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Pokemon Go Raids

2017.06.25 00:49 Space_Shifter Pokemon Go Raids

Here, trainers can setup Pokemon Go Raids around their area to form a team & battle high-level bosses, and set up groups of trainers for Remote Raids to take down higher-level bosses across the world. Rule 1: DO NOT ADVERTISE YOUR DISCORD, SUBREDDIT OR WHATEVER IT MAY BE Rule 2: DO NOT POST “LOOKING FOR” REQUESTS for T5/Mega. (T1/T3 requests allowed in the Weekly Mega-Thread!) (check full rules listing for more details) Our discord server can be joined at https://discord.gg/pokeraids

2014.04.16 22:29 ZadocPaet RetroGamePorn: Beautiful photos of old video games

Post your images of gorgeous retro video games from all generations of gaming, just not modern games!

2010.08.30 22:55 HoboSpider Nintendo 64 - N64: Get N Or Get Out

The sub-reddit for all things Nintendo 64. This ranges in anything from collections, questions, good finds, pictures, video games, videos, run-throughs, and anything imaginable, just as long as it is Nintendo 64 related.

2023.05.29 21:45 AutoModerator Todd Valentine - Verbal Academy (Complete Program)

Chat +447593882116 (Telegram/Whatsapp) to get Todd V - Verbal Game Academy.
Todd Valentine's Verbal Game Academy Course will teach you his top strategies for effective communication.
Todd V is known for the extreme high quality of his content. In Todd V - Verbal Game Academy you will learn how to:
Be the guy that speaks to her emotions
How to walk up with absolute confidence
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To get Todd V - Verbal Game Academy contact me on:
Reddit Direct Message to u/RequestCourseAccess
Email: silverlakestore/@/yandex.com (remove the brackets)
WhatsApp/Telegram: +447593882116
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2023.05.29 21:21 FunAppointmentz Who is William Busi Video viral on social media, what did he do?

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2023.05.29 21:03 Purple_Weakness5482 Can manually pushing your jaw forward recess the chin more?

I've been manually pushing my lower jaw forward so my front teeth are aligned, as a means to make it appear as if I don't have a recessed chin. I've been doing this for about 6 months now, and I have noticed that now it is easier to keep that position with my lower mandible. Although I plan on stopping this practice, could this have recessed my chin even more than before? Additionally, what other issues could this practice cause?
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2023.05.29 20:53 Jhinbe What kind of fiber installation is this?

Hi, I would like to know which fiber connection I have at my new apartment. I can see these two boxes, but I'm not sure wether the one on the right is the input! I would like some help to identify what each one does!
Image: https://imgur.com/a/JQ3uh9j
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2023.05.29 20:41 maxquacks i messed up my computer.

i know i’m stupid for this but i really need help. i have livesplit on my computer and it wasn’t opening so i looked up an article on how to force it to open. i know it’s dumb but i was getting desperate. i somehow changed all of my .exe files to “%1”%” and i didnt restart my computer correctly. i logged back in and everything looked fine, but when i tried opening edge it didn’t work. i tried opening command prompt, but it said to look for an app in microsoft store. i got file explorer open, but basically nothing else would open. i found a way to open command prompt but i don’t know what to do from there. is there a command to change all of one file type to a different one? did i completely ruin my computer? did i accidentally delete something in system32? i really need help, and i know i was dumb for doing it in the first place. im not a computer noob, but im not an expert by any means. i think with trying to open a stupid timer i might have ruined everything. help would be very greatly appreciated. if anyone needs more info i can provide as much as possible
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2023.05.29 20:31 PedradaGamer [VIDEO] Remember is living! See what happened on the channel on 6/3/2022 with the game Nobody Saves the World!

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2023.05.29 19:57 Rottenapple83 [STEAM] [PVE] ARK-TURUS // No Wipe- Auto Decay // All Maps // 2x Harvesting, 2x Exp, 4x Taming, 20x Maturation // Boosted Weekends // S+ // Dino Storage // CKFR // Ark Additions & More!

