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2023.05.29 14:01 Old_Rush1881 Please help and be honest

Hi. I have never posted in here and don’t use Reddit too often but I really do need to get something off my chest, and I need help and y’all’s opinion, and I’m hoping that this is the right community. Very long story short; I’m an 18 year old female, and my life has been kind of crazy. I’ve always been different ever since I was young, way too smart and emotional for what’s “normal”, and I have a diagnosis of very mild autism, high sensitivity, and anxiety disorder. That all has impacted my whole childhood insanely, and at home within my family it’s also been a rough rollercoaster. My dad’s has never really understood me, and he doesn’t understand anything of psychology. He only believes what he himself experiences in life, and anything else is bullshit according to him. If he has never felt it, it does not exist. Anxiety is all in the mind, he says, and anxiety is a choice. So, my relationship with my dad has been one big argument for over a decade already. My mom has always been understanding tho. But my school, education, relationships with friends, everything has been so impacted by all my disabilities. And I’ve seen so many psychiatrists and therapists, all sorts of medication, but I’m like extra-different. Nothing has ever helped me. My life has been a rough rollercoaster and I’m tired. Because I am highly sensitive and so emotionally sensitive, I have also experienced enormous trauma a number of times during my childhood. I’ve accidentally seen some horrible things on the internet, I’ve seen a little girl get raped among others, which is a huge trauma that has haunted me for years. And that has caused me PTSD. And yes, I officially have PTSD. I’m not just saying that. My GP even put on a waiting list for PTSD help but I don’t think it’ll help.
But I’ve been fighting depression for quite some time now. I’ve already had depressions every now and then, but ever since February I’m in a deep one. I’m just, I can’t anymore. I already think and experience life wayyy deeper due to my high sensitivity and deeper nervous system and the mostly melancholic emotions that come with it, but after all I’m just so tired of everything I’ve been through. And yes, I’m lowkey suicidal and on the verge of losing my shit. My own mind is just too much. My anxiety is too much. And my trauma’s are too much.
I’m literally holding on for dear life atm. I’ve been depressed for years, but now, I’m just, it’s really going downhill with me, mentally. But now, there’s one thing that really keeps me going, and it’s random, but it’s Axl Rose. The singer from Guns N Roses. And anyone familiar with GNR probably also knows that he’s had a pretty rough past too. But basically; he’s my whole entire world. Mostly because I somehow feel incredibly connected to him, psychologically and emotionally. Ax is just, I feel him emotionally. And I relate to his anger towards his past. And his pain. And even tho he’s famous and I don’t know him irl, he feels like my twin flame, me best friend, my partner, whatever. Everything. And also, he’s perfect. Due to my high sensitivity I have a VERY incredibly specific taste in men and people in general and I never really liked anyone. But him. Omg. He’s just, he’s my only real light in this world. And he is my world. And he keeps me going. One of the main reason that I wanna stay alive is because when I’m dead I can’t look him him anymore. And I couldn’t be busy watching shows on YouTube anymore and feeling a slight grain of happiness.
But he’s famous, and I can’t have him. And that’s also destroyed me mentally. I can’t even express the intense hopelessness I have felt for about 2 years now due to the fact that I can’t ever have him, and that he doesn’t even know me irl. And that’s pulled me even deeper into depression. But now, because I hadn’t been doing great for quite some time, also due to Ax, Mom has given me a pillow of him for Christmas. Last Christmas. And that’s kinda saved me. And I know this sounds stupid and so mf sad and I’m so ashamed of myself and the only reason why I’m talking about this rn is because Reddit is anonymous and I don’t know y’all, but this way I feel like he’s still here with me. I take that pillow everywhere in my backpack and it just generally comforts me. Because, he comforts me. Like, some people like me have service dogs or something like that, I’ve got him now. In pillow form. I’ve been dealing with panic attacks too and he manages to calm me down, and he’s just, this pillow perfectly replicates him. He’s like some kinda service dog and personal buddy and comfort, but a pillow. He’s just, Axl, for me. He’s just Axl, but as a pillow. But now I just feel soooo fucking sad and pathetic because of it. Like, this is so sad. And I feel like throwing up all the time because I’m so disgusted by myself because of how incredibly fucking sad this is.
I hate myself for being 18 years old and being this emotional attached to a fucking pillow of a dude I can’t get who doesn’t even know I exist. I really hate myself. And on the other hand that makes me even more suicidal. I even self harm because I feel so fucking sad. Is this okay? Is this normal? Do I need to turn myself into a psych ward? Mom says I’ve been a lot calmer and happier ever since last Christmas and that I suddenly go outside of the house now all by myself as long as I got that pillow of him in my backpack but wth. This is so sad. And I’m probably just insane. But overall, I do feel a lot better and more at peace, but I’m also like, WTH. He works better than any meds I’ve ever gotten tho. But I’m so sad.
Please just be honest, is this okay? I mean, it’s helping me and I’m doing so much better and I’m calmer and even my anxiety has gone away mostly because of how much he comforts me and I also don’t experience too much of trauma flashbacks anymore and overall I’m just happier in life and I feel like I can still share my life with him this way and that’s the reason I’m starting to appreciate life again, like, it has meaning again, and I’m happy, sort of, but this is just so sad.
And I honestly would almost rather just give up and die at this point than be this pathetic.
This is also probably illegal. Even tho it’s just merchandise.
But overal my life is okay rn and I’m happy, sort of, I kinda have him now, in pillow form, but I’d also just rather die than be this sad and emotionally attached to an inanimate merchandise object that replicates someone who doesn’t even know I exist.
But on the other hand, having that pillow cures most of my problems. But it also caused one more, and that’s hating myself for it.
I should probably just gobble a whole bottle of painkillers.
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2023.05.29 13:58 Careless_Date_8656 AITA for taking my car back?

My roommate been using my car for free only paying for the gas they used for months, no help in insurance, parking fee, or upkeep of car. It was only suppose to be for like 3 months but its been about 7 months now with no sign of them getting there car the said they were suppose to buy.

