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Cute to Brute perceived value?

2023.05.16 03:01 GhostCheese Cute to Brute perceived value?
the 150 dollar cute to brute commander deck has some unique art bolas cards and some other popular commander cards.
has anyone analyzed the potential value of this deck?
edit: I put it in moxfield deck builder and it looks like standard art versions comes out to around 344.48 with 6 of them worth over 10 each. plenty of cards that land between 5 and 10. not sure if only the cards shown have special art.
oh looks like theres an article, must not have been indexed yet:

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2023.05.13 02:03 Emilia_Roo Question about Taxes for TCG Trade-in

hello people of mtgfinance, ill get to the point.
im not a card flipper or someone trying to flip cards and be a seller, I'm taking the collection ive built over the last 7 or so years and trading a lot of it into TCG because i have no real interest in playing anymore. im only making this one sale to TCG and im kind of confused about the taxes. it'll be 87 items coming in at $999.80.
ive never really done taxes as I don't have a job and my family kinda lives off EBT and my dad's Disability, so im not sure how to go about this in terms of: how much do i need to save to pay, how can i reduce my tax number(ive definitely spent more than 1000 dollars on mtg in the last 7 years but idk if that matters)
im gonna use the money to buy a PC but i dont wanna spend it all obviously as i have no job so id have no way to pay the taxes on it
thank you for reading this way too long post and im sorry
edit: heres the post im referring to TCG Taxes
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2023.05.05 17:21 DannyFnLanza What is DanDan?

Dandan (or Forgetful Fish) is an 80-card, shared deck format. Both players play off the same deck and share the same graveyard. Other than that, the rest of the game is played with typical Magic rules: take your opponent from 20 to zero or deck them (which is certainly challenging with a shared deck!). Most notably, the "shared deck and graveyard" part is where things get interesting.
Games take anywhere from five to 15 minutes, depending on the skill level of players. It all fits in one deck box so it's easy to bring to a FNM, tournament or even a casual Commander night if you can't scrounge up four players (or get an awkward number like six). In fact, you only need two six-sided dice to keep track of life totals, since all damage is dealt in increments of four. Just mark down every Dandân hit starting from five! I affectionately call this "Dandân infect" or "Dan-damage." - Article written by TCGPlayer:
The Deck: Forgetful Fish
4 Accumulated Knowledge
2 Brainstorm
2 Crystal Spray
10 Dandân
2 Diminishing Returns
2 Halimar Depths
18 Island
2 Izzet Boilerworks
2 Lonely Sandbar
8 Memory Lapse
2 Metamorphose
2 Mystic Retrieval
2 Mystic Sanctuary
2 Piracy Charm
2 Predict
2 Ray of Command
2 Remote Isle
2 Supplant Form
2 Svyelunite Temple
2 Telling Time
2 Temple of Epiphany
2 Thought Scour
2 Unsubstantiate
2 Vision Charm
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2023.05.01 12:59 SkyDragon_0214 What are your thoughts on custom YCS/Worlds Prize cards?

What are your thoughts on custom YCS/Worlds Prize cards?
Let's start with what Prize cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! are. Prize cards are currently special cards won by those who place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in Yugioh Championship Series or World Championships.

World Championship Prize Cards
Prize cards from the World Championships have been for the most part Match Winners. Basically Match Winners are monster cards with the effect to win an entire Match all at once by bringing your opponent's lifepoints to 0 with an attack from said monster.
The reason why they are mostly match winners is due largely to the fact that tournament-legal cards such as Kanan the Swordmistress, Sengenjin, and Firewing Pegasus(among others) have been released alongside these special card prizes.
Prize cards from the Yugioh Championship Series(originally Shonen Jump Championship Series)however, offers tournament-legal prize cards years ahead of their general release. Examples of this include Cyber-Stein, Doomcaliber Knight, and the old favorite, Crush Card Virus.
Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series Prize Cards
As seen here in this TCGPlayer article, there's a method to how the World Championship Prize cards are made.
The TCGPlayer article here:
Goes over a history of prize cards for the Yugioh Championship series, but from what I've been able to find, there's not as much of a structure to designing these rewards as much as the World Championship series has.
This got me to thinking... what if you could design your own tournament-legal prize card, rather then one that's been pre-determined?
You could make support for your favorite archetype. You could make another Tyler the Great Warrior card, except with you and your ideas. Or you could have the anime card you've always wanted, printed by Konami into reality as a tournament-legal card.
There would have to be rules, however.
The rules I've come up with so far is:
  1. All prize cards are one-offs and can NEVER BE MADE AGAIN.
  2. Only given to first place.
  3. No Auto-Win cards. For example, add all 5 pieces of Exodia to your hand, add all pieces of F.I.N.A.L. to your hand and put them on the field, banish your opponents' deck, disqualify your opponent from the tournament... etc. etc.
  4. Must be SAFE FOR WORK!!!!
Additional Rules that could be added on for those who aren't as onboard would be:
  1. It's banned from usage at YCS and WCS events. Locals are ok, but can choose to ban it if they want.
  2. Could be subject to the banlist at some point.
  3. Make it balanced, and not so overpowering.
What's your take on this? Would the idea of making your own custom card as the prize for winning 1st make those of you more motivated to attend? Do you abhor this idea and want to stick this idea in the farthest recesses of the universe, never to be seen again?
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2023.04.27 22:42 Caljoones An Ode to Magic's Most Forgetful Fish: How an innocuous 4/1 warmed the hearts of many.

