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2011.05.24 00:33 767 Polandball

Wiggly mouse-drawn comics where balls represent different countries. They poke fun at national stereotypes and the "international drama" of their diplomatic relations. Polandball combines history, geography, Engrish, and an inferiority complex.

2023.05.30 14:02 CordouroyStilts PC US Deer Isle THE REVIVAL PD, Medic, and Human Trader factions Lore Custom Areas Keycards MORE
Please check out the trailer posted above. It's worth a watch even if you don't plan on playing our server.
The Revival is a server that provides an organic DayZ experience. Our rules are designed to discourage KOS and toxicity. Our mission is to provide an immersive experience that stays true to what makes DayZ a great game.


Deer Isle Police Department - Active Police Force
Federation of Medical Experts - Active Medical Team
Revival Trade Collective - Active Trading Group
RemCorp - Active Arms & Contraband Dealers and Auto Loan Financers.
Or start your own


• Custom Safe Zone
• Custom POIs
• Custom Dark Zone with Leaderboard & real $$$ Rewards
• Server Lore Dating Back to 2018 & Experienced Core of Roleplayers
• Base Building
• Keys / Keycards / Punch Card
• Mods: Dogtags, Passports, Bees, Drugs, Boats, ATM Robberies, Many More!
• People actually use radios. (Long range, no battery drain)
• KOS Discouraged, Interaction Encouraged
• Healthy PvP & Base Raiding
• Loot is Close to Vanilla, Added Modded Clothing, Guns, Cars, Boats & RP Items
• Customs Mods and Experienced Modders
• All Mods Thoroughly Tested & Configured for Balancing


• Dedicated Server in Eastern USA (EU Welcome!)
• 4.5GHz Baseline CPU, High FPS
• Active & Mature Admins and Moderators
• Whitelist and Application Process
• Active Player Bans & Cheater Monitoring
• Clear Rules & Organized Discord
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2023.05.30 14:01 Fenge93 🏁 Join the ERA Sunday Championship - GT3 Action! Races, Classes, and Live Broadcasts! 🎮🌍

🏁 Join the ERA Sunday Championship - GT3 Action! Races, Classes, and Live Broadcasts! 🎮🌍
Hey simracers!
Looking for an exhilarating GT3 championship that caters to drivers of all skill levels? Look no further than the ERA Sunday Championship! Get ready to hit the track and experience intense racing action at some of the world's most iconic circuits.
📅 Championship Dates & Tracks:
  • Indianapolis: 9th of July
  • Nürburgring: 16th of July
  • Barthurst: 23rd of July
  • Hungaroring: 30th of July
  • Valencia: 13th of August
  • Kyalami: 20th of August
  • Oulton: 3rd of September (1.5-hour final)
🏎️ We welcome all drivers, whether you're an AM or PRO, as we have 4 classes to accommodate everyone. This ensures that you'll always have someone of your skill level to compete against. It's the perfect opportunity to test your abilities and improve your racing skills.
📺 As part of our commitment to provide the best experience, we offer post-race stewarding to ensure fair competition and maintain sportsmanship on the track. Additionally, all races will be broadcasted live, so you can share the excitement with fellow racing enthusiasts and showcase your skills to a wider audience.
🚀 But before the championship kicks off, don't miss our evaluation race on the 2nd of July! This race will help classify drivers into the appropriate classes, ensuring balanced and competitive racing throughout the championship.
⏰ Race Schedule:
  • Race start time: 7pm BST
  • Race duration: Approximately 2 hours (including training, qualifying, and race)
📢 Ready to be part of the action? Join the ERA Sunday Championship now and secure your spot on the grid. Visit our Discord to sign up and find more details about the championship.
Don't miss your chance to compete in the ERA Sunday Championship! Rev your engines, buckle up, and get ready for an unforgettable GT3 racing experience!
#SimRacing #GT3Championship #ERA #SundayChampionship #RacingAction #LiveBroadcast #FairPlay
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2023.05.30 14:01 BryceBrownlol wordington wholesome gaming

