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2023.06.05 18:47 lllev Is a 3.5 hour layover long enough for customs?

Looking at flying to Rome from Chicago with a 3.5 hour layover in Lisbon. Is that enough time to get bags, go through customs and make it to our flight to Rome? Thanks :)
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2023.06.05 18:43 hilaryflammond Tokay Jets only lasted 2 months - how much tougher are the Flights?

My teen plays ulti - he's the size/weight of an adult with wide feet that don't fit soccer cleats. He found the Jets super comfortable - no more toe pain or blisters - but after a pretty easy going high school season, he is now playing club and after two practices the shoes separated at the toe. I have ordered another pair because they fit so well and they're not expensive, but I expected more than two months wear out of them. I know they improved the design with the Flights, but I'm worried I'll buy them and they'll not last long enough. I don't want him to get to the final tourney of the summer to have his shoes give out on him mid-play. Would love to hear experience from others - particularly if you're a more muscular build and typically wear through shoes quickly.
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2023.06.05 18:40 No-Froyo5767 Husband (M45) is never there for me(F34) when loved ones die

I recently lost my last living grandmother and then my father shortly after. I know we all have our own demons but I want to know if there is a reasonable explanation for a spouse to act as he does in these situations. Sorry for the essay.
For context, we’ve been married for 10 years, together for 17 and we have 2 kids.
On the day I learned my grandmother passed my husband overheard me cry out, came over and asked what happened, said “aw man” then walked away. Half an hour later I was still sitting at my desk in shock and he came back and nagged me for still sitting there and told me to come outside with him. When I said “can you just let me be for a minute” he got mad and muttered something under his breath about me like I was acting stupid then walked away and never apologized or made any real effort to comfort me. We just moved on. He made no offer to help when my aunt asked the family for money to pay for the coffin and he got an attitude when he realized I wanted to fly out for the funeral. He didn’t attend, never even suggested he should go, my kids didn’t go, and he never asked me anything about the funeral afterwards.
Before I get into what happened with my dad you should know he was living in another country and I am the eldest child.
When my dad passed a few months later I was afraid to tell my husband because I felt I couldn’t handle that behavior from him again and I knew he wouldn’t be there for me. This time he did hug me and made comforting gestures but when I broached the topic of arranging for my dads funeral his first words were “Aren’t there people there who can do that?” And I just stared in shock. Basically I ended up working on my own to get an expedited passport renewal, get to my dads country and organize his funeral. My husband provided no financial support and even though he knew I was spending thousands of dollars on the funeral in another country thought it was important to message me to ask for me to transfer my portion of the household bills (we both work and he could have paid them with no issue without my $). While I was away for the funeral he didn’t ask about how things were going - instead he told me everyday how much he couldn’t wait for me to get home. When I was preparing to head home from my dads country he took it upon himself to pay the extra fees to move my flight up several days so I’d get home sooner. That’s the only time he was financially “supportive” although he has pointed to the fact that he was home with the kids as proof of his support. The kids who didn’t attend their grandfathers funeral because I knew he didn’t want them to.
Since I’ve gotten back from the funeral I’ve been going about life as normal but inside I’m seething and I feel like it’s rotting my spirit.
There’s so much about the dynamics of our relationship that is problematic and there are reasons I’ve stayed that I won’t get into but I think I’m at a fork in the road now and I just need a sanity check.
Is there any reasonable explanation for his behavior?
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2023.06.05 18:40 Instepfloors Find the best Engineered wood flooring

Find the best Engineered wood flooring

Because they are more durable and adaptable, engineered wood flooring is extremely popular. About 15/14 mm is the thickness. The top layer is made of 3 mm and 2 mm wood species. Plywood, spruce or pine, or wood (12 mm or 11 mm) serve as the bottom. It is additionally entirely tough.
Because they do not expand or contract as much as solid wood does when the temperature or humidity changes, the base layer provides additional stability. The movement is reduced after the top layer of real wood, which can vary in thickness, is bonded to the base layer. Because of this, engineered wooden floors can be installed as floating floors.
Instep offers three exquisite collections of engineered wood flooring, Pristine, Arbor, and Atmos, making it one of the largest selections available anywhere in the world. Search by designed wood quality, cost, species, variety, size, surface, finish, and different boundaries to track down the ideal choice for your property without effective financial planning for innumerable hours. Our assortment contains many designed wood floors, produced using in excess of twelve wood species like oak, teak, jatoba, and Sapele. Choose from a variety of durable engineered wood flooring options.
Instep Trading Co. LLC
Marrakech Street, Um Ramool, Near Emirates Metro Station, Dubai, UAE.
Tel: +971 4 2855 996
Mob: +971 50 456 1910
Fax: +971 4 2860 870
Email: [email protected]
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2023.06.05 18:40 estepcl FA gave up my seat while I’m sitting at the gate waiting to board.

I had a layover today at LAX, coming from IND to OAK. Checked in using the mobile app yesterday - got my boarding pass, set to jet.
Got to my gate at LAX, 30 minutes early. I refresh the app and my seat assignment for 1D disappears and has a hash.
Worried, I approach the gate and the gate attendant informs me all passengers not checked in 30 minutes prior to departure are removed and upgrade list takes priority. I promise her I checked in as this is a layover and security wouldn’t have ever let me through had i not been a ticked and confirmed passenger.
Obviously flustered she demands my ID and rebooks me. I am firmly reminded to check into my flight in the future as she forcefully hands me my id and printed boarding pass (still for 1D thankfully).
She then suggests I take a seat until they are ready for first class.
Did I do something wrong here? I’m fairly certain I checked in as I completed my first leg already. Was she just having a bad day?
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2023.06.05 18:37 petrichorate Passenger broke my laptop by putting their bag on top of mine

I was on a United flight recently, and at the end of the flight I tried to get my backpack from the overhead bin, only to find that another passenger had stuffed their bag right on top of mine. Their water bottle was visibly leaking, and when I checked my laptop inside of my backpack, it was soaked—there was water dripping around the screen and keyboard.
I told the flight attendant as I was leaving the plane, but they didn't file a report. They asked me to talk to the agent for the flight, so I waited for the agent to leave the plane. He also didn't file a report and pointed me to the agent at baggage claim. The United agent at baggage claim said that he couldn't do anything about it, and asked me to fill out the feedback form on the United website. I also called United's customer care, but no one picked up and I left a message (who knows if anyone will ever hear it).
I tried to dry off my laptop and didn't use it for 48 hours to let it completely dry. After that I started it up, and now there are permanently huge diagonal lines across my screen from the water damage. Also, the laptop keeps restarting itself every half hour or so.
I took it to the Apple store to get a quote for fixing it, and they quoted the repair at $1,595 plus tax. I got the phone number of the other passenger, but now he's not responding after I sent him how much the repair would cost.
Is there any way to get compensation for this?

