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2023.03.25 08:24 Relative-Break-2190 Song made by a CHATGPT AI

Sure, here's a Minecraft parody of the song "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey:
Just a miner, living in a blocky world Mining diamonds, digging deep ‘til they’re unfurled Got my pickaxe, and my shovel too And I’m mining to the rhythm of the Minecraft blues
Creepers tryna kill me, I just run away Zombies lurking in the night, they won’t let me play But I keep on mining, ‘cause I know I’ll find All the diamonds in this world, I’ll make ‘em mine, all mine
Don’t stop mining, hold on to that pickaxe Mine like there’s no tomorrow Don’t stop mining, hold on to that shovel Mine like it’s now or never
Stranded on an island, with just a wooden sword Got no armor, but I’m fighting off the horde I’ll build a castle, with a moat so wide And I’ll rule this land, with my diamond sword by my side
Don’t stop mining, hold on to that pickaxe Mine like there’s no tomorrow Don’t stop mining, hold on to that shovel Mine like it’s now or never
Mining, mining through the night, Mining, mining ‘til you find the light, Mining, mining with all your might, Mining, mining ‘til the morning light.
Don’t stop mining, hold on to that pickaxe Mine like there’s no tomorrow Don’t stop mining, hold on to that shovel Mine like it’s now or never
Keep on mining, in this blocky world Digging deep, ‘til all the diamonds are unfurled With my pickaxe, and my shovel too I’ll keep mining to the rhythm of the Minecraft blues.
This message has been generated by Nova - download it from:
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2023.03.25 08:24 annonymoususer20221 How do you get over a hookup but the guy was actually a good guy?

I met up with a guy from bumble last March. We went on a date I was so shocked but enamored when he paid. He asked me about myself. He was sweet and kind. I hadn’t been with anybody before and he was SUPER informed for a 20 year old on consent and didn’t do anything I didn’t want to. He also like cheered me on when I was afraid making out would be awkward. He was just sweet and kind. And then he ghosted. And I have borderline that I didn’t have help for so I went kinda crazy bc I just wanted to meet up with him and he would barely text back and told me when I met up with him that he wanted it casual. I guess I didn’t realize how much sexual acts can link you emotionally with somebody. Anyway it’s been a year and I ended up getting blocked because I was really rude to him because I didn’t understand why he’d ghost then reply sometimes but then keep me on bumble and I said some aggressive things. Then I went and got treatment rode borderline so I never treated somebody like that again and have completely changed. But I miss him so much. After him I tried other dates but they would always open with a hug and then go bad. And that shows they weren’t aware on consent (bc I don’t hug I’ve never met you and I have trauma). I miss him SO much because of what he represented. He never made me feel bad about not having shaved or my body. He never expected any pleasure in return. And he was sarcastic and kind. And it’s a knife to the heart to know I can’t reach out to him. And I know he wasn’t fully innocent but I don’t know I know I’ve built him up in my head but gosh do I miss having that connection with someone. Feeling wanted and the validation. Think the song midnight rain except he didn’t want a relationship.
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2023.03.25 08:23 Prize-Tadpole7939 Blue Hauler found if you like

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2023.03.25 08:22 yui11a Teens love Huge COCKS - (Elsa Jean Mick Blue) - Elsa Likes Them Older - Reality Kings

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2023.03.25 08:21 DaveExBro Best ash forest grinder?

Considering a new tag for Debo grind. Currently playing succ sorc but it seems to pull rather low numbers. Was thinking maybe woosa, maegu, or succ zerk. Would like to hear opinions and open to all class suggestions. Hoping to dial in at least 3.5k/hr with blue ls. Thanks for any input!
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2023.03.25 08:20 Old_Heart_7780 The Murder Sheet Monotones

