Osrs birds egg

Eggs: In strange places!

2017.09.13 00:36 Eggs: In strange places!

Why is that egg there?



2013.05.14 00:18 Aristartle Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival

4 of the best days ever. 80,000 happy campers. 700 Acres of Tennessee Nature. 150 epic performances. 10+ stages of music. Several dozen comedians. An escape into Excitement. Music. Art. Discoveries. Trees. Fresh Air. Green Grass. A mini film fest. And much, much more...

2023.06.09 04:10 Constant_Buffalo_712 Chickens roosting on trampoline

We have a trampoline in the yard that we got for the grandkids. The chickens are roosting on it instead of their coop. Fir a while after I built it they returned to the coop every night, bit now I have to go fight with the rooster to get them all in the coop. They free range in a fenced yard during the day.
Any thoughts on why? I'm gonna lock them in their coop and run for a while again, and will probably get rid of the trampoline since they've pecked and crapped all over it.
I'm not overly attached to these birds. We have them for eggs. They're not pets, I see them like cattle. That said, I do want to keep them safe and properly care for them.
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2023.06.09 03:10 pm_me_your_rv Robin eggs

Robin eggs
I don’t know if this is the right sub but I’m sure someone here will know. We have a lovely Robin nest that we’ve been watching. About an egg per day has been added and today a fourth egg appeared and it looks like Mrs. Robin slept with the mailman. Is this an imposter egg or can Robin eggs from the same bird vary this much?
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2023.06.09 02:56 kendriannna This changes some things.

This changes some things.
Found some duck eggs while watering. Moved hanging baskets and bird feeders etc to a different location so mom isn't disturbed as much. I saw her this morning walking away and then found the eggs later on. Hope she comes back soon. Keeping it quiet.
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2023.06.09 02:12 _nerdy_by_nature_ Requesting ID on dead baby bird

Requesting ID on dead baby bird
I was out on a run this morning when I saw what appeared to be a broken egg a few feet ahead of me on the trail. I walked up to it and knelt down and saw a broken egg with a dead baby bird still inside the egg shell. About 6 feet away was another dead baby bird but no shell. It broke my heart. I gathered them up and laid them to rest together in some soft grass away from the trail. Respectfully posting photos of the poor babies to hopefully get an ID. Heron or egret possibly? Pittsboro, NC, USA
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2023.06.09 01:48 nxxrs age 0 - 3 goes crazy

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2023.06.09 01:01 Danny-Wah Space tv or movie, probably from the 80s

Ok, here goes. I’m not sure if this is a tv show or a movie. I have memories of seeing it more than once - but I don’t think that really narrows anything down. It’s a tv/movie set in space. (I think it was set mainly in the ship) I used to watch it before 1991. The only sort of scene that sticks out to me is that they was this guy in a bird suit walking around on the desk (could’ve been the captain’s console) He was miniaturized compared to the rest of the cast. There might’ve been an egg. I want to say that this “bird suit” was black. It was definitely a comedy.
Thanks in advance.. I know this isn't much to go on.
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2023.06.09 00:50 _at416_ American Robin Nest: Need Advice!

Hello Reddit!
American Robin made a nest on my bathroom window outside sill.
Please advise on the best course of action. How can I tell if it's abandoned or not?
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2023.06.08 23:54 Designer_Dentist_721 Mystic Owl need a buff

