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2023.06.09 04:09 absz [YAVP]×28: Polytheist greaterplayer in 28 wins out of 933 games (the fewest possible wins)

I achieved polytheist greaterplayer status in 933 games, taking the minimal number of wins possible (28) by never repeating a background, god, or species unless necessary. You can check out my score page and stats page at the usual places; alternatively (especially if you’re reading this from the future), you can check out my grid or list of wins, also available in a score PDF or stats PDF if you’d rather. (Why did this take 28 wins and not 27, you ask? 0.30, with Armataurs and Reavers, came out while I was playing 0.29, but I’d already won a Palentonga Abyssal Knight!)
You can also find this post at, in preparation for the upcoming subreddit blackout protest action (solidarity!).
I started playing DCSS just about two years ago (July 31, 2021), although I’d played a bunch of NetHack and some Brogue before. I insisted on my first win being a DEWz^Sif, because dammit, I wanted to win as a caster, and those were the three casteriest choices! (My first NetHack ascension was a Wiz-Elf-Mal-Cha, back in the day.) In retrospect: wow, what a choice. It took me 109 games of trying over a month and a half, but I got that first win!
I then decided I wanted to try something totally different, so I went with a FoFi^Qaz – I loved the sound of a shield plus an executioner’s axe. Again, in retrospect: a Formicid of Qazlal‽ But it only took me 4 games over 4 days to get my second win. (Only had a battleaxe, in the end.)
Around here I committed to the idea of going for polytheist greaterplayer in the minimal number of games, and started to work out my list of characters. One thing I decided on early was that I was going to delay the canonical “easy characters” for new players as late as possible, to… well, to show off, I guess, let’s be honest. So I put DrCj^Veh and MiBe^Trog at 24 and 25 on my list, respectively. Other than that, I let myself play what I wanted, repeating characters until I won, and occasionally tweaking the list. I played on stable, since the thought of a game breaking out from under me on trunk was unappealing. By sheer chance, my very first game from above was the day after the release of 0.27; it took me until after the release of 0.30 to complete my goal.
I really like DCSS. I absolutely love the spellcasting; the different spells feel interesting to cast, and meaningfully different from each other. Casting Maxwell’s Capacitive Coupling is different from Shatter is different from Polar Vortex – or, at lower levels, Foxfire is different from Magic Dart is different from Freeze. The weapon abilities, armor and weapon brands, and random and fixed artifacts all come together for a really dynamic equipment game, too. I think the skilling system is neat but really hard to get a handle on; there’s a high skill ceiling there. On a more meta-level, I really appreciate the philosophy of Crawl, particularly around a lack of grinding. The only downside is how much the game fills my head even when I’m not playing; it’s fun, but potentially a little bit all-consuming.
A couple of spell opinions: if I find Olgreb’s Toxic Radiance early, I’ll try to retool almost any character who plausibly could to cast it; it nukes everything, and means I can hit Orc before Lair. Plus, it trivializes (the offensive part of) Spider and to an extent Shoals. And that’s all without adding in Ignite Poison! Mid- to late-game, I think Yara’s Violent Unravelling is one of the strongest spells available. It cleans up against summoners, so no sudden Tzitzimimeh or Brimstone Fiends or Neqoxecs from your neighborhood demonologists; it dispels scary buffs like haste and might; and it cancels dangerous spells like, in particular, ironbound convokers’ Word of Recall. And it does all this by turning enemies into bombs! What’s not to love? It’s worth going out of your way for, IMO.
I definitely (as one would hope!) improved over the course of this journey. I found myself regularly going for 4 or 5 runes (I got much less scared of Abyss over time, though I still default to Vaults:5 or Slime for my 3rd) and the Vestibule of Hell, though that’s partly because I always like getting stronger characters and seeing what they can do. I learned that I should refine my skilling down to my actual goals, and sometimes even managed to actually do that. By the same token, I’ve at least started to learn to embrace using my consumables. And I just got better at tactics; some of these I got to bring in from NetHack, but others were different (e.g., NetHack’s doors restrict you to 4-way movement, and you can only shoot in the 8 cardinal directions).
What’s next for me with DCSS? Well, I’ll maybe take a bit of a break, but my official score page doesn’t know that Arcane Marksmen were renamed to Hexslingers, so it looks like I’m missing that… and it has an empty column for skald for some reason, so maybe I should fill that in… and while I’m back there, I never did play a deep dwarf or a centaur or… oh hey, the stats page records that I’ve only won 1 draconian color towards Tiamat…. Or I suppose I could just play some games for fun, but hey, where’s the fun in that? :-)
Major thanks to this subreddit, the wiki (so glad it’s back!), the learndb and the knowledge bots, listgame and Sequell, and the #crawl IRC channel for being incredibly valuable resources for learning about DCSS. And my profound gratitude to the Devteam for putting together an incredible game and continuing the development in the open (I lurk #crawl-dev sometimes), and Linley Henzell for writing the original Crawl back in the day.
Here are a few thoughts on my 933-game, 28-win journey, character by character, for anybody who’s interested in some of the details.
  1. DEWz^Sif, 3 runes (109 games). So much floundering, so many bad branch orders, so much confusion about skilling! I was very much learning the game during this – at one point, I said “I think my short sword with rF+ and MP+ is better than a +6 quick blade”. Still, despite everything, I got Shatter castable in my winning game, and that can’t have hurt :-)
  2. FoFi^Qaz, 4 runes (4 games). Things improved pretty fast! This only took me four tries, and I snagged both the silver (for the first time) and slimy runes.
  3. GhEE^Yred, 3 runes (46 games). As of this writing, I hold the only online win for a GhEE^Yred, and I see why. I thought, oh, ghouls have okay earth aptitudes, undead fit with Yredelemnul… nope. It took me until playing demigods (my 27th win) to really understand how important stats are.
