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2023.06.01 03:46 notrealnonesense What router should get.

So I’m a super beginner, I’ve only built a few tables so far , bought my house needed a picnic table so that was my first build , turns out I really enjoy doing stuff with wood, but I don’t know much. Id like to get into making boxes , cutting boards and maybe at some point some of the expoxy wood products I’ve seen. Currently have most power tools , a miter and job site table saw, no planer or jointer yet. But looking at routers, was curious if you were a beginner just starting out on your journey and could only buy one router, what type of router would you buy ? Table ? Plunge ? Ect Also if anyone has any suggestions on good projects or good beginner books .. please feel free to drop them here as well
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2023.06.01 03:46 samiam026 Just figuring it all out

This is a small list. There are so so many more examples of how I am finally realising my mother is a narcissist, and how that has shaped my life.
I'm shocked. I'm not shocked. I'm angry. I'm sad. Thank-you for this group. Here is my brainstorm:
Organising an elective surgery 2 weeks before I was due to give birth. Changed it when I brought it up, but only to 4 weeks post birth.
Got mad at me when I didn't go and see her when the operation went pear-shaped and she was in the ICU. I had a 4-week old, a 2-year old and was suffering post parfum depression.
Came to look after my 2-year old when me and baby were in the mental health unit. Whenever she came to visit, she talked about all the things she had to reschedule to take care of her whilst I was trying not to kill myself.
Is showing less interest in the kids now that they are growing into their own people and are no longer accessories.
Also criticising and controlling my appearance as a child - clothing choices, hair, formal wear etc.
Telling me that I'll "regret" not including her in absolutely everything my family does when she is gone.
Being really good at asking me how I am, then interrupting with her own problems one sentence later.
Thinking my children will automatically want hethink the sun shines out of her arse just because she is their grandmother (and thinking the same about our mothedaughter relationship).
Guilting me if I don't choose to spend time with heshe's not my first thought if I have spare time to kill.
Always having a comment about the state of my house (I'm actually quite a tidy and clean person, but there's always something).
Buying me presents she thing I should have, and not things that I actually want.
Making me become the helper of the house - with two brothers, I was the one forced to cook, do washing, tidy, work in the family business etc to appease her. If I did anything wrong, she definitely told me (even if it was just changing it to be done her way).
Living in a fantasy world where people who show her traits are the enemy and she's not "like that".
Having to make everything asthetically (not emotionally) perfect for family gatherings.
Giving me plenty of congratulations on social media where other people can see, but never showing any interest in my achievements or hobbies in person.
Not validating my expertise when I try to give her advice in my field.
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2023.06.01 03:45 Key-Turnover4411 [H]121 ChatGPT Prompts for Internet Marketers + OTO,Unlock the Power of Artificial Intelligence for Your Business:[W] $2 ONE-TIME fee - PayPa/BTC/

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These prompts are specifically designed to streamline your internet marketing efforts, driving consistent, sustainable growth and profitability in your business.
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2023.06.01 03:45 Alitoki What are my top options in your honest/humble opinion for a 14 or 13 inch laptop with good performance and decent build quality + I/O? Looking for the most versatile laptop

Hello, I hope you are all doing well! I am trying to find a new laptop to replace my current top spec early 2015 13" MBP. I just want a decent trackpad and keyboard to be honest. My soft limit is 1.5k, hard is 2k.
Context: My work load consists of compiling code/Verilog designs, rendering/3D Modeling such as Blender, and some video editing. Mostly CPU heavy tasks, and RAM too.
What I've looked at/considered:
Sorry for such a long post! I didn't know if I should be verbose or not when asking for purchase advice, my first time posting here aha. Anyways, I am very open to laptops that originally ran windows, but their hardware supports Linux, since I would need something sometime before September. Thank you all!

