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The official subreddit for San Diego California, "America's Finest City", we’re a rapidly growing (over 300,000 strong!) community serving the whole of the San Diego. We also serve the various counties, plus info concerning our sister city Tijuana MX in the sharing of information, opinion and events to bring us closer together in the richness & diversity that makes us “America’s finest city” *Please READ our rules before posting*

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The official subreddit for the community of San Diego! Locals and visitors are welcome!

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Official food sub for sandiego Dedicated towards showcasing food from all over the San Diego area - especially our local border cuisine (INCLUDING TIJUANA). Share pictures, reviews, websites, etc. Not just limited to pictures of food, but anything food related in San Diego, California.

2023.06.05 19:55 Doon-Alvin Un Gonzalez que no tiene gen sefardí.

Un Gonzalez que no tiene gen sefardí.
Gonzalez es un apellido sefardita termina en ez como apellidos judíos de pura sepa y si este no tiene gen sefardí es porque ya sea que el gen español esta completamente ligado con el gen sefardí, lo cual nos convierte a todo el pueblo hispano hijos de Abraam, eso o es que lo que tiene de gen desconocido es sefardí. Ustedes ¿que creen?
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2023.06.05 19:55 anothercar Trains not running again between San Diego and Los Angeles due to a third landslide in Orange County, ten days after the tracks last reopened

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2023.06.05 19:54 Link-Stand-612 Eu dei uma recaída

Infelizmente eu ainda amo ela
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2023.06.05 19:53 scrubasorous Meanwhile, Washington D.C. experienced a sonic boom...

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2023.06.05 19:53 mgbenny85 Solar charging backup battery jumper

First post in the community and hope it’s an appropriate question/topic, etc.
I’ve had one of these jump boxes for a few years that I use occasionally for jump starting cars but primarily for usb device charging at an off-grid campsite my family frequents. It’s getting pretty tired these days.
On our last visit I discovered a pair of beat up solar panels and a solar controller at the campsite. On a whim I connected the panels and the controller lit up, so I decided to see if they could augment the battery pack which was running low (indicating 12.1v; I didn’t have a multimeter so all measurements are based on what the jump box indicates). The controller is for a 24v trailer setup and I had no inverter, so I just hooked the jump box’s jumper cables to the controller output and turned on the switch for jump start mode. The jump box’s indicated voltage immediately increased, so I angled the panels to target mid-14v and was able to fully charge several devices before I lost sunlight.
Once it got dark, I continued charging until the box went dead. Important to note that the unit seems to have two independent charge indicators: an indicated voltage, and a “charge level” led (which is wildly inaccurate- it tends to show 4/4 bars until voltage drops to about 12, and then plummets). When depleted, that indicator flashes and deactivates usb output.
The next day when I had sunlight, indicated voltage on the box increased until it held 13v even without being connected to the solar input, but the “charge level” indicator remained at 0/4 and I was unable to turn on usb output. Once I got home I plugged the box in, and as I expected it immediately jumped to 4/4. My assumption is that once the module decides it’s dead, something trips that can only be reset by connecting it to ac input, regardless of actual charge voltage.
So the bottom line question (finally) is:
1: am I doing anything that poses a safety risk? (Important)
2: am I doing anything that would be contraindicated for device reliability or service life? (I don’t really care, it’s cheap, but I’m curious)
3: sans inverter, is there anything I can rig to trick the jump box into recognizing that it has sufficient voltage and untripping the “dead mode” when it receives sufficient charge from the solar panels?
(Sorry for the length of the post- this is all mostly a for fun project for me and I’m just curious to see what can be accomplished with the resources I have sitting around. I know I could grab a cheap inverter and eliminate all these questions but it’s more of a learning opportunity to better understand how everything works. Thanks in advance!)
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2023.06.05 19:52 randomcustom Braid "Frame & Canvas" 25th Anniversary Tour with support from Recover, J. Robbins Band, Signals Midwest, 84 Tigers, Oceanator & more! Dates announced

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2023.06.05 19:52 Nieuman 31 [M4F] San Jose, CA - Seeking a wholesome connection via Netflix and Nietzsche

