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2023.05.30 09:41 Ragin_Hindu eps2.9_pyth0n-pt1.p7z

On my 3d re-watch and just noticed 2 songs from Back to the Future were used (both from the enchantment under the sea dance). A nice little Easter egg of sorts and call back to Elliot and Angela never getting around to smoking that joint and watching Back to the Future
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2023.05.30 09:41 Xariann Hardcore makes me feel like I make bad life choices

I have joined the hardcore community a couple of weeks ago and I am enjoying it. It really has high highs and low lows... And it makes you appreciate the world building experiences that Classic offers. This is after coming from Dragonflight, where for the first time in many many expansions, I was rather happy to be in the open world, grind my reputation and generally just do the small quests where you talk to a random NPC who has a story to tell.
Also coming from Dragonflight where I can perform intricate dances and mostly not die in fairly difficult Mythic + dungeons.
I make choices at work every day, I make financial decisions in life that influence not only myself but also my family, I plan on what my next project will be, I always carefully consider what he future should look like.
Enter Classic Hardcore, where I decide to pull 5 mobs. Because, reasons?
"Our brave sister, Xariann, died because of Murlock #32. Her last words were, 'It seemed like a good idea at the time'."
Suddenly I am not sure I invested in the right funds. BRB, checking my pension.
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2023.05.30 09:39 Rajinnotech Beverage Making Plant

Beverage Making Plant
Raj Innotech is leading beverage-making plant manufacturer and exporter from Mumbai, India.
Visit : https://rajinnotech.com/

A beverage-making plant is a facility where various types of beverages are produced, processed, and packaged on a large scale. These plants are typically equipped with specialized machinery and equipment to handle the production process efficiently and maintain quality standards. Here are some key aspects of a beverage-making plant:

  1. Production Line: A beverage-making plant consists of a production line that includes different stages to transform raw ingredients into finished beverages. The line may include processes such as mixing, blending, pasteurization, filtration, carbonation, and filling.

  1. Raw Material Handling: The plant requires a system for handling and storing raw materials used in beverage production. This includes ingredients such as water, sugar, flavors, fruit concentrates, preservatives, and additives. Depending on the type of beverages produced, additional ingredients specific to the product may also be required.

  1. Water Treatment: High-quality water is a crucial component in beverage production. The plant may have a water treatment system to purify and filter water, ensuring it meets the required standards for taste, odor, and safety.

  1. Mixing and Blending: Depending on the beverage type, mixing and blending equipment are used to combine ingredients in specific proportions. These machines ensure thorough mixing to achieve consistent taste and quality.

  1. Pasteurization and Sterilization: Certain beverages, such as juices and dairy-based products, may undergo pasteurization or sterilization to eliminate harmful bacteria and prolong shelf life. Heat treatment methods are employed to achieve this.

  1. Filtration and Clarification: Filtration processes remove impurities and particles from the beverages, ensuring clarity and improving quality. Filtration methods may include mechanical filters, membrane filters, or centrifugation.

  1. Carbonation: If the beverage requires carbonation, the plant will have equipment for carbonating the liquid. Carbon dioxide is typically injected into the beverage to create the desired level of fizziness.

  1. Packaging: Once the beverage is processed, it is packaged in bottles, cans, or other containers. Automated packaging machinery is employed to fill and seal the containers, ensuring efficiency and hygiene. Labels, caps, and other packaging components may also be applied during this stage.

  1. Quality Control: Beverage-making plants have stringent quality control measures in place to ensure the products meet regulatory standards and customer expectations. This includes regular testing of raw materials, in-process monitoring, and final product analysis.

  1. Storage and Distribution: After packaging, the beverages are stored in warehouses before distribution. These facilities are designed to maintain proper temperature and humidity conditions to preserve the quality of the products. Distribution channels vary based on the plant's target market, which may include local retailers, supermarkets, restaurants, or other beverage distributors.
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2023.05.30 09:34 Key-Skill-6522 Mental sick people in Vinohrady

I saw a man somewhere behind the National Museum yesterday. He was talking to himself and dancing alone on the street. Additionally, I regularly see an elderly lady who eats leftover food in fast food places. Are there many individuals with similar behaviors in Vinohrady/Zizkov?
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2023.05.30 09:34 theiotacademy2 Top 10 Tips To Beat The Facebook Algorithm & Boost Your Reach post and reels

Top 10 Tips To Beat The Facebook Algorithm & Boost Your Reach post and reels
You've probably heard that the Facebook algorithm is changing and that it's become more difficult to reach your followers. Don't worry, though! We've put together a list of our top 10 tips for boosting your reach and getting your message out there.
Build Your Community in Groups
One of the best ways to get around the Facebook algorithm is to build your community in groups. This way, your posts will reach a limited audience (the people who are in your group), and you'll be able to more easily control the content that's being shared.
This also gives you a place to connect with your audience on a deeper level, cultivate relationships, and provide valuable content that they can't find anywhere else. Not to mention, groups are a great way to drive traffic back to your website or blog.
Leverage User-Generated Content
One of the best ways to beat the Facebook algorithm (https://www.theiotacademy.co/blog/how-the-facebook-and-reels-algorithm-works) is to get your fans and followers to generate content for you. When users create content, it's seen as more trustworthy and authentic than anything you could create yourself.
So how can you get your fans and followers to generate content for you? Here are a few ideas:
  • Run a contest or giveaway and ask users to post about it on their Timeline or upload a photo or video.
  • Ask users to send in photos of themselves using your product or wearing your clothing line.
  • Run a poll or survey and ask users to post their responses on their Timeline.
  • Collect user-generated content on a dedicated tab on your Facebook Page.
Include Stories and Reels in Your Posts
Stories and reels are essential tools to increase your reach as they both get priority placement within the algorithm. Including one or both in every post gives you more visibility and a greater chance of being seen since Facebook wants to make sure its users don’t miss anything important. Plus, adding a visual element to your posts can help draw attention from people as they scroll through their feeds.
Another perk of stories and reels is that you get more control over how much content you share. You can break down an article into a few stories over multiple days or create fun video updates with reels. Repurposing old content in creative ways can help keep your followers engaged and make sure you’re consistently putting out content that resonates with them.
Automate Post Scheduling
When you post regularly, you’re making sure that your content is consistently front and centre on your audience’s feeds. Automating post scheduling also allows you to make sure that you’re always optimizing the days and times of day when your post will be seen by the most people.
You can do this both manually or through a scheduling tool like Hootsuite or Later. This process needs to be well thought out—you don't want to bombard your followers with too many posts at once, but also don't want them to miss out on important content because you haven't been consistent about sharing it.
Furthermore, it's important to mix up the types of content you're sharing as well—Instagram is great for short videos, Reels, GIFs and more, so don't miss out on the chance to spread creativity! Automated scheduling gives you a good way to plan with a variety of posts that will keep your audience engaged.
Tag Relevant Accounts and Add Hashtags
Tagging relevant accounts and adding hashtags is one of the best ways to beat the Facebook algorithm and boost your reach. This will help you expand your reach to new audiences and are a great way to engage with the people who are already following your content.
When tagging relevant accounts, make sure that you include people who have similar interests as you, as well as people in the same industry. You can also tag other pages that feature similar content, as this can help you get seen by more people.
Adding relevant hashtags is another great way to reach more people who might be interested in your content. Just make sure that you limit your hashtags to 10 or fewer so that they don’t overwhelm your post. And remember, the most important thing is to keep it all relevant to your post and audience!
Utilize the Boost Button for Maximum Reach
When you want to boost your reach and get your posts seen, the “Boost” button can do wonders for you. This lets you pay for more people to see your content, by showing it ads before, during, and after it’s posted.
You can target a very specific audience with this tool, and specify who should see the post. This is a great way to make sure that only users with your target demographic are shown your post. Plus, you can use Facebook’s detailed analytics technology to track how successful the boost is and see if it had a positive or negative effect on engagement.
So if you want people to see your posts and engage with them, the Boost button is an easy way to make sure that more of the right people are seeing them.
Create Polls and Surveys to Engage Users
Social media platforms want posts that people want to engage with. So if you want to get in the good graces of the algorithm and get your posts seen, polls and surveys are a great way to do this.
Creating a poll or survey helps foster engagement on your page, as it gives people an opportunity to express their opinion. Plus, it encourages users to comment in numbers, which signals to the algorithm that your post is engaging and worth paying attention to. Not only that but you can learn more about what type of content resonates with your followers, so you can continue to create content they’ll love.
Creating polls and surveys is easy; just use the Polls option in the Create Post field. Simply select “Create Poll” from the list of options, type in your question and answers, hit publish and watch as your audience responds!
Post High-Quality Content Regularly
The ninth tip for conquering the Facebook Algorithm (https://www.theiotacademy.co/blog/what-are-google-algorithms-and-history) and boosting your reach is to post high-quality content regularly. It's important to remember that you don't have to post something every day, but you should strive for consistency in your posting schedule so that your followers know when to look for new content from you.
When it comes to quality content, think about what would be of value to your followers. Consider creating posts and reels that offer helpful tips or tutorials, engage in conversations with relevant parties, and maintain an inviting atmosphere with witty comments and thoughtful responses.
By consistently posting high-quality content regularly, you'll not only increase your reach but also keep your followers engaged and coming back for more – which will ultimately help boost your chances of beating the algorithm!
So, what are you waiting for? Start implementing these top tips to boost your Facebook reach and see better results from your Facebook posts. Keep in mind that it may take a little time to see the full effects, but as long as you keep following best practices and stay up to date on the latest algorithm changes, you should start seeing better reach and engagement from your Facebook posts in no time.
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2023.05.30 09:33 Proelium_ The bible is true because how dare you question it