TL;DR: Looking for a 14/13 inch laptop with good CPU/performance, decent build with portable form factor, upgradable/repairable, decent keyboard and trackpad, Framework is sold out which was my main choice. Very open to laptops that ran windows originally, but their hardware is compatible with Linux
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2023.06.01 03:45 NicoFors123 I need this 😭

I need this 😭 submitted by NicoFors123 to drugmemes [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 03:45 paxx004 The Temp

So while I was unemployed last year and really at my wit's end, I applied for a job that ended up being with a temp agency and to my surprise the job was working for a company that I had desperately been trying to get hired by. I felt I screwed up the interview and I didn't really have the experience necessary, but they hired me anyways and since day 1 have been excelling and exceeding their expectations. It was never explained that it was temp to perm, only that in the event they have an open position, they can potentially hire me. The assignment was for 6 months and after multiple conversations with my supervisor, she knew I wanted to get hired on full time and she had every intention of doing so at the end of the assignment.
5 months in and she pulls me aside advising that they're wanting to extend the assignment. Not her, but the higher ups. I was pissed, and she knew full well I would be and was on my side, but after talking it out they said it would be for another 3 months and they provided me with work from home equipment to use on the days I work from home (computer, keyboard, monitor, mouse, headset, etc).
My team consists of me, my supervisor and one other person who's a company employee. Recently, they let him go, and my supervisor advised me that she had been speaking to the higher ups to get me hired on asap. Things were looking up. Today, I found out that they're actively hiring for my former co-worker's position and interviewing rather than offering it to me. The higher ups are wanting someone with a minimum of 5yrs experience (whereas I came in with barely 6months from 20yrs ago) for the position, which means I'm not eligible. There are no other open positions in my department and my supervisor says that she's beeen asking about creating a new position for me to continue to do the role I was contracted to do, but she keeps getting the run around. HR is redirecting her to upper management, upper management says they need to get approval and then she never hears back. I was visibly shaken and upset by the new today and it effected my mood to the point that I told her I was leaving early (all my duties were done for the day at this point). I also found out that the contract's extension was verbal, so I'm basically day to day at this point.
I love my job, I like what I do and the people I help. My responsibilities extend to several of our locations in the US, so I get to network with a lot of people, the people in the office are really nice and fun to be around. This is the highest paying job I've ever had and we're literally spoiled rotten. Despite being accepted by the people in the office, the company itself does not recognize me as an employee and makes an attempt at every turn to remind me that I'm a temp (my email address literally says 'Temp' after my name, as does my user login. We're excluded from any company events, but we're made fully aware of it, we don't get PTO, so any days off we take end up costing me, no holiday pay, so paycheck is short, and we don't get any sort of benefits from the agency.
I'm now just past 7 months as a temp and the lack of commitment from the company to hire me despite my stellar performance is very disheartening. I don't want to leave, I'm hopeful that it'll turn around, but at what point do I say enough is enough and walk away?
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2023.06.01 03:45 KeemMiddle Who is your insta-buy character (s)

For those not getting the game immediately, which character would make you buy instantly, no questions asked
  1. Sakura
  2. Any rival schools character
  3. makoto
  4. ibuki
Hopefully this hasn’t been asked yet
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2023.06.01 03:44 smontres Libre scan question: does anyone use 2 different phones to scan a Libre?

The vet clinic I work at is using Libre on a pet (yes, we do this) but owners do swing shifts so there isn’t ONE phone/person available for all scans. Trying to save them from having to buy a reader.
I use a Libre, and played with signing into my account/app on 2 different phones and it seemed fine, but asking if anyone else has done similar?
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2023.06.01 03:44 UnlikelyFail1827 Need advice after being rejected for an auto loan

Attempted and failed to secure financing for a 30k vehicle at a well-known dealer.
Some background:
- First time buyer, paid for cars with hard cash before. Lost my vehicle in Dec 2022 that had just been paid off.
- Score: 800, now 795 due to hard inquiry
- Income: Self employed, making 4-5k/mo, provable if required via bank statements and tax returns
- Debt: 1.5-2k total across all lines, DTI ratio under 3%. 5 active CC's limits with ranging from 5k to 9k, 1 LOC from PP.
- History: Never missed payments, utilization is under 2%. 10 yr total history.
- Down payment: 7k
Talked to finance professional at dealer, they couldn't disclose why I was denied but I believe I may have asked for "too much" just based off our conversation. Hesitant to try again as I don't want to damage my credit further with more rejections. What does one do in this scenario? Co-borroweco-signing is out of the question. I can probably put more down in a month or so but I need something now.
My current options are:
- Buy a beater in full and pray to god that it doesn't have issues
- Finance through a BHPH and pay off the car ASAP.
Additional question: Do I HAVE to finance a vehicle to prove ability to pay back an installment loan if in the case I wish to obtain a mortgage in the future? Most research I've done suggests no but I am honestly lost when it comes to credit and how to actually utilize it. I'd honestly be happy just paying in cash and avoiding using credit especially with the crazy interest rates IF it's doable without affecting my future ability to request "big" loans.
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2023.06.01 03:44 WAFFLEHOUSE4711 for anyone wondering abt the new pickups in matt’s live guitars:

