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2023.06.02 17:35 Antique_Albatross Help with acne, please!

Help with acne, please!
34 F hormonal imbalance due to pituitary tumour that was removed 2 months ago. Waiting to see if my body balances out on its own before going on birth control pill.
My routine right now is: AM: Vanicream gentle cleanser, The Ordinary’s azelaic acid, Eucerin Urea Repair face cream PM: Vanicream cleanser, Differin, Eucerin face cream
I’m still breaking out like crazy. Is there something better for my type of acne? I think I have rosacea as well. My forehead and cheeks tend to get dry and tight. Lots of redness and broken capillaries on my cheeks. Acne mainly on jaw.
Thank you!
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2023.06.02 17:34 Rosemary_Marigolds My [31F] father [52M] has been trying to establish a new relationship with me and I just... can't do it.

(Posted this on family, but wanted to get people's perspectives here specifically since I think I'm dealing with moving past parental neglect.)
Hey Folks. First time poster here. So sadly, similar to many people that have posted on Reddit, I had a negligent father while I was growing up. After my parents divorced when I was 5, he moved in with his new wife and I saw him twice a month. As a kid, he was always the "fun dad": basically let us do whatever we wanted and give in to our impulses. But when it came time to celebrating birthdays, coming to school events, seeing me graduate... He was always "busy" or had something else going on, even though he was literally a 10 minute drive away. When I turned 11, he moved away to Florida with his wife for a better job, and my siblings and I stayed with our mother. He would still be "fun dad" and come visit us 4-6 times a year, but the fun times were fleeting and tainted because I knew he'd be leaving in 3 days anyway. He'd buy me gifts, but it was never anything I actually liked or wanted: it was things that he liked or was into, so I felt that he didn't really see me as a person. I'd try to talk to him and tell him that I missed him and wanted him in the same city as me, but he'd say that that wasn't possible and I was being unrealistic for wanting a fairytale family: but we could come visit him in Florida anytime we wanted... I realized quite young that I just couldn't compete with money, sex, and white women. He left my mom for a white woman who gave him "crazy sex" (his words, not mine) and left the state I lived in for better financial opportunities... without considering what him leaving would do to us... I felt that he was always going to pick those things over me, and I steeled myself to accept that and move on. He realized his mistakes as I entered my 20s, and has been working to repair our relationship. But for me, the emotional scars he caused are still so deeply imbedded that I don't know if I can really love him. Not even sure if I want to have him in my life outside of coming to important events. I know the loving and compassionate thing to do is to work towards establishing a new relationship and reconcile that he made mistakes while I was young, and that he's earnestly trying now, but my heart just can't accept it. I logically know that there will never be a good enough reason to explain his actions, and that I need to move on for me, but my emotional self doesn't care and wants to keep him at a distance so that he'll never get the opportunity to hurt me again. I recognize that this way of thinking is harmful for my growth as a person and won't let me heal, but it's protecting me at the same time and has helped me become the resilient, independent woman I am today. I love that I am self sufficient and can provide for myself, even though it came from needing to survive. Why should I let my guard down and build a relationship with a man who consistently put women, sex, and money before his children for 20 YEARS? (More than half of my current lifetime.) Whose best excuse for doing everything was because he was "a selfish asshole" in his 20s and didn't have a father figure? Guess what? My mom was suffering from physical and emotional abuse from BOTH of her parents and still managed to get her shit together and take care of us the best way she could. Why should I accept that he couldn't handle it / didn't know how to be a dad and needed to escape, when my mom couldn't handle it either but she didn't get to run away? TLDR; My father wants to work on building a new relationship, but I can't seem to let go of his past actions and forgive him. Any advice on how to navigate these emotions? How can I move on for the sake of my own health and happiness?
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2023.06.02 17:31 Protector_iorek USAA jerking me around...

