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2023.05.30 06:17 ic33hot [US-GA] [H] Mc65 Black, Noxary 378 Gray, RS60 Red WKL, GMK (Fuji Katakana, Lavender Spacebars), CRP Kits, KC 1/65 PCB + PE + Half FR4 Plate, Thermal PCB + Rose Plate, Hiney H88C, Plates (Cloudline PC, Vega POM), Alchemy Artisan Box, Magenta Keyby, Dualshot Rudory, Arch Alu Artisan [W] PayPal, Trades

All prices include US shipping and PayPal fees. Feel free to send me any reasonable offers, bundles will be heavily discounted and prioritized. Local pickup is also available in the metro ATL area.
Please comment before PMing if interested and no chats please. All items will most likely go out the next business day after purchase. Thank you for looking.
Item Description Price (Shipped)
Mc65 Black Like new condition. Currently built but will come unbuilt with stock desoldered PCB and alu plate. Includes carrying case and brass + frosted PC badge for RGB goodness. Very nice feeling top mount with a low front height and a unique aesthetic with the badge + weight. I'll be happy to provide a sound test in PMs if interested. Price is dropped from my last post. Open to trading for Bias, 910 ME, or other similar-valued boards or possible with PP on my side depending on the trade. $599/Trade for similar-valued boards
Noxary 378 Meteorite Gray Flawless, A-stock. Includes 2 PCB's (1 brand new, 1 desoldered) and 2 plates (5mm PC + red alu). Gaskets are installed on the case. The gray ano is gorgeous in person and almost Apple space grey like. Selling for way below retail when factoring in the extras. Open to trades for boards like a Matrix Corsa or Bias, or even just a color swap to red. $535/Color swap to red or trade for other boards
RS60 Red WKL w/ Hotswap H60 + Extras Comes with a hotswap H60 (multi-layout support), brand new solder H60, and 2 plates (alu + PC). Nearly perfect condition except for two very minor marks near the USB port. Selling at well below retail especially factoring in the cost of the extras. Price is dropped from my last post. $385
GMK Fuji Katakana Base + Spacebars Like new, mounted a few times but it has less than an hour's worth of use. Spacebars are practically brand new. Open to trades for other GMK sets like Iceberg, Zooted, Beta, Analog Dreams, or others. $155/Trade for other GMK sets
GMK Lavender Spacebars Brand new and unused. Selling less than Space Cables extras. $35
HammerWorks CRP R4 Kits All brand new. Prices per kit are listed but the bundle is discounted and preferred. Modern Mac Icons (Beige) - $35, Blue Windows (Cross) - $11, R5 - $21 Individual kits in desc/$49 bundled
Keycult No. 1/65 PCB + UHMWPE/Half FR4 Plates All brand new. The PCB is originally a Wilba solder PCB for the Rama Jules but will work fine on the 1/65. Also open to splitting the plates together as a bundle but not the PCB. Price is dropped from my last post. $95 bundled/$57 for plates
Thermal60 SEQ2 Hotswap PCB + Rose Plate (brand new) Both brand new and unused. Selling less than Rama even before shipping. $95
Hiney H88C Brand new and unused. North-facing, non-thin 1.6mm PCB's. Selling at below NK pricing. Price is dropped from my last post. $45
Cloudline Full PC Plate Brand new and unused. Selling at less than CK extras after shipping/taxes. Price is dropped from my last post. $49
Vega POM Plate Mounted with switches once or twice but like new. Universal layout. Price is dropped from my last post. $25
Alchemy Artisan Box (Hard Black/Brass) Used on my monitor riser for a few months. It has some marks from removing and mounting artisans due to the hard anodizing (same as KC tray) but nothing too noticable once filled. I've tried to clean off some of them with alcohol and they seem to come out with some effort. The brass badge has a little patina and the bottom brass piece has some marks from moving around. Selling at my original cost. $155
CYSM Viva Magenta Keyby Selling at less than retail. Brand new and never mounted. I'm also open to trading for other Keybys. Price is dropped from my last post. $95/Trade for other Keybys
GMK Dualshot Namong Cosmo Rudory Like new, mounted once. It's a near-perfect match with Dualshot but I prefer Cherry profile artisans. Price is dropped from my last post, now at retail. $115
Asero GMK Arch White Alu Artisan Like new, mounted once. Selling below retail. Price is dropped from my last post. $59
GMK Aegyptus Rama Tray Brand new and unused. Selling at my GB price after shipping. Price is dropped from my last post. $55
Also looking to buy the below:
TGR 910 ME Solder PCB
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2023.05.30 05:46 mr_whatever24 Making wallpapers

