Nicholas kollias and ani okeke ewo

Sunday Of The Fathers Of The First Ecumenical Council

2023.05.28 19:22 IrinaSophia Sunday Of The Fathers Of The First Ecumenical Council

On the seventh Sunday of Pascha, we commemorate the holy God-bearing Fathers of the First Ecumenical Council.
The Commemoration of the First Ecumenical Council has been celebrated by the Church of Christ from ancient times. The Lord Jesus Christ left the Church a great promise, “I will build My Church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it” (Mt. 16:18). Although the Church of Christ on earth will pass through difficult struggles with the Enemy of salvation, it will emerge victorious. The holy martyrs bore witness to the truth of the Savior’s words, enduring suffering and death for confessing Christ, but the persecutor’s sword is shattered by the Cross of Christ.
Persecution of Christians ceased during the fourth century, but heresies arose within the Church itself. One of the most pernicious of these heresies was Arianism. Arius, a priest of Alexandria, was a man of immense pride and ambition. In denying the divine nature of Jesus Christ and His equality with God the Father, Arius falsely taught that the Savior is not consubstantial with the Father, but is only a created being.
A local Council, convened with Patriarch Alexander of Alexandria presiding, condemned the false teachings of Arius. However, Arius would not submit to the authority of the Church. He wrote to many bishops, denouncing the decrees of the local Council. He spread his false teaching throughout the East, receiving support from certain Eastern bishops.
Investigating these dissentions, the holy emperor Constantine (May 21) consulted Bishop Hosius of Cordova (Aug. 27), who assured him that the heresy of Arius was directed against the most fundamental dogma of Christ’s Church, and so he decided to convene an Ecumenical Council. In the year 325, 318 bishops representing Christian Churches from various lands gathered together at Nicea.
Among the assembled bishops were many confessors who had suffered during the persecutions, and who bore the marks of torture upon their bodies. Also participating in the Council were several great luminaries of the Church: Saint Nicholas, Archbishop of Myra in Lycia (December 6 and May 9), Saint Spyridon, Bishop of Tremithos (December 12), and others venerated by the Church as holy Fathers.
With Patriarch Alexander of Alexandria came his deacon, Athanasius [who later became Patriarch of Alexandria (May 2 and January 18)]. He is called “the Great,” for he was a zealous champion for the purity of Orthodoxy. In the Sixth Ode of the Canon for today’s Feast, he is referred to as “the thirteenth Apostle.”
The emperor Constantine presided over the sessions of the Council. In his speech, responding to the welcome by Bishop Eusebius of Caesarea, he said, “God has helped me cast down the impious might of the persecutors, but more distressful for me than any blood spilled in battle is for a soldier, is the internal strife in the Church of God, for it is more ruinous.”
Arius, with seventeen bishops among his supporters, remained arrogant, but his teaching was repudiated and he was excommunicated from the Church. In his speech, the holy deacon Athanasius conclusively refuted the blasphemous opinions of Arius. The heresiarch Arius is depicted in iconography sitting on Satan’s knees, or in the mouth of the Beast of the Deep (Rev. 13).
The Fathers of the Council declined to accept a Symbol of Faith (Creed) proposed by the Arians. Instead, they affirmed the Orthodox Symbol of Faith. Saint Constantine asked the Council to insert into the text of the Symbol of Faith the word “consubstantial,” which he had heard in the speeches of the bishops. The Fathers of the Council unanimously accepted this suggestion.
In the Nicean Creed, the holy Fathers set forth and confirmed the Apostolic teachings about Christ’s divine nature. The heresy of Arius was exposed and repudiated as an error of haughty reason. After resolving this chief dogmatic question, the Council also issued Twelve Canons on questions of churchly administration and discipline. Also decided was the date for the celebration of Holy Pascha. By decision of the Council, Holy Pascha should not be celebrated by Christians on the same day with the Jewish Passover, but on the first Sunday after the first full moon of the vernal equinox (which occured on March 22 in 325).
The First Ecumenical Council is also commemorated on May 29.
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2023.05.28 18:04 u-and-whose-army If we bring in two rookies we will have 12 players 25 and under. Looking forward, who stays and who goes?

Players 25 and under next season: Franz, Paolo, Fultz, Suggs, Cole, Bol, WCJ, Houstan, Okeke, and Goga.
Add pick 6 and pick 11 in the mix, that's 12 players. This list does not include some of the older potential role players like Mo Wagner, Gary Harris, JI.
I don't really think this is sustainable, and I think our roster will see a bunch of changes in the next couple of seasons.
Here is how I view our roster, let me know how you view it.
Tier 1, Untouchables: Franz, Paolo
Self explanatory. I think they are the cornerstones of the franchise going forward.
Tier 2, Key Pieces: WCJ
I think WCJ is a still a pretty underrated center. Still on a good contract. Can play PF or C for us for years to come.
Tier 3, Important but not that important: Fultz, Suggs, Cole
This will probably be a point of contention. I think they are all very solid players in different ways, but I am not completely sold on any of them being vital to our backcourt. All of them are missing a little something to their game and need some development.
I personally love Fultz and was hesitant to put him in this tier. He is Tier 2.5 to me. But I think if we had the chance to land a higher caliber PG, or highly touted PG prospect, it would be a no brainer. I feel similarly about Suggs. If either of them can shoot league average from 3 on decent volume next year, they are worth a bag.
I think all of their roles are "in jeopardy" to some degree. Our picks could come in and make an immediate impact. Fultz not as much as Cole and Suggs. I could see a lot guard minutes going to a rookie who can actually shoot the ball.
Tier 4, Keep if cheap: Bol, Okeke, Houstan, Goga
Bol needs to develop a ton. Okeke didn't get a fair shake last year. And Houstan is still young and developing. I think Houstan can grow into a very reliable bench shooter for us.
Tier 5, Time to move on: No one yet
Interested in hearing how you think we go about retaining/moving all these young players.
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2023.05.27 20:07 OtherwiseAd8874 Anyone went to Rays in NYC for a watch party?

Nicholas Braun (co-)owns a bar in Manhattan and they do Succession watch parties on Sundays from what I understand? Anyone ever went there? What are the vibes like? Do they put on subtitles (non-native speaker here)?
Apparently, Nick made an appearance last week. Thinking of going there for the series finale and wondering when I should get there to secure a seat.
Any information is helpful. Thank you.
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2023.05.27 02:50 Money-Investigator45 (SLIGHTLY EDITED VERSION) I want to create a Yu Yu Hakusho X High School DXD crossover fanfiction, but I am not good at writing stories on my own. Anyone willing to aid me?
I had my own crossover challenge, but it disappeared. With that being said I am surprised that this one is still standing.
There are some YYH/DXD crossovers here and there, but they don't have much staying power.
  1. One thing I love about this crossover challenge is that the writer took some inspiration from A Devil's Diamond. Something I fully agree with. Because of Mugiwara's stories, I have been a fan of buddy/buddy fics where the protagonists of both respective series impact the story instead of always just one. Not to mention the fact that Yusuke and Kuwabara remind me of Josuke and Okuyasu.
  2. I am more so someone who aids and supports stories by sending notes and making artworks to promote them.
My DeviantArt name is SinraiPaleodemon1. I made/make artworks for authors such as The Omni-Remnant, Daverocks5941, Mugiwara N0 Luffy, DRAGONDAVE45, Logan GC, Author Nicholas Drew, Beyond my mask
Heck, I even commissioned artworks based on this particular idea. (Well, it was technically based on an already existing fanfiction, but that fanfiction is pretty much dead)
  1. In case anyone asks, no I would not cuck or replace Issei. Honestly, on top of being a fellow troublemaker, Yusuke is pretty perverted himself, so I think he can get along with Issei in that regard. Additionally, while I still think Yusuke should stay with Keiko and Issei with Rias, if there are any other females that Yusuke could be with (if he has a harem), it would be Akeno and Botan. Botan because of their already established chemistry and Akeno because of their daddy issues and their heritage.
  2. If there thing I would love to be emphasized more, its the Mazoku. That power is something that could/should be utilized a lot more. For Yusuke, it could create an issue for the other factions like it did for Spirit World. Plus, he could work on utilizing the Mazoku transformation he used against Yomi.
  3. In chapter 174 of the YYH manga, it was stated that Spirit World is not Heaven. It is simply a place the soul goes to when it leaves the physical body. This may help a bit for anyone who is intending to seperate/differentiate between Spirit World and Heaven, since both relate to the afterlife. Speaking of which, I can see Koenma and Michael getting along very well. Maybe even have the Spirit World becoming a faction with Koenma as its leader.
  4. I have read the DXD manga/anime (well at least most of the anime anyway) as well as the YYH manga/anime, but I am not too familiar with the DXD Light Novels. I mainly read the wiki to get information on that point in the story.
  5. In YYH's epilogue, Yusuke makes a living by setting up a noodle shop. Humble as it is, its a bit underwhelming. Considering his love for wrestling and combat, I think it would be cool if he, along with his friends, had their own funded show in the Underworld.
  6. Sacred Energy. In some translations, its called Holy Chi. The highest level of energy a being can harness in YYH. Considering that Touki/Aura exists in the DXD verse and Heaven exists, it could be made into an even more important power (especially considering that Sensui likes to view himself as an angel or holy figure).
  7. Considering the hardships and risks Yusuke has faced (the Spirit Wave Orb being a prime example), I can see him giving courage to the other characters. Especially Issei,
  8. Yusuke may need to be aged up a bit to be proportionate to Issei. Yusuke starts off as 14 in the earlier parts of the series while Issei starts off as 17.
(Both are 18 in their final arcs).
  1. Both series have quite the number jokes and funny moments. That's something they can share.
  2. I can see Azrael being another father figure to Yusuke alongside Raizen (not to mention the fact that both Azrael and Raizen value the balance of creation). Considering how Azrael emphasizes getting stronger and manning up, he'd be perfect. Not to mention that he's pretty quippy/clever witted himself. Yusuke already has Genkai as a mother figure, but it wouldn't hurt to add another father figure to help him grow. Considering their similar backgrounds, I can see Azrael and Raizen being friends or getting along.

Well, these are some of my ideas. Not sure if I am breaking any rules doing this, but I am willing to give this a try. I would like to know your thoughts :D
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2023.05.27 01:15 Drunkplane747 Small Business Looking for Charity

Hello all, I’m Nicholas I’m a professionally storyteller (games master) at a new hobby store in Fairfax, Virginia.
The purpose of the store is to provide a safe, inclusive space for tabletop gamers, LARPers, and other geeks and nerds to find a community in and to have their favorite games and titles run for them. “The at-home experience done professionally”.
The day this is posted will mark the first full week of the business being open, and we need help from anyone who is willing to lend it. The store was meant to be open 3 months ago, but due to expounding material cost, incompetent contractors, and draconian fire codes the store was delayed from opening which has drained the budget of the store.
We at the Dragons Concord are asking for charity, as at the current rate the store will default on its debts by the end of June. We are doing everything in our power to prevent this of course, but any generosity that can be given will be welcomed a thousand times over.
Thank you for everything, Nicholas
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2023.05.26 18:34 EmmalynRenato SFF books coming in June 2023

SFF here means all speculative fiction (fantasy, science fiction, horror, alternate history, magical realism etc).
The following SFF books will be published in the U.S. in June 2023. Other countries may differ. They are mostly new releases, but occasionally there is a re-release or a new edition of a previously published book.
If you know of others, please add them as comments below. If I've made any mistakes, just let me know, and I'll fix them up.
If you are using the Chrome browser, you might find the Goodreads Right Click extension useful, to find out more information on books that you are interested in:

June 1
June 2
June 6
June 8
June 9
June 12
June 13
June 16
June 18
June 20
June 22
June 26
June 27
June 29
June 30

Previous "SFF books coming ..." posts have been collected here. (Thank you mods).

Main Sources
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2023.05.26 11:52 Ishearia How did Russian serf nicknames become surnames?

In Orlando Figes book, 'A People's Tragedy: The Russian Revolution, 1891-1924,' he mentions that Nicholas II used to spend hours replying to petitions from former serfs whose surnames were formalized serf nicknames. Things like 'Ugly' and 'Smelly.' Figes mentions this in passing as an example of Nicholas' attention to minutiae at the cost of big-picture thinking, but the questions I want to ask are:
How did serf nicknames like 'Ugly' and 'Smelly' become formalized surnames?
How successful were people with more unfortunate serf-derived surnames in getting them changed (are there still people in Russia who have such surnames)?
And finally, a question which is quite a bit broader than the other two:
How common has it been throughout history for Emperors, Kings, Queens, etc to respond directly to the petitions of villeins, peasants and serfs? Are there any medieval examples of monarchs doing so simply because they thought it was important rather than, say, because the mob was at the gates with an interesting document they thought the king might like to read, at the pointy end of a pitchfork if necessary?
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2023.05.26 03:53 FroztyPenguin Vaginoplasty Day 4 Live Experience

The continuing blow-by-blow account of my vaginoplasty recovery is extra boring today.
I slept well again and pooped again. I will say that as I continue to eat solid food I’m feeling a little gassy and bloated in ways I normally don’t at home. I’m attributing this partially to just recovering from surgery and my gut waking back up from the anesthesia and the hospital food just being a lot less quality than what I eat at home (I’m a bit of a food snob at home, but for hospital food I’ve been impressed the quality overall). When I feel bloated, it puts pressure on the packing and surgical site which is really uncomfortable.
Today I’ve cut my pain medication dosage in half and I’m still comfortable. The big update today is that I have one very itchy vagina as it heals. I asked for benadryl and that’s helped with the itching a lot.
I was awake pretty much the whole day and watched a Nicholas Cage movie on TV and played on my phone. I really only took one nap. I had visitors in the morning and evening and they weren’t as exhausting.
Occupational therapy came and taught me how to put on panties without bending over with a claw-grabber thingy, but I think I’ll mostly have my spouse help me out at home. I sat in a recliner for an hour and I walked to the bathroom where I stood at the sink and brushed my teeth. To be clear I did brush my teeth before this, by spitting in a cup. The update is that I could stand for that long. I did have to lean against the sink and wall and I felt pretty unstable on my feet. I’ve been strong enough to move myself around in the bed with my arms. I could a little yesterday, but it was a lot more comfortable today.
The advice from my medical team is that because I’m feeling so good, I need to be really really careful not to push it or do any more than this. They’ve said that I need to pace myself and not let boredom or excitement lead me to do too much activity.
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2023.05.26 02:40 Steve_En In Defense of The Game's Ending.

