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2014.04.16 22:29 ZadocPaet RetroGamePorn: Beautiful photos of old video games

Post your images of gorgeous retro video games from all generations of gaming, just not modern games!

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A community for fans of the Seattle Seahawks. Go Hawks! Join us on discord: https://discord.gg/seattlesports

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2023.05.30 09:26 ihavepigbenis What is Infinity Cache and S.A.M.? (Non native English speaker, HUN)

My english is not that good and most of Reddit threads are full mess for me.
Im an Intel + Nvidia user so AMD is new for me.
What is Smart Acces Memory? What it does? What CPU or GPU do i need?
What is Infinity Cache? What it does? What CPU or GPU do i need?
I got RX 6650 XT RoG Strix V2 OC
Should i buy RoG F II B450 or something B550 TUF? Both of them are the same price, i dont have 2.5 Gbps internet, and i use LAN so wifi 6 useless, pci 3 vs 4 have no diffetence as i seen in videos, so in my opinion RoG GPU with RoG mobo is a good design, yes i know the Bios update for 5000 series but most of them have 5000 badge on box.
I want to buy a R5 5600 or 5600x (no difference in games)
1080p 165hz monitor, thats why i want a more powerul CPU than GPU.
3600Mhz 32GB Or 4133Mhz 16GB Mostly Fortnite, Roblox, Minecraft.
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2023.05.30 09:22 e_ter Interest in publishing platform with online saves

TL;DR; would there be any interest in a publishing platform which has support for online saves, so you can play and continue anywhere, currently limited to MV and MZ.
Long Story:
I've been playing quite a few RPG Maker games over the time, only since I use Linux, I have to go through a hassle to play most. However with MV and MZ, I've just been resorting to a simpler method: running the game in the browser.
Now while playing I tend to move between my laptop, phone and desktop. and had no easy way to share saves, and in one frustrated evening, I made a custom plugin that stores the saves on a server. This server also hosts the games, and injects my plugin into them. and this so far has worked really well.
Now this server acts both as my game library and save store, and assumed that other people would find this useful too. so I will publish the code for the server, but setting up the server is a lot more involved vs just using the frontend.
So I was wondering if I can run it as a public service, however just hosting other people's content without permission, even if free, is a no-go. So I thought it might be interesting for gamedev's to publish on themselves.
And that is what this post is about, would there be interest in a publish platform for RPG Maker MV/MZ games, with online save features, and mobile support?
There's some other features, e.g. auto-scaling, with multiple methods of scaling (smooth, pixelated, etc.). but not much else as of yet.
Because since I am now at what I call an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) state, it could be "easily" made into such a platform, but it's still a non-trivial amount of work, and would rather first see if there's interest before building it and wasting lots of effort lol
Let me know if you would be interested, have questions, suggestions or worries :)
and here's some screenshots, of what is atm dubbed: IJhn
Desktop: https://zt.je/41vYy.png https://zt.je/q9jx0.png (Good Job!) https://zt.je/qM3o4.png (Volition) https://zt.je/qZwE0.png (Flesh, Blood, & Concrete)
Android: https://zt.je/y5PK4.png https://zt.je/yK3Ry.png (Flesh, Blood, & Concrete)
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2023.05.30 09:16 Procapibara Upgrading PC, Intel or amd

I have been thinking about upgrading my current CPU.
Im running a ryzen 5 2600x combined with a RTX 3060.
my intention is an upgrade for the motherboard, Cpu, Cooler, and Psu.
i have been contemplating between a Ryzen 7 5800x or a Ryzen 7 5800X3D.
a friend of mine told me to go for an intel i5 13400 Because of the possibility of switching between ddr4 and ddr5.
I also have thought a bit about AM5 but then i also have to upgrade my ram.
Now I'm not sure what to choose?
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2023.05.30 09:16 ZookeepergameNaive86 Pico 3 Link DP reprojection

I'm trying very hard to retire my old Rift-S but I'm struggling to get some games looking as good on the Pico Displayport as they do on the Rift.
Make no mistake, some games are dramatically better on the Pico, eg Assetto Corsa, Elite Dangerous, VTOL. However, some others, such as DCS World, IL2 and Assetto Corsa Competizione display a distracting motion blur when the headset moves, a kind of double-vision effect. The Rift-S never has any problem, although I accept it's working less hard at a lower resolution. So much more comfortable than the Pico too, but I'm working on that.
Does the Pico use reprojection to make up for reduced frame rate and can it be turned off? I'd rather have a lower frame rate (I'm used to it in MSFS so I know it's not going to make me sick) than the double-vision. The effect is less pronounced at 90Hz than 72Hz so I'm not sure it's my PC (5800x3D / RTX4070) at fault.
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2023.05.30 09:11 Plane_Disaster_8951 [Birkett] Lions S Saivion Smith was temporarily paralyzed following a neck injury in the game vs. the Patriots in October 2022. He couldn’t talk or move while being loaded into the ambulance. When inside, he started to regain movement, and said, “Yo, take this off me. I need to go back and play.”

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2023.05.30 09:09 WagerTalk NBA Eastern Conference Predictions Heat vs Celtics Game 7 Props & Preview Triple-Double May 29

NBA Eastern Conference Predictions Heat vs Celtics Game 7 Props & Preview Triple-Double May 29 submitted by WagerTalk to WagerTalk [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 09:05 AutoModerator /r/NintendoSwitch's Daily Question Thread (05/30/2023)

/NintendoSwitch's Daily Question Thread

The purpose of this thread is to more accurately connect users seeking help with users who want to provide that help. Our regular "Helpful Users" certainly have earned their flairs!

Before asking your question...

Helpful Links

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  • Accessories - Starter information about controllers, chargers, cables, screen protectors, cases, headsets, LAN adapters, and more.
  • MicroSD cards - Some more in-depth information about MicroSD cards including what size you should get and which brands are recommended.
  • Carrying Cases - An expanded list of common carrying cases available for the Switch.

Helpful Reddit Posts

Third Party Links


  • We have a #switch-help channel in our Discord server.
  • Instructions and links to information about homebrew and hacking are against our rules and should take place in their relevant subreddits.
  • Please be patient. Not all questions get immediate answers. If you have an urgent question about something that's gone wrong, consider other resources like Nintendo's error code lookup or help documents on the Switch.
  • Make sure to follow Rule #1 of this subreddit: Remember the human, and be polite when you ask or answer questions.
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2023.05.30 09:03 SportsPicksChat 5/30 Tuesday MLB Cincinnati Reds vs. Boston Red Sox Betting Preview

5/30 Tuesday MLB Cincinnati Reds vs. Boston Red Sox Betting Preview
In this Tuesday MLB matchup, the Cincinnati Reds will face off against the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park. Both teams have had their fair share of ups and downs this season, and this game presents an opportunity for them to gain some momentum. Let's analyze the factors that may influence the run line and the total score of the game.
ATS and OU Records and Trends
The Cincinnati Reds currently have a 24-29 record, and they have been performing well against left-handed pitchers with a 12-6 record. On the other hand, their performance against right-handed pitchers has been less impressive at 12-23. The Reds have been a solid betting option, covering the spread in their last five games. Additionally, they have a strong track record of going over the total, with the over hitting in six of their last seven games.
The Boston Red Sox hold a slightly better overall record at 28-25. They have shown dominance when playing against divisional opponents with a 7-4 record, but they have struggled against left-handed pitchers, going 2-3. The Red Sox have had a mixed performance in their recent games, going 2-5 straight up in their last seven matchups. Furthermore, the total has gone under in seven of their last nine games.
Reasons for the Run Line
Considering the recent trends, the Cincinnati Reds have been a reliable team to cover the run line. They have a positive ATS record, and their strong performance against left-handed pitchers suggests that they have the ability to score runs and keep the game competitive. With the Red Sox struggling against lefties, the Reds could take advantage of their pitching matchup and potentially cover the run line.
Reasons for the Total
Both teams have displayed solid offensive capabilities, with the Cincinnati Reds averaging 4.57 runs per game and the Boston Red Sox averaging 5.15 runs per game. However, their pitching staffs have been inconsistent, with the Reds having a team ERA of 5.02 and the Red Sox at 4.94. Considering these factors and the recent form of both teams, it is likely that the total score will go over.
Based on the provided data, the prediction for the final score of this game is Cincinnati Reds 5, Boston Red Sox 7. This projection takes into account the offensive capabilities of both teams, their recent performances, and the pitching matchup.
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2023.05.30 09:02 LoneAabid Is Intel i7 better than i5 for editing

In general, if the user’s primary use case involves basic tasks or light gaming, then i5 is a good option.
However, for more demanding tasks such as video editing or gaming with high graphics settings, an i7 with 16GB Ram, 2.5GHz Clock speed, dedicated graphics, and 4 or more core count is usually necessary for optimal performance.
if you want to read the full comparison and difference click here I7 vs i5
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2023.05.30 08:51 FlyInOcean Trends of Aram. Why They Happen? What Other Trend Did You Observed?

