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This subreddit is about personal finance: mortgage, car loans, payday loans, etc. This subject is a very popular among people nowadays. In this topic, I will share the useful and fresh information about this issue.

2020.02.27 16:03 chanslim Payday Loan Help


2020.02.27 16:13 chanslim Payday Loan Relief

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2023.05.29 13:53 throwaway149069 AITA for insisting that my sister pays back the money she owes me?

In Christmas 2021 my sister (23f) suffered an injury that caused her to be out of work for a few months. I (20m) loaned her $300. She assured me that I would have the money back by summer 2022. That summer came and went and I kept reminding her about my money but every time I reminded her she got in a bad mood with me and would fall out with me for a while. In January 23 I reminded her once again about the money and she told me she had forgotten all about it and that she would pay me before the end of this June. A few weeks ago my sister announced that she was pregnant and I’m delighted for her! A few days later me and her were talking about prams and nappies and the price of them etc and she then told me that “Obviously because I’m pregnant I won’t be able to pay you back that money anymore” I was very taken aback by this and started to get annoyed. She explained to me that she simply cannot afford it now that a baby is on the way. I told her I want my money before the end of the year and that’s final. It’s not that I’m completely broke myself however $300 is a lot of money and it would be very beneficial to have now that I’m saving for college.
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2023.05.29 13:51 Key_Pepper8776 How likely is do we get our money back?

Hi all, I've fiat only (no crypto) investment on CoinLoan. With the recent ban on withdrawals, I'm now very much afraid on what's gonna happen now. Is there any chance of they will every be allowing customers to withdraw their money? I've only fiat currency stored in their wallet. Does it make situation any better or worse?

Also in the worst case scenario, does the insurance they have with Lloyd's bank and will help? Or its fare to assume if they declare themselves bankrupt all our money is gone?

Thanks in advance!
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2023.05.29 13:51 MasonJack12 Disaster Loan Settlements: A Look Back

If you're looking for advice from a real person, I've been consulting with SBA borrowers for over 10 years. You can book a case evaluation directly through my website
Let me start by saying that what I'm about to cover is based on my historical experience. At this point we don't know if the SBA is going to treat EIDL loans exactly the same as they have traditionally treated disaster loans.
Years ago when I first started consultant I would occasionally get a call from someone who got a disaster loan directly from the sba. These loans were the results of major disasters such as hurricanes or floods in isolated parts of the United States.
Since at that point I had never attempted to settle a disaster loan I assumed that if you settled one SBA loan, then you've settled all SBA loans. This turned out not to be the case.
What I quickly learned about disaster loans is that their service in a completely separate place that regular SBA loans. To quote the wizard of oz, I felt like I wasn't in Kansas anymore!
The documentation requirements for an offer in compromise were much longer, and as I found out, the amount they were willing to settle for was much much higher than I had ever seen.
In short, disaster loans weren't settled based on the borrower's ability to pay, but rather they stuck to a rather arbitrary dollar amount that they wanted from everyone regardless of their financial situation. At best, the least they were interested in accepting where it was about HALF of the loan balance and that had to be in a lump sum payment.
It's my hope that this trend will not continue with eidl loans that were issued during covid. Given the sheer number of these loans that are out there combined with a 2024 presidential election, I hope that amounts to someone higher up in government directing these servicing centers to be much more lenient than they have historically been.
If and when I get this information I'll be sure to come back and post about it.
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2023.05.29 13:51 Old_Substance9962 Uber auto; kindness scam?

I'm from mangalore and am in the city for my work. I booked an uber auto from near Taramani to my hotel in T Nagar.
After getting on the auto I asked the auto driver if he has Google pay. I asked this in Tamil. He said yes, and then he was like, I was expecting you to speak in English. After that he asked me if I was Christian. I said no, I'm Muslim.
Then after a few minutes he said, can I tell you something;
He said he has 4 daughters, elder one studying MBA in some college, second daughter in some other college for BA. And the other two are in school.
He said he has taken loan out for his eldest daughters college fees. And he can't afford his second daughters fees of 13,500 and his church paid him 5000, and he wants help.
I asked him for proof. He opened his WhatsApp and showed me his 'daughters' college ID card.
I was looking at his phone when he did this. Initially he accidentally opened a different WhatsApp chat, no name was saved, that said "I've sent 3.5k".
I asked him if he had any communication from the college he could show me. He showed me some challan forms. Said this and his daughters ID card is what he has now.
I said I'll think about it.
Then further, after sometime he said the same story, this time he said the church had given him 5k+ 5k and he needs 3.5k more.
I told him I'll WhatsApp him later and got off at my destination.
Im pretty sure it's a scam. Especially since I saw that random WhatsApp chat that said " I've sent you 3.5k"
What do you guys think Is this a scam? Is this a common scam? Should I report this person to uber?
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2023.05.29 13:48 ThrowRA-hello12 My (23f) bf (27m) is not the man I want to spend my life with.

