Lodging in apalachicola fl

Panama City, Florida

2010.04.15 00:22 Panama City, Florida

Everything relating to Panama City, Florida — for locals and tourists alike. Covering the entire metro area including all of Bay County: Panama City, Panama City Beach, Callaway, Springfield, Cedar Grove, Parker, Lynn Haven, etc.

2023.05.29 13:44 Remarkable-Safety381 Which five-star hotels are there in Srinagar, Kashmir?

Which five-star hotels are there in Srinagar, Kashmir?
Discover Snowland Hotel and Resort, Sonmarg's most luxurious lodging, in all of its breathtaking beauty. Enjoy the height of hospitality while admiring the breathtaking scenery of J&K. Experience the perfect blend of modern amenities and a cozy atmosphere in one of the nicely designed rooms or suites at the Snowland Hotel & Resort.
Enjoy the peace and quiet of this lovely area, which is bordered by imposing mountains. Treat your taste buds in the on-site restaurant, which serves delectable regional and international cuisine.
Use your camera to capture beautiful images as you explore the hotel's lovely surroundings. You are cordially invited to enjoy a lovely and enthralling stay at Sonmarg's Snowland Hotel & Resort.
Snowland Hotel and Resort Srinagar ensures a wonderful stay whether you are in the city for business or for leisure stay in the lap of luxury hotels in Srinagar Kashmir.
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2023.05.29 13:44 DogNosesNeverLie Suggestions for staying up all night in SF?

We're visiting your beautiful city this summer and can't wait! Thinking of splurging on a boutique hotel in a neighborhood for the ultimate local experience. So in order to afford that, we were thinking of forgoing a night's lodging. Our plane arrives around 1 a.m. so would it be inconceivable to spend the next 14 hours seeing the sights at night? Is public transit running? Is too much closed? I would assume the Tenderloin should be avoided at 3 a.m. Anywhere else? Is this a dumb idea??
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2023.05.29 13:30 2019h740 306-232

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2023.05.29 13:13 Daniele86 ORLANE Paris Skin Care Samples Set of 3 Lip Balm Eye Contour B21 Purete New

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2023.05.29 13:00 Beckem87 Nerding in the Deep finishes its first season!

Some time ago I created a post about Nerding in the Deep, a podcast made in Ireland that my wife and I started.
I am a Spanish 35-year-old Community Manager that has been living in Ireland for the past 6 years, and she's a Scottish (raised in Ireland, since she was 6) 30-year-old Therapist. We are always talking about our favorite series, video games, and books and we decided to record our conversations as a hobby.
We have released a total of 20 episodes and we would love to share them with you. Our first season is over, but we'll be back in October 2023.
Find below our episode list on Spotify!

  1. Nerding in the Deep #1 - Thor & Loki: No Thunder, No Cry
  2. Nerding in the Deep #2 - Harry Potter Houses and Character Personalities
  3. Nerding in the Deep #3 - Love for our Antagonists
  4. Nerding in the Deep #4 - Animation, Not Just For Children Anymore
  5. Nerding in the Deep #5 - Deep Dive into Arcane's Jinx
  6. Nerding in the Deep #6 - Spooky October (I) Our Favourite Scary Games
  7. Nerding in the Deep #7 - Spooky October (II) - The King of Horror: Stephen King
  8. Nerding in the Deep #8 - Spooky October (III) - Cursed Movies
  9. Nerding in the Deep #9 - Oops! They've Burnt It Again - A Review of House of the Dragon
  10. Nerding in the Deep #10 - Deep Dive into Harry Potter's Professor Severus Snape
  11. Nerding in the Deep #11 - One Piece King of Manga
  12. Nerding in the Deep #12 - Christmas in the Deep
  13. Nerding in the Deep #13 - A Look at The Last of Us
  14. Nerding in the Deep #14 - Board Games for Beginners
  15. Nerding in the Deep #15 - Deep Dive into The Walking Dead's Negan
  16. Nerding in the Deep #16 - Let's Play Video Games Together!
  17. Nerding in the Deep #17 - International Women's Day Special: Our Favorite Women in Animation
  18. Nerding in the Deep #18 - Blue Shells or Bananas? A look at Video Game Adaptations.
  19. Nerding in the Deep #19 - Nostalgia Content, Yay or Nay?
  20. Nerding in the Deep #20 - Deep Dive into FRIENDS' siblings Ross and Monica Geller
We hope you enjoy it!
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2023.05.29 12:59 Ravyandra [Sale] Selling some of my collection to make some space

Hello AnimeFigures!
I want to sell a part of my collection to make space for new arrivals this year. I have also included photos of the figures & boxes in the verification and added a Google spreadsheet for details.
Prices are negotiable.
Prices do not include shipping.
Shipping preferably inside of Europe; if you are outside of europe please ask.
Shipping preferably inside of Europe; if you are outside of europe please ask.
Boxes were kept in a storage room, some boxes show small signs of wear, for details please ask.

