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Food Preservation: Yes We Can (You can too)!!!

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This is a community for canners, where we can talk about canning, share your recent projects, ask questions and more. Come join us!

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Subreddit on all things vacuum sealed!

2023.06.02 16:11 Middle_Dangerous Hi, I need help. I want to paint a Princess Luna mini (the dark blue pony) but I have no idea how to paint the very small stars that are in her mane. I could use my thinner brush with a shiny grey but I'd like a second opinion.

Hi, I need help. I want to paint a Princess Luna mini (the dark blue pony) but I have no idea how to paint the very small stars that are in her mane. I could use my thinner brush with a shiny grey but I'd like a second opinion. submitted by Middle_Dangerous to minipainting [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 16:10 jpnovato Looking for brass/copper/bronze scales for at least oneof my knives

for a while now i wanted a knife that is going to patina (copper, bronze or brass), but i cant seem to find aftermarket scales for any of my knives, do you guys know where can i find or buy one? any of the following knifes: qsp penguin Kizer drop bear Kizer cormorant Kizer mini roach ontario rat 2 crkt m16
or a budget good knife with such scales...
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2023.06.02 16:09 T0TALfps BATTLEFIELD 2042 UPDATE #5.0.0

Hey Everyone,

Season 5 for Battlefield™ 2042 deploys across all platforms on Wednesday, June 7 at 12:00 UTC, while Update 5.0.0 goes live at 08:00 UTC.
What’s new in Season 5?
Here is an overview of the new content in the Season 5 Update, alongside highlights for changes and improvements:
  • New Map: Reclaimed
  • New Weapons: XCE BAR, GEW-46 & BFP.50
  • New Gadgets: Spring Grenade, Anti-Tank Grenade, Mini Grenade, RPG-7V2
  • New Battle Pass featuring all-new cosmetics for Specialists, Weapons, Vehicles and more.
  • Quality of Life Improvements: Vault Weapon Attachments & Universal Cosmetics, Reworking Vehicle Loadouts, Specialist Improvements for Dozer & Irish, Squad Management, Damage Unit UI and more.
  • Arriving later in Season 5: Further Vault Weapon Attachments, Hourglass Map Rework and further Quality of Life Improvements like Squad Orders.
When can I play?
Once Update 5.0.0 is available for play you will be able to jump into our latest map, Reclaimed via 24/7 playlists on both Conquest and Breakthrough. Once the Season is live later on that day, you’ll be able to unlock the Battle Pass contents where the all-new Weapons, Gadgets and cosmetics await you.
//The Battlefield Team
Stay Informed
Follow us on the @BattlefieldComm Twitter account to stay informed on the roll out of our updates. You can also follow along with our tracking of Known Issues and further game changes we’re making via our Battlefield forums.


What’s New?

New Map: Reclaimed

War has descended upon an abandoned industrial facility, slowly being reclaimed by nature in the Czechian region. Fight in and amongst derailed trains, abandoned turbines and warehouses as you work towards secrets hidden within the mountains.
View our Reclaimed Flythrough Here:

The Crash Site, featuring the derailed train, is designed primarily as a vehicle combat area, with the Landing Zone an area of forest providing a circular area that will enable close-quarters combat and new sightlines opening up when trees are destroyed.
You may see the inspiration we’ve taken for the Abandoned Turbine and Military Warehouse. The indoor space of the Abandoned Turbine will enable crossfires due to its verticality and cover. While the Military Warehouse’s floors will no doubt attract snipers and a range of gunplay experiences due to the narrow layout.
Hidden inside the nearby mountain lies The Bunker, forgotten and made up of a central room whose linear space will bring intense, short-range, close-quarters combat. In comparison to this, The Silos is another outdoor area set up for vehicle combat with its generous roads perfect for tank battles. Easy to spot due to its four towers rising up from the ground, The Silos also provides plenty of elevated areas for infantry to get a shot at vehicles dominating the ground.

New Weapons: BFP.50, XCE Bar, GEW-46

The weapons arsenal is expanding this Season with not only new weapons, but also further much community requested improvements to Vault Weapons.
The BFP.50 is a powerful hand cannon, giving you another sidearm that dishes out heavy damage at close range. Anticipated to become a highly popular choice due to its size, sound and power, we just know you’re going to love this updated version for The World of 2042!
The GEW-46 assault rifle offers high stability with short-burst fire. Great for the medium-range environments that you’ll experience across the Reclaimed map.
The XCE Bar is a high-precision bolt action rifle. It has expanded attachment capability to accompany its stopping power, allowing you to quickly swap through attachment options to engage the enemy at various distances.

New Gadgets: Spring Grenade, Anti-Tank Grenade, Mini Grenade & RPG-7V2
Anti-tank Grenade
A bundle of grenades that will detonate on impact against vehicles while dealing substantial damage.
Mini Grenade
An anti-personnel grenade that can be thrown a longer distance, and after a short delay explodes across a small area.
Spring Grenade
An old familiar projectile behavior as seen before in the form of the S-Mine or Bouncing Betty. It operates through a spring-activated thruster to reach head-height altitude before imminent explosive detonation.
Veterans of the franchise will be familiar with this much loved gadget, and we’ve heard your requests to bring this boomstick through to All-Out Warfare from Battlefield Portal. With Season 5, you’ll now have access to use this fan favorite gadget however you see fit!

New Battle Pass

Season 5 brings with it two factions - one that’s cutting-edge, calculating and professional versus a more survivalist group who are savage, independent and ruthless.
You’ll see this in the cosmetics available as you play through the Battle Pass, some of the best we feel we’ve ever brought to Battlefield! From Falck’s ‘Regenerator’ Skin at Tier 0, to Dozer’s ‘Overthrower’ Skin at Tier 100.
There’s a whole load of items to unlock across 100 tiers of the Free and Premium Battle Pass including cosmetics, XP boosters, and the new premium Seasonal Booster! Additionally, those that were Year 1 pass holders will also receive an Epic Skin and XP booster during the first two weeks of Season 5, as a thanks for continuing to play.*
Lastly, we’re continuing to work on the game beyond Season 5. We are committed to continuing the Battlefield 2042 journey and are working through the best ways to bring new content and experiences for you all. Expect to hear more from us on what’s planned later in Season 5.

