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2023.06.04 10:23 Complete_Mess_7507 I'm going to be a single OAD parent soon

TW: domestic violence and abuse
Hey there. I've been a regular here with another account but I wanted a new one to share this. I'm not sure why I'm posting here exactly. Maybe because this community is mostly supportive and less mean than others, I don't know. This isn't an OAD issue, so I apologize.
I am leaving my husband. The reasons are many. He's always been verbally abusive, borderline physically abusive too (pushing me, throwing stuff at me, he's done some very ugly things but he hasn't hit me yet, just threatens to do so almost daily to "keep me in line"). He doesn't treat our son well either but mostly he ignores his existence.
He has never been an equal partner in terms of childcare or household chores, despite both of us working from home and me working much longer hours. In fact, that's probably the main reason I'm OAD. I've even told him that I won't be having any more kids with him because he firmly believes that childcare and household are the "woman's job" (at the same time he despises SAHMs and thinks they're "worthless gold diggers"). Even this morning, he was already awake and he currently doesn't even work (refuses to, wants me to support him), yet I was the one who had to wake up to take care of our toddler and it's always been this way, including the first 2 years after we had him, my husband stopped working then as well and just took on small odd jobs, barely enough to pay the bills, leaving everything else to me. There was a month or so last year when I imposed the rule that whoever is already up will be the one taking care of the kid (taking him to the potty and giving him breakfast, nothing extreme) instead of waking the sleeping parent up and it worked for a couple of weeks, then my husband started going out to have his coffee outside any time he'd wake up before me. When he was still a baby, usually I'd be working until 1-2am, his father would sleep all day, literally, and be at his computer at 3am, the baby starts crying, he doesn't even check on him, instead comes and wakes me up telling me the baby is crying, go take care of him. He never takes over anything for me when I'm sick, not even when I was almost passing out from pneumonia, I was still the one doing all of the childcare, waking up at night, taking him to doctors appointments because he was also sick. All my husband has ever contributed was driving because I don't drive. But he won't even get out of the car, just drive, wait for us, then drive us back. A taxi service basically.
He has a mental illness but he quit his meds a few months ago (his psychiatrist approved but he hadn't seen him in 7 years and the doctor didn't even remember him or what his issues were). Instead of feeling better, however, my husband has been gradually entering an episode since then. He's become paranoid and violent. He still hasn't hit me, but every single conversation on any random irrelevant topic leads to him losing his shit and threatening to hit me. And he doesn't just say it, most times he raises his hand, shaking with rage, barely stops himself from hitting me, and doesn't care if our toddler is around or not. I've been walking on eggshells for months and as a result, I don't even talk to him any more and avoid him as much as I can because I know that he's just waiting for a reason to release his anger. And that's a 280lbs man so it's scary enough to keep me quiet. Not that our communication was particularly good before, he'd always refuse to talk about our issues, leave in the middle of the conversation, and regularly give me the silent treatment for days without even telling me what's wrong. But now it's non-existent.
He doesn't realize there's anything wrong with him and his mother and I have been trying to get him to see a psychiatrist for months now but he not only refuses, he becomes aggressive with both of us.
He actually hit his mother a few days ago, in front of our toddler. I think that was what cemented my decision to leave. In fact, I probably should have done it much sooner, maybe the first time he threatened to hit me, while pregnant, 5 years ago. I should have left then, but honestly, I was afraid of being a single mother. I'm still afraid but now I feel that I don't have a choice. He refuses to get help, his mother refuses to start the procedure for involuntary treatment. I don't see any other way, honestly.
I feel guilty and his mother is making me feel guilty for leaving him while he's ill. When I told her that I won't let my son live in a house with DV, she actually said "Do you know there are women who get beat up every day and you call this domestic violence?". Yes, in fact I do, but I get it. She's his mother, she was hoping I'd stay and help, and I wanted to, I have been trying. I know it's his mental illness that took things to this extreme but life before it wasn't that much better. He isn't a bad person, but he is so mean and cruel when he gets angry, he'd call me all sorts of names, humiliate me, disrespect me in every possible way. I just kept compromising with myself and waiting and hoping that things will get better. Well, now they got so much worse and I have no hope left.
I know life will be very hard as a single parent. I don't have any family to help out, but I hope my mother in law will continue to help as she has so far, I don't know.
We'll be renting for a while, and I will have to work even longer hours to keep us afloat, so I guess it's a good thing I've been living on 4-5 hours of interrupted sleep for the past 4 years. But I think ultimately, we will be better off. I won't be watching my sweet boy's heart break every single day when he tries to get attention from dad just to be chased away, yelled at or threatened. They spend less than 5min a day together, not even every day. I don't push them to spend time together any more because his father is too unpredictable, but even in the past it would have been the same if I didn't try to guide them toward each other. Now that I've stopped, they barely see each other, despite living in the same apartment.
There's nothing left for us here. But I'm terrified of being a single mother. I'm also afraid of my husband's reaction and possible retaliation because he isn't thinking straight. I know that having one child will be much easier than multiples in this situation so I'm thankful for the choice I made, maybe the one smart thing I've done in the past 6 years. But I would appreciate some reassurance from other single parents. Lie to me, please, tell me it will be okay.
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2023.06.04 09:56 xnnyynnx reddit is my last resort, not allowed to have friends or social media: My bf (23M) has retroactive jealousy over my (22F) past

Yall please help because its affecting me a lot, I'm writing this as fast as i can on my pc bc he checks my screen time on my phone, warning; its a lot bc I'm not allowed to talk to anyone so I came here to let it out and I need help
short story on how we met, important to the story
my bf and go to the same college and we met once in 2019 in campus but it was just a hello and we forgot about each other. we officially spoke in March 2022, no contact until August 2022 when we actually got to know each other. i spoke to him like how I would normally speak with my other friends, i have a big personality and i made inappropriate jokes like you'd see on social media, totally harmless memes and i didn't hide my personality when I was with him, he didn't like it but was okay with until recent, he says he is disgusted with the person I was before. he is diagnosed with OCD. fast forward to October 2022, he confessed and I accepted it and we were official. we don't live together.
the first day i met him in Aug2022, he told me he was only into virgins like he is but he said he has done everything (not sex) with multiple random people before, went on dates with countless people and had few girlfriends. and i told him my past, I've had 2 bfs and a situationship, I've only made out (kissed and received hickeys), sent half naked pic (bikini pics) to one of the bf. at first he didn't pursue me bc of this, then we started talking and i had no intention to flirt with him, I talked to him like I normally talk. then we got together and it was fine for few months. he did say he takes the past of his gfs seriously and he broke up with a few bc they had a past. he asked me if I was okay with his past and ocd and i said yes, until now it doesn't bother me.
the problem started in Feb2023 when ex2 texted me on ig (it gave me a panic attack bc it was a very traumatizing relationship and i ended it) and told my bf and he asked me to give my ig pw to him to handle it. then he started going through my chats and he found a chat with ex2 back in 2021, it was very teenagey and childish, few pics but nothing serious but he got very affected by it. i kept reassuring him I've never met ex2 and it was edating bc quarantine. bf and i had a break for 3 days and he kept wanting to break up and in those 3 days i was begging him to stay bc it's not like i cheated on him, i didn't have a talking stage/situationship/anything with anyone since Feb2022 until him. i told him whatever i could remember bc the ex2 relationship affected me to the point i had ed, but until now he pressures me to tell everything that happened and he is making me relive everything.
ever since this incident I've been anxious and haven't been giving my all for this relationship, i wasn't given any reassurance and anything, which i understand bc it affects him so I've learned to accept that (whenever my past issues come up i cant ask for reassurance/comfort bc the past is my fault that i betrayed him before meeting him. - his words). i put maximum effort before feb2022, no complaints from him. until this issue. this happened again in march2023.
i said 'don't say vulgar words (like i wanna f*** you) bc it doesn't sound intimate" back in Jan2023 and for awhile he was okay with it but i guess he had it in mind bc in March2023 he asked me why i allowed ex2 to speak like that but not him and made it into a whole issue. i had to reassure him and say bc i didn't feel intimate with ex2 but with my bf i did. he said its affecting him a lot and he wanted to break up with me here, i begged him to stay here as well. but it started to tear me apart bc i had nothing but love for my bf and it hurt me a lot and i had to distract myself constantly to be okay.
other problems
we were somewhat fine after that, we kept meeting and went out to eat and to campus but slowly he started restricting everything, wasn't allowed to go out alone or with friend, wasn't allowed to talk to my girl best friend & few other friends bc they were from my past, wasn't allowed to use twitter and tiktok, these apps are to keep up on games, kpop and the things i like, i told him this and he said doesn't care. had a group of close friends my girlbsf and 2 male bsf, he accused me of having a thing w one of my male bsf from that group. we really didn't, all of us were just close friends like siblings, 4 of us knew each other parents and our parents knew each other. but he still thinks i had a thing with him. i cut him off bc respected my bf. i have no problem cutting contact with any male if it makes my bf uncomfy bc its basic respect. but he gives me tests to see if i will pass the test, like will i listen to everything he says, if i don't it will turn into a big fight and i have to beg for his forgiveness and still do it if it makes me anxious or uncomfy. when i asked him to unfollow his ex gfs he would say he wants to keep them so they can see how well he was doing. he would say they are harmless and start a fight with me for even bringing that up. he doesn't like my big personality (para 1) and hes been trying to 'correct my mindset' and 'prohibit me from being wrong'. he always asks about the timeline (para 1) to make sure i didn't 'cheat' on him despite only meeting him for a day and didn't speak for months until Aug2022.
he doesn't allow me to ask questions like, why he can do certain things while he restricts me from doing but it will end up in an argument for asking unnecessary questions. he gets verbally abusive when he is mad about my past and would say he will break my face and will use vulgar language. it hurts me terribly, im not the person to get angry and be verbally abusive, i speak very calmly and wont raise my voice but he will raise his voice and threaten me. we have other problems in the relationship, he has access to my ig and would ask me what i spoke to A(for example) and im required to remember everything that i spoke to A if not he will flip out and say im hiding and lying. i don't think of random people all the time and im always under pressure to remember every convo if not he accuses me of lying or hiding. i honestly have nothing to hide, he reads my old chats with platonic friends and twists it to make it seem like there is something. i admit when we had my past issue in Feb2023, ive deleted few chats because i know he will twist it and i shouldn't have done that and hes very upset about it until now, but I'm glad i did bc it saved me alot of problems, not because i was doing smth wrong but he doesn't understand my humor said 'does everyone know youre a wh*re bc you spoke like that with everyone?' i spoke like how a normal genz that watches tiktok would (step on me for example) i didn't flirt with anyone.
the reason why im writing this is because im scared very scared and tired.
i still love him even after everything, he made me question myself. Am i a narcist or do i have bpd or have any mental issues. be honest you guys. am i the wrong one here? there's so much more and i could see hes a very insecure person and I've been trying to reassure him as much as i can, but its affecting my social life, its nonexistent now. i got an internship at a place i love and he wants to join the place as well, its not a problem for me but he said if i have to work alone he will break up with me because hes worried about me and wouldn't be there to protect me if i get assaulted. im really unhappy, im required to let go of any job offers if he not selected with him, he does the same but i want independence and freedom. i spoke to him about this and he reacted very badly and i had to give in. i feel like i lost myself trying to be the person he wants. he is aware of retroactive jealousy but he takes it out on me in the worst possible way and im left alone to heal by myself. yesterday he wanted to leave me for changing my ig pw without his permission. and he asked for my snap pw and he went through all my snaps from 2020 to present and he is forcing me to tell him which pics ive sent to ex2 as I'm writing this right now. i cant keep doing this. im always under pressure and im stressed all the time, its not enjoyable talking to him anymore. its taking a toll on me, i have other worries other than this relationship but this is 95% of my problems and it affecting my life.
he can be very nice and sweet and he says he loves me but whenever hes hurt hes verbally abusive and might be physically abusive bc he punches walls and breaks things but whenever im hurt and i express it, he will either turn it into a joke or turn it into an argument saying i should've thought about him and how it would make him feel before expressing my hurt. end of the day i must be the one to apologize if im right or wrong, he does apologize as well but only when we have a big fight for him to understand. im on birth control pills for the first time and its making my hair fall and have mood swings but he not there, he doesn't care and said don't blame the pills. i might be neurodivergent and im trying to get diagnosed for Asperger's soon bc i think its one of the factors affecting the relationship and my social skills but that's a whole different discussion. there so much more but i dont have time.
i really dont want to lose him bc we really a genuine good time before the retroactive jealousy and all the relationship problems, i wanted to help him through the ocd, but now i dont what to do i dont think im strong enough for this, right this moment i received a guilt trip message saying he can't eat even when the food is good when he chose to go through my snap (which had only pics of me) to overthink and twist everything and blame it on me. now i have to go admit my mistakes and beg for forgiveness. hes been saying he wants to leave but its a test to see if i will fight for him to come back, when he blocked me yesterday he wanted me to text him on other apps and got mad when i didnt.
to be clear, i have never cheated/flirted with anyone and dont have a reason to hide anything, objectively i didn't do anything wrong while i was in this relationship, ive been very faithful but now i feel like i should delete everything because i cant stand the constant abuse and harassment, id rather be accused of hiding and lying even when im not than explain what each word meant and this happened during my finals as well, i wasted alot of time and im tired. help
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2023.06.04 09:55 anincompoop25 Confusion about order of the [LATE GAME LOCATIONS} and the keys to open them

