250 evans ave reno nv 89501

WWF May 19, 1986 MSG Event Card

2023.05.19 21:12 ThatsMineNotYours WWF May 19, 1986 MSG Event Card

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2023.05.15 05:52 crevassier Spectrum customers in recently “upgraded” areas?

Spectrum customers in recently “upgraded” areas?
Anyone had this issue lately: Spectrum does plant/system work near you and your connection turns into straight dookie butt at random times? My ex’s apartment complex had this issue about 2 months ago and now my house is experiencing it. Modem doesn’t fall offline, but upstream speeds are under a megabit, and eq will show as “Uknown” in the MySpectrum app.
Of course trying to explain to a phone support person in the trenches that I’ve power cycled, bypassed my router, et al just nets me a tech visit two weeks from now after the cancelled my last one saying they fixed it outside.
I figure it’s some sort of return path issue, maybe the are upgrading the amps/LEs. and have a bunch of defective pads on their hands? Or maybe it’s the nodes that are poopin the bed?
All I know is I wanna be able to read Reddit posts and not have toggle WiFi off on my damn phone.
Zero issues for 4 years at this address until these “upgrades”.
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2023.05.15 04:23 JamesTKirk8 2009 Z4 battery replacement.

I just went through getting a new battery for my 2009 Z4. It was $240 for the battery and about $250 to “register” the battery. Did I get taken advantage of? Located in Reno, NV.
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2023.05.02 19:22 __roger_that__ Bass Camp Festival lineup drop

Bass Camp Festival lineup drop
This is pretty massive!
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2023.04.30 19:40 CultureMoney2045 Red Portals are Back!

Red Portals are Back!
I saw this first thing this morning! Red Portals are back!
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2023.04.19 22:54 ExoticaTikiRoom San Angelo Rodeo: Recap, Highlights and Payouts, Part 1 - Bareback Riding, Steer Wrestling, & Team Roping