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2023.05.30 14:01 OwnDirector1326 Question Re Setting Up Budget - Financial Tracking

Hi there, I am looking for some guidance with setting up Quicken to help track my finances. Specifically, I want to setup a chequing account and credit card account. I’ve setup my chequing account using my last statement (ending April 30th). I enter the closing balance and then import all transactions on/after May 1st. Now when trying to setup a CC, the statement spans two months, April 21 to May 20th. I set the statement date to May 20th and this is where I’m not sure how to proceed. Should I import all transactions on/after May 20? Does it matter that I will have transactions on the CC account that were created prior to the start date setup for the chequing account? Thank you in advance!
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2023.05.30 14:00 rfantasygolem /r/Fantasy Daily Recommendation Requests and Simple Questions Thread - May 30, 2023

This thread is to be used for recommendation requests or simple questions that are small/general enough that they won’t spark a full thread of discussion.
Check out Fantasy's 2023 Book Bingo Card here!
As usual, first have a look at the sidebar in case what you're after is there. The Fantasy wiki contains links to many community resources, including "best of" lists, flowcharts, the LGTBQ+ database, and more. If you need some help figuring out what you want, think about including some of the information below:
Be sure to check out responses to other users' requests in the thread, as you may find plenty of ideas there as well. Happy reading, and may your TBR grow ever higher!
As we are limited to only two stickied threads on Fantasy at any given point, we ask that you please upvote this thread to help increase visibility!
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2023.05.30 14:00 AutoModerator [Meta] Subreddit Rules

Subreddit Rules
I. Your post MUST include [H] for "Have", and [W] for "Want". You must also include the platform you're planning to trade in. No Shitposts. Use /RLEMemes for memes.
Good title example: [PC] [H] Pink Zomba Wheels [W] Offers
Bad title example: Anyone want to trade for Frostbite??
You can also use [Discussion], [Meta], [Question], [Auction], [Price Check], and [Store] as tags.
Your item must be able to be traded at the moment of posting, no fake posts. You must own the item(s) and platform(s) you are posting (no posting for friends etc). Trades cannot be influenced on wording (cheap, quicksale, etc).
II. You cannot offer or request money/non RL item exchanges on the subreddit OUTSIDE of the stickied Anything-Goes thread. (Paypal, gift cards, etc). You cannot make wager matches, blind trading posts/trading games, raffle posts, item begging posts, offerequest boosting/coaching services, or account sell/mod anywhere on this subreddit.
III. Whether you are posting an item up for trade, or offering on a post by another user, you MUST keep all conversations out in the open to ensure all users are liable for their actions. No PM’ing or asking users to PM you to negotiate a deal outside of the ATG thread. Listing platform gamertags, IDs, friend codes, or references to negotiating elsewhere is not allowed.
IV. You can only make one post every half hour to avoid spam abuse. Usage of multiple accounts will result in a permanent ban of the alt and a 7 day minimum for the main account.
V. Do not harass other users. Flaming (insulting users directly, name-calling, hate speech) may result in a temporary or a permanent ban from the subreddit at a moderator's discretion.
VI. Do not hijack active trades (no trade sniping). If you want to request or offer an item, do it on your own thread or wait until the offer has been declined or completed. This includes giving unwanted advice/tips on another user's sale (no price policing).
VII. Giveaways and blueprint revealing/trade-up streams (or videos) must be planned with moderators before being promoted. Read this post. Streams may only be promoted once per month by active users of the subreddit after moderator review.
VIII. If you were scammed, report them through ModMail with proof. Do not post about being scammed unless you've contacted ModMail for permission and that person has been added to the Scam List. Posting about someone scamming with no evidence or linking their scam list entry will result in a minimum 3 day ban. No witch hunting unless convicted scammer.
IX. If you're having an auction, please read and follow the auction rules.
This subreddit follows Reddit content policy.
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2023.05.30 14:00 SeaworthinessNo430 Which personal AMEX card are you choosing

