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2023.06.01 05:07 gianlucaChan What was the name of a yuri oneshot about a little girl and a snowman turned into a girl?

it was a lonely girl who makes a snowman and wants to be more time with it, so a the snowman turns into a girl and spend a few days together, it was very cute but I dont remember the name.
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2023.06.01 04:40 Hashtronawt Wholelife THC20 Marshmallow OG

Wholelife THC20 Marshmallow OG
Just picked this up today, cost me $125 for $10 which I’m happy with especially given the quality, very dense and frosty buds. Have only had a very small toke just to try it and it’s already feeling super relaxing with a burst of euphoria and just general happiness. Can easily still focus and get stuff done while feeling really really calm and happy. Will be trying it more later tonight but I definitely feel like enough of it could put you to sleep happily.
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2023.06.01 03:10 QuadZillaMF Frost Cannabis - rotating strain - Khalifa mints… I would smoke it again.

Frost Cannabis - rotating strain - Khalifa mints… I would smoke it again.
I picked up this 3.5g Khalifa mints tonight for $37.95. When I opened the bag it smelled like minty earth little bit of a kushy tone to it. It was nice I was pleasantly surprised. Two big buds that were over weight. I squeezed them and they bounced back, good cure overall.
These were pretty dense buds and hard too. Super frosty. They had all the unique crevices still with their natural shape you see from a tight hand trim. Very nice.
The smoke hit. clean ash and Smooth, I couldn’t put it down lol. It had the same minty dank flavour all the way through with a decent resin ring.
I like it I’ll buy it again.
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2023.06.01 03:04 Beardydesert Frosty’s temporary enclosure 🌳 🐍 🫙. will it work for her? Do i need to change anything? I just installed the white lights, are they fine there? Thanks!

Frosty’s temporary enclosure 🌳 🐍 🫙. will it work for her? Do i need to change anything? I just installed the white lights, are they fine there? Thanks!
Ball python enclosure 🐍 🌱 🫙
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2023.06.01 02:04 deadpoolsdragon after about a year of trying to mod this game im about ready to give up

I have tried everything i tried using frosty download the mod set it up seems like its doing fine id boot up the game and the mod just woudnt be there. I tried using vortex and the same issue the mods are just not working and i have no idea why. I have a folder in my battlefront 2 file that the mods go but it just doesnt seen like its working so im on here for one last stich effort to maybe get it to work. Any help would be amazing. Thank you
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2023.06.01 01:57 bos420 Tang Breath * Cannafirm * May

Tang Breath * Cannafirm * May
Strain - Tang Breath (Cookies x Mendo Breath)
Visual/Texture - excellent bag appeal to these medium sized, conical spade shaped buds. Firm dense units being surrounded by crisp outer walls, and an interior lined by sticky resin. A beautiful vibrant violet shade being cast over the structures, sharing the real estate with medium emerald hues, having bright lime green undertones. Thicker bright fire orange hairs populate each nug, and completely covered by a healthy layered coating of frosty trichomes
Scent/Burn - a tantalizing terpene profile providing an essence proving difficult to pull away from. Greeted by vocal overtones of delicious tangy orange zest, along with sweet tropical citrus herbs. Taking inhales full of deep zesty orange tang, together with a sweet herbal citrus taste. The release turning more towards a sour cedar, while continuing to linger of sweet citrus tang. Smooth smoke producing a light greyish white ash with hints of pepper, leaving a trail of grease behind
High/Effects - Tang Breath is a flavor infested hybrid having a sativa tilted lean (70/30) opening up with a high that brings on an uplifting energy, encouraging motivation, while boosting the mind with a sharpened focus of cerebral enhancing clarity. A mood heightening euphoria and no accompanying burnout make this a perfect option to puff on first thing, or over the course of the day
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2023.06.01 01:23 Key_Significance_273 Let’s normalize wearing bold eyeshadow in public!

When people wear bold makeup, it doesn’t automatically mean that they’re seeking attention, insecure, or trying to fool the world.
If I have red and white eyeshadow blended together with false lashes and bright red lipstick, it just means that I love Inuyasha and wanted to channel my love for the character in some way
If I have blue and white eyeshadow blended together with false lashes and purple lipstick, it just means that I love Killua Zolduck from Hunter x Hunter
If have various shades of pink eyeshadow blended together with false lashes frosty pink lipstick, it just meant that I was in a princess-y type of mood.
Yes, I know there are times when those looks aren’t acceptable like in professional corporate work environments and funerals. But if you just see those kind of looks at a grocery store, a mall, or an arcade…….who gives a shit? How does it affect you?
Makeup is supposed to be a fun and a creative outlet and a way to express yourself. So, if that is a person’s way of expressing themselves, let them.
Hell, even if people do wear makeup out of insecurity….why make their insecurity worse with your judgement? Let them do stuff make them do stuff to make them feel better. It’s no different then older men wearing caps or tupees in order to hide their bald heads.
So just let people be
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2023.06.01 00:45 5aladknuckle5 Picking up my own scraps from goodwill... haha

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2023.05.31 22:29 free_30_day_trial Any of these worth anything besids cash value? Some person at the G.e gave me them and wouldn't tell me why the summer token one is expensive but won't sell

Any of these worth anything besids cash value? Some person at the G.e gave me them and wouldn't tell me why the summer token one is expensive but won't sell
Rainbow tele, rainbow pet, rainbow amulet,manaphos parasol, stack of presents,present head, Earhart the panguin, frosty Cerberus bow, manaphos beach where, wreath shield, summer prize token.
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2023.05.31 22:08 Salty_Credit1213 Recharging A/C make it colder?