The Game (1997) is my favorite film of all time, and therefore I recognize that I have a positive bias towards it and I feel as though it is my obligation to state so beforehand. While I will try to be as impartial as I can, this is essentially me defending my favorite movie from a common criticism.
When I hear people talking about David Fincher's The Game, a common complaint that people have is that they don't like the ending because they feel as though it ultimately undermines everything that the film tried to build up beforehand, a notion which I heavily disagree with.
To summarize the movie, it centers around a highly wealthy broker named Nicholas Van Orton. Nicholas is, in the context of this movie, someone who has everything he could ever want or need; a mansion, millions of dollars, a maid, expensive food, access to luxurious hotels and restaurants, and a life where his biggest worry is whether or not his dinner will be overcooked today. He has everything he could ever ask for; except for love.
He's divorced from his wife, he is estranged from his brother, he has no children or relatives that contact him, and his father, also a detached rich man, commit suicide in front of Nicholas' eyes by jumping off a building when Nicholas was a child.
On his 48th birthday, his brother, Conrad, gives him an invitation to play a "game" orchestrated by the Consumer Recreation Services company. After going through a lengthy psychological profiling, the game begins and Nicholas finds himself being mentally tormented by CRS as the line between reality and fiction begins to blur in his mind. His television begins talking to him, he nearly gets mauled by dogs, he gets driven underwater in a locked cab, and he loses all of his money and gets stranded in Mexico.
One of my favorite scenes in the film which truly shows how Fincher has an incredible grip on suspense and atmosphere is when Nicholas, inside the house of one of the few people he thinks he can trust, begins that where he is may not exactly be as it seems -- the lamp still has the tag on it, the faucets don't release water, there is absolutely nothing in the fridges or cabinets, and even the photograph is found to be nothing more than a piece from a newspaper.
This kind of paranoia would be easily cheapened by a less advanced director, perhaps with the addition of unnecessary dialogue or Nicholas talking to himself, but the way Fincher executes it shows that he is a master at forming dread and suspicion within the audience after they had been lured into a false sense of security, exactly as Nicholas is in that seen.
At the end of the film, Nicholas storms CRS' headquarters and, on top of the roof, shoots the first person that comes out of the door; revealed to be Conrad holding a bottle of champagne and arriving to celebrate Nicholas' birthday. For the first time since his father's death, Nicholas shows true humanity. Not anger, resentment, annoyance, or indifference as we've seen him express, but true and utter grief after realizing he has killed his own brother.
In a scene paralleling the death of his father, Nicholas leaps off the roof of the building to commit suicide, before he is caught on a large airbag. Being helped out by men in suits, he finds himself in the middle of a luxury restaurant and sees Conrad, still alive, telling Nicholas that all of this has been his birthday present. Nicholas, realizing that the game was nothing more than a way of teaching him to appreciate life and the people around him, hugs Conrad as he realizes the nightmare is over and starts his new life as a changed man.
This ending is easily the most controversial scene of the film and it is the leading cause of breaking people's enjoyment of it. Some people believe that the movie would have been far better if Nicholas truly had killed Conrad and himself -- a bleak and twisted ending that Fincher exceeds in a la Se7en, while some people believe that this optimistic and sentimental end is the most fitting conclusion they could've possibly given this film, an opinion that I and David Fincher himself share.
I believe this ending works because of the ethos behind it all, and to explain why, I need to give an overview on the type of man that Nicholas Van Orton is.
Over the course of the film, we've seen a man who has little regard for anything other than his bank account and who finds no bearing in his complete loneliness outside fellow brokers and his maid. A man who fires people, destroying their livelihood and putting their family at risk, and then goes to sleep at night like a baby. A man with all of the money in the world and none of the humanity.
In flashbacks, we see his father, whom it is implied Nicholas inherited a large amount of wealth from. Like Nicholas himself, the father appears detached and uninterested in all that happens around him, not even smiling in photographs with his son. Eventually, the mediocrity and monotony of his life becomes too much to bear and he kills himself by jumping off the roof of the mansion, all while the young Nicholas watches from below.
When the game begins, Nicholas experiences real, unfiltered emotions. Emotions not clouded by the façade of sterile professionalism or cold apathy. While he may have seen it as a negative experience, there is no doubting that Nicholas has never felt more alive than when he was desperately hiding from CRS agents attempting to gun him down.
And as the film reaches the crescendo, Nicholas finds that he has lost everything that made him the emotionless blank slate of a man he was. His mansion is vandalized, he begs people for rides to Los Angeles, going as far as to sell his watch as it's the only possession he has left for a lift. He no longer has any concern for money, but rather is fighting to stay alive. It is through the game that Nicholas realizes what it's like to be the people under him, the people he fires at work, the homeless men he passes on the street, the people he spits on as they work for years to make what he accrues in a single month.
This is a thought that has crossed the mind of everyone, especially the rich and undoubtedly someone like Nicholas, but it's not one that they look upon with much consideration, who needs to worry when you have all the money in the world?
But when Nicholas loses everything that he has, he looks towards the things he neglected for so long. He meets up with his ex-wife and finally apologizes for what he did to her, making amends with something that he was far too proud to show remorse for. He even meets up with his brother in a scene that reveals their strained relationship; Nicholas always wanted Conrad to turn out like him, however his brain had no such desire and as such a growing vitriol was brewing between the two of them.
Before the game started, he never so much as considering making things right with his ex-wife or speaking with Conrad again, but when your possessions are taken away from you, you're only left with the things you can't buy.
And so this is where the ending comes in.
The ending of the film makes no attempt at concealing the parallels between Nicholas and his father, going so far as to show the same flashbacks as he jumps off the building to what he presumed to be his demise, a cruel, if mockingly poetic conclusion to the life of a man who's biggest concern in life was a pen stain on his shirt.
However, Nicholas had what his father never did and that was people who were willing to go to Hell and back for him, people who truly wanted to see him change himself for the better, co-workers and employees who only crossed his mind whenever they were named but who thought about him every day.
In the end, it's revealed that everything that happened to him was staged to teach Nicholas that, if he continues going down the path of avarice and egotism, all that awaits him is the same fate as the father he watched. A father who was like Nicholas in every way except for the fact that he could not be saved.
Every single thing that happened during the game was staged using the hours of psychological information that he gave to CRS, which was nothing more than a corporation that planned elaborate parties for people like Nicholas. Everything from the taxi that they knew he'd pick up and escape, the agent they ordered to miss every shot, the television channel they knew he'd been watching, and the smoke detector camera they knew he'd break. Nothing was unintentional, nothing was not planned beforehand to every last meticulous detail. It was all orchestrated from the beginning knowing that Nicholas would leap off that building to his death, only to discover the true nature of the game.
The ending was described by David Fincher as comparative to the ending of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, in which Ebenezer Scrooge, a selfish business man just like Nicholas, turns his life around after seeing a vision of his gravestone and realizing there will be no one to mourn him if he contains going down the path of greed and loneliness.
The ending of The Game works precisely because it is in complete contrast to the rest of the film, a paranoid experience of untrustworthy labyrinths and twisting mazes with no end in sight. The juxtaposition of the previous 10 minutes is exactly why the ending succeeds in shocking the audience, Fincher's intended goal. Prior to that, the film never showed any sense of sentimentality or beauty, and, despite how well-made it was, it was otherwise comparable to your average action thriller starring A-list actors. Had the end been any different, I don't believe that The Game would be considered more special than any flick Hollywood has been putting out for the last 30 years.
Bleak endings can be greater than a good ending, and David Fincher has proved he's capable of masterfully doing them in Se7en and Fight Club, both of which would be ruined with happy endings, but the end of The Game succeeds due to not existing in isolation, but rather in the context of the last 2 hours of the film and everything we knew about the protagonist.
Nothing lives in a vacuum and everything must have its surroundings considered before evaluation. In the case of The Game, we see the cautionary tale of a man who has everything and, only in the complete loss of his materialistic possessions, does he realize that no amount of wealth will fill your funerals with people or your life with meaning and that that must come from swallowing your pride and bettering yourself as a person.
At the end of The Game, Nicholas is alive, his brother is alive, and those 2 facts mean that he can change for the better and appreciate his existence for what it's worth, even if it took psychological warfare to get him to realize this.
Do I believe the ending of The Game is perfect? No, I believe it could've been far better executed. I found the shirt and dancing to be overly comedic and complete tonal whiplash, but I don't believe they detract from the overall genius of the film's conclusion and everything it means in the context of the story that David Fincher built up throughout the 2 hour duration of the movie.
What birthday present do you get the man who has everything?
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2023.05.26 00:24 jollyspiffing Weekly Wildcard League Report - GW37

Weekly Wildcard League Report - GW37 Entries remain open, join code: 62bcum
The weekly wildcard league is a league with unlimited free-transfers trying to nail the dream team each week - see the joining details below.
This week in the fantasypl Weekly Wildcard League the Team Of The Week was 'Car-Toon Army' managed by 'Snehil Garg' with a GW score of '88'
Top scouts this GW
rank id team_name manager GW_points GW_transfers
1 1802225 Car-Toon Army Snehil Garg 88 7
2 125028 Cali Cartel FC Egan Collier 87 3
3 1968231 Dream Team Tiago Costa 84 4
4 7596049 Savage vs Scout u/ Savage9645 84 7
5 456494 BEST ELEVEN James D Soh 83 6
6 3310022 Mansplaining FPL u/drearyDusk 81 9
7 9582798 Zahaha Christopher Hunt 81 3
8 3273078 Harvardsportsblog Harvardsports. 80 5
9 8786569 Eberechi's Ebonies FMDK00 ( ͡❛ ͜ʖ ͡❛) 80 12
10 3552900 Bwoah Neeraj Grover 79 3
11 16985 Catch me if you Kane SlipperySimplicity / 79 11
12 439319 Scouting for goals Scout Master 79 6
13 1416472 Boly magas Parikshit CH 76 15
14 7592633 Weekly Wanderers Mike Laskey 75 16
15 406950 serialchiller Tolga Ozten 74 3
16 1110323 Flat Balls Thomas Illescas 74 9
17 7551062 YOLO Sindre Haugen 74 10
18 324915 Larin fan Nicholas Gransjean 73 3
19 268644 issa nissa seif mzoughi 73 3
20 5069626 Born 2 be Wildcard Wildcard Sam 73 5
21 3091427 Liverpoops Alex Chen 71 10
22 7022949 Official scout Official Scout 71 6
23 4199657 Sterling Effort Faust R. Peggi 70 4
24 4698648 Hits n Giggs Jimmy B 66 5
25 5010893 YOLO Sindre Haugen 66 13
26 4416660 Mudryfelixenzo Utd Avis Nicolas Sebugwawo 64 3
27 1795393 PG Tips FC Steve Webb 64 9
28 708428 Wildcard FC u/ chibibabymoon 64 7
29 259370 HaaLund ke Baal Jaggu WC 62 8
30 5325987 Maximum 20 Character Daniel Liao 59 3
31 1049359 Carefree George Lynch 57 9
32 5796 WILDCARD BOYZ u/ Rembata37 57 8
33 529864 stillTrashAtFPL Mwai Chatha 53 3
34 3300530 A’s Kyle Boas 46 3
35 9329092 La Casa Del Rey Don Oussama 42 4
Favourite picks this GW
name selected captained gw_pts
Haaland 31 22 6
Estupiñán 27 0 4
Fernandes 25 6 11
Shaw 25 1 10
Alexander-Arnold 24 0 1
Salah 23 0 5
Mac Allister 18 0 6
Álvarez 17 0 9
Mahrez 17 2 5
Mitoma 15 1 7
Rashford 13 0 7
Steele 13 0 5
Wilson 11 0 2
De Gea 10 0 10
Kane 6 0 7
De Bruyne 6 1 2
Foden 6 1 12
Gündogan 6 0 2
Trippier 4 0 9
Antony 4 0 4
Sterling 4 0 2
Enciso 4 0 8
Martial 4 0 8
Thiago Silva 3 0 2
Stones 3 0 3
Alisson 3 0 2
Schär 3 0 6
Dias 3 0 0
Groß 3 0 11
Lindelöf 3 0 8
Arrizabalaga 2 0 3
Saka 2 0 2
2 0 0
Varane 2 0 8
Ederson 2 0 0
Robertson 2 0 2
Dunk 2 1 2
Ferguson 2 0 14
Laporte 2 0 6
Mitrović 2 0 13
Konaté 1 0 1
Botman 1 0 8
Akanji 1 0 1
Havertz 1 0 3
Pickford 1 0 3
White 1 0 2
Ødegaard 1 0 2
Eze 1 0 5
Maddison 1 0 1
Rodrigo 1 0 6
Pope 1 0 6
Gakpo 1 0 2
Isak 1 0 1
Casemiro 1 0 16
Jesus 1 0 1
Diogo Jota 1 0 1
Raya 1 0 4
Davies 1 0 1
Solanke 1 0 2
Álex Moreno 1 0 1
Bueno 1 0 0
Trossard 1 0 2
Willian 1 0 6
Gallagher 1 0 4
João Félix 1 0 5
Firmino 1 0 7
Gabriel 1 0 1
Awoniyi 1 0 6
Chalobah 1 0 2
Azpilicueta 1 0 2
Bernardo 1 0 1
Overall weekly wildcard League:
rank id team_name manager total_score total_transfers
1 3310022 Mansplaining FPL u/drearyDusk 2527 227
2 8786569 Eberechi's Ebonies FMDK00 ( ͡❛ ͜ʖ ͡❛) 2512 367
3 7592633 Weekly Wanderers Mike Laskey 2485 313
4 456494 BEST ELEVEN James D Soh 2468 250
5 406950 serialchiller Tolga Ozten 2444 100
6 7596049 Savage vs Scout u/ Savage9645 2441 293
7 324915 Larin fan Nicholas Gransjean 2435 190
8 3552900 Bwoah Neeraj Grover 2417 113
9 16985 Catch me if you Kane SlipperySimplicity / 2414 214
10 125028 Cali Cartel FC Egan Collier 2413 95
11 4199657 Sterling Effort Faust R. Peggi 2387 309
12 708428 Wildcard FC u/ chibibabymoon 2384 207
13 3273078 Harvardsportsblog Harvardsports. 2379 183
14 439319 Scouting for goals Scout Master 2372 347
15 1968231 Dream Team Tiago Costa 2363 160
16 5796 WILDCARD BOYZ u/ Rembata37 2361 247
17 5069626 Born 2 be Wildcard Wildcard Sam 2358 270
18 7022949 Official scout Official Scout 2352 245
19 4698648 Hits n Giggs Jimmy B 2347 269
20 3091427 Liverpoops Alex Chen 2340 75
21 529864 stillTrashAtFPL Mwai Chatha 2339 150
22 1416472 Boly magas Parikshit CH 2336 82
23 1802225 Car-Toon Army Snehil Garg 2323 324
24 268644 issa nissa seif mzoughi 2303 131
25 1110323 Flat Balls Thomas Illescas 2299 227
26 4416660 Mudryfelixenzo Utd Avis Nicolas Sebugwawo 2271 128
27 1795393 PG Tips FC Steve Webb 2185 137
28 259370 HaaLund ke Baal Jaggu WC 2185 167
29 1049359 Carefree George Lynch 2159 111
30 3300530 A’s Kyle Boas 2157 381
31 5325987 Maximum 20 Character Daniel Liao 2108 101
32 7551062 YOLO Sindre Haugen 2076 307
33 5010893 YOLO Sindre Haugen 2056 312
34 9329092 La Casa Del Rey Don Oussama 1918 83
35 9582798 Zahaha Christopher Hunt 1833 95
Join the scout league:
The aim is to make a secondary FPL team to try and get the most points from your 1st XI each week, with no restrictions on transfers: - Transfers will not count against your "scout league" score (they will still be counted on the official site) - Points are only scored for the first XI each week, subs don't count. - Captain only, Vice-Captain will not be counted - Auto-subs will not be counted. - Chips will not be counted (you can play them if you want, but they won't affect your score)
I'm still confused how does this work? People in this league create a secondary team and try and pick the best XI each week without caring about transfer costs/hits. Scoring is done manually to exclude any transfers costs and also excludes bench players. The score/rank on the official site will usually be terrible because of the many transfers, but that's not what counts for this ML, it's what gets posted in the table above that counts.
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2023.05.25 22:32 Purtle [PIL] #951 5/25/2023

Purtle's Internet Lineup for May 25th, 2023 4:33pm
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2023.05.25 22:01 Maximun-Fishing-6274 38 [M4F] East Coast USA

Hey there! I’m a 38 year old divorced dad of six looking for new friends. I’m a hopeless romantic that reads too many Nicholas Sparks books. Do you have a favorite?
I love the outdoors. I have a passion for hunting and fishing. I love going to the beach with my kids and collecting shells for crafts and making memories. I am open to any new adventures! I also love making people laugh with jokes and off beat comments. Ask me about my favorite joke.
I am looking for friends first. I would like to have someone to chat and text with long term. I would like to look forward to chatting with someone regularly. I am open to romantic relationships but I believe we should be friends first and see where it goes.
If any of this sounds appealing to you send me a chat.
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2023.05.25 15:48 AsiansEnjoyRice Defending the Draft 2023: Tennessee Titans