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2023.06.05 18:37 Ok-Philosopher7606 Purchased different airlines connecting flights

I got a flight from Virgin Atlantic (LAX to London) and a connecting flight from Delta (London to Romania). Anyway knows if we can get the baggage to make it all the way to Romania from LAX instead of rechecking it?
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2023.06.05 18:34 Klaracombin How to Get a Celebrity Follow You on Instagram: 3 Steps

Despite all the good and bad that social media give us, an undoubted perk of these platforms is the ability to connect with people we never knew we could possibly connect with.
Instagram allows you not only to share your photos and videos, connect with friends but also follow your favourite celebrities and DM them. And sometimes, celebs might even follow you back.
Having a celebrity follow you on Instagram can increase your social media presence and provide a feeling of social validation. What's more, new Instagram content recommendation algorithms let you organically discover content liked by people who you follow, so if a celebrity likes your content, there's a big chance their large followership will also discover your post.
In this article, we'll explore three steps that you can take make your favourite celebrity hit that follow button.

3 Steps to Get a Celebrity Follow You on Instagram

To increase your chances of getting noticed by a famous person on Instagram, follow these simple steps.

Step 1. Identify the Right Celebrities

The first step to getting a celebrity to follow you on Instagram is to find the right celebrities and understand the type of ones you want to attract. So if you're a fashion blogger, you might want to target fashion icons. Once you've identified your perfect celebrity, start searching for them on Instagram.
To find them on Instagram, use keywords that are relevant to your interests: Instagram allows you to search for keywords using the search bar on top of the app. You can also use old but gold hashtags relevant to your account and location tags if you're interested in celebrities from your local area.
Combin Growth is a tool that can do the job automatically. Just install it on your PC or Mac, log in to your Instagram account, and start searching for the right celebrities.
Here's how to find the right celebrities with Combin Growth 👇
🟣 Searching popular Instagram posts by relevant hashtags and locations
Open the Search tab, pick posts search, type in hashtags/locations relevant to your business, specifying the post date and search results number. Sort the results by number of likes/comments, look up the posts uploaders’ profiles.
🟣 Searching popular posts’ authors by event hashtags
Open the Search tab, pick posts search, type in relevant event hashtag (such as #MetGala2023), specifying post date and search results number. After getting the results, sort them by number of likes/comments. Look through the hottest content and visit profiles of authors’ posts.
🟣 Searching by accounts’ bio
Open the Search tab, pick the users search, select search by bio. Type in a keyphrase the potential celebrity could have in their profile, depending on your business field and location (for example, ‘fashionista seattle’). Sort and filter the found accounts, hover the cursor over their profiles to see more information (bio text, their language and gender.)
💡Note that search by bio works the same way Instagram search does, so it doesn’t bring over 100 results and cannot be updated.

Step 2. Engage with the Celebrity

Once you've found the right people, it's time to engage with them. This includes liking and commenting on their content, tagging them in your posts, responding to their stories, and texting them in direct messages. Such actions show that you're interested in their content and increases the likelihood that they will follow you back.
💡 Tip: You can automatically like and comment on a bunch of posts of the celebrity with Combin Growth. Just select the posts you want to like or comment on, and the tool will do the rest.
Don't forget to be creative with the comments! Don't leave comments that consist of emojis or single words. Instead, tell funny stories, give advice and recommendations, as well as express decent support. Simply put, try to make your comments stand out from the dozens of others.
💡Tip: Let Instagram send you notifications when a celebrity shares something in the feed or stories (visit the celebrity's profile -> find the bell icon at the top right corner of their profile and tap on it -> check the content you'd like to get notified of, such as posts, stories, reels, or live streams), and be the first one (or among the first ones) to react.
You can also tag the celebrity in your posts: when you tag them, they receive a notification, which increases the likelihood of them viewing your account and following you back.
Another way is to create a celebrity's fan page. If you opt for this method, don't forget to clearly state in the bio that the profile isn't run by a celebrity themselves but a fan page with regular updates. If the page becomes popular enough, the celebrity will notice it, reshare content from it, and probably follow you back.

Step 3. Collaborate with the Celebrity

Another way to get a celebrity to follow you on Instagram after you attract their attention is to collaborate with them. You can reach out to the celebrity through a direct message or email and propose collaboration ideas. For instance, if you're a makeup artist, you can offer to do the celebrity's makeup for free in exchange for a follow on Instagram. Offering something of value to the celebrity increases your chances of getting a follow-back.
When proposing collaboration ideas, make sure that the idea is what the celebrity would love to get. Besides, be professional and courteous when reaching out to them, as well as patient and not bombard them with multiple messages.

The Bottom Line

Getting a celebrity to follow you on Instagram requires dedication, patience, and persistence. Remember, celebrities are people too, and they appreciate genuine interactions with their fans, so, it's crucial to be authentic and avoid coming across as fake or insincere.
In addition to the steps outlined above, it's essential to ensure that your Instagram profile is already optimised for engagement. This means having a clear profile picture, bio, and consistent branding across all your social media platforms. It's also crucial to keep your profile public, so celebrities can easily access your content.
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2023.06.05 18:33 milodu Chase Refund Time

Hi all,
Hoping someone has insights on a question I have. I booked a flight (refundable) on the Chase portal back in December 2022 with a mix of points and cash (Air Canada). I decided to cancel the flight on June 2nd as I decided I want to book with another airline. I called Chase and they informed me there is a cancellation charge - no problem. They went ahead and cancelled the flight for me and I asked when I should expect to see my refund and they said the points should come back within 24 hours and the cash should come back in 1-2 billing cycle - no problem.
I checked my account today and didn’t see the points refunded so I call Chase and got the call escalated to the supervisor who told me they are still waiting for a refund from Air Canada and that I should expect to see my points in 1-2 billing cycle. I told her that’s unacceptable as that’s not what was told me to me and I need my points today so I can book another flight ASAP. The supervisor told me she will send an email to the accounting team and flag it as priority so I can get my points back ASAP.
I looked at the Air Canada website and don’t see the flight there anymore but I still see it on the Chase portal.
Anyone had a similar experience in the past or have insight as to how likely I will receive my points back today or this week?
Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.05 18:33 Colatsc Trip Report May 28th - June 3rd

