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Give me my Diamondback

2012.03.14 14:39 Tuxhedoh Give me my Diamondback

The Ultimate Southwest Ohio park for amusement and thrills. Also known as the superior Ohio theme park

2020.07.23 07:24 madazzahatter Aloha and welcome to /r/SandyBeachOahu ~ E Komo Mai!

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2023.06.09 04:20 Fun_Catch8741 SV05 + 4.2.7 + Sprite + CRtouch Klipper

After a few days of work I have managed to get Klipper and Sonic pad working with my Sovol SV05, upgraded to 4.2.7 Creality Mainboard, using Sprite extruder with CR Touch. Below is the config file, if you have anything to add please reply here. Hope it can be of use to someone, as far as I can tell no other config file for this exists on the internet.

#This is a custom Sovol S05 with Creality Sprite hot end config file. #This file contains pin mappings for the Creality "v4.2.7" board. To # use this config, during "make menuconfig" select the STM32F103 with # a "28KiB bootloader" and serial (on USART1 PA10/PA9) communication. # If you prefer a direct serial connection, in "make menuconfig" # select "Enable extra low-level configuration options" and select # serial (on USART3 PB11/PB10), which is broken out on the 10 pin IDC # cable used for the LCD module as follows: # 3: Tx, 4: Rx, 9: GND, 10: VCC # Flash this firmware by copying "out/klipper.bin" to a SD card and # turning on the printer with the card inserted. The firmware # filename must end in ".bin" and must not match the last filename # that was flashed. # See docs/ for a description of parameters. [display_status] [virtual_sdcard] path: ~/ [gcode_macro START_PRINT] gcode: {% set BED_TEMP = params.BED_TEMPdefault(60)float %} {% set EXTRUDER_TEMP = params.EXTRUDER_TEMPdefault(190)float %} # Start bed heating M140 S{BED_TEMP} # Use absolute coordinates G90 # Reset the G-Code Z offset (adjust Z offset if needed) #SET_GCODE_OFFSET Z=0.0 # Home the printer G28 # Move the nozzle near the bed G1 Z5 F3000 # Move the nozzle very close to the bed G1 Z0.15 F300 # Wait for bed to reach temperature M190 S{BED_TEMP} # Set and wait for nozzle to reach temperature M109 S{EXTRUDER_TEMP} [gcode_macro END_PRINT] gcode: # Turn off bed, extruder, and fan M140 S0 M104 S0 M106 S0 # Move nozzle away from print while retracting G91 G1 X-2 Y-2 E-3 F300 # Raise nozzle by 10mm G1 Z10 F3000 G90 # Disable steppers M84 [stepper_x] step_pin: PB9 dir_pin: PC2 enable_pin: !PC3 microsteps: 16 rotation_distance: 40 endstop_pin: ^PA5 position_endstop: 220 position_max: 220 homing_speed: 50 position_min: -4 [stepper_y] step_pin: PB7 dir_pin: PB8 enable_pin: !PC3 microsteps: 16 rotation_distance: 40 endstop_pin: ^PA6 position_endstop: 220 position_max: 220 homing_speed: 50 position_min: -4 [stepper_z] step_pin: PB5 dir_pin: PB6 enable_pin: !PC3 microsteps: 16 rotation_distance: 8 endstop_pin: probe:z_virtual_endstop position_min: -3.0 position_max: 300 [safe_z_home] home_xy_position: 100, 103 speed: 100 z_hop: 10 z_hop_speed: 20 [extruder] step_pin: PB3 dir_pin: PB4 enable_pin: !PC3 microsteps: 16 gear_ratio: 42:12 rotation_distance: 26.359 nozzle_diameter: 0.400 filament_diameter: 1.750 heater_pin: PA1 sensor_type: EPCOS 100K B57560G104F sensor_pin: PC5 control: pid pid_Kp: 23.561 pid_Ki: 1.208 pid_Kd: 114.859 pressure_advance: 0.0 min_temp: 0 max_temp: 300 [bltouch] sensor_pin: ^PB1 control_pin: PB0 x_offset: -32 y_offset: -39 #z_offset: 0.9 speed: 10 lift_speed: 40 samples: 5 [bed_mesh] probe_count = 4, 4 algorithm = bicubic # probe_count = 5,5 # algorithm = bicubic speed: 100 horizontal_move_z: 5 mesh_min: -12, 1 mesh_max: 173, 171 # # probe_count: 5, 5 # # algorithm: bicubic mesh_pps: 2,2 fade_start: 1 fade_end: 10 fade_target: 0 [bed_screws] screw1: 25,28 screw2: 195,28 screw3: 195,197 screw4: 25,197 [screws_tilt_adjust] screw1: -4,21 screw1_name: front left screw screw2: 155,21 screw2_name: front right screw screw3: 155,190 screw3_name: rear right screw screw4: -4,190 screw4_name: rear left screw horizontal_move_z: 10 speed: 50 screw_thread: CW-M4 [heater_bed] heater_pin: PA2 sensor_type: EPCOS 100K B57560G104F sensor_pin: PC4 min_temp: 0 max_temp: 130 control: pid pid_kp: 64.742 pid_ki: 0.827 pid_kd: 1267.326 [fan] pin: PA0 [mcu] serial: /dev/serial/by-id/usb_serial_1 restart_method: command [printer] kinematics: cartesian max_velocity: 300 max_accel: 1000 max_accel_to_decel: 1000 max_z_velocity: 5 max_z_accel: 100 [board_pins] aliases: EXP1_1=PC6,EXP1_3=PB10,EXP1_5=PB14,EXP1_7=PB12,EXP1_9=, EXP1_2=PB2,EXP1_4=PB11,EXP1_6=PB13,EXP1_8=PB15,EXP1_10=<5V>, PROBE_IN=PB0,PROBE_OUT=PB1,FIL_RUNOUT=PC6 [pause_resume] recover_velocity: 50. # When capture/restore is enabled, the speed at which to return to # the captured position (in mm/s). Default is 50.0 mm/s. [gcode_macro CANCEL_PRINT] description: "Cancel the running print" rename_existing: CANCEL_PRINT_BASE gcode: TURN_OFF_HEATERS M220 S100 ;Reset Speed factor override percentage to default (100%) M221 S100 ;Reset Extrude factor override percentage to default (100%) SAFE_RETRACT SAFE_PARK M106 S0 ;disable fan CANCEL_PRINT_BASE # [mcu rpi] # serial: /tmp/klipper_host_mcu # [adxl345] # cs_pin: rpi:None # spi_speed: 2000000 # spi_bus: spidev2.0 # [resonance_tester] # accel_chip: adxl345 # accel_per_hz: 70 # probe_points: # 150,150,10 #*# <---------------------- SAVE_CONFIG -------------------- #*# DO NOT EDIT THIS BLOCK OR BELOW. The contents are auto-generated. #*# #*# [bltouch] #*# z_offset = 3.001 #*# #*# [input_shaper] #*# shaper_type_x = zv #*# shaper_freq_x = 64.2 #*# shaper_type_y = mzv #*# shaper_freq_y = 73.2 #*# #*# [bed_mesh default] #*# version = 1 #*# points = #*# 0.336500, 0.164500, 0.037500, -0.015500 #*# 0.181500, 0.054000, -0.045500, -0.072000 #*# 0.044000, -0.028500, -0.065500, -0.043500 #*# -0.042000, -0.060500, -0.048000, 0.001500 #*# tension = 0.2 #*# min_x = -12.0 #*# algo = bicubic #*# y_count = 4 #*# mesh_y_pps = 2 #*# min_y = 1.0 #*# x_count = 4 #*# max_y = 170.97 #*# mesh_x_pps = 2 #*# max_x = 172.97

