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Letterkenny consists of hicks, skids, hockey players and Christians. These are their problems. Canadian TV series. CHECK THE STICKIED POSTS FOR IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS.

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2008.06.08 20:41 Hurricane Sandy

Information and discussion around Hurricane Sandy and the possible Frankenstorm/Snowicane/Noreastercane/Floodmageddon.

2023.06.04 20:05 Melodyp0nd7700900461 Missing my Dad’s memorial

Please do not repost. I don’t want my sister to see it.
Relevant background: my parents divorced when I was an infant. My Dad remarried his affair partner, had a couple kids and moved to another state all before I was five.
He died last year and my sister asked me write a eulogy. I didn’t give this to her because I have no desire to hurt her. But I feel like I need to say it.
Its been a year since my Dad died and in many ways I feel as numb as I did that day. The last year I have found that I neither miss him more or less than I did while he was alive.
I think of him often and sometimes pick up the phone to call or text. Usually its about food or music. How to cook this cut of meat or ask him the name of that mix he used for shrimp boils. Or I hear pink floyd, rush or nine inch nails. There are songs forever tied to my father that will bring back memories of my childhood.
Every year I came down my Dad made sure to spend one weekend with just me. We often went to a little oceanfront town. We would see the gator farm, ripley’s museum, and just spend time together.
One year we went to the beach and stayed in this two level motel across the street from the ocean. It was pouring rain.
Dad had this little propane cooker. I don’t know what to call it and he filled it with water, spices and shrimp and we drove across to the beach. He planted it in the sand and turned it on. He came back in the truck laughing and soaked. He turned on Rush. Tom Sawyer blasting as we watched the storm over the ocean.
One of my favorite memories.
We weren’t close after I became an adult. In many ways he was a stranger to me. When I was asked about things we remembered about Dad a few things came to mind instantly.
I remembered a bunch of things going to Sams Club, Publix, how ridiculously early he got up, how strong his coffee smelled and was. Nights in the yard as he fried, grilled and shucked. Shucking along with him and eating fresh oysters.
He had an oyster guy that we bought them straight from his trunk. There was a shrimp place where they were bought in large quantities. Poured out on a stainless steel counter covered in ice. Hooters and chicken wings.
He used to fry wings all the time. I remember once when i was probably nine where I decided i was grown and didn’t need to eat the kid wings and could do the spicy ones. They were so hot! I remember my mouth on fire and my stepmom scolding him. Not really sure what he did to them to make them that hot.
I remember boiled peanuts that took him days. Oysters Rockefeller and these other ones that were dry and I am not sure what he did to them.
I’m certain my love of food and cooking came from him.
My sense of pride and stupidity in the name of pride came from him too.
I remember when i was a teen and we were in this mall or flea market at a hot sauce stand. Dad was trying stuff but this guy kept acting like I couldn’t handle heat. Dad said I could and I tried several. This little dot of sauce on a toothpick. Until i came to one that was too much. I didn’t react and said that one was good and what was next.
Dad said that’s enough his mouth was hot and he wanted to get lunch. We walked away and were just out of sight of the guy. He told me “you can react now” and i started panting and swearing and he was laughing. We went to this bar, that had gator nuggets, i forget the name, for lunch.
I also remember now how much crown and beer he drank. How he smelled of them both often. That day was no different.
I remember how tall he seemed. How his laughter could fill a space and make you laugh too.
I saw him eight weeks out of the year. We talked weekly when we still paid for long distance. I’m not sure that he would have been more present in my life if he lived closer. Maybe.
He was never at doctors appointments even though i had a childhood illness that had me see them often. I’m not sure he fully understood that stuff.
He was never at any of my major life events. Except high school graduation. I remember that.
He was at neither of my weddings. To be fair I eloped the first and he was hospitalized the second. He walked my sister down the aisle and had the dance with her. I wish that didn’t make me jealous or sad to remember.
He barely knew my daughter and knew none of those quirks that make her amazing.
He knew his other grandchildren. Except the youngest whom he actually met for the first time a week or so before he died. She was three or four then. That makes me happy for them both. Still a little sad.
He didn’t know my second husband at all but I wish he had gotten know him. That makes me sad too because really my husband wouldn’t have known the man I remember.
But what occurred to me most as I write this was thst none of these memories are recent. I didn’t really know him.
My stepmom left him due to his addiction issues when I was in my late teens.
I didn’t really fully grasp those issues. My siblings and she dealt with them because they were there and I was not.
My sister picked him up off the floor and tried to get him sober. I didn’t.
I knew only what we talked about and back then when he was spiraling we talked a lot about things that I didn’t want to know. He was in a really dark place.
A place that landed him in hospitals and half way houses and homeless. He nearly died due to medical issues not drugs multiple times. I’m sure more times with the drugs.
There were large gaps of silence on both sides for years.
In my early twenties before it got very bad for him he decided not to talk to me because I was no longer Christian. That lasted a little over a year. After I had spent a year talking him through his divorce.
When I turned 40 he sent me a six page long hand written letter asking why we had no relationship and how he wouldn’t be around forever. He took no responsibility in it.
After that i tried to reach out monthly at least. He almost never reached out to me. I still have his texts. He never said anything about the wedding photos I sent him. Not even you look beautiful or congratulations.
When we talked it was all surface level. Long ago did we stop talking about deep things. I would tell him about work or my kid or the dumb dog.
I miss him but the him I miss has been gone for over twenty years if he ever existed at all. I’ve been mourning that man for a long time. His body has finally been put to rest for a year now.
For the last year I have struggled with my lack of grief but today i think I finally understand . My Dad had been dead to me for a long time. My father died a year ago.
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2023.06.04 20:04 Desperate_Bad_2489 mystery microorganisms appeared overnight?? HELP