Finding people who wanna understand the mysteries of existence and grapple with the big questions of life is a rare thing. But it's through these kind of connections that we're able to illuminate the darkest recesses of our souls and catch a glimpse of the beauty that extends far beyond our own lives.
Proust said that the real voyage of discovery isn't seeking new landscapes, but having new eyes. That's why I enjoy reading about the humanities, philosophy, psychology, science, sociology, history, and other multidisciplinary subjects, because I'm given a new pair of eyes to see a new horizon. I guess in that regard I'm like a wide-eyed kid in the candy store when it comes to books, but rather than candy it's deep discussions that make my heart skip a beat.
Personality-wise, I'm a quiet person who doesn't say much, but inside I'm full of untold stories. Marriagefree, childfree, and petfree, I embody the saying "If you love something set it free" to the T. Looks-wise, I have a slim physique but my mind is a behemoth of curiosity and wonder, churning with tides of questions that even Google can't answer, as I'm constantly seeking answers to everything. And standing at six feet tall, I guess that makes me vertically blessed for contemplating the infinitely vertical possibilities of the universe.
By trade, I'm a humble worker, toiling away at a low paying job, yet my heart remains steadfast in its pursuit of understanding everything. I find solace in books, losing myself in the stories and theories, and I'm seeking to expand my knowledge and to see things I've never imagined before. I may not make six figures or have a six pack, but my mind is rich and robust with ideas about life and everything in between. Who needs moolah when you've got the timeless works of great thinkers throughout history to lose yourself in? Besides, I hear the pages of books taste delicious when you're really hungry.
I prefer DM, not chat. I’m looking to connect with people who share a passion for the things that truly matter in life. Rather than curling up to watch some Netflix we can curl up to read some Nietzsche. Though I wouldn't mind doing both. Netflix and Nietzsche anyone? I hope we can find something wholesome whether we discuss the works of world-historical figures or our own stories.
So if you enjoy learning and reading, please get in touch with me so we can understand each other inside and out, so we can maximize meaning. Let's explore the unexplored and savor the richness of the unknown. Because the beauty of life lies not just on the surface but in the depths of our hearts waiting to be uncovered and understood.
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2023.06.05 19:52 Shanpanda__ Incertidumbre

¿Qué hacer cuando estás confundida y no sabes si irte o quedarte?
Desde hace unas semanas me he hecho esa pregunta con respecto a mi actual relación, es como si estuviera en una montaña rusa de emociones.
Mi relación no ha sido del todo mala y he de admitirlo, mi pareja me ha apoyado en muchas ocasiones y yo lo he apoyado a él también, sin embargo, últimamente hemos estado peleando por problemas externos por parte de su familia, problemas financieros donde yo soy el que ha llevado las riendas y se rebusca para salir adelante pero se ha vuelto cansado estar siempre lideando con los problemas de otra persona y resolviendo todo para que "estemos bien".
Desde un principio aclaré lo que buscaba, una relación que me brindara paz con alguien con quien pudiera crecer y construir un futuro juntos pero entre más tiempo pasa me voy decepcionando más y más, tengo incluso miedo de quedarme y seguirme hundiendo más y más pero al mismo tiempo pienso en los momentos cuando todo se sentía tranquilo y éramos aparentemente felices.
Ahora me doy cuenta que no conocí bien a está persona y me arrepiento de haber iniciado una relación pero él no sé abrió completamente conmigo, cuando me hablaba sobre él parecía tener una vida normal y a medida fuimos avanzando en la relación salieron a la luz varias cosas de las que no me había contado, me siento traicionada porque me oculto varias cosas y al mismo tiempo me siento una mala persona por quererlo dejar solo cuando no tiene a nadie quien lo apoye.
He hablado con mi pareja, le he explicado como me siento y me dice que él no puede cambiar ni a su familia ni mucho menos su pasado y lo entiendo, es sólo que me quitó la oportunidad de elegir si quería estar ahí porque ahora le tengo tanto cariño que me da hasta lástima dejarlo solo...
Esta relación me está desgastando pero en algunos momentos me hace feliz.
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2023.06.05 19:52 sabat r/SFGiants Secret Decoder Ring

