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Singapore Financial Independence

2015.02.20 07:37 kyith Singapore Financial Independence

A congregation of like minded people who shares how to reach closer to being financially secure, independent, how policies affect our ability to reach FI and different ways to manage our wealth for it. The focus of this chat is first on the process, tools and mindset to reach financial independence. It is less focus on the nuts and bolts on investing. To chat on Telegram: https://t.me/sgfinindependence If you cannot get in msg @kyith on Telegram

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Discuss the latest in Japanese fashion or seek advice. Brand and seasonal discussions, opinions, and specific questions always welcome.

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The un-official (and unaffiliated) subreddit for Instagram.com - Learn tips and tricks, ask questions and get feedback on your account. Come join our great community of over 280,000 users!

2023.06.04 19:04 fortytwo_huh Old guy getting back into Pokemon for the first time since Emerald.

Silver was my first, I've played every game up to emerald many many times. Just finished up a leaf green Randomizer. Now I'm playing Shield. I'm having a blast. Why the heck can't I sell my tms. I get the multiple use thing. But I'm never gonna use pin missile so I tried to sell it and I was told no by the shop keeper. Is there like a tm/hm store or something where I buy and sell tm/hms specifically
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2023.06.04 19:04 A-Pierced-Cock Tattoos, piercings & nudism.

Hi all. My name is Will and I am the moderator on this page. My username is A-Pierced-Cock. I'm 69 years old, heavily Tatted and pierced. This is a place where we can discuss our Tatts, piercings and what effect they have on us in a nudists environment/life style. I know that several times, I have been approached by members at different resorts and told that my Tatts and piercings are offensive and was told (by a couple of members) to leave. If you have had similar experiences, this is your place to sound off about it.
Ok. You have the idea of what this page is about.
There will be no talk about politics. Don't make me ban you for political talk. Try to be polite and courteous at all times. Pix are allowed of you in the life style, of your Tatts and Piercings. I will not tolerate sexually explicit material, you will be banned for that.
Try to keep the swearing off this page. You don't need it to explain your situation.
That's about it. Let's have some good conversation, a Lotta fun and a good time.
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2023.06.04 19:03 Live_in_a_Simulation Is RockAuto.com legit for Tundra 1st gen part ?

I'm new in the US and got my first car (2000 Toyota Tundra V8) with some work that has to be done. I'm not use the the US market, where to shop for part etc etc. Someone told me to have a look at RockAuto and the price are just so cheap that it seems like a scam compared with AutoZone first result from google.
I have to change my radiator, the lower ball joint, the timing belt, probably my suspension in the front (not sure yet I would have to check) and for finish my front all the breaks + rotors ... Also some handles for the doors and tailgate, and some cosmetics stuff...
Can I trust thoses parts ? Is there some manufacturer with bad reputation and some with good ?
Do you recommend some dealers for the most safety sensitive part of my list ? (Timing belt, breaks, LBJ ?)
Should I go for Toyota part directly from toyota.com or the manufacturer has responsibility to make part that are safe enough ?
Is there a way to find out if the part are safer than other ?
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2023.06.04 19:03 toadempowl Making a life altering decision

Prefacing this with the fact that I am from a culture where family is really important and we live together and take care of our parents when we're of the age to do so. My family moved to the country we are currently in, a couple of decades ago and we are first gen immigrants here.
Okay so, I met someone over a year ago through a dating app and we're looking to get married sometime soon. I'm deeply in love with them and know I want to spend my life with them.
We live in different countries but I've been in the process to moving abroad to her country for a little bit and I'm all set to do that now. I'm very excited because going to that country and doing the sort of work that I've managed to secure there has been a lifelong dream that I've finally managed to make real for myself. I want to clarify that though she is a great part of the happiness that would come with making the move, I'm moving abroad because I want to do this for a different and better life.
My issue is that in making all of this happen for me, I leave behind my parents. I know they won't be completely closed off to me moving them closer to me a few years down the line but I can't shake the feeling that just as I came of the age to take care of them, I am leaving them behind to pursue selfish interests. My parents are financially stable so this is not about finances but more so just general life support as they get older. My older siblings still live wit the family so I'm not abandoning them in that sense but they'll get married soon and have their own things in life that will mean my parents will be more isolated.
So now everything is set for me to do what I really want to do but I feel like I'm doing wrong by the people who have done so much to make me the person I am and the people who deserve my care and love in their old age. I'm not even sure what I'm asking or looking for here but I just feel guilty that either way I'm going to mess up something.
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2023.06.04 19:03 AnExplorerHere Men of this sub, how do you deal with desiring deep intimacy?