Quality of Life Improvements

Vault Weapon Attachments & Universal Cosmetics
We will be adapting Vault Weapons for use with All-Out Warfare attachments during Season 5. To start, we’ll focus on Assault Rifles and Sniper Rifles with attachments for the M16A3, A-91, M416, MTAR-21, AEK-971 and the GOL Sniper Magnum. We’ll continue to provide attachment support for Vault Weapons in subsequent updates.
With Season 5, we will also be introducing Universal Cosmetics for all Vault Weapons, from Forest Multi-terrain (Unlocked at Rank 0) to Desert Technical (Unlocked at Rank 19) and more. You’ll now be able to decide not only the attachments and versatility of your Vault Weapons, but the look of them too. We’ll also be extending Universal Cosmetic support to Battlefield Portal!
Tune in to our Inside Battlefield Podcast, or read our latest Dev Notes blog for full details.

Reworking Vehicle Loadouts

We’re restructuring vehicle loadouts to ensure their combat roles are clearly defined and to reduce prevalence of explosive weaponry. This will also add further readability on the battlefield to ensure you know what to expect from vehicles when you encounter them.
The restructuring of loadouts primarily focuses on our ground vehicles, and we’ll both remove and add weapons to each available vehicle loadout. For example, explosives will no longer be an option for all vehicles, and overall you’ll find more choice through a larger selection of weapons available to you.
Let’s use the LATV4 Recon as an example of what that looks like.
The LATV4 Recon is one of the most used vehicles in the game, and having explosive weaponry readily available pushed it outside of its intended role as a transport. We’re removing all its explosives, such as the 30mm, 50mm and Grenade Launcher, and will replace them with anti-infantry weaponry instead.
Tune in to our Inside Battlefield Podcast, or read our latest Dev Notes blog for full details.

Specialist Improvements

Dozer and Irish will receive improvements to ensure they provide similar gameplay experiences as others within their class.
For Dozer we will be enhancing his movement and animations when using the SOB-8 Ballistic Shield. You will now be able to strafe, rotate and pitch with your shield more quickly than previously, as well as being able to traverse ziplines with your shield equipped! Lastly, we’ll also be including two new XP Events to reward further acts of teamplay when playing with Dozer.
On the receiving end when firing at his shield, we will be increasing its spread and introducing more bullet trajectory upon hitting his shield. This will ensure that during these encounters you still have a fighting chance, and at the very least, won’t be as impacted by your own bullets as before.
Irish Irish will receive a balancing pass to the capabilities of his APS-36 Shootdown Sentinel. We’re doing that by having it cycle through new intercept and recharge states alongside an added short cooldown, versus its previous always-on state.
We’ve also improved its audio, alongside adding new colors to help you identify which state the APS-36 is currently in.
Tune in to our Inside Battlefield Podcast, or read our latest Dev Notes blog for full details.

Squad Management Improvements

Alongside the Season update we’re also adding improvements to the current Squad functionality.
Squads and Players
The Squad Menu is now separated to give you a full overview of all squads on your team. In this menu you can make someone else the leader, and see how many players or friends are in a squad. It also shows class icons so you know how to best complement a squad before joining it. And to add some personal flavor, leaders can also show off their Player Card Tag as the squad icon.
We also worked with the narrative team to come up with code names for each squad for that additional personal touch. One of our personal favorites is Gravedigger -- surely the Gravediggers know how to PTFO. We definitely don’t mess with that squad!
Create and Join
At any time you’ll be able to create or join a new squad directly via the Squad Menu. Previously you could only switch to a random squad, and only from the deploy screen. If you create a new squad then we’ve also added a short waiting period before other players can matchmake into your squad to ensure you can play together with your friends.
Easy navigation
The Squad Menu was created to make it easier and faster to manage and navigate through squads on your team. While before it was unclear when and how to change squads, you’ll now be able to do that at any time and with only a few clicks.
We hope that with this new improved Squad Management experience you feel that you have the control over who you’d like to play with during a match. Once this is in your hands, please stay in touch and give us your feedback about how you feel about it!
Later during Season 5 we’ll also add Squad Orders functionality which allows you to work together as a squad to receive increased XP rewards. In short, PTFO - and get rewarded!
Tune in to our Inside Battlefield Podcast, or read our latest Dev Notes blog for full details.

Other Areas of Improvement

Damage Unit Functionality
As part of Season 5, you will now be able to decide if you wish to show damage units at the bottom of your screen, at the side of your crosshair, or not at all. This new functionality can be defined to your liking via Options > Display > HUD General > Damage Numbers.
Accuracy & Dispersion Changes
Since Launch, our Level Design team has been reworking our maps to react to feedback on cover opportunities, and traversal improvements. These changes have also resulted in alterations to combat distances, and our weapons were tuned for these previous distances and combat scenarios in mind.
Over time, this has resulted in feedback from you about several weapons being too accurate at long ranges without penalty.
With Season 5, we aim to address this gap with balancing the accuracy and dispersion of several categories of weapons. Assault Rifles from All-Out Warfare and their Vault Weapon counterparts will be the first to receive this treatment.
You will notice that the maximum dispersion has been increased by an average of 15-20%, and the weapons will now reach that maximum dispersion level when they reach half of the magazine while on full auto, and full spray mode!
This should encourage everyone to do smaller bursts instead of prolonged fire towards a moving target, and in consideration with the map rework should increase survivability at longer ranges to encourage further up close and personal combat.
We will be assessing your feedback to this change over time and continue to make necessary changes in future updates.
New Unlock Requirements for Lis, Crawford, Zain and Blasco
Lis, Crawford, Zain and Blasco will now be available as rewards as you gradually gain Player Levels through earning XP. Their previous unlock requirements are no longer available. Go get ‘em!
Camera Sprint Movement
We have made adjustments to the Camera Movement when sprinting in Battlefield 2042.
This change is meant to add physicality to sprinting by introducing more immersive camera movement dependent upon the type of weapon and sprint type that you may be using at that time. You will notice a different amount when using an Assault Rifle compared to an RPG for example.
We hope you enjoy this new sense of weight and body motion through the camera. For accessibility you may turn off the new motion in the accessibility options.
On top of that, there are also some golden rules to camera motion in FPS games that ensure your understanding of where you are in space, aligned with what the camera tells you, and we have taken the opportunity to improve that further by focusing on rotations rather than translations in space.
We look forward to hearing your thoughts!
Aim Down Sight Field of View is now active for all players.
Normally a scope will adjust your field of view. With this option set to “On”, the field of view will instead be taken from the field of view you chose in general, in your display settings. Some weapons will not be affected if they have specifically been designed to have a certain field of view that should not be changed.
Why is this important?
The amount of input it takes for your aim to move across screen space changes when field of view changes. Uniform Soldier Aiming calculates your aim rate to take the same amount of pixel distance on screen for a given physical movement of the mouse.
In 4.2 we set Uniform Soldier Aiming to On by default (see our Dev Note for further detail). Setting ADS field of view to On, ensures the consistency achieved by Uniform Soldier Aiming remains the same across various scopes since your field of view will not change when zooming.
Like Uniform Soldier Aiming, this will help to build muscle memory, which is essential to aiming in first person shooters.


