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2023.05.30 06:42 Ill-Mouse9851 I (28f) and my significant other (30m) not sure if l'm in an abusive relationship

Long story short. We have lived together for 3 years now, we own a home together, and have plans of getting engaged soon.
He has been a little aggressive with me before restraining my arms (he's done this 4 times) . Says it comes from a loving place. We don't have the best communication, when we fight he calls me names ( like idiot, dumbass, stupid) but seem to get over things fast & find a way to work through things. since he says he says it heat of the moment.
For the most part it's been a very loving relationship I love him, he loves me. We have fun & laugh together, plan the future together.
We had a disagreement today, he was telling me I had never mentioned something that I wanted to do, which I had on so many occasions. This conversation heated up quick & out of frustration I made a piercing scream (I know is immature of me) my boyfriend proceeded to put his hand over my mouth, he used his other one to point in my face & scream multiple times to shut the fuck up. I was using my hands to try to get him off of me. He grabbed my arm while I'm trying to do this scratching my arm & leaving 2 small bruises. He says this is my result of screaming & that he didn't mean it to bruise or scratch.
TL;DR? I am unsure if this is abuse or not? What would you do?
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2023.05.30 06:42 cloutdiia This playlist is called “songs that are similar to exit music”. It has to be satire, right? RIGHT???

This playlist is called “songs that are similar to exit music”. It has to be satire, right? RIGHT??? submitted by cloutdiia to radiohead [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 06:41 Sokatich111 Luis MZ - A Cautionary Tale. “From country town Australia to the bright lights of LA - and back again!”or “How Reddit saved LMZ”

Educated, and with a very privileged upbringing, LMZ spent hours on the internet watching YT travel blogs and dreamed of one day living and working in a big city.
Watches were also an interest for LMZ. His daddy gave him a Rolex when he graduated and he knew from watching YT watch experts that this gift was a solid investment.
LMZ wanted to show his daddy that he too could get rich. Not by years of hard work and by gradually gaining experience in a professional field and becoming an expert in his given field - NO - this was not how LMZ was going to do it. LMZ was going to do it fast! And without contributing anything to a society or system that has gifted him so very much by the fortune of birth.
NFTs!!! A sure fire way to scan people out of their money and contribute zero to society. But alas, timing was bad.
Used watches!!! He particularly liked the YTer Anthony Farrer. Small and shapely, LMZ started daydreaming about one day working for the cockie hottie. LMZ had never met a criminal before and it was exciting.
So he contacted Coach. Told him he was a big fan and told him that he really liked him. Coach said “whatever” and took LMZs details. Later that night Coach googled LMZs details and “Shazam” he found out LMZ had a rich daddy.
After sending Coach $30k for the course LMZ arrived in LA ready to meet his idol. And he wasn’t disappointed. Criminals were just as exciting and unpredictable as his daddy had told him.
At first working for Anthony was a delight. The other criminals and drug smugglers treated LMZ like family. He finally found a place he belonged. He got to drive Coach’s leased Ferrari!!! It was awesome.
Then the bad men of Reddit discovered LMZ They started making LMZ memes and nasty comments. And it got so bad daddy finally heard about it and then googled Anthony Farrer.
The horror when daddy found out his little boy was working for a felon and a prostitute.
“Get home this instant” daddy ordered.
And so Reddit had saved LMZ by alerting daddy with whom his little boy was mixing.
Queue the Rock singing “You’re Welcome” from Moana
“This is LA Luis”
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2023.05.30 06:41 Summerflower_2005 Plz, someone tell me why they act like they care??? They abused me my whole life, I'm now in a foster home and my step mom shows up to my HS graduation!!! I have been gone for 2 months and havent talked to them. I'm so over the act!!! My father raped me, I want them to leava me alone!

Plz, someone tell me why they act like they care??? They abused me my whole life, I'm now in a foster home and my step mom shows up to my HS graduation!!! I have been gone for 2 months and havent talked to them. I'm so over the act!!! My father raped me, I want them to leava me alone! submitted by Summerflower_2005 to teenagers [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 06:41 TriggerAce02 Looking for a designer, Small cottage (interior) 15 million budget (Sargatanas)

Hi I’m looking for a designer for my personal home. Empyreum Plot 1 Ward 24. I’m looking for someone who’s experienced in eastern / fantasy esthetics. I’m looking to decorate the top and bottom, message me for details. If you don’t like to use reddits chat you can reach me on my discord under Focalor#0482. Let me know if you have any questions.
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2023.05.30 06:40 Flimsy_Community8889 My daughter is in a psych ward....

