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2023.05.29 15:16 drkuntzobgyn Mid-taper question, need advice

Ok, I got up to around 2-3 extract shots a day. After losing my apartment and family, I finally woke tf up. By switching from extracts to leaf caps, I dropped my weekly expenditure significantly. The scary part is I can afford it now. But that's not the question/issue, just a sidenote.
So I hashed out a taper plan. I'm taking 10 caps every four hours. Doing that until I start to feel slightly normal again without the extracts. So yesterday I woke up and dosed. Waited 4 hours and did it again. Then my wonderful daughter came to visit. We went to a movie. We hung out all day. Never thought about dosing. Not once. Which is extremely odd. I made it all the way to bedtime on those 2 doses with very minimal notice. I took a sleeping aid and went to sleep. Slept ALL night without waking, which is also strange. I woke up and had one of the least constipated shits I've had in a long time. Glorious. Bordering on mystical. Now I have that slight hint that the morning withdrawals are coming, but not as overbearing as usual. So I took 10 caps.
So the question is: did that little 24 hr stint of only dosing 2x instead of 6x mean that I should try to reduce my dose in an effort to kinda jump down to the next level (or levels), or just stick to the plan and stay the course? I sincerely didn't intend to miss all of those doses, but I'm sincerely shocked at how very little discomfort it resulted in. And I should also mention that on any other day, I'm getting antsy and sweaty around an hour before able to dose... Like that time couldn't get her fast enough. I'm also at the point where I don't get high anymore, I'm just trying to stave off withdrawals so that I can still perform at my 6 days a week 10 hours a day job.
Any input is appreciated. I can't emphasize enough how wonderful this group is. You guys are good people. Now lay it on me.
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2023.05.29 15:16 Rabbit_0406 My creepy classmate is behind me

I am 16F, I am a college student 1st year. Actually my college starts from December 2022. I am a introvert with a small friend circle and also don't interact or communicate much with my classmates.
The story starts from the very first day of college, I notice a boy who always stear at me every time and when ever I looks at him he gives me a creepy smile. First I always ignore this and also don't think much about it, until one day when he messages and ask for class assignment and very next day he fight with my friend just because he was sitting next to me, he also threaten my friends to stay away from me, this matter was shorted on the day and we all also came back to the track. But last week he messages me again and force me to have a conversation with him, I somehow agreed for the conversation and during the conversation he said I am only belongs to him and if I don't agree he will force me. Since the day we have conversation he keeps on threatening my male friend and tell them to say away from me. Now he spam messages me daily until I reply, now I have enough of this but I don't know what to do what not to.
The thing that scare me the most is that he behaves like a psychopath and he also gives creepy smile , also he never do any face to face conversation he only do chats or call.
If someone can give me solution it would be great.
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2023.05.29 15:15 anaIconda69 New update 1st impressions

The good:
The ok:
The bad:
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2023.05.29 15:15 Lazy-Bumblebee-5326 M20 and F20, feels like the spark is dying, she does not feel the same though, I need help navigating this.

Long story short met this girl overseas a year ago and travelled for around 6 weeks, had a great time then, but things became difficult when she went back to her country of origin and I returned to mine.
Did long distance for around 5 months, and in that time the feelings already seemed to diminish.
By the time she got to my country (on a 6 month visa) things started to repair and up until the last couple of months seemed ok. I care for her, and I want her to be happy, but I’m starting to lose the attraction. We’re rarely intimate, this has been a theme throughout the whole time she’s been here and we’ve spoken about it but nothing changes, I’m in around $6500 of debt due to fulfilling promises to travel around my country and show her the sights, as well as setting up my own business. I’m aware of how bad a situation that is, but I’m working to get back ontop. This will however be near impossible if I go back to her country, and it’d be at least another 6 months before I can comfortably put away enough money to do so.
I know it’s easy to say that it’ll be a straight forward split if she’s headed home, but at the same time I fear it won’t be. She ended up working the same job I have in my home country whilst being here, so all my coworkers know of her and I’d hate to think how I’d be viewed for splitting, no matter how well I’m able to do it. She’s come to my country to be with me, spent her money, and I don’t particularly want to return that favour. I really do feel like a dickhead for saying it but it is true.
I also fear for her well-being. She suffers from anxiety and depression which has been frustrating for me to try and help her manage, I really do worry that she’ll spiral down fast if I end things.
I’d never ghost her, ideally I’d remain in contact with her platonically and we’d both get on with our own lives, but I’m super unsure as to how I should go about doing that.
She leaves in under a month, she’s living with me until that day.
I really care for her but it’s difficult to see a future, our opinions differ on lots of issues, political, marital, hell, even regarding raising kids.
I’m young and I fear if I try to ride out the relationship I’ll have put myself at a disadvantage in the future. I just don’t want to hurt her.
Any advice? Thanks.
TLDR I’m in fear of missing out on my opportunity to get ahead in life and as much as I care for this person I’m afraid I’ve lost feelings. Don’t want to hurt hers though.
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2023.05.29 15:15 ThrowRAblablajaja How can I handle my (35F) (41M) partner who just hit me in the heat of an argument?

