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2023.06.02 23:47 Neither_Bluebird7522 I (17M) have "strict" parents and am confused on what to do

This might be more of a rant than an advice bc I'm not sure I can get advice on this topic as it's too complicated and long. When i was a little boy I noticed my parents were different than other parents,they were more strict,ask more questions,be more involved in my life than what "normal" parents in my neighborhood are soppused to be. For context I live in a small town where a good percentage of teens smoke/drink and do "bad" things,and my older brother (29M) became a part of what my parents consider bad. I've never really had any social life outside of school and school activities, I'm an extrovert who's really good at making and maintaining friends but my parents would always say no to me going out with everyone because "ur soppused to be home by 8,and I don't like their behavior". When I turned 15 I met these 4 friends that I started regularly going out with,my parents didn't like me going out with them bc they were "bad" and they(my parents) knew my friends were smoking but couldn't get solid evidence on it,eventually my parents would start putting limits on me. Saying stuff like "idc if u go out for an hour or two,if you're not home by 8pm you'll sleep outside with the dog"(my dad said and keeps saying this to this day) "i don't want you going out with them you're still a kid,you don't know this,you don't know that,you don't know anything you're just a little boy" (said by both of them,including the you don't know anything) they would get more strict day by day,they would start fights with me to not go out with them and would force me to stay at home,eventually I got sick of it but just kept bottling up my emotions till I felt sick to my stomach. One day I was out with my friends sitting and watching the road when suddenly my friends start making fun of me saying stuff like "what time is your dad letting you stay untill this time?" Or "man if I had parents like yours I'd unalive myself" or "bro just don't listen to them I did that with my parents now they don't care" I can go on and on and on about things like that that have been said to me about my parents. I got so sick of it I just wanted to do something,anything to backfire at my parents and prove to them that holding the rope tighter isn't always better and sometimes you have to let go a little. So one day my friend offered me a cigarette and I took it,I don't know what I thought but I thought it'd be a good idea so that I can prove to them I can still do whatever I want if I really want it no matter how much they say no. I never became an addict but I'd smoke regularly maybe a cigarette once or twice a week. Fast forward they caught me smoking,I almost got slapped in the face by my dad,scolded for 3 hours two days straight(literally) while I sat there saying nothing. My dad and mom said stuff like "you're never seeing the light of day again" "you're never going out with them again" and I started feeling like I had no control over my life,no control who I make friends with,no control to do what I want and that my life wasn't mine it was theirs to decide for me. Socially wise,I've never made my own decisions I've always had my parents force their way into it and force their decisions on me,I couldn't choose my friends because they were bad,I was forced to choose with the good ones that are actually bad,they talk smack behind ur back,etc etc.... I was forced to cut contact with my 4 friends because my parents got too much,having a fight for two hours everyday when you wanna go out is physically and mentally exhausting. By that time I started developing a nicotine addiction because it made me feel free,it was like telling myself "when I grab this,no one can make any decisions for me. I make the decision myself". I'd always see other kids having fun,staying up late with their friends,hanging out everyday,enjoying life while I'd be at home sad bc I can't go'd make me furious,it'd make me so damn frustrated because no one was like me,I was literally known amongst every friend that knew me as the "boy with strict parents" I would get made fun of,I wouldn't get invited over on weekends,I wouldn't get invited anywhere really because they'd always be like "he's not gonna be able to go anyway why invite him". I always see everyone having fun,fully knowing I can't have that because my parents are too strict. I've never been to the beach with my friends,because I was never allowed to. I've never gotten a hitchhike with my friends,because I was never allowed to. I dont know how it feels to stay out of my home after 12am because I've never done it. I dont know how it feels to sleep over at a friend's house,I've never done it. I really don't know how to get a proper social life without worrying about my parents. I am so jealous of everyone else,my friends got licenses,cars,atvs,they drive their parents cars. I haven't started my license because all the other people got paid by their parents. My dad wouldn't pay for anything because "I need to learn the value of money" he wouldn't help me out with anything,not even a cent. I have so many things to rant about but I don't even know how to type it all out. I had an exam the other day and a part of it I was soppused to write about parents excessive involvement in their kids lives. I basically wrote my story and what happened the past 3 years and my teacher came to me and asked if this was real,I said yes and she literally almost cried??? I had a friend I've known for the past 10 years not invite me to their birthday because it started at 10pm and he knew my parents wouldn't let me stay out that long...literally. I dont get invited anywhere and I see all my friends post about them being at the beach and being places,where I know I can't be bc my parents won't let me. So we're near the end of this rant,I doubt anyone's read this far but if u do dw ull get a chance to help me in a lil bit😭 I was out with my friends today and I really had the best time of my life. We were laughing a lot and It was the first time in a while where I went out and forgot about my parents,that was untill 10pm where my mom called me and started yelling at me for not being at home,I told her "let me live my life a little" and she BLEW OFF saying "you're living your life no one's holding you back,be home by 11pm or you're sleeping outside" and that REALLY ticked me off...saying no one's holding me back when it'll take me 40 minutes to get home meaning I'll have to leave in 5 mins,it made me furious and I tried hiding it but it didn't work. My friend asked me what was all that screaming about and I told him it's okay but it really wasn't. He asked if I'm sure and I had a meltdown on the street,swearing out loud and kicking stuff and on the verge of tears because it really messed me up,I realized I stopped smiling and laughing and cracking jokes the moment I got a phone call because I knew it was going to be a scolding. I got home and we sat down and I started screaming and ranting with them and it didn't lead anywhere. I don't know what to do and I'm so so sick of this....I'm gonna be forced to go into the army in a year and 2 months from now andi just wanna live my life before then. Dear people of reddit...please help because I'm really so lost on what to do.
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2023.06.02 23:35 fast_talker08 today was just a bad day.

just a bunch of stupid little things added up and now i'm sitting in my room crying & feeling bad about crying over things that are so little.
first i got scammed out of $50, aka the only money i had, aka the money i had to work my ass off to get from my parents in the first place.
then it was my friend cancelling our plans last minute, even though we've been planning it for over a week now, and i was actually really excited to see her and hangout with her. she cancelled so that she could go to the same beach she's been to a million times. really?
then i couldn't find a sharpie to write with, cuz i'm making a sign for my bedroom door and i wanted to add a little message at the bottom in sharpie. and when i was looking for a sharpie, i stubbed my pinkie toe really really hard and dropped my painting while it was wet (i had brought it out with me to show my mom). one of the letters is smudged now and i dont have enough paint to fix it.
and last but not least, i had asked my brother if they were going shopping (because i heard him ask my dad for the keys) and he said no. my mom was right next to him and didn't correct him so i figured he was telling the truth. 10 mins later i go out to tell my mom a joke i found on here, and i see that nobody's home. look outside and the car's gone. they all know how much i love going to the store with them so it hurts that they all went without me, or just without even telling me they were leaving in the first place.
i feel bad about being upset about this because good things happened too, like my favorite artist released a new EP, my mom is making my favorite food for dinner (chicken quesadillas), and my dad said that i could have the new fan he bought for his mancave in my room since my fan doesn't work. i'm happy about those things but i just can't help being in a really bad mood.
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2023.06.02 23:26 acoralbay siesta vacation home acoralbay

siesta vacation home acoralbay
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2023.06.02 23:18 acoralbay siesta vacation home by acoralbay vacation

Siesta Vacation Home by Acoralbay Vacation: Your Perfect Getaway on the Golden Strand of Florida
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2023.06.02 22:54 Spanishquilting9 🌴🗺️ Hello fellow adventurers! 🌸🎎

