the Shil'vati to admit that they couldn't both take and hold their prisoners at the same time might force them to at least pause rounding up ever more people.
If I gave it my blessing, I would be sacrificing any chance of rescuing Verns for...for what? The tradeoff strained my soul to even consider.
"If you feel that's best, you know your crowd. That said, they got Jules- we want him back." He'd helped build Camp Death. He knew its ins and outs, though my real reasons were somewhat sentimental. "Keep an eye out for Morningstar and a few other cells. I've little doubt they can party with the best of them." They were one of my heaviest hitters, routinely bragging they could go clay pigeon hunting with an unguided RPG, yet I was pretty sure I'd never rallied them to Camp Death- if they were to rally, Warehouse Base was where they'd be.
There was a moment of silence, until Vaughn reported back- "Yeah, they're here. They were going to move up to you once they got everyone together. Should we leave instructions for where to find us, or to find you?"
"Do it- supplies are overall good here. Lots of...uh, balloons, confetti..." I felt like I was stretching the analogy too far, so I gave up trying to equate weaponry to party paraphranelia. "...you know, the works. Take Morningstar and use 'em as you see best fit. What've you got for your party? Any good party supplies?" We certainly could make a trash run and see if we could also deliver them some RPGs at the same time.
"Got some Bump-n-Grinds, and you know those are always good for an up-close-and-personal encounter."
I laughed. "From what I read about bumping and grinding? The closer, the better." Their accuracy left a fair bit to be desired. Still, it would be a good, even vital carry just in case those dreaded Security Forces Technicals made an appearance, and would probably be 'good enough' against a stationary target like a wall, especially in the hands of a capable squadron like Talonstar.
"What time are you thinking?"
"I'd say as soon as we're all ready. You really overestimated how many people know where Camp Death is. A fair number showed up here, and are still trickling in."
"Enough to throw several parties at once?" I asked, suddenly hopeful.
"Well, I suppose, maybe, but I'd be wary of partygoers without someone in charge to, uh..." the metaphor seemed to be breaking down, but I got what he was going for.
"Yeah, I see."
"Are you thinking if there are too many noise complaints at once, it'll keep the party going longer?"
"That's part of it, but I'm hoping we might find a particular person we're missing, lost him when we were playing unexpected host. Someone of G-Man's, you'd know him as Jules. A divide and conquer might maximize our odds of finding him."
"Plus, maximize the number of partygoers we pick up as we move. I like it. A few small house parties for every big house. Any special orders?"
"None. K.I.S.S. principle applies. Good, bad, I want it all out on the streets. 'KISS' 'em until they can't see straight." Keep It Simple, Stupid.
"You're certain?" I could hear the hesitancy in his voice. "This is going to be the greatest thing we've ever done, and I want to be by your side for it 'til the end. I don't want any last-minute cancellations, and I sure as hell don't wanna miss it. How long should I party?"
We'd be letting absolute chaos loose. Fire. Looting. The worst of humanity, turned loose, with Vaughn potentially at its head if he decided to recruit for some reason. Could I still claim to be the good guy if I turned those kinds of people free to wreak havoc on the state I claimed whose denizens I was protecting?
Blackstone's Ratio holds that it is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer. It would still hold me no less accountable for whatever followed from this mass prison break, though.
I looked over to the recently arrived George, and hung my head.
So be it.
"Confirmed, Vendetta. I'll next talk to you when you're here in person- call it when you start either getting tired or if the hosts hire a doorman, a bouncer, or something you can't handle. Bring any good partygoers and favors you find, guide them here, O Pied Piper. Over and out." The signal went quiet again, and I turned off our radio, standing and yawning. The hour was late, and it would be my last opportunity for some shuteye.
I pulled aside a few sentries to my first order. I felt it was a strange one, and likely futile: I asked everyone to 'try and get some rest.'
The sentries were going to be exhausted, and I needed them to start working in shifts if we were to maintain our vigil and perimeter. Doubtless, more would be coming, and giving them at least some rest might be a difference-maker. G-Man helped lead the newcomers to the subterranean bunkers and tunnels, trying to make sure everyone had a place to stay the night and resources got split, even if it was throwing tarps and blankets on hard-packed dirt. I eyed the tunnels, knowing which one of them would spit me out near the stream, itself running so low I might as well refer to it as a ravine. Digging that had been cramped, paranoia-inducing, but we'd dug out so much of the hill and filled it with enough weapons to wage a full-scale war. What had begun as almost make-work and a place to store things when we'd started out
I couldn't sleep well on the cot that night, tossing and turning- I even tried resting with the mask off, held in my hands, but the risk to my identity if anyone barged in caused me enough stress. Eventually, I stood and donned it, making my rounds around the camp, trying to calm myself. Instead, I felt eyes following me, and I had to force myself to stand tall. For the thousandth time, I thought of this as my Valley Forge.
The sentry at the door to the command cabin gave me a hand-on-heart, and I returned it.
As I patrolled, I could hear whispered prayers, muttered plans of action, and mercifully, snores. At least some were getting some sleep. I could see orange lights reflecting off the clouds, near where I knew Wilmington lay.
I almost jumped a foot in the air when I felt the tap on my shoulder, only to find G-Man's mask staring into mine. How strange that such a haunting visage was a comfort to me.
"Hey. Can't sleep?"
"I can't," I confessed. "G-Man, I'm sorry what happened with your father. Hell of a birthday." I hadn't even had a chance to give him the present I'd bought him- a couple new filters, and vintage craftsman toolkit, "from before they sold out," Verns had told me. The memory of his voice already felt distant somehow- no. I'll see him again.
"Wasn't your fault. Even if Town Hall wasn't your big idea to get them to retaliate, you know? Then they'd still have done something. But, uh, thanks for saying that. And thanks for trying to get dad out. I'll remember that." George said quietly, then the conversation ended when he turned away and went to the edge of the embankment. Just like that.
I could never quite get a read on him.
I went inside, and tried to force myself to get at least some shut-eye.
Thanks to Terran-Armored-Core and DeltaNu for helping with some decisions and spellcheck.
Thanks to Inmutabilis-Ratio for helping with the site, it was very helpful in importing the text.
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2023.05.29 18:58 dead-ly Corroded a New Chamrider E-bike Battery and Warranty Lie