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2023.05.30 09:32 AIMFA Am I a bad texter?

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2023.05.30 09:30 data_science_12 Best 5 Data Science Courses in Janakpuri, Delhi

Find the best data science courses in Janakpuri, Delhi, providing hands-on training, industry-relevant curriculum, and expert mentorship. Unlock new career opportunities and become proficient in data analysis and machine learning.
Data science
Data scientist
Top 5 data science course in janakpuri
Data Science Course in janakpuri
Data Science Courses in janakpuri
Data Science institute in janakpuri
Data Science Course in Delhi
Data Science institute in Delhi
Data Scientist course in Delhi
Data Scientist institute in Delhi
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2023.05.30 09:27 Feeling_Bad_11 Ex made out with a guy on a concert

A few days ago my ex-girlfriend was at a concert where she got extremely drunk, some guy started dancing with her, she told him she has a boyfriend but he persisted and eventually several drinks later they made out and continued throughout the rest of the night. She told me yesterday and I just feel shattered. We weren't that long together, only 2 and a half months, but it's not even the relationship that I feel that bad about, it's just the betrayal and the fact of being cheated on. I know it's still fresh, but I don't know who to talk to. I am unable to stay still, can't sleep, yet I have no motivation for anything. I keep hoping it's a nightmare, yet every time I think about anything I just keep hearing words in my head "cheated on, cheated on, cheated on...". At first she didn't tell me it was more than one kiss and I was ready to forgive her, because I wouldn't feel as bad. She's shattered even more than I am, but I just can't help but blame her, not for cheating, but for ever involving herself with me. I just want the misery to stop, talk to someone, I don't know who...
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2023.05.30 09:25 Impossible-Change-39 How to make cleaning fun!

Here are some tips to make cleaning more fun:
  1. Put on some music and dance while you clean.
  2. Set a timer and race against the clock to see how much you can clean in a certain amount of time.
  3. Turn cleaning into a game by creating challenges or setting goals.
  4. Use fun and colorful cleaning supplies to make cleaning more enjoyable.
  5. Reward yourself after cleaning with a favorite treat or activity.
  6. Clean with a friend or family member to make it a social activity.
  7. Try a new cleaning product or tool to make cleaning more interesting.
  8. Create a cleaning-themed playlist or podcast to listen to while you clean.
  9. Use aromatherapy or scented candles to create a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere while you clean.
  10. Take breaks often and don't forget to laugh and have fun while you clean!
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2023.05.30 09:25 Impossible-Change-39 How to make cleaning fun!

Here are some tips to make cleaning more fun:
  1. Put on some music and dance while you clean.
  2. Set a timer and race against the clock to see how much you can clean in a certain amount of time.
  3. Turn cleaning into a game by creating challenges or setting goals.
  4. Use fun and colorful cleaning supplies to make cleaning more enjoyable.
  5. Reward yourself after cleaning with a favorite treat or activity.
  6. Clean with a friend or family member to make it a social activity.
  7. Try a new cleaning product or tool to make cleaning more interesting.
  8. Create a cleaning-themed playlist or podcast to listen to while you clean.
  9. Use aromatherapy or scented candles to create a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere while you clean.
  10. Take breaks often and don't forget to laugh and have fun while you clean!
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2023.05.30 09:23 weneedflatmate My new girlfriend was rude to my friends and waiters

I was going to a bar with my friends last night and my new girlfriend texts me saying she’s in the area. I thought it’d be a nice opportunity for her to meet the guys and I told her to drop by. She comes in with her friend and I explained to them both that my friend was trying to get a job at this place so please be nice. This place has a pretty unique vibe and it’s our favorite place in the city we’re in.
A couple drinks later the girls end up being rude to the waiter and insulting the bar to him, saying it’s a bar for old alcoholics and there’s no atmosphere. It was more my girl’s friend but still from both of them. I was a little mortified that they were being so rude to any waitstaff just trying to do their job especially ones that I told them specifically to be nice to.
My girlfriend is usually super understanding and I think they were just not used to drinking to hang out as opposed to dancing so they were on a different kind of night out but now I’m lost as to what to do.
I’m going to go back tonight and apologize to the waiter, bring him chocolates or something because you shouldn’t have to put up with that stuff but how do I apologize to my friend trying to get a job and talk to my girl? Do I even talk to her or am I being dramatic?
Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks
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2023.05.30 09:20 Impossible-Change-39 How to make cleaning fun!