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2023.06.09 04:16 _Jway_ will swimming mess up my newly dyed hair?

i know everyone says it’s bad but i wanted to know if my situation would be different. not sure if it’s important but i’m a guy with medium length hair
today i dyed my black hair red and it came out more of like a red tinted black than completely red.
I’m around 3 days im going to a water park and it’s likely i’m gonna be getting my hair wet.
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2023.06.09 04:16 Usual-Praline-2173 Have I listened enough? Lol

Have I listened enough? Lol
Just to preface WHY I have so much time to listen to music… I’m a music producer, so between working, sampling, exploration, and just in fun - I usually end up listening up to a hundred hours of music in a week.
About two weeks ago Vore was the first sleep token song I heard. I really fell in love with the track because of the subtle, yet LOUD vulnerabilities offered within it. It gave such a beautiful balance to the heavy vocal expressions Vessel welded to the layers of ethereal melodies… Of course after that, I saw they had just released TMBTE just a few days prior. I let the curiosities of listening to the rest of the album sit for a few days until I finally played through the album driving, & I was absolutely enthralled by the my first introductions to the band. I probably played it back to back 4-5 times before I went on to the rest of their discography, which in my opinion, is absolutely stunning.
The past two weeks I’ve been gleefully consumed by the bands music, breaking down - studying - most importantly just becoming fascinated by the gorgeous vocal styles and musical perspective vessel offers with his music (Obviously I can tell at this point everyone is well aware the drummer is just as Gifted by God as Vessel, absolute genius). I’ve never encountered a band so intelligently diverse & as gifted with music as Sleep Token. I can feel the time they put in & how much, emotionally, they have gone through just developing their talents into such a unique musical identity; when you’re listening not only can you tell it’s sleep token, but you don’t know wtf to expect!
After listening to everything, & especially tracks like blood sport, high water, chokehold, the summoning, levitate, drag me under, Atlantic, etc. (their whole freaking catalogue) vessel has easily become my favorite vocalist & sleep token as an artist has taken over as my favorite band of all time. So in congratulations and celebration of ALL the band members keep making music without the overwhelming modern prejudice and gross expectations, because what you have been making - even if not at best - is a perfect form of music.
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2023.06.09 04:15 zombie2uRBX Girl crashed into my parked car

Hey, in Florida,
I was chilling at my friend's house, when someone came up to me and said "someone hit your car." I ran out, not knowing how bad it was. They were probably going like 50+ on a residential road, about half of their front half hit the rear of my truck. They pushed in the bumper and body panels, and their car seemed to have stopped on my rear leaf spring. I was just going to call the insurance initially but they started screaming "You're in the middle of the road!" to someone on the phone and just wailing to whoever they were talking to. Not taking any responsibility. I WAS in the road, by about 2 feet. 2/3 of my car were on someone's lawn. It's reasonable for a neighborhood and their friend who came to be with them parked further out into the road then me. Again, it's a residential street. Anyways, I decided to call the police at that point because I wasn't going to have her lie to her insurance once I realized she wasn't going to take responsibility. When I was on the phone with the police she got up and started stumbling, so I told them I'm not sure if she's drunk. She was so mad at me that I honestly assumed it had to have been the alcohol talking. I mean, I was the one that was hit and I wasn't that upset, things happen.
I didn't want to talk to her past hearing what she said - there's no point. It would just escalate, so I called the police, got in my car and locked the door, waiting for them to arrive. I honestly have no idea what she said to them, I gave my side. I was inside, my car got hit, miraculously there were 2 people outside that recognized it as my car, talked to the police, and came and got me. They agreed I wasn't in the road an unreasonable amount.
I guess my biggest question is, will I get full coverage from this accident from them? They has insurance. At the time I have no police report, Florida takes 10 days to process them and you don't get them immediately after physically. I wasn't cited with anything, I have no idea if / what they was cited with. I don't know if they was DUI, they were sitting with a police officer and drinking water at one point. Seemed weird.
My biggest fear is that, as we are a no fault state, my insurance will be responsible. I can't afford for my rates to go up a lot. Is there anything to do after the crash to get reimbursement for insurance rates after the fact? I'm very lost here, it's my second time being in a crash, but first time where there is 100% fault. It's really hard to be seen "at fault" in Florida because people lie after accidents.
Sorry for asking so many questions. To what extent is the insurance company liable to fix? If my body panels get replaced and they can't make them color match, would I be able to get my entire car repainted to match? It was in near perfect condition before the crash.