[Join our discord](https://discord.gg/bFXbjrGhNd)

Server Info
* 2x Starter Pack
* Ingame Shop
* Voting Rewards & Patron Rewards
* Active Admins/Mods & Community support
* No Wipe Cluster
* Cave Flyer Disable
* All Stroyline & DLC Maps, including an overhaul modded map (3 mo. cycle)
* Max Player Level- 190
* Max Wild Dino- 150
* Server restarts every day at 0200 PST / 0500 EST / 0400 CT / 0300 MT / 1000 BST / 0900 GMT.
* Dedicated hardware for lag-free experience

Rates (Boosted on Fri.-Sun.)
* 2x Harvesting
* 2x Exp
* 4x Taming
* 20x Maturation
* 5x Weight
* 10x Fortitude

* Dino Tracker
* Cross Server Chat
* Suicide (Incase character is stuck)
* Tidy dams (No need to grab everything off a beaver dam, just what you need)
* Tribe Enforcer
* Auto- Decay (2 days- no tribe, 30 days-with tribe)

* Structures Plus S+
* Dino Storage V2
* Awesome Spyglass
* Ark Additions: The collection
* CKF: Remastered & Science Fiction
* MX-E Ark Shop
* Eco's RP Decor
* Eco's Tek Decor
* RR: Garden Deko & more *New ver.*
* RR: Home Deko & more
* RR: Pegasus
* RR: SeaHorse
* MarniMod: Hairstyle
* Variants of Caballus
* S-Dino Variants
* Paleo Ark: Legends Expansion

Website: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2778065026
Steam App: steam://openurl/https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2778065026

[Join Our Discord](https://discord.gg/bFXbjrGhNd) for more information about our server, we are a growing community of people who does prefer rates that are not game breaking, similar to vanilla but with quality-of-life improvements. We highly encourage those returning veterans & new beginners to the game to join our servers, our admins/moderators have more than 5k hours into ark officials & are an open encyclopedia to our community. Our community is very helpful & active, either going through the map as story mode or just surviving, you'll find folks around to help out. This is a paradise for both Role-players and builders, not to mention breeders! We invite you to join us to help mold our community & the cluster as a whole to its best version.
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2023.05.29 19:54 newmusicrls Beatport Mainstage Top 100 May 2023

