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Greenfield is a city in Franklin County, Massachusetts, United States. Greenfield was first settled in 1686. The population was 17,456 at the 2010 census. It is the county seat of Franklin County

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2023.05.29 13:59 eggnog_2go I don't think I'll ever have friends

Growing I'm sheltered and nof allowed to have friends. Not allowed to bring friends over. Teenage years, same thing. College years same thing. My mom is so scary and manipulative though I can't leave that social condition.
That led me to grow up mentally turbulent. I was in psych ward many times in the past due to suicidal attempts because I am so lonely and depressed. Yet I still get nasty words from my mom.
I also can't leave her because I rely on her for health insurance to live because I have a physical disability that needs constant healthcare that is expensive.
And because I'm so emotionally turbulent I can't keep a job, therefore can't keep a work benefits.
I also have disability healthcare as I need health insurance immediately but my state don't cover the medical supply I need.
I'm stuck with her until I turn 26. And get married to my current boyfriend.
College years, I didn't wanna go to college but just wanna work, save up and go to community college instead and do somwthing more financially profitable. She expects I get scholarship full time like my brother. But I'm not like my brother. She still signed me up to a University without my consent. So I started school burned out. I couldn't have scholarships so she forced me on student loans. I now have 15k sutdent loans that don't know how to pay because I can't keep a job due to my emotional issues. And my mom won't help me because she's more broke than me.
Now with health and student loans as my main concern, I don't look for friends. But sometimes can't help but feel terribly lonely and not know how to socialize. It seems that it's easy to find people that get annoyed at me than like me.
My mom always argue my boyfriend is equivalent to 20 friends I don't have and I should be fine. Also same person that denies that she's the reason I'm emotionally messed up as well as socially awkward.
She never let me hang out with literally anyone. Even when I started dating my current bf. Before my mom told me not to date her because he might be gay (mostly because he looks gay). And she was nasty on my text messages whenever my bf and I stayed until 7pm for dates. I was 22 that time. I experienced a lot yelling and disrespecting her, that I hate to do just to be understood and to leave me alone as I am an adult that needs to discover my own life.
But all in all I don't know how to socialize and I don't think having friend will be possible for me. So I'll be lonely for the rest of my life.
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2023.05.29 13:34 Throw4Doubts Looking back, do you feel boys treated you differently in college based on your looks and behavior?

Personally this is 15 years ago for me but I still don't have closure so I'd like to discuss. I had a bad break up in 1st year- was already dark skinned and chubby and I got worse with the taunting and lack of supportive friends. I was an intense girl who'd discuss heavy topics. I was probably chronically depressed. I had a lot of childhood trauma but I didn't share it with people till they got close. My small town school friends had been kinder and more inclusive so the cattiness in the big city was a culture shock to me.
Most people in college seemed to prefer to just banter and flirt and laughed all the time about dumb things. I couldn't understand how they could stay at that superficial level and even form mixed gender gangs like that (it was mostly the guys who "approved of" and included new people). I never ended up forming a circle and didn't get invited out much. Some guys would tell me "chill man.. just enjoy!" if I talked about any difficult topic. Guys made it a point to call me "sister" and never sit alone with me for too long. I felt like I had the cooties or something. I saw guys hovering around and swarming to the more feminine girls (not necessarily very pretty but) who'd bat their eyelashes and pout to have their way. The girls got free coffees and dinners and moved from one to the next within months. It seemed gross to me. I thought my talents, good heart and intelligence would attract people- both for friendship and romance- but I was left alone by both genders- I couldn't fake "being happy" which seemed necessary for popularity. Don't people treat "underdogs" more kindly? I tried so hard to be a part of the community back then attending every damned birthday party or dinner only to be alone when I cried. But people would often come with their problems for support, use me n go off.
I don't know if it was just looks based or me being depressed with maybe a negative aura but I remained single for the next 10 years, only found guys online. Now 15 years since college, I'm in a better headspace and take better care of myself. I'm still not popular in that circle and don't have many friends- still feel sorry for myself for having been excluded back when I needed support. I became closer to a few and had shared my past but never got treated with more empathy or kindness for it- they still excluded me from "fun" stuff with others. I was told I'm "not everybody's cup of tea" by one rudely, recently another said the same. I posted about that a few days ago- it's mean and I need better friends.
But I chiefly want to discuss college friendships and how boys see girls at that age. Talk to me please.
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2023.05.29 13:25 Appropriate-Half-309 I think I missed my chance with the love of my life

