Busty Brazilian Camwhore - WWW.CROMWELTUBE.COM

2023.06.04 17:30 vickylanguila Busty Brazilian Camwhore - WWW.CROMWELTUBE.COM

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2023.05.24 21:44 Mateo_Pita OFERTA 2x1 en videos nuevos follando de pago (Cristina Plaza, Mimi Gtf,Tokischa,Roma Amor,Nexxxt,Prvega,KleooPwtrx, Eveee9...) 15 euros por dos vídeos

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2023.05.11 22:16 jenzie4732 Does Anon V actually delete content?

So, I am wondering if anyone knows exactly how this works. When a video or picture is removed from Anon V (which is linked with Camwhores heavily), do they actually delete it?
I had success removing a video and an album, however I found the videos linked on a couple different sites. They embed the original video, and the thumbnails, screenshots and old description are still there. But the video player displays a 404 error.
And several pictures from the album still show on google image search, the albums page is deleted but links to the images are still there. The images seem to be hosted on ''?
Has anyone else noticed this before while trying to remove content? Seemingly deleted content popping up again?
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2023.04.03 20:29 No-Land3856 Camwhores (GDPR contact)

Hello thereMaybe some of you know already that camwhores current host (Verasel) is themselves. Either its a Proxy server(like cloudflare which hides the ip) or its a real host. Anyway doesnt matter, just please dont send any sensitive information to verasel, there is a chance that they will dox you.I did a bit research, talked with companies, talked with their domain registrar namecheap and will now share some information.
Many of you probably saw the DMCA on their site and also something like they respect the DMCA....But DMCA( Digital Millennium Copyright Act ) is american and not european. But first camwhore admin is EU citizien (90% sure) and second the domain registrant is from iceland. So their website and he himself isnt under the law of DMCA, its under the law of the european GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). And the GDPR is pretty strict with data protection.I will use just "GDPR" in the rest of the email, to keep it simple
How is the legislatation with GDPR, is a photo or video of others a violation of GDPR?
Answer yes it is
These are just some of the examples, if you like to know more about it, go to the GDPR Website.
What can you do what should you do?
First send to the camwhore admin, if want can also send to Verasel, but its important that you send it to Camwhore per email. Send them a GDPR request, something similar like dmca, but include the keywords GDPR. Include it also in your Subject, something like "GDPR Notice or GDPR Request" and send them this email.
Send also the GDPR notice to their Registrant Email: 6e1eedeaf2d444a4a376afb1af5cd0ef(dot)protect(at)withheldforprivacy(dot)com
GDPR regulation:An organisation needs to act as quickly as possible. This must be no later than one calendar month, starting from the day they receive the request.
So after you have send the GDPR to these 2 emails, wait for a month till the videos/photos are deleted. If nothing happens then go to the next step.
Contacting the national Data Protection Authority
For EU citizien its a bit easier you can contact your own national DPA. you can find the contact details at: edpb(dot)europa(dot)eu(slash)about-edpb(slash)about-edpb(slash)members_en
Since its you national DPA you can write in your own language, spanish, polish, german,....
For Non EU citizien go to the same website and scroll to the bottom and choose iceland, since their registrant country is iceland.
For UK citizien go to ico(dot)org(dot)uk
And dont worry the GDPA works worldwide, especially if you are EU citizien.
But just write to them after 1 month....
After sending to the DPA they will start to investigate and tell you about the process within 3 months
Violating GDPR can be very expansive. Theres a tracker website where you can see the fines. From individuals that needed to pay 500€ to companies 100k+€. just need to google it.
By the way for those who are also planning to sue them, ive chatted with namecheap. Namecheap doesnt need ID infos for making a domain, but as soon as a payment got flagged they need to provide ID. Since camwhore has around 80+ domains, theres a chance that the payment got flagged one time and to get their ID by court or high GDPR officer.
Please also include to the DPA a screenshot from the 2 emails, for prooving that you tried to contact the Website owner. IF nothing happens after 1 month, its seen as ingoring and on purpose violating the GDPR.
The good thing about the GDPR is, you dont need to prove that its your videos, they need to prove that they have the consent of the individuals.
Write to the camwhore email and to this protect(at)withheldforprivacy email a GDPR. Wait for exactly 1 month, if nothing happend contact the DPA. And thats it

This doesnt just work with camwhores, but since camwhore admin and domain is EU, i took them as an Example.
Thats it


And btw for the gdpr its enough if just screenshots are on the websites of camwhores, since the video are not located on camwhores.
But to be double safe:)
Include also in your email that the admins should remove the actual link from: wpnrtnmrewunrtok(dot)xyz and woopeedoopcmwhrs(dot)xyz .
Would be nice if you include it too, because in case they do nothing and dont remove the content from their website, you can also report their video sharing platform to the DPA
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