ok this post might come out as completely bias because I'm just owls nerd
But here me out for mount that requires you to grind a lot in mist, it's took me almost month to reach "esteemed" reputation from "welcomed" meanwhile for other royal faction mounts I can make it to Knight commander rank within a week just attending to bandit and nothing else and this still didn't counting the fact the you have exchange it's eggs and farie fires for crafing it (for sell it with profit ofc)with favors only which for whatever reason got nerfed from the mist which used to be sole place for solo players to farm favor reasonably
but what we get from that is the first ever mount to give you carry weight debuff while offer you nothing else but "slightly" better speed than Greywolfs, Terror birds and swift claw or any other T5 mounts tbh (correct me this if im wrong)
but even for it's speed it's still didn't that impressive compare to other T5 speed mounts like Greywolf or even now cheaper swift claw
please I know it's must have some form of drawback for it to be the fastest t5 mount but maybe consider how it have more condition to work for more than royal faction mounts it is not justify enough for it to be just "slightly" better for it's speed mounts counterpart? hell maybe they don't even need actual buff all they need is just remove that carry weight debuff and there you go, now T5 Mystic Owls can actually shine somewhere else other than just being collectible mounts just for riding to show off in city/yz.
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2023.06.08 23:47 soggydoggy88 Humane Removal?

Birds are building a nest in my soffit, and I'm curious is there any special steps I should take before fixing it? I don't see any eggs, also don't know quite what kind of bird but I have seen robins nesting nearby. Can I just pull it out? Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.08 23:46 Old_Employee_8810 Friend disturbing nest + posting it on fb. im looking for advice on how to handle this

Im very busy so this is gonna be in point form
-a robin made its nest right outside of the place in work at
-it layed eggs and 2 of my colleagues have went up there to take pics of eggs
-I told the one i saw to back off and not draw attention to it in case the mother feels threatend and abandons eggs
- i was sent a pic of the hatched birds by my friend yesterday and i said cool but didn't say anything after because it was in middle of convo and i forgot
-today i see they posted to fb the babies and mother and like 10 pics and vids (you have to be standing right beside it to get that close to it because its high up on a bench connected to building so u gotta stand on bench) this angered me and im assuming they dont know this is bad idea
-wondering what i should say to them. now fucking everybodys gonna be looking at the nest and its fuckng stupid that they posted it to everyone.
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2023.06.08 23:20 TopResult999 URGENT HELP A rescue budgie with a huge vent

My parents recused a yellow budgie 9 days ago, we noticed that the bird has part of its cere's right nostril shell missing/fell off.
Today we noticed that the bird's bottom/vent is really big. We took it to the only vet we have in town (we live in a West Asian country) and the doctor said that they only perform on cats and dogs.
What sex is the bird? We have an old rescue budgie that its cere is very clear blue (4 years old).
Now google says that if a cere isn't blue then it's a female, the thing is many articles I read have also stated that it could be a male but with tumor, so the cere will appear like that's of females.
Can anyone also guess the rescue bird's age from its cere?
2) Does that big vent look like tumor or egg bound? we literally have no place to go to treat the poor thing, so how should we help ease its pain?
The bird can fly well + eats food + poop gets stuck to bottom.
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2023.06.08 22:58 Helly-Lene Protective and angry seagulls

The last few days I assume a seagull couple outside my house has gotten eggs/babies, because they've started to be very protective. They scream and swipe down on us when we leave or enter our driveway. I understand that these birds are doing their best and are just trying to protect their babies(and they're doing great<3), but my roommates are starting to get angry and nervous because of their attacks. Is there anything we can do to stop them from attacking us everytime we go out? I'm assuming there's not much to do, these are wild animals and I understand that this is natural behavior to them. If nothing can be done, how long do you think this'll be going on for? Google says seagull-chicks need 4-6 weeks to learn to fly, do we have to cover our heads everytime we go out for over a month?
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2023.06.08 22:09 middle-name-is-sassy What are the odds of 3 players (2 AI) getting the same final score?

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2023.06.08 20:42 el_niablo What do tree trimmers do when they find bird nests?

I was considering this for a while today. If they’re about to trim a branch and there’s an active bird nests with eggs or chicks in it, what do they do?
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2023.06.08 20:27 okayzestydoritos Have you noticed egg prices are lower now? I heard that it's because the birds are sick and they are trying to liquidate the eggs laid by the sick birds. My friend got really sick after making scrambled eggs the other day and swore that something about the egg looked sick.