New campus hire, which card are you getting for personal use? I want to uptick my credit score and thinking of getting a gold personal card at the time of obtaining my corp card within a month.
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2023.05.30 13:59 AffectionateStep5001 Simplii Financial Bank Referral Code - $50 Referral Bonus + Possible $400 sign-up bonus 🍁 :)

For Canadians only 🇨🇦 New clients only, excluding Quebec. Links below may not work properly if you are outside Canada
Current promo (works in addition to the referral bonus): $400 bonus when you open a no-fee chequing by June 30, 2023 and have at least $100 of direct deposit for 3 straight months. Also, can open a new high interest savings account and get 5.25% interest until July 31, 2023
Simplii is a subsidiary of CIBC. This means with your debit card, you can deposit or withdraw from any CIBC ATM.
Click through the referral link here
For No Fee Chequing Account or High Interest Savings Account: deposit at least $100 within six months after account opening and maintain a minimum account balance of $100 for at least 30 days.
Or for Personal Line of Credit: spend a minimum of $100 from the Line of Credit within 6 months after account opening.
Within 15 business days, the referral bonus would be deposited after all requirements are met.
Use this link to get started :)
If you use Simplii’s mortgage offering, you can get a bonus after approval (and completing the requirements) with referral code: 0009280674
Simplii Foreign Cash Order
Order a foreign cash order of at least $100 within 30 days of receiving the referral email and get $25 bonus: Link
Global Money Transfer
Use code GMTEVENT and get bonus $50-$300 (depending on amount sent, details on Simplii website) on the first global money transfer. Ends Oct 31, 2023
Send at least $100 internationally within 30 days of receiving the referral and get $25 : Link
As of recently, Alipay is also now supported.
*If you have any questions, feel free to message. Thanks for considering this referral :)
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2023.05.30 13:59 Zack____17 I cant wait for the next card Who you got?🔥🔥🔥

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2023.05.30 13:59 blimesx 2800 euro pc build help

Hi. I want to use the computer for 1440p gaming, i have a 144 hz main monitor and a 60 hz 2nd monitor which is use for videos and stuff while i game on the main one. I prefer intel for cpu and nvidia for gpu. I will not overclock the cpu or gpu. I will only use the pc for gaming, and watching movies/streamers, nothing else. I would like to play current games and not worry about future games for a few years. I do not like vr gaming. I really don't care about raytracing or dlss that much, if i can play the game at good fps without using them i can live with that. I want air cooling not AIO cooling. My budget is max 2800 euros.
This is what i come up with so far, in my country the total is 2700-2800 euros, so more expensive than what amazon shows.
I really like how the RX 7900 XTX looks on paper and in benchmarks, alot of VRAM which is very good for the future games, but i feel it looks almost too good to be true, and usually if it looks too good to be true it probably is. The 7900 XTX in my config is 1200 euros in my country, on a sale right now, which is insane value considering the cheapest RTX 4080 (from gigabyte )here is 1480 euros.
I am terrified by what people say and of the reviews for AMD cards. They say they still have bad drivers, that you need to sometime roll back to older ones. And they also say that the 7900 XTX has insane power usage in idle when you use 2 diferent refresh rate/resolution monitors (which i have), that people say can't be fixed regardless of future driver updates. Honestly, if that's the case, i would rather have the peace of mind of not doing that and even going for a lower card from nvidia.
What's the alternative for an nvidia gpu build? Can i cut on some things from my original build and get maybe a rtx 4080 and should i do that? Is it even worth spending that much for a 4080 when the 4070ti is a thing?
Is the i5-13600k is a bit overkill for just gaming? i picked it because it has a better frequency without ever overclocking it.
I don't have a problem with AMD, i'd rather give them the money than to those greedy bastards from nvidia, but if nvidia gives me a product without needing to troubleshoot after, i guess the price reflects the quality of life after the purchase?
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2023.05.30 13:59 Tekno-12345 [D] Building a PC for light ML/DL training