GENRE Mainstage, Electro House, Big Room, Future Rave, Future House
  1. Eli Brown – Be The One (Original Mix) 02:49 136bpm Bbm
  2. Calvin Harris, Ellie Goulding – Miracle (Hardwell Remix) 03:04 138bpm Dbm
  3. HI-LO, Space 92 – Arpeggio (Extended Mix) 05:42 130bpm Gm
  4. Space Laces – Dominate (VIP) 03:49 128bpm Eb
  5. Hardwell, Sub Zero Project – Judgement Day 04:28 150bpm Em
  6. Benny Benassi, The Biz – Satisfaction (Original Mix) 02:35 130bpm Bb
  7. Hardwell, 4 Strings, Maddix – Take Me Away Again (Original Mix) 03:25 138bpm Ebm
  8. Hardwell, Olly James – Seduction 03:11 134bpm Dm
  9. Avao – Dance With Me 02:59 bpm
  10. David Guetta, Sia – Titanium (feat. Sia) (David Guetta & MORTEN Future Rave Extended Mix) 05:45 126bpm C
  11. Cedric Gervais – Molly (Original Mix) 03:42 126bpm Am
  12. Hardwell, Timmy Trumpet, Maddix – Revolution 02:46 140bpm F#m
  13. Tiesto – Lethal Industry (Maddix Extended Remix) 04:32 135bpm G
  14. Hardwell, Olly James – Flatline 02:58 134bpm Gm
  15. Rudeejay, Tujamo, Da Brozz – Get Get Down (Original Mix) 02:43 125bpm F
  16. Bassjackers – Traffic (Original Mix) 02:21 135bpm Bbm
  17. W&W, Sandro Silva, MC Ambush – Shake The Building (Extended Mix) 03:56 130bpm Fm
  18. Rudeejay, Neitan, DJ Kuba – Sandstorm (Extended Mix) 04:19 135bpm Em
  19. Hardwell, Quintino – Sloopkogel 03:05 132bpm Fm
  20. R3HAB, AFROJACK – Shockwave 02:02 bpm
  21. Carola, Felguk – 5th Symphony (Original Mix) 02:37 126bpm Cm
  22. Fergie – Here Comes That Sound (Extended Mix) 06:25 130bpm E
  23. Afrojack, Chico Rose, Mougleta – Alone Again (feat. Afrojack & Mougleta) (Original Mix) 02:43 122bpm Dm
  24. Dustycloud – Paris to Vegas 03:37 bpm
  25. Shouse – Love Tonight (David Guetta Extended Remix) 04:15 126bpm Cm
  26. Afrojack, Mike Williams – Alone (Original Mix) 04:12 135bpm Fm
  27. Avao, Matrick – WTF 03:03 bpm
  28. Mike Candys – Tell You (Original Mix) 02:49 140bpm Gbm
  29. W&W, AXMO – Heaven Is A Place On Earth (Extended Mix) 03:52 128bpm E
  30. FOVOS, Shortround, Bangs – Don’t Let Me Go 02:47 130bpm Dm
  31. Xillions, Tungevaag – Dancing On My Own (Original Mix) 02:41 128bpm Dbm
  32. Rave Republic, New Sound Nation, Sønsh – Daddy DJ (Extended Mix) 03:38 145bpm G
  33. Klaas, MATTN – The Logical Song (Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Extended Remix) 03:36 130bpm B
  34. NoNameLeft – Stay Awake 04:41 128bpm
  35. jaakob – Mind CNTRL 02:54 bpm
  36. Armin van Buuren, Vanessa Campagna – Vulnerable feat. Vanessa Campagna (Extended Mix) 05:10 128bpm Bm
  37. Shift K3Y, Kaleena Zanders – V I B R A T I O N (Extended Mix) 04:50 127bpm Bbm
  38. Robin S – Show Me Love (Original Mix) 04:29 120bpm Am
  39. SOROUSH YARAHMADI, Me2 – Symphony (Original Mix) 02:11 130bpm Em
  40. Linka, Gregor Potter – Lost In Techno 03:09 135bpm Gm
  41. Hardwell, Will Sparks – Twisted 03:04 135bpm Cm
  42. New World Sound, Will Sparks – LSD (Original Mix) 03:12 130bpm F
  43. Kaskade, Justus – Dance with Me 03:40 bpm
  44. Morten – No Good (Original Mix) 02:21 128bpm Cm
  45. Timmy Trumpet, DVBBS – Synergy (Original Mix) 03:29 125bpm Em
  46. KEVU – Sound Of The Underground 02:44 150bpm Fm
  47. Revealed Recordings, Trey Pearce – Something (Extended Mix) 03:36 135bpm Gbm
  48. Mike Candys – Body Rock (Extended Mix) 03:15 130bpm Gm
  49. Armin van Buuren, Blasterjaxx – La Bomba (Extended Mix) 04:03 135bpm F
  50. Becky Hill, Meduza, Goodboys – Lose Control (Original Mix) 02:48 124bpm Cm
  51. Trym – It’s Better When We Fake It (Original Mix) 06:58 133bpm Db
  52. Ben Nicky, Uberjak’d, Trey Pearce – Relapse 03:30 bpm
  53. W&W, AXMO, Haley Maze – Rave Superstar (Extended Mix) 03:31 150bpm Gb
  54. Freejak – Sandstorm (Original Mix) 02:40 128bpm Em
  55. Chris Lake, Alexis Roberts – Turn off the Lights (feat. Alexis Roberts) (Extended Version) 04:52 125bpm Em
  56. Revealed Recordings, b1rdie – This Is Not A Test (Extended Mix) 04:07 132bpm F
  57. Dyro – Lucid 03:44 bpm
  58. Morten – The Drill (Original Mix) 02:19 128bpm C
  59. Hardwell, Metallica – Nothing Else Matters vs F*CKING SOCIETY feat. Metallica (Hardwell Extended Mashup) 06:15 128bpm Em
  60. Showtek, Robin Schulz, Oliver Tree – Miss You (Showtek Remix) 03:28 145bpm A
  61. Space Laces – Dominate (Original Mix) 03:54 128bpm Eb
  62. Armin van Buuren, Ahmed Helmy – Rhythm Inside (Extended Mix) 05:34 126bpm A
  63. Ship Wrek – Sober 02:49 bpm
  64. Sebastian Ingrosso, Alesso, Ryan Tedder – Calling (Lose My Mind) (Extended Club Mix) 06:13 125bpm E
  65. Mike Williams, DTale – Living On Video (feat. DTale) (VIP Mix) 03:52 130bpm Gbm
  66. Retrika, Alex Mueller – Cybernight (Original Mix) 02:53 130bpm D
  67. FOVOS – Feel The Rhythm 03:20 135bpm
  68. Firebeatz – California (Extended Mix) 03:31 128bpm F
  69. Armin van Buuren, Alba – State Of Mind feat. ALBA (Extended Mix) 04:31 130bpm Dm
  70. Tujamo, Antoine Delvig – Vida Loca (Original Mix) 03:01 126bpm Eb
  71. Alle Farben, Maurice Lessing – Apollo (Original Mix) 03:07 127bpm Dm
  72. STVW, Tungevaag, Joe Jury – Lovers On The Run (Original Mix) 03:10 130bpm Ebm
  73. Marlo – Give Me 02:19 bpm
  74. AXMO – Party Everyday (Extended Mix) 03:53 145bpm Gm
  75. Robbe, Mert Can, DJSM – On The Floor – DJSM Remix (Original Mix) 02:25 133bpm F
  76. Timmy Trumpet, POLTERGST – Tonight (Original Mix) 03:22 126bpm Ebm
  77. Will Sparks – Come With Me (Original Mix) 03:50 132bpm D
  78. Tiësto – Baila Conmigo (Original Mix) 02:26 128bpm Bm
  79. Alesso, OneRepublic – If I Lose Myself (Alesso vs OneRepublic) 03:33 126bpm D
  80. NoNameLeft – Distract 04:07 127bpm
  81. Armin van Buuren, Matluck – Letting Go feat. Matluck (Extended Mix) 04:28 128bpm Cm
  82. Retrovision, Tungevaag – Alone With You (Original Mix) 02:34 66bpm Cm
  83. Jordan Shaw, Justin Mylo, Money For Nothing – Before The Dawn (jeonghyeon Extended Remix) 02:41 126bpm D
  84. Nicky Romero – Techtronic 03:44 bpm
  85. Asco – Fortuna (Original Mix) 03:40 136bpm Dm
  86. Calvin Harris, Hurts, Alesso – Under Control (Extended Mix) 05:36 126bpm Ab
  87. Calvin Harris – Feel So Close (Extended Mix) 05:30 128bpm G
  88. MorganJ – 4U (Original Mix) 02:51 126bpm Cm
  89. Steve Aoki, Vini Vici – Wild (Original Mix) 02:15 104bpm E
  90. Bingo Players, Oomloud – Get Low (Original Mix) 02:37 96bpm Gbm
  91. Martin Garrix, DubVision – Starlight (Keep Me Afloat) (feat Shaun Farrugia – extended mix) 03:22 127bpm
  92. Henry Fong, Knock2 – What’s The Move (feat General Degree) 02:49 130bpm
  93. Modapit – Out Of Control 02:01 bpm
  94. Siik, Andrew A, Barmuda – Saviour 03:14 bpm
  95. Lucas & Steve – Warp (Original Mix) 02:23 126bpm Gbm
  96. Cherish, ACRAZE – Do It To It (Tiësto Remix) 02:05 125bpm Gm
  97. NWYR – The Lone Ranger (Extended Mix) 06:31 128bpm Ab
  98. D-Jastic – Up To No Good (Extended Mix) 05:11 128bpm Abm
  99. Timothy Allen – Show Me (Original Mix) 02:11 126bpm Gb
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2023.05.29 19:53 braden_tippit What cpu and motherboard bundle should I get from micro center?