There’s a recent post floating around with respect to what the Murder Sheet couple said in their March 20, 2023 podcast:
“last Monday at 4:13 PM The Delphi Murders: Kegan Kline's Proposed Change of Plea Hearing”
With all due respect to the OP and her thoughts on the couples comments. I think you have to listen yourself and make your own opinion on what they said, and what they meant. It did make for a good discussion— that’s for sure. And honestly I think that’s what it’s all about.
Just wanted to go over it because it sounds to me Kevin and Aine are telling people not to read too much into the River search and some of the events leading up to Richard Allen’s arrest. It’s odd they would suddenly start telling people to not read too much into the custody transfer of Junior to the ISP, the Wabash River search, granny’s backyard burn pit search, and Richard Allen’s backyard pile of ashes— which ultimately led to Allen’s arrest.
Strange the couple with the podcast and bevy of Delphi leaks would suddenly be telling everyone not to do any speculating themselves. Who are they talking to? So they really think the public at large shouldn’t speculate like they speculate? We can’t put two and two together and come up with three?
This is an excerpt from a post I made back on January 20, 2023 with respect to some of the Murder Sheets reporting that was made regarding the River search and granny’s backyard burn pit search:
The Wabash River Search started on 8/19/2022 and ended on 9/28/2022. We know the River search ended and next thing the ISP investigators were focused on was backyard ashes in Peru and Delphi.
News story regarding the Wabash River search and a certain someone’s mothers backyard burn pit
Fox59 by Russ McQuaid
”About the same time the original hearing was scheduled we saw some pretty intense searches going on, a search of the Wabash River and the search of the fire pit at the home of Kegan Kline’s grandparents,” said Kevin Greenlee, an attorney, and host of the podcast THE MURDER SHEET which has delved into the Delphi murders. “Perhaps those searches were not as successful as they might like.”
The search behind grandma’s house started sometime in early October 2022 and was immediately followed by Allen’s backyard search that took place on 10/13/2022.
Quote from an article in the New York Post dated 11/22/2022 by Haley Brown and Ken Kessler.
“They were definitely snooping around a lot at the fire pit and at the backyard,” a neighbor said, who described “lots of flashlights, lots of pictures, lots of sifting.”
The neighbors couldn’t make sense of why the fire pit was being examined at the time, saying “we never really see them burn things.”
We don’t know what was found but we can speculate from the photos being taken they found something. The obvious things they would have destroyed is anything that may have the girls DNA and their own DNA on it: s Clothing, jackets, hoodies, gloves, boots, hats, ski mask, seat cover, floor mats, etc..
It doesn’t take much common sense to know exactly why they were searching through someone’s mothers backyard burn pit. It didn’t take them long to move from one burn pit to the next. Peru, Indiana to Delphi, Indiana. The backyard on Paw Paw Pike to the backyard on Whiteman Rd. There is no mistaking who the FBI and the ISP is looking at. He has a violent criminal history. He was downloading the type of CSAM that will get you 20 years in a state penitentiary. He had a lot to lose if anyone went to their parents or the police with what they were doing to LIbby and Libby’s friend. Not long after murdering two teenage girls he was in Galveston, Indiana using the same ski mask he possibly used on RL’s land. Trust me it’s not the son they are after—- it’s the dad. The same guy that according to his own son he has held a gun on both him and his mother. How many people have we read about so far in this investigation that have held a gun on their own child and the mother of their only child? Could that same panicked UAW man hold a gun on two teenager’s, and do what he did to save his pedophile loser ass from going to jail the rest of his life?
So I’m gathering Aine and Kevin are telling people to not put stock in juniors CSAM case producing a plea deal that helps with the Delphi case. Personally I think any plea deal Junior would make with respect to Delphi would be based on his involvement in the murders. In other words he’s going to have to tell what he knows and what he did that day. The CSAM charges he’s facing are an entirely separate criminal investigation. Could there once have been a plea deal to plead guilty on the CSAM— in order to make a plea deal on Delphi once the CSAM charges are signed and sealed? Who knows.
But why are the MS Monotone’s suddenly telling us to not speculate on anything relating to that River search and those ash sifting searches in the backyards?
I know I was commenting along with another Redditor 8-9 months ago about a possible burn barrel behind the Canal Street house. Same with evidence being thrown in the Wabash River behind that Canal Street house. Coincidently they did find a loaded .38 within 1400’ of the river frontage behind the Canal Street. At least that’s what we know from an article about the 2019 Annual DeTrash the Wabash cleanup campaign. Junior was playing with a .38 and taking pictures of it to post to his Twitter. Another huge coincidence? Is it wrong to speculate he threw the knife in the River, too.
Not sure what they found in the Wabash River below the Kelly Street bridge, but I know it wasn’t nothing— I speculate it was somebody’s hunting knife. I also think they burned clothing, footwear and anything that could have incriminating DNA on it— behind the two respective homes some 40 miles apart. It is common sense to put the chain of events together. It’s common sense to think the guy who admits to chatting with Libby online that day—- somebody that had been catfishing her and her friends all that winter— somehow are logically connected to the murders of these two young girls.
I still haven’t figured out the Murder Sheet Monotones. Are they some secret undercover couple that’s been colluding with investigators this whole time. Are they part of a complex plan to out the men responsible for tricking two girls into walking to the isolated south end of one extremely dangerous bridge.
I think everyone could agree this is one strange murder investigation. I did watch a short Carroll County administrator meeting were they were arguing over $5000 extra to help with Allen’s prosecution. Heck I think we should start a GoFundMe page for the prosecution if the state of Indiana is not going to pony up with some dollars. I’d put up $100 to help prosecute the little troll man murderer if I knew it’d help.
I’d even throw in an extra $20 for McLelland to get a haircut. The Don Johnson look went out in the 80’s for shits sake. What the hell is in the water there?
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2023.03.25 08:19 Bodomi Anyone know what's going on with this pan? Gives off black residue when trying to season