I'm confused about how the Alien bases are supposed to be discovered, because I've had some annoying experiences with them.
I first found the containment enforcer base through the sunbeam event. I got the purple key from somewhere earlier, and I explored the base. In the base I found clues to the two other bases. Later in the game, I follow one of the clues, and head south west from the Enforcement tower, until I find alien vents on the ocean floor. I find the nearest chasm, and explore to the depth the clue says, 800 meters. Here I find a giant fossill, and an alien building. The building has a gate, locked with a yellow tablet. I have never seen a yellow tablet, so I move one, maybe there will be one in the cave. I find another alien base, that talks about the bio creatures the aliens created. No tablet in here. A bit later, I explore this area even more. It goes deeper, to a firey region. I follow this region . I eventually find a giant alien structure, but the only door has a blue tablet lock. I have never seen a blue tablet.

I have no radio logs to check, no more hints directing me. What am I supposed to do? It was a huge pain in the ass getting down here with the cyclops and prawn, I dont wanna trek all the way back to base just to still not know what to do.

This game is a bit frustrating in its design. It needs a better log, and I now appreciate the subtle genius of Outer Wilds' "theres more to explore here" feature. IN Subnautica, I never quite feel like I know if I've explored an area fully enough to have all the important info. It kinda forces you to explore every nook and cranny, and scan everyhing. But it also puts duplicate items and fragments everywhere, so exploring super thoroughly gets tiresome.
Did I miss some key clues in my clue chain? It feels a bit like I'm sequence breaking and its causing the endgame to fall apart a bit.
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2023.06.04 09:52 cutiepatooti91 5 days no contact and I have experienced peace for the first time since I met him, real peace

(Sorry this is long) Something about the heightened sense of emotion made me play music all day every day. Music emotionally regulates me so it wasn't a bad thing because I was trying to stay regulated but I didnt realise it was because I was in constant fight or flight. The thing is when I moved into this apartment the thing I loved the most was the silence. Its so quiet and peaceful around here and silence started to feel eery. I needed to be texting or calling him when things got quiet and thats not like me, so this weekend I made sure to make no plans as I was suffering from adrenal fatigue from the aftermath and today I woke up and felt real peace again. I appreciated the quiet. Yes I still have things ruminating through my mind, still connecting the dots and seeing the red flags clear as anything but at least I'm starting to finally feel free.
I'm also recognising all the bad things that happened and where I kept my strength that I managed to consistently keep throughout. Here are some examples of our convos. I'm just writing so I remember to look back at this if I spiral.
  1. He once said I was his priority after 2 months and I replied well I shouldn't be. He said why? I said you should be your own priority. Have to take care of yourself so you can take care of others. He then quickly changed it to his mum
  2. He once said I'm the most important person in your life and I said no you're not and he said well I'd like to know who comes before me. I said I have a long list (as a joke) as its really my family, friends and my studies that come before any boy unless they're my long term partner or husband. All this stuff was within 3 months!
  3. Don't forget who gave you the best sex of your life- bare in mind after we had sex the first time the first thing he was 'what's wrong????' I said nothing I'm just chilling. Kept asking me if I was OK so when I told him eventually the sex was great it went to his head.
  4. I once told him that to me being cool is being your most authentic self. He said he thought being cool was being selfless and helping the vulnerable lol how I laugh at that now. He hurts the vulnerable. I was even tempted to check Google and see If he found that answer online somewhere.
  5. I kept calling him out on his behaviour because I told him I have been with fuck boys before him and my tolerance was low. And he said (begrudgingly) 'its good that you call this stuff out a lot of people keep it to themselves and get on with it'
  6. On one of our last calls before I blocked him I said let's have some space so you can sort your head out and I can go back to being me and he said 'well if I never speak to you again have a nice life' I was like what? He did a very sinister laugh and said IM JOKING! 7 . One day I called him and said I felt like he lost interest and was scared I would get hurt. He barely reassured me as this was the beginning of his 'depression'. It was because he ate 2 pizzas the night before and was feeling fat. Thats why he had been distant. When I reassured him I liked him for him he was like ok.
  7. that night he called me in a panic to say he sent a pic of his privates to another girl and then called me straight away to help him remove his socials. He just told me he had been blackmailed and didn't tell me the reason as to what he did until I helped him. I ended it 3x throughout but this was the 1st and he said 'I honestly didn't think you'd end it when I called' this was early on and should have been my first sign of the person he was but I really believed he was in a bad place and needed help. he didn't call me to own up. He just needed me to help him get out of the mess he made, calm him down. He didn't realise what he did would hurt me until I called it out. God knows how many girls he did it to before he got found out. I thought 'is this how weak he thinks I am that he could do that and then call me and think it would be fine' but I did help him and told him we all make mistakes, you've learnt and grown from it so we can move on. If only I knew how much worse it was going to get. This was just his way of solidifying I was in his web and he could do whatever he wanted.
that's all that comes to mind for now but the reason I'm posting all this is because when I ended it I felt weak for putting up with it. I blamed myself for being needy and always wanting answers and not just letting him get on with his 'depression' but I read something on here the other day. There were always red flags we just make them green. I'm proud of myself that I managed to keep my self worth throughout in some way. Yes I took him back after emotionally cheating, fell for all the right things he said to me every time, started chasing harder once he discarded and let him act superior over me for a while but there was some kind of consistency in how I would talk to him and I'm glad I always fought back and had my say. He is not a good person and he never cared about me but I'm glad I cared more about myself to leave. I feel sorry for his next victim, I'm lucky I made it out when I did. When I asked him if he still had feelings for the ex he stayed in constant contact with he shouted at me. That was it, there was no going back. I hate being shouted at, from past trauma and I just knew the mask was off and if I stayed he would punish me worse and I didn't want that. I thank my ex for providing me with safe and secure love for showing me what I deserved before being with him because without that I know I would have stayed for years, holding onto the good. He's the real reason I left. Thank you.
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2023.06.04 09:48 kainvinosec [USA-OK] [H] 97 Games, 9 Manuals (3DS-2, Atari 2600-6, Game Boy-1, Genesis-1, NDS-3, NES-11, PC-1, PS1-8, PS2-7, PS3-11, PS4-5, SNES-1, Switch-1, Wii-6, Xbox 360-32, Xbox One-1), Amiibos-20, 4 Consoles (3DSXL-1, PS2-1, PS3-1, Xbox 360-1) [W] PayPal (F&F/G&S, Buyer's Preference)

All images uploaded for this post will be included here:

Shipping is USPS Priority Mail. Items will be placed in bubble wrap and shipped inside boxes. Tracking and insurance are included. Add the following to all orders (except pre-made bundles, shipping is included in their prices):