Can anyone recommend any mac apps that can you can use to make your own wallpapers?
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2023.05.30 04:56 Embarrassed_Director Help

I'm trying to use an aux cord to input sound to my m1 13in MacBook pro and it won't show up, I've done it several times before but now it's not working/showing up. I've tried updating my Mac, using several different cords (including the one i used before) and restarting it but no luck.
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2023.05.30 04:41 Longjumping-Berry282 A new YouTuber needs your help. Suggestions are welcome.

I want to make a channel with a mix of my native language and English, but I don't have confidence when I speak on the mic. I make fillers, which ruin everything for now. The only thing coming to mind is to talk to Starngers on Omgele. I get a ski mask to hide my face and a cool mic, but my background is sh*t. I need recommendations to make it better so strangers won't skip me. Maybe for a while I will make omegle content for months until I get better
Inshort: How to make my background aesthetic I'm open to adding wallpaper and RGB lights, but what are the good options available? I live in a rented apartment, so please suggest something that doesn't require making a hole in the wall.
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2023.05.29 23:06 armand0e What’s a good boot loader for my entire multi-OS system.

So I currently have Big Sur installed on a drive that’s shared with my windows partition, And I have a separate drive with multiple Linux distros.
I want to configure open core to boot directly into my macOS without any OS picking option, so I can install a prettier bootloader.
Right now open core can see all my different Operating systems but it lacks the ability to fully customize the different boot options and such. So I’d prefer to set my bios to boot into some 3rd party more aesthetic bootloader, which will give me the option to boot windows, macOS (the preprogrammed opencore bootloader, and all my other Linux distros.
If any of y’all know of any easily customizable bootloader’s I’d appreciate those too, thx!
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2023.05.29 22:42 Ed_Derick_ Rogue One: A Star Wars Story review. Boy, that escalated quickly