Everybody is writing about DanDan these days and I figured it was finally my turn, as the person who first exposed so many to it at CommandFest Richmond who went on to spread the word to others.
This week on TCGPlayer Infinite, I'm sharing a few thoughts on what I think makes Forgetful Fish awesome.
Part of what makes it such an interesting way to play Magic? It breaks the rules and it's flexible, inviting you to make your own small changes and tweaks along the way. Heck, some people take it even farther than that. But that's for next week's article. :)
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2023.04.25 06:26 CrestfallenAtreyu [US-PA] [H] Mathmech deck and small collection Meta Staples [W] PayPal

Hey all. Looking to sell my MM deck as well as my major staples as I'll be on hiatus with the game for a bit.
Looking to sell all to ONE person. Unwilling currently to break anything up. Looking for 85% lowest verified TCGPlayer.
Sales 4/24/2023 - Imgur

Mathmech Superfactorial x2 $18
Mathmech Sigma x2 $18
Mathmech Equation $6
Mathmech Subtraction x2 $8
PSY-Framegear Gamma x3 $27

Effect Veiler x3 $12
Ash Blossom (Prismatic) x3 $30
Infinite Impermanence x3 $45
Nibiru (Prismatic) x3 $27
Cynet Mining x3 (Ultra) $15
Small World Prismatic x3 $15
Raigeki (Prismatic) x2 $8

Parallel EXceed (Prismatic) x3 $12
Solemn Judgment x3 $9
Twin Twisters (Secret) x3 $13
Harpie's Feather Duster (Super) $3
Evenly Matched (Super) x3 $16
Jizukiru (Super) $6

Gold Unicorn $3
Gold IP Masquerena $14
UR Apollousa $8
Accesscode BLCR Secret $35

Anything not listed here is included for free. (Diameter, Circular, Wickkid, ect)

Total $348 - 15% = $295 (not including fees. You handle the fee, I will handle the shipping!)
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2023.04.13 19:09 StereotypicalSupport 11 Ultra Budget decks for $15 each

