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A subreddit dedicated to 'The 321' - Brevard County, Florida - The Space Coast! Home to Titusville, Cape Canaveral, Cocoa Beach, Rockledge, Viera, Melbourne, Satellite Beach, Indialantic, old Eau Gallie, Palm Bay, and plenty more.

2023.05.29 03:56 calidreamerxoxo Found This Other Mugshot of Jessi Lawless. She is One Scary Looking Bitch.

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2023.05.28 04:45 GarlicTuna10 Love this picture for her.

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2023.05.25 16:39 ciarrabobeara Ex boyfriend has 2 firearms registered to me. Now he has a domestic violence charge. FL

I (37F), broke up with my boyfriend (33M) of 1 year approximately 2 months ago. Since then, I haven't been able to go to his house (3hrs away in Miami-Dade County) to collect my belongings- including a AR-15 and Glock G17. Primarily, because I was very hurt and needed separation to cool off . I blocked him on all social media and deleted his contact information from my phone. (Hindsight is 20/20)
Yesterday, a friend sent me a screenshot of his mug shot from a social media page. I went to the clerk of court website and confirmed that he was arrested for domestic violence on April 25, I am not sure of the details of who/what. He was released on bond with a trial pending.
I know under Florida law he cannot be in possession of the weapons and is required to surrender. There is no way the court system would know he has the specific weapons.
If I am unable to contact him, (I reached out via DM on social media) - what is my recourse? Would I report the weapons to the arresting county? Or to my county (Brevard)? Also, am I in violation of Florida law or Federal Law?
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2023.05.25 05:51 Go_Habs_Go31 ‘Sickening, disgusting:’ Brevard elementary, daycare employee arrested on child porn charges

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2023.05.25 04:25 MugShots Brevard sheriff: Elementary school teaching assistant arrested for possession of child pornography

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2023.05.20 11:07 lunasworldx The horrifying story of Aileen Wuornos