Wow this was cool. At first I was kinda bored and confused with the plot, but then I got engaged into it, and god damn the 3rd act is miles better than the first two. At start I was like "Man this is probably gonna be 6/10 for me" but then things started to escalate, freaking VADER showed up, things just kept getting better and better, action sequences kept getting bigger, Nostalgia starting hitting (Nostalgia for a couple of movies I watched like a month ago, nonsense, I know) , VADER SHOWED UP AGAIN! And the movie ends with the perfect cliff hanger, literally seconds away from the opening of A New Hope. Now I think it is a 9/10.
I loved the care with making everything accurate, like the aesthetics, the suits, the ships, the aliens, the sound effects, it's clear this was all made with love for the OT. It doesn't feel like something new, it feels like "Star Wars RTX ON", except for the cgi for Tarkin and Leia. Yeah... they were rough, specially Tarkin which was extremely distracting, it's a shame we didn't had deepfake tech back then. Anyway.
The characters weren't that engaging for me? They were OKAY, just your classic band of rebels. K was cool, and all his jokes landed for me, the blind guy was nice tho the "The force is with me I'm one with the Force" thing gets kinda repetitive when the guy says it constantly. I think it would be better to have him say it at the beginning of the movie like once or twice, so his friend can say it again when he dies. Just my personal taste. Also I found it weird how his friend just accepted his death, I'm pretty sure he could just run away from the granade and make it, guess he had nothing left to live for.
I felt bad when the pilot died, dude basically is the reason this whole operation worked, and he got mind-fucked by that freaky octopus thing and still managed to keep it together throughout the movie. What a hero.
I REALLY liked the cinematography, there are some amazing shots here. I already knew this director, Gareth Edwards, from Godzilla 2014 (I'm a huge Monsterverse fan in case you didn't know) so I was already expecting good cinematography, specially uncut, long take shots. Oh and the effects of the ships traveling at light speed were so good, they have that "cartoony" feel of the OT but somehow they still look cool with modern cgi. I loved the shots used to convey the size of the Star Destroyers, and the size of the Death Star. I feel like Gareth used what he learned in Godzilla, how to show the scale of something massive. Man, the Death Star causing an eclipse was like... a work of art. Wallpaper worthy. It's almost like the Death Star is a character as well.
I liked the villain played by Ben Mendelsohn, fun to watch, guy always nails it when it comes to bad guys. I liked the score as well, I just found it weird how it teases us with "The Force theme", from when Luke is looking at the Tatooine sunset. It's like trying to sneeze here, you can tell it's coming but then it just doesn't come out. Weird decision. Guess they wanted to make something recognizable but original at the same time. Imperial March is always a welcome surprise.
I got one question about the "lore" of it all though, about Saw Gerrera. How can he be against the Empire, but against the Rebellion at the same time? What?? Is there a Rebellion 2.0 that disagrees with the first one?
Anyway, the scene at the end with Vader jus tearing through those soldiers was amazing, genuinely made me feel scared for the guys, so freaking cool. And I can't stress how enough how much I like when one movie leads DIRECTLY into another. No severe time jump, just minutes or hours away. Also I almost got emotional when I noticed the aesthetics of the ship were getting more and more similar to how it is in A New Hope.
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2023.05.29 22:27 Techgeek_025 Send me ur favourite Mac wallpaper…

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2023.05.29 21:54 Carl-Metaltaku [Windows PC ][2005 -2007.] First person shooter

A game I vaguely remember. You are in a place that looks like hell, and you jump from stone platform to stone platform, avoiding the lava floor. Your goal is to reach the end and enter a cave entrance to continue your journey through hell. You have a weapon that resembles an M16. When you fall into the lava, the perspective changes from first person to third person, and you see your character die. In some instances, the character makes strange sounds that resemble an orgasm and lies down on the lava, which is one of the reasons why I think it may be a mod or a low-quality game. When you return to the menu or game over screen, you see a skull gif at the top, with fire coming out of its mouth, accompanied by metal-like music. This game was played by my big brother sometime between 2005 and 2007.
Like in the titel from memory it looks like a Gold Source ore Source game and may be a mod. Any help to track this game is welcome
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2023.05.29 18:52 Michtrk Alternate History of the People's Republic of China (Reworked China lore)