I've had USAA a long time. I haven't had any any accidents, tickets, etc in 11+ years... about 2 weeks ago I was driving on a highway and a huge SUV started veering into my lane slowing down. I honked my horn for a solid 5 seconds and started slamming on my brakes but the other vehicle just kept coming. We collided, the front right corner of my bumper hitting the rear left of his vehicle as I veered off into the grass trying to avoid him. No air bags deployed and everyone was fine.
Unfortunately I don't have a dash cam to prove that he drifted into me; ironically I had been planning on buying one very soon.. it was sitting in my Amazon cart.
Of course, this is being labeled as my fault. And it's incredibly frustrating. I get that technically I hit him but I literally could not stop on time for someone who just suddenly cut me off on the highway. And of course because his vehicle is a ginormous monster (one of those giant Chevy Tahoe's) my little Hyundai probably has a lot more damage.
USAA originally told me I was covered and they will repair the damage so I drove it to a shop and got a rental. Now, over 2 weeks later, USAA is telling me its a "possible loss" and they need to tow it for further inspection.
I called the repair shop to sign off on it being towed.. and the shop guy said "the vehicle is taken apart and I've already got all the parts here."
So basically, no one has any idea what is going on. I don't know how this all works but clearly USAA isn't communicating with the shop or the adjuster or me, and it's all a clusterfuck.
Because I have a Hyundai (and the issue with all the Hyundai's/Kia's being stolen isn't going away) I'm honestly thinking of just getting rid of my car regardless of the outcome...
But I don't know the best course of action here. If its totaled, what is the best course of action?
The worst thing is I am scheduled to go on a long road trip very soon.. one that has been planned out and paid for well in advance of this accident.
For future reference: how do I go about those "interviews" they do with you about what happened? I feel like this is a bullshit tactic and I always feel played.
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2023.06.02 17:30 prbobo Quitting while navigating marital problems

Has anyone gone through quitting alcohol while also trying to repair a marriage? Long story short, my wife and I are in a pretty bad place in our marriage, with my alcohol being a huge factor. I don't want to blame myself 100%, but my drinking has done a lot of damage to the relationship. She has agreed to throw the kitchen sink at our marriage to try to save it, including marriage counseling which we are trying to set up now. I told her I want to become the best version of myself I can be. Went to my GP Wednesday to ask for help with alcohol. And to be clear, I'm not cutting out booze for anyone else. I know that doesn't work. I want to be the best version of ME that I can, and alcohol does not allow that. It has poisoned me for too long. I guess I'm just rambling, but I wondered if anyone else has tried to juggle both. It's emotionally exhausting. In hindsight, I should have cleaned myself up way before now. Trying to fix both issues at the same's HARD. But I'm gonna keep fighting and try my best, for myself and for my family. Thanks for letting me vent, and I will not drink with you today!
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2023.06.02 17:30 happy__cows What are the most recommended scooters on this sub?

I was just curious what you guys think are the most recommended scooters on this sub, and why? I just kinda wanted to get a good dialogue going in terms of having a “consensus” of sorts within this sub. I feel like it would be useful/interesting to hear everybody’s perspective.
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2023.06.02 17:28 adtcjkcx Engine gave out so I need a new car. Should I get a lease or a used car? Desperately need advice

So my car gave out after finally paying it off on march. It’s a 2013 legacy and it currently has 172k miles on it. Bummed out but it is what it is at this point. So now I need a car, like right now honestly. My brother, whose a manager in a Mazda dealership is telling me that a lease would be my best option. The cheapest one would be for 26k car and then once I buy it out it would be financed at around 17k. He said monthly payments would be around 370 a month. Here’s the thing, after taxes I being about 570 a week. Now I have seen used cars under 10k, like a 2012 legacy with 100k miles but my brother said that there would be a high possibility that that car will also give out and still be on the hook for the loan. I have paid alot in terms of repairs over the years and he said that the warranty makes the lease worth it. What do you guys think? Just my luck in having to get a new car with the current state of the economy 🙃
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2023.06.02 17:28 JAZthebeast11 Problem with my keyboard sinking (ASUS Zenbook Pro 15 Flip OLED 15.6)

I’ve had this issue since I got the laptop a few months ago, where the bottom part of the keyboard seems to be sunk into the laptop. I think it’s actually the bezel in between the keys which is warped upwards, because I can push it down with my finger and it looks semi normal (as show in the second picture). I’ve brought it back to get repaired, but I just wanted to check my expectations with you all to see if this is just a design flaw.
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2023.06.02 17:26 Far_Indication_2277 XBOX ZLAND US HARDCORE PVE