I am about to get married next week (35F) to (41M). We have been together for 5 years. However, he just hit me today. I was doing some very important work and I told my partner to not come in an interupt me (I was recording) some training videos for my job. He knocked on the door, I told him not to come in, however, he didn't care and came in an interupted me while I was in the flow of recording. I got very angry and went to his room and told him what he did was unacceptable and he did not respect what I asked him to do. We then got into a heated argument and he grabbed my arm really hard and scratched me. I then started crying and screaming at him. Anyway, we are supposed to get married on Saturday and I dont know how to deal with this.
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2023.05.29 15:14 rmarshall_6 Need Help with Sicily Itinerary!

Me and my fiancé will be on our honeymoon in Italy next summer; we originally planned to do 4 nights in Palermo before heading to Sorrento to do the Amalfi Coast. But since we’ll be going in June, we decided to skip the crowds on the Amalfi Coast and just do 7 nights in Sicily before heading to Rome. My plan now is to keep the 4 nights in Palermo, with day trips to Cefalu and The Valley of the Temples; And then doing 3 nights in Catania, with ideas for day trips to Taormina and/or Syracuse. I don’t want to rent a car, so having central locations in the city’s without having to switch hotels nightly is very appealing. I know most people suggest with only a week there to just stick to either coast, but does this seem doable? I know it would include some long trips on trains or bus but me and my fiancé aren’t partying so we’re usually up and ready to go early. Just wondering if this seems like too much in 1 week. Thanks!
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2023.05.29 15:14 leahloulou01 Great night sleeper, horrible napper.

My baby is 4mo (18 weeks). He’s a great sleeper at night and even though he still wakes up to feed 2-3 times I still get long stretches of sleep and I don’t want to change anything about his night sleep. However, he is a HORRIBLE napper. He won’t sleep more than 30min unless I’m attached to him/nursing him and he’s incredibly difficult to soothe without picking him up and rocking him. I don’t understand what the difference is between night and day. At night he sleeps perfectly fine on his own in the bassinet and when he wakes up to feed he goes right back to sleep on his own.
I’ve been following wake windows to make sure I’m not overtiring him and that has helped me figure out what his sleep cues are and I don’t struggle as much getting him down to sleep the first time. But after 30mins I have trouble getting him back to sleep. As the day goes on he gets harder and harder to put down. Does anyone have any suggestions on what sleep training methods I should look into? I start a new job next week and my hours are all over the place. My husband will have to take over sometimes and he’s never been able to get him down for a nap at all so it would be nice to at least have some sort of routine we can work with/plan around.
Thanks in advance for any insight!
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2023.05.29 15:13 Malmobo93 Gambling away my family