See pictures: (the paper is disintegrating a bit because I tried rubbing hard in 1 spot to see what would happen)
I just bought this pan second hand. After I bought I prepared to season it: it had a 2 small surface rust spots which I managed to get rid off easily with some salt and a dish sponge. I noticed a small amount of black residue on the sponge afterwards but didn't think much off it.
After that I gave it a good wash in soapy water, this time the sponge had a lot of black residue on it and my fingertips were covered in a dark brown/black residue, I had to thoroughly wash my hands with a brush to get it off.
At this point I have no idea why this is happening. I dried it off with paper towels because I didn't want to mess up any of my towels. The paper towels got a lot of blackness on them. I placed it in the oven to make sure it's completely dry, got it out and put oil in it and started spreading it around and then the oil started getting thicker and brown and the paper-towel almost completely black.
While doing this last part with the oil it gave off a weird smell, like an old car part covered in grease and old burnt oil.
What the hell is going on? I don't have a lot of experience with cast iron apart from simple seasoning in the oven and cooking in them, so maybe this has an obvious answer. Is it perhaps, for whatever reason, old destroyed seasoning?
Edit: I have given it another very, very thorough wash with soap and a rough sponge and rubbed oil again. When washing some black comes off, but not nearly the same amount as what comes off when rubbing it with oil.
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2023.03.25 08:19 Chronigan2 My thoughts on volume 12

I'm conflicted.
Ruth walking along holding on to Kou's arm was fun. She was also a little bot of a pervert in her thoughts. I liked how all the girls gave Yurika time alone with Kou. I can imagine them getting closer quickly since they are the only two in the apartment. I really think Kou made her study both times because he couldn't handle the mood or his feelings toward Yurika.
Your heart just has to go out to Maki. She was so terrified to lose the happiness she had found and her feelings of love for Kou. I'm kinda sad they can no longer act as one. I remember how thrilled they were to be able to act in sync. I do hope she stays kind of sassy. While I know I said her personality was a huge change, I don't dislike the overly familiar childhood friend at all or the gal. I just didn't like the sudden change. It didn't feel earned.
I'm guessing Shizuka's first crush was Kou. Though it be interesting if it was Kenji but we all know how these things go.
It was really nicento see Yurika get so much character development especially at the end, she just acted on her feelings and expressed her love. I think she made more progress than any of the other girls in showing her feelings. Except maybe Ruth.
Yurika's changes have been so interesting. She said that if Maya had found her instead of Nana she may have turned out like Maki. We know that Yurika has a family. She left them so the wouldn't be targeted after she became a magical girl. Is she from earth or folsaria? I ask because she says she never had thought she would have a future other than being a magical girl until she came to room 106. She's gone from being desperate to be recognized as a magical girl to desperate to hide to protect the dreams of herself and the boy who's love and friendship means everything to her.
Is they going to return to her planet? I'm not going to try and spell it. Though if you pronounce it a certain way it sounds almost like Fort Worth.
Will Kou go with her? Will he be recognized as the Blue Knight? I have a feeling that he will go there at some point as Ruth told him about the special privilege's afforded to the Blue Knight.
So Kiriha knows Clan and Kou were there 11 years ago. Does anyone else know? Has she asked him what they were doing there? What did Kou tell Harumi and Yurika about Signaltin? Did he mention what it was and were he got it? If he didn't tell the other girls that Harumi helped him by controlling Singaltin, what do they think she is going to do? Can she actually cast magic now without the sword?
I said I'm conflicted. I made another post about this but it feels like each girl's story and connection with Kou is being compared to each other for who's is the most special. Not that the girls are doing that but it is being done by the story as it is mentioned quite frequently. It's probably just me though. It just makes me a little uneasy for some reason.
At the same time I hope we get more scenes of ruth hanging on Kou or Yurika hugging him from behind. More PDA please! And more Onii-chan from Kiriha!
Finally, Harumi looks just like Alaia and has a glowing sword on her head. Dude really has no idea why she might be able to control Signaltin's mana?
Sorry this post is kinda all over the place, just wanted to get all my thoughts out there.
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2023.03.25 08:18 qqqqqq-412pppp4 27[F4M] any newbie horny male/slave here upvote and text me now

seek for long term jerk off male and need new slave to own. For long . No joke no scam Kinks: Main ones I like that I’ve tried so far are orgasm control, sph (small pennis humiliation)edging, teasing, denial, and ruined orgasms. But I’m into almost anything within gentle femdom, so don’t be shy:) With kinks it’s more about the headspace for me, so I’m very curious and open- I definitely want to explore together. Hard Limits: scat, blood, vore, ageplay, abdl
My sub: between the ages of 22-55,
Me: 30 years old,brown eyes and brown hair, I think I’m pretty cute :) Also related to appearance, I’m very feminine and like pampering myself (skincare, nails, style, etc)../ I'm a powerful and strong mommy Domme seeking a newbie submissive male who is ready to learn the dynamics of BDSM (mommy /sub relationship) and explore his submissive / sexual sides with me for a long term and kinky relationship!..I accept both newbie and experienced submissive male do love to make my Slave cum daily ...I'm into so many kinks but my limits are scars,blood and extreme pains.. K l K. momgrace22 or (Telegram.Momclara1)
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2023.03.25 08:18 SidonIthano1 Pokemons based upon Ceratopsians