Spent from May 28th -June 3rd in Iceland doing the Ring Road with another family member.
Lodging- Booking.com and Airbnb were the two primary sources used for securing lodging.
Car rental - Renault Captur drove 1314 miles and cost $1000 for full protection , prepaid fuel, and roadside assistant. I hold top tier status with National so this was a cheaper route renting from them.
Clothing - Base layer thermals, 5.11 pants, layered fleece, and a outside Columbia jacket that acted as a wind and rain protection layer. Wore a Icelandic wool hat that I purchased from a previous trip. Wore sneaker Oboz trail shoes. No need for hiking poles, gloves, etc.
Planning - Most reservations were made in October and November 2022. Restaurant reservations were made as they came available.
Pace - We did not have an extended time so we did do some “jumps” on the Ring Road in the more wildnerness areas by driving 2-3 hrs to lodging or early morning. For some people this sounds horrible, but we both really enjoy the lowering sunlight casting it rays on the mountians along with the solitude. We had a lot of buffer times built in and actually was stuck with a lot of free time.
Driving - Driving is rather easy with mostly paved roads and some gravel. Be mindful of your driving capabilities, exhaustion, and weather ahead. Always check the apps, weather reports, and general reddit post every morning.
Gas - Go to N1 and walk inside to the attendant and ask for the pump to be turned on. They may ask for an ID. Or purchase N1 gift cards to use at the remote pumps if your feeling bold. Never go below half a tank and if you plan your trip right that won’t be a big concern. No need for credit card pin unless using remote pumps.
Weather - Rain and wind on day one arriving with cold temperatures. Weather broke with sunny and mid 50’s the rest of the trip around the Ring Road. Highest temperature we saw was 60 degrees.
Sunday, May 28th
Arrived at Baltimore Airport and stayed in the airport lounge before departure at 7pm. Priority boarding was purchased along with seat selection.Plane ride was fine, but was stuck next to an oversize passenger who invaded my seat preventing me from sleeping. We arrived at 5:00 am after a 30 minute delay on take off. Weather was chilly 40 with a drizzle rain. Heavy rolling fog and overcast sky.
Walked through customs with almost no wait. They are under remodel so big changes will be coming here. Got on the sky blue rental car shuttle that was empty and dropped us off at our stop. We picked up the car with National at a schedule pick up 6:30 am with an actual pick up at 6 am. Got upgraded due to status with a vehicle with a higher clearance. First thing we did was the bridge between continents as we waited for the bakery to open. Got breakfast at Kökulist bakery near the airport which opened at 7 am. Blue Lagoon Reservation at 8:00 am - Upgraded to premium - not really worth it in my opinion. Drinks were good. Attempted to stop at the grocery stores or Costco at 10: 30 am, but things were closed. Parked at Laugavegur parking garage, napped for 30 mins in car, and ate breakfast at Grillhusio and walked downtown to kill time.
We pressed onward and drove to Golden circle with random stops for scenery. Stopped at the Oxarafoss waterfall top parking lot first and hiked it. Then drove by the Geysir Geothermal area, but due to miserable weathecrowds we passed by. Went to Gulfoss and it was - windy/rainy. rainy, parked at top and only did top observation deck. Observed many people unprepared for weather and the winds.
We did not do Faxafoss as paid access was required and it wasn’t worth it to us.
Had Reservations at Friðheimar 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm. Excellent food and we did the unlimited soup and bread for about $20 a person. Had the apple pie dessert which was fabalous. To pay just go to the bar and tell them your table number that is on the twig piece on your table.
Finally stop was our lodging at the Blue View Hotel - Cabin 7A right by the restaurant which was a clean, new two bedroom cottage. Well worth the value and was easy to access with self checkin using an email from them with codes.
Notes: Drive Time Between Airport and Lodging = 2 hours We stayed up for a day and half to overcome the time difference. We arrived at our lodging at 5pm and were in bed by 6:30 pm to take advantage of the 24/7 light.
Monday, May 29th
Breakfast was items left from the bakery the previous day we purchased.
Did Seljalandfoss/Gljurabui (early arrival the better due to crowds/pay parking) - arrived 6 am after 3:30 am wake up. We actually circled back to Gluggafoss which was completely empty around 7:30 am. Drove Fjotshiloavegur rd back to the N1 in Hvolsvollur for gas and breakfast proper.
Then get to horse back riding at Skalalot Manor Hotel - 9:30 am arrival required. Arrived at 8:30 am actual time. Place was well kept and they treated their horses with a lot of love and respect. Did an all day ride with the morning spent on the glacier and the evening ride on the black sand beaches. I actually had a difficult horse that was having a bad day in the morning and she successful threw me/I controlled bailed out off the horse to avoid getting implaed on a fence post. Lunch provided at the hotel was excellent and a lot of high end options.
Went to Skogsfoss around 6:30 pm. Then drove through Vik, but did not stop as it was extremely crowded with buses and the gas station looked mobbed.
Arrived at Hotel Laki around 7:45 pm and found that the rooms were clean, simple, and under remodel in the hallways. Excellent simple buffet with hot and cold choices with two protein choices. Staff were attentive and the weather started to break with sun peeking though.
Note: Drive time from Blue View to Horseback Riding = 1 hour and 30 minutes- finished at 6 pm Drive time from Horseback Riding to Hotel Laki = 1 hour and 30 mins Dinner at Hotel Laki (anytime between 7-9 pm )
Tuesday, May 30th
Woke up at 8 am and ate breakfast buffet at Hotel Laki. Left hotel at 10 am. Also, we woke up to a road closure by Diamond Beach due to high winds causing a motor vehicle accident per the Iceland news site and the road safety app. We hiked Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon for about an hour with moderate crowds. Beware of parking in the lot as people can trap you in blocking with a camper van. Finally around 11 am the Road closure on ring road due to wind was reopen so we decided to immediately start that way after a quick stop at the N1 by Hotel Laki. Drive time from Canyon to Diamond beach - 1 hr and 45 minutes. Stopped and did first overlook at the Mulagljufur Canyon. Narrow parking lot with limited options. The Fjallsarlon Iceberg tour site has an on-site restaurant . Ate here about 30 mins before a 2:30 pm boat tour. Excellent food with a choice of buffet, soup, and sandwiches. Tour lasted an hour. Tour Diamond Beach and Glacial Lake (about 12 mins btw the two glacier lakes) Drive time from Diamond Beach to Hofn for dinner at Pakkhús Restaurant - 1 hr. Got gas at the N1 here. Then 2 hr 45 min to Egilsstadir - arrived at cottage at about 10 pm. We LOVED this drive with the Ring Road turning into gravel with steep cliffs, sweeping views, and beautiful dramatic landscapes. The sun was really hitting everything making it even more special. Stay near Egilsstadir at Abot Cottage. Cute and practical place with one bedroom and a loft.
Wednesday, May 31st
Big driving day for us - FYI Woke up around 6 am and left immediately to seize early morning opportunity. Stopped off at the Stuolafoss Canyon but nesting birds prevented hike. Did 100 ish stairs down to overlook. Noticed a few people violating the posted signage of closure till June 10th for nesting birds on the cliff. Drove to Selfoss/Dettifsoss. One road is gravel and more adventurous and the other side of the canyon is completely paved now for tour buses. Was about a 2 hr drive herre from cottage this morning. Arriving at Dettifoss there was no one on the adventure side which was amazing experience. We didn’t see another human or car for almost 3 hrs! We decided to do the gravel road side up and stop off at the Asbury Cliffs for gas at the N1 and see the little museum. Ate lunch right at 11 am on the paved road side back to the Ring Road. Excellent little burger place. Did geothermal area (parking $10) and also the John snow grotto. Stopped at gas station/grocery store for snacks and drinks. Stopped at Godafoss - got here at 1:45 pm Drove into Akureyri/Piddle around shops - spent 35 mins here and left at 4:30 pm. I mostly wanted to go to one knitted sweatershop and talk to the older lady who knits there. Always super kind! Pay your toll for the tunnel within 24 hours! 2 hr drive to Stay in Northwest Guesthouse and Restaurant in Víðigerði, 531 Hvammstangi, Iceland. Looked dumpy from the outside but they had excellent lamb chops - room was small but had a common sitting area outside rooms. Breakfast was lacking. Did waterfall right by hotel that was a favorite. Do not let this place fool you!
Thursday, June 1st
Goal -Hvammstangi to outside Reykjavik. We had a lot of buffer time built in and decided to redo some things from first day that was rained out. First, we stopped at the KIDKA Wool Factory Shop in Hofoabraut at 8 am. Then stopped at the Alafoss Wool Factory Shop near Reykjavik to finish shopping. Then drove to the Secret Lagoon for 2 pm access. Did the geysers we drove past and got lunch here at the cafe. Drove to Reykjavik downtown to walk around, relax , bread bowl soup, ice cream and some beers till 10:30 pm. Stayed at Airbnb. Note - I left my headphones at the cottage on night one so we picked those up as well.
Friday, June 2nd
Penis museum at opening and hotdogs for breakfast at the famous hot dog place nearby . Got coffee at famous cat place, was mobbed for food and a really small place. Hike into the Volcano Tour - 12 pm takes six hours. Easy drive to parking lot for tour. Highlight of trip. They provide food, harnesses, and helmet. Not strenuous walk, just a tad long hike over a gravel path in the lave field. Walked downtown after volcano tour, swapped police patches, and other random items. Our big dinner was at Matur og Drykkur at 8:30 pm and was beyond amazing with a good wine pairing. Stayed at the Airbnb night 2.
Saturday, June 3rd
Walked downtown and went to Brauo & Co Bakery for cinnamon rolls at 9:30. Returned car at 11:30 am with a boarding at 2 pm. I value not waiting in security or lines so a 30 minute early arrival meant no lines for car return, bus, or security. Sat down in airport and ate lunch in preparation for long flight home. Flight back 3:00 pm
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2023.06.05 18:29 mrs-kwh What are you best tips for traveling by plane with a 15 month old?