So just to kind of TL;DR
I have no fault in an accident that damaged my car badly. Will I owe anything after this out of my pocket? If I do, how do I get it back? Can I get reimbursed for rising insurance rates? How much is the insurance company liable to make my car back to normal?

Thank you guys, I appreciate you a lot. I've looked for all of this information but it is very jumbled and different law firms seem to write different things.
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2023.06.09 04:13 PreferItMyWay How do you clean your boresnakes?

Getting to the point I'm gonna have to clean these things again, anyone got a better technique than hot water and Dawn, and then hot water rinses until all the soap is gone?
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2023.06.09 04:13 09_Chevy Bow River Runoff

How is the river looking at the moment?

I went a few times in March, managed a handful of trout (including my first ever!!). Got skunked thereafter when I went 2 or 3 times in early April as the runoff had already started by then with the water full of weeds and resembling a melting chocolate milkshake. From experiance I know fishing during the runoff is super frustrating (seeing the fish feed at the surface quite a bit but refusing to nibble on any lure I try to put in front of them). I spin cast FWIW. I read the bow river fly report about a week ago that mentioned the runoff had started earlier than normal this year, but surely it's almost done at this point?! I am itching to get out again and chase some trout.

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2023.06.09 04:12 RuleThis2042 After 2 years in a rent-controlled unit, landlord requests a 25% rent increase

Seems like it's an old story at this point. I read so many of them on reddit, wondering if it would happen to me, and it has. I'll just paste the emails here with identifying info removed. Wish me luck. I'd appreciate any advice if you can. This is obviously a throwaway account.
First, I requested to have my wife added as a resident to the condo this week:
Congratulations on your marriage.
The first step is for us to receive approval from your landlord to add your wife as an additional resident in the unit. They are copied here and can do a “reply-All” to this email, or they may provide a Lease Amendment if they wish.
When we receive their approval, then we will send you the registration forms and information to get your wife setup on the system.
Property Administrator
Thank you property administrator, Hi Landlord, I hadn't mentioned this because my understanding is that it's only for logistics at the condo (picking up packages, calling security, management etc.) After reviewing the LTB's Landlords, Tenants, Occupants and Residential Tenancies Interpretation Guideline 21 and seeking professional advice, I determined that my wife is considered a "spouse of the tenant" and occupant of the unit, but there's no requirement for her to be on the lease. The legal relationship of landlord-tenant remains between you and me. I hope to have your blessing to ease this process with the condo management.
All the best, Tenant
Dear Tenant, First of all, I wanted to extend my heartfelt congratulations on your recent marriage. I sincerely wish you and your spouse a lifetime of happiness together. I am writing to discuss an important matter regarding the approval of your spouse as a resident in our system. While you are correct about the existing rules and regulations, I would like to request a favor before granting this approval. During my vacation overseas, I received the unfortunate news that I have been diagnosed with cancer. As a result, I had to prolong my stay here to undergo treatment. This unexpected turn of events has had a significant impact on my businesses in Canada, causing a disruption in my income. Furthermore, I have been faced with increased maintenance expenses and mortgage costs, which have put me in a financially burdening situation. Given these circumstances, I must reluctantly ask you to consider an increase in rent. Let me clarify that I have never requested a rent increase beyond the guidelines set by the government. Our longstanding relationship and the fact that you have been living alone have been key factors in maintaining our good rapport over the years. However, considering the current situation, it has become unavoidable to raise the rent or consider moving into the unit myself. I am hopeful that with your recent marriage and the added financial support from your spouse, you would be able to assist me by paying the revised rent amount. I want to emphasize that this decision has not been made lightly, and I understand the inconvenience it may cause you. The proposed new rent amount is $2700.00, effective from July 1st, 2023. This revised amount takes into account the increased maintenance expenses and mortgage costs that I am currently facing. To provide you with further context, I have attached information on the recent rental prices of neighboring units. This data shows that the offered amount is both reasonable and below the current market price. I genuinely value you as a tenant and appreciate the care you have taken of the property throughout your tenancy. I understand that this rent increase may impact your budget, and I am more than willing to address any concerns or questions you may have. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding in this matter. Sincerely, Landlord
Hello Landlord,
I'd like to say again that I'm sorry to hear about your health and business challenges. I have close family and friends with cancer. I know how painful that has been for my loved ones. And, like you, my wife and I are adjusting to higher mortgage costs on a property while our income has not kept pace. For that reason, I must decline your request for a 24.1% increase in rent following a 2.5% increase two months ago.
A tenancy agreement contract comes with risk for both parties, and I had to factor that risk into my financial plan. I sought a rent controlled unit to mitigate it. I believe that rent controls in Ontario exist to protect renters from sudden increases in rent. They are not to be simply dismissed when the landlord wants to pass their unexpected financial burden onto their tenant.
I'm not sure if you were implying a quid pro quo: approval of my wife's occupancy in exchange for increased rent. I may have understood that, but that would be inappropriate under the law and its interpretation in Ontario. My apologies if I misunderstood. I am also concerned about you stating that a key factor in our “good rapport” is my residing alone in the unit. I pay for the right to occupy the unit, and as long as I don't violate overcrowding bylaws, I may have other occupants. The law is quite clear on this. I believe that the good rapport we have shared is based on each of us fulfilling our obligations under the contract, our courteous and timely communication, and our willingness to help one another on occasion beyond the terms of our contract.
I hope to share my perspective with you in the next two paragraphs. Though you may see your previous rent increases to the guideline maximum as a good faith gesture, I see them as simply following the law. In fact, you increased the rent as much as you possibly could. A good faith gesture would have been an increase below the guideline or no rent increase at all. I write this not because I expected zero rent increase, but so you understand what I hear when you say, "Let me clarify that I have never requested a rent increase beyond the guidelines set by the government." You are stating that you've never requested something that you are not allowed to request, which I don’t consider to be a favour. Now you are requesting that very thing.
I acknowledge and appreciate that you have never invaded my privacy, and you have always been respectful in your communication with me. I have given you that, and more. I have gone beyond my responsibilities as a tenant on many occasions, saving you money by avoiding the need for expensive contractors and property management. You’ve only sent someone once: a plumber after I spent my time and money trying to fix the problem. As far as I know, you’ve only been to the unit once yourself during my tenancy, which was with the plumber. When the unit above leaked and destroyed the front closet, you never came. I dealt with building management, and I donated my labour to fix the water damage to the wall and the coat rack. I have repaired and repainted all the walls of your unit with the original paint at my expense. I have stripped and re-caulked your bathtub because it was growing mould and had gaps that were allowing water to get under the tub. There have been other issues that I can assure you other landlords would have been called to address: HVAC problems, neighbouring balcony leaking problems, clogged drains, noise problems and more. You dismissed your property manager and moved to the other side of the globe. If that’s not recognition of the value I provide you, I’m not sure what is. I think our good rapport is based on my many gifts to you in the form of my time and money. It is based on me dealing with problems that landlords are legally responsible for.
Your request to increase my rent by nearly 25% with 23 days notice of the first new payment is inappropriate in the extreme. It is 10 times the annual rent increase guideline. It follows a rent increase of 2.5% only two months ago. And, it's 1/4 of the minimum 90 days notice for a legal rent increase. I realize this is a request, not a notice, nevertheless it is an enormous increase with little warning, and it’s attached to the threat that you will evict me if I don't agree. It is an unreasonable demand that puts me under duress, and that would cause me undue hardship. I also have no guarantee that you would not do the same thing again later if I acceded to your demand.
Ultimately, I understand and respect your right to occupy your unit. I imagine that you understand and respect my need to verify that occupancy for the required period after my hypothetical eviction. I am in a position to verify who is living there, whether the unit is rented again or not, and to pursue any legal action that would follow.
With all that said, if you would allow me to do a detailed review of your finances, I would consider agreeing to a rent increase. This would have to occur with at least 90 days notice, in accordance with a legal rent increase.
Alternatively, I would be amenable to a temporary extra monthly payment to help you get through these difficult health and business circumstances. There would be no change to our tenancy agreement. We could at both parties’ discretion revise and renew the agreement at the end of its period. I would be happy to put such an agreement into writing.
I would like us to speak on the phone or an online platform like WhatsApp because I feel we can come to an agreement that is legal and beneficial to us both. I fear that a contentious end to our relationship would be very taxing financially, emotionally, and time-wise. Nevertheless, I believe strongly in what is right, in my rights as a tenant, and in your responsibilities as a landlord. I am prepared to see whatever process we enter to the very end.
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2023.06.09 04:11 PreferItMyWay How do you clean your boresnakes?