Preface: The Rollercoaster Season, the Firing of Jon Robinson, and the Hiring of Ran Carthon
The 2022 Tennessee Titans season was truly a rollercoaster. The season started on a low note with a close and huge loss to the Giants and Bills respectively. We proceeded to win our next 5 games before losing a close overtime game to the Chiefs. We rebounded with wins against the Broncos and the Packers, before then proceeding to lose out the rest of the season. The team proceeded to yet again be one of the most injured teams in NFL history. During this time, general manager Jon Robinson was fired following a huge loss to the Eagles, the same team that the Titans traded superstar WR A.J. Brown to for financial reasons. Like any GM, JRob had plenty of hits and misses. Our 2019 draft was truly exceptional considering we drafted 5 plus starters with 6 total picks. On the other hand, 2020 was horrendous; Isaiah Wilson decided to get paid and flame out of the league and multiple teams in basically one year, and Darrynton Evans was only ever injured. Kristian Fulton is a good player but has had trouble staying healthy throughout his Titans tenure. The Julio Jones trade left us without a 2nd round pick, and of course the A.J. Brown trade left us with a gigantic vacuum at the WR position that was simply too unrealistic to expect rookie Treylon Burks to fill (although his potential is extremely high). What was surprising is that both JRob and Vrabel were extended just the prior offseason, so certainly such a quick firing was unexpected by many Titans fans.
Enter Ran Carthon, ex-49ers director of pro and player personnel, as the new GM. If you ignore the QB situation in San Francisco, the 49ers team-building framework and philosophy has been one of the best in the league. They acquire versatile offensive and defensive personnel that fit their respective offensive and defensive schemes like a glove. Consider moves like trading a 6th round pick for Charles Omenihu, or signing and developing center Jake Brendel who managed to earn a decent contract extension with the 49ers. Consider draft picks like All-Pro Safety Talanoa Hufanga and stud linebacker Dre Greenlaw in the 5th round. The 49ers clearly can get good value out of the so-called bargain bin players in the draft or in free agency, and hopefully Ran can bring more aspects of this to the Titans.
Notable Free Agency Losses
This free agency saw the losses of some big contracts in Taylor Lewan, Bud Dupree, and Zach Cunningham. Taylor Lewan was never an All-Pro tackle, but he was always at least average to above-average when he was on the field- his health was always the rub, however, in recent years. Following two torn ACL's in the past few seasons along with other injuries like concussions, it's unclear if he will play again at all. Regardless, he was a franchise cornerstone and was a key part of the Titans turnaround from 2014 to now, and will be a key position to fill, hopefully by either Andre Dillard or Peter Skoronski.
We also saw the loss of both OG Nate Davis and David Long Jr., members of the aforementioned 2019 draft class. Like many players on the Titans last year, both players have had troubles with health during their careers, but are plus players when they're on the field. They will certainly be missed and the Bears/Dolphins got some good pieces.
Finally, the franchise also saw the loss of center Ben Jones who as of yet remains unsigned. Jones has always been a plus starter at center and was an absolute anchor during his whole Titans tenure. Mike Vrabel has emphasized multiple times that Jones was a critical part of the locker room and the organization as a whole. Unfortunately, Jones dealt with numerous concussions this past season, and symptoms lasted multiple weeks, an obviously scary situation to be in as a football player. He hasn't retired, but that may be coming in his future.
Cardinals fans, the fact that Dennis Daley got a contract and isn't unsigned right now should be a football crime. You could give him 3 tight ends to help block *looks up average pass rusher* and he'd still give up a sack.
Notable Free Agency Gains
Ran began his GM tenure with these moves, including the signing of ex-49ers in Daniel Brunskill and Azeez Al-Shaair. Brunskill is expected to compete for a starting gig somewhere on the offensive line, with the most likely spot being at RG, while Azeez will most likely be a starting linebacker. He signed a player with some hopefully untapped potential in Andre Dillard who's spent a few seasons sitting on the bench in Philadelphia behind Jordan Mailata. This is a gamble that Dillard is ready to be a starter after multiple seasons under Jeff Stoutland. Arden Key was signed from the Jaguars as a versatile pass-rusher who may follow the Denico Autry route of being able to rush from anywhere on the defensive line. For a defense that emphasizes simulated pressure, rushing from odd alignments, and surprising quarterbacks, having another piece like this on a line with Autry, Jeffery Simmons, and Harold Landry could be deadly. Additional upside signings include former 2nd round pick Sean Murphy-Bunting who could compete for a starting spot in the secondary, and Chris Moore who had a career year last season with the Texans. Time will tell how Ran's first free agency signings work for this team.
The Draft:
Round 1, Pick 11: OL Peter Skoronski, Northwestern
RAS Profile
Mockdraftable Web
Ran's first pick as a general manager comes in one of the most solid players you'll find at any position in OL Peter Skoronski. Skoronski became the starter at left tackle at Northwestern following Rashawn Slater's decision to opt-out from the 2020 season, and Northwestern didn't notice much of a dropoff from that transition. To get the only real issue with his game out of the way, Skoronski's length is quite lacking, as seen by his arm length and wingspan both being under the 10th percentile for OT's per Mockdraftable. This does show up occasionally on his tape- he can be outreached by prototypical rushers meaning he won't be consistently making first contact, which inherently can put him at a disadvantage. He can fail to get first contact with linebackers in the run game, meaning he can theoretically be shed easier. Despite this issue, Skoronski has incredible intuition for the OT position and has an excellent understanding on how to create and maintain leverage, both in the pass and run games. He is athletic enough to play tackle, which you can see in his ability to rapidly kick step to intercept rushers that might be taking wide angles, or when he's on the move as a run blocker. He's strong enough to handle power and speed-to-power. Because of how magnified deficiencies in physical traits can be when players get to the NFL, Skoronski will need to seamlessly transfer his other excellent skills to make up for his lack of length, which may be too much of a hill to climb. As a result, he may instead become a starting guard where we can still take advantage of his intelligence, intuition, and quickness on the inside, but mitigate his reach concerns. The transition to guard of course comes with its own concerns, notably in that Skoronski never really played guard in college.
Overall, Skoronski deserves a shot at the left tackle job. His tape is simply too good at that spot for Andre Dillard to be the automatic starter for the year. Skoronski has so far lined up at both tackle and guard in rookie minicamp and OTA's, so it's clear the coaching staff will take their time finding the best position for him to maximize his talents.
Round 2, Pick 33: QB Will Levis, Kentucky
Draft Profile video from The Ringer's Ben Solak
All offseason, the Titans were linked to the top QB's in this draft class. Many, like myself, believed this to be smoke and rumors to fudge up the picture for other teams at the top of the draft, notably in divisional rivals in the Texans and Colts. However, the trade-up for Will Levis (costing a 3rd rounder next season) tells me that there truly was some interest in this QB class for the Titans, which does make sense; Ryan Tannehill is on the last year of his expensive deal and dealt with health issues last season. It's unlikely we'll bring him back considering that the Titans are in a reloading/rebuilding phase.
Why Will Levis? He is very much a prototypical QB in terms of traits- he has an excellent arm, great size, and solid athleticism. Levis played in a pro-style offense with NFL-style play calls helmed by OC's Liam Coen and Rich Scangarello, both NFL OC's associated heavily with the Shanahan-McVay trees. Levis is extremely tough and apparently played much of last season with injuries that should've taken him out for the year. Levis has a good amount of experience as a two-year starter for Kentucky. If you were to compare these traits with Ryan Tannehill's and hid the names, you might not be able to know who's who because of how similar their profiles in this offense are. Will Levis's absolute peak, no matter how you feel about him as a prospect, is absolutely a top-tier QB because his physical traits are phenomenal.
With that being said, Levis has a long road ahead to being an NFL starter, and these factors probably played into his tumultuous fall into the 2nd round. Levis struggles with accuracy and anticipation, and you can see multiple instances where he just misses guys. Experts with access to the all-22 tape (i.e., JT O'Sullivan from the QB School) can confirm this as well. In my opinion, Levis struggled a lot with pocket feel in 2022 versus 2021- numerous instances appear where he runs into the pressure, bails from clean pockets, or fails to take advantage of clear running lanes when the play breaks down (see the video linked above).
To provide additional important context for Levis, and alluding to a quote from Mike Vrabel, the 2022 Kentucky offense was hideous and Levis was clearly better in 2021. While Levis' pocket presence and feel were areas of weakness in 2022, there were also multiple times where the offensive line would instantly collapse and Levis simply had no options. While Levis struggled with accuracy, there were also multiple times where he would throw beautiful passes in tight windows under duress only for them to be dropped or turn into incompletions/interceptions because of his receivers. Combine these inconsistencies with the apparent severity of Levis' injuries, and it does make some sense why Levis struggled much more on tape in 2022 versus 2021.
Drafting Will Levis was a relatively low-risk, high-reward move. We only gave up a 3rd rounder next year for a QB who, if he can reach his peak, is a great system/philosophical fit (assuming new OC Tim Kelly doesn't absolutely rock the boat) and possesses outstanding physical traits. Even if he doesn't work out, we didn't sell our immediate future away like some other teams that have gambled on highly-rated QB's in previous drafts.
Round 3, Pick 81: RB Tyjae Spears, Tulane
RAS Profile
Mockdraftable Web
Go watch any Tyjae Spears game and you'll see an incredibly fun and dynamic player. Spears runs very violently and decisively, and consistently picks the right holes created by his offensive line. He's a homerun threat when he gets into the second level. Spears stays balanced through contact and is able to churn out some tough yards despite being on the smaller size for a running back. Spears can hopefully be a dynamic spark whenever Derrick Henry goes to the bench for a few snaps of rest, and can hopefully prove some reliability on 3rd down as a receiver and pass blocker to maximize his chances of staying on the field to provide big play potential.
For weaknesses, Spears is on the lighter side for running backs, coming in at the 18th percentile per Mockdraftable, which can create some issues with pushing piles and breaking tackles. But the real issue is his apparent health- Spears has a history of knee injuries and post-draft reports came out that Spears apparently doesn't have an ACL in one of his knees, a condition that may affect his long-term viability in the league. Now, I'm not a doctor, but clearly the team doctors felt okay enough about his knee that the team still drafted Spears in the 3rd round- despite this, any reservation about the pick due to health is definitely understandable. But, if Spears can be a solid contributor for the Titans on his rookie contract, or potential starter in the post-Henry era, this will be a valuable pick.
Round 5, Pick 147: TE Josh Whyle, Cincinnati
RAS Profile
Mockdraftable Web
Prior to this pick, the TE room consisted of basically just promising second-year player Chig Okonkwo and free-agent signing Trevon Wesco. TE depth was a need, and the Titans drafted Josh Whyle in hopes of him developing into an least average depth player. Whyle is another fun player on tape who is definitely more on the receiver spectrum of the TE position; he's a smooth and fast player on tape who can present a fun vertical threat downfield in the seams. He runs decent routes and can run by linebackers/safeties who aren't expecting his speed. He also utilizes his athleticism as a blocker.
In terms of weaknesses, Whyle's physical profile is a bit of an odd fit for the traditional TE position. Whyle is quite tall and, in my opinion, could stand to potentially put on some more weight to fill out his frame. As a result, his center of gravity is higher and he doesn't have the weight to really anchor himself, meaning he can get interrupted by defenders that push him off his route tracks, and tossed by defenders who can use his height against him. Additionally, and this may just be an optical illusion, but Whyle's arm length is quite small (6th percentile on Mockdraftable) and I think this shows with his play where he'll extend for balls outside his frame but can't quite reach for them, despite also being a tall player.
I think Whyle's path to contributing early will be primarily as a receiving threat- I can see him being the underneath option on play-action boot plays in our 12-personnel packages. I think he'll need to get stronger and more consistent at beating defender physicality to really become a starter-level player.
Round 6, Pick 186: OL Jaelyn Duncan, Maryland
RAS Profile
Mockdraftable Web
In the Titans' mission to bolster depth on the offensive side of the ball, another pick was spent on the OL in Jaelyn Duncan. Duncan is a smooth pass protector who effortlessly gets into his landmarks against even the speediest of pass rushers. On the move in the run game, he can very quickly and easily get up to the second level to wall off defenders. I think Duncan shows flashes of maintaining contact and leverage against pass rushers and establishing his anchor to stand defenders up. However, Duncan is far from ready to really play meaningful NFL snaps because despite his athleticism, his play demeanor and strength are quite lacking. Like Skoronski, Duncan has a length disadvantage, but he's unable to consistently compensate for this with strength, balance, or leverage and could really struggle against power and speed-to-power rushes. Although he can quickly reach second-level defenders, too often I see him grab someone for a second only to immediately lose his first-contact advantage and let the defender loose. Unlike Skoronski who, if he can't overcome his length advantage could absolutely survive at guard, Duncan currently won't be able to play there because he just isn't strong enough to handle bigger rushers that line up inside. Duncan will absolutely need to get stronger or at least learn to play with better leverage and hand usage if he wants to become a meaningful player. The athleticism is there- now the question is whether or not the coaching staff can increase his strength and anchor without sacrificing that athleticism.
Round 7, Pick 228: WR Colton Dowell, UT-Martin
RAS Profile
Film room video
Raise your hands if you've ever heard of Colton Dowell from the University of Tennessee-Martin. Now put your hands down because you're lying. There is such little film for him that I'm not really able to write up accurate thoughts on him, so please see the linked video above. In a nutshell, Dowell is a potential deep threat who, if he earns snaps, should just be a rotational deep option particularly on our play-action shot plays. Nevertheless, his high RAS shows a high level of athletic upside, and he had pretty solid production in his last year of college. He may surprise and become at least a depth piece for this team.
Roster Predictions (question marks indicate if they might be on the bubble):
QB: Ryan Tannehill, Will Levis, Malik Willis (?)
RB: Derrick Henry, Hassan Haskins (at least to start the season), Tyjae Spears, Julius Chestnut
WR: Treylon Burks, Nick Westbrook-Ikhine/Chris Moore, Kyle Philips, Racey McMath (?), Colton Dowell (?)
TE: Chig Okonkwo, Trevon Wesco, Josh Whyle, Kevin Rader
OT: Andre Dillard/Peter Skoronski, Nicholas Petit-Frere, Dillon Radunz (when he returns from injury), Jaelyn Duncan
OG: Andre Dillard/Peter Skoronski, Daniel Brunskill, Dillon Radunz, Jamarco Jones
OC: Aaron Brewer, Corey Levin
DL: Jeffery Simmons, Denico Autry, Teair Tart, Naquan Jones
EDGE/OLB: Harold Landry, Arden Key, Rashad Weaver, Sam Okuayinonu (?), Caleb Murphy (?)
ILB: Azeez Al-Shaair, Monty Rice, Jack Gibbens, Luke Gifford, Chance Campbell
CB: Kristian Fulton, Roger McCreary, Elijah Molden, Sean Murphy-Bunting, Caleb Farley, Tre Avery (?), Chris Jackson (?)
S: Kevin Byard, Amani Hooker, Unknown (will probably add more names by the start of the preseason).
While Ran Carthon said in the post-draft presser that it wasn't an intentional move to only draft offensive players, I think there might have been some unconscious bias towards that move considering how depleted that side of the ball is. There's still plenty of work to be done there and positions that need to be solidified. The only real offensive threats we currently have are Derrick Henry, Treylon Burks, and Chig Okonkwo, and we're relying on both Burks and Chig to take big steps in year 2, which is a big expectation. Overall, time will tell how good this class can be. The hope is that Ran and Vrabel are able to work effectively together as a unit to re-assemble this roster sooner rather than later and get back into divisional contention yet again.
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2023.05.25 15:34 TheRoleplayThrowaway [GM4A] Of Gods and Machines (Dieselpunk, Fantasy, Alt-History)

