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I cannot in good conscience cultivate a community in which new players are encouraged to play a game whose publishers so badly misunderstand and dislike its community. It's becoming more apparent that Old School RuneScape is not a priority for Jagex. If it's not a priority for them, then the efforts of community helpers are best spent on other games that have competent management.

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The community for Old School RuneScape discussion on Reddit. Join us for game discussions, tips and tricks, and all things OSRS! OSRS is the official legacy version of RuneScape, the largest free-to-play MMORPG.

2023.05.30 06:38 xbritp Wanted to share a little something (take it as a sign)

Recently, I was having some doubts on something I have been wanting to manifest for awhile. If there’s something that’s given me some reassurance, it has to be this:
“ I have a theory that when it seems like everything is going wrong, it’s actually a sign that everything is going right, just in a different way than you thought. Think about it like this: you put in an address in a GPS and you’re driving there according to the directions, then you decide hmm I’m gonna go another way or hmm I’m gonna pull over here and go to Starbucks and the GPS hasn’t caught up yet, so it keeps telling you no no no wrong way wrong way and it’s trying to reroute you even though you know you’re going the right way. To the GPS, it seems like you’re making all these wrong turns when really you have a plan and you know where you’re going and you’re just gonna get back on track when you can. The same thing is true of the universe and you. But in this case, you are the GPS saying no no I think we’re going the wrong way, I think the wrong door opened or the wrong door closed and the universe knows where it’s taking you. At first, it may seem like there’s a lot of friction between the way that you think you’re supposed to go and the way that that the universe knows you’re supposed to be taken. The more that you can trust, lean back and relax and say “Okay! I’m open to the ride, show me the right way to go, I surrender”, the more it will become obvious to you why you’re being guided where you’re guided “
I got this from a video. After I started thinking about it this way and trusting the universe, things have been improving and I can feel my manifestation is close. You just got to trust the process 💗
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2023.05.30 06:37 na_kwan Can you craft a legendary weapon with a small bank size?

I am a returning player interested in making a legendary weapon. As I am looking at all the stuff, I thinking I don't have space to put everything. I have a very small bank. I am seeing I need like 70 stacks of a single material, and I don't even have that many bank spaces. I know I will craft things and things will get smaller, but am I missing something that help reduce material size?
I have 77 inventory spots, but I think I'll need those free as I get stuff from playing. I have 30 bank spots. I currently have some materials and about 90 gold. I just don't see how I can make a legendary with a small bank size. I don't want to spend money on more bank spots. I am not entirely sure how to make a legendary, so I could be missing something.
Any insight to this? Thanks
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2023.05.30 06:36 Far_Corner_2318 i feel i am too late.

i am constantly beating myself up for wishing i was guided more about the financials of college as (I am the only one in my immediate family pursuing a degree. my family has worked and works very hard for their money) i grew up thinking money is a very scarce thing and petrified of being in debt (basically survival mode) im 22 now and trying to pursue an associates to transfer to a state college.
but i feel late. so im constantly trying to find ways to accelerate, or if i should do a WGU accerlated bachelors program while i do online school for my associates: just so i feel better. My boyfriend graduates soon, and we talked about how we’re not in a rush.
any words of wisdom or advice would be so much appreciated.
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2023.05.30 06:36 hiwatt84 Is dropshipping alot of work to make consistent profit?

I am a complete novice with no e-commerce experience and want to make money online working from anywhere I want, eventually hoping to do this fulltime.
I found a person who seems extremely successful at dropshipping. He says he has gone from working a day job he hated to having over $150,000 in profits saved in his bank account in just his first year of dropshipping.
He offers a full mentorship for $500 where he builds your first Shopify stores for you, trains you in the method he uses, and guarantees he will continue helping you and answering any questions until you are comfortably making sales and are profitable.
He makes it seem easy, like he just finds products that are already selling a lot and copies the stores, runs ads and rides those waves of profit, rinse and repeat. I think he is mainly finding products and selling on TikTok. He tells me I need about $500 - $1,000 starting capital if I want to make a minimum of $3,000 profit my first month.
Does this sound realistic? Is it a lot of work to make consistent profit, or is it a relatively simple matter of just copying other's success and making it your own like described above? He says he's making well over $10,000 per month profit and works a few hours a day. He says this is attainable for me with his mentoring, which sounds awesome, but almost too good to be true working from home and making that kind of bread without having to ever touch the product.
Looking for honest opinions from experienced dropshippers please. TIA
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2023.05.30 06:35 The_Ultimate_Goof Venus Ai Drama (Reupload)

Venus Ai Drama (Reupload)

(It'd be nice if people can have the oppertunity to hear it from me and not have this post removed due to personal indifferences, mods, so leave it alone please, and not take it down this time, otherwise you're censoring me and that's just messed up.)

(Edit, my post on venus was taken down shortly after it was made, and here's the reason:

(Basically, I have to remove the dev's name then it's all good!)

Since I keep seeing questions about what happened pop up everywhere, I think I'd be the one to explain. Before I made my mistake, the issues started a long time ago, not sure if it was before the discord server was made or after.

The venus ai original dev was in 4chan, asking questions or something:

Then he left that, and some time after that, someone gave him a link to the first site called alwaysfind or something like that, and it had proxies. Amongst those proxies were mysteryman:

At the time he didn't really know or something, he didn't do it on purpose to spite 4chan or something, he was just giving people a chance to use his site Venus Ai freely:

But the damage was already done, and I'm not sure what happened, not sure if mysteryman had a hand in the hack or not, I do NOT know. But 4chan started spamming and raiding venus ai cause of this slip up by the dev. I was helping people and giving them links to said proxy before this happened. And when it happened, people on reddit were asking me what this 'error was,' or if their personal info was leaked. People trusted me with this information and by this time I was already a big person in the community on reddit and venus, and I was the one posting guides and helping people both here, and on discord.So, I went to dev to ask him what was going on, and we talked it out. Out of every dev in existance, I love him the most. It was the first time I got to be friends with someone as cool and as knowledgable as him.

I asked him series of questions, and he answered them honestly, as far as I know.

And then we proceed some more stuff but in the end he said he won't do it again, and that it was his fault, even though we both, and many others made the same mistake:

That was somewhat the end of the issue with him so I tried to defend him even though I kinda did a shitty job and wasn't formal about it, I'm sorry Dev.

But after him, came me, I was or used to be mostly everyone's favorite person. I helped the dev, helped the people on discord and reddit, I died of a heart attack when dev asked me to made a guide for venus ai here and I felt so well, honored, it was like your idol telling you that you're awesome, and that made my day.

I used to be praised and honored a lot by many on the server and on here, and they'd usually credit me for a lot of stuff even though the mods like G-man and Aikio were doing amazing too. Aikio knew more about claude then I did and whenever someone would ask about claude I'd just refer them to them. Aikio is a cool guy, just like g-man.

Now, a person named and I won't mention their name here, since it's not their fault and I don't want them getting harrassed, so I'll call him kraven, they approached me in dms, with a question, asking me if I was from 4chan.

Wasn't thinking at this point, and I just made my first proxy and gave it to the first 10 people who were in my friend's list, 4chan found out and ddosed huggingface however, my proxy was fine and okay thankfully, and a codey guy gave me some suggestions to make it more secure and I did.

But back to kraven, I technically responded by doing a little trolling as one would put it, but I didn't say the punch-line or mentioned that it was a joke to tehcnically fool the other guy, the whole plan was kinda stupid.

And then I was banned by the dev himself. Reason? In my messages with kraven I said this, "I even managed to trick the dev." Out of all the stress and drama already going on with 4chan, I said that, and I'm guessing that felt like a knife stabbed into your heart.

So I wasn't given a chance to talk or stop the assumpations in the server, and that's what led everyone to believe I was a spy or something like that. The mods did not help much in this regard, only a few came to ask me what the hell happened. I did get into a ban-appeal wit some mods, some being helpful, others were not and had personal dislike towards me since I joined the server for god knows why.

But dev didn't unban me, and because of my dumb mistake and the misunderstanding, he closed venus down or something like that.

Dev mentions it was also personal matters or what not. If I had not said what I said to Kraven, would venus be down right now? No... I don't think so, I probably would've made some more proxies and helped some more people and if dev needed someone, i'd be there at their side to talk to him and continue trying to support them.

But that didn't happen. dev won't talk to me again. We're in this predicament because I just said something stupid as a joke or to 'mess with someone to make them a spy' real dumb move.

Misunderstandings became rumors and well, here we are.

Sorry dev, hope we can talk again soon.

But basically that's the summary of venus ai drama. I'm pretty sure that if it weren't for me, everything would still be fine, regardless of what dev or others might say, and I personally blame myself for this.

Everything I said and shown here are not to mess with you, they are as shown. I am innocent, I just made a mistake, is all.

I am still holding on to my promise to provide people proxies, despite what others may tell you.

Hopefully the mods don't remove this message so everyone may finally fucking know my side of the story, and hopefully lay this stupid drama to rest for once.

Sincerely, Ze Ultimate Goof.

(EDIT: This was reposted from venus due to a mod asking me to blur out the devs name and profile in my pictures and text.)