We could say that Aileen was not only one of the worst American serial killers, but a victim too of a disturbing past filled with sexual and psychological abuse.
Aileen’s mum, Diane, married when she was just 14 years old to a famous pedophile and psychopath called Leo Arthur Pittman. During the first two years of her marriage, she gave birth twice, firstly to a boy named Keith and secondly to America’s first ever female serial killer, Aileen.
Her father was arrested and sent to the army before she was born for committing theft crimes. For Diane this seemed like the perfect plan as he used to abuse her psychologically and physically.
Later that year, Aileen was born in Rochester, a city situated in the north side of Detroit in the state of Michigan.
Months after she was born, Diane handed her in along with her brother, to her parents, claiming she was too young to take care of them as she was only 16. This would be the last time she saw them.
10 years later, Leo was sentenced to a life in prison without parole for raping and abusing a 7-year-old girl. Days after he entered, he committed suicide.
During Aileen’s childhood her grandfather Lauri raped and physically abused her, causing her deep psychological and physical wounds. Family members and neighbors claimed he was an alcoholic with a very stubborn and aggressive attitude.
As a child, Aileen had been diagnosed with Intermittent Explosive Disorder, which meant that occasionally, she would have aggressive outbursts that would lead her to a terrible wrath. This made other children run away from her which led her to having no friends and being unpopular. However, she had a very faithful friend, her brother Keith. If they had any issues with other people, they would mutually defend each other.
They were so close that when she was 10, they began to sexually experiment, having sex with each other. This was confirmed later on by a neighbor who saw it. A few weeks later, her sexual desires moved to friends and neighbors. She began hanging out with older friends in a hidden place where they used to party, and drink called “The Pitt” even though she was only 10.
When she was 11, she started exchanging sex for money, turning herself into a prostitute. She used the money to buy drugs for her friends and herself. By then, the neighborhood knew she was a prostitute, even her auntie Lori. Her grades and assistance at school started falling which made her grandfather turn even more hostile. His behavior made Aileen and Keith run away on several occasions. However, when they tried and were caught escaping, Lauri used to chase them down the street, grabbing and hitting them brutally, kicking them into their house, making them disappear for days.
During that stage of her life Aileen wrote a letter to herself, claiming how bad she felt. Her attitude and feelings towards herself made her feel like her prostitution and sexual actions were normal.
At 14, she fell pregnant of an old neighbor who, according to her, raped her. He was one of Lauri’s friends. Her grandparents didn’t know about her pregnancy until she was 6 months into it. By then, they told her she couldn’t abort as she was already entering her third trimester and it was too late, so they decided to give the baby in for adoption. Before the baby was born, they sent Aileen to a house where they took care of young pregnant girls. In 1971 she gave birth to her son. The nurses and women in charge of the house didn’t let her touch the baby when she gave birth to him. As a result, when she came back home, things started to get worse, and she ran away several times for at least 2 or 3 days. She also didn’t have anyone at home who could emotionally support her through those rough times which contributed to her hostile attitude. In the end, she got caught and sent to a juvenile center.
When she got out, her grandmother died of a hepatic disease. This caused her grandfather so much pain that he decided to kick both of his grandchildren out and threatened them if they ever came back. Keith stayed in the neighborhood with some friends while Aileen made her way into other cities doing it the only way she knew how, through prostitution. She was only 15 years old when she began working as a roadside prostitute. She lived on the road, as she had nowhere to go. This type of prostitution was one of the poorest and most unhygienic since it meant going from highway to highway, staying where her clients left her, having sex many times in a row with different men, sometimes without having previously cleaned herself and if she did, it would be in public bathrooms with a simple cloth, water and hand soap. It is said that Aileen had caught various sexually transmitted diseases as she had been in the business for several years.
Finally, in 1976, she moved permanently to Daytona Beach in Florida. Her friend claimed it was because she couldn’t stand the cold in the northern states, which made her legs freeze while looking for clients. In a letter Aileen wrote in prison she stated that her Florida clients were mainly married men that still had their ring on while receiving her services.
Her first year in Florida was very turbulent according to many media outlets. Aileen was only twenty years old and had already lived many terrifying and twisted experiences that many people do not even imagine. Within months of arriving in Florida, she received a call from Michigan announcing that her grandfather Lauri had been found dead on the floor of their garage. According to forensic doctors and police, he appeared to have committed suicide. Months later, in the summer, Aileen was suddenly and swiftly married to a wealthy retired man from Florida, in his seventies, named Lewis Gratz Fell. She saw it as her only chance to live a normal life, a life that she always wanted and never had. Lewis valued her and bought her things, something Aileen had never knew before. And above all he treated her well. However, Aileen was never able to reduce her outbursts of rage generated by the aggressiveness she kept within her and therefore wasn't able to truly behave like a normal person, simply because she wasn’t like that, and she didn't know how to be one. The marriage only lasted 9 weeks, when Lewis filed for divorce. He claimed that Aileen had hit him several times with a walking stick after he had stopped lending her money because she wasted very fast.