All prices are using TCGPlayer cheapest not including the commander themselves as that would massively limit what types of decks you could pick. Using Cardkingdom for really budget decks doesn’t actually work because of the $0.25 minimum per card and being more expensive overall, if you insist on CK they come out somewhere between $25-$35.
At the time of writing the average cost of a maindeck is $13.51, jumping up to $17.87 with the commander included. However this jump is mostly just Purphoros being $24 on his own, if you remove the Purphoros deck entirely the averages are $13.48 and $15.88 respectively. All 11 of them would set you back less than $200 including the commanders and would give a good range of playstyles and deck strengths.
Following are the links to the decks, the main game plan and a couple of key cards. Disclaimer I have not played all of these decks, but they should all work to varying degrees of success. They all have a plan and a decent collection of removal to make an impact in games.
Belbe Chonkies - [[Belbe, Corrupted Observer]] Excels at pumping out vast amounts of colourless mana very quickly. While it is a symmetrical effect, very few decks will be able to A. Consistently deal damage to all opponents and B. Have cards where having large amounts of colourless mana is useful. When you are building a deck around it, it gets very silly very quickly. Perfect curve is 1 mana damage dealer like [[Mardu Shadowspear]] on turn 1, Belbe on turn 2 to generate 6 colourless in your 2nd main and drop some scary artifact like [[God-Pharaoh's Statue]]. There are a lot of redundant pieces for both of these so you can somewhat consistently do it. If that fails you are still just a ramp decks with a high density of really large drops and the mana to play them.
Brago Flicker - [[Brago, King Eternal]] Lets you drown in value with even really cheap ETB pieces. You'll want to drop some ramp on turn 2 into Brago on turn 3, then start dropping your ETB pieces and swinging with Brago from turn 4. Most pieces fall into 1 of 3 categories, Card Advantage, Board Presence and Interaction. I really like Saga's in particular as it lets you cycle continuously between the 1st and 2nd stage without ever needing to sacrifice it. There is a respectable suite of counterspells to protect your board however due to budget most are not hard counters so you could definitely make upgrades there. Notable cards are [[Strionic Resonator]] which along with a way to generate 2 mana on ETB lets you get infinite Brago triggers, depending on your other permanents this could mean infinite mana, infinite life, infinite 3/3's, all the lands in your deck on the battlefield, drawing your deck and killing/bouncing all opponents permanents. [[Scroll of Fate]] is a fun one. Not only can you manifest twice a turn by flickering the Scroll to untap it, but flickering a manifest token returns it to the battlefield face up, just don't flicker your non-permanents as they will stay in exile forever.
Feather Voltron - [[Feather, the Redeemed]] It wouldn't be a budget post without Feather on the list (and some more we'll get to later). I have never in my life played against a more annoying deck than Feather, it feels so helpless unless you and your other opponents co-ordinate your removal shortly after she comes down. Important thing with this deck is make sure you always have 1 piece of protection available. The rest of your mana should be spent drawing cards with cantrips that target your creatures, removing opponents pieces with spells that target your creatures and making Feather big enough to kill people. All-star of the deck is [[Reckless Rage]] for repeated removal and [[Boon of Safety]] which can stack up plenty of Shield Counters.
Kiki-Jiki Polymorph Combo - [[Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker]] I'll be honest, this one is pretty silly and I'm not convinced it will even work, particularly against competent opponents who will see you coming a mile away. It takes the concept of a glass cannon and goes "But what if the glass was pre-scored to break easier". The only win cons in this deck are the 2 creatures [[Zealous Conscripts]], then there are 3 [[Transmogrify]] effects to turn a token into one of the aforementioned creatures. Other than that you have small tokens to enable to polymorphs, cycle/impulsive draw, interaction and ramp/rituals. This deck was more an experiment, I wouldn't recommend making it unless you want a joke deck. Even if you make the combo work it isn't particularly inspiring, the deck plays itself until you win or get stopped.
Magda Clock Combo - [[Magda, Brazen Outlaw]] This is the cheapest of all the decks in this post and may well be one of the strongest. It follows the same strategy as a normal Magda list, run small Dwarves and ways to tap them until you create enough treasures to tutor your infinite combo with [[Clock of Omens]] and an Artifact Dwarf. I won't explain the full combo here but it is listed in the Primer. This deck does not use the standard combo as the cards required push us a little over the $15 budget, our combo uses the same number of cards and requires the same setup of Magda + 10 Treasures, but the cards are a little less useful in the non-combo context. Would not recommend for MTGO players, so many mouse clicks even just to reveal what the combo is let alone if one of your opponents wants you to play it out.
Malcolm/Kediss Storm -[[Malcolm, Keen-Eyed Navigator]]/[[Kediss, Emberclaw Familiar]] I genuinely think this is one of the strongest and interesting budget commander combos that exists. I cannot take credit as I didn't think of this one, it was played against me by my friend who has a $30 version and I just pushed it a little further to $15. Just the commander combo is very strong, assuming you curve them both out you will have 7 mana on turn 4. This gives you a lot of agency to pivot depending on the game state, you can draw some cards with the many cantrips/cycles, you can hold up some interaction or you can go straight for one of the many combos. The 3 main combos can be found in the Primer and for most of them there are plenty of redundant pieces, because of this your opponents will quickly learn that they cannot pass going into your turn 4 without mana/interaction up, the deck quickly demands respect.
Niv-Mizzet Storm - [[Niv-Mizzet, Parun]] A similar deck to the above but is a little more value centred over being a primarily combo deck. You still run the [[Curiosity]] combo to close out games but you can reasonably win with this deck through storming off with outlets like [[Guttersnipe]] or [[Sorcerer Class]]. Landing Niv could be a struggle with a basic only mana base which is why all mana rocks produce colours to help out, but once Niv is out you are cooking with gas. Similar to Feather above I wouldn't run them out without protection because they are so powerful once they land and will likely be the removal magnet of the table.
Purphoros Burn - [[Purphoros, God of the Forge]] Is one of my favourite commanders out there, I thinking having an Aggro deck in your regular playgroups that is capable of ending games pretty quickly keeps your opponents honest with how they make their decks. Purphoros being fairly resilient and coming down fairly reliably on turn 3 (with some ramp) means you can very quickly apply a clock to your opponents before they can develop their value engines. Some cards in the deck that I think are underutilised in Purphoros are the Myriad creatures (particularly [[Elturel Survivors]]) and [[Wildfire Elemental]] which can turn all of your tokens into big threats. And a quick shout out to my boy [[Norin the Wary]], opponents will learn to fear the coward.
Uril Voltron - [[Uril, the Miststalker]] One of my favourite budget Voltron commanders as it has Hexproof already so we don't need to spend so much budget on protection and has it's own pump ability to make any low MV Aura's worth including. 5 mana is a little more than I'd like to be paying for the basis of my game plan but we are at least in Green to help us get there. Once they've landed we can start drawing cards with Enchantress effects and pumping Uril enough to swiftly knock out opponents. There are a few backup creatures in case Uril becomes too expensive, [[Stangg, Echo Warrior]] to generate a load of value and deal some damage is one of the better ones.
Yuriko Burn - [[Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow]] Here we have our 2nd gimme for a budget commander list. Nothing particularly special here, just your normal Yuriko list with evasive creatures, decent Ninja's, some large MV bombs and a massive amount of interaction. Only ever keep hands with 2 lands and a 1 drop, I'd mulligan aggressively for it and you can recover no matter how many cards you started with. You don't need that much protection, people just won't want to remove Yuriko or your low drops as they deem them unworthy of removal, even if they do the absurdity of Commander Ninjitsu means you'll be back again soon enough. Of the large MV cards I've tried to make them actually reasonably castable, they usually have some cost reduction like Delve, have a useful Adventure/Channel ability or are split cards.
Winota Aggro - [[Winota, Joiner of Forces]] People may well have seen this decklist before as I posted it a couple of months ago. Won't put too much information here but there is a link to that post here. Needless to say not a lot has changed in 3 months, deck still slaps.
I've been enjoying making all of these so will probably keep adding more, I do need some more variety in colour as it is very over reliant on Red (8 of 11) and Green/Black are underrepresented (2 each of 11). Potentially a little too many combo decks as well which doesn't really mesh with a lot of playgrounds.
I think [[Tergrid, God of Fright]] might be next just in case anyone wants to not spend a lot of money and lose friends. Or one of the Green "Choose a Background" commanders, maybe [[Durnan of the Yawning Portal]] and [[Guild Artisan]].
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2023.04.10 02:06 euphgang [USA-PA] [H] Starlight Lady Labrynth, Starlight Mitsu, Ulti Fenrir, Staples, Misc. Cards, Battle Pack 3 Playmat (Heralds), DUPO Playmat [W] Paypal, List

Trying to put together a new deck for (and help fund my trip to) YCS Philadelphia!
Looking to get 85% TCGPlayer lowest verified + Paypal fees/shipping for the cards (USD), $25 for the Battle Pack mat, and $15 for the DUPO mat.
Anything over $40 will be shipped in a bubble mailer with tracking, under $40 will be an extra $3 for tracking. No orders under $1 please.
Prices are 100% negotiable and I’d be happy to post close-ups of individual cards if need be.
Looking for:
2x Runick Fountain
2x Runick Tip
2x Hugin the Runick Wings
2x Geri the Runick Fangs
1x Munin the Runick Wings
3x Runick Flashing Fire
3x Runick Destruction
3x Runick Slumber
3x Runick Freezing Curses
1x Accel Synchro Stardust Dragon
3x Crossout Designator
1x Infinite Impermanence (Ultra Rare)
2x Kurikara Divincarnate
3x Pot of Prosperity
3x Nimble Beaver
1x Spright Red
1x Mannequin Cat
2x Kris the Crack of Dawn
1x Karma Cannon
BP03 Mat
Starlight Lady Labrynth
Starlight Mitsu
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2023.03.25 15:30 Successful_Cut5317 Card-Card Fruit

The Card-Card Fruit is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that grants the user the ability to create and transform people, powers, and objects into trading cards. The cards contain information about what is stored within them, and the user can temporarily summon them from the cards to utilize their abilities.