mystery microorganisms appeared overnight?? HELP
I found two new groups of living somethings in my nearly-cycled 75g this morning- honestly clueless as to how they got there and what to do about them. I haven’t seen either before today and they have me very anxious.. I’ve been researching for hours in a minor panic attack, it seems that i’m dealing with Copepods (but they’re good?), which are too minuscule to get a decent picture of, and moth fly larvae (i borrowed a picture off of google after matching it to what i have). The copepods are hopping around on the glass and over the substrate, the worms are sticking heads-up from the substrate. I have a few patches of mulm that also appeared out of nowhere a few weeks ago, that the worms seem to be hanging out by/in. There have never been any living inhabitants in this tank up until now, plants included. Only thing in there is about 2-3 inches of sand. I have two subadult axolotls i intended to move into this tank once it finished cycling, so i’m looking for ways to kill off both without severely damaging my brand new bacteria colonies. If that’s not possible, there is nothing currently living in the tank, so i’m open to any sure-fire purging options. What can i do to remove these invaders as effectively as possible and ensure they won’t come back?? Do i need to strip the tank and start over? Are either of them dangerous to axolotls?
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2023.06.04 20:04 burritoboss551 Local beach recommendations?

Hey all!
Any recommendations for beach like locations near us? We used to go to the bluffs a lot when we lived in North York but would love somewhere more local. We aren't picky if it's more of a park (ie no sand) but has a swimmable lake.
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2023.06.04 20:04 Hour_Ad_6174 HOW TO SPY ON MY PARTNER'S PHONE

I contacted different hackers for help to spy on my partner's phone, because I've had suspicions and I just wanted to be certain I wasn't just losing my mind. RYAN PRO HACK was the only hacker who could do the job for me. I can't lie I was skeptical at first, but I just decided to bank on their refund policy. I'm so glad I didn't need a refund because everything worked right.
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2023.06.04 20:04 djpurity666 Sense watch won't charge: error message saying Temperature too low to charge, warm up Fitbit device and try again?! But it's not cold.