Hi all,
I don't know why I'm writing this here but just need to get it out.
I'm a normal guy by all accounts, live in a city in Sweden. I have two beautiful children who i love more that anything. Have/had a wonderful partner as well. But gambling has ruined everything. I have, to be more precise.
I suppose I can write a smal summery if my situation. I just turned 30 and we just made a big renovation of are home, this well have meaning in a bit.
I have gambled on and off sense 2017. Won many times but lost a lot more. From 2017 to May 2022 i didn't play for borrowed money but had a credit card with a 3k debt on it. I then combined a few other neglected bills and stuff with a 5k loan.
Did not gamble for a few months but in the beginning off December i got a feeling to give it a try. Startade with only a few hundred dollars don't remember if i won or lost that time. But i of course did not stop. I lost 1,5k quickly and maxed out my credit card again on 3k and still had my loan on 5k as well.
So i was now down a total off 9,5k and i now was feeling the stress. I continued to play for the money we had on another account for a renovation off are home moving money back and forward always ready to explain to my wife that things were more expensive then they were. Probably lost another 4k off that money.
I feel horrible and stressed over this, but then luck broke out and a win during a 72h window approximately 25k.
I paid everything off and promised my self to never do this again.
I did it again, i lost all of the winnings and i closed all my credit a week before. And due to tax resons i could not get any new money to barrow.
I now gambled for my pay check instead, and lost sometimes it all and some months a third and so on so forth. Got behind on are morgeth several times and a lot of other bills. During this time i still got expensive payday loans of a total of 6k, and the monthly cost skyrocket plus that fact i still was gambling away most of the salary, it's the recipe on what's about to happen next.
We got a call from the bank saying we have to pay it quickly, we did after my wife solved it. Just to make its even more complicated the bank is also were i work. I did say i had a problem but i did not expand of the severely of it. Now i wish I did.
So i now lost another pay check and I'm behind of basically all bills this month plus personal loans to family members. I can't get any more money from any were and i have to tell my wife. So everything has to be consolidated to one loan of 15k some how. But I'm so scared and weak. I have thought about ending it but i have to make this right for my wife and kids they deserve better.
So this is were I'm at now, haven't slept properly in months and i deserve to feel like i I'm.
I would not wish this on my worst enemy. It's a leaving nightmare. And if anyone wondering it's mainly slots in online casino that's been involved.
All the best. And don't start gambling.
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2023.05.29 15:13 Olliepattz Is is alright if I left the propeller in the water at the dock for just a week? (Marina dock with decent amount of action)

I brought the boat in yesterday and parked it, and did everything but somehow forgot to lift the motor up out of the water.
I looked into it, and it seems like a little bit of time in the water won’t matter, but I wanted to get a second opinion to make sure that leaving it in for about a week will be fine.
I won’t get up to the dock until this next weekend. And I’m wondering if I should be concerned, and make the trip up to the dock today to lift it.
Or will I be totally fine leaving the propellor submerged for a week?
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2023.05.29 15:12 Plenty_Lead_3179 Any input appreciated

So I already have an appointment with my doctor set up but I wanted to see if anyone else has a similar experience as I believe I’m having cluster headaches. I have had about two to three per week. They always come about two hours after I fall asleep. They wake me up and last from 30-40 minutes. Then I don’t have another one until the next night. I would describe the pain as a stabbing behind my left eye/ temple. It is always in the same spot. I don’t not have watery eyes or a runny nose or anything else and I would call the pain a 7.7 out of 10. I know I’m just looking for similar experiences I know that I need to see a doctor. Thanks!
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2023.05.29 15:11 Due-Television-2601 Should I divorce while It is still soon or try to work it out?

I (27M) met my spouse (27F) during the pandemic, about three years ago. When we first met, I was presented with her image as a very happy and energic woman, a former international model that traveled for work and lived by herself in a lot of countries. Very soon into the relationship she got pregnant (3 months). I did not want the child (not religious so plz no judgement) as we were not slightly prepared financially nor did we knew each other enough to take THAT step, even tough I always dreamed of being a father. But since it was her body I was there to suport any decision, and she wanted to have the baby so I got a place for us to live in together (family owned), and during her pregnancy in wich she wasn't working, I changed companies three times to increase our income, and since than I've been working two jobs, about 13hday just to keep it all together and save up all we can so we can take a good next step (buying our own house) and so far I've been successful in that area. I've changed drastically since I became a father in order to prioritize my daughters needs in the short and long term. But since she got pregnant she showed me a whole different personality, she does not work or take the iniciative to makes moves to a profitable area so we can develop our family situation together, and I have to take care of everything, and play the traditional role of male provider. As a young progressist male I've never wished for this role, and feel depressed and like Homer Simpson everyday drowning my dreams and happiness on behalf of family stability. We have a lot of arguments around the same subjects (usually me pressing her towards a more energetic atitude toward her professional, fitness and overall self care life), but there is no significant change. Right now, only three years into the relationship we have sex once a month and it is always very bad and disconnected feeling, and she looks sad and unsatisfied all the time no matter what I do. She also doesnt take care of her self fitness wise, or health wise. She has no patience with our baby daughter and every time she has to do things like waking up early or spend the day taking Care of the house she does so screaming and cursing, and it ruins my energy for the whole week. Altought I've never felt nothing like i felt with her with anyone Else I feel the stress is killing the love and it only gets worse. I feel both guilty because she im not able to make her happy as she seemed to be, and resentful because Im always burnout from work and she doesnt contribuite. Now Im finally making the best financial progress in my life with the objetive of garanteeing a good education, health and living for my daughter but im afraid to fail because im carrying her weight as well, or just procrastinating endind something thats already dead and suffering the devastating consequences of loosing all my financial accomplishments in a divorce a few years into the future. Must say that we are Brazilian and to succeed here is way more dificult, to make decent income and provide for a family here by yourself is a luxury reserved to those already born rich and working class couples work together so they can have a lifestyle the I provide for us two working two jobs. Feel like an asshole just posting this but completely lost, any advice is welcome.
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2023.05.29 15:11 Salt_Recording3239 Opinion: If Rey Valera's songs will still be a hit if it was released today