She's been doing terrible mentally and physically. It got to be very unsafe for her to stay at home so we did what we had to do. They do seem to take her seriously about her POTS, especially today when she was standing and her heart rate was 185. I'm questioning if I should get her cardiologist involved in the care? She switched meds to Abilify and Vyvanse. She was on Lexapro and Vyvanse and weaned of lexapro for the last six weeks in which time she completely lost control of her impulses and went into a non stop rage/mania state the last week when we finally got her admitted. I just want to help her feel better. I think if she felt better she would mentally feel more well. She's autistic, ADHD, and anxiety. Really starting to consider bipolar too. I don't really know what I'm asking. I think I just needed somewhere that might understand the problem and give me some ideas on how I can get her more help. Or maybe things we just haven't thought of yet. Thank you for reading. <3
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2023.05.30 06:40 Jescelia Thinking of leaving my Husband because he got drunk last night.

Hello Reddit. I’m writing because people seem to say writing these things down helps process so here we go. The title is a lot more then it sounds. My (F21) has been married to my husband (M22) for two years now. We met in high school and hit it off almost instantly, we dated for 2 years before deciding to get married. He’s funny sweet sensitive and over all an amazing guy. But he’s got one major fault, anger. We got married rather quickly because I asked if I was what he wanted for the rest of his life and he said yes so we decided why wait. We got married when I was 18 and he was 20. We married at the court house then had a reception/second wedding a few months later. After our court house wedding he went to a buddies house after his night school and was belligerently drunk. I showed up unannounced to take him home fuming mad about him being out so late and so drunk. In me demanding he comes home (only a few blocks away from where he’s friends house was) he began to hit me. I don’t know exactly how it started but some switch just flipped and he beat me. Most of the details are a blur but it was relentless and didn’t stop until we were home (living with my parents at the time who work night shift so no one was home) and I just laid on our bed protecting my face waiting for it to stop. The next day I don’t remember if we even talked about it but I remember being depressed for a few days afterwards. I decided it was just a one off and it wouldn’t happen again. No I didn’t blame myself for it but I didn’t do anything about it either. I was wrong. It wasn’t a one off. In the months between our court house wedding and our reception the abuse happened a few more times, all when he was incredibly drunk and only then. He would promise to slow down drinking every time and would for a while. But then pick up the pace again time after time. I told myself it was fine because he’d start off as a good happy fun drunk everyone loved to be around. But then something would switch when he’d have too many and I’d ask him to slow down he’d lose it. Two days after our big reception he got insanely drunk and I was telling him we’d just go to bed and talk about it in the morning. He asked if I was mad at him for drinking so much and I said no just annoyed but we’d talk about it sober. The switch flipped and he turned around and hit me. When I pushed him off my he grabbed my throat and pushed me to a wall. Only letting go when I was able to get a scream out. How that night ended is a long story but bottom line my dad got involved and kicked him out after learning he had hit me. My husband made a turn around and stopped drinking, started therapy and really turned around after realizing he was about to lose me. It’s been over a year now and we’ve gotten to the point where he has a beer or two when we go out. I told him I wasn’t going to police what he drinks nor how much, he knows the consequences and his limits. But last night he got drunk, was lying to me about how much he’d had and when I asked him to stop drinking still got another beer. At this point I was enraged. Especially when he started crying and trying to hand me his wedding ring at the bar. I told him repeatedly to put his ring back on and that we were leaving. We drove home in silence and when we got home I left my car keys in an easily accessible place incase I needed to make a quick escape. Nothing happened and when he woke up didn’t say anything to me about him getting drunk last night and acted like nothing was wrong. Today I hardly said a work to him and was just trying to process on my own. My best friend asked to hang out and when we did I told her everything and she suggested I separate myself from him for a while to figure out what I needed and wanted to do now. So I’m staying with her for at least the night.
At this point I just feel like I’m waiting for the time bomb to go off again and I don’t want to do that. Im just venting, I’ll figure out what to do on my own. I know everyone will say leave him and from an outside perspective it definitely seems like an easy thing to do. I don’t want to throw away the last four years with someone I truly love deeply and I know loves me. I’m just so hurt that he’d choose alcohol over me. Just trying to figure out now if it’s worth leaving him because he got drunk once after a year plus of recovery.
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2023.05.30 06:40 throw-away679 I'm in love with my best friend and idk what to do please HELP