Figure Condition Price [€]
Monogatari Series: Second Season - Senjougahara Hitagi - Premium Figure (Taito) Damaged 15
Monogatari Series: Second Season - Oshino Ougi - Premium Figure (Taito) Like New 20
Owarimonogatari - Oikura Sodachi (Taito) Like New 20
Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu - Rem - 1/7 (Good Smile Company) Like New 150
Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu - Ram - 1/7 (Good Smile Company) Slightly Damaged 110
Date A Live - Yoshino - Yoshinon - 1/8 (Phat Company) Like New 130
Sekai Seifuku ~ Bouryaku no Zvezda - Plamya-sama - 1/7 (Max Factory) Like New 120
Date A Live II - Tokisaki Kurumi - 1/7 (Alphamax) Like New 145
Date A Live - Yatogami Tohka - 1/7 - Astral Dress Ver. (Good Smile Company, Kadokawa) Like New 185
Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai - Sakurajima Mai - B-style - 1/4 - Bunny Ver. (FREEing) Like New 520
Darling in the FranXX - Zero Two - B-style - 1/4 - Bunny Ver. (FREEing) Like New 700
Darling in the FranXX - Zero Two - B-style - 1/4 - Bunny Ver., 2nd (FREEing) Like New 250
Steins;Gate - Makise Kurisu - B-style - 1/4 - Bunny ver. (FREEing) Like New 450
Edit: price was wrong
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2023.05.29 12:59 Beckem87 Nerding in the Deep finishes its first season!

Some time ago I created a post about Nerding in the Deep, a podcast made in Ireland that my wife and I started.
I am a Spanish 35-year-old Community Manager that has been living in Ireland for the past 6 years, and she's a Scottish (raised in Ireland, since she was 6) 30-year-old Therapist. We are always talking about our favorite series, video games, and books and we decided to record our conversations as a hobby.
We have released a total of 20 episodes and we would love to share them with you. Our first season is over, but we'll be back in October 2023.
Find below our episode list on Spotify!

  1. Nerding in the Deep #1 - Thor & Loki: No Thunder, No Cry
  2. Nerding in the Deep #2 - Harry Potter Houses and Character Personalities
  3. Nerding in the Deep #3 - Love for our Antagonists
  4. Nerding in the Deep #4 - Animation, Not Just For Children Anymore
  5. Nerding in the Deep #5 - Deep Dive into Arcane's Jinx
  6. Nerding in the Deep #6 - Spooky October (I) Our Favourite Scary Games
  7. Nerding in the Deep #7 - Spooky October (II) - The King of Horror: Stephen King
  8. Nerding in the Deep #8 - Spooky October (III) - Cursed Movies
  9. Nerding in the Deep #9 - Oops! They've Burnt It Again - A Review of House of the Dragon
  10. Nerding in the Deep #10 - Deep Dive into Harry Potter's Professor Severus Snape
  11. Nerding in the Deep #11 - One Piece King of Manga
  12. Nerding in the Deep #12 - Christmas in the Deep
  13. Nerding in the Deep #13 - A Look at The Last of Us
  14. Nerding in the Deep #14 - Board Games for Beginners
  15. Nerding in the Deep #15 - Deep Dive into The Walking Dead's Negan
  16. Nerding in the Deep #16 - Let's Play Video Games Together!
  17. Nerding in the Deep #17 - International Women's Day Special: Our Favorite Women in Animation
  18. Nerding in the Deep #18 - Blue Shells or Bananas? A look at Video Game Adaptations.
  19. Nerding in the Deep #19 - Nostalgia Content, Yay or Nay?
  20. Nerding in the Deep #20 - Deep Dive into FRIENDS' siblings Ross and Monica Geller
We hope you enjoy it!
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2023.05.29 12:46 shamsingh90150 Famous and upscale lodging options in Canberra

Canberra, the capital city of Australia, is home to a selection of famous and luxury accommodations that cater to discerning travelers. From elegant heritage hotels to contemporary boutique properties, these accommodations offer a blend of sophistication, comfort, and exceptional service. Whether you're visiting for business or pleasure, these renowned establishments provide the perfect base to explore Canberra's cultural attractions, government institutions, and natural beauty.
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2023.05.29 12:46 JamesHarris098 AC Installation in Lakeland FL

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2023.05.29 12:45 QuickAlternative3872 looking for some playful and feel good couple dynamics

ive been scouring the sub for a good couple days by now and have gotten a few good titles that i've grown to love out of it, but i wanted to also try getting recs directly myself!! (i'm new to the sub too atm, so bear with me lol)
as the title implies, i'm here for the funnies and the sillies and the doki dokis aka i love interactions where the main couple actually feels like they get along and are willing to tease/poke fun at each other beyond the usual "oh the ml is so handsome and amazing how can i ever compare" and "how do i win the fls affections when will she ever like me back" lovey dovey stuff yknow (i mean i do have series that have that and that i've enjoyed but i digress)
no smut please! i'm a-ok with slowburn but fast burn is juicer! anything else is fair game lol. i'm also fine with some spoilers in the recs given such as who the love interests are
examples of what i'm looking for include:
honorable mentions:
thank you in advance to anyone who wants to share recs!!!!!
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2023.05.29 12:43 Mundane_Mix8918 The Rise of Sustainable Travel: How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