So I was listening to OPM Songs at youtube music the other day and biglang nagplay yung "Maging Sino Ka Man" and it hit me so deep.
I knew the song and the artist since I was young pero iba bigla feels nung mga kanta niya. I compared it to recent OPM songs in the same genre and lyric wise kaya niya sumabay.
I listened to other love songs of his and yes, rey is definitely gifted. Didn't even knew he sang some of those songs I've heard before. Ganda ng lyrics pati ng tunog. Great addition to the songs to practice on my guitar and sing to my wife during easy hours.
Have a great week!
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2023.05.29 15:10 OkMarionberry4132 I dislike learn to swim (a vent)

Is it important? Absolutely? Do I think it’s valuable? Sure.
However… It’s an hour of my life on a bus (combined both ways) with like 50 kids. + plus like an hour and a half in a hot pool that is extreme sensory overload that I can’t combat because I have to be on high alert for behaviours while also looking “interested” and “engaged”.
It mucks up my schedule teaching and makes me anxious, I don’t like change, I’ve never been good at it. It makes the kids tired and you simply can’t get anything done with them that’s valuable and will actually stick. It’s a frustrating, endless, overwhelming repetitive strain on my teaching for two full weeks.
It’s the residual chlorine smell that builds up in the classroom, and it’s the fact it’s the beginning of winter and flu season that really ices my cake. I can’t afford to get sick, yet I know by the end of the second week I will be.
There’s got to be a better way of doing it. I don’t know what or how, but being down to about an hour and a half of uninterrupted teaching each day is pushing my stress levels through the roof. Reports are soon, as is parent teacher night. I go from two weeks of swimming into a nightmare week of trying to make sure everyone gets into see me who wants to see me.
I hate it. There’s no “good time” to plan to have it either. It’s first in best booking and most schools have standard times they’ve had for years because there’s only so many pools that can cater for swim classes.
1st term and you don’t know your kids well enough and can’t establish order and routine well enough before it gets thrown out of whack to possibly never return. You also now have naplan since that moved.
2nd term and you have mid year reports, IEP updates and moderation, and parent teacher nights. You also have things like discos and other “darkness required” events.
3rd term is the best term so you don’t really want to interrupt it, but lots of kids end up sick because it’s flu season. Best time for indoor excursions though if you can manage it. Weather starts to look good again and most places are slightly cheaper too.
4th term and everything starts going down hill into the frenzy at week 5, reports, new classes, end of year IEP meetings and in some cases a second round of parent teacher nights. Pat testing I think also falls in this term though it’s dates may be different like naplan. Overall the kids start feeling the end of year and it’s hard enough to keep them stable. Then you have to wrap it all up and start planning for the next year.
Learn to swim week is honestly my least favourite thing about teaching that’s at a “beyond my control”/not a parent or kid specific issue.
Sure there are worst things but when you’re in the thick of swim fortnight, not much feels worse.
I’m so tired.
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2023.05.29 15:10 H4ppyM3al AI and ADHD - Is it leveling the playing field for us ADHDer or a cheat?