Hi All,
I’m looking for travel tips and advice. We will be traveling from NYC metro area to Fort Lauderdale, FL in July with our 15 month old to visit his grandparents…I am nervous to say the least. Plane travel makes me anxious on our best vacations and I never had to travel as a young child (first flight for me was when I was 12yo). So I have ZERO clue as to what I’m doing.
I bought the Greco contender for the plane (I know I need to ask for the seatbelt extended as soon as we board) and am looking into car seat carts to easily travel with through the airport.
Any travel tips you think are helpful or necessary with a young toddler I would love to read. I have been nervous seeing how many people have been hostile to very young children on flights which is making my anxiety about the trip worse 😬
Thank you so much in advance!
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2023.06.05 18:28 KevinCarbonara Wheretf is all the infamous Seattle rain?

I'm tired of having to constantly water my own flowers. I just lost my third plant because the bit of water I gave it never even sank into the dirt. It just evaporated into the dry air. This is not the Seattle from the story books
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2023.06.05 18:21 CuddlyWhale Ears haven’t popped in 5 days since flight,

I am a 23 y/o male, 175lbs.
It has now been 5 nights since I’ve returned from a long flight, and my ears still have never “popped” like they usually do on a planes descent.
I was watching some action movies and listening to music on a loud volume.
It’s also worth noting I’ve developed the worst allergies of my life, that just started a day or two before the flight back home. I am so congested, runny nose, etc.
Last night while taking a shower, after I got out I had a very loud ringing in my ear and started to freak out a little bit because my hearing was really deafening out of my left ear.
Today my hearing at work is really bad.
I did some basic research and read that one’s sinuses can get inflamed or clogged up when travelling from country to country. I figured this problem would resolve itself eventually (I’ve tried all the methods, exhaling through mouth with nose plugged, yawning, gum)
Maybe also worth noting is when I move my head around, like bend my body over to the side, it kind of “opens up” my ears. I also did a handstand against a wall and that “opened up” my ears a lot.
Like I said, I just told myself this problem will resolve itself, I just have bad allergies. But after last nights episode after the shower and my hearing today being so bad, I’m thinking I need to get to an ENT as soon as possible.
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2023.06.05 18:20 blakeequalskewl Seattle-Everett Interurban trolley stop at Playland in Bitter Lake (N 130th St. and Linden Ave N), 1930s

Seattle-Everett Interurban trolley stop at Playland in Bitter Lake (N 130th St. and Linden Ave N), 1930s
On April 30, 1910, the Seattle-Everett Traction Company inaugurated electric interurban rail service with a 10 a.m. run from Everett to Seattle. Scheduled service began two days later and continued until February 1939.
The Seattle-Everett line extended from downtown Seattle near today's Westlake Center, ran north to Fremont via Westlake Avenue, up Phinney and Greenwood avenues, and then followed a route later paralleled by Highway 99. This service played a major role in promoting the development of Seattle's northern neighborhoods and suburbs and spurred development of local business districts such as Greenwood.
Completion of Highway 99 in 1932, growing competition from automobiles, and Seattle's decision to scrap its streetcar system doomed the line. The last run left Everett for Seattle at 11 p.m., February 20, 1939.
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2023.06.05 18:20 bananajam1234 For consideration of the MODs (ADA Advocacy / Reddit Blackout)