I have had my Fitbit Sense since the year it came out, I think Dec 2019. It has sustained being smacked around and I've gone thru a LOT of chargers!! But it NEVER gave me this error before!
My watch is dead now, so I can't take a screenshot, but it basically said it could NOT CHARGE because the temperature was "too low" and it wouldn't charge u til it was warm enough to do so.... Which makes NO SENSE. For a Sense watch
For one, I live where it's very hot during the day and the house isn't too cold during the days or nights either. So it hasn't ever told me it was "too cold" to charge it before.
But last night I tried multiple chargers, multiple outlets and rooms, and I even used a dry warm compress to "warm up" any sensors... But it does not charge and now is dead.
I talked to fit it customer service on their Fitbit community and they told me they'd escalate the issue to the next level tier, but it may take some time and I'd hear back via email, so this it may not even be today I get this issue resolved.
I am not sure if the temperature sensor got damaged somehow after I went swimming yesterday -- although I've gone swimming many times wearing the watch and never had any problems charging it afterwards. My only issue has been the charger pins on the charger will not always pop out and stay out and I've gone thru a bunch to keep it charging. But now none of my chargers will work on it no matter what, so it's NOT the charger or the location or temperature at all.
I assume it's broken... But has anyone else had this issue? How was it resolved?
All I've seen online in other communities has been it has been replaced.
Thanks everyone... This error has totally affected me! I need my watch and am in a Wellness Study using its data, but I guess not anymore! 😅
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2023.06.04 20:03 thompsonc12 Anyone near Fort Lauderdale Airport that’s going to Game 4 that can give me a lift ?

My flights coming in around 2 on Sat, I’d greatly appreciate it. Literally coming from Ontario to the game and going right back to the airport and home.
I’ve invested $1400 to make this happen lol 😂 ticket and plane fair.
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2023.06.04 20:03 daehffulF Why can’t chat gpt get Phish lyrics right (Ripple to show it does know other song)

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2023.06.04 20:03 gh0stlight NFH that needs a tactic approach. HELP

When I first moved in, my next door neighbor seemed really chill. However since he found out I’m a member of alphabet community, he started threatening me with his gun and blasting his ghetto ass music from dusk til dawn -not exaggerating. His music has been playing basically non stop for almost three years now. I’ve called the rental agency to do something about it after sending them recordings of the loud music. They stated that they would like to do their own recordings, and so they did -multiple times-. They left their recording device for me to record whenever the music is loud. However for some reason my neighbor knows and keeps his music off. When the recording time frame is over he plays his music even louder and longer. Last year I had the pleasure of listening to one song straight everyday for the entire year on repeat up until I was staying at my moms for the weekend and I felt anxious because I’m not used to peace and calm anymore. Working and studying at home is THE actual worst.
I’ve contacted the police and they told me they couldn’t do anything about the threats and excessive noise since I need proof. My neighbor is smart enough (i live in a cul de sac) to turn off the music when he sees a police vehicle driving up. I’m desperately looking for another place to live, however in my country (NL) it’s nearly impossible. Until then I need a solution for this madness. The municipality, police and rental agency are clearly not an option.
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2023.06.04 20:02 rolisrntx HUD/Train speed Lag

HUD/Train speed Lag
Has anyone noticed sometimes there is a difference between indicated speed on the HUD verus what the cab indicates on the speedometer? This is on a PS5.
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2023.06.04 20:02 graurv Girlfriend (23F) isn't sure if she is in love with me (22M)