Here are some tips to make cleaning more fun:
  1. Put on some music and dance while you clean.
  2. Set a timer and race against the clock to see how much you can clean in a certain amount of time.
  3. Turn cleaning into a game by creating challenges or setting goals.
  4. Use fun and colorful cleaning supplies to make cleaning more enjoyable.
  5. Reward yourself after cleaning with a favorite treat or activity.
  6. Clean with a friend or family member to make it a social activity.
  7. Try a new cleaning product or tool to make cleaning more interesting.
  8. Create a cleaning-themed playlist or podcast to listen to while you clean.
  9. Use aromatherapy or scented candles to create a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere while you clean.
  10. Take breaks often and don't forget to laugh and have fun while you clean!
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2023.05.30 09:18 SuperRebooter Reboot Bandwagon: Day 1 - Goodbye World

"Today, I turn a new leaf." Something I have told myself many, many times before. I have been frequenting NoFap discussion and resources for over 8 years now, almost a decade of my life with the knowledge and seemingly optimistic will to be done with this for good. But no matter how hard I try, I can't stick the landing...
The longest streak I have had was 28 days 2 years ago. Before that it was 24, prior to that it was 2 weeks, 1 week, 6 days, 5 days, then 4, then 3, and 2, 1. I couldn't believe it the first time I made it through 1 whole day without yakking it. I'm not talking about those days where you are busy either, like staying a friends house or being on a family trip where you get little to no time to even consider it. I'm talking about a day where I sat down, made a conscious decision, and told myself "No. Not today."
I couldn't tell you how old I was when I did that, nor the month or what day it was. What I can tell you, is that one single decision I made what feels like eons ago, has been a decision I have attempted to make every single day since.
So here is a little bit about me, I'm a 25 year old undiagnosed nuerodivergent who seemingly slipped through the cracks in my childhood and adholesnce. I am on a waiting list to be diagnosed with ADHD and Autism. My addiction started when I was 9 years old when I stumbled across the "Adult" section on Newgrounds (remember that?) I still remember the details of the game I played. Not the name, but I won't go into detail as to not trigger anybody here. But 9 years old I stumbled upon porn, and it's been a huge routine in my life ever since.
I was masturbating upwards of 7 - 10 times a day since I was 9. NINE! I probably wasn't even aware that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell by that time, or if I was, I was probably thinking about something NSFW when I was supposed to be learning.
You might be wondering, "what's with the title? A little dramatic don't you think?" Perhaps. There has been an abundance of suicidal anecdotes posted on this sub reddit as of recent, and I am not here add to it, nor diminish their value. "Goodbye World" is in reference to the world of porn. A user names dance_in_diamonds made a very insightful comment which can be read here: https://www.reddit.com/NoFap/comments/13ta2yt/yesterday_i_had_my_first_escort/jlvw2ar?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share - this is ultimately what inspired me to start this today. Had I read this 10 minutes prior to starting this, I would not have relapsed today.
They wrote about writing down the things you will miss about porn. As once I have wrote them down, there is no turning back.
[trigger warning] I will miss the ease of getting a dopamine rush when I am in need of one, as this has been a long time coping mechanism. I will miss being able to view whatever I am craving at a whim, and the possibility of finding something new. I will miss the animalistic desire of seeing someone attractive, and picture myself in the video. I will miss all the alt-goth girls willing to show their bodies online for my pleasure. I will miss JOI and CFNM videos, as well as videos where there are more women than one man can handle. I will miss you, Johnny Sins, and all of your professions. I will miss the build up to a fap. I will miss edging. I will miss browsing for an hour trying to find something that will get me aroused enough, and I will miss having 20 tabs at once, all playing at the same time as I have a sensory overload as different story lines and moans overlap.
But I will not miss the quickly fleeting high of PMO. I will never miss the post nut clarity. I will never miss the pang in my heart everytime I circum to the will of the porn industry, as I know I lose a little bit of myself everytime it happens.
So today, I am turning a new leaf. I would like for you to embark on my journey along side me, as I have had enough. I want to build better habits, reinforce in my brain the things I striving to succeed in, and live a healthier, porn free life.
Thank you for reading, I plan to be uploading daily as of now in order help inspire hope, bring accountability to myself, and make some friends along the way! We are all in this together. If I spend 20 minutes to an hour writing these up, that's 20 minutes to an hour of not fapping. In fact, that's 20 minutes to an hour of reinforcement in my mind to as of why I shouldn't be fapping!
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2023.05.30 09:17 paytxx checking in on my gillette N2 swifties

i bought last minute tickets to gillette N2 knowing there would be rain, even being a little excited about it knowing taylor rain shows are known for being iconic and special, especially at a venue like gillette. there were nonstop rumors about long live for the surprise song and whatnot….
i am so extremely grateful for my night there. my cousin and i are huge huge swifties who have loved her and grown up with her since we were little kids. we tried to make the most of the absolute monsoon by dancing nonstop and not letting the weather stop us from having the time of our lives.
but i will admit, during folklore / evermore it was extremely hard to keep the energy up. try as we could to ignore the weather, it was just miserable. our groins and limbs started to lock up and we even considered leaving early towards the beginning of midnights, which is such a drastic thought for us.
after the show, i immediately felt sick and woke up to a week of the stomach flu… non stop vomiting and couldn’t eat food for a week. i am finally starting to recover now after almost two weeks.
i hate myself so bad for feeling negative emotions about the night, but it truly was just such rough circumstances. and i know i will get tremendous hate for this and get called ungrateful, but the surprise songs were shockingly underwhelming, especially for all the hype created around it. i really wish i didn’t attend that specific show and am jealous of people who didn’t attend the rain show. that sounds so horrible considering there are so many people who would’ve died to been there and i feel so guilty about my mixed emotions.
i will say, i was so (and still am) 100% so incredibly impressed by taylor and her ability to perform under such circumstances. she kept her energy up and gave a hell of a performance.
just wanted to check in on y’all (or any other swifties who didn’t have the amazing magical experience they thought they would’ve at the show)
please don’t leave hate comments , i am so extremely grateful regardless of my privilege to have been able to attend.
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2023.05.30 09:15 Nearby_Firefighter99 🎶 Hey music festival goers! Let's design your dream bag together! 🎒

Hey there, music-loving peeps!
I'm here to create the ultimate bag for your epic experiences at The Music Festival. But guess what? I can't do it without you! Your input is key in shaping this masterpiece, so let's dive in!
First off, I want to know which bag style gets you pumped. Check 'em out:
🔹 Fanny pack: The classic hands-free option that's compact and easy to wear around your waist. Keeps your essentials close while you rock out. Is the fanny pack your jam? Tell me what features or functionalities would make it even more awesome.
🔹 Crossbody bag: A stylish bag that hangs across your body, allowing you to keep your stuff secure while having the freedom to dance and groove. Do you dig a crossbody bag for festivals? What features would make it a must-have accessory?
🔹 Sling bag: A versatile choice that hangs across your body and keeps your belongings secure while your hands are free to party. Are you a fan of sling bags at festivals? What features would make it the ultimate festival companion?
🔹 Backpack: A reliable and spacious option for those who like to carry more gear. Perfect for all-day festivals or if you like to be prepared for anything. Have you used a backpack at festivals or concerts before? What features would make it the ultimate festival gear?
But wait, there's more! I also want to understand your needs, preferences, and how you make decisions when buying bags. Help me out with these questions:
🔹 Your needs: What are the most important factors for you when choosing a bag for music festivals? Is it durability, style, comfort, storage capacity, or something else entirely? Let me know what you prioritize!
🔹 Preference and decision-making process: How do you usually decide which bag to buy? Do you rely on recommendations, online reviews, or personal experience? Is it an impulsive decision or do you carefully weigh your options? Share your process with me!
🔹 Bag brands: Have you used any specific brands of bags before? Which ones did you find impressive or unsatisfactory? Knowing your experiences with different brands will help me create something truly outstanding.
Your insights will shape the design, features, and overall experience of the bag I'm creating. So please, share your thoughts, opinions, and any experiences you've had with different bag brands.
Let's make sure this bag stands out from the rest and becomes the must-have accessory for every music festival and concert-goer!
Rock on,
Your fellow music lover and bag designer
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2023.05.30 09:14 WaveOfWire One Hell Of A Vacation - Chapter 86