The A/C in my car used to blow frosty cold, I almost never used the highest fan setting cause I would get too cold. A/C still works, it definitely blows cold air but not as cold as it used to get.
My question is: would recharging the A/C make the temp colder again? Or is recharging only when it blows warm/hot air, not cold at all?
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2023.05.31 21:58 Krtvxl Vespertine

The frosti to Aurora transition is so good
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2023.05.31 21:27 Profecionallystupid Respect Percy Jackson Thread Part 2 [All] (Long)

Awhile back I made a post about how powerful Percy and how powerful he is. If you want you can view it here. This is a part two of sorts and will feature:
Corrections to the original post, a debunk, Curse of Achilles, and Eye of Nekhbet, Tl;dr end.
I said that the explosion from the Mt. Saint Helens nearly killed him. However I reread this feat after it was pointed out that it was the exertion of power, not the explosion that nearly killed him. First the feat:
Afterward, I could never describe what happened. An explosion, a tidal wave, a whirlwind of power simultaneously catching me up and blasting me downward into the lava. Fire and water collided, superheated steam, and I shot upward from the heart of the volcano in a huge explosion, just one piece of flotsam thrown free by a million pounds of pressure. The last thing I remember before losing conscious was flying, flying so high Zeus would never have forgiven me, and then beginning to fall, smoke and fire and water streaming from me. I was a comet hurtling toward the earth. The Battle of the Labyrinth
Howerever, if you go forward a little bit you will read this.
That’s the last thing I wanted him to say. I hadn’t been in control of myself in that mountain. I’d released so much energy I’d almost vaporized myself, drained all the life out of me. The Battle of the Labyrinth
It drained him so much that he described it as draining him more than anything else he's ever done:
“Holy Poseidon,” I muttered. I looked as if I’d lost twenty pounds I couldn’t afford to lose. On the other hand, I really was weak. I couldn’t stay on my feet more than a few hours. Whatever I’d done in Mount St. Helens had drained me like nothing else I’d ever expected. The Battle of Labyrinth
However that wasn't an effect of the explosion, rather an effect from causing the explosion. So that increases his durability past what I originally said. Which I will recalculate after the next correction:
Percy reacting to the bullets. First, the quote:
They stepped from the trees on either side of the road. Instead of gray camouflage, they were now wearing blue New Mexico State Police uniforms...They drew their handguns The first skeleton fired. Time slowed down. I won't say I could see the bullet, but I could feel its path, the same way I felt water currents in the ocean. I deflected it off the edge of my blade and kept charging. Zoe and Bianca fired at their heads point-blank Six skeletons raised their guns. The other five came forward with batons. Fifty feet away. Forty feet... The other skeletons opened fire. I raised my lion coat for protection, but I didn't need it.
The Titan's Curse
Something I didn't think about was that the were equipped with New Mexico State Police equipment. Since they were using their gear, they were either using Smith & Wesson .357/.45 or the Glock 22/31. They both have have firing speed of 370-375 m/s.
The calculation for this feat was done here. u/FalseTrajectory calculated that it would require a reaction of 10.7 milliseconds to react to this speed. Which is a bit more inline with his lighting reaction feat. Which would require a reaction speed of 16 milliseconds.
Now for a corrected scaling. Here is what I originally said:
Scaling: So for durability, City level. While surviving the St. Helens explosion was impressive, it nearly killed him and Calypso had to nurse him back to health. Physical Strength is 4-5 tons. More than likely higher. Speed is also impressive and he is capable of running at well above peak human. His skills can't be scaled but are impressive. For his actual powers. He is definitely small mountain level. However, this one is debatable.
My First Post
For reaction, which I forgot to mention at all, I will say 10-16 milliseconds. Keep in mind that the average human can react at 250 milliseconds
And for the durability, it is getting buffed from city level to volcano level. I am going to move up to volcano level. The reason: he was still able to destroy Mt. Saint Helens. Mt. Saint Helens is a stratovolcano. They can get as tall as 10,000 feet (3048 meters). Mt. Saint Helens caps out at 9,677 feet (2,950 meters). The average volcano is 10000 ft or 3048 meters. So for that, I can say with confidence that he is volcano level.
And now, a debunk that is going to get me some hate: Percy can't blood bend. Yes, I know about him controlling the poison in Tartarus. And yes, he did that through controlling the water in the poison. However, he hasn't been shown to be able to control blood. And to be honest, we never will. I know it is a logical and easy jump to make, but for now that is only theoretical.
Next, Curse of Achilles Percy.
Since this is a amplified version of Percy, because of this, he scales above all of the previously mentioned feats. Although, an argument could be made that HoO feats shouldn't count, I say they should considering that was a Percy without the Curse, which amplifies his powers.
Some feats for this version of Percy:
It was the stupidest thing I've ever done. A hundred muskets fired at me, point blank. All of them missed. I crashed into their line and started hacking with Riptide. Bayonets jabbed. Swords slashed. Guns reloaded and fired. Nothing touched me. I whirled through the ranks, slashing redcoats to dust, one after the other. My mind went on autopilot: stab, dodge, cut, deflect, roll. Riptide was no longer a sword. It was an arc of pure destruction. I broke through the enemy line and leaped into the black chariot. Hades raised his staff. A bolt of dark energy shot toward me, but I deflected it off my blade and slammed into him. The god and I both tumbled out of the chariot. The next thing I knew, my knee was planted on Hades's chest. I was holding the collar of his royal robes in one fist, and the tip of my sword was poised right over his face. Silence. The army did nothing to defend their master. I glanced back and realized why. There was nothing left of them but weapons in the sand and piles of smoking, empty uniforms. I had destroyed them all. Hades swallowed. "Now, Jackson, listen here. . . ." He was immortal. There was no way I could kill him, but gods can be wounded. I knew that firsthand, and I figured a sword in the face wouldn't feel too good. "Just because I'm a nice person," I snarled, "I'll let you go. But first, tell me about that trap!" Hades melted into nothing, leaving me holding empty black robes. I cursed and got to my feet, breathing heavily. Now that the danger was over, I realized how tired I was. Every muscle in my body ached. I looked down at my clothes. They were slashed to pieces and full of bullet holes, but I was fine. Not a mark on me.