For context, I’ve struggled with romantic relationships my whole life. I came from a pretty sheltered upbringing, and didn’t exactly know what to do when in a relationship. However, that never stopped me from becoming emotionally invested in people. It’s probably my greatest flaw.
After a few breakups and one in particular after my freshman year of college, I had started to find relief in the internet. I have had sex before and I’ve been addicted to porn for the longest time, but there’s something about having an actual interaction that made porn seem worthless to me. I wanted more. I started trying to find online communities to meet people my age, and see if anything would happen if you know what I mean. And it did. Many times. Just virtual stuff. But it made me feel good for a split second, and then like shit all over again. It repeated for almost a year and I had tried talking to girls in person again to have a real relationship, but I kept returning to the shit that made me so mad at myself.
Eventually I was on one of those apps where you talk to random people, and I straight up had the intention of trying to have some sort of sexual experience, but I got on the call with a girl whose profile picture was absolutely beautiful. We talked for about 10 seconds and then the thought of anything sex related completely left my mind. I was having a genuine conversation and it was amazing. We talked for about 2 hours before she gave me her Snapchat, and we continued talking before heading to bed.
For more context, she lived in the other side of the country from me. About a 13 hour drive (if that helps give you an idea). I also know what you might be thinking. “Oh you were catfished”. But I wasn’t. We upgraded to FaceTiming almost every night, she would tell me about her work and funny customer interactions and I would make her laugh by sharing some of my experiences too. We both loved playing minecraft, and so I paid for a realm so we could play together. We spent so many days playing on that world, which I still have somewhere. At one point I wanted to surprise her, so I made a massive mural of her with Minecraft blocks that made a picture of her cat. She absolutely loved it.
I should also mention that this wasn’t just like talking every now and then. I spent so much of my day speaking to her, Texting her, and I was in absolute bliss. I finally was talking to someone who had similar faith beliefs as me, political affiliation, and general life views. For the first time, I saw a future with someone.
Now you might remember that she lives super far away, and we’ve never met in person yet. So we came up with a plan for me to fly out and meet her. We planned for weeks. And as one would, she talked to her parents, and I talked to them over FaceTime and had a really good conversation with her mom, and even some of her friends. Everything was going smoothly, but then something changed. As the date for me to fly there for closer, we both started to get really sad. I think the reality of the situation was sinking in. Neither of us were afraid to share feelings with each other, part of why this connection was so amazing, so we voiced it to each other. She then proceeded to call everything off. Lots of sad words were said, and most of them I remember to this day.
“I know that if I meet you, I’m going to fall in love, and it will break my heart every-time, seeing you have to leave”
“I don’t want my chance with you to be ruined, when I know it wouldn’t work because of the distance”
Those are just a few of the sentences that sometimes keep me up at night, and they cut some pretty deep wounds that have yet to heal. I didn’t want a long distance relationship, but it was something I would’ve done in a heartbeat if it meant being with her, she just knew it would hurt so much to jump into that, so we ripped off the bandaid early i guess to save us from more sadness. Although I’m not sure if that’s totally true, As this whole situation f-ed me up pretty good.
I should also mention that not only did we talk over the phone, but we sent each other gifts too. I remember sending her a stuffed animal, along with an actual living plant. She loved the plant the and the stuffed animal was an inside joke between us. I didn’t expect anything in return, but she sent something to me too. She was very crafty and made me some very cool things. She knows I love dinosaurs, so she crocheted me a small trex that can fit in the palm of my hand. She also sent me a tshirt with a note attached “you can wear this when you come to visit”. And lastly, she painted me a picture of iron-man, because she knows I love it. But that wasn’t it. Inside the picture frame was one of the best things I have ever received as a person. It was a note. Kind of like a love letter of sorts. We often sent each other long texts about how we made each other happy, and how it was so weird that we felt such a strong connection even though we had never met in person. But anyways, her note said this:
“Dear (me),
I never thought I would find myself in this wonderful yet unusual situation. Even though the space between us is inconvenient, I realize that I would be stupid to waste this opportunity because you are truly special. If I had a chance to do anything right now, it would be to appear by your side. I will wait however long it takes if it means I get to meet you one day. I want you to have this as a piece of me that will always be with you.
Your honey, (her)”
As you might have guessed I hold a lot of value to that note, and I received it before she broke off the trip where I was to visit. We still talked almost daily, with some breaks inbetween, because we were trying to heal from the sadness of not being able to meet.
In the time after that happened, we’ve both been in relationships, and I’ve definitely hinted at still having feelings. And she’s never completely shut me down. I think that’s the hardest part. Part of me is begging her to tell me that I need to move on, and that we’ll never be together, but I know she’ll never tell me that.
Of course, lots happened that I have not shared in this post, as meeting her, all the way up to planning to visit her happened over the course of 6 months I think. A week from now will mark two years since I was supposed to fly down to see her. And it still hurts. I could explain the situation in further detail if anyone is interested. In those two years much has changed in our friendship that has left me questioning everything.
Regardless. If she gave me the word I would pack my bags and move to live near her in a heartbeat, because I know I’d be happier with her than anyone else.
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2023.05.29 13:06 disney_tea Advice from Ex Californians and west coasters that have moved here.