Guess what? The wanderlust bug has bitten me again, and my next destination is the enchanting island of Okinawa, Japan! 🇯🇵✨ I can already feel the warm sand between my toes and taste the mouthwatering flavors of Okinawan cuisine. But here's the thing: I need your help! 🙏
While I've done my fair share of research, I believe that the best travel tips come from fellow explorers like yourselves. So, I'm turning to you, the seasoned and curious souls, to help me make the most of my time in this captivating place.
Tell me, dear travelers, what are some hidden gems, must-visit spots, or off-the-beaten-path locations in Okinawa that I absolutely cannot miss? Are there any breathtaking beaches, sacred temples, or vibrant markets that you've stumbled upon during your own adventures? I'm all ears (and eyes)!
Oh, and speaking of accommodations, I'm on the lookout for a cozy and charming lodge to call my home away from home during my Okinawa escapades. Do you have any recommendations? Whether it's a quaint guesthouse, a traditional ryokan, or even a unique Airbnb find, I'm open to all suggestions!
Feel free to share your personal experiences, funny anecdotes, or any other tidbits that will pique my curiosity and make this journey even more exciting. Let's make this a fun and engaging conversation, because after all, the joy of travel lies in the shared experiences and stories we create together.
Arigatou gozaimasu! 🙏❤️ (Thank you very much!)
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2023.06.02 22:52 Perdendosi Travel advice / Links?

Hello New Zealanders! (Can I call you kiwis?)
I have travel questions for you. If this isn't the right subreddit, or there's a wiki or travel advice thread that I missed, please let me know.
I have the great fortune to have just booked an extraordinarily cheap flight to Auckland from the U.S. using airline miles. (It's on Delta -- less than 50,000 miles round trip for travel in November, late January, Febuary, and parts of March -- happy to share the specifics if anyone wants.)
My family and I will be there over the U.S. Thanksiving holiday -- Nov. 19 (that's when we land--we leave the US on the 17th) through Nov. 25 (that's when we depart, and, thanks to the International Date Line, also when we get home!). Not a lot of time, I know, but really all we can spare in that part of the year.
My family is small -- it's just my wife and I, and my 7-year-old daughter. We like all sorts of vacations, from wine tasting (okay, maybe not the kiddo) to relaxing beach vacations, to nature hikes and camping, to city life and culture. We also love food, though the wife is a vegetarian and the kiddo doens't like seafood. We live in Salt Lake City, Utah, so we have the mountain life at home, but that doesn't mean we wouldn't be interested in exploring in NZ, too. I guess the only think we can really cross off the list is anything Lord of the Rings related, as my family isn't really into Tolkien and haven't seen the movies (though I have). My wife travels internationally for work a few times a year, and I'm hopeful that this won't be our only visit to your awesome country, but I think we have to assume that this will be a once-in-a-lifetime trip for us.
I've looked through the generic New Zealand travel sites, but don't have a really good feeling for what a reasonable itinarary looks like for our time there. Right now, I have the following questions:
1) Is it worth it to try to get to the South Island at all? Or should we just focus on stuff in the north. In other words, is there anything in the south that we absolutely can't miss, and worth the travel time and cost?
2) I was looking at a couple of sites that offer campervans or RVs at reasonable cost. We own an RV and are used to driving and sleeping in it. Is that a good way to explore the North Island? Are there ample places to park and/or campgrounds near cities or attractions? Or would staying in hotels and using public transit / taxis / car rentals be better? I'm pretty sure we don't want to stick just to Auckland, but on the other hand if driving a 6-8 meter campervan or RV around, and finding a place to park it while we're at attractions is going to be a huge hassle, then we'll consider alternatives.
3) For stuff to do, I'm fairly certain we'll want to check out Waitomo caves (my daughter, who's obsessed with nature, will want to check out the glow worms!) snorkel on Poor Knights Islands, and have a beach day (Hot Water Beach? some place else?). We might want to check out Waiheke Island, hike in Egmont National Park, and have a Maori experience at some place like Te Pa Tu, or take a whale watching or other cruise or ferry. Any thoughts on any of those activities? What should we do in Auckland? Is Wellington worth visiting? If we were to do something like a wine tasting, or want to hang out at a brewery, is that OK for kids? Are kids admitted to those places? Are there kids activities in pubs/breweries/wineries? What else should be on our bucket list?
(P.S. I got most of my ideas here... I don't know how interesting or reputable the site is:
Thanks so much!
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2023.06.02 22:50 Cautious_Ebb6844 Day 4. Without porn masturbation

Documenting my pornfree journey. Day 4: I went out on a beach today morning to see the sunrise again. Generally in the morning, my libido is super high right after I wake up. So ita very difficult to fight the urges to just pop open the browser on my phone and visit my frequented dirty website especially when I have morning boner. One thing that has worked with me is I immediately jump into the shower leaving my phone on the, without giving it a second thought.
Had a healthy breakfast in a shack near the beach and read a book sitting at the cafe till lunch. Walked around this very beautiful seaside town and took in the simplicity of the lives of people here. This evening i decided to get back home rather than spend my night out, and had a video call with an old friend. It just so happened that she was dressed slightly provocatively with a plunging . This was the first time I felt quite aroused by just talking to a female. Maybe the hormones are setting themselves right?
After the call ended, I was raging erect, never felt this hard in a long while. I fought the urge to open porn. Instead I decided to just close my eyes, and masturbate with just the touch and feeling and a little aid of imagination. Honestly it was much more difficult than I imagined. When I finished one thing was very clear, the orgasm and post orgasm feeling from this was drastically different than porn induced masturbation. I would feel extremely exhausted, spent, guilty and tired after porn induced masturbation. The sheer power of the orgasm and ejacultion would be overwhelming. But the without porn Masturbation felt honestly almost underwhelming, and the orgasm felt weak. No guilt, or extreme tiredness, or exhaustion. I just went on about my day as usual. The post masturbation brain was also less foggy and more clarity. I think fapping without porn is probably the reason for it, but I'd know for sure over the next few week.
Wish me luck folks that I finish the streak atleast for a weeek. Love you all and stay strong.
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2023.06.02 22:48 New_Bid_2710 Mt. Komorebi is my favourite for gameplay

I am like so proud of my little Mt. Komorebi family. My plan was to start a 10 or 20 generation family but I fell in love with my little family. Niko Yung and Alvetta Ledford now have 6 children, 3 already graduated university and have 3 still living at home. They both met in Mt. Komorebi when Alvetta vacationed there and had met Niko, who she fell for. She ended up moving in with Niko and his grandmother until she passed away, they were left the 3 bedroom house. Alvetta and Niko both work in customer support and did not go to college. Alvetta wanted best for her kids so she let them attend “Private school” ( Mt.Komorebi makes them wear uniforms to school. ) and her children Vera Ledford ( eldest child ) and Valeri Yung ( twin of Finely Yung ) graduated early and took university classes as teens. Vera is a mad scientist and doesn’t plan on having children, she’s focuses on her career and wants to know the secrets behind Strangerville. Valeri is now married and has two children, Yuri and Braxton. ( I included her wedding photo and her current Farm home ) and omg I am in love with her storyline. She moved into her first beach house with the help of her parents after college, sold it and bought a townhouse in Evergreen-Harbour along with her cat mochi. She did end up getting pregnant by her current boyfriend but he wasn’t ready for a commitment so they broke up. She raised Yuri by herself until she met Malcolm Sun ( her neighbour ) and they hit it off. Her and Malcolm had a baby ( Braxton Sun ) and they sold the townhouse for a country side house. Valeri and Malcolm both fixed up the homes interior and built their dream farm home in Henford-on-Bagley. Valeri’s twin Finley Yung, did not graduate and dropped out of high school. He did get married and had a baby but is now divorced and works in the military. Frank was born after the twins, loved drawing and art as a child and teenager. He did graduate highschool early but attended university at the correct time. He is working as an artist and is currently living at home with his 2 younger siblings Violet and Stacy with their parents. I don’t have a storyline for them yet lol, I also play on Xbox. I just added family photos towards the end
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2023.06.02 22:46 john_oldcastle My Favorite Dead (vol 1): Avalon Ballroom 10/12/68 (long post)