Hi there! I'm looking for someone to roleplay with, potentially long term, and based in a homebrew setting I've created myself!
The setting itself is called 'Of Gods and Machines' and is based on a historical alternative Earth in the early 20th Century (although RPs could be based in any historical period before then, Roman Empire, Medieval Japan, Napoleonic Wars, Etc). Magic, dieselpunk tech and other fantasy races exist, but its not particularly high fantasy and can focus on much more gritty and dark details and/or comedy and romance aspects!
In addition I have several potential roleplay settings within the world that we could do, they of course can be changed and I'm open to anything new really! Most of the stories tend to follow the players working for secret organisations and governments as spies or soldiers, but the choice is ultimately up to you!
Behind Enemy Lines - 1914-1917, You are a soldier of either the British, French, or German armies. You and your team has been sent on a reconnaissance mission deep behind enemy lines, but contact with command has been lost. Now you must find your way back to friendly territory without being captured.
The War in the Snow - 1917, The Russian Empire is in complete collapse as Bolshevik forces rise up throughout the country against Tsar Nicholas II's imperial government. There's a lot of flexibility with this setting, you could be an agent of the Russian government, and operative of the Red Army, or perhaps a foreign bystander caught in the middle of the conflict.
The Boxer Protocol - 1900 and the Boxer Rebellion is in full swing in Qing dynasty China. The ‘Eight Nation Alliance’ of Britain, Russia, Japan, the US, Italy, Germany, France, and Austria-Hungary have dispatched a force to secure the besieged legation quarters of Peking. Things however are not what they seem, and the ‘boxers’ (known as the Yihequan) are masters of arcane combat, yet nobody knows the origins of their mysterious powers. Players can be someone from anywhere between the eight nation alliance, Qing China, and even the boxers.
The Agartha Expedition - In 1916 WWI is raging on, but an expedition by the organisation Parthenon is despatched to the far reaches of Tibet to gate of Shambhala. Their mission to go deep into the underground caverns of the Himalayas and find the ancient lost land of Agartha. But are they alone, or have the other powers got there first? And what secrets to the mysterious lost land hold?
There are of course many other settings and such that we could do, and all of these have the potential for romance aspects (which I really enjoy being a part of in any roleplay!). The social standards of the time are also not important, things like sexism and racism are not a part of the world (armies are generally 50% men 50% women). I also like to get art done of characters and scenes! I tend to use Discord for these RPs.
I only RP with people who are 21+ (I myself am 26). I am based in the GMT timezone but have no issues with adapting to other timezones. I also am flexible in terms of how much and how often you're happy to write, be it paragraphs or sentences, I'm not picky. If you're interested I'd ask that you DM with a bit about yourself and any ideas for characters and plots you may have! :D
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Consent-based Approach to First Nations Engagement Validated by Accelerated Government Permitting Cycle
  • Multi-year permits covering the Northwest Expo, Red Dog, Goodspeed, Downward Dog and Hushamu exploration and development targets
  • Agreements signed with with Tlatlasikwala First Nation and Quatsino First Nations supporting work programs
  • Phase I Drilling to commence an approximately 4,000m program at the gold-enriched copper porphyry zone at Northwest Expo
  • Northisle’s commitment to a consent-based approach has proven successful in expediting permits with permits received on an accelerated basis
Northisle Copper and Gold Inc. (TSX-V:NCX) (“Northisle” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that it has received a 5-year area-based exploration permit covering its Northwest Expo, Red Dog, Downward Dog and Goodspeed exploration targets on the North Island Project, in addition to the existing Hushamu permit. Northisle followed a robust engagement process which included extensive information sharing and discussions with impacted First Nations in advance of and throughout the permitting process. This included the recent signing of an agreement between the Company’s 100%-owned subsidiary North Island Mining Corp. (“NIMC”) and Tlatlasikwala First Nation (“Tlatlasikwala”) which provides for collaboration between the parties in respect of the Company’s exploration programs (the “TFN Agreement”), in addition to the agreement with Quatsino First Nation which was signed in December 2022. The multi-year permit covering the Pemberton Hills area has completed its referral and consultation period and is anticipated in the coming weeks.
This press release features multimedia. View the full release here:
Figure 1: Proposed Drilling at Northwest Expo (Graphic: Business Wire)
Drilling crews are in the process of travelling to site and the Company’s fully funded 2023 field season will commence with an approximately 4,000m Phase I drill program focused on defining an initial resource at Northwest Expo. Phase II will be a further approximately 4,000m of drilling to be allocated on a priority basis between Northwest Expo, Pemberton Hills and the Red Dog / Goodspeed area.
Sam Lee, President & CEO, commented “Today’s announcement is significant because we have now initiated our highly anticipated 2023 drill program and it demonstrates that our consent-based approach to permitting is working. Through our committed efforts to build trust and accountability with our First Nations partners, we have been able to successfully expedite the formal permitting process with the provincial government for two 5-year area-based permits, which demonstrates the significant support we have for this critical metals opportunity in Canada for a low carbon energy transition future.”
He continued, “We are keen to initiate our fully financed Phase I exploration program with the objective of defining a significant resource at Northwest Expo and determining our Phase II 2023 program based on those results.”
Northisle has now received multi-year area-based permits covering the Northwest Red Dog, Downward Dog, Goodspeed, and Hushamu areas on the North Island Project. The Northwest permit is valid for a total of five years through May 2028, while the Hushamu permit is currently valid through November 2024. The Pemberton Hills permit has completed the referral and consultation period and is anticipated in the coming weeks.
Northisle plans to complete up to 8,000 meters of drilling during 2023 and will begin exploration with an approximately 4,000 meter program at Northwest Expo (see Figure 1), which is intended to support the definition of an initial resource in the gold-enriched Zone 1. Based on drilling to date, as well as mapping and geophysical surveys, the Company has a target of 40-50 million tonnes of mineralized material for the initial resource in the gold-enriched Zone 1. With drilling anticipated to commence during the last week of May, assays are expected to be available during Q3 2023, with a target for completion of the initial resource estimate by late 2023.
Northisle was able to achieve significantly accelerated permitting timelines, with extensive multi-year permits advanced rapidly after submission to the BC Government, through its focus on placing sincere engagement with First Nations as its highest priority. Agreements with both Quatsino First Nation (see press release ) and Tlatlasikwala First Nation (see below) are a key component to this approach. Northisle’s engagement included extensive discussions about exploration impacts, understanding of First Nations development priorities and the completion of advance archeological screening on all potential drill sites before commencement of drilling. As a result, First Nations directly impacted by 2023 programs provided letters indicating their support of or non-objection to our exploration programs. Northisle continues to engage with impacted nations and has committed to the opportunity for concurrent monitoring, enhanced environmental reporting, archeological screening of additional exploration sites and direct community engagement to facilitate understanding of the mineral exploration and mining industry as well as the North Island Project.
NIMC has recently signed the TFN Agreement with Tlatlasikwala, which provides for ongoing mutually respectful collaboration between the parties in respect of the Company’s exploration programs. The Agreement covers all NIMC mineral claims within Tlatlasikwala Territory (as defined in the Agreement) and provides for the following:
  • Recognition of Tlatlasikwala rights in respect of its Territory and NIMC rights in respect of its mineral claims
  • The provision of letters of non-objection in respect of exploration activities following engagement
  • Agreement to work on the basis of mutual understanding, fair and balanced negotiations, open, honest and fair dealings and to deal in good faith
  • A defined framework for ongoing engagement in respect of the Company’s exploration activities
  • Capacity funding and benefits sharing, community meetings and protection of cultural heritage resources
  • Economic development and employment, training and contracting opportunities
In January, Northisle announced several key catalysts for 2023.
  • COMPLETED - Results from Fall 2022 surface exploration program including geophysics, mapping and sampling
  • COMPLETED - Advancement of Pemberton Hills thesis
  • COMPLETED - Signed agreement with Tlatlasikwala First Nation in addition to existing Quatsino First Nation agreement
  • Q2-Q3 2023 - Northwest Expo resource definition drilling targeting gold-enriched Zone 1
  • Q3 2023 – Commence Phase II 4,000m fully funded drill program
  • Q4 2023
  • Inaugural Northwest Expo Zone 1 resource estimate (targeting 40-50 million tonnes)
  • ONGOING - Metallurgical testing results including Hushamu and Northwest Expo
  • ONGOING - Continued progress on relationships with indigenous rightsholders and local stakeholders
Following the completion of permitting of Northisle’s 2023 exploration activities, the Company will be very active in reaching out to new and existing investors via virtual and in-person channels. In addition, the Company intends to host a number of site visits at the North Island Project in June, July, and August. External investor events include:
  • September 12-15: Precious Metals Summit, Beaver Creek
  • September 17-20: Gold Forum Americas, Colorado Springs
  • November 13-15: Precious Metals Summit, Zurich
Robin Tolbert, P.Geo., Vice President Exploration of Northisle and a Qualified Person as defined by National Instrument 43-101 – Standards of Disclosure for Mineral Projects , has approved the scientific and technical disclosure contained in this news release.
Northisle Copper and Gold Inc. is a Vancouver-based company whose mission is to become Canada’s leading sustainable mineral resource company for the future. Northisle, through its 100% owned subsidiary North Island Mining Corp., owns the North Island Project, which is one of the most promising copper and gold porphyry projects in Canada. The North Island Project is located near Port Hardy, British Columbia on a more than 34,000-hectare block of mineral titles 100% owned by Northisle stretching 50 kilometres northwest from the now closed Island Copper Mine operated by BHP Billiton. Northisle completed an updated preliminary economic assessment for the North Island Project in 2021 and is now focused on advancement of the project through a prefeasibility study while continuing exploration within this highly prospective land package.
For more information on Northisle please visit the Company’s website at
Cautionary Statements regarding Forward-Looking Information
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2023.05.25 12:11 FyrestarOmega Lucy Letby Trial, Defense Day 9, 25 May, 2023

Judith Moritz:
Dan O'Donoghue:
Sky News:
Chestee Standard:
Chester Standard begins:

Child H, continued. Attempted murder charge #1

Nicholas Johnson KC is continuing to cross-examine Lucy Letby on Child H.
Letby is asked if staffing issues contributed to Child H's collapse. She says "no", but believes the "management of the chest drains" was a contributory factor.
LL: "I believe it has been accepted throughout the trial that there were issues with the chest drains".
Letby said the location of the chest drains on Child H may have been a factor, and that Child H's pneumothoraces were not treated correctly, due to a lack of experience and "nobody seemed particularly confident" on managing the number of chest drains - she says that was down to "multiple" doctors. Asked who those wuold be, Letby said that would include Dr [Ravi] Jayaram, Dr [David] Harkness, Dr [John] Gibbs and "Dr [Alison] Ventress, even".
Letby says she had dealt with chest drains in Liverpool, but not at the Countess of Chester Hospital. She says she did not have much experience, and had a nursing colleague to assist her in the care of Child H.
​ Sky News:
The court is shown a Facebook message Letby sent to a colleague on 24 September 2015 in which she complained about the unit being unsafe.
The message reads: 'It's completely un safe [angry face emoticon]. Yeah I told [colleague] that & she is going to look into it. I still have to do next Wed day as can't cover it but getting paid as over time for last night. [sic]'
Letby admits she also lacked experience dealing with the chest drains Child H required. She says she had to get assistance from a colleague.
She is then asked about the help her colleague gave her.
"I can't remember every detail and I think it would be unrealistic if I could remember every detail," she tells the court.
​ Chester Standard:
Letby is asked about the time between 8pm and 2am on September 25-26. She says she cannot recall, specifically, the assistance she had from a nursing colleague that night, but she was there 'on and off', and "gave me a lot of verbal advice that night" in the management of Child H's chest drains, and on baptism after the collapse of Child H.
Mr Johnson reads from Child H's father's statement. He refers to being at the unit until "about midnight", and was woken up from home "in the early hours".
​ Sky News:
His statement, first heard by the court in January 2023, is now being re-read to the court - it says:
"She was in an incubator and on c-pap to help her breathe...
"On the Friday I had been there late with Child H's grandmother, until about midnight. We had come back to the house and I was awoken by her in the early hours."
The prosecution says this witness statement shows that notes written by Letby at 4.28am "misrepresented the time" of Child H's problems.
Letby's notes say a senior doctor was present - something the prosecution says she has falsified
​ Chester Standard
Letby's nursing note is shown to the court. It includes: '...x2 chest drains in situ at start of shift - intermittently swinging. Serous fluid++ accumulating.
'2330 Bradycardia and desaturation requiring Neopuff in 100% to recover. 10ml air aspirated from chest drain by Reg Ventress...inserted a 3rd chest drain...'
Mr Johnson says Letby misrepresented the time of this event.
Letby tells the court she would have got that time from her notes written at the time.
An intensive care chart is shown to the court. It includes, for 2200 - '2210 desat...SHO present...serous fluid++ x2 drain'
Letby says she cannot recall which SHO was on duty that night. Mr Johnson says the SHO on duty was Jessica Scott, and she has not recorded a note saying she was present for this.
Another note 'Brady desat 2330 10ml aspirated from...drain...' Other details are '+clear [in the OP row]' and '+small blood stained [in the Suction ET row]'.
Mr Johnson says this is another child producing blood in Letby's care.
Letby says this blood has likely come from the ET Tube in the lungs. She denies moving it around to destabilise Child H.

