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2023.05.30 06:38 stomps-on-worlds it is canon that link gashmoogles Zelda

The original was sent to legal hell, where it belongs
Unfortunately, by doing so, it is, by Nintendo, not considered a parody, and due to this, it is canon that link gashmoogles Zelda. Nintendos lawyers overstepped and technically violated the boundaries of copyright as the original is obviously parody in order to use the characters for sus reasons, and although the uhhh, video shouldn’t exist, it is still not within Nintendo’s right, based on my knowledge of copyright laws, to banish it to legal hell (when I say this I mean have it taken down), unless Nintendo considers this to be a recreation of part of the property in order to gain notoriety or money.
This all can be negated if it is determined to be in poor taste, legally, which would give them the authority to banish it to hell, but it’s not, it’s just a goofy, sexual parody meant to take peoples desires and provide a comedic and, er, enjoyable video.
All in all, 2/10 video because good animation but nah no thanks I need bleach And 4/10 decision on nintendos part as it is partially within their right as it is their characters used in a non intended manner without any direct statements in the video of it being parody
9/10 for the video this comment is on, comedy.. silver? Yeah comedy silver
Edit: I am not legally inclined and have not watched the video because hell naw so whatever
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2023.05.30 06:38 Historical-Impact914 Myers Basekit Mori Animation Idea

Myers Basekit Mori Animation Idea
What if the devs somehow implemented a basekit Mori system to The Shape? I had an idea of what the mori animation could be. It could be where he stabs the survivor multiple times in the same fashion and style he stabbed Judith Myers in the original film. What do you guys think?
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2023.05.30 06:38 RealMoonTurtle Thoughts on the CCP?

the title. with the taiwan situation and border conflicts bringing china into the media spotlight, what does everyone think about communist china as of today and it’s policies ideas etc? my take is that their not very communist at all: there’s loads of suppression and surveillance, and they seem to be one of the worlds largest trading nations if all time. also, wasn’t there a whole incident where a chinese politician gave a speech on communism and equality but was revealed to be wearing like a several thousand dollar suit and expensive jewelry?
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2023.05.30 06:38 anweshm4 Anyone know any physical stores to buy good quality playing cards, poker chips?

Preferably near the station but Viman Nagar or Kalyani Nagar will also do.
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2023.05.30 06:38 The_SkyShine I love that in the raimi spider-man universe, kayfabe is real!

Imagine if we lived in a world where kayfabe is real and nothing was scripted and the wrestlers actually did try to best each other every week. What would change from our current kayfabed wrestling?
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2023.05.30 06:38 xbritp Wanted to share a little something (take it as a sign)

Recently, I was having some doubts on something I have been wanting to manifest for awhile. If there’s something that’s given me some reassurance, it has to be this:
“ I have a theory that when it seems like everything is going wrong, it’s actually a sign that everything is going right, just in a different way than you thought. Think about it like this: you put in an address in a GPS and you’re driving there according to the directions, then you decide hmm I’m gonna go another way or hmm I’m gonna pull over here and go to Starbucks and the GPS hasn’t caught up yet, so it keeps telling you no no no wrong way wrong way and it’s trying to reroute you even though you know you’re going the right way. To the GPS, it seems like you’re making all these wrong turns when really you have a plan and you know where you’re going and you’re just gonna get back on track when you can. The same thing is true of the universe and you. But in this case, you are the GPS saying no no I think we’re going the wrong way, I think the wrong door opened or the wrong door closed and the universe knows where it’s taking you. At first, it may seem like there’s a lot of friction between the way that you think you’re supposed to go and the way that that the universe knows you’re supposed to be taken. The more that you can trust, lean back and relax and say “Okay! I’m open to the ride, show me the right way to go, I surrender”, the more it will become obvious to you why you’re being guided where you’re guided “
I got this from a video. After I started thinking about it this way and trusting the universe, things have been improving and I can feel my manifestation is close. You just got to trust the process 💗
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2023.05.30 06:38 Rvmbleindajungle Lineup Posters ( do's and do not's)