As the title of this post states I (17F) am in love with my best friend (16m). Some background I come from a very shitty house hold and family in general I'm saving up to move out this September keep in mind this is important. I met my now best friend in my sophomore year after coming back into public school after being online my freshman year due to covid I met my best friend who I'll call K for this threw a mutual friend. We bonded a lot over video games and common ground of mental illness not the best I know. This is where my background comes into play I was never allowed to leave my house growing up was never allowed to walk around town go to sleep overs hangout with friends my mother was very strict. K was the first person I ever got to leave my home with he showed me around the town we lived in showed me all the parks the hangouts for teens are age like a few abandoned places and the fair grounds that's open to the public in the off seasons. Over the past year or 2 I'm now in my junior year we've been by each other's side threw almost everything K has seen me go threw shitty relationships he's helped me get out of my comfort zone had me join a esports team. We've had jobs together and are currently working at the same place I helped him get his current girlfriend. Lately though I've been feeling things I wish I didn't towards K and I don't want to come between K and his girlfriend. But beings I'm also K best friend and he calls me his sister (ouch) he tells me about the hard ships he goes threw in this relationship and recently his girlfriend hasn't been putting in the effort in their relationship and really only ever talked to him when it was convenient. So today I pushed my feelings that have been developing down and I helped K and his girlfriend work it out but I have this pit of guilt. I know I shouldn't feel these things for K I'm probably just developing attachments to him beings he's helped me so much but I don't know what to do. I don't wanna pull away because K will immediately notice this man reads me like a book and would push to know what's bothering me because he wants to always make sure I'm not going back into a deep depression like I once was. Keep in mind we've never flirted, we've never had any sexual encounters, nothing. But I these feelings are eating away at me and I can't help but hate the girl he's with it feels like she manipulates K makes him feel shitty, guilty, and I can't tell if that's my brain trying to rationalize its okay to feel like this or if it's just my worry for K to not get hurt. I guess I'm looking for advice on how to get rid of these feelings and to be able to get it off my chest beings I have no one to tell this to?
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2023.05.30 06:40 yashas_0912 Bad luck much?

broo ive been so sick and tired of my bad puck for the past month or so. I'm having vacation rn but I decided to take up a research internship to keep mysrlf engaged and also cause i wamted cv++ but ever since I've come home, I just cant stop getting ill. Infact even before I came home, my bad luck had begun. I missed my train, and then cause it was the last day to shift hostels, I instead did that. Now me being me, and my weak ass immune system (pls give some suggestions on how to improve it) I got sick that day itself, but the worry of reaching back home didnt let me feel the effects of it yet. The day I reached home, its like my body just gave up. I had a boil on my neck which was a literal bitch ass pain. It was as though I'd been shot in my neck. I did attend the internship but god my soul left my body everyday. After I recovered from that, now I've got bronchitis and all the cough straight from the hostel shifting day has sort of accumulated on the left side of my head and my eye pains like a m**********r. Ahh, I had so many plans, helping my mom, joining the gym. But all that I've been doing the past few days is trips to the hospital and lying on the bed helpless. I see people have bigger problems than me and that sorts of gives me the motivation to say it is what it is. So yeah, we down today but we ball tomorrow. Maybe, idk ughh
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2023.05.30 06:40 JamesonRhymer I need you to join my new green initiative in 2026. Which job would you rather have?