So a few days ago my motherboard, cpu, and ram broke due to my motherboard. I took it to Best Buy and they said I need to replace it. I bought a warranty on all my parts from micro center. They said I could get store credit. I would get $400 for my cpu, $200 for motherboard and $210 for my ram. So I would have $810 to use at micro center. I was wanting to do am5 motherboard. So I saw micro center does bundles. I saw one Intel i9 13900K, ASUS TUF Z790 Plus Wifi, G.Skill 32GB DDR5-6000 Kit, Computer Build Bundle for $800. I saw one AMD Ryzen 9 7900X, ASUS B650E-F ROG Strix Gaming WiFi, G.Skill Flare X5 Series 32GB DDR5-6000 Kit, Computer Build Bundle for $550. And one AMD Ryzen 9 7950X, ASUS X670E Pro Prime WiFi, G.Skill Flare X5 Series 32GB DDR5-6000 Kit, Computer Build Bundle for $900. I would just pay the difference. Btw I mostly do 1440p gaming and maybe 4k later down the road. Or I could get the 7800x3d separately and a motherboard separately. What is the best parts for gaming in my situation
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2023.05.29 19:45 Semper_Fidelis_Deo Three different bugs: some kind of bee, some kind of wasp, and some kind of eggs. All on Florida's East Coast, all near (brackish) water... (Details in body text)