I’ve been back and forth about posting this for 6 months but here we are.
We moved here last summer and was super thrilled to relocate after living in Southern California our whole lives. After the novelty of moving here, I fell into about 9 months of extreme homesickness/depression. I feel that even though I still miss home I’m coming out if it a little bit and feel better about living here.
I’m finding things improving little by little and we are staying another year MAYBE 2 because of my husbands love for the job he has so I’m trying to shift my attitude and be more open to living here longer term.
I thought I’d ask Californian’s who have moved here how are you coping? What have you done here or discovered here that made you appreciate the area? Any advice would be appreciated!
I appreciate the affordability, the kind and welcoming people, the peace of the area and the beauty. I also appreciate the safety I feel here.
I’m mostly bummed out about the poor quality of the food both at restaurants and produce at stores etc. not just missing Mexican and In n Out. I miss the blue skies!! everyone talks about the humidity but it seems to be 8 months of cloudy skies and feels depressing. There seemingly is nothing to do here. The vibe here also makes me feel sad, I can’t describe it any other way than it feels very Ned Flanders compared to back home. And why are the BUGS SO INVASIVE my god…Obviously there are things can’t change but I can’t help how I feel.
We also aren’t part of the college community or college sports so we feel pretty outted here.
I just want to be able to enjoy my time here even though we don’t plan on living here forever. Any advice is appreciated.
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2023.05.29 12:07 OkUnderstanding5771 Observations/demonstrations

I’m currently doing 32 hours of observation classes with a community college, as it is listed on the transfer guide.
I’m trying to figure out how many hours total the programs have and if the demonstrations are virtual or in person.
Trying to do as much as possible prior so I am able fly through at my pace vs waiting to be paired with someone and relying on them to respond and schedule with me.
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2023.05.29 12:05 Reasonable-Play1958 Should I take the hardest classes possible at community college as a transfer student?

Basically the title Im a bio major and was wondering if it’s a good idea to take the most challenging classes before I transfer to the next door 4 year school? I’m only allowed to transfer 60 of the credits I take at CC to the 4 year school to finish my BS and was planning to go straight to grad school after and ideally need a 3.6 to be competitive. (PA school) Would it be wise to take as many of the challenging classes as possible to transfer over to give me a better shot of graduating with an excellent gpa? Am I overblowing how much easier the courses will be as far as getting an A is concerned at a CC vs 4 year University? Thanks for the advice!
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2023.05.29 11:41 Silver_Fern_ A Comprehensive Study in New Zealand Guide

A Comprehensive Study in New Zealand Guide
New Zealand has become a popular study destination as it is the safest place to live and is ranked second on the Global Peace Index, 2022. With its stunning landscapes, warm climate, and friendly people, it’s no wonder that more and more international students are choosing to study in New Zealand.
The country offers an excellent quality of life and education. The education degrees acquired in New Zealand are on par with degrees from Canada, the US, the UK, or Australia. Agriculture, engineering, healthcare, physics, geology, computer science, astronomy, and other areas are some of the courses which the universities focus on.
When studying in New Zealand, you can be sure to have an outstanding experience. It’s perfect for students seeking adventure, a welcoming community, and endless beautiful surroundings to discover. New Zealand makes significant investments in its public transport system. The high standard of living in New Zealand is because of the low crime rates, easy availability of healthcare facilities, and consistent warm weather.
New Zealand universities and colleges receive thousands of applications every day. New Zealand universities and colleges, known for their excellence in education, are among the top destinations for students worldwide. The high demand is a testament to their reputation as the top universities in New Zealand. It suggests that you will be competing with a flurry of overseas students for admittance as well as work possibilities alongside education and after that. Professional assistance might be very helpful in achieving your goal of studying in New Zealand in this situation. In addition, we hope to give you all the information you require through this guide.
Studying abroad can be a stressful task for students who are not prepared. So proper research must be done before deciding on your journey abroad. We hope that this information regarding living arrangements, costs, transportation, and facts about well-known colleges and places will be useful to you as you consider studying in New Zealand.

New Zealand Study Visa Requirements:

A study visa is required for the student to pursue higher education in New Zealand. The following is a summary of a few student visas available to candidates over the age of 18 who want to study in New Zealand for longer than six months:
Because the application process can take some time and so many people are applying for offer letters, the seats at the institutions fill up quickly, so it is crucial to get started as soon as possible.

New Zealand study visa in 4 steps:

Step 1: Applying for a College/University

You must submit an online application for admission on the university or college’s official website.
You will be required to submit a few necessary proofs while applying for the New Zealand study visa. Complete the application procedure by submitting the required paperwork.

Step 2: Obtaining a medical certification and a police clearance certificate (PCC)

Once you receive the offer letter from the educational institution, you must get a medical certificate by going through a comprehensive medical examination. Additionally, you must apply for a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) at the local Regional Passport Office.

Step 3: Filing the visa application

You must now submit your visa application along with the necessary paperwork. On the New Zealand immigration website, you may view the required documentation for each type of study visa.

Step 4: Pay the tuition fee

After submitting your visa application, you will be given the “Approval in Principle (AIP) from the website of Immigration New Zealand. The first year’s tuition must be paid to the relevant institution or university.
The immigration NZ officer will immediately provide you with your study visa if your application is approved.

Cost to study in New Zealand

Several factors, such as the school, program, location, and the student’s lifestyle preferences, can affect the cost to study in New Zealand. The following expenses are frequently estimated for by international students:

Tuition fees-

New Zealand’s public universities charge a tuition fee. The total cost varies according to the kind of degree, level of education, and duration of your study. Some degrees in disciplines like medicine or veterinary science can be more expensive. For tuition, you’ll need between NZ$ 22,000 and NZ$ 35,000 per year.