  1. The user must follow specific rules when summoning and using the cards, including the energy required to summon and the wait time before they can be ordered to attack.
  2. The user must have physical contact with a person, power, or object to transform them into a card.
  3. The cards can be destroyed or damaged, making it difficult or impossible to summon their contents.
  4. The user is vulnerable while transforming themselves or others into cards.


The user's awakening ability allows them to create and transform entire environments into trading cards. This ability can be used to temporarily store and transport entire cities or battlefields, but it requires a massive amount of energy and can only be used for a short amount of time. Using this ability puts a tremendous strain on the user's body, making it dangerous to use unless absolutely necessary.
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2023.03.23 20:49 Crashed_Computer LGS hosting a budget restriction 1v1 cEDH tournament, need advice

Hi, unfortunately I am very new to cEDH, but I've been an EDH player since 2016 and I've always kept one eye on the cEDH meta so I understand some of the basics. However, I am feeling a bit of a predicament. My lgs is hosting a tournament in two months for 1v1 cEDH. I mostly need help getting some direction in how to go about building a deck for this. Below is all the relevant context.
Obviously this skews the meta away from the more multiplayer aspect of the format, in ways such as I won't be able to rely on an opponent to counterspell the other opponent's combo piece on the stack.
Furthermore they've placed a budget restriction to prevent the more financially established players from walking away with the win. The budget limit is $300 total, and is based off of the tcgplayer listed pricing for nm English print of the cheapest print.
Finally the last piece of context is that there is a ban and restricted list. Ban means not allowed period and restricted means it cannot be a commander. The only ban is thassa's oracle. The restricted list includes:
Arahbo, Roar of the World Baral, Chief of Compliance Breya, Etherium Shaper Derevi, Empyrial Tactician Edgar Markov Inalla, Archmage Ritualist Kenrith, The Returned King Light-Paws, Emperor's Voice Oloro, Ageless Ascetic Tasigur, the Golden Fang Thrasios, Triton Hero Urza, Lord High Artificer
Notably, Kinnan Bonder Prodigy and Shorikai, Genesis Engine are not on this list despite the committee saying they were going to try to avoid any two card infinite combos with the commander, and other highly oppressive strategies (such as baral chief of compliance).
My questions here are 1) how worried should I be about a kinnan/shorikai meta forming 2) any good advice for someone that has never played cEDH before (i.e. interactions that are common in cEDH but nowhere else, traps, deck ideas etc) 3) any good resources to help me brewing a deck for this? 4) do I just bite the bullet and build kinnan basalt?
I appreciate any constructive advice feedback and comments!
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2023.03.19 20:48 BlazeSC How cheap could you go with EDH and still compete with modern precons?

I recently stumbled across some $1 total (with some fluctuation) EDH decks: Charix, Shanna, Eutropia and Some Others.
I'm trying to figure out what the strength of these would be, and if they would be on par with recent precon decks both in terms of strength and upgradeability.
If they would be weaker than a precon deck, then what do you think the minimum amount is that you could spend on an EDH deck that would compete with them?
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2023.03.19 01:38 Petalfiles [US-CA] [H]Kashtira Core, Runick Naturia Core, ulti blue, Mp22 Droplet, MAMA Imperm, etc[W]85% TCG

Looking for 85% tcgplayer. Willing to split ed from cores if its non archetype. Will cover tracking on cores. Minimum $10 for sale.
Singles List:
TOCH Gamma
Water Enchantress
MAMA Infinite Impermanence
MP22 Droplet
Blazing Cartesia
Gigantic Champion Sargas
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2023.03.12 20:32 Artman_12 How can I boost my deck without "destroying" it?

I'm a returning player after about 20 years. I started back with Duel Links, and then decided to try out the physical game again. I've been having a lot of fun.
I run pure Galaxy-Eyes, using Loukas Peterson of TCGInfinite's deck recipe ( with a few alterations/temporary solutions. I'm missing one Galaxy Hundred, and I don't have any Galaxy Photon Dragon yet. I also intend to only run one of them (unless I'm missing the poibt of running two). I also only run one copy of Number 90, mostly due to its price. I have three copies of Infinite Impermanence and Book of Eclipse on the way to help counter Kashtira. I added in a Nibiru and swapped my two Tachyon Transmigrations for Ash Blossoms.
I have a lot of fun playing this deck, I'm a fan of decks that follow a theme, and I only play locals so I'm not too competitive. I've played at several events, however, I rarely win any rounds, let alone matches. It seems like I can set up a board but can't usually keep it (half of that is that I'm not familiar with other popular deck builds and how they work, I'm trying to learn through playing). I've seen going zero is not unheard of at first. I thought it was best to try to keep the deck as close to 40 as possible, but I see decks at locals closer to the 60 side.
I'm curious if there are recommendations to boost my chances without tearing the deck apart. I've been recommended adding Draglubion and Numeron Dragon, and moving Full Armor and Cipher Blade or Tachyon to the side deck.
Really I'd like to hear other opinions outside of the echo chamber of locals. Thanks for any suggestions you have, and please ask me if you need some more information.
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2023.03.12 03:24 DirtyDoog The Rising Popularity of Pauper Commander (PDH) and Old School 93/94 Are Two Examples Of The Long-Term Viability Of MTG Investing