Three different bugs: some kind of bee, some kind of wasp, and some kind of eggs. All on Florida's East Coast, all near (brackish) water... (Details in body text)
My kids and I visit a local park/boat launch near our home in the evenings fairly regularly: Goode Park in Palm Bay, FL, if you want to know.
The bees have been on this plant, quite literally, for months. It looks like they gather around the flowers to sleep for the night. They're definitely alive, but don't move much. The plant looks brown and dry. The "flowers" look kinda like dried out clover flowers. Every week we check to see if they're still there, and they are.
The wasps seem to use the same plant as an evening resting place, and they, too, have been there for months.
The eggs are a newer addition, but are only a few feet away from the bees and wasps. Probably not related, but I'd still love to know what's in the eggs. I've seen a couple Eastern Lubber Grasshoppers in the same park, so maybe their grasshopper eggs.
Last detail: the plants in the photos are all within 20 feet of a freight railroad, so I suppose it's possible these bugs aren't native. Maybe they were on some fruits in a freight car.
That's it! I appreciate you're help! My 7 y/o son is a huge bug nut right now and he'd love to know, too.
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2023.05.29 19:44 Arker456 The Phoenix Dungeons is on Ko-fi now!

The Phoenix Dungeons demo is out now! Get it on Ko-fi!
Ko-fi links: macOS version
Windows version
Game showoff: https://youtu.be/GUvZkOVEHW4
Subscribe to our channel!
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2023.05.29 19:21 morelikenonjas How to handle finances on potential new home

My family bought a house 4 years ago as the market was shooting up in our area. It ended up being a great move as the home met all of our needs and we were able to upgrade some things in the house to make it a really nice highish end home. All with a very low mortgage, so we’ve been able to save up another 200k in cash. Our old neighborhood was in a great convenient spot, and we miss it enough that we’ve kept an eye on the location to see if anything were to come up.
So now there is a listing that we are interested in that we have been watching for a while. Overpriced so it’s sat for about 8 months now. We think it is worth about as much as our current house (730k-750k). Currently priced at 790k.
If we were able to get an offer accepted that we are okay with, what’s out best option for handling the finances with needing to sell our current home? We currently owe about 90k on a 15 year loan. Ideally we’d be able to use our savings to pay off the outstanding loan and any overage on the new house and have no mortgage at all. What would be the most appealing for a low offer? We’d probably sell our home for 720k, our next door neighbor’s home just sold for 700k and is almost 1000sq ft smaller.
We don’t need to move, like our current house, and have a 4 month old so it would have to be as low stress as possible to be worth it, and at the right price. We do really like this other house though and there aren’t many properties like it in the area so we aren’t sure we’d find another opportunity like it if we were to wait.
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2023.05.29 19:05 technicaltucker I need help with a girl

Hello Reddit I would like to talk about Friday night 26th of may on this day I decided to ask if my neighbor wanted to go to a car meet with me in my new car she said yes and we went and the experience has a full even destiny there makes me feel quite funny and the feeling that I don't think I've ever had with any relationship background on my neighbor she's really caring really nice very intelligent and listens.
when we arrived to the car meet she said he was scared and I tried to reassure her that I would be there for her and that she would be safe and for the duration of the time when we were at the car she would stay very close to me the car me comes to an end and we're driving back and I've asked about a ring she had on and where she got it as I wanted to get a necklace for very private reasons and she asked about them and she just listened and comforted me it was an amazing feeling.
the night comes to an end as I drop her off and she gives me a hug and we say goodnight I get home and she sends me a heart over text.
I have realised over the weekend I do really like her like nothing else I've felt before and I want to try to show her that but am unsure how to. I'm not in the best shape I happily admit I'm 6f and only 45kg but I've started working on it and am slowly gaining.
my true question is what should and what can i do?
Many thanks all of you 🙏
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2023.05.29 18:58 Snoo55377 My high school experience is ruining my life.