SFGiants Secret Decoder Ring


When Wilmer first arrived in the US from Venezuela, he quickly found his lack of command of American English frustrating. He wanted to be understood, and he felt like he wasn't. But what to do about it?
Wilmer's solution: start watching reruns of the TV show "Friends". Sure enough, it helped—a lot. (Honestly, if you want to hear idiomatic American speech in the modern era, "Friends" is a pretty good source.) He clearly loved the show, and it definitely helped him pick up vocabulary and pronunciation. Wilmer's English is now so good that he often serves as an on-field translator for other Spanish-speaking players.
Oh, and yeah, his walkup song is the theme from "Friends". Presuming you're familiar with the show's theme song, you can easily imagine where the "there for you" comments come from.
The joke goes back to a single silly comment from many years ago.
One day, in a postgame thread, fans in the sub were picking their POTG. One new member was agitated, though, because they didn't know what "POTG" meant.
"What the f%#% does POTG even stand for?! Pants off, that's game?!!" (Full disclosure: I'm paraphrasing, but that's essentially what the comment was.)
Hilarity ensued, and after someone explained that POTG stood for "player of the game"—the player fans thought contributed most to the win—a new tradition was born: when the Giants win a game, we take our pants off. It's kind of a celebration, really.
Yeah, it's completely ridiculous. This is why we love it.
McCovey Cove is the section of the San Francisco Bay just past the ballpark's right field wall; it's named after Giants legend Willie McCovey.
A splash hit is a home run ball that manages to sail over the right field wall and land directly in the water—if the ball was hit by a Giant, that is. We don't count the water shots hit by the opposing team. Why? Hey, it's our ballpark.
Splash Hits have been counted ever since the ballpark opened in 2000, and there is an official counter on the right field wall. As of this writing (June 2023), we have just recorded Splash Hit number 100, hit by LaMonte Wade, Jr.
Why Splash Hits are a big deal:
  • hitting a ball all the way into the cove is really hard
  • it's cool to see the ball hit the water
People have been floating around in McCovey Cove, the cove area just over the wall in right field, since our ballpark opened in 2000. The most famous kayaker is a guy known as McCovey Cove Dave (real name: Dave Edlund), who not only tends to grab most water-bound baseballs, but has also been known to work with the Giants counting official splash hits. He is in the water at every single home game.
Fulboam is the middle name of one of our star relief pitchers, John Fulboam Brebbia. The name "Fulboam" is a tad unusual, so we like to toss it around a little in Gameday Threads.
We Dem Boyz comes from a song by Wiz Khalifa, and was adopted as the unofficial SFGiants theme for the 2023 season.
dem boyz Mike Yastrzemski and Joc Pederson
It's just something fun to say, and in a sense, it's a way of flexing and posturing for the team. That's right. We dem boyz, and you are about to get beaten.
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2023.06.05 19:51 zaphim12 23M Looking for 1-2 roommates to apartment/house hunt in San Jose. Dm me if interested.

I just recently graduated from UMD on the East Coast and I'm moving out to San Jose for a job. Looking to move into a place before the end of July. I'm into rock climbing, gaming, and baking. I also do a lot of home cooking. I'll be bringing my dog with me, but he's very friendly.
I'm pretty flexible on living area. My job is in Sunnyvale, but I don't mind being closer to downtown San Jose and doing a short commute. I'm hoping to spend under $2,000 a month. I also am cool with either a house or an apartment, but I'd probably lean towards getting a house. Tell me a bit about yourself so it's obvious you're not a bot if you Dm me. If you already have a house/apt and are looking for another roommate, feel free to Dm me as well.
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2023.06.05 19:51 Maltixx Galera, quais alguns bons exercicios para aumentar a circunferencia do pescoço? Tem como?