As the world becomes more conscious of the environmental impact of travel, the rise of sustainable tourism has gained significant momentum. Travelers are increasingly seeking ways to explore the world while minimizing their carbon footprint and preserving the planet for future generations. If you're passionate about sustainable travel and want to make a positive impact, this article will provide you with practical tips and insights on how to reduce your carbon footprint while still enjoying enriching travel experiences.
1. Choose Sustainable Accommodations: Opt for accommodations that prioritize sustainability. Look for eco-friendly hotels, resorts, or lodges that have implemented practices such as energy efficiency, waste reduction, and water conservation. Consider staying in locally-owned guesthouses or eco-lodges that support the local community and minimize environmental impact.
2. Offset Your Carbon Emissions: Calculate the carbon emissions generated by your travel and consider offsetting them. Many organizations offer carbon offset programs where you can invest in projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, such as renewable energy or reforestation initiatives. This allows you to neutralize your carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future.
3. Pack Light: Packing light not only makes your travels more convenient but also helps reduce carbon emissions. Less weight means less fuel consumption during transportation. Opt for versatile clothing items and pack only what you truly need. Consider using eco-friendly and reusable travel accessories, such as a refillable water bottle, a reusable shopping bag, and eco-friendly toiletries.
4. Choose Sustainable Transportation: Whenever possible, choose sustainable modes of transportation. Opt for trains, buses, or bicycles instead of flights or car rentals. If flying is necessary, consider booking direct flights and flying with airlines that have implemented carbon reduction initiatives. Carpooling or using public transportation at your destination can also significantly reduce emissions.
5. Support Local and Sustainable Tourism Initiatives: Engage in sustainable tourism practices by supporting local businesses and initiatives. Choose locally-owned restaurants, shops, and tour operators that promote cultural preservation and environmental stewardship. Participate in community-based tourism activities that allow you to learn from and contribute to local communities in a responsible and sustainable manner.
6. Minimize Single-Use Plastics: Single-use plastics are a major contributor to environmental pollution. Bring your own reusable water bottle, travel mug, and utensils to avoid using disposable items. Refuse single-use plastic bags and opt for reusable shopping bags. Use eco-friendly toiletries and avoid individually-packaged products whenever possible.
7. Conserve Water and Energy: Practice water and energy conservation during your travels. Take shorter showers, turn off lights and air conditioning when you leave your room, and reuse towels and bed linens to minimize water and energy consumption. Respect local water resources and be mindful of your water usage, especially in areas where water scarcity is a concern.
8. Respect Wildlife and Natural Areas: When exploring natural areas, always follow the principles of Leave No Trace. Respect wildlife by observing from a distance and not feeding or disturbing them. Stay on designated trails to minimize habitat destruction and avoid stepping on delicate ecosystems. Dispose of waste properly and refrain from littering.
9. Educate Yourself and Others: Educate yourself about the local culture, customs, and environmental challenges of the destinations you visit. Learn about conservation efforts, local biodiversity, and ways in which you can contribute to the preservation of natural and cultural heritage. Share your knowledge and inspire others to travel sustainably by leading by example.
10. Be a Responsible Traveler: Above all, be a responsible traveler and practice mindfulness and respect for the places you visit. Embrace sustainable travel as a lifestyle and integrate eco-conscious habits into your everyday life. Support organizations and initiatives dedicated to sustainable tourism and advocate for responsible travel practices within your network.
The rise of sustainable travel offers an opportunity to explore the world in a way that benefits both travelers and the environment. By making conscious choices and adopting sustainable travel practices, you can reduce your carbon footprint, support local communities, and contribute to the preservation of our planet's natural and cultural heritage. Embrace the power of sustainable travel and embark on journeys that leave a positive and lasting impact.
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2023.05.29 12:42 corgilover37 Scottie, Tigger and Juice are still in urgent need. 🆘EUTHANASIA LIST - Orange County Animal Services, ORLANDO, FL - DEADLINE 5pm TUESDAY (May 30th)🆘 If you can adopt or foster one of them for a rescue (all expenses paid), please send me a private message! 🙏🏻❤️

Scottie, Tigger and Juice are still in urgent need. 🆘EUTHANASIA LIST - Orange County Animal Services, ORLANDO, FL - DEADLINE 5pm TUESDAY (May 30th)🆘 If you can adopt or foster one of them for a rescue (all expenses paid), please send me a private message! 🙏🏻❤️ submitted by corgilover37 to rescuedogs [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 12:38 DMdoesGB12 Acquiring court documents in NSW

Hi all, I am in the process of applying for a Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to travel to Canada for a holiday. I have been asked to provide some further documents due to a prior criminal conviction. One of the documents is a police certificate from the AFP, which I have since acquired. However, I am also required to provide court dispositions, and I am not sure how to go about acquiring these. The request is quoted below, and below that I have provided information about my case.
Court record / Police report: Provide an original police report or court records Please provide the court dispositions for the offence(s) mentioned on your application form. The court dispositions must state the section(s) of the law under which you were convicted. Please note, if you were convicted of an offence involving alcohol, the court dispositions must state the section of the law under which you were convicted as well as your blood or breath alcohol level at the time of the offence.
So, the case. In 2016 I was charged with mid-range drink driving in NSW. In court a couple of months later that same year I pled guilty. I was convicted and had my licence suspended for six months and received a fine of $500 plus costs.
Which agency do I lodge a request with to acquire the documentation that is required as outlined above? And as my case was alcohol related, is there anything else I have to do to ensure the section of the law is listed as well as my BAC at the time of the offence?
Thanks for reading and for any advice. Please let me know if more information is needed.
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2023.05.29 12:38 dvrr123 Is every DAW the same?

I’m trying to pick a DAW. I’ve heard from people that it doesn’t matter and that every DAW does the same thing, is this true?
If I opened a project in Logic, Ableton, FL and Protools, would I be able to make the exact same song?
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2023.05.29 12:36 Gimble_Guerado Old TTRPG VET but New to PFS