10/12/68 Avalon Ballroom “it’s a foxtrot, and also a ladies choice”
In a way, this is my Deadhead origin story. It's 1989. I was 14 and had just discovered “classic rock." My native musical tendencies at the time, trended around 80s hip-hop (Run-DMC, Beastie Boys), thrash metal (the big 3) and various NWOBHM—particularly Iron Maiden. The weird, disturbing/cartoonish/horror iconography and imagery were important to 14 year old me ( I guess in a way, I was primed for the Dead.)
Anyway, around this time I had an older cousin who hipped me to Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, and The Doors. Also, that summer was the 20th anniversary of Woodstock, and MTV aired the Wadleigh film I think several times. I was absolutely spellbound. I taped most of the film to a VCR cassette and probably watched Alvin Lee and Ten Years After’s blissed out performance of I’m Going Home everyday for like 3 months. I wanted Alvin Lee’s whole Woodstock vibe injected directly into my veins. I had become a wannabe hippie.
This neo-hippie vibe seemed to infect my whole friend group. We all read the Beats and Huxley’s The Doors of Perception and traded 60s/70s tapes—Floyd, The Who, The Doors, Cream. We of course started smoking pot and spending hours spacing out to psychedelic music or re-watching Fantasia, Heavy Metal, or 2001 for the umpteenth time. It was all way more interesting than Motley Crue or Winger or Bon Jovi or whatever the fuck MTV was doing.
And of course, I had heard of Grateful Dead by then—I was like 12 when “Touch of Grey” was a hit. And they were a big mainstream rock band in 1989. The news ran segments on them when they came to the area.
But initially, I thought they were kinda lame and corny--like the Beach Boys and Kokomo. Sure, the imagery was dope—like one would expect from a metal or hard rock band. But the Dead were definitely and (for me at the time) disappointingly not hard rock. And those Dead guys for sure did not look like the bad ass dudes from Slayer. From what little I heard, I was not impressed. But how to access the good stuff I knew must be there?
In a way I am a little envious of young people discovering music today. It’s all out there. Want to get into Bob Dylan? You can spend a long weekend online listening to his discography and reading countless essays about his art and emerge as a fairly knowledgeable Dylan fan 3 or 4 days later. The Dead may take a bit longer to fully grok, but all the shows are online and there is no shortage of info about where to start. These days, an intrepid neophyte could get a broad understanding of the Dead in a week or two.
In 1989, I was flying blind. It’s weird to think about how differently we used to conceptualize and listen to rock music back then. At the time rock music was rooted in mystery and scarcity. I was limited to the maybe twenty or so cassettes I had, which I listened to over and over and over again. All I knew about rock music was what I saw on MTV, read in Spin or Rolling Stone, or heard about from friends, older cousins, and siblings.
So when I looked to get into the Dead, I had little bearing for which to set my course. I picked up Aoxomoxoa at the mall because the cover looked cool. And…it was okay. Look, compared to some of the other classic rock era albums I had been exposed to by that time it just didn't really rock or roll very much. At the time, I much preferred Blue Cheer’s Vincebus Eruptum to Aoxomoxoa (and I kinda still do).
Anyway, fall of 1989 was the beginning of high school. New people and new cliques. This kid who became part of our group had a Deadhead older brother in college. And he had the goods. For the price of one or two Maxells, we could get a bootleg. Since I knew next to nothing, I asked for a show he liked. He gave me an aud from a 78 show (a show I actually like now!). At the time however, this seemingly failed even more than the Aoxomoxoa album. The sound was muddy and murky, and some of the songs reminded me of Jimmy Buffett on quaaludes.
But side 2 of tape 3 was called “Filler: Set 2 Avalon 1968.” It listed four songs like this: “Dark Star>St. Stephen>Eleven>Death What the fuck is this? Filler? I wanted killer, and now I was getting filler? Hmm. I’d heard of Dark Star. I knew St. Steven from Aoxomoxoa. “Death” was certainly intriguing. Alright, let’s give it a go…

(cut to scenes of dude’s face melting in Raiders of the Lost Ark, the guy’s head exploding in Scanners, the scientists learning to talk to the UFO in the last act of Close Encounters, the Sasquatch/mushroom scene in Tenacious D’s Pick of Destiny, Andy Dufrane standing in the rain after escaping Shawshank)

This is it. This is where I GOT IT. 10/12/68 is what turned the worm for me. Actually, it was just the first set at first, though I was able to get the second set a few weeks later—ah, yes, thank you, this is the bus I was waiting for…
This is pure, uncut Primal Dead. For me, this show is exhibit A of Jerry Garcia as a swaggering gun slinging guitar god. His playing is full of snarling psychedelic attitude and creativity (I think he’s playing a Les Paul here?). You know how Phish people used to refer to “Machine Gun Trey?” Yes, well, here we have Flame Thrower Jerry.
Let’s consider Grateful Dead in the fall of 1968. This show occurs at a time when Pigpen and Weir had presumably been kicked out of the Dead. In the days leading up to the Avalon shows on the 12th and 13th Jerry, Phil, Mickey and Bill were kinda sorta rethinking the Dead line-up w/the “Mickey and the Heartbeats” shows played at the crosstown Matrix on the 8th, 9th and 10th.
Indeed, Pig did not play on the 10/12 Avalon show. For his part Weir does what he can rhythmically as Jerry, Phil, Mickey, and Billy lay waste to all before them. I mean, you’ve got to love a band that fires a dude and then just lets them stick around and earn the job back. Knowing the back story now, this show almost seems like some kind of trial by fire for ol’ Bob. I mean, imagine trying to keep up with this music? In short, this is elemental, fire-breathing psychedelic acid rock played by young men with something to prove.
The Dark Star is early—not as open ended as 72-74 Dark Stars. The Live/Dead version, recorded about six months later, is perhaps more mature and developed, but this one has off-the charts energy and inventiveness. This is my favorite of the early Primal Dead, pre-72 Dark Stars.
I think The Eleven here is an all-timer. Jerry and Phil conjuring viscous curlicues of dark light while Bill and Mickey lock into some kind of inter-galactical syncopation. And the Death Don’t Have No Mercy is just phenomenal. My personal favorite. Jerry really goes for it—he never apes the blues, but he makes it his own. Really passionate guitar playing and even more passionate vocals.
Like the Dark Star here, The Other One would range farther (furthur? lol) out in the future, but this version is just a snarling beast, dripping with liquid magma and unrelenting energy. Likewise, the jam on New Potato Caboose scales the holy psychedelic summit of bliss.
For personal reasons, of course, 10/12/68 is one of my favs. This is a great show to check out if you are looking for raw, primal 60s Dead—an interesting companion to Live/Dead.
It’s also a good gateway show, especially for rockers. I got a few hard rockers turned on to the Dead through this show. The balls-out energy and talent is palpable. Years ago, I played The Other One from this show to an Army buddy who likes metal like Mastadon and Opeth. About halfway through he low whistled and said, “Goddamn, that hippie motherfucker is playing the shit out of that guitar. Gotta respect that.”
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2023.06.02 22:29 twintwo34 Tax Question FML