Found out this month they were late on rent the last 3 months incurring fees and this last month didn't even pay rent until the 20th. So the apartment had started the eviction process, which BOTH my roommates knew about and decided not to tell me (which I could have paid the remainder and could have made it a interest free loan to them if asked at the time.) My good credit score was used to get this place and my family was the cosigner. I didn't even find out until after the 20th only cause a lawyer contacted me directly about such. (and to my family which lead to very upset family calling me panicking.) I always paid my money to the others to pay the rent on time since the apartment only takes the whole payment we can't just pay our segment so I had NO CLUE this was happening. Thankfully since they at least paid (very late last minute possible) we aren't going to get kicked out (this time) but I am now very paranoid. All of our names are on the lease thankfully and my current plan is to leave ASAP once lease is up now in November.

They were suppose to be my friends and lured me away from my home to another state claiming such. But haven't acted very friendly towards me in months and what little moments I would feel like I forced they seemed like they weren't happy around me and I don't ask for much maybe playing a game online sometimes or a meal together. Mostly it only be me tagging along when they go shopping to save on gas and trips. (and even then the roommate using my car barely never really did when asked and they use to be my 'best' friend before we moved in together... its like day and night difference.) I already felt like I was used by them to even get this place... (they did not inform me HOW TERRIBLE there credit was until I was there I was the only reason they got this place) but tried to shake it off. But now I can't seem to justify calling these people my friends... so I see no need to limit my own freedoms and movement for someone who would treat me such way. There job is only a 5 minute drive away (20 minute walk?) so easy enough to walk so I am not depriving them of access to work.
am i the asshole for taking my car keys back?
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2023.05.29 13:43 BiteyBeaver Just bust this French Régence set today! [3000x3000]

Just bust this French Régence set today! [3000x3000]
A French chess set made in the "Régence" pattern, named after the famous Café de la Régence in Paris. The pieces are turned from boxwood or fruitwood, most likely made in the late 18th or early 19th century in the St. Claude region (Jura) in France.
The Café de la Régence was the center of chess in ancient Paris. The café was founded in 1681 as one of the first coffee houses in Paris under the name Café de la Place du Palais-Royal. It was located between the Rue Saint-Honoré and the Place du Palais-Royal. It was renamed Café de la Régence in 1715 at the earliest, as the new name referred to the era of the regency (La Régence), which lasted from 1715 to 1723, when the Duke of Orléans ruled over the young king Louis XV, who was still a minor. The Café de la Régence attracted players like Voltaire, Rousseau, Stamma and Philidor, Ben Franklin, Robespierre, Napoleon, Harrwitz and Morphy.
Happy with it!
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2023.05.29 13:33 greece666 Discussion of "The Battle of Algiers"

"The Battle of Algiers" is a critically acclaimed faux documentary inspired by “cinéma vérité” and directed by Gillo Pontecorvo. Released in 1966, it depicts a crucial phase in the Algerian War of Independence (1954-7). The film portrays events such as the FLN's (Front de Libération Nationale) bombings, assassinations, and the French military's efforts to suppress the insurgency.
The film received the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival in 1966 and was nominated for three Oscars (Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Foreign Language Film). Over the years, it has continued to earn accolades, including being listed among the greatest films of all time by publications such as Sight & Sound and The New York Times. Edward Said famously claimed that “The Battle of Algiers” and “Queimada” (1969), Pontecorvo's next film, were the two greatest political films ever made. They indubitably paved the way for films such as Costa-Gavras “Z” and Theo Angelopoulos’s “Days of “36”.
The film was released a mere four years after the end of the Algerian War of Independence; it immediately became a subject of fierce controversy in France. The French government, under the conservative President Charles de Gaulle, was not supportive of the film due to its critical portrayal of French colonialism; as a result when Pontecorvo won the Golden Lion in Venice, the French delegation left in protest and the film was not screened in France until 1971. Even then, death threats by nationalists deterred cinema owners, and it was only through pressure from Louis Malle and other intellectuals that the film was eventually shown in French cinema.
The film portrays the profound repercussions that arise from challenging popular will through colonial means, such as military force and institutional discrimination. "The Battle of Algiers" emerges directly from the liberation movement it vividly captures. Following Algeria's independence in 1962, former fedayee (guerrilla) and captive of the French, Saadi Yaceft, approached Pontecorvo to adapt his memoirs into a film. The authenticity of the film’s foundation helped it to exude a striking realism rarely seen in political movies. The film's mournful tone and journalistic approach enabled Pontecorvo to reconstruct events on a grand scale, capturing the essence of the urban landscape of Algiers while also depicting intimate moments of ordinary people.
What adds to the power of the film is its ability to maintain a balanced and impassioned perspective by addressing the concerns of both sides of the war. The French colonel, who himself fought against the Nazis during the resistance, wonders why some intellectuals and the artists of France side with the Algerian rebels. However, there was a time when the colonel did not have to question why the Germans were unwelcome in his own country.