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Xbox 360 Mass Effect 2 CIB - Complete In Box $4.00
Xbox 360 Mass Effect 3 CIB - Complete In Box $4.00
Xbox 360 Plants vs. Zombies CIB - Complete In Box $6.00
Xbox 360 Pure CIB - Complete In Box $5.00
Xbox 360 Rocksmith CIB - Complete In Box $7.00
Xbox 360 SoulCalibur IV CIB - Complete In Box $5.00
Xbox 360 Star Wars: The Force Unleashed CIB - Complete In Box $5.00
Xbox 360 The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion -- Game of the Year Edition CIB - Complete In Box $7.00
Xbox 360 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim CIB - Complete In Box $2.00
Xbox 360 The Orange Box Loose - Cartridge/Discs Only $14.00
Xbox 360 Turok Boxed - Cartridge/Discs with Box (No Manual/Extras) $9.00
Xbox 360 Unreal Tournament III Loose - Cartridge/Discs Only $4.00
Xbox 360 Viva Pinata Loose+ - Cartridge/Discs with Manual $3.00
Xbox 360 Your Shape: Fitness Evolved CIB - Complete In Box $3.00
Xbox One Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition CIB - Complete In Box $6.00

Console Manual Price
GBA Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Prophecy $7.00
GBA Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World $7.00
GBA Wario Land 4 $10.00
PS1 Brave Fencer Musashi $27.00
PS1 Breath of Fire III $21.00
PS1 Final Fantasy Origins $6.00
PS1 Intelligent Qube $12.00
PS1 Vagrant Story $21.00
PS1 Wild Arms $14.00

Note: All Amiibos are "loose". Images included in the link at the top of the post. Amiibos also require $15.00 shipping regardless of how many are purchased. Their bases are just too big for the $10 shipping box's size.
Amiibo Price
Diddy Kong $17.00
Donkey Kong $25.00
Dr. Mario $13.00
Fox $9.00
Link $31.00
Link - Majora's Mask $40.00
Link - Toon $24.00
Lucario $13.00
Luigi $17.00
Mario $13.00
Mario - 30th, Classic $10.00
Marth $11.00
Mega Man $15.00
Pac-Man $12.00
Peach $11.00
Pikachu $9.00
Princess Zelda $28.00
Simon $19.00
Sonic $26.00
Yoshi $21.00

Console Notes Price
Nintendo 3DS XL Black & Red Comes with charging cable & grip. Boots directly into custom firmware. Will remove NNID prior to shipping. Will come with a 128gb SanDisk SD Card. $135.00
Xbox 360 Console Gears of Wars 3 Edition Comes with power cable, HDMI cable, and 2 Gears of War controllers (no rechargable battery packs, but the backplates are there and the controllers can hold normal batteries). $90.00
Playstation 3 Slim System Comes with power cable, HDMI cable, and at least 1 official controller (rubber in thumbsticks may feel sticky) and may include bonus official or third party controllers for free. System is loaded with CFW and boots directly into it. System has new thermal paste and rubber block installed that helps apply pressure to the CPU/Heatsink to additionally reduce temperatures and prolong system lifespan. $90.00
Playstation 2 System (Phat) Comes with power cable, PS2-to-HDMI adapter, HDMI cable, 1 official PS1 memory card, 1 official PS2 memory card, and 1 official controller (rubber in thumbsticks may feel sticky). System is modded and comes with 1TB HDD. Shell has an area on the side that is broken from a drop, but all internals are unharmed, and system has been tested and was found working as expected. May include additional memory cards for free. $90.00

Pre-Made Bundles Included Non-Bundle Shipped Price Bundle Shipped Price
Atari Gamer All 6 Atari games. $63.00 $40.00
3DS XL Collector 3DS XL console, both 3DS games, and all 3 NDS games. $203.00 $175.00
NES Gamer All 11 NES games. $118.00 $100.00
PS1 Gamer All 8 PS1 games. $107.00 $100.00
PS2 Gamer All 7 PS2 games. $53.00 $45.00
PS2 Collector PS2 (Phat, modded) console and all 7 PS2 games. $143.00 $120.00
PS3 Gamer All 11 PS3 games. $93.00 $80.00
PS3 Collector PS3 Slim console and all 11 PS3 games. $183.00 $170.00
PS4 Gamer All 5 PS4 games. $78.00 $70.00
Wii Gamer All 6 Wii games. $70.00 $60.00
Xbox 360 Gamer All 32 Xbox 360 games. $175.00 $150.00
Xbox 360 Collector Gears of War Xbox 360 and all 32 Xbox 360 games. $265.00 $200.00
Manuals All 9 Manuals. $145.00 $100.00
Extras GB-Asteroids, Genesis-Columns, PC-Final Fantasy VIII, SNES-WWF Super Wrestlemania, Switch-Harvest Moon: Light of Hope SE (Complete), Xbox One-Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition $68.00 $60.00
Amiibo Collector All 20 Amiibo. $384.00 $350.00
Console Collector All 4 consoles. $425.00 $400.00
Game Collector All 97 games. $713.00 $650.00
Absolutely Everything Every individual item in this post. $1607.00 $1400.00
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2023.06.04 09:46 dokushin FFX2 HDR -- A brief, mild review

Brief background: I'm an over-the-hill class gamer who grew up with FF's 1, "2", and "3" (those are 4 and 6 now, and yes, I know you already knew). FFX and X2 represented a glaring hole in my experience that I sought to correct over the past couple of weeks. And while I don't have much to say on FFX -- it's a great game, maybe not for me -- I have quite a bit to say about FFX2. I need the catharsis, so I'm just going to jump right in, by topic.
The Stuff Everyone Hates
Just to get this out of the way, the completion business is completely bonkers. Some of the stuff guarding 100% (Via Infinito is a great example) feels like post-game screw around stuff to extend playtime, not critical do-this-or-get-a-bad-ending stuff. My theory is that that's how it was intended to work, but at some point they put more and more emphasis on that elusive completion, and it's... ugh. I mean, they make you perform a major faction choice early in the game, and one of them will then and there torpedo your "perfect run". Another bit of completion and an either-or choice of unique accessory relies on who you talk to first with no indication of it mattering. It's confusing and obtuse.
Oh, and the outfits are ridiculous. I'm not gonna spend a lot of time there. Just talking about it makes me feel a bit skeevy.
I love job-change systems, strategic building, and the new ATB system here is a lot of fun, with shit happening everywhere. So it's easy to come in excited. Unfortunately, it all is kind of ... well, let's break it down.
Okay, I'm tired of talking about mechanics. Basically, they suck, the game hates the Magic stat and anyone who wants to cast a spell, there's one ability out of all the abilities on every job that matters and it throws a little party for the enemy before breaking the game over your knee. Hope you like fireworks.
The story is told from a unique perspective and with kind of a unique flavor. Some of that flavor I absolutely hate -- the music for most of the game just kind of grates on me, some of the characters are just too much, and things stay always a little silly -- but that's not bad, it's more a matter of preference. I think that writing this story was a fun experiment. By the time it had concluded I feel like it lost track of what it was doing and left some stuff just kind of hanging, but all in all I enjoyed it. It's frustrating because so many elements and details are locked behind impossible-to-predict random actions, triggers, and areas, so to see it all you need a walkthrough and a spreadsheet, which really kills the flow of the story itself.
** Creature Creator **
This -- where you capture fiends and make them fight in arena battles -- is completely disconnected from the rest of the game, but is a lot of fun. I enjoyed trying different strategies with different creatures, and since you can customize their abilities by feeding them items it helped to recapture some of that tactical complexity that I feel is missing with the specialized jobs and no equipment. Really, I wish it wasn't there, because I would have been done with this game 100 hours earlier, but it was fun to mess around with.
The stories you unlock from releasing monsters are all basically comedy skits, but some are entertaining and it's fun to get a glimpse into the lives of random people.
** Other **
I really enjoyed most of the battle quips and the quotes that go with the various jobs, although sometimes they were a bit forced. This, though:
is the funniest thing I've heard all year and I'm not kidding.
** Overall **
You know already just from the word count above. I found the story inoffensive and some of the side activities fun, but the mechanical aspects of this RPG feel very... I don't know, amateurish, like they were put together by someone who has never actually played an RPG and confronted the harsh reality of strong enemies being immune to things. Between that, and the domination of Fireworks, and the deep hostility to magic, there was never really anything I was excited about learning or developing. I'd get a new job and I'd know already what I'd find -- more pointless attacks and a couple of good auto-abilities. There was precious little to look forward to getting, meaning the strategic element I crave in my number-based games was almost entirely missing. It promises Tactics and delivers Mystic Quest. (No shade, FFMQ had amazing music and I really kind of like it, even if it's a wafer-thin game.)
I'd love to discuss any of this in the comments with anyone with different experiences. Having put the game to rest, in retrospect it felt... draining, more than anything. A billion things to keep track of over tiny little fractions of percent of progress, dozens and dozens and dozens of "attack-plus-this" that don't matter, and probably the worst black magic nerf of any FF game. Pretty disappointing overall.
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2023.06.04 09:33 AquaTeeth Visible new user discount code: 3MQ6JN6

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2023.06.04 09:08 Goats247 Im blind and miserable but i was in the trenches... go live your life you only got one don't baby it's laid away for nothing

Im legally blind and i have miserable medical stuff going on 24/7
I wish it was better for us slaves
I worked in retail for 13 years until i coyldnt see hardly anything , i am bi polar and have muktiple anxiety disorders
My eyes are permanently damaged and I only have a few years of usable Vision left
I live on $2.50 cent meals (cheese tortillas) and $1.39 iced tea from Mcdonalds
I have no family help and have hardly any possessions
Iced coffee at Mcdonalds is as exciting as it gets
I just want to die soon so thjs doesnt go on for decades
For people that are working their asses off i salute you. Go get you want....if you want freedom buy a shack in a cheap state and start over with friends
I worked paid my taxes and i have nothing other than bills and debt with a tiny disabilities check
If you want freedom go for it
If you don't make much money go find some friends that aren't useless and go to a cheap state where it doesn't really matter how much money you make
There are huge sections of this country that don't have much people in it and you can get a house for nothing, the Deep South the Upper Midwest the Northern New England
Go where the cheap houses are
Just go get any Little Shack if anybody stands in your way just ignore them, you can either be a slave or have something
If I could work at all I would love to have extra income
It literally took 45 minutes for me to type this out and use text to speech
I would follow my own advice but all of my own friends are elderly and close to the Grave
All they did was work for a living and raise kids and really have nothing of Their Own
They don't even have their own house they live in senior apartments that are in bad areas of the country
You only have one life go live it
Don't be me and basically slave away for nothing
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2023.06.04 09:07 LastWeekInCollapse Last Week in Collapse: May 28-June 3, 2023