  4. SpEn^Wu, 4 runes (30 games). This was fun! Dart, dart, lunge, stab, kaboom! After losing two games here, I put DCSS down for almost a year, and came back to 0.29 (having skipped 0.28 entirely). It also featured my one departure from my rigid plan – I found an early Jiyva altar in a Sewer once, and decided to roll with it (before dying).
  5. PaAK^Lu, 5 runes (4 games). Knowing that Palentongas and Abyssal Knights were being removed, I wanted to get a game in with them. Conveniently, I’d already planned on playing a PaAK. It was so different – I’d gotten so used to running away!
  6. FeSu^OneiGozag>Jiyva, 15 runes (2 games). I saw oneirical’s guide/s and was just so tempted, so I rejiggered my list to fit it in. What a blast! The guide was good enough that this only took me two tries, and that was for my very first time in extended (beyond the Vestibule of Hell), a ziggurat (which I completed!) or even the Crypt! Thanks, oneirical!
  7. OgGl^Oka, 3 runes (137 games). I don’t know why I found this so hard – harder even than my DEWz when learning the game! The thinking was: go Okawaru, get a great artifact giant spiked club from them, get a bunch of large rocks from them, Hulk smash. I didn’t get that GSC, but I did smash things with a great mace they gave me and a GSC that I enchanted myself.
  8. NaVM^Chei, 4 runes (10 games). Olgreb’s Toxic Radiance my beloved. I found the woodcutter’s axe on D:5 in the hands of a gnoll bouda in a vault, and it almost killed me (6673 D:5 HP: 3/70 [gnoll bouda/the +3 woodcutter's axe {vorpal} (1)]), but I used it for the rest of the game – it’s an awesome find on a spellcaster, I never put a single skill point into Axes.
  9. HOMo^Beogh, 4 runes (27 games). My first time playing skill-target games to get a title – I wanted to be a Messiah, so I targeted Fighting at 26.9 while letting Invocations hit 27 (and dipped into a ziggurat to get my piety back up after Z:5).
  10. DjFE^Makh, 15 runes (41 games). I really like Djinn. You can cast so much! I had the Elemental Staff, which was great fun; Iron Shot + Chain Lightning is a great pair of spells, too. After I realized how much I could cast, I made it a point not to make any physical attacks – in the end, I only made three mêlée attacks all game, and they were all accidental (and no throwing at all). This character just felt super strong, so after finishing Zot I decided to take my first unguided journey into extended, and ended up completing two ziggurats after getting all my runes. (Lom Lobon was scary, though – I had multiple close calls and used a ton of scrolls of blinking.)
  11. VSWr^Usk, 8 runes (43 games). I’m proud of this game for being one where (1) I realized I could go into extended, but (2) I realized that discretion was the better part of valor and left early after exiting a ziggurat with single-digit HP from a mummy floor. I used an artifact spear of speed all game because I found it early and it was fast enough to capitalize on my bite, but I think that was a mistake and I should’ve gone to/back to short blades to get the stabbing bonus (never found a quick blade, though). On the upside, I found a potion of experience in a bailey in my winning game, only to discover I was already carrying two others! I made the tactical error of Grand Finale-ing the Royal Jelly, and then almost dying to engulfment by quicksilver oozes.
  12. TeAE^Zin, 5 runes (5 games). Since I was worshiping Zin I wanted to go to Hell, but this character didn’t feel strong enough. Otherwise, not terribly remarkable. I did pick up Wyrmbane in Depths, which was a good time, as I was barely doing any physical combat before that.
  13. BaAM^Hep, 5 runes (1 game!). My only one-and-won and consequently (due to my play-one-character-repeatedly approach) my only streak! Barachi, Hexslinger (formerly Arcane Marksman), and Hepliaklqana all seem to be really strong together. And it didn’t hurt that I bought Zephyr in a shop in Snake; that thing is nuts. I did a little bit of a ziggurat before Zot:5, but decided to take the 5-rune win rather than get cocky.
  14. MfIE^TSO, 15 runes (43 games). At first, a Mf^TSO was where I was planning to do extended for the first (and only?) time; thanks to oneirical, I learned I needn’t be so scared. Still, I decided I was going to take this character all the way; I wanted to play with one of TSO’s holy weapons! So… I died to Gloorx Vloq due to lethal poison. But eventually I made it! I got to use both a eudemon blade from The Shining One and the trishula “Condemnation”, so really taking advantage of all the Merfolk aptitudes. I even cleared a ziggurat! Other highlights include accidentally clearing Slime without rCorr (it was only on an artifact weapon, and I forgot I wasn’t using it until after dispatching TRJ) and realizing in a ziggurat that a potion of attraction + Cleansing Flame can actually recover you a lot of health as a worshiper of TSO against smiters/damnationers/tormenters who are trying to keep their distance.
  15. MuNe^Ash, 5* runes (20 games). My winning game got one extended rune – icy, from Cocytus (in addition to silver, slimy, barnacled, and serpentine). It didn’t seem to me like Mummies were as hard as people say, but that might be because Ashenzari is as good as people say. I had a very frustrating death where I tried to take advantage of being undead to clear some of Tomb:1 but misremembered how far in I could go – and this in a game where I forgot to do Vaults:1–4 and went straight to Depths, and cleared it! My winning game, I went back and revenged myself on the safe part of Tomb:1, at least. I also killed Mennas and dipped into a ziggurat. I was surprised how good Haunt was; I took it as a lesson in the danger of being surrounded.
  16. KoDe^Dith, 5 runes (16 games). It’s amazing how good an early stab on a red enemy as a Delver feels, as you rocket up in XP. I hit #********* stealth before picking up the orb.
  17. HuCA^Ignis, 3 runes (23 games). I know it’s not “intended”, but I had to keep Ignis for polytheist. That meant I underused their abilities, since I was nervous about running out. In my winning run, Wyrmbane was graciously donated by Maggie on D:8, and I dropped axes like a hot potato. Obnoxiously, though, the very first gloves to spawn were the Mad Mage’s Maulers on Shoals:4.
  18. VpBr^Kiku, 5 runes (32 games). I definitely preferred to be bloodless; the benefits seem really strong. Not much else to say here.