There are few trend I found out after playing for a long time:
  1. People playing at night (Especially around 11:30p.m. NY time) are way better than players playing at other time. No matter it's your enemies or your teammates. They are plat-challenge players mostly.
  2. Most people who play game well or carry the game tend to surrender faster vs. those who play it generally-bad tend to not surrender. (And this does match the trend #1. Much easier to get a early surrender).
  3. People aren't welling to give penta comparing to games few years ago. (Why people are being more negative these days?)
Welcome to share your opinions and other trends you found out!
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2023.05.30 08:48 TheHappiestHam XMP Profile has Slight Deviation from the Full RAM Speed? Is This Okay or am I going to Suffer Microstutters and Problems with This?

hello, I have a Corsair Vengeance 32gb ram with ddr4 3600mhz and XMP enabled in my Bios. although, it's called DOCP instead (I have an RTX 3070 and a 5800x CPU)

the profile is listed as this: DOCP DDR4-3597 18-22-22-42-1.35v
I understand that XMP is a safe overclock that is tested and pretty much approved by the manufacturers/people that know more than me, but that doesn't add up to the full 3600mhz

this reflects in CPU-Z under the SPD tab as well. instead of being 1800mhz + 1800mhz = 3600, it's showing a frequency of 1798 + 1798 = 3596? this not only doesn't add up to 3600, it doesn't even add up to 3597?
under the Memory tab of CPU-Z, it shows a frequency of 1799.6, but again...this doesn't even add up to 3597?? I'm so confused, that creates 1799.6 + 1799.6 = 3599.2?

my system doesn't appear to be unstable, I've run xmp for months since I got the pc now. but I ask because Destiny 2 has always had some area-specific microstutters that I can't seem to fix my disabling xmp, tinkering with my CPU, or by messing with gpu drivers or settings in neither the game, nor NVCP
is something wrong with the XMP profile? I asked a friend and although I didn't give the details of CPU-Z like I did here, he said the 3596mhz XMP is causing async which might be screwing with the game in certain areas. stutters aside, I'm also just really confused with the fact that the timings aren't even adding up to the 'XMP-advertised' 3597mhz, let alone the full 3600
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2023.05.30 08:44 Alt_Plus I'm trying to get these specs down around 1500 if I can with the EOFY sales. I'm confused on whether to buy cheaper options on the same part or which brands cause theres so many at different prices. If I buy the same parts cheaper from other brands I'm worried about the quality.

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2023.05.30 08:40 GudaGUDA-LIVE Outfits, Clothing and Accessories that you think should have been available in the game and not CCs/Mods

First let's start this discussion as civil as possible and none of that "bEcaUse LAZY DeeVs hurR..." type of mindset. These are all for suggestions and wishlist of what article of clothing you wished to see on future game packs or the sequel.
More Kimonos
-This was IMO, the biggest missed opportunity of the Japanese-inspired Snowy Escape game pack. We could have at least have 3 different kimono and yukata types with varied designs and prints. The kimonos we got felt limited and not to mention bland-looking.
Hair Pins/Head Accessories
-Again why? Why wasn't this in the game yet?? I appreciate the extra hairstyles with built-in head accessories but why can't they just give us as simple as hairpins and other hair accessories? And no I don't want those goofy hats that make no sense.
Scarves and mufflers
-Just a personal pick of mine. And I don't play without them, they should at least have them as neck accessories.
Expanded Neck Accessories
-Continuing with the neck accessories, I would like to see non-necklace type of neck accessories. Aside from scarves, I would like to see Neck Ties, resting headsets, Chains, neck comforters or maybe just neck-draped towels.
Separate Jackets
-Not as in Jackets as a top, I mean Jackets as accessories as an additional layer of clothing. Ranging from Half-cut jackets, draped jackets, half-worn jackets, etc.
Belts, Fannies, Belt-bags or just Backpacks
-I'm sure I'm not the only one that thought it would be nice if we can have our sims have backpacks as clothing.
Limb Plaster Casts
-This one, this is just out of curiosity. But I would love to see casts be implemented into the game. from arm casts to leg casts.
I would like to create a crippled, physically disabled sim with a crutch and arm sling, but that would be creating a new mechanic altogether. So let's throw that out for now.
So what about you? What clothing articles would you like to see in the future packs/sequels?
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2023.05.30 08:40 ChromaCTRL Star Wars FFG RPG: Online appendix?

So I'm looking to host a campaign here soon and I'm setting up a lot of stuff on the VTT I use (Roll20). However, I'm starting to find it tedious having to look through every book I own for the weapon/ability/vehicle/exc. I want to add to the campaign. There's THIS website I use for adversaries which is honestly a godsend because I can quickly copy and paste what I need into my adversary sheets. However, since I own every book and I allow my players to use species/professions for any book they please, while running the game and I come across an item/ability/vehicle/exc. and I want to quickly pull it out mid campaign, instead I have to go to a list that references the book, pull the book out, go to the page, then profit VS just typing it in and pulling it up in seconds.
I remember there being a website where if I wanted to look up anything, not only would it give me the stats, but it would also be able to give me the full description AND the book/page reference. Anyone know of a site that has a complete list? Or did the websites that used to have that info get taken down?
Thanks in advance.
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2023.05.30 08:33 Affectionate-Bank26 Sceptre Monitor Issues

I recently bought a new monitor (Sceptre 32") and for some reason it randomly shuts off then comes back on seconds later. Repeat. It was not doing this for the first 2 weeks of use.
Things to know: - When using a display port cable, it shuts off more frequently than an HDMI. - When I use higher graphics (nothing over limits), it shuts off more frequently. - When I play more demanding games such as GTA or COD, it shuts off more frequently than when I play games like Minecraft.
PC Specs: - AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D 8-Core Processor - GeForce RTX 3080
Things I've tried: - Updating drivers - Cleaning PC - Leaving monitor unplugged for over 48 hours - Changing sleep/battery saving settings - Using another power cord - Using a better display port cable
Any suggestions/resolutions?
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2023.05.30 08:22 HylianLikely [USA][H] Nintendo/PlayStation/Xbox games, Pokemon, FF Pixel Remasters, Trails/Kiseki, Guides, Collectibles [W] Zelda/Metroid/Nier Games/Guides/Merch, Nier Automata Black Box, LA Noire (PS4), amiibo, Lists

Hi all!
I'm looking to cut down on what I have and focus on specific wants. All Games are non-Greatest Hits/Player's Choice/Platinum Hits/etc unless noted.
I have some things for sale here. I'm willing to list more if people are interested