Pet Pounder: Instead of discarding euthanized animals and pets, you will work with animal control agencies to execute sick/discarded pets and then use a large gavel to pound them into fertilizer to be used around the city to grow rich, green grass and crops.
Tampon Refresher: In 2026 we will switch from single-use tampons to washable, reusable tampons. We need someone like you to receive the used tampons, hand wash them with safe, natural soaps, and repackage them for the next birthing person.
Plastic Punker: We will need certified Plastic Punkers to wear police uniforms and patrol public areas. When you see someone using single use plastics, you will need to get in their face and scold them. Tell them about the danger they are causing and that you'll be following them as they walk straight to a recycler to deposit them before swearing to never do that again. You will upload particularly contentious interactions to the Wasteful Karens YouTube channel.
Meat Detector: Going forward, we will need to make sure people are eating less meat. We will equip you with devices that can detect when a body is emitting excessive signs of meat consumption. If you find a person who registers highly, you will need to confront them about it and demand that they report how much meat they've been eating. If they refuse to comply, you will need to follow them home and stakeout in front of their house for 1 week. You will receive a warrant from the courts to dig through their trash for meat wrappers and conduct tests on the wastewater flowing from their home. Citizens consuming excesses of meat will then be subject to heavy fines or jail time.
Green Preacher: You will serve as a local Green Pastor. You will be provided with a building and you will preach about the harms of waste, non-recycling, overpopulation, water wasting etc. You will preach that people who follow your commands will inherit a green world of sustainability and equity. Those who reject your commands will suffer in the hellfires of global warming, famine, and destruction. During the week you will preach from the streets and encourage your parishioners who are struggled to stay green and those who have backslidden to stay strong. You will also hear confessions from those failing and study sacred recycling and carbon emission texts.

View Poll
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2023.05.30 06:40 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator (Latest Updates)

Contact me to get Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator by chatting me on +44 759 388 2116 on Telegram/Whatsapp.
I have Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator.
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Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator includes over 50 hours of step-by-step training covering EVERY aspect of building an agency from scratch. This is almost a plug & play system with enough success stories to back it up! Signing clients, running Facebook ads, building out your team, on-boarding clients, invoicing, sales... this course has everything covered for you.
The topics inside Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator course include:
  1. Agency Navigator course Core Curriculum
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The lessons in Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator will teach you how to:
- Starting Your Agency
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To get Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator contact me on:
Whatsapp/Telegram: +44 759 388 2116
Reddit DM to u/RequestCourseAccess
Email: silverlakestore[@] (remove the brackets)
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2023.05.30 06:40 gekkosgraphics Free ABC worksheets for kids learning to write in English

Free ABC worksheets for classroom or home use

Hey, My name Is Andy Im an English teacher in Japan. I created a full set of Worksheets for learning how to write ABCs. They are completly free and I put a lot of time and effort into creating them. please feel free to check them out through the link! also If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!
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2023.05.30 06:39 designforspace Unleashing a World of Interior Design Ideas for Every Space

Unleashing a World of Interior Design Ideas for Every Space
Interior design can transform a space into a place of beauty and comfort when done effectively. Design4Space has made waves in this industry with its inventive and distinctive designs. This post covers Design4Space's many interior design concepts. These concepts might inspire residential and commercial interior designers.
Knowing Design4Space
Design4Space believes design can transform spaces. They see interiors as a reflection of the owner's personality, goals, and lifestyle rather than just a location. This perspective lets them build beautiful, functional, and customizable products.
Design4Space's Innovative Residential Interior Design
Design4Space can transform any living space, from a little flat to a large house. They believe "home is where the heart is," thus they create warm, welcoming, and personal settings.
Open-Concept Homes Design4Space strongly advocates open-concept living. By removing superfluous walls and barriers, they create open, flowing spaces that stimulate interaction and connection. Families and other social events prefer an open living area that flows into the dining room and kitchen.
Design4Space, aware of modern household needs, promotes multifunctional rooms. Consider a home office that doubles as a guest room or a kitchen island that serves as a workstation and table. These designs increase space and housing adaptability.
Design4Space is leading the trend of using nature as inspiration for designs. Houseplants, large windows, and natural building elements like wood and stone can assist achieve this. These designs make it a relaxing place.