Violence continues in Sudan, the cryosphere breaks down, recessions, harvest failures, heat waves, droughts, and floods. Mother Earth has got a terminal case of humans.
Last Week in Collapse: May 28-June 3, 2023
This is Last Week in Collapse, a weekly newsletter bringing together some of the most important, timely, useful, sad, ironic, amazing, or otherwise must-see moments in Collapse. Try not to overdose on this week’s Doom dose.
This is the 75th newsletter. You can find the May 21-27 edition (which I accidentally labeled the 73rd edition) here if you missed it last week. These newsletters are also on Substack if you want them sent to your email inbox every Sunday.
The World Meteorological Congress concluded on Friday, and it released a bunch of reports. The focus this year was on developing early warning systems for wateclimate/weather disasters. Most countries report declining ability to monitor hydrological developments, and almost half of the world’s people lack reliable access to water for at least one month per year, a figure that is expected to grow considerably by 2050.
The WMO also reported on the state of emergency for the cryosphere, those places where ice is formed (and melts). Greenland’s ice has shrunk for 26 consecutive years. Permafrost threatens to release huge quantities of greenhouse gasses over the coming years. Sea levels continue to rise…but you know this already.
Montevideo, Uruguay’s capital, has come up with a plan to extend their almost-exhausted water supply: they’re adding salt to the tap water, against WHO recommendations. This causes people to drink less water—but what are the implications for health, and for small-scale agriculture?
Over 20 million tonnes of what was damaged in China by recent rain, not long before it was scheduled to be harvested. Analysts say this will raise grain prices worldwide. The scale of this blight is larger than recent blights. In the U.S. state of Georgia, 90% of the peach harvest was destroyed by abnormally warm weather; in Vermont, a freak cold snap damaged crops, potentially 30% of apples.
6 years. 800 million trees felled in the Amazon rainforest, all to create space for cattle farms. The loss of rainforest is equivalent roughly to two Corsica islands.
Environmental scientists have discovered a hopeful tool to lower CO2: Greenland’s “rock flour,” which is basically rock dust. A recent study claims that it can be scattered on fields to absorb CO2—and also boost wheat and potato yields. International lawyers are also working on the first global plastics pollution treaty that could be passed later next year.
Yet another study claims that Mother Earth is sick, and that most of our safety thresholds have been crossed. The feedback loops have been activated, the diagnosis is terminal. The Nature study lists the 8 Earth System Boundaries: 1) Climate, 2) Functional Integrity, 3) Natural Ecosystem Area, 4) Surface Water, 5) Groundwater, 6) Nitrogen, 7) Phosphorus, and 8) Subglobal Aerosols. (Not to be confused with the 9 Planetary Boundaries.)
Some insurers in California are cutting homeowner insurance because they can’t make a buck betting against wildfires and desertification. Similar risk is expanding in Texas. Summer is coming. A mysterious wildfire in Scotland is growing out of control, and threatens to become the UK’s largest ever.
Record May rainfall in Bermuda. Part of South Africa also saw record rains in May. Strong rains in southern Spain—but the parched soil can’t absorb much of it. Meanwhile, the Philadelphia area had its driest May in recorded history.
Vicious drought and Afghan dams have raised tensions between iran and Afghanistan, where fighting killed a handful of people two weeks ago. In times of scarcity, no group can have enough water; even less if they’re forced to share. Most of the world’s lakes are drying up.
An official in India ordered the draining of two million liters of water from a reservoir……so he could retrieve his phone, which he dropped in the water while taking a selfie. He was suspended. The phone was recovered—but too damaged to function. The water could have irrigated 6 km² of land.
Wildfires grow in Nova Scotia. Millions going hungry in Madagascar. Record temperatures in Japan. Normalized heat waves across Asia with new records in Central Asia & the Caucasus.
Scientists warn of potential tsunamis caused by underwater landslides in Antarctica. New cold records in Australia. Heat waves in North Africa. Increasing reliance on expensive desalination plants in Barcelona as drought and water supplies worsen.
Türkiye’s President, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, won reelection, and economists believe it portends the further Collapse of the economy. Investment is pulling out, and the lira is expected to continue sinking. “We will be together until the grave,” said Erdoğan at his victory speech.
The UN operation to drain the *FSO Safer* has begun now that technicians have boarded the vessel. 1.1 million barrels of oil aboard the derelict tanker, stranded off the coast of Yemen, will begin being drained next month.
Petrol prices rise in Benin as Nigeria cuts its fuel subsidies; Iran is limiting fuel purchases too. China’s declining birth rate, growing debt, and ongoing international decoupling is threatening its economy. Eurozone inflation continues. Trade-GDP ratios approaching 2008 levels worryingly.
Budapest is facing bankruptcy. Refugees in Tanzania are seeing their rations cut in half as financing falls off. Vicious conditions inside refugee camps in Chad take advantage of Sudanese refugees. Debts grow in Brazil. Complicated problems continue destabilizing the world’s economic equilibrium.
Another Russian missile attack struck Kyiv last week, after allegedly pro-Ukraine Russian volunteer soldiers made an incursion into Russian territory. Wagner Group’s chief continues provoking Russian leadership as infighting appears to grow, following a Ukrainian drone attack on Moscow. Zelensky says Ukraine’s counteroffensive is now ready.
Myanmar’s Civil War has entered its third year, depending on when you claim it began. In the desperation and chaos of prolonged warfare, it is the environment that pays the price. Wood, gold, jade, and other resources are being exploited by government and private actors after the old economic system broke apart.
62% of Americans agree that the COVID pandemic is over (it’s not), an increase of 14% since February 2023. 56% of Americans admit that they never mask up in public anymore. An updated booster is coming in September to address the XBB.1.16 variant. Masks may go away, but (Long) COVID will stay with us.
The WHO’s treaty to manage future pandemics is being watered down, leaving humanity less prepared for the next pandemic. Although China denies the lab leak origin story, a prominent Chinese scientist claims it is possible. COVID is never going away, and neither is Long COVID.
Cholera is spreading in several refugee camps in Kenya; medical attention comes too small and too late to prevent the spread. In Sudan, where over a million people have been displaced by recent violence, old inequities linger. Over 13M children are in desperate need of humanitarian aid (about half of Sudan’s 46M population are below 18). Their situation has never been more critical.
Experts continue warning about the dangers of AI, and push for regulation, while other actors push to use AI for economic benefits. I am uncertain which field AI will disrupt the most: military, low-skill workers, societal psyche, institutional integrity, creative jobs, politics, financial markets…? What will be the second-order effects, tertiary, etc.?
Tanzania has called an end to its Marburg virus outbreak, about 10 weeks after it declared an emergency. The UK is advising at-risk people to get vaccinated for mpox/monkeypox before their vaccine program ends in August; 10 new cases in the UK were recently reported.
PFAS, the so-called “forever chemicals” used across many household objects, are dangerous to your health. You also probably could have guessed that manufacturers knew—and lied about—their safety for decades. A study tracked the use of PFAS (since 1940’s) and the knowledge that they were harmful (since 1990’s). Companies including DuPont settled a case for a little over $1 billion USD for their role in the scheme. The billionaire Sackler family also settled a gigantic case regarding opioids, in which they must pay about $6 billion USD, and forfeit control of the pharmaceutical company they’ve held since 1952. The company (formerly Purdue Pharma) is rebranding (as Knoa). Nobody is going to jail.
A catastrophic train crash in India killed 280+ people. The crash involved 3 trains, and is India’s deadliest in this century.
Riots in Kosovo. Torture in suspected gangster prisons in El Salvador, with 153 prisoners killed since March. Ongoing protests in Israel over the proposed judicial reform.
Lebanon has been without a President for more than 7 months now—and now target dats have been missed to hold important municipal council elections. Town budgets are falling further into chaos, police are going unpaid, garbage is piling up, and would-be foreign investors and money-lenders are losing the scraps of hope they had for Lebanon’s crippled economy. No one is coming to save them.
Cartel violence is rising on the border of Mexico-Guatemala. Organized non-state armed groups conscript local guys, intimidate people into leaving, blockade towns, and shoot each other in the streets. Several thousand people have been displaced—and others disappeared. Far away, Syria is being welcomed back into the Arab fold—on the condition that it cracks down on the intractable drug epidemic of captagon.
One of Libya’s rival PMs was ousted a couple weeks ago, and now the other PM in the east is striking towns in western Libya with drones, allegedly targeting fuel/human smugglers.
Boko Haram jihadists are infighting in northern Nigeria, but the civilians are paying the price. Guerrilla territorial competition may also bring in more people into regional hostilities. In eastern DRC, violence has displaced over 80,000 people so far this year, and their regional hospitals are overcrowded.
Rumors are emerging that M23 will attack Goma, the sprawling epicenter of East Africa’s refugee situation, where human rights abuses are increasingly common and the local ceasefire is breaking down. Islamic radicals also operate in the region, targeting civilians. About 6 million people across the DRC are believed to be internally displaced, and about half a million around Goma (population: unknown, perhaps 750,000 or twice that). There are also reports of planes sighted which belong to the European mercenary company Agemira.
The Sudanese Civil War is spiraling out of control again, as skirmishes broke the incomplete ceasefire. The Central Statistics Bureau was attacked, hampering official data for various purposes. Over 1,000 people have died so far, crossing an unofficial threshold for an armed conflict to officially become a War. About 2M have fled the fighting. Rockets killed 18 and injured many more at a market in Khartoum, sanctions are being imposed by a few nations, and other countries are wading deeper into the War, complicating the situation and preventing clean avenues to another ceasefire.
Select comments/threads from the subreddit last week suggest:
-There is rain in Romania, based on this observation. But there’s also corruption, growing labor strikes, inflation, and political difficulties.
-Greenland’s climate is out of whack—and apparently the people don’t seem to care that much, judging from this rare observation from West Greenland.
-Portland, Oregon is still a cross-section of modern America’s Collapse, if this observation can be trusted. Heat, insecurity, overcrowding, loneliness, and crows… Reddit has also been affected by psychological decay, according to the poster.
-People are abandoning climate hope, if you believe this gilded thread and its many gilded comments. Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em.
Have any feedback, questions, comments, resources, recommendations, free PDFs, manifestos, etc.? Consider joining the Last Week in Collapse SubStack if you don’t want to check collapse every Sunday, you can get this newsletter sent to your email inbox every weekend. I always forget something... What did I miss this week?
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2023.06.04 09:02 Johnnybeachboy Tips on Credit Card Benefits and how they can be useful in this programme.