The Last Olympian
While he thinks that they were all missing, they were actually hitting him. He was just not registering it, and not only that, besides his clothes, he was unharmed.
He was temporarily able to fight Hyperion. Even causing the air to get charged with ozone:
I concentrated on the tidal wave and forced it to reverse. Just before impact, I jumped upward on a jet of water. "AHHHHH!" The waves smashed into Hyperion and he went under, his light extinguished. I landed on the lake's surface just as Hyperion struggled to his feet. His golden armor was dripping wet. His eyes no longer blazed, but they still looked murderous. "You will burn, Jackson!" he roared. Our swords met again and the air charged with ozone.
The Last Olympian
He was able to fight with Kronos and survive hits that shook the Williamsburg Bridge:
I met his first strike with Riptide. The impact shook the entire bridge, but I held my ground. Kronos's smile wavered. With a yell, I kicked his legs out from under him. His scythe skittered across the pavement. I stabbed downward, but he rolled aside and regained his footing. His scythe flew back to his hands.
The Last Olympian
He was even able to tank hits that break the cables of said bridge and was only mildly disorientated:
He struck the bridge with the butt of his scythe, and a wave of pure force blasted me backward. Cars went careening. Demigods—even Luke's own men—were blown off the edge of the bridge. Suspension cords whipped around, and I skidded halfway back to Manhattan. I got unsteadily to my feet.
The Last Olympian
Get sent back 300 yards (900 feet) by a blast from Hyperion with enough force to break every bone is his body if it weren't for the Curse of Achilles:
A wall of force slammed me through the air—just like the trick Kronos had pulled on the bridge. I sailed backward about three hundred yards and smashed into the ground. If it hadn't been for my new invulnerability, I would've broken every bone in my body.
The Last Olympian
The average 15 year old weighs 123.5 lb. (56.02 kg). It takes 4,000 N or 899.2358 ibs to break a human femur (it is the strongest bone in the human body and the impact would have broken all of his bones). That means he flew at a minimum of 3000 m/s. With this knowledge, we can calculate that the impact or 413172 pounds of force.
He was able to kill a Gorgon with a single slice of Riptide and later knock out another Gorgon with a single hit from a silver platter:
Gah!” Euryale stormed toward her sister. Percy took the opening. He grabbed Stheno’s platter, scattering poisoned Cheese ’n' Wieners, and slashed Riptide across Euryale's waist, cutting her in half. He raised the platter, and Stheno found herself facing her own greasy reflection. “Medusa!” she screamed. Her sister Euryale had crumbled to dust, but she was already starting to re-form, like a snowman un-melting. “Stheno, you fool!” she gurgled as her half-made face rose from the mound of dust. “That’s just your own reflection! Get him!” Percy slammed the metal tray on top of Stheno’s head, and she passed out cold.
The Son of Neptune
The same Gorgons was unscaved by a hit from a truck in the fast lane and getting dragged for a hundred yards:
“Gotcha!” shrieked Euryale. Percy turned as an arrow thudded into her forehead. Euryale tumbled into the fast lane. A truck slammed into her and carried her backward a hundred yards, but she just climbed over the cab, pulled the arrow out of her head, and launched back into the air…
The Son of Neptune
The average speed limit of a highway in California is 55m/h or 88.5139 k/h. The most common car to drive one the west coast of the US is the Toyota Tacoma. These can weigh anywhere from 3,915 to 4,550 lbs. Or 1775.8141 Kg to 2063.845. With all this knowledge we can calculate the force of impact would be around 263933 to 306742 lbf.
Eye of Nekhbet:
Being Nekhbet's Avatar gave him the access to thousands of years of knowledge:
Thousands of years of memories flooded my mind. I saw pyramids rising from the desert, the sun glittering on the Nile River. I heard priests chanting in the cool shadows of a temple, and smelled myrrh incense on the air. I soared over the cities of Ancient Egypt, circling the palace of the pharaoh. I was the vulture goddess Nekhbet—protector of the king, shield of the strong, scourge of the weak and dying.
Crown of Ptolemy
He is able to see on multiple layers of reality:
I saw layers of reality, like strata of glowing multicolored jelly, plunging down into infinity. On the surface, where the mortal and immortal worlds met, Setne was whipping the Duat into a storm—churning waves of color and frothy white plumes of smoke.
Crown of Ptolemy
He has enhanced strength:
I hefted the sword. Like so many I’d tried, it didn’t feel right in my hands. The hilt was too heavy for my wrist. The single-edged blade was curved awkwardly, like a giant hook knife. I tried a jab and nearly lost my balance. “This one doesn’t look like yours,” I told Carter. “Isn’t yours called a kopis?” “Mine is a khopesh,” Carter said. “The original Egyptian version. What you’re holding is a kopis…
Crown of Ptolemy (pre Eye of Nekhbet)
Setne, drop the crown.” I raised my kopis, which didn’t feel heavy with Nekhbet’s power flowing through me.
Crown of Ptolemy (post Eye of Nekhbet)
His reaction time is enhanced even further:
Thanks to Nekhbet, I realized what was going to happen a split second before it did, which saved our lives.
Crown of Ptolemy
He can tank an explosion capable of leveling a soccer field:
He strutted around the soccer field an black bell-bottomed slacks, a frilly white shirt, and a glittery purple trench coat-all of which clashed with his newly combined red and white crown.
Crown of Ptolemy
A ring of fire exploded outward from Setne.
A shell of purple light surrounded me, and the flames rolled harmlessly over translucent wings that that now extended on either side of me.
The Crown of Ptolemy
The fire blackened the entire field, instantly turning wet mud into steaming cracked clay.
The Crown of Ptolemy
The fire was so hot that it melted Celestial Bronze:
My new sword was a steaming line of bronze slag on the ground.
The Crown of Ptolemy
This Percy can fly:
Before Setne could finish casting his spell, I grabbed him in my spectral claws and carried him into the sky
The Last Olympian
Tl;dr: Percy has volcano level durability. He also volcano level powers. He can lift up 4-5 tons. He is faster than peak human. His skill is amazing.
Curse of Achilles Percy is even more powerful than base Percy so should be able to be moved up, however we never get the chance to see this (at its fullest) as Rick takes this away because it was to OP.
Eye of Nekhbet Percy is honestly, in my opinion, more powerful and has greater variety than CoA Percy.And of course, this is perhaps the most experienced Percy we see. However, Percy once again has this power taken away before it can be used to its fullest.
What are your thoughts? Has this post made you see Percy as weaker or stronger than you did before? What are your thoughts? Finally, who should I scale next?
Respect the Son Of The Sea, Percy Jackson!
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2023.05.31 20:35 thaaatguy [NM] SBD Mini Evo Typhoon - 66 @ $5