  19. MeAr^Ely, 3 runes (18 games). I was not looking forward to this; I play slooooowly. But it was more fun than I expected! Elyvilon is great, and not just in 0.29 for Meteorans where you can use them to get rid of your Zot clock drain (a synergy I opted into accidentally). Smite-targeted “Heal Other” to OHKO enemies? Amazing. And Meteoran aptitudes are great! Still, not planning to do this again any time soon. Also I’m kicking myself for missing an enchant weapon scroll that would’ve let me bring my lajatang up to +9. How do people take Meteorans into extended? I felt like I was running out of Zot clock so often!
  20. GnWn^Nem, 5 runes (6 games). I got to be a hybrid tank casting 5th and 6th level spells in crystal plate, what’s not to love? Also vampiric axes are incredible. Nemelex wasn’t too shabby either. Unfortunately, I really wanted to rescue Crazy Yiuf this run, but I wasn’t thinking and killed him with Manifold Assault trying to get a balrug while standing on the exit.
  21. GrCK^Xom, 10 runes (48 games). The Xom-meister! Another run I wasn’t looking forward to (I had this and Meteoran classed as “Miserable” in my planning document), so I paired it with a powerful species. I got a bit cocky and wanted to try extended runes with Xom due to some great equipment, so of course I died in Pandemonium with 7 runes on game 6 (I hadn’t noticed that I could read scrolls again). But I did eventually win with a ziggurat and the 5 Pan runes; I tried Cocytus, escaped a hairy situation, and decided enough was enough with Xom. Extended runes with Xom! I’m proud of that, but no more Xom for me, thanks.
  22. OpTm^Gozag, 15 runes (9 games). After oneirical’s guide, I sort of figured this character would do 15 runes. And boy howdy did it. (Plus a ziggurat!) Dragon Form was strong early, Storm Form and Necromutation were naturally stronger later. (This might be the run where I forgot how to do extended without Necromutation, actually.) And Bribe Branch is bonkers strong; Zot:5 and Tomb were so chill. Bonus: the Octopode lich tile is so cute! Thank you, sastreii!
  23. DsHu^Fedhas, 5 runes (66 games). Some sloppy play made this take so many games. (What early-me would’ve said to calling this “so many”!) Fedhas seems quite good, although in retrospect going ranged with Demonspawn means your body mutations feel pretty pointless unless you get antennae… which I did in my winning game, so that’s nice :-) Overgrow is neat; I was able to crack into the Zot lungs, but I sadly didn’t get a Gauntlet so I couldn’t sequence-break it.
  24. DrCj^Veh, 15 runes (5 games). As I mentioned, I deliberately put off the canonical “easy characters” as late as I could. So here was a (grey) DrCj^Veh, the magic character that, in retrospect, maybe I should’ve started with. (I think renaming “Wizard” to “Hedge Wizard” plus changing the abbreviation was a good call.) Okay, so taking it into extended and completing a Ziggurat isn’t a starting-character approach! Shatter remains great, but I feel like Fire Storm is overrated? I got to use the Elemental Staff again, which is always a treat!
  25. MiBe^Trog, 3 runes (4 games). Ah, the classic starting character. This is as late as I could put it: 25th, the final background. (After this, I had to repeat something until the release of 0.30, but that happened later.) What is there to say? I acquired “the +9 executioner's axe "Cusuarph" {vorpal, rC+ Dex+4}” in a Bailey on turn 10129, basically stapled it to my hands almost immediately (it hit mindelay mid-Lair), and then threw on some crystal plate I found in Elf:3. Grandplayer complete!
  26. TrGl^Ru, 4 runes (19 games). Now I was into repeats! I found this character challenging, but Ru is really strong. I lost a character with the scales of the Dragon King and the shield of the gong in Slime after clearing Vaults, which was more than a bit tragic, but my winning game found mundane gold dragon scales on D:7 so it worked out. I sacrificed Arcana (Earth, Hexes, and Necromancy, not that it mattered), Nimbleness, Stealth, Artifice, and Drink, which worked out. Polytheist complete! (Unless that includes atheist.)
  27. DgHW, 15 runes (153 games). I decided I wanted to close out the 0.29 list with a Hedge Wizard, coming back to where I started. Then. That took. Forever. The most games of any combo. 0.30 came out while I was working on this character! Admittedly, I lost six different Demigods in extended that I could’ve taken to a 3–5-rune win. (Fuck Dis, fuck Ziggurats.) My first extended loss was after a much more reasonable 23 games (and I claim partly due to lag – I hit Xkk to examine a panlord while at lowish health, the game missed the X, and… not that I would necessarily have survived anyway, but still). After 30 games, the 0.30 tournament started, and although Call Imp got a lot better, I didn’t get a single win during the tourney as I kept brute-forcing extended (but did get the combo high score, somehow). I finally won, using Chain Lightning and very aggressive casting of Maxwell’s Capacitive Coupling. I tried to do a ziggurat after Dis but before Tartarus (!) of all places, and while I found the Necromutation I was looking for, I had to bail. After Tomb, I decided I really wanted the ziggurat completion, and tried again – I had to run through most of the final floors, but I got out! And finally rescued Crazy Yiuf, to boot! If you require atheist, then now it was polytheist complete!
  28. AtRe^faded altar Jiyva, 4 runes (12 games). Now that 0.30 was out, I had Armataurs and Reavers to win. So, like everybody else, I played a bunch of AtRes. I went for a faded altar when I could, since I hadn’t done that yet. My first game? Xom. It actually went pretty well, though, despite the eventual death (after conversion to Cheibriados). My eventual win was with a faded altar Jiyva from D:3, and while the loss of consumables wasn’t great, you hit max piety fast. I definitely underused their abilities, particularly later. But I made it out. And with that: greaterplayer complete!!
If you really did make it all the way down here, thanks for reading everything! I really like Crawl, but don’t have a ton of folks I know in my daily life who play/ed it, so it’s nice to share with a community who knows what I’m talking about :-)
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2023.06.09 04:07 HitYourLawyer [WTS] Both NEW tlr7 sub 1913 with xmacro key, and Ktmech OWB xmacro holster. YOU WANT THESE