General Fixes and Options
  • The QR code to navigate players to the support website is now scannable on android devices
  • Fixed an issue where players in solo/co op were being placed in a separate squads when joining on friends
  • Added an “Reduce Sprint Camera Motion” option in accessibility settings to reduce Camera Motion for those who are easily susceptible to motion sickness.
  • Overall weapon mix and audio tweaks.
  • Specialist movement sounds are improved to match each specialists' gear
  • Fixed an audio issue on Stranded where two area types briefly overlap while zip-lining to the ship
  • Fixed an audio issue where voice overs are sometimes not present during the insertion phase of the prologue
  • Fixed an audio issue where weapon handling sounds are sometimes missing on insertion.
AI & Soldier Improvements
  • The Penguins have been tampering with the Ranger payload, and it will now take more damage from infantry projectiles. Not the Penguins, the Ranger.
  • Fixed an issue where a MCOM in Rush could get stuck in a defuse state if an AI Soldier gets removed while trying to defuse the bomb.
  • Fixed issues that resulted in AI Soldiers not trying to avoid some grenades. Don’t ask.
  • AI Soldiers will no longer keep moving and firing at the End of Round. They’ll just have to accept that the round is over and there will be another one.
  • AI Soldiers will now be able to enter vehicles directly from using a parachute.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the player to be pushed away from bushes when proning near them.
  • Made improvements in ensuring the parachute cannot be deployed on smaller jumps between platforms.
Battlefield Portal
  • Breakthrough is now available within Battlefield Portal. You will be able to create Custom Experiences for Breakthrough and Breakthrough Small via the Web Builder. Due to the complexities of Breakthrough, Custom Scripting will not be available for this mode.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Irish to use his APS Shootdown Sentinel when it was restricted.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Taser Baton melee weapon to incorrectly appear in the Battlefield 3 category.
  • Fixed various placeholder names and icons for weapons in the restricted 2042 attachment category.
  • The RM68 will now have the correct icon when setting up a Portal experience.
  • Attachments belonging to Vault Weapons are now present in the Attachment tab via the Web Builder.
  • Adjusted turret speed of the M1A2 from Bad Company 2 and Tiger 1 from Battlefield 1942 to be compatible with aim decouple from body option.
Specialists & Gadgets
  • RPG-7V2 has received a balance pass to be more in line with All-Out Warfare Game Modes and State of Play.
  • A tutorial video for the FGM-148 Javelin and XM370A are now present within the Collection Screen.
  • The Collection Screen video for the FXM-33 AA Missile now shows the lock-on prompt as intended.
  • The Collection Screen will now display the correct magazine names.
  • Updated IBA Armor Plate's Gadget Description to mention that it only protects the torso.
  • Deployable Gadgets are now destroyed after a territory control change on Breakthrough or Rush.
  • Resolved a number of textual inconsistencies within the Collection Screen on a variety of Gadgets.
  • The Repair Tool is now grayed out when pressing/holding shift while using a parachute.
  • Fixed an issue where you wouldn't swap back to the last equipped Weapon or Gadget whenever you closed the Call In Military tablet.
  • You will now be able to place the Insertion Beacon within areas affected by smoke.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented SFX from playing when using Soflam Designator to designate enemy vehicles.
  • Fixed an issue which would prevent players from accessing the Soflam Designator’s camera after deploying the Gadget.
  • Fixed an issue that caused players being unable to restock on ammo when recently being damaged.
  • Firing the Smoke Grenade Launcher no longer self-spots on the minimap.
  • Throwing Knives will now benefit from Aim Assist, allowing them to attract and slow down while in hip fire. They will not benefit from snap assistance.
  • Players will no longer take damage when destroying Sentry Turrets or Shootdown Sentinels
  • Grenades will no longer detonate from other explosions.
Dev Comment: This change has been made so that each grenade will now have a set detonation timer, increasing the readability as opposed to a chain reaction style of play. Players will still be able to shoot a grenade with bullets.
  • The Penguins have been working hard on their research of the Incendiary Grenade and have found a breakthrough that allowed them to increase the radius by 15%. Toasty.
Concussion Grenade
All Recon Specialists will now be able to use the Concussion Grenade.
We have also made substantial changes to how the Concussion Grenade works in a couple of areas, based on distance to the player and in comparing the direction of the player upon grenade detonation.
The effects of the Concussion Grenade are defined by Near, Far and Frontal scenarios. When it detonates within close range it will heighten the duration and intensity at the point of detonation. Beyond that near range, it will lead to a lessened duration and intensity. This effect is also decided and impacted by if the detonation takes place in front of the player.
  • Near radius has been increased from 6m to 8m
    • Total radius remains unaffected at 12m.
  • Increased the angle acceptance in order to be considered a frontal concussion from 60 degrees to 70 degrees.
  • Duration at which Concussion Grenade lasts has been increased in the following conditions:
    • Near + Frontal Facing from 2s to 2.5s
    • Far + Frontal Facing from 1.5s to 1.75
    • Near + Side from 0.75s to 1.2s
Prox Sensors
Through telemetry and community sentiment, since moving the Prox Sensor out of the throwable slot and into the Gadget Selection field we have seen this gadget decline in relevance compared to the TUGs and other viable gadgets. We have made some adjustments to allow for the Prox Sensor to be an equally viable choice as part of your loadout.
  • Increased the number of Prox Sensors that can be carried from 1 to 2
  • Increased the number of Prox Sensors that can be deployed at once from 1 to 2
  • Reduced the radius of the Prox Sensors scan from 20m to 15m, which will offset some of the benefits of these adjustments.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Tracer Dart from being able to resupply from Angel's loadout crate.
  • The Area of Effect for Blasco’s Signal Jammer will no longer tilt when the Gadget is on a slope.
  • Enemies disrupted by Blasco's Signal Jammer will no longer stop revealing their position when the affected player shoots their weapon.
  • Blasco’s Signal Jammer will no longer protect itself from spotting.
Dev Comment: We have made this change to help players in locating Blasco’s X6 Infiltration Device, allowing for a better understanding of where to find the device that is blocking their spots.
  • Enemy or friendly players can no longer climb upon Casper's drone and fly with it.
  • Added thermal vision to Casper's OVP-Recon Drone when zooming in.
  • Dozer's deploying shield animation will now correctly play immediately after throwing a grenade.
  • Dozer's shield will now correctly play a fling/push away animation in 1st person view when being hit by a rocket, missile or tank shell.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Dozer to jump for an unlimited amount of time while his shield was equipped.
  • Dozer's Shield bash sound is now played when hitting enemies at the edge of the melee range.
  • Dozer's shield can now destroy the Medical Crate, T-UGS, Anti-Tank Mine, Ammo Crate, C5 Explosive, M18 Claymore, Prox Sensor, and Loadout Crate.
  • Fixed an issue which would cause deflected bullets from Dozer's shield to not damage enemy players.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause incorrect animations between first and third perspectives with Dozer.
  • Fixed an issue where Dozer would be unable to switch weapons when in a prone state while switching from Shield to a Melee Weapon.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Dozer to not take damage and enter the heavy hit animation when an RPG would hit his shield.
  • Added a unique shield bullet impact sound for Dozer
  • Falck's Syrette Pistol projectiles no longer deal damage to Dozer when they hit his Ballistic Shield.
  • Falck's Syrette Pistol will now begin to replenish ammo when the reserve is missing ammo (akin to Zain's XM370A), as opposed to waiting for an entire magazine to be missing.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the explosion of the Shootdown Sentinel to unintentionally interact with the EOD Bot and remove player input from controlling it.
  • Irish’s Deployable Cover will no longer damage players when it is destroyed.
  • Shootdown Sentinel State tweaks and louder pre-explosion on sticky
  • Sundance's Anti-Armor Grenade has been removed from the game.
Dev Comment: Sundance’s Anti-Armor Grenade had poor readability which would result in vehicle players being unable to detect between an incoming missile or an Anti-Armor Grenade. Which resulted in being unable to react suitably with countermeasures. Going forward, the only time you will see “Incoming Missile” alerts is when it is actually an incoming missile.
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent players from setting the Airburst range on the XM370A for specific structures.
  • XM370A's Range Number will now display the correct distance when looking through smoke.