Getting to the point I'm gonna have to clean these things again, anyone got a better technique than hot water and Dawn, and then hot water rinses until all the soap is gone?
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2023.06.09 04:11 autotldr Ranked: The world’s largest media companies in 2023

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 60%. (I'm a bot)
Despite Walt Disney Co.'s tumultuous year, the brand ranks No. 87 on the Global 2000-up seven spots from 2022-and is the second-largest media company for the second consecutive year.
The company is arranging into three divisions: Disney Entertainment, ESPN and ESPN+, and parks, experiences and products.
In another radical step, Disney's board sued Florida Gov. Ron De Santis in May, claiming the Republican presidential candidate waged a "Targeted campaign of government retaliation" in taking over the company's self-governing theme park district after executives criticized the state's "Don't Say Gay" bill.
Forbes uses data from FactSet research to create its list of the largest public companies based on four data points: assets, market value, sales and profit.
Though the fourth-largest media company, Netflix still reigns supreme by subscriber count- 232.5 million-and is pushing for more.
Behind Comcast and Disney is telecommunications company Charter Communications as the third-largest media company, PR brand Publicis Groupe SA as the sixth, ​​marketing company Omnicom Group as the seventh, Dish Network ninth and WPP tenth.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: company#1 Disney#2 media#3 year#4 Iger#5
Post found in /worldnews and /wallstreetbets.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.06.09 04:09 LaidByAnEgg Which would you rather happen?

  1. Drinking a cup (cup as in measurement) of human blood that's not yours in the span of 5 minutes causes you to be invincible for 7 minutes. If you have missing body parts, they will grow back for the 7 minutes and disappear again once it's up.
  2. When you say "You should kill yourself… NOW!" to someone while they're paying attention to you and point at them, they will immediately be struck by lightning. You must do it in person, and this has a cooldown of 5 years.
  3. If someone tries to S/A you, a hole in the ground will appear and five flaming skeletons in cloaks will jump out of it, beat the assailant(s) to death with baseball bats with nails sticking out of them, and jump back into the hole and the hole will close up again.
  4. You have an alternate appearance. You can switch between it and your normal appearance instantaneously with your mind. Your alternate appearance is randomized except that it's the same gender, height, and age as you. Your alternate appearance is only an appearance, it has the same strength and health as you. It ages with you.
  5. All cockroaches obey you to the best of their ability. 100 immediately spawn near you.
  6. You can consume any liquid that has the same consistency as water without any negative health effects. You can chug an entire windex bottle and be fine.
View Poll
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2023.06.09 04:08 weird_doggo_ Boil off methanol?

I have some new make and it's my first time messing with foreshots, hearts, and tails. Could easily tell what was my tails and tossed them, but I'm worried my heart's might still have a substantial amount of methanol. Seeing as the boiling point of methanol is 148.9° F (64.9° C) and ethanol has a boiling point of 173 °F (78 °C) and that gives me wiggle room of 25° or so, can i not just put my new make on the stove and keep it in that temp range for a bit to help boil of the remaining methanol off? Just trying to get out off not having to run it through the still again. Any advice will help
( It's a 50/50 malted barley non malt mix with some oats and sugar mixed in as a safety net)
TLDR: can't i just throw my new make into a pot and boil off methanol to make up for me sucking at knowing when somethings methanol or ethanol?
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2023.06.09 04:08 Feralfen6462 Rent a e-scooter. Hazardous!!!