San Angelo Rodeo: Recap, Highlights and Payouts, Part 1 - Bareback Riding, Steer Wrestling, & Team Roping
The San Angelo Rodeo, the fifth leg of the Texas Swing in the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association, paid out almost $700,000, making it one of the highest paying rodeos of the season.
The two-week event saw a bareback rider continue a dominant season, a saddle bronc rider 40 percent the rodeo and a pair of team roping brothers continue a dream start to the 2023 season.
Starting with Leighton Berry, who is the headliner for not just San Angelo, but the entire Texas Swing. Berry rode for 88.5 in the Finals to tie Andy Gingerich for the Average title, which gave him wins at three of the five Texas Swing rodeos. Berry is head-and-shoulders above the rest of the bareback riding field with more than $115,000 banked already this season.
“I didn’t know if I was going to be 82 or 92, but that horse did her job,” Berry said after the Finals.
In saddle bronc riding, Dawson Hay won both rounds and the Average to move from No. 14 to No. 7 in the PRCA World Standings. Hay’s Long Round Ride at Pete Carr’s South Point Gambler was the only ride of 90+ in any roughstock event. Overall, Hay made $15,858.
“It’s a great feeling riding with all of these guys,” Hay said. “It was a little blurry, but I knew I was going to have to give it my all...These Short Rounds are really tough at all of these rodeos.”
In team roping, J.C./L.J. Yeahquo flashed their skill throughout the rodeo. The pair tied for the First Round win with a 3.9 and matched that time in the Finals to finish almost a second clear of the rest of the field in the three-head Average. Both men now find themselves in the Top 10 for the first time in their respective careers.
“We’re very, very excited about the winter that we’ve had,” L.J. said. “And to get this win, is really a blessing.”
The other champions in San Angelo were Jay Williamson in steer wrestling (12.1 seconds on three), Justin Smith in tie-down roping (23.7 seconds on three), Kassie Mowry in barrel racing (43.8 6 seconds on three) and Deklan Garland in bull riding (174.5 points on two).
First Round: Luke Thrash, 88.5 points on J Bar J’s Think Pink, $7,569; 2. Andy Gingerich, 87.5, $5,803; 3. (tie) Leighton Berry, Clayton Biglow, Jess Pope and Cole Reiner, 87, $2,523 each; 7. Orin Larsen, 86.5, $1,009; 8. Shane O’Connell, 86, $757.
Finals: 1. Leighton Berry, 88.5 points on Championship Pro Rodeo’s Cajun Queen, $1,650; 2. Andy Gingerich, 88, $1,250; 3. Shane O’Connell, 87.5, $900; 4. Luke Thrash, 86.5, $600; 5. Jacek Frost, 86, $350; 6. Jess Pope, 85.5, $250.
Average: 1. (tie) Leighton Berry and Andy Gingerich, 175.5 points on two head, $6,686 each; 3. Luke Thrash, 175, $4,289; 4. Shane O’Connell, 173.5, $2,775; 5. Jess Pope, 172.5, $1,766; 6. Clayton Biglow, 171.5, $1,262; 7. Jacek Frost, 170.5, $1,009; 8. Richmond Champion, 169, $757.
First Round: 1. Dakota Eldridge, 3.4 seconds, $6,530; 2. (tie) Josh Garner and Will Lummus, 3.5, $5,252 each; 4. Jay Williamson, 3.7, $3,975; 5. (tie) Denard Butler, Logan Kenline, Eli Lord and Remey Parrott, 3.8, $1,845 each.
Second Round: 1. Cash Robb, 3.2 seconds, $6,530; 2. (tie) Cody Devers and Justin Shaffer, 3.5, $5,252 each; 4. (tie) Brandon Harrison and Tanner Milan, 3.8, $3,549 each; 6. Stan Branco, 3.9, $2,271; 7. (tie) Tucker Allen, Joe Nelson and Talon Roseland, 4.1, $662 each.
Finals: 1. Jay Williamson, 3.7 seconds, $1,760; 2. (tie) Jesse Brown and Talon Roseland, 4.0, $1,415 each; 4. Tyler Pearson, 4.1, $1,071; 5. Eli Lord, 4.3, $842; 6. Cash Robb, 4.4, $612; 7. Cody Devers, 5.0, $383; 8. Jacob Talley, 5.2, $153.
Average: 1. Jay Williamson, 12.1 seconds on three head, $9,795; 2. Jesse Brown, 12.3, $8,517; 3. (tie) Eli Lord and Talon Roseland, 12.5, $6,601 each; 5. (tie) Tyler Pearson and Cash Robb, 13.0, $4,046 each; 7. Cody Devers, 13.2, $2,129; 8. Jacob Talley, 13.7, $852.
First Round: 1. (tie) Jaxson TuckeWyatt Cox and J.C. Yeahquo/L.J. Yeahquo, 3.9 seconds, $5,188 each; 3. (tie) Cyle Denison/Cody Hogan, Kaleb Driggers/Junior Nogueira and Dustin Egusquiza/Levi Lord, 4.0, $3,378 each; 6. Chad Masters/Trey Yates, 4.1, $1,930; 7. (tie) Shay Dixon Carroll/Evan Arnold, Tanner Tomlinson/Patrick Smith and Andrew Ward/Buddy Hawkins II, 4.2, $563 each.
Second Round: 1. Erich Rogers/Paul Eaves, 3.4 seconds, $5,550 each; 2. Brenten Hall/Paden Bray, 3.6, $4,826; 3. Coleman ProctoLogan Medlin, 3.7, $4,102; 4. (tie) Coy Brittain/Colton Brittain and Billy Bob Brown/Kirby Blankenship, 4.0, $3,016 each; 6. (tie) Derrick Begay/Colter Todd and Garett Chick/B.J. Dugger, 4.1, $1,568 each; 8. (tie) Tanner Green/Caleb Green and Reno StoebneWhit Kitchens, 4.2, $241 each.
Finals: 1. J.C. Yeahquo/L.J. Yeahquo, 3.9 seconds, $1,639 each; 2. Chad Masters/Trey Yates, 4.1, $1,356; 3. McCray Profili/McCoy Profili, 4.3, $1,074; 4. (tie) Tanner James/Jason Johe and Garrett Tonozzi/Corey Hendrick, 4.4, $650 each; 6. Tanner Green/Caleb Green, 4.5, $283.
Average: 1. J.C. Yeahquo/L.J. Yeahquo, 12.3 seconds on three head, $8,324 each; 2. Tanner Green/Caleb Green, 13.2, $7,238; 3. Chad Masters/Trey Yates, 13.4, $6,153; 4. Garrett Tonozzi/Corey Hendrick, 13.9, $5,067; 5. (tie) Tanner James/Jason Johe and McCray Profili/McCoy Profili, 14.0, $3,438 each; 7. Chris Francis/Cade Passig, 14.4, $1,810; 8. Ty Arnold/Kaden Profili, 8.8 on two head, $724.
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2023.04.17 22:38 _dqpb Reno events forecast April 17 - April 23

This info was scraped from the internet, so I can't guarantee accuracy. Should be a good list if you're looking for ideas of what to do.