  • Fixed issue where earning T1 Mastery on the Defibrillator did not reward the "Jack of All Trades" Achievement/Trophy.
  • Adjusted Pilot Kill XP to only be rewarded when the victim's air vehicle did not also get destroyed at the same time.
  • Avenger and Savior Kills now include who you avenged or saved in the XP log.
Hazard Zone
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Javelin from being purchasable in Hazard Zone.
  • Removed yaw aim restriction from the LCAA Hovercraft, you can now rotate 360 degrees on the second seat.
  • Fixed an issue with EMKV90-TOR’s zoom level not working properly on higher FOVs
  • Active Protection Systems will now intercept Incendiary Grenades as intended.
  • The Active Protection Systems light signal is now working as intended on all graphical settings.
  • Fixed an issue which would cause animations to occur when in a vehicle open seat and switching weapons or gadgets.
  • VFX trails on dumbfire rockets now continue until the projectile reaches the target.
  • Barrage Missiles are no longer missing an audio cue when each rocket is replenished.
  • Improved aiming for passengers while the driver is turning the body of the vehicle.
  • Fixed an issue where weapon reload sound effects went missing after entering an open seat in a vehicle.
  • Fixed a missing key bind in some passenger seats.
  • We’ve done a full pass on camera positions on all passenger weapons to ensure they feel similar during gameplay.
  • Fixed an issue with shooting soldiers with a vehicle not triggering in combat state for spawning
  • Helicopter smart rockets will now lock onto designated targets
  • Added overheat sound effects to flak on LATV4 and Hovercraft, as well as Wildcat's Heavy AA.
  • The Air-to-Ground Missile no longer locks onto empty vehicles but will keep the lock if the enemy player leaves the vehicle during the lock sequence.