Link: PauperEDH
Link: Old School 93/94
As we approach Q2 2023, a growing number of players and collectors are showing interest in two player-created formats: PDH and Old School 93/94.
Recently, TCC published an Introduction to PDH on YouTube, outlining the format, the rules and the implications of (more than) tripling the available commanders to build decks and strategies around.
Also last month, a TCGP article explains that Old School 93/94 playgroups are growing in number with their own regional rules, which includes Atlantic, Central, Pacific and even Swedish.
The growing popularity of these two player-created formats reinforce that MTG players have the resources, resiliency and passion to take ownership of the game at the local, regional and global levels. That is a promising signal to MTG players, collectors and investors who might question MTG's long-term viability. Similarly to how online gamers will find ways to host and play their favorite online games for years after that game's support and services had ended. Today's gamers have an infinite supply of new games and entertainment, but with limited hours to enjoy them. Yet, there are entire communities of players who are devoted to preserving (and in some ways, improving) their past gaming experiences-- a phenomena that appears to be 100% driven by passion and nostalgia.
MTG players show a similar drive through the formats PDH and Old School 93/94. Some have claimed that MTG is approaching it's end, and that players are leaving for other TCGs. While that is to be expected, it must also be stated that MTG may not even have reached old-age. At 30 years old, one may argue that it's not even half way to retirement.
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2023.03.11 17:34 Prid3 Market Movements 03/11/23 - SLD Violent Outburst, Undermountain Adventurer, Alpha Authority, Wake the Past, Norn's Decree, Esika's Chariot, SLD Dramatic Reversal, Haunted One

Hello everyone, Pride here with another edition of Market Movements where I analyze the biggest market movers both in terms of TCG supply decreases and/or Cark Kingdom (CK) buylist increases of the past week(ish). As always if you want live updates I encourage you to follow me on Twitter @Prid3MTG because almost everything you see here today will have already been posted there and usually a whole lot more. Note that going forward I plan on posting these on Saturday/Sunday aka after MTG Stocks does their biggest winners/losers article and I don't plan to include anything that they cover.
Battle Royale nonfoils have functionally sold through 100% of their supply since last month and so I feel good about calling this one a few weeks ago. Nonfoils are now consistently moving at 20, Foils at 30, so I still recommend grabbing any cheap singles/sealed that you can come across. Strong card + strong IP was always going to be a winning combo (IMO) and a card that's played in ~25% of all green EDH decks puts it in the top 0.1% of playables in the game.
Violent Outburst this one I'm not looking at supply so much as "revenue generated" because this card is selling obscenely well on TCG and I think is a top pick to buy some playsets, throw them in a box and check back in 12-24 months to be pleasantly surprised. Not only is the art stunning but the card itself is a must have 4-of for any Cascade deck which guarantees consistent competitive demand over time. Rhinos, Glimpse and Living End all play 4 no questions asked. Very high on these if you want something low maintenance that will make you smile in a year or two when you dig them out of a random shoebox in your closet.
[[Undermountain Adventurer]] is the big "penny spec" winner having sold through 72% of its supply since last week. This is off the back of the card being added to treasure chests in MODO which means that Legacy players can finally start brewing with it in Legacy. All versions are experiencing significant decreases in supply as a result since it's poised to earn slots in numerous competitive shells. On a similar note both [[Ravenloft Adventurer]] (down 27%) and [[Caves of Chaos Adventurer]] (down 24%) are moving as well for similar reasons so this entire branch of 4 CMC Initiative cards (all versions) should be on your "watchlist" so to speak.
[[Alpha Authority]] supply down 60% off the back of [[Light-Paws, Emperor's Voice]] Pioneer Aura decks playing copies. Price hasn't budged but given that it's a single print uncommon from an older set you never know. Wouldn't bother with these unless it really starts popping off. Maybe foils but eh.
[[Wake the Past]] supply is down 55% week-over-week and I'm kinda puzzled on this one if I'm being honest. I assume it's Commanders like Urtet and Alibou but the card seems medium at best so I don't understand why it's selling through enormous portions of its supply. Content creator plug is my best guess. I'm in for a few sets that I plan to sell like wildfire if it pops off because I don't see how this card can be worth anything long-term.
[[Norn's Decree]] supply is also down 50% from what seems like pure hype in my opinion. I've seen a few people plugging it on Twitter as an EDH "staple" but it reads marginal to me and I don't expect it to have any legs once this initial hype/fomo/whatever passes. I'm in for a handful of playsets that I plan to move as quickly as humanly possible once it pops off because I do not want to be caught dead holding these in a month or two.
[[Esika's Chariot]] supply is down 47% week-over-week as it continues to post impressive Pioneer results as a 4-of in both Greasefang and Gruul vehicles. Solid in EDH too as a durable engine. Great buylist backing, great TCG Direct premium, churns insanely well, here's an actual bread-and-butter spec that has a basis in reality (unlike the last 2). Very deep on these myself mostly from the EU.
[[Mana ConfluenceSLD]] both nonfoil versions of this card are chewing through supply with SLDs being down 33% and JOU 27% over the past week. Same story as Chariot; this is a Pioneer staple, Pioneer is hot right now, players need their copies one way or another.
Dramatic Reversal good to see cEDH moving cards because the SLD versions of these are down 32% week-over-week due to being the only bling version of a popular infinite mana enabler for the format. The idea here is to jam it on [[Isochron Scepter]] and then untap mana rocks for infinite mana. Scepter has always been a "free money" card from the EU, highly recommend it the next time it gets a reprint, but until then grab any cheap SLD Reversals that you can find.
[[Personal Tutor]] supply down 30% week-over-week since a good chunk of Legacy pros are high on Doomsday in this post-ban Legacy world where White Plume and EI are gone. No reprint since Portal, played as a 4-of, looks like a solid buy if you can source cheap(ish) copies.
[[PredictODY]] was another big Legacy winner (theoretically replaces EI) whose foils functionally sold out on TCG (I don't count the $300 copies) and the regular copies sold through 30% of their supply as well. Not very high on this spec outside of foils (and even then I'd want a fast flip, not a hold) so I'm passing on these personally because I don't see this lasting as the new EI replacement in Delver.
[[Haunted One]] supply is down about 28% from what I presume is generic tribal (EDH) demand bolstered by the fact that both J22 and ONE introduced powerful new Rat lords that can both act as viable Commanders. The card should also be good in the upcoming Sliver deck, it's good in any existing Vampire/Zombie decks, you get the idea. Sex Tribal sells.
Plaza of Heroes Extended Arts supply only down around 20% but CK buylist is basically 1:1 TCG low, it's a 4-of in Esper Legends in Standard and it's popular in EDH for what should be obvious reasons. Not a buyer as supply is still relatively deep but it's a card I'm watching given this new multi-format demand.
Not specs but fun observations:
[[Labyrinth of Skophos]] someone out there is consistently buying a tremendous number of copies of this card every few months. I mean hundreds upon hundreds at a time. Then they wait for the price to lower back down to bulk, for new bricks to get posted, etc. and repeat the process. The card is horrifically unplayable so God knows why they're doing this but I can basically guarantee you that at some point we'll get a new [[Seance]] style post from someone with over ten thousand copies.
Woolly Mammoths someone is also trying to buy out this specific Theme Deck Woolly Mammoths card for some unknown reason. Wouldn't touch copies with a 10-foot pole even if they cost 10 cents or whatever, I'm not recommending this to anyone as a spec, I just think it's interesting to see the random nonsense that people are trying to spike.
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2023.03.08 18:32 Caljoones 4 cEDH Deck Archetypes to Break into Competitive Commander