Corroded a New Chamrider E-bike Battery and Warranty Lie
I bought a Chamrider 48V18.6AH ebike battery on the last black friday from Aliexpress(their official seller). I'm posting this to warn others about Chamrider seller and look for a way to fix it.
Because of the long winter, I could have mounted it to use in April on my bike. I chose this brand because I saw good comments about the brand before buying it and they offer a 12-month warranty on the product page. Also, it has Samsung 29E cells.
When I wasn't using the battery, I checked the charge level from time to time and made sure it was above 50 percent. After the first full charge, it started to turn itself off after using it for a while. It got worse after each charge. It shuts down itself even just after a full charge now. I fully charged it 5-6 times only, it's no longer usable now.
When I mentioned about this to the seller, he only offered a discount for the new battery. But, when I mentioned that I recommended him to my supervisor for his bikes but stopped him because of the problem, he offered to send a new battery for free.
I also sent him the photos of the problem, the problem is some of the cells are corroded in the battery. This is causing the voltage imbalance, that group is 3.4v while others are 4v. I think the product waited too long time on the shelf. When it arrived, I did not open the battery because I had never opened a battery before and wasn't expecting this problem could happen on a new battery. So, I couldn't request a refund from Aliexpress because 15 days have passed since the delivery time.
By now, he said he sent the battery 2 separate times for free, but when I asked for the tracking number, he just stalled me. He never sent the new battery, he lied. He hasn't done anything so far for a solution. Then he asked me to pay the price difference for a new battery, and I accepted. After that, he increased the price difference and I accepted again. But he did nothing. Now, by stating that the similar battery(48V17.5AH) is out of stock, he tries to direct me to pay the price difference of much more expensive batteries that are too big/heavy for my bike I never need it. Also, in the meantime, he still kept asking me to buy 2 new batteries from him till now.
I have been in contact with the seller for more than a month, but I could not get any results from the warranty. He only stalls me. I couldn't even use the battery I bought, my bike is unrideable due to the battery problem.
Seems like I wasted about 200$ for the battery. Is it possible to fix the battery by replacing corroded cells? If so, should I buy the same spec cells with Samsung 29E(I couldn't find it in stock) Nominal Capacity: 2850mAh and Continuous Discharge Rating: 2.75A

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2023.05.29 18:49 elssdv Hejne bottle rack with the wide shelf?