he's broke, aware of it and does not even do anything about it imo. i kept telling him to find another job cause the job he has right now does not give enough hours despite getting paid beyond minimum. he kept telling me he wants to have a business relating to his job rn but he's scared to take a risk of getting loan or anything. he would just play video games after work and more of home buddy person. I like going out (discover new food, adrenaline activities or etc) whenever I asked him if he wants to come with us he just complained on how expensive my activities would be and he wouldn't have fun but if it's his interested he would spend his money. I like to give him the benefit of the doubt cause he's my first boyfriend and I don't know why I'm so obssessed bout one lifetime partner. I want him to be the end game because he's my first boyfriend but I feel like I've mentally check out myself in our relationship after he broke up with me.
we broke up because of my crazy jealousy I kept snooping and finding things to get angry about. tho, I'm not complaining cause I'm still working on my permanent residence right now. Once I've put my life all together. I will re-assess my relationship with him. I'm planning to go back to school two or three years from now and if he still the same person I don't know what to do anymore.
I don't know if that's the right thing to do. we're not even officially get back together but he's introducing me to some of his online friends as girl friend. As far as I've known some of his friends that I've known too knew about us. he doesn't even want to talk bout money or financial situation cause it will just ruin his day but we can't keep ignoring our problem by playing around.
I don't know if staying till I get settled and wait for him to grow up is the right thing to do or just move on and work on myself? I can't imagine my life without him cause I've known this person for over three years. I don't know what I would feel if he'll be dating someone else but at the same time I can feel thay my intense love for him before we broke up is not the same anymore. I'm not sure because I got mature or have no feelings for him anymore.
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2023.05.29 13:47 louisthe14 Mortgage Renewal/Approval

Hello all, In 2.5 years I will be having to renew my mortgage on my condo. Will be about 160k left(about 28%downpaymet) My biggest concern which also applies to me applying for a new/larger mortgage on a new home down the road, is that I’m self employed. I have been an incorporated oil field contractor for two years, 160k is my average for the past two years. Currently about to do my second year end. Previous year I paid my self 3500$ in salary, and about 40k in special dividends. This year will likely look the same(maybe 60k in dividends) This is where I am unsure about my ability to be re-approved to renew or to be approved for a larger loan if I were to upgrade from my condo. Since I have a salary of 3500, would lenders see me as broke and make it difficult to renew. Or is there a way to represent my financials to lenders(I am with BMO) in different light. I consider withdrawing everything from my company yearly, I gather the loss taken by the company can greatly offset the amount of personal tax I’d pay, also negate the low salary issue. Thanks in advance to any gurus on this issue.
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2023.05.29 13:46 jvc72 Houlihan Lokey Inc[NYSE:HLI] Financials FY/2023



Period: FY/2023
Filling Date: 2023-05-25
Revenue: $1.81B
Gross Profit: $661.57M (36.56%)
Result: $399.96M (ebitda)
EPS: $4.25
Outstanding Shares: 63.36M
Cash: 714.44M
Debt: 374.87M
Financial Score - Altman: 4.26
Financial Score - Piotroski: 3.00
Company Description:
Houlihan Lokey, Inc., an investment banking company, provides merger and acquisition (M&A), capital market, financial restructuring, and financial and valuation advisory services worldwide. It operates in three segments: Corporate Finance, Financial Restructuring, and Financial and Valuation Advisory. The Corporate Finance segment offers general financial advisory services; and advises public and private institutions on buy-side and sell-side transactions, leveraged loans, private mezzanine debt, high-yield debt, initial public offerings, follow-ons, convertibles, equity private placements, private equity, and liability management transactions, as well as advise financial sponsors on various transactions. The Financial Restructuring segment advises debtors, creditors, and other parties-in-interest related to recapitalization/deleveraging transactions. It also provides a range of advisory services, including structuring, negotiation, and confirmation of plans of reorganization; structuring and analysis of exchange offers; corporate viability assessment; dispute resolution and expert testimony; and procuring debtor-in-possession financing. The Financial and Valuation Advisory segment offers valuations of various assets, such as companies, illiquid debt and equity securities, and intellectual property. It also provides fairness opinions in connection with M&A and other transactions, and solvency opinions in connection with corporate spin-offs and dividend recapitalizations; and other types of financial opinions. In addition, this segment offers dispute resolution services. It serves corporations, institutions, and governments. The company was incorporated in 1972 and is headquartered in Los Angeles, California with offices in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and the Asia-Pacific region.
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2023.05.29 13:45 saifincorpindia Best Gold Loan Companies in Delhi