Hello all,
In this trivia section, I wanted to discuss pokemons based upon my favorite type of dinosaurs: The Ceratopsians.
For people who don't know Ceratopsians were characterized by beaks, rows of shearing teeth in the back of the jaw, elaborate nasal horns, and a thin parietal-squamosal shelf that extends back and up into a frill. (e.g., Triceratops)
One of the most popular dinosaur types, it's no surprise they have also been adapted as pokemon.
From my knowledge, there are 5 pokemons who are directly or indirectly based upon Ceratopsians.
Aron - Lairon - Aggron
Shieldon - Bastiodon
I hope this post has been interesting and has been informative.
What are your favourite dinosaur types and have they been adapted into Pokemon? And what else do you want to?
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2023.03.25 08:18 Kosovo-Karabakh wordington map

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2023.03.25 08:17 ElsonDaSushiChef How do you get the RGB effect in filmora x?

I’m wondering how you get the rgb filter in videos in filmora. More specifically, it’s the one where the color filter fades from red to green and them to blue… kinda like this.
But i don’t know how to do it, minus the squirrel obviously. Can someone help?
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2023.03.25 08:16 liamjones0994 27m - Will you be my Disney World date?

Or Disneyland. Or Disneyland Paris. I’m easy, you choose…
But that’s the dream isn’t it? Finding someone to go these special places with.
Recently I feel like my life has been missing a spark and is lacking any physical or emotional connection or intimacy.
Those things are really important to me, so now I’m looking to go out and get them!
So, about me: I’m tall, average build, brown hair with a good personality and a good sense of humour, but can also be sensitive when needed. I have a good job and make a decent amount, and all that’s missing is that romantic connection!
I’m looking for someone I can connect with on every level. Hopefully you’ll have a similar sense of humour and that emotional connection is really important to me.
Ages 22-32 are generally what I go for, but I won’t rule out any other ages!
Hopefully I haven’t scared you off and you want to find out more - feel free to PM! Tell me which ride we’ll go on first :)
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2023.03.25 08:13 VanhiteDono So with the release date of star rail being announced, I have a question

So do you all plan on playing star rail along with your other gachas? Like I know for a fact that a lot of genshin and honkai players are gonna spill over to the star rail fandom.
But how do you guys plan on even doing that? Like I still remember back when I was in high school (in college rn) I tried playing 3 gachas together. That was probably the most ridiculous thing id ever done, it was a slog. I didn't have time to watch play any proper games.
For a while I've only been playing genshin and it's been nice, since there are slow patches every now and then, like this current patch. Also picked up blue archive, but it's pretty easy to play, heck I can finish doing BA dailies during the loading screens of genshin xD T-T (potato PC life)
Anyways what are your thoughts? Also do you guys think star rail will reach almost same popularity or half that of genshin?
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2023.03.25 08:12 BluishHearts 42 [M4F] #LosAngeles : Real Romance Full of Fun Sexy Mind-Body Bliss For a Faithful, Attractive Lady

Looking for my misses to devote my kisses, and some of the best parts of my mind and body, giving, caring, sharing in mutual deep sexy loving mind-body bliss. I enjoy being romantic and sensual, but getting to know each other before being physical to prevent hurt feelings. Casual stuff is not fun enough, plus it's risky and leaves one feeling empty. I also feel it's disrespectful, like saying someone is not good enough for more than a temporary, disposable bodily function. I feel if someone is worth your time, it's not a big ask to be faithful, whether dating shorter or longer term. Of course I must be able to prove why I'm worth being faithful for, which can be part of the fun. My passions to persuade a lady to be mine relates to her being having feminine features I prefer, learning her personality and pleasure preferences. Early on, we should verify if there is mutual attraction.
I'm mostly mellow, chill, but can be wildly affectionate in ways with my lady, indoors and out, and appreciate nature, culture, arts and architecture around Los Angeles and SoCal. I love to share pleasurable and mentally stimulating, creative experiences, mixed with making out to making love for hours, deeply satisfying your mind and body. I can take charge, teaching, being patient, but I can also switch roles, learning, letting you be in control. I like regular exercise, and partner stretching, massages with workouts. I mainly like straight to wavy curly hair styles, any color. I go for a petite, slim yet busty curvy body, up to a healthy, pinup model type, fuller figure and other feminine features I can explain. I like what I consider to be natural beauty, not overly filtered Insta model, lip injected LA looks, or elective plastic surgery, fake, enhanced body parts. I'm not anti-makeup, winged eyeliner can look hot. I'm white, attractive, in good shape, grey blue eyes, wavy brownish hair, never married, no children, kind of edgy artist skater musician looks that cleans up well.
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2023.03.25 08:09 amoni8 Skye Blue has yet to win a match on TV. In her last 3 matches on TV, she's lost to all 3 of The Outcasts. I'd really like for her to get a win on Rampage just to make her a more credible opponent for some of these women.