I know sentiment around the explosive advancements in AI can be mixed. But personally I'm seeing it as a way for us to "outsource" the things that tie us up so much with executive functionality and decision fatigue.
I remember someone sharing a tool here where you input all the overwhelming crap on your to do list and it breaks it down into more manageable sub tasks to help get you started. I used Chat GPT this morning in a similar way and asked it to break down the tasks into a daily schedule (morning, afternoon, evening) for the next two weeks and my life seems like it's not the monumentous panic-inducing list I thought it was since seeing it simply laid out this way.
Now here's where it gets into a bit grey area perhaps.
I work for myself in brand and web design. Without meaning to come across braggy - I'm good at this work, super experienced and skilled with a number of years under my belt.
With a neurotypical brain I could possibly do this stuff in my sleep. With my chaotic brain, I repell structure, I'm often reinventing the wheel and making extra work for myself. This makes my executive functioning scream for consistency and systems. Which I have, but depending on the given day these systems work great where I'm in flow and cranking out work or I'm completely frozen in a guilt-dripping paralysis and can't pull my shit together to just get started never mind finish the project. (I'm sure many here can relate)
On these chaotic can't-get-started days, I have started to use AI image generators to help me with idea and composition generation. It's not creating a finalised design and do a ton of work after this, but it's essentially skipping the sketching step in my workflow that I would have spent, potentially, days agonizing over starting and wrecking my deadlines with. It's a low mental investment that gets the ball rolling for me on these ADHD flair up days.
Am I cheating? Since it looks like the future of the industry with the beta release of software like Adobe Firefly, I think it's a smart move not to get left behind! (Side quest: look up the promo videos for Adobe Firefly. It's insane!!)
Some other ways I have used AI to help with my ADHD:
How have you been using AI to help with your executive function or general ADHD symptoms?
Edit to add a disclaimer: Don't be a silly goose and take all advice given through these tools as truth and sure bets - especially around your money or mental wellbeing. See them as ways to break the spell of ADHD paralysis but know they dont have the nuances and expertise of a human registered professional.
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2023.05.29 15:09 Wanderluster8808 Decreasing pumps

Hi everyone!
I have a question about decreasing number of pumps in a day. I’m 11 wpp and currently pumping 7x/day. I have to go back to work in 6 weeks, at which point I will not be able to do my MOTN pump and will also need to be down to 5ppd by then.
I’m wondering if anyone has suggestions on what might be a good schedule to follow to decrease from 7ppd to 5ppd (no more MOTN at this point) over the next 6 weeks? I’m unsure which pumps to take out first or how to start altering my current schedule.
For reference, my current pumping schedule is 3am, 6am, 9am, 12pm, 3pm, 6pm, 9pm.
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2023.05.29 15:09 Significant_Tea7219 FET and Baby Asprin

Hello wonderful IVF community! I’m going for my 3rd FET next week, and was wondering about folks’ experience using baby aspirin. Specifically: when did you start taking it? Before transfer, immediately after, how many days before and after, etc. Thanks so much!
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2023.05.29 15:09 TitsMcGeeeee My ex [31F] broke up with me [28M] one night over dinner with no context after ~6 years. Am I missing something or going crazy?

My ex [31F] broke up with me [28M] one night over dinner with no context after ~6 years.
We met overseas in our early twenties and became friends (hooked up a few times) for ~1 year before she opened up and we were together. I liked her months before but she would have run a mile if I said anything, I was young and naive.
We moved back home and had a steady ~6 year relationship, we always said "we're best friends but we're together". Home life got repetitive and she wanted to move so I (semi) reluctantly quit my job and moved away from family and friends halfway across the world where she has a bunch of friends and family and I know barely anyone. We travelled before and everything seemed to be going well, no arguments, disagreements or anything that felt like the relationship was failing.
We move in with her sister and kids for ~4 weeks and I suggest a date night for us. We went out and she, out of the blue, says we should go on a break. No context, understand or clarity given. The only rational was "what I want from a relationship has changed", "something's missing".
She never spoke to me about what she needs/isn't getting but the opposite she said "I've never felt closer to you than I have since we've been travelling" a few weeks prior. She didn't speak to anyone prior to the breakup, no friends and not even her sister.
She would always get weird about settling down or having kids. We talked surface level about kids but she would always have a negative thing to say, to the point where I brought it up with her. She went away and spoke to her sister about it and said to me "I do want kids, I don't know why I'm say those things and I do want them with you" then breaks up with me 3 weeks later.
Fast forward a few months after the breakup and she's partying (booze and drugs) most weekends, texts me multiple times saying she misses me with love hearts and kisses, wants to meet up but really shys away from talking about us, the breakup or closure. She also didn't tell our mutual friends for months (I didn't say anything because I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt), they since found out indirectly and have told me her reasonings are baffling, short-sighted and how I've been treat is totally disrespectful, cowardice and wrong and the people I've spoken to over here about it say she hasn't gone into it that deep with them. Everyone's reaction to my tale of events has been the same which is kinda nice.
After much therapy and reflection I still can't get my head around some things.
I have a bunch more breadcrumbs of context that I can give but it'd make the post too long lol.
Thank you!
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2023.05.29 15:09 benrunstrails22 100k vs 50k?