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2023.05.30 06:35 Professional_Net1204 My mind won’t stop

My LO had his birthday over the weekend and I keep checking his Facebook page to see if he was tagged in photos. Usually, he will have dinner with his parents or with his friends, but there hasn’t been a single post. He’s in his early 40s and has been single his entire life. He’s not attractive and is on the nerdy side. My coworkers can’t stand him because he has an attitude problem. My mind won’t stop wondering how he spent his birthday. Considering he makes decent money and lives alone, I can honestly see him paying for an escort. It shouldn’t hurt my heart but it does. We barely interact at work or over social media. I doubt he ever thinks of me the way I have thought and fantasized about him for the past 4 years. The more I think about him with an escort, the more I’m believing it to be true. Now I’m worried I’ll be giving him dirty looks at work tomorrow because I can’t see him the same.
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2023.05.30 06:35 wbgetsbitched i turn 18 soon and i don't know what to do

I turn 18 in a few months and I feel like I know absolutely nothing about the world. Genuinely all I want to do is leave home, but I literally don't know how to go about it because I don't know anyone but my parents and sisters in the real world. I haven't been allowed to leave my house without my parents with me since i was 12 and I just don't know what to fucking do. I'm scared and I feel so alone and if anyone could just give me a step-by-step guide on how to move out when you have no skills, no money, etc. that would be appreciated.
I also want to express that my family isn't physically abusive, I'm not in immediate danger, but I'm sure you can all understand how this isn't exactly a healthy environment where I will be able to be a functioning member of society.
Also I may eventually delete this posts if it gets too much traction because I don't want to risk my family seeing this.
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2023.05.30 06:34 Senior-Campaign-6571 Why Do We Need VPN For WarZone?

Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for Warzone can serve several purposes:
  1. Privacy and Security: A VPN encrypts your internet traffic and routes it through a secure server, protecting your online activities from prying eyes. This can help safeguard your personal information, such as your IP address, from potential hackers or malicious actors who might attempt to exploit vulnerabilities in your network connection.
  2. Accessing Restricted Content: In some cases, certain regions or countries may have restrictions or limitations on accessing online content, including gaming services. By using a VPN, you can bypass these restrictions and connect to servers located in regions where access to Warzone might be unrestricted, allowing you to play the game from anywhere.
  3. Reducing Latency and Ping: VPNs can potentially improve your gaming experience by reducing latency or ping. When you connect to a VPN server closer to the game's server location, it can help optimize your network routing, resulting in a more stable and responsive connection. However, this improvement is not guaranteed, as VPNs may introduce some additional latency depending on the server location and network conditions.
  4. Protection against DDoS Attacks: Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks can be a concern for competitive gamers. These attacks involve overwhelming a player's network connection, causing them to experience lag or disconnection. Using a VPN can add an extra layer of protection by masking your real IP address and making it more challenging for potential attackers to target your connection.

Best VPN For Warzone

If you are looking for the best VPN for Warzone, you should go with CovermeVPN. CovermeVPN provides the best services at a cheaper price. The Key features of covermevpn is given below :
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2023.05.30 06:34 Josh_in_co y'all haters are just making then money 😂

I've seen so much hate on here, and y'all clearly watch their videos. Watching their videos = money toward them. It's honestly kinda funny. And if your commenting mean stuff of their videos, it's helping their videos reach more people. I mean, keep doing what you're doing ig. I'm not going to tell you not to 😂. I mean, it's mean and rude, but you're just helping them live, and they don't see this, so yeah, keep doing what you're doing 😂
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2023.05.30 06:34 curveswithmoves Top 9 Best Lawn Fertilizers Of 2023: Our Picks And Reviews

Find the Best Lawn Fertilizers of 2023 with our comprehensive guide and reviews. Our experts have tested and reviewed the top 9 picks to help you make an informed decision.
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2023.05.30 06:34 MonstersOnTheHill I am late 30s, live outside NYC, and have a HHI of $400k+. I work full time, have two kids, and am a grad student

Section One: Assets and Debt
Retirement Balance: $460K (mine) and $250K (husband’s). We both max out our annual withholdings. I’ve been working longer than him, and my employer offers a more generous match, which contributed significantly to my balance.
Equity: $275K. Our home is currently worth about $450K. We live in a M-HCOL area (far) outside of NYC, and our home was a fixer upper when we bought it. Honestly, it’s still a fixer, and we are saving towards a major renovation.
Cars: Maybe $15-$20k total…we drive two paid off cars. One is 13 years old, and the other is 10 years old.
Other Cash and Investments: $150K
Credit card debt: None, paid every month
Student loan debt (for what degree): $80K towards the grad degree I’m pursuing now. Since we’re saving towards the home reno, I’m financing my degree rather than paying for it outright. I know this is counterintuitive given the interest rate environment. However, home reno is a critical priority for us.
Daughters’ 529s: $75K
Section Two: Income
Income Progression: I've been working in my field for 13 years and my starting salary was $40,000.
I work as a Director of Financial Planning & Analysis in a niche field. I won’t go into too many details because it’s a small world. My salary progression was as follows:
Year 1: $40,000 starting, right after recession. I had an amazing boss who mentored me and recognized my potential. After six months, I received a promotion and raise to $60,000.
Year 3: Promotion and raise to $90,000, for a role with more financial and analytical responsibility. Although I worked hard, I continued to benefit from having a boss who advocated for me. I consider this a major turning point.
Year 8: Raise to $120,000 for additional responsibilities after a coworker retired.
Year 10: Raise to $135,000
I’ve received an average of 2.5% COLA increases and now earn $145K. My boss has requested a $10,000 bonus for me this year, which I haven’t yet included because it’s still under review.
My husband earns $260,000 base salary as a VP of a large corporation (this is a very recent raise…he was at $200K previously). In addition, he can receive a performance-based bonus of 20-30%. We don’t include his bonuses in our financial planning because they are not guaranteed and because a portion is RSUs. When he receives a cash bonus, we put it towards our daughter’s college accounts and/or our home reno fund.
Education: I have a bachelors and a masters in a field unrelated to my career. My tuition was paid by scholarships/assistantships. In addition, my parents covered my living expenses during undergrad. During my first graduate degree, I worked 3 part-time jobs to cover my non-tuition expenses. I’m now enrolled in a grad program more directly related to my career. My employer encouraged me to do this program and generously allows me the time out of office. In addition, if I stay for a certain number of years, they will reimburse a portion of my tuition.
Main Job Monthly Take Home:
Monthly take home: $6,300 after taxes, retirement ($1,875) and medical/dental benefits ($110– self only)
Husband’s monthly take home: $12,560 after taxes, retirement ($1,875), and medical/dental ($400 for him and our two kids)
Section Three: Expenses
Mortgage: $2,485 for principal, interest, insurance, and taxes. We refinanced to a 15-year loan at 2.3% when rates were low
Daycare: $3,510 per month (full-time for a toddler and preschooler)
Savings contribution: $3,000-$5,000
Daughters’ 529 accounts: $2,000 ($1,000 each)
Debt payments: $700 towards my student loans. This will increase once I’m done with my degree
Donations: $3,000 annually
Transit $350-400 for husband’s commute (3x/week to NYC)
Electric: $60
Wifi/Cable/Landline: $120
Cellphone: $180
Subscriptions: $59 for Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Duolingo, Apple Storage, and credit monitoring
Gym membership: $149 for Pure Barre
Husband’s physical therapy: $130 (portion not covered by insurance)
Car insurance: $3,200 annually. (This seems high, considering we have good records, don’t drive much, and both cars are paid off. I need to look into this)
Life Insurance: $3,100 annually
Day 1 (Saturday):
6:00 AM: Wake up. I’m doing a modular course for my graduate degree, and the class wraps up today. I study for the exam that happens this afternoon. A little after 7, I walk to a nearby coffee shop and buy a large Americano for $4.50 including tip. When I’m back at the hotel, I pack up my room since I fly home tonight. I leave a $20 tip for the housekeeping staff and scribble a thank you note on some scratch paper. On the way out, I drop my bags at the bell stand. The hotel cost is covered by tuition.
9:00: Meet with my study team to finalize a paper and presentation that’s due today. At noon, we break for lunch (also covered by tuition). I have a salad and lots of carbonated caffeine. After lunch, we have an hour-long final exam.
2:00: Final course wrap up. It’s been an intense week-long session. I learned a lot, but am so ready to head home. I walk back to the hotel to retrieve my bags. Along the way, I stop to buy an empanada ($8 including tip). Then I call an Uber to the airport ($55 including tip). While in the Uber, I talk to my husband and daughters, who are 1.5 and almost 4. Due to the time difference, it’s their bedtime and if I don’t catch them now, I’ll lose my chance. I promise them that I’ll be home when they wake up in the morning. A lot of my classmates went to dinner together before heading to the airport. On the one hand, I have FOMO because my classmates are awesome. But on the other hand, it was really important to me to talk to my family, and I know I couldn’t have done that easily in a bustling restaurant (i’ve tried, and it was a frustrating experience for everyone!).
6:00: Arrive at the airport. I check my bag ($35). Once I’m through security, I pick up some souvenirs. My hotel wasn’t in an area with good shopping options, and the class days were pretty packed anyway. I get locally made chocolate for my husband. The girls get a small stuffed animal each, and a book to share ($70 total). Then I treat myself to crab cakes and a French 75 to celebrate the end of the week ($60 including tip).
10:00: On the flight, I read until the cabin lights go out and then try to sleep. I used to be able to sleep better on red eyes, but I wake up every 15 minutes.
Day 1 Total: $252.50