To the Mods: Please feel free to take this down if you think this doesn't fit the agenda of this sub.
So I decided to ask this question here since the MGTOW sub has now been banned by Reddit 😅. I'm a 32-year old man, who's pretty much understood the true nature of women by now. Despite this though, I realise I still seek intimacy in a sexual partner. I've had casual sex with a few women, though by nature I'm a relationship-oriented monogamous man.
The thing is, now that I understand women's true motives, I'm no longer able to trust them or their word; this lack of trust seeps into the sexual act as well, where I'm unable to surrender fully to my partner since I'm unable to love her. I do recognise the need for intimacy in me though, and desire depth of experience beyond just physical pleasure.
Is there any real solution to this predicament, or is a man doomed to shallow intimacy?
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2023.06.04 19:03 -kikimimi- I got scammed by a wig company again 😕 Is there really no way I can get my FULL money back???

I paid through PayPal. The company’s name is DOLAGO. They did the same shit as OMGHERHAIR. Please avoid these rubbish companies at all costs.
They utterly scammed me and now they’re ignoring all my messages after acting all apologetic. I’ve lost hundreds of dollars.
I disputed through PayPal and the sellescammer got to decide how to end this deal. Wtf? They want me to ship the wig back - costs paid by ME and not them, then they’ll process the refund. When they purposefully shipped me a random wig because they didn’t have what I want (and we had gone through a lengthy discussion of my order prior to my purchase).
Also, the seller told me to lie at the customs in order to ship it back. Like what the actual fuck?????? I feel so uncertain about everything I really regret buying from this trash ass company.
Or is there anyway i get to report this company ????? Because they’re actual scammers????? I’m so fucking mad rn
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2023.06.04 19:03 temp_phd Laptop Choice: MSI CREATORPRO M16 or APPLE MACBOOK PRO M1 (2021)

Hello everyone, So I'm planning on buying a new computer and can't decide between the two choices mentioned in the title. I will be using the new computer mainly as a developer (mostly machine learning) so I need something performant and these are the best I could find where I am. The price is basically the same (2% difference) So what do you think I should buy:
16" QHD screen - Intel Core i7-12700H processor, up to 4.7 Ghz, 24 MB cache - 32 GB memory - 1 TB SSD disk - RTX A3000 graphics card, 12 GB of dedicated GDDR6 memory - Wifi - Bluetooth - 1x USB 3.2 Type C - 2x USB Typ-A - HDMI - Card reader - 720p webcam - Windows 11 Pro - White backlit keyboard - Fingerprints - 1 year warranty
16" Liquid Retina XDR screen (3456 x 2234 pixels) - Processor: Apple M1 Pro (10-core CPU / 16-core GPU / 16-core Neural Engine) - Operating system: MacOS Monterey - RAM memory: 16 GB - Hard drive: 1TB SSD - Graphics Card: Intel HD Graphics with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3x Thunderbolt 4/USB-C, 1 X HDMI, Headphones (3.5mm Female Jack) - Colour: Space Gray - Warranty: 1 year
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2023.06.04 19:03 Oofer123oops Me walking home after being a couple dollars short to buy a fossil

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2023.06.04 19:03 Kristen242008 JNMIL wants us to visit