Join our discord:
ZLand is a hardcore PVE survival server where finding weapons, repairing a car, or building a base could take days or weeks.
Not much is known about the outbreak in Chernarus. At some point after the civil war of 2009 (estimated between 2012 and 2013), the inhabitants of the region became infected with some kind of biological agent. Almost a decade after the outbreak, the remnants of the military defenses of the Republic of Chernarus built The Wall along the region in an attempt to protect the few remaining survivors. Constant threats lurk behind the wall: resource scarcity, hordes of walkers, wild animals, and other hostile survivors, enemies of the Republic of Chernarus living in anarchy roaming north of the wall.
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2023.06.02 17:26 BooBooKittyF-ck21 Cut out toxic parent, choosing better for myself

Trigger Warning: mentions of drug abuse, self harm, suicide Disclaimer: I am on mobile so please excuse any formatting issues.
So, most of this is just needing to vent, but I also want to know if somehow I'm being irrational. I'm not looking for sympathy, but I'm more than grateful for any advice or feedback on the matter. I'll try to make it as short as I can, but lord is it a lot to unpack. If you make it to the end, or just a few sentences in, thank you. Sometimes it helps just to get the words out there.
I (24f) made the choice last year to cut my father (47M) out of my life. This was not any easy choice for me; I have tried many times over the years to do so, and always ended up caving and letting him back in. I developed into an adult with some serious issues, a lot (but not all of them) due to the things I witnessed and experienced as the child of an absent, drug addicted father. My father repeatedly chose meth and women over his only child, and I saw every side of addiction in him you could imagine.
I saw the weeks without sleep or food, frantically peeking through curtains and the suddenly religious ramblings of a formerly atheistic madman while he was "up". I saw the days spent barely conscious, filled with irrational bouts of rage and verbal abuse, when he was "down". I saw him spend hours "fixing" things while I held the flashlight and wondered how you could fix something by tearing it apart and scattering the pieces, then abandoning the project 14 hours later, never to touch it again. While arguing once in the car, he threatened to flip it with me in it and kill us both. He was irrational, unstable, and just all around toxic. I loved my dad, idolized him, but even as a child knew something wasn't right and that it shouldn't be like this.
Any time I spoke up, any time I had the slightest smidge of a backbone, he left or I was emotionally manipulated into submission by him and the enablers on his side of the family. For months, there would be no contact, and I would spiral into a pit of fears that he had died and would never come back. He would show up with empty promises and pull me back in, just for the cycle to repeat.
I begged, I screamed, I cried, I did everything I could to get him sober. I talked until I was blue in the face, crying, pleading, asking him WHY. Why couldn't he just choose me. Why couldn't he love me.
I developed such a deep-seeded fear of abandonment and rejection that it directly influenced how I treated those I allowed into my life. I single handedly self-sabotaged every friendship and relationship I ever had, because no one can leave you if you leave them first. I also, up until my current boyfriend who is an absolute angel of a man, chose partners that were toxic and abusive in one way or another, because I believed that's all I deserved.
I was a clinically depressed child, and in my teens I myself turned to a raging pill addiction, self harm, and multiple suicide attempts. However, I am proud and thankful to say that I have been completely sober for going on 9 years in September. I have BPD as a direct result of what I endured has a child, and have spent the last year soul searching and working on myself. Breaking down everything about myself that I don't like, habits and mannerisms I want to change, and I have made so much progress on the road to self-love and acceptance. I wholeheartedly believe there is always room for personal growth and improvement, no one is perfect.
