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2023.06.01 04:11 Theroman_12-13 2023 Freshies Discord Server! (Upperbatchmen and Alumni also Invited)

2023 Freshies Discord Server! (Upperbatchmen and Alumni also Invited)
Hey incoming freshies!
Excited about your Ateneo journey? We've got something special just for you!
The 2023 Ateneo Freshies Server!
What's inside the Server?
🌟 Connect with your future batchmates
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Join the Server now and become part of our community!
Note: This server is open to incoming Ateneo freshies, current students/upper batchmen, and alumni.
Note: We have a verification system in place for incoming Freshies so please prepare a screenshot of your acceptance email to get complete access to the server. For upperbatchmen and alumni, please coordinate with the server staff team who will happily assist your verification there!
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2023.06.01 04:10 AutoModerator Casey Zander - Masculinity Blueprint (Complete Program)

Chat +44 759 388 0762 on Telegram/WhatsApp to get Casey Zander - Masculinity Blueprint (MBT) Course.
I have Casey Zander - Masculinity Blueprint (MBT) Course.
Casey Zander's Masculinity Blueprint 2.0 course is one of the best programs available that will improve your relationships with women, as well as your personal lifestyle and masculine mindset.
Masculinity Blueprint 2.0 by Casey Zander will show you how to:
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WhatsApp/Telegram: +44 759 388 0762
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2023.06.01 04:07 emporerpuffin Tooth extraction/tinnitus

So I just got my back left upper molar pulled and I have not noticed an increase or decrease in tinnitus. Incase anyone was wondering or had fear of dental work negatively impacting their tinnitus.
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2023.06.01 04:06 rippervon [WTS] Massive Sale - Optics/AR Parts/Lights/Glock Stuff/Nylon - Come See My Wares

This is one of the biggest sales I have done and its in response to some major life milestones, nothing bad but need to reprioritize and sell a lot of gear I can live without on a lot of my excess builds.
Some ground rules:
Now that that’s out of the way:
  1. Sig Sauer Tango6 1-6 in Anodized Gray, HellfirePlex Reticle which is a dual illuminated fibeLED dot. Incredibly similar glass and performance to a Vortex Razor 1-6 in a better budget package albeit with a more straightforward reticle, capped turrets and throw lever, box and papers included - $600 shipped
  2. PA SLx MD25 Single Dot, Gen 1 not shake awake, like new, with low mount, and riser mount with three spacer heights and all paperwork but not factory box, fantastic red dot that blends the best of a micro dot and a fullsize COMP dot - $60 shipped
  3. Holosun 510c ery good condition with only some minor housing wear if any, red reticle, no factory box but will ship padded and insured - $220 shipped
  4. FDE Deltapoint Pro 2.5MOA with a low mount and factory rubber cover and screws - $325 shipped
  5. Holosun 407c V2, single dot, BIG BUTTON version, no factory box but includes screws, very good condition - $225 shipped
  1. Arisaka Micro Mount 1.7” Height, really solid underrated mount, comes spray painted wolf gray, if you give me a couple days I can clean it - $60 shipped
  2. Badger Ordnance 30mm Scope Mount COMM, good condition 1.7”, 0MOA, want to include if possible this JArm and Micro Plate and ACRO plate - $375 shipped
  1. My Gucciish Competition Upper - Lantac Dragon, 16” BA Hanson Premium 1:8 Twist .223 Wylde, Wojtek Adjustable Gas Block, Aero S-One 15” Handguard Cerakoted a custom “tanodized” color, Ripcord Clear Anodized Upper with a FCD Double Dimp Rose Gold Dust Cover, FCDxHodge Dimpled FA, and some rail panels -$700 OBO
  2. Reptilia RECCE Stock, FDE, some light install marks that get covered, otherwise great condition, really awesome, ultralight stock, the cooler UBR - $100 shipped
  3. Daniel Defense Tornado Gray Stock with both stock pads, very great condition - $45 shipped
  4. Griffin ECS Maritime Stock, Gray, $25 shipped
  5. Cloud Defensive CORv3 Handguard, 10.7”, Clear Anodized, Long recessed rail segment to allow Laser and Tape switches to be below the window of Lower 1/3 and higher optics and flush with receiver height, will come with all necessary hardware to install but you will need your own armorers wrench tool. Was installed and removed may show minor install and MLOK attachment marks but great overall condition - $150 shipped
  6. B5 Systems Gray Pistol Grip with screw, I did a homebrew epoxy/grit powder grip and imo it came out pretty nice - $25 shipped
  7. Railscales Polymer RSB-M in Stealth Gray, like new, $20 shipped
  1. Cloud Defensive REIN 3.0 FDE full kit with light, charger, Picatinny mount, and tape switch and an FDE flip up cap, mounted and removed but never shot with - $250 shipped
  2. Tan Surefire X300U-A with all keys, great condition - $200 shipped
  3. Modlite PLHv2 Head, Black, minor housing wear but very clear lens, ships with a One Hundred Concepts cover - $160 shipped
  4. Cloud Defensive/IWC Offset Scout Mount, MLOK, Black, very good condition - $30 shipped
  1. Trex Arms Ready Rig, Wolf Gray, fitted and loaded with mags but almost never larped in ,just been sitting - $75 shipped
SLINGS (First One will Come with a Pair of QD Points Free! Ferro Concepts Brand)
  1. LBX MAS Gray 2 Point Sling with an Upgraded Ferro Concepts Adjuster and Sling Silencer - $40 shipped
  2. ESD Snow Camo Sling - $40 shipped
  3. Defense Mechanisms Sling, Wolf Gray with Built in Rilfe Elastic mounting - $40 shipped
  1. Glock 19 Gen 5 Slide, Jagerwerks F9 Cut/ACRO Footprint/Chamfered Edges/Enhanced Rear Serrations/Carbon End Plate/Nitride/All Internals/OEM Marksman Barrel from Black Phoenix Customs removing the unmatched rollmark and then Nitrided/OEM Iron Sights - $750 shipped
  2. Zev G17.3 Barrel, Bronze, Dimpled, very low round count with no significant wear - $150 shipped
  3. Zev Lightened Striker Spring/Red Channel Liner and Zev Extractor (Gen 3 or 4) - $40 shipped
  4. Agency Arms AOS Plate for Glock, DeltaPoint Pro, Irons Front with Ameriglo 5XL Cowitness Irons installed (Black ReaTritium Front) - $80 shipped
  1. CHPWS 509t Plate for a PDP Gen 1 cut, - $40 shipped
  2. Pair of Random Docter Optic Plates for Pic Rail from a FastFire 3 and a Vortex Venom box - Free + Shipping Cost if you want them
Thank you all for looking and I appreciate you all!
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2023.06.01 04:04 Skiguy4484 Official trail update: Mountain to Meadow