Letby accepts that a 52% desaturation is a potentially serious event.
She says: "I don't agree" to the suggestion she has "cooked the books" in the nursing notes.
She denies falsifying notes for Child H by giving the impression Child H was deteriorating prior to the collapse.
Letby is asked why the '52% desautation' is not in her nursing note.
"Not every single thing gets written down...that is an error on my part."
Letby says the SHO was present for that earlier desaturation.
Letby denies writing in the intensive care chart after Child H's collapse.
NJ: "You're making this up as you go along, aren't you?"
LL: "No."
Mr Johnson says Child H's father's statement, which was agreed evidence, did not mention a collapse or an SHO being present.
Letby denies lying.
​ Sky News:
Mr Johnson claims Letby hasn't included the name of the senior doctor present because one wasn't there.
"It's common practice to write SHO or Reg," Letby says, adding that it is something that "all staff would do"
"In your case, it seems to happen when babies collapsed," Mr Johnson says.
"I can't answer that, we are only looking at collapsed babies, we aren't looking at my whole work over four years," Letby replies.
Mr Johnson says Child H's father's statement has "no mention of seeing his baby collapsing" and "no mention of a doctor being there".
He accuses her of lying.
"It's not lies," Letby says.
​ Chester Standard:
Dr Alison Ventress records a note for Child H, timed 11.50pm. It begins 'Several episodes of desaturation in past 2 hours...1st one after gas taken...became agitated...'
Mr Johnson says Letby told this information to Dr Ventress.
Letby says she did not know if she told her this information, she may have been present in the room.
Dr Ventress adds: 'Further episodes no change in HR recovered with bagging...[oxygen requirement down] to 30% between episodes'.
Letby denies "trying it on" or "falsely creating the impression to Dr Ventress that [Child H] had been having problems for a couple of hours."
LL: "No, I don't agree that it was false."
Mr Johnson says the notes (on the observation chart and Letby's nursing notes) don't match.
Letby agrees it's an "innocent coincidence" (as said by Mr Johnson).
An observation chart for Child H is shown for September 25-26. Letby is asked if the results show any concern up to midnight.
Letby: "This [the observations taken] reflects that specific moment in time" and says that chart shows no concerns, with all readings in the normal range.
Dr Ventress added in her 11.50pm note: '2nd chest drain advanced back in to 4cm as was almost out. Done prior to chest x-ray'. Mr Johnson says this was Dr Ravi Jayaram's x-ray.
Letby is asked why she had not noticed that. Letby says medical staff put drains in and managing them was not part of her nursing role.
She accepts she knew chest drains were more secure when stitched in rather than taped in. She says she was checking the chest drains. She denies removing the chest drain to cause a desaturation just after Child H's father left.
​ Sky News:
The prosecution claims Letby has falsified the medical notes for Child H after the fact, making it appear as if she was deteriorating before she collapsed in the early hours.
"You were falsely creating the impression to the registrar, your friend, that Child H was a child who had been presenting problems over the proceeding hours," Nick Johnson, the prosecution barrister, says.
Child H's father left around midnight, so the prosecution claim he would have noticed if what was happening in Letby's nursing notes was the reality of the situation.
Letby refutes this.
Child H had chest drains inserted and Letby has previously said their insertion, and how they were secured, may have contributed to the infant's problems, and collapse later that shift.
"Why were you not checking the drains?" Mr Johnson asks.
"I was checking the drains," Letby says.
"Because you removed the drain," Mr Johnson says.
"No," says Letby.
"And that is the reason why Child H desaturated just before midnight just after her father left," Mr Johnson says.
"No," says Letby.
"Because you were sabotaging Child H that night, weren't you?" Mr Johnson says.
"No," says Letby.
​ Chester Standard:
Mr Johnson asks about Letby's error, as mentioned in her evidence, about the timing of the blood transfusion being completed. Letby said on May 15 the '0200 blood transfusion completed' should be 3am.
Letby says she has "miswritten" it from looking at the charts.
A blood infusion therapy chart is shown, in Letby's writing, which has in the time ended column what appears to be '0205' corrected to '0305'.
NJ: "The same mistake in two different places?"
Letby says she "couldn't say with clarity" adjusting the time after she had written her nursing notes.
NJ: "What happened after 0305?"
LL: "I don't recall."
NJ: "Really?...[Child H] had a cardiac arrest."
Letby is asked "how on earth" she made the 0205 error.
LL: "Because we're human people, we make mistakes."
Letby says the error is "mine" on the nursing notes, but the timings were otherwise accurate.
Letby says she cannot remember Child H's father being present.
The father recalled "mottling running out of her skin towards her fingers".
Letby says she agrees there was mottling on Child H's skin, but not that it was moving.
A blood gas chart for September 26 is shown to the court for Child H.
Letby agrees the reading at 6.44am is a "good" blood gas reading.
Mr Johnson says Child H had had a "miraculous recovery".
Letby: "Yes."
NJ: "Were you pleased?"
LL: "Of course I was pleased."
NJ: "Or were you frustrated that you had failed in your attempt to kill her?
LL: "No."

Child H, Attempted murder charge #2

The second event is being discussed. For the night of September 26-27, Lucy Letby was the designated nurse for two babies in room 2. Nurse Christopher Booth was the designated nurse for Child G in room 2, and Nurse Shelley Tomlins was the designated nurse for Child H in room 1.
Elizabeth Marshall is the designated nurse for four babies in room 3, including Child I.
The court hears a seriously ill baby was brought into the unit during the night.
The court hears Letby, in her evidence to defence on May 15, said she did not have much to do with Child H on the night shift.
Letby said she was reliant on medical notes as she did not recall "with any great detail" that night for Child H.
Dr Matthew Neame was the registrar that night, with Dr Jessica Scott the night SHO.
Letby accepts she had got "confused" in her defence statement between the events of this night and the previous night.
She rules out staffing levels as a contribution in Child H's deterioration.
She says she cannot comment on medical incompetencies as she was not Child H's designated nurse and was not present for much of the shift, and rules out a doctor or nurse making mistake(s).
Letby is asked if she was involved in an event timed 9.15pm for Child H, who had a desaturation and bradycardia. Letby said she did not remember.
Dr Neame, in evidence, said "ETT removed by nursing staff" and that nurse was Letby, alone.
LL: "Well I don't have any recollection of that."
A text is shown from Letby to a colleague at 9.51pm: "'I've been helping Shelley so least still involved but haven't got the responsibility..."
Letby says she "does not agree" she would have removed an ET Tube by herself.
The neonatal schedule shown for 9-10pm shows no duties for Child H for which Letby has been named as the nurse for it.
Letby is asked about what she had been helping Shelley with, as per her text message - she says she had been helping with Child H.
She denies taking an "opportunity" to "sabotage" Child H.
Nurse Shelley Tomlins' note for 9.45pm is shown:
The court is shown nurse Tomlin's notes for that shift, which include: '...around 2030 [Child H] had profound desat and brady, air entry no longer heard and capnography negative therefore ETT removed and Drs crashbleeped. New ETT sited...on second attempt...Copious secretions obtained via ETT and orally, blood stained.'
'2145 - Desaturation to 40% despite good air entry and positive capnography. ETT suctioned quickly with thick blood-stained secretions noted. [Child H] recovered quickly after...'
Letby denies altering Child H's ET Tube to cause bleeding.

Mr Johnson asks if Letby was "bored" with the children she was looking after in room 2 prior to Child H's collapse.
LL: "No."
She denies she had "time on her hands".
At 12.45am on September 27, Letby is recorded as 'liking' a post on Facebook. At 12.46am, she liked a Facebook photo posted by a colleague.
Letby says she may have been on her break at this point.
Mr Johnson says Letby was involved in a fluid balance chart for one of her designated babies around that time. Letby: "Yes, at 1am."
Child H's father's statement is read to the court, in which he said "Quite late on [Saturday, September 26]" he went to rest, and was woken up shortly afterwards and to get to Child H's bedside.
Letby denies using the time the father was away as an "opportunity" to attack Child H.
LL: "No, I've never attacked any child."
Letby says she "couldn't say" if she was covering for Shelley Tomlins at 1am.
An observation chart is shown for Child H for September 26-27. Hourly observations are made between 8pm and 4am, except for 1am.
Crash call bleep data is made at 1.04am and 1.06am for Child H.
Mr Johnson says Dr Neame gave evidence to say when he arrived, Letby was present.
NJ: "Is that right?"
LL: "I can't say, from memory."
NJ: "You were there, weren't you?"
LL: "I can't say exactly where I was, from memory."
Letby denies making an "alibi" at 1am for the fluid balance chart for her designated baby.
LL: "That's me giving cares to the baby I was allocated."

Nurse Shelley Tomlins' record, written at 3.49am, for the 3.30am desaturation: '0330 - profound desaturation to 60s, again requiring neopuffing with no known cause for desat....copious amounts of secretions yielded orally, pink tinged. Small amount of ET secretions gained, again pink tinged. Heart rate mainly nomral during desat. Recovered slowly.'
Letby denies "interfering with [Child H's] ET Tube".
Letby says she is helping Shelley Tomlins after the desaturation.
NJ: "Why is it always you that ends up in nursery room 1?"
LL: "I don't agree it is always me."

Child I, Incident #1

Mr Johnson moves on to the case of Child I.
Letby agrees she remembers Child I "very well".
Mr Johnson says this is "another case where you falsified [her records]."
Letby is asked to look at her defence statement. She said Child I's stomach "bloated...regularly" and "all the nursing staff" were aware of it.
Letby said "nothing was ever done" about the concerns with Child I's bowel. Letby said she was one of those raising concerns, that she "was not getting the treatment she needed".
The defence statement adds Letby did recall one handover, to nurse Bernadette Butterworth, that Child I desaturated and became apnoeic, and she assisted in care thereafter.
​ Sky News:
Nick Johnson, for the prosecution, is now reading out a statement Letby previously made to the court, in which she said 'I didn't look after Child I a great deal.'
Letby also previously told the court many of the incidents took place while she was off shift.
​ Chester Standard:
Letby, when asked, rules out staffing levels as a problem that led to Child I's deterioration on September 30.
For September 30, Letby was looking after Child I and two other babies in room 3 on her long day shift.
Letby rules out medical incompetencies or mistakes made by medical staff that led to Child I's collapse on September 30.
Letby is asked to look at Child I's medical records from September 26-29, and observations early on Letby's shift on September 30.
Letby agrees Child I was stable at this time.
A temperature of 36.1C is recorded for Child I at 11am, and the 'hot cot' temperature was turned up.
Letby denies by this time she had "fallen out" with medical colleagues Ashleigh Hudson, Melanie Taylor and one other.
​ Sky News:
The prosecution claims Letby only liked being in the highest dependency nursery (nursery one).
"I liked being in all of the nurseries," Letby says when asked about this.
Nick Johnson, the prosecution barrister, then asks if she didn't like her new colleague on the unit.
"I don't agree with that," Letby says.
He says Letby had also fallen out with another colleague, who "wouldn't talk to you in the aftermath of [children A & B]."
​ Chester Standard:
The ward round posted a "positive picture" for Child I on September 30. Letby agrees.
Child I was due her immunisations, as noted on the ward round. Mr Johnson says this positive picture was similar to Child G, when Child G was about to have her immunisations.
Mr Johnson asks what became an obstacle to that. Letby replies it was Child I vomiting and having to be transferred to room 1.

A feeding chart is shown for Child I for September 30. Mum fed and gave cares at 10am. The note is signed by Letby.
At 1pm a 35mls feed was given via the NG Tube which had a 5ml aspirate. Letby says the 5ml aspirate "is a very minimal amount". At 4pm a further 35ml feed is given via the NG Tube. On both occasions Child I was asleep.
At 4.30pm - 'large vomit + apnoea -> N1' [transfer to nursery 1].
Letby is asked about Child I's mother's routine. Letby: "Not specifically..." she adds the mother would visit the unit regulary.
Mr Johnson suggests Letby knew the family so well through the frequent visits that she got to know their routine when they would be in and out of the unit. Letby: "I don't agree."
Dr Lisa Beebe's note showed she was asked to review Child I due to a low temperature.
The note adds: '...mum reports [low] temperature has been happening over past few days'.
The note concludes: '...monitor closely, if further concerns for sepsis, screen but appears clinically well at present'.
Letby says she does not recall the conversation. She does not recall, as the prosecution suggests, telling the doctor one concern[low temperature] and the mother another [abdomen].
She denies "providing a cover", and says she did "monitor her [Child I] closely", as noted on the doctor's plan.

Letby says she first monitored Child I's vital signs at 3pm. She said the concern raised with the doctor was Child I having a low temperature, and she had adjusted that by raising the hot cot temperature.
Mr Johnson suggests that "monitor closely" would mean more observations. Letby: "I disagree."
Letby is asked how long the 1pm 35ml feed with thickener, as listed on the chart, would take to administer. She agrees it would take "roughly" 15 minutes.
Letby's nursing note, written at 1.36pm is shown to the court: '...3x8 feeds ebm, 2bottles to 1NG Tube. abdomen appears full and slightly distended, soft to touch [Child I] straining++. Bowels have been opened. Mum feels it is more distended to yesterday and that [Child I] is quiet. Appears generally pale...Drs asked to review - to continue with current plan'
Letby says: "We monitor all our babies closely" in response to why Dr Beebe had said 'monitor closely' instead of 'do what you normally do'.
Mr Johnson: "This is yet another example of you writing nursing notes for something that didn't happen."
LL: "I don't agree."
Letby denies "cooking the notes" to show Child I was deteriorating prior to her collapse.

Prosecutor Nicholas Johnson KC is continuing to cross-examine Lucy Letby on the case of Child I.
An observation chart for Child I is shown for September 30. Hourly observations are made for 10am-1pm, and 3pm to the rest of the day.
Letby says there is "no reason" why the 2pm observation is not made.
Letby is asked which 'doctors' reviewed Child I at 3pm. Letby names one doctor and believes it was one doctor reviewed.
Mr Johnson says there is no medical note in relation to this.
Letby denies "making it up".
Mr Johnson asks Letby why the 'bottle-bottle-NGT' feed system is interrupted by 'bottle-NGT-NGT'.
Letby says the 4pm, 2nd NGT feed was as Child I was asleep.
Letby denies "lyingly" recording notes for when Child I had bowel movements during the day.
Mr Johnson says a doctor's notes do not note a prior examination. Letby denies making up the examination in her notes. She adds: "Just because it's [not there] doesn't mean it [didn't take place]."
Mr Johnson says Letby is "very keen" to raise doctor's mistakes with the likes of Dr Harkness and Dr Gibbs, but not in this case.
LL: "I don't believe this was noted at the time, my priority was [Child I], not medical notes."
NJ: "You force fed [Child I] didn't you?"
LL: "No, I didn't."
Letby says Child I did not wake for that feed, so an NGT feed was given as "standard practice".

Mr Johnson says "despite all the positive signs" for Child I, she vomited, just like Child G, and in both cases, Letby was there.
Letby says she does not recall if she was there when Child I vomited.
A medical report said Child I: "There is splinting of the diaphragm due to bowel distention..."
Letby denies "pumping" Child I full of milk or air.
Letby: "I fed [Child I] the normal dose of milk for her feed."
A blood gas chart for Child I is shown - the chart had not been noted up by Letby and it was found on a clipboard. It was signed by Bernadette Butterworth for Letby.
Letby says the chart was "not hidden - it was there for anyone to see."

Mr Johnson talks about the 7.30pm event for Child I.
Letby's notes add: 'At 1930 [Child I] became apnoeic, - abdomen distended++ and firm. Bradycardia and desaturation followed, SHO in attendance and registrar crash called....'Air++ aspirated from NG Tube...[Child I] is now very pale and quiet'.
Letby denies forcing air into Child I.
Observations for Child I in the remainder of September 30 are shown to the court.
Bernadette Butterworth's nursing note: 'During handover [Child I] abdo had become more distended and hard she had become apnoeic and bradycardiac and sats had dropped. IPPV given and despite a good seal with Neopuff there was still no chest movement, aspirated NGT air +++ and 2mls of milk obtained, eventually got chest movement and sats and heart rate normalised...'

Child I, event #2

Mr Johnson talks about the second event for Child I, which was on the night of October 12-13, when Letby said she was standing in the doorway when she could see Child I looked pale, and the lights were turned up.
Letby says the lighting was on in that room so Child I could be seen prior to the lights being turned up.
Letby is asked to look at her defence statement. She recalls Ashleigh Hudson was "quite inexperienced" to be looking after Child I.
Letby said Child I required "very close monitoring", and adds that, "looking back", Ashleigh had stopped monitoring her when she should have been.
Asked to explain where that instruction to monitor Child I came from, Letby says it was policy that Child I should have been monitored as she had come off antibiotics some time in the previous 48 hours.
Letby adds: "I'm not saying Ashleigh made a mistake."
The judge seeks clarification on 'monitoring'. Letby says it includes monitoring observations if a baby is on a monitor, but otherwise involves keeping an eye, regularly, on the baby.

Mr Johnson says there had been at least 48 hours since Child I had gone off antibiotics before the event occurred.
Letby is asked in what way Ashleigh Hudson was inexperienced.
LL: "I don't think Ashleigh had a lot of experience in recognising changes in babies, potentially."
Letby says the more experience you have, the more you can detect changes, such as changes in colour, in a baby.
Letby tells the court she does not recall a reason why she went into room 2 with Ashleigh Hudson.
In her defence statement, Letby said as they entered the room, they turned the light up on the light dimmer switch, and she saw Child I looking pale, and they went to assist. Child I was "gasping" and the alarm had not gone off.