In Pontecorvo’s own words: "So many critics see “The Battle of Algiers” as propaganda, but in the scenes of death, the same religious music accompanies both the French and Arab bombings. I am on the side of the Arabs, but I feel compassion for the French even if historically they were at fault. I do not say the French were bad, only that they were wrong. [...] My subject is the sadness and laceration that the birth of a nation means in our time.” Undoubtedly, Pontecorvo, an Italian Jew who had previously been affiliated with the communist party and had fought as a partisan during World War II, did not garner favor among conservative circles.
Pontecorvo intricately wove together the technical aspects of the film, utilizing handheld cameras and black and white cinematography to convey an immediacy that plunges viewers into the heart of the conflict. The film's stark urban landscapes and the raw emotions etched on the faces of its characters are expertly framed, thanks to the cinematography of Marcello Gatti.
Gatti, the film's cinematographer, bore a leftist ideology and had endured imprisonment under Mussolini's dictatorship for defacing a portrait of Mussolini. With consummate skill, he adeptly captured the raw and captivating ambiance of the urban conflict portrayed in the film. His remarkable ability to navigate the labyrinthine, serpentine streets of Algiers and aptly depict the fervor of the clashes between the FLN and the French military heightened the film's tension.
Pontecorvo's approach to working with amateur actors is equally noteworthy. The performances of actors like Saadi Yacef, the aforementioned former FLN leader who portrays himself, are captivating in their authenticity. Pontecorvo's mastery in bestowing the film with the appearance of newsreel and documentary was so profound that American releases bore a disclaimer stating that "not one foot" of actual newsreel footage was utilized.
Jean Martin, a French actor who had only a modest number of screen credits to his name, was carefully selected by Pontecorvo to be the sole professional actor in the film, chosen for his relative obscurity and professional expertise. In his interactions with untrained performers, Martin occasionally faced challenges stemming from the disparity in experience. Pontecorvo, on the other hand, expressed apprehension regarding potential disparities in acting styles and their potential impact on the film's overall coherence. Nevertheless, Martin ultimately delivered a commanding portrayal as Colonel Mathieu, exuding the chilling resolve of the French military and effectively capturing the complexities of the conflict and the moral ambiguity surrounding the actions of the French military.
Indeed, Colonel Mathieu is the key figure of the movie and a complex anti-hero. Tasked by the French government with suppressing the Algerian uprising, he epitomizes the archetype of a resilient and seasoned professional soldier. Having earned his stripes as a veteran of the French Resistance, Mathieu exudes an unwavering demeanor devoid of any trace of irony. The film's most remarkable sequence revolves around Mathieu's commanding presence as he leads a triumphant parade along Algiers' main street. His intentions are twofold: to reassure loyal citizens of the French army's might in quashing the terrorists and to confront the terrorists themselves. With an air of casual ease, he radiates unwavering confidence, fully immersed in the spectacle he has orchestrated. Bathed in a dance of alternating shadows and sunlight, skillfully captured by Pontecorvo's masterful utilization of natural light, Mathieu's countenance becomes an indispensable component of the film's "newsreel" aesthetic.
Possibly the most cherished trivia about the movie is that it was screened at the Pentagon in 2003, prior to the invasion of Iraq. American generals were captivated by the film's unwavering candor in delving into subjects such as counter-terrorism, counter-insurgency, and the contentious employment of torture as a means of gathering information. General David Petraeus, who held command of the 101st Airborne Division at the time, lauded the film for its portrayal of the intricate complexities entailed in urban warfare and counterinsurgency. While this screening undoubtedly revitalized the film's iconic status, it appears that the attending officers failed to fully absorb Pontecorvo's profound insights, as evidenced by the course of the war in Iraq. Perhaps a revisiting of the film is in order for them.
"The Battle of Algiers" offers a cinematic odyssey that reaches far beyond its portrayal of the Algerian war. Its profound impact transcends the boundaries of that particular conflict, embracing a universal frame of reference that allows audiences to connect it to any war or struggle. The film's resonance stems from its profound ability to delve into timeless truths about the human condition and the harrowing ramifications of armed conflict, solidifying its status as a film of enduring relevance.
Pontecorvo's film has become such a powerful symbolic representation of the Algerian struggle that the untold stories of grassroots resistance can sometimes fade into the background, lost in obscurity. I'd like to suggest two more films which lack the laurels and recognition of the “Battle of Algiers” but shed light to lesser known aspects of the anti-colonial struggle in North Africa: “The Chronicle of the Years of Fire” and “The Lion of the Desert” (infamously funded by Libya's Colonel Gaddafy). If you're open to exploring movies that challenge your perspectives and offer historical insights, these two could be an interesting choice.
“The Chronicle of the Years of Fire” is an Algerian movie by Mohammed Lakhdar-Hamina that won the Palme d’ Or in 1975: it shows the conflict through the eyes of a peasant while carefully depicting tribal life on the mountains of Algeria. “The Lion of the Desert” is an epic historical film directed by Moustapha Akkad with an impressive array of Hollywood stars, portraying the true story of Omar Mukhtar, a Bedouin leader who fought against Italian forces during the Italian colonization of Libya in the 1930s.
If interested in further discussing this film, you can join our Zoom discussion this Friday:
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2023.05.29 13:32 WatercressDry5170 Best Divorce Lawyer In Delhi