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2023.06.01 04:01 Ultima_8 Why am I suicidal?

Why am I suicidal? I have so things right in my life, upper middle class, 4.0 gpa, lots of friends, both parents, literally everything I could ever need. And still every night I wish for death. Every. Night. I think about committing suicide and it seems so nice, nothing left to deal with, no responsibility, nothing. Just an empty, warm solace. I don’t even know why I haven’t done it yet. I don’t plan on living past summer. But why is it like this?
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2023.06.01 04:00 Analypiss Durability

Key and explanation of periods where Juggernaut was stronger or weaker than normal

Durability w/ Force Field/Armor












Matter Manipulation



Soul/Life Force

Power Absorption/Nullification


Durability w/o Force Field/Armor












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2023.06.01 03:59 Ok-Anywhere6998 How to make the most out of our BOS-DEL RT in early 2024?

Wife and I are flying BOS-LHR-DEL and will return early next year. Original flight details:
BOS-LHR: Delta Boeing 767-400 Main Cabin (V) LHR-DEL: Virgin Atlantic Boeing 787-9 Economy Classic (V) DEL-LHR: Virgin Atlantic Boeing 787-9 Economy Classic (X) LHR-BOS: Delta Boeing 767-400 Main Cabin (X)
Flights booked through Capital One Travel, but we are able to select seats, request meals, change flights etc through Delta directly. For our return DEL-LHR-BOS route, we have the following options for upgrade/change:
  1. Premium/Premium Select
    1. DEL-LHR-BOS (2 hour layover in LHR): $307/person
      1. Premium on Virgin Atlantic (DEL-LHR) in Boeing 787-9
      2. Premium Select on Delta (LHR-BOS) in Boeing 767-400
    2. DEL-LHR-BOS (with 9 hour layover in LHR): $307/person
      1. Premium (G) on Virgin Atlantic (DEL-LHR) in Boeing 787-9
      2. Premium (G) on Virgin Atlantic (LHR-DEL) in Airbus Airbus A330-900neo
    3. DEL-CDG-BOS (with 3.5 hour layover in CDG): $282/person (1 extra cabin bag/person)
      1. Premium Economy () on Air France (DEL-CDG) in Airbus A350-900 (listed as Flagship A350)
      2. Premium Select () on Delta (CDG-BOS) in Airbus Å330-300
  2. UppeBusiness
    1. DEL-LHR-BOS (with 9 hour layover in LHR): $1111/person
      1. Upper (Z) on Virgin Atlantic (DEL-LHR) in Boeing 787-9
      2. Upper (Z) on Virgin Atlantic (LHR-DEL) in Airbus Airbus A330-900neo
    2. DEL-CDG-BOS (with 6.5 hour layover in CDG): $1087/person
      1. Business (Z) on Air France (DEL-CDG) in Airbus A350-900
      2. Business (Z) on Air France (CDG-BOS) in Airbus A350-900
We have few questions regarding these possible upgrades:
  1. Since the flights are 8+ months ahead, should we wait for a better offer or grab one of these? Are the prices a good deal for Premium class? For Business/Upper class?
  2. Will getting the Amex Delta Reserve card help our travel experience? Maybe with a free upgrade (to Comfort+) and sky club access? Do we only get Centurion lounge access if we pay the full ticket with the reserve card? If one of us has the card, will both of us be eligible for upgrade? I've read that chances of upgrading without any Medallion status is minimal, and considering this is international, maybe we won't even be on the list for upgrade? If we get Delta Reserve and buy one of the Premium upgrades, will we get centurion lounge access and still be eligible for a free upgrade to Delta One?
  3. I can't see a way to use miles to pay for these. If I contact DL, will the agent be able to use miles instead of cash? How will the miles be calculated? Based on 1cpp?
  4. We haven't flown premium (Always economy with 1 AF Business class [option 2.2 above thanks to miles]). Is Premium on AF/DL/VS worth the upgrade?
  5. We have flown AF Business class once, and it was a good experience all the way from checking-in at DEL to landing at BOS. But, we haven't flown VS upper. Looking at images/videos and blogs, there doesn't seem to be much privacy in the Upper cabin. How does the experience in VS Upper compare to that of business in AF or Delta One?
  6. Reading through the blogs it seems that VS might have the best combination of soft and hard premium products. While the AF premium will be $25/person cheaper, I have read mixed reviews about their seats. Has anyone flown premium on these aircrafts (and possibly these routes)? How was your experience? Are the fixed shell seats in AF (or in any airline for that matter) premium really that bad? Is it worth upgrading to fixed shell seats if most people find economy seats to be more comfortable? We will get Skypriority with premium (faster check-in, security and boarding), but, we were hoping to get some extra baggage and lounge! Option 1.3 on AF/DL premium seems appealing, but the reviews about AF premium seats are discouraging. Also, it would be an extra $564 cash out of pocket.
  7. The AF aircraft listed on Delta and AF websites for the same itinerary are different! Should I trust the information on Delta or go with what is there on AF?
  8. Any insights/thoughts/suggestions on any of these questions would be very helpful. Got in churning a few months ago and have gained a lot of knowledge and learned a few tricks from the community.
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2023.06.01 03:58 Presumed_Online Build suggestions?