First Prev Next Royal Road
u/KieveKRS providing the Trash certification of quality!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
[Thank you for agreeing to teach them.]
Volta nodded, not entirely sure if it was for the best, but recognizing a request—or in this case, a thinly veiled order—for what it was.
Ever since she had taught Scarlet and the others her field, the occasional rotation of Lilhuns would be assigned to work under her for a time. It made her job easier, especially since the settlement was expanding at a ludicrous rate compared to what she had heard from the new members of the pack.
The Atmo that had joined were quickly treated and cared for, those who did not require so much time for recovery quickly accompanying the existing insects in their tasks. The largest, Mama, frequently assisted in construction and decoration of structures, so they worked with her. Once they had oriented how things progressed and their part in it, they were paired off with a construction group to be assigned a project. It was to the point where there were as many as five buildings nearing completion at once, the majority of them being accommodation for the new members of the pack.
The remaining question was regarding the insect kits. The answer? Well, there were four Atmo slightly smaller than the purple ‘Queen’ that had requested Volta instruct them, the pearlescent shimmer of her scaled carapace dancing in the sunbeams afforded by the skylight the den had been constructed with.
Teaching Violet—as well as the two Atmo that Volta had escorted to this pack—in the ways of sanitation had been an interesting endeavour, all things considered. They held a remarkable dexterity in those long edged appendages, but the lack of something to properly grasp with made finding a way to secure a rag onto the ends difficult. Luckily, Heralt was receptive to assisting her with creating something that would attach to the blades.
It was little more than a mop that secured to the joint and braced around the cutting edge gingerly, the ends of the stick using ‘ironwood’ springs to clamp onto fabric pads that would soak in the cleaning solution and allow them to do the floors and walls. Were it not for how shockingly efficient the task was performed, she would have been useless through the laughter at the sight.
Each Atmo kit held two of the devices on their limbs, allowing them to travel in pairs and simply finish large spaces within the time it would take her to prepare the next batch of cleaners to use. They had only started a short while ago and yet two dens had been finished, Scarlet assisting her in doing whatever furniture or ledges the Atmo were unsuited to completing. The odd pack member going through what Head Sahari called ‘versatility training’ listened to her instructions in an oddly compliant manner, giving the blue-furred female pause at the unusual experience.
All in all; the cleaner was guiding the five insects and three Lilhuns in the ways of cleanliness. Scarlet was primarily keeping an eye on those who interacted with the purple-coloured Atmo, her contributions to the other tasks proficient, despite the split attention. Before, she would have assumed the servant quietly acquiescing orders, but the dark red-furred female was particularly vigilant in matters pertaining to the kit now.
Volta wasn’t sure what happened to the other servants that regularly assisted her on a rotation—save for Kaslin, the female seeming to have been unofficially inducted as Grand…. Toril’s assistant alongside his mate, Tersa—but Faye, the mild-mannered deep gold-furred female, and Raine, the polite and excitable brown-furred female, had been absent for many suns now.
It was almost lonely, in a way.
“That should be sufficient for this den,” she announced to the gaggle of Atmo kits and Lilhuns, careful to remind them not to bother the few ‘rock-worms’ that Ferra kept separate from the rest outside. There were only four, the largest one adorned in an odd script, but they were apparently a selection of favourites of the female. Regardless, it would not do to irritate a mate of Atrox.
The brown-furred male was responsible for the ghastly armour that the Grand Hunter wore on occasion, and she was not in a hurry to see if the disturbing tendencies of the male extended to how he displayed his displeasure.
“Where is our next destination?” Scarlet asked, her tail brushing up Volta’s spine in an uncomfortable way. It wasn’t that she disliked the touch, but the owner of it worried her. Something about the servant struck her as more than what was presented, and it was obvious that the female thought of it as immensely entertaining. That much was obvious, even without the sly grin.
“We have proceeded much faster than I was expecting,” the blue-furred female admitted, mentally checking over her itinerary while subtly batting away the offending appendage. “I suppose we should attempt the barracks while the pack is engaged, then rest for a time.”
[May I leave to check on the other Atmo?]
Volta paused, unsure why it was being requested rather than merely presented as a fact. Violet was—as far as it mattered—completely beyond the cleaner’s station, if only because she was an adopted kit of the Grand Hunter, as well as a sort of leadership figure for the insects. It was an enigmatic blend of positions where the purple insect could very well order Volta to do things, rather than ask. Though the hierarchy was not nepotistic in nature, it was safer to adhere to the wishes of the den-kit than it was to disobey.
“You may. What of the others?”
[I will leave them with you and Scarlet.]
The mentioned servant frowned. “I am to accompany you.”
Violet chittered her curious laugh. [These young ones are your task. I must attend to my own.]
Volta discreetly jabbed the female with a claw, glaring at her not to question the wishes of her better. The less attention drawn from the Grand Hunter, the better. Just picturing the disturbing mask and piercing gaze was enough to make her blanch.
Either reminded of her position, or merely interested in playful retaliation, Scarlet sighed quietly, bowing slightly to the insect. “As you wish, young mistress. Do call for me if I am required.”
[I will. Thank you, Scarlet, Volta.]
Volta lowered her head, watching the Queen leave before returning her attention to the group.
“We will do the first barracks, then determine if we are of time to do the second. The kits are to await the floors cleared of obstruction by the Lilhuns before cleaning them. We will manage it in sections so as not to disturb any who may be taking a break. In future—assuming you are to operate independently from myself—it would be best if you are used to working in groups.”
The Lilhuns nodded their understanding, the young Atmo hesitantly conferring with each other before approaching Scarlet to have their mops freed of soiled cloth and materials placed upon their carriages.
The Atmo had all been outfitted with a specially made platform that fitted over their wider base, clasping underneath past their six legs. It allowed them to transport much, their carrying capacity much larger than one would suspect from their size. The kits could comfortably haul all of the materials for the sun by themselves, and the adults had been the subject of idle speculation for mounted weapon platforms—assuming the fragmented conversation she had chanced upon was to be believed.
Volta inspected the odd section that the Lilhuns under her tutelage completed while she waited for packing to finish. She was not necessarily pleased with the results, but it was more important for them to understand the procedure to take for various locations at the moment. They had proven that they understood what to do for the dens, so next came teaching them how to approach high-traffic areas.
Once everyone had been prepared and the materials gathered, they left the den and started towards the barracks, glimpsing the Grand Hunter sparring with some of the pack in the open.
Ever since the Atmo were delivered by a trade caravan, the male had taken to training much of the pack personally, Huntress Pan taking over much of his more mundane work. Those who were deemed adequate were then pawed off to Head Tel for some specialized training, though Volta was not privy to what exactly it was meant to accomplish.
Regardless, Head Sahari was in charge of rotating out the pack amongst tasks, only a few specialists being directly assigned to any one occupation. By all rights, Volta herself should be training under the male, but the nature of her work meant that she was typically better off doing her job when such was under way. Given that the Grand Hunter was a rare case of someone fully understanding the importance of her specialty—and how little she wished to interact with the alien—she was thankfully spared.
Disregarding the events going on, she motioned for her group to follow her. There was work to do.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
“Two up!” he called out, wiping the sweat from his brow. The exertion cleared his mind, and the break from endless paperwork was appreciated. With the influx of members and various training being required, he had gotten rather exhausted mentally. Between the Wraiths being gone for two weeks since he told them to do recon around the Atmo traders, regular interaction with various caravans, planning out what they needed to do, and Robert still not calling him since the man had left to handle something, he had been pretty high-strung.