For Background (TRIGGER WARNING: Brief mention of miscarriage, talking about religion, and death of a parent): I made a post about my MIL in the "AmITheAsshole" page last year. My husband and I have been married for 14 1/2 years now, and my MIL has made no bones about the fact that she can't stand me. Said that to me in front of my husband. We have gone NC a few times, and are currently LC with her. I was with a woman for 5 years before I met my husband. MIL is very religious, and thinks I'm evil, and would get some sick joy out of telling me that I was "going to hell." In the beginning of our marriage, I was still trying to be part of her religion, and lived in fear over where I would go when I died. She knew this. After my miscarriage of our first baby, and everyone telling me "God needed him more." "God works in mysterious ways." "God giveth, and God taketh away." I decided that I had enough, and totally left that religion all together. I've never been happier. My husband eventually followed, and left it as well. Now she thinks I "force" him to do what I want.
We would talk to her for a little while after our 2 kids were born, and it would be good for a couple months. Eventually she would revert back to her old ways, and be really horrible to me again. Then we would cut them off again. Honestly it's always me that starts the contact again. I lost my beautiful momma Veteran's Day of 2011, so I keep hoping that she will become nice. My FIL is great, but him and MIL are a package deal. My husband had really a rough upbringing, due to his mom, and wants nothing to do with her. I'm afraid that, if we cut them off completely, he will regret not talking to his dad though. Especially since his dad is not in the best of health.
MIL's dad died awhile ago. After he died, she seemed to change DRASTICALLY. Even her daughters were weirded out by her sudden change in personality. Going from a VERY stingy person, to buying gifts for everyone for no reason at all. Even buying stuff for me! Husband didn't trust it, and was waiting for the other shoe to drop. I guess he was right, as she has gone back to somewhat how she was.
Now on to our current issue: My MIL has been going weeks between talking to us. She still messages me more than my husband, which is weird. I got a text from her the day after Mother's Day saying "It sure would've been nice to hear from ya'll yesterday." Mind you, she didn't call us either. We honestly didn't do a whole lot that day. Husband and I are both massive gamers, and the new Zelda game JUST came out. We were playing that from the time we woke up, til we went to bed. We've been waiting for this game since 2019, so we were super excited. Mother's Day itself totally slipped our mind, let alone trying to call her. Now, MIL is trying to get us to drive from Wisconsin (where we live) to Arkansas (where she lives) to visit. Says that it will be her "Mother's Day" gift, and we "owe her since we forgot her that day."
We are trying to save to move up north. My husband works in the northern part of the state, and the 1 - 2 hour drive to work every day is hard for him. Especially in the winter. Not only that but, he doesn't have any time off. His work accumulates vacation time over the year. He will accumulate a total of 2 weeks over the course of the year, but he only gets maybe a hour vacation time per paycheck. We don't have the vacation time to take a week off. I'm a SAHM. I have Autism as well as both of our kids. I care for them. We're all high-functioning, so it's not REALLY bad, but trying to take 2 Autistic kids that far is not an easy thing. She is insisting though, and my husband wants to tell her where she can shove it. I'm trying to find a way to tell her a bit more nicely though. I do find it ironic that, she thinks I'm taking her baby from her, when in fact I'm the only reason he is still talking to her at all.
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2023.06.04 19:03 mr_archer44 [M4F] Harry Potter Roleplay Request

This is a roleplay request, going out to anyone who wouldn't mind doing a roleplay with me, based on the Harry Potter series. I've recently watched the movies again and am playing through Hogwarts Legacy and would love to do something based in the universe.
I am looking for a boy x girl oc x canon roleplay, where I would allow you to play any female canon. I'm also available for double ups or even play multiple characters if needed.
I don't mind whatever female canon you end up using for this roleplay, although I would prefer Ginny, but I also wouldn't mind Cho, Luna, Pansy or either of the Pavarti twins as well, while also not minding characters like Poppy or Professor Garlick (more so platonic relationship for this one) from Hogwarts Legacy. I can also try anyone if we end up doubling up or if we play multiple characters, as I can read up on them and such to get a better understanding of their characters and other stuff ^
I am quite flexible when it comes to triggers or restrictions, due to being at a mature enough age. So, if you have any triggers or restrictions yourself, please let me know about them so I can work around them. The same goes for plot ideas. If you have any, feel free to let me know! Also, please be at least semi-literate to literate if that's okay. That's just the literacy I mostly use.
So, that's about it. If you're interested, please reply to this or message me. Thank you for reading, and I look forward to roleplaying with some of you very soon
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2023.06.04 19:03 inlovewiththemed Unveiling the Magic of Chefchaouen: A Guide to Morocco’s Blue City

Take a deep breath and imagine yourself driving along the winding roads, surrounded by the striking landscapes of Morocco.
As you near the town of Chefchaouen, the world around you fades into the background.
Replaced by a vivid blue haze that stretches out as far as the eye can see.

This is where the magic begins.