for anyone wondering abt the new pickups in matt’s live guitars: submitted by WAFFLEHOUSE4711 to Trivium [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 03:43 Texas_red_97 So I need to wipe some Microsoft Surface Pro 4’s….but…

Okay so Im a broadcast engineer and at my company I have a box of surface Pro 4s that are phased out. I need to wipe them and dispose/resell/recycle One problem, I cannot login to them, the previous owners are lost to time and the company IT already removed them from the domain. I’ve tried plugging into the network and its just blocked out
I've tried going to the boot menu for the reset button but it is not there. I've tried rebooting from a flash drive with Dban installed and it doesn't seem to recognize or change anything. IT isn't my normal thing and I'm feeling stuck here any advice?
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2023.06.01 03:43 denzoko Steam lock cooldown after a purchase

Hi all. I am new to buying skins from websites and have a noob question.
I bought few skins from Dmarket with no trade lock and I can use them immediately as expected. However, there is a Steam lock icon on all skins purchased. Can you tell me how long do I need to wait before I can trade the skins again? And will I be able to trade them at all?
I tried look online but could not find that anywhere. Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.01 03:43 djeucalyptus This place is a bit dangerous… Talk about instant gratification! This morning’s impulse buy just showed up at my doorstep :)

This place is a bit dangerous… Talk about instant gratification! This morning’s impulse buy just showed up at my doorstep :) submitted by djeucalyptus to flashlight [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 03:42 cchoy79 [WTS] Silver Coins

Will ship first to established buyers with 20 or more confirmed buys.
10 x 1oz Coins
$3️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ 🚢'ed
I ship from Fleet Post Office (FPO), it will take 7 to 15 days for buyer to receive the item. Tracking will be provided.
Payment Option: 💰BTC/XRP/ADA/AVAX/BNB 💰PPFF (No fee & No Notes) 💰PPGS (Add 3.5%) 💰Venmo (Emoji Only) 💰CA (No Notes) 💰Zelle (No Notes)
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2023.06.01 03:42 Silmaril1450 Can you use the Avatars in Fighting Ground ?