Interior Design
Cutting-Edge Design4Space Has Some Commercial Interior Design Ideas
Design4Space believes the best commercial space designs boost productivity, cooperation, and visitor impressions. They offer several design possibilities for businesses, restaurants, and retail stores.
Modifiable Workspaces Flexibility has long-defined office interior design. Design4Space creates adaptable office spaces. This could include breakout sections for more comfortable meetings, separate pods for focused work, and moveable furniture that can be adjusted to suit the task.
Experience-Centric Retail Design: Design4Space creates exciting, engaging retail settings. This can involve accentuating products with lighting and color, making interactive displays that pull people in, or arranging the store layout to guide customers. These designs attract and retain clients.
Atmospheric Restaurant Design Design4Space knows that cuisine and ambiance are equally vital in restaurants. They make restaurant-themed designs. Design4Space is the perfect interior décor idea for your high-end restaurant or country-style coffee shop.
Design4Space: Residential Elegance
Design4Space innovates house architecture. Modern dwellings must adapt to lifestyle and technological changes. Modern smart home technology is purposely included in their designs to promote a more sophisticated lifestyle that prioritizes comfort, convenience, and forward-thinking innovation.
Design4Space can integrate technology into its designs, making your home both beautiful and modern. This technology can include mood-adaptive smart lighting or integrated home systems operated by a smartphone.
Workplace Collaboration and Productivity
Design4Space knows a well-designed business office increases productivity and collaboration. Their designs stimulate belonging, attentiveness, and dialogue.
Design4Space's designs can make any workplace space stimulating and productive by strategically placing collaborative zones, ergonomically designed furniture, and creative use of color and lighting.
Making Public and Private Experiences Memorable
Design4Space excels at creating memorable commercial environments. Today's shoppers desire experiences rather than items or services.
Design4Space can create immersive, emotional, and sensory experiences for hotels, restaurants, and retail outlets. Their unique ideas could make your business a place people want to visit again.

Interior Design
Future Interior Design using Design4Space
Design4Space continues to lead the interior design industry into the future. They research new design trends, technology, and materials to provide clients with cutting-edge ideas.
Design4Space is a leader in sustainable, ecologically friendly interior design and virtual reality design visualization. Design4Space will make your place attractive, modern, and future-ready.
Design4Space's Endless Options for New Dimensions in Design Design4Space is more than simply an interior design company—it's a hub for endless design options. Design4Space can transform any room into a beautiful, functional paradise with its inventive and personalized design concepts.
Design4Space can create your dream environment with fresh ideas, a customized approach, and a commitment to perfection. Design4Space lets you explore the endless world of interior design and build a space that conveys your narrative.
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2023.05.30 06:39 thatgirlSriSri Sparrow keeps flying into window when my landlord is around, what does this mean?

Quick backstory: I am a student living in a home shared with my friend and our landlord. Our landlord went to rehab 1.5 months ago. We had been repeatedly having issues with her making rude or racist comments and getting aggressive with my dog before she left. We have been looking to move but haven’t found a place yet and have been dreading her return. She gave up on rehab and came home around noon today.
Since our landlord’s return we have both noticed the same sparrow flying repeatedly into the same window on the house. When she leaves the house or goes to her room it goes away and when she returns the sparrow comes back and continues flying at the window. We have noticed this over the whole day, it is now dark out and when she came into the kitchen it returned which is abnormal behaviour from my observations because they have usually gone to roost by dark. This never happened prior to her return. Growing up I always heard birds flying into your window was a bad omen.
And a little extra, I got pooped on by a wild bird for the first time today which I also heard was a bad omen growing up.
What does this mean in your guys’ experiences?
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2023.05.30 06:39 Dealacres House For Sale in PLA Hisar

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2023.05.30 06:39 glglglglglglglglgjsb Breaking into the industry

Hello all, looking to get a foothold in the medical sales industry, but it has proven a little challenging as of late. I have no sales experience now, which I imagine is the biggest issue with me landing a medical sales job. Would I be better off attempting to hold a job involved with sales for a couple years, and then attempt to get into the industry, or are entry level sales positions worth applying to with no sales experience to speak of? Thanks for any and all help.
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2023.05.30 06:38 Bigsam411 My wife and I are exhausted. Our toddler just won't go back to sleep tonight after waking up with only 3 or so hours.

For context our toddler like most is getting harder to get to bed at night. She's getting older and learning more about the world around her and she just wants to stay up. Some nights are worse than others but lately we have to fight to get her to bed most nights.
Today (or yesterday at this point) for Memorial day my parents had invited us over. I was asked when we would come and I said after our daughters nap. My father seemed disappointed because he wants to see us longer. So we decided to try and make it work.
They only live 20-30 min away from us so that means a much shorter car nap for her. Usually after a short nap it's near impossible to get her back to nap for the rest of her normal nap amount. We got there around 11am and she had a ton of stimulation with my parents, my sister and her 4 kids, and some other guests.
At the end of it all our strategy was to do the before bed routine at my parents house and then she would fall asleep on mthe car ride home and we'd take her right to bed. And this initially was working. She slept for like 3 hours in the car and then in her crib.
And then at 10:30pm or so she just woke up and started screaming. This went on for a bit until my wife managed to calm her down. This involved the TV unfortunately and a eggo waffle. I was told I should go to bed as one of us needs to be able to take over. I did and then eventually they came up and the screaming happened again. It has mostly been going on till like 10 min ago.
Anyways I guess I will not be giving in to my parents demands and go visit around her nap time. Her schedule cannot be messed up because we are exhausted and she is a handful. If we go visit them it will be after her nap or well before it so she can nap there.
TLDR: parents guilted me and my family into coming before daughter nap and it threw off her schedule and that made me and wife more exhausted.
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2023.05.30 06:38 Pink-blanket Invest, save more money,or pay off debt?