I am seeking some help with choosing the best components for a light Deep Learning training station without overspending, do you think these are reasonable?
Specs: Intel Core i7-12700 12th Gen Processor - Alder Lake 12 Core LGA 1700 CPU 12700
Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3060 WINDFORCE OC 12G (rev. 2.0) RTX 3060 WINDFORCE OC
HIKVISION RAM 16GB DDR4 3000MHz- For Desktop HKED4161DAA2D1ZA2
Xigmatek LUX A Shadow Metal Grey ATX 4PCS RGB FANS GALAXY II EN48274
Kingston 1TB NV2 M.2 2280 PCIe 4.0 x4 NVMe SSD SNV2S/1000G
Xigmatek Hydra M 750W Power Supply EN44221
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2023.05.30 13:59 claudiaduhh Insane Shiv Build and Relic Combo: 50+ Buildable Block for Boss Rounds

Insane Shiv Build and Relic Combo: 50+ Buildable Block for Boss Rounds
Finally managed to defeat the game with Silent using the Shiv Build. I won't lie, I actually had a lot of luck with the relics, but still an accomplishment nonetheless.
With the Shiv Build and Kunai relic, I was able to increase my defense (block) cards up to 50+ during boss fights, which essentially negated any sort of damage they might throw at me. If I didn't get a defense card, I would have likely had an Adrenaline card which allows me to gain 2 energy and draw two cards; which would have probably given me a defense card (* quite clutch during boss battles).
I also had 3 Slices (dmg 6/9), 3 Blade Dances (total 12 attack cards of 4 dmg each), and 2 Infinite Blades.
Some cards in this deck aren't very helpful (e.g., Bane since I'm not using any poison), but I mainly focused on attacks which only cost 0-1 energy, so it was still helpful in some fights.
*Side note: Though I didn't have it this time, Cloak and Dagger (6 block and 1-2 shivs in hand) is an extremely worthy card to have as well if you're playing Shiv.
Kunai: Increases block gained for every 3 attacks. Extremely easy if you're rocking shiv build (3-4 hits with 1 energy)

Honorable mention to The Boot. Common relic, but since any shiv attack deals 4 dmg, they're all boosted to 5 dmg instead. Pretty powerful if you're playing a long fight since all the extra damage will add up.
Blade Dance grants four Shivs for one energy, while Infinite Blades spawns one Shiv at the beginning of each turn . I enhanced my Infinite Blades so the card always starts in my opening hand.
Let me know what you guys think!
Hope this helps :D
My next goal is to beat the game with Defect, but haven't had any luck with the frost and claw build so if you guys have any tips, let me know too!
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2023.05.30 13:59 No_Hall_540 DEAL ALERT!!

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2023.05.30 13:58 nihoh Chat GPT lore.