Both are brand new and I'm taking a loss.
Tlr7 a 1913 rail, with keys and the tactical dev xmacro key with it! has been mounted but hasn't been on a fired gun one time. $125
Kt mech defender owb kydex holster for xmacro, accommodates a red dot, and a TLR7 sub $50
Both prices shipped. Dibs rules. Pp FF. No chats post the. Lm
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2023.06.09 04:06 Veli_Hydra Bumps all over new tattoo what’s going on?? Got it in may.

Bumps all over new tattoo what’s going on?? Got it in may.
Anyone have any idea what’s going on? This is my very first tattoo, I got it around may 13th. the most I’ve done to it is wash it with antibacterial soap, put hustle butter (tattoo artist recommended) on it and another time put aquafor (used that before on my skin) on it, other than that nothing else. The bumps are very very itchy and are very red. I’ve resorted to just washing it with antibacterial soap and using hydrocortisone to prevent the itching. I’m not sure what else to do.
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2023.06.09 04:04 Pristine-Customer-32 Review 1: Buffalo Trace Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Review 1: Buffalo Trace Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Background: I’m up to 64 bottles in my collection, so I figured it’s time to start reviewing some. For my first review I wanted to start with what I consider a baseline bourbon. Everyone knows it, everyone’s had it. Standard Buffalo Trace.
Price: ~30-35$
Age: NAS
Proof: 90
Nose: From the start, very sweet. Typical vanilla, caramel, and oak. Touch of brown sugar as well. Slight hint of ethanol as well but not overpowering or off putting. If you really search for it there’s some fruitiness, not sure if it’s a red fruit or a citrus of some kind but it’s there.
Palate: Just like the nose, sweet off the start. Strong vanilla and a decent amount of oak. Watery caramel with some sugary notes, could be brown sugar or just white sugar even. Just before swallowing, some rye spice on the back of the palate as well. Overall a decent flavor profile.
Finish: Finish is relatively short, which is expected for a 90 proofer. Oak leads the way followed by some slight spice. Touch of the vanilla lingers along with the oak.
Overall: What can I say? It’s a classic, well-rounded bourbon. Don’t expect it to blow your socks off, it is still a 30-35$ 90 proof whiskey. Simple and sweet, but won’t leave you disappointed. Could easily be used to introduce people to whiskey and works great as a daily drinker.
Rating: 5.5
Rating With Value Included: 6
T8ke Rating Scale:
1 Disgusting So bad I poured it out.
2 Poor I wouldn't consume by choice.
3 Bad Multiple flaws.
4 Sub-par Not bad, but many things I'd rather have.
5 Good Good, just fine.
6 Very Good A cut above.
7 Great Well above average
8 Excellent Really quite exceptional.
9 Incredible An all time favorite
10 Perfect Perfect
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2023.06.09 04:03 writicks Worried this is who I am