Hi, I am a 30F who works at contract job that ends mid June. I will have roughly 40k saved in the bank by the time the contract that is over. I have a lot of money sitting in the bank and trying to figure out what to do with it. Do I save, pay my student loan/car or invest? I feel behind on retirement and don’t know what to do with my money. I feel like I need to invest more but I still got debt in the way.
Student debt- 24k When the 0% interest ends, my highest loan is at 6% w a loan of 4.8k , the rest of my loans are at 3.5%
Car- 16k at 4.4% currently pay 352 a month
I don’t have a 401k until I work 1000 hours for my new contract/company. I have maxed my Roth for the year.
My next yearly contract starts beginning of sept and will gross 6800 a month
It’s in the opposite side of the country but an hour from my home town. Packing my stuff and moving my stuff will cost me roughly 3-4K. Looking for places under 1500 for apartment.
Outside of the rent I’ll spend another 1-1.5k) which includes my car loan)
What would be the best thing to do with the rest of my money?
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2023.05.30 06:38 CussyTooTussy Is this watch an homage? Clomage?

I found this Heimdallr Sharkey watch and love it.
It nails four things I want in a watch: An SKX case. A silvegrey Yachtmaster bezel. A white dial. Promaster handset (thought legibility could be an issue and I may need to swap a black outlined handset in to the watch).
I think I am going to buy it during the next sale. I am just curious if it is an homage/clomage? I have nothing against them but am curious if I have found an original design on Ali. That may be a stretch though, perhaps better described as a watch inspired by a few different watches but not a blatant homage/clomage? What are you thoughts?
Thanks in advance for your comments. Happy watching!
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2023.05.30 06:38 AutoModerator [Complete] Agency Navigator by Iman Gadzhi

Contact me to get Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator by chatting me on +44 759 388 2116 on Telegram/Whatsapp.
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The topics inside Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator course include:
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The lessons in Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator will teach you how to:
- Starting Your Agency
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- Onboarding Clients
- Managing Client Communication...
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To get Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator contact me on:
Whatsapp/Telegram: +44 759 388 2116
Reddit DM to u/RequestCourseAccess
Email: silverlakestore[@] (remove the brackets)
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2023.05.30 06:38 0424reddit My (24f) FWB (25m) is mad at me…am I the asshole?

My (24f) “friends with benefits” (25m) and I have been seeing each other for a little over a month now. He has made it ABUNDANTLY clear that he doesn’t want a relationship and doesn’t like when people get attached to him and has not had a girlfriend since he was in high school. I have honored and respected that and have not expected anything more from him. I will say however, that we have gotten really close in a short amount of time and that our connection has grown. We talk everyday from morning until night and he has started opening up more and becoming softer and leaning on me a lot. And even though I’ve been noticing the evolution of our “relationship-friendship” whatever….I still have not been taking it for more than it really is or badgered him about us getting into a relationship.
Long story short, we just went to sunset music festival with just us two this past weekend. Overall, we had a great time and had a lot of fun together. He has a wandering eye and always notices attractive women, and he wasn’t shy about pointing them out to me while at the festival. He also is super open with me about the past women that he’s had sex with, and constantly talks about it. Sometimes, to a point of whether I don’t know if he’s trying to brag or what. Either way I don’t take it personal. While we were at the festival he kept talking about how beautiful this one girl was that we saw, and there was this girl that he knew from tinder who was there and her and her friend wanted to meet up with him, and I was totally cool with it. So we met up with them, and I could tell the girl that he knew was put off by me and wasn’t expecting me to be there with him. She ended up messaging him later asking if I was his gf and he said “nah not at all, she’s a girl I’ve been fucking”. He literally showed me the messages between them two. And I didn’t even get mad or care.
Then, at the end of the night once we were on the way back home from the festival, the topic once again, of past people we have liked or hooked up with got brought up. So, I told him about this one guy that I know, but have never hooked up with, that has always been really cool with me and treated me nicely and that we are kind of like “family” but not actually blood related and he’s a lot older than me, that I feel like I’ve always had weird sexual tension with him. I felt like I could be open with my fwb about that, since he is always so open with me, so I didn’t feel like me saying that was going to be a problem. But, as soon as I said that he got really quiet and didn’t speak to me the rest of the night. When I tried to hug him or kiss him while we were in bed he would push me off. And when I asked him what was wrong he said that “he was put off by what I said about the other guy” & “that if he’s so great then why I am not fucking with him instead?”. And then left in the morning without saying a word and won’t talk to me.
I just don’t get it….how is it fair that he can constantly talk about other women around me but I can’t say anything about another man around him? And if he has no feelings for me and if I am “just a girl he’s been fucking” then what does it matter how I think and feel about anyone else?
Summary: fwbs is mad that I brought up another guy when all he ever does is constantly talk about other women infront of me.
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2023.05.30 06:38 Cautious_Post_4910 Compared to the current administration, Trump was a peacetime president! 🕊 He has a proven track record on the national scale and racked up major geopolitical victories.