I was debating whether to throw out this advice as I wasn't sure how financially savvy many people would be, but I wanted to suggest the following [please delete if this isn't acceptable advice, I am not condoning people getting into debt]
I have churned credit cards for the past 3 years and am considering going to Europe early to travel.
Be Mindful
  1. Credit Cards are a tool, a very useful one if used cautiously
  2. Be cautious of.your spending and manage it strategically.
  3. Watch your credit and apply selectively.
  4. Avoid debt at all costs
Just some small.advice from a traveler who has used almost all these benefits at some point.
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2023.06.04 08:56 eddino55 No. 8 Stanford vs. San Jose State 2023 NCAA Baseball Tournament H...

No. 8 Stanford vs. San Jose State 2023 NCAA Baseball Tournament H... submitted by eddino55 to freefantasylgueswchat [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 08:53 Sjguy81 Investigating a psychopath

To start off its my gf’s father but im not personally attacking him. No bias involved. I have a lot of humint training and its how i got to this point. He had his daughter brainwashed by a constant flow of manipulation. I read through him rather quickly but kept it to myself. She wouldn’t have believed me anyway. He was an inmate in USP Atlanta in the early 80’s when it was a high security federal prison. His daughter and exwife had no clue of this. I kept my distance and just didnt allow any of his games to get to me. My gf and i moved in together and he wanted to move in also. No way. Thats when he went on the attack. Without her know he turned the neighborhood against us, lied to the police about me and even went as far as going to her therapist and tried getting her hospitalized. People eat up his act and he has it down perfectly. But now his daughter knows whos behind the mask. Im trying to figure out what put him in club fed. It happened as a minor and carried him till he was 21. So to go to a usp for a crime as a juvenile it had to be bad.
What i have so far is he told someone he lit a gas station on fire years ago. But thats not club fed worthy. Looking around his hometown history i found a post about a string of fires happened on the same road as the gas station and included an apartment building. I spoke to a friend at the bureau of prisons and in the system hes there but no info beyond high security inmate at usp Atlanta. We figured out that’s because he was a minor. Those fires he would have been 15. Old enough to charge. He lied about what school he went to also. Because i went back in archives and checked year books to see when he disappeared. He took his daughter to the school once to go fishing. The school was in Berlin nj. The school he said he went to was in pennsauken. There is a school in Berlin for kids with behavior issues and there is a lake on the campus. I showed her and that was it. Her mom is in denial or knows and is covering. Because she claims the federal bureau of prisons is wrong, its my fault. I must have put it there.
So im looking for info on charges for the fires in haddon heights NJ around 1978. They happened on station ave. I have his info but if i put it on here its searchable so pm me
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2023.06.04 08:50 n47iq Yesterday I read a reddit post discussing my tweets and I wanted to adress some things.

4 days before the release of our album, We got in an argument. I had clarified from the beginning i would need 2 things if we're going to do a collaborative album - a primary on the project + 50% splits (In all of our earlier collaboration nothing like this was ever discussed but we're coming together after 3 years and both of us have a brand of our own now, its work and thus i clarified what i needed before hand). He agreed to that. As soon as the masters came I reminded Nanku that make sure it comes on my profile and you make splits. He uses distrokid where he had exhausted all his artist slots, I suggested him to use CD Baby for one time use and we can split the money its required to distribute through it, He said cool ill do it today and inform you. I checked with him 2 days later to find out he distributed it without my name on the album, without informing me, and without making splits. We were on a call about the same thing and as soon as he cut the call he distributed on Distrokid without adding me in the primary, without making any splits and without informing me. When confronted he says "Yaar ab randirona mat kar". It was followed by a long to and fro where I held him accountable and he tried his best to manipulate me into letting it be. Things like "Dude who cares spotify is social media" "Kya farak padta hai naam aye ya na aaye" "Bhai ek hafte baad sabkuch shift hojayega" "Bro is spotify>Life?" "Ab mai album dekhu ya teri wants" And a couple of more totally obnoxious things. I wanted it to be redistributed the proper way, He was adamant on not doing that because that would mean it wont be live at the bombay gig.
About the Bombay launch – His management had the idea of launching the album on Bombay gig. They almost finalised everything and had made their mind before talking to me about it. Next day when they told me, I said dude you know I have my exams coming any moment now, You know I can’t come there, and if it’s a collaborative album both the artists should present it. He told me he wants even if I’m unable to come, him and his team should launch it themselves because it’s “once in a lifetime” opportunity (?) He started guilting me by saying things like “Bhai mai teri jaga hota toh ye hone deta agar mai nahi aa paata toh bhi” “Bhai isey rok mat isey hone de”
I gave in and said cool. Anyway back to where I was
We fought for a while. He said most he can do is submit an edit request to put my name after (issue with that is, most of times, edits reflect after weeks, so the album would still go live without my name; luckily it went through on time and it got sorted however things had turned way too ugly by then) He then involved a LOT of people and created an absolute mess like Roy who decided to call me randomly and explain to me how I should focus more on youtube and other platforms and not spotify and that he'll make videos and do branding work for me if I let this slide (?).
Anyway. Later that night, He decided to get shit drunk and shout like an absolute maniac at me how i am a fucking this up, simply for wanting my name on my work (lmao) , it got very ugly and got to the point where I wanted it to be canned. The central theme of the project was the time we spent at Naharpur, our friendship, It seemed very lame and meaningless after hearing these things from my “Friend”. I told him i dont wanna produce this anymore, take your songs and produce them yourself to which this dude replies "Teri beats to mai le raha hu, kya karega? Case karega?" and laughed. I warned him if he does that, i will premiere it right now on youtube. He said cool karle. I set the premiere, Informed him that i am doing that. He said alright
If the album comes it will come my way or it wont. Not rijul's way, Not Roy's way, Not anyone else's way. I worked equally hard and contributed a lot more than just beats. If the other half of the project wants to be inconsiderate and selfish, I don’t have any business considering what he wants as well.
Next day they told me I HAVE to come to bombay (In his defense, he had booked expensive last moment tickets for me to come to the gig) But no way I was gonna stay one whole day with this maniac. I cancelled the flight.
During the launch i see him branding the whole thing as "My album", his friends potraying it as “Bhai ki album” and these subtle things. Next day he went ranting and bitching to everyone about how i uploaded "without informing" him and fucked the launch, completing leaving the part he threatened me. Telling people they should not work with me. Verbally harassing my friend Toorjo multiple times for hours at a time (who wasnt even involved in this any way) because he couldnt get to me. Telling him he should watch his back with me, intrestingly he had the same thing to say about Toorjo to me just a few months ago (lol)
PS - my tweet about Reddit review of the album wasn't meant in a bad way and I was not complaining about it. It was just suprising because the songs I was least confident about were appreciated the most (BOP and Zubaida) and opposite with songs i was sure about (Trippy, Dhishkyau!, SOJA).
After a few days, Karun on a call with toorjo said "I don't want to be associated with you guys anymore" and was pretty rude in general, I gave it back to him but I saw them milking our releases 2 days later at paid gigs. If you really do not want to be associated, why not stop playing our instrumentals at gigs? Why not clear royalties and move forward? Fuck that, why not take down and builld the album fresh like you did with Itti si?
My scene with J block was not related to royalties, it was more of a personal thing. J block had royalty issues with Siddhant, him being a friend, I was standing up for him. It started with Siddhant finding out they split gig money amongst themselves but don’t keep Siddhant in the loop, after which Lonekat flipped out. They held his royalties (650$) for months and then started saying we dont have it, have sent it back to the distribution site, which is impossible. Not sure what happened afterward, stopped following up on that. They also claimed to have “made” Siddhant when in reality, they only started getting any sort of traction after Siddhant came in to the picture. They also used personal incidents Siddhant shared with Lonekat in confidence to trigger and personally attack him. And the worst of it all, they said they’ll send a “bill” to Siddhant for production, mixing mastering, recording his songs. Why would Siddhant pay you for songs that he wrote, recorded, made videos for and agreed to give it to you to put on your channel? He's working and putting stuff on YOUR channel. It’s like I can’t ask someone to give me a verse on my song which is going to release through me and then also say “it’ll cost you to rap on my beat” it doesn’t make sense. After the “bill” thing, Siddhant asked them to remove his stuff. Faizan asked to not include his guitar if Bandeya is reuploaded but when I asked him to take down my songs nicely and politely, it was a big deal? Lol. That’s exactly what you did with Bandeya.
I agree with Agaahi that I have not been professional and striking isnt the way to deal with things, however he completely skipped the part where It had not come to that before he said something along the lines of – Song isnt coming down do whatever you want, take it down if you can – or something like that. Not sure, don’t have the chats anymore. Hence "gundagardi". I retracted all the strikes the very same day when Circle Tone and Saqlen mediated things. But not surprised Agaahi would talk shit about now out of all times, Block and associates have been trying to ride on Udbhav and Karun’s hype since way too long. Also what’s this “We should call him out” ya’ll already did with some kids putting stories about me after you told them stuff. And weird of him to use Naezy incident against me now when he was very quick to shit on Naezy on facebook posts in support of me when it happened.
I was in 10th or so when Naezy’s first track had come out (2014-2015). I was very active in the Facebook hip hop community and started talking to Naezy there. He asked me if I can produce, I was fairly new at production. He asked me for a beat on which him and his friends could shoot a cypher on. Few months later he blew up and got signed so I assumed the cypher wont happen anymore and forgot about it. Me and Naezy didn’t communicate after it. 2017 I randomly see that very same beat being used in Bombay 70 – MAMI short film, I wasn’t told anything about my beat being used and there was no credits as such, On reaching out to Naezy he didn’t do anything about it and I let it slide. 3 years later I saw him actually release that song. No permission, No informing, No producer credits in the title (It was pretty standard at that time in hip hop songs). On confronting he said “Description me likha hai na, kaafi hai permission aur title ka kya karna hai” etc. He did some similar shit with the artists who used to make artworks for him. We collectively decided to call him out for these things.
Feeling solely entitled to a collaborative piece of work seems to be a common issue in all these incidents. I don’t think its very hard to grasp you cannot claim 100% ownership of work you got done for free.
Someone said royalties arent significant in amount, why fight over it – No one knows when a song might blow up, we never knew Aajkal would have half a mil streams 3 years later or Heeriye 800k. Plus if its so hard to get royalties which are small in amount what do you think is going to happen when they are big in number?
I don’t have people to babysit me through a music career unlike some of the people mentioned , So excuse me if i come on a lil too strong to get my share of whatever I have made. I have to look after myself and my work and I don’t find anything wrong in doing so. I’m just trying not to get screwed in the name of brotherhood and friendship. Friends don’t pull shit like this for a couple of claps, views and story mentions.
This is my final say on the issue
Thank you
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2023.06.04 08:47 roblox_pro_manas i found soumting mat pat would like
hi, im manas and i have been watching game theroy before oliver, matpats son was born, im new here so pleas no ban me anyways i found soumphing mat pat may like.
you know how matpat likes lore and when it is mentioned he makes a video. It says loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooer-ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, right there( i did not check how many o's i put).this is a video idea also credit me with manas
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2023.06.04 08:42 cosmicrailway2020 2.5 years no contact. It's much better but I still struggle