Super Nintendo Condition
Mega Man X CIB
Mega Man X2 Loose
Secret of Mana CIB
Street Fighter II Loose
Nintendo 64
Hey You Pikachu Cart with manual and VRU, no mic or controller clip
Super Mario 64 [Player's Choice] CIB
Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door CIB
Pokemon Colosseum CIB
Zelda Four Swords Adventures [Player's Choice] CIB
Zelda The Wind Waker Disk+Case
Zelda Collector's Edition CIB
Wii/Wii U
Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze CIB
Donkey Kong Country Returns CIB
Kirby's Dream Collection Sealed
Star Fox Zero + Star Fox Guard + Big Box Sealed
Metal Slug Anthology CIB
Metroid Prime Trilogy (Steelbook) Sealed
New Super Luigi U CIB with green case
New Super Mario Bros U CIB
New Super Mario Bros Wii CIB
Resident Evil 4 CIB
Resident Evil The Umbrella Chronicles CIB
Resident Evil Zero CIB
Super Mario 3D World CIB
Super Paper Mario CIB
Zelda Wind Waker HD Sealed
Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Collector's Edition Sealed
Fire Emblem Three Houses Season's of Warfare New, broken seal
Fire Emblem Engage Divine Edition w/ Tarot Card preorder New, broken seal
Grandia HD Collection [LRG] Sealed
Octopath Traveler Wayfarer's Edition CIB
Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle Sealed
Scott Pilgrim vs The World The Game [LRG] Sealed with trading card
Shantae Risky's Revenge Director's Cut [LRG] Sealed
Shantae and the Seven Sirens [LRG] Sealed
Super Mario 3D All-Stars Sealed
Sword Art Online Hollow Realization Deluxe Edition Sealed
Yooka-Laylee [LRG] Sealed w/ card
Zelda Skyward Sword HD Sealed
Zelda Tears of the Kingdom [UK Version, plays on all Switches] Sealed
Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Collector's Edition Sealed
Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Pro Controller Sealed
Game Boy/Advance
Action Replay DS Loose with install disks and PC cable
Action Replay GBA Loose with install disk- doesn't load
Donkey Kong Land 2 Loose
Castlevania: Circle of the Moon Loose
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance CIB
Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones Loose
Tales of Phantasia Loose
Zelda Minish Cap Loose
Wireless Link Communicator (Pokemon) Loose
Bravely Default CIB
Dragon Quest VI CIB
Final Fantasy III Loose
Final Fantasy IV CIB
Fire Emblem Fates: Special Edition Sealed, with keychain preorder
Kirby Triple Deluxe CIB
Mario Kart DS CIB
Mario Kart 7 CIB
Pokemon Omega Ruby CIB
Theatrhythm Final Fantasy CIB
Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call CIB
Yoshi's New Island CIB
Zelda Spirit Tracks Sealed
Final Fantasy Tactics CIB
Final Fantasy VII CIB
Final Fantasy VIII CIB
Final Fantasy IX CIB
Metal Gear Solid CIB
Spider-Man CIB
PlayStation 2
Call of Duty: Finest Hour CIB
Call of Duty 2: Big Red One CIB
Conflict: Desert Storm CIB
Devil May Cry 2 CIB
Devil May Cry 3 CIB
Final Fantasy X-2 CIB
Grand Theft Auto III CIB
Jak X Combat Racing CIB
Medal of Honor Rising Sun CIB
Mega Man Anniversary Collection CIB
Prince of Persia The Sands of Time CIB
Ratchet and Clank [Greatest Hits] No manual
Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters CIB
Sonic Mega Collection Plus [Greatest Hits] CIB
PlayStation 3
Assassin's Creed CIB
Assassin's Creed II CIB
Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood CIB
Assassin's Creed III CIB
Bioshock Ultimate Rapture Edition CIB
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 CIB
Crysis 2 CIB
Dante's Inferno Divine Edition CIB without slipcase
Dead Space CIB
Dead Space 2 Limited Edition CIB
Dead Space 3 Limited Edition CIB
Devil May Cry HD Collection CIB
Devil May Cry 4 CIB
DmC: Devil May Cry CIB
Doom 3: BFG Edition CIB
Dragon's Crown CIB
Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen CIB
Enslaved: Journey to the West CIB
Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster CIB
Final Fantasy XIII CIB
Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns CIB
Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Collector's Edition CIB
Final Fantasy XIII-2 Collector's Edition CIB
God of War Collection CIB
God of War III Ultimate Edition CIB
Heavenly Sword CIB
inFamous CIB
Journey Collection CIB
L.A. Noire Complete Edition CIB
The Last of Us CIB
Mass Effect Trilogy CIB
Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Limited Edition CIB
Ninja Gaiden Sigma CIB
Tales of Symphonia Chronicles CIB
The Orange Box CIB
The Last of Us CIB
Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale CIB
Prince of Persia CIB
Prince of Persia Classic Trilogy CIB
Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction CIB
Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time CIB
Ratchet and Clank: Into the Nexus CIB
Resonance of Fate CIB
South Park: The Stick of Truth CIB
The Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel Lionheart Edition CIB
The Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel II CIB
Tomb Raider CIB
Uncharted CIB
Uncharted 2 CIB
Uncharted 3 CIB
Vanquish CIB
White Knight Chronicles CIB
PlayStation 4
13 Senteniels: Aegis Rim CIB
Abzu Sealed
Bloodborne [GOTY Edition] Sealed
Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon [LRG] Sealed with card
Broken Age [LRG] Sealed with card and sticker
Celeste [LRG] Sealed
Dark Souls Remastered Sealed
Dark Souls II Scholar of the First Sin Sealed
Dark Souls III: Fire Fades Edition Sealed
Dear Esthar Landmark Edition [LRG] Sealed with card and sticker
DmC: Devil May Cry Definitive Edition Sealed
Doki Doki Literature Club Plus CIB
Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Sealed
Final Fantasy XV Deluxe Edition (Steel Book) CIB
Flint Hook [LRG] Sealed with card and sticker
God of War [PlayStation Hits] Sealed
Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition Sealed
Hyperlight Drifter CIB
Metal Gear Solid V [Day One Edition] CIB
Nier Replicant [Snow White Edition] Sealed
Oceanhorn [LRG] Sealed
Ratchet & Clank [PlayStation Hits] Sealed
Resident Evil 4 Steelbook + Preorder DLC Sealed
Scott Pilgrim vs The World [LRG] Sealed
Scott Pilgrim vs The World [Collector LRG] Sealed
Shadow Complex [LRG] Sealed with card and sticker
Shantae: Risky's Revenge Director's Cut [LRG] Sealed
Shantae: The Pirate's Curse [LRG] Sealed
Song of the Deep Sealed
The Legend of Heroes Cold Steel Decisive Edition Like New
The Legend of Heroes Trails from Zero Limited Edition Sealed
The Legend of Heroes Trails to Azure Limited Edition Sealed
Thomas Was Alone [LRG] Sealed with card and sticker
Tomb Raider Definitive Edition Sealed
Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition CIB
The Last of Us Remastered [PlayStation Hits Sticker Variant] Sealed
The Swapper [LRG] Sealed with card and sticker
The Witcher 3 Complete Edition CIB
Uncharted Collection [PlayStation Hits] Sealed
Uncharted 4 [PlayStation Hits] Sealed
Uncharted Lost Legacy [PlayStation Hits] Sealed
Yooka-Laylee CIB
PlayStation 5 Controller Sealed
PlayStation HD Camera Sealed
Dissidia Final Fantasy CIB
Final Fantasy [Favorites] CIB
Final Fantasy II CIB
Final Fantasy IV The Complete Collection CIB, no special edition cards
Metal Gear Ac!d CIB
Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops Plus CIB
Xbox 360
Blue Dragon CIB
Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion GOTY Edition [Platinum Hits] CIB
Fable II CIB
Fallout 3 GOTY Edition [Platinum Hits] CIB
Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition [XB1 cover] CIB
Forza Horizon CIB
Gears of War CIB
Gears of War 2 CIB
Gears of War 3 CIB
Halo 4 CIB
Perfect Dark Zero CIB
The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition CIB
Xbox One
Gears of War Ultimate Edition CIB
Halo 5 Limited Collector's Edition CIB
Recore CIB
Link: The Faces of Evil Sealed
Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon Sealed
Strategy Guides/Books Condition
Skyrim Special Edition Collector’s Edition [Hardcover] New
The Witcher 3 Complete Collector’s Edition [Hardcover] New
Zelda Collector's Edition (Gamecube, Foil Silver Cover) Very Good
Zelda Twilight Princess HD [Hardcover, Collector's Edition] Very Good With Cloth Map
Super Mario Sunshine Like New
God of War (2005) Good
Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga Good
Zelda Encyclopedia New
Kirby Super Star (SNES)
Kirby 64
Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland
Donkey Kong Country
Mario Tennis (GBC)
Super Mario Bros Deluxe
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
Golden Sun Lost Age
Zelda Link's Awakening DX
Others and Collectibles
Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Contest Winner Scarf Sealed
Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Link Sleeve Sealed
Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Collector's Medal Sealed
Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Luggage Tag Sealed
Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Broken Master Sword Light Sealed
NES Classic Sealed, first print
SNES Classic Sealed, first print
Playstation Classic Sealed
Nintendo 64 Switch Controller Sealed
Super Mario Movie AMC Popcorn Tin New
Pokemon Movies 1-3 Steelbook Like New
Pokemon Board Game Box is in fair condition but it is COMPLETE, every piece
Pokemon Burger King Card Set Complete Mint
Final Fantasy VII Remake First Class Edition Cloud Figure w/ Lanyard New
Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV Steelbook CIB
Classic Pokemon Cards Very Good to Mint
Classic Yugioh Cards Very Good to Mint
Pit x2 NIB
Joker NIB
Metroid Dread 2-Pack NIB
Zelda & Loftwing NIB
Twilight Princess Link NIB
Ocarina of Time Link NIB
Wind Waker 2-pack NIB
8-bit Link NIB