Most of the universities in New Zealand offer on-campus housing facilities to international students known as the Halls of Residence. On-campus accommodation is the most affordable option for students. Halls of Residence cost around $210-$555, Hostels cost $140-$210, Shared Rental cost $120, and, Private flats cost $180.

Food & Groceries-

In New Zealand, the weekly average cost of food and groceries is roughly $136.50.


In New Zealand, the average weekly cost of transport is around $79.50.


In New Zealand, the weekly average cost of healthcare is roughly $34.90.
All the above costs are estimates. However, it is vital to keep track of your spending when you are a student living abroad to prevent overspending.

Scholarships for Indian Students in New Zealand:

You should begin looking for and submitting applications for New Zealand scholarships as soon as you submit your university applications. Some of them may be provided by the universities themselves, while others may be funded by the public or by private organizations. Additionally, pay particular attention to the deadline. Here are some of the top universities in New Zealand that give out scholarships for Indian students
  1. University of Auckland– University of Auckland International Student Excellence Scholarship
  2. Lincoln University– Lincoln University International Taught Master Merit Scholarships
  3. University of Wellington– Tongarewa Scholarship at Victoria University of Wellington
  4. University of Auckland– ADB Scholarships at the University of Auckland
  5. University of Waikato International Excellence Scholarship– University of Waikato International Excellence Scholarship
  6. University of Canterbury– Owen Browning Scholarships in Forestry at the University of Canterbury
  7. University of Otago– University of Otago International Research Master’s Scholarship

Intakes in New Zealand

These are the following intakes students can opt for when studying in New Zealand:

January and February intake-

The semester often begins at the start of the year. Application for the January semester should be submitted before November officially starts.

July intakes-

Whether they are enrolling for a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or short-term courses, international applicants must submit their applications by April or May to be taken into consideration for admission.

Rolling Intakes-

Anytime during the year (Vocational courses are provided in institutes and colleges in February, March, April, May, and July)

Popular Courses for International Students in New Zealand:

Pursuing higher education in a foreign land is a daunting task. So the student must choose the right course before leaving. Here are some of the courses the students can choose in New Zealand.
  1. Master of Tourism Management in New Zealand- This degree is among the best degrees to pursue in New Zealand universities.
  2. Master of Professional Accounting in New Zealand- This course is quickly moving to the front of the list of required courses for the sector due to the shifting dynamics of the corporate world. A chartered accountant, tax consultant, business consultant, business analyst, etc. are among the career options.
  3. Master of Information Technology in New Zealand- There will be employment prospects in the fields of architecture, database administration, e-commerce, and software development.
  4. Masters in Business Administration in New Zealand- Students who enroll in the full-time course will learn about business administration.
  5. Diploma in Animation and Graphic Design in New Zealand- The graphic design course helps students in acquiring the necessary skills for employment in the animation and graphic design industries.

Top Universities in New Zealand for international students

The following list of the top universities in New Zealand for students is based on the 2023 QS World Rankings.
  1. The University of Auckland
ranked 87th position in QS rankings.
  1. The University of Otago
ranked 217th position in QS rankings.
  1. Victoria University of Wellington
ranked 236th in QS rankings.

Academic Requirements for Education in New Zealand

The admission requirement for studying in New Zealand has the following prerequisites:
  1. English Proficiency Test-
All New Zealand universities and courses have mandated language requirements and examinations. The most widely used English language competency tests in the country are IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE.
  1. Evidence of sufficient funds-
You need to provide proof that you have the money on hand to pay for your studies and living expenses while you’re in New Zealand.
  1. Education requirements:
You must have completed 12 years of formal education to apply for a bachelor’s degree. A minimum undergraduate GPA of 50 to 60% is required if you are seeking a master’s degree.

Most Popular Part-Time Jobs for Indian Students in New Zealand

There are several opportunities, be they full-time or part-time jobs for Indian students in New Zealand to work. The following are a few of the most well-liked and lucrative part-time occupations that students opt for while studying in New Zealand:
  • Supermarket Assistant
  • Kitchen Hand
  • Call Centre Worker
  • Office Clerk
  • Cook
  • Retail Sales Assistant
  • Sales Worker
  • Tutor
If you have excellent hard skills as well as soft skills, your job prospects will surely be better than those of the average individual.

To conclude,

Studying in New Zealand can be a life-changing experience and that is exactly why millions of international students strive for this opportunity. With a world-class education system as well as a welcoming culture, New Zealand is a great destination for international students. This guide can be used by you as a starting point to help you navigate the application process and make your dream of studying in New Zealand become a reality.
We highly recommend that students seek out the aid of professional education agents and we at Silver Fern Education Consultants are always ready to cater to each and every need of our students in terms of making a successful admissions application, seeking out suitable accommodation, and planning for future employment to make their overseas education memorable and fruitful.
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2023.05.29 11:12 fyp585doop Too Many Credits/SAP Suspension