M5C Bolte
  • Players will no longer be able to shoot through the windshield of the Bolte
  • The CAV-Brawler's 40mm Incendiary GL ammo box will now be attached to the weapon’s base.
  • Soldiers are no longer able to see through their body while in open seats of CAV-Brawler.
  • The CAV-Brawler should now display the correct hints while being locked on.
  • The CAV-Brawler's 40mm Incendiary projectile can no longer be briefly seen floating in front of the weapon.
EBAA Wildcat
  • The missing Lock-on SFX when using EBAA Wildcat has been located and is now present.
  • Lowered minimum damage of EBAA Wildcat's default primary weapon from 9 to 6
  • Damage fall off start distance is now set to 250m for the EBAA Wildcat’s default primary weapon.
  • Removed EBAA Wildcat's 30mm primary cannon inherited speed from the vehicle
  • Fixed a reload sound for Barrage missile on EBAA Wildcat
  • The missing Lock-on SFX when using EBLC-RAM has been located and is now present.
  • Firing VFX is no longer misplaced on the EBLC-RAM when firing the Missile Launcher.
  • EBLC Ram will now be classified as a Heavy Armor vehicle.
  • Jets will now benefit from Rocket Pods.
  • You will now be able to look back while in the pilot seat of Jets.
  • Reduced the dispersion of 30mm cannons on Jets.
  • Increased the overheat rate of 30mm cannons on Jets.
  • Updated the Third Person Perspective Camera to be more responsive and precise to your inputs.
  • Removed staff shell smart lock on, it now dumb fires like all other tank shells
  • Added an ability for staff shell to lock onto all laser designated target for extra damage
  • Turret speeds will now be correctly reflected within the Vehicle Weapon loadout screens.
  • Added an option to decouple the tank turning from aiming.
Vehicle Loadouts
LATV4 Recon
  • Removed: 50mm Cannon, 30mm Cannon & Grenade Launcher
  • Added: Canister Shot, Minigun with Thermal vision, HMG with Thermal vision & 20mm Flak
LCAA Hovercraft
  • Removed: TOW Missile from the passenger seat with these changes, to ensure that it further aligns this vehicle into its combat role. We feel that despite this item being skill based, a hovercraft should not have access to such a deadly item.
  • Added: LMG with Thermal vision, Minigun with Thermal Vision & HMG with Thermal vision
EBAA Wildcat
  • Removed: 57mm cannon, Rocket weapon pod, Mortar Pod & 40mm Volley pod
  • Added: 35mm Dual AA Cannons, Minigun with Thermal Vision & HMG with Thermal vision
  • Removed: Flak Pod
  • Added: Incendiary Grenade Launcher
M5C Bolte
  • Removed: 30mm Cannon
  • Moved: Repair System to Slot 1 from Slot 2
  • Moved: Missile Launcher to Slot 2 from Slot 1
  • Added: 50mm Cannon, Incendiary Grenade Launcher and Passenger Detection Pulse.
M1A5, T28 and EBLC-RAM:
  • Added: Minigun with Thermal Vision & HMG with Thermal Vision
  • Increased: Heatseeker Missile Damage to Air Transport Vehicles
  • Lowered: Accepted angle of radar missiles from 10 to 5 (We’re not done with our response to this yet)
  • Fixed an issue that caused the camera to shake erratically when firing the NVK S-22 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One
  • Fixed a visual inconsistency between the AEK-971 weapon model and its icon.
  • Fixed an issue where the Factory Barrel Muzzle on the LCMG was invisible while looking through a x2 scope or higher.
  • Fixed an issue that causes the RPK Flashlight to cast a shadow of the RPK's muzzle.
  • The SWS-10 and DXR-1 no longer clips through the ground while shooting from a prone position.
  • Increased the AK24 aim down sight movement speed to be inline with other Assault Rifles.
  • Incendiary Grenades now keep doing damage after you've switched weapons.
  • Enemy nameplates no longer have a bright glow when looked at through T4 Thermal 2.5x scope.
  • Fixed an issue where the SVK bullets were zeroed at a different distance than the rest of the weapons, resulting in high inaccuracies at medium and longer distances. This issue became increasingly visible with the addition of Thermal Scopes.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the M26 Mass Underbarrel Launchers to share ammo pools across all the variations
  • Fixed an issue that caused the M320 underbarrel launchers on the M16A3 to all fire HE instead of their intended variations.
  • Reduced the maximum bullet capacity of the MTAR-21's extended magazine from 50 to 40
  • Longshot scope has been updated to read 12x instead of 40x.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Weapon Scope Glints to not appear on several 4x and higher scopes and weapons.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the M416's flashlight from being turned on.
  • GOL Sniper Magnum now displays its Fire Mode as Bolt Action instead of Single.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Kobra sight to clip through the M16A3
  • Fixed an issue that caused the 40mm Smoke Underbarrel Launcher on the LCMG to display an incorrect name in the kill log if a player got a kill with it.
\Requires Season 5 Battle Pass (sold separately) and Year 1 pass to unlock. You must log in during the first 2 weeks of the season to claim your reward. Failure to log in and claim during this period will result in forfeiting the reward.)
This announcement may change as we listen to community feedback and continue developing and evolving our Live Service & Content. We will always strive to keep our community as informed as possible.
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2023.06.02 16:08 jpnovato Looking for brass/copper/bronze scales for at least oneof my knives

for a while now i wanted a knife that is going to patina (copper, bronze or brass), but i cant seem to find aftermarket scales for any of my knives, do you guys know where can i find or buy one? any of the following knifes: qsp penguin Kizer drop bear Kizer cormorant Kizer mini roach ontario rat 2 crkt m16
or a budget good knife with such scales...
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2023.06.02 16:07 ActuaryPersonal2378 Leadership Shakeup At Work Triggers Symptoms/Traits

First I want to disclose that I haven't received a formal diagnosis of CPTSD. However, I do relate to a lot of what is discussed about here and so I hope that I can continue to be a part of the community. I don't condone self diagnosis - my therapist has used a lot of the words associated with CPTSD without a diagnosis.
I work for a large trade organization that serves members from all over the country. My boss that I've had since starting my job last February is leaving. She gave her two week notice and it was pretty unexpected tbh. Our department head (her boss) retired earlier this year, and so that's when she decided to start looking. I was unaware that this was happening - It's not surprising to me that she was looking for other opportunities - but the speed in which it's all happening is a bit jarring.
In the two weeks of the new department head coming on, two managers put in their two weeks (one of those is going on extended leave but I'm going to assume that they will not be returning), and a coworker was fired. I didn't know this coworker and apparently the firing was warranted, but the way the new manager went about it made me nervous. Of course the coworker was upset but it felt like the new manager was escalating things (in public view, mind you), and that makes me feel very uneasy.
I'm also not very confident in my abilities in my position and so these changes make me so anxious that i'm going to be 'exposed' and fired. My favorite thing about my job was how stable it was and how healthy the work environment is (all workplaces have their skeletons, including mine, but my day to day experience is enjoyable).
This instability is really triggering me and I can feel myself becoming more and more hypervigillant. I already applied for a new job similar to the role I have now on the other side of the country lol. I feel like I operate with like, a panic button and now I'm pressing it over and over again.
I'm sure this all stems from childhood trauma or whatever, but it is so overwhelming. I don't feel confident in my ability to step up to the challenge. I do a lot of behind the scenes stuff/support work, and I imagine that this change is going to require me to take more ownership and I don't feel like I'm smart enough or savvy enough to succeed.
Sorry for venting. I'm just an anxious mess lol.
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2023.06.02 16:07 jasonj1908 Amaro di Calendula (Marigold)