okay so I just pre-ordered SF 6. Its my very first Street Fighter game that I will play at launch. I own all versions of SF II, III, the Alpha series and SF V Champion Edition but I never bought a SF at launch before as I am usually more a Tekken and Mortal Kombat guy.
But SF 6 looks so good and gotten so much acclaim that I decided to go for it from day one this time.
The Avatar system has me really intrigued and I know you can use it to fight other Avatars in online multiplayer but here is the thing - I am really not a multiplayer guy. I generally focus on and enjoy single player the most, even in fighting games. So story mode, arcade, team battle, survival etc. thats where I spent most of my time in fighting games. A cinematic story mode like Mortal Kombats or Injustice 2 or a solid Arcade mode with team, time attack etc. is what I love most.
Tekken has always been my favorite but Tekken 7 was a huge disappointment to me when it comes to single player content. They removed most SP modes and even Arcade mode was cut down to 5 battles and no endings. I HATED this.
Street Fighter V (Champion Edition, which is the only version I ever played) was really great with single player content. a nice story mode (though I have to admit as someone who plays SF only casually the SF games were always much to brutally hard for me in the last 3rd of story mode even on the easiest difficulties) and I loved the different arcade modes based on seperate games. What a great idea.
I am especially a fan of Street Fighter II, which was the first fighting game I ever loved back in the SNES days and playing the SF II arcade mode in SF V felt like a cool SF II Remake. I fucking loved it.
Because of my love for SF II I also bought the 30th anniversary collection but quickly regretted this. As they have the super hard arcade versions (and not the console versions) the difficulty level was extremely brutal for a casual player like me (I was never able to beat Gill in SF III, he is too fast and OP) and the super hard difficulty even on the lowest setting quickly turned to endless frustration for me and as I am not a player who enjoys punishing difficulty in games this really turned me off from that collection. I remember that the SNES versions were NEVER this hard.
And Street Fighter V was pretty hard for me too in some modes and latter chapters of story mode (That battle with Cammy against one of those dolls ? It took me like 50 tries. Thought I was going insane) so this was one of the reasons I was VERY hesitant about SF 6 but then I learned that this game is supposed to be much more beginner and casual friendly then previous games so for me that was a BIG plus and argument to buy. Because first and foremost I want to have fun in games.
So I love the new drive system and control options (Its perfect for me) and the fact that you can make your own dream SF fighter is SO awesome.
However it would be a shame if we can only use that avatar in classic 1v1 battles outside World Tour in online multiplayer modes as I don't play that ( I currently don't have PS Plus so I couldn't even if I wanted to).
So does anyone know if we can use our Avatars in single player modes as well ? Or at least if there a chance we might be able to do so with a future update ? I REALLY want to do arcade mode with my Avatar, that would be so cool.
Btw are Versus, Arcade and Team Battle the only single player modes in Fighting Ground ? No Time attack (is that a thing in SF ?) or Survival modes ?
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2023.06.01 03:42 moves_likemacca If you use laundry services (Hampr, Sudshare, etc)

Generally try to check your pockets for your drugs first because most workers will toss them because they don’t want to be liable for any issues related to that. Items like pipes and other paraphernalia can damage machines, as well, and workers are often using their personal machines at home- and many of those workers also have children that could potentially get their hands on substances that could hurt or even kill them.
Also, please be aware of the many deaths from fentanyl lately, and look sharp.
Lastly, if you are the kind of person who forgot to buy toilet paper and found yourself in the bathroom with nothing to wipe with except your socks, please throw your socks away, or at least rinse them before you send them off for washing.
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2023.06.01 03:42 Saruhiko_Misaki I didn't want to live until 18, now I don't wanna live past 21

When I was 15, I dreamt of making a grand gesture and ending my life in a high note. I planned on visiting Iceland and dying alone in the woods, or visiting Malta before I die. I would travel using my birthday as an excuse. I would never come back. I just didn't want to be anywhere near my home. The plan was disappearing as I turned 18.
A ton of things changed then. I switched schools, I stopped studying for close to a year. I moved to another country. My depression reached a new high after I realized I couldn't make friends as easily as I thought I could. I was spiraling. Then I met someone, but I was still in a deep hole. She was my light, but when I was honest to her, she needed to be frank with me. We were in love, but she said I needed a friend. I was barely 17 and already invested in my plans. If I was not sure before, after I told her about them, it felt certain.
New year rolled in. I made new friends, but I never felt like I fit in. I would make the bad decisions trying to find something to make me feel something. I was so numb. I bought chocolate at first. Then I asked my friend to buy vodka for me to mix with Monster. I would bring that shit to class. I would hang out with stoners so I could smoke some. I used to visit this abandoned industrial complex to think about how it would feel to fall from the top of the buildings there.
I met my now girlfriend. We actually knew each other from Facebook since we were 14. She disappeared but I never forgot. I searched for her again. We were pretty compatible. Pretty needy. She made me feel alive again. I made her feel good. I was never really that good to her. I think she doesn't know she could do better. It was a few months into our relationship when my 18th birthday rolled in. I was in love. I didn't want it to end, but I also didn't want to live. I never wanted to live.
I got into Uni, then I dropped out, then got a job, then got into another Uni, and dropped out again, I couldn't hold both. I am not good enough to hold a job and studies. I wanted the money, so I could spend on useless stuff that made me feel momentarily better. I could eat lots of shit in my job too. That's all I had. I had food, I had a small amount of money. But that was better than having no money at all and lots of shit to study. I bought weed from a coworker when I started my studies. Something that could make me relax when I felt like panicking. I did, in fact, panic. But that never made anything better. I didn't even use half before I gave it away. It was not worth it.
I started to apply more to my job. I would please my boss whenever they needed people to stay late or something. I started to work until closing. Every day was the same - except that it was not, every day was worse. I was spiraling again, so I got out. I started to go to the gym. I dropped and started to look for a new job while trying to get back into Uni. I stopped looking for a job. I started going to the gym with a friend. I started going sooner in the day. It was more peaceful alone.
Crazy thing is... I always had suicidal thoughts while working out. I hated living. I had no friends. I had friends but I was pretty much stranged. I didn't want to leave my house, but I still went to the gym pretty much every day. I never lost a kg. Then my childhood friend introduced me to his friend group. They were cool. I love them. We bought each other games for Christmas. I got Outer Wilds. They started to teach me how to play League. I started an original Vampire: The Masquerade story with them. But... I am never going to play again.
Next sunday is my birthday. And I will be recording a video saying goodbye. I will upload it to YT and schedule it to be released after my death. I will be taking all my mother's meds, including some strong sleep pills. I hope they are enough, honestly. I just don't wanna live anymore. I shouldn't even be alive now. I should have died much sooner. I shouldn't have made such precious memories with such wonderful people. But I just don't wanna stay alive. I can't bear it anymore.
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2023.06.01 03:42 Affectionate_Cod_700 browsed through stores today - didn’t spend any $$$!