I haven't gone to check out the eggs yet myself, to be honest I'm a little freaked out. But Brian told me that when he was at the grocery store he noticed the eggs were a little bit cheaper than usual, some of the brands were even on sale which seemed a little off because prices have been so crazy lately.
So he bought a couple packs of eggs and brought them home and made some scrambled eggs. He was telling me that when he felt the egg he just knew something was off but he didn't really do anything about it and figured he was just being paranoid.
After he made an ate his scrambled eggs, he got super sick and started looking online and basically came to the conclusion from information online that he got sick from the chickens that had the bird flu when they were laying these eggs. Then he was on some other subreddit that was talking about it and it was saying that there's this conspiracy surrounding the eggs and that they're lowering the prices to get rid of them so they don't lose a whole sales period on spoiled product.
Brian hasn't been the same since then and never fully recovered and this was weeks ago. It was like when people were getting long covet and it was taking sometimes months to leave their system.
I'm curious if anybody else has experienced anything like this. Either way, I'm not going anywhere near eggs right now.
(disclaimer: this is satire, don't take it too deeply)
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2023.06.08 20:11 Ill_Ad_5956 thes is how giri robs eggs from poor birds

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2023.06.08 19:30 AlbyonAbsey Kærwynn - a Fierce & Feuding Feast - a Strange & Fantastical Location for your Game

A lone songbird comes to rest atop a crumbling, ruined wall of granite and blood-mossed shale, where dawn's fresh dew enchants the rising sun. This mile-long stack of stone most ancient, most holy, shall soon sing with every honour 'pon this annual feast of fury. Listen well, now, o'er from low-slung hill to meagre field beyond most unassuming, as the distant thunder of weathered war-drums escorts its peasant legions proud. To the chime of pike and mace, of mail and plate, two armies now ascend, awash with eager incantations whose well-spring spoils most nobly. For to Kærwynn they have come, to the Wall of Empires fallen. For sport and skirmish, to honour and afoul, to fill the summer sky with burnished standards bold and shimmering. To sing again that fiery, transcendent song of flailing fist and elbow, where spill and shear their blood and flesh 'pon this most merry, handsome day! Come, friends, come enthralled! For the time of our Field & Feast has come! For glory, then, to Kærwynn, called! Onwards, Onwards, Onwards, All!

What is Kærwynn?

The site of an ancient, barely remembered siege, where once stood a Hill-Top Fort. All that remains now is a vague stone wall, cutting through the centre of a wide, grassy plateau. Every year, two towns send forth a peasant rabble to partake in a sporting tournament of indiscriminate chaos, violence and brutality. The rules - though often wildly flouted and prone to spur many a disagreement - are fairly simple. The two opposing Village "armies" attempt to hold, and carry, a nettle-stuffed goat-bladder - coated in grease and set alight - back and forth across the remains of Kaerwynn's crumbling wall. Weapons are strictly prohibited, as is the use of magic. Should the ball be at any point transported across this bygone bloodstone stack, a point is scored, signalled to the crowds by a screaming arrow loosed above Kærwynn. None in living memory have heard this sound. The contest begins just as the sun is most high, and the first star seen near sunlight's fall brings the game to its end. The feasting, music, and merrymaking continues for many days thereafter.

Sights, Sounds, & Smells

Use this section as a quick reference during play, or at the start of a Session to refresh your GM senses! Sights
- Huge roaming crowds of bawdy, bruised, drunken, brash, jolly folk of all manner & persuasion. - Horses and oxen, Barrows and carts, bundled and stacked with produce and wares for sale. - Fires, encampments, tents & bivouacs. - A great and misty field upon a downland plateau.
Sounds - Cheers, whoops, hollers, yawls, screams, & songs. - The thundering of many hundreds of pairs of booted feet upon turf and crumbling wall. - The jig of fiddles, lyres, banjos, dulcimers, & drums. - Peddler yells & calls as the many merchants and stall-holders hawk their produce.
Smells - Bonfires. - Mead, Ale, Wine & all manner of distilled spirits. - Sweat, urine, vomit, faeces, dung, blood. - Roasting meats, stews, soups, pies, etc, etc.