Chefchaouen, or Chaouen as it is affectionately called, is one of those rare destinations that take your breath away from the moment you arrive.
The town’s winding streets and alleys are awash with a spectrum of blues. From the deep and rich to the pale and delicate.
Full Article: https://www.inlovewiththemed.com/chefchaouen-fifty-shades-of-blue-in-morocco/
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2023.06.04 19:03 AutoModerator [Download Course] Gusten Sun – Fulltime Funnel Designer 3.0 (Genkicourses.site)

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2023.06.04 19:03 PCTux2 $150k debt worth it?

Hey everyone, looking for some constructive advice/perspective. I just finished 1L. Currently from undergrad (criminal justice degree) and the first year of law school I am in 80k of debt. Undergrad and law school loans will add up to around $150k (none are private) upon finishing the 3 years. I have a job already lined up and plan on working at and taking over my moms small law firm (she makes around 125-175k). My starting salary will be around 50-60k. I have a serious girlfriend who makes 60k. We plan on getting married, having kids, and buying a home. Im wondering whether finishing the JD is worth it and accruing that debt, vs. finding a different career path that would pay similarly if not more than what my starting salary would be as an attorney? I absolutely love law and would be heartbroken if I had to drop out and switch to a different career but feel like I need to at least consider that option because of the insane amount of debt ahead of me. If any of you are/were in a place where you had to make a similar decision I’d love to hear how things turned out for you.
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2023.06.04 19:03 FatherOfTemptation Do I need any license for this type of service?

Hello, I have a question regarding whether or not I need any type of license to protect a service I'm working on providing. The service I offer is a monthly subscription to stock alerts. I want to make it clear that my service involves me simply sharing stocks that I like and stocks that I believe may be bullish or bearish. I'm not telling anyone to buy or sell anything. I'm merely sharing my opinions on a stock and stating this through ten different disclaimers. However, the #1 disclaimer they will see first is as follows: '1. Financial Disclaimer: NaughtyPicks, a stock market stock alert service, provides information and educational resources for informational purposes only and should not be considered as financial advice. We strongly recommend that our users consult with a qualified financial professional before making any investment decisions.'
I just want to know if I need any legal protection for what I'm doing. I'm an experienced and knowledgeable trader who constantly gets asked about what I'm buying and why. I saw an opportunity to offer a service, and that's all I'm doing. Thank you in advance!
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2023.06.04 19:03 Draygoes Is it possible to split a pellet or a bullet with a sword possiblle to do without knowing where the thing you're cutting is going to be?

I keep seeing videos of people slicing bb's in half, and that got me thinking. Can the person really see exactly where it's traveling to with enough time to draw and swing the sword (single movement but it is what it is) such that the sword will arrive at the same place as the BB? And what about bullets?
I have this thory that the person is aiming at a pre-decided spot.
And i"m not trying to take away from how impressive the trick is, even if it was planned out. I have nothing but respect for someone crazy and skiled enough to try that. I mean, would you want to be down range of a bullet knowing that even pros can make mistakes?
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2023.06.04 19:03 HicSvntDracones_4242 False Afib ECG? Can someone look at it real quick? Thanks!

False Afib ECG? Can someone look at it real quick? Thanks!
I have been running about a mile a day following nearly a year of being stuck in bed from long covid, and all was fine until last week, when I started feeling skipped beats or what really felt like PVC's each time stopped being active, even after a simple walk around the block. I had one incident where while running I couldn't get a whole breath of air, and my heart rate jumped to 150, which was the max reading of my fitness watch, then it went down but stayed at 130 while I was just laying in bed for 40 min while I laid in bed, til I called an ambulance, everything was fine at ER. I did have AV Nodal Reentry growing up and was ablated in 2005, with no issues since. I am waiting to see a cardiologist, and I upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 for ECG, and other health features, since I was having the heart issue. Today I jogged a mile, then did an ECG hoping to catch the issue, the first one flagged as Afib, but I repeated it right away and it was normal. It doesn't look like what I think Afib should look like, or at least not how it is described from what I red online, but I'd rather not rely upon that, so if someone could verify it is a false positive, that would be awesome, I figure it was because my heart rate was still fast when I did the ECG.