Best Gold Loan Companies in Delhi
In lieu of gold ornaments such as gold jewelry, customers can acquire a secured loan from Sai Fincorp. With quick loan disbursements and affordable interest rates, we provide complete ease and an amazing experience. We offer the best gold loan at the lowest interest rates to fulfill a wide range of needs.
For more info:
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2023.05.29 13:44 acto-wiz The Complete Guide to Data Aggregation: Understanding, Applications, Benefits, and Challenges

The Complete Guide to Data Aggregation: Understanding, Applications, Benefits, and Challenges

This blog post teaches you everything that you should know regarding data aggregation like what is data aggregation, its uses, benefits, and challenges.

Understanding Data Aggregation: Definition and Process

Data aggregation refers to gathering data from multiple sources and condensing it into a concise and meaningful format. This involves extracting individual data points from various databases, spreadsheets, or web platforms, which are then transformed into a unified report, dataset, or view. Data aggregators play a crucial role in this process, accepting diverse data inputs and generating aggregated results that can be easily presented and explored.
Data aggregation is precious for data analysis, as it enables the examination of large volumes of data in a streamlined manner. By consolidating multiple data records into a single row of aggregated data, it becomes possible to summarize extensive amounts of information, ranging from hundreds to millions of individual data points.
Commonly employed aggregation techniques include count, sum, and mean operators, although non-numeric data can also be aggregated. The ultimate goal of data aggregation is to provide insights and facilitate decision-making by presenting a comprehensive overview of the underlying data.
In the following sections, we will delve deeper into the practical aspects of data aggregation and explore various methods and tools employed to achieve effective aggregation results.

Understanding the Data Aggregation Process: Retrieval, Preparation, and Organization

The process of data aggregation typically involves three key steps, as outlined below:
Retrieve Data From Different Resources: In this initial step, a data aggregator collects data from various sources, including databases, spreadsheets, and HTML files. By gathering data from multiple sources, the aggregator ensures a comprehensive and diverse dataset for analysis.
Clean And Prepare Input Data: Once the data has been retrieved, it undergoes a cleaning and preprocessing phase. Any inconsistencies, errors, or invalid values are identified and resolved during this stage. The collected data is also transformed into a standardized format that facilitates the subsequent aggregation process. This step helps ensure the accuracy and consistency of the data.
Combine And Organize Data: The processed data is then merged and organized into a unified dataset. This involves combining data from different sources, such as joining or concatenating data tables. The aggregated data is structured to enable more accessible analysis and interpretation. This may include generating summary statistics, creating pivot tables, or producing simplified data views.
It's important to note that various aggregation technologies and tools are available to support these processes. These tools offer flexibility in terms of data formats and desired outcomes. Once the data has been aggregated, it can be stored in a data warehouse for further analysis or to make informed business decisions.
By understanding the data aggregation process, you can effectively leverage aggregated data in various scenarios to gain valuable insights and drive informed decision-making.

Data Aggregation Use Cases

Data aggregation has diverse applications across various industries. Here are some everyday use cases where aggregated data prove valuable:
One common misconception is that web scraping is synonymous with hacking. However, this is far from the truth. Let's clarify the distinction:
Finance: Financial institutions leverage aggregated data from multiple sources to assess creditworthiness, enabling them to make informed decisions regarding loans and investments. Additionally, aggregated data aids in studying stock market trends and making strategic investment choices.

Healthcare: Medical facilities utilize aggregated data from health records, test results, and lab reports to enhance treatment decisions, improve care coordination, and identify patterns for disease prevention and management.

Marketing: Businesses aggregate data from their websites and social media platforms to monitor customer engagement, track campaign performance, and evaluate the effectiveness of marketing strategies. Aggregated sales and customer data also inform decision-making for upcoming marketing campaigns.

Application Monitoring: Software applications employ data aggregation to collect and analyze performance metrics, network data, and user behavior. This helps identify application bugs, optimize performance, and troubleshoot issues promptly.