As always, there was more on his mind. Harrow had become more elusive regarding him ever since he had her transcribe the Union documents regarding the Lilhuns, their conversations vapid and brief. Jax didn’t have anything useful to say about it other than that she wanted time to sort her thoughts. Toril, Idee, Mi’low, and Bratik were given copies of the file to go over recently, since they were the closest thing he had to a counsel unfettered by a close relationship.
His own makeshift family took the news in an odd way. There was a lot to unpack.
Jax had become quiet, his muscles tensing. Harrow ended up staying away from her mate for a few days until he had stopped brooding about it. In the end; the guy just told Joseph that he would trust the Grand Hunter’s decisions regarding it, finding himself at a loss otherwise.
Sahari and Nalah were approached about the bonding information, the latter denying any bond to him, as well as Sahari confirming the same towards her blond-furred mate. The only line of reasoning that they could think of to make sense was that Nalah’s circumstances had messed with her in some way. The two seemed rather distressed by the assertion, but calmed somewhat when he mentioned that nothing would change between them regardless. Sahari could tell how conflicted he was about the whole thing, he just wanted to give them something to hang on to.
It was a bigger deal for them than he had initially internalized. In retrospect; something revered as a literal gift from their god being denied really should have been an obvious point of stress. As begrudging as his acceptance was, he was linked to the whole ‘Great Hunt’ business in their minds, so he was aware of how deeply that belief ran. He didn’t personally subscribe to the religion, but they never really bothered him with anything besides overseeing funeral rites—not that he would have refused anyway.
Pan seemed to mirror his feelings on the matter—a dark feeling of helplessness and sorrow. She had fallen quiet when she heard about the trials on the defectives, that particular section hitting her harder than the others. After an entire day of silence, all she had to say about it was that she loved him, and then spent the night burrowed between him and Tel, unable to sleep. He had a hard time as well, but it extended well past the initial night.
Tel had informed him that his restlessness had made it difficult for her to get any shut-eye, his shifting disturbing her, but it was said in a slightly concerned tone. Her general reaction was fairly subdued compared to the rest otherwise, her lifetime of being at either end of a gun numbing her to the reality of things. It was weird for him, but he was deeply thankful for it on some level.
She kept him sane, her cold response being a candid ‘Wish it, and I will end all who displease you.’
For once, her more violent background gave him something to grip onto. It resonated in him—loose, yet present. A door within him, chained and locked, was brought to mind as he really considered what he wanted for those involved. The traders who abused the Atmo, those who seemed so bent on hurting his friends, the Union ‘GUOS’ who called for the experiments... A thrumming settled in his fists, an itch that couldn’t be sated by just scratching.
A paw flew past his brow, his shifted posture allowing him to slip the claws that had been left exposed in the heat of the spar. His heart hammered, his sweat soaked his clothing, and his focus returned to the fight.
No Union, no traders, no worries. Just the two security members who had doubted Jax’s claims that the smaller Human had somehow bested the male in a fight, and were now bringing out their natural weapons on instinct.
Grabbing the wrist with his right hand and gripping the shoulder with his left, he pulled, using the rotational force to pivot on his left foot and haul the overeager Lilhun to the dirt, the appendage bending behind them sharply. A second fist came from the corner of his eye, the other combatant trying to use the momentary distraction to score a hit.
Using the gripped arm as a balance, Joseph leaned into the spin, firing the sole of his shoe into the head of the opportunistic attacker. The loud slap of his foot connecting with the larger male almost outdid the crumpled form crashing to the ground unconscious. It was only a dull sensation of mercy that stopped him from completing the spin while he maintained his iron grip on the arm of the thrown adversary, saving them a torn and dislocated shoulder.
Joseph breathed heavily, the adrenaline wearing out as Jax checked on the defeated. Minus some stiffness expected in one of them and a sore jaw for the other, they would be fine, albeit embarrassed for such a quick disposal in front of their usual teachers.
The sound of his rubber sole slapping on the ground some distance away killed off whatever motivation he had to continue, his shoes finally giving out.
“I would ask you not to disable my security, Grand Hunter,” Jax said with mock frustration, the black-furred male’s eyes following the two leaving with an expression of exasperation.
“Sorry,” Joseph breathed out, his heart hammering in his chest as his system wound down.
The Head of Security glanced down at him, his expression pensive. “As much as I enjoy my boasting of your prowess to be validated, I do worry that you see more than a spar in them.”
He drew his lips thin as he brushed his sweat-soaked hair back, his arm dropping to his side. He took a few moments to sort the thoughts that returned. “I probably should have called that kick, yeah.”
The larger Lilhun snorted. “They will be fine, it is not their health I am worried about.”
“I’m fine, Jax,” he snapped, averting his eyes when his friend seemed to have made his point. “I…. I’ll be fine. Just some things on my mind right now.”
“Joseph,” the black-furred male started, walking up to place a large paw on his shoulder. “We are here if you wish to talk.”
His breath died in his throat, his eyes closing in defeat. He felt the soreness in his hands surface, hours of constant fighting to soothe the burning in his blood that failed to abate. Bruises made themselves known, dehydration made his joints stiff, and lack of sleep clouded his mind. Jax was right, he was a bit of a mess.
“Grand Hunter,” Mi’low called, his tired glance in her direction revealing the female approaching. “We are ready to speak.”
Joseph placed a hand on Jax’s paw, patting it softly. “Talking will have to wait. Tell Harrow I said hi and that I’d like to hang out again. I miss it.”
The male looked at him apologetically, nodding as he was still unable to offer anything to ease the sting of a friend distancing themselves from the Human. “I will.”
The Human cycled a breath and faced the actress. “The rest?”
Mi’low nodded. “Where will we meet?”
Joseph waved an arm towards the base. “My place. More chairs.”
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Toril was wearing his usual smile, his eyes inspecting everything about the hub from the couch while Tersa stood nearby, her body language telling that she was wary about being in a new place without time to scout it. Bratik was in his wheelchair, Sorren holding his paw as he sat on the opposite side of the chemist. Idee—being the only one to spend time in the outpost regularly—simply thanked Kaslin for the water from her place between the two mated males. Mi’low had claimed a free chair, her legs crossed and back straight as she stayed away from the others on the couch. The Wraith handed Joseph his requested tea since Scarlet was babysitting the insects, then occupied a place out of the way, but close enough to act if things got heated.
He stayed standing rather than occupying his usual place on a table, his second choice of seating being filled up. He could have dragged over the Atmo couch, but he didn’t want to stress his body any more than he had already by lugging it. “So, everyone had plenty of time to read the documents.”
“Indeed,” Mi’low commented dryly, a glare shot in his direction. Idee nodded, though her expression fell as it was brought up. Toril maintained his detached look of amusement, but it didn’t escape Joseph’s notice that Tersa stiffened.
The Grand Hunter took a sip of his refreshment, enjoying the fleeting feeling of warmth from something other than exertion. “And what do we think?”
“We?” Sorren asked, the male not quite used to the Human using their tongue. Joseph’s mastery of the language was still spotty at times, but Kaslin could fill any gaps if needed.
“Yeah,” he replied plainly. “It has more to do with you than me. I just got the message.”
“I find it rather fascinating,” Toril opined cheerily, his energy at odds with the atmosphere of the room. “Such thorough study allows us many insights into facets of our own biology that we may never have known!”
“By slaughtering our kin in the thousand,” Mi’low shot back, a slight snarl pulling her lip.
“As regretful as such is, we can not bring them back,” the chemist noted with a small nod. “We must simply use the information gleaned by our foes without repeating their atrocities.”
“You suggest ignoring their sins?”
“I suggest utilizing what they have learned and incorporating it to our advantage.”