Lineup Posters ( do's and do not's)
i notice some festivals or clubs he'd been use his selfies in lineup posters and it makes me sad. when making a lineup poster to an artist or group
do not use
• Selfies or pics taken from a private account.
• Images that are exposed to much light or against the light
• Blurry or grainy pictures
• where the artist's face was not seen ( half or full covered) artists like Marshmello or Deadmau5 are exempted
do use
• pictures from photoshoots
• side profiles is okay
you can find photos of skrillex on pinterest or type ' skrillex fanpage' on facebook or instagram. just m
PS: im using the lineup posters as an example and NOT to bash or critize the other party.
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2023.05.30 06:38 Idontevengohere7928 Planning to rewatch soon with my fiance who has never seen it. Do the replaced songs on Hulu ruin it? Should I opt for the DVDs?

Haven't seen scrubs in years, but its music was always so powerful. Are the songs they replaced big ones like "How to Save a Life"? Or is it mostly minor to where I probably wouldn't notice? Because if big moments of the show are affected I think I might opt for the DVDs...
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2023.05.30 06:38 coc_GOKU_ want to buy a cycle

I am looking to buy a cycle if anyone wants to sell their cycle let's connect
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2023.05.30 06:38 cloud9crafting [TotK] Easy Rupee Farm from Stone Talus

I've found six (6) Stone Talus (Rare); each of which can drop up to 3 Diamonds.
Locations (Surface)
  1. Immediately South of Rasiwak Shrine (Talus Location Shrine Location)
  2. North of Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower in the Cave above the waterfall (Talus Location Skyview Tower Location)
  3. South of Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower; you'll need level 1 heat resist (Talus Location Skyview Tower Location)
  4. South-West of Tabantha Bridge Stable using Makurukis Shrine (Talus Location Shrine Location) - Hardest
Locations (Depth)
  1. South of Kato Lightroot using the Hyrule Ridge Chasm (Talus Location Lightroot Location)
  2. South of Zi-ner Lightroot using the East Hill Chasm (Talus Location Lightroot Location)
That's the where, now the when, how, and why. You can do this as soon as you're done with the Great Sky Island and obtain the Paraglider. You only need ONE thing to start; a Knight's Claymore (Decayed) fused with a Spiked-Iron-Ball.
  1. There are two Knight's Claymores in Hyrule Castle.
    1. 3rd Floor Basement: Library Side Bookcase Room (Location Screenshot)
    2. 1st Floor: Princess Zelda's Room; not to be confused with her Study (Location Screenshot)
  2. Spiked-Iron-Ball can be found in the Bokoblin Camp at Hyrule Field Skyview Tower.
This combination will give your fused weapon 26 Damage (11 Knights Claymore + 15 Spiked-Iron Ball). Now this might not seem like a lot, but when you just started it is. There's an added benefit; when you have 1 heart remaining, the damage is doubled! So go let a Bokoblin get you down to under one (1) heart or go stand in Gloom in the Depth. At one (1) heart, you'll have 52 Damage; that is enough to two (2) combo every single (Rare) Stone Talus.
Now the reason I told you to get both Knight's Claymores from Hyrule Castle is that the (Rare) Stone Talus will drop a (Rare) Stone Talus Heart. Once you kill the first one, and fuse the new material to your Claymore; you'll have a fused weapon with 44 Damage (11 Knights Claymore + 33 Rare Stone Talus Heart). Don't forget, with the benefit of the Claymore, you actually have 88 Damage; which is enough to one (1) combo every single (Rare) Stone Talus. (Screenshot)
Once you're set up with an 88 Damage Knight's Claymore; the fight becomes completely trivial (see here). Just make sure to save before the fight starts so you can reload in case they don't drop a Diamond, just like in BotW.
A 10-15min run will yield approx. 4,000+ Rupee, they reset every single Blood Moon.
If you've found other Rare Stone Talus locations, please share them. As for the others such as regular Stone Talus, Luminous, Battle, Frost, etc. I do not think they are worth doing unless you're hunting for a specific material.
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2023.05.30 06:37 Gentleman_Stylez Questions for Extensions