About 2.5 years ago I ended a 3+ year relationship with my nex after finding out he was having an affair for 3 months or so. The whole relationship was rough but it eventually got to a point where I was barely hanging on.
The last few months prior to the breakup were terrible and while the cheating occured (which I didn't know of) my ex was constantly breaking me down and causing fights and problems to prove to me how terrible our relationship was because of me, making me try to fix everything about myself in hopes of repairing it.
Then what went down after the breakup was even worse. The breakup itself was calm, amicable because by that time I had no energy to fight so i just accepted it and left.
My ex kept our apartment and the cat bc I couldn't afford it alone so I moved to a dorm. He didn't let me go pack my things for 2 weeks and only mailed what i packed in boxes about a month later. Some of my stuff arrived after 4 months and some never arrived to this day.
He brought the woman there before I moved out and she left her stuff all over the house like a dog marking territory. It was horrible to go home and see someone replace you in just a few days. This was followed by small petty actions like returning gifts i gave him over the years to me or my mom, unfollowing me even on stuff like pinterest and keeping my belongings hostage etc.
I live in a foreign country too (his country) and I was completely alone when all this happened. I had no support system and had just started a MA back them and didn't know anyone yet.
I cut all contact and started therapy and psychiatric treatment right away. I have adhd and insomnia and on top of that I developed bad anxiety and a severe depression (was considered a suicide risk and had to go in weekly for check-ups for over a year).
Eventually things got better and i slowly healed but I'm still in therapy and still on antidepressants. Every once and again when something bad happens in my life (like having another failed relationship or losing a job etc) i fall back into that depression and that pattern of self-doubt. Back then my ex convinced me all of it was my fault and I should be grateful to that woman coming into our relationship.
It's been 2.5 years now since. I've never spoken to him since but we have some common friends. I stayed away from any socials but once a year or so I'd hear about him. It got easier in time but it's still painful. I learned he got another cat about a year ago and that women lives in the apartment we got bc we planned to get married. He got a new job and seems to be doing better than ever.
I've done a lot too, I graduated with and almost perfect gpa, I opened a business etc but I've never gotten back to my old self. I'm still struggling with my mental health, I struggle having relationships that close again, I feel lonely often and my self esteem never fully recovered. I've kinda given up on pursuing romantic relationships and on the idea of having a family someday too. And the saddest of all, I used to be a very ambitious and resilient person with big dreams. I've achieved a lot of things I'm proud of but I lost that passion. I worked incredibly hard to move to this country to be with him and pursue my studies and I saw that breakup as the result of my hard work.
What makes me sad is that even after so long has passed I'm still dealing with the aftermath of that relationship and having a hard time while the person who hurt me is living their best live as if I never existed from day 1. It feels like someone erased a huge chunk of my life and everything I had during that time just evaporated, including my furniture and my cat and all I've got left from it is a big suitcase full of trauma and sad memories.
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2023.06.04 08:39 natural20MC journal entry: I abused pot from the age of 18 to 37 (I'm 38 now)

(((flagged for deletion)))
tldr: to manage a 'manic head' well, I don't know of any method better than practice.
whatever...I'm drunk. 'my pot use' is something I've been struggling with posting about for a while now. ...I want to portray myself as a "role model" or something for those who struggle with mania and wanna find a successful path with little-to-no psych drugs. ...fuckin, pot is likely NOT a good idea for those with a 'propensity for mania' that wanna stay stable.
That said, I credit my success largely to pot abuse. Pot induces a "salience network disconnect". Mania induces a "salience network disconnect". Managing the "salience network disconnect" is one of the most difficult parts of managing a manic head.
It's easy to reduce episode frequency & severity through 'behavior based neurotransmitter adjustment'. Even with the best management practices though, mania will still happen. When mania strikes, it's a fuckin bitch to manage if you don't bone tf up on some cognitive engineering techniques to manage a "salience network disconnect".
read: I trained myself to operate a manic head by abusing tf outta pot and forcing my thought patterns & behaviors to be aligned with 'how I WANT to think' and 'doing what I WANT to do' while I'm high.
quick example: I trained myself to be productive while high. If I'm high, I can't have fun (play games, watch a movie, whatever) till everything is clean and organized and I've exercised and stretched. Side note: cardio while high is fucking amazing for thought processing.
quick example 2: I trained myself to be "appropriate" while high. ...mostly amounts to STFU while high. I'm "inappropriate" by nature and 'the things I think are funny and worthy of comment' do not align with what others think. Training myself to 'keep my words to myself' was quite helpful.
The SN disconnect you get with pot is def not a 1:1 correlation with the SN disconnect you get with mania. err...maybe it is? IDK. but mania def comes with tons of other baggage, in addition to the SN disconnect. read: mania messes with thought patterns in unique ways...though I'd wager that the way mania messes with YOUR thought patterns is uniquely consistent. read: mania is a simple beast's gonna push your thoughts/behaviors in a consistent manner. Figure out how it's pushing you and devise counters. If you can make mania your bitch, it will forever be your is not capable of adapting.
So, not a 1:1 coloration. but...inducing bruh. Pot helps to induce mania, hypo/mania, and/or pseudo-hypo/mania...depending on the catalysts you're using and how you dose them.
Practice makes perfect bruh. Or rather 'perfect practice makes perfect'. That's my "secret" or whatever. [hubris/brag] I have induced tf outta mania, hypo/mania, and pseudo-hypo/mania, to the extent that I can dose some catalysts and know 'to a high degree of certainty' if I'm gonna get mania, hypo/mania, or pseudo-hypo/mania. 'Stress' and 'excitement' are the hardest catalysts to control, but easy enough to factor into the equation if I'm aware of em. Also, 'time since last real episode' plays a big role (refractory period).
The key to my success is the fact that I've practiced tf outta operating on a manic head. It's to the point that I can present myself as euthymic while I'm in 'MANIA with psychosis'. #pimp shit.Ask my wife and mom. [/hubris/brag]
Important note: I do not recommend inducing. I recommend that those with a 'propensity for mania' avoid pot. 'Inducing' and 'regularly experiencing the SN disconnect' are important for FIGURING OUT how to operate a manic head. I've figured it out bruh. Take my advice and avoid the dangerous bullshit. #someJesusshitbout sacrificing myself or whatever so you don't have to [/hubris]
fr tho...perfect practice makes perfect. Expect mania. Go into mania aware that you are going into mania. Make it a point to "do better" each episode. Do better. Win.
Starting points:


Psuedo-hypo/mania. How I define it and how I induce it.

Let's break it down.
hypo/mania = the hypo/manic engine is running.
Mania is subjective af. hypomania is subjective af. They operate under the same engine, but mania is subjectively more intense than hypomania, subjectively. Duh.
"Manic" and "hypomanic" states of mind are largely classified based on "OBSERVED BEHAVIOR". ...if you're "manic" and just STFUing and sitting in a corner or whatever, are you really "manic"?
It is possible to present yourself as "hypomanic" while "manic". It is possible to present yourself as "manic" while "hypomanic". It is possible to fluxuate between "mania" and "hypomania" multiple times within the same day, or even within an hour. It is possible to present yourself as "euthymic" while "manic" and vice versa (if you don't believe me, go slam 10 shots of espresso and take 2-6 hits of pot on a "euthymic" head...see if folks don't think you're "manic").
"hypo/mania" is the term I use to remove some subjectivity. Maybe I'm "manic". Maybe I'm "hypomanic". All I know is that the "hypo/mania engine" is running. (reference:
Pseudo = fake. Not genuine.
Pseudo-hypo/mania = the hypo/mania engine is running, but it's not really an episode. The positive feedback loop has not taken hold and the "episode" can be terminated quickly if fuel is not injected into the engine.
Pseudo-hypo/mania = one (1) to three (3) days of low-grade "hypomania", with little-to-no risk of the "episode" devolving into something more serious.
to achieve pseudo, I gotta dose catalysts to 'blast tf off' in the span of 1 day then slam the breaks hard for the next 1-3 days.
How do I induce pseudo/blast tf off? I jump-start the 'hypo/manic engine' by injecting the proper brain chemicals (catalysts).
The catalysts I typically dose are as follows:

The ritual to induce pseudo takes me one (1) single day. At the end of the day, I am fucked up. I am not in pseudo-hypo/mania at the end of the day, I'm just "high" or "drugged" or whatever. Pseudo-hypo/mania is what happens on the following couple days.
I rarely dose all the catalysts in a single day. That would be overkill and possibly induce real-hypo/mania. I dose myself accordingly. Took a ton of trial and error to figure out what "accordingly" meant.
The first step of my 'pseudo induction ritual' is to assess the abstract catalysts. Stress & excitement. Those are not something I can 'dose at will'. Those are catalysts I need to be aware of, so I can adjust the doses of the rest of my catalysts "accordingly".
note: I was once hit with a 'huge fuckin spike of excitement' after dosing all my other catalysts for the day. The result was MANIA. An episode that lasted about a month.
This shit is dangerous bruh. Playing with your head like I do is not advisable [/hubris]

Four (4) to eight (8) cups of coffee (or shots of espresso) throughout the day. Starting at like 10am and ending at like 7pm. Ten (10) cups/shots is def too much and will result in a panic attack.
Do not drink caffeine ever, unless I'm trying to induce. Reduce tolerance to a minimum.