just got an a1 and c7 upper any ideas for builds already have a 177e2, 2o in c7 and a Hollywood's dissy so im out of ideas at this point
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2023.06.01 03:56 Gruweldaad Help with health of tree

Hello Arborists !
I'm new to the community and still learning, so bare with me. Last time you all were so helpful, so I thought I'd post again! I have this tree that hasn't been looking too good. Lots of branches fall throughout the year as well as some larger ones during the winter. It bloomed later than any tree in the area this year and typically loses its leaves earlier than any tree in autumn. I live in the upper Midwest for reference as well.
As you can see in the pictures, it seems only half of the tree is growing leaves and even then it's pretty sparse. Is my tree doomed or is there anything I can do to save this beauty?
Thanks in advance for the help!
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2023.06.01 03:55 MammothComfortable73 Welp, this is unnerving. Another one bites the dust?

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2023.06.01 03:54 Frozenbeedog Pain in mid to upper left back. Normal?

I’m 18 weeks. Tonight my stomach began to hurt and I started getting heartburn. I took a walk to help and burping was extremely difficult.
Now I’m getting back pains. Mid to upper left back.
Are these normal in pregnancy?
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2023.06.01 03:53 chan_versio Slightly discouraged with my first attempt :(

Hi! Today was my first pole lesson and the instructor taught basic spin, a couple moves and 1 sitting position on the pole. There were people of all body types at the class which I loved and instantly felt comfortable being there. The only thing is out of all the beginners I was the only one who wasn’t even able to do a basic spin, or any of the moves instructor taught us :( while everyone else picked it up in a few tries. I say I’m fairly regular at the gym but have a weak upper body, didn’t wear any moisturizer or anything today either, wore booty shorts and kept cleaning my pole too, but just wasn’t able to do anything. Any tips you may have for this newbie? Have anyone of u been in a similar situation when you started? Any advice would be hugely appreciated, I want to continue getting better at this 🥹
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2023.06.01 03:53 42790193 So scared after waking up to bat in my room yesterday morning. Scared I got the vaccine too late since I don’t know how long the bat has been in my house. Pregnancy is making me 10x more anxious.

Want to start by saying I got PEP about 16 hours after I found the bat.
I woke up to the bat behind my curtain above my head. I got my husband, he got the bat out, and released it. Hindsight we would have kept it to get tested.
It’s all over the Internet that bats can bite you in your sleep and you not know it. I do not believe I have any bite marks, but I have pretty bumpy upper arms and I scratched them today and noticed two next to one another that bled a little after scratching.
I went to the ED last night, and was given the PEP and first vaccine. The remaining are scheduled.
I’ve been having headaches, muscle weakness, pain in random places, increased saliva for a couple weeks at least. I know most of these can be chalked up to pregnancy symptoms, but I’m overwhelmingly scared that the bat was in my house longer than we knew, it bit me during that time before we discovered it, I didn’t know, and now I have rabies and these could be symptoms and I didn’t get the PEP in time.
This has set my health anxiety back so far. I didn’t sleep last night. I cried on and off all day.
Have any info that may bring comfort or clarity? Apparently 1 of the 15 bats tested positive for rabies in my county last year.
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2023.06.01 03:52 Origami_Itto Recommendation for a sauna fan?

I have an Igloo style sauna I built last year. Use it about 3 - 4 times a week. The lower half is always much cooler than upper. I feel like a fan would help equalize the temp for the entire sauna. The heater is a Harvia and a fan option is wired to the control panel. Any thoughts where I could get a compatible fan in the US? Or do I need to order it overseas? TIA.
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2023.06.01 03:50 mrumack Pga Memorial parlays