We've been together for 6 months, nearing 7, and in my case I think I've been in love since day 1. I tend to fall in love quickly. I do differentiate between being "in love" with someone and "to love" someone, the latter I don't know if it's time to think about that. The first is already a source of problems...
So our relationship didn't have any major problems until now, no fights, no big disagreements. One thing though, is that my girlfriend sometimes goes through ups and downs, long periods spanning months, and she had been feeling down for about 3-4 months when we had this conversation. This conversation happened two weeks ago and we talked a bit more deeply than usual, and she said she felt like we don't communicate much or enough and I felt that way as well. I felt it had a lot to do with her mood since February where unfortunately she's been having less motivation, less desire, less energy, less sunshine in general. And I felt it to some degree, but since she keeps that inside most of the time, I didn't necessarily notice too much.
Anyway, then during the conversation, she tells me that she doesn't know / isn't sure if she is in love (with me). From her own words, she never has been in love or never felt that she was in love in the past, and so it hit me quite a bit. She said though that she does have feelings and feels attached to me, but what good is it if she isn't in love with me? I feel like with her "down mood" she has been reevaluating a lot of stuff, and isn't sure either about her future etc. so it definitely plays a role. But it hit me, and I don't know what to do or think. I asked her to check in the coming times her feelings, and how she truly feels, that maybe it's a fear or something, and that she can come back later and give me an answer. The thing is, after two weeks, she doesn't see more clearly, and I'm afraid I won't ever get a clear answer. I'm starting to think about the worst, I'm kind of "checking out" mentally to avoid the pain, in anticipation in case she says "No, I am in fact not in love". I've been on restraint mode for two weeks, and it doesn't feel good, because I cannot feel free to give her all the love I have, knowing it may not be reciprocated. I ask myself "Can I be with someone who isn't EVEN in love with me?", and I think the answer is no.
So, the main question is: What should I do? Should I engage in another conversation about all this to get an answer, risking to put more pressure on her? Should I wait and be patient, despite me (seemingly) walking more and more away from the relationship? What if she never knows the answer?
I appreciate any answer. Feel free to ask questions.
TLDR; Girlfriend said she doesn't know / isn't sure if she's in love with me, and I don't know if I should wait patiently for her answer or "force" a new conversation about this now.
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2023.06.04 20:01 45ujt445y515 What should i do what would you do

I'm (25f) sick of dealing with my family and juggling with problems and pleasing everyone My parents want to help my sister (29f) who betrayed us, but by doing that they screw me and my chance to have a house to live in and a brighter future perhaps, she left in the midst of a pandemic to another country with a boyfriend who has been dating and breaking up constantly throughout her college years, she left my parents, my disabled 16-year-old brother totally dependent on my mom, my husband, and I on our own to survive when she was the only one left with a job and she left us because of her desire to have a family with her ex who cheated on each other, she humiliated me in the bank in front of everyone who was there, while we did a procedure that suited us all so we wouldn't be homeless even though there was no food, we asked for a loan to be able to pay the rent of the house and not be On the streets with a child who has to sleep with a machine that helps him breathe, my sister took off and left me in charge of the debt that I still owe to the bank in the name of both of us but since she was not in the country, They charge me and insult me ​​and she made a new life, luckily my husband managed to get a job a couple months later when the gov let people open again, and he had to go from one city to another 5hrs from home and he visits me when he can and so do I, we made sacrifices cause we needed to survive, but hes now the one that pays everyone's expenses out of love cause we are pretty close he decided so and It is not fair for him to support my family, that is the children's job, I mean, my sister and I, I am still finishing my studies and work half time, I only have one year of internship left to graduate and work and support my family, my husband does want me to finish my studies, hes scared that if something happens to him how would i be left behind defenseless and its always been my dream to graduate and break the cycle of my family, my sister does have a university degree my parents paid some and with scholarships too, from the country we came from (we live in another country, not the one where I spent my childhood) since shes the older i couldnt go to university when i was younger, she did not want to validate her degree when she arrived here to get better opportunities (we have dual born citizenship in both countries, the one where we live now and where she went to and where we spend our childhood) and only went with boyfriends and traveling with them and got jobs as a cook half time istead of engineers jobs cause she is.
Everyone contributed at home before we lost our jobs due to the pandemic and we still haven't been able to recover, my husband was upset by my sister's betrayal (me too) and for being ungrateful because it was with our money that we paid for her plane tickets and we took care of her expenses for months without asking for anything in return and with the promise that we would help my mother and brother when they get here and have a bright life, when my parents and brother arrived instead of being of help she gave the debt to my parents and they are so stupid that they accepted pay it for her, shes done many things shes so problematic when shes home we fight so often when shes gone we barely fight maybe months without fights, i cant list all shes done it would be too long (this is already long), my husband is upset and does not want to see her nor in paintings, she is prohibited from coming back or he wont pay rent as long as shes there.
Guess who got cheated on and lost her job in the country that she returned to and now she asks her parents for help? Exactly my sister, she wants to go back and live where she once abandoned us and I don't contribute money and she wants to make use of it now that she needs it. She first told my mom she would only stay a week shes going to another closeby country to work (already unacceptable) guess who told my mom today that the friend who was waiting for her in that country bailed now she cant go and will stay in this house, sHe wants to go back and start over because she has no one where she left (obviously because she abandoned her only family) and my parents even though my husband supports us even though he shouldn't he doesn't want my sister back so much that he once told me that if she came back she would stop paying the rent and he's right, you can't argue with him, but my parents would rather risk living on the street than let my sister learn life lessons, and with that they screw me because I too would be homeless and I need to graduate I only have the internship left that I start in september and I started to learn how to put oashes to support us when i dont go to uni or study, when I have free time to be able to earn some money and help pay for my university and expenses but I will not be able to graduate and finally have a better job and live with my husband calmly and have my family, I would have to leave my family and I love them so much I have no other and they are really good but they cannot leave my sister be and they tell me that if it were me they would do the same for me but they do not see that they are fucking his other daughter directly and his handicapped son for helping another daughter, they can't support themselves, they don't have nearly enough income, not even to support for one person, 4 is already a joke, which would be counting my sister, we have lived on charity, they cant keep up with this fantasy and Besides, I have resentment and anger I don't want to live those times again I don't want to see my sister's face shes been always a problematic person in my life and out of love and family unity i tried to work our relationship and forgive and move on but im too tired go keep on this fight and for what?, my heart hurts but I am in a very important moment in my life I have eaten shit since I was a child I have lived in poverty ive been mistreated repeatedly I want to be able to have a good life even if it is for just a moment before I die.
I dont know what I want to do, just let it all burn let my parents tell my husband, ill play dumb like i didnt know and dont get involved let em tell him their great idea to let my sister back in cause shes in need knowing my husband (also i dont want her back) dont wanna take her in for all shes done or help my parents built a case and see how he reacts and see if he doesnt kick us or them out and deal with my marriage, cause I cant just please everyone nor myself i lose no matter what, it truly makes me feel like a villain and breaks my heart at the same time What should i do, im also tempted to just write to my sister asking her to desist of coming here shes just bringing trouble my whole mood is ruined
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2023.06.04 20:01 Improvised_1 Ex (27M) reached out to me (24F) after 4 months of no contact. I'm not sure how to approach this?