I'm signed up for the Great Divide Ultra (100k) next weekend and am split between keeping that distance or dropping down to the 50k. I ran my "A race" 3 weeks ago - a road marathon where I trained for about 12-14 weeks, peaking at 55 mpw for 4 weeks before the race. Got in a bunch of 20 milers and finished the race feeling good. Also have run 4 or so 50ks in the past.
Since that race I've dropped my mileage way down to 20 mpw. I'm wondering if my recent build is enough to push through the 100k?
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2023.05.29 15:09 21Hundreds Can’t change password

When I created my account I either put in the wrong password or used a different one and forgot.
Anyways I’ve been using the reset password email to log into my account on my laptop, I want to use a different device but 2fa has locked me out of my gmail and I don’t have access til next week.
The problem is when I click on “reset password” on the GeForce email it just redirects me to the GeForce now dashboard and I need my password to change my forgotten password.
Is this a glitch, bad design or am I doing it wrong?
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2023.05.29 15:08 VictorCotton88 [M4F] The journalist

Synopsis: When a desperate journalist chances a trip to a secretive grand ball, things turn a lot more sinister than even she could anticipate.
“Clink…” Amber looks up from the computer she’s been stirring over for almost a week straight. Her apartment is strewn with takeout boxes, unwashed clothes and dirty plates. “I really need to clean up…” she thinks to herself before getting out of her couch she’s been calling home and walking over to see what was just posted through her letter box. A smell resonates from the floor, her place really is a mess, but what can you expect from a journalist who just got a big gig at her dream newspaper and desperately wants to prove herself.
A letter lays delicately on the floor, face down.
She sighs, picks it up, thinking it’s just another bill, when she notices the name and address.
Edith Von Bauer Hudson Yards Apt 53 415 10th Avenue, New York, NY 10001
Realizing it’s not for her, she rolls her eyes and opens her door to give it back to the postman, but as she looks out into the hallway, it's baron, not a single sign of life.
She huffs, shuts her door and walks back over to the couch, she throws the letter next to her little, pink vibrator on the coffee table. She wonders which one will be giving her more writing motivation before going back to stewing over her screen.
Several hours pass when Amber wakes back up. She fell asleep at her computer again. She wipes her eyes, bored and frustrated out of her mind, when she sees the letter again and something catches her eye. “This isn’t just any normal envelope” she observes, an old wax seal holds it shut, the paper is a fine, thick parchment, the name and address is hand written in a clearly aristocratic manor.
Intrigued and void of anything interesting to write about, she decides to take her chances, cracking the wax seal and opening the letter.
“To my dearest Countess Bauer,
I formally invite you to our grand charity ball in the night falling Friday, the 24th of June. It will be held at the Biltmore Estate in Maine.
I look forward to seeing you.
Regards, Hugo Von Roth.”
Hello possible pen palers, as this is a more secretive story, I’m going to leave my plans for how this goes hidden so you can enjoy the twists as they come. But ofcourse I want to build them to your desires etc, so I’d appreciate it if you could reply to this first and tell me about yourself, wants etc and what you think should be included in the story line. And also a description of your character, feel free to change the name or really anything you would like.
I look forward to hearing from you, let’s get started.
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2023.05.29 15:07 Richard_Harold Take some time to look at these and you can share them with your friends around you.