My weekly parlays, FanDuel is bein tight w the cut parlays and only putting 40 players up starting at -172 as the longest odds so you can’t really get any juicy cut parlays unfortunately.
Anyways here are the plays
To make cut Viktor Hovland Collin morikawa Russel henley Hideki Matsuyama Corey conners Sam burns Shane lowry Keegan Bradley Wyndham Clark Sahith theegala…+1074
Rory mcilroy Viktor Hovland Collin morikawa Tyrrel hatton Justin Thomas Sung Jae im Si woo Kim Sahith theegala +352… shortest odds parlay , my lock players in recent weeks haven’t paid off recently. We’ll see if this one cashes, this time it may be worth it to take 4-5 from the upper part of this list and make it +1-200 and hammer it…
Top 20 Scottie Scheffler Rory mcilroy Top 30 Rickie Fowler Top 40 Sahith theegala Adam Scott Harris English Sam burns…+3991
Top 40 David lingmerth Tom Kim Chez reavie Akshay batia Alex Noren….+34766
Top 20 Billy horschel Denny McCarthy Top 30 Jason day Cameron young Top 40 Tyrrell hatton Hideki matsuyama..+11441
Top 10 Scottie Scheffler Xander Schauffele Sam burns Top 30 Justin Thomas Shane Lowry Corey conners…+12972
Top 30 Patrick cantlay Rory mcilroy Xander Schauffele Collin morikawa Emiliano grillo Keegan Bradley Keith Mitchell… +8076
Top 20 Patrick cantlay Jon Rahm Scottie Scheffler Top 30 Sam burns Corey conners Top 40 Jason day Si woo Kim Hideki matsuyama +3266
Top 20 Keegan Bradley Brian harman Justin suh Top 40 Taylor Pendrith Seamus power…+63829…longest odds might as well throw a 5er or at least a buck on it
Top 40 Xander schauffele Viktor Hovland Justin Thomas Cameron young Sung Jae im Matthew Fitzpatrick Sam burns Russel henley Corey conners..+2993
Good luck let’s get it
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2023.06.01 03:47 deldarwest abdomen/chest/stomach stuff

Hi all,
I have a doctor appointment in 9 days (good ole USA) but would like to get some doctor's thoughts on what this could be.
I have had anxiety and panic attacks in the past and I have had heartburn but this doesn't feel like those have felt in the past. But I know anxiety symptoms sometimes change over time so i wonder how much of this might be anxiety disorder. I am planning on getting a full blood panel and hopefully heart and lung screening, and maybe a look down the esophagus in case it is GERD...will see what the doctor says.
I am a 35 year old female, 244 pounds and 5'3'' so morbidly obese. But in good general shape/flexibility/ability to move and walk and rarely sick. My family has no terrible medical history other than mental health issues like depression and anxiety, addiction issues and some gallbladder removals. My grandpa had heart disease in his 70s-80s.

- I am having some mild tingling type sensation from my solar plexus up my esophagus a bit. Not really burning or painful like heartburn usually is.
- It feels a little like my throat is raw and thick
- Sometimes I have to take short breaths instead of deeper into the diaphragm/belly breaths, almost like i can't take a deep breath sometimes or my diaphragm doesn't want to expand
- A tingling rushing thumping feeling randomly coming on in my solar plexus area - this seems to either BE anxiety or then immediately causes a wave of anxiety through my chest and body when it happens - almost feels like a cascading fluttering
- A feeling of fullness in my upper abdomen/epigastric region going up into my throat which almost makes it feel hard to breathe but i am breathing normally i would say
-a discomfort across my rib cage horizontally through the solar plexus that is hard to describe, not exactly painful but present with some aching
I was getting some aching in my upper right abdomen and got an ultrasound done around a year and a half ago of the gallbladder because of my family history and that was all healthy and normal on that.
Let me know if this sounds like anxiety + GERD or if it could possibly be something more serious - i want to be aware of what to look out for ahead of my doctors visit in case the hospital is where i should go - like what more serious symptoms PLUS these would be bad. Thank you :) :)
ps yes i'm an overthinker and have anxiety as you can tell haha
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2023.06.01 03:45 mob232 Mig-21 on ECW

Hey guys, I recently got back into DCS after around 2 years. I always liked modern air combat, but everytime I started playing DCS I somehow switched over to IL-2. It just offered much more from the gameplay perspective, I mostly flew on growling sidewinders server because it was always populated, but just airquaking felt pointless after a few weeks. But now there's ECW and it's seems to offer the same experience the popular IL-2 servers do. The summer sale is still one month out, so I have enough time to trial some modules and see what I like. The plan is to get one module + Syria. The first plane I chose was the Fishbed, my trial time ends tomorrow and I logged 18 hours flight time on ecw in the last two weeks, scoring 29 kills and 16 deaths (not counting self kills while learning the fishbed, she's quite mean if not handled gently ). I have a lot of hours in IL-2 and I think that heavily influences the way I fly. I basically fly the Mig like I would fly a FW-190, staying high, diving down on people and extending out if I can't get a kill shot. But I asked myself if this really is the way to go. I normally try to avoid dogfighting in the Fishbed, I know the F-5s have the upper hand in maneuverability and the bad cockpit visibility gives me a really hard time, I just loose visual after the merge because I can't look back. The result is that I can't hold my own when I get jumped by someone with an energy advantage. It's not that I don't like the way I fly the Mig-21, I'm having a blast and am quite successful in her. I just wonder how other players make her work, are there other interesting tactics that might be worth exploring? My trial time ends tomorrow and the next to weeks will either be Mig-19 or F-5. They both seem to have a questionable reputation, I'd prefer to stay on the red site, but the maneuverability of the Tiger II could be interesting. Which one do you prefer?
Greetings! =)
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2023.06.01 03:45 Soalai Every Old Tour Performance Ranked (Fearless through Reputation)