So I bike all over the place. Mainly to get back and, forth to work. When I get off. I have to ride down a dark road. (Yes I have bike lites.) While riding I have to get on the sidewalk because there is no bike lane and, I have had many close encounters almost running into one of these uber scooters that are parked long ways while going 20-28 mph. The steering bars pointed to the grass and, the part you stand on in the middle of the sidewalk. Making these things pretty hard to see. I have even come across one in the bike lane.
Now at first I thought it was a good idea but, after seeing how irresponsible people are with these scooters. I wanted to ask. Is there anything we can do about this? These things can cause people to get into crashes or swerve into the road where there could be traffic. It can potentially put bikers. Especially kids who are less likely to have lights on their bike into some pretty bad crashes.
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2023.06.09 04:08 Eggcat3 Looking for female voice actor for a short horror film

Looking for a female voice actor to fullfill the role of a reseracher in a short horror film I’m working on. The script is about a paragraph long. If your intrested you can shoot me an email at: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) and I’ve included the script below:
Anomaly name: Delta54W
Code name: Water tower or ‘the water tower’
Delta54W is located in San Jose, California at Alum Rock Park. It stands intact above the debris and charred remains of what appears to be a destroyed factory. Public records strangely hold no information about the factory and park rangers claim that they’ve never seen, or heard of Delta54W let alone the factory. We believed that our rival, A-Sync would likely be keeping tabs on this too, seeing as they are located in San Jose. So we sent one of our own to collect information for us and what they brought back was shocking to say the least. Apparently A-sync had developed a ‘Low-proximity Magnetic Distortion System’ to breach into a dimension known as ‘The Backrooms.’ We’d been studying this dimension for quite some time and had found out about these ‘null zones.’ Null Zones are essentially holes in our reality leading to ‘The Backrooms’ dimension. It became apparent that if one wasn’t careful they could fall through these holes and into this dimension. Could the area that Delta54W is located in possibly be a null zone? After investigation of the area we found a VHS tape which contained deep insight into the disappearance of Alex Freeman and ‘The Backrooms’ dimension. The subsequent footage has been recovered from said tape.
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2023.06.09 04:05 davidblainestarot My mom's energy drains me

I live with her, and she has so much negative toxic energy. But one thing I wanted to mention is when she tells a STORY. Like, some little thing that actually happened, or she's telling the plot of a whole movie...
She doesn't talk fast enough or get to the point. She includes so many filler details and her excessive interpretations of it, and I actually PHYSICALLY FEEL SLOWED DOWN.
She'll have me still standing or sitting somewhere, growing uncomfortable, spine HURTING, I have to stall on doing a series of small tasks I was about to do or even get water, coffee, or take a pee. Sometimes I assert my needs when I'm waiting too long, but. . .
AND sometimes around her I actually feel a HEAVINESS. Extra gravity AND slowed down feeling from being by her.
I did a cord removal and I felt better immediately afterward, but when she traps me into another energy-draining monolog, I feel slow & heavy again.
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2023.06.09 04:04 GenderTron curious non growth

curious non growth
my first experience with a plants growth just stopping. using a new soil (coast of main platinum) not sure if this is the cause. I usually use a water only super soil (Michigannabis) autoflower, just under 2 weeks old. so far I've only given her water. I dont see any discoloring or any signs of deficiency. temp/hum lights on 80/82deg, 65/75% lights off 73/69deg, 65/70%. mosca Gummy bears auto.
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2023.06.09 04:03 Innocent_Apollo [pjo][hoo][toa][tsts] The Children of the Gods, "Percy-fied" Part 2