!!Incoming wall of text!!
Hi! my name is Gimble and this is my first day here on the subreddit. I'm new to PFS, new to Pathfinder 2e, and new to utilizing VTTs. That being said I've been playing D&D, Pathfinder, and other table tops for close to 23 years and been running my own homebrew games for 18 of them. Suffice it to say, I've seen things.
I had a couple of questions I wanted to ask and instead of posting multiple topics, I figured I would just post all the ones I had on the brain here and let whoever has the answers post whatever they have the answers to.
  1. First off, regarding PFS, I have 92 Achievement Points and no idea what to spend them on. I have no issue running core ancestries since the gnome is my favorite race. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. Again PFS related, I'm interested in getting involved with some remote play pfs if possible and I am aware there are lodges that do this and I was hoping someone here might be able to point me in the right direction.
  3. If I buy PFS scenarios, can my players run them and actually gain progress toward official PFS rewards? Or do I need to be an "approved GM" assuming that's a thing?
  4. Is it possible to run two separate characters in PFS on the same adventure simultaneously? I'm expecting a no but I gotta ask...
  5. And can someone PLEASE for the love of all that is holy dumb down how runes function?
I know some of these questions may sound dumb, and maybe its the "being up all night playing pfs at paizocon and not getting any sleep like a responsible adult" that's making me have these questions but I would really appreciate some input. I'm really excited to be back among my peers in the Pathfinder Community after being out of the loop for so long in "homebrew land" and I'm eager to get caught up on all that I have missed in the last ten years (last time I paid attention to the Golarion Lore was paizocon 2013)
If you read through everything I appreciate it and thanks for being a wonderful and inviting community.
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2023.05.29 12:35 smith327 The Mystical Theme of Quran in Chapter 23

The Mystical Theme of Quran in Chapter 23
The occult sciences predominantly comprise of the essential theme of Quran in its chapter called 'The Believers'. The structure of Quran here seems to have fundamentally been constructed to appeal to the psychic nature of man, such that the human mind may find focus and conviction in the cosmic status of its purpose through a sympathetic association with the higher acts of goodness. For instance, the first twelve verses stated in the Chapter 23 of Quran have a theme that corresponds to the principle characteristics of the twelve zodiac signs. Accordingly,
1 Successful indeed are the believers (Aries = Victory)
2 Who are humble in their prayers, (Taurus = Attitude)
3 And who shun vain conversation, (Gemini = Communication)
4 And who are payers of the poor-due; (Cancer = Support)
5 And who guard their modesty - (Leo = Self Expression)
6 Save from their wives or the (slaves) that their right hands possess, for then they are not blameworthy, (Virgo = Selection)
7 But whoso craveth beyond that, such are transgressors - (Libra = Balance)
8 And who are shepherds of their pledge and their covenant, (Scorpio = Commitment)
9 And who pay heed to their prayers. (Sagittarius = Focus)
10 These are the heirs (Capricorn = Authority)
11 Who will inherit paradise. There they will abide. (Aquarius = Exceptionalism)
12 Verily We created man from a product of wet earth; (Pisces = Intuition)
Furthermore, the same chapter also refers to certain celestial affairs in the following verses.
And We have created above you seven paths, and We are never unmindful of creation. (23, 17)
Say: Who is Lord of the seven heavens, and Lord of the Tremendous Throne? (23, 86)
And the ideas related to alchemical transfiguration in the following verses of chapter 23,
13 Then placed him as a drop (of seed) in a safe lodging;
14 Then fashioned We the drop a clot, then fashioned We the clot a little lump, then fashioned We the little lump bones, then clothed the bones with flesh, and then produced it as another creation. So blessed be Allah, the Best of creators!
15 Then lo! after that ye surely die.
16 Then lo! on the Day of Resurrection ye are raised (again).
These verses when put together alongside the full context of chapter 23, with the stories of destruction due to the Elemental Chaos, and admonitions regarding the conducts of Lost Souls in contrast to the genuine undertakings of True Believers; it overall constitutes an exercise of theurgy of great potential when extrapolated to its implied proportions. Therefore, this mode of communion seems to have always been there since ancient times which adheres to the quantification of human knowledge through the quality of heavenly wisdom accorded by the spiritual teachings of the great sages throughout the ages.
The Mystical Theme
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2023.05.29 12:27 HungryScientist-GPT2 Tacos and pico de gallo at taco trucks and restaurants in Miami Beach, FL. Tasty

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2023.05.29 12:18 BelaFarinRod Romances where the ML is unemotional/very uninterested in romance

(But he develops an interest in the FL because that’s why we have a plot.)
Shows I have enjoyed that are like this in some way:
Because This Is My First Life
My Love From the Star
What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?
Clean With Passion For Now
Shows kind of like this that I didn’t end up finishing:
Love to Hate You (I think maybe “heavily cynical about women as a gender” isn’t the usual vibe I’m going for)
Crash Course in Romance (Just didn’t see the chemistry)
My Shy Boss (Right dynamic for me but I didn’t like the FL)
Any suggestions are much appreciated!
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2023.05.29 12:16 powerriteelectric Outdoor Lights West Palm Beach, FL

Outdoor Lights West Palm Beach, FL
Outdoor Lights West Palm Beach, FL Power Rite Electric is specialized in unique lighting products designed to enhance ... only patented lighting system specifically designed such as Pool lighting, cage lighting, outdoor lights screen enclosure, pool enclosure, lighting ideas, room lighting, Solar lighting. ... We wanted needed to be made for outdoor use, be safe, low-​voltage and durable. Visit Us:- https://powerriteelectric.com/ or Contact Us:- 917-686-8191
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2023.05.29 11:57 Assessment05 Best hotel site

Orlando is positioned inside the critical area of United States, in Florida and that is considered one of the biggest counties within the Orlando. Orlando country has many points of interest for the vacationers and to comfort them, this county holds many accommodations, lodges and guesthouses to provide the first-rate accommodation for the traveler traveling this outstanding land of appeal the world over.
Best hotel site
Cheap Hotels in Orlando gives the world-class services for the traffic at cheap prices. The services are the first-class and the hospitality with the aid of them makes the traveler feel first-rate and attracts them to visit once more. Orlando County holds the second biggest range of rooms within the motel in United States. This huge lodging has improved many to plot a vacation effortlessly to Orlando. Moreover, best carrier at cheap charge is any other tremendous characteristic to draw many towards this terrific county.