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2023.03.25 08:08 TheNiceWriter I dislike it when artists use comic subs as their personal blog

A comic subreddit that allows artists to post with no limits is annoying. I feel like it's best used as a variety show type of subreddit. It should be contained plots that are particularly funny or an artists best work, often posted by people who found the comic on the internet somewhere.
But there are several artists I can think of who just miss the point of this entirely and post every single comic to a subreddit in separate posts. It's horrid for their naritive because some of the comics get a lot of interaction and some don't. This results in ramdom bits of the story floating to the top, so the average user sees sorylines out of order and out of context.
This leads to posts that are just downright confusing because the viewer has no idea wtf is going on in the storyline.
It really starts to feel like spam after a while.
If a creator posts there, that's fine. But the comics they post shouldn't need a bunch of context that isn't included with the post to make sense. They should post their best work and links to the rest of the work. Otherwise, they're just being confusing, and it feels like they're just advertising to me.
Now, this isn't the biggest problem in the world. For me, it just results in me having to block creators every now and then. But I figured it's midnight, and I can't sleep, and I wanted to rant. So there's the rant.
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2023.03.25 08:06 Chrono-Helix Trying to remember two particular anime

Both of these aired in the 1990s or earlier.
  1. The main character is a palm-sized robot. I think it lived with a little boy. It either transforms, or merges with other robots, to turn human-sized or building-sized. The smallest form was definitely yellow. The other two forms were blue and red respectively, but I can’t remember which colour was for which size. Probably the red one was the biggest one. I also can’t remember what the robot did or what it fought against. Possibly had 戦士 or Senshi in the title.
  2. The main character, or at least one of the main characters, is a tall man with long wild hair (think Kenshin’s sensei from Rurouni Kenshin) and he dresses in a gi, like Ryu from Street Fighter. He can transform between being a grown man or a little kid (or maybe he turned chibi for comedic scenes, can’t remember). In one shot of the opening or ending song, he’s standing on a cliff or a tree branch, with his back turned to us, hair flowing in the wind, and looking at a waterfall. And in a scene I strongly remember, he’s holding his hands as though in prayer, like 🙏, and suddenly has all his fingers bent to one side, breaking the fingers on one hand. The same thing happens to a number of other characters. This scene was played for comedy.
Do these anime sound familiar to anyone?
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2023.03.25 08:05 Jason_T_Jungreis I wrote and outline for a Ratatouille 2: Give me your thoughts