Part 1
Here's the continuation of the Percy-fied list I made for the gods I missed and the minor gods that I love. This is another lengthy post.
Children of Hermes - Children of Hermes are often faster and more agile than regular humans or demigods, allowing them to excel in physical activities such as running, acrobatics, and dodging attacks. Children of Hermes have heightened reflexes, enabling them to react quickly to danger or sudden movements. Hermes is the Greek god of thieves, so his children are naturally adept at stealth, sleight of hand, and thievery. They possess exceptional cunning, agility, and dexterity, making them skilled in sneaking, pickpocketing, and bypassing obstacles.
Hermes' children often possess the ability to charm and persuade others, using their natural charisma and persuasive skills to their advantage. They possess a natural aptitude for languages and can quickly learn and comprehend different languages, of course, including ancient Greek.
Given Hermes' association with deception and trickery, his children could possess the ability to create non-magical illusions and manipulate perceptions. They could use this power to confuse opponents or create diversions. Children of Hermes could have an innate sense of direction and an exceptional ability to track and locate objects or individuals. This would make them skilled at finding hidden or lost items.
Children of Hades - Nico, but with more resistance and resilience.
--- {Minor Gods)
Children of Iris - Children of Iris could have the ability to manipulate light and colors to a certain extent. They might be able to create illusions using light, bend and reflect light to become invisible, or even generate rainbow-colored energy blasts.
Since Iris is associated with the rainbow and messenger of the gods, her children could possess enhanced communication abilities. They might have the gift of speaking and understanding different languages or the ability to send and receive messages over longer-than-normal distances using the Iris message system.
Children of Iris might have some control over rainbows. They could create small rainbows or manipulate existing ones to form barriers or distractions.
Children of Nemesis - Children of Nemesis might have an innate sense of justice and balance, allowing them to perceive and understand imbalances or injustices in various situations. This heightened perception could give them an advantage in combat or decision-making.
Inspired by the concept of revenge, children of Nemesis might possess the ability to impose minor curses or hexes on their enemies. These curses could cause temporary misfortune or bring about consequences related to the actions of their targets.
Children of Nemesis might emit an aura that amplifies the consequences of one's actions. This aura could cause their opponents to experience the negative repercussions of their misdeeds or mistakes, making them more susceptible to their own errors.
Children of Nemesis could have the ability to sense guilt and remorse in others. This ability could aid in uncovering truths, exposing lies, and determining the innocence or guilt of individuals.
Children of Tyche - Children of Tyche could have the ability to sense and perceive the flow of luck and fortune around them. They would be attuned to changes in luck, allowing them to anticipate and adapt to different situations.
Children of Tyche might have the occasional ability to receive sudden bursts of good luck in critical moments. This could manifest as a temporary boost in their abilities or a fortuitous turn of events in their favor.
Children of Tyche might have an innate charm and persuasive ability. They could be naturally charismatic, able to influence and sway others to their side or convince them of their point of view.
Children of Janus - Children of Janus might have an enhanced perception of potential outcomes and choices. They could have an intuitive understanding of various possibilities, aiding them in decision-making and problem-solving.
Inspired by their parent's association with duality, children of Janus could possess the ability to manipulate and control opposites or dual elements. They might be able to switch between two different forms or harness the power of contrasting forces.
As Janus is associated with transitions, children of Janus might have the ability to manipulate portals, doorways, or transitional spaces. They could create or control openings between different locations or dimensions.
Children of Hypnos - Children of Hypnos might have the ability to induce sleep in others, causing them to become drowsy or fall asleep. This power could be used for calming situations or even incapacitating opponents.
Inspired by their parent's domain, children of Hypnos could possess the ability to enter and manipulate dreams. They could shape and control dreamscapes, communicate through dreams, or extract information from dreams.
Children of Hypnos could have an enhanced ability to heal themselves or others through sleep. They might enter a deep sleep state to accelerate the healing process or alleviate fatigue and injuries.
Being the children of the god of sleep, children of Hypnos could have an increased resistance to sleep-inducing powers or dream manipulation abilities used against them.
Children of Phobos - Children of Phobos might have the ability to induce fear in others, causing them to experience intense and irrational feelings of terror. This power could weaken opponents, making them more susceptible to attack.
Inspired by their parent's domain of fear, children of Phobos could possess the ability to create realistic and terrifying illusions. These illusions could exploit the fears and phobias of their targets, overwhelming them with terrifying visions.
Children of Phobos might have an enhanced ability to perceive and sense fear in others. This heightened perception could give them an advantage in anticipating their opponents' actions and exploiting their weaknesses.
Children of Phobos could possess the ability to manipulate nightmares and bring them to life. They could project terrifying and immersive nightmares into the minds of their opponents, causing them to experience intense psychological distress.
Children of Phobos might emit an aura that instills a sense of dread and unease in their surroundings. This aura could create an intimidating presence and demoralize their enemies.
Children of Cupid - Children of Cupid might possess the ability to manipulate and control the emotions of love in others. They could amplify or diminish feelings of love and desire, potentially influencing relationships or causing emotional turmoil.
Inspired by their parent's domain, children of Cupid could have an enhanced ability to sense and perceive emotions, particularly those related to love and attraction. They could detect emotional connections between individuals and gain insights into the nature of their relationships.
Children of Cupid might possess the ability to see the "heartstrings" that connect individuals who share a strong bond of love. This sight could reveal the depth of someone's affections or expose hidden connections between people.
In Greek mythology, Cupid is often depicted with a bow and arrows. Children of Cupid could inherit this symbolism and have the ability to shoot arrows imbued with magical properties. These arrows could create or manipulate feelings of love and attraction in their targets.
Children of Cupid might possess the ability to create a magical shield or barrier fueled by the power of love. This shield could protect them and those around them from negative emotions, including hatred, jealousy, and anger.
Children of Hecate - (inspired by Alabaster) Children of Hecate would have unparalleled proficiency in various magical arts. They would possess a vast knowledge of spells, potions, and rituals, enabling them to manipulate the forces of magic to achieve their desired effects.
Inspired by their connection to Hecate's association with the elements, children of Hecate could have the ability to control and manipulate different elemental forces such as fire, water, air, and earth. They could summon and command these elements to their will.
Children of Hecate could have an inherent affinity for enchantments and the creation of magical artifacts. They would excel in imbuing objects with magical properties, creating powerful talismans, and crafting intricate spells with long-lasting effects.
Children of Hecate could possess a natural resistance to magical spells and enchantments, making it difficult for others to affect them magically. They might also have the ability to dispel or counteract spells cast by others.
Children of Thanatos - (okay, this one's hard since it is pretty close to the powers of Hades) Children of Thanatos might possess the ability to manipulate and control the powers of death. They could summon and command restless spirits, manipulate life force energy, and even induce temporary death in others.
Inspired by their parent's connection to death, children of Thanatos could have an enhanced ability to sense and perceive death. They could detect impending deaths, perceive the presence of spirits, and sense the boundaries between life and the afterlife.
Being the children of the god of death, they could have a natural affinity for guiding souls to the afterlife. They might possess the ability to communicate with and guide spirits, acting as intermediaries between the mortal world and the Underworld.
Children of Thanatos could have the ability to absorb and harness the life force or essence of deceased beings. This power could strengthen them, restore their vitality, or be channeled to enhance their other abilities.
Children of Nike - Children of Nike might possess enhanced strength, speed, agility, and endurance. Their physical abilities would be heightened, allowing them to excel in physical combat and athletic endeavors.
Inspired by their parent's association with victory, children of Nike could possess an innate intuition and tactical prowess in battle. They would have a heightened ability to anticipate their opponent's moves and formulate effective strategies to ensure victory.
Children of Nike might be able to summon and wield symbolic weapons associated with victory, such as a laurel wreath, a golden staff, or a pair of wings. These weapons could possess unique properties or grant them additional powers in battle.
In line with Nike's association with swiftness and her winged form, children of Nike might have the ability to move at exceptional speeds or even manifest wings to fly.
Given their parent's domain over victory, children of Nike might have the ability to manipulate the concept of victory itself. They could enhance their chances of success in various endeavors or bestow temporary luck and favorable outcomes upon themselves and their allies.
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2023.06.09 04:01 Symgaria (OFFER) Black Panther 2, Devotion, Doctor Strange 2, Here Comes the Boom, Incredibles 2, Justice League x RWBY, Knives Out, Red 2, Turning Red, Venom, June Universal, Sony Movie Buff (Request) ISO, Lists/Offers

(OFFER) Reward points redeemed. June Universal Movie Reward and Sony Movie Buff Pass available. ​

4K Movies

HD MoviesAnywhere [MA] Movies

HD Vudu/iTunes/Google Play [GP] Movies - all Disney GP codes are split


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2023.06.09 04:00 B_Odom96 Pumpkin King

Pumpkin King
One run of my pumpkin farm this wipe lol. 504 total
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2023.06.09 03:57 weightandsie Losses and gains I want to share with people who get it!