Afib? Taken right after 1 mile light jog
Repeated right after Afib result
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2023.06.04 19:03 Icy_Tax3585 best friend obsessed with her boyfriend

i won’t go into the full story of all the ways she has fucked me up and over because it’s way too long and embarrassing that i keep holding on. but basically my best friend since we were 11 (were both 22f) has never had a boyfriend. when we were in hs, she almost had one, then acted a bit obsessive before they even considered themselves dating so he ran (now it makes so much sense). however, she had had a lot of growth between then and now and i thought maybe it would be different. but hooooly shit, was i wrong.
she always complained about how she would be single and alone forever, and of course i always said no and that she needs to be patient to find the person. cut to about 5-6 months ago, she meets this person off of a dating app, and they start dating. all of her ideas and morals and basic life decisions had changed immediately upon meeting this person. i get some of that, as she didn’t have the experience yet, but she changed and morphed herself just enough to where i most definitely do not even recognize her anymore. i told her that, and she laughed.
she has never treated me more shitty than in these last couple of months. the funny thing is, her boyfriend is actually cool, i clicked with him right away, but i’m wondering if he’s not since he allows her to do these shitty things to me. to clarify, my girlfriend is also one of her best friends, and she’s changed to her too, but really to me based off the things i’ve gone through and how she has reacted to them.
this is just one example. i had two people really important to my life and family members that she knew WELL and treated her and called her family pass away in the last three years, one of them being just earlier this week. a couple weeks ago, we had a scare where they thought she would have gone then, so i drove over states to see her. that was my goodbye to her, because she passed away on tuesday night. i texted her what happened that night because i needed her, and she replied with basically, aw sorry ❤️. nothing else. never texted me again after this it a phone call even . when the other person passed 3 years ago, she drove over immediately, she was there all day every day, she drove herself and my girlfriend to her funeral across the states to be there because her family and my family said that they were both family and she would want them to be there. she never said anything to me a couple weeks ago, and nothing now after that text. my girlfriend found out that she has been over at her boyfriends every day and that’s where she was at when i texted her i needed her. why the fuck can’t i get over her like she clearly has me? she told me a couple months ago we can’t hang out or talk much anyways anymore because she and i need to focus on being “adults” since she has her own little “family” now with her 5 month boyfriend.
does anyone have suggestions how to deal with this? or how to grieve her loss? i’m already grieving over this and i’ve never felt so fucking alone. i just wanted her there and i wish i could just move on but she has been my best friend and rock for so long. i feel so stupid for even saying this or putting up with it but it’s so hard. i love and care so hard for people and have lost so much in life, and i never thought it would happen to her and i. i understand her having time with her boyfriend and her own life with him, but maybe just try to be a friend every once in awhile?
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2023.06.04 19:03 Pretty-Arrival5465 Shop and pay/delivery is volunteer work if ANYTHING goes wrong

I won't be doing Shop and pay EVER again after only one attempt where the item wasn't in stock, customer verbally agreed to replacement twice, but app wouldn't allow me to scan the item. Bam, delivery already not worth it. It then wanted me to fill out a form to find the item. Bam, now I'm paying to make this delivery. Support canceled the order once I said this is insane, it's not worth it. I got $3 for a short drive and 15 minutes of shenanigans. So basically, Shop and pay is NEVER worth it, because something minor going wrong is basically guaranteed. Even if something doesn't go wrong, all it takes is a delay as short as a couple minutes to make the delivery not worth the pay. Be honest with yourself, even in your own personal shopping when you know everything you want, where its located, you've preauthorized all of your own substitutions (lol), and you have cash in hand, how often is it an in-and-out affair? How often does it take forever to take a parking space, or there's a line at checkout? Not worth it EVER without a MAJOR pay increase.
Same applies to deliveries. The feeling of regret when it doesn't go PERFECTLY and I realize I'm spending money to work is not worth it.
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2023.06.04 19:02 gattinatesoro No sex without makeup?