“Or,” Joseph interjected, “we talk about it instead of getting into an argument.”
“Your people are not free of fault, Grand Hunter,” the crimson-furred female spat. He remained silent, already having spent far too long thinking about how none of it would have happened if Humans weren’t in the picture for them.
“You can not hold him as a factor, Mi’low,” Idee said softly, shifting in her seat to get comfortable and smiling apologetically at Sorren when she bumped him.
“Were it not for them, then we may not have lost our homes!”
“Were it not for him you would be little more than bones bleached by the sun, or so I hear.”
“We are not here to cast blame,” Bratik disputed quietly, his voice carrying through the room despite the low volume. “The Grand Hunter has saved each of us. Some from demise, others from the shackles of their station, and others from the fate of losing loved ones.”
Toril and Idee shared a glance as the male continued, Tersa paying attention to him for the first time.
“He seeks our counsel. Not our aimless ire to be spewed upon him for that which he himself had no knowledge of, nor involvement in. His kin were as much victims as our own.”
“Quite,” Toril concurred as the two females ceased their bickering reluctantly. “How would you like to address this, Grand Hunter?”
Joseph blinked, expecting the blame, but not Bratik defusing it so quickly. “Well, we have a few things to work off of. Years of experiments coinciding with missing persons after accepting a job, whoever tipped off your military taking info with them about Sol and the ‘blacklist’, whatever bond fuckery they discovered, and the defects.” He shrugged weakly. “Take your pick.”
“There are too many missing across too wide an area to recognize such a comparative few,” Idee stated, the others in the group silently agreeing.
He nodded, nursing his tea with small sips. “Figured that would be a sticking point. Plus, we don’t really know how long it was going on... or when it started... Not even if it was a bulk recruitment or slow trickle. I guess the missing people are something we’ll just have to keep unknown.”
“The bond information was rather enlightening,” Toril mentioned, his eyes rising to the ceiling as he thought about it. “Our peoples are wildly compatible.”
“As servants, perhaps,” came the scathing remark from the High Huntress. “What use is our gift if it is twisted to be mere subservience? To discard ourselves for some alien race?”
Sorren’s ear flicked. “It is hardly ‘twisted’ to protect that which the Hunt Mother has afforded us.”
“Are we to just accept that our bonds are better suited to that,” she emphasized with a pointed claw in Joseph’s direction, “rather than our kin?”
“Drop it,” the Grand Hunter ordered tiredly, his reflection in his beverage shaking as he shifted on his feet. “Arguing isn’t going to help anything.”
Mi’low held her disgusted expression. “You ask us to trust that which led to our downfall? We are yet another strike against your kin, no?”
He shook his head, his eyes buried in remains of the shimmering image he held in his hands. “I blame the sick fucks that did all this. If you can’t agree with that, then there’s not much reason to hold this meeting.”
“What is it you seek to accomplish?” Toril asked, amused by the theatrics. The rest seemed surprised by Mi’low’s pointed aggression, but the chemist was more interested in continuing.
“I have people looking to get me out of here,” Joseph informed them, laying his empty cup on the table with a soft clack. “People who will probably extend the offer to you. If they come, I need to know what we’re doing about it. The last thing I need is people acting like Mi’low and opening fire on whoever comes to drag us out of the mud.”
“Why would we?” Sorren asked, taking his mate’s paw as he gave a worried glance to the offended female.
“Because our people were tortured due to our interactions with them,” the chemist noted in a matter-of-fact tone, his pleasant demeanour remaining despite the morbid topic.
“Did our people not initiate contact with another species on less hostile terms?” Idee asked, her head tilted slightly.
“But no one lived to talk about it,” Joseph countered, gesturing with an upturned palm. “Plus, that’s assuming whoever was in charge of that call being the norm, rather than the exception.”
“You believe our people to act otherwise?” Bratik asked, his tone inquisitive rather than judgmental.
Joseph shrugged. “To be fair, I’ve almost been killed by more of your species than the wildlife. Granted, a few of those were just people being assholes, but still.”
“Many would see the opportunity as retribution for the Union,” Mi’low mentioned dryly.
Sorren’s face fell. “Then we should not propagate this knowledge?”
The Human glanced between each of them. “That’s why you’re here. My group knows because I trust them with it. I think we should keep this to ourselves, but if we do—and someone finds out—it would just cause a lot of issues. Alternatively; we tell everyone.”
“And suffer the consequences of that action as well,” Idee concluded dejectedly. Joseph returned a wry smile as Toril raised a paw, speaking when the Grand Hunter raised a brow at him.
“Perhaps we should withhold the information from the lesser station?”
“Like, just the Grand Hunters?” Joseph inquired cautiously. Toril tilted his head.
“Those who would be more diplomatically minded, perhaps.”
“I don’t exactly see some of them as what you would call ‘diplomatic’ and I’m not going on some voyage to visit everyone with the info in tow.”
“We are able to make copies,” Sorren offered. “Perhaps we could exchange the information using traders and gain something from it as well?”
Mi’low shook her head. “That is assuming they do not claim us manipulative nor seek to remove him. Some may very well move to strike us all down for ‘withholding’ the information, regardless of how readily we supply it.”
“Do your people know?” Bratik interjected, gathering the attention of the others. Joseph winced in uncertainty.
“I’m not sure. I’d guess my brother does, but I don’t know how sensitive things are. It could have been announced and there’s an intergalactic war, or it might be kept under wraps until conflict isn’t as likely. At least until it’s less likely to blow up in our faces, anyway.”
“They are of lesser force?”
“No clue,” he admitted. “Not my area. All I do know is that there are more species allied against us—or at least aren’t inclined to take a bullet—than are.”
“So our options are rather limited,” Idee concluded, receiving a series of agreements.
“We could,” Mi’low said after a few moments of contemplation, “distribute the information anonymously. Humans are not named directly in the document, and we need not divulge its origin.”
“So, what? Just pass people tablets and ask them to forget where they got it?” he probed, not entirely disagreeing with the idea, but skeptical all the same.
“Tersa may make additions to trader inventories without their knowledge,” Toril offered, the mentioned Blade frowning at him, but not protesting. “Or perhaps Trill’s kit, since she is devoted to yourself.”
“Eh. I guess that’s an option,” he conceded, sighing. “So, about the bond; any opinions? Notes?”
“Stay away from me,” Mi’low answered warily, earning a flat scowl.
“I meant something besides that. I’m not too keen on adding to the cluster-fuck I have going on anyway.”
Sorren smiled. “I am excited to meet your people—should I be so blessed. There are many who would never know the joy of the Hunt Mother’s gift otherwise.”
“I would not mind her words, Grand Hunter,” Toril chuckled. “She is a creature of dishonesty—including her own desires.”
The actress glowered at the chemist. “I preferred it when you were nomadic. It was much easier to ignore your presence. Your words were but some distant wind I need not soil my ears with.”
“Perhaps our meeting is best ended here,” Bratik interjected, waving his functional paw. The other arm was coming along, but still too stiff to use for much. “We should propagate the information through unsigned parcels to the Grand Hunters.”
“One last thing,” Joseph said, pinching the bridge of his nose. “The information on Sol; anything ever get done with that?”
“We were capturing habitable planets in a particular direction, though the decision to do such was made by our superiors.”
He nodded. “Makes sense. Same issue we have now. Can’t let everyone know because chaos is a lot easier to manage when it’s directed. Between the religious connotations and the context around it; there’s no saying if it would lead to riots or worship. Rather not bring the problem to our door.”
“Wise,” Mi’low remarked sarcastically, her judgmental side-eye aimed between him and Sorren.
“Alright,” he said with a raised voice, ignoring the red-furred female to the best of his ability. “Drop off letters and lock myself in a room or something. Sounds like a plan.”
“That will not be required,” Sorren corrected with a laugh. “Though the documents confirmed a high percentile of successful bonds, there were many incompatible pairings. It is unlikely that your informant included every variation of failure, but the bond seems to be as selective as usual, just more receptive to those who meet the criteria. I would speculate that the majority of those who would bond to you by now, have. Barring the new additions, of course. I doubt you will need to worry about bonding to half a species by yourself.”