I tried to force chatGPT to make lore on what the emperor was doing today but it needed some guidance
Can you generate a scenario of what He would have done on the 30th of may 2023?
On the 30th of May 2023, the Emperor of Mankind, known as a being of immense power and wisdom, continues to exert his influence from the depths of the Golden Throne on Terra. Although physically immobile, his psychic presence remains ever watchful and connected to the Imperium.
In the depths of his psychic realm, the Emperor focuses his attention on the countless battles and conflicts raging across the galaxy. His mind delves into the intricate strategies and tactics employed by the forces of the Imperium, guiding his generals and champions in their ongoing war against the forces of Chaos, xenos threats, and internal challenges.
On this particular day, the Emperor's psychic gaze may fall upon a critical campaign taking place on a distant planet, where the Imperial forces are locked in a desperate struggle against a horde of heretical cultists. Sensing the precarious situation and the potential consequences of defeat, the Emperor channels his psychic energy to empower the minds of his loyal Space Marine Chapters, bolstering their resolve and fortifying their defenses.
Simultaneously, the Emperor's psychic presence extends beyond the battlefield. His vast knowledge and foresight enable him to perceive threats to the Imperium before they materialize. On this day, he detects a looming plot by a traitorous Inquisitor seeking to undermine the stability of the Imperium. With his psychic influence, the Emperor subtly manipulates events, planting seeds of doubt and discord among the traitor's followers, ultimately leading to their exposure and downfall.
Amidst these cosmic matters, the Emperor's psychic energy also extends to the spiritual well-being of his faithful subjects. Through dreams and visions, he imparts hope, strength, and guidance to countless individuals across the Imperium, inspiring them to stand strong against the darkness that threatens to engulf them.
While the Emperor's actions on the 30th of May 2023 remain hidden from the eyes of the mundane world, his influence continues to shape the fate of the Imperium, ensuring its survival and fighting against the encroaching forces of chaos and destruction.
no. i want you to write what the emperor was doing on the 30th of may 2023, on earth. you need to reailse that the emperor did not leave earth before the bulk of humanity achieved interstellar space flight, so he would have been somewhere on earth living in cognito, perhaps in a suburban existence. paint me a picture of that.
Apologies for the confusion earlier. In this alternative scenario, we can imagine a mundane day in the life of the Emperor of Mankind on the 30th of May 2023, living in cognito on Earth:
On the 30th of May 2023, the Emperor of Mankind, in his enigmatic guise, resides in a modest suburban neighborhood somewhere on Earth. Masked in an unassuming human form, he goes by a simple name, perhaps John or David, and lives a seemingly ordinary existence to conceal his true identity and immeasurable power.
In this suburban setting, the Emperor inhabits a cozy home filled with books, artifacts, and works of art that reflect his vast knowledge and appreciation for human history. The walls are adorned with paintings depicting ancient battles and noble figures, a nod to his own past and the many conflicts he has witnessed.
As the morning sun casts its gentle glow, the Emperor rises from his slumber, embracing the routines of human life. He prepares breakfast in the kitchen, savoring the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the simple pleasure of a warm meal. The newspaper rests on the table, a glimpse into the world beyond his secluded existence.
Engaging in the daily activities of a middle-class individual, the Emperor may have a job, perhaps as a university professor or a historian, where he imparts his vast knowledge and wisdom to eager students. With his unparalleled insight, he illuminates the minds of those around him, leaving a lasting impression on their intellectual pursuits.
During lunch breaks, the Emperor finds solace in nearby parks, where he can observe the beauty of nature and engage in quiet contemplation. Underneath a sprawling oak tree, he might immerse himself in ancient texts or pen his own philosophical musings, drawing on his eternal wisdom and insight to decipher the mysteries of the universe.
In the evenings, the Emperor returns to his suburban haven, cherishing moments of tranquility and reflection. He may indulge in hobbies such as painting or playing musical instruments, using these expressive outlets to channel his emotions and connect with the human experience on a profound level.
As the day draws to a close, the Emperor takes solace in the starlit sky, gazing upward with a mixture of nostalgia and longing. Though confined to Earth, his mind transcends the limitations of the physical realm, traversing the vast expanse of the cosmos, keeping a watchful eye over the Imperium he built.
While the world around him remains oblivious to his true nature, the Emperor silently carries the weight of humanity's destiny on his shoulders. His suburban existence, shrouded in anonymity, serves as a necessary refuge, allowing him to bask in the simplicity and fragility of human life while protecting the Imperium from the shadows.
In this quiet suburban existence, the Emperor of Mankind finds purpose and solace, patiently awaiting the time when his presence and guidance will once again be required to lead humanity to its ultimate destiny.