Day 2 (Sunday):
6:00: Flight lands and I gather my bags and take the parking shuttle. Although I parked in an economy lot, the total was still $174. Ugh – this has been an expensive week.
7:45: Arrive home. The girls crawled into our bed and are snuggled up next to my husband. The toddler wakes up as I come into the room and the look on her face when she sees me is indescribably gratifying. Our preschooler wakes up soon after. It’s so good to be reunited with my people! We all head downstairs and have breakfast (waffles and cereal, plus a huge pot of coffee). It’s cold and rainy today and we spend the morning watching TV together.
10:00: Our toddler falls asleep for her nap, and my husband encourages me to do the same. Our preschooler is happily entertaining herself with Legos and puzzles, so I doze for a couple hours. Around 1:00, we all have turkey sandwiches for lunch. Then, I take over kid duty so my husband can finally have some time to himself. He spends the afternoon woodworking in his basement workshop.
2:00: Our preschooler’s birthday is coming up. I buy digital invites from Etsy ($12) and send them to Staples to print ($16 with a promo). They are ready in about 2 hours and we pick them up. My preschooler asks for kinetic sand at Staples and I cave in and buy it for her ($11). I constantly complain about the amount of “stuff” in our house, but to be honest, I’m guilty of contributing to the clutter. When we get home, I spend the afternoon doing crafts with the girls.
5:15: We heat up some leftovers that my inLlaws dropped off while I was gone. We do the girls’ bedtime routine a little early since everyone seems tired. Lights out by 8:00 for the girls. Then I catch up on work email and start making a list for the week. For the purposes of this money diary, my husband mentions that he spent $270 yesterday on groceries. Then I watch Succession and head to bed
Day 2 Total: $387

Day 3 (Monday):
5:08: My alarm goes off because I typically go to Pure Barre on Monday morning. I’m still jetlagged so I decide not to go today. I hadn’t actually signed up for a class because I had a feeling this would happen.
6:30: Everyone else is still asleep, so I go downstairs to make coffee and enjoy a few quiet moments to myself. When my husband and kids wake up, we all have breakfast (frozen waffles and berries for the kids. English muffins for the adults).
8:30: Drop the kids off at daycare and then get to work. I work primarily from home, so I just have to walk upstairs to my office nook. I spend the morning prepping for an important meeting tomorrow with senior leadership. I get a reminder on our phone that our toddler has a well-child visit today…usually I sync my calendars, but I totally neglected to log this on my work calendar, and it conflicts with a meeting with our chief of staff. CRAP. I debate canceling the doctor’s appointment, but decide to keep it. Our toddler is getting vaccines today and if I don’t keep the appointment, I’m not sure when I can reschedule. I apologize profusely to our COS and ask if we can reschedule. She says not to worry, and that she appreciates the extra time in her schedule…hopefully I didn’t make a bad judgment call.
1:15: I quickly eat a turkey sandwich for lunch and then pick up our toddler from daycare for her appointment. These well visits usually take 30 minutes and are covered by insurance. As luck would have it, we spend 90 minutes waiting because they are running behind. Luckily, I have snacks and activities in my purse to occupy her. To pass the time, I browse for favors and paper goods for our older daughter’s upcoming party. I end up buying paper goods, decor, and favors ($67 from Target) and iced sugar cookies ($240 from Etsy). As I type this, I realize how bananas it is to spend that much on decorated sugar cookies. Our incomes have increased pretty dramatically in the past few years, and although we haven’t increased our fixed expenses, we’ve definitely succumbed to lifestyle inflation for one-off things like this. It’s something I need to be aware of. I’m finally home around 3:30, just in time for my next call. My husband is WFH today and takes over kid duty during this call.
5:15: It’s time to pick up our older daughter from preschool, but my call is running long so my husband picks her up. For dinner, we make salads topped with roast chicken. The toddler loves salad, but our preschooler proclaims “I don’t like green leaves – I’m not a caterpillar!”. Well, okay then.
8:30: We do the girls’ bedtime routine, and then I continue prepping for tomorrow’s meeting. I wrap up around 1:00 am. While I’m working, husband preps two meals that just need to be reheated sometime later in the week. Good night!
Day 3 Total: $307

Day 4 (Tuesday):
7:30: Kids and I sleep in a bit this morning. My husband left home around 5:45 since he’s going into the office, so the three of us are on our own. For breakfast, the toddler has toast and berries. The preschooler has bran cereal and a frozen waffle. I eat their scraps, washed down with coffee.
9:15: I drop the kids off at daycare a little late this morning. Then I get working and practice the presentation I’m giving at 11:00
12:05: Call is over and I think it went as well as could be expected. I make myself a turkey sandwich for lunch. Then I go to the post office to mail a birth certificate request for our youngest daughter’s passport application. The cost for the birth certificate is $50. I also spend $15 at the post office to mail the envelope and buy stamps. Then it’s back to work.
5:10: Pick the girls up from school. My husband gets home around 6:45. Dinner tonight is a tofu and broccoli stir fry with rice. I don’t cook much, but I make this meal weekly and it’s everyone’s favorite. The secret is that I use soy sauce that is seasoned for seafood. I can’t explain what’s different, but the taste is so much different than standard soy sauce.
7:30: Bathtime and bed for the girls. I text with a mom from daycare whose kids are the same age as ours. We arrange a playdate for an upcoming weekend. I’m hopeful that she and I will develop a friendship – making friends is hard when you’re an adult!
9:10: I debate doing schoolwork or “work work.” Schoolwork wins tonight…I spend about two hours prepping a case study.
Day 4 Total: $65

Day 5 (Wednesday):
5:30: Wake up and start working. I still have a lot of deliverables to catch up on. Husband leaves as usual to commute into the city.
7:00: I get an email and text message that daycare had to close today due to unforeseen circumstances. There was an issue with their plumbing that impacts the whole building. Oh no – I immediately feel a pit in my stomach. I really can’t afford this today, especially because I am out this Friday for another day of class. Although our preschooler is pretty independent, our toddler needs constant supervision. She’s always a moment away from jumping off a couch, climbing on a table, or otherwise causing herself bodily harm. My husband has multiple meetings with his division president today so he can’t realistically come home to help. Argh. I feed us all breakfast and prepare myself for a difficult day. I send my boss an email to let him know the situation, but promise to stay on top of my work after hours as needed. I also log a half day of PTO in the payroll system…I figure I can probably be about 50% productive today.
10:00: Our toddler falls asleep for a nap, so I frantically send out emails and run reports. Our preschooler watches shows on her tablet.
12:15: Toddler is up from her nap. Our poor preschooler has been on her tablet for too long and her eyes are glazed over. I decide to take the girls out for lunch to break up the day. We go to Jersey Mikes since it’s nearby and fast. The girls each have a kids meal and the toddler is delighted that it includes a kids cup. I have an Italian sub ($29). We eat outside and the preschooler hums and loudly proclaims "I love Jersey Mike's!"
1:30: We get back home and I jump on an internal call. Thankfully the girls are well behaved and don’t cause any disruptions, beyond waving hello at the start of the call.
3:00 I have another call and the girls are again on their best behavior. PTL. Maybe I’m just lucky, or maybe it’s that I bribed them with cookies.
4:45: I wrap up the workday a little early. I take the girls on a walk since the weather is nice. When we get back inside, they immediately melt down. The toddler wants to be held constantly, which is a challenge because she weighs 24 pounds. The preschooler is thrashing, spitting at me, and throwing toys. I resist a really strong urge to scream or cry or break something or hide in the bathroom – maybe all at once. Instead, I heat up one of the meals my husband made earlier this week. When our preschooler calms down, she asks if I still love her when she’s bad. She’s been asking this question a lot recently, and it makes me wonder if it’s just a phase, or if she needs more reassurance from us. Either way, it's heartbreaking to know she worries about this.
7:30: Husband had a late meeting, so he gets home later than normal. We do the girls bedtime and bathtime routines. We get another note from daycare saying that the plumbing issue is, unfortunately, still unresolved. We’ll get a tuition credit, but they will be closed another day. Husband and I talk through logistics. We agree that he’ll go into the city again tomorrow and I’ll handle the kids. His company is in the middle of a major reorg and it’s important for him to be there in person. We decide to ask his parents if they are available to help tomorrow. Between work, the kids, and my grad program, sometimes I feel like the only thing we talk about is logistics. It’s been at least 6 months since we’ve been on a date.
10:00: I catch up on work, and also prep for school this coming weekend. I go to bed a little after 1:00.
Day 5 Total: $29