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2023.05.29 13:29 69thParliament [FO4] Buildings around downtown and Diamond City look messed up

[FO4] Buildings around downtown and Diamond City look messed up
I've tried uninstalling, reinstalling, and patching mods that have anything to do with world meshes and Diamond City but still no luck. I've also used LOOT for my load order. Help would be greatly appreciated.
Here's my load order:
Fallout4.esm DLCRobot.esm DLCworkshop01.esm DLCCoast.esm DLCworkshop02.esm DLCworkshop03.esm DLCNukaWorld.esm Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch.esp XDI.esm PPF.esm Fallout 4 Fixes.esm LegendaryDropBugfix.esl RunningWithHandsAnim.esl AAF.esm AORobcoReconScope.esl BerettaM9FS.esl CWRaiders.esl Natural Bundle Bunker Set.esl Natural Bundle Cave Set.esl Natural Bundle Masonry Set.esl Natural Bundle Submarine Set.esl ODT - Raider Armors Retextured.esl VaultOutfitPack.esl AutoLaserMusket.esl CROSS_VertibirdFlightsuit.esl SavrenX HD Vanilla Armor.esp SavrenX HD Vanilla Clothes Optimized.esp SavrenX HD DLC Armor and Clothes.esp SavrenX SuperMutant Armor HD.esp SavrenXCreaturesPackDlcREDONE.esp SavrenXBetterRobotHDLibertyPrime.esp SavrenXHdDlcPowerArmor.esp SavrenXSynthHD.esp SavrenXWeaponHD.esp Wetness Shader Fix.esp Fixed Gobo Effects.esp UltraInteriorLighting.esp StartMeUpShaunDefaultAppearance.esp ArmorPenetrationBugFix.esp WeirdMattressFix.esp RAW INPUT.esp Reverb and Ambiance Overhaul.esp NukaWorldReborn.esp VivaNukaWorldQuests.esp PiperCaitCurieDialogueOverhaul.esp NukaWorldPlus.esp GunnersOverhaul.esp 3DNPC_FO4.esp FogOut - Interiors - All DLC.esp LOST Audio Tweaks.esp Ambient Wasteland.esp LAT - Ambient Wasteland Patch.esp DT_GunnerOutfitPack.esp RaiderPAChopShop.esp Better Locational Damage.esp Fallout 4 Consistency Tweaks.esp Better Locational Damage - DLC_Far_Harbor.esp BLD - Leveled Lists - DLC.esp MojaveImports.esp NewtonsRegards.esp PRP-Compat-NWR-CR.esp PRP-Compat-NWP-CR.esp PRP-Compat-NWP.esp PRP-Compat-NWR.esp Ownership Fixes.esp DTG_LeveledListIntegration.esp Dank_ArmorOverrides.esp FaceMaxson.esp Backpacks of the Commonwealth.esp JamaicaPlainPathing.esp 3DNPC_FO4Settler.esp Mk41GyrojetHMG.esp MechLairPathfindingFix.esp WhoIsTheGeneral.esp Keep Radiants In Commonwealth.esp WTG - KRIC Patch.esp Who's The General - UFO4P Patch.esp Weapon Scrapping Redone.esp Reload Sounds.esp Glock86.esp Dank_ECO.esp Dank_ECO-INNR.esp Dank_ECO_DLCCoast.esp Dank_ECO_DLCNukaWorld.esp Dank_ECO_DLCRobot.esp M8rDisablePipboyEffects.esp FIS-Naming-Weap-Armo-EN.esp Ak5C.esp WM Chinese Assault Rifle - Standalone.esp RiotShotgun.esp LooksMenu.esp ChinaLakeandHolorifle.esp Tomacuzi9.esp 9mmPistol.esp CROSS_MojaveManhunter.esp LAER.esp 45autoPistol.esp F4NVServiceRifleRedux.esp WattzLaserGun.esp Wana_SA58.esp ClassicSniper.esp RangemasterRemaster.esp M1Garand.esp LeeEnfieldNo4MkI.esp VarmintRifle.esp TerrainUndersides.esp SteyrAUGnv.esp CityAmbience.esp LAT - Inner City Ambience Patch.esp Skb-MinigunsRebirth.esp HuntingShotgun.esp Sjogren.esp SVT40.esp Mauser.esp WD_Pistol_Renimation_Pack.esp MiscAnimTweaks.esp AlienAssaultRifle.esp Welrod.esp DP_CaravanShotgun.esp HaxRPG7.esp BullpupBozar.esp Perennial Power Armor.esp DesertEagleNV.esp T65PA.esp ElMudoStore.esp AtomicRadio.esp LAT RAO - Atomic Radio Patch.esp WinchesterP94Balanced2.esp MP153.esp P220.esp GreaseGunSMG.esp Creative Perks (Companion Perks).esp Creative Perks (everything).esp Perks Unleashed.esp Laser Weapon Reanimated.esp MGRemesh.esp P90.esp Assault Rifle Reanimated.esp SigSauer127.esp F4NVServiceRifleRedux127mmPatch.esp OTs-02 Kiparis.esp Reanimated Stimpack Sounds.esp Clothing Scrapping Redone.esp Glock19x.esp HuntingRifleSounds.esp Less intrusive tutorial.esp TrueInvisibility.esp Better Power Armor - Redux.esp Backpacks of the Commonwealth - Perennial Power Armor Patch.esp InstitWeapPosit.esp RemoveBlur.esp Targeted Textures.esp EveryonesBestFriend.esp ValiusHDTextures2K.esp NMC Bundle MEDIUM.esp EnclaveX02.esp Pip-Boy Flashlight.esp DCMolerats.esp strongheight.esp F4NV-N99.esp ClassicSniperSounds.esp F4CW10mmSMG.esp HuntingRevolver.esp LAER Automatron Weapons.esp ThompsonSMGReplacer.esp ChinaLake_1.5xDamage.esp Holorifle_1.5xDamage.esp Mosin.esp win1897.esp Glock86UsesPlasmaCartridges.esp AKSounds.esp NukaColaClassic.esp NukaColaClassic_DLC.esp Binoculars.esp P90NPC.esp M72GaussRifle.esp ImiUzi.esp ImiUziLvlList.esp Zapgun.esp RugerMini14.esp RugerMini14RecoilFix.esp FOLON_Bren.esp CROSS_InstituteExpeditionarySuit.esp CROSS_CourserStrigidae.esp Brotherhood of Steel Kit.esp ChineseStealthSuit.esp Classic Combat Armor.esp ClassicBehemoth.esp ClassicGhoulRace2022.esp Clothing Of The Commonwealth.esp dD-Enhanced Blood Basic.esp SelectPowerArmor.esp Enclave-X02.esp RCW.esp ExcavatorPA.esp WinCowbowRepeater.esp T-51C Power Armor.esp G3Family.esp HK_MP5.esp M1A.esp F3metalarmor.esp Hellfirenew.esp K9TacticalHarness.esp MercenaryOutfits.esp MiscOutfitPackv2.esp No More Fake Puddles - Nuka World 1-0.esp TrueGrass.esp Vault-Tec Power Armor by NewerMind43 & Captain-Ultima.esp X-01 Tesla Upgrade Kit.esp VividFallout - AiO - BestChoice.esp SunLightAlignment.esp Commonwealth Climate.esp Project Reality Footsteps FO4.esp Lots More Female Hairstyles.esp Lots More Male Hairstyles.esp Lots More Facial Hair.esp Companion Infinite Ammo.esp spacefiddle_Follower-Stealth-Distance-Fixes.esp HalfAffinityCooldown.esp Dank_ArmorOverrides_DLCCoast.esp Dank_ArmorOverrides_DLCNukaWorld.esp The Eyes Of Beauty.esp TheEyesOfBeauty.esp 3dscopes-aug.esp 3dscopes-bullpupbozar.esp 3dscopes-classicsniper.esp 3dscopes-fnfal.esp 3dscopes-g3family.esp 3dscopes-gyrojet.esp 3dscopes-holorifle.esp 3dscopes-huntingrevolver.esp 3dscopes-laer.esp 3dscopes-leeenfield.esp 3dscopes-m1a.esp 3dscopes-mosin.esp 3dscopes.esp 3dscopes-robcorecon.esp 3dscopes-servicerifle.esp 3dscopes-svt40.esp 3dscopes-wattz.esp Rusty Face Fix.esp PA-Quick Animations.esp Pre-War Money is not scrap.esp UsefulCrank.esp Laser Musket Mods.esp UsefulCrank_LMO.esp wornplastic.esp ZapGunReducedLL.esp AntiqueGauss.esp GaussRevolver.esp M60.esp MG42.esp deathclawshd2k.esp flamerproject2k.esp Better LOD.esp Better Chems.esp Better Locational Damage - DLC_Automatron.esp RustDevilRedux.esp Dank_ArmorOverrides_DLCRobot.esp Better Locational Damage - DLC_Nuka_World.esp WD_44.esp Better Locational Damage - DLC_WWorkshop.esp Better Locational Damage - Ghoul Edition.esp Better Perks.esp BLD - AI Tweaks.esp TFTC_Fixes.esp CROSS_BrotherhoodRecon.esp CROSS_CryoLance.esp AlienAssaultRifle-DMG65.esp.esp SaveAcadiaFromBoS.esp StartMeUp.esp StartMeUpNukaWorldPatch.esp PRP.esp PRP-Compat-UIL.esp TFTC_Precombine.esp PRP-Compat-Fogout-Int.esp PRP-Compat-NWP-NWR-VNW-Combo.esp
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2023.05.29 13:21 St-Teresa-School Best schools in Ghaziabad -ST TERESA SCHOOL