Big Data Analysis: Aggregating vast amounts of data from various sources enables comprehensive analysis and insights. Aggregated data is often stored in warehouses, facilitating further analysis, data mining, and business intelligence initiatives.

By harnessing the power of data aggregation, organizations can extract meaningful insights, enhance decision-making processes, and gain a competitive edge in their respective industries.

The Importance of Data Aggregation

Data aggregation brings several key benefits that contribute to its importance in various industries:
Simplified Data Analysis: Aggregating data makes the analysis process more efficient and accessible. By summarizing and organizing data into meaningful formats, such as statistics or key performance indicators (KPIs), it becomes easier to uncover valuable insights and trends. This allows businesses to understand market dynamics better and monitor their performance effectively. Aggregators often offer user-friendly features that enable non-technical users to explore and utilize aggregated data.

Enhanced Efficiency and Data Quality: Data aggregators automate data collection, cleaning, and summarization. This streamlines the process and eliminates manual labor, reducing the time and costs associated with data handling. Aggregating data also involves data cleaning, which helps identify and rectify errors and inconsistencies, ensuring higher data quality and reliability. Sharing aggregated data among teams promotes collaboration and facilitates data-driven decision-making.
Informed Decision-Making: Aggregated data provides a holistic view of the business landscape by consolidating information from multiple sources. This enables decision-makers to make informed choices backed by comprehensive insights. Data-driven decision-making offers numerous advantages, including increased confidence in decision outcomes and the ability to identify cost-saving opportunities. Data aggregation forms a fundamental component of business intelligence, empowering organizations to leverage data for strategic decision-making.
Data aggregation simplifies data analysis, improves efficiency and data quality, and facilitates informed decision-making. By harnessing the power of aggregated data, businesses can unlock valuable insights, optimize operations, and drive growth.

Challenges in Data Aggregation

While data aggregation offers numerous benefits, it also presents specific challenges that must be addressed. Here are three significant challenges associated with data aggregation:
Integrating Different Data Types: Data aggregation involves combining data from diverse sources, often with varying formats. Processing, standardizing, and transforming this data can be complex and time-consuming, mainly when dealing with large or complex datasets. Pre-processing the data through parsing, which involves converting raw data into a more manageable format, is recommended to streamline the aggregation process.
Ensuring Legal, Regulatory, and Privacy Compliance: Privacy considerations are crucial when aggregating data, especially when personally identifiable information (PII) is involved. Aggregation may require using PII to generate summary data representing a group. Protecting sensitive data and ensuring compliance is a significant challenge in data aggregation. To comply with privacy regulations, data anonymization techniques are often employed. Failure to adhere to privacy laws like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) can result in severe legal consequences and hefty fines.
Producing High-Quality Results: The reliability of aggregated data results relies heavily on the quality of the source data. It is essential to ensure that the collected data is accurate, complete, and relevant to obtain meaningful insights. Validating data as a representative sample for the target population can be challenging. Additionally, determining the appropriate granularity, which determines how data is grouped and summarized. Finding the right level of granularity that aligns with the desired outcomes may require iterative experimentation.
Overcoming these challenges requires careful planning, robust data governance practices, and adherence to privacy regulations. By addressing these obstacles effectively, organizations can harness the full potential of data aggregation and derive valuable insights for informed decision-making.

Data Aggregation Powered by Actowiz Solutions

Actowiz Solutions offers comprehensive solutions in data aggregation that streamline the entire process, starting from data retrieval. As we've discovered, the quality of the aggregated results depends heavily on the data collection stage. Actowiz Solutions understands this crucial aspect and provides dedicated tools and services to address it effectively.
Actowiz Solutions presents the Web Scraper IDE, a powerful tool designed to effortlessly retrieve vast amounts of data from the web. With this user-friendly solution, you can overcome the challenges typically associated with web scraping, ensuring accurate and reliable data collection. Using the Web Scraper IDE, you can gather the necessary data in the initial step of the aggregation process, setting a solid foundation for successful data aggregation.
Furthermore, Actowiz Solutions offers structured and readily available datasets, eliminating the need for time-consuming data collection steps. By purchasing these pre-collected datasets, you can expedite and simplify the aggregation process, gaining immediate access to high-quality data for your analysis and decision-making needs.
Through their expertise in travel data aggregation, Actowiz Solutions empowers hospitality businesses to leverage aggregated data for competitive pricing analysis, customer behavior monitoring, and predicting emerging travel industry trends. Actowiz Solutions specializes in various industries, focusing on hospitality brands. However, Actowiz Solutions caters to numerous industries, providing features, expertise, and data that can drive meaningful insights across diverse sectors.
With Actowiz Solutions as your data aggregation partner, you can harness the power of efficient data collection, structured datasets, and industry-specific expertise to unlock valuable insights and gain a competitive edge in your market.