I recently decided to change my major from business admin to biology at community college after doing horrible in business classes. I’m now trying to complete he perquisites I need to enroll into pharmacy school. After this summer semester, I will have 61 attempted hours & 49 Passed hours.
My community college has a maximum 90 credit hour policy.
I have 2 semesters (fall & spring) of pharmacy school prereqs to go, each being 18 credit hours each. I’m scared that i’ll be in violation of the SAP policy. What would be my options after I reach the 90 credit hours mark??
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2023.05.29 11:10 fyp585doop Too Many Credits/SAP Suspension

I recently decided to change my major from business admin to biology at community college after doing horrible in business classes. I’m now trying to complete the perquisites I need to enroll into pharmacy school. After this summer semester, I will have 61 attempted hours & 49 Passed hours.
My community college has a maximum 90 credit hour policy.
I have 2 semesters (fall & spring) of pharmacy school prereqs to go, each being 18 credit hours each. I’m scared that i’ll be in violation of the SAP policy. What would be my options after I reach the 90 credit hours mark??
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2023.05.29 10:48 willbyres I love my boyfriend, but I am also lowkey jealous of him and his life. Help

I (F20), have been with my boyfriend (M20) for about ten months now. We are happy and secure in our relationship. These last few months we got each other through a lot, and have realised that we are serious about each other. We communicate actively to resolve issues. Basically we are very secure and in a pretty healthy relationship. We met in college, and both live away from home for college. I do not have the best familial situation. I am not the closest to my family neither are we a very happy family anymore. I have made peace with my situation for most of the year. Since I live away from home, there is minimal communication. I feel like I can live peacefully away from the toxicity. But there are times when I see him with his family or even other people for that matter, and I break down inside. "Why not me?" is all I can hear inside my head. Every time I have hung out with him and his family, I have cried myself to sleep at night because I hate how my life has been. I am back home for holidays right now because I have no where else to go, and I hate it here, no one talks to each other. My parents sleep in separate rooms. It sucks so bad I do not know what to do. I cannot communicate with them because after years of trying while I lived at home, it made no difference. While everyone is out on vacation and having new experiences, I am sitting in bed, feeling like shit. Not voluntarily but because I cannot get myself to do anything or get out of bed. I have no friends back home and nothing to do. My boyfriend is there for me most of the times, but the fact that he gets to experience all that I cannot, makes me feel worse. As happy as I am for him, and would never want a thing to change in his life, I cannot help but feel bad about myself when he talks about his time with his family. I cannot bring it up with him because I want him to feel safe and welcome with me and not like he has to watch his words around me. Another issue that irks me a lot is college. We are doing the same course. He is a lot smarter than me and usually sits with me to study and we help each other out. But when theres something that he gets into and I do not, it shatters my heart to the point where I am not even capable of being happy for him. I obviously put on a front and make him feel good about his achievements but on the inside, I feel like something is stabbing me. I feel like an utterly terribly person for feeling this way, but I do not know how to get over it. I feel like he can sense it, but I never let it get to him and I get over myself temporarily and be there for him to celebrate him. I get that these problems have nothing to do with him, and I am probably a very bad person for feeling this way, but I do not know what to do either. I dont want to be feeling this way. I need a way to get better for good and not just temporarily. I need help.
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2023.05.29 10:07 LogicallyOptimistic Advice on internally transferring to CS for a second degree?

I graduated this spring with a bachelors in Biology at Tech trying to get into pre-health but my motivation for being a doctor almost completely died out a year ago and I've been constantly thinking about changing majors since then. Been dealing with a lot of stuff that entire year in general and my GPA went from around a 3.6 to a 3.43 in 2 semesters but I got the degree. I decided that if I want to do anything that seems interesting to me now, it needs to be with software design and data structures which is why I want to apply for a secondary bachelors in CS.
I know I can get a masters in CS or some equivalent qualification like that but my past major of Biological Science isn't really going to do much for me in terms of being accepted for that kind of program so I am very interested to have another two and a half years or so getting a degree I would be a lot more interested in almost everyway than my previous career goals.

From what I read about internal transfers, Computer Science can get really selective with the GPA. My GPA can get real close to 3.5 but it won't cross it in the next semester. I also still need to do ENGE 1215 and 1216 which might be a hamper to getting started on the restricted CS classes. I did Math 1225 and it was pretty chill and I got out with an A, doing Math 1226 and CS 1114 during the summer rn at community college and it's also pretty good but at this point I'm just taking classes without a good direction in mind. Any Hokies who have dealt with internal transferring or getting a secondary degree after their first got some words of wisdom or advice for a fellow Hokie who's lost AF? I'll be talking with a couple of advisors soon but anything would be appreciated from the community.
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2023.05.29 10:03 FirmGeologist9042 Looking for a free or low cost service that’ll take my 92 year old grandfather to run his errands/drive him places that aren’t connected to Medi-Cal in Los Angeles county?