Letby rules out staffing levels, medical incompetencies or staffing mistakes as a cause of Child I's desaturation on October 12-13.
A nursing shift rota is shown for October 12-13, with Lucy Letby in room 1, designated nurse for one baby. Ashleigh Hudson was designated nurse for three babies in room 2, including Child G and Child I.
Letby repeats there was no issue with staffing ratios to babies cared for, for that night.
Letby agrees with the evidence Ashleigh Hudson said that Child I was doing well - "prospering", and that the level of care had been scaled back.
Before the collapse, Child I was in air and on bottle feeds.
Letby says she has "no memory" if Ashleigh Hudson, as said in evidence, left room 2 to help colleague Laura Eagles in room 1.
Letby says she had a baby in room 1, and cannot recall who was to look after nursery 2.
In evidence, she said she was not the nurse called to room 2.
She tells she would have remembered having to hand over care of her baby and look after three babies in room 2.

Letby said "very quickly", she had noticed and saw Child I was pale.
Letby is asked why she was at room 2. She replies there was "nothing sinister" about that, that she had been in a chat with a colleague.
NJ: "The lights were off, weren't they?"
LL: "I can't say."
Letby is asked to look at her police interview.
In it, she says she had taken over Child I's care as Ashleigh Hudson had been "quite junior". For the observation of Child I, she replied the lights were off at night, and then they put the lights on, adding she could see Child I and: "I noticed that she was pale in the cot."
Letby, asked why she had told the jury the lights were "never off", says the lights are "never off completely", they are turned up.
A second police interview has Letby: "We put the light on - the lights aren't on in the nursery at night."
Asked why she did not refer to a dimmer switch in her police interview, Letby says: "I don't know."
NJ: "Are to trying to massage the evidence by [now] saying the lights were on low?"
LL: "No."
NJ: "What effect does going from a bright corridor [looking into] a [dark/dimly lit] room have?"
LL: "I don't know.
NJ: "You really don't know?"
LL: "No."
NJ: "Everybody knows, don't they?"
Letby says: "You wouldn't be able to see as well."
Mr Johnson says Letby was able to see "straight away" as she had caused Child I's deterioration.
LL: "No."
{The photo of the cot, as shown previously, is displayed.](
NJ: "Do you agree it is accurate?"
LL: "No...there would be more light visible. The cot would potentially be nearer to the light.
LL: "I think it was nearer to the workbench than that."
Mr Johnson asks how big Child I's hands would be - Letby says they would be small.
Mr Johnson says Child I would be almost entirely obscured.
LL: "Just her hands and her face."
NJ: "Which would be covered by that tentlike structure."
LL: "Not entirely no."
Mr Johnson asks how Letby could spot something Ashleigh Hudson could not, as mentioned from her police interview.
LL: "I had more experience so I knew what I was looking for - at."
NJ: "What do you mean looking 'for'?"
LL: "I don't mean it like that - I'm finding it hard to concentrate."
The judge, Mr Justice James Goss, says it "has been a long day" and the trial is adjourned for today.
​ From Sky News:
The court is being shown an image of nursery two in a state of almost total darkness.
Nick Johnson, the prosecution barrister, asks if this is an accurate representation of what it was like on 12/13 October, when Letby is alleged to have attacked Child I.
"No," says Letby.
The cot has a tent-like structure over it - Letby says this is to "minimise bright light" to the baby.
"There is almost nothing to see," Mr Johnson says.
"Just her hands and face," Letby replies.
"Which could have been covered by that tent-like structure," Mr Johnson says,
"Not entirely no," says Letby.
She refutes what a colleague previously said - the colleague said people "can't see anything" from that doorway.
'Maybe I spotted something that XX wasn't able to spot. The rooms are never that dark that you can't see the baby at all,' Letby previously said in a police interview.
She now says she had more experience "so knew what I was looking for".
"What do you mean by that," Mr Johnson asks.
There is silence as Letby refuses to answer the question.
Letby then says she is finding it "quite hard to concentrate on all of the dates".
The judge then concludes proceedings early, "having observed the witness" he says it has been a "long day" for Letby.
The next court day scheduled will be for Tuesday, May 30.
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2023.05.25 09:18 TheOutcast06 “Sometimes, it’s 「THE HEROINE WITHIN」that counts!”

Namesake: The Heroine Within
User: Quartz Chan Wai Jing (慧靜)
A deaf girl in Rica’s generation, and the best friend of Maple.
A callback to the duo of Honey and Tracy, Quartz is a rambunctious mischief maker with a heart of gold, kinda like her favourite Miss Kong. Her Mandatory Weapon is a straightforward hammer, which lets her say stuff like, “Talk to my hammer before you talk to my hands!”
Which allows me to segue into a tangent on how Honey is doing in the future. She formed the Clover Initiative, an offshoot of the local Federation of Youth Groups dedicated to supporting disadvantaged groups and help them overcome prejudice. Given Honey’s personal experience, this works well despite her usual chicanery in the present. (She’s not always at the school, sometimes she’s at the office or making talks at other schools’ assemblies)
Even though, or perhaps because she’s the founder, she does a lot of field work, and stationed herself back at her alma mater to maintain this newfound harmony. Her goofy personality and surprising competence makes her extremely popular among students, especially those like her. How much she has grown. (“Break the vicious cycle. That’s my working motto.”)
With unorthodox but useful life advice from Honey, Maple and Quartz are some of the most badass combatants in Future Evertree.
Appearance: Her sledgehammer or claw hammer with runes etched on its head and handle, whichever’s more menacing
Stats: * Power: A. It’s a hammer. * Speed: E. Bound, slow but strong. * Range: D. * Durability: A, bound. * Precision: C. * Potential: D.
Ability: Mjölnir
The Heroine Within are the runes on Quartz’s hammer. When the hammer absorbs any form or electricity, the runes glow, allowing Quartz access to special hammer attacks.
When the hammer strikes a surface, Quartz can make it create a loud thunderclap noise that knocks people back and if it’s a person that Quartz strikes, stun them for 10 seconds.
Quartz can also send lightning bolts at the direction she swings at, at the cost of the runes slowly losing its glow. A fully charged hammer has 10 uses of the lightning bolt.
She can also throw her hammer at foes, which homes in on them. Once thrown, she can return the hammer to herself as long as there’s still charges in the hammer.
The hammer’s leather loop-grip-thingy also gets an ability. If Quartz throws her hammer while her hand is in the loop-grip-thingy, she can achieve flight. Once in the air, the hammer can be suspended midair by absorbing ambient electricity, and Quartz can move by angling her hammer at her desired direction.
Quartz: “And then my lightning bolt created a fissure, and out came a hammerhead yak riding a hammerhead whale and they absolutely bodied Chrissy so I won the training match!”
Maple: ”That can’t be real…”
Chrissy: ”Do I still smell like a yak that rolled in whale blubber?”
(Rica and Chrissy actually has their own friend group but their abilities are too simple for dedicated posts so I’ll put them here as well: Chrissy’s level headed older brother George who makes video game potions with various effects; Chrissy’s energetic younger brother Pearson with a grappling hook; Monica and Joanne’s cool and withdrawn daughter Rain with a pocket billhook that increases humidity around her; May and Shenton’s sons Nicholas and Brian, the former being a grumbly but mostly average guy with a notebook that turns his drawings into reality and the latter being a cheerful if mildly irritating kid with a fleet of toy dinosaurs that acts like Bad Company)
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2023.05.25 06:54 DeliveryWild Big Brother Canada Winner Rankings (S1-10)