Disclaimer: This is an old post. I wrote it in March but was never able to share it.
In preparation for Eras' opening night, I went back and watched every previous tour in full, either the official DVDs, or other full filmed versions if the DVD was unavailable or incomplete. Then I tried to rank all the performances.
This is not a ranking of the song itself but rather the presentation, staging, originality, etc. Surprise songs from the same tour will all count as one. Would love to know your favorites, and how you think Eras stacks up!
91. Speak Now World Tour – Fearless / Hey, Soul Sister / I'm Yours
The start of this tour's acoustic set, where she sat under a tree, strumming the ukulele. Points for the outfit, but I think this was an inferior arrangement of this particular song.
#. Red Tour – Treacherous
Weird choices were made here. Why was she wearing a tutu and dancing ballet for one of her most serious, adult songs? Why was this the main set closer? I think this would have worked better during the acoustic set, then she could close with Everything Has Changed or something. Still hard to complain about the song itself, though. The fog machines suited it.
89. Fearless Tour – Our Song
Cute, but she mostly just stood in one place and there was some awkward butt shaking in the middle.
88. Fearless Tour – White Horse
Part of the acoustic set. It followed Tim McGraw, but I think two songs that slow wasn't a good pacing choice and this one just doesn't fill an arena the way Tim McGraw does.
87. Red Tour – Stay Stay Stay / Ho Hey
I'm surprised this was part of the set. She did it basically how you'd expect, bopping around, kinda campy. I like how she had a moment goofing around with Amos.
86. Red Tour – Holy Ground
This song is made for a stadium setting, but I really think she should have been playing the guitar during it, or somehow done more. The way it was, it just sounded like noise. The dancers dressed like sirens did liven it up, but were also kinda cartoony.
85. 1989 World Tour – I Wish You Would
Basically the same performance she already did like three times before in the show. The real MVP was that one dancer in the back who did a flip off the chin-up bar.
84. Fearless Tour – Teardrops On My Guitar
I like how they turned the big screens into bookshelves, to continue the imagery of both high school and fairy tales. However, the singing didn't sound great here.
83. Speak Now World Tour – Fifteen
Sounded fuller than the Fearless tour version, but I think the giant princess gown didn't really suit the song. (Some shows also had her performing Ours in this spot.)
82. Fearless Tour – Fifteen
The first more intimate performance in this tour. She was seated and you can tell from the look in her eyes that the song made her feel nostalgic. Some videos of this have a teal dress and some have yellow; I prefer the teal.
81. Speak Now World Tour – Surprise Covers
A variety of covers on the guitar, during her acoustic set. She showed her versatility here as she did everything from classics to modern hits.
80. Fearless Tour – Hey Stephen
The one where she snuck around the hallways and popped out on the other side of the stadium. Great for the nosebleeds.
79. Red Tour – State Of Grace
She started off behind a red curtain, her silhouette singing the opening lines. (Unfortunately, the videos I watched had her struggling a lot with her earpiece and singing totally off-key for the first verse, but I know that wouldn't have happened every night.) A decent rock banger to open the show, if a little repetitive.
78. Red Tour – I Almost Do
The first of this tour's acoustic performances on the B stage. Nothing terrible but nothing remarkable either. It was about the lyrics and emotions, not the theatrics.
77. Red Tour – Begin Again
Staged the same way as I Almost Do, which was an appropriate way to do this song, but I can't help but think it would have worked better closer to the end.
76. 1989 World Tour – Bad Blood
It was fine, but by this point in the concert, I'm tired of the same kind of performance again.
75. Fearless Tour – Tell Me Why
Typical energetic angry Tay performance. She made some weird movements but that silver dress was everything.
74. Speak Now World Tour – The Story Of Us
Similar to Tell Me Why above from the previous tour.
73. Speak Now World Tour – Last Kiss
This version was a tad faster than the studio version, and the vocal delivery wasn't quite as sad; the sighs and the faint quiver in her voice that people love so much weren't really there. Still a nice rendition. The crowd was sobbing.
72. 1989 World Tour – Love Story
A nice synth arrangement that wisely went in a different direction than the older tours. By this point, both she and the audience had outgrown the princess gowns. However, I was kinda waiting for something more to happen, like fireworks or something.
71. Fearless Tour (2009 only) – Change
A faithful adaptation of this song, and a good choice for the main set closer.
70. 1989 World Tour – Welcome To New York
That was a lot of dancers! A decent opener, flashy and just '80s enough.
69. Red Tour – You Belong With Me
A sort of girl group throwback, with Taylor and the backup singers in matching red dresses and gloves. It was OK, and a good choice to perform one of her smash hits years later, but quite removed from the teenage angst this song came from.
68. 1989 World Tour – New Romantics
Similar to Welcome To New York which preceded it, this one worked early in the set almost as well as it works to close the deluxe album. Love her blue eyeshadow.
67. Speak Now World Tour – Mine
Pretty straightforward, but the red guitar is a nice touch. (Was she already dropping hints at Red?)
66. Red Tour – Sparks Fly
On a hanging platform that slowly moved around the arena, while the screens in back showed actual sparks. It was cool, but I'm not sure it was the best idea to limit her movement for arguably the loudest, most energetic song in her catalog at the time.
65. 1989 World Tour – I Knew You Were Trouble
The rock version. A bit slow and heavy but I appreciate her doing something new with the song.
64. 1989 World Tour – This Love
Could have been part of the acoustic set, but instead she upped the electronic and bass sounds and added fireworks. A nice breather before the last few songs.
63. Reputation Stadium Tour – End Game
Solid, but didn't stand out among the shenanigans of the other songs early in the show.
62. Red Tour – Everything Has Changed (with Ed Sheeran)
This one had a laid back feel that matches the song, but the raised platform and fans waving their lights gave it a little something extra. Ed sounded great. I kinda respect that he made no attempt to dress to the aesthetic.
61. Fearless Tour (2009 only) – I'm Only Me When I'm With You (with Kellie Pickler and Gloriana)
A very energetic country number with all the opening performers, the first of a two-song finale.
60. Speak Now World Tour – Surprise Guest Songs