Ou com os exercicios normais que fazemos para outras partes do corpo ele aumenta junto?
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2023.06.05 19:51 LovelyKnite Okay I had to share this one-

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2023.06.05 19:51 JJAC725 He visto esto repetido cc so lo comparto por aquí

He visto esto repetido cc so lo comparto por aquí
🔴 Debido al calor intenso que absorbe su hogar de concreto, el aire acondicionado se le hará muy difícil llegar a temperaturas tan bajas como 62-67°F y se quedará esforzado gastando energía innecesariamente.
🔴Por lo que debe establecer la temperatura a unos 69-70⁰F. ¡Pruébalo y comprobará que es cierto!
🔴Algunos aires tienen modo ecológico o inteligente, en base a la temperatura afuera va adentro de la casa decide cuál es la temperatura ideal para enfriar y gastar menos luz.
🔴No instalen un aire acondicionado para enfriar un área mas grande de la que fue diseñado.
🟠El aire de 12 BTU está diseñado para habitaciones pequeñas
🟠18 BTU para la “Master room”
🟠Para una casa completa promedio en Puerto Rico aproximadamente desde 30 BTU hasta 36 BTU.
🔴Cierren puertas y ventanas del área para enfriar y evitar que entre el calor o salga el frío.
🔴Antes de encender el aire ventile su hogar abriendo las ventanas y/o puertas.
🔴Limpie los filtros dos veces al mes con agua y jabón cuando su aire está apagado.
🔴No encienda su aire si no está en casa
🔴 Coloque la ventanilla hacia arriba, ya que el calor sube y el frío baja por lo que debe ayudar a refrescar más rápido su casa o habitación.
🔴No tiene caso poner la temperatura a 62⁰F, ya que nunca va a llegar a dicha temperatura y por eso ocurren los apagones debido a la sobrecarga del sistema.
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2023.06.05 19:51 atlantean_bell Hoje eu vi minha ex

contexto: eu e minha ex tínhamos um relacionamento mt bom, eu sou gerente de uma loja agrícola e ela não era uma vendedora recorrente da loja, eu sempre comprava medicamentos animais com outras vendedoras/es e nunca vi ela. até que um dia ela apareceu e logo de início pediu meu contato. começamos a conversar e cara, foi amor a primeira vista. porém alguns meses depois a gente conversou sobre morarmos juntos e eu disse que não tava pronto, disse que era recente demais pra darmos esse passo tão longo, mas tentei dizer isso da forma mais carinhosa e amorosa do mundo.. ela entendeu e disse que tudo bem. um mês depois.. num domingo antes do nosso aniversário de namoro, eu estava na casa dela e tava tudo bem, virei pro lado e disse que a amava, ela n retornou e eu burro falei " amor, disse que te amo" ela simplesmente disse " tabom" no restante do dia uns familiares dela foi pra casa e eles conversam, riram, brincaram e eu? fiquei de canto. ela não falou comigo o resto do dia.. dado umas 22:30 eu resolvo pedir um uber e ir embora da casa dela. depois chega uma mensagem "fui tão fdp com vc que vc foi embora de casa quase meia noite, desculpa" disse que tava tudo bem. enfim.. passando alguns dias a gente termina. passado uns meses eu dou falta de umas roupas minhas, perfunto a ela se elas estão lá, eu pergunto "posso ir buscar minhas coisas? vai ser rápido. n vou incomodar" então ela diz "pode deixar que eu vou levar pra você" então eu apenas aceitei. UM MÊS DEPOIS ela aparece hoje, no meu trabalho do nada, eu nunca senti um frio no estômago como hoje, nunca fiquei tão nervoso, nunca suei frio daquele jeito. eu não sabia oq dizer oq fazer ou oq pensar.. eu só fiquei quieto a maior parte do tempo.. então ela pergunta, "saindo pro seu almoço, oq vc vai fazer pra gente comer?" então eu disse que eu n iria fazer nada mas que eu cozinharia pra ela se ela tivesse fome. ela entrou no carro dela, subi na minha moto e quando eu tava indo, ela disse "tchau, tenho um cliente pra atender e ja é quase 13:30. vai demorar muito até vc fazer almoço." achei que ela tava brincando então eu chamei mais uma vez. vamo lá almoçar.. ela ligou o carro e me seguiu até a esquina, virei pra um lado e ela pro outro e ela foi embora. tô até agora vermelho e com o estômago frio.. n sei oq aconteceu, mas depois de ver ela.. n tô bem.. enfim, agora eu tô sentado na cama pensando se eu vou vê-la novamente
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2023.06.05 19:50 Plus_Safety_8198 EMPREGOOOOO

Desempregado a cerca de ano rapaziada morava só e tive que voltar a morar com a mamãe kkk Como faz pra arrumar uns bico ou até mesmo na melhor das hipóteses carteira assinada por aqui?
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2023.06.05 19:50 goreware Alguien que me haga la operación de fimosis?