** Are highest wants *** Most wanted
Nintendo Condition
The Legend of Zelda [Gray Cart] CIB
Zelda II [Gray Cart] CIB
Super Nintendo
Zelda A Link to the Past (Player's Choice) CIB
Zelda Ancient Stone Tablets Any
Seiken Densetsu 3 CIB
Yoshi's Island Box and manual or CIB
Donkey Kong Country 2 Box and manual or CIB
Super Mario RPG CIB
Nintendo 64
Banjo-Kazooie Box and manual or CIB
Banjo-Tooie Box and manual or CIB
Donkey Kong 64 Box and manual or CIB
Ocarina of Time (GOTY Edition) CIB
Super Smash Bros Box and manual or CIB
N64 Expansion Pack CIB
**Zelda Four Swords Adventure (JP) CIB
Zelda Wind Waker (Player's Choice) CIB
Metroid Prime 2 CIB
Super Smash Bros Melee CIB
Zelda Skyward Sword (Rev 2) CIB, must say RVL-SOUE-0A-2 on bottom of disc
Metroid Prime 3 CIB
**NES Remix Pack CIB
Sonic Lost World CIB
Zelda Link's Awakening Limited Edition (EU) CIB
Chrono Cross Radical Dreamers Edition CIB
Legend of Mana CIB
Okami (import) CIB
Zelda Skyward Sword Joycons CIB or New
Final Fantasy Adventure CIB
Metroid 2 CIB
Metroid Fusion CIB or Box/Manual/Inserts
Metroid Zero Mission CIB or Box/Manual/Inserts
NES Classics: Metroid CIB
Zelda ALttP/Four Swords Any
GameBoy to GameCube cables Any
DS/3DS Condition
Metroid Prime Pinball CIB
Ultimate NES Remix CIB
Majora's Mask 3D (Nintendo Selects) CIB or Sealed
Legend of Mana CIB
Xenogears CIB
PlayStation 2
Drakengard CIB
Drakengard 2 CIB
Shadow of the Colossus CIB
PlayStation 3
Nier Replicant (Original Japanese PS3 version) CIB
PlayStation 4
Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen CIB
Hollow Knight CIB
**L.A. Noire CIB
***Nier Automata Black Box Edition CIB
Okami CIB
Phoenix Wright Trilogy CIB
Shadow of the Colossus Limited Edition CIB
Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles CIB
PlayStation 5
Demon's Souls CIB
Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade Sealed or CIB w/ Unused Code
Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut CIB
Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana CIB
Xbox 360/One
Nier CIB
Halo: The Master Chief Collection CIB
Halo 5: Guardians CIB
Rare Replay CIB
Recore: Definitive Edition CIB
***Zelda GBA SP System Any but must be original shell
**Zelda Wii U Bundle CIB
**Zelda's Adventure (CD-i) CIB
Zelda Majora's Mask New 3DS XL CIB
Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D 3DS Console CIB
Zelda 2DS CIB
PlayStation Vita Any
Link: The Faces of Evil CIB
Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon CIB
Zelda Strategy Guides
Sealed Zelda games, consoles, offers
Zelda Merch, offers
Metroid Merch, offers
Nier Books
Bayonetta (Player 1) Any
Wolf Any
Inkling Girl (Smash Bros) Any
Min Min Any
Richter Any
Simon Any
Terry Any
Solaire Any
And your lists. Let me know what you got! Thanks for looking
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2023.05.30 08:22 Black_Hazard_YABEI Tentative Plot Preview of my Amourshipping fic (Pokemon A/S) Version 1.2

Fanfic name: Pokemon A(sh)/S(erena)
--------------------Continuity and Placement-----------------
After 1 years of MPM Epsiode 11
For Liko and Roy: Somewhere After Pokemon Horizon Epsiode 6-8 and it's subject to change
--------------------Character settings--------------------
Protagionist: Ash and Serena (Of course)
Main Cast: Clemont, Bonnie, Misty, Brock, Gary Oak
Everyone will receive the Mega Evolution
Gary Oak become Professor before the fic starts.
Both Dawn and May become Top Coordinator before the fic starts.
May and Dawn will become Serena's rival.
Chloe is May, Dawn and Serena's apprentice
Pokemon Master scaling from best to worst: Ash >>>> Leon > all 6 Masters
Pokemon Coordinator scaling from best to worst : Dawn = May > Serena > Chloe > Miette > Drew = Zoey
Pokemon Performer scaling from best to worst :Serena > May > Dawn > Aria > Chloe > Miette> Jessie

--------------------Change from Anime in this fanfic--------------------

-While Bond Transformation is exclusive to Greninja in anime ,in this fanfic bond transformation can also be accessed if the Trainer have unusual high relationship with their Kalos Starter (might subject to change in future) such as Serena-Delphox and Clemont-Chesnaut

-Clemont's Chespin will evolve to Chesnaught because of some Lab accident which also blow up the Prism Tower(lol!)
-Up to 6 on hand Pokemon Limit still applys here, but can use some device to replace members in their party as they wish before entering battle, and it can be bypassed by simply befriend with other pokemon rather than caught them in pokeball
-Introduce various of team finisher move which will not be considered as one of the "4 moves"
-4 moves limit are still applies here, but trainers can bypass it by create their very own charge move on their pokemon
-Trainers can use all 6 pokemon at the same time
-Features tons of OC enemy, pokemon or the antagionist that are neither Pokemon nor Humans.
-Bonnie will become part of the team instead of Tagalong Kid and use squishy to help saves the day more often.
-Clemont will become more successful Scientist because he now got the more competent assistant (Clembot MKIII and his Chesnaught)
-Clembot will be upgraded to Clembot MKIII in this fic
-Arceus become way more loyal to Ash into the point that will makes Arceus angry enough to personally
Everyone will have their official age +1, except Ash who is still stucking at 10 years old (There'll be the story arc which explains why Ash was still 10 years old)
Team rocket trio will be sent to jail at ending of Team Rocket Arc because I feels like they're superfluous in the fanfic. But they might return if I can make use of them and appears as reformed person because they're not entirely bad person I think
Liko and Roy will appear as side characters
Greninja will be actively used, but there'll be few chapter where Ash didn't bring his greninja in his party
Almost everyone will get Mega evolution
Serena will move to Pallet Town and live with Ash, while Clemont, Bonnie and Meyer will temporary living with Ash as well
Calem will appears in this fanfic as cameo alongside with Serena's Game counterpart) , who will appears with Anime Serena at the same time
I might consider to make the Pearlshipping Side Story which will take place before
--------------------------------------Season 1--------------------------------------
--------------------Arc 1: The dream begins and reunion (ep 1-6)--------------------
Type: Storytelling, Action, Romance, Amour
Ash recieved the invite that will makes him reunite with his girlfriend, but he must deal with the plant from giant rock which will eventually not only makes him reunite with his girlfriend, but also reassamble the entire XY cast and makes the story looks like XY sequel (lol!)
Episode 1: Story begins with Ash saw the nightmare where the world being destroyed and even Arceus unable to do anything about it. Then Ash wake up and he just realized that he was invited to see the Pokemon Contest final (Serena Vs Aria) in Kalos, but when Ash went to Kalos, he saw his Greninja being unconscious because of being overworked for cutting wood so many years non stop without taking any break (Lol!)
Episode 2: It's only 1 hours before Pokemon Contest final starts, Ash had sent his Greninja into Pokemon center. Meanwhile Bonnie and Clemont calls Ash that the plant from Giant Rock had nearing the Luminse City. Ash and Lucario attempt to sense where's the source of those plant are but unable to. Meanwhile at this time, Greninja had been fully recovered and returns to Ash!
Episode 3: Greninja had been recovered! With Greninja's help, Ash was finally able to find the source of the Giant Rock- on underground. Clemont used the newly devloped drill to make the tunnel so that Ash (with Pikachu, Lucario and Greninja), Clemont (with Luxray) and Bonnie (With squishy) will able to reach the underground and saw the core of those plants. With the combined effort of Pikachu, Lucario, Greninja, Luxray and Squishy, they was able to destroy the core and stopping the Giant Rock plant once and for all.
Episode 4: After the Giant Rock Plant Core had been Destroyed, Ash had found that the Pokemon Contest final had already begin. Ash was tried to reach Pokemon Contest as soon as possible. At first, Aria's excellent Contest skills makes Serena begin to self-doubt if she could made it, but Ash was eventally managed to arrives and cheers Serena, allowing Serena to unlock Bond Transformation on Her Delphox to become Serena-Delphox and become Kalos Queen (Yes, I made her Kalos Queen that early because I have struggle to write Pokemon Contest chapters)
Episode 5: At last, Ash and Serena had finally reunion! To celebrating Serena become Kalos Queen, Ash was going to buy the new clothes for Serena as suprise gift so that Serena can put her Blue Ribbon back on her chest, but Ash have struggle to do so because Ash know nothing about clothing style, but thanks to Diantha's help, Ash was eventally able to find the clothes that fits Serena and fits her Blue Ribbon.
Episode 6: Ash and Serena say goodbye to Miette, Diantha and May and moved to Pallet town. But at the next day, they found themselves had been trapped inside the crowd as both are now become the celebrity and all of the billboard had their own face! Diantha will teach Ash and Serena must find the way to move around in public
--------------------Clemont single chapter (ep 7)--------------------
Type: Storytelling, Action, Humor
I made this chapter so that I can give Clemont bond transformation form
Episode 7: Clemont was devloping the devloution device which allows the Pokemon to devolve if they accidentally evolved against their will. However, like most of Clemont's device, his devlution device went malfunction and begin to explode and accidentally fully evolved his Chespin into Chesnaught as well! Everyone was managed to escape, but the explosion was so huge that it blows half of the Prism Tower, leaving them homeless and have to temporary move to Pallet town to live with Ash until the Prism Tower had been fully restored. Meanwhile, Xerosic managed escaped from jail and separated Clemont from Bonnie and Meyer. Xerosic's power protector easily overpowers all of his pokemon and his chesnaught! Xerosic was teasing that Clemont's science is terrible, but Clemont determination that the science was supposed to be used for justice allows his chesnaught to unlock the bond transformation to become Clemont-chesnaught, allowing Clemont to defeat Xerosic and sent Xerosic back to jail. Unfortunately, Xerosic was managed to damage the Prism Tower which forcing Clemont, Bonnie and Meyer to living in Ash's house temporarily until the Prism Tower had been rebuilt.
-------------------Ash pidgeot single chapter (ep 8)--------------------
Type: Action
Despite Ash's pidgeot had officially returned to Ash, it's another questions of how long can his pidgeot live with his trainer.....
Episode 8: Tons of Fearow had invaded and caused the huge chaos in Pallet town and steals Serena's blue ribbon! Ash's Pidgeot had found that those Fearow are came from Viridian Forest. Ever since Pidgeot had reunited with Ash, those Fearow had rapidly reproduce, quickly take over the Viridian Forest and begin to spread out of nowhere! Those Fearow demands Ash's Pidgeot in exchange for those Pidgey and Pidgeotto's life and the Blue Ribbon. Ash and Pidgeot arrived Viridian Forest but those Pidgey and Pidgeotto told them not to leave his Pidgeot here because they thinks that the Pidgeot was belong to Ash and Ash refuse to leave his Pidgeot here. Those Fearow now attempt to hurt those Pidgey and Pidgeotto and ate the Blue Ribbon! Ash Mega Evolved his Pidgeot to fight against those Fearow but being slowly outnumbered by those Fearow. On the verge of Ash's Pidgeot's defeat, those Pidgey and Pidgetto had evolved into Pidgeot and helps Ash's Pidgeot to defeat those Fearow and give Ash back the Blue Ribbon, ending those Fearow's threat once and for all! Ash and his Pidgeot was bid farewell to those Pidgeot and give the Blue Ribbon back to Serena, now Ash's Pidgeot can live with Ash forever!
--------------------Ash single chapter (ep 9)--------------------
Type: Adventure
Ash will caught Dunsparce in this episode
Epsiode 9: After 27 years of failure, Ash had finally caught his most longed wanted Dunsparce ! (which will later evolve into the rare 3 segment dundunsparce by TM him Hyper Drill)