Faction Name: The Cetacean Dominion
Lore: The Cetacean Dominion is an enigmatic race that dwells beneath the depths of the oceans on countless planets across the galaxy. Millennia ago, a group of genetically enhanced dolphins, imbued with psychic powers by an ancient xenos artifact, underwent a mysterious transformation. They evolved into a highly intelligent and technologically advanced species, transcending their aquatic origins.
Driven by a deep sense of curiosity and a desire to protect the oceans they call home, the Cetacean Dominion has developed an impressive civilization within the vast undersea realms. They harness the power of psychic abilities, bioengineering, and advanced technology to maintain their dominion and preserve the delicate balance of marine ecosystems.
Despite their aquatic nature, the Cetacean Dominion has developed unique exosuits and adaptive technology that allows them to venture onto land for brief periods. Their exosuits provide protection, enhanced mobility, and weaponry specifically designed for land-based conflicts. On the battlefield, they employ a combination of psychic powers, advanced energy weapons, and specialized marine creatures bioengineered for warfare.
As a society, the Cetacean Dominion values harmony with nature and the pursuit of knowledge. They seek to uncover ancient secrets hidden beneath the waves and defend their oceanic territories from any threat, be it xenos invaders, chaos forces, or the ravages of pollution and exploitation.
The Cetacean Dominion is led by a council of wise elders, known as the Oracles of the Abyss, who guide their society with their profound psychic abilities and unrivaled wisdom. These oracles communicate with the cosmic energies of the Warp and possess clairvoyant visions of possible futures, aiding their people in making strategic decisions and safeguarding their civilization.
With their advanced technology, psychic mastery, and unwavering determination, the Cetacean Dominion emerges from the depths of the ocean to protect their aquatic realms and fight alongside the other factions in the grim darkness of the 41st millennium.

Feel free to generate some more junk lore for me to read please.
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2023.05.30 13:58 MightyBooman Post-Level 1: Suspend all OMM cards?

After I take Level 1 this week, is it safe to suspend all OMM notes (ie. DO Demeter, TurnUp2OMT, etc.)? It's very clear from the AnKing deck what cards are required for Step 2, but I don't know what OMM content remains relevant for Level 2. Any insight would be appreciated.
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2023.05.30 13:58 ye_cheeku Private hospital denied patients with ESI Card stating govt reduced contribution to 10% of the total cost as per new policy in 2023. Patient already treating Cancer for past 1 year but suddenly hospital denied. Can anyone explain is there any such policies and what to do in this case ?

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2023.05.30 13:57 Transact_Bridge Build the Right Payment Stack for Your SaaS

Build the Right Payment Stack for Your SaaS


Businesses must pay close attention to the payment infrastructure they choose to adopt in the quickly changing Software as a Service (SaaS) market. For customers to be happy, to generate income, and for a business to succeed overall, a payment procedure must be simple and safe. A solid payment stack, supported by a dependable payment software solution, becomes essential in this situation. In this post, we'll examine the crucial factors to take into account and the procedures to follow in order to create the ideal payment stack for your SaaS, with an emphasis on selecting the best payment software.
Transact Bridge aims to help you expand your company in India so you may take advantage of the largest market in the world. Every business finds India to be the most alluring market since it is the largest centre for commercial activities. We typically help you by bridging the gap between India and your company. The hassle-free experience and our depth of knowledge in India speak for themselves. Businesses are eager to attract Indian clients, Transact Bridge is glad to report, given their expanding requirements and reliance on the internet.

Understanding the Value of a Payment Stack

The set of tools and services that a SaaS company uses to manage payment processing is referred to as a payment stack. It includes merchant accounts, payment gateways, security measures, and interfaces with other crucial technologies. An effective payment stack guarantees smooth transactions, reduces friction, and provides a superior user experience. You may simplify payment procedures, reduce risks, and realise the full potential of your SaaS company by installing the appropriate payment software solution.