Trump began peace talks with North Korea which also brought about further developments between the North and South. The South Korean president even said that Trump should win the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts concerning the Korean conflict.
UAE Israel peace agreement
Trump Oversaw ‘Breakthrough’ Serbia-Kosovo Agreement to Normalize Economic Relations
Kosovo thus awarded Trump with Order of Freedom for peace efforts
Trump ordered most troops pulled out of Somalia
Israel Bahrain peace agreement
Trump continuously used sanctions and other economic strategies on enemy countries in order to combat them without having to put America through another war, using military options only for extreme cases. This strategy yielded positive results. The sanctions on Iran were hurting Hezbollah, which was forced to cut some of the benefits that fighters received. Less benefits = less incentives to join the terror group. Less money due to sanctions also means less resources to carry out terrorist attacks. "Benefits for expenses such as meals, gas and transportation have been canceled, according to another Hezbollah insider." The same probably happened to Hamas behind the scenes.
Signed the Taylor Force Act, which cut some aid to the Palestinian Authority until it ended stipends to terrorists and the families of slain attackers, some of which were responsible for the murder of Americans.
Trump canceled $2B aid to Pakistan where US flags are burned and where Osama was found. The Pakistani intelligence agency has also been known to give covert aid to the Afghan Taliban whose leaders find safety in Pakistan's Quetta province. Additionally, Pakistan fails to crack down on the extremist religious schools which send many Pakistanis to aid the Afghan Taliban every year. Money to Pakistan likely went to the Taliban and other terrorist groups.
More economic pressure on America's enemies: The Chinese Yuan Crashed After Trump Weighed Blocking Retirement Fund Access To Chinese Stocks
Trump Signed Executive Order That Blocked Americans From Investing In Companies Connected To Chinese Military
Imposed visa restrictions on Chinese Communist Party officials and others participating in propaganda or influence campaigns affiliated with the Party’s United Front Work Department. The United Front is a CCP spy branch that works on building networks for political influence. It targets the elites (colleges, politicians, journalists, business leaders) who they then invite to China. The spy fundraising for Swalwell and advising him on who to hire as an aid was part of this department.
$1.8 billion weapon sale to Taiwan $2.37 billion weapons sale to Taiwan
SEC regulations delisted companies for not complying with US auditing rules, causing Chinese stocks to slump
The less economically able the CCP, the less likely it would stage an invasion of Taiwan. Also, Putin invaded Georgia under Bush, Crimea under Obama, and the entirety of Eastern Ukraine under Biden. He did not invade under Trump. In fact, Trump threatened Putin with bombing Moscow if Putin invaded. Thus, Putin did not invade Ukraine. Meanwhile, Trump worked through other means to cut Russia's ability to stage an attack. Just look at his conversation with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. Trump warned Germany against their oil deals with Russia and the Russian gas pipeline.
As a deterrence to Russia, the US upgraded Ukrainian ports to fit American warships under Trump. More US troops were sent to Poland in the same year. These strategies worked as Putin did not invade under Trump.
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