Looking to get into cEDH or need a deck to show to a friend? For those of us already into the format, we may or may not remember how difficult breaking into the format in the first place can be. I've brought together four options that I think are great starting points, all thanks to the lessons they can teach a new player.
I even a one color deck (Godo), a two color deck (Yuriko), a three color deck (Temur Pirates), and a five color deck (NBC Najeela)! Whether they are simple and give you something easy to aim for or are about as complicated as you can get and will teach you tough lessons, they're all here for a reason. Heck, Yuriko can even be made well on a budget.
Did I pick good decks? Is my reasoning sound? Let me know. :)
submitted by Caljoones to CompetitiveEDH [link] [comments]

2023.03.06 19:52 -desdinova- Zur, Eternal Schemer combo/blink (< 50$)

My friends and I are doing an ultra budget challenge, where the limit is 50$ card kingdom price (so like 30$ if you buy from TCGPlayer). I'm building a few different decks. I posted my retro-framed Titania deck here last month, and people liked it, so here's my second deck, with [[Zur, Eternal Schemer]] as the commander. Zur gives enchantment creatures deathtouch, lifelink, and hexproof, and can turn non-aura enchantments into creatures.
We're going to use this second ability to enable one of my favorite cards, [[Parallax Wave]]. Parallax Wave is an enchantment with Fading 5 that lets you exile a creature by removing a fade counter. When Parallax Wave leaves play, you return all cards exiled this way to the battlefield. Ordinarily, the way you exploit this is with [[Opalescence]], which turns enchantments into creatures. Then you exile whatever you want gone, and, holding priority, have Parallax Wave exile itself. Since the return to play effect is a separate ability, what happens is, Parallax Wave exiles itself and returns itself to play, but since it's a separate instance, everything else that was targeted is exiled permanently when that ability resolves. This lets you permanently lock everyone else out from playing creatures, or, with [[Enchanted Evening]] in play, completely wipe the board of opponents' permanents. Unfortunately, Opalescence is out of the price range for this deck, but Zur's second ability will still give us the permanent creature removal, just with the constraint that we have to pay 1W for every 4 creatures we exile.
That doesn't win us the game, though. Our main wincon, then, is going to be blinking enchantments to cause damage with [[Grim Guardian]], milling with [[Sage of Mysteries]], or making tokens with [[Ajani's Chosen]] or [[Archon of Sun's Grace]]. [[Enchanted Evening]] turns all permanents into enchantments. [[Brago, King Eternal]] and [[Vedalken Mastermind]] let us flicker permanents or return them to hand, and [[Felidar Guardian]] and [[Restoration Angel]] are an infinite ETB combo. Enchanted Evening will go infinite with Ajani's Chosen or Archon of Sun's Grace and stalemate the game, so we have a few sac outlets like [[Dockside Chef]] and [[Soulreaper of Mogis]] to break the loop.
Supporting this strategy, we have a bunch of cards with ETB effects. [[Archaeomancer]], [[Auramancer]], and [[Cadaver Imp]] let us return anything from our graveyard; [[Moon-Blessed Cleric]] lets us tutor our combo enchantments. We have a number of utility sagas that turn into enchantment creatures. If we can blink these or return them to hand, [[The Fall of Lord Konda]] becomes a repeatable exile spell, [[The Restoration of Eiganjo]] can continuously fetch plains, and [[The Modern Age]] can draw us cards while also giving us Constellation triggers.
The deck has a couple weak areas; because of the strict budget, the mana base is kind of crap. I avoided anything that comes in tapped other than your basic [[Terramorphic Expanse]], etc. For ramp, I did splurge on a Sol Ring but other than a couple cost reducers we're dependent on the various diamonds or 3-cost cameos. I feel like Interaction is a little on the weaker side for an esper combo deck; we have a few means of removal, but only 2 at instant speed, and we only have 3 counters; the budget was so tight I couldn't fit [[Counterspell]] itself. We do, however, have two wrath effects with a [[Merciless Eviction]] and [[The Phasing of Zhalfir]]. I'd like a [[Cleansing Meditation]] to go with the Enchanted Evening but couldn't fit it in the budget.
That's pretty much it. Let me know if you have any suggestions.
submitted by -desdinova- to BudgetBrews [link] [comments]