When I (24f) was in eighth grade, I had a huge falling-out with a friend. She left me a voicemail saying a bunch of nasty things, the only one of which I still remember was "you're socially awkward." I hadn't previously thought of myself that way, but then throughout high school, I had a lot of mean friends who were constantly calling me "awkward" or "a fail" or the like. I never participated in class — in fact, my face would turn bright red and I would genuinely start shaking when I thought about raising my hand. I got good grades, but I was never one of those standout students who teachers saw something in and built relationships with. I was part of a couple clubs, and though I had people I hung out with in those clubs, we were always on "the outside" of the larger friend groups. People called me "silent," and a couple months after I graduated high school, I was told by someone I graduated with that other people in my class have described me as awkward.
Things got much better in college, where I got the fresh start I needed, made genuine friendships with truly great people, and slowly started to gain some confidence. Now, 10 years have gone by since that voicemail. I genuinely think my personality has changed — I've now very extroverted, the kind of person who could talk to a brick wall. I have so many great friends and a job I love, a great job I landed in a very competitive (and very social) industry. Ironically, I have been complimented on my social skills and have been told by the higher-ups at work that "everyone loves me."
And yet. I'm still convinced that the voicemail described who I really am, that everyone is constantly thinking that I'm socially awkward. It just doesn't seem possible that I fundamentally changed as a person — from someone who was awkward, to someone who isn't. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about that voicemail, about all those mean comments.
I guess the question is, will that ever go away? Will I ever stop being constantly on edge, worried that someone will make a negative comment about my "awkwardness?" Will I ever just feel like a "normal person"?
Anyway if you read this rant, thank you :)
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2023.06.09 04:02 IllSmell9643 New Paint Job

New Paint Job
Hey everybody! I just wanted to share some pictures of a couple of my Rebel ships that I painted with anyone who wants to see!
First picture is my two CR90s, the left one as it came, and the right one redone. I switched the red to yellow (obviously), and added some rust colour to the whole hull to make it a bit darker.
Second is my transports, I painted the cargo and also (not pictured) added some rust accents on the top hull.
Lastly, I added the rust colouring to the red CR90 as well.
Hope you like em, and feel free to let me know what you think, or if you have any suggestions for paint schemes for any other ships!
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2023.06.09 04:01 luffliffloaf I made a 1794 with Mellow Corn

I made a 1794 with Mellow Corn
Pour over a big ice cube and stir:
1.5oz Mellow Corn 1oz red sweet vermouth 1oz Campari 2 drops mole bitters. (You can instead pour over 3 whole coffee beans.)
Garnish with an orange peel. Enjoy.
submitted by luffliffloaf to MellowCorn [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 03:59 icei98 My dad SAed me.

My parents have always been abnormal. My father is a never ending cheater, my mother is a narcissist. I am a trans female, and of course they do not approve. They fake fun of me wearing wigs, make fun of me painting nails, and they make snarky comments all the time.
Believe it or not, when I was around 13 my father, drunk and high as shit, admitted to being a pedophile while talking to me. He explained how he had sex with a 14 year old girl when he was 21, and he told me he, and I quote him exactly here, “Only stopped cause she blocked me.”
Now for the confession. I’m currently 16. About a month ago, I was standing in the kitchen with my face staring down at the counter. My dad came up behind me and grabbed me firmly around the waist. “What are you doing? Stop” I said loud enough for him to hear, but he then tightened his grip so I couldn’t move. He then proceeded to push hhis erect penis against my ass through my shorts. I was scared and didn’t know what to do, I felt helpless and horrible about myself. He pushed farther and farther and began to move one of his hands towards the front of me body. All of a sudden, he pushed off of me and pulled his phone out. My mom then rounded the corner and smiled at me as my dad walked out of the room beside her. She asked, “everything okay? You look upset.” I didn’t tell her what happened.
I have no idea what to do, who to tell, or where to go. I don’t know if I should be telling somebody or not, but honestly idk if I’d have the confidence anyway.
submitted by icei98 to confessions [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 03:59 infinitefluxx Is this an opportunity or a dumpster fire?