I had a stroke three years ago, shortly after, developed epilepsy and chronic migraines. My looks have declined. I used to wear makeup every day. I can’t really do it anymore I feel terrible all the time. My husband makes me feel worse about my natural face, body hair he absolutely will not tolerate and I must wear lingerie and heels. Having only use of one side of my body really makes things difficult. I’ve tried. I really have, to make him happy but I’m in so much pain all the time. He’s said awful things to me about finding it elsewhere, calling me a lazy slob and saying I could not where makeup and put a wig on and just turn turn around so he can’t see my face. He says this is all my fault because I set this standard of wearing makeup all the time and that all guys would agree with him, which I know is not true. It’s not just sex he won’t even kiss me. I even offer to do thing just for him and he says not without makeup. He makes it impossible to be attracted to him. Why would I even want to fix up for him?? Trying to get my shit together to leave but its hard with one arm and brain damage that makes things confusing. Is he right? Is this my fault? Please forgive typos.
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2023.06.04 19:02 two_under_three Toddler is too smart. What next!? (Just a positive rant I guess)

My toddler is 2 years +4 months old and way too smart and growing so fast physically and mentally. Where did the time go!? He knows where to find the Nintendo switch as well as how to turn it on, get to YouTube, and find a video to play while he holds it all by himself! He wakes up, gets off our bed all by himself (unfortunately still crawling into our bed or managing to only want to fall asleep there)- it’s not low to the ground, and grabs granola bars out of the drawers asking for us to open it or open a fruit snack package when he is hungry by saying “snack please” or “help me please.” He grabs the remote and says “car movie on” or “want car movie” for us to put a show on involving cars or monster trucks. Crazy! He knows what he wants and how to ask for it. He even grabbed one of his 3 month old sister’s toys and handed it to her while telling me “Baby sissy toy” but then squawking when she tried to touch it. Lol.
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2023.06.04 19:02 mr_archer44 [M4F] Harry Potter Roleplay Request

This is a roleplay request, going out to anyone who wouldn't mind doing a roleplay with me, based on the Harry Potter series. I've recently watched the movies again and am playing through Hogwarts Legacy and would love to do something based in the universe.
I am looking for a boy x girl oc x canon roleplay, where I would allow you to play any female canon. I'm also available for double ups or even play multiple characters if needed.
I don't mind whatever female canon you end up using for this roleplay, although I would prefer Ginny, but I also wouldn't mind Cho, Luna, Pansy or either of the Pavarti twins as well, while also not minding characters like Poppy or Professor Garlick (more so platonic relationship for this one) from Hogwarts Legacy. I can also try anyone if we end up doubling up or if we play multiple characters, as I can read up on them and such to get a better understanding of their characters and other stuff ^
I am quite flexible when it comes to triggers or restrictions, due to being at a mature enough age. So, if you have any triggers or restrictions yourself, please let me know about them so I can work around them. The same goes for plot ideas. If you have any, feel free to let me know! Also, please be at least semi-literate to literate if that's okay. That's just the literacy I mostly use.
So, that's about it. If you're interested, please reply to this or message me. Thank you for reading, and I look forward to roleplaying with some of you very soon
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2023.06.04 19:02 Ancient-Afternoon-51 Wednesday telling her mother about her feelings scene.

Note: This is the same AU where there is no Hyde and the events of season 1 never happened and Wednesday is simply writing her own novel on it.
Wednesday: “Mother. What type of poison could cause one to feel hot and cold at the same time?"
Her mother pursed her lips at the question, thinking.
Morticia: “What do you mean?"
Wednesday: “When you shiver and your palms sweat, in reaction to- to certain visuals, or sounds. What chemical could achieve this?"
Morticia: “I don't think I've ever heard of such a specific toxin, have you been exposed to something?"
Wednesday: “That is what I am trying to determine, mother. I know of no one else more experienced in this field."
Her mother muttered about various plants, listing symptoms out loud. Occasionally she would ask Wednesday if she had experienced this type of symptom, if she had eaten that type of fruit.
And then, her mother smiled.
Morticia: “Oh, my cruel and unusual child of woe, your symptoms- it means someone has touched your black heart." Tears sprung in her mother's eyes.
Wednesday: “Mother, do not speak in riddles."
Morticia: “Apologies, I get carried away when it comes to these things. Who is it that is making you feel this way?"
Wednesday: “I never said it was a person."
Morticia arched an eyebrow.
Wednesday: “A barista." Wednesday muttered.
Morticia: “A barista?"
Wednesday: “It's the word for someone who works in a coffee shop."
Morticia: “Yes, I am aware. Would you like to tell me more about this barista?"
Wednesday: “…No."
Morticia: “Very well, little devil. The poison in your veins, the venom that this barista has introduced to your bloodstream is the most all-consuming, deadly substance humanity has ever known. I couldn't be happier for you, Wednesday. I hope we get to meet your barista soon."
Oh no, Wednesday thought.
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