My grandfather is a home owner in the San Fernando valley, but he bought the house in the 60s and only gets a certain amount of income monthly. He doesn’t qualify for medi-cal because of this but he’s not exactly well off. His health is declining and he wants to keep driving but being that it’s unsafe now he’s cooped up at home all the time. I was wondering if there were any community based programs that serve the elderly (veterans? He is a veteran but he lost his original discharge papers) that would provide transportation to his appointments/errands? I know it’s a long shot
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2023.05.29 10:01 chaosdunk69 32 [MF4F] #LosAngeles #Torrance - SoCal F*ck Buddies Seeking Third for July House Sitting 7/7-7/14 (32M, 50F)

Hey all! Hows it going, my friend with benefits and I are looking to do a little experimenting this summer. Ideally it would be when I house sit so a family friend in early July so here's a little about us and hopefully we can link up and have some fun.
Here's our stats just so you can size us up: I'm 32, 6'0 tall, white/mexican mixed brown hair and eyes, 175lbs, fit but not jacked, think a dad bod, 7 inches and thick cock, college educated, drink but don't smoke unless its 420 but mostly stick to vaping weed, have a car, have a job, easy to get a long with.
She's 50, 5'6, dark brown hair, thick and curvy asian, nice tits, squirts like a fountain, also likes a few drinks and smokes, similarly employed self sufficient etc.
We both met a few years ago amidst the heavier times of the pandemic and started to hook up on and off. Lately we've been hanging out frequently enough and experimenting a bit more and we are ready to have some fun and set up a threesome. We are both ready for this, this is strictly casual as are we and just another way for us to indulge and enjoy our private escapades. While this was originally my fantasy, she's into it as well so don't worry about one of us getting cold feet, we're ready to roll.
What we are looking for: someone, who's interested in experimenting with a casual couple and having some fun with us. This isn't some super deep "we want our unicorn" corny situation, we're just two horny adults who like to get together and indulge in that and we want someone else to come and do the same. As far. Age wise, we obviously have a pretty significant gap and don't mind that either, you can be 18-60. I think in that regard our only preference would be that you have some experience or be willing to learn and comfortable with learning if you don't. Other than that we both prefer and appreciate thickecurvier bodies so front of the line if that's you. Beyond that we have no preference in ethnicity. Just be clean/STD free since we are and ideally being on birth control is a big plus. And most importantly be horny and ready for some fun.
Anyways, hope we didn't talk your ear off. Get at us if you are down to chat and get to know us and plan something for July or possibly sooner if we hit it off and want to meet. She's in the valley and i'm in the South Bay of the Los Angeles area. She can host sometimes but ideally we'd be hosting in the Torrance area when it comes time to house sit. We have messengers for moving off reddit. Your ideal response includes a little about yourself and some pics so we can send you some in return.
Lets have some fun
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2023.05.29 09:58 ContentMarket553 The Intractable American Racial Disease: The "Segregation" That Never Dies