I'm trying to help my friend with a career decision.
She is an accountant at a small company and has worked there for 5 years. She is no longer challenged and the company seems to be slowly going under. She found an opportunity that is 13k more than her current salary, however the interview experience raised many red flags and concerns.
They emailed her back right away and asked to see her that day. It is another small company (this one is a car dealer) that said that their employees have grown with them and have stayed for a long time. Their current accountant/ office manager has been there for 3 years but she is leaving to "pursue her dream job." They found a replacement however she quit within a few months because the position was too challenging. The owner was honest and openly said he was trying to scare her with how intense the position is. She would be responsible for four divisions and take on multiple job titles as the accountant, head of HR, and Office manager. He told her that if one mistake is made, the doors could close the next day. He said that the owner and employees livelihoods could depend on any mistake that is made. Another red flag is that she is not qualified for this position having only accounting experience but no HR or office manager experience. She would have 2 weeks to be trained before the current account manager leaves.
Pros: The company is 10 minutes down the road from her, is a small family owned company, is a pay increase, opportunity for a challenge and exposing to new experience, and she would be leaving a job she doesn't like already. She also said that the owner seemed "down to earth and laid back" and had 2 dogs in the room while doing the interview.
I am worried that this opportunity is a dumpster fire. She has a second interview with them tomorrow morning where she will meet the current accountant.
What advice would you give someone in her situation? Thank you!
submitted by infinitefluxx to careeradvice [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 03:59 ButteredScrimp [FS] Colorado Spgs - $15 - Bag of Rotala Red stems
Hello, I used to be a prominent seller on here once upon a time. Not very active anymore but I just completed a long overdue trim of my Rotala Red stems.
Looking to get rid of them in one sale. Asking $15 shipped via USPS priority. Already bagged up and ready for shipment tomorrow.
There may be some algae. You should be able to get rid of it with a good rinse under the sink. Snails are very unlikely unless I somehow missed a baby assassin snail.
You may add assassin snails for $2 each.
submitted by ButteredScrimp to AquaSwap [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 03:58 BeginningInfluence55 Asked GPT-4 to create rude summaries of some of the Harry Potter books. This. Is. Hilarious.

When we kick off, our golden boy Harry's back at the Dursley's living hell – treated worse than a three-legged rat at a cat convention. Outta nowhere, this runty house-elf Dobby shows up, yapping about how Harry's in danger if he goes back to Hogwarts. Dobby's got this annoying habit of punishing himself, like some messed-up masochist elf.
Harry's all, "Screw you, Dobby," but Dobby's persistent. He wrecks the Dursleys' dinner party, getting Harry locked in his room for the rest of the summer. Real fun, right?
Luckily, his red-headed pals, the Weasleys, bust him outta that joint in a flying car. Yeah, you heard me right, a freaking flying car. They drop him at their place, The Burrow, which looks like it might fall down if you sneeze at it. Harry meets the entire Weasley circus, and there's some awkward flirting with little miss Ginny – watch out for her, she's important later.
Off to Hogwarts they go, but Harry and his sidekick Ron can't get through Platform 9¾. So these idiots decide to fly the car to school, crash into a tree that fights back, and almost get expelled. Absolute bloody geniuses, ain't they?
Back at school, things go from bad to worse. Students start getting petrified – not from the school food, but by some monster lurking around. Harry, being Mr. Special, can hear snake voices nobody else can, which just makes him look even weirder.
There's this annoying new teacher, Lockhart, who's more in love with himself than anyone has a right to be. The guy can't teach for shit, but he sure can pose for a painting. Harry ends up in detention with this peacock, and guess what? He stumbles upon some bloody warning about the 'Chamber of Secrets' being opened.
Then there's a creepy diary that used to belong to some bloke named Tom Riddle. It sucks Harry into a memory of a previous Chamber incident. Riddle's pointing fingers at Hagrid, but Harry's like, "Nah, my giant buddy couldn’t hurt a fly." Well, unless it was trying to steal his chickens.
Then, the Weasley girl gets taken by the monster. Harry and Ron are all "let's save her," so they drag Lockhart along, who turns out to be a fraud – shocker, right?
They discover the Chamber, find a giant snake, and Harry kills it with a freaking bird and a hat. Yeah, don't ask me. Turns out, the diary was Voldemort’s, Riddle was Voldemort, and Ginny was being controlled by it. Yeah, it's a lot, I know. Just roll with it.
With the day saved, they're all heroes. Dobby gets freed 'cause Harry tricked his master, and everyone heads home for summer. Dumbledore's got his cryptic words of wisdom, and Harry’s back to being the Dursleys' punching bag for a few months.
submitted by BeginningInfluence55 to ChatGPT [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 03:58 trooperryan Cant remember the name of two

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help with finding the sauce.
The first one from what i can remember was about a male protagonist with red or orange hair (cant remember which) and at the start of the story him and his friends go to a slave auction and buys a slave, she then has a slave seal put on her and it activates on a full moon which leads them to getting intimate and i think its later revealed that shes foreign nobility 🤔
The second one is about a guy who doesnt remember who he is but he used to be a powerful person/demon? A police women helps him but the last part i can remember about this one is that he later works as a butleservant in a household
I apologise for not having a better description 😅
submitted by trooperryan to ManwhaSauce [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 03:58 chaosqueeeen Six year relationship ended via text