My high school provides four years of training, and I'm completing my fourth year here, so one last year to go. Thinking about the three years I've spent so far, I think I've changed in such a bad way.
The thing is, I feel unnoticed and unworthy. Students, especially boys, just don't care about me or acknowledge my existence. This was a problem, especially in the first two and a half years. This school year, I somehow managed to make some friends, so it was kind of a better semester. But in previous years, nobody cared about me. I think in my school (and probably in other high schools too), social acceptance is highly correlated with appearance. The more beautiful you are, the more accepted you are and the more friends you have, whether it's just friendship or romance. Like I said, thankfully I made real friends, but I still can't stop feeling like my worth is reduced to my looks, and my looks aren't worthy of being loved.
The school lowered my self-esteem and self-worth. I need constant external validation, yet I never receive it. I constantly think about these things, which have affected my grades badly. I used to be a very good student, but now I feel so unmotivated to do any of the work. Tomorrow, I have an important exam, and I'm so not ready for it, but here I'm writing this because I couldn't stop thinking about it all day. I tried so hard but just couldn't focus on my work.
But what actually scares me is: what if this situation won't change once I'm out of high school? What if I keep struggling with the inferiority complex I've gained in high school for longer? I'm also afraid it'll keep affecting my schoolwork because I'll take the university exams next year. I don't know what to do.
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2023.05.29 18:42 Successful_Bat_8677 Diablo 4 developers exposed for fake sycophant questions supposedly from fans

Diablo 4 developers exposed for fake sycophant questions supposedly from fans

Almost exactly a week is left before the official release of Diablo 4 (those who pre-ordered will be able to play earlier, on June 2). Blizzard developers, represented by Associate Director Joseph Piepiora and Art Director John Mueller, decided at the very end of the game promotion campaign to answer questions from fans in the classic question / answer format. The video, published on the Future Games Show channel, was intended to dispel all doubts of inquisitive players.
Unfortunately (at least for Blizzard), it turned out that most of the questions in the video were not from the players.
The fake question scandal caught the attention of Quin69, who, while broadcasting his reaction to the Q&A, began to inquire about their rather suspicious content; some of them were not like what a gamer would write before the release - some of the comments looked like laudatory "odes".
The streamer decided to check who the comments mentioned in the video are coming from. It turned out that a significant part of the "authors" of comments either do not exist or are somehow connected with the developers.
Here is an example of a similar question from a fake user:
Thank you so much for adding the couch co-op game! I can imagine how this made the development process more difficult, why was it so important to add this option to Diablo 4?
After this masquerade was revealed, Blizzard naturally received a wave of criticism, this time from real users leaving real comments:
The game's marketing team made me hate the game even before I played it.
Cardboard questions for cardboard developers from a cardboard pastiche of what was once Blizzard.
You can see that these are bogus questions and answers if they do not contain pay-to-win questions.
Blizzard has not yet responded to allegations of question rigging, but it goes without saying that no amount of positive PR will help here. The question of why the developers decided to shoot themselves in the foot before launch remains unanswered.
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2023.05.29 18:36 KissingClitsInTheBay 29 [M4F] #SouthBay / Anywhere! - Seeking needy Pillow Princesses 💕 Enthusiastic, sensual Switch wants to worship and adore You 🔥Lay back, relax, and let me take care of You 🙏