“I’ll take your word for it,” he muttered. “Okay, you’re free to go back to your work. You know who to talk to if something comes up.”
The gathering dispersed, Toril requiring Tersa to drag him by the ear before he got too distracted. Mi’low stayed behind, waiting for everyone else to leave.
“Thoughts?” he asked, glancing over at her. She shook her head as she dropped the antagonistic persona.
“Two attribute you to their religion, Toril is too interested in your species to act against your best interest, and Idee rather enjoys her time here—as well as sympathizes with your position. Tersa’s allegiance is with Toril, so she will follow him, as well as your tentative arrangement as a superior over her.”
“So, we’re good?”
“We are,” she confirmed. He looked at her for a long moment.
“What about you?”
“What about me?”
“Going to try and kill me again?” he questioned wryly.
The High Huntress snorted. “Unfortunately, my pack has ostensibly become yours, and with it, my fate. They would rather watch me go than follow. It seems your influence extends past our biology.”
Without an opportunity for him to ask what she meant, she headed to the exit, pausing in the doorway when he called out to her.
“Mi’low?” Her ear tipped back towards him. “Thanks. For putting yourself on the block like that. I know how risky that could have been for you.”
She afforded a single nod before letting it close behind her.
“’Past our biology’, huh?” he muttered, eyeing the empty cup on the table.
He considered bothering Tel, since she would likely offer him a distraction for a while.
Sighing at his remaining intact shoe flopping as he stepped, he decided to do exactly that.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
“How are we holding up?”
Tech leaned back in her chair, yawning widely. “Communications have been down for a while, navigation software is pointing everywhere at once, and if it wasn’t for me, everything else would be dark too.”
“All hail Tech Ops,” Comms quipped, struggling to make his system do much more than transmit static on a loop.
Willin rolled his eyes at Tech’s boasting, but she was probably right to do so. They had aligned themselves in the right direction and simply let navigation go, communications discreetly blinking out as they got close without warning. All they had left was the actual piloting and onboard support systems, both of them hanging by a thread until Tech could run diagnostics to see if she could counter them properly. She might be able to eventually, but she didn’t seem confident beyond keeping the crew mobile and alive.
“How’s it look down there?”
Nav had long since given up making sense of their controls, opting to keep watch for whatever they were approaching. Since they had gotten within visual range, they had occupied themselves using whatever scanning equipment Tech managed to keep shielded. They leaned over the readouts, brows raising before furrowing at the information.
“It appears that they have remained fairly close together. I am reading several AEC distress signatures... Why am I able to?”
Tech raised a paw. “Right here. The jamming is consistent with the United Military’s algorithms, though boosted past what we have the equipment to manage. Can’t override it for you or Comms, but it was never meant to counter the low-frequency of a distress pulse, since that would get lost in normal noise anyway. I took the liberty of limiting the scope of collected data to increase the sensitivity.”
“Not much frequency pollution on an untapped planet,” Willin remarked dryly, his screen mirroring what Nav was looking at. Thirty-eight sources, most of them repeating the initial call-signs. Two seemed to have retained some power, though not much, implying a makeshift solution. There would normally be more to glean, but the measures taken to make picking them out at all possible had stifled it.
“Orders?” Nav asked after a moment. Willin considered it, scouring the somewhat distorted visual feed.
“Let’s get closer first.”
He adjusted his uniform as they drew near, Tech frowning as more of her fail-safe measures ironically failed. Quick action saved them from listing aimlessly, but any chance of copying the survivor’s distress call faded. The AEC’s were effectively invisible until Tech had dealt with the issue preemptively, and their beacon wasn’t any stronger.
Detriment of a scout craft, he supposed. Help would have to deal with not knowing where his ship had gone until they were up to their necks in the warp-spike’s field. Hopefully, the EW fleet would manage it better.
“Just outside of atmosphere,” Nav reported, activating the scanning equipment again. Normally, it would be able to tell them everything down to the rough number of wildlife in an area, but all the interference gave them little more than confirmation that life existed.
“Well, there goes any advanced recon,” Willin muttered, ignoring Comms silently debating if he should bother Tech to duplicate the feed again. Noticing, she did anyway, the male gesturing their thanks. “Tech, can you get us population density?”
“I’m good, Leader, but not that good.”
“Leader,” Nav called, highlighting a few points on the feed. Whatever it was that they were trying to show him, he didn’t see it. “These areas are likely settlements.”
“Affirmative. It is subtle, but there.”
He nodded, trusting their judgment. “Which is the largest?”
The feed zoomed in, losing most of the clarity—not that there was much to begin with. “Location coincides with an AEC still actively reporting.”
“They set up around it.”
“Likely, Leader.”
Willin exhaled slowly. “Take us down nearby. I’d say to hide us, but that’s hard to do with open skies.”
“The planet suffers constant rain,” Tech added, her screen already reverting back to a simplistic game while she waited for someone else to need something. “We could descend under the cover of it.”
“Any idea how long?”
Her monitor flickered. “One local sun.”
“Then we spend the time gearing up,” he ordered, waving to have Nav and Comms’ screens defaulted. “You two will make sure our defence armaments ship-board are active and loaded. Tech, queue up whatever armour and equipment we might need for a diplomatic mission.”
She turned in her chair, her head tilting questioningly. “Just us?”
“Just us. We’ll want someone here to keep things warm in case we need to leave quickly. Can you get Comms’ station capable of short-wave?”
She nodded after a moment, her eyes losing focus as she consulted her implant. “We’ll lose the fabricator during, but we should have enough for life-support and in-atmosphere flight. Weapons will have to be swapped out with it too.”
“That bad?”
The purple-furred female shrugged. “It’s that or I take down the defences and we lose it all.” She frowned at her screens. “Even this is pushing it.”
“Can you take down the purifier once we’re down there? Switch to external flow?”
“As long as you don’t mind alien air, sure. It won’t give us more to work with, but it should make it less taxing to keep what we have.”
Willin scratched at his ear. “Do it. They lived here this long, doubt we’ll join the Void breathing it too.”
“Will do.”
He shifted his attention back to Nav. “Set course to that settlement. Keep us above the clouds until it gets bad enough to obscure us.”
Nav signalled their agreement, the scenery shifting slowly as they picked a cloud to shadow in the meantime. Comms looked at Willin expectantly, forcing him to come up with something for the male to do.
“Comms, I want you to monitor anything this place has coming in or out. Set up surveillance.”
The male raised a brow. “My systems are inoperable, Leader.”
“If you try to do anything big, yes,” Willin corrected. “Just keep us informed if something goes through. We don’t need to know what happened, just that it did.”
“Keeping track of possible communications between settlements?”
Willin bobbed his head to the side. “Whatever we learn, it’s more than we know.”
“Understood. I will try to arrange a passive probe.”
The group set about their tasks as he brought up a still-frame of the settlement Nav spotted. It was blocky, blurry, and the chromatic aberration on the edges hurt to look at, but it was a settlement. A large AEC surrounded by silver constructions, all laid out in a slightly haphazard way. He couldn’t judge it too harshly, however. There was a method to the madness. Narrow pathways hidden between dens, each leading to the AEC like a system of routes for select Lilhuns to reach anywhere they may be needed as quickly as possible.
The AEC itself seemed modified, large solar panels placed where a solid hull would be expected, the semi-transparent material likely acting to illuminate the interior. Many of the buildings around it were larger than those beyond, some appearing to be two or three levels.
From sheer volume of dens, Willin figured this was a contender for the largest settlement. His best estimate placed the number of inhabitants in the range of three hundred or so. If the other settlements were even close, then the initial guess of a thousand survivors was woefully short.
That made things complicated, yet so much simpler.
He awaited the distant storm clouds rolling over the landscape, thankful Tech had prioritized the water-proof gear.
He hated being soaked.
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2023.05.30 09:13 Demix3e Weird lag/stuttering whenever I get close to the floor?