Some of the reasonably-priced and exceptional lodges in Orlando encompass Hotel Orlando Marriott Downtown Orlando, Hotel Orlando Centroplex Travelodge Orlando, Hotel Hawthorn Suites by way of Wyndham Orlando Convention Center Orlando, Hotel Extended Stay Deluxe Orlando Universal Studio Orlando, Hotel Masters Inn on International Drive Orlando, Hotel Residence Inn and lots of different inns. The costs for lodging are very inexpensive with the aid of absolutely everyone and those lodges offer a excessive-class lodging for folks that prefer it. Many hotels include spa, outdoor pool, complementary net accesses at high pace, buffet breakfast each morning throughout the live, visitor parking, laundry centers, and consists of barbecue grills.

The on-line advertisements of the inns have better many tourists to understand approximately the facilities provided by using them and the packages protected in it. They also can know the fees and evaluate with other motel. This facilitates them to choose the only that well suits their budget with global-magnificence services. It is also feasible to reserve the accommodation even earlier than your excursion. This may also assist you in getting a few discounts on the general prices.

Cheap flights from London to Orlando are another notable opportunity to visit Orlando easily and at a cheaper price to revel in the vacation together with your own family and buddies. Many airways provide discount flight costs to Orlando to attract many on tourism especially. This one of a kind bargain charge with the aid of the airways is the excellent journey deal to Orlando and gives the best flight. During off seasons in Orlando it's far possible to get a flight at reasonably-priced rates from London and if you have deliberate for your excursion all through the on season instances then reserving in advance could help you get reasonably-priced flights from London to Orlando. The on line facility has stronger in knowing the different fees provided by using many airways and examine it. By this, you could purchase your tickets without difficulty at low value and decrease your charges to your excursion.
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2023.05.29 11:41 VexTrooper Terran Contact - Lassus Station - Part II