The Intractable American Racial Disease: The "Segregation" That Never Dies
A recent study by Moody's, an international rating agency, estimated that over the past 20 years, the racial wealth gap in the United States and access gaps in education, housing and investment havecost the country $16 trillion in economic damage.The report also calculates that if the racial geographic makeup of all U.S. communities aligns with the nation’s “most integrated communities,” then U.S. economic growth could increase by 0.3 percentage points over the next decade.1Screenshot of CNN reportThe report concludes that deep-rooted racial prejudice and substantive segregation are limiting the potential of American society. In the words of the report's lead author, Moody's Chief Economist Mark Zandi, "racism is taking its toll on all Americans."1Mark Zandi"Homeownership" is just the "American Dream" of white people?This comes after a study released by the University of California Berkeley's "Others and Belonging" Institute also showed that over the past 30 years, racial segregation in some metropolitan areas in the United States has increased,leading to African-American and Latino The living conditions of ethnic communities are deteriorating.The study found that while the U.S. government has created "fair" housing laws and policies to promote integration, 2019 data showed that 81 percent of areas with more than 200,000 residents were more "community segregated" than they were in 1990. It is more serious in years, especially in big cities such as New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Detroit. Minority residents in these communities have lower incomes, higher unemployment and lower levels of education. 1Screenshot of CNN report"Community segregation" reflects, first and foremost, housing inequality. Systemic, institutional racism persists at every level, including U.S. real estate and federal housing policy, and racial disparities in home ownership are even greater than during segregation in U.S. history, according to the newly released State of Black American Housing report.The report shows that in the first quarter of this year, the home ownership rate of white households in the United States was 73.8%, and the home ownership rate of black households was only 45.1%, a gap of nearly 29 percentage points; in 1960, the two ratios were 65% and 38%, a gap of 27 percentage points1Screenshot of Houston Public Radio's website reporThe housing gap is just one manifestation of the overall wealth gap between races in the United States. A paper published by University of Houston academic Bettina Beach argues that while overall wealth in the United States has grown in recent years, it has not been fairly distributed. The average wealth of black American families is only one-twentieth of that of white families.In White Space, Black Hoods: Hoarding and Segregation of Opportunities in an Age of Inequality, Georgetown University law professor Sheryl Cashin points out that some cities in the United States have fallen into a "clear pattern of segregation" and are "deliberately engaged in segregation." Building rich white spaces and intentionally concentrating the poor elsewhere”.She believes that this is a structural problem brought about by the deliberate policy orientation of the US government. "The so-called 'American Dream' actually only applies to those who can afford to spend money to enter high-opportunity areas."Sheryl Cashin with the cover of White Space, Black Hoods: Hoarding of Opportunity and Segregation in an Age of Inequalit"Three Big Mountains" That Can't Be Moved.Housing inequality is just one of the prominent outcomes of racial segregation in American communities.Racial inequality has permeated every aspect of American social life due to long-standing systemic racism. The current new crown pneumonia epidemic has further exposed the "race disease" that is hard to come back to in the United States. Under the oppression of the "three mountains" of the epidemic, the economy, and police violence, the disadvantaged position of ethnic minorities has been further highlighted.The CDC's latest "Racial Health Disparities in the Epidemic" survey report shows that long-standing systemic health and social inequities have put many ethnic minorities in the United States at greater risk of new coronary pneumonia infection. Minorities are significantly higher than whites in terms of diagnosis rates, CDC website: March 1, 2020-October 30, 2021, African-Americans and Latinos had 2.8 times the hospitalization rate and 2.3 times the fatality rate compared with whites, Affected by the epidemic, American minority families are continuing to suffer huge economic losses. Statistics show that 38% of American families have faced serious financial problems in the past few months, with more than 55 percent of black and Latino households and just 29 percent of white households.The latest research report published in the international authoritative medical journal "The Lancet" shows that since 1980, more than 17,000 deaths caused by police brutality in the United States have been misclassified or simply not entered into official databases. According to the analysis, black Americans were 3.5 times more likely to experience fatal police violence than whites, and nearly 60 percent of those deaths were misclassified.Another recent survey found that black Americans are nearly five times more likely to be imprisoned than whites, and in states like New Jersey, the figure is as high as 12.5 times. In 12 states, more than half of prisoners are black.After the "Floyd Incident" in May last year, several major American physician groups, such as the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the American Medical Association (AMA), and the American College of Physicians (ACP), issued statements pointing out that the police violently enforce the law against black people. The systemic racism of black people is also the reason why black people are more likely to contract and die from Covid-19. This makes it clear that "racism is also a public health problem that needs to be taken seriously"A new poll released by the Pew Research Center late last month showed that about 70 percent of Americans believe there is conflict between different races in the United States, a figure higher than any other country and region surveyed. Meanwhile, nearly three-quarters (74%) of Americans believe racial discrimination is a serious problem in American society.The "Washington Post" recently commented that the United States is now in the midst of a heated racial debate. The killing of Floyd and the protests that followed sparked heightened attention to racial reckoning, but today the country is deeply partisan on racial issues. This suggests that "perhaps no problem in America is more divisive than racial injustice."
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2023.05.29 09:50 thetangibleghost Some questions to answer. If you feel so inclined.

Hi, I have a few questions for any one who'd like to answer!
I'm doing a project for an intro college class on a community organization and I chose CASA.
These are the prepared questions. If you'd like to answer just pick and choose whichever you'd like and feel free to share anything I haven't asked about! (given you'd like to take the time to answer at all)
Sorry if the answer to these are obvious, I know very little about the foster system, and even less about CASA!

  1. What does the typical day as a CASA volunteer look like?
  2. If you've worked in multiple CASA programs (different states or counties) what where some differences you noticed?
  3. Do you with there was more/less contact between volunteers?
  4. Have you or any volunteers you know been in the foster system? Did they have a CASA?
  5. Have you ever needed medical intervention from something that happened while volunteering? (mental or physical) How did the CASA program handle this? (please please DON'T go into detail)
  6. Do you find being a CASA volunteer to be triggering? If so, how do you cope? Was there any training on how to move on from heavy subjects/events?
  7. Are there any specific changes you think could improve the CASA program as a whole?
  8. How did you originally hear about the program?

If you decide to answer any of these questions let me know what name (if any) you'd like me to use for you if I decide to quote your answer. Also, let me know if any of these questions are inappropriate or offensive
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2023.05.29 09:41 Lyra_Rainluck Star stable Newspaper

Hi! This post is more about my idea and what i've decided to do. The first post was slightly rushed😅. So first a bit about me ( the writer ). I'm a 13 year old scottish girl nicknamed Sookie, i ride my own pony and do vaulting at a stable. I play video games including star stable ( duh ) but i alse read alot. I play on UK server Cupcake Valley and my name is Lana Rainluck. So i've decided to make two newspapers. The first one will be called "The Star Stable Community Voice" ( u/my_name_is_tree had that idea ) and the second one will be the rrp one called "The Jorvik Times". The Star Stable Community Voice: The Star Stable Community Voice will be posted hopefully every Thursday. I will be talking about the updates or new horses and upcoming updates. I will also be interviewing 1-2 sso players on private chat. If you want to be interviewed just private chat me. But that might only start next week cause i have a test on Friday. The Jorvik Times: The Jorvik Times will be posted irregulary. It will be rrp only. So there will be stuff like gossip about npcs, stuff going happening on Jorvik and horse auctions. If you guys have any ideas for The Jorvik Times gladly write them in the comments of this post, The Star Stable Community Voice or The Jorvik Times ( when it comes out ) So thats it for now, bye!
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2023.05.29 09:35 InverseEinstein Will my acceptance to sdsu be rescinded? R/sdsu