Spots@$Price: 66 @ $5 + Total+Price: $330
Make+and+Model: SBD Mini Evo Typhoon Purple Haze CF
Price+Justification: $350
Escrow: N
SBD mini evo typhoon. Reate production. Pretty cool knife. Looks great and has that oh so satisfying double clickity action. It’s had a few owners but appears it in great condition. Very small mark on the clip, and maybe a blemish or two on the blade, but nothing significant. Locks up solidly with no play. Comes with original box.
International+shipping: proxy only

PayPal Info: [REDACTED]

Tip BlobAndHisBoy
Number of vacant slots: 0
Number of unpaid users: 1
Number of unpaid slots: 7
This slot list is created and updated by The EDC Raffle Tool by BlobAndHisBoy.
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2023.05.31 19:44 Interesting_Serve_93 Slapz strain

Slapz strain
Stupid gassy nose and hella frosty if you haven’t tried this strain straight fire the high really sneaks up on you 🔥
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2023.05.31 19:42 Fig-630 High Times Judge kit for SoCal Cannabis Cup 2023

High Times Judge kit for SoCal Cannabis Cup 2023
At the high times dispensaries you can pick up one of these kits where you are given a lot of different companies to try. Judge on look, taste, smell, and high. I got the sativa flower kit. They do all kinds like flower, concentrates, edibles, or vapes kits.
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2023.05.31 19:32 tulpacat1 To Kill a Predator, Chapter 21

Hi everyone.
To Kill a Predator is a work of fan fiction set in the Nature of Predators universe originally created by SpacePaladin15 whose Patreon you should subscribe to.
This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. Depiction does not equal endorsement.
Hope you enjoy it!
[First] [Previous]
Memory transcription subject: Martin Russo, Human Refugee
Date [standardized human time]: November 30th, 2136