As ADA advocates, many subreddits are joining in blind in Reddit wide protest blackout.
Post on Blind
Unfortunately, new Reddit, and the official Reddit apps, just don't provide us with the levels of accessibility we need in order to continue effectively running this community. As well, the Transcribers of Reddit, the many dedicated folks who volunteer to transcribe and describe thousands and thousands of images on Reddit, may also be unable to operate.
One of our moderators, u/itsthejoker, has had multiple hour-long calls with various Reddit employees. However, as of the current time, our concerns have gone unheard, and Reddit remains firm. That's why the moderation team of blind now feels that we have no choice but to take further action.
The protest:
In solidarity with thousands of other subreddits who are impacted by this change, we will be shutting down the blind subreddit for 48 hours from June 12th to June 14th. You will not be able to read or make posts during that time.
ModCoord also has a post talking about this issue and advocating for a protest:
In the rush to draft a response to reddit's decision to kill Third Party Apps, our team made an omission in calculating the impact this move by reddit will have on its users.
For the visually impaired, iOS is a disaster.
Here is how this was explained to me:
On Android, the official Reddit mobile app is reasonably usable with the Android screen reader, but the experience on iOS is a completely different story. There are missing elements, broken navigation, nonsensical labels, and more problems that plague those who just want to interact with the site. If you decide to become a moderator the problems are compounded even more.
Third party apps, like Dystopia for Reddit and Apollo, have addressed this niche left so underserved for so many years because Reddit won't. It took literal years of tickets and complaints to get New Reddit to be accessible, and now the door has been shut in our collective faces. As things currently stand, this change doesn't just take away our clients; it takes away our voice.
It takes away our voice.
And what is reddit's official response to this madness? (Make no mistake, this move by reddit is madness.)
Figure it out yourself.
Here is where we stand on June 3rd: Reddit has nothing but contempt for its users, mods, and developers.
A blind moderator responded
As one of the mods of blind I depend on third party apps. Once the apps are gone, I may be left with no choice but to step down and close my 17 year old account. I hope it wont’ come to that.
There was also cross post on modsupport.
So in response to these concerns and others, Save3rdPartyApps has been formed and is also supporting the protest.
Edit 1: The list of subreddits officially participating.
Subreddits include: videos, blind, wow, truegaming, MurderedByWords, im14andthisisdeep, nasa, agedlikemilk, AbruptChaos, ukraineMT, freesoftware, dndmemes and too many to list.
Also the post is only three hours old, so I imagine there's many more to come.
Edit 2: Other major subreddits to join since are iPhone (3.8 million users) and iOS (267K), blursedimages (3.6M), Gamedev (1.1M), Samsung (287K), ShitpostCrusaders (1.1M) and a lot of NSFW subreddits.
Edit 3: Its now clear that many of these subreddits will continue being private beyond the 14th June if Reddit does not change their mind.
New subreddits that have joined include: aww, EarthPorn, LifeProTips (all over 20 million subs); creepy, Futurology (over 10 million subs); and over 50 subs with over a million subscribers including cats, Disney, hobbydrama, jobs, catswithjobs,, CleverComebacks, drawing, Frugal, illegallysmolcats, skyrim, somethingimade, suspiciouslyspecific, tihi, trees, childfree, niceguys, as well as many smaller subs.
Edit 4: If you wish to join the boycott, comment here. Here's a list of geographic subreddits that have now joined: Slovakia, Slovenia, newzealand, NewOrleans, Quebec, a bunch of of subreddits from Connecticut, US (WaterburyCT, EasternCT, newlondon, oldsaybrook, CheshireCT, WindsorCT), Seattle, baltimore, Finland, thessaloniki/ and Wallonia.
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2023.06.05 18:18 jjfajen Apex Predator (Part 48)