This is my first recipe of my own and I am very pleased by the end result. It's a marigold (calendula) based amaro. I did something slightly different with this recipe. I macerated the marigold separately to control how strong it was on its own and everything else together in its own jar. It worked well for this. I wanted it to have a decent amount of orange but also more a more bitter backbone than I've been getting with my initial homemade Amari. It's a learning process to get the right amount. My next move is to start making individual tincture which gives more control. Especially with the bitter ingredients.
I used the typical maceration process:
A. Marigold Maceration
20g Marigold
300g 60% abw GNS
I let this macerate for 3 days and then tasted it. By this time it was a dark orange. I still felt it could use more time so I let it macerate for an additional 2 days. Tasted again and felt it was a very nice representation of the aroma and taste of marigold. I strained out the buds and was left with 264g of alcohol.
B. Secondary Ingredient Maceration
5g Dried Orange Peel
3g Dried Lemon Peel
3g Meadowsweet
2g Dandelion Root
2g Orris Root
2g Burdock
2g Angelica Root
2g Quassia
2g Elecampane
2g Hyssop
2g Fresh Rosemary
2g Fresh Sage
2g Fresh Basil
1g Centaury
1g Vanilla Bean
1g Horehound
1g Galangal
1g Lemon Balm
This was also macerated in 300g of 60% abw GNS. I used a nut milk bag. I let this macerate for 10 days. I strained the alcohol out and ended up with 269g.
Next I took the bag and made a "hot cap" tea with 800g of boiling water. Once that water cooled completely I added 8g of fresh orange peel. I let the tea steep for 3 days and then strained out everything. I was left with 780g of tea.
I used 200g of my tea and combined with 200g of organic cane sugar to make a simple syrup. Let that cool completely
I combined the following:
525g of 60% abw combined alcohol
750g tea (550g+200g from syrup)
200g sugar
My first step was to let this rest for 2 weeks. It started to clarify a bit on its own by this time. After 2 weeks I stuck it in my freezer for 48 hours. This really separated out a lot of the solids which sank to the bottom. Next I took the jar out of the freezer and let it sit on the counter until it came to room temp. The liqueur was clear at this point so I didn't need to use any other clarifying methods. I strained the clear liquid through my Chemex coffee filters twice. It was now a nice clear dark orange color. I was left with a little over 1,000g of liqueur.
I had been tasting it along the way and while it had all of the flavors I wanted, it still needed some time to meld and come together, which is where I am currently at in the process. I have the liqueur resting over a 5g American Oak (#3 medium char) spiral. It will be one month on 6/11. It's already mellowed and the flavors I was hoping would pop are coming to the forefront. The marigold of course but also the orange and bitter notes. I served some to a couple of people after dinner last night and they loved it and didn't believe that it was homemade which made me feel pretty good about it.
My final step will be to bottle it in a few weeks.
From my (not precise) calculations I think it's somewhere between 20-24% abw range. If someone forced me to give an exact amount of alcohol, I couldn't, but it feels like 22.5 ABV. 😂
This was my first go at my own recipe and I was really pleased with the end result. The flavor profile I was seeking when I started was what came out in the end. You can't really ask for much more in this world. Getting past this first recipe of my own making has definitely given me the confidence to try a few more recipes from scratch. I have a bunch of other things currently going, but after they're done I'm going to give it another try. I would feel really good using this in place of something like Aperol in a spritz. I'll have to experiment a bit more with other cocktails. I might try it in a Boulevardier over the weekend.
Hope this helps. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. If I can answer, I will.
**Thanks as always to all the great members in this community who have been invaluable in helping me and being sounding boards for any questions I've had.
Resting over 5g American medium oak (char #3) spiral
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2023.06.02 16:06 fusukeguinomi I would love if Trader Joe’s could make… (fill in the blanks too!)

My current wishlist of possible Trader Joe’s products:
I have a good mind to write to them and suggest these…
What other ideas do you all have?
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2023.06.02 16:02 Goodfornothing1989 Will I be able to play?

Hello everyone I am a bit dummy with pc specs could you please help me check if I can run it? My specs are
Ram 8gb Processor AMD Ryzen 5 1400 Graphic card ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1060 Mini
Thank you in advance !
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2023.06.02 16:02 Appropriate_Soup_479 Need help finding a book

Need help finding a book
I need help finding a book please.
In the begging she gets into a fight with her boyfriend and leaves him alone during the carnival, after she goes to a friend because she's upset and balling her eyes out yet she soon would fall asleep in his arms and awake in a coffin with that said friend underground. She would talk about how decades would go by and how he was feeding off of her life force. One day the lid to there coffin opens and she describes a bright light shinning in on her , she describes how she's in another world. When she finally returns to her world her mother said she's only been missing for I think 1 year. Her family question her making sure she okay and the "Friend stays close" that's all I can rember from the begging but at then end he makes her into a being just like him . If anyone knows what this book is called please let me know I've been trying to rember the name of it for 3 years.
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2023.06.02 15:56 RegardingAutomobiles I created my own Control Arms

I created my own Control Arms
Hi All. Don't post here much but this video was fun to research and create. After seeing the price of adjustable control arms for my R53 mini in Canada I decided it would be cheaper and more fun to make my own with off the shelf parts.
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2023.06.02 15:55 Minimum-Watercress-7 Getting rid of laptops monitors all together?

Getting rid of laptops monitors all together?
Hello, happy nreal owner here. I've been using my nreal as a monitor for my win11 laptop and my MacBook for a while.
Don't you think it is time for a headless laptop? I've seen the announcement of the space top and the specs/price tag doesn't match with my expectations.
We've been exploring this matter for the last few months with the community.
We've even released a mini series explaining our reasoning.
Now that we have reached this episode I would appreciate your feedback and suggestions moving forward.
I come in peace for a constructive discussion.
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2023.06.02 15:52 terry314159 Kitchenaid Model KFIS20XVBL, water filter noise.

Kitchen Aide Model KBFS25EWMS3. There is a loud pulsating/ vibrating sound coming from the behind the water filter when dispensing. It sounds like water hammer. Many posts have said the filter is bad and needs replacing. However, after replacing the filter, the noise returns after just a few weeks of use. The problem is probably not the filter. The problem is more likely air bubbles trapped in the system. Solution: 1. First take the water filter out and install the filter bypass cap that came with the refrigerator. If the problem goes away when the water filter is out, then the issue is trapped air bubbles that are causing the backflow valve in the water filter to water hammer. 2. With the bypass plug still installed, rapidly pulse the water dispenser about 12 times into a cup. Then fill up a 16oz cup with water. This jars the air bubbles loose and causes the bubbles to pass through the system. Repeat that process ten times. 3. Take out the bypass plug and reinstall the filter. The noise problem should now be corrected. Good Luck!
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2023.06.02 15:51 damrasslin 20+ games into offline franchise, here’s my takeaways