Super specific question here. My home state is SC. I'm on orders out of state and have been for several months.
I added my wife's name to the deed on our house last year and apparently when I did so the tax assessor in the county I live in no longer counted my house as our Primary Residence... What this means is my property tax shot way up and now my mortgage is $700 more a month now!!!
I'm trying to talk to my tax assessor back home trying to tell them I'm national guard, this is my home, I'm going back there I'm just on orders temporarily. I filed taxes in my home state last year etc... but they are giving me a hard time. To make it worse I had to correct my taxes last year and my SC tax return had my address down here (AL) on it which blows their minds even more.
Anyone been in this situation before or know what I could do? I thought there would be some sort of military exception to this? Where my barracks tax experts at?
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2023.06.02 22:29 New_Bid_2710 My sims save story

My sims save story
I am like so proud of my little Mt. Komorebi family. My plan was to start a 10 or 20 generation family but I fell in love with my little family. Niko Yung and Alvetta Ledford now have 6 children, 3 already graduated university and have 3 still living at home. They both met in Mt. Komorebi when Alvetta vacationed there and had met Niko, who she fell for. She ended up moving in with Niko and his grandmother until she passed away, they were left the 3 bedroom house. Alvetta and Niko both work in customer support and did not go to college. Alvetta wanted best for her kids so she let them attend “Private school” ( Mt.Komorebi makes them wear uniforms to school. ) and her children Vera Ledford ( eldest child ) and Valeri Yung ( twin of Finely Yung ) graduated early and took university classes as teens. Vera is a mad scientist and doesn’t plan on having children, she’s focuses on her career and wants to know the secrets behind Strangerville. Valeri is now married and has two children, Yuri and Braxton. ( I included her wedding photo and her current Farm home ) and omg I am in love with her storyline. She moved into her first beach house with the help of her parents after college, sold it and bought a townhouse in Evergreen-Harbour along with her cat mochi. She did end up getting pregnant by her current boyfriend but he wasn’t ready for a commitment so they broke up. She raised Yuri by herself until she met Malcolm Sun ( her neighbour ) and they hit it off. Her and Malcolm had a baby ( Braxton Sun ) and they sold the townhouse for a country side house. Valeri and Malcolm both fixed up the homes interior and built their dream farm home in Henford-on-Bagley. Valeri’s twin Finley Yung, did not graduate and dropped out of high school. He did get married and had a baby but is now divorced and works in the military. Frank was born after the twins, loved drawing and art as a kid and teenager. He did attend university as an adult but graduated high school early. He is working as an artist and still lives at home with his 2 younger siblings Violet and Stacy. I don’t really have a storyline for them yet but I will soon lol. The last 2 slide I just added the family photos. I also play sims on Xbox lol
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2023.06.02 22:27 Skinoob38 Classified document Trump admitted he had on tape is now missing, report says

Classified document Trump admitted he had on tape is now missing, report says
Document reportedly concerned potential attack on Iran
Donald Trump’s attorneys have been unable to find the classified document described in a recording of a 2021 conversation that is now in the possession of prosecutors, CNN reports.
Earlier this week, the network broke the news that a recording existed of the former president acknowledging that he had held onto a classified Pentagon document outlining a potential attack on Iran.
Citing two sources, CNN now reports that attorneys for Mr Trump could not find the document he referred to when they turned over material in mid-March in response to a federal subpoena relating to the investigation.
Prosecutors sought “any and all” documents and materials related to Mark Milley, Mr Trump’s chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Iran, including maps or invasion plans, the sources say.
Another subpoena was sent to at least one other attendee of the recorded meeting at Bedminster, New Jersey, in July 2021, another source told the network.
Prosecutors reportedly made it clear that they wanted the specific document referred to in the recording after they had issued the subpoena, as well as any other material referencing classified documents still in the possession of the former president.
The report adds credence to prosecutors’ scepticism that all classified materials retained by Mr Trump after he left office have been returned.
Dozens of documents of varying classification levels were retrieved from the former president’s home at his Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Florida when the FBI searched the premises in August 2022.
The recording of Mr Trump was created during the summer of 2021, approximately six months after the ex-president had left office.
It reportedly captures a discussion during which Mr Trump was reacting to the publication of a story in The New Yorker regarding how Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley took actions to ensure the outgoing president issued no illegal orders.
In the article, journalist Susan Glasser reported that Mr Milley was concerned that Mr Trump “might set in motion a full-scale conflict that was not justified” by ordering military action against Iran.
The former president was reportedly recorded as he waved a document and said it would undermine what Mr Milley had said if he could legally show it to anyone.
CNN reported that the audio recording contains the sound of paper rustling as if Mr Trump was waving a document around. The recording also reportedly captured laughter after the ex-president noted that he was not permitted to show the document to anyone.
The July 2021 meeting took place long before Mr Trump’s aides sent 15 boxes of records from his Florida home to the National Archives.
That January 2022 transfer of documents led Archives officials to discover multiple classified documents among the records sent back from Mr Trump’s residence, leading the agency to notify the Department of Justice about the discovery.
The Justice Department’s probe into Mr Trump’s alleged unlawful retention of national defence information is being overseen by a special prosecutor, Jack Smith.
Mr Smith has reportedly obtained other evidence which shows Mr Trump made efforts to obstruct the investigation by concealing documents from the government, even after he was served a grand jury subpoena compelling him to return all classified documents in his possession.
The investigation is reportedly in its final stages and could result in charges against Mr Trump as soon as this summer.
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2023.06.02 22:26 Valkine An Attempt at a Review of Here I Stand by Ed Beach and GMT Games

This review, including photos from my games, originally appeared on my blog at:

I first played Here I Stand five years ago at a time when I was far less familiar with wargames. In fact I had recently purged my small game collection of every wargame I owned but Here I Stand because I had given up on finding time and people to play them with. Despite this, in 2018 I made the effort of gathering six of my friends and spending the entire day playing Here I Stand. It was amazing. It took us over eight hours. In the end I emerged victorious as the French, securing an instant victory moments before the Ottomans won on VPs earned mostly through piracy. I spent the next 24 hours buzzing with excitement and exhaustion after that phenomenal day of gaming. I had to get it back to the table, I needed that experience again. Finally, a child, a pandemic, and five years later I managed to play it again and let me tell you, it was just as good the second time!
I finally managed to play Here I Stand again thanks to Chimera Con - a single day board game convention in Dublin dedicated to long multiplayer games. Unsurprisingly, Here I Stand is a perennial favourite and this year there were two tables of it running at the con. Instead of playing the full scenario which starts in 1517 and lasts for hours and hours, we were playing the tournament scenario which begins in 1532 and lasts for three game turns; turns four through six of the main scenario. I also wanted to change up my experience by playing one of the religious factions, since France had been pretty much pure military, and so I was assigned the Protestants. We played for the much more manageable time of just under five hours - still a long game, but short enough that many of us managed to play other games in the afternoon. Once again, after finishing the game I was buzzing with excitement and exhaustion for at least 24 hours. I may have only played two games of Here I Stand, but I’ve spent thirteen hours of my life playing those games and many more obsessing over it. I cannot imagine that my opinions will change substantially no matter how many more times I play it, and I have some thoughts I need to put down on (digital) paper.
Here I Stand is a six-player card driven wargame about European conflict between the years 1517 and 1555. Each player controls one of six major powers: England, France, the Hapsburgs, the Ottoman Empire, the Papacy, or the Protestant Reformation. As befits a game with this many players covering such a wide topic, Here I stand is a game of substantial complexity. However, that complexity can be a little misleading. While the game as a whole is full of many different systems for modelling a range of potential actions, no player will interact with every one of these in a single game. The only person who really needs to know how every aspect of Here I Stand works is whoever has the onerous job of teaching the game to the rest of the table.
As an example, I was the Protestants in my most recent game. As the Protestants I had no access to ships, and thus I never needed to know how the several pages of naval rules worked. In contrast, my neighbour (both geographically in the game and at the table we were playing on), the Ottomans, needed to know the naval rules intimately but had no need to learn the rules for religious conflict, which made up most of my actions. Now, it is strategically beneficial to understand how each faction works so you can keep track of how they might be scoring points over the course of the game, but it is not necessary and that is a key distinction. You can play Here I Stand by only know about two-thirds of the rules, and that’s not nothing!
This asymmetry helps to keep the game manageable and is core to how it crafts an interesting experience. On their turn each player plays one card from their hand, either for the event or, more usually, for action points they can use during their turn. Each faction has a menu of actions they can spend points on but what options are available to an individual faction and, occasionally, the cost of those actions varies. This isn’t really where the game’s asymmetry comes in, though. These actions are the tools you use to play the game, but in most cases the game has just limited your actions to only those most relevant to your goals. To reuse a previous example, as the Protestant player I couldn’t build ships, but I also had no real motivation to want to do so, so removing this option was no great hindrance to me. How you win the game is where things get interesting.
The boring answer is that you generally win by getting victory points. However, how you get victory points can vary substantially between factions. All factions have some way to get VPs through controlling points on the board, but while most factions share a goal of fighting over key cities this is not universal. Beyond that, each faction generally has a way to earn their own VPs either through religious influence, building chateaus and cathedrals, having children, or piracy. Probably the most interesting element to Here I Stand’s victory conditions is how VP accumulation feels at the same time very slow and, occasionally, terrifyingly fast. This is a game where each VP can feel like a hard fought achievement but then at the same time in turn of my most recent game (a turn being approximately 5-7 card plays for each faction) the English player picked up like eight victory points, going from last to tied for first.
I could espouse at length about how this happens via the chaotic nature of conquest in Here I Stand and the occasional opportunities to seize a fistful of VPs that may come along only once per game, simultaneously lurching you ahead and putting a target on you, but I think describing the nitty gritty would be a disservice. What matters more is the excitement of it! Laying careful plans to slowly pull yourself ahead a few VPs at a time is great, particularly as you know that with the slow shifts in VP that the game allows it can be very hard to claw a leading player back down once you start pushing ahead. At the same time, if you are sitting near the back of the pack watching someone creep ahead you could potentially feel dispirited because you’re stuck behind, but all is not lost! Everyone’s focus being on the leading player could give you an opportunity to jump ahead by attacking a vulnerable point that someone forgot about! Here I Stand is not like the ever-popular multiplayer wargame COIN series in this regard. In my experience, a COIN game generally features players jockeying for the lead and then, as soon as someone gets too far ahead, everyone turning on them and pummeling them into submission. The goal in COIN is usually to be within striking distance of winning, but not actually winning, so that you can jump across that finish line at just the right moment.
Here I Stand absolutely has an element of players trying to keep an eye on who is in the lead and finding ways to pull them back, but it gives players nowhere near as many tools to do that with. For one thing, you can’t just attack players whenever you want – you have to have declared war on them at the start of that turn or have one of the very few cards in the game that let you declare war during a turn. If one player is creeping ahead it often falls to one or two of the other players to keep them in check, leaving the other three to plot how best to use this opportunity to secure their own fortunes. This means that more often than one player being dragged down a huge number of VPs, efforts will be put in place to curtail their advancement only for a new threat to emerge suddenly and distract the table anew. This dynamic is made possible thanks to the number of players and the limitations imposed, both mechanically and geographically, on each of those players. In both of my games one player managed to reach their victory threshold, and thus drew the ire of the table, only for a new threat to emerge in the final turn – in one case the new threat came out victorious while in the other it came up just short but both times it created a thrilling final act for the game!
Take for example my recent game. I was pulling ahead as the Protestant player and that meant that the Papacy and the Hapsburg player had to try and curtail my advancement. The papacy could try to reduce the reach of my religious conversions while the Hapsburgs could take electorates from me, netting them VPs and denying me ones. However, in doing this all attention turned away from England who chose then to launch a major invasion of France (who had left several cities largely undefended to pursue conquests in Italy), which saw them acquire VPs in spades while no one could stop them because they were only at war with France who was stuck in Italy!
Here I Stand has a deserved reputation of being a game of enormous scale. This is both deserved and undeserved and I hope to explain why. Firstly, yes, Here I Stand requires six players. Do not be deceived by the box claiming it can be played at between two and six. This is a game destined to be a six-player experience and that is how I would recommend playing it.
As to its length, however, I have some thoughts. The full scenario is a day long experience, have no doubt about that. It lasts nine turns, and each turn will take you at least an hour to resolve, possibly quite a bit more. Even though there is a decent chance that your game won’t last all the way until turn nine, usually someone wins before then, it will still take many hours. It also won’t stop you from needing to put aside a full day to play the game, because even if you finish on turn seven you need to allow for the possibility of the full nine.
However, let me point you in the direction of the tournament scenario as an interesting alternative. In the tournament scenario you start the game in 1532, on turn four, and you play for three turns of the game. For my most recent game using this scenario we played for about five hours to resolve these three crucial turns during what would be the main scenario’s mid-game. I had worried that it would feel like a truncated experience, but honestly, I felt like it gave me most of what I love about Here I Stand in a much more manageable amount of time. I was really impressed, and I would recommend that people give it a shot – whether you are someone who wants to try this game but is struggling to find the time or if you’re a veteran who is always looking to play it more. It makes very few changes to the core game – players start with a few more cards on the first turn and on the final turn a key event is placed in the English player’s starting hand rather than shuffled into the deck – and gives you so much of that Here I Stand goodness in a half day experience.
That said, I won’t stop wanting to play the full scenario just because the tournament one is so good. There are a few elements that are missing from the tournament scenario and that will mean that I want to play both. In the early game, I missed the more antagonistic relationship between France and the Papacy of the 1517 start that isn’t present in 1532 – namely that the two are at war and France has invaded Italy. The tournament scenario also gives very few opportunities for dynastic change among the players which is an element of the game I really like. You will definitely see a new pope – in our game it happened immediately – and could potentially see a new English monarch or Protestant leader but neither is very likely. These rules don’t necessarily create a radical shift in the game, but if you’re into Here I Stand for the historical narrative (and why else would you be playing it?) then you will be missing out on some of that grand scope the game provides by including dynastic change among its mechanics.
Okay, so I adore this game to the point of obsession, but I am not going to sit here and tell you that it is flawless. This has not stopped me from loving the game, but I must confess that the religious conflict mechanics are a little bit…eh. For context, there are two main ways that the Catholic and Protestant players can convert regions of the board to either of their religious beliefs. They can take actions that let them try and convert specific points on the board or they can engage in religious debates.
Let’s talk first about converting spaces. Converting a space is a contested roll between the Catholic and Protestant player. Whoever is attempting the conversion selects a space and then both players calculate their dice pool based on a variety of factors such as adjacent spaces, presence of troops who support that religion, adjacency of key religious figures, any card effects that are in play this round, etc. Once each player has a total number of dice, they roll looking for the highest single die. Highest result, with whoever wins ties changing over the game, succeeds and the space is either converted or remains the same. I really like this mechanic and it’s a lot of fun…if you’re one of the players involved. Only two players take this action, and the Protestant player will take it far more, sometimes resolving six or more attempts in one turn while everyone else sits around and waits. It’s very time consuming and can cause the game to drag, particularly if you’re not invested in the result. As the Protestant player in my most recent game I had a blast doing this, but I could see the rest of the table groan whenever I had a big turn coming where I was going to try and convert a lot of spaces. It’s a cool mechanic but eliciting this response in a six-player game is not ideal.
The debate rules I like quite a bit less. The Protestant and Catholic player can call debates between their two sides, and these can be used to convert large swaths of territory all in one go and potentially secure victory points by burning or denouncing the opposing debater. The debates themselves work a bit like combat, players get pools of dice and try to score “hits” by rolling fives and sixes on them, but with more steps used to determine who the two debaters will be rather than just knowing who the two armies are because they’re on the board. This mechanism is clearly central to the vision of the game’s design – the Protestant player’s home card (a card that is always available to them every turn) includes specific abilities for using Martin Luther in debates. That said, they have not played a very significant role in either of my games. The rules are complicated and there’s a non-zero chance that after all the steps involved in determining debaters and dice pools and such you will end up with a draw or a very minimal result. The promise of burning heretics at the stake lying sadly out of reach. The two religious factions also have a huge pool of potential debaters, many of whom have useful abilities for other parts of the game, and they can be overwhelming to keep track of. I can’t help but think the potential for them to die has bolstered their number creating the vast surplus of counters for the two players to track. Maybe as I play Here I Stand more I will find a new appreciation for the debate rules, but in a game that is so hard to get to the table it just doesn’t feel like the debate rules totally work. They’re not fundamentally broken or anything, but they feel off and, again, they also take up quite a bit of time and often only interest two of the players at a table of six.
These religion rules are something that was apparently significantly streamlined in Virgin Queen (the sequel to Here I Stand) and I am desperate to play it and see for myself. Tragically, Virgin Queen was already out of print back when I first played Here I Stand half a decade ago and there is still no clear timeline on a new edition going forward. Maybe some day I will decide to go mad and drop a stack of cash on one of the few copies available on the second-hand market, but until then I live in hope that GMT will finally reprint it.
Let’s be honest, Here I Stand is obviously not a game for everyone. It’s huge, it’s long, it has forty pages of rules, over a hundred cards, and don’t get me started on the many little counters with their own special rules you have to juggle. It’s nowhere near the most complicated game out there, it’s honestly middle of the road as far as card drive games go, but it is still a lot to take on board even before you start factoring in that a short game takes four to five hours. That all having been said, I feel confident saying that Here I Stand is one of my favourite games of all time. Nothing else I have played gives me the same feeling of excitement as it does. After each game I spend the next 24-36 hours buzzing with excitement at what I just experienced. It sucks you in to its historical sandbox and gives you the freedom to pull some levers while also helping to guide you into understanding even some of what was happening during a particularly chaotic period in European history. Is it perfect? Absolutely not. But I love it, nonetheless.
If after reading this entire review you think that Here I Stand sounds like a dreadful way to spend an afternoon or day, then please do not waste that time with it. Do not let my love for this game convince you to try it if you don’t think you would enjoy it. However, if after reading all of this you think that Here I Stand sounds fascinating, then you must play it. Nothing else will give you this experience, you must seek it out. Either way, trust your gut and what it tells you about Here I Stand. Mine tells me it’s hungry for more.
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2023.06.02 22:13 thenewyorktimes One Man’s Mission to Make Running Everyone’s Sport (+ Tips/Advice for Starting Out)