I broke up with my ex 3.5 months ago and we were together for about 4 months. The reason for the breakup was due to me being busy with life and traveling back and forth so I felt like I didn't have enough time. He took the breakup well enough and we haven't talked since. Reflecting back, I also felt afraid of getting close in romantic relationships; we did start to become more physical near the end and for some reason it just freaked me out inside. I'm not entirely sure why. I don't have too many experiences with being in a relationship.
He was a great boyfriend. Our values aligned super well and we could always talk about anything. He had a great job, was attentive, planned great dates, and super caring (in the good, not the overbearing crazy way). I never felt tremendous sparks but I did feel some level of attraction. Some part of me feels like I ended it too early and another thinks I'm just not ready deep down for a relationship or the timing isn't right. We did click so well together, even from a friend standpoint.
He reached out to me over text and asked to catch up over coffee. I think I will meet up with him but do I bring up the past? Should we just be friends and see where this goes? It's like my brain is fighting against itself - It would be nice to be in a relationship but I also feel weird when in one. He's also such a good person, I feel bad for hurting him and don't know what to do moving forward. I may be overthinking all of this, what if he really just wants to be friends and catch up?
TLDR: Ex reached out to me to catch up. A part of me is thinking to try again and another part of me is hesitant because I feel weird about it.
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2023.06.04 20:01 Embarrassed-Mail6458 Last nights show in Bristow was INSANE, first ever dead & co concert my mind is blown to smithereens.