Data aggregation is a game-changer when it comes to maximizing the value of your data. By consolidating and organizing your data into insightful reports and views, you can uncover meaningful trends and gain valuable insights. Furthermore, aggregated data serves as a strong foundation for informed business decisions. However, the reliability of your aggregation results heavily relies on the quality of your source data. This underscores the importance of effective data collection.
Actowiz Solutions recognizes the critical role of data collection and offers a comprehensive solution to meet your needs. With Actowiz Solutions' cutting-edge web scraping tool, you have all the necessary capabilities to efficiently retrieve the data you require. This robust tool handles the complexities of web scraping, empowering you to collect accurate and reliable data effortlessly. By leveraging Actowiz Solutions' web scraping tool, you can ensure a solid starting point for your data aggregation endeavors.
Alternatively, Actowiz Solutions provides an extensive range of high-quality, pre-collected datasets you can purchase directly. These meticulously curated datasets eliminate the need for extensive data collection efforts, allowing you to expedite your aggregation process and access valuable data instantly.
Contact Actowiz Solutions today for all your mobile app scraping and data collection service requirements. Our team is ready to assist you in unlocking the full potential of data aggregation. For further information and to explore how Actowiz Solutions can cater to your needs, don't hesitate to get in touch.
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2023.05.29 13:43 tehMadhero Rik Elfrink: Ajax is interested in current PSV striker Fabio Silva and have held talks with him and his management. Ajax would like to sign him on loan with option to buy from Wolves.

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2023.05.29 13:43 Eliteryan22 [REQ] ($1000 ) - (#Miami, FL, USA), (Repayment for $1111, $350 6/9/23 the rest $761 on 6/23/23), (Zelle, PayPal)

Hi I was recently in a car crash and it’s put me out the job for a while I recently got back to work but my hours and days have been reduced b/c of my accident. Just trying to get some help to make up the difference to help cover my rent for the month, while I recover and try and get back working full time again. Can DM proof of accident. Will give my Instagram to loaner so you know who I am and show I fully intend on paying back the loan. Please and Thank you.
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2023.05.29 13:41 throwaway740228319 College or Wait

Hi, 25y/o here. I’ve never been the best with financial decisions but have spent the last couple years working really hard to break bad habits and be a better planner. I’m doing it little by little. My credit has shot up from the low 300s to the mid 600s. I have some credit cards to still pay off but that’s being worked on too. I went to a technical program for medical assisting that ended just as covid started and I never got to utilize that career field, and I have about 11k in student loans from it that just recently resumed required payments.
That being said, I have a great job right now but know it’s not a forever job either. I have admissions to a university to start this fall but I consider myself not exactly financially literate. With the threat of recession constantly looming over us and the overwhelming, eventful day to day in the U.S, is it worth it to continue a bachelors right now? Or would it be smarter to wait a year and pay down those debts/pay off the existing student loans?
I know that putting of school only makes it harder to go back later, and this solution isn’t one size fits all. I’m just scared to take on more debt when I’m in a good spot right now. People who have completed university, what do you recommend, and what do you wish you did differently?
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2023.05.29 13:36 ooomastrology1 How Can Business Astrology Help Your Business ?

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2023.05.29 13:33 toni_follower Pinagtitiisan ka lang namin papa