Day 6 (Thursday):
5:45: Husband is up and out of the house at his normal time. I wake up and run some financial reports while I have the chance.
7:30: Kids are awake. While they eat breakfast I pack their activity bags and snacks since we’re going to my in-laws today. They are semi-retired and often help when we have childcare hiccups. They are truly a godsend. They live about an hour away and we arrive at their house a little after 10:00. On the way, I fill my car up with gas ($52).
12:30: The girls are having a blast with my in-laws. We take a break for lunch, which is chicken nuggets and hummus for the girls. I eat their scraps and also have some Greek yogurt.
4:15: I have a full afternoon of calls, but it goes smoothly thanks to the grandparents. We leave a few minutes after 5:00 and both girls fall asleep before we reach the first traffic light. This makes for a peaceful drive home. Traffic is heavy so we get home around 6:30. I open the mail, and find a surprise medical bill for $572. This is for the toddler’s trip to the ER…14 months ago! This is the first bill we are getting and honestly it had completely slipped my mind. She had a triple infection and ended up severely dehydrated. Seeing this bill dredges up all sorts of unpleasant memories. I’m grateful we have the means to pay this without issue, and I’m grateful she is healthy. I understand it's a privilege to pay a bill like this without thinking twice.
6:45: Husband arrives home. We reheat a pasta dish he made earlier this week and have a salad on the side. The girls are beat today, so we skip bathtime and let them go straight to bed. Thankfully, daycare can reopen tomorrow. I feel like a weight’s been lifted from my shoulders, especially since I have class tomorrow.
9:00: I have a call with my school study team to work on our group project. It lasts for about an hour.
10:30: Husband and I discuss buying a swing set for our backyard. He’s narrowed it down to two choices, and they’re both awesome: three swings, a rock wall, slide, and clubhouse area. I think they both look great, so I leave the final decision in his hands. The total with shipping and tax ends up being $1760. We considered buying a pre-assembled swing set to save time, but similar models cost nearly $6K. He’s handy, so he said he’d prefer to assemble it himself.
Day 6 Total: $2,384

Day 7 (Friday):
6:15: I have class today so I eat breakfast and get dressed early. I tend to wear a lot of athleisure when working from home. Today I put on a structured ponte dress and hastily apply Tarte makeup to give my skin some color. Every time I make the effort to get dressed, I'm reminded that I really do feel more confident when I look put together. I get to school around 9:00 for my first class.
12:00: Break in my schedule for lunch. I eat a salad and some kind of chicken dish, while catching up with classmates. For dessert, I have a huge bowl of berries. Lots more coffee to keep me awake and engaged during class.
7:00: Classes are over for the day. I pay parking ($17) and am on my way. I get home at 8:30, in time to do bedtime with my girls. Husband made veggie quesadillas with black beans and guac, which I eat once the girls are asleep. I check my work email to make sure nothing is on fire. Then my husband and I watch an episode of “What We Do In the Shadows” and turn in for the night.
Day 7 Total: $17

Food + Drink: $371.50
Fun / Entertainment: $2,106
Home + Health: $572
Clothes + Beauty: $0
Transport: $333
Other: $155
Weekly Total: $3537.5
Reflections: Some of this week’s expenditures were unusual: the swing set, my travel expenses, and that old ER bill are not part of our normal recurring expenses. However, the rest of this week's spending was pretty typical. I realize a lot of this diary revolved around sorting out childcare disruptions…honestly, that takes so much mental and logistical energy on a weekly basis. Writing this diary also made me realize how little time my husband and I spend together. Often we feel like we’re in survival mode, but we need to be more intentional about prioritizing our relationship.
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2023.05.30 06:33 Senior-Campaign-6571 Why Do We Need VPN For WarZone?

Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for Warzone can serve several purposes:
  1. Privacy and Security: A VPN encrypts your internet traffic and routes it through a secure server, protecting your online activities from prying eyes. This can help safeguard your personal information, such as your IP address, from potential hackers or malicious actors who might attempt to exploit vulnerabilities in your network connection.
  2. Accessing Restricted Content: In some cases, certain regions or countries may have restrictions or limitations on accessing online content, including gaming services. By using a VPN, you can bypass these restrictions and connect to servers located in regions where access to Warzone might be unrestricted, allowing you to play the game from anywhere.
  3. Reducing Latency and Ping: VPNs can potentially improve your gaming experience by reducing latency or ping. When you connect to a VPN server closer to the game's server location, it can help optimize your network routing, resulting in a more stable and responsive connection. However, this improvement is not guaranteed, as VPNs may introduce some additional latency depending on the server location and network conditions.
  4. Protection against DDoS Attacks: Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks can be a concern for competitive gamers. These attacks involve overwhelming a player's network connection, causing them to experience lag or disconnection. Using a VPN can add an extra layer of protection by masking your real IP address and making it more challenging for potential attackers to target your connection.

Best VPN For Warzone

If you are looking for the best VPN for Warzone, you should go with CovermeVPN. CovermeVPN provides the best services at a cheaper price. The Key features of covermevpn is given below :
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2023.05.30 06:33 Alternative_Cook_102 Dragon Ball GT Power Scale (Part 1)

Dragon Ball GT Power Scale (Part 1, The black star dragon balls and Baby arc)
Cool Picture (don't click)
Hello everyone, this a remaster of my previous scale for Dragon Ball GT with improved scaling and better formating.
For scaling I will be using Domination multipliers, which are the only somewhat usable system I found. In the daizenshu it was stated you needed 2x your opponent's chi to completely overwhelm them and take thier attacks unharmed and if a character is 1.25x their opponent they will start to overwhelm them, this is evident in the frieza fight. Goku had a power level of 150,000,000 and frieza had Power level of 120,000,000, the difference was of 1.25 times but Goku still somewhat overwhelmed him. Thou Frieza could have killed Goku if he hadn't fought carefully.
Another thing I will using X or times buu saga base Goku to show their power growth.
Here are the domination multipliers,
1.25x - A Little but noticeable gap in power.
2x - completely overwhelms the opponent and can tank their attack
It has been 15 years since the battle with kid buu and 5 years since the end of Z, Goku has been training with uub. Goku is supposedly stronger then his buu saga counterpart but due there being no real way to quantify that. Base GT Goku is 1 in this scale, with ssj Goku being 50x buu saga Goku and such and such for his transformations.
They are suddenly attacked the pilaf gang and Goku gets turns in a child by black star dragon balls, this starting the story. Apparently the balls were going destroy the planet if they are not gathered in a year, so Goku, pan and trunks go fucking space to get them.
Some fights happen here and there like the legic fight and the lord luud fight, with the latter being stronger then ssj Goku but these fights mean nothing until the rildo fight, also there has been an significant time skip since the start of the show. In rildo fight, there is the most important statements for scaling early GT. Goku States rildo is even stronger then buu, now there's quite a bit of confusion on which buu it is. I believe it to kid buu as he is last buu to face Goku, so I am gonna go with that.
Since Base Goku is evenly matched with rildo, they are both atleast 400x BSG. Goku eventually goes SSJ, which would make him 20,000x BSG. Rildo also powers up but isn't able to match Goku, so he transforms again to finally somewhat match Goku. He gives Goku a pretty hard time due to his hax, this leds to Goku getting captured but later escapes, baby is also revealed. Baby fights the z fighters and matches quite evenly with them after absorbing rildo (he can do that). This baby is atleast 400x BSG as he is comparable to base Goku. Baby eventually arrives on earth.
He first fights goten, who is able to fight evenly with him in base, so base goten is atleast 400x bsg. Goten eventually goes Ssj, which would make him 20,000x bsg. Baby somehow manages to control this goten and then proceeds to challenge Gohan, who is about the same as baby goten. He wins and takes control of Gohan. One thing about baby, he makes his hosts stronger but it's hard to quantify, so I am ignoring it completely. Baby Gohan challenges Vegeta and is even matched, making Vegeta also the same as baby Gohan. After a while baby wins and takes control of Vegeta's body.
Goku arrives on earth after some time, and fights off ssj goten and Gohan, in base easily. Making him atleast 2x as strong as them, so new base Goku is 40,000x bsg. Goku eventually goes up against baby Vegeta, who defeats him easily even in ssj3. Ssj3 Goku will be around 16,000,000x bsg and baby Vegeta is 32,000,000x bsg.
Baby transforms further into his super baby forms, his super baby 1 form is stated to be a ssj2 in the GT guidebook and it also that his normal state is a ssj, so it's twice the power of his normal state, making it 64,000,000x BSG and his super baby 2 is just ssj 3 according to the guide, therefore it's 4x stronger. Making it 256,000,000x BSG. Baby is 16x stronger the ssj3 Goku and his base form will be 640,000x bsg.
Just as Baby Vegeta is about to kill him, kabito Kai saves him and accidentally dropped him outside of space and time but it's ok, Goku kinda just blasted out of there. During this time uub tried to fight baby but is easily overwhelmed until he fuses with fat buu, which gives him an incredible boost in power. It makes him almost as strong as baby but not quite, so he's defeated. This puts him at 1.25x less then baby, making him 204,800,000x bsg.
After some tail pulling Goku returns on his new planet but his power is the same, so the result of the battle is the same. Goku accidently looks up to the earth and turns into a fucking monkey and scares the shit out of baby, he is also way stronger then baby. So oozaru Goku is 2x baby, making him 512,000,000x BSG. The oozaru is 32x ssj3 and 12,800x base multiplier.
Goku eventually morphs back in furry, become Ssj4. He destroys baby with it, baby also becomes a monkey and both are evenly matched. Now we apply the oozaru multiplier, which is 32x ssj3, we get 8,192,000,000x BSG. Goku is also that level with Ssj4, now to calculate ssj4's multiplier we divide his Ssj4 by his base power. After doing that we get 204,800x base or 512x ssj3.
Baby Vegeta and Goku knock eachother out, baby is healed by bulma using blitz waves and Goku gets healed by his friends, Goku also gains a new form called super full power Ssj4 (FpSsj4). Goku proceeds to tank multiple super galick gun and revenge death ball, the galick gun is reletive to the 10x kamehameha (normal kamehameha is a 2.2 boost) so, it's atleast a 22x boost and the death ball is stronger as he knows Goku can eat his galick guns, so it's atleast 2x that making it a 44x boost.
Goku tanks and absorbs the revenge death ball, making him twice it's power. This puts FpSsj4 Goku at 88x stronger then regular ssj4, that's 18,022,400x base or 45,056x ssj3, Ssj4 Goku himself is at 720,896,000,000x BSG. Goku after beating baby Vegeta kills baby's actual body. This ending the arc, wait till part 2 for super 17.
The form multipliers are:- Golden Ozaru:- 12,800x base or 32x ssj3
Ssj4:-204,800x base or 512x ssj3
FpSsj4:-18,022,400x base or 45,056x ssj3.
In conclusion,
Goku:-(rildo fight). Base:- 400x bsg, SSJ:- 20,000x bsg (baby arc) Base:- 40,000x bsg, SSJ3:- 16 million x BSG, Oozaru:- 512 million x BSG, SSJ4:- 8.192 billion x BSG and FpSsj4:- 720.8 billion x BSG.
Vegeta,Gohan and Goten:- (All) base:- 400x BSG, SSJ:- 20,000x bsg.
Baby Vegeta:- Base:- 640,000x bsg, Normal state or SSJ:- 32 million x bsg, Super Baby 1:- 64 million x BSG, Super Baby 2:- 256 million x BSG, Golden Oozaru:- 8.192 billion x BSG
Rildo:- base:- 400x BSG, metal form:- 20,000x bsg.
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2023.05.30 06:32 Pilkanoa_Ketnapec Take a look at my (24F) six year relationship with my boyfriend (24M)