She didn't have one at every show of this tour, but they were all pretty fun, with a mix of genres. The crowd, of course, loved them. It's really amazing to see how many friendships and connections she made in the industry, even early on.
59. Red Tour – Surprise Guest Songs
See above. Every one of these videos I found, Taylor had a different outfit, which is impressive.
58. Speak Now World Tour – You Belong With Me
She walked from the B stage back to the main stage, hugging and shaking hands with fans along the way. It's clear from including this song that, though Speak Now was a more adult album than Fearless, she knew most of her fans were still teenagers and still needed these songs about high school.
57. Fearless Tour – You Belong With Me
Her vocals weren't strong in the clips that I watched, but the costume was iconic.
56. Fearless Tour – The Way I Loved You
Sometimes done in the silveblack dress and sometimes in the purple. The way she moved between the two halves of the stage was pretty on-the-nose for the song, but I love how she featured Grant the guitarist. Hair Force One for the win! Also, it was a crime that they left this off the Journey to Fearless DVD.
55. Red Tour – The Lucky One
Taylor was dressed like a retro Hollywood starlet, and the dancers were paparazzi with cameras or screaming fans. A very literal presentation of this song which probably helped it stick in people's minds more.
54. Reputation Stadium Tour – Style / Love Story / You Belong With Me
I think Style was a weird choice to mash up with these two songs, but it worked well enough as a showcase for the band, many of whom had been with her over a decade by this point.
53. 1989 World Tour – Blank Space
She said her goal here was to recreate the music video, but I'm not sure this really conveyed the message of the song; she should have interacted with the dancers more to achieve that effect. Still a very entertaining performance, though.
52. 1989 World Tour – All You Had To Do Was Stay
The cherry on top: columns of blue smoke shot out every time the distorted voice squeaked "stay!" Not sure what was up with that chair, though.
51. Red Tour – 22
A big party, just as this song should be. I'm sure that, when seeing it live, the energy would have been off the charts. The choreography was impressive, more than we usually see from her.
50. Fearless Tour – Picture To Burn
The screens were on fire, so it's exactly how you'd expect her to stage this song. The guitar slayed.
49. Reputation Stadium Tour – Blank Space
I think the red bodysuit, gyrating choreography, and multiple Taylors on the back screen actually better conveyed the "character" she's playing in the song. Like she's this femme fatale with multiple personalities.
48. 1989 World Tour – Clean
Now here's a song that could have used some fake rain, somehow. Even so, the images on the big screen were quite lovely.
47. Speak Now World Tour – Mean
I think it was a good choice to keep this one simple. Just that porch-shaped mini stage with her band beside her. The song itself is a whole mood, so it didn't need a lot of theatrics.
46. Red Tour – Mean
Basically the same as the Speak Now performance, just with a different outfit and shaped stage.
45. Reputation Stadium Tour – Call It What You Want
Not as big a song as most of this album, but a nice warm moment before the crazy finale. I do dig the purple dress, and how the dancer she danced with was a redhead (not unlike a certain British actor).
44. Fearless Tour – Tim McGraw
Making this slow dance into exactly what it was meant to be: a swaying sing-along, everyone's phones or lighters in the air. She walked through the crowd to hug the fans.
43. Speak Now World Tour – Dear John
For the first couple verses, she just sat on the arch/bridge thing, and I kinda wondered if anything else was going to happen. Then I said "holy shit!" as the fireworks exploded up everywhere. We know she may never perform this one again, so I have serious FOMO that I did not see this show back then.
42. Speak Now World Tour – Speak Now
First time she wore the distinct purple Speak Now dress, possibly the outfit of the era. The crowd were singing along like crazy. The scenery definitely brought the song to life even if it normally isn't the most energetic from the era. She walked through the crowd shaking hands while the wedding guests tossed the bouquet around, wearing the most late 2000s/early 2010s party dresses imaginable.
41. Fearless Tour – Forever & Always
Boy was she pissed at a certain Jonas back then. Red dress, red microphone, red couch, red text on the back screen saying "They shouldn't do bad things." The notes in head voice sound kinda weak, but she nailed the high note with the microphone lean. Insane stumbling down the stairs and throwing herself all over the stage. Very extra.
40. Speak Now World Tour – Better Than Revenge
Reminiscent of the Forever & Always performance, but her vocals were better here. Grant and Paul got a guitar solo (or duet, I guess).
39. Reputation Stadium Tour – Getaway Car
Sonically, all but identical to the studio version. The "Why She Disappeared" poem beforehand and the desert visuals onscreen complemented it and helped turn it into more of a story.
38. Reputation Stadium Tour – King Of My Heart
The huge drums were a great touch. You can see how happy she was, which didn't always come across with just a superficial listen to the Rep album tracks.
37. Fearless Tour – Fearless
One of my favorite songs sounded even better live. Her smile, stomping and spinning around, totally captured the spirit of the song. Bonus points for adding in the name of the city each night.
36. Fearless Tour – You're Not Sorry / What Goes Around…Comes Around
First appearance of the piano head flip. These two songs worked decently mashed up, but I wonder how it would have been if she stayed at the piano the whole time.
35. 1989 World Tour – I Know Places
The moving doors were pretty cool.
34. 1989 World Tour – Surprise Songs
The raised walkway and whole stadium lit up blue was an excellent way to do the acoustic set. Props to her for not sitting down the way she did on the other tours, that had to take stamina. (In my heart, the sing-along of You Are In Love from the DVD is the "canon" performance here because it was part of the album.)
33. 1989 World Tour – Style
Probably the most effective use of the catwalk, given how it perfectly fit the lyrics. The dancers were brave for roller skating on it.
32. Reputation Stadium Tour – Bad Blood / Should've Said No
Another snake, this time a skeletal one transporting her to the upper stage. These songs worked very well mashed up; just listen how the crowd went nuts at that first banjo lick.
31. Reputation Stadium Tour – Dress
Another huge improvement from the studio version. It wasn't as high pitched, therefore more listenable. The sheets waving around everywhere were a nice subtle way to remind us what this song was about, in case people were too distracted by the pretty lights and synths to listen to the lyrics.
30. 1989 World Tour – Enchanted / Wildest Dreams