Hi all,
I just bought the hejne shelf and I was looking to add the bottle rack they are selling of this same series. However, I'm not sure if the bottle rack fits with my model. I have the large one, so with the broad shelves. I'm from the Netherlands and I see that not all countries sell this bottle rack. Hope someone can help me.
bottle rack
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2023.05.29 18:38 Android17isthegoat Mouse and Keyboard suggestions on a tight budget.

Right. So I got myself a desk(only one I was able to get at walmart. Ikea too far out from where I reside) and I don't have plenty of space available.
My HP24 monitor and Prometheus XVII gaming laptop(on a stand) take about half of the space available. In the future once more money comes in, I'll be looking into replacing my monitor for 2560 x 1440(to match my pc) but that's way down the line.
Then I have a logitech k520 keyboard and logitech m510 mouse that have been going strong for close to two years now. But I'm looking to replace because once I connect my snowball mic(no stand yet) I have damn near zero space available lol.
I'm on a tight budget after getting that desk, so I don't mind buying used or pre-owned. Ideally $100 max for an even split or spend more on a keyboard then mouse or vice versa.
I saw lot of posts mentioning hand size and this is the image I followed. Measurements are.
With that said, what are some keyboard(ideally w/numpad) that run on the smaller side and mouse with my hand size taken into account?
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2023.05.29 18:34 lilith8864 Help with a smell on wall

Removed a large old handmade wood shelf that was covered in THICK paint. The wall behind the shelf now stinks like old wood as does the unpainted back of the shelf. Was going to wallpaper that wall. My question is, what’s the best way to deal with the stench of old barn now in the room? Will it just go away after a while since the wood has been taken down? Do I need to paint over the part of the wall with a strong primer like kilz? Cut out the drywall and replace?
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2023.05.29 17:17 SeveralChallenge2704 venting the pain