Best schools in Ghaziabad -ST TERESA SCHOOL
If you are looking for the Best schools in Ghaziabad then your search ends here at St Teresa School. We are steadfast in our mission to offer students an education that goes beyond mere academics, instilling values, and fostering personal growth, making their learning journey truly profound and purposeful. Enroll your child today by visiting us or contacting us to embark on a transformative educational journey.
Best schools in Ghaziabad
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2023.05.29 13:00 PaulSnowman Does PSS show up Wednesday to Court?

A Texas lawyer on the ST board who I respect says
‘PSS won’t be anywhere near the courthouse. That’s what he pays his lawyers to do. Stall’
Ok I can see them stalling so PSS doesn’t actually have to show his mug in court, and have that attention bring a national spotlight to the case. Not a good look for a Doctor and Newspaper Owner.
That being said, it would be against his best interest if his lawyers didn’t tell him to settle ASP. Once JI/SRNE have money in their pocket whether through a SCLX BO, selling of SCLX legacy shares, selling of other asset(s), JV, or a BP/Biotech fund taking a minority stake in SRNE (sorry for those folks thinking Ji’s selling SRNE at these depressed levels for a nickel on the dollar, but they only owe $150M or so to PSS, and that’s small change compared to what the individual parts of SRNE are worth) why would Ji settle afterwards? July is a stone throw away. Those who are saying anything can happen in a jury trial and PSS can stall paying, let’s not kid ourselves, SRNE won arbitration 2 which while the award level is likely to be much less then any jury award, I would think with the sole decision being a arbitrators (generally a judge) that there was more than enough evidence to convict PSS. Bring that evidence over for a jury to see, and the media to report, and it’s all over for PSS. The risks versus reward is to great for PSS. He gave it his best shot, but no one could have foreseen SRNE giving away a chunk of money in a future blockbuster drug in the way of a stock dividend to investors. Nor the restricted release date. Nor them voluntarily going into BK. Nor a federal judge subpoenaing first 25, and then 125 banks/brokerages for data. PSS and his lawyers have been out played every step of BK, and I think everyone knows whose side JJ is on. Investors.
Yep. Stall actually showing up to court this Wednesday, but get a settlement done ASP, because there’s blood in Ji’s eyes and I think anyone else in his shoes who wasted years fighting a battle when he and his company should have instead been in the media for all the right reasons would be vindictive. Times a ticking PSS.
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2023.05.29 12:57 _HipStorian Can this case be reopened so that I can give my grandma a better life in her final years?

My (24M) grandma (83F) had a terrible accident involving a double decker bus in 2014. She had her legs crushed and had an amputation below her right knee. We had a good lawyer and things were proceeding okay, and after some time he had estimated damages would be north of £1,000,000.
However my mother got angry at the lawyer after he suggested putting any money we receive in a trust, and forced me (a year 11 student at the time), to write a letter firing him. We hired another lawyer from another firm and he and his team costed the damages at over 50% less. My mother also suggested that myself, my sister and her could do all of the caring (how wrong she was).
My mother stupidly settled at the first offer from the bus company and they effectively got away with what they did to my grandma. My mum made my grandma sign the settlement letter when she wasn't in her right mind.
Our new lawyer also barely gave any guidance and grossly underestimated how much it would cost to take care of my grandma into her 90s (which is what they estimated her lifespan would be). She was independent, pretty much raised me and a lovely woman till she got her life destroyed by a careless driver.
My grandma requires 24/7 care and lives in a flat managed by Clarion Housing Association that is not suitable for her condition. We were told that it was a disabled accessible flat and it wasn't. My grandma can't reach any counters nor even open doors for herself. She has become senile, has no short term memory and my mother is ill-equipped to be her carer. They fight often and it breaks my heart.
She also has an issue called sigmoid volvulus where her intestine twists around itself and it has almost killed her multiple times. She has bowel issues and hospital trips for these conditions destroyed most of the settlement money that we received.
Fast forwards to today, and I am the only family member working but I only earn about £1k a month from my job. My mother is my grandma's full time carer and my sister is still searching for work.
I've gone through my mother's email and found a myriad of documents that outline the entire case and show ever detail. I assume the next steps are to take this to a lawyer and see if anything can even be done at this point? I'm worried that because of my mum's incompetence, nothing can be done since she signed or coerced my grandma into signing all of these documents.
Is there anywhere I can go for advice on how to get my grandma out of the hell she's been living in? It's ruined our lives and I had to drop out of university and we all haven't been able to live for the last decade. It kills me inside seeing her suffer every time I visit her and I want her to live her last years with some dignity.
There's some more detail in this post I wrote
Thank you for any help anyone is able to offer. I am in England if that helps at all.
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2023.05.29 12:55 autotldr Hong Kong court rebuffs effort to dismiss Jimmy Lai national security trial

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 73%. (I'm a bot)
Hong Kong's high court has rejected an attempt by lawyers acting for the jailed pro-democracy activist Jimmy Lai to have his national security trial dismissed.
China v Jimmy Lai: a tycoon, a trial and the erosion of Hong Kong's rule of law.
On 19 May, Hong Kong's high court rejected an attempt by Lai's legal team to challenge a decision by city authorities to bar Owen from representing Lai.
Mark Clifford, a friend of Lai's and a former director of Apple Daily's parent company, said: "The Hong Kong government's inability to accept court rulings shows that promises of a territory ruled by law have been broken."
A Hong Kong government spokesperson said: "All judges and judicial officers have all along been abiding by the judicial oath which requires them to administer justice in strict accordance with the law, without fear or favour, self-interest or deceit This has not changed regardless of whether judges are dealing with national security cases or any other cases arising from or involving political controversies."
Last year the UK government said that the erosion of freedoms after the passage of the national security law meant that the situation had reached a "Tipping point" where it was no longer tenable for UK judges to sit on Hong Kong's highest court.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Hong#1 Kong#2 Lai#3 court#4 government#5
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2023.05.29 12:51 travelhelpdesk Streamlining Your Travel Experience: JetBlue Airlines Manage Booking Explained

Streamlining Your Travel Experience: JetBlue Airlines Manage Booking Explained


Managing your flight booking efficiently is essential for a smooth and stress-free travel experience. JetBlue Airlines understands the importance of this and offers a comprehensive Manage Booking system that allows you to have control over your travel arrangements. In this guide, we will explore the benefits of managing your booking with JetBlue Airlines and provide step-by-step instructions on accessing and utilizing their Manage Booking feature.