i had some time to kill before meeting a friend for dinner so i stopped by an outdoor shopping center with small boutiques. boutiques/smaller stores that are usually empty and have a kind associate checking up on you are my weakness. i find myself buying something, even if i don’t want it, because i feel bad for going in to just browse. skin/haircare and jewelry are my biggest weaknesses.
this sounds a bit silly to say, but i walked through several stores, browsed through jewelry and skincare, and didn’t buy anything!!!! i’ve been eyeing a haircare line that i hadn’t seen in store and was able to browse through it without purchasing it! i know this is a small win, but it’s one step forward to curbing this habit, and i’m proud of myself! wishing you all the best!
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2023.06.01 03:42 VolumeCompetitive529 My sisters mother in law hates me for being poor and traumatized

This is just me ranting about what a bitch my sisters mother in law is. I used to live with my sister and her in-laws, which honestly brought all of my self confidence to nothing for years, and which I’m still trying to recover from.
And now I still see her every couple of months whenever I visit my sister and my niece. When I lived with her she would berate my sister, telling her she wasn’t worth it to be with her son. Yelling at her when she cried, and once I moved in it got worse. I am greatful to her for the things she did for me, bringing me into her home, paying for my phone, buying me food, but honestly I hate her.
I hate her so much because she always compared me to her perfect daughter who had everything handed to her. She would say I needed to lose weight, that I wasn’t enough as a women, and she even told me face to face that I’m not like her daughter. Feminine and made for success and that I was less for that as a person. She always talked about how quiet I was. How dare I not talk to these strangers after moving away from my abusive household.
And during the peak of Covid she kicked me out to live with my homeless dad at my grandmas where like six other of my cousins were staying. She kicked me out because she said she doesn’t have the money to support me, as she bought her 100k car. She talks about how ghetto and sad our family is. Yes we are to an extent, but it’s not her place to judge. Her husband is a pedo and her son assaulted a girl. She talks about our family like we’re criminals. She even banned them from ever going into her house. And what’s even weirder is that she thought me staying with them was a bad idea solely because she thought I would seduce my sisters husband. Which honestly makes me even sick to think about because I was 16. And banned me from staying at the assaulter sons house in case I would claim he assaulted me.
And she claims she’s an amazing person just because she’s Mormon. She makes me so mad. And today, we had to eat with her. She doesn’t think I am capable of going to college. And she just gives me this look like “what a waste of a person”. And whenever I come over when my sister invites me, she doesn’t acknowledge me unless it’s to give me passive aggressive comments. “Wow you look so much prettier, did you actually do your make up and lose weight? Are you exercising now?”
She’s done so much more, but everytime I see her she just gets under my skin. How my sister deals with it is just beyond me.
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2023.06.01 03:41 Montichello How to thicken soup?