The reason I'm writing all of this down is that I know I'm going to forget all of this by tomorrow, or the day after. I'll forget everything that's wrong, and just go back to loving him like I've always done. And then a month or two months from now, something will break my illusion and remember all of this all over again.
He has an infection on his feet, and the stench is enough to make anyone gag. He walks barefoot without washing his feet afterwards, and refuses to go to a doctor to check his broken nail. The smell alone is awful, and if you're stuck in a situation where you can't open a window, you might as well hold your breath. Or at least put his shoes/slippers in a bag.
He doesn't brush his teeth regularly. Sometimes he'll brush in the morning but he forgets at night. His breath smells awful throughout the day.
When he's grooming, he leaves little hairs all over the place: the sink, the mirror, the floor, the toilet, the toilet seat. Even after he showers, there's little hair on the bathroom floor. It's just disgusting that after one day he sheds so much hair. I'm not one to talk, I shed hair too, but at least I pick mine up and throw them away.
A few days ago, he watched porn next to me as I slept. When I started waking up, he told me to go back to sleep. I was scared.
He gets pouty when I say no to sex or his advances. I don't want to have sex every moment of my life. He can be the nicest person all day, but when I say "no, I don't want to" to his sexual advances, he'll get really pissy the rest of the day/night. Call me a prude, call me whatever you want, but I don't like to be woken up by him poking me with his dick every morning asking for sex. Waking up to a sticky thigh makes me feel dirty. Feeling the sheets where he was just sleeping makes me sick. I felt like changing the sheets every single morning just to make sure they're clean.
He questions me every time I want to buy something. "What will you use it for? You know you can buy it cheaper somewhere else. You don't need it." It happens constantly whenever I look at a piece of clothing or X item that I want. These comments I can brush off, but after six years of hearing these comments, they're really starting to annoy me more and more.
I have my own money, if I want something I'll just buy it because I know I can afford it. I know It's a bad logic to follow, because you'll end up with so many little things around the house. But like I said, I can afford the small things I want, I'm tired of his voice hovering over me asking me again and again "why?"
I get it. He doesn't have money, he doesn't want to ask money from his parents to spend because he doesn't know how to repay them back afterwards. Then he'll get mad at them for not giving him money. I get it. I hated spending other people's money too. But that's why you work. To earn your own money. So that you can spend it on things you want.
He's wined these past 6 years about how his parents won't let him work to focus on his studies. And that's great! Not having to worry about work while studying is absolutely great. And he's happy in the field he chose, and I'm happy for him. But it's a very competitive field, and incredibly niche as well, so it might take him a couple years to find work related to his field. So in the meantime, he's working a job semi related to his field, but the first year he worked for free, and this year he has only been paid 200 dollars. They keep promising to pay him and never do, and I've tried convincing him to look for work elsewhere, but he doesn't want to leave.
He's 24 years old, and is barely getting comfortable driving a car. His family has always had 5 cars, one for each member, and he was always asking for rides because he was too scared to drive. Even his younger brother had to drive him to places. He's had his license since he was 18. Its pathetic. Driving him to and from places for 6 years is pathetic. Having to give him money to pay for food for our dates is pathetic. The looks people have given us throughout the years when they see me paying for everything is pathetic. This is too pathetic.
And I'm pathetic for thinking this would change. We got together when we were 18 and I kept thinking throughout these years "he'll mature, he'll gain more confidence. He'll wash up more, dress up more, stand up for me, comfort me when I need him." Its only gotten a little bit better these past few years. At least he hugs me now when I cry instead of just looking at me confused. The bad part is after he holds me for a couple minutes he'll try and make it sexual. And if its through the phone, he'll usually text "I see" or "Ok" whenever I tell him about a problem I'm having today. My cat of 18 years passed away and thats what he responded when I called him to let him know. He said it too when my dog passed away from cancer. When this happened, I called him out on not saying anything, not even an "I'm sorry your pet passed away." he got angry at me for expecting some reaction from him. Is it too much to ask to console your girlfriend when her 11 year old dog dies from cancer????
At 24 years old, with a quarter of my life dedicated to this guy, I don't know what to do. He asked me to be his girlfriend at one of the most vulnerable times in my life, when my brother was put in a coma after an almost fatal car accident. He of course never knew about my brother at that time, but I don't think I should've made that decision two weeks after going through something traumatic. That's my own fault for accepting his request, even at the time I remember asking myself "why the fuck did I say yes?".
A quarter of my life with my boyfriend, a quarter of my life not having my brother to ask for advice. I truly question how everything in my life has affected me. But at this very moment, I have the feeling of ending that relationship. I want to break up with my boyfriend. I've had that feeling on and off since the very first day, but I've stuck around hoping things would get better.
Some things have gotten better, some things haven't. I don't know how to weigh the good and the bad. I need help figuring that part out. I don't want to break up with him and then 10 years later say "gee, I wonder if my life would've been better if I had stayed." That's the part that I need help with.
Please help me.
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2023.05.30 06:32 prettyflyforafry Anxious about import taxes and different philosophies on cost

It appears that the US does not include VAT in its prices, so a tax of roughly 22.5% (20% VAT + 2.5% import tax) of the ring's value would be expected after importing this abroad - and every time the ring re-enters the country after service or resizing, while local repairs/work would void the seller's warranty and remove perks like upgrade options.
My partner made a ring purchase, but has not transferred the money yet. The deadline is today, and he's been keen on pulling the trigger while I've been feeling anxious, primarily for financial reasons, but also psychological. Finding out about local taxation just makes me want to backtrack completely. I'm not native to this country and thought that VAT may apply, whereas he was under the impression that it would only be 2.5% in import tax as VAT s is usually included in the price here. Turns out that it is both!
I've sent him the tax estimates and hope that he will be able to see them and not rush to pay before the reservation expires. I think it's a lovely stone, and as a gemstone nerd I've searched far and wide to make sure we're getting the best value, but I feel like it's just too expensive. I wish that the taxation and import charges were made more explicit so that expectations can be set accordingly. I worry that he'll feel pressure to go over budget because he's already gone so far, and he's been stubbornly against "alternatives" like moissanite, labmade, gemstone or secondhand for over a year now.
This would be our fifth try at a ring after a gemstone one got away (twice!), I picked out a cheap moissanite ring which ended up being a scam, and we bought and paid for a diamond one, but we ended up refunding because of my anxiety over the cost and setting. My partner is now even more invested in the idea of getting the best possible diamond from a reputable jeweller, and I don't know how to backtrack out of this without him feeling like he's failed as a provider because he can't afford a "proper ring", and having yet another failed ring experience, this time over something like import taxes after searching for so long. I guess there would be import taxes anyway, and the only way to minimise them is by going much cheaper.
Am I overthinking it about the tax, or how would you go about this to "settle" for something less than planned? I've let him know that it's absolutely OK and that there is no pressure on my end to go through with it, and that I'm happy to keep the botched ring or go for a cheaper alternative.
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2023.05.30 06:32 hateallicanafford Lying with truth