I took a tab of acid and every single songs groove was running through my soul. Dancing endlessly the entire time having the most freeing experience with my entire body and spirit flowing to this heavenly music. My arms felt like a conduit for my soul gliding through the music filling the air. Drums and space put me into a trance, sat down at times to soak it all in and when i was feeling the rhythm I got up and danced again. AND THEN THE BEAAANNNNN, i have never seen an instrument like that before (someone please let me know what it’s called). The bass was reverberating the entire venue and I was so close to the stage near the middle so it was hitting me JUST RIGHT, i felt it so deeply within all of what i could feel internally and around me. So fking insane. One more saturday night was my favorite of the entire night it was so euphoric and felt like it never ended which was incredible because i just kept on wanting to dance lmao. Every single member of dead & co put on a show that will stick with me for the rest of my life, god bless the grateful dead. What amazing brilliant human beings i love them all so much.
Needless to say i had the most amazing time and barely took any videos because how much i was into it all. I would very deeply appreciate if anyone who took some videos from the show last night could dm me and share with a young new deadhead who is very grateful to share this experience with everyone around. I love you all. 💕
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2023.06.04 20:00 HughMungusW4t 32 [M4F] East bay too far?

I've been a lurker in this sub for a bit, I don't know what to make of it. There's a lot of bots, but some chill people and it never got past talking online. So I'm making a post here to put myself out there and save time.
I'd like to chat with someone with the intent of meeting up in person at some point in the near future. I'm not from the area, so I. Only know coworkers, but I'd like someone outside of work to meet up with. The nature of our interactions I'm leaving up to you, if you want FWB or booty call, ONS, all are fine with me. I'll send pics and send pics yourself and let's chat!
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2023.06.04 20:00 angel_schultz Tell me if you like the game - and if you do, why?

I am genuinely looking for somebody to sell me on the game getting better in the long run, because at lv40 starting Act IV so far it's been an absolutely miserable experience for me.
Running around a huge, empty world that looks randomly generated with no interesting locations at all, fighting mechanically identical enemies with characters that all build the same, getting legendary items with generic +5% damage effects.
I truly do not understand what's there to like about the game so far. Every class and every build is just "pick a 2nd node ability to spam and add some support engine to it", the story is "find an NPC that's supposed to help us find Lilith only to find out that he/she was brainwashed and is now a miniboss", the loot is painfully boring and the world is barren and generic. How is this not just an all-around downgrade from D3?
I've decided to take a break from the game for now, but I'd love to hear whether or not endgame introduces some sort of variety back into it.
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2023.06.04 20:00 Ronanwar1 I (24M) think my girlfriend (22F) of 2 years I manipulating me. How can I world around this? Is it even worth it?

I wish I could be detailed as possible but I don’t think there is any perfect way to describe my situation.
I absolutely love her and when her attitude is positive, it is beyond a blast to hangout. However, a year ago, I’ve noticed that she is consistently becoming annoyed with me. From small to large things, no matter how justified. I assumed that this is typical of any long term relationship. Deep down I know she loves me. Spending too much time together can be a toll on one another. On the other hand, I’m not as bothered by the small things she does. Maybe I once was, considering I’ve slowly been adjusting my life to her expectations, but not nearly as much as her. I’ve taken notice and brought up the issue several times. What she does is blatant manipulation, at least I think it is, and I have no idea what to do.
To generalize all disagreements I’ve had with her: calling her out, bringing up some concerning issue, her not liking a particular reaction on my side, etc… it is somehow always my fault. She has absolutely no interest or incentive to alleviate any argument brought up. If I do something wrong, I take responsibility most of the time. Arguing can be draining and I take no interest in it. Even if I know I am right. If I oppose her, she’s upset that I even attempted to. She tells me that I am not allowed to get angry and the whole situation gets blown out of proportion. She has a tendency to be mean. I don’t think she realizes it. Usually by telling me that I have bad characteristics or by mocking me. I don’t really stand for this. I tell her to apologize, tell her to open up for comments… never happens. On the other hand, if I am angry at her, she must surface a completely unrelated manner. “Oh but it’s okay if you do this …..”. It’s as if she must justify her anger no matter the situation. She must always be right. It’s like a sinkhole. No matter any concern of mine in this relationship, it has miraculously been pointed towards me. That I am the one that should feel bad or I am the one who should know better.
I admit that I might have a bad habit of just biting my tongue, telling her that she’s right, and move on. Most of these arguments are so mundane, unnecessary, and insignificant. I am not saying that any and all arguments are her fault. I am at fault for things I do, we all are.
It’s really hard to put all of this into words. She’s becoming increasingly frustrated with me for smallest of things. I am never allowed to be angry or upset with her. She turns it on me. I have no way around it. It’s exhausting. It’s come to a point where I must focus on each and everything I do to make sure I don’t upset her. I am always forcing myself to be conscious of any and all of my actions. Feels like I’m walking on eggshells. I sometimes think that maybe she’s getting tired of this relationship,l no matter what she says otherwise.
How can I work around this? I feel bad for making her angry all the time, even for nothing.
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2023.06.04 20:00 VenusAurelius Found in the Hudson River Valley (details inside post)