Memory transcription subject: Daniel Price, UTC Special Forces
Date [standardized human time]: September 22, 2140
The army was met with a hero’s welcome when they arrived on Yotul Prime. With the Federation kicked out of the system, the last remaining holdouts either surrendered or were eliminated. On multiple occasions the locals rose up and captured the remaining garrisons before our forces even arrived.
Amja was taken to a hospital ship and made a full recovery. It was decided that whatever legal system the Yotul set up with their new government would be responsible for trying her for the Governor’s death, if they chose to try her at all. Given her knowledge of her rebel cell and the low flight risk, she was allowed to lead a humanitarian team back to her group’s headquarters in the Ossuaries. We accompanied this team as security. There was much jubilation when we arrived and brought them back to the surface. Some of those kids hadn’t seen sunlight in years. In the following days I heard down the grapevine that Ugo was playing a decisive role in the foundation of a provisional government.
When word got out about what the Federation had done, and a number of camps and mass graves were uncovered, things got ugly. Reports of ‘suicides’ among members of the predominantly Krakotl garrison and Kolshian administrators who had surrendered were common. Everyone, even the higher ups, knew what really happened to those prisoners. But other than a couple prominent cases no one cared to stop it.
Usli remained morose. We played it off to others on the ship that his despondent demeanor was a result of finding out about the genocide. That explanation was good enough for Command given we had a scapegoat for the incident. It was true, to an extent, but only our squad and Amja knew the whole truth.
Today was our final day in orbit. A provisional government was to take full control of the system (albeit as a Terran protectorate) during a ceremony later today and by tomorrow the First Fleet would continue its offensive. I took lunch back to our bunks. Usli was still eating, but more often than not someone had to go back there and bring him food. The idea had been floated that he see the ship’s psychologist, but he refused. When I entered the room he was staring out the viewport at the planet below. Quietly I sat down next to him and laid out the meal.
As I began eating beside him, Usli mumbled without turning his gaze from the window, “I never want to go back there.”
I put down my sandwich before responding, “What?”
“I never want to set foot on that planet again. It’s not my home. Maybe it never was.”
I gazed out the viewport with him, “It was. Maybe not now, but at one point it was. All those stories you told us, about the library, about the city. The way you spoke about it… I know you weren't lying. You can’t forget that. You can’t let them take that from you.”
“What’s one more thing when they’ve already taken so much? My home. My planet. My people. Father.” Tears welled in his eyes. “He’s dead. I know it. Even if they haven’t found his name on the list yet. They starved him to death in one of their camps like they would have done to me. Like they did to everyone else who was like me.” He wiped a tear from his snout. “It’s poisoned, all of it! Every place and every memory. I hate them. I see that Kolshian in my dreams and then when I reach out to strangle him he disappears. Hate is the only thing I feel, the only thing that I can feel. Every time I think about it I’m brought back to that moment. I- maybe he was right about me.”
“Don’t say that.”
“Am I wrong?!”
I let out a heavy sigh and stood up. Walking to my bunk I replied in a hushed tone, “I know exactly how you feel.” I unclipped Lily from my bag and sat down again, musing over the plush, “I know that feeling. Of being helpless. Hating them, hating yourself. You can’t let that define you. You can’t let them define you.” I handed the toy to Usli, who hesitantly took it into his hand and looked down at it. “Every time I look at Lily those stains remind me of what I lost. When I look at it to remember my family, to remember Abby… the memories are stained just like its fur. But I still keep it. The stains don’t change what it is underneath, what it truly means to me. Every time I look at it I try to push out thoughts of the Federation, the war, the bombing.”
“Does it work?”
“No, not always. But I’ve gotten better at it. When I can’t get those thoughts out of my head I change them. I don’t think about what they took from me, but what I can do to stop them from doing the same to others. That’s what matters. That’s what counts right now.” Usli pondered Lily for a moment longer before handing it back to me. Looking back at the planet in the viewport he let out a deep sigh. I continued as I clipped the plush back onto my backpack, “What happened down there didn’t change you. It doesn’t change the fact that we’re here for you, all of us. You’re still the same Usli we know and love. And I’ll be damned before I let some Fed get in your mind and convince you otherwise. Their words mean nothing, less than nothing. I already lost a sister to the Federation, and I want you to know that I won’t let them take a brother as well.”
He wiped the last of his tears away and quietly replied, “Thank you.”
He moved to lean on my shoulder, and I obliged. We sat there quietly gazing out the viewport for a time before I finally stood up. Moving to leave the room I said, "The guys are probably wondering what’s taking me so long. You’re welcome to join us.”
As I moved through the threshold of the door, he stood up and wrenched his eyes away from the planet below. Silently he walked up to my side and joined me as we returned to the mess hall.
Date [standardized human time]: October 5, 2140
Our previous mission would be our last raid on an FTL comm hub. As we advanced into more developed systems these hubs were located in more secure and populated areas. The benefits of disabling a planetary distress beacon were becoming negligible as well. After a month of fighting, the element of surprise didn’t do us many favors. The risk to squads like our own was too great for too little reward. Given this and the extent of combat we had experienced on Yotul Prime, we stayed in orbit during the next couple planetary invasions. They were small colonies with no hope of defending against an Arxur raiding party let alone the might of a Terran fleet, so we didn't miss out on much.
Today Osman called us to the briefing room. We had just arrived in a system sporting a developed world. Not a capital system by any means, but much more than a backwater colony. The process for capturing such a system was a bit more in depth: First any number of space stations in the system would have to be secured, then bases located on the planets aside from the main target, then finally our focus could be turned to the capitulation of the habitable planet that served as the system’s central and most crucial hub. I assumed we would be tasked with helping one of these operations. I was wrong.
Having arrived early to the briefing, we made small talk. During the battle over Yotul Prime one of the sleeping quarters on our ship got hit, leaving a sizable number of men bunking in an empty hangar bay. Colton commented how there was some conflict between the drone technicians who worked in the hangar and the displaced men. Nothing serious, but amusing to us regardless from the comfort of our still intact quarters.
“But here’s the kicker,” Colton continued, “when they finally got the place nice and divvied up so they wouldn’t be in each other's way, that’s the moment they found all those Yotul stowaways.”
“You mean the ones that wanted to join up? What was the deal with them anyways?” Tassev asked.
“Yeah. So don’t quote me on this, but from what I heard they didn’t want to go through the whole recruitment process that was being set up and just decided to jump aboard. Now I thought we’d get rid of them, but Monahan wasn’t going to delay the fleet for us to turn around just to drop them off, so Osman said 'welcome aboard' shoved them right in that same hangar!”
We all had a good chuckle at that. It was the kind of comedy where you were just glad it didn’t happen to you. I knew we could just as easily be crammed in some empty hangar by the end of our tour. Even Usli joined in the laughter. In the last couple weeks he had started to come out of his shell once more, and for that I was grateful.
Our joking was cut short as the door slid open and Osman entered the room. Immediately sitting at attention, we quieted down. “Listen up,” she began, turning on the projector. Footage of human troops moving through an urban environment played on the screen. “On September 27, ground forces from the Sixth Fleet encountered heavy resistance on the industrial world of Weug” Osman stopped and looked to the screen.
A convoy moved forward slowly, smoke filled the sky, although it was hard to tell if it was from fires or industrial pollutants. One of the soldiers had a dog wandering on a leash in front of him. I didn’t recognize the breed, but it looked similar to a German Shepherd, but with a lighter coat. The dog was walking with its nose to the ground and suddenly stopped, laying down on the spot.
The soldier with the leash raised his right hand in a fist, “Hold up, he’s got something.”
The dog rushed back to its master and no sooner did the ground where it was laying moments before explode, triggering a chain of similar small explosions on the curbside. My first thought was landmines, but what kind of landmine was that? Those explosions were barely capable of incapacitating a man let alone an armored vehicle. I would have expected even a crude IED to pack more of a punch. And the amount of smoke they gave off, was it concealment for an ambush? Almost immediately it appeared my theory was confirmed as the convoy was subjected to a bout of gunfire. Taking cover behind their vehicles, our soldiers returned fire as copious amounts of smoke continued to fill the air. But something was off, the smoke wasn't rising and dissipating, it lingered close to the ground. A chill ran up my spine as one soldier collapsed, clasping his throat. Another called out from out of frame, “GAS GAS GAS!” Frantically the remaining troops fell back and desperately tried to put on gas masks. It was here that Osman stopped the footage.
“This was only a taste of what the Federation had in store for us. At 1400 hours on September 28, Federation ground forces on Weug orchestrated a coordinated strike deploying multiple unknown chemical and biological agents against Terran ground forces to varying effectiveness. Some agents worked instantaneously like in the footage you just saw. Others took days before symptoms developed. There is evidence that at least one biological agent had an as of yet undetermined mutagenic effect on its victims.”
We sat in stunned silence. Colton mumbled “Jesus…” under his breath. After letting us take in the gravity of the situation for a moment, Osman continued, “Intel collected on Weug detailed an unusual number of shipments to and from a system recorded in allied databases as having no habitable worlds.” A picture of that damned list of ‘predator incidents’ appeared on screen alongside various shipping manifests. “Cross-referencing records found in the Yotul Prime Military Governor’s possession shows that all human POWs caught by the Federation following our evacuation of the planet in 2137 were also sent to this system.”
Schematics lit up the board. “The only other mention of this system is found within these blueprints for a space station that were also found in the Governor’s documents. Many of the specifications note that it should be built in a similar manner to a station in that system. Curiously enough there are no records of this station or its design anywhere within Venlil, Gojid, or Zurulian databanks. And the system’s position deep in Kolshian territory means Arxur intelligence is similarly blind to its existence. Intelligence suspects this station is a Federation black site that functions as a research and production facility for chemical and biological weapons. Your objective is to infiltrate the facility, assess if our suspicions are correct, and, if applicable, collect and destroy any and all data the Federation has gained from this weapons program.”
Osman sighed, “I wish I could tell you this is a rescue mission, but we know how the Federation treats prisoners. And if they experimented on POWs to develop these weapons as is suspected…” She trailed off. Instead of finishing the thought she moved on to the next slide, “With clearance codes and ships secured on Yotul Prime we can get you in undetected, but getting out will be the difficult part. We don’t know what you’ll be up against in there. Given the station’s clandestine nature we expect significant resistance from security forces within. The response time of Federation space assets is unknown. With any luck they won’t expect something so far from the front and in a location that most of them don’t even know exists. If they don’t have a taskforce on standby you should be able to complete your mission before reinforcements arrive.”
The next slide showed various pieces of equipment. “You will be provided with specially designed CBRN suits. They are pressurized and sport a self-contained oxygen supply that will last roughly twenty minutes in the event of depressurization or disabling of the station’s life support systems. Next is a thumb drive that should look familiar to you. Plug it into something connected to their network and it will upload a worm to their system that will download copies of everything they have while erasing the originals.” She pointed to a diagram of a device that I couldn’t identify, “As a last resort, one of these will also be provided: a prototype EMP grenade. Despite the name, this bulky device is intended to be planted, not thrown. Upon detonation it will disable all electronics within range; that range being anywhere between 20 meters and nearly half the station. The techs don’t have a consensus on that. Oh, and when I say it disables all electronics that is no exaggeration. Lights, automatic doors, electronic sights, the station’s life support systems, even your own radios and translators, will all be fried. For this reason I must reiterate that these grenades are a tool of last resort. Don’t worry about your own suits, their systems are purely mechanical and will be left unaffected. The thumb drive is designed to withstand it as well. Your ship will pull back from the station after insertion to keep out of range in case you are forced to utilize it. If an EMP is observed they will dock for immediate exfil. You will have no means of communication with them, meaning you will be on a ticking clock. Any questions? No? Good, you will report to Hangar 4 at 0400 hours tomorrow. Dismissed.”
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2023.06.05 18:16 JohhnnyBeGood Circuitous Travel