smiling when needed and all for what? the second im in pain it turns to your fully fulled joy when i open my mouth the second i say i feeel something not good you say go away! i scream in silence im all confused in my head the chaos thats brought to me is all dumped on my head the way you get joy from watching mmy pain is the loudest most dreadfull thing to sustain i know im nothing thats very clear to see that the more i try to be a person the more you punish mez! the miniuite i have happiness or a need to celebrate me you step inan dstomp out my light and change it all back to the minuite a light or sparkle came to my eye it enraged you to think i should have anything you dont! i see the pain you carry within and project it all to make me feel what you live in! i was this bright amazing super woman per say now im just like you and you took all that away! only to run out of everything you delpete from me then turn areound and drown me with misery! because you took everything that was god in me used it up and left me empty! why you think theres an endless supply of the light inside me your trying to survive off of eveeerything i am or should i say once was now im a tumble weed left blowing as you kick up the dust! making sure to shame me for not having anything left to give when you never fill me with anything but this! whaqt do you want from me when i have nothing left you see me as an energy source and then look at me like ive done something to not give! well i know you are looking for the next bright star who will give you what i did and will never look far from only what you need you see nothing else and the people you take from just end up on your shelf! a trophy of sorts as if well always be there in a way we will because you use my qualities for yourself and play like your me when in fact when you run out of how then you will blame it all on me! the shame the guilt the crazy making way of getting something from a person you have already taken away! i have came to a place where i dont even know who i am or where to go! ive nothing and no one all because of you while you steady continue to make it all about you! the more you shame me for being me your changing who i am and you love to watch and see the product you created out of all the selfish pride wanting to make me hate myself and hide! so after your finished i hope i have enough strenght left in me to not give up! but seeing as the constant patterns of hate will keep me down in a opression you wont stop til im six feet underground. You told me tody that your tired of being something your not then why all the lies for me just to be set up! Now youve got the entire soul of mine and love to thr fullest you want me to resign from all the promises and everything you told me because thats not who you are or will ever try to be. I am forced to change as the wind blows thrrough to anything your ask for or even through silence too. If i dont comply the threats stay hovered over my head that any woman can replace me instant. That if at any moment i screw everything up according to you ill be shit outta luck. Im scared and so lost alone and afraid i have nobody who cares and the darkeness never fades, the cloud over me persists to rain as long as i have the idea of lov and safety i, headed for dead. The only thing left for me to do is turn into the apeasing robot just so you can do whatever you want and keep you pleased because whats the use of my life theres nothing left of me. If i leave my while life is set back and lost im so broken and dammaged ill never get on. my pain and health have gone away for good im just an empty shell now of something that was from what im told never good. All i hear is nobody cares and that im nothing but a problem tha is in everyones way. That if i would just surrender to you i could at least be of some use to help you get everything you deserve. No use for me to try and be something when clearly im worth nothing if its not helping you to live the life you want. I know theres other women and today you established that you will do and have and say whatever you want because im the most unimportant ugly insignificant nothing nobody youve ever met. That if i dont get with your program and toss evrything out the window as I thought it was supposed to be thenthat way you can do and say and act however you want and im so scared to breath wrong that i might be thrown away!! i hate nyself i know you love that! I wish i was never alive! iwish i could just dissapear and fly away from this whole world! Im absolutly nothing nobody invisable horrible horriffic disgusting a problem i cant think right feel right do right be right act right everything about me is wrong and bad im all bad bad bad bad!! im stuoid im dumb im worthless meaningless im the bigest most worthless piece of garbage trash ever! Im so invaluable and worthless im worthless im garbafe im nothing nothing nothing im absolutley the biggest most worthless invaluable trash scumb nothing thats ever been put on this earth! Nobody cares about me nobody loves me who would o dont deserve shit i deserve to be treated however people choose to treat me because im nothing but a worthless piece of wasted garbage life anyway!
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2023.05.29 16:32 boopbaboop How to handle an unsafe deck?

How to handle an unsafe deck?
I rent a house, not an apartment, but it’s still a rental so I hope it’s okay to post here. (Certainly my issue is still a landlord issue) If it’s not, I’d appreciate a redirect to an appropriate sub.
So: I have a small deck on the back of my house. Stock image included for illustrative purposes. It is VERY unsafe: all of the boards are too loose to be walked on without wobbling and some of them are warped or cracked.
Knowing my landlord, if I complain about it, they’ll send someone over who will just add extra nails or something. (Their solution to a giant leak in the bathroom floor that has clearly been there for years was to caulk it a bit and then nail a board across the basement ceiling in case the shower fell through the floor) To their credit, they have addressed safety concerns when it’s easy for them to fix themselves, like replacing all of the outlets that were active fire hazards.
We have relative freedom over the house (in that we’ve added some curtain rods for privacy and no one has said we can’t), but I don’t think we could get away with ripping up the whole deck and rebuilding it ourselves, even if that was something we were technically capable of doing.
My thought is to add a layer of those IKEA deck tiles to possibly redistribute some of the weight and cover up any gaps. However, I have zero idea if it would actually work like I’m picturing it. Should I just suck it up and complain anyway? Just ignore it? Something else?
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2023.05.29 10:10 theflyingtaco2 Arizona door-dashers are just rude.

Ugh, had a door dasher steal food from a customer, cancel and then got free food. So another door dasher came up asking for that order. Our Popeyes have a strict rule about remaking orders that door-dashers or other delivery companies.
This door-dasher compare us to Walmart. And if someone stole something on the shelf they can replace it. But it’s not the same at my work. I can’t make something I already made unless it’s a replacement (food’s cold or wrong order) and management is involve.
She also claim it’s not her fault that we can’t monitor our shelf for pick up. My back is facing it while making food for customers and other deliveries I can’t monitor a shelf unless I grow eyes on the back of my head.
I am also a doordasher so I get it, it’s sucks losing money on an order. And I from Iowa, I only had one case were the food was stolen before I got there. Arizona has the worst case of it.
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2023.05.29 07:46 DiscordianKitty Bugs or features?