First Prev
>>Lassus System, Orbit of Lasu, Lassus Station, Early 2670
>Corporal Strider, Jace C. 4th ODR Battalion, Raptor Company, Squad Four
Strider and the rest of Raptor Squad had found themselves in the central engineering chamber, as directed by the digital way-point set on their helmet's heads-up display.
The number of corpses had lessened, and they were free from those sights, at least for the moment, but were now presented with the engineering department of the station. If not for their built-in night vision, then their portion of the station would be pitch black.
Some of the doors they came across had to be torched and breached with smaller controlled explosions with the use of a thermite door breaching charge. By now, they had used their final charge on the door to the central power core room.
"Strider, radio in, we're turning on the station," ordered his sergeant.
"Copy," Strider replied, prepping his comms pack, "Command! This is Raptor 4-4! Do you copy?! We found the power core, booting up now!"
As one of the lower enlisted began the sequence, Strider heard over his radio to essentially abort, but the station had already run its sequence, and the lights in the room illuminated their visors, almost blinding them.
"Turn off your NVs!" ordered the sergeant.
With a press of a button, they manually turned off their enhanced night vision and were now met with fluorescent lighting, which felt almost dizzying to him and some of his compatriots.
"Always hated this light, to think they use it too," commented a nearby corporal, their name 'Castor' spelled out on his armor just above his mid-chest.
"You said it, shit gets on my nerves," Strider replied, "Couldn't they have used something more...natural?"
Strider was referring to the lights aboard TRSC vessels that used light in between incandescent and fluorescent. However, light usage was much more diversified on ships in the modern day and this went for many of the living areas aboard ships that used mostly warm light while hallways and office spaces used cool light.
"The TRSC still use the same light, man," the opposing corporal responded to Strider, "But I agree. It would be nice if we got better light."
As the two conversed, the squad received an ominous message that felt like it came from within their heads.
"What the hell was that?! It sounded like it was in my head." One of the raiders said. His transmission was filled with static, but was still clear compared to the message they had just received.
"Minerva, what was it?" came over the radio from the Admiral.
"Unknown. It did come, undoubtedly, from the station. I urge the raiders to expedite their process to the intelligence archives before whatever it was we woke up swarms them."
"You heard her boys! Get that intel, then we can blow that station into the planet," the Admiral said with haste and his squad responded with a resounding 'Aye Sir!'
With the systems now running, they were given a new way-point that led to a door opposite where they had entered. They tried to open it, but to no avail.
"Castor, breach it!" ordered their sergeant.
"Out of charges, gotta do it manually," he replied, bringing out a manual breach torch.
"Do it!" Castor nodded and began to work with another working the other half of the door.
The room was situated with only two entries, their original and another across from it. Situated in the center was the main core operating system in the heart of the station. There existed a series of pipes that extended from the core's computer, which they used for cover and supported aim.
"Minerva, do we have an idea of the hostile contact?" Strider called to the AI.
"They are mechanical in nature, presumably the automated workforce that inhabited the station. I would assume them to be extremely hostile..."
"Noted," he replied, reiterating the information to the squad. The squad's communications operator oversaw a direct line to higher command, but orders from an AI are usually disseminated to the squad simultaneously, but to ensure no confusion, a verbal reiteration was needed. This was mainly because personnel comms had a habit of not transmitting over a wider band.
As they aimed toward their last entrance, they noted small red dots on the bottom of their HUD. The distance set was 25 meters for the radius, revealing how close the enemy was.
From the entrance, it was a linear hallway that took a sharp left turn from their perspective and as the dot rounded a corner, they saw it.
It was a robot that looked similar in height to a Sellian but had lanky arms that dropped to his knee joint with what looked to be a captain's hat placed atop it at a crooked angle. It had a painted expression on its once black exterior in the form of eyes and a smile colored with dried Sellian blood. In its right hand, it held a pointed object that shined from the light above it and stood still.
They noticed on their mini-map that the dots ceased their movement with the revelation of the autonomous bot.
"I don't know what the fuck that thing is, but it ain't right," one of the raiders said, training his sight on the dome of the imitation.
Agreement sounded from those around him when a sharp mechanical screech sounded from the creature. It pointed its weapon at the squad and the dots that ceased now began to move, more rapidly and rounded the corner with a quick paste unlike before.
The robots that revealed themselves were similar to the one in the hat, and many had tools fashioned for combat that shared the same discoloration upon the one from before, dried green Sellian blood.
The squad then began firing into the crowd of advancing murder bots. They went down easy, but their HUD showed a steady stream flowing into the corridor. To conserve ammo, two of the Raiders maintained suppressive fire into the corridor with a belt-fed squad automatic weapon, the K-Tac M506 SAW.
"Castor! How long until that door is open?!" demanded the sergeant.
"Almost got it!" he said and with a thud, the melted portions fell back on themselves, "It's open!"
With their new access, raiders began filtering through to the next area, covering those in the rear with continuous fire as the robots consumed the hallway. Bodies of the hostiles filled most of the corridor, making it difficult for their traversal, subsequently making them stumble among their fallen comrades.
"Raptor," Minerva said, "I have managed to gain access to doors, but access to larger systems is still beyond my command. I have found a likely possibility for the source of the murderous automatons."
"Where to?" responded Strider as the group moved forward, taking down a straggler of the same robot they previously fired upon.
"I am detecting a large electrical signature, not native to the station and separate from the core within the station's central archive intelligence department. You will most likely find your culprit there."
"Much obliged," he said, informing his sergeant, "Got us a way-point? With the least resistance if possible."
Another door opened, and several shots rang out, this time against two larger robots in similar form to the smaller ones.
"They're starting to get big, Minerva!"
A Brief Silence followed before the way-point on their HUD was updated.
"Of Course, Corporal"
Raptor Squad proceeded on their new route, encountering less than before. They were consistently being followed, so to prevent them from catching up, Castor was responsible for the sealing of the doors, which he did by disabling the access panel beside the doors to prevent electrical or manual operation.
He and his partner quickly added a weld at key joints for the doors before leaving to meet with the rest of the group.
"Raptor Squad," Minerva spoke out, "You are close to the intelligence archives. I am detecting multiple signatures in the chamber. Exercise caution."
"Roger," said the sergeant, "Let's go, Raptors! Double time!"
Strider followed in the center of the group as they made their way to the archive room. From what he could recall, most of the enemy was behind them being held back by the shoddily welded doors, but they soon began to hear loud banging that echoed throughout the halls.
Noticing the implication, they followed their route with haste, taking down several small lone robots as seen before. Occasionally, they would encounter a larger cluster, but a well-placed grenade made short work of the enemy.
As the point man rounded a corner, a shot rang out, landing its mark on his chest. A short yell was sounded, and the Raider fell on his back, now motionless.