Martinus Evans’s idea for a running club started at about mile 16 of the 2018 New York City Marathon. “You’re slow, buddy,” a man shouted. “Go home.” Evans tried to ignore him, and turned his attention back to the course, which he finished in just over eight hours. But as the bystander repeated his taunt, Evans got angrier — then inspired.

By early next year, the Slow AF Run Club was born, and the virtual community for back-of-the-packers with more than 10,000 members worldwide. Evans, who lives in Brooklyn and is now a certified running coach, is helping lead a global movement to make the sport feel safe and welcoming for anyone who wants to run, whatever their size, pace, fitness level or skin color. “I want everyone to know that they can run in the body they have right now,” he said.

Some of Evans’s key tips involve silencing your inner critic by naming it — his is called Otis, which he imagines like an “ignorant, drunk uncle.” He tells runners to move forward however they can. And on a practical level, he recommends that people run 70% to 80% of the time at what he calls “sexy pace” — “the pace you’d go if you were running in slow motion on a beach,” Baywatch style — or what most other coaches call a conversational speed.
Have any of you found motivation to start, or keep, running through the Slow AF Run Club or a group like it? Or have any of Evans’s tips, the ones above or others, been particularly helpful on your running journey? (For me — hello! I’m Jake, an editor at the NYT — the realization that it was OK — and actually better — to run slow sometimes was a game-changer.) Is there other advice you’d give those just looking to start out who feel running may not be for them?

Read more about Evans, the Slow AF Run Club and his tips for starting (and enjoying) running no matter how fast you go, here. It’s free to read even if you don’t have a New York Times subscription.
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2023.06.02 22:12 King_Pissyphus I feel powerless, meaningless a piece of trahs with 0 worth

So, I just got home from a sttudytrip. I don't know where to start.
You see, I am a social outcast of sorts, Im just a dumbass that doesn't know how to behave like a normal functional individual and so I am know as the silent weird guy. I have a small group of friends with whom I planned to enjoy this trip, unfortunately, fate had other plans.
A girl approached us, she is a polyglot genius that has won and done a ton of shit despite her young age, though I wouldn't know about this till a day later. We started talking and things seemed ok, we started talking about ourselves and we share some common interests . Everytime I said something I felt proud of was meaningless compared to her, and she seemed pleased. She almost won a national ice skating competition at age 5, she sings opera and dances ballet, plays the violin and piano, speaks Spanish, English, Bulgarian, Russian and Japanese, has perfect grades, is pretty and also works as a model for her 17. Furthermore she is rich.
She sticked along with us the whole trip, going on walks in the beach at night, shopping with us and eating with us. Every single fucking minute I feel as if I was being mocked, she is superior to me in every aspect and likes to rub it on my face. Im worhtless compared to her and I HATE IT
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2023.06.02 21:37 Skeletoryy WORLD BUILDING POST: On The Story Of Alasha