Greetings, my dearest! 💘
Simply put: I'm absolutely fiending to provide You with pleasure, attention, and bliss til youve had Your fill.! ♥️
I lustfully await that piercing gaze that we share when you look down at me... Shakingly anticipating the feeling of my tongue finally making contact with You; My hands exploring and rubbing You from head to toe.
I want your toes to curl, your legs to tremble, your entire body and existence to quake; Awating my next decision on how to make You feel.
Seconds seamlessly transform into hours; Every winking moment melded together in a hazy bliss... I want our experience to affect your days, your routine. You sitting at your desk, out running errands, doing work. Laying in bed, scrolling on your phone....
I want you to feel your pulse down there. When your body tries to recall the feeling, the sensations that you felt during our encounter.
And, the same goes for me and the days of my own. Thinking about You, recalling our time together; I want to be a barely functional mess...!
I lean towards the Switch-y side... 💕 So, if You need me be more dominant 🔥 and pin Your wrists down to the bed, administer some spanks and gripping before/during/after I service You, etc...
Or, if You want to unleash some pent-up dom feels, yourself..! 🤐 I can also be more submissive, and be sooo good for You, while You use me. And my mouth, tongue; And sit and use my face until you've had your fill. 💝
Important Things! (Was a great show on Comedy Central! Also, lists are awesome!):
• This experience is all about You! I want to make You feel and know that You are the very center of the universe when you're spending time with me ❤️ I want to cater to every/any one of Your needs to the best of my abilities! 🙏💕
• Absolutely NO reciprocation needed and NO actual sex/PIV intercourse. (Upon request and conversation: perhaps 🤔) BUT: Strictly cute, intimate cuddles; and hand/mouth usage only!👄🖐 🥄 🥄
• I can host You in an upscale hotel/suite 🏨 You're my pillow princess!!! I truly want to pamper You in the heights of luxury and relaxation. Plus, air conditioning and random hotel TV shows/movies, amirite?! 💕 (Again, upscale locations only!)
• Before/During/After Care, Cute/spicy pillow talk, and Cuddles/Spooning, Massages and Rubs of all kinds will gladly (and enthusiastically!!!) be provided upon request! ❣️
• If no 'care' is desired, I also have no problem with making this a "cum-n-go" situation; Where You cum all the times You need before Your departure from me. 🤷🏽‍♂️
• Privacy and Discretion guaranteed ✅💯 I'm here for You and Your needs! And am not looking to interfere with any relationships/arrangements you have going on..! I am, however, more than open to meeting up with You again; If my services leave a nice impression...😌
• I absolutely ADORE feedback; Both verbal and non-verbal!!! So moaners, loud ones, body quakers, and (squirters) to the front! 🤷🏽‍♂️😅 Don't be shy!!! Let it ALL out when You're with me 😏
Whether it's a 'dead bedroom' situation... Or a case of the person in your life "just not doing it right"... To single ladies looking to break a dry spell... To ladies just looking for good ol' general indulgence!
I'm here for You🙏 Your bliss and delight are truly my own! Leading to this beautiful, endless, infinite cycle of giving and receiving 💕 Let's experience it, together!!! ✅♥️
I know what I'm doing; And I can't wait until You've finally tried the difference between someone who merely guesses and scoffs at your needs and pleasure........
And someone who is truly there for You and knows what they're doing. 💯🔥
The pillow princess experience You thought never existed, is out there..! You just haven't experienced me yet 🤤❣️Let's change that, ASAP!
Some random, quick stuff About Me:
• 29 M , South Bay based, Single 😛, DDF, Expert cuddler and cunnilinguist, Orally fixated..! Gives hella good rubs and massages; Great kisser 😘
• INFJ x Libra Sun (w/ lots of Scorpio ♏️ in my natal chart 🔥 ) for those who keep count of those...!
• 5'9" 185lbs athletic, broad shouldered, warm n' cuddly dad bod, with warm, skilled hands 🙌 420 and alchy friendly 💨 🌿 🍺
important geotags / locations:
South Bay preferred, but mobile all across The Bay for the right chemistry 🧪 !
San Jose (all areas), Santa Clara, Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Palo Alto, SJSU, Stanford, Cupertino, Campbell, Los Gatos, SJC San Jose Airport, SFbayarea
Bay Area ladies, visitors: PM / Reddit Chat Me, and let's get started on what You're in need of the most..!
Definitely NOT my first rodeo here on Reddit (with numerous successes!!); So chatting, finding a mutual vibe will be of vital importance for both parties. 💯
SFW Pics / pic links, ready to send over!
Can't wait to hear from You!
Edit: Some dude has been plagiarizing my post here and on RAOMD 🙄 Ignore that poser and get with a real lover 😎 And low effort messages/PMs will be ignored, and will lead me to rightfully assume that You're a bot/selleeven worse... a dude xD Reach out with some humanly stuff, please 😭😅
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2023.05.29 18:19 turko127 27 [M4F] DC Area/Northeast USA - Neurodivergent Teddy Bear seeks… master-no… owner-nooo… ah, a loving relationship