32F, 5’8” SW: 251, CW: 218, GW: like 150-170, really depends on how I feel when I get there.
Ok let’s start with the positive stuff. I deadlifted 115lbs yesterday and benched 75lbs. I feel like that’s good, is that good? I come from a fairly athletic background (competitive track & swimming as a teen, tennis & basketball recreationally, dabbled in other stuff) but haven’t really done much lifting in the past so I’m not sure! I’m working with a trainer once a week (all I can afford at the moment, and I go by myself on other days if I find the time) and he seemed fairly impressed but I wasn’t sure if that was because that’s just an objectively good number or if he was just surprised I could do it at all 😂 ok no I’m being mean to myself but honestly tell me the truth!
Positive but frustrating: it has taken me 3 months to drop 10lbs. On the one hand, the number on the scale is going down (and I am only 3lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight!!!). On the other hand, it’s so fucking slow and I’ve bounced up and down so much it drives me crazy. The water weight yo-yoing during various points of my menstrual cycle is such a buzz kill. I feel like I have to be SO ON TOP of my shit to see that number move and with the uptick in social events this time of year it’s a massive struggle.
Also positive: as of yesterday I’ve logged over 400 meals! Fuck yeah accountability!
Really grateful to have somewhere to share my journey, even if it’s just screaming into the void! Still finding it hard to talk about weight loss to people in real life, so thank you, internet strangers ❤️
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2023.06.09 03:56 LongIsland1995 Going to Boston for a second time, would like some advice

I went there in 2017 with some friends, and it was okay but I feel like it would have been a lot better if I planned the trip better (something I've become very good at since then. We stayed in the outskirts to save money, and in my opinion mostly did basic touristy stuff.
My friend recently suggested that we go for his birthday, and I accepted. We have the same interests when we travel, so I'm asking on behalf of both of us.
What I'm most curious about, is what neighborhood has the kind of bars and general atmosphere I'm looking for.
For comparison sake: NYC, my favorite neighborhoods in regard to this are the East Village, Lower East Side, Williamsburg, and Bushwick. I'm not expecting a 1 to 1 copy of course, but rather somewhere with a good bar culture. Bonus points for affordability and diversity.
Another thing that's important to me is proximity to good food that's not super expensive.
Other things we like to check out:
-Breweries (besides Sam Adams, which was great but we did it already)
-Interesting markets
-Any other cool stuff that's worth checking
For what it's worth, we're men in our late 20s and late 30s.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.09 03:55 gasoleen Advice Needed: Overnight Parking in Big Bear Lake Area?

I'm trying to plan a shuttle hike along the PCT Section C, starting maybe by Onyx Summit and getting off at the intersection of FR 3N12, and then walking that to where it intersects the Rim of the World. However, I have no idea if overnight parking is allowed at both ends.
Can one park overnight in turnouts along Rim of the World, in order to backpack in to the various camps?
I do recall reading Onyx Summit has a big turnout for parking, but no idea if one can park there overnight. I'm flexible to the point where I could also start at Gold Peak, if that has overnight parking and Onyx Summit doesn't.
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2023.06.09 03:55 Melodia_Violin I've been involved in a neighbor war and I didn't even know it