On Monday I was dumped via text by my long term live in partner of six years.
I have so many mixed feelings. I’m hurt and betrayed. Although the relationship wasn’t fully serving me I would have stayed with him forever for the comfort and security I felt around him. At the same time, I’m relieved because we didn’t want the same things. I wanted more love and romance, and he just wants to drink with his friends and enjoy the summer, which I can’t blame him for.
Our lives are so woven together. He has so much stuff and it’s all still here. He packed a little while getting essentials and I’ve done a lot getting his stuff separated from mine to make sure it all is ready for him (I respected his stuff). The pain is coming in waves.
While it hurts so much, and the logistics and everything are stressful and sad, and while we had so many amazing memories I do feel this is the healthiest for me. Unfortunately it doesn’t make things any easier.
I also really wonder how he’s feeling. We’ve had very little conversation since Monday morning and that conversation has only been about logistics and me sending him a Zelle request for the electric bill. I just wonder if he is in as much pain as me.
For context: I knew something was up for the past few months. Just thought it was depression. This past four weeks his communication and care diminished to the point where I was constantly crying and trying to get that love from him. We planned a talk where I would ask for more love, but before that talk I was told via text that he “didn’t feel the same anymore”. He’s also taking his cat that we raised together, which is like the nail in the coffin.
submitted by chaosqueeeen to BreakUps [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 03:58 New-Conclusion-1626 Man I was really sucking with the red dot!!

Man I was really sucking with the red dot!! submitted by New-Conclusion-1626 to FortNiteBR [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 03:57 irycente93 As suggested here, I've tried Sirene and I've fallen in love with multichromes 🤩🧜‍♀️(bonus sirene tattoo to match the nails)

As suggested here, I've tried Sirene and I've fallen in love with multichromes 🤩🧜‍♀️(bonus sirene tattoo to match the nails) submitted by irycente93 to ILNP [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 03:57 SpagehettiSauce [PC] [2010-2015] Woman in red dress fights bad/evil fruit using a fan

Platform: I have no idea where I played this game. It was a browser (probably flash) game.
Genre: It was a 3D sidescroller. Not sure what genre, but you fought food to finish levels. You move from left to right. Probably some platforming.
Estimated year of release: I can't have played it outside of 2010-2015, but it might have come out a bit earlier. Not before the 2000s tho.
Graphics/art style: Like I said, it was 3D. Fairly detailed. A mixture between cartoony and realism. Like the playercharacters head is too big while her hands and feet are too small, but the shading looks realistic.
Notable characters: You play as a woman with dark hair in a red dress. She holds a fan which she uses to defeat enemies. All levels take place in a kitchen. The woman is also very tiny compared to said kitchen. She's the same size as the food. The enemies are different foods (possibly only fruit? Not sure about this detail.) The bad food attacks you, while the ones that don't are just normal food.
Notable gameplay mechanics: The playercharacter chops up the enemy food. I seem to remember there being something about her collecting the food to cook at the end of every level, but I could be wrong. There is also no story as far as i remember.
Other details: I've seen multiple descriptions that sound similair, but the most notable thing about this game is that the playercharacter is a woman in a red dress, and that her weapon is a fan. My brother said it might have been called something like "Tex Mex", and there is a food-game of that name but it's not even close to what i'm looking for. The playercharacter looks spanish inspired. I'd love to make a drawing and attach it, but i'm not sure if i'm able to.
I'd really appreciate some help. I've been searching all day, both detailed and vague descriptions. Nothing. This game was a staple of my childhood. Thank you for reading :))
submitted by SpagehettiSauce to tipofmyjoystick [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 03:56 According-Gazelle Austin made $12 million a year from merchandise says Kurt Angle.
Angle answered some fan questions on the latest "Kurt Angle Show" podcast.
Kurt Angle was asked, “Do you have a favorite piece of merch that was released of yours?”
Angle answered, "My favorite was what I sold the most. It was my, It's True It's True T-shirt. Red, White, and Blue. It’s True Its True. It was a great T-shirt. I sold a lot of those. That was my rookie year. I never sold as many T-shirts the rest of my career as I did my first year. I have to tell you this. It wasn't that much money. I wasn’t a merchandise guy. Even Vince McMahon came to me and said listen, 'We can't use the word Olympics. We can't use Olympic rings. You're not going to do merchandise. I'm gonna pay you to wrestle.’ I was like, 'Well I do want to make money on merchandise.' He says, 'Can't do it.' I had merchandise, but I didn't have a lot.”
Angle talking about the amount of money Steve Austin made on merchandise:
“In one year, he made $12 million on merchandise and that was the 3:16 shirt. That's when it came out. $12 million. He told me. I was like, 'Holy crap.' He only made two and a half million wrestling. Vince McMahon said, 'I pay you (Angle) to wrestle.' Vince, I'm not gonna lie to you, he paid me well. I made more than Austin did with wrestling. I didn't make nearly as much as Austin did with merchandise, but Vince took care of me on the back end with wrestling. Merchandise, I made, I'll give you just roundabout figures, between 700 and 900 grand a year. It wasn't a lot. It's a lot of money, don't get me wrong, but not for being a big star like that. For some reason Vince just told me, 'Hey, can't do anything with you in merchandise, so just wrestle.' I would come up with merchandise ideas and Vince would utilize them, but you know, I didn't sell like Stone Cold, and I was a heel most of my career too.”
Angle on how much merchandise money he made in TNA:
"I did alright in TNA. Believe it or not, yeah, we were selling pretty well the first few years. I mean, I would say between 2007 and 2010, everybody's making pretty good money on merch”
Angle on how much he made in his best years in TNA from merchandise:
“In TNA, 400 grand.”
submitted by According-Gazelle to SquaredCircle [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 03:56 al900 Yeast infection symptoms, tested negative for yeast + BV. Two doctors saying everything looks normal despite visible symptoms