Identifying Your Payment Needs

It's important to evaluate your particular payment needs before constructing your payment stack. Take into account elements like price tiers, currencies, and the ability to accept payments from abroad. Subscription models (one-time, recurring, usage-based). Additionally, consider any particular industry standards or compliance laws that may apply to your organisation. You may choose the best payment software solution to suit your needs by being aware of these requirements.

The Best Payment Software Solution

Transact Bridge
Transact Bridge is the team of professionals that brings your business to India since success in expanding markets needs skilled guidance. Transact Bridge specialise in localization for emerging markets. This implies that we are fully committed to providing a versatile, all-inclusive payments solution that maximises reach in emerging countries and generates new income streams. Your increased success rate and client retention speak for themselves as the payments become simple. Transact Bridge accepts UPI, Net banking, NEFT, RTGS, and Card payment as well.
Reliability and Security: Security should be given top consideration when choosing a payment software solution. Make that it adheres to industry standards like PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) and has strong encryption and tokenization features. In order to avoid any negative consequences on your company from payment processing interruptions, look for a supplier with a proven track record of dependability and uptime.
Integration: Your payment software should be easy to connect with your current SaaS infrastructure. In order to effortlessly integrate payment capabilities into your platform, look for APIs and developer-friendly technologies that make integration simple. Important elements like synchronising client data, managing subscriptions, and invoicing should be included in this integration.
Flexibility and Scalability: Since your company's needs may change over time, it's critical to select a payment software solution that can expand with you. Make sure the solution can manage higher transaction volumes, accommodate a variety of payment options, and modify to fit changing company models. You may serve a larger consumer base while accepting their preferred payment methods if you use flexible payment software.
Reporting and Analytics: For analysing your payment performance, spotting patterns, and maximising revenue sources, comprehensive reporting and analytics tools are essential. Try to choose a payment software system that provides real-time reporting, scalable dashboards, and thorough transaction analytics. With the help of this information, you'll be able to decide how to proceed with your business and spot potential problems.

Working together with Payment Gateway Providers:

To finish your payment stack, you must interface with payment gateway providers who streamline transaction processing. Pick reliable payment gateway partners that meet the demands of your company, accept the payment methods you want, and have affordable prices. Redundancy may be provided and the risks related to downtime or technical difficulties can be reduced by cooperation with many payment gateways.

Continuous Optimisation and Maintenance:

Creating the ideal payment stack is a continuous process. Monitor and improve your payment systems constantly to improve user experience, boost conversion rates, and lower churn. To keep your payment software solution current and compliant, keep up with market trends, new payment options, and security procedures.


For your SaaS business to succeed, you need a well-thought-out payment stack that is supported by a reliable payment software solution. You can give your consumers a flawless payment experience while generating the most income by comprehending your payment requirements, selecting the appropriate payment software solution, working with reputable payment gateway providers, and ensuring constant optimisation. Future continuous development and consumer happiness may be ensured by making investments in a robust payment infrastructure now.
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2023.05.30 13:57 stuffedproductions Odd Issue With APC UPS Power/Battery