So, my wife (29F) and myself (27F) have been living at our current apartment for little under two years now. The way our building is set up, it's a three floor building, divided into three sections, with six apartments and only one staircase in each section. We're on the top floor. This is somewhat important for later.
Back in November, we had new neighbors move in to the apartment directly below us: a husband (We'll call him John) and wife (We'll call her Jane), who was expecting their first kid soon, and their two dogs (a German Shepherd and a Chow). My wife and I have two dogs ourselves (a bloodhound mix and a Labrador mix), and these were the first neighbors in our section to have dogs too, so we were really excited, maybe our dogs could have some friends. However, I found out last week that these neighbors were essentially trying to sabotage me and my wife being able to live here by essentially filing a whole bunch of false complaints against us. And the thing is: we've only had five interactions with these neighbors. I'll include rough dates these happened so you can understand how sporadic these interactions were, too.
Interaction 1 - I ran into Jane while she was walking her dogs as I was getting ready to go to the store about two weeks after they moved in. We exchanged hellos, I got to meet her dogs, and it was just the typical "welcome to the apartment complex, good to finally meet you" kind of stuff
Interaction 2 - Happened around New Years' Eve 2022. As I was coming down the stairs to take my dogs out, Jane was just coming back up with her dogs. While the interaction definitely wasn't great, it definitely could have gone worse. My dogs did pull the leashes out of my hand, but all they did was essentially shoulder check her dogs and bark as a form of posturing, and thankfully no one got bit. She did call the office and file a report, and we all (landlady, the neighbors, and myself and wifey) agreed that my dogs will have mesh muzzles on whenever they're outside to limit how much they can open their mouths. These muzzles do not restrict the dogs' breathing in any way, shape, or form.
Interaction 3 - Happened in late Feb. Wifey and I were coming home from a date night where we went out to eat and went to Barnes & Noble to pick up the next book in the Heaven Official's Blessing series that wifey and I are both reading. When we got back, both John and Jane looked like they had just gotten home from taking their dogs for a drive, and the dogs were getting out of the car. This was my wife's first time really meeting them, so she stayed in the parking lot to say hi while I went ahead upstairs to put our dinner leftovers in the fridge and the book on the shelf. A few minutes later, she comes up cradling one of her hands. Their Chow actually did bite her, and her hand was bleeding! Thankfully, it was a small bite and we were able to clean it with first aid equipment that we had at home, and we were able to cover it with a regular band-aid. After making sure she was okay, I called the office to file a report of my own. This lead into:
Interaction 4 and 5 - Both happened on the same day. Number four happened the morning after the bite, where once again, Wifey, myself, the neighbors, and the Landlady (we'll call her Clara), all met in the leasing office to discuss the bite. While Jane did admit that she loosened her grip on the leash to let the dog approach, she actually had the audacity to try to ultimately blame Wifey for getting bit! Thankfully, Clara shut that down real quick and told Jane that it didn't matter if Wifey approached the dog or not; the fact remains that everyone was in the parking lot, a public area, and where the Chow bit Wifey would easily have been the face of a little kid. Clara put the same requirements that the Chow needed to wear a muzzle when outside and also demanded proof of vaccination for the Chow be sent from animal control. That night (interaction 5), Jane came up to our apartment and spoke to Wifey on the landing. I had just gotten off work, but I could hear them through the door. Jane was essentially saying the same things that she had said down at the office, still trying to shift blame onto Wifey. Wifey actually still tried to extend a hand of friendship, saying that while our dogs might not be friends, we could at least be acquaintances. From what I heard, Jane didn't seem to like that idea.
After the bite and the conversation at the office, we stayed behind to talk to Clara after John and Jane left. Clara said that after Interaction two, Jane had called the office four times in a row before I even got back into my apartment, claiming that my dogs were vicious and needed to be removed. Apparently, John had personally gone down to the office claiming that the German Shepherd had an injured leg due to my dogs, but Clara later saw Jane walking both dogs, and both were fine. Now, Clara has met our dogs, and she loves them. Both dogs love going to say hi to her, and they give hugs and kisses, which she loves, and she told us that she doubted what John had been saying the moment he came to complain. She also said that on multiple occasions, the Chow had full-on snarled at her when she wasn't even close, and told us that Jane knows that at least the Chow is actually vicious.
For the next few months, we all do our best to avoid one another. However, if I or Wifey was out with our dogs and the neighbors came back from an errand or something like that, they would lurk in their car until after we went back into out apartment. Even if we weren't anywhere near their car, they would just sit. Now, I admit, if I'm listening to a song that's almost over, I'll stay in my car for an extra minute or to let the song finish. But sometimes, we'd be out with our dogs for 10, 15, 20 minutes and John or Jane would STILL be in their car. I also caught Jane following us on some occasions, but she was always really far away, so I couldn't tell if she was actually following us or if she was just nervous if we would turn around before she got to our stairs.
Well, the neighbors were scheduled to move out at the very end of May. May 31st, and they have the UHaul truck. I was NOT sorry when I took the dogs out and saw them loading it during my lunch break (I've worked from home since the pandemic). However, at the end of the day, I ask Wifey to take the dogs out with me, and we see they have another UHaul, and they're unloading it BACK into the apartment! Jane followed us again during this walk, only this time, she was NOT subtle about it at all! She was right behind us for half of the walk, doesn't say a word to either of us, and while she is texting, she's regularly looking up and making eye contact with us, almost like she wants us to know she's following us. This happened at around 6pm, so it was still fairly light out. Later that night, at around 9:40, when it's very clearly dark, I took the dogs out again, by myself this time. Jane comes out of her apartment and says that lately, Wifey and I have been stomping on the floor and it comes through their ceiling and it's waking her up in the middle of the night (Wifey does have insomnia, so she is up late sometimes). Jane tried to gaslight me and say that she talked to me about it months ago, but the five interactions I mentioned earlier are the only ones we've ever had. She said that she had called Clara about it several times, and that if we continued stomping like that and waking her up, she was gonna call the cops. I agreed only to get her to go away, but as I thought about it, why in the world did she not bring this up when she was following us earlier in broad daylight and instead try to corner me alone when it's dark out? I also went back through my phone records, and the only missed call I have from the office was in March and was a callback regarding a maintenance request I had put in. All other calls in my phone to the office were ones I had made. Wifey didn't have any missed calls from the office, either.
The next morning, Clara calls me. The place that John and Jane were looking to move to ended up being a scam and they were hoping to cancel their early lease termination and move back in, since they had nowhere else to go. I tell Clara what happened with Jane the night before, and OH, BOY, does Clara have tea!!! Clara's assistant property manager (we'll call her Mary) is a personal friend of Jane! Those calls that Jane said she made to Clara about Wifey and I "stomping"? Were actually texts sent over Facebook Messenger directly to Mary! These do not count as noise complaints, since they weren't made through the office channels (either the office phone or email), and from what Mary confessed, John and Jane were planning to file a complaint against us for "excessive noise while we were moving out"... in the middle of the day! Clara thanked me for providing my side of the story, and informed me that, while she'd give them an extra week and a half to let them search for a legitimate place to move to, they would have to be out by a certain day and no more extensions.
John and Jane did not take that well! We happened to take our dogs outside when they were already out with their dogs? Call to the office, "Their dogs attacked ours!" We start doing dishes? Nope, we're "throwing around cookware, it's so loud; should we call the police to do a wellness check?" One of us takes a shower and a bottle falls due to the water? "Are they doing construction up there without approval?" The funniest one was they tried to call Clara to file a noise complaint while Clara was in our apartment with us monitoring another maintenance request being filled (we had to get work done on our tub, so yes, it was a bit loud)! Clara was an absolute gem during this whole time, shooting down each and every single one of their complaints for the bullshit that they are, sticking up for me and Wifey when corporate asked what was up with the deleted "complaints", and she kept me and Wifey informed during this last stretch of John and Jane's neighbor war.
As I'm writing this, I'm watching them pack their new UHaul. I feel such relief knowing that after this week, they're going to be out of our hair completely. Neighbor wars are exhausting, I don't know how Karens can handle this!!! This next part is sung to the tune of that song from The Sound of Music: So long! Farewell! Good riddance, stupid bitches!!
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