Children who have strict Parents is the most cleverest lier you'll ever meet. Being the one from the community I sometimes feel bad lying to my parents as my parents are half cool and half strict. My dad will take us on trips whenever you want but if I have to hangout with my friends I must be prepared with the most cleverest, to be believed script so that I can execute in such manner to make them realise am going for the most important task. The little adult monster inside me lied 3 times to my parents and those are the biggest ones as I have to make money to hangout which will never come to my hand if I asked honestly. Basically my question is is it normal to lie to your parents as suddenly am drowning in the tsunami of guilty. My parents trust me the most and lying them is somehow hurting me.
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2023.05.30 06:31 Jasnaa12 Fintoch App is a scam! Don’t fall for it! 😠

I’m here to tell you about Fintoch App, a financial app that pretends to help you manage your money and invest in crypto. It’s actually a scam that robs you of your money and vanishes.
I found out about this when I lost $8000 to Fintoch App. I was looking for a new financial app that could help me save more money and grow my wealth. I saw an ad for Fintoch App on Facebook and it caught my attention.
It said that Fintoch App was a revolutionary app that could help me budget, save, invest, trade, etc. It also said that Fintoch App had a special feature that could automatically invest in crypto for me based on AI algorithms.
I decided to download Fintoch App and give it a shot. I registered an account and linked my credit card to it. I deposited $8000 into my Fintoch App account and started using the app.
The app seemed to work fine. It had a nice design and offered various options like budgeting, saving, investing, trading, etc. It also showed me how much profit I was making from investing in crypto on the app.
One day, I opened the app and saw that my balance was negative $2000. I was shocked and confused. How could this happen? How could I lose more than what I deposited?
I checked my transaction history and saw that all my money had been withdrawn from my account without my consent or knowledge.
I tried to contact Fintoch App’s customer support but there was no response. I checked their website and social media accounts but they were all gone. I realized that Fintoch App was a scam that had taken my money and run away.
Please don't make the same mistake as me.Don't fall for fintech app or any other app thats sounds too good to be true.Always do your home work and check the reliability of any app or service before giving them yourmoney#fintechscam #scamalert #beware
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2023.05.30 06:31 Gold_Flamingo2594 Scopely how are you guys doing everything wrong

With the leaderboard screw up that is in almost every single post because you can’t even get the leaderboard rewards unless you spend a lot of $$$ because you guys can’t code your own game just being the icing on the cake you guys can’t seem to be doing anything right
First of all yes there is this whole big ordeal with the leaderboard screw up which is honestly shitty because I was able to unlock nova at 4 stars on the first scourge event but because you guys can’t do anything right I could barely make it through difficulty 7 on the second run and that’s with a kang, quicksilver, and ultron all at level 95 g15-g16 which means you didn’t do what everyone was asking for by scaling back the difficulty since the first run was so obviously coded around the broken pacts now you’ve got people who can’t even unlock nova or those like myself who still only have him at 4 stars because you greatly overestimated how many people spent money on kang when you didn’t even add him into the orbs until 3 days left in the scourge
Secondly you show absolutely no respect for your active community and content creators for example tauna left the envoy program because of everything you keep doing he was always finding bugs in the game and making them known but never once did you thank him or any player that helped you do your own job but by god did you pull an offer that may have offended your former top money maker your morals are questionable at best
And third you have made the gold economy so terrible most players are lucky to bring a single toon up 1 level a day and no matter how cheap you make some temporary gold offers that’s not the solution as a majority of your player base is completely ftp and we shouldn’t have to spend our hard earned money because you keep making the gold economy worse and worse every single patch how bad will it be when you introduce player level 100 with how much it’s costing us per level now are we gonna have to spend upwards of 2 million gold a toon and the pricing on the g18 pieces is so expensive only the krakens can afford most players can’t sacrifice a days worth of gold for 2 g18 pieces so please fix your damn gold economy
And lastly while this goes with my first argument stop releasing bugged events then not even giving the proper compensation and stop trying to sweep all of your mess ups under the rug there have posts daily about the incursion event compensation just give us the 1.8 million t5 blue ions we’re owed it’s not fair that others unfairly got the rewards and we got was some skill g17 pieces
Sorry for the long post but these things are just unacceptable and your gonna lose a lot of your player base if things don’t change there’s other mobile games while I don’t want to see this one end it will someday how soon tho scopely is up to you and your decisions
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2023.05.30 06:30 farmer_giles91 12 Days Honeymoon in Tokyo & Kawaguchiko with tips and observations

I just had my honeymoon (originally scheduled for Jun 2020). My wife and I are in our early thirties. It’s my wife’s first time in japan while it’s my fourth. I’ve benefitted immensely from stalking Tokyo travel reddit and would like to return the favour. I’ll provide some of my tips and observations to the end (skip to the end if the itinerary doesn’t interest you), some of which I think haven’t been mentioned before.
Thank God pretty much everything went to plan, and my wife thoroughly enjoyed the trip. We spent 12 days in Japan, most of it in Tokyo and 2 nights in Kawaguchiko. Many people were surprised to know that we’d be spending most of our trip in Tokyo, but I thought it was just fine because Tokyo had a lot to offer. My wife and I aren’t big on visiting shrines or tick tourist hotspots off a checklist. We don’t shop much, but we did a lot of it simply because it’s Japan and we bought lots of quality-of-life items (not fashion) for ourselves and others. Given how much my wife really enjoyed the trip, I think others with similar interests could find something helpful too.
Pre-trip planning
Planning during the trip
Day 0 (Wed) - Arrival at Shinjuku Airport- Arrived in Haneda late, about 11. Clearance was quick but baggage took 30mins. I had no choice but to cancel my airport limousine and take the metro to our hotel in Shinjuku.- I tried Apple wallet’s Suica at first. It worked seamlessly but felt that a physical metro card was just faster so I eventually switched over.- Reached after midnight, so do let your hotel know in advance if you anticipate arriving at odd hours.
Day 1 (Thurs) - Shinjuku exploration- Originally planned to visit Tsukiji on day 1, but given that we arrive late the previous night, agreed with my wife to change the plan and spend the first day doing the Shinjuku itinerary.
Day 2 (Fri) - Kappabashi St., Fabric Town, Akihabara
Day 3 (Sat) - Cooking class in Shinjuku, Shibuya
Day 4 (Sun) - Komazawa Church, Harajuku, Shibuya
Day 5 (Mon) - Tsukiji Market, Ginza Muji/Uniqlo, Tokyo station
Day 6 (Tue) - Tokyo National Museum, Fabric town revisit, Akihabara revisit, Ochanomizu
Day 7 (Wed) - Shinjuku Gyoen Garden, Mori Museum, Ginza Wakamatsu, Shinjuku
Day 8 (Thurs) - Kawaguchiko
Day 9 (Fri) - Fuji Q Highlands, Shimoyoshida Honcho St, Batting Cage
Planning for Fuji Q & Morning Jog: I didn’t plan to go to Fuji-Q highlands before the trip. Always felt it a bit of a waste to visit amusement parks overseas. That’s until I realised that Fuji Q had some of the most exciting, (I mean world-record-holding) rollercoasters in the world. Perhaps not anymore, but that intrigued me enough, because most amusement parks only had 1-2 coasters. Problem was that wife is terrified, and she said cycling on the streets of Kawaguchiko was like a coaster ride for her. So I decided I would reach at opening time, and buy time by paying for the fast passes and try their top three coasters. The night before, we felt that we had to make decisions on our itinerary as it was our last day at Kawaguchiko. If Mt Fuji wasn’t visible, go to Oshino Hakkai, if it was, we could try going to Shimoyoshida to get a nice picture.
Day 10 (Sat) - Kichijoji, Ghibli Museum, Kichijoji Jazz bar
Woke up before sunrise for a run and to attempt to catch a sunrise picture of Mount Fuji. Streets were completely empty. Even ran to the famous Kawaguchiko Lawson for a picture. Headed back for an onsen bathe (note: we never used the hotel bathroom, and always went for an onsen bath throughout our stay in Kawaguchiko). Took a 7am bus to return to Shinjuku.
Day 11 (Sun) - Tokyo Sky Tree, Shinjuku, Back to Kichijoji, Shibuya
It was a crazy day where we simply hit the places we wanted to revisit regardless of proximity. Headed to Tokyo Skytree in the morning to check out another Ghibli store. If you’re not going to the Ghibli museum, this is probably the best store available. Headed to Shinjuku to try curry udon, then to Kichijoji to try satou beef balls and to make some purchasing decisions on some sports equipment. Then we ended up at Shibuya (my favourite place!) to the mega Don Quijote and Tokyu Hands to shop for gifts for others. It was a lovely end to our trip!
Day 12 (Mon) - Back home
Best trip ever, says my wife.
Tips for travellers
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2023.05.30 06:30 Educational-Nose223 BioFit Reviews Reddit : ⚠️Scam?⚠️Must Read! Before Buy - BioFit supplement Review - BioFit supplement Does Work?