The truck slows to a stop once we’re in sight of the farmstead. From a distance it looks sort of like a large leaf or seashell or the likes, all smooth lines to deal with the occasional high winds. There’s a smaller one nearby, a couple of what look like debris huts, and a three-side lean-to that seems to act as a garage. It’s housing a few rusting hulks of the alien equivalents of farm machinery.
Jarkim and Slavik file out of the vehicle. The Venlil is clutching their weapon with a grim expression.
Mosun stretches as he gets up, grimacing a bit from the long and bumpy ride. “Whoo… So how do we do this?”
Jarkim’s about to open his beak when I speak up. I realize he has experience, but… this is about my Thiva. “Hanya should stay with our captive and the truck.”
Both the present Krakotl shoot me a dirty look, though I suspect for somewhat different reasons. Jarkim says “Yes, that’s a good idea. Hanya stays here with the flare gun. The rest of us should split into two-person teams, one weapon each, and start going through the outlying structures. The sheds, the garage, and the worker housing. We meet up by the windward side of the main house.”
Slavik tightens their grip on the gun. “Okay, but what do we do if we encounter anyone?”
“Tell them to drop. Make them if they won’t. We don’t want to kill anyone-”
Mosun chimes in with “Speak for yourself.”
“-but it’s easier to justify yourself to the courts than to Inatala. These people are hardened Exterminators; they won’t panic easily.”
“I’ll go with Mosun.” I load the rifle, and chamber a round. I should feel nervous. Or scared. Or even angry. But with everything that’s happened, I’m just numb. One way or another this will be over today and I can either process my emotions or I’ll be too dead to care.

I’ve got the sun at my back, but long-range visibility is poor. Crops and weeds and reeds are all grown tall, yet dry and yellowed from neglect. Mosun’s somewhere to my left, invisible but for the light fluttering of the tall stalks as he moves past.
I guess if I’m going to be doing this, I might as well do it with some sort of tiny ninja kung fu kangafox at my side.
I creep around the corner of the garage as quietly as I can. The front is away from the monodirectional wind, and that entire side open to the elements. At first glance there’s nothing but disused machinery and a couple of those monstrously large ‘Laysi’ spider-grasshopper-things. A few beetles scurry out from the nearest crop harvesting machine, disturbed from their upholstery buffet by my passing.
I carefully check behind and inside each vehicle. I move systematically and in silence. I realize I’m holding my breath, and have to breathe manually while performing my search.
The only thing of interest is an Exterminators’ van. It’s also the only thing in the garage not covered in dust and neglect.
I test the door – Locked.
I test the back door – Locked.
Mosun appears beside me, with a wicked look on his face. He holds up a long spike…
No, it’s one of Hanya’s quills. I hope he asked politely.
He wiggles it into the insulation in the window and slowly, carefully levers it back and forth as he works around the length of the window. Then he grabs with the edges of his claws at the top and, with a grunt of effort, pulls it down. Apparently the window’s lock used the foam of the upholstery somehow?
That probably wouldn’t work on any of the human cars, and I certainly wouldn’t have thought of it even if it did. Then again, what do I know about cars? I get in and I tell it the address and it drives me there. It’s not rocket science.
I hiss quietly as he climbs into the driver’s seat. “Do you know what you’re doing?”
“Yeah.” He again jams the quill into the car, this time right beside the steering. With some levering, he manages to pop it open and reveal a nest of cabling.
He starts tearing it out and cutting them into a mess. I realize I’ve been watching him instead of the surroundings and curse myself silently while keeping a look-out.
Stay frosty. That’s soldier talk, means to not let the pressure get to you. Stay frosty.
Mosun taps my hip with his claw as he slinks out of the window again. I give him a thumbs-up, and he gives me a quizzical expression in turn. Guess he doesn’t know that one.
I shake my head and motion forward, raising my rifle and moving to the next objective.

The workers’ house. One door. I get on one side of it. Mosun gets on the other. I motion for him to grab the handle, and hold up three fingers.
He nods, and I lower one. I lower another. I make a fist.
The door opens with a soft squeal and he lunges in first. I follow right behind and aim over his head.
It’s all just two large rooms. One has a series of bunk beds, and the other is a kitchen.
I see a pair of Venlil sleeping in two of the beds. If there was any doubt as to their allegiance, the uniforms and weapons right beside them would make it clear.
Mosun points to them. I nod. We advance slowly. The Yotul moves like a greased shadow, not making a single sound. I try to mimic the goofy-looking rolling heel-to-toe gait you see from soldiers in the movies, and find that it actually helps keep my aim steady and my steps silent as I advance.
Huh. Guess that part’s real.
My lips are dry and I’m holding my breath as we get closer. Ten meters. Eight. Six. Five.

A loud snapping sound from outside wakes the two up immediately and made me jump out of my skin. That’s either Slavik’s energy weapon, or something from the Liberators. Fuck.
I find myself shouting, brandishing my rifle threateningly at the two prone terrorists “Nobody move, stay where you are!”
There’s a brief pause.
At the second blast from outside, they both roll off their beds with admirable speed. With no time for deliberation, I fire.
The bullets tear through the far bed that one of them is hiding behind, and I hear a bleating scream of pain.
I adjust my aim to the other one and fire again as it lunges for its weapons. I lead too much, and I miss: A few sparks rise from the flamethrower as one of the shots impacts it. The Venlil jerks back.
I prepare to squeeze the trigger again when my hearing is filled with a loud screech, and pain lances up my arm.