This only started happening recently but when I'm dancing and get close to the floor the frame rate just suddenly obliterates and causes my stream to lag. I feel like it has something to do with the guardian but whenever there was a problem tracking the guardian in the past the guardian would shift and move out of place. But it shouldn't be a guardian problem because I use to be able to get close to the ground no problem without fps lag or guardian tracking loss.
Anybody else experiencing this or know a fix?
I have a conspiracy that, like how iPhone releases the update that makes the phone run slower, quest did the same thing trying to make us buy the new quest. On a side note my friends who also own quest, all at once started having their game sound blast and echo through their microphone when it never use to which just twirls my tinfoil hat taller.
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2023.05.30 09:13 Phaphilou Looking for native English speakers to record themselves reading my French students'poems

Hello guys,
I'm an English high school teacher from France. My students have written very short poems in English (8 verses) and I thought it could be fun if some native English speakers could record themselves while reading them.
There are some mistakes and obscure parts but I've decided not to change anything.
If you've got 1 minute to spare, and have the possiblity to record yourself using your phone, you'd make them very happy !
You can choose one from the following compilation (at the beginning of the recording, please state your name or nickname if you wish to remain anonymous, and the country you're from. It will be fun to discuss your different accents in class):
I don't know yet if many redditors will be interested in participating. To make things easier, you can reply to this post with the title of the poem you've chosen, and send me a PM with a link to the file you will have uploaded (wetransfer? ou some other hosting service). That way, other redditors will know which poems have already been recorded.
Merci beaucoup !
Here it is:
The bad dream
Around the mirrored walls and polished floor,
Their dancing bodies can’t escape from these doors
Behind this mask of prosperity
Hides a dark and a controlled reality.
Working hard for an assigned dream
Costumes that highlight their gleam
Hiding behind the nightmare
Parents living their last dream through their little star.
Welcome to the new society
The remparts of Laon used to rhyme with safety
Built during the Middle Ages, they were the reflection of security
Days and nights, from summer to winter, Barbarians were in the way
But the wall, as a bodyguard kept them away.
The remparts of Laon used to rhyme with safety,
But today in their shadow people can find a dead body.
Now rapists, thieves and killers like to join the party.
Welcome to the new society
McDo : no, no, no
If you want to be skinny,
Don’t look in your plate
The burgers are not healthy
If you don’t want to increase your sugar rate
Yummy Yummy Yummy Nuggets !
If you want to eat pets
You might cough up feathers
The next step : eat American invaders.
Modern Guillotine
Many are these cells that swallow the intelligent ;
Prisoners are sitting on stools ;
With their over developed brains, they teach children they deem fools ;
Without worrying about their sentiments ;
The prisoners tremble with anxiety like the rat that walked in the cell without rule
The cell resists against the tremors
While Charles 1st becomes the slave king facing god and his terror
God invades his head with knowledge and the death bell rings in this place : the school !
Fields of Loneliness
In the middle of the green realm
Thrones a quiet domain
Something went whelm
With a terrible silence it became overwhelmed
That we men have let settle
They’re now devastated to have
Lost the beauty of this place
It lost its pace
Women don’t come anymore
To brush their hair and paddle the pound
No more joy can be found
Water of memories :
This haven of peace gently preserved
Of this life manhandled
I pick you up presently
But it's not like previously
When nothing goes
I come back to you
But I see through you
The anger that men throw
I drown in your eyes
And I melt in your arms
You play the mother's role
You who were once the queen's watering hole
Overpriced LeaderPrice
Prices climb high, our wallets run dry
The cost of living, we cannot deny,
Shelves stacked tall, yet can’t buy it all
Our budget begs to differ, as we take the fall
Though products sell fast, we cannot afford
Supplied depleted, the shelves look bored
As prices soar and wallet shrink
We are faced to choose but we can’t afford to think
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