TLDR: two doctors have assessed that I have YI symptoms but cultures have come back negative and PH is normal. Medication for YI has been helpful but doesn't fully get rid of symptoms. Is there anything else this could possibly be?
I have no idea what to do. Last week I had an annual pap and mentioned to the doc I took an antibiotic for 2 days and felt a little dry/itchy + had watery white discharge so was worried about a yeast infection. She looked and confirmed there was a mild infection and prescribed two doses of Diflucan. The dryness and itching went away but I then had crazy swelling (felt like I had a ballsack in my panties) and my vag felt like it had a gritty texture. The opening also looked very red.
The results from the pap came back after I took my second dose and turns out it was negative for yeast, insinuating I never had a YI to begin with? They swabbed again to do a culture and everything came out negative, the gynecologist also noted from looking at it that it didn't really "look" like yeast (the nurse practitioner did my initial Pap smear). In the mean time waiting for the results, she prescribed me 1 dose of a terconazole suppository 80mg which helped with the swelling and discomfort but gave me terrible chills and fatigue the next day. (There's 2 doses left in the package though so I'm considering taking them despite the side effects)
Now the culture has come back completely negative as well. The swelling has mostly gone down but there's still white stuff on my vaginal walls and my discharge is not normal. Either watery and white or thick and white. The dryness is mostly gone though. I went to another gyn and his tests were all negative as well, and my ph is 3.5. He also looked at the sample under a microscope. I'm so confused and both doctors don't seem to know what else could possibly be causing symptoms or suggesting anything else to test for. They just keep saying the tests are normal so I have no infection, which is definitely not the case as I've never had a YI, BV, UTI, nor have I been sexually active and I've never experienced things like this. Is there anything else it could possibly be?
submitted by al900 to VaginalMicrobiome [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 03:56 aweirdchicken Vector functionality question

Vector functionality question
Hi friends, I've been asked to "clean up" a graphic for a friend. When I got the file I was actually pleasantly surprised to find it was mostly well made, the only problems being some erroneous paths of nothing (deleted), and strokes around paths that should've been outlined. I have a bit of a conundrum that I'm not sure how to approach though, and would like some opinions.
The graphic has a few areas that are supposed to be cut outs, but were made as white paths with a black stroke (see image). I started by outlining the stroke to make it its own path, and minusing the white path from the paths under it to make it an actual cut out.
Here is where I reach my conundrum: the red path is solid (or, was before I cut the white part out of it) on top of the large black one under it, I can either minus the thin black path from the red to make the black underneath show through as the "outline" to the cutout, OR leave the thin black path on top of the red as its own path covering the red.
I don't think it really matters which way I do it, as I'm pretty sure both will achieve the exact same look when rasterised, but I just want opinions on whether there is a functional benefit to either method. E.g. would one method potentially cause issues in rasterising, or when printing etc?
Thanks everyone!
submitted by aweirdchicken to AdobeIllustrator [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 03:55 bigbootycommie Spent my whole life training myself not to have panic attacks in the car

And it’s not because I’m crazy, it’s because I’m hyper aware of my surroundings.
I notice every day how many people start pulling out too soon
how many people dive in front of other cars with no room to stop
how many people are not even looking at the road, take too long to stop at a red light,
how many people fly past the red light, take off as soon as it turns green,
don’t slow down when someone is about to turn,
drive faster than the car in front of them,
dive into the next lane with no blinker,
ride on someone’s ass just to bully them.
Fly out of shopping centers without looking
Turn left without looking
The list is ENDLESS. I am against cars for a number of reasons but the number one reason is that driving is a SKILL that requires patience, awareness, kindness, and tolerance and our society lacks all of these things. I don’t even want to drive anymore - I want public transportation because I want to live.
submitted by bigbootycommie to fuckcars [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 03:55 FunAttitude5739 DRAM ERROR HELP

Hi, got home from work today and went to start up me new pc build and it didn't boot. I was using it last night with no problems and it has be running great since I completed the build last Saturday.
My motherboard is displaing a dram error and is not booting with no display output. All of the case fans start up and the lights come on but, I can't even access the bios.
I've tried reseating my ram sticks. First both, than one, than one by one in each slot and got a red dram light every time.
I've re-flashed the bios, reset the cmos (by pulling the batter), reseated the CPU, gpu, SSD and more or less took the entire build apart and put it back together.
My next plan is to pick up some new ram sticks tomorrow but I wanted to see if you all had any other ideas/suggestions?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
submitted by FunAttitude5739 to computers [link] [comments]