Alternate History of the People's Republic of China (Reworked China lore)
Five Generations of Chinese leaders Poster
1. Brief period of peace (1949-1951) and Third phase of the Chinese civil war (1951-1953)
1949 Huang He ceasefire meant de-iure division of China between two independent states. Both KMT and CPC disproved of this, both claimed to be one and one and only government of whole unified China. There was even a plan to give a separate UN seat to Mao’s government, but due to ROC opposition this proposal failed. Newly declared “People’s Republic of China/Beijing Government” (or alternatively in its full actual name between 1949- and 1953-People’s Liberation Government of the Republic of China) did not gain almost any official international recognition (with one exception being Korea).
However, in 1951 the ceasefire was already broken. Numerous clashes started alongside the Huang He already months of signing of the ceasefire during 1949 and 1950. Neither KMT nor CPC planned to abide by 1949 ceasefire in the future anyway, for them it was just temporally peace and prepared for the final fight. Mao was strongly advised by Stalin to not break status quo, this however incensed Mao, who (in private) accused Stalin of wanting to “sacrifice Chinese revolution to Western Imperialism”. Similarly, Chiang was reminded from Americans that U.S. would not support any offensive against communists. Moreover, president Taft stood for policy of non-interference in Chinese matters, so KMT was now in no position to start any offensive, but Chiang hoped for change in American leadership.
So, it was Mao, who fired the first shot. On the 26th of December 1950 (Mao Zedong’s birthday) PLA crossed the Huang He and launched full scaled offensive. KMT’s military managed to reorganize from defeats from 1946-1949 phase and in the first weeks of the war successfully hold on, but Chiang now, he could not do that for long without any support. Chiang brought the issue to the United Nations, but notion was rejected. U.S. declined all call for support. USSR in response did also not aid PRC. Communists, similarly as in the previous years, had on their side peasantry (who could actually see positive effects of early and reforms and campaigns between 1949 and 1950, which were launched in North China) and gained upper hand and pushed down the South. Already by spring 1952 communist forces captured Nanjing and continued further South. As Chiang expected change in the White House came, but it was to late for him as his forces were already shattered by communists.
  1. Early years of the People’s Republic of China (1953-1962)
1st February 1953 People’s Republic of China was proclaimed, last KMT remnants evacuated to Taiwan supported by U.S. under new leadership of MacArthur. So what Mao’s China is? Very similar to OTL, but since it is founded later some thing change due to changing outside conditions.
§ Land reform (partly in North since 1947, fully in North since 1949, 1953-1956 in rest of China) – same, land redistributed among peasants, landlords murdered.
§ Marriage, Education reforms (1953-1957)
§ Campaign to Suppress Counterrevolutionaries/Anti-Campaigns (1954-1958)
§ 1957 Hundred Flowers Campaign, that was followed by the Anti-Rightist Movement (1958)
§ 1957 the First 5Year Plan
China saw increase in living standards and economy between 1953-1962
Relations with USSR
Stalin died quickly after Chinese unification, this was beneficial for China since distrust between Stalin and Mao between 1949 and 1953 damaged Sino-Soviet relations. In 1953 socialist bloc recognised China and in 1954 Sino-Soviet Treaty of Friendship was signed between Mao and Khruschev (later extended to rest of socialist Europe) – this one was more equal for China than the OTL one, China gained many experts and technicians from USSR, Chinese workers were sent to USSR and Europe to fill same shortages.
Beginnings of the Sino-Soviet split (1956-1961) and Sino-Soviet split (1961-1962)
Destalinisation in 1956 brough many ideological disagreements between Mao and Khrushchev (who was denounced by Mao as a revisionist), however many aspects such as Chinese need of economic aid and fear of MacArthur’s aggressive policy kept them together. China reacted to Hungarian revolution and condemned USSR for “bowing to the imperialist demands”, similar criticism Khrushchev received after non taking any direct action against the invasion of Egypt just few weeks later. In 1957 the First 5Year Plan was launched, this one was still developed with help of the soviet experts.
During 1960s relations started to deteriorate more and more. One of final straws was 1960 Second Taiwan Strait Crisis, which China started without consulting USSR (and risking the war with MacArthur). During the war in Cuba Mao demanded Khruschev to take direct military action to support Cuba and denounced Khruschev a a “revisionist traitor to communism, coward who knows only how capitulate to imperialist demands”, after these relations between USSR and China were finally broken. In 1962 formal declarations formulated each ideological position.
  1. The Great Leap Forward and fall of Mao Zedong (1962-1966)
Now isolated, same as OTL (but with obvious delay of 4 years) Mao Zedong launched his infamous Great Leap Forward and caused Great Chinese Famine resulting into deaths of 36 – 45 million people. After his Mao Zedong is forcefully side-lined during Seven Thousand Cadres Conference of 1966, moderates Liu Shaoqi, Zhou Enlai and Deng Xiaoping now ruled the country.
  1. Mao’s attempts to regain power and death (1967-1969)
Found himself in the same situation as in our reality, Mao attempted to reassert his power. Already in 1967, he launched Socialist Education Movement. Development in the rest of the communist world did also impact China, despite the official condemnation of the European Spring, Deng and Liu watched the economic reforms with large interest and them with associated reformists started to develop new plans for economic reconstruction, this led to final split between them and Mao. Mao instead worked on his own plan, utilizing need for governmental reform dealing with increasing bureaucratisation and corruption. In 1969 Mao presented the April 16 Notification, claiming that contra revolutionaries are infiltrating CPC. Soon fist mass rallies of maoist students started and schools have closed. Then Mao Zedong completely disappeared from the public, after the three weeks of silence on 16th June 1969 national broadcast announced that chairman Mao Zedong had died. Official explanation was hearth attack; however, many did not believe such explanation, most importantly radicals in the Student Red Guards, who believed Mao was murdered by counterrevolutionaries inside the Party.
(Reason for Mao’s death is only partly true. CPC officials knew it, but decided to hide it, because it is...ehm...embarrassing. The true reason of his death is in this World regarded just a “crazy conspiracy theory”. On 20th May 1969 Mao Zedong decided to swim across river Yagnze, as he did OTL, now almost 77 years old man suffered a heart attack during this swim and he started to quickly drowning, people who were close to him managed to pull chairman out of water and transported him to doctor, but it was too late.)