So, part of my whole self improvement thing has been cutting out toxicity, in whichever form it presents itself to me. Things and people that bring me more stress and drama than I actually have to take on, gone. I quit the job where I was overworked, underpaid, and severely underappreciated. I left the "partner" who used and took advantage of me, and am currently with someone who appreciates and values me for who I am, not just what I have to offer. I'm pursuing my dream job, trying to get my life on track; I'm finally choosing me instead of always taking care of everyone else and throwing my life and my wellbeing on the backburner. I'm choosing to be happy, and to love myself and my life, and I am so proud of who I am becoming.
So, that sums it up and brings us to last night. I had stopped talking to my father, I would still open messages he sent but not respond; in my mind I was at least giving him the peace of mind to know I was alive, which is far more than he ever gave me. He was upset when I cut him off, and messaged me at least every 3 days to a week at the latest. The responses ranged from acting as if nothing changed, to pleading, to gaslighting, to playing the victim, and to outright narcissistic rage. I took it all in stride, still committing to my vow of not speaking to him, because I had asked if he was sober and he lied. I had given him one more chance, one more time to make it right: get sober, or lose me and his grandchild. My cross to bear is not my sons, and I wont subject him to the things I grew up with.
My father being in and out also began affecting my life as an adult, and I'd find myself reverted to the same lost little girl pacing and anxiously waiting for her father to show up. He'd say he was coming to visit us, then cancel hours later with some recycled excuse, over and over and over. I'd get my hopes up, and be crushed again and again. I sat up many nights, angry and inconsolable, wondering why he couldn't just LOVE me.
So, I made the choice for me, and for my child. I can't be the best mother to him if I can't be the best version of myself. I stand by my decision, because at the end of the day, I deserve better and my son deserves to see his mother happy and to have the best version of me that I can give him.
Last night, my father sent a novel over text, with nothing but gaslighting and emotional abuse. Telling me that I destroyed him, I traumatized him by cutting him out, that he would never recover. Telling me that since I "assumed" he was using, I ruined everything because I wasn't "man" enough to talk to him face to face. Basically painting me to be the villain, and he the poor victim blindsided by my crimes against humanity.
Mind you, he had initially confessed to using and still coming down from his high from 2 days prior the last time my child and I saw him, the day I decided I was done. Last night, in his tirade, he swore that at that point it had been at least a month and a half; so, how DARE I just assume and deprive him of myself and his grandchild, who he "decided to get sober for". Since I couldn't be an adult and talk to him, I had caused this.
He made a point to strike every emotional chord he could, in hopes that I would do as I always had; rip his head off, which opens the door for talking again. He brought up my dead best friend, he tried to manipulate me against my mother, he talked about my son, he talked about my partner. I sat with it, I still said nothing, and then I blocked every social media account he had ever made, regardless of how old it was.
He doesn't know my phone number, or my address, and I made it very clear that anyone who divulged that information to him would also be permanently cut out. My mistake was allowing him a way back into my head by still reading his messages and not blocking him entirely. However, last night he completely torched that bridge while still standing on it begging for entrance.
I made it very clear when I cut him out that it wasnt for lack of loving him, it was because I love myself and my child more. I don't believe he ever had the capacity to be a father, or to love me the way one should love their child. The fact of the matter is, he loved his disease and his vices more.
Be good to those who are good to you. Treat the people you love like you love them. It's never too late to get better, but there aren't always gonna be people still there to cheer your successes when the damage is done and the smoke has cleared. Take accountability for your actions, and put the effort into acting on the apologies you make. Words mean nothing when it comes to repairing what you've broken. Be good to YOU. Take care of YOU and yours. And, for fucks sake, if you can't be a parent, just go.
TL/DR: finally choosing myself, cut out drug addicted parent, hurting but standing by my decision.
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2023.06.02 17:25 fundlebundle666 Curious of thoughts on this