Shortly after, she received very bad news from home. Her brother Keith had died of cancer. She was so devasted that she started drinking and became an alcoholic. However, she found herself poor again and decided to return to her roots, prostitution.
Young Aileen
2. Her first experiences with guns
In 1978, when Aileen turned twenty-two, she decided that she could no longer handle the hard and desperate life she was leading. As a result of this desperation one afternoon, she obtained a 22-caliber pistol and shot herself in the abdomen. When she woke up and was able to speak again, she warned a doctor that it had not been the first time that she had attempted suicide, trying to be sent to intense psychological care so that she would be able to overcome the experiences she had lived during her childhood and that had conditioned the course of her life. However, this was not possible as the medical assistance was poor and badly organized.
Three years later, in May 1981, during an intense drunkenness, she entered an Edgewater store in a bikini to rob at gunpoint. According to her attorney, Russell Armstrong, Aileen had previously had an argument with her then boyfriend and the robbery was an attempt to get his attention. Aileen pleaded guilty to armed robbery and was ordered to serve a three-year prison sentence. During this time, Aileen alleged that she spent her time reading the bible and complaining that she had been imprisoned with “weird” lesbian inmates.
When she finally got out, at age 27, she went back home to the “highways” and prostitution.
3. Her change of sexuality
Desperate to connect lovingly and sexually with someone who really cared for her, she focused on looking, this time, for women with whom to share a romantic relationship with. Shortly after her transition, Aileen managed to find a woman who would accept her named Tyria. According to her letter, she became a lesbian at the age of 28 which later resulted to be a conflict itself.
In 1989 she moved into a roadside motel with her. They rented small cabin rooms with the money Aileen obtained from prostitution and with Tyria’s cleaning salary.
4. The birth of the first female serial killer a. Richard Mallory
On the night of the 30th of November of 1989, outside of Tampa, Aileen was picked up by a 51-year-old man, a computer scientist and electronics engineer named Richard Mallory. Mallory was heading to Daytona Beach where a weekend of partying awaited him. He ran into her on the way and sat next to her until Aileen proposed a price in exchange of various sexual acts. Mallory accepted. They hid in the woods so they wouldn't be seen, near I-95. They both drank and chatted until dawn when Wuornos drew out of her pocket the 22-caliber pistol she had threatened the cashier with 4 years earlier and shot Mallory four times, twice in the chest and twice in the back.
After committing her first murder, Aileen stole all the money she found in Mallory's wallet and anything else that was valuable or of interest to her. She took the victim’s body and covered it with a carpet that had been found near the scene, leaving it buried under a pile of dirt and some leaves. She then took the car and drove all the way to the motel, where Tyira awaited her.
When she returned home with Mallory's car, Aileen told Tyria what had happened. She did not believe her since her way of expressing it, according to Tyria, was ridiculous. The next morning, they both took all their belongings and left the motel, fleeing with Mallory's car. They immediately settled into a new motel. After doing so, Aileen took the car and cleaned it so that no traces of her tracks or the blood of her victim remained on it. She threw away all the things that had belonged to Mallory and covered them with sand, leaving the car in a different place.
Police found Mallory's car on the following day, and his body was located two weeks later in Volusia County by three scrap metal dealers who never thought they would find a body. Even so, neither the police nor the scrap dealers knew the identity of the possible murderer.
b. David Spears
In May 1990 Aileen murdered David Spears, a 43-year-old bricklayer and laborer who resided in Winter Garden, Florida. She shot him six times in the torso after, according to her, having been sexually abused by him, allegations that many of his relatives, including his ex-wife, did not believe since he was a quiet man who never used violence. His body was found naked and dumped on the American highway "Route 19”.
c. Charles Carskaddon
On May 31, 1990, Aileen murdered once again another victim. His name was Charles Carskaddon, a 40-year-old man who worked part-time at a Rodeo. Aileen shot him nine times, several of them in the back and some in the stomach. Carskaddon's body was found on June 6 in Pasco County, coincidentally only five days after Spears was located. Aileen had left him wrapped in an electric blanket. When they found him in a secluded part of the forest, his body was in an advanced state of decomposition.
In her defense, Aileen initially claimed that she was defending herself against both him and Spears. They had tried to sexually abuse her, and they would have beaten her several times with the intention of making Aileen stay still. However, sometime later, when she was already incarcerated, Aileen confessed that she did it as an act of robbery and revenge.
d. Peter Siems