I have a couple of questions from a newbie who’s now fulfilling his dream of getting dreadlocks:
1: I’ve successfully have synthetic dreadlocks installed but idk how to soften it (if I’m able too)
2: Just recently been told that there was a third option for hair extensions; wool. Is that a better option? I’m a man who found out late about this because people only talk about human hair and synthetic so it wasn’t even on my radar. Is it harder or easier to maintain?
3: Continueing from the last, is wool only for women if I decide to switch it after a few weeks?
4: how exactly do I clean my new hair? I see pictures that have people where if synthetic in water but I was also told not to get it wet
I have more questions later on but at the moment this is all that I’m thinking of atm
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2023.05.30 06:37 TechGeek777 Help with identifying the right solution

Good day to you!
Sorry if I have posted this on the wrong sub, or if there is a better place to ask this, please guide me there!
In short, I want to know if there are headsets that can connect to the wifi and work like an intercom within the local network.
Long version;
Thinking of a retail space where around 20+ helpers work on the floor. We operate in a country where having your own wireless device with any frequency other than standard wifi routers is heavily regulated and expensive to maintain. So we were thinking if we establish our wifi network properly with repeaters through out the store, can we have intercom phones that connect to the wifi to work? Only thing is we can't have them carry around bulky phones so prefer headsets/earpiece that auto answer the supervisor's call so more like they can listen even if they are helping others. Even better if they have a button to speed dial the supervisor's phone. They do not need to call anyone else on the network, just auto-answer supervisor and call supervisor if they have an issue...

The only thing I can think of is related to VOIP. Any pointers?

Thanks in advance!!
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Title itself...
Anyone have any ideas where I could buy one? I tried googling it and checked all of 'em, but all are already sold out or was sold long time ago.
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2023.05.30 06:37 Benighted3 Seeking smart watch to pair with H10

Hi all. I'm currently in the market for my first smart watch to help me track my exercises and I need your help. I currently own a H10 and have been using this with my phone for a few months. I started running recently and feel like I'd benefit from being able to track certain metrics from my wrist rather than having to fumble around with my phone. My needs: I want to track my running and weight lifting via watch + H10, and my kick boxing via chest strap only. I'd like the management of data to be under one roof. Since my kickboxing monitoring is done via H10, does that mean I'm locked to Polar's ecosystem, therefore, should buy a Polar watch? Had my eye on the Pacer. If Garmin better suits my needs and if I can manage my kickboxing training too I'm open to suggestions. Thanks in advance and apologies if this question has already been answered or is irrelevant. :)
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2023.05.30 06:37 hmnkah Electric Vehicle (EV) hire car in the highlands

We recently travelled to Scotland on holiday and wanted to do a roadtrip around the highlands. We hired a car at Edinburgh, and were given an EV car (Polestar 2) (they told us that drivers who want to drive an automatic car are all given EVs that day since they ran out of fuel cars to hire out).
We told the person at the hire car company that we’d never driven an EV before, and all they told us was to look at Zap Map for charging locations and the charging cords can be found in the bonnet of the car. They told us it takes around 45mins to charge it up, and charging locations are all over Scotland.
Sounds easy, right?
We soon found out that: 1. To charge the car, since the hire car company didn’t give us a Charge Place Scotland card, every time we wanted to charge our car we would have to enter our credit card details on the Charge Place Scotland website. Often we wouldn’t have any phone reception in the highlands which was a big struggle!! 2. No one explained to us the difference between rapid chargers and the 22kW AC ones… also rapid chargers were hard to find in the highlands, so we had to mostly charge at 22kW chargers which take around 8 hours to fully charge!! 3. There’s a really expensive overstay fee if you leave your car to charge for more than 3-4 hours at a location.
Basically our whole trip ended up revolving around charging this car, where we could leave it to charge for several hours, how much range we had left, etc.
When charging our car near Rannoch Moor, another couple on holiday parked next to us at the charging station. They were also driving a Polestar 2 hire car and facing the same struggles as us :(
Rental companies really need to educate people on this!
I hope this brings awareness to anyone looking to hire an automatic car in Scotland who might face this situation as well.
(Though on a positive note, the car was amazing to drive and cheap to charge, and we want to get an EV as our next car. It’s just not great for road trips in remote places.)
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2023.05.30 06:37 sumant28 I would like some simple VBA with toy example of grouping a pivot table by items after it has been created