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2023.06.05 19:48 Xbox360Richtofen Got the poster up. Need a better layout for these lol.

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2023.06.05 19:48 F4nth0m-470 Como quitar mis datos de una línea de Movistar a mi nombre?

Desde la anterior semana me han llegado al correo facturas a mi nombre con mi cédula de 2 linas en Movistar, yo nunca he tenido línea en Movistar y si uno llama a esos números a mi nombres están apagados, ya fui a 2 centros de atención, en el primero me hicieron un radicado que no sirvió pa un qlo y en el segundo me dieron un radicado con el que tengo que esperar 15 días pra que me den respuesta, que me recomiendan? tengo hasta el 12 para que no me reporten a las centrales de riesgo, necesito que me eliminen esas facturas de mis datos
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2023.06.05 19:47 ThisConfidence8948 I want to write a short story with parts of my actual story as a Baby Bisexual.

I have been thinking about writing parts of my story as fiction, but I don't know if anyone would want to read it. Can you guys give me some feedback on these plot points? Would you read a story based on some of the information provided?

Anitra embraces her bisexuality and explores a relationship not fueled by compulsory heterosexuality. We see revisits of childhood that explore her bi-awakening and all the moments she is told by society to push it down or not address it.
After being in the longest relationship to date (1 year and three months), Andrew discusses marriage in their 5-year plan. Anitra does want to be married and have kids, and I can see that with him. We see her meet a new character (unnamed now) while working and has developed a massive crush on them. She is now facing how to honor her feelings and talk with Andrew.
Anitra eventually will lose several people in her life, as they do not accept her or her sexuality. She is now facing her life more or less on her own but feels more liberated than ever.
o Anitra Andarta, a 25-year-old female, was born and raised in San Francisco. Self-proclaimed tom-boy that had to have femininity beat into her by her mother and bullied into using makeup by her sister. She is in a relationship with Andrew, who she cares about and loves a lot, but is now questioning if this relationship was to satisfy the idea of acceptance by her family and to start her own.
o Gemma Martinez, best friend, and first femme sexual encounter, but when asked to have an official relationship, Gemma rejects and distances herself, stating she is straight.
o Andrew Ranger, current boyfriend, and things seem to be getting serious. He knows Anitra is bi, although she hadn’t come out. Outs her to her parents when Anitra wants to begin embracing her queerness.
o Nikka Lopez, Anitra’s mom, is not an ally to female, queer folk and only aligns/"gets along with gay men." Considers women of all types to be catty and mistrustful. Rocky relationship from birth with Anitra starts a sibling rivalry between Anitra and Crista.
o Cristo Andarta, Anitra’s father, is all about female empowerment with his daughters, but also overly sexualizes women constantly in from of them. She is likelier to be an ally but will drop racial and sexist slurs when angry.
o Crista Corrales, Anitra’s older sister, is in a trapped loveless marriage with kids. Crista only describes her interest in her but cannot act on it as she fears losing everything. Crista is spiteful of the attention given to Anitra by their parents and tends to be a "role model" by dressing her up, putting make-up on her, and telling her how to get boyfriends. She tears Anitra down over the years for being overweight and flaunts how many men are attracted to her, but she doesn't act because she is married. Crista has a secret; she has a friend to whom she is attracted, Laura.
o San Francisco 90’s – 2000’s
o San Francisco Bay Area 2008 - 2015
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2023.06.05 19:47 Revolutionary-Okra60 Comprar un celular por amazon/ebay

Estoy pensando en comprarme un celular por amazon o ebay, ya que me saldria mas barato que comprar de aca (especialmente por ebay) pero mi principal problema esta en el tema del chip, estuve investigando pero hasta ahora no llego a entender bien como saber si mi chip de aca va a funcionar, entiendo que los que estan desbloqueados para todas las lineas si o si funcionarian, pero los que son de at&t o tmobile funcionan? O uno de ellos?
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2023.06.05 19:47 Qwertylp1 Como viajar barato?