I’m forced to drop the rifle as the bird, Karta, latches his talons onto me and tries to peck out my face with his beak. I end up kicking at him awkwardly, creating a bit of distance. The cloth on my right arm’s shredded, and he’s definitely cut it up a fair bit.
The rifle’s slid under a bed. Getting it out right now isn’t an option.
Was he sleeping in the fucking rafters?! Goddamn bird!
No. Calm. Close distance. Don’t let him catch a breath. You can last longer than he can. Human superpower.
He takes a couple of steps back. I shift into the closest approximation I have to a boxer’s form and move in with a couple of quick jerking moves. My left fist lashes out after both, testing the range. On the second I barely impact his beak, and he squawks and lashes out while staggering back.
Do your best, nothing fancy. Like Mosun said: Real fight isn’t the time to be learning.
I pursue. Another step, another left jab. Then another one. The last one catches him on a raised wing, and I give him a right hook to the side that sends tendrils of pain up my shoulder and makes him squawk out.
Oof. Less of that.
He lunges forward, talons arcing through the air. I’m forced to take another slash to the right arm as I step back, moving out of his range. His feathers flutter with a sound that’s oddly pleasant.
I hear Mosun screaming from someplace outside of the little bubble universe where the only things that exist are me and Karta. “C’mon, you piece of fuck! Yeah that’s right, not so easy when we fight back, is it?!”

Tunnel vision. Careful. Mind the footing.
I take a half-second to check my surroundings. Karta’s almost got me backed up into one of the beds, and I have to take a quick sideways step so I can move back again.
As soon as he stops and tries to take a breath, I lunge in low. I keep my right arm raised and use my left to strike straight at his torso. He takes a step back; I go after him.
Most of my blows don’t do anything, even the ones that connect are mostly light jabs. I’m running down the clock, giving neither of us time to get our bearings. I’m panting like a dog, chest heaving and heart hammering painfully. Sweat is running into my eyes and open mouth, and my limbs are screaming at me over the sudden exertion.
But he looks worse. As he lunges in he’s staggering, his raking slash is slow and telegraphed. I can block it with my upper arm. He tries to bite me with his beak, and I take a weaving step back. He kicks out and I jump back before lunging right in again on the outside of his extended leg and getting in a decent blow to his side. I hear a crack that’s probably a hollow rib.
Pressure. Predator. Persistence. Pursuit.
He slows down further. Every time he tries to take a deep breath I’m there, driving him back.
Like a wind-up toy. Winded. Winding down. Wounded.
I can barely think. I see him drop his guard. His eyes are glassy. I punch him in the beak with my left hand. It’s a good blow, I get the hip twist right. But I end up cutting my knuckles on the edge of the beak. He falls on his ass.
I jump him. My hands grab his skull. I pull up, then ram it into the floor. Again. Again. Again.
He stops moving.
If the entire exchange lasted five minutes, I’ll eat my hat. Breathing in deep gasps, the cold air makes my aching lungs cry out with relief. I fumble for my zip-ties and start trussing the bird up.
I dunno how alien bird circulation works. I don’t care. I tie him tightly.
Jesus Christ. I thought I was fit. I guess that’s not the same as fighting fit.

Hey, what about Mosun?
As soon as I have the thought, I look around frantically for my gun again. For a few seconds I’ve full-on forgotten which bed it was under and throw myself on the ground to get a snake-angle view of the scene.
I find the gun and snatch it up, rising at once to take in the larger scene.
One Venlil is on the ground, crying with pain. The other’s held in place by Mosun. He’s got its arm twisted up in the air in a painful-looking joint lock, and has forced it onto its knees.
I guess ‘Combat Dancing’ includes grappling techniques.
He’s giving me an amused look as he leverages his body weight to make the straining Venlil gasp with pain and stop struggling. “What took you so long?!”
I shake my head, still badly out of breath. “Bite me.”
“I think that’s your thing, predator!”
“I’ll never call you an uplift… or primitive… or whatever… if you don’t call me that.”
He doesn’t seem the least bit affronted. “Deal! Hey, check on the other one, would you?”

The other Venlil is whimpering on the ground, clutching its face. I see orange seeping through the fingers. The bedframe’s got two great big jagged holes in it.
“You shot me… oh Protector, y-you shot me…”
“Let me see.”
“N-No! Stay… Stay away!”
“You’re the evil bastard here, not me. Now look at me.”
It sobs a few times with pain and obeys. I feel wretched, but glance at the floor first. It’s got two holes in it too. I take a closer look at the Venlil’s face and ignore its fearful expression, focusing instead on the cuts. They all look shallow, but the Venlil can’t open its left eye.
“I think you’re fine. It’s just wood splinters.”
“H-How can you be so sure?!”
I feel calmer knowing that I haven’t killed anyone. Yet. “You’re still talking back at me, for one. Belly to the ground, paws on your head. What’s your name?”
The Venlil obediently turns onto her stomach. “S-Serni. Please just kill me. I-I-I don’t want to be sent to the farms.”
“…For fuck’s sake.” Take it by her stupid-ass logic, this isn’t the time to beat into the Exterminators’ skulls that we’re not a bunch of monsters. “I’m not working for the human government. You’ll be tried by Venlil courts. You’ll be treated like a terrorist piece of shit, not cattle.”
I zip tie her wrists together, and then work with Mosun to tie up the other Venlil – Vira – and get all three of the bastards out. I lift the now-conscious Krakotl and carry him, screeching and squawking at the indignity. Mosun takes the gun and marches the two Venlil out.
How come carrying this guy several hundred meters is less of a pain in the ass than fighting him for three minutes?