By this point, the piano mash-ups while wearing a long gown were getting kind of predictable. However, this was a great choice of mash-up and I dig whatever shape that piano was supposed to be.
29. Speak Now World Tour – Long Live
Another song that's tailor-made for a stadium just the way it is. The sparkly silver guitar was perfect.
28. Red Tour – Red
Now this is how you do a rock number. She had the sparkly red guitar and the dancers were waving giant red sheets all around.
27. Fearless Tour – Love Story
Once again, iconic. Ball gowns twirling until she changed into a white wedding dress, which def looked more like a prom dress. The backgrounds on the screen were low-res by today's standards, but this is what a lot of people still think of when they think of Taylor Swift.
26. Red Tour – Love Story
Similar to the Fearless tour version, with different costumes. The vocals weren't good in the video I watched, but we know she can do it. I especially like the moment where she grabbed her dance partner and ran across the stage with him – "escape this town for a little while."
25. Reputation Stadium Tour – Gorgeous
Classy move to use this song to introduce the dancers and backup singers. Also those cats in the Netflix recording – were they on the screens at the actual tour?!
24. Reputation Stadium Tour – Delicate
Finally bringing some color, as well as this era's version of the floating cage. The song is more romantic than what came before, but the gold tendrils wrapping around were still reminiscent of snakes.
23. Reputation Stadium Tour – We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together / This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things
An all-out romp to close the show.
22. Reputation Stadium Tour – Surprise Songs
Your feelings about this will probably depend on the individual song, especially if you saw the tour live. The videos I've seen were all great, showcasing how her vocals and guitar skills improve with every tour. Also, probably the last time we'll ever hear the 5-minute ATW live.
21. 1989 World Tour – Shake It Off
Basically the only way to do this song. I dig the royal blue.
20. Speak Now World Tour – Our Song
A definite improvement from the Fearless tour version. The prairie dress, the braid, dueting with Caitlin the fiddle player, and much more movement around the stage.
19. Speak Now World Tour – Sparks Fly
DROP EVERYTHING NOW! Excellent choice to start with this instead of Mine. The dress legit looked like it's sewn out of fireworks.
18. Red Tour – All Too Well
No frills, just Taylor at a red piano and this magnificent song swelling until it filled the whole arena. Her voice was quite raw and emotional here.
17. 1989 World Tour – Surprise Guest Songs
A major feature of this tour, done at every show.
16. Reputation Stadium Tour – Shake It Off (with Charli XCX and Camila Cabello)
As well done as the 1989 Tour version was, this one was a step up. I love the snakes bopping around. The message of this song worked just as well with the themes of Rep.
15. Reputation Stadium Tour – Dancing With Our Hands Tied
(Or So It Goes, in some performances.) Arguably the finest of all her acoustic sets. Beautiful stripped-down renditions of songs that I overlooked at first on the album. Some people say DWOHT is her most romantic song, and you can see why here. I also love the green get-up, which was still reminiscent of the snake motif but had its own flavor.
14. 1989 World Tour – Out Of the Woods
The forceful yet stuttering choreography really served the anxious nature of the song. The paper airplanes whizzing back and forth were a nice touch. Also the perfect spot in the show to put it – very climactic.
13. Red Tour – We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
The finale where she brought the whole damn circus, literally. Sing it, clowns.
12. Reputation Stadium Tour – …Ready For It?
The old Taylor was dead.
11. Speak Now World Tour – Enchanted
They nailed the costume and the scenery yet again. She sang it better here than on the studio recording.
10. Speak Now World Tour – Haunted
Excellent transition here, as the Enchanted forest turned dark blue and the giant bell appeared. Speaking of the bell, her smacking it (but not really) may be the most dramatic thing to happen in any Taylor Swift live performance. Her dress was even tattered at the bottom. I'm here for all of it.
9. 1989 World Tour – We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
When Taylor became the rock goddess we always knew she was.
8. Speak Now World Tour – Back To December / Apologize
Beautiful presentation of this song. Full string orchestra here (I think?). Really leaned into the winter imagery with the light blue gown, white piano, and snowflakes falling in the background.
8. Reputation Stadium Tour – Don't Blame Me
She swore she doesn't love the drama, but this performance would suggest otherwise.
7. Reputation Stadium Tour – I Did Something Bad
A strong performance with lots of pyro, but it really elevated at the bridge, where the dancers lifted Taylor up and she leaned back into the pillar of fire on the screen. "Light me up," indeed.
6. Speak Now World Tour – Love Story
An improvement over the Fearless version in every respect. She swooped over the crowd on a floating balcony, while pairs of dancers in period dress spun on trapezes hanging from the ceiling.
5. Fearless Tour – Should've Said No
THE RAIN MACHINE! With the words in it! I think this spoke for itself. She literally killed it.
4. 1989 World Tour – How You Get the Girl
Another rain performance, but this time with neon umbrellas and a unique glow-in-the-dark bubblegum dress. She didn't need to do all this for such a deep cut, but she did. Underrated.
3. Reputation Stadium Tour – Look What You Made Me Do
The definitive version of this song. The black-and-gold snake robe, the "tilted stage," and of course Karyn the massive inflatable snake. Helped many people appreciate and understand what was once a very polarizing song, myself included.
2. Reputation Stadium Tour – Long Live / New Year's Day
A gorgeous piano mash-up that went right to the heart. In my opinion, Long Live belongs on every tour, and the line "hold on to spinning around" flowed perfectly into "hold onto the memories." Beyond that, this was the moment that freed her from the bad-girl big-reputation persona she had presented for most of the show. It was human and vulnerable. Just look at the joy on her face as she gazed out at the audience. We stan a queen.
1. Red Tour – I Knew You Were Trouble
Perhaps not as iconic as the circus number, but sure as hell should be. Started with the fiddle player going absolutely insane, on a sparkly red fiddle no less! Followed by Taylor and all the dancers acting out some sort of masquerade ball, eventually tearing off her poofy white gown to reveal a sexy black and gold romper. An electrifying dubstep Phantom of the Opera.
Thank you for reading all this!
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2023.06.01 03:45 paxx004 The Temp