Big Brother Canada Winner Rankings
This took me a LONG time to do, so PLEASE be kind!
*NOTE* - This is all my subjective OPINION. I understand and absolutely RESPECT that other fans' rankings could be completely opposite, and I kindly ask that you do the same with me. I also understand that other people could value completely different criteria of a player, or even interpret things completely differently. Some people are more impressed by someone who win comps and has a target but navigates through the game anyway (a Dane-like player), while others are more impressed by people who stay under the radar until the end as to not be perceived as a target (a Paras-like player). So this is just how I personally feel about the winners after doing an in depth analysis of their seasons and their specific gameplay.
I am a SUPERFAN for BB, especially BBCAN, and with the kinda sorta disappointing end to BBCAN 11, I have been thinking a lot about the previous winners, so I decided to do a ranking. In making my rankings, I pretty much evenly considered comp ability, social ability, and amount of x-factor (things like strategy, use of powedecision making, and/or intangibles). I am also only taking into consideration the game that the winners actually played, not the game they could have played or how much potential they had. Pros and cons of all players will also be included. I won't include the BBCAN 11 winner, but they would be low on the list. All in all, AGENCY and how much a player controls their own fate was the most important thing I considered. If it is actually someone's STRATEGY to stay under the radar and appear as a nonthreat and then make it to the end, I absolutely value and respect that as a well played game. I just don't find it AS valuable and respectable as a player who is more in control of the game and has power that is wisely used to advance their game. Power, control of their own games, agency, that's mostly what I'm looking for. Lastly, I think how much I personally like the players had a subconscious effect on my rankings.
I'll start at the bottom and work to the best, and the worst of the worst is obviously:
  1. Nicholas and Philippe Paquette (S4) -- Was there any doubt? These two were forced to play together as one because they share a brain, a very small one. The only thing worse than not having any agency or power is doing the wrong thing when you do have it, and these two were constantly making the wrong decisions for their games. And the decisions got worse and worse as the stakes got higher. First, they won HOH and nominated Maddy and Ramsey instead of Tim and Cassandra. Then, they won HOH and Tim was definitely the target, but they nominated Tim and Nikki instead of Tim and Cassandra, which allowed Cassandra to win the veto and save Tim and force Nick and Phil to nominate Joel. Which leads us to one of the most under-talked about moments in BB history, when the brothers tried to nominate themselves rather than nominate an ally. Arisa gave them a chance to change their minds, which was perhaps unfair seeing as she never asks anyone if they're sure of their nominations, but perhaps fair seeing as it was unprecedented. Either way, it was a crazy stupid attempt. Noble? Sure. In fact, it was probably the most loyal thing anyone has ever tried to do. But it sure as hell wasn't a winner's move. They made it to day 57 without being nominated, but it was only partially because of good social game and being likeable, but probably more so because they were never the biggest threat because they were often fighting and not a cohesive unit. To say that they were clueless is an understatement. Decent comp ability, but ultimately earned negative points because of it; average social game, maybe slightly above average; negative x-factor. Awful, awful winners. 2/10 total player rating.
  2. Paras Atashnak (S6) -- This is potentially a controversial ranking to some, but I think, aside from Nick and Phil, there are no BAD winners (they all won for a reason), and Paras is the worst of the best. She's very likeable, but it's hard to prove anything with her game. She didn't win a single thing until final four, thus had little opportunity to demonstrate good strategy. She didn't get nominated until final five, which I suppose is impressive. But I think that happened because she wasn't seen as a threat to anyone (because she wasn't), more so than anything else. But I'm honestly not sure what's more impressive anyway: going deep without being nominated, or going deep despite being nominated. I'm leaning towards the latter though, being seen as a threat yet surviving. I also think that going deep while having comp wins is generally more impressive than going deep without winning anything like Paras did because winning unavoidably paints a target on you, while not winning allows you to fly under the radar and take a more floater-like approach. And yes, Paras' voting block was the swing for many straight weeks, but credit has to go to the entire alliance, not just Paras. I don't think she was in many people's ears, nor was she really influencing anyone's decisions. That, combined with her lack of wins, means, to me, that she had very little agency and did not do much to control her own destiny in the game. No demonstrated comp ability; I suppose above average social game; little x-factor; not amazing or high caliber in any way, except for that damn amazing final speech. 4-5/10 total player rating.
  3. Sarah Hanlon (S3) -- I actually don't like putting Sarah here because I really like her and think she is perhaps the smartest winner of all, but the fact is that the girl had very little earned agency. She didn't win anything until day 51, and that ended up being a worthless veto because Britnee already had TWO diamond power of vetos. Sarah gets a little credit for winning HOH and correctly nominating Ashleigh and Zach, getting out the latter, but that was a fairly obvious decision. And she was also excellent at always knowing exactly where the house stood, using her vast intelligence as much as she could. She was always studying the house, listening in on conversations, and doing her homework, all of which allowed her to always get the perfect read on people when they were talking to her. Unfortunately, she barely had any chances to show what she had been learning and to flex that big brain of hers, and as I said, I am ranking based on the game people actually played and not the one they could have potentially played. But what hurts her the most is that she practically HAD to be sitting next to Godfrey in order to win. I think Sarah loses to literally anyone on the 10-person jury (definitely including Britnee, someone far more respected), except MAYBE Pilar, maybe. Being seen by your fellow houseguests as the 10th best player out of 12 is a huge red flag and something I can't ignore, hence why she is ranked third to last. Even though they played similar games, Sarah tried harder than Paras and was more involved in the game. Again, little demonstrated comp ability; above average social game; a little more of an x-factor. 5.5/10 total player rating.
  4. Tychon Carter-Newman (S9) -- He goes here by default, definitely better than the bottom three, but also a clear gap between the top five. I don't know if there's a recency bias or what, but many people's top four winners are the LAST four winners. I think two of them are very high caliber winners while the other two are below average, sadly including Tychon. He is very likeable and had a good social game, managing to not get nominated the entire game. This is more impressive than when Paras did it because surely Tychon was constantly seen as more of a threat than her but did a great job of talking himself out of nominations and setting himself up in good situations. He had the Sauce, inside of the Sunsetters, both of which served as a good shield for him and were super loyal (to an extent, of course). Kiefer, Beth, Jedson, these are excellent allies to have. The three of them won 4 of the 8 HOHs and 3 of the 7 vetoes played before Tychon got his first HOH on day 55, keeping themselves and Ty safe the entire way. I do give a little credit to Tychon for aligning with players that were good for him and kept him safe, but I would give more credit if he had kept himself safe. Fortunately, he had a strong end game, winning 3/4 final HOHs (although he had the least amount of competition here) and playing the key role in the biggest move of the season: getting Jedson to use the POV on Beth. Sure, it was Kiefer's idea, but I don't think they have a snowball's chance in hell of pulling off the move without Tychon selling it to Jedson. I also believe that backdooring and then keeping Kiefer was the right move, even though it wasn't his intention the whole way. It brought Kiefer closer to Ty and allowed Jedson to get evicted (a much more dire threat imo). Tychon did pull in Breydon during the endgame, but I don't think this did him a bit of good. The only power Breydon ever had was when he won the F5 HOH, and I think he would have nominated Tera and Beth regardless of his new relationship with Ty because Tera had JUST nominated him and Beth was the next most obvious threat. He's good, the others ranked higher are just better. Perhaps decent comp ability; definitely above average social game; some x-factor. 6/10 total player rating.
  5. Jillian MacLaughlin (S1) -- I think she's actually a tremendous player, solid in almost every way. I just can't put her any higher because she didn't even really win the game. Gary (should have) somehow got more votes than her, and I think he played a really terrible game, so that has to say something bad about Jillian and her jury management (an x-factor I haven't been paying that much attention to so far). She did win four HOHs, which is impressive, but what was more impressive is going throughout the game without being nominated despite being an obvious threat due to her physical ability, intelligence, and showmance. She also made many of the right decisions. She won HOH while promising not to nominate Talla, and she wisely kept her word. Then she won HOH while promising not to nominate Topaz or Alec, and she wisely didn't keep her word. Talla was not coming after her; Topaz and Alec were. A lot of people claim that she played Emmett's game and made decisions that were better for him than herself, but I really disagree. Although Emmett had heavy influence on her decisions (they were a showmance, so of course she respected his opinion), what was best for Emmett was usually best for Jillian too. They had the exact same allies and enemies, so most any decision that benefitted Emmett would most like benefit Jillian just as much. But Jillian was still able to see when their games diverged, like at F4 when she said Talla was best for her game while Gary was best for Emmett’s. Next is the jury segment, which I’ll admit that Jillian was overall TERRIBLE at. However, it actually didn’t lose her any votes and it may have actually gained her the needed vote. Peter, Topaz, Alec, and AJ were voting against her no matter what she said, but Andrew was potentially on the fence. He was very hurt that Jillian voted him out when she and Emmett were supposed to save him, but she did a good job of explaining to him why she was forced to (the only thing she did well during the segment). But again, her biggest knock is that she shouldn't have won. Well above average comp ability; above average social ability; mediocre x-factor. 7/10 total player rating.
  6. Kevin Jacobs (S10) -- Ok now we're getting to the top-tier players. If you've read my other rankings and explanations, this may come with a surprise to you; I don't particularly respect the other two extremely socially-reliant/floating players that I ranked 8th and 7th. But then comes Kevin mother f-ing Jacobs to totally reinvent and perfect that strategy, taking it to brilliant new levels and completely changing my mind as far as how high a mostly one-dimensional player can be ranked. I think Paras and Sarah were seen by their houseguests as exactly the people that they were, correctly assuming them to be non-threats until the end. They were not that strategic, or at the very least, few of their ideas/plans came to fruition, adding to their lack of agency. None of this was so with Kevin. He was able to convince the majority of the houseguests that he was stupid, unassuming, nonstrategic, and absolutely nothing to worry about. This view by all the other houseguests allowed Kevin to perfectly execute the "classic" floater strategy (where one floats from group to group depending on who has power and influences/aligns with them) better than the OGs that invented it in BBUS 4. Jun would be so proud of his unbelievably analytical and strategic mind. Kevin's strategy and ability to fool the other houseguests always put him in a position to get into the ears of the people with power and heavily influence their decisions in his favor. THIS is a social player with tons of agency. In fact, he has more agency than any social-reliant player ever, and more than even some of the well-balanced winners. To not win anything at all (except one little veto) and still get THIS close to being the second 9-0 winner in history is amazing and proves that he is one of if not THE greatest social player of all time, and that gets him near the top of my rankings. Almost zero comp ability; social GOAT; excellent x-factor. 8.5/10 total player rating.
  7. Big Jon Pardy (S2) – I’m getting pretty tired; I’ve been writing novels about these people, so I might just phone it in from here. Big Jon has very few flaws with his game. Although Kenny, Kyle, and Andrew were also strong men, there was no hiding from everyone on first sight that Jon was a big physical threat. Yet, he managed to go unnominated all the way until F4, despite the fact that he was part of a known dangerous duo and had already won four comps. He cut Neda, the move that far too many players just can’t bring themselves to make (looking at you Cody I). He was also never on the wrong side of the vote, another demonstration of his good social game. Another thing is that he was terrific into roping people in and having them think they were special to him and had so many secret alliances. A LOT of people were taking him to the end. I’d also like to take issue with a couple of other points I've heard others make about him. Some say that his social game didn’t stop him from being a target most of the season (not sure if I even agree with that), yet none of the seven people not named Neda or Jon that won HOH nominated him, so how big of a target could he possibly have been? Some also say he relied on comp wins to get to the end, but he only won one of the first nine HOH comps and two of the nine POVs, meaning that half of his comp wins came after F5. Lastly, some claim he was a target for most people the week Canada was HOH, but he won the veto that week so it wouldn’t have mattered even if that were true. He generally made the right decisions, and I really can’t find fault with his game. It just wasn’t quite as exceptional as a couple of others’. Great comp ability; great social game; good x-factor. 9/10 total player rating.
  8. (maybe #1?) Dane Rupert (S7) - I think a good argument could be made to put the top 4 or even 5 winners in just about any order. These are all subjective things I'm giving pros and cons to, so in the end I used how much I personally like these players as a tiebreaker in order to rank them, and I LOVE Dane and the two Kevins. But they DEFINITELY have amazing, top tier games. Dane came in with a great strategy that many people try but few pull off: he started a dominant guys alliance a la The Brigade. Not all of the audience is exactly in love with dominant alliances, but this gave Dane some of the highest agency is BB history. From the beginning he and his allies were in control, with Dane, Adam, and Sam (an extension of the PBs through her relationship with Adam) winning 5 of the first 6 HOHs (2 for Dane), and 10 out of 13 total (5 for Dane, tied for most all time). You read that right, Dane won almost half of the total HOHs in the season and carried his alliance, especially through the earliest and most important phase. On top of that, his social game was phenomenal; everyone liked and strangely trusted him even if they weren't aligned. This is why he only hit the block twice and never received a vote to evict. Although, the first time he was nominated he promptly won the veto (agency!). When he was nominated again in week freaking nine with all Pretty Boys still in tact, Dane got everyone to vote out Mark instead. Up to that point, Dane had won four comps and was universally loved by all, even with the jury oddly enough. Mark had won one thing and was not that liked. Seems like a pretty simple decision to get rid of the ever so dangerous Dane and take more of a goat to the end in Mark; Dane's win equity at this point completely dwarfs Mark's, yet Dane's incredible social game got him to the next week. And after that, just for the hell of it, Dane decided to go ahead and win all three of the remaining comps, making sure he controlled his destiny to the end and clearly stood out above the rest. This allowed Dane to be one of only FOUR players in the history of BBUS and BBCAN to play a perfect game (no votes against on eviction night and received all of the jury votes). A couple of quick additional notes: Dane only voted outside of the majority once, and was a have-not three of the final four weeks, making his run even more impressive. Dane is probably the best winner ever, combining all of the things a player needs in order to make a dominant run. He had a great alliance, great social game both within and outside of the alliance, constantly controlled the game and his fate in many ways, including comp wins that he either won himself or strategically let an ally win. Possibly the second best social game ever; amazing comp ability; and great x-factor. Pretty Boys might have been boring to some, but they are just about the only people to successfully recreate The Brigade, and Dane was easily the strongest of the four. 9.5/10 total player rating.
  9. (maybe #2?) Kevin Robert Martin (S5) – There may be some personal bias here, but you better put some respect on his name when you use it! Yes, there were eight returning players this season, but I think Kevin and Ika's (and Neda's) reputations gave them much larger targets than the others right from the beginning. Ika is GREAT at intimidating and even manipulating the other houseguests (not necessarily saying there is anything wrong with this or that she is a bully or anything, although she can be bullyish from time to time like forcing Sindy to put up Neda when she CLEARLY didn't want to). This, and her Herculean showmance, helped her integrate with the others for the long haul. Kevin is too genuine of a person to do this; I think he is always pretty much himself, he just chooses which parts of himself to show in order to play the game. And he was GREAT at this for about two-thirds of the game. Kevin did a good job of staying as under the radar as possible by winning just one comp up until week 8, even though he could have won at least a couple more. And while doing this, Kevin formed some genuine relationships that helped to keep him safe and UNNOMINATED this entire time. To anyone who criticizes Kevin's relationship with William, whether it be that he led William on or that he manipulated him or that flirting crossed the line, I will say a couple of things. First, I think Kevin's feelings for William were 99% genuine. Sure, he was doing a lot of strategic flirting, but when someone flirts with the opposite sex for strategy it is totally okay with everyone, so there's a double standard there. However, I think he DID like William to some degree; Kevin has come out as bisexual/sexually fluid, and I think he was genuinely attracted to William. But even if not, even if he WAS just using William for gameplay, EVERYONE does this with multiple people every season, so don't get salty just because of the people involved. And this relationship was paramount in saving Kevin's game and allowing him to dominate the endgame. Kevin didn't get nominated until week 7, but he was kind of dead in the water after not winning veto. That is, until William uses the secret veto on him, letting Kevin go the entire game without being on the block on eviction night. Yes, this was William's move and literally saved Kevin's game. But it was also Kevin's move and demonstrates what the game is all about more than anything else: good social strategy. Kevin formed relationships partly to receive help when needed. He didn't even know William had the power, but because he had formed such a good relationship with him, William used it on Kevin. It wasn't just blind luck for Kevin, and he wisely acknowledged that William saved his game during his unbelievably S-tier jury segment.
So now that he has finally been nominated and was in serious danger, Kevin sees the writing on the wall, that most people are dead set on getting him out. He constantly tried to make genuine offers and deals with people, but Ika made sure nobody trusted him (ironic, huh?). So what did my boy do? He nearly WON OUT, taking six out of seven remaining comps he was eligible to play in in 21 days and literally making it IMPOSSIBLE to evict him for the final five evictions. If that isn't agency and control of one's fate, I don't know what is. And he EARNED these wins, there was zero luck involved. Before the season, Kevin compiled an entire notebook of knowledge from the first four season and studied what kinds of comps they usually have for the endgame (much more knowledge based ones). Nobody put in a fraction of the pregame work Kevin did, nor do I think anyone put in nearly as much effort as Kevin during the actual game. Yes, he HAD to win the comps to win the game, but he DID, and that deserves crazy kudos. He has three HOH wins, four veto wins, and six total wins directly after first nomination. He played it lowkey as long as he could, and then successfully turned into Beast Mode Compboy the second he had to. Kevin earned his win more than anyone else BY FAR. Excellent comp ability; too good of a social game; and amazing x-factor. 9.5/10 total player rating.

I hope you all enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it! Again, I put in a lot of work so please be kind. Do you agree with what I said? Comment, let's all discuss! Do you disagree? Comment, let's all discuss! I'd really really love to hear some feedback guys! Thanks so much!
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2023.05.25 05:09 Icy-Appointment1673 Kristopher Maddigan's Linear Notes Translated Part 1