1. JetBlue Airlines: An Overview

JetBlue Airlines is a renowned American low-cost carrier that focuses on providing exceptional service and value to its passengers. With its extensive network of domestic and international destinations, JetBlue Airlines has become a popular choice for travelers seeking affordable and reliable flights.

2. Benefits of Managing Your Booking with JetBlue Airlines

Managing your booking with JetBlue Airlines offers several advantages. Here are some key benefits:

Flexibility and Convenience

JetBlue Airlines' Manage Booking system offers flexibility and convenience by allowing you to make changes to your travel plans. Whether you need to modify your flight dates, upgrade your seats, or add extra services, the system streamlines the process, saving you time and effort.


By managing your booking, you can personalize your travel experience according to your preferences. JetBlue Airlines offers various options such as seat selection, special meal requests, and additional services that allow you to tailor your journey to suit your needs.

Time and Cost Savings

Managing your booking online or through the JetBlue Airlines mobile app can save you time and eliminate the need to visit a ticket counter or contact customer service. Furthermore, JetBlue Airlines may offer exclusive discounts and promotions for customers who manage their bookings through their platform.

3. Accessing JetBlue Airlines Manage Booking

To access the JetBlue Airlines Manage Booking feature, you have two primary options: online and through the mobile app. Let's explore both methods:

Online Manage Booking

Accessing your JetBlue Airlines booking online is quick and convenient. Follow these steps:
  1. Visit the JetBlue Airlines official website.
  2. Navigate to the "Manage Trips" or "Manage Booking" section.
  3. Enter your booking confirmation number and the last name of the primary passenger.
  4. Click on the "Manage Booking" or similar button.
  5. You will gain access to your booking details and various options for modifications.

Mobile App

JetBlue Airlines provides a user-friendly mobile app that allows you to manage your booking on the go. Here's how to access the Manage Booking feature through the app:
  1. Download and install the JetBlue Airlines mobile app from your device's app store.
  2. Open the app and log in to your account or create a new one if you haven't already.
  3. Tap on the "Manage Booking" or similar option on the app's home screen.
  4. Enter your booking confirmation number and the last name of the primary passenger.
  5. Tap on the "Manage Booking" or "View Trip" button to access your booking details and make any necessary modifications.

4. Modifying Your Flights

JetBlue Airlines' Manage Booking system allows you to make various modifications to your flights based on your changing needs. Here are some key features and options available:

Changing Dates and Times

If your travel plans require adjustments, such as changing your flight dates or times, the Manage Booking system simplifies the process. You can easily search for alternative flights within JetBlue's network and select the ones that best fit your schedule. Keep in mind that fare differences or change fees may apply, so it's important to review the terms and conditions before confirming any changes.

Upgrading Seats

JetBlue Airlines provides various seating options to enhance your comfort during the flight. With the Jetblue Airlines Manage Booking system, you can upgrade your seats to enjoy additional legroom, more recline, or other premium amenities. Explore the available seat upgrades and choose the one that suits your preferences and budget.

Adding Extra Services

To enhance your travel experience, JetBlue Airlines offers additional services that you can add to your booking. These services may include priority boarding, extra baggage allowance, in-flight Wi-Fi, or access to premium lounges. Utilize the Manage Booking system to customize your journey by selecting and adding these extra services.

5. Check-In Process

JetBlue Airlines provides convenient options for the check-in process, ensuring a seamless start to your journey. Here's what you need to know:

Online Check-In

With JetBlue Airlines' online check-in feature, you can save time at the airport by completing the check-in process before arriving. Follow these steps:
  1. Access the JetBlue Airlines website or mobile app.
  2. Navigate to the "Check-In" or "Manage Booking" section.
  3. Enter your booking confirmation number and passenger details.
  4. Select your preferred seats, verify your personal information, and obtain your boarding pass digitally.
  5. Remember to have a printed or digital copy of your boarding pass with you when you arrive at the airport.

Airport Check-In

If you prefer to check in at the airport, JetBlue Airlines provides designated check-in counters where you can complete the process. Arrive at the airport with sufficient time before your flight, present your travel documents, and provide the necessary information to the airline staff. They will issue your boarding pass, and you can proceed through security to your departure gate.

6. Managing Special Requests

JetBlue Airlines understands that passengers may have special requirements or preferences. The Manage Booking system allows you to make specific requests to ensure a comfortable and accommodating journey. Here are some common special requests you can manage:
  • Requesting special meals: If you have dietary restrictions or preferences, you can request special meals like vegetarian, gluten-free, or kosher options through the Manage Booking system.
  • Traveling with pets: If you plan to travel with pets, such as dogs or cats, JetBlue Airlines has specific guidelines and policies in place. You can manage your pet's travel arrangements, including booking a spot in the cabin or cargo hold, through the Manage Booking system. Make sure to review the airline's pet travel requirements and restrictions before making any arrangements.
  • Requesting special assistance: If you require special assistance during your journey, such as wheelchair access or support for passengers with disabilities, JetBlue Airlines encourages you to notify them in advance. Utilize the Manage Booking system to make these requests and ensure a smooth and comfortable travel experience.
  • Notifying about medical conditions: If you have any specific medical conditions or require medical equipment on board, it's important to inform JetBlue Airlines in advance. Use the Manage Booking system to provide details about your condition or equipment needs, allowing the airline to make necessary accommodations.