Take some time to look at these and you can share them with your friends around you.
"I'mFiona. Amy told me everything!" At 10 a.m. Sunday morning, Frank Newton (a pseudonym), a software engineer at a Silicon Valley tech company, received this text on WhatsApp. ) received a text message like this on WhatsApp.
He thought someone must have sent the message by mistake, so he politely replied to tell her she had sent the wrong number.
He then sent a message saying he was very sorry and explained that he had just found out that he had been cheated on by his boyfriend and that he had been blocked from calling him, and that his new number had been sent to her by a friend. The tone was sincere and pitiful.
Faced with this strange heartbroken girl, Frank comforted her out of kindness, but he didn't expect that the other party would treat him as a tree hole and chatted up. Under the girl's active attack, in the next few days, the two talked about their feelings and work, from poetry and songs to philosophy of life, and became online friends who seemed to have nothing to talk about.
It was not until half a month later when Fiona talked about an investment she was making that had earned her $200,000 and invited Frank to join her that Frank suddenly realized that he might have encountered the "Pig-butchering" that had been widely circulated recently.
Since the year 2022, "piggy banks" have become more and more prevalent overseas, starting to target foreigners who have never heard of this scam, and this unintentional text message is just one of the new games that have recently become popular. Including many Americans have been played by a variety of scam schemes dizzy, unwittingly cheated out of a lot of money. And what is surprising is that even the high-tech talent gathered in Silicon Valley has become the most affected by this wave of "piggy bank" scams.
The "piggy bank" into the local customs, the American people straight out of the defensive
In recent months, many Americans have received a variety of strange "wrong" text messages from a variety of unfamiliar numbers.
Some of them are simple and straightforward, and they come up with a Hi, which has a feeling of inviting the king into the jar.
Some will make up a story to get close to you, or to arouse your sympathy. For example, \"How have you been? We haven't seen each other since the last charity dinner\", \"The meatballs you made last time were so good, can you tell me how you made them? The last time you bought a house, how much did you pay for it? \"Doctor, our dog suddenly vomits and can't walk, can you help me schedule a doctor's appointment?\"