Monday, April 17

Tuesday, April 18




Wednesday, April 19



Food and drinks

Thursday, April 20




Food and drinks


Friday, April 21



Saturday, April 22




Sunday, April 23



Food and drinks


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2023.04.15 23:43 i-own-a-Jeep Arizona And Nevada Spots(Small Post)


AZ-51 - Google Maps
AZ-51 - Google Maps
Suzuki Ignis (not comon in the USA)
1834 E McDowell Rd - Google Maps
Bmw Z3 And C6
1942 E Indianola Ave - Google Maps


SRT Challenger
Las Vegas, Nevada - Google Maps
SRT Charger
Las Vegas, Nevada - Google Maps
250 N Jones Blvd - Google Maps
Bellagio Dr - Google Maps
Unknown Ferrari And (mansory?)Rolls Royce Ghost
3714 Las Vegas Blvd S - Google Maps
W Aria Pl - Google Maps
W Aria Pl - Google Maps
G Wagon
Tropicana Ave - Google Maps
3890 Las Vegas Blvd S - Google Maps
X6 M
S Las Vegas Blvd - Google Maps
Intresting Wrap On This E Class
3968 S Las Vegas Blvd - Google Maps
Las Vegas, Nevada - Google Maps
I-15 - Google Maps


Self-Driving Cars (note that all are Toyotas except noted)
W Harmon Ave - Google Maps
W Aria Pl - Google Maps (x2)
3771 S Las Vegas Blvd - Google Maps
3778 Las Vegas Blvd S - Google Maps
3792 S Las Vegas Blvd - Google Maps
3801 Las Vegas Blvd S - Google Maps (2x)
E Reno Ave - Google Maps
3877 Las Vegas Blvd S - Google Maps
3877 Las Vegas Blvd S - Google Maps
Las Vegas, Nevada - Google Maps
3886 Las Vegas Blvd S - Google Maps
3931 S Las Vegas Blvd - Google Maps x2
3851 Las Vegas Blvd S - Google Maps (Hyundai)
3864 Las Vegas Blvd S - Google Maps (Hyundai)
3930 Las Vegas Blvd S - Google Maps (Hyundai)
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2023.04.14 23:08 GiversBot /u/Character-Picture666 [REQ] was deleted from /r/borrow on 2023-04-14 (t3_10wfaou up 65.94 days, LONGTAIL)

Character-Picture666 deleted from /borrow

Active loans

Quick search


[REQ] ($200)- (#Reno, NV, USA)(REPAY $250 by 2/28)(Cashapp, Paypal, Venmo)

Post contents

Was counting on my tax return to pay some bills, but it won't be here until the middle of the month and they are due now. :)
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2023.04.13 15:12 MichiganderNews 🌲 The Michigander - Thursday, April 13 - Ann Arbor News

🌲 The Michigander - Thursday, April 13 - Ann Arbor News
Morning AnnArbor! Here's today's issue from our startup newsletter The Michigander (michigander.org). Enjoy!


Morning Ann Arbor! Don't be fooled by today's 80-degree weather, there's a 30% chance of snow Monday. Classic "we thought winter was over" pump fake. Gets me every year.
Read Time: 2.5 minutes Reader Count: 240 townies Percent of Ann Arbor Reading: 0.2%
🏡 Local Housing Crisis: According to a national housing affordability study, 76.9% of Ann Arbor renters are “priced out” of buying a home locally. With “priced out” defined as spending more than 30% of gross income on a mortgage, the Ann Arbor metropolitan area ranked the 83rd most unaffordable place in the U.S. Here’s the math:
  • Median local home price: $356,934
  • Income required for home: $86,156
  • Average local renter income: $55,508
While Ann Arbor was the most unaffordable metro area in Michigan, Jackson was named the most affordable area in the state - with only 11.9% of renters “priced out”.

♻️ Ypsi Compost On Hold: Due to 2 of Ypsilanti's 3 refuse trucks breaking down last week, the city has temporarily paused its curbside yard waste pickup service. While the trucks are being worked on, local residents can bring organic waste to the city’s compost facility.

🫙 Reusable Food Containers: Live Zero Waste, an Ann Arbor nonprofit, has spent the past two years working with local restaurants to develop a zero-waste takeout experience. In the program, instead of discarding their food containers, customers would return their carry-out containers to the restaurant to be cleaned and reused. Currently, Zingerman’s Deli, Ginger Deli, El Harissa, and Cinnaholic are participating in the program.

🗳 Early Voting: After Proposal 2 passed in 2022, Michigan will now offer nine days of early voting in statewide federal elections. To best prepare for the 2024 election cycle, the city of Ann Arbor has launched a survey for local residents to better understand how they prefer to cast their ballots. The six-question, anonymous survey is open now through May 22.

🏳 Rethinking Michigan’s Flag: State Rep. Phil Skaggs will propose a bill this month to change Michigan’s state flag. Citing a lack of meaningfulness and adoption, Skaggs hopes the state can move on from its 150-year-old SOB (seal on a bedsheet) style flag. The proposed bill comes as Illinois, Massachusetts, and Minnesota are reviewing their state flags and Utah has recently approved a new one.