I need to be able to make a pivot table look like this. I can do it manually but I want to be able to automate this grouping like I have automated the pivot table. There are many examples of VBA automation on pivot tables where the data type is integers or dates but I am dealing with strings. The items are identical except for the suffixes at the end.
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2023.05.30 06:37 roblox_master_2002 Tonight's JB showing was predictable, which is why giving him a supermax under the new CBA is so scary

With Tatum a shell of himself, visibly in pain after drives and unable to move on the perimeter, the role of lead shot creator fell to Jaylen for the night. It reminded me of a late season throwaway game against the Raptors where Tatum sat out, and we got a glimpse of Jaylen as the number one option. That night should have been a warning.

Because Tatum was out the Raptors put their best wing defender on Brown, who didn't even try him in isolation, instead opting for pick and rolls most trips down the court. He had some sweet finishes against Poeltl in drop, but didn't find many passing opportunities and struggled to create separation. He finished with 25 points on 29 shots and 5 assists. The Celtics scored 95 points.

That's only one meaningless game, and JB wasn't the only one who sat, but I remember watching it with genuine curiosity about how Jaylen would look with a bigger role, and the result underscored flaws in his game that have been apparent for some time. He struggles to create easy shots for himself and others, and while he's excellent at converting half-chances into points with shot making and athleticism, I'm not sure how much impact he can have with so little creation.

Advanced metrics bare this out too:

Even with all of this said, Jaylen's scoring is still key to Boston's offensive gameplan and we have his bird rights, so it might seem like a no-brainer to extend him given that it feels like we're so close to breaking through, but the new collective bargaining agreement makes the decision less clear-cut. Simply put, if we sign Jaylen to the supermax, our supporting cast could wither away in the years to come, risking to close our window of contention as the Jays enter their peak years. For the Jays to win with diminished depth, Jaylen brown will have to be a high-volume creator worthy of the supermax.

I'm scared of what will happen if we go all in on Jaylen Brown under this new CBA.
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2023.05.30 06:36 Consistent-Effort652 The big reveal: James is in on it way more than we initially thought.

Alright HEAR me out. All season long James has been a little sus.
1.) When LaLa tells him about Ken mentioning the sleepover in front of Katie, he doesn’t act shocked. Instead, he says “how do you know” and almost has a reaction that makes it seem like he knows but can’t admit it. It’s weird he doesn’t react like “wait what?!?!” but instead is like looking to the side and questioning how Lala knows. He’s trying not to admit stuff that hasn’t been revealed yet.
2.) At Schena’s wedding he has that weird moment at hibachi with Raquel where he’s naming off the friends she’s hooked up with and he says Tom and then says Schwartz. People keep saying he just named Schwartz twice using first name and last name, but what if the Tom mention was actually referring to Sandavol. A little slip that was able to be overlooked and played off.
In general, I have found the James of it all to be super confusing. He just doesn’t seem that surprised by any of this. He acts super suspicious during the whole revelation of this - almost like he knew and was in on it!!!!
This is still a working theory and I need to rewatch episodes to get more proof, but there’s something to the James of it all. He knows more than he’s letting on!!!!
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2023.05.30 06:36 AUsername08 It’s the least wonderful time of the year.

Okay, y’all. Bathing suit season Where can I find flattering suits for this mom bod? I’d like good chest support if possible. I am 5’ 4” and about 150 lbs so not the skinniest momma on the block. Is it time to hang it up and get a one piece?
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2023.05.30 06:36 ZealousidealPie8177 What are some legit criticisms of Kubo’s writing style you thought were unnecessary/bad?