Local Economy

The grand contest's festivities are rich with attendant trade, and the sheer enormity of the gathering offers a banquet of financial opportunity. A sizeable portion of coin is passed back and forth among the many gamblers and their ilk. Fortunes are said to have been made at Kærwynn, betting on everything to knock-outs to teeth declared. Merchants grand and small use the Feast as a time not only to sell, but to make alliances, forge partnerships, sign contracts, and host grand spectacles to show off their wealth. All is abuzz with capital - from the meagrest, dirt stained copper purchasing sweet hot-loaves, to the coin-purses stuffed with precious jewels thrown to the swivel-headed bookmakers.


Aside from the large number of onlookers, participants and their parties, the Feast of Kaerwynn brings all manner of trades-folk and wily entrepreneurs. Cooks, ale-makers, luck-charmers, souvenir-hawkers, armourers, blacksmiths, clerics, herbalists, and more, arrive with barrows teetering and tents stuffed to bursting with varied wares and services. For many come to gawp and cheer, to behold the chaos and rejoice in the keeping (and settling) of many a-score. Among the crowds, too, are those who attend to cherry-pick the best fighters, those of brawn and brain, to offer to them expedition and adventure of a far more dangerous kind.


Legends! Tales! Stories for the fireplace and the ale-house! Far and wide do such things go, to the horror of some, and the pride of many more! Champions, too, go forth into the world, and it is enough to bend the ear of many a tavern-goer should a Kærwynnian sup of an ale 'pon a nearby stool.

Lodgings & Shelter

The fields about Kaerwynn become something of a makeshift village during the Feast, and lodging may be found beneath any number of comfortable canvases here and there, if one is willing to part with a sizeable weight of coin. The Traveller would be wiser to bring a tent or bed-roll of their own, and to arrive early to secure a good pitch. In truth, not a great deal of sleep is to be had, as the festivities roll far either side of the Feast Day, with naught much to discern day from night beside moon and sun.

Hierarchy & Political Structure

At dusk upon the eve of each Feast, each "army" elects a Kærwynn "King" or "Queen"; tradition dictates this be a child, crowned with what remains of the charred, nettle-stuffed goat's bladder of the previous year's contest. Throughout the day, they are seated on a high platform so that they might view the entire field of play, and enjoy tribute and honours from all around. Most years, this King or Queen is the orphaned child of a parent lost the previous year; for though Kaerwynn be a sporting feast, it feeds 'pon broken bones and blood and bile and - often - lives. Second to this "royal" figurehead are the many Captains; veterans, all, of the Feast of Kaerwynn, and fierce in the discharge of their duties. Some are drunkards delighting in the occasion, some barbarians who come for glory, some shrewd tacticians keen to turn the screw upon their opponents, or to weaken them far beyond the fields of this noble Hill. A clutch of Elders adjudicate general infractions, dispensing any rulings as necessary. These are wizened old-hands of the Feast, though frequently taken more by plum-wine, gambling and cavorting than by their duties to the Field of Play. The Elders are also charged with official scoring, although none have managed a point in recent memory. Despite random (and frequent) acts of petty crime, there is no law in attendance; no constable, nor guard, nor sheriff wanders Kærwynn.