I've been running into some odd things in the game lately and I'm wondering if some of them are bugs or intentional.
1) Cooking pots stored on shelves don't save their contents between saved games - I wanted to collect one of each recipe but it doesn't seem possible - Even the cooking pot in my inventory doesn't always seem to save contents between saves, especially during multiplayer 2) Cooking pots on a fire with meals in them don't show for everyone in multiplayer - I made a stew, and it let me eat from it, but when my husband went to look at it it just said the pot had water in it. 3) Placing objects on shelves next to walls doesn't seem to work properly - Before, I could just add the items directly as long as one was already on the shelf. Now all that does is jiggle the logs on the wall behind the shelf. 4) Can't place lightbulbs, flasks, solar panels, or turtle shells on shelves. No storage container for stones apart from sled. - Lightbulbs and flasks at the very least should be able to go on shelves. - All the other items are big so I guess I can see why they can't go on shelves, but we could get some way to store them 5) Turtle shell traps are triggered by small animals - the other traps were fixed not to, so this one in particular really does seem like an oversight 6) In multiplayer, gliders don't respawn for the host but do for guests - Like, all this does is force my husband to pick up the glider, give it to me, save, leave, then re-enter so that he can pick up another glider. - the knight v respawns so why not the glider? Gliders have limited uses - you need a high enough spot to get one going and once you get to a location you still have to hike to get back. Seems limiting enough. 7) Can't equip Virginia with the revolver - like, why not? Let me replace the pistol with the revolver at least - come to that why can't we give Kelvin a chainsaw or a good axe? 8) No Knight V spawn location on the golf course - Not exactly a bug but what an oversight. The one place it would be pure pleasure to be able to ride around on the knight v and the closest one is through the forest miles away. 9) Flasks only have two sips, quenching thirst fully requires four - Even with the second sip finally working, this seems extremely restrictive. 10) No real way to keep multiple recipes - At the most you can have one in the pot and one in a flask. Of course, this also means you're not really using either to carry water. The cooking system feels like we could at least have more ways to keep different recipes for different occasions on us - a flask that has eggnog for winter emergencies for example. 11) Turtle egg spawns in one location, at one time, and infrequently - talking about eggnog, the recipe requires five turtle eggs and I can't store recipes on a shelf between saves. Eggnog is only useful in the cold, eggs can only be found in spring and even then I barely ever find more than 4. It just seems like a totally pointless recipe considering the restrictions in place.
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2023.05.29 07:40 Tinabeans 3-metre cage build - tape floorplan update

3-metre cage build - tape floorplan update
Making progress with my new enclosure planning .^ 300x100cm internally, 33cm Ø Getzoo wheel and 148cm me shown for scale! 😆 😅
This will be built from IKEA Linnmon tabletops and IKEA Komplement glass shelves, same as my previous 200x100cm Syrian hamster cage. 🐹
Photo 2 is a rough (very rough!) floorplan - 300cm racetrack on top of 2 multichamber hides, 4 50x50cm dig boxes, my Getzoo digbox, 2 large pieces of bamboo tunnel, and a central wheel shelf. I wanted to plan the big pieces so I know what stilts and platforms I'm going to need to cut. ✂️
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2023.05.29 07:35 Affectionate_Oil_354 Adhesives Market Share, Global Research, Top Leading Players, Emerging Trends, Size, Forecast by 2028