I am exclusively an offline player. I play around ego 55. Here are my main takeaways after my first 23 9 inning games played of Super Mega Baseball 4:
-That said, the new player models themselves mostly look like trash. Fat guys, we can have fat guy now, great. It warps the logos on the jerseys and they look awful. It doesn’t detract from the gameplay, but the uniforms look like garbage, especially on our new fat friends.
I’m hoping some patches make some QOL improvements. But this is still a great game. I feel all of my negatives are things that a new player wouldn’t even notice. I would recommend 4 to any new players wanting to jump in to SMB. If you are a hardcore and super particular about some things or are in it for customizations, maybe wait for a sale or patches and keep enjoying 3. I don’t play online but from what I’m seeing they have some major bugs to work out there. This isn’t a must upgrade over 3 right now if you are perfectly content with 3 and not interested in the mlb players or franchise tweaks. Much like at release, 3 didn’t seem like much of an upgrade over 2, but in the long run I feel the consensus is it was. I have a feeling same will be said here.
Right now, I’m playing 4 on Xbox Series S, and I plan on keeping SMB3 on my switch for when I travel.
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2023.06.02 15:50 normal_velocipede Ceiling fan changing temperature by 4 degrees

I installed an ecobee back in December. I switched from Nest for the HomeKit integration. Everything was great all winter. Now, it’s getting hot out and I’ve only had my AC on for the last few days.
Yesterday, I was so hot (ceiling fan in the room with the ecobee was on), but the ecobee said it was 74 so the AC wasn’t running (I set it at 76). I decided to check in HomeKit and see what the other temp sensors said (a mix of HomePod minis and Aqara temp sensors throughout the house). I’m the room with the ecobee and the connected rooms, the temp sensors all said 78 - 79 degrees.
I started googling and read about the manual temperature calibration, so I set it for +4 degrees and it was all good. Then in the evening, I was in a different room (ceiling fan in the room with the ecobee was off) and the ecobee said it was 78 so the AC kicked on even though the other sensors said it was 74 - 75 degrees.
This morning, the ecobee was saying it was 4 degrees hotter than my other sensors again, so I turned the calibration back to zero. Now, it’s back to saying it’s 4 degrees cooler, after I turned in the ceiling fan in that room again.
I’ve finally figured out, when I have the ceiling fan on in the room with the ecobee it reports the temp as 4 degrees cooler, and when the fan is off, it’s accurate. I don’t understand how the breeze from the ceiling fan is enough to make the ecobee temp change by 4 degrees.
Anyone have any suggestions to fix this? I’m about to go back to the nest. I can’t keep changing the calibration every time I turn the ceiling fan in that room on and off.
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2023.06.02 15:50 Howard_NESter I watched One Piece Movie 3 and I now have salt to pass to you.

Well that was a downgrade! One Piece: Chopper's Kingdom on the Island of Strange Animals is definitely the most time-wasting movie I've watched so far and now I have to complain. I feel like this movie was made for little kids, Like *little* kids cause I don't see who else would tolerate this confusing mess. But anyway:
- The animation is definitely weird in this one. While the actual technical aspect of it is as fluid as ever, the composition is just....strange. All the colors are darker which makes the entire picture look dingy even when the sakuga is popping off. It's a weird experience.
- Also whoever edited this must have been on some real Sonic the Hedgehog shit. I feel l like every second we cut to another picture like 2-3 time son average. It's really jarring. Very rarely does it stick to one shot more than a couple seconds (Hence why I feel like this was made for little kids).
- All the movie only characters suck!! Like all of them. The movie wants to show these lavish scenes of exotic animals hanging out but honestly they're kinda terrifying not to mention kinda dicks (there's one scene where they tell their Jungle Book kid to just let the strawhats that are trying to save them to just die.....WTF)
- Oh yeah and that Jungle Book kid. All these movies seems to want to have a little kid character but Mobambi is the worst of the lot. Honestly whines about everything and is kinda a shitty friend to Chopper even to the end. Never have I wanted Luffy to punch a kid so much.
- For a movie that is supposed to be about Chopper it's not really the best showing of him. He's pretty cowardly at the start, and most of his antics are with the aforementioned Mowgli-Minus and his weird crackhead animals which is not fun. His combat showings are pretty bad too. Runs from the henchmen most of the movie. He does stand up to the final villains and even shows off the Rumble Ball stuff but then proceeds to get bodied a minute later, and Luffy has to clean up. MEH!
- The villain is...a weird in this. He's a....horn eater....he eats a lot of horns.....he wants to find the biggest, best, most upwardly curved hor.......Ok, you get the idea. I'm moving on.
- Oh and then he transforms at the end into a Dragon Quest Monster!! Complete with Shenron Horns! How do I know they're Shenron horns?? Because they use the fucking Dragonball Shenron Sound Cue every two minutes!!!! MY LORD!
- So is every part of this movie awful? Well actually no. The henchmen following the main villain are kinda funny, and weirdly enough provide really sharp and fun fights scenes with Zoro and Sanji respectively. Like seriously go find those fights on Youtube they're kinda great.
- The main villain has a violin theme that honestly goes hard AF. Like it's waaaay too good for this movie.
- Oh and the credits were nice. Seeing the strawhats chillin with their loved ones back home n such.
- OH ONE MORE GOOD THING: Movie was less than an hour long. I think we can all thank Goda for that one.

Yeah this was def worse than Movie 2 and the worst one so far. I've been told Movie 4 is an actual movie and all I can say is I hope so. I need a win after that one.
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2023.06.02 15:48 Arkanist_Beats A 7 track EP of Abstract HipHop meets TripHop, Ambient & Dub. I call this style Chill Noir. Also comes in a sample pack version. Tell me what you think !

Hello, After a year spent releasing 11 singles, participating in a lot of Sample Flip Challenges, doing remixes, I’m finally releasing my 1st EP ! It’s available now on Bandcamp:
The music fall into the instrumental/abstract HipHop category while having trip hop, glitch-hop, electronica and dub accents. It relies heavily on rich textures that can be more often found on dark ambient records.
I guess that if you like Tricky, Definitive Jux and El-P, Burial, Lorn, the Wordsound + Big Dada + Brainfeeder labels & the more hiphop based releases on warp records (like Prefuse 73), you will probably feel in a familiar place.
If you’re a musician, producer or sound creator, there’s also a “Producer Edition” that includes 200+ samples: You can get a taste of it with this free mini-pack: LINK I poured a lot of heart & efforts in this music and I hope it can bring something cool to your life. Cheers
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2023.06.02 15:47 TchaikovskyAguacate Blatha An Oir