Kærwynn's origins being lost to time, it is known now only for its festivities. Many see opportunities to settle debts or quash grudges, others a chance to gain notoriety and renown, or to profit handsomely in coin. Despite arriving with all manner of edged and mêlée weapons, participants are forbidden from using such tools of war during the Feast. It is to be remembered that the use of weapons and magic is strictly prohibited upon the Field. Various articles are smuggled into play, however; knuckle-dusters and various steel and iron toe accoutrements being highly favoured, along with hempen hand-wraps dipped in honey, broken glass, and thistle-thorns. Bucklers (smuggled onto the Field as belt and boot buckles) are also popular choice, their use being two-fold; defensive and offensive. Many a bard's tale mentions the spirit of ingenuity alive at Kærwynn! One such tale is of a farmer being removed from the field for employing a stout and heavy cast iron frying pan pilfered from a canteen. Another story tells of a villager clothing a wild black-bear in the garb of a human, and setting it loose upon the field. Rare are they who enter play seeking to murder, and an unruly equilibrium tempers the chaos, ensuring the brutality teeters at the edge of death's grip. That mighty end being everywhere, however, it makes no exceptions for Kærwynn; injuries abound, much blood is spilled, and it is not unusual for a handful of people to lose their lives variously to unforeseen accidents and innocent incidents each year somewhere upon the Field. Indeed, this is where many even dream of meeting their end.

Residents of Note:

ancestries have not been allocated, allowing the GM to assign as appropriate.

Kesh Fallewarr - Village Captain

Long, silver hair pinned tidily up; Dressed in stained, rough grey flannel, with a large, billowing black neck-scarf tied about the collar of a coarse blouse. Their hands are greasy and darkly stained from polishing armour. They smoke a curved yellow clay-pipe, and speak calmly, flatly, employing the most foul language as though it were seasoning the air.

Toradim Hallowmeer - Village Captain

A shaved head that shows many scars, and a single eye-glass through which they squint up at the sky, as though forever expecting rain. They speak several languages fluently, and are keen to engage any in their native tongue. From time to time they might be spied smearing mud from the ground across their leather armour, and muttering to themselves; whether prayers or curses, who could say?

Puk Snursbok - Elder

Dressed in black buttoned, woollen shirt rolled to the elbows, brown woollen trousers, and oversized boots without laces. Their black hair, smartly slicked with short back and sides, glistens above their bright blue skin. Always rolling three small black pebbles about in their hand which, from time to time, are shaken and slammed down upon the nearest surface. Delighted or disappointed at the result, their purpose remains unclear. They seem to know much about a great many people, and they enjoy the whispering and hoarding of secrets.

Shesd Arweka - Elder

Dressed in old leathers and worn chain-mail, they sit upon a goat-skin stool, chewing on a long-stemmed root, and squinting out at all before them. They're known for liberally yelling foul curses and proclamations at attendants, and for throwing generous gifts of unusual coin to those who fight well or tell a good joke as they pass. Over the years, they have come to believe that folk generally keep their distance out of some great respect, but - in truth - t’is their utterly foul body odours, along with the increasingly wild rumours of their involvement in the brutal slaying of a party of several Feast-goers during the previous year’s contest.

Skrouch Affaladeer

An affable, and popular, wandering seller of baked potatoes. Skrouch moves with a heavy limp, and is almost impossibly broad, and tall. Their wheezy, guttural laugh is heard long before they're seen, their fire-blackened hands endlessly greeting and bidding fondness and farewells to their many customers. They are accompanied, as they go, by a small horde of children, each adept in juggling and tomfoolery.

Pishon Poewalder

A scruffy, rake-thin pick-pocket and ne'er-do-well on the look out for whatever slim opportunities fall before them. They seem never to sleep, eat, nor drink, and are alert to a great many things. They are accompanied by a blind squirrel, and the pair whisper back and forth all manner of sour curses and spit-speckled oaths.

Some Adventure Hook Ideas

This list is by no means exhaustive, and is intended simply to stir the pot of your own imagination. Use what follows as starting-points, or ignore them entirely in favour of your own Adventure Hooks! 1 - a detestable Mage has poisoned the waters of the nearby streams with a curse that will place all under their control; in essence : instant army, just add water. 2 - the spirits of the Dead of the ancient battle of Kærwynn, having had their fill of this yearly cacophony, and finding their memory thoroughly bespoiled, rise up to smite these ungodly invaders! 3 - One of the Residents of Note has been murdered, seemingly for several hours before being discovered. Their large hoard of coin is untouched. 4 - a Noble family’s heiheiress has snuck to Kærwynn, seeking adventure and glory! The Party have been hired to find, and return them home. 5 - one of the Party has familial ties to one of the Peasant Armies, and are called upon to fulfil their duties via participation. 6 - the Party have been hired to protect a vast prize of Coin being offered - for the very first time - to the victors of this year's Feast! Every corner of the field is abuzz with rumours of it, and the threat of thievery pervades.