Adhesives Market Share, Global Research, Top Leading Players, Emerging Trends, Size, Forecast by 2028
Research Nester has released a report titled Adhesives Market – Global Demand Analysis & Opportunity Outlook 2028” which also includes some of the prominent market analyzing parameters such as industry growth drivers, restraints, supply and demand risk, market attractiveness, year-on-year (Y-O-Y) growth comparisons, market share comparisons, BPS analysis, SWOT analysis and Porter’s five force model.
The growth trends in the packaging, medical, construction, and automotive sectors have necessitated the fabrication of innovative and advanced adhesives. It is a crucial factor which has led to developments in the overall resin materials. Also, adhesive manufacturers are continuously focused on material enhancement to incorporate advanced and nano-sized elements into adhesives, which would help to cater the growing consumer demands. Backed by these factors, the global adhesives market accounted for a market value of USD 47,398.70 million in 2019 and is estimated to garner USD 63,557.20 million by 2028 by growing at a CAGR of 4.6% during the forecast period, i.e.,2021-2028.
Request Report Sample@ https://www.researchnester.com/sample-request-2826
Geographically, the global adhesives market is segmented into five major regions including North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa. Among these, the market in Asia Pacific region accounted for the largest market share in terms of both the value and volume in the global adhesives market in 2019 and is expected to hold this position throughout the forecast period. The region’s ever improving macroeconomic factors including population, GDP and per capita income among others, coupled with the increasing sales of automobiles, packed foods, textiles, footwear, and others where adhesives are used massively, tends to influence the market growth in this region. China accounted for a significant share of the Asia Pacific adhesive market. This is attributed to the increasing use of adhesives in end-user industries such as construction, automotive, electronics, and others.
The global adhesives market is segmented by formulation technology into solvent-based, water-based, radiation cured (UV/EB), and hot melt. Amongst these, hot melt segment is the fastest growing segment which is estimated to touch USD 12,375.30 million by the end of 2020 growing at a rate of 5.4% during the forecast period backed by factors including longer shelf life, ability to be disposed, and reduced VOC emissions. Water-based segment forms the most significant technological segment valued at USD 18,826.10 million in the year 2019 owing to its non-hazardous and eco-friendly nature.
Read More: - https://www.researchnester.com/reports/adhesives-market/2826
Diverse Range of End Use Applications To Drive The Market Growth
The growth trends in the packaging, medical, construction, and automotive sectors have necessitated the fabrication of innovative and advanced adhesives. Replacement of mechanical fastening, bonding of dissimilar materials in a new vehicle type and increasing need for lighter materials are among the fundamental growth driving forces. Also, there are various stand-out materials and technologies which can significantly influence the overall market. Different bonding technologies in which a diverse range of materials are used forms an integral part of the automotive manufacturing process. Lastly, adhesives provide a safe joining method without interfering with visually appealing interiors.
However, factors such as specific storage requirements, cost associated with the surface preparation & primers, and waste disposal, significantly impact the market growth resulting in the limited adoption of adhesives.
This report also provides the existing competitive scenario of some of the key players of the global adhesives market, which includes company profiling of BASF SE (ETR: BAS), Henkel AG & Co. KGaA (ETR: HEN3), The Dow Chemical Company, Beardow Adams, Ashland Global Holdings Inc. (NYSE: ASH), Avery Dennison Corporation (NYSE: AVY), Arkema Group (EPA: AKE), Eastman Chemical Company (NYSE: EMN), H.B. Fuller Company (NYSE: FUR) and Nanpao Resins Chemical Group (TPE: 4766).
The profiling enfolds key information of the companies which comprises of business overview, products and services, key financials and recent news and developments. Conclusively, the report titled “Adhesives Market – Global Demand Analysis & Opportunity Outlook 2028”, analyses the overall adhesives industry to help new entrants to understand the details of the market. In addition to that, this report also guides existing players looking for expansion and major investors looking for investment in the global adhesives market in the near future.
Request Report Sample@ https://www.researchnester.com/sample-request-2826
Research Nester is a leading service provider for strategic market research and consulting. We aim to provide unbiased, unparalleled market insights and industry analysis to help industries, conglomerates and executives to take wise decisions for their future marketing strategy, expansion and investment, etc. We believe every business can expand to its new horizon, provided a right guidance at a right time is available through strategic minds. Our out of box thinking helps our clients to take wise decision so as to avoid future uncertainties.
Contact Us:
AJ Daniel
Email: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
U.S. Phone: +1 646 586 9123
U.K. Phone: +44 203 608 5919
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2023.05.29 07:35 workinprogress521 Which do you like better in terms of what’s on the shelf?

Which do you like better in terms of what’s on the shelf?
1 or 2? Might be switching out my decor for what’s on my shelf currently and wondering what I should replace it with. The stuff that’s changing are things that are not the travel cards basically.
For 1, I put some white framed national park cards there. For 2, I put a mix of the frames cards, a framed playbill, a book, and a Knick knack.
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2023.05.29 07:08 LadyBirdGerhl Tips for cleaning a small room with a lot of stuff very quickly?