The multitude of fights in bleach which involve side characters sometimes felt like a chore to read through just to get to the main event. It honestly felt like Kubo was putting in filler fights as a way of stalling for time in order to think of way of how to defeat the big bad of the arc. Ichigo vs Dordoni is probably the biggest offender I can think of because I just don’t think this fight is necessary to progressing the plot; what important plot point was showcased during this fight which could’ve been displayed later, ichigos hollow mask skills? Nel’s healing spit, idk? Other fights like the vice captains vs the fracciones during the fake Karakua town arc and even some fights with sternritter are visually cool to look at but ultimately don’t add much to narrative besides defeating Aizen’s/Yhwach’s henchmen to get to them; just felt like a slog fest to get through in some areas. I feel like Kubo is really good when it comes to introductions and conclusions for his arcs, the in-between portion where they’re cool spectacle moments like Vasto Lorde ichigo, Kenpachi using kendo to kill Nnoitra, Mayuri’s speech on perfection, etc. but little moments like that are few and far between. Having to read the plethora of fights in the middle of the arc feels like a chore when Kubo writes characters who aren’t fighting with some type of stronger narrative purpose (Ichigo vs Grimmjow = King who fights for his subjects vs a King who fights for his glory would be an example of a stronger narrative purpose). The fullbring arc fixes this problem by being shorter and getting to the main crux of the arc (as well as being more experimental compared to the SS and arrancar arc) without the unnecessary filler fights and if more of Kubo’s arcs were written like this then I think Bleach would’ve been better received during the big 3 era of it’s run.
TL;DR, Kubo should’ve focused less on writing fights between minor characters with little to no greater purpose to the arc’s narrative and more on fights which contribute more to the arc’s story and them.
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2023.05.30 06:36 CatMomma612 My cat passed away 4 years ago I’m still crying when things trigger memories of him

Idk where to go, as I dont have a therapist now and I don’t know if this will even help but
A year before March of 2020 was when i first met my little angel. I love cats. i’ve had cats growing up for as long as I can remember. but something about this cat was different. my family had found him as a rescue, we often did this. but unlike any orher cat I was in love. he followed me everywhere and I couldnt stop loving him. i made the most amazing memories with him and he helped me through the absolute hardest point in my life. i was goong through so much but he was my constant. he loved me and we would play games together. he was just so smart. he could even handshake. Eventually i got with the man who is now my husband and because of my home life i was rarely there. My mom would never let out cats stay inside so Kurtis grew up outside. i had begged and begged her to get him fixed as soon as possible but she didnt. and when the age hit he stopped coming home. the last time I saw him was the last time i was really staying there and i’m crying as i write this. i am so heart broken. i will never know what happen to him and whe will never know what happened to me. i miss him so much and every time i think about him all i want for him is that he as happy as when we were together.
i am crying so much.any advice will do. thank you
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2023.05.30 06:36 hiwatt84 Is dropshipping alot of work to make consistent profit?

I am a complete novice with no e-commerce experience and want to make money online working from anywhere I want, eventually hoping to do this fulltime.
I found a person who seems extremely successful at dropshipping. He says he has gone from working a day job he hated to having over $150,000 in profits saved in his bank account in just his first year of dropshipping.
He offers a full mentorship for $500 where he builds your first Shopify stores for you, trains you in the method he uses, and guarantees he will continue helping you and answering any questions until you are comfortably making sales and are profitable.
He makes it seem easy, like he just finds products that are already selling a lot and copies the stores, runs ads and rides those waves of profit, rinse and repeat. I think he is mainly finding products and selling on TikTok. He tells me I need about $500 - $1,000 starting capital if I want to make a minimum of $3,000 profit my first month.
Does this sound realistic? Is it a lot of work to make consistent profit, or is it a relatively simple matter of just copying other's success and making it your own like described above? He says he's making well over $10,000 per month profit and works a few hours a day. He says this is attainable for me with his mentoring, which sounds awesome, but almost too good to be true working from home and making that kind of bread without having to ever touch the product.
Looking for honest opinions from experienced dropshippers please. TIA
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