  1. The Red Guards Rebellion (1969-1970)
Large masses gathered on the Tiananmen Square (more than a million of people), many of these people were radicalised student red guards, who refused to leave and turned Mao’s funeral into a large demonstration, accusing the CPC leadership of treachery and murders (as response to this some official, knowing the true version released it, thus it is known as conspiracy). The Tiananmen manifestation was suppressed by PLA troops loyal to the CPC leadership. This was however not the end, but the beginning – all around the country the Red Guards launched what they called the “Second Chinese Revolution” with slogans like “Down with reactionary clique of Liu Shaoqi –upheld Mao Zedong’s thought, Mao Zedong still alive in our hearts” etc. It was nothing but open civil war between radical rough red guards and Chinese governments, some figures like Jiang Qing did also join the side of the guards. Crucial for putting the rebellion down was that Lin Biao (former close ally of Mao) joined forces with Deng and Liu. Effects of the Red Guards rebellion were disastrous, according to various accounts 300-500 thousand people died (but sill had less impact than OTL Cultural Revolution). This rebellion was used also used as excuse to launch Campaign against counterrevolutionary gangs (1970-73), that purged the party from far-left faction. End of rebellion started the Eliminating Chaos and Returning to Normal period.
  1. Tetrarchy leadership and Four Cardinal Principles (1970-1974)
When situation stabilised, new leadership secured power – Liu, Chen, Zhou, and Lin. First two represented the moderate reformist wing, while Lin Biao represented the conservatives, he played pivotal role since his control over PLA. Zhou Enlai acted as moderator. Deng Xiaoping was also very influential as vice-premier. Campaign against counterrevolutionary gangs eventually weakened Lin Biao’s position and he was forced to retire. During this time basis of “Reform and Normalization” efforts were created. Four Cardinal Principles were approved and later put into 1978 constitution. Party also approved its view of Mao Zedong, upholding his status and giving responsibility for last events of his life solely to “counterrevolutionary gangs twisting the words of chairman Mao to destabilise China and strife for power” (so, because there is no Cultural Revolution Mao is viewed better…but he still still criticized for “making some mistakes” during the Great Leap Forward).
Efforts were made to revive economy, looking to the Soviet Union’s successful reform to inspiration.
  1. Liu Shaoqi/Chen Yun/Deng Xiaoping and Four Modernizations (1974-1991)
When Lin Biao was removed nothing stood against Chinese reform. This reform was inspired by the European ones but took more market character (still not that much market as did Deng’s OTL reform), despite Deng and Chen were mostly the architects of the reforms, Liu Shaoqi become the main face of era during 1970s and 1980s, then being followed by Chen Yun (so Deng is least known from them). Also, instead of Deng, Chen Yun become more influential (as he was the leader of the communist party, it fits the scenario well as he was more moderate about the reforms than Deng OTL)
Together with economic reform also come a political reform, in 1978 new constitution was created (very similar to that of OTL 1982), there was also limited political and cultural liberalisation.
China restored relations with the USSR and European socialist bloc (split was even less tense since 1969 border conflict did not happen) during 1970s. Andrei Gromyko visited Beijing in 1982 and Deng went on a tour through Europe in 1984. Unlike OTL Nixon was not in China and US-Chinese relations did not improve till 1985, when President Jesse Jackson become the first president to visit China, he met with the President Liu Shaoqi (he was seriously ill 87 years old man and died few months after) and Deng. U.S. recognised China and China gained UN seat. American capitalists started to invest into Chinese special economic zones.
In 1986 Liu dies and general secretary Chen Yun takes his position, leaving his position for Hu Yaobang.
With many changing in this timeline there are still some protests in 1989 as OTL, but never grow to such extent and there is no need to suppress them.
American businesses relocating to China is now more part of the lore (some of the still do, but is just exception than rule) because China partly joins the Soviet sanctions on Rumsfeld’s regime and works more on deepening relations with Europe and Third World.
8. Third and Fourth Generation of Leadership – Hu and Hu (1991-2011)
During this period, similarly as OTL China experiences its rapid rise. Similar people are in charge, political system is almost the same. Difference is the more socialist oriented economy. Hong Kong returned to China (Macau did already in 1975 after Portuguese Revolution). These years are considered to be the most democratic.
9. Bo Xilai – new left, neomaoism (2011 – present)
In 2011 Bo Xilai became the new leader of China. He is very different leader than the previous. Former major of Chongqing instituted model from his city nationwide. Maoist era aesthetics were revived (red songs, propaganda, personality cult), he focuses on achieving full employment, bettering living standards of the workers, while keeping the current market-oriented model (with exaggeration it could be called “social democracy”), he promotes social progressivism, voluntary communal collectives were also recreated. His most controversial actions was his large Anti-Corruption and Organised Crime Campaign (2012-2015) in which many both civilian and military officials, business leaders and leading politicians (including Xi Jinping) were arrested imprisoned for alleged corruption. Bo changed constitution (approved by popular referendum) to abolish term limits. Following COVID crisis he further secured hi power. He officially instituted the Bo Xilai Thought on Chinese Socialism as new state ideology, his policy is also known as “Common prosperity” (equivalent to Xi’s Chinese Dream). Many accuse him of creating personality cult and being overall authoritarian and supressing opposition.
Leadership list since 1969
Premier: Zhou Enlai (died 1976), Deng Xiaoping (1976(1978)-1988), Li Peng (1988-1998), Jiang Zemin (1998-2008), Wen Jiabao (2008-2018), Zhou Yongkang (since 2018)
As Chairman (1959-1978), President: Liu Shaoqi (1978-1986) (died) Chen Yun (1986-1991) (not seek term), Hu Qili (1991-2001), Hu Jintao (2001-2011), Bo Xilai (since 2011)
General Secretary: Chen Yun (1969-1986) Hu Yaobang (1986-1989), Hu Qili (1989-2000), Hu Jintao (2000-2011), Bo Xilai (since 2011)
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2023.05.29 17:54 Wraithgar Playing certain games freezes and then kicks me to the lock screen