I’ll try to make this as short a possible. Last month I developed hives all over that have grown in intensity. I wasn’t sure if it was carpet beetles, laundry detergent, or some sudden allergy to pollen. I decided to do a deep clean in my room and replace my bed because I wasn’t sure what was causing it. My bed is one of of the fiberglass Zinus Green Tea foam mattresses that have a class action lawsuit against the company so it’s going out; I couldn’t find a lawyer that could deal with the case since they’re so far into negotiation talks for a settlement. Secondly, I’m disabled, both neurological (started less than a year after getting the Zinus bed, thought maybe it was a fiberglass issue but I’m not sure anymore) and brain disorders (since around 16). So, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, and more! Lol My point is, between both types of disabilities cleaning has really taken a back seat for the past, well…15-16 years, maybe? My bedroom is a wreak. I’ve been working on it for nearly a month and I still feel like I could have made more progress. I’ve got a new bed ordered and I’d like to bring it in as soon as it arrives (probably the beginning of this week). I’ve been on the couch since the beginning of the month and it’s been so uncomfortable. Waking up to the TV every day blaring (I have Hyperacusis, everyone else in the house is harder of hearing), and just generally the couch is uncomfortable and there’s very little privacy; I can’t go to bed when I want, I can’t lie down when I want, can’t sleep as long as I need, I’m exhausted. My room is 9x11 and holds 22 years of life, nearly 35 considering I brought stuff from when we moved. I have this tiny space to live, book shelves, twin bed, long dresser, chest of drawers, bedside table, and unattached headboard with built in shelf and space on top. My bed is on risers so I can’t move it freely. My furniture can’t be moved freely either, too heavy, not on rollers. Dust has built up for years. Various items are around. I already have about 30 bags of clothing in our living room and 15-18 in our basement for laundering. Left in my room is still at least 16 large storage bins with items in them, papers such as receipts from doctors visits and such, and 10 shoebox size storage bins most with various items, two rolling luggage pieces and the crossbody purses that go with them, as well as three instruments in their cases (guitar, viola, ukulele) and a couple stacks of books. I’m not sure what to do. Stuff is on every surface. There’s still stuff on the floor. I’ve been working at this nearly every day for 3-5 hours a day at least since the beginning of May. I’m on Zyrtec the past week to control the hives which makes me more tired, I’m just exhausted and I don’t know exactly where to go from here. There are no other rooms I can put this stuff in while I clean. My Dad is a hoarder. I don’t have extra money to hire anyone to help or rent anything to store items until things get situated. Can anyone offer any tips on how to clean within the confines of this small area? Maybe ways to organize a little even? I’ve tried looking at this from every angle and right now I just really need to make sure there’s enough space to remove my bed and box spring then bring in the new set. Once that’s done, I can clean a little more leisurely because my GOSH, I’ll actually be able to sleep as much as I need and get a good nights rest! Thank you in advance for your help, sorry for the long post.
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2023.05.29 06:04 Okayokayokay-wingit 1/Day a year to SPEND! Like the Purge

OK, hear me out.
I am looking for a way to get into a creative mindset and build my own business to be able to thrive on my own regard and income. The only way I can see myself finding enough time to do this is by not being so tempted every week to go to thrift stores/Target/marshalls/tj max/malls/ etc. I go run errands at so many places and none if it is truly needed, but yet so much of my free time is buying to consume.
I'm tracking right now what I use in a full month and how much of things like shampoo/conditionesoap/razors/toothpaste, skin stuff,....all the stuff that is needed to replace.
Food is kind of a different category, but I could get pantry stuff once a year that has a long enough shelf life and also be ok. I could also do this for meat from a butcher and freeze for the entire year. The rest of my veggies and fruits I grow or get at a farmers market.
My plan is to know how much I need/use for the year and do a large purchase on Black Friday at a discounted price for some of it and be good for a whole year. I sense it will free up a lot of my consuming time with the things we do all still need!

Has anyone attempted something like this or advice as I try?
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