The Story Of Alasha is one of the first verses in the Book Of Land, the holy book of the Grandchildren Of Alash. It reads as follows:
One stormy night, many a year ago, a man lay shipwrecked, stranded on an island that is now home to our shrine. He was a member of a fishing crew and the only survivor, half-dead and battered. In an attempt to escape the beating of the waves, he crawled away from the beach and towards the safety of a cave, a cave to change our lives.
Down below, our god Alash was watching this man, clearly destined to die yet determined to live for a few seconds, minutes, longer. He was impressed by the determination and fortitude of the young man and took pity on him. As he reached the cave, Alash breathed new life into him, the life of the land that was crying out in pain at the desert, and told him he could live, if he could only deliver this message to civilisation for, as the burden of the desert grew stronger, Alash's voice was confined to his last bastion of power, the Island Of Alash.
However, in his weakened state, the healing went wrong and the young man lost his body, simply becoming the essence of the land, mist in the shape of a man. Alash was deeply disappointed for his failure in his promise but the young man thanked him, for he was now saved from certain death, was he not?
As a revitalised, god made vessel, the man, now Alasha, the Son Of Alash, returned to the mainland, where he told our predecessors not to worry, frightened as they were about his form and about what happened to him and the suffering of our land and god and how we must fight the desert and protect the land that keeps us alive. If we do so, he said, we shall recieve many a gift and bountiful harvest. Upon saying these words he plunged into the ground and all around the people sprung up flowers and trees, Alasha joining his father forevermore under the ground.
Our ancestors then, seeing this miracle, realised that if a being this strong needed help, help must be given, and so began our religion, our crusade to save Alash.
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2023.06.02 21:34 Origional_Enola Ranting

Hi everyone, I just wanted to place a quick rant into the internet. I assume I will receive some sympathy in this subReddit. My mother-in-law is living with us for the second time in my 5 year marriage to my husband. He and I have been together 8 years and the first time she lived with us was before we were married. I absolutely feel alienated in my own home and am so ready to just kick his mother out. I've spoken to him and he's made it clear that his mother is his priority (yes, I know that says something about the relationship; but his alternative is he literally pays his mother's rent so she doesn't live here, and I am NOT ok with him paying her $1,800 rent (area average) when that money could be going to our own household. MIL has been living with us rent free for 18 months now and is behaving as though she is retired. She just smokes all day, sun tans, and goes to her shitty job for a few hours a day. She then spends her money on the most useless stuff and clutters our house. She is the most judgmental person I've ever known and uses her culture as an excuse to be a rude and condescending jerk. She literally hates my job and tells me I am bad at it. I work in a people-helping profession with a master's degree, and she is literally high school educated and a gas station minimum wage clerk (I do not intend for that to be offensive sounding). She is constantly pressuring me to have children and every time I explain we don't have the money, space, nor do I have the motivation to be a parent right now she loses her mind on me. She tells me how much I'll regret being an older parent and how much she wants grandchildren (PS: we are a male-male couple so age isn't barrier to having children). When she moved in she literally brought everything she owns with her, like, everything. This includes two refrigerators and three microwaves which are currently taking up space in my in-home library which is now used as her clutter storage. She is also a hoarder and does not throw anything away. She literally takes used zip-lock back out of the trash, cleans them out, then scolds me for throwing them away. At the grocery store she takes items out of the cart and puts brand in there that I don't like because they're "cheaper". She then lectures me on "responsible finances" but lives with us because she quit paying her mortgage for an entire year after - yet again - being fired from her job for theft. At the time she worked for Dollar General as an associate clerk (the lowest position). She constantly talks smack about me, despite the fact I am a highly accomplished professional with an aspiring career. She is a compulsive liar, which in part is why she can't live on her own. My husband, her son took out a more than $130,000 personal loan for her to save the house prior to it being foreclosed on. He always asked her if she was making the payments for the mortgage and keeping up with the house, she said yes she was. She lies all of the time and has erratic unbelievable stories in which, I believe, she is looking for sympathy. For example, she claims that something extreme happens to her on a weekly basis (last week someone pulled a knife on her at work supposedly and she got into a physical fight with them), but yet, the police were not called and she remained at work the rest of the day. It's always something extreme like that! Anytime I cook she acts like it's the most disgusting thing she's ever eaten. The when she cooks, if I so much as put pepper on something she loses her mind and get's so offended that I'd dare "alter her cooking". We went out to eat dinner last night, and like always, I paid. She constantly orders cocktails and complained that she hated the food. She pushed it around on the plate like a petulant child. I know she only did this because it's the restaurant I wanted and not where she wanted to go. I saw her eating the food from the to-go container that night without issue. She just needed to put on a charade in front of me. She get's angry when I tell her our dogs cannot be in the sun all day (because they have a condition that makes them prone to sunburns and cancer) and they have exposed skin/missing hair. She say's I have no idea what I am talking about, that the sun is completely safe and good for you. Meanwhile, she is Caucasian but so tanned-brown she looks Latin. Her skin is literally leather and not moist at all. She chain smokes and vapes daily and has survived cancer. I've told her not to smoke in the house or around me because I have a precancerous blood condition and she does it anyway. She act's like she is above everyone else despite the fact that, without her son and me allowing her to stay here, she would literally have to turn to a homeless shelter. She also recently told me that she "was praying so hard to God that I and *her son's name* would get a divorce" because she thinks I am an abusive POS because I (attempt) to stand up to her. Now I feel relegated to just wait it out. She is supposedly supposed to be working towards moving out of out home, but yet, she spends superfluous money on things we, nor she, need nor will we ever use. She jumps at any "by one" sale and has hundreds of some items. Literally, we have over 60 cans of tomato sauce in our small house because if their is a sale, she'll buy it, regardless of what it is. Her cat destroyed my couch with it's claws and I told her I didn't like the destructive cat (I didn't even tell her to get rid of it, I just made a comment I was upset it's destructive) and she's made at me for not liking the cat. She is also a cat hoarder who was fined by the ASPCA when her house was foreclosed on for animal neglect, and she keeps trying to bring kittens into our home. She lives on Facebook marketplace and has purchased three different patio sets for (not her) but our (mine and her son's) home. She also purchased a grill when we already had one and it was very expensive. I told her she should save that money to move out and she says she has plenty of money; then I suggest she start looking for apartments and she cites not making enough money to do so! I make a point to call the room she stays in the "guest room", because that is indeed what it is, and she get offended and calls it "her room". She got mad that I moved her nightstand yesterday when an emergency plumber had to come out for a $2,000 repair and he needed access through the guestroom. She accused me of not being gentile with her nightstand and breaking it, despite the fact it's literally had a broken leg for 60 plus years because it's an old family hand me down. Any given opportunity she has to make on overt or covert assault on me she does, she she'll have the audacity to say to me at dinner "I feel like you don't like me". She's right, I don't. Last night I caught her throwing away my mail and she is denying it, which is what brings me here to this sub. I just cannot do it anymore.
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2023.06.02 21:34 Tookiesdad Avoid sprat hall

I was attacked by a grey pit mix on sprat hall beach, please put this aggressive animal in a loving home. I sustained a few minor injuries and a broken phone. Green collar, attacked unprovoked.
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2023.06.02 21:23 Powerful-Local-9238 I'm stuck from what happened almost 3 years ago between me and my ex (M21) (F23)