Calorie deprivation
Eat 'just enough to not be uncomfortable' from when I wake until midnight. Like 1000 calories max. The caffeine helps to curb appetite. Not advisable to consume caffeine on an empty stomach (cuz ulcers).
Avoid fatty protein when inducing.

When midnight hits, slam sugar into my face. Sour patch kids ftw.

Starting at about 10pm, smoke 3-5 hits at a time spaced out by 2-3 hours or so per session. Continue smoking till like 4 or 6 or 8am.
Do not smoke ever, unless trying to induce. Tolerance...

Sleep deprivation
Def less than 4 hours of sleep. Often 0 hours of sleep. Get at least 2 hours of "meditation" in if getting 0 hours of sleep.

Stress & excitement
Be aware. It's possible to dose these to an extent

IDK bro. My methodology for when I was figuring out how to induce was 'do what I do while manic' even though I was "euthymic". I give tons of love while manic. Seems like showering my wife/son with love helps me to induce. Maybe not.
Getting love def has a relaxing vibe to it. Getting love will usually be counterproductive when I'm trying to induce.
Give love with time & effort. Lay it on thick.

If all goes according to plan, I wake up from my "sleep" or "meditation" or whatever slightly high and slightly wired. The "high"/"wired" shit or whatever will wear off by like 10am and after that I'm in pseudo.
The key to managing pseudo is to understand that if I push it I will likely enter a real episode. Pump the breaks bro. Take a nap the day after if I can. Avoid caffeine and other catalysts that aid with inducing. Eat as much as I can, especially fatty protein. Go to sleep on time and get at least 8 hours. Stretch. Exercise. etc etc. Do the 'inhibit the hypo/mania engine' thing, ya know?
I ensure there are checks on my wife knows me & my head well and she knows to speak up if she sees something that could possibly be worrisome.
I've found that the biggest factor determining how long pseudo lasts is 'where I am in my refractory period'. If I've been in a real episode recently, pseudo will usually not last as long. If it's been a year or two since my last real episode, pseudo will last 2 or 3 days. ...if it's been a year or two since my last real episode, the danger of devolving into a real episode is greater.
dooood. I've written out & rewritten a form of this post like 30+ times. It typically devolves into disclaimers and clarifications. #thanksalcohol.
Fuckin, I do not wanna be responsible for someone with 'a propensity for mania' doin some stupid shit.
disclaimer: if you try to do the shit I did, you're gonna fuck some shit up. Expect it. I've fucked up a ton. I have an expansive safety net. I am #privilaged. Don't do what I did unless you are well prepared to fuck some shit up, like your life.

Abdominal/DJ Format - Behind The Scenes
Kyprios - The Only One
Eyedea - Step by Step
Scarub/Inspired Flight - It's The Chemicals

for anyone paying attention to my account: sorry bruh. I've been afk like a motherfucker this past year+. I'm focusing my attention on my family and my QoL has gone way up cuz of it. I've stopped inducing pseudo and fuckin with my head. I've stopped smoking pot. ...the lack of pot is likely a big driver with me writing less. This shit's less fun on a sober mind and feels more like work, ya know?
I will finish my guide eventually, but right now I got a toddler and raising him right ranks higher than anything else.
I expect I'll hit a real hypo/manic episode sometime in the next year or two...I'll likely be writing a bunch then, focused on my guide. Till then, I'm prolly gonna be mostly afk.
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2023.06.04 08:39 Ambitious-Ordinary30 How to set boundaries with toxic family members?

My mom has had a addiction for over 25 years. Parents are married. Dad financially supported my two half Bros and my mothers toxic side of the family. We lost our apartment while I was in college. My mom, middle brother and I stayed with my narcissist gma for 2 years and a half, it was traumatizing. Dad and mom started living in a motel. I found an apartment 2 bedroom thinking my parents would move in. But now I live with my brother his two kids(i baby sit when they are here every other week). Than my oldest brother started staying without asking no one if he can. He moved in didn't have a job haven't started paying rent until this year in February. My oldest brother had a car but he would ask my mom, dad, middle brother or me for money for gas or for repairs. The car wasnt in his name but in his paternal gma name ( he has so many tickets in her name)His alcoholic girlfriend started staying here cause she got into a fight in a shelter in January and ended up getting cut in her chin. My oldest brother and his girlfriend got into verbal fights almost everyday. Until last month it got physically and she left and called the cops. Detective come to my house a few days later asking my middle brother, mom and I questions while he out hiding in my bedroom. Also my brothers can never keep my house clean and they can't even buy tissue for the house, i have to beg and scream sometimes for them to get dish washing liquid. My uncle on my mom side comes to the house to clean bcus my parents request. Now my uncle has an addiction as well and doesn't know boundaries as well. Now he wants to spend a night in my house bcus he doesn't get along with the mother of his child. He checks in at the shelter but doesn't want to stay there. He goes into my refrigerator without washing my hands and cooks my vegan food and offer me some. I feel like i too nice like my dad is. My rent is so high, my uncle ask for money constantly and he is in his 50s. We just paid his phone bill and we don't have enough for the rent rn. My mother stays at our apartment every weekend so she can get her fix and cheat on my dad while he works from home (he knows he cheated in the past but I hinted at it to him recently I didn't have any proof so he didnt think she is cheating). I'm the only girl. In the future, I'll move in with a roommate or ill get my own place because I can't do this with my toxic family members. My brothers aren't giving enough money for the rent, so my dad has to start helping. In a way i feel like they need me I don't need them with the exception of my mom. What should I do? I have a part time job now, I have an associate degree and I start my 4 year in August. Im also studying for a certification exam so i can start working in my field. Im on the right track but it's taking so long to get the finish line and to be financially secured. I tired of males asking me for money when I'm younger than them. How can I set boundaries?
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2023.06.04 08:11 Amon-Ko The only thing that matters, part 14

All credit goes to the one and only u/BlueFishcakes, owner and creator of the SSB universe.

discord wiki part 1 part 13 part 15

Mi'aera broke record after record. She had been talking to the xeno for hours now! What's more, Natalia was already practically her friend!
"I have a xeno friend! I'm progressive!" She couldn't get over her happiness.
The girls were already on first-name terms.
Natalia, or Natka, was very friendly. Even though she was a bit older than Mi (well, everyone was), Mi'aera felt like they were the same age. The optimism and openness of the human woman were a nice change, something the young militiawoman had been waiting for for a long time. And it was contagious.
"- So, Mi…" Natalia, driving the patrol car, spoke to Mi'aera, who was sitting next to her. Literally, a few minutes earlier, the girls had agreed to call each other by short names. "- I've never met Shil who doesn't have a surname, just a number."
Mi nodded.
"- Once upon a time, in the entire empire, only the nobles had surnames, over the generations, in most provinces, the commoners began to adopt the surnames of their lords or the nicknames of their occupations, and so on," she explained. Natka nodded her head.
"- Heh, it makes sense, on Earth it was basically the same, there were still some constructions on the principle of Son or Daughter of Somebody," the human added. This time, it was Mi who nodded.
"- Yes, it is common in many places."
"- But you only have a number?"
"- Yes," Mi admitted and continued: "- The noble families of the Palatinate are somehow not numerous, and their respectable names serve them well, there is no need to give names to millions of commoners."
Natka focused on the road and did not speak for a while.
"- Ok, not even any Daughter or Son of Somebody?" the human asked.
"- If someone has a known father or mother, that would be allowed. I grew up in an institution." Mi explained.
"- Oh! Mi, I'm sorry, I shouldn't delve so much into the subject," Natka said in a very apologetic tone. Mi'aera just smiled kindly.
"- No need to apologize, a large proportion of the population of the entire galaxy was born with some form of in vitro fertilization, at least once a race has acquired this technology. The Empire has been doing this for hundreds of years. After all, with such a small number of males, our population would be numerically impossible. In the Palatinate, every few years, based on the census, the government determines how many additional children are to be born. I had a good childhood, if that's what you're concerned about, I'm not an orphan." She replied with conviction.
Natka digested the information for some time.
"- It probably is just like you are saying..." Natka finally said, "- I have no reason to doubt the Empire," she confessed.
Mi nodded instinctively but hesitated and asked the human:
"- You're the coolest woman I've ever met on Earth, even the other Shils stationed here sometimes have a more ungrateful attitude towards our government," she confessed.
Natka smiled a little faintly.
"- I'm sure a lot of politicians are still corrupt, but that's, you know, life. I also think that the war that preceded Liberation could have been avoided and that most of the casualties were tragic and needless. But in the end, it wasn't human governments that ended famine on Earth, it wasn't human governments that ensured that every child had access to clean water or that people no longer died of cancer. The only things that matters "
Hearing these words, Mia shuddered.
"Die of cancer? Goddesses! Were they that backward?"
"- Look" Natka took one hand off the steering wheel and grabbed her phone out of the pocket, quickly scrolled her finger across the display to open the gallery, and then handed the device to Mi'aera.
The militiawoman looked at the photo. It was a selfie of the shill doctor embracing a much shorter, bald, and incredibly emaciated human male…
"- No…. wait…. impossible!"
It wasn't a male or a boy, it was Natka! incredibly thin, completely unrecognizable. And without any breasts… Mi'aera shifted her gaze to the human woman sitting next to her, whose cleavage was decent even by Shil standards. Natka, seeing where the militiawoman's eyes wandered, smiled.
"- Doctor Major Mile'ana Vespaena, she also helped me size the implants so that after the treatment I would look like a normal Imperial woman," the human explained.
Mi nodded. Natka was actually very proportional, her athletic figure was deceptively similar to Shil's, she was just much, much shorter.
"Like a little xeno sister," Mi thought.
"- Natka, you look really great now," Mi said honestly.
"- Thanks," Natalia replied, glancing briefly at her passenger.
"- Monsoon-B, the name of the drug that cured me, developed to fight cancer in human cells, developed at the Pharmaceutical Complex in Ghaab…"
"- Ghaabhush in east Ugrecnurc" Mi'aera uttered native words that her human friend found difficult.
"- In the Imperial fiefdom of the Palatinate," finished Natka, and she looked at her passenger again.
"- The war was still going on on Earth, and in your homeland, scientists had already thought about how to cure our diseases," Natalia spoke almost with tears in her eyes. Human women were terribly masculine, but Mi could not be angry with her companion. The woman went through hell that no modern inhabitant of the Empire should ever experience.
"Breast amputations?! Goddess! What a nightmare!"
Natka quickly turned her head away and focused on the road, apparently ashamed of her manly behavior.
"- It's a pity the Empire didn't send more personnel from your region to the Liberation of Earth, Mi," the human confessed. "- It would probably look completely different."