--------------------The Muted Princess of Hoenn Arc (ep 10-12)--------------------
Type: Adventure, Humor
May, the Princess of Hoenn had been diagnosed spasmodic dysphonia and become inability to speak like Red) did! Meanwhile, Ash and Serena being sent to Hoenn in very funny way and reunited with May and Max! This epsiode also features

Epsiode 10: Team Rocket trio caught Ash's Pikachu once again! Ash jump to the Team Rocket ballon to save Pikachu while having Serena caught his feet, but Ash had end up makes the Team Rocket ballon explodes and sent Ash, Pikachu and Serena to Hoenn! (lol!). May and Max meet Ash and Serena once again and was surprised why Ash would hugging Serena so tight and lying on the ground (lol)! Ash and Serena attempt greets May and Max but May didn't speak and respond with sign language! Max then told Ash and Serena's sad news about May become inability to speak because of the spasmodic dysphonia! Knowing that Jirachi will took 980 years to become useable again, Max decided to find which pokemon can cure May.
Serena will get Absol in this epsiode
Epsiode 11: While May and Max was staying at their home to find if there's any pokemon to makes May can speak again, Ash and Serena went outside and saw the Absol laying down outside and end up seriously injured.
Epsiode 12: After Serena caught Absol, Max had found that the only way to makes May can speak again is to find the Unown, and Molly is the only person who can use Unown to make May speaks again. Ash, Serena, May and Max went to greenfield and found Molly to use unown to spell "May Speak" so that May can speak again
------------------Arc 3: Team Rocket invasion (ep 13-21)--------------------
Type: Action
XY/XYZ cast had finally reassambled! But let's not forget about that they must deal with the very first and longest lasting villain organization-Team Rocket!
Epsiode 13: Gary had reunited with Ash, where former had become the Pokemon Professor. Gary brings Ash and Serena to visit the extension of Professor Oak's laboratory (Clemont and Bonnie was here too!). Meanwhile, Giovanni had arrived the laboratory and defeated Professor Oak. Gary came out and fight against Giovanni once again and.....lose once again. Meanwhile, the Team Rocket Grunts kidnapped Professor Oak while they're battling and Giovanni had left the laboratory!
Epsiode 14: Giovanni kidnapped Professor Oak to Team Rocket base to make Professor Oak works for him. Ash and Gary was thinking about how to save Giovanni. Meanwhile, the Team Rocket trio appears once again and attempt to steal his Pikachu, but Misty and Brock arrives and saves Ash's Pikachu. Ash respond with a heavy heart as Ash aware that this might be their last time to prepare for trouble as Ash had decided to destroy Team Rocket once and for all (Yes, he feels sympathy for those Team Rocket Trio because he aware that Team Rocket Trio have heart) and Ash's pikachu sent Team Rocket Trio flying once again like usual!
Epsiode 15: Thanks to Clemont's science, Ash, Misty, Brock and Gary was able to track down the location of Team Rocket base. Clemont gives Ash the device which allows Ash to freely switch his Pokemon party anywhere and anytime. Ash, Misty, Brock and Gary went to Team Rocket base while leaving Serena, Clemont and Bonnie at Ash's house. Ash, Misty, Brock and Gary charging towards Team Rocket Base and begin the final battle against Team Rocket!
Epsiode 16: Ash, Misty, Brock and Gary fight against thousands of Team Rocket Grunts who "Welcomed" them. But they slowly outnumbered by those Team Rocket Grunts and they realized that those Team Rocket Grunts are here to buying Giovanni's time! Misty and Brock decided to stay here and clean the road for Ash and Gary to reach Team Rocket Base! Meanwhile, Professor Oak had been tied into the chair which extract his knowledge about the pokemon.
Epsiode 17: Ash and Gary was finally managed to find Giovanni and Professor Oak. Giovanni transfer his consciousness into the Armored Mewtwo (this Mewtwo is different from the first movie one and it's nothing more than Giovanni's new body) while Gary was going to save Professor Oak. Serena, Clemont and Bonnie saw the news about Ash is fighting Armored Mewtwo and decided to head to Team Rocket base together with the help of met Korrina, Alain and Diantha. Meanwhile, Ash had been defeated by Giovanni and being tied outside the Team Rocket base!
Epsiode 18: Clemont, Bonnie and Serena met Korrina, Alain and Diantha to rescue Ash, but being interrupted by the artifical pokemon army. Meanwhile Giovanni was about to end Ash's life, but being stopped by Gary. Inside Ash's mental world, Aaron was teaching Ash to master Aura power. After Ash mastered the Aura power, Ash breaks free with his newly mastered Aura power and team up with Gary to fight against Giovanni.
Epsiode 19: Thanks to Ash and Gary's excellent teamwork, in addition of Ash's mastered Aura power, Giovanni had been easily defeated and Giovanni's mewtwo armor had been teared apart. At the same time, Misty, Brock, Serena, Clemont, Bonnie, Korrina, Alain and Diantha had defeated al of the grunts and artifical pokemon army and reunited with Ash and Gary. Meanwhile, Giovanni still refused to give up, he used the knowledge that being extracted from Professor Oak to create the gigantic ultimate pokemon called Chimera. Giovanni insert his consciousness into Chimera and razed half of Pallet Town into ground!
Epsiode 20: Despite the combined effort of Ash, Gary, Misty, Brock, Serena, Clemont, Bonnie, Korrina, Alain and Diantha, Chimera was proven too much for those heroes to handle! Chimera then begin to cover the entire sky with the black smoke which will slowly turns all pokemon all over the world into shadow pokemon! Seems there's nothing to stop him, the real mewtwo appears and helps those hero to fight against Chimera. Meanwhile, Ash's Greninja was managed to use his extrasensory to emulate almost all of Pokemon moveset while his Lucario's aura power had been enchanced which allows his Lucario to create the spirit bomb sized aura sphere. Ash, his pikachu, Greninja and Lucario eventally able to blown Chimera to pieces and sent Giovanni's consciousness back to his human body. Ash came in front of Giovanni and about to kills him with Aura sphere, but Serena, and later the newly arrived Team Rocket Trio pleding Ash not to. Following Giovanni, Team Rocket Trio and rest of Team Rocket member being arrested, Team Rocket had finally being taken down for good. Korrina, Alain and Diantha say goodbye to Ash, Gary, Misty, Brock, Serena, Clemont and Bonnie as Korrina, Alain and Diantha head back to Kalos. Ash and Team Rocket Trio made the promise that they'll be travel together once the Team Rocket Trio served their sentence
Epsiode 21: Few days after Team Rocket being taken down, Ash, Gary, Misty, Brock, Serena, Clemont and Bonnie made the celebration for that.
--------------------------------------Season 2--------------------------------------
--------------------Arc 4: Ash being dense shell (ep 22-24)--------------------
Type: Storytelling, Action, character building, emotion
The world had back to it's peace following the shut down of Team Rocket. However, Ash's dense shell kick in ane he'll will learn the the hard way about what will happen for being dense shell
Epsiode 22: Ever since Ash become much stronger since the Team Rocket fight, he begin to become arrogant and addicted in Pokemon Battle! (Yes, typical dense shell Ash for ya) He begin to refuse other people's help and even end up having Quarrel with Serena! Ash ragequit his house and being attacked by Damian, who is looking for revenge of his charamder's betrayal. Despite Ash become lot stronger since they last met, Damian's newly obtained Psychic power and his Charizards army (Mega charizard X and Y, Gigantmaxed Charizard and Shadow Charizard that Damian created with his Psychic power) was proven even more ahead of Ash, but Ash's bond between pokemon quickly turns the table! While Ash was about to defeat Damian, his Pikachu suddenly unleashed the large amount of power and went berserk!