Hi There
We have an APC Back-UPS ES 700 (700W) unit deployed in our home office. This was purchased a couple of years ago and so far has worked flawlessly to power down our NAS automatically in the event of a power outage and allows us a few minutes to close down our workstations without losing work
However, a couple of days ago we had an odd issue occur. Only one of our two computers was on, plus our NAS (but it wasnt actively doing anything at the time, just idling). Everything has been working fine, but then out of the blue the computer turned itself off and the APC unit started emitting a long continuous beep tone and the LED started flashing from Green to Red.
There are 3 devices connected to the Battery Backup section of the UPS, however, only one of these devices turned off when the above issue occurred. This seems particularly odd, as If the power had tripped momentarily, I would expect to see the same outcome on all 3 connected devices, not just the one that was active at the time
I checked the manual and online documentation, which suggests that the flashing red to green LED indicates an issue with the internal battery, but on resetting the UPS, the error has gone and it appears to be back to working as normal.
It seems as if the UPS was tripped to the battery backup, either due to a momentary power outage (that then didnt seem to affect anything else in the house) or I guess some internal error?
The only other thing I have thought of, is that perhaps we are overloading the UPS now that we have upgraded our workstations. When we originally purchased the unit, we had two older workstations (a threadripper system and a 9th gen Intel processor), we've recently upgraded to a current gen Ryzen 9 and a 13th gen Intel workstation, both with much more powerful graphics cards (4090 and a 7900 XTX). However, this seems a little unlikely, as at the time the issue occured, only one of the two workstations was active, plus the NAS (and the NAS remained up and running for some time)
It also wasnt clear when the issue occured, whether or not the UPS was now on the battery power, or if it was still providing mains power but communicating the error at the same time. I turned everything off on the assumption the battery might run out (and didnt want to reset the UPS while everything was connected in case it turned everything off anyway). I powered everything down, cycled the power on the UPS and it all went back to normal.
So I'm wondering if anyone has experienced something like this previously? - particularly where only one device turns off entirely (even though plugged into the battery backup)? Or if anyone has any suggestions for how to test further to see if there is a potential issue at play
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2023.05.30 13:56 MusicMeditator How will my body change after birth?

FTM, 28 weeks today (hello, 3rd trimester!). I have the decluttering bug and am trying to find things to make my life simpler for when baby comes and things get way more complicated. Yesterday I decluttered some clothes that I thought, "even if I go back to pre-pregnancy size, I will not want to wear this again." Got a few pieces in the donate bin.
From a purely pragmatic perspective - how likely will it be that I would be able to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes? For example I am up 2 cup sizes and a band size, I'd like to breastfeed for however long is in the cards, should I donate my old bras assuming I won't be able to fit into them, or is it realistic to hold onto them (bras are expensive)? The shirts that are too tight and the pants that no longer button, are they too small forever now, or is there a chance I could fit into them?
I hear that once becoming pregnant and giving birth, your body will never be the same, and I've made as much peace as I can, not knowing what exactly that will mean for me specifically (and I know that only time will tell for sure what this will mean for me). I'm making a conscious effort to try to simplify and have less stuff, so other than a few pieces I am not overly sentimental about things. Is it okay to be more ruthless with my decluttering, or should I hang onto more things just in case? Did you regret holding onto or getting rid of your clothes during this phase?
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2023.05.30 13:56 Tekno-12345 Building a PC for some light machine learning

I am seeking some help with choosing the best components for a light Deep Learning training station without overspending, do you think these are reasonable?
Specs: Intel Core i7-12700 12th Gen Processor - Alder Lake 12 Core LGA 1700 CPU 12700
Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3060 WINDFORCE OC 12G (rev. 2.0) RTX 3060 WINDFORCE OC
HIKVISION RAM 16GB DDR4 3000MHz- For Desktop HKED4161DAA2D1ZA2
Xigmatek LUX A Shadow Metal Grey ATX 4PCS RGB FANS GALAXY II EN48274
Kingston 1TB NV2 M.2 2280 PCIe 4.0 x4 NVMe SSD SNV2S/1000G
Xigmatek Hydra M 750W Power Supply EN44221
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2023.05.30 13:55 Batmench Crusadia Deck/Discussion

I like Orcust but i know a lot of people here hate it and how consistent it is at setting up a board with 3 backrow and destruction protection. So here's a Crusadia deck that so far for me in the WCS Qualifier event, has been beating a lot of Orcust decks and keeping up with their BS with its own BS.
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2023.05.30 13:55 T_d0gg Why can't I tribute summon Wynn the Windchanneler?

So my only option is to discard her and Search for another Wind Monster or tribute Set. Why can't I Tribute Summon her normally? Is it because the Condition if a Wind Monster gets destroyed you can Special Summon her from Hand? Why doesn't it states can't be Normal Summoned in the Card Text?
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