Once we deposit the lot of them with Hanya, I take my gun back. “That’s… Four. Jarkim’s team probably had positive contact, but we haven’t heard anything from him.”
Positive contact’. Christ. Using the lingo doesn’t make you a fucking soldier.
Mosun grimaces. “…So what do we do?”
Hanya simply says “Follow the plan. Go to the main house. If they’re not there, go in without them.” Her voice has no inflection to it, and she’s staring into the distance at nothing in particular. I’m a bit concerned she may be dissociating from the situation.
I shake my head. “…I’m going to try and call in some backup.”
Mosun pipes up at once. “Jarkim told us you weren’t affiliated with the UN.”
“And that you were operating alone.”
“Yep.” I smile at the man, and then bring out my pad. Hanya starts treating my wounds while I place a call.

The voice on the other end answers after just one ring. “McGinley.”
I force some cheer into my voice. “Hey, Martin Russo here. You guys got my email, right?”
I had sent a message to Robert McGinley, explaining everything and declaring my intentions as plainly as I could. I hadn’t bothered to check if he sent a response.
“Mister Russo, we-”
That sealing gel is applied to the cuts on my arm and I barely manage to stifle a hiss of pain into an impatient inhale. “Yes or no.”
“Great. Well me and one of the Exterminators found a Liberators hideout, and the gunfire’s already started. Trace the pad if you want to send some peacekeepers or whatever. It’s about your only chance to spin this.”
I hang up and toss the pad in the truck before turning to explain to the remainder of the posse. Hanya in particular looks shocked at how I treated the phone call.
“See, the UN is under literally no obligation to help me. But now they’ve only got one chance to control the narrative, and it’s to get their boots on the ground here. Let’s go, Mosun.”
I turn and start heading to the main house. After a few seconds, Mosun starts cackling with glee and running after.
Four down, three to go.
I just hope Jarkim and Slavik are alright.
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2023.05.31 19:17 nezbla Thoughts about my thoughts on performance / alerting metrics?

Curious for some feedback from folks, I was laid off a few weeks back and find myself dealing with the whole process of recruitment.
Something I consider a significant success that I like to talk about in interviews was writing a whole slew of "synthetic user transactions" as a method of gauging platform health.
That involved working with the app developers to plumb transaction time values for things like login, password reset, interaction X or Y as part of the API call responses.I came about with about 15 of them which fired every few minutes (or in some cases more regular) as a much more effective way to gauge how the entire system was working as opposed to "CPU High 90% - call Pagerduty".
I was (I guess I still am) quite proud of that as a monitoring solution. They were just AWS lambda functions performing tasks and checking the response times - but in that particular case it made it so much easier to identify what was bottle-necking and or "crapped out".
Thing is, I've had some fairly frosty reception to that when explaining it to recruiters / hiring managers and I'm wondering if I've missed something?
My take has long been, if you're paying for an instance of it's fine for it to hit it's peak CPU / memory / cache / whatever, you're paying for that - I'd care more about if the user experience is suddenly gone terrible?
I appreciate this is more of an SRE question.
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2023.05.31 19:16 ThePainStation Jealousy 3.5g $20 19% thc

Jealousy 3.5g $20 19% thc
Bud could be trimmed at the base a. But more. Stems are very thin in this batch but frosty with some nice orange peaks. The smell is very mild. Almost scentless and smokes nicely. Taste like almost nothing too. Slight slight woody taste and smell.
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2023.05.31 17:48 Wasabicookiez QUITTING ADOPT ME SELLING ALL FOR PAYPAL! (Neons, Flying, Shadow Dragon!)

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. I am quitting adopt me and selling all my pets. I will ONLY be doing these through Paypal Friends/Family and ONLY using a verified MM mod on the subreddit. YOU MUST COMMENT HERE FIRST! IF YOU DM ME WITHOUT COMMENTING HERE FIRST I WILL NOT DO BUSINESS WITH YOU! I will be giving my pets to the MM and you MUST send me payment directly. Offers are hesitant but feel free to try anyway. I am willing to give bundle deals for people who buy multiple things!
WILLING TO SELL EVERYTHING LISTED HERE FOR $600 (You get an over $50 discount!)
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2023.05.31 17:47 grnrngr Historically, After Wars Are Won, the Victors Engage In Internal Reckonings. The War of Klein Is Over... Are Bygones left to be between ACB & LARS et. al., or... is a Reckoning Due?

Does LARS wish to poach ACB Members? Will ACB Members protest their leadership's decisions? Will the two groups grow frosty and disengage with each other for a bit? Will disagreements become more vocal?
Thoughts from ACB folk who didn't cross the picket line?
Thoughts from LARS folks who didn't cross the picket line?
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2023.05.31 17:41 Orphandestroyer98 The Lodge 2