Some will set up a successful persona for themselves, tell you his new job phone number, ask you to go to the golf course to talk about cooperation, so that you have the illusion of a misplaced connection with the big boss, thinking that good luck falls from the sky.
The purpose of all these messages is to lure you into replying to them, and then set you up step by step. This type of scam is currently happening on most of the overseas messaging social software, focusing on Messages, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. Although they have different methods of entry, they all have some similar schemes in summary:
First they will make up a name to address you to make you think they are sending the wrong message, then they will send you a "good man card" after you reply to introduce yourself, asking where you are, what work. Once you have some trust in them, they will recommend an investment they are working on, which could be a cold-calling wealth management company or a digital currency.
They will not force you to invest a lot of money at first, most of them will be short-term, small investments, but with high returns. In addition, they often lie that most of their investment proceeds will be taken to charity, so that you believe them and keep adding more and more, and finally accumulate to a certain amount and then they suddenly disappear with the money.
Of course, there are also some more simple and brutal, more test of human nature cheating method, such as directly to the account password, and account balance in the text message to you, and then add a sentence at the end "do not tell others", lure you into their phishing links.
Such a situation has become increasingly rampant in the United States so far this year. According to a recent survey by cybersecurity firm Sift, an average of one in 20 people who use dating chat apps in San Francisco are scammers. Many \"simple\" Americans who have never experienced such scams have fallen into the trap, and there are more and more \"piggybacked\" posts asking for help.
Linkedin Becomes a New \"Pig Kill\" Site as Scammers Target Tech Employees
In addition to using chat software to send mass text messages to commit fraud, this year's scammers have also learned to personalize their scams, targeting workers in overseas workplaces.
Many of the recently exposed fraud cases are employees of major technology companies in Silicon Valley. They are often scammed not on general chat software, but from Linkedin, a more professional and high threshold workplace social networking software.
Recently, SF Examiner reported on two Silicon Valley employees who recently lost more than a million dollars due to "piggybacking". What they had in common was that they were first friended by scammers on Linkedin, then moved on to WhatsApp, where they chatted with them for months to gain their trust, then were led to invest in digital currencies on seemingly genuine and reliable websites, and ended up losing everything.
"I never thought this would happen to me because I am a software engineer myself and I thought I could tell the reliability of the websites." One of the victims, R, said. He said he believed the other person because his LinkedIn page showed that he graduated from the same university as himself, while they talked about the university during the chat.
"The scammer creates everything too real and makes you walk into his trap step by step."
CNBC recently attended an online meeting of LinkedIn scam victims, where participants were scammed out of anywhere from $200,000 to $1.6 million. On Reddit forums, many users have also reported that they too have encountered \"kill pans\" starting with Linkedin.
Some of these scammers disguise themselves as pilots of big companies, some create a rich white beauty persona, some play headhunters, and some falsely claim to be in a key position in a technology company. Click into their Linkedin pages, you will find that most of them have some commonalities: a handsome or beautiful avatar stolen from nowhere, a shiny resume, generally graduated from an Ivy League school, now in a large company as a middle or senior.
They also have obvious preferences when looking for prey, such as focusing on people with similar work experience or learning backgrounds to their own personas, focusing on those whose homepages show they are looking for work, willing to expand their networks, and so on.
In Silicon Star's visit, we found that the "piggy bank" on LinkedIn seems to have suddenly become very active from this year.
\"I am a person who checks LinkedIn every day, because there are often recruiting information sent by headhunters. Since about half a year ago, I started to receive a lot of invitations from various Connect, basically what investment or technology companies with high titles, talk to you a few sentences and ask if you can add WhatsApp or Line,\" Alex, a Chinese engineer in Silicon Valley, told Silicon Star People. \"Clicking into their homepage just didn't feel right, at first it was one or two people a week, lately it's been almost every day.\"
"Mainly these scams used to be on Facebook, Ins and other lifestyle social software, LinkedIn because it's more vertical in the workplace, the information on it is generally more reliable, I didn't expect that recently it was also targeted by scammers." Ken, another Chinese engineer in Silicon Valley, also told Silicon Star People.
At the same time, they also told Silicon Star People that although they themselves could quickly realize that it was a scam, for young people who just work and want to expand their network on LinkedIn, as well as for foreigners who have never heard of similar scams, they can easily be trapped into this new scam.
According to the victims' post-mortem analysis, they believe that there is a complete set of strategic logic behind the \"pig killing tray\" targeting employees of technology companies.
First of all, technology employees are more socially inclined than ordinary people, and their online social needs are even stronger when they work from home. In addition, these engineers are generally very confident in their technical judgment, and once they don't see a breakthrough at the beginning, their level of commitment will be higher than the average person. Finally, they are also more interested in topics such as cryptocurrency and asset investment than the average person, and are more willing and able to put more money into profitable experiments.
Specializing in scams and targeting international markets
It is also clear from the fact that scammers are targeting Silicon Valley engineers in groups that these "piggy banks" are no longer a small game, but an organized and disciplined professional scam. In addition to chat software, Linkedin, currently in TikTok, Snapchat, Twitter and other types of overseas social software also appeared on the figure of these scammers.
It is understood that most of the scammer groups are gathered in Southeast Asia, they have a complete training system, from overseas platform popularization, persona shaping to fraudulent object type selection, chat entry way, etc. have standard operating steps, there are even multilingual "kill pig" teaching materials.
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2023.05.29 15:07 Strong-penis69 Sertraline or lorazepam

Disclaimer: not medicine bashing (Rule 5), only looking for suggestions, will consult a medical professional soon (Rule 7)
To keep it brief:
Have had a really bad break-up. Its been a month and the panic attacks and anxiety just dont seem to stop. I thought of waiting it out but i seem to be making no progress so im considering medication now.
I have 2 options - Pfizer Daxid (sertraline ie. Zoloft in my country) and Ativan (Lorazepam). Im not sure which of the two to take. Access to the first one is a lot easier. For the second one, i might have to wait a few days.
My biggest problem wirh sertraline is that it takes really long to work. Ive heard the first 2 weeks are rough and im not sure if i can afford to go through that because i have exams in 2 weeks so benzos (like ativan) that work instantly seem to be a better idea since i dont plan on medicating for the long-term anyway.
I also have an internship in july which will prove to be the most important month of my life and i dont want to be on medication that time nor do i want to be suffering from the kind of anxiety i have right now. If i take sertraline for the next 4 weeks will it be possible for me to quit without facing any withdrawals in the month of july. If its not possible to face withdrawals, should I just continue sertraline again for the next 4 weeks ie. for the month of July as well so that I dont mess the internship up? I'm also worried whether sertraline would affect my cognitive abilities because I really have to give it my all in this internship. My plan with atavin on the other hand is to take it in extremely low dosages for the month of June (or whenever I start feeling better without medication, whichever is earlier) and remain medication-free during July.
Please help me make a choice. Thanks.
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