BioFit Reviews Reddit : ⚠️Scam?⚠️Must Read! Before Buy - BioFit supplement Review - BioFit supplement Does Work?

BioFit Reviews Reddit : ⚠️Scam?⚠️Must Read! Before Buy - BioFit supplement Review - BioFit supplement Does Work?

The newest weight loss supplement on the market is BioFit, which contains beneficial gut bacteria strains that help boost weight loss. Your digestive system will have a healthier balance of beneficial and harmful bacteria after taking the supplement, and you'll have more energy and fewer cravings for unhealthy foods, thanks to BioFit.
BioFit supplement Review
When people go to the doctor, weight gain is one of the most common problems they bring up. It can be hard to break bad eating habits, leading to people gaining weight without even realizing it. So many things, like genes, stress, not getting enough sleep, and strict diets, can make you gain weight that you don't want to. If you notice that your waistband is getting tighter or that you are gaining weight more quickly than you would like, it is time to take action.
The newest weight loss supplement on the market is BioFit, which contains beneficial gut bacteria strains that help boost weight loss. Your digestive system will have a healthier balance of beneficial and harmful bacteria after taking the supplement, and you'll have more energy and fewer cravings for unhealthy foods, thanks to BioFit.
This review of BioFit is based not only on the author's experience with the product but also on our analysis of some reviews and information provided by other customers. Therefore, we have covered everything you need to know before purchasing BioFit. On the list of topics up for discussion are:
• BioFit Weight Loss Supplement - Introduction
• What is BioFit and how does it compare to other probiotics?
• Science Behind BioFit
• BioFit Reviews - How Much Weight Can You Lose?
• BioFit Ingredients and How They Help
• The accreditations and certifications of BioFit
• BioFit vs other Probiotic supplements
• BioFit Pills - Pricing and Availability
• BioFit Refund Policy
• BioFit Reviews Closing Remarks

BioFit: Supplement Overview
• Brand: BioFit Nature's Formulas
• BioFit Creator: Chrissie Miller
• Item Form: Capsule
• Flavor: Unflavored
• Product Benefits: Weight Loss, Digestion, Immunity
• Special Ingredients: Bacillus Subtilis, Bifidobacterium Longum, Lactobacillus Rhamnosus, Bifidobacterium Breve, Lactobacillus Casei, Lactobacillus Plantarium, Lactobacillus Acidophilus.
• Serving Quantity: 1 capsule per day
• Accreditations: GMP approved & Non-GMO
• Age Range (Description): Adult
• Unit Count: 30 Count/ Bottle
• Money Back Guarantee: Yes
• Refund Period: 180 days
• Pricing: $39-$59 per bottle

What is BioFit and how does it compare to other probiotics?

BioFit is designed to deliver some benefits that are comparable to those provided by other probiotic supplements, such as improved digestion and support for the function of the immune system. However, BioFit goes one step further than its competitors thanks to the patented DE111 strain and potent dosage amounts of the appropriate ingredients.

What Is Bacillus subtilis DE111?

DE111 is a clinically tested strain of Bacillus subtilis that supports digestive and immune health. Clinical studies show the strain can control microbial populations, aid digestion, and maintain health. Genome sequencing confirmed the strain lacked plasmids, antibiotic-resistant, or deleterious genes. DE111 protects microbes from harsh conditions until they reach the GI tract. DE111's spore-forming ability makes it ideal for supplements, food, and beverages.

BioFit advantages vs other probiotic supplements

Chrissie Miller and the company Nature's Formulas promote advantages not commonly seen with other probiotic supplements, such as the potential to lose up to 80 pounds of fat while taking BioFit without altering your diet or exercise routine. In addition to the author's confident assertion, the entire video presentation is crammed full of testimonials from actual BioFit customers praising the product's efficacy.

BioFit asserts that it can facilitate weight loss and improved digestion in a variety of ways. It turns your digestive tract into a calorie-burning machine. By taking only one capsule of BioFit daily, you can experience all of its advantages:
• Lose 80 pounds without changing diet or exercise.
• Reduce bloating, aid digestion, and more.
• Drop pounds without dieting or exercise
• Boost immunity.
• Eat whatever you want without affecting gut health.

How do the probiotics that are included in BioFit work?

BioFit contains a whopping 5.75 billion CFUs (colony forming units) of seven different strains of probiotic bacteria in each capsule. There are no additional components. BioFit's seven clinically studied probiotics are responsible for its many health benefits. One of these, the patented spore-based Bacillus subtilis DE111 strain, has been shown to support and improve digestive health in both children and adults, as well as support the growth of beneficial gut bacteria, promote the development of healthy gastrointestinal flora, and lower total blood cholesterol and LDL cholesterol.

Also, that's not all of it. However, the next logical question to ask is, "What exactly are probiotics?" In what ways do probiotics accomplish their goals of promoting healthy digestion, boosting the immune system, and decreasing abdominal bloating? Helpful bacteria in the gut are called probiotics, and they provide a number of health benefits. Many probiotics work by gleaning essential nutrients from the food you eat. Some help your body deal with toxins, while others are toxins themselves. Some can separate the active from the inactive chemicals in the foods you eat. In addition, the immune system appears to interact with other probiotic strains.

Some individuals choose to improve their digestive health by taking a probiotic supplement like BioFit. Some individuals consume probiotic-filled foods such as yogurt, kefir, or fermented foods. The colony forming units (CFUs) of probiotic bacteria found in an average probiotic yogurt is approximately 1 billion, whereas the CFU count found in a typical probiotic supplement can range anywhere from 5 billion to 100 billion. The primary ingredient in BioFit is the spore-based Bacillus subtilis DE111 strain, which is protected by a natural shell so that it does not get damaged by stomach acids (in comparison, the survival rate of most probiotic strains is only about 5%). Each serving of BioFit contains a potent 5.75 billion CFUs, and the Bacillus subtilis DE111 strain is the primary active ingredient.

Science Behind BioFit

The creators of BioFit have not yet published their formula in a peer-reviewed journal, and the supplement has not undergone any formal clinical trials. No need to panic or report this to the BioFit scam squad just yet. Chrissie Miller and the rest of the team at Nature's Formulas put a lot of emphasis on the research done on the separate components of BioFit, such as the strains of probiotics used in the product.

For instance, in this particular research study, the researchers recommended that healthy adults take a probiotic supplement that contained strains of both lactobacillus and bifidobacteria (the same two strain families in BioFit). When compared to a group that received a placebo instead of the supplement for the same amount of time, researchers discovered that the supplemented group lost an additional three pounds of body weight over the course of the study. Over the course of a period of six months, the average amount of weight lost by adults was somewhere around three pounds. Some adults lost more weight than others, while others lost less weight than others.

When you compare different probiotic supplements online, you'll find that many supplements have a higher number of colony forming units (CFUs) than BioFit does. Nevertheless, CFUs do not provide the whole picture. Even though the dosages of certain supplements can reach as high as 100 billion CFUs, this does not mean that they are inherently more effective than probiotics that contain only 5 billion CFUs. According to the findings of these researchers, having a higher CFU count is not always a positive thing.

It's possible that the active ingredients in BioFit will be preserved by the medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) as they make their way through your digestive system. Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) are digestible fatty molecules. BioFit's MCTs serve to shield the probiotic bacteria inside, ensuring that more of the supplement's beneficial ingredients make it to where they're needed. This research shows that medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) can prevent the digestion of active ingredients by stomach acid, allowing more probiotics to enter the small intestine.
Overall, there is evidence to support the use of probiotic supplements for enhancing immune function, reducing body fat, and other health and wellness benefits. But there isn't much proof that BioFit can help you lose 80 pounds or more without changing your diet or exercising. If you watch the video, though, you'll hear a lot of positive feedback and real-life customer success stories.

BioFit Ingredients and How They Help?

BioFit has two different groups of active ingredients: the probiotic matrix and medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), which hold the formula together.

First Group Of Active Ingredients:
The first group of active ingredients that BioFit has is called the probiotic matrix, and it has seven different strains in it. The different strains contained in BioFit each contribute in their own unique way to the overall improvement of digestion and weight loss. By taking BioFit on a daily basis, you can support the health of your digestive tract, as well as your weight loss efforts, immunity, and other functions. There is a correlation between certain strains and the functioning of the immune system. Others are associated with the functioning of the digestive system or the metabolism. The seven different strains that are included in the formula of BioFit each contain 5.75 billion colony forming units (CFUs). The majority of probiotic supplements have between three and five strains, but BioFit has seven strains for maximum effectiveness.

Second Group Of Active Ingredients:
BioFit contains a second class of active ingredients known as medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). BioFit's inclusion of MCTs is meant to boost the effectiveness of the probiotics already mentioned. Even though these ingredients are listed on the BioFit label as inactive ingredients, they may in fact lend support to the active effects that the supplement produces in a variety of different ways. When compared to longer types of fatty acids, MCTs are much simpler for your body to digest. BioFit ensures that the maximum dosage of probiotic ingredients reaches your digestive tract by wrapping the probiotic strains in a layer of fatty molecules and then delivering them to your digestive system. Even though BioFit contains a lower dose of probiotics than the majority of the other supplements on the market, the MCTs could protect the probiotics, ensuring that more CFUs reach your digestive tract in the end.
The two active blends of ingredients that are found in BioFit work together to provide an advanced and very helpful dose of probiotics to your gut. This is accomplished by shielding the ingredients from the acidic environment of your stomach and ensuring that the maximum number of CFUs are delivered to your gut rather than being thrown away by your metabolism.