2023.02.14 23:48 Top-Tangerine9 [US-NY] (W) Tenyis, SS Extra Deck, Light Extra Deck, Misc, Binders (H) Paypal

Hello, building a few decks and want to fill out as much as possible before resorting to online vendors. Looking to do ~80-05% lowest verified TCGplayer.
Wherever possible, I'd want the lowest rarity/priced version of the cards listed. Would prefer to do a few large buys instead of many smaller buys so if you have a good chunk of what I'm looking for, that'd be much preferred!
Also a huge yugiboomer so I'm a sucker for cards featured in DM so feel free to show binders if you want!
SS Extra Deck:
Light Extra Deck:
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2023.02.14 21:19 BallsNoBrim Is Dark World a viable beginner deck?

So I just got back into the game and hope to go play at a shop for the first time this weekend. I’ve been researching decks and wanted to go with a Flowrandeeze or whatever that penguin is however I was told the deck is less viable because of the new ban list? I picked up 3x Dark World Structure deck and went with this deck list:
Will this work? Should I go ahead and upgrade the 3x from here if I can?
submitted by BallsNoBrim to Yugioh101 [link] [comments]

2023.01.31 23:46 WhammyAnalysis [R/F] Trying To Help a Kid At Locals With Their Cyber Dragon Deck

So there's this kid that plays at the local store I go to for tournaments and they just don't seem to be having a good time lately. It seems they've been trying to design a Cyber Dragon deck, but it's not been going well. I unfortunately don't have their decklist, but having played against them a few times they both have trouble steering their deck, consistency issues, and also just dealing with the fact our locals tends towards the meta/competitive side of things. I actually advised them to maybe just take a break from the game for a while (especially when they mentioned how much they had spent in the last few months trying out a few different decks), but if they're not gonna listen I figured the next best thing would be to try and help them out.
Unfortunately, I don't know anything about Cyber Dragons, but if there's one thing college taught me it was research skills, so I tried to research a few different Cyber Dragon builds to get a sense of the decks and came up with what seems to be a consistent cards across the decks
Extra Deck:
Now, here's where I was wanting some advice on a few things:
1) Therion King, is there any way to replace him with something else? Like I said, it sounds like the kid has spent a lot and I don't think "oh hey, get 1-3 of this $30 card" is really going to be helping matters. Related, don't start throwing in "Oh, get the Bystial Package" and getting a full playset of cards in the $15+ range unless absolutely necessary. We're talk real tight budget here.
2) Additional cards to throw in. Some of them add in Cyber Dragon Vier, some Cyber Dark cards, Hizukira, Rivalry of Warlords, etc. I'm not familiar with the Cyber Dragon or Cyber Dark archetype beyond when I was a kid watching GX so what additional monster and spell/trap support is lost on me. I know TCG Player had this Masked Hero Dark Law line in a build they did back in November, but relative to what the kid had I feel like should try and stick to pure Cyber Dragon as much as possible to minimize how many extra cards they need to get.
3) Not super worried on the Extra Deck. Some had Cyber Twin Dragon, some had Lyka the Light Charmer, some had Relinquished Anima. If you got some suggestions go for it, but I'm mostly focused on the main deck suggestions.
4) So, uh, how does this deck work? My understanding right now is basically beeline to Clockwork Night so you can break the opponents board with Chimeratech Dragon by making everything Machines and go for the OTK. Would appreciate advice on how to steer it, especially against popular meta-decks right now.
No idea if the kid will be receptive to any of this or take my advice, but just felt like I needed to do something cause they looked so miserable (playing against my Naturia Vernusylph Ishizu didn't help). Some of the others have tried as well, but it doesn't seem to be working. Plus, at least one of the store owners I kind of don't like how they dealt with the kid. When the kid is pretty explicit about being broke, don't try and sell him the Crystal Beast structure deck cause "hey, there's some stuff you can use to build Floowandereeze in it!" (the kid apparently tried Floowandereeze and didn't really get it).
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2023.01.29 05:37 Prid3 Galaxy Foil Deadbeat Attendant

PVDH just showed the world the power of [[Deadbeat Attendant]] in Legacy as a "Monarch"-esque turn 2 play that continues to generate value for the entire game. Regular copies have infinite supply but Galaxy Foils are relatively scarce and strike me as a compelling spec if more players adopt it as a value-driven turn 2 play in the format. I definitely recommend snagging any cheap copies that you come across because the low supply + competitive viability could make them pop off in a big way. It's also a relatively low risk spec given their already cheap cost so realistically speaking there's nothing to lose and everything to gain.
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2023.01.26 22:54 imperialtrace [PRIMER] $90 Brago, the classic control/combo commander!