Hey friends,
Recently when trying to play some games from steam, my mac has been locking up, and then kicks me to the lock screen. Upon logging back in, it acts like the machine restarted. Steam reopens, discord reopens, chrome says I shut down improperly. When it does kick me to the lock screen, it also looks like it removes my background to the more standard Macbook background and not my custom wallpaper.
This at first only happened in 1 game in particular, Stellaris, and only once the most recent DLC came out. Ironically, not during actual game play but when trying to build a custom empire and assign traits and make a flag.
Last night, I was playing Golf with Friends, and every time I'd get to the 3rd hole, freeze wait 30 seconds, and then kicked to the lock screen.
I have updated my Mac's OS so it says I have no more updates left, and I tried it on Stellaris and couldn't get through the empire creator still.
I think it's a RAM issue, but didn't know if anyone had any other thoughts.
Specs: Processor: 2 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5 Intel Iris Plus Graphics 1536 MB 16 GB 3733 MHz LPDDR4X
MAC OS: Ventura 13.4
HD: 304.2/499 available.
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2023.05.29 16:29 e5dra5 Time Machine has stopped finding backup files on USB drive on router

Time Machine has stopped finding backup files on USB drive on router
I have two Macs backing up to the same drive - the M1 MacBook Pro (pictured) and an M1 iMac. Both are having the same problem, which leads me to think something is wrong with the router - but, the drive is showing up when I log into the router.
I’ve tried rebooting the computers, the router and turning Time Machine off and back on again in the router settings.
Has anyone else had this issue? Any ideas on how to fix it?
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2023.05.29 15:54 TabrisVI Is there someone that makes quality monitors/keyboards in "fun" colors?