Anybody in here from Blatha An Oir? I've been trying to get involved in the group for months, but it appears the ONLY accurate information is in a Facebook group and some of us don't do Facebook. I used the contact form on the website, no response. Had my friend who is on Facebook send a message, no response. (I'm trying to introduce my friends who live here to the SCA, I used to play in Trimaris) Finally convince my friends that the way most people join is to just show up to things. Go to the calendar on the website and see info about First Thorsday event at wapato park, get there, no one is there. Ask friend to check Facebook group, first Thorsday replaced with baronial elections at the masonic hall. Go to masonic hall. Closed door meeting. Sneak in to ask if there's social afterwards or anything, people sitting at a table with what look like handouts largely ignore me, finally get a vague answer that it's elections today with no follow up of "come back to a fighter practice on x day" or "contact this person for details" just "we're doing this today." After standing around in the lobby looking lost for 15 minutes with half a dozen people walking by and ignoring us, we gave up and went home.
I don't know what else to do. In my old group, if you show up to anything and look even vaguely lost, you would almost immediately have someone coming over to introduce themselves and get you situated. If you email the barony you got a response. It's been many years since I got to play on any kind of regular basis, are things just different now?
My friends are interested in trying again, so how do I actually get in contact with someone who can help introduce new people or give accurate information about when events are?
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2023.06.02 15:46 gloriouspysen I guess I just wanted someone to know…

I don't know how much more I can take; I'm completely drained of everything. I have so little left, nothing to look forward to, nothing that ignites happiness within me. I hate myself for it; I used to make people laugh, I used to be full of energy and joy, but none of that remains. It's somewhere far away, and I don't know if I'll ever find it. I feel trapped in a foreign body that isn't mine; I no longer know who I am.
Ever since my ex and I broke up, everything has gone downhill. Everyone says there will be someone new or that the first love never works out, and I guess they're right, and I try to convince myself they're right. But deep in the back of my mind, I know I'll never be able to love anyone like I loved her. She was everything to me, so beautiful, so smart, and caring. She was perfect; she is perfect. However, she's no longer mine, and it hurts so much. I'm not the person she calls when she needs someone to talk to; I'm not the person she hugs and kisses anymore. I am forgotten.
I don't know if I'll ever recover from this; I don't know if I'll ever be able to love anyone again. All my dreams and goals have faded away. I no longer do things because they bring me joy; I do them because if I don't, I fall apart, I fall into a trance I can't escape. I just sit and contemplate; I cry until I fall asleep. I become nothing but an empty shell of the person I used to be.
I've bought a jar of very strong sleeping pills and recorded videos for all my friends and family. They're stored on a USB stick, along with my sleeping pills, in my "kit." I'm waiting for a moment when I'm not needed by anyone, when there's nothing planned that would be ruined by my disappearance.
I don't know why I'm writing this; maybe it's because I hope someone will say something that makes me reconsider, or maybe it's just because I want someone else to know, that I told someone.
Thank you for reading.
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2023.06.02 15:46 Jun2k Parks with water hose access?

Hi folks,
Planning a birthday party for my kid and was wondering if there were any parks with a water hose access. Wanted to setup a mini water slide so constant access to water would be necessary.
Any info would be great.
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2023.06.02 15:46 Solodolo4life214 I Shot The Inside Of My House With An M134 Mini Gun Columbia War Machine

I Shot The Inside Of My House With An M134 Mini Gun Columbia War Machine submitted by Solodolo4life214 to Fullyloadedclips214 [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 15:44 bgmathi5170 Writing user stories when company culture is adverse to Agile/scrum

I'm a first-year business analyst and CSM. My first job got placed at a company who switched from mini-waterfall to agile/scrum the same time I was onboarded as a contractor.
I've had lots of passionate discussions with the Engineering Manager (i.e. the proxy product owner) about how to write user stories. And now that I've been with this company 10 months and seeing user stories from start to finish for a project, I am worried about doing what needs to be done for this team and company but at the same time not wanting to lose sight of proper agile/scrum techniques and approaches, or to let bad habits imprint onto me.
One huge lightbulb moment I had with my manager is when he asked me, "I don't understand, even when we get non-functional changes and requirements, you write the user stories as if it's functional and from the user's perspective." I tried using the analogy that a User Story is like a Use Case Scenario, and that even if the changes are non-functional, it's always written from the user perspective even if only to help test and validate that the functionality remains unbroken. He seemed very receptive to this and I guess is mostly fine with this approach.
Another huge battle that I have given up on is that he wants to package what should be an epic as a single user story, and to simply list off the changes that need to happen rather than to elaborate user stories, acceptance criteria (especially with Gherkin), etc. More importantly the EM said he does not want to overdocument anything and that when the developers look at a story, he just wants them to see the bottom line of what needs to be done -- because again the compromise I tried to come up with if my manager did not want to create epics or to actually create the true user stories needed, then I at least tried to Frankenstein it into a single user story.
We just had a meeting with a SAML reviewer for a project to migrate our front-end from one JS language to a different one (per security reasons), and the SAML said that he looked at our user stories and said that they looked massive. However, not only our are user stories the size of epics, but I also captured Gherkin acceptance criteria to help test and validate that the functionality is unbroken, which is what confused the SAML revieweapprover. The meeting was only 5 minutes as my EM and I explained that no functional changes are happening and that the SAML we use will be the same, but I still imagine that it's an annoyance to the EM to go to that meeting simply because of how I wrote the user stories months ago (when I was only on my 3-4 month of real world job experience mind you).
Anyway, I'm curious as to your thoughts:
I am only a 12-month contractor, and I doubt I will get permanent placement. My manager said he greatly appreciates all that I've done including helping him with PM tasks (until the company moved those responsibilities to someone above all the engineering teams), creating a Jira scrum board and dashboard for his team which uses rich filters, creating a TLDR style excel sheet which summarized the new agile SDLC tasks/deliverables for him, go to meetings to keep up on PM and SDLC policies and process changes, enter user stories as dictated, track PM and EM tasks, created a Product Backlog in confluence, etc... and he's genuinely grateful for that and understands this is my first job in the industry.... but the budget is not looking great at all and my manager candidly explained that his manager above him changed a few months after my contract started and that the new department manager wants all the BAs located in his office in India. My manager is going to try to keep me as an offshore job posting, but no guarantee.
If I don't get a permanent job offer, I will get sent back to my contract company for another 12-month placement, but I am actually curious if another company would be better in terms of me actually performing the full range of BA and SM responsibilities.
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2023.06.02 15:41 jsakic99 Regular Coke is more expensive than Diet Coke

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