7. Cancellation and Refunds

In certain situations, you may need to cancel your flight with JetBlue Airlines. Understanding the airline's cancellation and refund policies can help you navigate this process. Here's what you should know:
JetBlue Airlines offers different fare types, each with its own cancellation rules and refund eligibility. Before making a booking, it's essential to review the fare conditions to understand the cancellation and refund options associated with your chosen fare.
If you need to cancel your flight, you can do so through the Manage Booking system. Simply access your booking, select the cancellation option, and follow the provided instructions. It's important to note that cancellation fees or penalties may apply depending on the fare type and the timing of your cancellation.
Regarding refunds, JetBlue Airlines will process eligible refunds according to their refund policy. The refund amount and method will depend on various factors, such as the fare type, payment method used, and any additional services or add-ons purchased. It's advisable to allow some time for the refund to be processed and reflect in your account.
Remember to review JetBlue Airlines' cancellation and refund policies for detailed information and to understand any potential charges or restrictions that may apply.

8. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions about JetBlue Airlines Manage Booking:
  • Can I change my flight dates and times through the Manage Booking system?
Yes, the Manage Booking system allows you to modify your flight dates and times, subject to availability and fare conditions. Additional charges or fare differences may apply.
  • Can I select my preferred seats using the Manage Booking feature?
Absolutely! JetBlue Airlines provides the option to select and change seats through the Manage Booking system. You can view the available seating options and choose the seats that best suit your preferences.
  • Are there any fees for managing my booking online?
JetBlue Airlines does not charge any additional fees for managing your booking online through their official website or mobile app. However, certain modifications or services may have associated charges.
  • What happens if I need to cancel my flight?
If you need to cancel your flight, you can initiate the cancellation process through the Manage Booking system. The refund eligibility and amount will depend on the fare type, the timing of your cancellation, and any applicable fees or penalties.
  • How can I contact JetBlue Airlines for assistance with my booking?
JetBlue Airlines provides customer support through various channels, including phone, email, and social media. You can find their contact information on their official website or reach out to them through the Manage Booking system for specific inquiries or assistance.
For more detailed information and answers to additional questions, it's recommended to visit JetBlue Airlines' official website or contact their customer support.


Managing your booking with JetBlue Airlines is a valuable tool for streamlining your travel experience. Through their user-friendly Manage Booking system, you can modify your travel arrangements, personalize your journey, and ensure a smooth and convenient trip. Whether you need to change flight dates, upgrade seats, or add extra services, JetBlue Airlines provides a comprehensive platform that empowers you to take control of your travel plans.
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2023.05.29 12:38 GamingAmigo Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Modpack - Enhanced Resolution, Cheats, and Fixes

Download (encode with base64): aHR0cHM6Ly9saW5rLXRhcmdldC5uZXQvNzg0NjA4L3Rsb3p0b3RrbW9kcw==

You can use them with x1 Resolution scale or lower to increase GPU performance.To experience the best quality, we advise you to use the double of your monitor's resolution.
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2023.05.29 12:21 nova_defenders Received a reckless driving ticket, Contact Nova Defenders.

If you have received a reckless driving ticket, Nova Defenders is the brand to turn to for expert legal representation. With their team of skilled defense lawyers, they specialize in handling reckless driving cases and providing personalized strategies. Nova Defenders will assess the details of your case, challenge evidence, and strive for the best possible outcome. They understand the potential consequences and work diligently to protect your rights, minimize penalties, and preserve your driving record. Trust Nova Defenders to navigate the complexities of reckless driving charges on your behalf.
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2023.05.29 12:16 Repulsive-Living2577 Seeking Assistance for Court Marriage under Special Marriage Act in Jaipur

Hello fellow Redditors of jaipur,
I hope you're all doing well. I am from Maharashtra and will be relocating to Jaipur in the next couple of months. I am in search of information regarding court marriages under the Special Marriage Act in Jaipur.
I would greatly appreciate it if someone could guide me towards reliable lawyers or agents who specialize in assisting with court marriages in Jaipur. Any recommendations, suggestions, or personal experiences would be incredibly helpful.
Please feel free to leave a comment or send me a private message if you have any leads or recommendations. Your assistance would be invaluable to me during this important transition in my life.
Thank you in advance for your support and guidance!
Best regards, A fellow Redditor in need
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2023.05.29 12:14 orange0401 [H] $100000+ Zelle, Crypto (BTC/ETH/XRP/LTC/ETC/USDC/USDT/many more), Venmo, Cashapp, Paypal, Alipay, Wechatpay, Fedwire, SWIFT wire transfer [W] knife/glove/skin sales at up to 90% Buff, TF2 keys at 1.3 ea

B/O: TF2 keys at 1.3 ea. Yes I'm aware its not the best price.

Looking to buy knives, gloves, inventories, etc. Offering cashouts.
Not too interested in 5-7/Knife CHs/T3 AKs/Low tier katos/ST knives. I'll still buy them, just expect really shit prices.
Please note that 90% is really only going to be for high tier items.

I'll be happy to go first if you have more cashrep than I do
CSGORep Cashrep
Buff store link because gotrade mod requires it for some reason
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2023.05.29 12:06 onlinexbrl0 divorce lawyer in Noida

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2023.05.29 11:51 DiverImmediate7711 Finding the Right Riverside Criminal Defense Lawyer for Your Case

Looking for a Riverside Criminal Defense Lawyer? Look no further! My law practice specializes in criminal defense. With over 20 years of experience, I have successfully defended hundreds of clients in Riverside's local and Superior Courts. I will handle all stages of the legal process, including pretrial conferences, motion hearings, bench trials, and jury trials. My goal is to vigorously defend your rights and provide the best possible outcome for your case. Call today for a free consultation.
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2023.05.29 11:36 vesnin_sergey The Code of an effective manager

The Code of an effective manager
Do you want to be an effective leader? Menteora gives some advice:
An effective leader can be something other than a leader in the conventional sense. For example, Harry Truman had no charisma, but that did not prevent him from becoming one of the most influential presidents in US history. Many of the great corporate and nonprofit CEOs I have advised (and I have been doing this for over 65 years) did not fit the leader stereotype. They were very different people: they varied in character and mindset, had different perspectives and values, and had their strengths and weaknesses. They were both gregarious and reclusive, liberal and authoritarian, generous and greedy. The secret of their effectiveness was that they all adhered to eight principles.
  1. I asked the question, "What needs to be done?".
  2. I asked, "What's good for the company?".
  3. We developed a plan of action.
  4. Took responsibility for their own decisions.
  5. Took responsibility for their relationships.
  6. Focused on possibilities rather than challenges.
  7. Conducted meetings productively.
  8. Think and talk using the pronoun 'we' rather than 'I.'
By following these principles, managers were given the information they needed (principles 1 and 2), built an effective strategy around this information (3-6), and delegated responsibility for achieving company objectives to all employees (7 and 8).