Found in the Hudson River Valley (details inside post)
Some sharp cleavage, but many are obviously smoothed from river water, or at least that's how it appears to me. They were found on the receded banks of the Hudson River NY. Edges of the thinner ones are translucent. Can scratch glass pretty easily.
This is another picture of known black/smoky quartz (left) and one of the rocks in question (right). They just don't quite seem the same to me. The known quartz has more luster, IMO.
Given the location, NY, I think these are dark (black/smoky) quartz. I'm unsure, though, any insight appreciated!
I posted these before after getting back to the house while on vacation, but now that I'm home, I took a much better picture, along with comparison.
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2023.06.04 20:00 bluerockjam As an HPDE instructor my student scared me yesterday

In my 10 years of instructing HPDE most of my students have been good overall but yesterday my student scared me. It was a combination of circumstances that were not fair for my student because the novice group was combined with the intermediate group and there were 27 cars in the group. He was a young guy new to HPDE. There were lots of really fast HP performance cars in the group with good drivers but every car was passing us. My student panicked a few times when cars would show their rear bumper in a non passing zone. Several time he would completely forget the line, miss the turn and then brake hard before almost leaving the track. I kept on attempting to tell him to drive his line until the passing zone and explained the passing zones locations several times. He tried to give point by's several times in non passing zones and would slow down creating a backup when I was saying no no no, not here. He almost came to a stop in one passing zone when letting a conga line of cars behind by. I pulled him off the track a few times to get some open track to work with but with the fast cars would catch us pretty fast. By the end of the day he did better but for the first time I started to get a little scared when we were doing 120MPH+ going into turn 1 praying he remembers the line.
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2023.06.04 19:59 Daisy-Doodle-8765 Vestibulectomy Recovery