In June 1990 Aileen murdered what would be her fourth victim. By then she was already recognized as a serial killer. This was Peter Siems, a 65-year-old seafood trader who was a devotee of the Christian faith, heading to Arkansas from Jupiter, Florida, to sell the products he traded with. On July 4, 1990, his car was discovered in Orange Springs, Florida. Some witnesses claimed that they saw both Aileen and Tyria getting out of the car after crashing it into a tree. Other witnesses explain in detail that a car veered off the State Highway 315 near Orange Springs, Florida, and stopped. Rhonda Bailey, who was sitting on her porch at the time, watched the accident happen, and claimed that the two women had gotten out of the car, threw beer cans into the woods, and insulted each other.
The two women begged Bailey not to call the police, claiming that their father lived down the road. They got back in the car in an attempt to leave, but it didn't go far. A phone call was made about the accident. Hubert Hewett of the Orange Springs Volunteer Fire Department found both women walking down the road and asked them if they were the ones driving the car. They insulted him and told him “no”, yelling at him to leave them alone and then fleeing. Marion County Police officers found the car on the side of the road. It was a 1988 Pontiac Sunbird, gray with four doors. The two front doors glasses and the windshield were smashed. There were apparently bloodstains all over the interior, and the license plate was missing, which Russell said Aileen had ripped off with her bare hands and thrown away in an attempt to avoid being caught with her victim's car.
Several alleged that people stopped by Aileen's side when she offered her services because they thought from her appearance that she was a woman who was in danger and had just been attacked. This is how Aileen, most of the time, managed to attract her victims. Despite the fact that many stopped to make sure she was okay, Aileen only responded to those who she thought would have enough money to cover her debts and luxuries.
e. Troy Burress
Troy Burress went on a "Gilchrist Sausage" cast route on the morning of July 30th. When he didn't return that afternoon, his manager Johnny Mae Thompson started calling and found that Burress hadn't shown up at his last stops. The manager and Troy’s wife went looking for him later that night. At 2:00 a.m., Burress's wife reported missing. At 4:00 am, Marion County police officers found his truck on State Highway 19, “Route 19,” twenty miles east of Ocala. It was open and the keys were missing. Five days later his body was found by a family that were having a picnic in the Ocala National Forest. They found Burress's body on the grass next to the Route 19, about eight miles from where his truck was found.
The heat and humidity had accelerated the decomposition of his body, preventing in situ identification, only exposing his wedding ring. Aileen killed him, shotting him two times with the 22-caliber pistol, one in the chest and one in the back.
f. Dick Humphreys
Dick Humphreys never came back home after his last day of work at the Sumterville office of the Florida Department of Health and Rehabilitation Services. He was a researcher and protector specializing in abused and injured children. He was 56 years old and had previously been the chief of police in Alabama. He celebrated his 35th wedding anniversary on September 10; on September 11, he disappeared. His body was found in Marion County on the night of September 12. They shot him seven times. Six bullets came that from a 22-caliber pistol were recovered from his body; the seventh bullet went through his wrist and was never found.
g. Walter Antonio
About a month later, the naked body of Walter Gino Antonio was found on a forest road in Dixie County. Antonio was 60 years old and a truck driver. At some point he had been a security guard and a member of the Police. After the autopsy, they realized the great coincidence that the other seven bodies shared: they had shot him four times with a 22- caliber pistol, like the other victims. When he was found on November 19, he had been dead for less than 24 hours. His car was found five days later in Brevard County, a county that was on the other side of the state.
5. The final sentence
In late December, detectives discovered several of the valuables that Aileen had stolen from her victims at a swap shop called “O.K. Pawn shop ”. It was the most important and revealing clue that the police had found. Aileen was eventually identified through a thumbprint found on one of the store receipts. For the next two days they chased her. Having finally found out where she would be on the night of the third day, they waited for her at the bar she was going to called “The Last Resort”. Upon entering they arrested her. She had to defend herself but also her beloved Tyra and above all she had to hide her complicity in crimes. Finally, Aileen, at 34, was sentenced to a death penalty that would be executed through a lethal injection.
Tyria, on the other hand, wasn’t sentenced or convicted for any crime. She cooperated with the investigation by calling Wuornos on the phone, who was in prison, and asking her about the crimes. She later hid in another state where her parents lived, protected and surrounded by police officers.
Wuornos went on trial for the death of Richard Mallory in 1992 and was sentenced two weeks later to a death penalty by lethal injection. About a month later, she pleaded guilty to three more murders. And in June 1992, it was the last time she pleaded guilty, this time to the murder of Charles Carskaddon and, as a result, she received another death sentence for it.
After 10 years, Wuornos was diagnosed as a psychopath with advanced personality disorder. In 2001 she asked the court to expedite her sentence, claiming that the conditions in which she lived were subhuman and that she wanted to die.
On the 9th of October of 2002, Aileen was executed by a lethal injection.
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2023.05.19 00:08 sketchypress The Shuli spin begins in the morning