Epsiode 23: Having his pikachu went berserk, Ash had slowly realized that he's only care about Pokemon and become megalomaniac had corrupted his bond with pikachu! He begin to feels sorry about how he treat his friends especially Serena. Ash was later apogoized to Serena and his friends and slowly reconcile with each other and discuss how to bring his pikachu back to control. With the combined effort of Serena and his friends, Ash was eventually able to bring his pikachu back to sense.
Episode 24: Those evil Malamar had finally returned to present and attempt to brainwash Ash and Serena once again, but Clemont used his device to prevent the brainwash from happening! **Ash and Serena was quickly blows those evil Malamar into ashes but the energy crystals absorbs those evil Malamar's body and activated and quickly defeated all of their pokemon except Pikachu. That energy crystals attempt to shoot laser on ground and Ash have only pikachu left to stop that energy crystal! Ash's feelings resonance with pikachu which allows pikachu utilized that power once again to **create the deadly new move for pikachu: Ragnerok!
--------------------Single Pokeshipping chapter (ep 25)--------------------
Type: Story telling, Action
Misty must find the balance between traveling with Ash and her gym.
Episode 25: Misty had been tired of her having to do all three jobs from her 3 Irresponsible sisters, which making her leave her gym behind and went to Ash's house. Ash was suprised how Misty would willing to give up her gym for that Meanwhile, Damian hijacked Misty's gym and kidnapped Daisy, Lily, and Violet, to demands Misty in exchange her gym and her sisters. Ash and Misty worked together to defeat Damian and saved all 3. Misty's 3 sisters apogoized for over-reliance the gym operation to Misty alone and promised Misty that they'll become more responsible for their gyms. Misty give her gym back to her sisters and says goodbye to them.
--------------------------------------Alola Arc -------------------------------------
Ash,Serena, Misty, Clemont, Bonnie and Brock will go to Alola and meet Ash's classmates.
Lillie will merge with the Shiny Nihiliego with same name#Lillie) in this Arc
Ash,Serena, Misty, Clemont, Bonnie and Brock went to Alola for vacation and reunited with Ash's classmates. Meanwhile, the parallel version of Lusamine (from Pokemon Sun and Moon game) had went to this universe using the Ultra Wormholes and kidnapped the Shiny Lillie#Lillie) for parallel Lusamine's evil deed! Ash and his Alola classmate must find the way to recuse the Shiny Lillie and stop the Alola from being invaded by the Ultra Beast army!
--------------------------------------Planned Future story Arc:--------------------------------------
Pokemon Contest Arc (Mittie vs Serena) or:
Features with May vs Dawn, but I don't know who should win the contest. If May wins, Serena will encounter May and if Dawn wins, Serena will encounter Dawn. Serena will lose either way.
Wallce Cup Arc(May vs Dawn, Chloe vs May, Chloe vs Dawn, Dawn vs Serena) or:
countine the romance amour with Ash arc: (Should I? But I really suck at writing those)
--------------------------------------Oizys Arc (adopted from this one shot): --------------------------------------
Type: Action, Deconstruction Fic, drama, passion, Original Story, Fantasy, Meta
Warning: Starting at this Arc, the typical Amour and even anime Pokemon logic will be thrown out the window and replaced with the original plot that you might not asked for!
Warning: This Story Arc features with full of ridiculousness, rather dark story, in-face towards TPC and filled with heavy irony and even fourth wall break etc. Please watch at your discretion! If you want something closer to Pokemon Anime, skip to Paldea Arc.
Ash teachs Goh how to take care of Pokemon, but Goh's dark side came to manifest as its own entirely separate, physical entity called Oizys, Goh's evil counterpart who is the psychopath pokemon hunter (a parody of many chinese amourshipping fic features with Goh as antagionist), Goh was paralyzed with fear after witnessing his evil counterpart's cruelty and end up in coma for a while. Oizys steal all Serena's pokemon, all Ash's ace (including his Greninja) and almost managed to steal his pikachu but his pikachu managed to free all of Ash's ace and Serena's pokemon, Ash and Serena got the upper hand and defeats Oizys, but Ash being posessed by Oizys in front of Serena's eyes and defeated almost every single Ash's traveling partner, all 7 Pokemon Masters , Gary Oak and Serena. But Serena was eventally managed to free Ash from Oizys control. After defeating Oizys, Goh finally wake up and learned the harsh lesson about how to take care of his pokemon.
--------------------------------------Season 3--------------------------------------
--------------------------------------gossip Arc (adopted from this one shot): --------------------------------------
Type: Deconstruction Fic, drama, Original Story, Break Fourth Wall, humor

Warning: Another original plot which full of ridiculousness, filled with heavy irony and even fourth wall break sans Action. Please watch at your discretion! If you want something closer to Pokemon Anime, skip to Paldea Arc.
Ash and Serena must find a way to debunk various of the fake news (like Liko is Ash and Serena's daughter) that damaging their reputations and free Liko from being cyberbullied. In addition, they'll also met Nemona marks the first appearance in this Arc and will join Ash's team!
--------------------------------------Paldea Arc 1--------------------------------------
Ash and Serena finally went to Paldea for first time, Liko, Roy and Necoma finally join Ash's team in this Arc.
Ash, Serena, Roy, Liko and Nemona will meet Steven to obtain the Tera Orb to Terastalize their Pokemon.
Ash will also caught the Paldea flying type Pokemon here
--------------------------------------Kalos Queen defend Arc --------------------------------------
The new season of Pokémon Showcase begins! Can Serena Defend her Kalos Queen title?
--------------------------------------"Shipping War" Arc (adopted from This one shot): --------------------------------------
Warning: This Story Arc features with full of ridiculousness, rather dark story, in-face towards TPC and filled with heavy irony and even fourth wall break etc. Please watch at your discretion! If you want something closer to Pokemon Anime, skip to Paldea Arc.
Type: Deconstruction Fic, drama, Original Story, Break Fourth Wall, humor
After The giant blue bird had makes Serena and Misty , all Ash's female travel companion and even all humans in pokemon kills each other until there's only 1 left against their will! Ash was able to free all of his friend before any tragic happens but that giant blue bird absorbed Serena and begin to spread all over the world! The only way to save Serena is to have Ash insert the feelings toward Serena into the water shuriken to open the hole out of Twitter's physical body so that Ash can save Serena.
--------------------------------------Season 4--------------------------------------
--------------------------------------Ash's 10 years old truth Arc Prequel (adopted from this one shot**):**--------------------------------------
Type: Deconstruction Fic, drama, Original Story, Amour, Break Fourth Wall, romance, character building, Action
Warning: Another original plot which full of ridiculousness, rather dark story, in-face towards TPC, filled with heavy irony and even fourth wall break! Please watch at your discretion! If you want something closer to Pokemon Anime, skip to Paldea Arc.
After Ash and Serena discovered the truth about Ash's being cursed with eternal 10 years old which might potentially eventally wipe away his character development and revert him back to the 10 years old stupid dense shell like in Uvona, Ash and Serena got psychological shadow and escape from reality by living in their own dream and refuse to wake up. However, Ash and Serena would eventually overcome their fear and . It'll also features with the cameo appearance of Calem and Game Serena.
--------------------------------------Fanfic Flashback Special Single Epsiode--------------------------------------
Type: Crossover, Flashback
After Calem being freed from Camel's possessing, Ash, Serena, Calem and Serena (Game) will meet each other and share their life experience before sending Calem and Serena (Game) back to their own universe.