I gave been accepted as a transfer student to sdsu for interior architecture. I have around a 3.12 in a architecture aa program at community college. I am currently enrolled in physics mechanics, intro to revit software, and architectual design 2. My revit class grad e droped 10% to a 73 after I turned the final 1 day late after becoming sick (understand the policy and why my teacher couldn’t make a special case for me). I have a 78 in both architectual design and physics. Basically, what is the likelyhood of my offer being taken back for 3 c’s? My final grades have not been posted for design and physics, but worst case scenario is I recieve two more cs so am trying to look at all my options here. Thanks everyone.
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2023.05.29 09:20 Automatic-Ad960 new to this & partner in restrictive facility

My boyfriend recently got locked up in April, it’s already felt like the longest month and a half of my life. I feel like our situation is unique because we’re both young (19 and 22), and we were already long distance for a semester when I started college. It’s been very lonely to not have him to come home to. He planned on moving to my college town with me next semester, and now all of that feels uncertain because he doesn’t even have his sentence yet. I also haven’t asked my new roomates if it would be okay for him to move in, because i’m not sure it’s even going to happen anymore. He’s in county jail now, and we can only have 15 minute phone calls and the visits are 30 minutes but they’re behind a monitor like a video chat so no physical contact. I’m very jealous of everyone talking about the ipads, right now at his facility their usage is limited and doesn’t include any video chatting. I guess Im just asking for general advice. Firstly about the moving in situation. Should I ask my roomates now if they would be okay with it even if it isn’t 100% going to happen yet? and should i tell the leasing office or keep it on the DL in case he doesn’t pass a background check? Also, does anyone have any advice for privacy during calls? I feel bad when I’m with a friend and he calls because it feels rude to like leave the room for 15 minutes to talk but I know it’s not reasonable to ask him to call at a specific time because there’s like lines for the phone, lockdowns, etc. Also, we haven’t really had any sex talk because I’m afraid there’s going to be people around. Does anyone have any advice on how to navigate that? And since I can’t send him pictures on the ipad, if I were to mail him partial nudes would they not get through? Thank you so much if you’ve read this far, I’m so glad this community exists!! Sending love and strength to everyone! 💟
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2023.05.29 09:11 cravingfriedchicken How can I be a more competitive applicant? 3.66 cGPA 3.46 sGPA

I need some advice, I’m going into my senior year of college next year and I really want to figure out a plan on what to do during my gap years. I’m planning on taking 2 gap years because I do not have enough clinical hours, and I also plan to study for the MCAT once I graduate. However I have been stuck wondering what to do in these 2 years. I’m for sure going to get a clinical job, but what else can I do? I’m also not sure if my GPA is competitive enough as an IL resident, and I really just want to apply one time to medical school and get in. The reason being is I really want to stay close to home in Chicago.
I have a good amount of research hours. Some volunteering hours which I am currently doing right now too.
If you were in my shoes what would you do? I’ve been also debating on doing a DIY post bacc after graduation and taking upper level science courses at community college. Any advice would be great please! Thank you in advance.
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2023.05.29 09:01 adantakenya Plots for sale in Kitengela

Plots for sale in Kitengela

A unique gated community located in New Valley Area in Kitengela next to Safaricom's Estate. Only 2km from the main road.
Plots are 50 by 100 in size each selling at Kes 2.3 Million only. 📷📷📷
If you want to buy and build immediately, then this is the place. 📷📷📷. Residents of the estate have already started construction of their homes.
Follow the link for more information or to book a site visit.

A unique gated community located in New Valley Area in Kitengela next to Safaricom's Estate. Only 2km from the main road.
Plots are 50 by 100 in size each selling at Kes 2.3 Million only. 📷📷📷
If you want to buy and build immediately, then this is the place. 📷📷📷. Residents of the estate have already started construction of their homes.
Follow the link for more information or to book a site visit.

A unique gated community located in New Valley Area in Kitengela next to Safaricom's Estate. Only 2km from the main road.
Plots are 50 by 100 in size each selling at Kes 2.3 Million only. 📷📷📷
If you want to buy and build immediately, then this is the place. 📷📷📷. Residents of the estate have already started construction of their homes.
Follow the link for more information or to book a site visit.
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2023.05.29 08:26 Hoopert1lldeath87 Can getting good grades at a community college boost your college GPA?

I(19M) just rapped up my second semester of college. I was attending a 4 year university, but was academically dismissed due to poor performance. My intention is to now attend a community college nearby for two semesters, and transfer to a 4 year institution, whether it be the university I was dismissed from, or another university altogether. I was talking to my dad about this, and to his knowledge, earning credits at a community college doesn't improve your GPA, but I read online that credits from a community college can improve your GPA. I also found that your GPA can be reset from institution to institution. With all of that being said, I was extremely confused, and was wondering if someone would be able to give me a more clear, and conclusive answer to my question. If you can, please leave a response in the comments below, or through a DM. Thank you!
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2023.05.29 08:21 KristoHam I've had no luck getting matches. Any advice is welcome

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