Link to deck
Change the price settings to TCGPlayer and the price should be right around $88 USD.
Before we start, I'd like to mention that I have a very detailed Brago Primer here. A lot of the content in this post was derived from there and catered to the budget build. All combos are explained and cards are tagged so you can read them as you hover your curser over them. It's very helpful to have the cards readily available as you read which unfortunately we can't do on Reddit so I'd encourage you to check that out.


If you're looking for a budget commander whose gameplan is something other than "turn creatures sideways", look no further. [[Brago, King Eternal]] has got you covered.
The gameplan here is to abuse ETB effects to draw lots of cards until we can assemble [[Strionic Resonator]] + 2 mana from mana rocks + 1 of any number of win-con cards. Until we do, the deck has plenty of bounce/exile effects to keep dangerous enemy creatures off the board and control options to disincentivize opponents from attacking us to begin with. All combos will be explained step-by-step in this post so that you can demonstrate them to opponents in a live game, but let's briefly go over cards grouped into categories.


Ramp (11)
Removal (20)
Card Draw & Card Advantage (19)
Use Ya Blinkers Ya Moron! (8)
Recursion (4)

Baseline Resonator Combo

This is the most important combo to understand if you're going to play this deck:
  1. Attack with Brago and deal combat damage, Brago triggers.
  2. With that Brago trigger on the stack, pay 2 for Strionic Resonator's effect copying Brago's blink ability.
  3. With the copied Brago trigger, target Strionic Resonator, your mana rocks and any other valid permanents you want and blink them.
  4. Your permanents re-enter untapped and you trigger any of their ETB effects.
  5. The original Brago trigger is still on the stack, do NOT let it resolve. Instead, with it still on the stack, repeat steps 2-4 as many times as you want.

How to Permanently Delete Stuff with Detention Sphere

This isn't exactly a combo but I figured it's worth explaining this interaction because it can be very tricky.
Let's say you have Detention Sphere on the field along with Strionic Resonator and Brago, King Eternal.
  1. Swing with Brago and deal damage, Brago triggers.
  2. Pay 2 and activate Strionic Resonator to copy that trigger. Using this copy, target everything you want to blink including Detention Sphere, Strionic Resonator and any mana rocks you have.
  3. Everything blinks and Detention Sphere re-enters and triggers again.
  4. In response, pay another 2 to activate Strionic Resonator again, making yet another copy of the original Brago trigger (from Step 1) which still hasn't resolved.
  5. Using this new copy, target Detention Sphere AGAIN. It blinks and re-enters, triggering its effect again.
Visual Stack - At this point, here's what the stack looks like (the one at the top will resolve first):
  1. Now allow the stack to resolve as shown above. The ETB trigger at the top will exile something you don't care about, just pick any opponent's permanent or one of your own (you can also choose not to exile anything as Detention Sphere's ETB effect is optional). The next step below that is the LTB but it has nothing to return, because we manipulated the stack in a way that the ETB it is referencing will do its thing AFTER the LTB trigger. Then the ETB trigger resolves, this time exile something you want gone permanently.
  2. Allow the original Brago trigger to resolve and empty the stack.
So why/how does this work?
Trying to explain how this shit works

Important Notes & Synergies

[[Trinket Mage]] can find Sol Ring and Codex Shredder. The first being the mana rock that can enable the Resonator combo by itself and the other being the payoff that can mill everyone out during said combo.
[[Tribute Mage]] can find 2-CMC artifacts, so repeatedly blinking this can let us grab a couple of signets to fulfill the mana requirement for our combo AND it can also find Strionic Resonator to start the combo!
[[Unquestioned Authority]] protects Brago from creatures so he can attack without worry, this is important because he needs to attack to get his effect off. However keep in mind that "protection from creatures" means he cannot be targeted by ANY creature effects, so he can't target himself to blink. Not a big deal though since we can still blink our other stuff including Unquestioned Authority and just reattach it to him when it enters (along with the card draw effect).

Opening Hands & Navigating the Game

Typically you want to see in your opening hand:
If your opening hand meets these requirements, it's keepable. Anything less is a risky start. With the 37 lands this deck is running, you'll likely find a 4th mana source by the time you want to cast Brago.
After the opening turns, grind value with multiple ETB effects triggering repeatedly (prioritize card draw over everything else where possible). Look to assemble one of the many combos available in this deck, the majority of which are enabled by having Brago on the board alongside Strionic Resonator and 2 mana available from mana rocks.
If you can't find the combo pieces or a combo attempt is disrupted, continue to grind value with ETB effects but pivot to stax and "return to hand" effects to take control of the board. Venser, Shaper Savant, Reflector Mage, etc. combined with a repeatable blink effect can help you keep the board clear while you dig for alternate combo pieces or just grind board presence with things like Aether Channeler.

Upgrade Path

As your budget expands and you'd like to upgrade this deck, I would highly recommend some protection pieces because Brago would definitely prefer to stick around on the field for this deck to do well. Things like Fierce Guardianship and Swan Song are good options. Glen Elendra Archmage is another great option, as it can sac itself to Negate a spell then do it again thanks to persist. Normally this would be a 2-time use but if we blink her then she re-enters without that -1/-1 counter so her Persist is reset and we can use her effect repeatedly.
Beyond that, take a look at the non-budget version of this deck and pick up whatever catches your eye.

Wrapping Up

Hope you found this little write-up helpful. If you want a combo commander, I'd highly encourage you to give Brago a try. I'll do another write-up for Araumi of the Dead Tide soon, as she is another fun one.
If you're not feeling Brago, I have a few other budget builds (with Primers) you can look at:
$100 Sefris of the Hidden Ways
$90 Neyith of the Dire Hunt
$75 Ezuri, Claw of Progress
submitted by imperialtrace to BudgetBrews [link] [comments]