I often make lazy meals where I have precooked meats and veggies and use a can of soup in a giant bowl. My gf affectionately calls it "the trough" haha.
I often add extra water and the soup ends up being watery. Recently I used a dried soup bag as my base and the soup ended up being a nice thickish broth instead of just water.
What can I add to soup to thicken it instantly? I don't want to deal with making a little corn starch slurry every time. Preferably some sort of powder of some sort or something I can put a tablespoon in each soup. Thanks!
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2023.06.01 03:41 funwithdespair ToS2 badly needs the Mafia back for All Any

I have to be honest, compared to the first game, All Any is really weak. The big appeal of All Any in the first game was that it was pure chaos, a usually even split of evils and town who all didn't know what the other faction was while a few neutrals sat around to stir the pot and try to fit in with all three factions at once to avoid getting owned.
All Any now? It's almost always got 4 coven, almost like 10 town, maybe 8 or so, and maybe an NK and an exe. An apocalypse if you're LUCKY, at least they pretend to be interesting. All Any is dull as dirt now, the role variety is just not good enough for a mode like that to be any more fun than just playing ToS's ranked ruleset. It's just lacking, too snowbally on either side and being a neutral sucks unless you're exe because there's no real chaos to take advantage of because there's only one evil faction.
If I had to fix this personally, I'd probably either...
  1. Restore the Mafia. Make a mafioso and gf skin, and just put them in the game in their own gamemode like ToS1's Coven Mafia games except they can show up in All Any too. Rework some of them, but for the most part they could probably work the same but with a few extra gimmicks. Whatever, the fact is that their absence as a secondary evil faction really hurts the game in its most popular gamemode, and that's coming from someone who has probably a thousand hours in the original if not more.
  2. Turn the Apocalypses into a full faction. Technically they're a faction now, but no, they aren't These guys are almost all WEAK as hell, and it's rarer to see a single one of them even come close to victory than it is to see Pest win in old ToS, and he already had a terrible win rate. Pest in this game is basically the same as ToS1 pest except he's a bit nerfed, which is fine, but Berserker is just Jugg - a role that already sucked, while Baker and Soul Collector are beyond bad. Has anyone EVER seen a Soul Collector win? If you're not going to put a Mafia equivalent in the game to pad out the baddies a bit, at least put more of these guys in each game and make them a proper faction like the coven. All Any always has 4 coven it feels like, why can't we have these guys more often?
  3. Let me use the Plaguebearer skin even if someone else is using it. actually I'd forgive all of the above if I could do this, it was my favorite skin in ToS1 and now it's nigh impossible to use because of this new system. It's even easier to figure out who is who than in ToS1, overlapping skins should be perfectly fine. It would be more lucrative for BMG probably too because I have talked to several people who don't want to buy skins because they are too popular and will be taken.
submitted by funwithdespair to TownofSalemgame [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 03:41 NateIsntOkay 🔮 - Youtopia [SMP] [Semi-Vanilla] {Bedrock} {Economy} {16+} {Whitelist}

🔮 Are you in search of a Bedrock SMP devoted to dedicated and mature builders and redstone engineers with creative minds and ambition? Look no further; Youtopia is your perfect match!
❗️We’re recruiting players 16+ who are dedicated and have a real passion for the game; people who are willing to contribute to community projects, VC with one another, build shops, and unleash their inner creativity! Interested in applying? Write a comment and I'll be with you shortly!
📌 Season Four begins July 1st, and it's already shaping up to be a massive step up from our third season.
🔮 In addition, Youtopia offers:
- A tight knit community best suited for those who are looking not only for maturity, dedication, and passion, but also friendship. - A thorough and effective application process paired with a whitelist for unwavering security. We are on our third year of operation, and are yet to be met with a griefer! - A semi-vanilla experience with a few quality of life addons such as one player sleep, more mob heads, mini blocks, an hours counter, and more. - An economy based environment paired with a shopping district that makes buying and selling materials a breeze. - A fully decorated spawn and nether system equipped with everything you'll need to begin your journey.
📌 Interested in seeing what we build? Check out my profile for consistent updates on our projects!
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