The BioFit probiotic diet pills are produced in an FDA-approved facility in the USA, where they are made in strict accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards. In addition to this, they go above and beyond to ensure that every single BioFit weight loss formula is tested by impartial third-party labs. These tests ensure that the dosages, potency, and purity match what is stated on the nutritional label for the supplement, and that the formulas are free of fillers, preservatives, and any artificial contaminants.

Which Specific Kinds of Probiotics Bacteria Can Be Found in BioFit?

There are seven different probiotic bacterial strains packed into each serving of BioFit. In the same way that other organisms do, probiotic bacteria can be found in a variety of species and strains. While some strains have been associated with weight loss and improved immunity, others have been associated with other aspects of gut function. The amounts of each strain that are included in BioFit are variable. There is a total dose of 16.58mg 5.75 billion CFUs; however, individual strains have different dosages that are determined by the effects that are desired. Because BioFit is primarily marketed as a supplement for weight loss, the manufacturers of BioFit have placed a strong emphasis on strains that have been specifically linked to weight loss.

Biofit Probiotics Bacteria are:

• Bacillus Subtilis 8.89mg
• Bifidobacterium Longum 1.56mg
• Lactobacillus Rhamnosus 1.25mg
• Bifidobacterium Breve 0.63mg
• Lactobacillus Casei 0.83mg
• Lactobacillus Plantarium 2.5mg
• Lactobacillus Acidophilus 0.83mg

Bacillus Subtilis
BioFit employs Bacillus subtilis strain DE111. It makes sense that this probiotic strain would make up the bulk of BioFit given its demonstrated ability to aid in weight loss. In addition to promoting weight loss, probiotic strains boost digestive health. Some probiotic strains aid in weight loss by improving intestinal function, digestion, or the elimination of waste products. In addition to the benefits already mentioned, this BioFit probiotic strain is also notable for its credibility and published medical data, which place it among the most effective probiotic strains for natural fat burning and weight loss.

Bifidobacterium Longum
BioFit contains Bifidobacterium longum, which is just one of 32 different species of Bifidobacteria. B. longum's effects on humans have been the subject of extensive research. It's one of the most significant probiotic strains passed from mothers to their infants through breast milk, and it seems to play a crucial role in human development in early life.

Lactobacillus Rhamnosus
BioFit includes Lactobacillus rhamnosus, a beneficial probiotic strain. BioFit contains multiple strains of Lactobacillus. The benefits of L. rhamnosus for the digestive tract are multifaceted. Yogurt and other foods contain L. rhamnosus.

Bifidobacterium Breve
Numerous studies have found a connection between Bifidobacterium breve and good gut health, which is why it is frequently found in digestive health supplements. Researchers have found that this strain can aid in the digestion of a wide variety of molecules, which suggests that it may help digestion along more than one pathway

Lactobacillus Casei
The beneficial bacteria Lactobacillus casei thrives in the intestines, where it produces numerous offspring and exerts its effects. Research indicates that L. casei can thrive in a broader range of acidity and temperature than other probiotic strains. For instance, it has a better chance of thriving in the digestive tract and surviving stomach acid. Researchers have found that L. casei and L. acidophilus, another component of BioFit, work together synergistically.

Lactobacillus Plantarium
When compared to other lactic acid bacteria, the genome of Lactobacillus plantarum is one of the largest. It is more resistant to other strains than others because, like Lactobacillus Casei, it can withstand a wide range of acidity levels as well as temperatures. L. plantarum is one of the strains that has been researched the most in the food and supplement industries, and there is a significant body of evidence that connects L. plantarum to healthy gut function.

Lactobacillus Acidophilus
The seventh and final strain of Lactobacillus found in BioFit, Lactobacillus acidophilus, has been specifically linked to weight loss. According to a number of studies, Lactobacillus acidophilus is involved in the manufacturing of the enzyme amylase. Amylase is a digestive enzyme that helps break down carbohydrates in the gut and the digestive tract. If you don't have enough of this digestive enzyme, you may experience bloating after eating foods high in carbohydrates. According to the manufacturer, Lactobacillus acidophilus promotes weight loss and overall gut health.

There are seven different probiotic strains included in BioFit. It's not uncommon to find only one or two varieties of a supplement or food item. BioFit's comprehensive solution to gut health and microbial optimization of good versus bad bacteria means that it may support extra gastrointestinal tract and weight loss benefits competing with other supplements despite using a lower dosage of CFUs than many of them.

BioFit Reviews Closing Remarks

Many users of the probiotic supplement claim that it assisted them in losing a significant amount of weight in a relatively short amount of time, which has led them to be generally optimistic about the product. After we examine the BioFit reviews that are linked to on the product's main website.

  • Jenny Hawkins of Florida says..."BioFit saves lives." I thought I'd never beach again. I can tan without shame. I'm eating more than ever and losing weight faster than I expected. Almost didn't buy it. I would have missed my best weight-loss chance...”

BioFit Pills - Pricing and Availability

You can purchase BioFit from the website that is officially associated with it. If you purchase BioFit from its official website , you will eliminate any risk of being a victim of a scam. The company offers free shipping as well as a money-back guarantee on empty bottles for a period of 180 days.
There are currently three distinct BioFit packages available for purchase. Here is a rundown of the specifics:
• One Bottle of BioFit (30-day serving): $59 + $9.99 Shipping
• Three bottles of BioFit (90-day serving): $49 Each + Free US Shipping
• Six Bottles of BioFit (180-day serving): $39 Each + Free US Shipping
Click Here to Buy BioFit From The Official Website with 180 Days Money Back Guarantee

BioFit Bonuses

The manufacturer, Natures Formula, has also included several bonuses to further enhance the BioFit experience for their clients. Here are the three bonuses that come with all your BioFit purchases through the official site:
The Truth About Dieting – A bonus ebook that shows users how they can manage to achieve massive weight loss while still enjoying their favorite delicious foods. It is all about how BioFit works and how it can help you attain and maintain that ideal weight while enjoying the process and not giving up your favorite foods.
Favorite Recipes: A bonus ebook that showcases top-notch recipes that taste great but will not make you gain weight. These recipes will augment your weight loss process as you will still eat tasty foods while losing weight.
Private Members Area: The final bonus is that all buyers are given access to the private, exclusive member’s area. You can find multiple great resources in the member’s area including recipes, guides, meal plans and other helpful information from your peers.

BioFit Refund Policy

BioFit provides a generous refund policy for its customers. Unlike the manufacturers of competing weight loss pills, those behind BioFit are positive about their product's efficacy. Each purchase of BioFit is backed by a 180-day, empty-bottle money-back guarantee.
Customers can request a refund if they are unsatisfied with the product's performance. Customers can get a full refund by sending an email to customer support at the following address, regardless of whether the product is unopened or used.
Email: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
Phone: 001-866-450-0608
Returns Address: Biofit 19655 E 35th Dr #100, Aurora, CO 80011, USA

BioFit Probiotic FAQs

Here are some of the common questions that most consumers have about BioFit:

Does BioFit cause side effects?
Nature’s Formulas has listed on its website that the BioFit supplement is made with safe and natural ingredients. They made this probiotic product with safety in mind, and it has undergone independent testing for purity, quality and safety by third party firms. Nevertheless, it is recommended to consult a doctor before you start taking any supplements, especially if you are also taking other prescription medications. Furthermore, nursing mothers and pregnant women should also discuss with physicians about taking this supplement.

How long should you take BioFit?
You should take one pill daily for at least six months to see good results. Sticking to that easy to follow schedule will give the probiotics enough space and time to work their magic on your gut.

How should you store BioFit?
BioFit clients are advised to store this supplement in its container in a cool and dry place. Although exposing these pills to moisture may make them a bit harder, Nature’s Formulas says that even moisture cannot affect the integrity and quality of this product.

How long does each bottle of BioFit last?
A bottle of BioFit comes with 30 pills to last you one month or 30 days. The recommended option for those interested in buying is the three months’ supply as it addresses severe gut issues and is convenient to use.

Does BioFit have an expiry date?
BioFit capsules are only valid for the first two years after the packaging date. You can easily see the expiry date prominently displayed on the bottle. If you can’t see that date on your order, you should contact customer service immediately.

Is BioFit vegan-friendly?
BioFit is made using water and hypromellose. These two ingredients are vegan-friendly.

How long does it take to get your BioFit order?
After placing your order on the Nature’s Formulas website, the company processes and ships your BioFit supplements within three or two days. You can expect to receive your order within five or seven business days. Nevertheless, BioFit availability is limited to Canada and U.S. clients only. Therefore, if you live outside these two regions then you won’t be able to get BioFit.
Click Here to Buy BioFit From The Official Website with 180 Days Money Back Guarantee
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Im not new to 40K…. Im like 87 books deep and a million YouTube hours. I just haven’t had the money for an army until I got sober a few years back.
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