Tang ina! 3 years ago umuwi ka na may sakit ka, 10 years ka sa kabit mo!, si mama nagtaguyod sa amin hanggang makatapos kami tapos ikaw di porke di ka maalagaan ng kabit mo binalik ka nya dito sa amin! Umuwi kang lantutay at kulang nalang mamatay ka na, pero kahit ganon tinanggap ka ni mama wholeheartedly! Inalagaan ka namin, pinagtiisan, tapos ng putanginang kabit nyo nagpakasasa sa pensyon mo tapos may loan pa na hanggang next year bawas sa pensyon mo! Pensyon mo na kulang pa sa atin! Kung hindi kami magta-trabaho ni kuya gutom tayo! Hindi kita mabibilhan ng gamot at mapapaopera yang mata mo! Pinagtiisan ka namin hanggang sa gumaling ka pero ano ginagawa mo lalo kay mama? Niyuyurakan mo pagkatao nya just because elementary lang natapos nya! Na tatanga tanga sya at mukhang pera pero sino ba sa kanila ng kabit mo ang mukhang pera? Sa 3 years na kaming tatlo kasama si kuya hindi naisip ni mama unahin mga luho nya! Kahit ako hindi porke nag failed ako sa first try ko sa board exam sasabihan mo kong BOBO! Ikukumpara kung kani-kanino! Hindi ka naniniwala sa mga sinasabi ko kasi you think I'm a fucking failure putangina ikaw ba ano nagawa mo para sa akin? Sa amin. Kaya pati si kuya sobrang distant sayo!
Kanina, hinahanap mo gamot mo na nasa dulo lang ng table, kita mong nagpapahinga ako! Kauuwi ko lang galing trabaho! Biyahe tatlong oras putang ina may pamatmat naman para abutin mo yung gamot mo! Di ka namna stroke o inutil, napakalakas mo! Tapos hindi lang kita nasunod sandali kasi nakahiga ako at in game ako ibabato mo sa akin tumbler mo at mumurahin mo ako na para bang may naging ambag ka sa buhay ko! Simula bumalik ka di mo mapigilan yang anger issues mong palala nang palala! Nagtitimpi lang ako sayo alang alang nalang kay mama kahit na gustong gusto na kitang murahin! Pati pagkain mo na kaya mo naman kunin kay mama pa kahit na alam mong nagpapahinga! Tang ina! Sobrang swerte mo! Nauto mo si mama bullshit ka! Magpapakabait ka na lang di mo pa magawa! Kahit isang beses simula bumalik ka, lahat ng shortcomings at pagkakamali na nagawa mo never kami nakarinig ng SORRY mula sayo! Husto ka na!
Ayoko makakabasa ng "tatay mo pa din yan", wala akong pakialam. The moment na pinili nya kabit nya noon parang pinutol nya na din ugnayan namin bilang mga anak nya! At kahit kailan hindi sya nagpakatatay sa amin! Puro babae at bisyo ang nasa isip!
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It's 1971 in NYC and young Jack Bernstein struggles to make it as a rock manager. He's deep in debt to a loan shark and big name Manhattan agents steal whatever talent he finds. Then one day a friendly queens mobster offers to help...with a catch.
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2023.05.29 13:30 Daily_News2025 Blend's NFT Lending Sees $250M in Loans, Binance Joins Competition

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2023.05.29 13:29 Lonely_Tomato2016 Question about mortgages

I have a question regarding mortgages, maybe there’s some loan officers on here who can help. And before it’s said, yes I am going to contact some with it being the holiday I have to wait until tomorrow, it’s nothing urgent just some general questions.
When you apply for a joint mortgage with your partner does the loan amount show up on both of your credit reports? Or I’d there like a primary person and secondary? Curious to see how that effects getting car loans in the future if it shows up as the full amount on both.
How does a 1 month gap (still employed, just not working for the month due to doing some training for the job) affect the ability to get a mortgage? Will this cause issues?
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2023.05.29 13:28 Lonely_Tomato2016 Question about mortgage

I have a question regarding mortgages, maybe there’s some loan officers on here who can help. And before it’s said, yes I am going to contact some with it being the holiday I have to wait until tomorrow, it’s nothing urgent just some general questions.
When you apply for a joint mortgage with your partner does the loan amount show up on both of your credit reports? Or I’d there like a primary person and secondary? Curious to see how that effects getting car loans in the future if it shows up as the full amount on both.
How does a 1 month gap (still employed, just not working for the month due to doing some training for the job) affect the ability to get a mortgage? Will this cause issues?
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2023.05.29 13:28 Daily_News2025 Blend's NFT Lending Sees $250M in Loans, Binance Joins Competition

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2023.05.29 13:27 Honest-Somewhere-598 How buying a lot for sale thru bank works?

I'm new to buying properties and I need some guidance. There's currently a lot for sale in our community and I am interested to buy it. But I don't have the cash right now to pay in full so it needs to go thru bank loan but the seller needs a significant amount of money upfront for their personal needs.
I want to know generally how will the process be if this goes thru a bank. Will the seller gets the money from the bank in full amount and then I am now indebted to the bank and will pay them in monthly installments?
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2023.05.29 13:26 MultiFlight Finally finished this guy!

Finally finished this guy!
It cost me everything but it is the only card in FIFA I really wanted. Now I can finally stop sweating objectives/FUT Champs and just enjoy my team for the remainder of FUT 23 😁
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Enrolled in a boot camp and need to get a computer and some supplies. Will repay on the 14th of April when I get my stipend.
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