Random Kærwynn Encounters

Roll 1d8 for a Kærwynnian Encounter! 1 - An explosion rings out, blasting a crater into the field of play, sending participants flying in all directions. 2 - A herd of rampaging creatures enters the field. 3 - All around, Villagers are doubled over, vomiting a vile and acrid liquid. 4 - A “potion” seller sets up shop selling flavoured waters, convincing people it’ll enhance their physical prowess during the Contest. 5 - A farmer hands out heavy, fist-sized bags of seed, encouraging folk to use them as weapons. Unbeknownst to all, the seeds are under an enchantment, and will sprout as soon as they hit the dirt. 6 - Several Villagers with sleeply-poison tipped blades secreted in the tip of their boot are causing a sharp and chaotic havoc in sections of the onlooking crowd. 7 - A mysterious shower consisting of marbles and ball bearings rains down from above; none seem sure of their origin or cause. 8 - A Dragon makes itself known upon the Field, demanding an end to this noisily unruly Festival once and for all.

Kærwynnian Foods Roll-Table

Roll 1d10 for a tasty Kærwynn Snack 1 - Kings/Queens Fingers - a spiced parsnip on a stick, surrounded by a cake like substance, and dipped into a strawberry jam. Created in homage to the Kærwynn King & Queen, and one of the Feast’s oldest known attendant traditions. 2 - Liver & Radishes - a coarse, pale stew seasoned with peppery shredded radish, served with stale bread and apple sauce. 3 - Stuffed Pine Mushrooms - large, easy to find mushrooms that have been stuffed with hard cheese that has been melted to be softer, along with some small roasted pine nuts. 4 - Grey Light Garnish - a salad-like meal consisting of a local grey moss that glows dimly with an ingredient rumoured to enhance one’s strength; widely believed but never proved. 5 - Chug-Knuckles - small hazel-type nuts; boiled, smashed, spiced, and served in small deep-fried balls. Wonderful projectiles once cooled and hardened, but also excellent with rice and chilli jam. 6 - Posst - a wooden skewer onto which various vegetables chunks have been strung, before the entire thing is dripped in pigeon fat and roasted over an open fire. (Albyon’s note : the name of this simple culinary pleasure derives from the noise the dripping bird fat makes upon the flames of an open campfire) 7 - Pickled Toad Spawn - something of an acquired taste, and mostly enjoyed by the inebriated, this unusual delicacy clears the sinuses and invigorates the lungs. 8 - Squab Pie - small, yet hearty, pies seen as something of a delicacy. The outside edge of the pastry is decorated with the marks of rooks' feet. 9 - Collops - slices of steamed meat served with boiled eggs, all wrapped up in a sweet, caraway seeded flatbread. 10 - Crab-Apple Toffees - a sweet and simple pleasure enjoyed by all ages that forever pins their memory to Kærwynn.