Hey so I had an idea for a plot of a Ratatouille sequel and wrote it. I just came up with it so, it's definitely a rough draft. Tell me what you think:
Many years prior to the original film, Lehmann and his intern Kaiser are two scientists who run the Schwartzchild Animal Testing facility in Brandenburg, Germany. For a long time, Lehmann has been trying to genetically engineer a Rat to have enhanced taste and smell, with the goal of using the rat for purposes such as sniffing out environmental toxins. After numerous failures, he finally succeeds when a lab rat named Elise gives birth to a genetically engineered small grey rat. This rat survives birth and is confirmed to have enhanced taste and smell when he refuses to eat food with rat poison. He is compared with the control, the other brown rat Elise gave birth to who was not genetically engineered. The brown rat attempts to go for the food with the poison, confirming the grey rat was successfully genetically engineered. Lehmann and Kaiser are ecstatic that their experiment was a success, and begin plans to replicate the grey rat’s genome to see what it was that made him survive, and to make more rats with enhanced smell. They also name the rats. They give the grey rat the name Remy, and the brown rat the name Emile. Giving birth to them significantly weakened Elise. Kaiser and Lehmann believe she will not be able to give birth to any more rats. They decide she is therefore no longer of use to them and kill her.
Django, the father of Emile and Remy, realizes from this that rats are disposable to humans, and that he and his sons must escape from the lab ASAP. He figures out how to pick the lock of his cage, then figures out how to use the computer to unlock Remy and Emile’s cage. He free Remy and Emile, still infants at this time. This sets off alarms, and Kaiser and Lehmann frantically search for the missing rats, but Django and his sons evade them. Django escapes from the lab with his sons on his back and board a train. They stay in the train for days until they find in a cargo box that is unloaded from the train. Once off, they search until they find a cabin with an existing colony of rats. They join this colony.
In the present day, Remy continues to cook at La Ratatouille with Collette and Linguini. The restaurant continues to be an enormous success, with lines around the block. While Remy is happy to be able to cook, he is still upset that he can not publicly take credit for his work. He confesses this to Django and Emile, but Django simply reminds him that as a rat, it simply isn’t possible.
One day, Lehmann is vacationing in Paris with his wife Johanna and their kids. They decide to dine at La Ratatouille, as his wife, who owns a small cafe, is a fan of fine foods. At La Ratatouille, they run into Skinner, who is also eating there just to see how good it really is. Johanna recognizes him from the numerous cooking magazines she has read. She inquires what happened to Gusteau’s, and Skinner tells all of them about the cooking rat and the health inspector. Intrigued, Lehmann asks Skinner for more details about Remy, and eventually concludes that this is his missing rat. Skinner tells him that this rat likely works at this restaurant here. Lehmann asks Linguini, the waiter, to meet the Chef, however Linguini is evasive. This strengthens Lehmann’s suspicion. Lehmann decides to buy a human rat trap, and put rosemary, a spice that his genetically engineered rat would have a particular attraction to, in it. He leaves the humane trap outside La Ratatouille. Sure enough, when Remy goes on his break, he sees the rosemary and goes in. He gets trapped in the cage. Lehmann rips out one of Remy’s whiskers, causing him to bleed. Lehmann then puts a drop of Remy’s blood next to an alley cat, and leaves the whisker near the alley cat, to make it look like Remy was eaten by the alley cat. In the kitchen, Collette and Linguini aren’t sure where Remy went. They go out and look for him. They see the alley cat with the blood on his mouth and see Remy’s whisker. They believe the alley cat killed Remy and somberly go back to La Ratatouille to inform Django and Emile.
A few days later, Lehmann and his family arrive back in Brandenburg with Remy. Lehmann has plans to preform DNA tests on Remy, but his wife points out that they can also make money by having Remy cook at her cafe. Lehmann brings Remy to his wife’s cafe and orders him to cook, but he refuses. Johanna then tells Remy that he will receive public credit for his cooking, which encourages Remy to try cooking for them. Lehmann advertises that he successfully genetically-engineered a rat who can cook, and convinces the Brandenburg Department of Health to allow Remy in the kitchen, as he is a cleaned lab rat. News spreads of the genetically-engineered cooking rat, and Johanna’s Cafe soon becomes one of the most popular restaurants in Brandenburg. Remy also begins to enjoy receiving public credit for his work, and no longer wants to go back to Paris. Ghost Geusteau appears to Remy and reminds him of how Collette and Linguini’s restaurant will not survive without him, but Remy ignores him.
Back in Paris, La Ratatouille has had an enormous drop in popularity. Collette works endlessly to try to keep the Restaurant afloat, but she simply lacks Remy’s talent for cooking. The Restaurant only makes enough money to stay afloat because of Anton Ego’s donations, but even that is starting to run out. Linguini and Collette desperately miss Remy, as do his family and the entire Rat clan.
Lehmann and Kaiser use Remy’s fur to finally identify the gene that allows him to survive as a genetically engineered rat. They manage to design genes for rats that have an even better sense of smell than Remy, and they also manage to accelerate these rats’ growth. They make deals with some companies to sell some rats to sniff out toxins or explosives. They use others to help in Lehmann’s wife’s Cafe. They even give some to Skinner as a way to repay him for telling them about Remy.
As the rats reach a mature age, Skinner opens a restaurant using his genetically engineered rats as cooks, however he does not advertise that he has rat cooks, as the rats were imported illegally and Paris’ department of health is much more strict than Brandenburg’s about rats. He purposely opens it on the same block as La Ratatouille. As Skinner’s new restaurant grows in popularity, it takes away La Ratatouille’s few remaining customers. La Ratatouille can no longer financially sustain itself and is forced to close. Desperate and out of work, Collette and Linguini apply to many jobs, but no one wants to hire them after the failure of their previous restaurant. Collette and Linguini are forced to move into a dingy one bedroom apartment to save money, and allow the rats to move in with them. Finally, Skinner offers Collette and Linguini a job at his new restaurant, however he drastically underpays them, forces them to work long hours, and generally mistreats them in general in order to reassert his dominance. One day, Collette overhears Skinner talking to Lehmann on the phone and hears them talking about the original genetically engineered rat and how he is currently cooking at Johanna’s restaurant. Collette realizes he means Remy and that Remy is still alive. Linguini, Collette, Emile, and Django decide to go to Brandenburg to try to find Remy. Skinner warns Collette and Linguini that if they take time off of work, they will be fired. Linguini and Collette decide to take the risk, as if they can get Remy back they won’t need to work for Skinner’s restaurant anymore. They leave for Brandenburg and he fires them.
At Lehmann’s wife’s Restaurant, Remy is beginning to doubt himself, now that suddenly the other human workers have been replaced by rats who can cook even better than he. Remy reluctantly stays on the job however, as Lehmann’s wife continues to praise his cooking. One day, Remy overhears Kaiser and Lehmann talking about him. He goes to overhear, hoping to hear them praising him. Instead, he hears them talking about Remy’s genetic engineering, and how much of a success it was. They discuss how they have successfully improved upon Remy’s genome to make Rats who are even better cooks. It crushes Remy to learn that he is only the way he is because of human experiments, and that they are just trying to replace him and destroy his uniqueness. Remy now views his cooking skills only as byproducts of human control and no longer wants anything to do with. He flees and goes to live in the sewer as a true rat. As he had been enjoying cooking at the Restaurant, Lehmann had not seen a reason to hold him in captivity.