Consulta: tengo el dinero para hacer un viaje ida y vuelta a España (1 semana) pero quiero gastar lo menos posible y se ve que en Argentina un viaje te sale 2100 usd, mientras en Chile o Brazil cuesta 900-1100...
Como hicieron ustedes? Puedo viajar a Chile o brazil solo con boleto de ida? O ir en micro? Es seguro? Mi plan es volver directo a bsas si se puede
Gracias de antebrazo
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2023.06.05 19:47 Jhonjournalist Introducing the Best Straw Hats for Women

Introducing the Best Straw Hats for Women

Trendy, agreeable, and defensive against the sun’s harming beams — a straw cap exemplifies the embodiment of summer frill.
As the temperature climbs, no other decoration very encapsulates the season like the right woven cap. Its flexibility supplements any outfit while remaining fearlessly immortal in the quickly changing design scene.

10 Best Straw Hats

1. Best Panama Straw Cap for Summer

Embrace the sun-soaked long periods of summer with this flawless Panama straw cap. Produced using 100 percent paper straw, this cap is the ideal mix of style, sturdiness, and solace. Its particular element is the blended/melange straw body that gives it a novel and outwardly engaging surface.

2. Best Raffia Straw Cap for Oceanside

Experience the pith of summer with this high-quality, rich, delicate straw cap. This ocean-side prepared extra, created by a gifted custom straw cap creator, is produced using 100 percent raffia, guaranteeing it’s both solid and agreeable.
The cap sports a deviated crown overlap and a strip in a beige and white range, loaning it a windy style. The frayed trim further improves its easygoing allure. This beige and white ladies’ straw cap coordinates well with different outfits and offers a beautiful method for keeping the sun under control.

3. Best Visor Cap for Summer

It is a sleek and practical false pearl-decorated straw visor. Produced using 100 percent paper straw by a custom straw cap creator, this visor offers both solace and tastefulness.
It is planned given long-haired ladies, giving an agreeable fit while keeping hair set up. The fake pearl embellishments add a bit of complexity to your look.

4. Best Wide Edge Cap for Voyaging

Presenting our wide-overflow sun straw cap, skillfully carefully assembled by our custom straw cap creator. Produced using 100 percent paper straw, it’s lightweight, sturdy, and agreeable for the entire day’s wear.

5. Best Sew Can Cap for Regular Custom straw cap producer remarkable plan

Presenting our trendy container straw cap, created from twisted paper straw with a wonderful sewed look. This cap highlights eye-getting granny squares in splendid varieties, adding an energetic and lively touch to its plan.

6. Best American Legacy Visor for Day to day

The Stylish Clothing Shop UPF 50+ Ladies’ American Banner Paper Plait Wrap Moved Visor is a frill made altogether from paper straw, planned explicitly for women. This visor includes a UV defensive American banner plan that adds trendy energy to your open-air troupe.

7. Best Craftsman Made Wide Edge Cap for Brilliant, Sun-Safeguarded Polish

This Wide Edge Straw Cap is a champion piece, flaunting a round crown and a sweeping edge that gives ideal sun insurance. Made from regular straw, it includes a multi-shaded handwoven plan, delivering each piece extraordinary because of the complex craftsmanship included.

8. Best Two-Tone Travel-Accommodating Cap for Stylish Summer Style with a Pigtail Curve

This Two Tone Straw Cap is an on-pattern frill that gorgeously takes care of your late spring needs. Made to keep you stylish while giving shade, it sports a great crisscross plan in dark and normal tones, carrying a demeanor of polish to your mid-year clothing.

9. Best Space Colored Sew Sun Cap for Blustery Style and Extreme Sun Security

The San Diego Space Colored Sew Sun Cap is a beautiful and viable decision for bright days. It gives amazing sun security, because of its wide edge and round crown plan, and it’s created to right away raise your look with its lovely space colored sew development.

10. Best People Boho Floppy Wide Edge Cap for Bright, Loosened up Style and Prevalent Sun Security

Unwind and embrace the people’s boho vibe with this endured floppy wide-overflow cap. Besides the fact that it gives sun insurance, it likewise upgrades your style with its variety of emphasize groups and a plaited crown band, produced using a paper twist. The multi-hued straw adds a layer of bohemian appeal to this piece.
Learn More:
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