--------------------------------------Tobias Arc:--------------------------------------
Type: Deconstruction Fic, drama, Original Story, Amour, Break Fourth Wall, romance, Amour, character building, Action
Warning: This Story Arc features with full of ridiculousness, rather dark story, in-face towards TPC and filled with heavy irony and even fourth wall break etc. Please watch at your discretion!
Tobias was revealed to be the "Ash's dream crusher", so strong that not even the combined effort of 7 Pokemon Master can stop him! This Arc features with the return and the final battle against Oizys and Damian.
--------------------------------------Ash's 10 years old Arc: --------------------------------------
Type: Deconstruction Fic, Original Story, Amour, Break Fourth Wall, romance, Humor
Warning: This Story Arc features with full of ridiculousness, rather dark story, in-face towards TPC and filled with heavy irony and even fourth wall break etc. Please watch at your discretion!
Last Story Arc where Ash is still 10 years old
Ash finally defeated Tobias, but Ash's 10 years old curse had finally reverted Ash back to the tough dense shell. Ash's friend and Serena must find the way to break that curse to stop Ash from being 10 years old and bring the mature Ash back.

--------------------------------------Oshi no Ko crossoveIdol industry dark truth Arc:--------------------------------------
Type: crossover, drama, Break Fourth Wall, Humor
Warning: This Story Arc features with full of ridiculousness, rather dark story, heavy irony, fourth wall break etc. Please watch at your discretion!
Ash finally grown up! Serena was being invited to went to Japan for the performance but eventually rejected after she discovered the shocking, ugly truth of the idol industry in Japan. Officer Jenny gives the secret mission for Ash, Team Rocket Trio (served their sentence), Latias and Team Rocket Trio's Ditto will camouflage as Serena, Dawn, May and Chloe to sneak into those idol industry and debunk the dirty act in idol industry in Japan, while the real Serena, Dawn, May and Chloe will appeals to her fans all over the world to boycott such dirty act in idol industry in Japan.
--------------------------------------TBA Arc--------------------------------------
submitted by Black_Hazard_YABEI to u/Black_Hazard_YABEI [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 08:22 AuSSie-HellCat Week 2: October 2023 - GEW: Riot & Unleashed

Week 2: October 2023 - GEW: Riot & Unleashed

GEW: Riot

Match 1 - HoB vs Heart Brekkers (Tag Team Tournament Round 1)
From the moment the bell rang, The House of Black displayed their dominance. Buddy unleashed a flurry of strikes, combining his precision and martial arts expertise to keep The Heart Brekkers on their toes. Brody King, a force of power and intensity, used his sheer strength to overpower his opponents.
As the match progressed, the rivalry between the two teams intensified. The House of Black showcased their unity and ruthless aggression, delivering devastating moves that left The Heart Brekkers reeling. The crowd was captivated by the sheer intensity and skill displayed by both teams.
In a climactic moment, The House of Black unleashed their signature finisher, culminating in a pinfall victory over The Heart Brekkers.
Winner: House of Black by Pinfall (3.5 Stars)
Announcement from William Regal
As you all know, the GEW World Heavyweight Championship is the most prestigious title in the world of professional wrestling. And to determine the next challenger for this illustrious championship, we are organizing a number one contender match!
This match will feature three of the most dominant and formidable wrestlers in the industry today. First, we have the Celtic Warrior, Sheamus, whose brute strength and explosive power have taken him to the top of the mountain before.
Next up, we have the Almighty Bobby Lashley, whose sheer athleticism and grappling prowess make him a force to be reckoned with inside the squared circle.
And last but certainly not least, we have the Rainmaker, Kazuchika Okada, one of the greatest wrestlers in the world today.
These three titans of the ring will clash in an epic battle, and the winner will earn the right to face the current GEW World Heavyweight Champion and claim the ultimate prize. This match will take place next week at Beach Bash with the winner facing rather Bryan Danielson or Santos Escobar at the next PPV.

Match 2 - Toni Storm, Bayley, & Zoey Starks vs Britt Baker, Jaime Hayter, & Dakota Kai
At the start of the match, both teams were equally matched with each other. Britt Baker, the GEW Women's Champion, and Toni Storm started the match and put on an incredible display of technical wrestling. Soon after, Bayley and Jaime Hayter were tagged in, and the pace of the match increased, with both women throwing each other around the ring with incredible force.
The match started to get brutal when Dakota Kai was tagged in and immediately attacked Zoey Starks, throwing her into the steel ring post and pummeling her with kicks and punches. Starks fought back, but Kai continued to dominate her.
The match turned into a brawl as all six women fought inside and outside the ring. Bayley and Hayter fought in the crowd while Storm and Baker battled at ringside. In the ring, Starks managed to tag in Bayley, who took control of the match, delivering several devastating moves on Kai.
Bayley hit the Bayley-to-Belly on Kai for the victory. After the match, the heels attacked the faces, but they were eventually cleared from the ring, leaving the winners to celebrate their victory.
Winner: Toni Storm, Bayley, & Zoey Starks by Pinfall (4.75 Stars)

Match 3 - Money Inc vs Aussie Open (Tag Team Tournament Round 1)
In an explosive tag team encounter, Aussie Open, comprised of Kyle Fletcher and Mark Davis, clashed with the experienced duo of Money Inc. The match showcased the agility and power of Aussie Open as they executed high-flying maneuvers and devastating strikes. Despite a valiant effort from Money Inc, Aussie Open emerged victorious, securing the pinfall and leaving the crowd in awe of their impressive performance.
Winner: Aussie Open by Pinfall (4 Stars)
Backstage Segment
[The camera cuts to a backstage area, showing us what happened last week moments after LA Knight walked out on Grayson Waller during their tag team match. Grayson Waller is visibly frustrated and pacing back and forth when The Miz approaches him.]
Grayson Waller: [angered] Can you believe that, Miz? Knight just left me hanging out there!
The Miz: [calmly] I know it's frustrating, Waller, but we need to stay focused. We can't let this tear us apart.
Grayson Waller: [agitated] How can you defend him, Miz? He abandoned me in the ring! We were supposed to be a team!
[Just as Grayson finishes his sentence, LA Knight storms into the scene, looking equally furious.]
LA Knight: [pointing a finger at Grayson] You wanna know why I left, Waller? Because you're nothing but dead weight!
Grayson Waller: [getting in Knight's face] Dead weight? You're the one who couldn't handle a little adversity and decided to walk away!
[The tension between Knight and Waller continues to escalate as they exchange heated words, getting dangerously close to physical confrontation. The Miz steps between them, forcing them apart.]
The Miz: [firmly] That's enough! Both of you need to calm down and think about what you're doing. This isn't the time or the place for this.
LA Knight: [still seething] No, Miz! I've had enough of both of your incompetence. I don't need you two dragging me down anymore.
The Miz: [leaning closer to LA Knight] You think you can just walk away whenever things get tough? Well, let me remind you of something, Knight. You signed a contract when you joined The A-List Experience. That means you have a responsibility to be a team player, no matter what.
[LA Knight hesitates, realizing the weight of The Miz's words.]
LA Knight: [gritting his teeth] Fine. But don't expect me to forget this, Waller.
Grayson Waller: [defiantly] Likewise, Knight. We'll settle this, one way or another.
[The tension lingers in the air as The Miz steps back, his gaze shifting between Knight and Waller. The scene ends with the three members of The A-List Experience standing apart, their unity shattered, and uncertain about what lies ahead.]