📵 No Phones On The Road: A package of House Bills with bipartisan support was introduced to combat distracted driving. The bills look to expand upon Michigan’s no texting and driving law to also ban video calls, streaming, and social media. If passed, the law would ban most cell phone use while driving.

🍃 Michigan’s Cannabis Industry: With falling prices but rising supply, local cannabis businesses are struggling. In 2022 the average price of an ounce of recreational marijuana was $160.10, this year it’s $86.00 (down 53.7%). Citing an oversaturated marketplace, members of the cannabis industry have asked regulators to put a cap on the number of state licenses issued to allow businesses to recover.

🦠 U.P. Fungal Outbreak: More than 90 employees at an Upper Peninsula paper mill are believed to be infected with the rare fungal disease blastomycosis. While the virus is most commonly caught from infected soil, state and federal health officials are investigating if the large, highly unusual outbreak could be spreading from person to person. The source of the infection has not been found.

38 Burton Ave, Ann Arbor, MI 48103
2 Bed 1 Bath 1,050 Sqft $250,000 Zillow

3622 Tanglewood Dr, Ann Arbor, MI 48105
4 Bed 3 Bath 3,032 Sqft $685,000 Zillow

1619 Granger Ave, Ann Arbor, MI 48104
4 Bed 3 Bath 2,728 Sqft $1,195,000 Zillow

That's all for now! Next Michigander comes out Monday
- Andrew

P. S. - If you like what you read, you can subscribe for free at michigander.org
P. S. S. - Flo Rida will be headlining this year's Cherry Festival in Traverse City
P. S. S. S. - An Ann Arbor Redditor recorded a coyote running through their neighborhood
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2023.04.11 12:19 BBoldt [REQ] ($250) - (#Reno, NV, USA), ($335 repayment on 5/2/23), (Venmo/Paypal/Zelle)

I had a pretty busy weekend at work (movie theater manager; super mario; exhausted) and accidentally missed the payment arrangement I had due on my energy bill, now I need to pay the whole thing tomorrow to keep the lights on.
I have one other loan open right now that I am still on track to pay back on time.
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2023.04.10 03:45 Pamolive69 Easter attic digs lol

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2023.04.09 16:44 PritchettRobert506 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in NV Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Atmospheric Science Technology, LLC Weatherman Fallon
Steelman Partners LLP Senior Interior Designer Henderson
Steelman Partners LLP Lead Interior Designer Henderson
Jack in the Box TEAM LEADER STORE 7320 3225 RETAIL DR Carson City
Jack in the Box TEAM LEADER STORE 7308 309 E WILLIAM ST Carson City
Jack in the Box CREW MEMBER STORE 7320 3225 RETAIL DR Carson City
Jack in the Box Crew Member Store 7317 3 RETAIL RD DAYTON Dayton
Jack in the Box TEAM LEADER STORE 7317 3 RETAIL RD DAYTON Dayton
Jack in the Box CREW MEMBER STORE 7322 2423 MOUNTAIN CITY HWY Elko
Jack in the Box TEAM LEADER STORE 7322 2423 MOUNTAIN CITY HWY Elko
Jack in the Box Shop Hand Elko
Jack in the Box TEAM LEADER STORE 7315 225 HWY 95A N FERNLEY Fernley
Jack in the Box CREW MEMBER STORE 7315 225 HWY 95A N FERNLEY Fernley
Jack in the Box CREW MEMBER STORE 7309 1345 HWY 395 Gardnerville
Jack in the Box TEAM LEADER STORE 7309 1345 HWY 395 GARDNERVILLE Gardnerville
Reflex Media, Inc. Social Media Coordinator Henderson
Jack in the Box CREW MEMBER STORE 7322 2423 MOUNTAIN CITY HWY Lamoille
TCD Construction Project Manager Las Vegas
Reflex Media, Inc. Digital Media Specialist Las Vegas
DERSE INC Building and Construction Project Manager North Las Vegas
DERSE INC Project Manager-Construct North Las Vegas
DERSE INC Project Controls Advisor North Las Vegas
Jack in the Box TEAM LEADER STORE 7305 410 KEYSTONE AVE Reno
Jack in the Box CREW MEMBER STORE 7302 881 APPLE ST RENO Reno
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in nv. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.04.08 21:23 reggabneT r/ATVK

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2023.04.03 15:18 2pacsnosering1 Mocha dive

Mocha dive
Studio not his, not a flick of Montana anywhere to be found...... No claims of platinum records on any page🙄😂 this dude bothers me.
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