Curious of thoughts on this
Lots of rot in this crawl, and this girder seems to be partially held up by shims. What are the outcomes of this and what would it take to repair?
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2023.06.02 17:25 northhiker1 How to proceed with Realtor, need honest advice.

Long but please read, need honest advice
So we are buying a completed new build across the country (wasnt built for us, spec built, then listed, so basically like any other purchase, there was no builder contract signed), purchase price 713k (closing is 06/06 but its an away closing so we need to sign docs 06/03). We had an inspection that showed a few things. Our realtor sent an addendum and builders agent agreed to fix everything, let's say by 05/21 (written in the addendum). So come 05/21 I ask our realtor if I should call the inspector to schedule a time for him to go out and verify repairs. My realtor said he will take care of that no problem, which isn't out of the norm, my realtor scheduled and was present for original inspection.
Few days go by past 05/21 and I text our agent asking if he scheduled the re inspection. He says not yet, he wants to wait until all repairs are made. I'm confused, all repairs should be made by now but I dont question it, I assume our agent knows what he is talking about.
Come 05/29 I text our agent again asking if the inspection was done. Nope not yet, agent says "I'll have him go out tomorrow when all repairs should be done". At this point I call our agent and ask what he is talking about, the addendum says 05/21 for repairs to be completed, not 05/30. He looks at the addendum and goes "oh guess I got my dates wrong, no big deal, I'll still have the inspector go out tomorrow 05/30"
Inspector goes out, 2 minor things not completed. Our realtor says no big deal he will ask the builder warranty rep to fix them before final walk-through on 06/01
Mid day 05/31 ask our agent if builder rep completed the items, agent says he hadn't heard back from builder rep but its no problem, he will see the rep tomorrow morning 06/01 during final walk-through (we are across country and will not be present)
Final walk-through day. Everything but those 2 repairs are done, builder rep says he will have them done next day and our realtor says he will go out after they are done to confirm. This is where the disagreement starts
I call our realtor and said this is unacceptable, builder rep is not honoring final walk-through protocol, being nobody should have access after final walk-through and that builder didn't hold up their end of when repairs were agreed to be made and that he our agent isnt standing up for our interests
Our realtor says I'm overreacting, we need to give them leeway. At this point I lay the hammer down and tell our realtor that if repairs are not made today with you present during all repairs or if anyone other then him has acess to the property after today, final walk-through will need to be rescheduled and closing delayed.
At this point I am also openly questioning our realtors ethics and ask him if he is doing what's best in our interests, explain to him we are in this mess because of your date confusion and again he blows it off to I am overreacting
So I tell him straight forward, repairs done today in your presence or deal falls through and no one gets paid. Basically making me be the A hole to a builder rep who I am going to have to deal with for the next year
Disagreement did get pretty heated, I asked our agent if he works for us, if he is doing everything in our best interest, why isn't he standing up to the builder for not holding their end of the deal. I ask him if closing needs to be delayed and if I need a new agent in that time.
Well repairs were made that day and our realtor recorded them as they were being done and sent us the video, again making us seem like the unreasonable one
I don't know how much of above was relayed to the builder rep, because I text him and thank him for getting the repairs done and sorry about the problems and he never texts me back. So idk if that relationship is strained, I will need to deal with him with any warranty claims for the next year.
Anyways I am seriously confused on how to go forward with our realtor now. What sucks is we are closing 06/06 but probably won't move out there for another 3-4 weeks, so I was going to ask him to set the thermostat, shut off main water and just drive by the location every so often (realtor lives in same town so it's not a far drive). He came recommended and is supposed to be the go to realtor for big relocation moves like this but at this point he just made everything more stressful, got paper work mixed up early on, didn't verify info, we always had to be on top of him.
I haven't communicated with him since all that and even after getting dates wrong and prolonging everything he never not once apologized for his mistake
I'm still upset about how he handled our concerns and want to have another talk with him but not sure how that will play out
Thoughts, please
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2023.06.02 17:24 maxdoom5 “Leather” jacket issues/fixes/replacements

So it’s come up as a common discussion about what to do when your pleather jacket starts to flake. I wanted to hear from others what they have experienced. I have a DXT2 that I’ve been very fortunate to keep in great condition and I just bought the T1 mms238 which is known for serious flaking issues. Next purchase will probably be a dx Indy. I saw a video in which a guy repaired the jacked using Angeles leather paint and some shine sealant which looked great. Curious to know what you all do in regards to repairs. If you replace l, where do you go? Who to recommend? See lots of replacement jackets on eBay well over $150 bucks and just wanted to keep in mind options
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2023.06.02 17:18 somewhere12-- How do I handle being a fall risk?

My knee deteriorated rapidly, with severe pain (8/10 level, can't move, can't speak, barely breathe) that is happening very frequently. My knee has also been suddenly painfully locking up, leading me to almost fall. This all started happening just this past week. (I do use a cane or 4-wheeled walker indoors, and a mobility scooter for longer distances)
MRI was done.
Turns out I have Avascular Necrosis of the knee. My knee's blood flow ceased, causing the bone to die. I also have "free floating" bone fragments surrounding my knee. I'm told it is like having shrapnel inside. Extremely painful. Next step is me seeing a specialist in orthopedics next week.
If I fall I 100% know I couldn't get back up.
I used to be a fall risk when I had avascular necrosis of my hips and during the 5 surgeries that followed. My insurance through home health prescribed a call button.
But right now I'm not at the point where I need home health, so I cannot be prescribed a call button. (As far as I know)
I looked online for out-of-pocket pay for one, and they are out of my price range. I am on SSI so money is always tight.
I need something to help me feel safe if I fall.
If anyone could provide some advice I'd really appreciate it.
Also I'm on Medicaid and in my 20s.
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2023.06.02 17:18 Analysis_Separate What maintenance should I do for new used Camaro