How I yearn for the days of cozying up with a partner in a warm embrace (again). Chilling in the house watching anime, Pokemon battling, telling me some interesting nooks and crannies (or nook’s cranny) of whichever game we’re playing. Perhaps a romantic dinner at a reasonable restaurant on the Riviera… or Riviera Casino & Resort (I dunno, I made that up). Melting into each other no matter where we go or what we do… I miss that. I hope that’s of interest to you.
Physically, I’m half anglo-yank, half turk, a little big but am working on it. Lost nearly 40 lbs in 5 months and gunning for more. I take pride in being able to buy smaller shirts again. One day we’ll use my old 3xl shirts to snuggle.
Whatever your sorrows, I’m here for you. I very rarely get angry or frustrated and I even more rarely let it get to me. You’ve probably been through a lot and want to melt your frustrations away. Or you want to pick my brain about politics. I’m here for both. I live for both. But I’m also here for myself, and I’d say I’m doing pretty decently for myself. You being around is one way of worming your way into my heart already :)
If you’re interested, drop a DM (not reddit chat please). I’d eventually like to move onto discord if we hit things off well enough. I’d also prefer you to be in the US, hopefully around the Northeast or Virginia (my home sweet home). Or the Denver area. And lastly… please be somewhere in the ballpark of 23-31.
Take card of yourself, and hopefully I’ll hear from you.
Edit: please no minutes old or hours old accounts contacting me.
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2023.05.29 18:18 DangerousDylan A Woman[26F] I[26M] Turned Down Has A Boyfriend[26M] Now and She Doesn't Stop Talking To Me About How Awesome He Is. I Still Have No Interest In Her And It's Getting Annoying At This Point. How can I get her to stop?

Last year I met this girl on a dating app, she was really nice but not my cup of tea. I told her after the second date that I wasn't interested in her but I'll be here if she wanted to be friends. She agreed and we had a pretty good friendship after that. I introduced her to my friends so now she's apart of the group.
A couple of months ago she meets this guy and they start dating, now every word that comes out of her mouth is about him and how awesome he is. At first, I was happy for her. I still am, she deserves it, but I'm starting to think she's throwing her boyfriend in my face to try and make me feel regret for not choosing her. It doesn't really help that I think her boyfriend isn't very sociable. He only comes around when she is there and he doesn't really make an effort to be friends with the group even though we tried our best to include him.
Our messages are filled with her sharing intimate moments between her and him, with her going on and on about his personal life while I just leave her on read. I thought she would get the picture by now that I don't care, but apparently not. I want to diffuse this situation without it boiling over into the friend group. I don't want any unnecessary drama, but I also don't want to deal with this bullshit from her anymore. What can I do to get her to stop talking about him without her getting upset?
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2023.05.29 18:17 AutoModerator Stirling Cooper - Dirty Talk 101 (Latest)

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2023.05.29 18:16 yeahnototally174 I picked up this moth two days ago as it was flailing around on my porch. I set it in a plant I had outside and checked yesterday and found this. The parasite(?) was actively moving and looked like it was trying to escape the moths head. Does anyone know what it is?

I picked up this moth two days ago as it was flailing around on my porch. I set it in a plant I had outside and checked yesterday and found this. The parasite(?) was actively moving and looked like it was trying to escape the moths head. Does anyone know what it is? submitted by yeahnototally174 to whatisthisbug [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 18:13 xfornaruto 26 - M - Hey, you and I have got to discuss some important [Friendship] issues here

Let’s look at the epsilon number of ways of having good fun in a company of people (that are >= 1 and < 2 in their quantity, because I’m an introversatile kind of person):
- Talking random nonsense with scientific eagerness
- Watching horrors and being horrors
- Gaming plays
- Inhaling sanitizers TO SURVIVE (to game more plays subsequently)
- Talking about Eternal
I’m pretty sure there are another delta ygriega number of ways to do it I have forgotten about but you know of and practice on a regular basis, so let’s DO both these *and* those! Let's converse! I would be gassed if you were eager to talk and didn’t really make me conduct an endless interview with you, but if you can’t, you can! Just open all those locks of yours, unleash the floodgates restraining your conversational energy and zap me, zap me hard with it!
Speaking of you, what would you do if you realized I just swallowed your remote and my wrecked tummy is compulsively altering the volume of your favourite slice-of-slash show? HM, I think you get the gist! Chat me up up up
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2023.05.29 18:11 Odd-Skill2744 I've been on the hunt for a good red PLA. Here are two I've tried for reference. What is your favorite red?

I've been on the hunt for a good red PLA. Here are two I've tried for reference. What is your favorite red? submitted by Odd-Skill2744 to u/Odd-Skill2744 [link] [comments]