Get the information you need

The first thing to ask yourself is what needs to be done. It is "What needs to be done?" not "What do I want to do? To succeed, a leader must ask and answer the right question seriously. The most intelligent leader who needs to ask himself or herself this question is doomed to be ineffective.
When Truman became president of the United States in 1945, he knew exactly what he wanted. He dreamed of seeing through the economic and social reforms outlined in Roosevelt's New Deal, and not completed because of World War II. But as soon as the President asked himself what needed to be done, he realized that foreign policy issues were the most critical at the time.
So he would hear reports from the Secretary of State and the Secretary of Defence on foreign affairs first thing in the morning. President Truman managed to achieve the greatest successes in the field of foreign policy in the history of the United States: he was able to contain the spread of communism in Europe and Asia and, by introducing the Marshall Plan, ensured global economic growth throughout the second half of the twentieth century—another example.
After taking over General Electric, Jack Welch understood that the company could use international expansion, which he strongly desired. His company needed to eliminate lines of business that, regardless of their profitability, could not become either "number one" or "number two" in their industries. In answering the question "What needs to be done?" one is almost always forced to tackle several tasks simultaneously. But effective managers keep their efforts intact: they focus on one direction. Some managers skilled in switching - not too few of them, by the way - can deal with two tasks during one working day. But this is the limit: according to my observations, only one can tackle up to two functions in parallel. So, after asking himself what needs to be done, a manager prioritizes what needs to be done and then considers it in his further work.
For example, the CEO may prioritize revising the company's mission, and the head of a department may prioritize reorganizing the relationship between his department and headquarters. However significant or attractive, other tasks must be put on hold. Once the job has been completed, the second task on the list should never be taken up. At this point, the manager should ask himself, "What needs to be done now?" and reconsider the priority system. Jack Welch, the most famous American business leader, wrote in his autobiography that every five years, he asked himself, "What should I do now?" each time he answered it, he constructed a completely new system of priorities. However, before deciding what would be most important for the next five years, Welch faced a genuine challenge: which of the most important tasks he would do himself and which ones he would entrust to his subordinates. Effective managers try to take on the work that they do best.
They understand that a company's success and top management's effectiveness are two sides of the same coin. The second, equally important principle that influential leaders follow is the ability to ask the question, "What is good for the company?" They are not interested in whether it will benefit owners, employees, or management or how it will affect shareholder value. Naturally, the executive is well aware that shareholders, employees, and managers cannot be ignored: their support, or at least acquiescence, is essential to the company's success. He knows that shareholder value is significant not only to shareholders but also to the company itself. But he also knows that a decision that is not good for the company will ultimately do the shareholders no good. The second principle is particularly relevant for executives of family businesses (family-owned or family-managed businesses are the most common form of business worldwide), and above all, in personnel decisions.
In a successful family company, a relative of the owner is promoted only if he or she is noticeably superior to other employees at his or her level. For example, DuPont started as a family business, and family members held all top positions at the time (except for controller and lawyer). After that, the descendants of DuPont's founders started at the bottom of the hierarchy, and any promotion required the approval of a board in which independent managers (not members of the DuPont family) had a majority.

Make an action plan

Managers are people of action, decision makers. Knowledge is only helpful to them once it is translated into real action. But before they do, a manager must develop a plan: determine what results they want to achieve; consider what constraints may arise; make changes to the program and monitor its implementation; allocate time.
First, the manager defines the desired outcomes, for which he or she asks questions: "What contribution can the company expect from me in the next year and a half or two years? What results will I be striving for? What timeframe do I have to meet? He then considers the factors that limit my freedom of action: "Will this course of action be ethical? Is it acceptable within my organization? Is it legal? Is it consistent with the organization's mission, values, and strategy?" More than positive answers to all these questions is needed to guarantee that the action will be effective. But violating these constraints inevitably leads to wrong and ineffective steps.
An action plan is not a straitjacket but a statement of intent rather than a commitment. It must be revisited occasionally because every success is an opportunity (just as every failure is an opportunity). The plan must also be revised when the business environment, market conditions, and, most importantly, the company's workforce change. The project needs to be flexible so that it can be adjusted. It is also necessary to define a system for checking the execution of the plan. Effective managers usually provide two checkpoints. The first checkpoint is after half of the deadline for executing the program; the second is at the end of the deadline before the next work plan is prepared.
Finally, the action plan should be the basis for the manager's time management. Time is a manager's most scarce and valuable resource, and organizations (public, for-profit, not-for-profit) are essentially time wasters. A plan that does not determine how a manager will spend their time is useless. Napoleon said that no successful battle in history has ever gone according to a schedule. And yet, he planned each of his struggles much more thoroughly than anyone before him.
Without a plan, a leader becomes a hostage to the events. If you don't mark the points in the chain of events for program revision, a manager cannot determine which events are significant and which are just unimportant backgrounds.
Leaders should focus on decision-making, contacts, opportunities (not problems!), and meetings when implementing plans.
You can take responsibility for decisions. A decision cannot be made until the following information is made public:
  • the name of the person responsible for implementing the decision;
  • deadlines for implementation;
  • the names of those affected by the decision (these people need to be informed about the decision, they need to understand it and approve it or at least not be in irreconcilable opposition);
  • the names of people who should be informed about the decision, even if it does not affect them directly.
Many organizational decisions are not implemented because these simple conditions still need to be met. Here is an example from 30 years ago. The company I advised ignored these rules and lost its leadership position in the booming Japanese market. My clients then decided to set up a joint venture with a new Japanese partner, but it was never agreed on who should notify the buyers that the partner was counting in meters and kilograms rather than in feet and pounds. No one has ever let those concerned know.
Try Career Guidance Test Menteora!
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2023.05.29 11:33 onlinexbrl0 Legal notice format for cheating

To write the legal notice format for cheating. contact a lawyer to senda legal notice through a lawyer and the first step is to reach out to a lawyer. Then all information is explained to the lawyer in detail, such as the names of the parties, addresses, issues, grievances, and relief sought. OnlineXBRL is one of the best solutions to provide the best services for legal and compliance services in India. To get the best services contact us on the official website.
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