Match 4 - Cody Rhodes vs Shinsuke Nakamura
The bell rang, and the two locked up in the center of the ring, both trying to gain the upper hand.
The crowd was firmly behind both wrestlers, as they executed their signature moves flawlessly. Nakamura's striking ability was on full display as he landed a series of hard kicks and strikes to Rhodes' body. But Rhodes was resilient, using his technical prowess to stay in the match.
The match continued back and forth with near falls and high impact maneuvers from both competitors. As the match wore on, it became clear that Rhodes had a slight advantage, gaining momentum with every passing minute.
In the end, Rhodes landed his finisher, the Cross Rhodes, and pinned Nakamura for the three-count.
Winner: Cody Rhodes by Pinfall (5 Stars)

Match 5 - Chad Gables US Title Open Challenge
Happy Corbin comes out to answer the challenge, looking confident and determined to take the title from Gable.
The match begins with both competitors feeling each other out, trying to gain an advantage. Corbin manages to take control early on, using his strength and size advantage to keep Gable grounded. However, Gable uses his technical wrestling skills to counter Corbin's offense and get back into the match.
As the match continues, Gable picks up momentum and starts hitting some impressive moves on Corbin. Corbin tries to fight back, but Gable is relentless and keeps the pressure on. In the end, Gable catches Corbin off guard with an ankle lock, surprising Corbin and securing the victory.
Winner: Chad Gable by Submission (4 Stars)
Post Match Segment
The arena erupts in cheers as Chad Gable celebrates his hard-fought victory over Happy Corbin. Gable's music blares through the speakers, and he raises his arms in triumph, basking in the adulation of the crowd.
Suddenly, the venue plunges into darkness, and an ominous silence fills the air. The lights slowly begin to illuminate, revealing Jay White and The Gunns standing at the entrance ramp, wearing sinister smirks on their faces. The crowd's reaction shifts from confusion to a mixture of boos and jeers.
Jay White and The Gunns make their way to the ring, their eyes locked on Gable, who stands in the center, his victory high replaced by a cautious readiness.
Jay White: Chad Gable, congratulations on your victory. You showcased some skills out there, but let's be honest, it was nothing compared to what The Bullet Club is capable of.
Austin Gunn: That's right, Gable. You may have won your little match, but now you're stepping into the lion's den.
Chad Gable: If you're here to fight, then let's settle it right here, right now. I'm not backing down from any challenge.
[The crowd roars in support of Gable, cheering him on as he stands tall in the face of The Bullet Club.]
Jay White: Oh, Gable, you're brave, I'll give you that. But this is not about a fair fight. This is about sending a message, about teaching you a lesson.
Suddenly, Jay White signals to The Gunns, and the three members of The Bullet Club pounce on Gable, delivering a ruthless beatdown. Gable fights back, but the numbers game overwhelms him.
Security personnel rush to the ring, desperately trying to separate the brawling individuals. The Bullet Club members finally retreat, leaving Gable lying on the mat, battered and bruised.

Match 6 - Undisputed Era vs Ricochet & Mustafa Ali (Tag Team Tournament Round 1)
In an electrifying tag team match, the powerhouse duo of Undisputed Era, Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly, collided with the high-flying tandem of Ricochet and Mustafa Ali. The match was a showcase of contrasting styles, with Ricochet and Ali relying on their aerial agility while Undisputed Era utilized their technical prowess and cunning strategies. Despite Ricochet and Ali's relentless offense, Undisputed Era displayed their tag team chemistry and resilience, countering their opponents' every move. In the end, it was a well-timed double-team maneuver by Undisputed Era that secured the victory.
Winner: Undisputed Era by Pinfall (4.5 Stars)
- Match 1: House of Black def. Heart Brekkers
- Match 2: Toni Storm, Bayley, & Zoey Starks def. Britt Baker, Jaime Hayter, & Dakota Kai
- Match 3: Aussie Open def. Money Inc.
- Match 4: Cody Rhodes def. Shinsuke Nakamura
- Match 5: Chad Gable def. Happy Corbin
- Match 6: Undisputed Era def. Ricochet & Mustafa Ali
- Regal announces matches for the TV Special in two weeks
- We see exclusive footage from last week with a confrontation between the A-List Experience
- The Bullet Club beat down Chad Gable after his match

GEW: Unleashed

Match 1 - Carmelo Hayes vs Wes Lee
The match started off with some technical wrestling and chain grappling, with both men trying to gain the upper hand. Carmelo Hayes was able to get the first near fall of the match with a deep arm drag, but Wes Lee quickly countered with a series of impressive kicks.
As the match progressed, both men started to show their high-flying abilities, with Hayes hitting a stunning springboard cutter and Lee countering with a beautiful shooting star press. The crowd was on their feet, cheering for both competitors.
But it was Carmelo Hayes who was able to come out on top, hitting a thunderous DDT and following up with a swift roll-up pin, catching Wes Lee by surprise and securing the three-count for the win.
Winner: Carmelo Hayes by Pinfall (4 Stars)
The GEW crowd roars as Carmelo Hayes stands victorious in the ring, having just defeated his opponent in an electrifying match. Hayes takes a moment to soak in the adoration of the fans, raising his arms in triumph.
Suddenly, the lights dim, and a familiar theme song begins to play. The crowd's cheers turn to boos as Seth Rollins strides out from the backstage area, mic in hand. Rollins wastes no time and heads straight to the ring, his eyes locked on Hayes.
Rollins steps into the ring and stares down Hayes, who looks back at him with defiance in his eyes.
"I've been watching you, Carmelo," Rollins says. "And I have to admit, you've impressed me. You've got talent, there's no denying that. But let's not forget who the real champion is around here."
Hayes raises an eyebrow. "I'm well aware of who the champion is, Seth. And next week at GEW: Bash at the Beach, I'm going to take that title from you."
Rollins smirks. "Oh really? You think you can beat me? You might be a rising star, but you're not ready to step into the ring with someone like me."
Hayes steps forward, his eyes blazing. "I'm more than ready, Seth. I've been training my entire life for this moment. And I'm going to prove to everyone that I deserve to be the GEW International Champion."
Rollins laughs. "We'll see about that. But just remember, Carmelo, when you step into that ring with me, you're not just facing a champion, you're facing the future of this business."
The crowd cheers as Rollins drops the mic and makes his way out of the ring, leaving Hayes to stand alone, his eyes focused on the GEW International Championship.

Match 2 - Zoey Starks vs Jacy Jane
At the start of the match, Jacy Jane attacked Zoey Starks, but Zoey quickly recovered and started dominating Jacy with quick strikes and high-flying maneuvers. Jacy tried to fight back with power moves, but Zoey was too quick for her. Zoey finished the match with a devastating dropkick followed by a running knee strike, leading to the pinfall victory over Jacy Jane in a quick match.
Winner: Zoey Starks by Pinfall (3 Stars)

Match 3 - MCMG vs Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano (Tag Team Tournament Round 1)
The match was a display of technical prowess, high-flying maneuvers, and hard-hitting strikes. Both teams showcased their chemistry and determination to secure the victory. However, it was the seamless coordination and innovative offense of Motor City Machine Guns that proved to be the difference-maker. In the end, a devastating double-team finisher from Shelley and Sabin sealed the win, earning Motor City Machine Guns a well-deserved victory over Gargano and Ciampa.
Winner: MCMG by Pinfall (4 Stars)
- Match 1: Carmelo Hayes def. Wes Lee
- Match 2: Zoey Starks def. Jacy Jane
- Match 3: MCMG def. Gargano & Ciampa
- Rollins confronts Hayes before their title match next week
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2023.05.30 08:16 Recent-Thing-9009 New Pharoah game? My rant.

The other week I wrote a comment on Steam. I had mentioned how CA hasn't made any historical games in years other than the quick fix mini game "sagas". It feels like they were only throwing a small bone to their old fans to keep them around. I purchased the first Warhammer and thought it was OK. Then the second came out so soon and I was shocked... then a third came out and I realized any hope for a historical game was just going to be side projects to test out new features they want to add into Warhammer. Warhammer has become their major cash cow and ultimately their main focus. It's like they created a monster they can't kill. Finally they come out with Pharoh. I'll take it, but I have a bad feeling about it being pretty small with lots of similar cultures with small variety of different unit types for each faction. I'm really tired of this happening each new title with no diversity. I want whole maps again like Empire and Atilla with loads of diversity and each area of the world comes with its own challenges, units, buildings, play styles. Thrones of Britannia burnt me, then Troy burnt me again, I won't be burnt a third time! If they are going to do another Saga from a small section of the world being playable, I would atleast like to see a crusade oriented game with Constantinople being the center of everything. Byzantine with European units vs Ottomans/Muslims units from all over the middle east. There is some littlr diversity in that at least. I don't suspect Pharoh will have much diversity.
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2023.05.30 08:12 komodo_dragonzord The Connection in Advanced Tactics and Strategy Special Guest: UltraDavid

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What does this upcoming game mean for LeBrons legacy?
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2023.05.30 08:06 Whisdeer RPGs that have attributes as sliders?

Hi there. Some months ago I was brainstorming a PbtA hack for fun with a friend, where you played a soldier. I remember we were interested in the idea of making the attributes a slider, like Laser and Feelings where if you're better with Lasers you're worse with Feelings, because we felt it was a good concept for balancing the "skills for the army" vs "the skills for society."
I'm interested in learning about any other games that use this approach for fun :)
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