I've been slowly learning and updating my own PC for the last year or so, and now I have the tower I was looking at the monitor, keyboard, etc.
I've always been enamoured by the newer colorful iMacs, but I really really do not want a Mac as my primary computer. I'm pretty sure the only reason I'm really drawn to these iMacs is that I just really dig the colors. I'm especially drawn to the yellow.
I'm not so taken in by the yellow that I'm willing to sacrifice quality for aesthetics, but I'm hoping that someone out there must make something that's a good compromise. I've been able to find some yellow keyboards here and there, of varying quality, but a monitor that's anything other than black/silvewhite has alluded me. Is this a fool's errand? Is there somewhere I can find quality hardware that also just happens to come with a fun splash of color?
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2023.05.29 15:49 Old-Afternoon-5489 Wallpaper Bug MacOS Ventura 13.4

Every time I reboot my laptop after plugging to an external screen, my wallpaper changes to default Ventura's wallpaper. Anyone with the same issue?
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2023.05.29 14:20 MashedPotatoesInAnus MacOS Ventura with iOS 15 Device

I want to update my Mac to the latest operating system (MBP 13 2020 Intel) but I'm worried that it will force me to update my iPhone. I'm currently on iOS 15 with no plan to update it (thanks for removing day/night wallpapers Apple).
Does anyone have a machine on Ventura with an iPhone on 15 to confirm if there are issues ?
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2023.05.29 09:15 Qrow-Branwen89 Lappland is the best I can't escape her

(I mark this as spoiler because of things in the Il Siracusano event)
I downloaded the game because of Lappland 3 years ago and she has been living rent free in my head since I pulled her
I'm down bad atrocious for this woman and I can't figure out why.
I pretty much never go full monke brain for any character of any game or anime, and I'm a massive weeb, but bro, Lappland has me by the leash, I can't escape her, I have her as my phone and PC wallpaper, I take her on any mission the game will let me use her
She was already the perfect aesthetic for me, but with the Il Siracusano event I've fallen even harder for her.
Her personality, intelligence and character development had me on my knees the entire event, I rarely even bother to read Arknights, I know the story is super good but there is too much text and I don't have the time, I just watch Lore videos later or check the wiki.
I tried however to read this event just because of Lappland and it was the best thing ever, not only because of her but other characters as well, but yeah, Lappers was the best part of it.
When she went to Texas to give her a chocolate IN PRISON and then it turned out it was THE ONE SHE HATED, that was way too funny I was like "Please god turn me into an Arknights character and let me marry this woman"
Then TWICE she went to her father by MURDERING EVERYONE in the Saluzzo HQ John Wick style. You would figure they would just let her go through the second time, but no, she had to kill everyone AGAIN, like how many people does Alberto need to hire on a weekly basis????
And at the end she first beats Texas and then went to the wilderness to absolutely destroy Zaaro, bullying a DEMIGOD into submission like this woman is so fking HOT bro.
Also I really enjoyed her story and animations since it was exactly how I envisioned her since the beginning, like, having proper formal training and education but then cranked up the INSANE to 11, in the sense that even through her crazy fighting style and choices you can notice the traces of a ton of training and education, like there is a method to her madness.
And speaking of her madness, I don't think she is as insane as we talk about her, she grew up exactly as she was supposed to under Alberto's tutelage. It was Alberto who made mistakes in raising her, but like, she's the natural outcome of that kind of environment and education. She's super smart and strong.
I just wanted to vent my Lappdumb addiction since I now desire to be demolished by her massive truck.
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2023.05.29 05:31 Particular_Bee1723 FaZe Clan Wallpaper but it's Y2K Aesthetic

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2023.05.29 03:34 rayanyago Billie Eilish-related wallpaper.