Getting a V6 2016 Camaro LT RS this week with 92K miles,
What service should I have done or do myself when I first get it? Should I just take it into a Chevy dealership for maintenance and let them decided if it needs anything else,
Car has no problems I’m aware of besides the side detection sensors “need service” (they don’t work) but I can have that checked on anytime I’m more concerned about making sure the engine and transmission are healthy and stay that way while I have the car since this is the first nice and expensive car I’m buying and I’m overly worried about it breaking down even though it appears to be in good condition
Any issues I should look out for in future with car or ways to avoid them?
Also saw people say the v6 out of all the engines is the most reliable, Is it semi easy to work on for small or medium repairs?
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2023.06.02 17:17 L25065 Corner Railing Las Vegas Home
Just curious how would you fix this type of issue? Is it just paint/material repair then paint? Thank you for everyone who answers, I'm a first time home owner and am clueless.
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2023.06.02 17:16 urmumsfav69 Is it worth chasing garage legally?

Going try keep this short. Basically I drove my vehicle (on finance) to a garage due to suspected head gasket fault. I asked them to provide diagnostic report for possible head gasket issue.
They phoned me few days later suggesting repairs would be worth basically the price of the vehicle due to a whole load of engine faults.
Later that weekend I called and asked to pick my vehicle up, the told me they vehicle is no longer driving due to it being stripped during investigation.
The vehicle was bought on finance less than a month ago. I have filed a complaint and it due to go back to the dealer and I was about get released from the contract but this garage demanding I pay £1200 for investigation report storage an reassemble.
I authorised for diagnostic and report on possible head gasket repair not stripping components.
This garage owner has been advising me to get finance company or dealer to pay or for me to get trading standards to chase finance company or dealer or see if I can claim via my motor legal protection on my car insurance?
It’s looking like I’ll need take this to small courts? Can anyone advise best route or how get this resolved? UK based.
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2023.06.02 17:16 Ordinary_Community93 Moofer / Update - Region Change

So my bike has just come back from the repair shop and had its firmware updated. Moofer app no longer seems to allow login and the Vanmoof app appears to have been updated to not allow manual shifting or to change the region to allow for 21mph? Anyone else have this problem or know how to change the region back out of the U.K. since these updates?
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2023.06.02 17:16 sparkishay Galaxy S7 - (boot.img) Please Help

I am up to my wit's end with this. I am normally very tech savvy and curious but I am limited on time and this is frustrating the hell out of me.
My Dad's work phone decided not to turn on and he has some pretty important contacts and pictures on this phone. I NEED to get this phone to a working state and I need to recover messages, contacts, and media. I have downloaded the Verizon Software Repair Assistant as directed and it is completely useless for this problem.
I need help with this as soon as possible :(
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2023.06.02 17:16 Brilliant-Diet5251 Grad Admission

Help me out!!! Which university would be better for MS Aerospace Engineering; University of California San Diego or University of Florida (Gainesville)?? What all factors should I consider? Both being top public universities’ which one should I prefer!?
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2023.06.02 17:14 Magicgonmon Choose 2 Magic Hammers

The God of Hammers has appeared before you, and has decided to let you choose 2 magic hammers:
Fix-it Hammer: one hit from this hammer will fix and restore anything to perfect working order! The larger the target, and the more extensive the damage, the more hits you will need (stronger hits will result in more being repaired at once, however). This hammer cannot bring back the dead.
Wreck-it Hammer: This hammer can break anything it hits, even with the lightest of taps. The more power you put into your strikes, the more extensive and complete the destruction will be. With enough practice, you can break something down to it's atoms.
Multi-Hammer: With just a hit from this hammer, you can create a perfect, identical duplicate of your target. You can create up to 100 duplicates of a target at a time. You can only duplicate the original, however; hitting a duplicate with this hammer will dispel it instead.
Hammer Time!: Anything you hit with this hammer will be frozen in complete time-stasis, hitting it again will unfreeze it. Alternatively, you can do a complete time stop by raising your hammer and shouting the magic phrase "Stop...Hammer Time!" (this will be a safe time stop). While time is stopped, you can hit stuff with your hammer to unfreeze them (like electronics). To undo the time stop, simply raise your hammer and shout "Start...Hammer Time!"
Thunder Hammer: This mighty hammer contains the power of the storm! Strike with the speed of lightning, and the force of thunder! Summon forth and control storms at will, and zap your enemies to ash (or, just give them a static shock). Warning, avoid using this hammer in the ole norse country, you-know-who will sue you for copyright infringement.
Upgrade Hammer: The power of this hammer will allow you to upgrade the stats of anything you hit with it, up to 100x it's original stats! For example, hitting a target once will give it 2x stats, hitting it twice will give it 3x, up to 100x stats on the 99th hit. Hitting a target a 100th time will revert it back to it's original form. Warning, upgrading something will not automatically fix any preexisting damage.
So, which magic hammers will you choose?
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2023.06.02 17:14 Klacker47 Replacement textile material for sun beds