Trinket Roll-Table

Roll 1d20 for a Kærwynn Trinket! 1 - A child's rib wrapped in red-woollen thread. 2 - A rusted prick spur decorated with the letters R.H. 3 - A crimson velvet covered brigandine, partially set ablaze and abandoned. 4 - A short-sword’s pommel decorated with a family coat of arms in faded enamel. 5 - a pouch of teeth, and teeth fragments, collected by children post battle, often sold to spell slingers. 6 - Woollen finger puppets of various heroic competitors of the past. 7 - Fox-fur mittens, stuffed and padded at the knuckles. 8 - A wooden club studded with beaver teeth. 9 - A pocket-sized handbook detailing impact and injury points. 10 - A sackful of stones, each one painted to look like a chunk of bread. 11 - Arrow heads dipped in tar-like poisons. 12 - A silken neckerchief that seems to weigh nothing at all, yet is heavy with the scent of honeysuckle. 13 - A small sacking-cloth pouch full of Wheatear beaks. 14 - A live Hare, tied up in a sack filled with the mist of some unknown spell(s). 15 - A large Haddock, and as though freshly plucked from the sea only moments ago. 16 - A small sack of potatoes that seem to explode into variously coloured powders when thrown. 17 - A pair of dark metal eye-goggles, the lenses of which appear to reveal metal objects upon any person. 18 - A large wheel of cheese that rolls along behind its owner. 19 - A wooden bucket full of a thick, flammable paste. 20 - A pale silver arrow sporting a rather finely carved whistling-tip.

Albyon’s Final Notes for the GM ~

pull apart this location so fantastically strange, toss aside all that irks to better rearrange the unspooling of inspirations, the pearls of this trade, to stitch anew an Adventure, a Quest freshly made, t’wards a tale of your party's own Kærwynn!

For the best experience deploying our strange & fantastical locations in your game, we highly recommend utilising our free wondrous website, with its easy-to-use drop down menus, and simple navigational aids to steer you towards spectacular adventures!
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Sternwater (a were-rat infested village of muck and mire)
Tuulinen (a wind battered plain of death and spirits sat above an abandoned salt-mine)
Uurastalt (a demonic wasteland of obsidian fire)
Vosgadh (a desert trading post locked within a deadly sandstorm)
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2023.06.08 19:28 Global-Sound3638 HELP! 2 pigeon eggs and not sure what to do!

Asking here because I’m not sure where else to go. While my friend was away pigeons decided to lay 2 eggs on her balcony. Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem, but the balconies are being redone and the construction workers said they have to go. We thought about moving them to the roof, but not sure if the parents would figure that out. Also called our local bird sanctuary, and they told us they don’t take eggs ☹️
I’m not about to give up on them, so I was wondering if it’s possible to try and hatch them on my own? I’ve raised chickens from eggs, so I kinda get the concept, but the bird sanctuary said the eggs would die without the parents… is this a lost cause? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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2023.06.08 18:46 Negative-Parfait-770 never forget that guy who thought it would be a good idea to breed harpies as an air force

never forget that guy who thought it would be a good idea to breed harpies as an air force
what could possibly go wrong
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2023.06.08 18:24 Colder87 What kind of bird laid these eggs? Southern Germany.

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2023.06.08 18:14 dsp854 Pigeon nest on balcony

Hi all! So as the title says, there’s a pigeon nest on my balcony. The eggs have hatched (probably within the last 24 hours) and now my apartment complex is power washing the outside of the building and asking everyone to remove their items from their balconies. I let them know about the nest and babies and they said they told the power washing company and that the company would “take care of it.” I’m guessing this means just power washing the balcony and, from what I can tell, just tossing the babies in the trash. Is there anything I can do/anyone I can call to rescue these birds? I think this needs to be done in the next day or two if there’s even anything I can do. Thanks!
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2023.06.08 18:08 TopResult999 URGENT HELP A rescue budgie with a huge vent area.

My parents recused a yellow budgie 9 days ago, we noticed that the bird has part of its cere's right nostril shell missing/fell off.
Today we noticed that the bird's bottom/vent is really big. We took it to the only vet we have in town (we live in a West Asian country) and the doctor said that they only perform on cats and dogs.
What sex is the bird? We have an old rescue budgie that its cere is very clear blue (4 years old).
Now google says that if a cere isn't blue then it's a female, the thing is many articles I read have also stated that it could be a male but with tumor, so the cere will appear like that's of females.
Can anyone also guess the rescue bird's age from its cere?
2) Does that big vent look like tumor or egg bound? we literally have no place to go to treat the poor thing, so how should we help ease its pain?
The bird can fly well + eats food + poop gets stuck to bottom.
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