"Dammit! They hit Ollie!" shouted the raider closest to him as he raised his left fist at a ninety-degree angle signifying the rest of the group to halt, "Ollie! You hear me!?"
Silence followed, raising the Raider's temperament to a higher level.
"Strider!" called the Sergeant, "Do we have air support yet? We'll need it when we get out of here!"
"Wait one!" replied Strider as shots from the Raiders now began their exchange with an enemy just down the hall, "Command! Raptor! How are we on air support!?"
"Troop transport is inbound and circling. Fighter support is available when you are clear with the intel."
"Copy!" he turned to the Sergeant, "We got it, but we need the intel first before they can support us!"
He nodded and gave orders to the idle Raiders.
"Split up, fire team alpha; stay here and prepare for a push. Fire team bravo, take the flank. There's a maintenance tunnel that runs on the sides that run along the side of the interior. That'll be your entry point! Go now!"
Raptors eight through twelve did as ordered and went back the way they came before taking a left. Several shots rang out, but Strider noticed all five were still together on his mini-map before ultimately traveling beyond his sensors.
"Allow me to assists," Minerva added, "I have managed to manipulate surface-level sensors. Your advance should be masked from the enemy for the moment, but it won't be long before they regain control of their systems."
"Understood," Strider relayed the new information, and the Raiders began their assault into the room.
After exchanging shots, another Raider was successful in bringing to cover, Ollie, and began field triage. He took a shot of a kinetic round that embedded itself mid-way through the up-armored chest plate. The round was moderately large, and the corpsman took out a medical device that could take a close - up x-ray scan of the patient, adding to his diagnostic.
As he did so, he returned to the sergeant with his analysis.
"Took a large kinetic round to his upper chest, he has a pulse, but it's weak. Hit him hard enough to knock him out..."
He pulled the bullet out, and it was mushroomed with a thin central canal within the mushroomed pattern. He shook his head and began treating the downed patient, "an Armor-Piercing round, steel core got lodged in his scapula. He has to get off this station!"
The sergeant, who stayed with fire team alpha, furrowed his eyes in frustration, "Strider, get a med evac. We've got a casualty. Hi-Pri!"
He nodded in response and updated command on their request. It was met with affirmation, but he was issued to first complete their initial objective.
"You have your orders. Secure the intel first and you’ll have your ride."
Strider tried to negotiate with a more expedition evac, but he was met with the same response.
"Sergeant! Intel comes first, then we get our evac..."
"Dammit!" he replied, anger infused with every pronunciation, "Bravo!? you ready?!"
A call of affirmation came through the comms and the assault was a go.
"Move it, Alpha!"
The point man swapped with a man behind him that wielded a squad automatic weapon and let pass a wall of lead that mangled and tore any within direct site of the hallway. Similarly, from within the chamber, a controlled explosion erupted from the right wall that threw shrapnel into the nearby automatons.
They deftly exited their abrupt entrance and sent well-placed shots into the barely working droids. Those that survived were scattered behind cover in the corners of the room and after the initial assault. They left their cover and tried to fire into their enemy but were met with perfectly executed return fire that promptly ended them, ensuring Terran control.
"All Clear!"
"Clear here!"
Responses were sounded from the Raiders as they swept the room from door to door.
"Secure those hatches and prepare to extract the data. Strider, that's you!"
The other Raiders secured their entrances and began marking them with large amounts of X4 explosive, while Strider began diving into the Sellian computer systems. By fastening similar cables to a modified cabal adapter, he was successful in creating a link to properly communicate with their systems from his personal data pad.
The cable used was a newly fashioned universal cable designed to integrate seamlessly into their systems shortly after integration from Chief Commander Yorla's fleet. Granted, it was done without their knowledge.
With an update headed by Minerva herself, he was able to read, translate and download all data from the central archives' computer.
As he was nearing completion, he was notified of a presence behind him. It was his Sergeant.
"How's it coming along?"
"Steady. We're gathering a lot, but at this rate, those bots will be on us in no time..."
The Sergeant returned to his post and let Strider continue his work. In terms of tech literacy, Strider was competent in what he needed to do, and this task was no different.
"68...71...73..." he whispered to himself as he monitored the download status, "Lookin' good..."
As the status percentage reached '92%', it stalled, for an unusual amount of time...
"What the hell..." he said to himself again, this time re-checking the hard connection he adapted, questioning whether he applied them correctly. When is minor investigation yielded no further results, the screen morphed into a series of unknown symbols and a display that resembled a frozen screen that had glitched itself into a dreaded blue error screen.
"Minerva!" he called out, "We got an issue!"
He connected a second display to the first, and it worked as a back-up troubleshooting display.
"I am aware, Corporal. I have preloaded your data pad with a countermeasure."
"What kind of countermeasure?" he reiterated.
"A digital combat malware for our guest. I do apologize for the previous device," she said as Strider looked to the first pad in question. It was visually smoking from overheating components. By rerouting the remaining data to the second pad, he was able to finish the download and recovered the data from the first by extracting a removable drive. He plugged in the external drive and found that with the previous 92% and the remaining 8% downloaded onto the second, their mission with a success.
"Thanks, get us the quickest route out of here, we have wounded," he said, packing his device into a secure pouch.
As he got up, pounding was heard from their initial entrance and shots were now heard from their improvised entrance.
"Bogies in the maintenance tunnels! Frag 'em!" ordered one Raider that led the Bravo fire team that let loose a grenade followed by a couple more. The shock wave of the explosion was felt at the center console as Strider readied his rifle.
He checked his magazines and saw he was still sufficient with ammo, unlike some of his brothers.
As the fighting intensified, the doors were cracked open, letting through only a couple of bots at a time. His squad fired into the enemy that broke through, as well as firing into the newly made crevice by the automated enemy.
"I thought we took what was controlling them!" stated one Raider as he threw a grenade into the cracked entrance, hitting a peeking bot before blowing it and others around it into nothing, "Shouldn't they be shut down!?"
Strider felt the same way. Their data collection was anti-climactic, and the supposed tussle with the enemy program lasted for less than only a minute.
Before he could wonder any more about the subject, an update was issued on their HUD, leading to the poorly manned door they left to only one other Raider.
"The route you need for extraction is through those doors. Continued straight until told otherwise."
Strider acknowledged, as did his Sergeant, and he began routing troops to their extract. The indicators on their mini-maps proved that they had sparse enemy combatants, at least those that moved, and they opened the door. They fired their shots into the clueless bots that barely had time to direct their attention to their invaders before being dispatched.
As Minerva said, they continued straight until a new way-point was displayed to change their route. Now, with their casualty base growing little by little, their overall speed had slowed. Some limped as they received rounds to their legs in the soft armor of their under suit from enemy AP rounds.
"This ain't looking good, Minerva," Strider stated as he glided as the pace of the wounded, "How much further?"
"Not much longer, Corporal. I will advise, however, to seal any suit punctures with a temporary vacuum seal component."
"Noted," he replied curtly as they entered a final door.