So like an idiot I left my sun bed’s on my terrace through the winter and lo and behold the material ripped straight away when I went to use them recently. My question is does anyone know of any company/individual that does repairs of Sunbeds. The mechanism of the beds are all working perfectly, it’s just the material that has perished due to the conditions. Any help will be so appreciated 🙏
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2023.06.02 17:14 palephx Zeus and Ganymede, Pt 41.5 Addendum

Yo, Janelle:
Whassup, ya big drag queen.
I hope you were satisfied with yesterday evening's performance. I am, on such occasions, unfailingly polite, and wouldn't like to hear anything I said or did misrepresented to Warhead.
You will, henceforth, keep Lanie Bostwick as far away from me as legally possible. Other than repeatedly kicking me under the table, and shooting daggers whenever she thought no one was looking, I was not terribly convinced that she "loved gay guys."
Maybe, the flighty, flaming sort of twinks who can furnish her with drugs...but definitely NOT me.
If that's how she looks and behaves on a regular basis, then I would question your own judgement in spending time with her, by choice. If I never see her again, it will be too soon.
Bear in mind, I have dealt with precisely her type, many times before, and it's a pity we can't at least be useful to each other. And, no, Warhead gave me no warning, and hasn't had the opportunity to say anything, since.
What intrigues me, however, is that you and Barb didn't warn me, either. And I don't get the sense that you're as deliberately obtuse as your mom can be, at times. Was it a good experiment for you? Did you learn what you wanted to know?
I knew I was being tested by everybody. The only thing I felt badly about was the amount of food that inadvertently escaped my face. New teeth, this last month. Implants. It's why I generally avoid eating out until I've mastered them better. Anywhore...
I suspect that Miss Bostwick, delicate flower that she is, was equally enchanted with me. Did the character assassination begin immediately, or did she wait until she was in the car? Wotevz. I wouldn't entirely discount her perceptions of me, but we will have no further use of each other's company.
As for, "What is a 50-yo guy doing with 30-yo, straight, male friends?" I have several. And, trust me on this, if I had given Warhead the money when he was out the last time, I could have slept with him, twice. Fortunately for everyone, I'm not wired that way.
If, for example, you might suggest that I had the emotional development of a 30-yo, then HE is barely past twelve, ADHD, and mildly histrionic. I don't think ANY sort of relationship with him is prudent. After all, I already know how the others have gone, and I don't need a piece that badly.
Do you know what Warhead was worried about, all of yesterday? And, please bear in mind, making him unhappy will have unpleasant consequences. He would say y'all are evil witches who stole his settlements or inheritances, or whatever. He needs to stop that. Regardless, he was afraid you'd poison me against him somehow. That sounds rather intimate for a fully heterosexual man, doesn't it?
I had contemplated telling him, "They offered me $500K to never speak to you again. So, umm... BYE," and then not writing for a few days. For what it's worth, I'm not that rotten and manipulative. Also, I care about him a lot, and I'm still quite sure he's going to hurt, disappoint, and enrage me, someday soon.
Just leave him alone, for a while. He should be in better spirits, when he's a few months closer to his release. As with the meme about "soft-parenting a manchild" that I showed you, I am not even TRYING to "fix him." I am actually trying to save several hundred complete strangers, whenever he realizes his potential for destruction.
Stay out of my sandbox. If you actually cared as much about him as you profess to, now, then you wouldn't have let him get raped so badly in foster care that he required a surgery to repair the damage that he can now no longer recall. I really don't blame him for how he feels, but I am NO ONE'S "daddy."
He showed me I could be safe around a guy again. I will do the same for him, and I have absolutely no plans to replace that vindictive little slut he was married to. As long as he doesn't bring disease into my home, then he can bang as many starry-eyed chicks as he wants.
Toodles, — $palephx
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