So I'm doing circuitous travel. I'm going from Alaska, to a TDY for tech school at Keesler, then to Jamaica and then to McConnell AFB in Kansas. I have it authorized on my orders. I just want to know if they will reimburse you for taxis as well.
The Situation: Im currently at Keesler AFB. Flying out from the Gulfport airport to Jamaica will cost around $450. I want to take a taxi to the New Orleans airport (cost around $150) and then fly out from the New Orleans airport (which will cost around $200). Therefore, it is less money so that I'll have enough money for my flight back from Jamaica to Kansas. Just want to know if Finance will reimburse for the taxi.
Also, is there limitations on what airline we can use?
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2023.06.05 18:15 TwentyOneJ Upgrading an Emirates Flight with Points

First time posting on this sub. I will be flying to Maldives from Asia for my Honeymoon and my wife already booked the flight using Emirates.
I have a ton of Chase UR and Amex MR points and would love to use some of them. It seems like Emirates allows a 1:1 transfer using either platform but for the flight we just booked, I do not see an upgrade option.
When I search for my trip, and under the "Upgrade with Skywards Miles" section, it says the following: "Sorry, you cannot upgrade with Miles." When I hover my mouse over this, it says the following: "The fare you purchased is eligible for upgrade with Miles from 48 up to 6 hours before departure."
However, the "Purchase an upgrade" section allows me to purchase an upgrade using cash. What throws me off and what I want to know is if the upgrade using miles is legitimate. It seems very odd to me that you can only upgrade with points ~2days prior to the flight.
Does anyone here have more experience with Emirates?? Would love if our honeymoon flight was business class. Please help! what sucks is she already booked the flight so there must be a cancellation fee if we want to change airlines.
I will be flying from ICN (Korea) to Dubai (DXB)
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2023.06.05 18:15 InstructionNo4514 My (30F) situationship (29M) wouldn't get over a Christmas party and I'm beyond hurt.