I went through Kris's linear notes included in the Songs and Sketches CD set, and the recent DLC CD included with the Japan physical edition. This took a super long time to translate, fix incorrect grammar structures, and triple check over 80 songs, so hopefully it's all worth it. I also added all of the sketches included with these bundles, because why not.
Don't Deal with the Devil (Demo)
From the early stages from writing Cuphead, we knew we wanted a vocal track that would represent the game's story. It was my first time writing for a song set in the 1930's. I thoughly studied barbershop tunes and analyzed the structures and mechanisms so that this song would feel more authentic. In this demo you can hear alot of the learning process that was later reflected in the final version.
Don't Deal with the Devil
At this point in writing this song, I didn't know Cuphead and Mugman's relationship between eachother. Were they brothers, or just friends? And so I left it vague in the lyrics and simply refer to Mugman as Cuphead's pal, just in case I got it wrong. Micheal Black, Joel and Micheal La Scala, and Tom Mifflin deliver great harmonies here.
Well Cuphead and his pal Mugman they like to roll the dice By chance they came upon Devil's game and gosh they payed the price Payed the price... And now they're fighting for thier lifes on a mission fraud with dread And if they proceed but don't succeed Well... The Devil will take their heads!
Don't Deal with the Devil (Instrumental)
The genius Christina Faye nailed this song first try!
Jonathan Dyck's freewheeling performance of this song is the first 4-note chord "Inkwell Theme" heard in the game. This song was originally created as a theme for Elder Kettle, but as a result of replacing various songs with others, it ended up fitting into the game's tutorial.
Elder Kettle
I got the idea for this song while reading a great book by Andrew Shertman about the music for Koji Kondo's "Super Mario Bros. 331/3". At the same time, I happened to attend a lecture by Rob Curry, an active composer in Toronto, and he wrote for the famous Canadian TV drama "Murdoch Mystery: Detective Murdoch's Investigation File." I wasn't feeling well on the day of the lecture, so I almost had to cancel my plans, but listening to Rob's talk gave me enough inspiration to write a song that day! Koji Kondo's "Underwater" theme and this song have connections because I originally wrote this as a track for an underwater world map, which was later cut. I liked the idea of waltz music accompanying a water backdrop, and so I came up with a three-time signature, and the song was completed.
Inkwell Isle One
The first ragtime piece written for Cuphead, (and the prototype for the four note Inkwell Theme) dates back to 2013. The music was always going to focus on big band jazz, but I knew from the beginning that I didn't want the whole game to be limited to that genre. This thought came up once I started work on Inkwell Isle One. What I've always liked about this song is the swing-style New Orleansian polyphony suddenly unfolds in the middle of the song with mostly Scott Joplin-esque tunes that sound pretty acrobatic. The Cuphead soundtrack was a fun and challenging way to fuse these different styles.
Botanic Panic
Swing jazz great Jimmy Lunsford influenced this song heavily with his own "Jazznocrazy", which is why they both have a light swing feeling, and the same intermission near the middle. Alex Dean and Mike Murley on tenor sax, Neil Swainson on bass, Mark Duggan on vibraphone, and piano by Jeff McLeod.
Threatnin' Zepplin
I love the combination of clarinet and vibraphone made famous by the legendary Benny Goodman and Lionel Hampton. The Cuphead Soundtrack also uses this instrument combo several times, but this is the first song I wrote that uses it. I also think the solo part around 1:47 is esspesially exciting. Vern Dorge and John Johnson on clarinet, Mike Murley on tenor sax, Mark Duggan on vibraphone, Steve McDade on trumpet, and Al Kay on trombone.
Die House (Demo)
I wrote this Die House demo all the way back in 2013, and I still think it holds up on it's own, and paved the way to the song we know now. Speaking of which...
Die House
When writing this song, I imagined the character of King Dice in my own way, and reflected it in both the lyrics and singing style. I always thought that King Dice would make for the classic "right hand man" type of character. The lyrics reflected King's penchant for using loose words like "assiduously". I also made him sound more angry towards the end of the second verse to show he's the type of person who can't control his irritation. He doesn't want anyone to see he can't keep his composure, and he doesn't want to lose his cool, but he's definitely frustrated and on the verge of exploding. To tell the truth, I may have been thinking too much about his character. But from an artist's point of view, it raises a number of important questions that inspire my choice of words in the performance. Speaking of performance, no one can imitate Alana Bridgewater's performance! Because of her singing and raspy voice, this song was truely able to take shape.
I'm Mr. King Dice I'm the gamest in the land I never play nice I'm the Devil's right hand man I can't let you pass 'cause you ain't done everything Bring me those contracts, come on bring 'em to the king If you haven't finished your task haven't worked assiduously No, I cannot let you pass Don't you mess with me!
Don't mess with King Dice (Don't mess with King Dice) Don't mess with me (Don't mess with him) Don't mess with King Dice (Don't mess with King Dice) Don't mess with me!
I'm Mr. King Dice heed just what I say The Devil has his price and I'll make sure you pay I don't have time to mess 'round and I hope you will agree Bring me those contracts, pronto! Don't you mess with me
Don't mess with King Dice (Don't mess with King Dice) Don't mess with me (Don't mess with him) Don't mess with King Dice (Don't mess with King Dice) Don't mess with me!
Aviary Action
This was a fun one to write. As many have noticed, around a minute in, Rise of the Valkyries plays. (an infamous classical piece by german opera composer, Richard Wagner)
Porkrind's Shop
Who is Porkrind and what is his purpose? Is he an ally? Is he on the Devil's side? There were a lot of questions when composing Porkrind's theme. Jonathan Dyke plays the piano, and I play the drums.
Floral Fury
In 2016, I was able to travel to Brazil to see two carnivals in Sau Paulo and Rio de Janeiro with a group led by percussionist extraordinaire Alan Hetherington. At that time, we had a discussion about the Cuphead project that was in progress at the time, and he asked if I could write a song featuring him. And that's simply how Floral Fury began. Early on, we wanted to combine the percussive energy of Carnival with a beautiful melody by Brazillian samba singer Carmen Miranda. (also featuring a unique friction drum called a cuica!) Alan Hetherington on drums and percussion, Mike Murley on tenor sax, and Mark Duggan on vibraphone.
Clip Joint Calamity (Piano Ver. 1)
During production, this song, as well as the 2nd version were planned to play on the world map when you were near Ribby and Croaks' boat. I thought it would be cool if the piano played a western saloon-like tune when you approach the level. Sadly, the concept wasn't implemented. Thankfully, Jeff McLeod's tune can finally see the light of day in this CD release.
Clip Joint Calamity
This is one of my favorite songs in the game, and I was really pushing for this song to be in the vinyl; "Selected Tunes from Cuphead" back in 2019, but we couldn't due to length limitations. This time, we will unveil for the first time a version with new solo parts. Jeff McLeod on piano, Steve McDade on trumpet, Ted Warren on drums, Mark Duggan on vibraphone, Al Kay on trombone, and Alex Dean and Mike Murley on tenor sax.
Inkwell Isle Two
This song is based on Scott Joplin's Ragtime March in 6/8. The music in Cuphead is heavily influenced by Joplin, so I wanted to incorporate as much of the standard ragtime format (2/4 march, 6/8 march, waltz) as possible. Joplin was inspiringly graceful, every song has a superfluous sound. I don't think you can add or remove anything and make it sound any more perfect.
Carnival Kerfuffle
This song is usually grouped together with Clip Joint Calamity. I personally prefer Clip Joint, but I'm glad that this one seems to be very popular with fans! Andy Ballantyne and John Johnson on alto sax, Steve Mcdade on trumpet, piano by Jeff McLeod, trombone by Al Kay.
Fiery Frolic
This was another song that was cut from Selected Tunes. But now you can finally hear the new solo sections that were recorded for that record! This may be the fastest song in the entire soundtrack, it never slows down, and keeps on escalating. Jeff McLeod on piano, Steve McDade on trumpet and Al Kay on trombone.
The Mausoleum
Very few people know this, but the theremin was patented back in 1928, so the instrument fits the era of Cuphead. (For backround, I highly recommend the 1993 documentary film; "Theremin") This is a song that uses MIDI, which is esspesially rare for this soundtrack. Organ played by Jonathan Dyke, and I played the drums and percussion.
Legendary Ghost
A short little ditty that was a lot of fun to play on the xylophone.
Pyramid Peril
This is my favorite song in the game. It was a song I came up with near completion of the game. It's heavily inspired by Duke Ellington's song "Congo Brava". I was really pushing for this song to match the movements and forms of the boss, like how the waltz part plays when the marionette shows up. I wrote it with the thought that it would sync up to the bosses phases and transformations, which was impossible to implement, but please try to imagine that while listening! This is another song that didn't fit on Selected Tunes, but here it is in all it's glory, complete with new solo sections. Vern Dorge and Andy Ballantyne on clarinet, Neil Swainson on double bass, Ted Warren on drums, Steve McDade on trumpet, Mark Duggan on vibraphone, Al Kay on trombone, Jeff McLeod on piano, and tenor sax by Mike Murley.
Sugarland Shimmy
I also used the clarinet and vibraphone combo for this song. This song might be the strangest, as it always changes shape. Ted Warren on drums, Bob Leonard on baritone saxophone, Vern Dorge and John Johnson on clarinet, Mark Duggan on vibraphone, and Jeff McLeod on piano.
Victory Tune
A new solo part was added for the release of this CD. The song is based on the jazz standard "rhythm change" (a chord progression based on the song "I Got Rhythm" by George Gershwin.) Another inspiration was Raymond Scott's "Powerhouse". Tenor sax by Mike Murley and trombone by Al Kay.
A Quick Break
The director of Cuphead, Chad Moldenhauer, wanted a song that congratulated the player for beating the game on expert mode, and apologized for all of the delays of the game. I wasn't a fan of how meta that was, and instead wrote a song that payed homage to games in the past that reminded players to take a break and refresh themselves in the best way possible.
It's nice to rest your eyes and maybe go outside Grab a book and get some air So what are you waiting for?
Why not take a quick break Tune the radio There's chores to do there's leaves to rake Strum the old banjo You can practice your Lindy Hop And maybe later sing with your barbershop
Why not take a little quick break And come back for more Then come back for more Please come back for more
Aviary Action (Demo)
MIDI format demos of the songs on this CD (including this song, Botanic Panic, Clip Joint Calamity, Honeycomb Herald, and Inkwell Isle One) were recorded for the first demo released at the 2015 GOC. Chris Gale, who was active in Toronto, gives a wonderful tenor saxophone performance in all of these beta tracks, aside from Inkwell Isle One.
Cuphead's Coming to Switch!
A short but fun song composed for the Nintendo Switch annoucement trailer for Cuphead. It features choruses by Heather Bambrick, Shannon Butcher, and Rique Franks.
Inkwell Isle Three
This urban area has a slightly shady feel to it, so I composed a song featuring a tenor sax playing a sly theme, which was done by Alex Dean.
Honeycomb Herald
This was one of the first songs I wrote when I started work on Cuphead, and it was the first song recorded for the soundtrack. At the time, I mistook "Herald" for the name of the character "Harold" and thought it was the name of the security gaurd. Ted Warren on drums, Steve McDade on trumpet, Al Kay on trombone, Jeff McLeod on piano, John Johnson on clarinet, and Bob Leonard on baritone saxophone.
Shootin' n' Lootin'
Personally, I think this is one of the most underrated songs in the games soundtrack. The performance of this song, especially in the second half, is full of energy. New solos were added for this release. Al Kay on trombone, Neil Swainson on double bass, Steve McDade and Jason Logue on trumpet, Mike Murley on tenor sax, Jeff McLeod on piano, and Ted Warren on drums.
Perilous Piers
Narrowing down the songs from the run and gun stages for this release was tough. I decided to choose from the works that were painstakingly cut from the Selected Tunes record. Jonathan Dyke on piano, Laura Chambers on piccolo, and myself on percussion. The composition of these instruments is heavily inspired by the excellent performance footage of the trio featuring Tom Briar, Julia Riley, and Kitty "Washboard" Wilson. Search online for them if you'd like!
Dramatic Fanatic
After seeing footage of the Nicholas Brothers combining tap and acrobatic dances known as "flashdancing" I knew that a song featuring tap dancing was required in the Cuphead soundtrack. Luckily, we have a great tap dancer in Toronto named Alison Toffan. Dramatic Fanatic features Bob Leonard on baritone sax, Mike Murley on tenor sax, Jeff McLeod on piano, and Ted Warren on drums.
Murine Corps
This song was inspired by the stunning "Lindy Hop" Dance scene by Whitey's Lindyhoppers from the movie Hellzapoppin'. Recently, the footage has been restored to full HD, so please check it out. I wanted to make a riff-based song like the one used in the scene, (which must have been written by Charles Previn) rather than a typical big band song. Bob Leonard on baritone sax, Ted Warren on drums, Jeff McLeod on piano, and Steve McDade on trumpet.
Rugged Ridge
This was the first song I composed for Cuphead. Because this run and gun stage wasn't planned yet, I originally wrote this song for an arcade stage, which was cut during development, so when the run and gun stages were introduced, I reworked it to how it is now. (Try to find Cuphead and Mugman's theme in this song! Hint: You can also hear it in Victory Tune, Admission to Perdition, and Introduction!) Jonathan Dyke on Piano, and myself on drums.
High Seas Hi-Jinx
At first I didn't like High Seas Hi-Jinx, but it ended up being a top 10 favorite for me. There's a cool behind the scenes video of the recording of this song, so check it out. Ted Warren on drums, Jeff McLeod on piano, Dave Dunlop on trumpet, Mike Murley on tenor sax, and Peter Hysen on bass trombone.
Railroad Wrath
The train sounds weren't there when I sent the first version to the directors, Chad and Jared Moldenhauer. They said it sounded like it fit the train stage, so incorporated the train sounds in post. In fact, most songs in the soundtrack were made that way. I wrote a song, they assigned it to a level or area, and I added something extra to make it feel more like the level. Neil Swainson on double bass, Alastair Kay on trombone, and Steve McDade on trumpet.
Inkwell Hell (Piano)
While I do like the full band version, I feel this version is underappreciated, so that's why I included the piano version of Inkwell Hell on this CD. The gradual buildup of energy and intensity in the middle part starting around 1:35 is esspesially exciting. I think I did a good job here, even if you can hear my chair creaking a little bit!
The Kings Court
What I esspesially like about this song is the part after 3:14. Ted Warren here shows an example of the drums that flourished during the golden age of the great Gene Grupa. Other participating musicians are Steve McDade on trumpet, and John Johnson on alto sax.
Chief Evil Officer
This is essentially a jazz version of 2001: A Space Odyssey, an extremely iconic tune.
Admission to Perdition
I really liked the idea of a melody of previous boss songs appearing in the Devil's fight. This was the very last song composed for the game. The new version I made for this CD features Mike Murley on tenor sax, Vern Dorge on clarinet, Dave Dunlop on trumpet, Al Kay on trombone, Allison Toffan on tap, all of the band members are participating here, even me!
Ominous Interlude
A short and spooky track that sadly didn't make the cut.
One Hell of a Time
Despite this song being the final boss's theme, I wrote this before Admission to Perdition. I really wanted to go all out for the Devil's fight song. Please listen carefully as we look back at the melody used in one of the oldest Cuphead trailers, it all comes full circle. One hell of a vibraphone solo by Mark Duggan.
The End
A song inspired by and with utmost respect for the traditional New Orleans funeral parade. We have tried to stay true to this tradition as possible, and have also included clothes hangers, often used as sticks for sticking symbols.
Winner Takes All
This song is inspired by a very early song by Duke Ellington. We wanted to recreate the sound of late 1920s and early 1930s hot jazz. (Just listen to Rob Pilch playing the banjo!) Originally, this song was planned to be used for the tutorial. (As mentioned previously, Elder Kettle's theme was meant to be used as the underwater stage, and the Tutorial theme was going to be Elder Kettle's theme.) Robert Venables on Cornet, Tom Richards on trombone, and Sasha Boychouk on clarinet. I love this song because the band is really good at improvising in groups, which made the song feel that much more lively.
The Bitter End
An unreleased song! This was a canidate song for the bad ending where Cuphead and Mugman choose to become the Devil's minions and sacrifice their souls.
Closing Credits
If you couldn't tell, this is a slower tempo version of Shootin' n' Lootin'. I wrote Shootin' n' Lootin' first, but while writing it I realized it could work as a slower paced song as well. Alana Bridgewater sings, and Allison Toffan plays a softshoe tap dance.
Well Cuphead gambled with the Devil Thought he'd win a hefty purse Mugman came along to help him but things just got worse
That's all there is There isn't anymore Or is there?
Tombstone Tango
This is another unreleased song, so please listen to it! This was a while ago, but the Cuphead team was planning out a cemetary world map, and I thought a minor tango would fit. Jeff McLeod on piano, Aaron Schwebel and Emily Hau on violin, Moira Burke on viola, and Liza McLellan on cello. Use it when you dance to milonga at home.
Clip Joint Calamity (Piano Version 2)
Another version of Clip Joint Calamity inspired by bar piano music. Played by Jeff McLeod.
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2023.05.25 01:44 autotldr In Panama, legal rights given to sea turtles, boosting the 'rights of nature' movement

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 78%. (I'm a bot)
The students worked under the guidance of Callie Veelenturf, who founded a group that works to protect leatherback turtles and pushed for a new law in Panama that guarantees sea turtles the legal right to live and have free passage in a healthy environment.
The new law "Will allow any Panamanian citizen to be the voice of sea turtles and defend them legally," Veelenturf said in a text message as she boarded a plane to Panama City after her group's work near Armila.
When Panama's president signed the law in March, it was a victory for people who have long argued that wild animals should have so-called rights of nature that recognize their legal right to exist and to flourish, and allow for lawsuits if those rights are violated.
What makes the law remarkable is that it explicitly says sea turtles, as living creatures, have rights, and with enough specificity that those rights can be enforced, added Nicholas Fromherz, an adjunct law professor and director of the alliance's Latin American Program.
Whether the thinking behind Panama's law spreads more widely or not, it's critical help for sea turtles in that country, which has some of the most important nesting spots in the world for leatherback sea turtles and hawksbill sea turtles.
Laws like this are needed because recognizing that animals have legal rights opens up a pathway to safeguarding those rights and protections in court, said Christopher Berry, a managing attorney at the Animal Legal Defense Fund.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: law#1 turtle#2 sea#3 right#4 Animal#5
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2023.05.24 20:29 autobuzzfeedbot These Are The 16 Movie Couples That, According To You, Have The WORST Sexual Chemistry Of All Time

  1. Bonnie Wright and Daniel Radcliffe in the Harry Potter franchise (2001-2011)
  2. Katherine Heigl and Seth Rogen in Knocked Up (2007)
  3. Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis in Happiest Season (2020)
  4. Ana de Armas and Chris Evans in Ghosted (2023)
  5. Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant in Music and Lyrics (2007)
  6. Emma Watson and Dan Stevens in Beauty and the Beast (2017)
  7. All the romantic leads in Crazy Rich Asians (2018)
  8. Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher in Your Place or Mine (2023)
  9. Awkwafina and Nicholas Hoult in Renfield (2023)
  10. Queen Latifah and Adam Sandler in Hustle (2022)
  11. Natalie Portman and Hayden Christensen in the Star Wars prequels (1999-2005)
  12. Audrey Hepburn's entire filmography
  13. Any pairing in the X-Men prequels (2011-2019)
  14. Daisy Ridley and Adam Driver in Star Wars (2015-2019)
  15. Lauren London and Jonah Hill in You People (2023)
  16. Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp in The Tourist (2010)
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2023.05.24 19:36 BluWacky My Kindle Voyage has gone insane - any advice?

I've had a Voyage for about 10 years, and love it to bits. However, lately it's gone a bit... funky. I'd rather not replace it, but perhaps for Prime Day in July there will be discounts... anyway, I thought I'd ask if anyone has ever had any of these issues and if so how they fixed them:
I have a mixture of Amazon-bought books and sideloaded titles converted through Calibre on my device. Things were absolutely fine with this until a couple of weeks ago - coincidentally, just after buying a particular book on Amazon, although it makes no sense that this one book should be causing me so many issues. Issues I have had since purchasing this (it's called Ascension by Nicholas Binge and the book is NOT worth the post-purchase hassle...):
- the book will not show up in my "all" options - I have to redeliver it via my Kindle Content page, and even then it sometimes will not actually download
- if it DOES download, the Kindle will sometimes crash in the middle of reading, reboot itself (occasionally getting stuck on a "give us your phone number so we can text you about the Kindle App" screen which requires a hard reset), and then have wiped the book from its memory.
- I have tried deleting lots of the sideloaded books on my Kindle in case it was a space issue (which it wasn't, but never mind). I've deleted them from my device using Calibre, I've deleted them from my device on the Kindle itself... but you will note that I've deleted them multiple times. That's because, after my Kindle crashes, it seems to "reset" itself to whatever it was before I bought and attempted to download Ascension. I can have deleted a whole bunch of sideloaded books - but they all reappear, as if they'd never been deleted in the first place.
- While I presume this is something Calibre related, if I then re-transfer books sometimes their covers will corrupt (not just not appear - full on corrupt), or I will tap the cover and get an error message telling me that the book has been deleted which is a lie.
I can't believe that a single book purchased through Amazon itself should somehow be able to do all this but it's extremely frustrating - I'm now reading it through Cloud Reader or on my phone but these are both sub-optimal reading experiences for me. The book itself is a not very good quasi-horror novel so perhaps it is just sending eldritch horrors to corrupt my Kindle...
Has anyone had any similar sorts of experiences? Am I doomed to have to buy a new Kindle? While I think I'd like an Oasis, you can bet they'll announce a USB-C version five seconds after I purchase it...
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