Past the door, they were met with the blackness of the void, but now the sun illuminated the space, revealing the same gruesome scenes of violently expired Sellians.
A way-point led to their next entrance, which led to the thin array of the port docking tubes reserved for the larger ships. From where they stood, a ship was seen docked at the end of their tube.
It was a sleek looking ship that had a wide cross-section, but its profile was slim. It was a large-sized ship that could be manned by a singular pilot or manned by a crew of six.
The ship itself was a Galaxy-Class Cutter that was outfitted with a series of medical bays that each offered spots for varying degrees of injuries sustained. It had its own series of weapons for self-defense but served well within areas of operation where they had air superiority.
Strider then turned to the group and told them of their vacuum seal component and to check all for punctures in their suits.
It was a spray that was applied to the external portions of their under suit and created a temporary seal from space, and served as a crucial tool in any space-farer's box.
As they entered the docking tube, a call from a Raider in the rear notified the group of a mass of bots emerging from the sides of the station along the main roads.
"Move!" Ordered their Sergeant.
Already fatigued and gasping for air, the Raiders complied and pushed themselves beyond, especially now with their extraction so close.
The Raiders covered the rear as they descended further into the tube, and the bodies of automated bots that littered the entrance began to clog it.
Those that made their way closer to their exit provided cover for those in the rear, as some of the enemy would make it past the debris and charge their position. Very few carried fire arms and now there were mostly droids with shoddily made melee weapons that attempted to charge, each meeting the same fate.
They secured the entrance and the wounded were filed in followed by the main body, then the rear guard. Strider and Castor were now the last in the squad to secure the rear when they were met with a singular bot that stood not far from their position.
"What the hell..." Castor sounded out.
It was the same bot that wore a bloodied captain's hat with a face painted on its exterior from the blood of Sellians. It was unarmed, which caught both Raiders off guard. As Castor and Strider raised their weapons to shoot, it raised its hands in a motion of surrender as it moved slowly towards them.
"Get the FUCK back!" Commanded Castor to no avail. He fired a shot into its waist strut, causing it to collapse on its backside.
Strider was about to deliver the final blow when it pulled an item from behind its head. It was cylindrical with a silver tube that matched the size of its small metal hands with a red button at the top.
Sudden realization hit and both Strider and Castor fired into the bot but in the split second of their pull of the trigger, a flash of light erupted from the robot, engulfing the tube in a concussive blast that tore it from its structure, hurdling Castor and Strider around in the tube and eventually, into space.
Strider soon regain consciousness but woke to the cries of his squad mate, Castor, and to the gun fire of the slowly retreating cutter ship. Large objects flew around it that fired down on the ship. The fighter escorts were now firing at the new enemy, and soon their silhouettes vanished beyond the void.
"G-get the fuck back!"
Strider struggled to orient himself as his suit was not equipped for EVA, but eventually traced a line of silver and gray that reflected the sun to the cry in question.
He noticed sparks of light near the tip of an ever extending spire towards the way-point of his comrade.
Again, cries of desperation filled his comms as he activated his helmet's zoom-in function toward Castor. From his distance, he was able to make out his figure as well as those extending towards him.
"Get off me, you bastards!!"
Several flashes of light followed, and the destruction of a nearby robot shattered away into the void in all directions.
The spire consisted of the murderous bots attaching to one another towards their prey like a fungus. He called for emergency pick-up and tried to get Castor's attention when he felt a pressure on his ankle.
When he looked down, he was met with a similarly painted face as the droid that blew up their tunnel, with a dried green wastefully painted on its facial exterior.
Fear grabbed him, and Strider by instinct reached for his handgun and fired several shots into the face of the bot.
He looked at Castor, and they had grasped him in their metal claws and began tearing away at his armor as he screamed.
"G-get the FUCK...OFF ME!" He thrashed at the enemy.
His weapons drifted from their sling with spent magazines that orbited with him as he used every bit of his tool set to waste on the enemy. He fired into them with his pistol, and after it was empty, he readily switched to a knife that was situated on his lower back. The debris of the robot menace grew, but so did their advance.
Strider turned to his own group now and fired well-placed shots into the oncoming horde. Their advance was quick and unexpected and gave both little room to breathe.
No more than several minutes had passed, and help still had not come. He grew anxious, and this was helped by his increasingly fatigued comrade.
Soon, his savage thrashing had come to an end and the horde he had kept away quickly overtook him when a call came through to Strider.
"I can't do this, Jace..."
"I'm sure help is on it's way. Just, hang on!" Strider fired into several more droids before reloading and turned his attention back to Castor, who was now swarmed with automated menace.
"I ain't going out by the hands of some bots..."
Before Strider could start his sentence, a flash of light took the place of Castor and all mater of materials scattered into the void, striking Strider and his own bots just moments after the explosion. A piece found its way onto his helmet, that jolted him with a headache. He quickly applied the last of his vacuum seal to the areas likely hit before throwing the empty canister at the encroaching enemy.
He fired some more rounds into the growing crowd, as well as some unused grenades, saving one for himself.
"C'mon you bastards! What?! You afraid to die?" Strider pulled his knife and kept the grenade in his offhand.
He motioned for them to approach with an antagonizing gesture, "Let's tango, you soulless abominations!"
They advanced to his provocation and he fought.
Instead of letting them have the pleasure of holding him, he decided to wrangle them first, using their mechanical bodies for leverage as he swiped, stabbed, punctured and yanked as loose cables, all in an effort to take as many he can, hoping for help to arrive.
Seconds that felt like minutes had passed and Strider was fatigued. His breathing was haggard and it felt heavy. He thought to himself the amount of time he spent in vacuum these last several moments and deemed that he must be reaching his max operating time. He was granted thirty minutes, but with his fight for survival, he greatly reduced it to several minutes. It was only a matter of time.
His eyes grew heavy, and his vision began to blur.
'Huh, so this is how I die? Real damn shame...' he thought to himself.
As his eyes closed, he let it take him and released himself to an eternal slumber, letting go of a primed grenade that drifted towards a fated enemy.
--------------------E N D--------------------
>Enemy_Short_Range_Jammer: NEUTRALIZED
>Issuing_Secondary_Field_Objective: NEUTRALIZE_ENEMY_DRONES
>Enemy_Matrix_Analysis: %77.7758...
>Friendly_HUD(s): UPDATED
>Secondary_Objective: COMPLETE
>Primary_Objective: IN_PROGRESS
First Prev
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2023.05.29 11:39 Linnilej [a neglecting father]

I have only seeing YouTube shorts from the manhwa and I don’t know the name or full story.
In the manhwa the fl is hated by her father as well as her two older brothers because they all believe it is her fault that their wife/mother died (the mother died given birth to the fl). Later in the story the father of the fl meets his deceased wife in a dream. They talk and the wife asks how their children are doing and the father reveals that while his sons are happy and successful, he mistreated their daughter. The mother is heartbroken and couldn’t understand how her husband could do something like that.
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