Hello everybody,
I have been reading your posts for the last one and a half years and first of all I wanted to say THANK YOU. For helping me not feel alone with all this and for exchanging options.
I am in an emotional state right now so I decided to create this account and kindly ask you for your experience and support.
I was diagnosed with acquired neuroproliferative Vestibulodynia by an experienced doctor. I didn't have a biopsy but I fit in the criteria. Everything started with a badly treated yeast infection, which caused inflammation. That undertreated inflammation turned into nerve pain in my vestibule. Tissue looked fine, but touching was painful. After 2 years I finally got Lyrica which helped improve my life a lot. But summer heat (hello uthoff syndrome), swimming pools, tampons and sex was still bad/not possible. After trying a lot of treatments to rule out muscle problems and hormonal issues (never used hormonal birth control by the way) I did the Anesthesia test and was a good candidate for complete Vestibulectomy. My Vestibulectomy was 8 weeks ago and the first 3 weeks were very painful. Finally got my stitches removed after 5 and a half weeks because they wouldn't dissolve and where pulling on my skin.
After that I made a big jump in recovery. Of course sitting was/is still problematic and the scar is very tight. But touching myself was not burning, orgasms worked and I was so happy. At nearly 7 weeks I went on with my life like before. I was still not completely recovered but I had to get back home (took a long journey for the surgery and stayed at friends house for the whole time <3) and go back to work. I also had my period right after returning home and could use mini tampons. I felt like I was on the road to recovery until last Thursday. I had just started massaging my scar daily and using dilators without problem. I then noticed that with getting turned on or touching myself I felt some burning. It comes with my vulva swelling with arousal. The new ""vestibule"" is not hurting, I put pressure there without problem and it's not the scar on the outside, that feels different. I can't say what it is. It feels deeper inside, on the left and right side. I tried taking Lyrica again and it didn't help - which I take as a good sign. Waiting and ice helps. I talked to a medical professional and they suggested it might be cysts forming and/or muscle tightening from too much activity. But today the whole situation made me cry because I was feeling so much better and now feeling burning triggered all the fear and hopelessness I have felt over the past 4 years that I had to deal with my Vestibuloldynia. I am scared that my nerves have grown back or that after 8 weeks without nerve pain my body decided to start with the nerve pain again. I was so happy last week because I was painfree with only the tight scar pulling and needing some work up. Rationally, I know that such a sudden "failing" after the great start is unlikely but I am in desperate need for support.
Thank you and I wish everyone of us that some day we all get the cure we deserve. English is not my first language and I am very emotional right now so I am sorry for any language errors.
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2023.06.04 19:59 fp562 Don't forget your glassware this month from Oggis!

Don't forget your glassware this month from Oggis!
We are heading to the one near Garden Grove now to get this month's pint glass. If you spot a handsome fella, it's me
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2023.06.04 19:59 ratchet2323 I'm contemplating suicide because I'm a 23 year old virgin (male). Need help

I will graduate from college this year and I still have zero romantic/sexual experience. The vast majority of people start fucking daily at 16 and needless to say, at 23, most people have triple digit body counts so I guess I'm simply too ugly to date/fuck.
Btw I'm fit, shower every morning, take good care of myself, dress well, have a good social circle and social life overall, and despite all this I'm still fucking single. Should I wait a few more years to see if some woman will find me attractive enough to fuck me or should I just kill myself?
Also I believe that looks are everything when it comes to dating/sex. I believe that average/unattractive men will never have romantic relationships/sex lives. I'm doing my best to improve my looks (grooming, dressing well etc.) but I guess my face is the issue. I have constant thoughts of suicide every single day, there is a gun range near where I live and I'm afraid I might go and shoot myself in the head.

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2023.06.04 19:59 CobaltIgnus [M4A] The Dragon Devil. (1x1 Chainsaw man Rp)

[M4A] The Dragon Devil. (1x1 Chainsaw Man Rp.)
As of late I've been itching to do a Chainsaw Man Rp, and am currently searching for detailed partners to do a OC x CC RP! I am currently I'm searching for someone to play Makima for me. So if you're interested just shoot me a message! Here are a few extra notes before messaging me.
The Dragon Devil
Hanzo Sano was one who was scorned by the devils that infect the world, a terrible ordeal that didn't manifest in the form of great hatred but instead in terrible fear. A petrifying fear that caused him to seek out locations where Demon's weren't common, and if one were to ever show up near where he lived he'd pack his things up and leave immediately. A young man on the constant run from the wretched monsters that brought death and chaos into the world.
Though his efforts to avoid the Devils of the world were quite extensive. It would eventually put him in the very jaws of one. Moving out of the city, once he noticed the frequency of Devil attacks increasing in cities he choose to move away to somewhere more Urban. Not even a day after the move he encountered the Dragon Devil, but instead of freezing in fear and becoming another meal to the fearsome beast something changed within him.
All the fear, the terror, the trauma melted into pure unyielding rage. After going through such extensive lengths to avoid demons, uprooting his life again and again, giving up any semblance of a social life just so he could live away from them, and in the end the wretched Devils just continued to follow him. Though he can't quite recall the events that transpired during his fight for survival against the Dragon Devil, he does remember one thing. Devouring its heart.
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