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2023.05.18 22:59 TucanSambo LOOK ITS AN UNCLE RICAN!! “PRODUCER” JOE

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2023.04.27 18:53 MugShots Florida deputies US Marshals arrest escaped prisoner who left work release camp in Brevard County

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2023.04.19 17:59 TheBurningMap Brevard County Sheriff's Office settles false arrest lawsuit with tourist

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2023.04.18 19:47 Whey-Men Florida - Tourist settles false arrest lawsuit against Brevard County Sheriff’s Office. Jon Schoonmaker arrested for DUI in 2018, test results showed he was not intoxicated

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2023.04.18 19:47 Whey-Men Florida - Tourist settles false arrest lawsuit against Brevard County Sheriff’s Office. Jon Schoonmaker arrested for DUI in 2018, test results showed he was not intoxicated

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2023.04.18 16:51 m4moz Brevard County Sheriff's Office settles false arrest lawsuit with tourist

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2023.04.14 01:58 jbrewstein What's up guys. I'm the original Bitcoin miner of 08

How are you people doing today? Good? No? Well, let me tell you the story quick tonight.
It was September of 08, I was working on my own projects and reviewing some stuff about product keys and certification processes, when I stumbles upon some YouTube video with 6 little terrorists gloating about the data they just stole from a person. Ha I laughed And sure as hell they put it online and said the first person to figure out who made Bitcoin wins the signature rights.
So this is where it comes to be extremely easy, I walked in read two lines and I Said "me. I fucking did punks".
And away they went, both my intellectual property rights saved thank effing god and with me full owner of every bitcoin
And while Craig wright smiles with his billions of dollars he doesn't want to explain to the courts that what him AND HIS ENTITIES did allowed those college punks from another country to access my data illegally. Mind you this dickbag was hiding in YET ANOTHER DIFFERENT COUNTRY.
Well let me tell you what this dickbag desides to do next, he hacks my computer, broke into my home, used an underage minor to evacuate me using a sine wave box (in America that is human sex trafficking) THEN DECIDES TO GET ON MY PROGRAM PISSED BECAUSE I ALREADY TOOK HIS "BITCOIN SIGNATURE" WHILE he stands there fucking lying to every single court with clear knowledge that IT WAS NOT INTENDED TO BE HIS, Then he takes 21million Bitcoin DIRECTLY from my wallet, won't acknowledge that it's my signatures AGAIN LYING and recreates Bitcoin in his garbage ass vision where he thinks that everything is fucking his and he can steal some kids fucking donations
he then contacts the illuminati AGAIN this time to LIE and what do you know the neural network said Steve calls trump to hide from those AGENTS THAT WANT THEM IN PRISON
carrying on from those fucking nasty ass illuminati terrorists, gloating about it still to this day,
They owe me 100% of the Bitcoin donations and 721m Bitcoin. But there seems to be something missing here
Why the fuck is that gang not in prison? Where the fuck do I pick up my investment at? Who else are you going to lie to to try to kill me? What exactly do you think your next plan is going to be? And specifically WHY THE FUCK DO WE HAVE LAWS AGAINST THE ILLUMINATI IF YOUR NOT EVEN GOING TO ENFORCE THEM?
What can I do to make this world a better place if your not even going to enforce the laws set for a reason to make it as good as possible?
I pulled hard on my end. When are you going to do the duties required for your justice system jobs?
My house was robbed over 300 times since 2006 My trucks have been destroyed by these people My reality has been altered by people that should just flat out be in prison. My life has been destroyed by the socialist regime that the illuminati described set. They killed my fucking cat. They have shot at me 6 times in 7 yearsand hit me once through my ribs barely missing my lungs in the back and another part of that EXACT SAME GANG attacked me at my home in a group of three, and I had to pull my Remington harvester out and mow them down I have been wrongfully charged with fraud, and on a different count charged with something I didn't even have the physical ability to do, locked me up for 3 months and then put me on 3 years probation They have destroyed my computers They have stolen hundreds of patentable ideas They took over half of my childhood drawings for fucks sakes.
Honestly y'all need to get the fuck over me owning Bitcoin and pick up the fucking slack, I searched for arrests involving the illuminati.
Then I looked for arrests using the exact same data stealing processes by lying "confidential informants" And guess what Well over 12000
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2023.04.09 19:23 Ohbuck1965 WATCH: Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey Gives Details on 'Disgusting' Elderly Abuse Case, Two Suspects Arrested - Space Coast Daily

Let's clean up our industry. What would you do if you saw this? What are your thoughts?
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2023.04.09 05:34 MugShots 2 women arrested after taunting, abusing elderly women on live stream, Brevard County Deputies say

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2023.04.06 15:35 _TheMemeGuy-07 Not surprising at all, Been open season for these thieves soon as covid restrictions were lifted 🤦‍♂️

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2023.03.29 07:33 MugShots 2 Brevard County principals facing DUI charges in separate weekend arrests

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2023.03.27 01:03 CltAltAcctDel Two Brevard County principals arrested for DUI this weekend

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2023.03.26 14:57 Available-Car6180 Jessie’s 2015 mug shot
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2023.03.12 21:14 MugShots Missing womans burned remains found in Compound man arrested Brevard sheriff says

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