I don't know what's wrong :/
I need help about getting back into realationships again.
This may be a long story but it will explain everything I'm feeling and why I'm scared to try dating again. It was about 3 years ago, I met this girl on FaceBook and almost instantly fell in love. She was beautiful, funny, not the sharpest knife in the kitchen but that didn't bother me seeing as she had Autism. Nothing full blown but the signs and fact she told me were enough. We started talking about a week before her 21st birthday, i was 19 at the time. After a few days of talking, she invited me to go to the local Applebeas with a few of her friends to celebrate her birthday, i obviously said yes not wanting to miss this chance. Things took off, about 2 weeks later, we both confessed that we thought about eachother on a daily basis and had the same feelings for eachother. We even ended up having sex, which would make her the first person I'd been with and losing my virginity too. The realationship was great at first, we saw eachother almost everyday becasue she lived in a town about 20 minutes from me and would share the expense of traveling.
I'd like to think I was a good boyfriend. I would take her out to dinner and dates 2-3 times a month, would always buy her gifts if I saw something that suited her and even went as far as to pay for a whole new set of tires for her car after noticing they were rather bald. Throughout the time we had together, we had been through a lot of bad stuff but always tried to make the best out of it. But about 2 years into our 3 year realationship, I decided to try moving up in the kitchen I worked at at the time, taking on more responsibility and working more hours. Me thinking, Yes I would lose some time with her but not to a degree to hurt anything, it would also provide more money for me/us.
Then one day, I didn't have to work so I thought we could hangout with my best friend, go outside and enjoy the rather pleasent day. We were at my best friends house watching TV, I was scolling through my phone when she suddenly sprung up shouting "HAVE YOU BEEN CHEATING ON ME?!" whichout any context. I leaned forward saying "What are you talking about, of course not I would never!" She stared at me for a literal whole minute, I'm not sure what she was thinking or how she even got this thought in her head. It turns out she heard from someone at my work that I drove another co-worker home after her car wasn't running. I didn't think of that as an issue, the co-worker lived not far and it was on my way home so I was trying to be helpful as best I could.
After this moment, for a solid month it was brutal, we argued daily and the drama just got worse until I sat her down one day and confessed that nothing happened, that she was the only person I loved and I would never do that to someone seeing as I wouldn't want the same to happen to me. After a long talk, It seemed to be repaired and we didn't talk about the situation again for a long time.
We are now toward the end of the realationship and I noticed she was getting distant. She didn't want to come over to my place anymore, didn't want to go out to dinners anymore and simply didn't show any type of effection toward me. I won't lie, this hurt me, so I tried talking to her about it but would always get the same anwser everytime, "Nothing is wrong I'm just tired" or "I'm just going through a lot right now". I tried my best to respect that maybe she was having some family issues she didn't want me to worry about seeing as I was decently close with her family and younger brother (He was my age so we had a lot in common)
About a few weeks after all this happened, she said she was going to spend the night at her friends house, I knew this friend pretty well and knew she was a good friend to my girlfriend. I decided to text her one night, saying "Hey, I hope you and {friends name} are having a great time. I have this Friday off and was hoping maybe we could go to the movies or the mall or something. Let me know". About 30 minutes later, i get a call on my phone from her. I answered and she proceded to say the following. "Z, I don't know how to tell you this but, I've been cheating on you." My heart sank instantly, this was my biggest real life fear that I told her about, the one thing that would hurt me. I responded by asking how long have you been, she said the past 5 months, since the incident at my best friends house. I asked her if it was a one time thing, she replied saying it's happened 6-7 times, behind my back while I was at work. I told her to come to my house so we could talk this out and maybe I could get some answers as to why she would do this to me. Later she stopped by, I asked her all the questions and she basically short answered everyone of them. I told her this was fucked up, i slammed her car door shut and said "Just leave and don't come back."
One week passed, she texted me saying we should talk. I didn't have anything to say but a feeling in my gut there was something important. We meet at a local grocery store parking lot, she kept saying she was sorry and I stayed dead silent, never looking her in the eyes. Nothing much else was said, I later left sarcastically saying "Well, this was helpful" while getting out and going home. My family had planned a trip, to SC for a week and a half. Just so happened to be my birthday this week so I was geeked for the first time in a while considering everything that's been happening. Somehow she found out and was PISSED that I didn't invite her. I explained to her that her feelings are my top priority after the way she took mine into consideration. I wanted things to work, I did, but in the end I knew this was the best option and she "officially" broke up with me on the midnight of my birthday (I turned 21)
Long Story short, this girl was everything I wanted. I was even conidering marrige at one point throughout the realationship. But the way she hurt me, 5 months without me even knowing I started to blame myself, that maybe I could have dappened the damage if I was paying more attention to her even though she wasn't to me. I now have a hard time talking with woman, I don't want the same thing to happen to me again and have to go through that same pain again with a different face. Since then, I've attempted to date two other woman, both I stepped away from due to my past getting to me and making it hard for me to enjoy their company. To both of those woman I told them that I wasn't ready to be in a realationship and that maybe I needed help before I start again and both were relatively understandable about my past situations but upset that I didn't treat them as a fresh start. I don't want to get hurt again, but these events that have happened almost 3 years ago still effect me today, I also don't want to hurt anyone else or lead anyone else on until I've fully moved past this "PTSD" type past.
I don't let it get to me because i've done everything I can to grow and move on, but from time to time I think about my future and how I'm going to handle realationships in the future, who I'm going to have my children with, our lives together, etc. I have this feeling that I'll never be able to trust someone full heartedly ever again and that concerns me. I have no bad ties with my ex anymore, I believe in God and confessed to him multiple times that I forgive her for what she's done and that whatevewhereever she ends up she is in good health.
Anybody have advise for a guy who's mentally stuck in the "Single Pringle" stage? Everytime I ask one of my friends, they just say to "Shake it off" or to remember I'm a good guy and I did everything I could.
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2023.06.02 20:20 World_Musician Can a lender foreclose a house other than the one attached to the home equity loan if it goes into default? (Missouri)

Sorry for the badly worded question, I'm not sure how to explain this twisted situation in a short question. Thanks for any insights and information I may recieve!
Heres the deal:
  1. Karen takes out a home equity loan on one of the houses she owns and gives the money to her child Sally to buy her own house. Sally agrees to pay back Karens loan every month.
  2. Sally buys a house outright with the money from her mothers home equity loan. There is no mortgate, no lien, the title and deed are fully in her name only. She fully and exclusively owns this house. 12 years of making regular monthly payments pass.
  3. Karen now wants to sell the house that she took the HELOC on, and threatens to have the bank foreclose Sallys house to pay the remainder of the principal (144k). Karen tells Sally she needs to pay 144k right now or lose her house.
Is this possible?
My understanding is that if one sells a house with an unpaid equity loan attached to it, any profit from the sale will be taken by the lender to pay it off. Is that correct or does the bank have the legal power to foreclose Sally's home instead of Karens?
Thanks for any help I can get in understanding this!
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2023.06.02 20:19 badkiwi42 Least Unhinged Van Gundy Broadcast

Least Unhinged Van Gundy Broadcast submitted by badkiwi42 to nbacirclejerk [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 20:18 World_Musician Can a lender foreclose a house other than the one attached to the home equity loan if it goes into default?

Sorry for the badly worded question, I'm not sure how to explain this twisted situation in a short question. Thanks for any insights and information I may recieve!
Heres the deal:
  1. Karen takes out a home equity loan on one of the houses she owns and gives the money to her child Sally to buy her own house. Sally agrees to pay back Karens loan every month.
  2. Sally buys a house outright with the money from her mothers home equity loan. There is no mortgate, no lien, the title and deed are fully in her name only. She fully and exclusively owns this house. 12 years of making regular monthly payments pass.
  3. Karen now wants to sell the house that she took the HELOC on, and threatens to have the bank foreclose Sallys house to pay the remainder of the principal (144k). Karen tells Sally she needs to pay 144k right now or lose her house.
Is this possible?
My understanding is that if one sells a house with an unpaid equity loan attached to it, any profit from the sale will be taken by the lender to pay it off. Is that correct or does the bank have the legal power to foreclose Sally's home instead of Karens?
Thanks for any help I can get in understanding this!
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