The next day, Collette, Linguini, Emile, and Django arrive in Brandenburg and go to Lehmann’s wife’s restaurant. They ask about Remy, however Lehmann’s wife says that Remy fled the previous day. Linguini, Collette, Emile, and Django begin to search Brandenburg for Remy. Finally, Django and Emile find him living with a colony of rats in a sewer. They ask what happened, and Remy explains what he overheard from Kaiser and Lehmann. Django and Emile try to convince him it doesn’t matter, but he is unconvinced. Eventually, they try simply convincing him to return to Paris. He agrees to this, but won’t commit to cooking. Emile and Django hope that by just being back in Paris, Remy will regain his love of cooking. Remy, Django, and Emile reunite with Collette and Linguini, and return to Paris. Once in Paris, Remy still refuses to cook however, and wishes to live as a sewer rat. Django and Emile try to convince him to go see the rats cooking in Skinner’s kitchen. He is reluctant to at first, but Ghost Gusteau convinces him to go see it. The three rats go to Skinner’s Restaurant, but when they are outside, an alley cat chases them. They manage to get into a small hole in the wall and escape. Remy has the idea of going into the restaurant and making meat for that cat. He does this and feeds the cat. The cat eats, and warms up to Remy. The cat, who is revealed to be anthropomorphic, thanks Remy for the meat, and reveals that Skinner starves him so that his only option is to hunt for rats. Remy asks why he would do this, and the cat tells him that even though most of the rats are able to cook, many don’t want to, and only do so because Skinner forces them to. Skinner uses electric shocks and starvation in order to force the rats to cook. Horrified, Remy, Django, and Emile go to speak to the rats in the kitchen, which is currently closed, and learn that the cat is right. They also learn that Lehmann and Kaiser tortured the rats working in Lehmann’s wife’s kitchen also, and that they torture rats to force them to do things like sniff out toxins in chemicals. Additionally, Lehman and Kaiser preform horrific experiments on their animals. Django confesses that he knows and tells Remy and Emile what happened to their mother. Remy tells the rats in the kitchen that the cat will not hurt them now, and they flee the kitchen along with the cat. They then decide they want to free the animals in the Schwartzchild lab once and for all. They go back to Collette and Linguini, and communicate to them what they wish to do. Collette and Linguini agree, and the group goes to Brandenburg to carry out a plan.
In Brandenburg, Johanna is expressing serious reservations about torturing rats in order to force them to cook, however Lehman reminds her that he is the reason she has a cafe at all. He reminds her how for years, he gave her cafe some of his grant money (which is illegal), and that that is the only reason it still exists. Now, he cafe is only popular because he gave her his rats. He tells her that she needs to pay him back for that money, or he will take his rats and money, and then her cafe will go out of business.
Remy and the others arrive in Brandenburg, and go to the Schwartzchild lab. They come up with a plan. First, the rats would chew through the wires and cut the power. Then, they would feed the cats guarding the rats so they warm up to rats. Then, Django, who still remembers how to get out of the lab, would free the other rats using the computer. They put this plan into action. Remy makes some tasty meat with the help of Collette. The rats successfully chew through the wires, and then they break in to the lab. They feed the meat to the cats, who do indeed warm up to them. The cats agree to help them free the rats. The rats and cats infiltrate the lab and Django successfully uses the computer to free the rats. Right when Remy and his clan of rats and cats meet up with the freed rats, Lehmann activates a back-up generator and the power goes back on. Realizing that he is coming, Django has an idea. He whispers it to the rats and cats, and then hurries off to the control room. Lehmann comes into the room, sadistically eager to watch the cats kill the rats. The cats chase the rats into a room, and Lehmann follows. Just as it looks like the cats will kills the cats, they suddenly attack Lehmann by clawing and sratching him. The rats join in by biting him. Lehman, who is taken by surprise, is quickly overwhelmed. The animals injure him a bit before leaving through a door. Django, who is watching on security footage, closes the door the rats and cats leave through. He then opens another door, which connects Lehmann’s room to the room with the Dogs who Lehmann experimented on. They had escaped from their cages during the blackout. The dogs rush in and maul Lehman to death. Django erases all camera footage of the attack. He then opens all remaining cages, allowing all animals to escape. The rats and cats flee together. They then rendezvous with Linguini and Collette. The group then goes to Lehmann’s wife’s restaurant and free the rats there.
Later that evening, the police investigate Schwartzchild lab and find Lehmann’s body. Unaware of Remy’s scheme, they conclude that lab did not comply with existing safety standards. They also witness videos of animal cruelty committed by Lehmann and Kaiser. They therefore arrest Kaiser and shut down the Schwartzchild lab. The police also find correspondence between Lehman, Kaiser, and Skinner. They find evidence that Skinner admitted to illegal animal trafficking, and also videos he sent to him torturing rats into doing his bidding. These videos are sent to French authorities, and Skinner is arrested.
Django and Emile try to convince Remy to continue cooking, but he is still reluctant to do so. Remy also (wordlessly) explains his reluctance to Collette and Linguini. All four work to convince Remy otherwise. They explain how simply having an enhanced sense of smell isn’t enough. Django points out to Remy that he was brave enough to enter the human world. Collette points out how he was brave enough to experiment. She points out that Skinner could cook, but he didn’t care about making him quality food. She could cook, but she only wanted to follow what Gusteau did. Remy was willing to experiment. The rats who were forced to cook would not do that. Finally, Remy speaks with the ghost of Gusteau. Gusteau points out that as long as Remy is talented, he doesn’t need to be the very best. It was a lesson that he, Gusteau, never learned. He become depressed when Anton Ego made him feel he wasn’t the best anymore. He let that end his life, when he should have been content with just believing being good was enough. Remy is finally convinced to go back into cooking. He, Collette, Django, Emile, and Linguini res turn to Paris. As Linguini and Collette were the most recent employees of Skinner’s restaurant, they are given it now that Skinner is in jail. They begin working there along with Remy and the few genetically-engineered rats that actually enjoy cooking. Furthermore, because the population doesn’t fear genetically engineered rats anymore, Remy can freely take credit for his cooking. The restaurant ends up being a huge success. The rat colony once again lives in the attic of it. This section ends with Linguini proposing to Collette.
We also see what happened to Johanna. She regrets her actions that she committed against animals while her husband lived. As she lost her restaurant, she is now forced to work at a fast food restaurant as a fry cook. While she doesn’t enjoy preparing the cheap food and is forced to live much more humbly, she is also happy to be free of her husband’s abuse and threats. This overall makes her into a better person. She tells her kids that although she and they will all have to live more humbly for a while, she explains that in a way she feels they all deserve it for she and her husband’s cruelty to animals and that they can learn from this.
This is the end.
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2023.03.25 08:04 liamjones0994 27 [M4F] #England - Will you be my Disney World date?