This wallpaper features a background with a combination of dark and neon colors, which are often associated with Billie Eilish's aesthetic and style. The background can be a gradient from dark blue to purple, with a subtle layered texture. In the foreground, there are abstract illustrations inspired by the lyrics of her songs, such as stylized musical notes, stylized lyrics, or drawings related to her most popular songs, like eyes or snakes.
To add a touch of personality and individuality, you can include elements related to Billie Eilish's quirks. For example, you can add small silhouettes of her unique sunglasses, accessories she frequently wears, or subtle details that are characteristic of her style.
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2023.05.28 23:34 RelayFm_podcasts Mac Power Users 694: Workflows with Chance Miller

Chance Miller is the editor-in-chief of 9to5Mac. This week, he joins David and Stephen to discuss his work covering Apple and what the group wants to see at WWDC23.
This episode of Mac Power Users is sponsored by: - 1Password: Never forget a password again. - TextExpander: Get 20% off with this link and type more with less effort! Expand short abbreviations into longer bits of text, even fill-ins, with TextExpander. - Indeed: Join more than three million businesses worldwide using Indeed to hire great talent fast. - Squarespace: Make your next move. Enter offer code MPU at checkout to get 10% off your first purchase.
Guest Starring:Chance Miller
Links and Show Notes:Sign up for the MPU email newsletter and join the MPU forums.
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2023.05.28 23:08 FleurPeony First Time Gaming PC

Update: AMD or Intel? What sort of graphics card? I've had one response and would love some more just to give myself a few options. Where is the best place to enhance my budget, would it be on the graphics or the CPU?
Hi! PC baby from the UK. I'm a complete beginner to PC building and I need help. I currently have a boot-camped Mac to allow me to play games like Overwatch and at a push, Sims 4. I want to play more PC intensive games which my current one does not allow. My ideal games are: Hogwarts Legacy, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, Spiderman 2 etc. With this in mind I'd like something that plays this sort of game well, but one that certainly does not have to be elite or streamer quality. Ideally this is for gaming, but I do use a lot of adobe programs with a focus on Illustrator and Photoshop. Being able to handle multitasking between these two programs with high res files is a must too.
RGB could be fun as aesthetics are not something to be sniffed at. The Corsair ELITE LCD Display liquid cooler looks fun and I'd be up for paying that premium for an added personal touch. Case wise something black and has a glass housing element to it with easy cable management or cable hiding too.
I would also need to factor in a monitor and keyboard. I do have a Razer Basilisk mouse which I love, so anything compatible with that would be fun. (I have no idea what I'd be looking for in a keyboard in all honesty). Headset or headphones also would be needed. I'm not always a fan of noise cancelling, but I am aware this narrows down most options.
This would be my first gaming PC which I would like to have for a longtime, I don't want something that will only last me a year or two.
Any help would be so appreciated! Also, any explanation on the parts used would help me be more informed as well. the £1000-£1200 would be for the PC and Monitor, but I could extend my budget further if necessary.
Thank you!
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2023.05.28 22:55 Eastern-Individual64 The Best Mac Live Wallpaper App

I just started using Iwallpaer and need two people to join (free) using my referral code to remove the watermark.
Please help me.
Here's the link and code at the bottom -
Download and enjoy thousands of live wallpapers
Remember to enter my referral code after downloading:
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2023.05.28 22:17 ForeverNeonYT My Mac isn’t connecting to internet? (M2 MacBook Air)

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2023.05.28 20:39 fluffy_flipflop1604 never seen this before- is this just cus they’re aren’t many decorations around?

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