So while I was unemployed last year and really at my wit's end, I applied for a job that ended up being with a temp agency and to my surprise the job was working for a company that I had desperately been trying to get hired by. I felt I screwed up the interview and I didn't really have the experience necessary, but they hired me anyways and since day 1 have been excelling and exceeding their expectations. It was never explained that it was temp to perm, only that in the event they have an open position, they can potentially hire me. The assignment was for 6 months and after multiple conversations with my supervisor, she knew I wanted to get hired on full time and she had every intention of doing so at the end of the assignment.
5 months in and she pulls me aside advising that they're wanting to extend the assignment. Not her, but the higher ups. I was pissed, and she knew full well I would be and was on my side, but after talking it out they said it would be for another 3 months and they provided me with work from home equipment to use on the days I work from home (computer, keyboard, monitor, mouse, headset, etc).
My team consists of me, my supervisor and one other person who's a company employee. Recently, they let him go, and my supervisor advised me that she had been speaking to the higher ups to get me hired on asap. Things were looking up. Today, I found out that they're actively hiring for my former co-worker's position and interviewing rather than offering it to me. The higher ups are wanting someone with a minimum of 5yrs experience (whereas I came in with barely 6months from 20yrs ago) for the position, which means I'm not eligible. There are no other open positions in my department and my supervisor says that she's beeen asking about creating a new position for me to continue to do the role I was contracted to do, but she keeps getting the run around. HR is redirecting her to upper management, upper management says they need to get approval and then she never hears back. I was visibly shaken and upset by the new today and it effected my mood to the point that I told her I was leaving early (all my duties were done for the day at this point). I also found out that the contract's extension was verbal, so I'm basically day to day at this point.
I love my job, I like what I do and the people I help. My responsibilities extend to several of our locations in the US, so I get to network with a lot of people, the people in the office are really nice and fun to be around. This is the highest paying job I've ever had and we're literally spoiled rotten. Despite being accepted by the people in the office, the company itself does not recognize me as an employee and makes an attempt at every turn to remind me that I'm a temp (my email address literally says 'Temp' after my name, as does my user login. We're excluded from any company events, but we're made fully aware of it, we don't get PTO, so any days off we take end up costing me, no holiday pay, so paycheck is short, and we don't get any sort of benefits from the agency.
I'm now just past 7 months as a temp and the lack of commitment from the company to hire me despite my stellar performance is very disheartening. I don't want to leave, I'm hopeful that it'll turn around, but at what point do I say enough is enough and walk away?
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2023.06.01 03:43 Dry-Exercise-8857 4 days in Georgia (biking in Upper Svaneti+Imereti)

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2023.06.01 03:43 sixfour46 [WTS] KAC URX4 (14.5 in rail) 16 inch upper

I know the rail is sought after but I’m not splitting and the price is firm. The only trade I’d want is a post 2020 dom TA01 NSN with an RMR
Build list:
URX4 14.5 inch rail
Daniel defense 16 inch barrel with a mid length gas
BCM gas block
Cross machine tool UPUR-2
Strike ind cover
KAC USMC rear micro iron
KAC micro front iron
$1,100 shipped and insured
This was previously painted and then stripped by me using Citristrip. Round count is around 400 and shoots just sub moa.
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