Memory transcript subject: Erim, lieutenant of the Kratotl extermination fleet Date: [standardized human time] October 19th, 2136
I woke up and got up from the couch. I looked around and saw my dad sleeping on a chair. I walked nervously into the kitchen where I saw the predator eating something between two buns.
The human heard me and put the food back into the plate. He then turned around and looked at me.
“Good morning go get something to eat from the fridge” he pointed at the white box container near an oven and a couple cabinets.
“I-I Uh c-can’t have m-m-meat you know?” I looked nervously at the old human. He once again stopped eating and looked at me with those nightmarish eyes.
“There other foods in there you dumbass, don’t you know humans are omnivores. Oh wait you wouldn’t because your too busy burning fucking children then having the time to actually research what the hell your doing!” I jumped back in fear at the elderly human. He banged his cane on the floor. He ripped a chunk out of his food and swallowed.
I nervously opened the fridge and saw what was inside. There were multiple drinks of the brown bottles. Some juice was also inside. So much meat of all different kinds, I almost puked at the sight.
I grabbed some of the weird of the fruit and brought it over to the table and nervously sat down in a chair. I examined the weird orange and red fruits infront of me.
I took a bite of the weird red fruit. It was juicy and delicious. I then took a bite of the round orange fruit. Wow that actually burned slightly. It was a citrusy taste for sure but wow.
I looked over at the predator Sean nervously. He kept chewing on the weird food in his hands.
“W-what are you e-eating?” The human looked up from his food.
“A breakfast sandwich” the human than took another bite out of the sandwich.
“What’s in it?”
“Cheese, sausage and fried eggs” I stopped eating right there and then. Did he just say eggs!? They eat fucking children!
I got from my chair fast and ran. The human got pissed and got up after me.
“GOD FUCKING DAMN IT THEY’RE NOT FERTILE YOU BIRD BRAIN GET BACK HERE!” I jumped off the walls dodging the human.
After going on for a while I got tired and the human grabbed me. He then set me down on a chair and looked at me.
“Just because I eat eggs doesn’t mean I eat babies!, you have understand this!” I trembled in fear at the predator yelling at me.
After explaining why he was eating eggs he sent me back to the living room where I watched tv for a couple hours till my dad woke up.
“Hey son you ok?” I looked at my father and nodded we then turned our attention towards the tv. It was some weird show about animal rescues or I think it was.
The human on the screen went into a murky water pond and stood on something before grabbing it from underneath his feet. He pulled it out of the water and it was some shelled reptile.
The poor prey animal was being held by the tail while the human was screaming something about wild action.
“Hey come on” we both looked at the human who was in the doorway. We nervously got up and followed. We walked into the garage and he had some bag connected to this weird vehicle.
“Get on” he sat on the weird vehicle obviously meant for snow. Me and my father than walked up and sat behind him.
The predator started the engine and we went flying through the snow. He then soon went into a forest dodging trees and rocks.
He then stopped and got off the vehicle and grabbed his bag. He unzipped it and pulled out a rifle with a scope on it.
“Come on an be quiet” we followed the hunter as slowly as possible and as quiet as we could possibly be.
He then stopped and aimed his rifle at something near the trees. I tried to focus on what he was aiming at and saw it was a brown prey animal with antlers.
He took in a breath and then held it for a couple seconds. I was going to try and stop him when.
A loud crack went through the air as the recoiled of the rifle hit the hunters shoulder. The creature was shot in the heart area and fell down after limping.
The human slowly walked over to the creature who was bleeding onto the snow. Me and dad followed him till we could see the whites of its eyes.
“Ah damn things still moving. Give me a second” Sean pulled out a big knife and kneeled down to the creature. He then punctured the throat of the creature ending its suffering.
Sean then grabbed the creature and heaved it onto his shoulder and carried it back to the vehicle. He tied the corpse to the back of his vehicle and got on.
Me and father then sat behind the human and he started to head back to the lodge.
We were in a snowy clearing when the human suddenly stopped.
“Why did we s-“ the human covered my beak to shut me up and pointed at something in the snow. I focused on it and saw it.
It was massive. A completely white predator as white as the snow. It looked like an albino Zurulian giant. One of its eye holes had a crater in them.
“A polar bear, and I know this one. It’s old one eye” the frosty air came off of the humans mouth whenever he spoke.
“Bastard killed my friend while back. Wonderful guy Navajo too” the polar bear walked around in the snow appearing to not notice us.
“We’ll come back for him some other time” the human started the engine again and raced back towards the lodge.
We soon arrived and he parked the vehicle outside while we headed in.
He brought the corpse inside and put it on a table. He then went to the kitchen and grabbed a couple knives and cleavers.
I watched nervously as the human took this huge knife and took off the antlers. He then looked over to me and dad.
“Come on then I can’t do this by myself” we nervously walked up to the human and he handed us a knife and a cleaver.
“Let’s get to skinning and carving!” I looked at the shine in the cleaver. Seeing my blue feathers reflecting back at me.
The human took the knife and started to skin the creature. He then pulled off the pelt and set it aside.
I looked at the red flesh of the poor creature. Such an awful way to go it was.
We spent hours hacking up the meat and organizing it. The human grabbed all the bones and put them in a bag which he put in the garage.
He wrapped all the meat up in tight bags and put them in a freezer.
He made us then go feed some plants to Ciran which we immediately did. Luckily the Harchen was still asleep so he wouldn’t have to see this.
Sean then told us to go rinse the blood off our feathers. We went into the showers and rinsed almost every piece of flesh and blood right off.
When we were done we walked into the living room and sat down on the couch to watch the tv.
I thought to myself if I would ever see my mom and my sister ever again.
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2023.05.31 17:37 itsjustjosh95 All done just curing

All done just curing
Nobody told me that trimming takes a life time lol at the end of it all I got six ounces of frosty white widow. Thanks for all the help on this sub appreciate it!!
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