This will be very long as I'll try to include as much details as possible, and sorry in advance if there will be any grammar mistakes, as English is not my native language. In April of 2022, I (30 F) moved with my then boyfriend to another city, for work, where I made friends with a group of colleagues, including G (29M). In August 2022, I left my boyfriend and went back to my hometown, because the company allowed me to work from home perpetually. There, I briefly hanged out with a guy, but it didn't end well, to the point where I started therapy to get over it and to work on my unresolved childhood trauma, which led me to have an extremely anxious attachment style. In October, G (who was in a relationship of 9 years at the time) begun to court me: with our colleagues/friends group we had made an habit out of making a group call every morning to keep each other company while working on our tasks, so that we could have that "in office atmosphere" even while working from home. During these calls, G would often call me pet names (such as "my love" or "baby") and would tease me regarding my sentimental life, sometimes even getting jealous if I said I had a date. One time, I had to go to the city where my company is, and while I was there the colleagues decided to go grab some dinner together. I went alone with G, who touched my leg in an attempt to flirt with me. I gently removed his hand from my leg as he had still a girlfriend at the time, even though I had started liking him back I didn't want to interfere in their relationship or be the "other woman". I decided to focus on my personal growth and responded shyly to his advances, as he was off-limits and I didn't want to ask him to leave his gf for me. At the end of November, G broke up with his girlfriend. The only ones who knew about this were me and L (22M), a colleague/friend of ours, who assured me that G didn't leave his gf because of me and encouraged me to give him a chance. I agreed as I really liked him myself, and our relationship deepened, the messages became more frequent, he admitted he had feelings for a while. It all culminated in early December, when he decided to come and see me for 12 hours in my city (literally landed in the morning and left again in the evening). We spent a perfect day together, walking around hand in hand, going to the beach, kissing, fantasizing about short-term projects. We wanted each other so much we had sex that same day. It was all very romantic and we were both really sad as the time of his departure approached, but he left anyways and came back to his hometown. This is where the problems begin: two weeks after our "first date", two weeks where everything had been perfect and we were deepening the relationship (we even had planned my next trip to his hometown together, and booked the house where we were supposed to spend a week), he pulled the oars out of nowhere and said that "he must be alone"; I told him that I would wait for him because I understood the confusion of the moment, since he just broke up, but he was adamant, said he needed to understand who he was outside of a relationship, and that "maybe in another life" we could be together. I was devastated: I had begun to develop strong feelings for him, booked a flight and a house to be with him, and he left me just like that. I decided to go and spend the week at the city anyway because my place of work is there, and because the company has a Christmas party took place during that time, so I thought of distracting myself that way (and yes, I hoped that he might change his mind while I was there). Three days before my departure, he got closer again, offered to pick me up at the airport, started joking again and reestablished that confidence, that complicity, we built. I agreed to be picked up at the airport, he took me home, and we ended up in bed together. Immediately after the act, however, he got up and went away, telling me that in nothing had changed for him, that what he said remained valid. The next day, in the office, I noticed he was particularly nice towards me, as he would come near me, seeking physical contact (hugs) and holding my hand and kissing it in the car, while we were going with the other colleagues to the corporate's party. I was utterly confused, as he said just the night prior that we were not in a relationship, that he wanted to be alone. We arrived at the party, and other problems showed up: he lingered outside the club to smoke a cigarette, while I went in with the other colleagues to put down my coat. he got mortally offended by this event. During the rest of the party, I was tipsy from alcohol, and I was trying to make him jealous to better understand his feelings for me, so (and this is where I feel at wrong) I became very expansive towards the other colleagues. In particular, I jumped into the arms of our colleague/friend, P (30M) and told him to do some squats, and I pretended to give L a kiss on the lips (but didn't really do it, as we both put our hands in front of our mouths to prevent it from happening). It all happened in a jovial atmosphere, we all laughed and it seemed to me like not a big of a deal. G didn't say or did anything, and the night ended with everyone of us going to our respective houses. The next day he was very cold, and told me that he couldn't tolerate my behavior of the night before, so for him I was back to being a simple friend and nothing more. I was shocked as he didn't say anything during the party, but I apologized to him, told him that I didn't understand that these things bothered him so much, and explained that I had acted hat way because I was confused by the situation, and that that those gestures had no further meaning, as I was not interested in either P or L. He seemed to accept my apology and the following day we went to a club together, spent the night there and had sex again. I then flew home again and, thinking things went back to normal, even booked a flight to come back to his hometown on New Year's Eve, to spend it together with him. He withdrew again, saying he couldn't forget the night of the Christmas party and telling me we had to stay friends. Except, a few days later, he text me privately during a call and tells me "smile, you're beautiful". This dynamic repeats itself quite a few times in the months from December to the present day: we text and call, and spend most of our time together, then something happens that triggers G to the point where he says that I need to leave him alone, that he can't trust me, that I am ridiculous and childish and "not girlfriend material", and to get over our relationship; I grieve, he then comes back a few days later and the cycle repeats. There are some examples of things that I did while we were "dating" that triggered this behavior: - Someone sent a photo of a guy in our group chat, I thought he was a model, I made an appreciation towards that guy and later found out that he was a colleague of ours. I deleted the message, but G read it and was extremely offended by it, saying I was flirting with other guys in front of him. - P came back from his vacation and, since he was my closest friend in that group, I joked with him as how we were at peace without him. After a few messages, L sent a text referring to me and P, saying "get a room you two!", to which I replied laughing. G said this was extremely disrespectful of me, and it was all my fault because at the Christmas party I "sent the wrong message" and now everyone thought that I had feelings for P and I wanted to fuck him, and that I should be ashamed of myself as I was the office's joke. - I was explaining to G how my actions from Christmas party were purely amical and how I was just joking around with P and L, and he hung up on me yelling "if you think this is an acceptable way of joking with friends, you will never be my girlfriend!". I was hurt beyond words, so I called L to vent, and G took this as a signal that I was going behind his back with L, since it was unacceptable that I called the very same guy we had problems with. - Some days after my birthday in March (which G didn't attend because of the "uncertainty" of our relationship), I asked him to stop calling me with a certain nickname, which was invented by L and was a misspelling of my surname. I told him the nickname bothered me because to me it felt like a way to keep his distance from me, and since L used that nickname, and he was a source of problems in our relationship, I didn't want either of us to be remembered about him, or think about him even the slightest. He said that something hopelessly broke between us with that request, since I clearly felt (and maybe still felt) something towards L, or I wouldn't event think about asking him to not call me with that nickname. There are many other episodes like these, but I think you get the hang of it. During these months, I cut contact with L and P, and this situation reflected directly on the quality of my work, as I've been getting more and more depressed because of this, and couldn't focus properly on my tasks. I developed a minor eating disorder, throwing up whenever I feel something's off with G's energy in texts or calls, and my anxiety increased significantly, so much so that my therapist was concerned about my wellbeing. As of today, we are on speaking terms, we text (and sext) very often and he does this thing on Instagram where he posts stories only for me, where he shows our pictures together, romantic phrases, photos of the places we've been together the rare times where I went to him (he never went back to my city after that first time in December: I was the one that booked at least one trip at month to go visit him, once even bailing on my sister to do so). But every time I ask him what we are, or what our relationship is, or if I beg him to come and visit me in my hometown (or any other town) he refuses to. But if he suspects I'm seeing someone (even if I could, considering we are not together, by his statement), he became jealous, upset, he doesn't speak to me for prolonged periods of time, he becomes distant and cold. I am shattered. I love him very much and would do anything to be with him, and I'm starting to think I'm the problem, I'm the one who's in the wrong, I'm the toxic one. I don't know what to do, I just need to find clarity, but every time I distance myself from him, I feel so deeply sad that I can't help but to come back to him. I've tried everything, but nothing seems to work. I really don't know what to do. Should I forget him? Should I be patient and hope he understands that I didn't want to hurt him? How can I make him forget that ominous Christmas party? Sorry again for the long ranting post, hoping to find some advice here.
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2023.06.05 18:09 spacemonkey___ He knows

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2023.06.05 18:06 zthepirategirl HND to DFW to LAX

I am seeing conflicting info everywhere. If I am flying from Haneda (tokyo) to LAX with a layover in Dallas, so HND - DFW- LAX, can someone confirm if I will go through customs, pick up my bag, and re-check it in DALLAS? Or will it go straight through to LAX without me doing anything and I won't do customs in dfw, but in lax? I have gotten two different answers from American (one person said it would go all the way through, another said I would have to grab it and re-check, due to airport policy not an AA policy) and DFW airport said it depended on the airline. IDK why it's so hard to get confirmation about this.

I am asking because I don't want to book a flight with a layover that is too short and doesn't allow for time to make it through customs, etc, if we ACTUALLY have to go through customs. Thanks!
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2023.06.05 18:04 Puzzleheaded_Bag3145 Made it from senior commander to airline commander in 72 days

Made it from senior commander to airline commander in 72 days
According to Holly’s spreadsheet, it would have taken 135 days in wait time under the old system.
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