Or Disneyland. Or Disneyland Paris. I’m easy, you choose…
But that’s the dream isn’t it? Finding someone to go these special places with.
Recently I feel like my life has been missing a spark and is lacking any physical or emotional connection or intimacy.
Those things are really important to me, so now I’m looking to go out and get them!
So, about me: I’m tall, average build, brown hair with a good personality and a good sense of humour, but can also be sensitive when needed. I have a good job and make a decent amount, and all that’s missing is that romantic connection!
I’m looking for someone I can connect with on every level. Hopefully you’ll have a similar sense of humour and that emotional connection is really important to me.
Ages 22-32 are generally what I go for, but I won’t rule out any other ages!
Hopefully I haven’t scared you off and you want to find out more - feel free to PM! Tell me which ride we’ll go on first :)
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2023.03.25 08:04 blessedbetheenemy looking for a cool brown!!

Looking to find a mix for cool brown no brass no red no lift, can someone help me formulate a cool dark brown mix? currently thinking like a selena gomez brown. i have some experience doing my own hair for 10+ years and would prefer to get something from sally’s because it’s just a better option than box but not opposed to box… if anyone could help that would be great! looking for permanent if possible! thanks in advanced.
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2023.03.25 08:03 The_Dr_B0B Rescued kitten devolved curved spine and bones seemingly out of nowhere

I reach out because we just came back from a vet who told us our 6 month old kitty “Nami” has scoliosis, several fractures, deformed organs, and that she would have no quality of life, and recommended we euthanize her.
This came surprisingly out of the blue for us and broke our hearts, because her original vet took X-rays two months ago and didn’t mention anything like this.
In short, we rescued her in November when she was probably nearing two months She started eating wet food pretty well, and grew healthily as far as we could see. She was running and jumping by the start of January at four months of age.
However, nearing the end of January, she was suddenly limping. We took her to the vet right away, and they told us she needed X-rays. She got them, but the vet said they didn’t see anything too bad, that it was probably a bad fall and that she should recover. They prescribed something for pain and anti-inflammatory medication and sent her on her way.
A month passed, in which my wife and I got married and left two weeks for our honeymoon (my MIL took care of her). When we got back, she was struggling a bit more, so we took her to the vet again, they said she might have some issue, but did not specify anything, and asked us to start physiotherapy.
As time went by, we moved to our new home, and we were optimistic, she would even walk down small steps and so. However, three days ago I noticed she was fully dragging her hind legs (these videos are just a week apart).
So we decided to take her to another vet, one that’s closer to our new home, and that’s where we were told what I mentioned at the start of the post. They provided the following X-rays:
Things the vet told us: - She has scoliosis in her spine - She has twisted limbs - She has fractures in about 4 or 5 places - Her vertebrate are not formed correctly - Her “growth disks” were closed - She has deformed organs
We are in tears fearing the worst, the vet showed no optimism and our souls are crushed. We want to give her the happiest life she can live, and do what’s best for her.
Has anyone seen something like this happen before? How can we know what is the best course of action?
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