The Municipal Guard's working day was not fundamentally different from a typical militia shift. Mi and Natka caught several juvenile cyclists exceeding the speed limit. Mi'aera shuddered at how firm Natka could be with these cute, roguish boys. The pair also managed to catch one boy painting graffiti on the wall, no anti-government slogans, just some drawings.
"- So Natka, apparently you can help me with accommodation…" Mi started when they were both back in the car.
"- Yeah, sure, listen. I recently took out a mortgage on an apartment in a new district, you know, such an investment for the future. Everything in Shil style, but it's hard to find a good tenant…"
"- Well, my pay isn't that high either," remarked Mi.
"- Oh… I don't want to rob anyone, it's just that people are still quite wary, only men respond to my ad." confessed the human. Mi'aera froze.
"- You don't want to rent a room to a male?" She asked with undisguised surprise. Natka sighed.
"- You know... those guys who want to live in the Shil district... they're usually prostitutes. I don't want someone like that in my house, you understand?"
Mi was confused by the information. But couldn't deny her human friend's logic.
"Natka is so moral," she thought appreciatively.
"- Right, sure."


"- I don't even know your name," Gabriel said carefully as he lay beside Ysariah.
The woman turned her gaze on him and stretched, flexing her naked body.
"- Indeed," she said, but seeing some flustration on her lover's face, her hand quickly grabbed gently his cheek. Gabriel wanted to break free but stopped himself. Ysariah moved closer to the male and looked him tenderly in the eyes.
"- This knowledge has a price, Gabriel, are you willing to pay it?"
- I…"
"- You're afraid of me, aren't you?"
"- Yes," he answered honestly. The woman nodded.
"- But do you hate me?"
"I… I don't… I don't know, I don't think so… maybe a little?" The man spoke uncertainly.
"- You may call me Ysah," she said, stroking his cheek. The man bit his lip at her sudden response to his earlier inquiry.
"- It's a diminutive of Ysariah, isn't it?" he said finally. The woman smiled and nodded.
"When he's lying next to me on the bed like an offer, it's easy to forget he's an intelligent, educated person," she thought.
"- Yes, of course, Gabriel." She agreed. The man took a deep breath.
"- So... Ysariah... agent of the Interior? The secret agent?" he asked carefully.
The woman snorted a genuine laugh. Which made the man a bit uneasy.
"... But... you work for the government, right? Right?" he inquired with growing nervousness.
The woman stopped giggling and nodded.
"- Yes"


It's been a few weeks since the Imperial Envoy incident. The woman's family name was slowly disappearing from Imperial databases. The process will take years, but in the end, it will be as if her bloodline never existed. When Palatine destroyed her enemies, she made them disappear as if they had never been there.
Ancient bloodlines don't just vanish without a trace. But if you have enough money and determination, anything is possible.
However, both Palatine and her daughters knew that something like this would not go unnoticed by the throne. The ruler of the moon did not contemplate the possibility of the empress's reaction, she was waiting for it.
It didn't take long for an emissary of the sovereign, a prince of imperial blood, to arrive on the moon's surface. In the Palatinate, male nobles had no formal authority and were not recognized as emissaries. Of course, the capital knew about it, the choice was not accidental, the representative that the empress sent was not only a male but also one of her youngest relatives. The boy was short and frail, no more than eight standard years old. He would have been of legal age in the Palatinate, but not in the capital from which he came. So the empress sent a child to meet her vassal, and there was nothing the Palatine could do about it.
The Child lad strode proudly from his craft to the landing platform, accompanied by a great escort of capital dignitaries, where Palatine and her daughters, as well as local nobles, awaited him.
To all this, the young prince was dressed in a modern fashion, in a golden blouse revealing the navel. At the same time, he was wearing the insignia of a representative of the imperial family.
The custom commanded that Ysariah's mother and her daughters kneel before him, face down.
If he would wish it.
"- Aunt Aivui!" The young prince broke free from his retinue and unceremoniously threw himself on the Palatine's neck.
The moon lord caught him neatly, making the whole situation look completely natural.
Standing nearby with her sisters, Ysariah blinked. She had never in her life heard anyone refer to her mother as Aivui, not even her own partner Mo'othu allowed himself to use her diminutive name.
"- Prince Kri'jha." Palatine Aivuilpar Otharasoth replied warmly, setting the young man back to the ground. "- I'm honored that you remember me, the last time I saw you, you have bearly reaching your mother's waist, and now... by the goddess, you're a beautiful man."
"- Oh Aunt Aivui…" the boy waved his hand. "- stop it, please, otherwise I'm going to turn blue. How could I forget the godmother who gave me my own town on a tropical planet and a private yacht as a gift? I just got back from a party I had there!"
"- Well…I'm glad you like it, prince," Aivuilpar said modestly, to which the boy nodded and slowly began to survey his surroundings.
Ysariah kept her face neutral but remained attentive. Someone who could talk to her mother so casually had to be taken deadly seriously. The prince first greeted the Aivuilpar's firstborn, Ysariah's older sister, and only then focused on her.
"- Oh, isn't that the paragon knight herself?! Lady Ysariah of the house Otharasoth?"
"- My liege," Ysariah said, going down on one knee as her older sister had just done.
"- Oh..." the young prince covered his mouth in excitement. "- I must have watched the video a hundred times, you are so brave," he said, then looked at Aivuilpar "- Auntie! Your daughter is the hero of every gentleman-in-waiting. Anyway… we will discuss it later…"
"- We can discuss whatever you desire, my prince, over dinner," Aivuilpar suggested kindly. Kri'jha smiled.
"- Oh sure, Aunty, I hope, just please… I know the Palatinate is traditional and all that, but do you serve here any meatless courses…?

After a banquet in his honor, Kri'jha ordered his servant to fetch a small box. With the object, the young prince sat down in the Palatine's study, in her chair behind her desk, while the woman herself stood in front of him. Aivuilpar did not stand alone, Kri'jha demanded that Ysariah accompany her.
"- I will now convey to you our dear empress's wish," said the boy, who had been still acting like a spoiled urchin a moment ago.
Aivuilpar straightened up and craned her head up. Ysariah watched her mother prepare to take responsibility for her recent actions.
Kri'jha stared at his aunt but as he formed his mouth for words, he turned his gaze towards Ysariah.
"- Knight Ysariah of the house Otharasoth, your bravery has drawn the eyes of our gracious empress. It is her Imperial Majesty's desire, for you to carry her unspoken wishes. Deeds that can't be ordered or asked, not even spoken out loud. You have been called to be her Wishwraith." With that said, Kri'jha stood up and walked over to Ysariah with the box in his hands. The boy stood in front of a much larger woman than himself and opened the container, revealing its contents.
"- The Red Mark," whispered Ysariah's mother, glancing over her daughter's shoulder.

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This is a plot inspired by the Dune fandom. Interplanetary exchanges of goods and resources, political espionage and spying, treaties, hyper-advanced technology, starships that can travel at the speed of light, magical plant properties that grant supernatural "blessings" to those who consume it.
Princess Sienna rules on the planet of Jansara; one of the many outlying worlds near the edge of the Centaurus solar system. Sienna was apart of the royal family who gained inheritance to much of Jansara's land. Other worlds, especially the Core Worlds, paid little attention to it due to it's lack of resources and generally unappealing habitat. The planet itself is that of a warm, rocky climate with high humidity. Black lava rocks covered much of the terrain while moisture caves and dormant volcanos are commonly found outside of the cities established on the surface.
Due to these conditions, settlers had to create artificial biomes to grow food, herd animals, and create a more oxygenated living space for it's people. Their infrastructure was that of many cylinder and block shaped structures with color schemes of white and grey. The most significant building though was Princess Sienna's home, the "Palace of the Saints," where she, her mother the queen, brother the prince, and two sister princesses dwelled high above the working class with their political and financial advisors.
The Republic of the Core Worlds, (otherwise known as RCW,) have been known to leech off of many outlying planets for centuries. They offered their credits, security, and advanced technology in exchange for luxuries like nuclear fusion, solar energy, fuel, starships, narcotics, medicine, fabrics, metals, weapons, and food among other things. All to satisfy their lucious core world lifestyles.
Little intergalactic trading happened here on Jansara aside from the few ores the Miners Commission have extracted from the nearest volcanoes. This made Jansara one of the lowest priority planets for the RCW to trade with. Because of this, great burdens were placed on the royal family and their advisors to keep the economy and flow of local goods supplied and operational. It also put a complete halt to funding further research for biome expansion without credits from the Core Worlds.
That is, until Princess Sienna visits the mines of an old dormant volcano for a thrill. The volcano she ventured into was once abandoned years ago by the Jansara Mining Commission after all the ore was extracted from it. But deep down into the darkness, far into the unexplored territories of the volcano, a garden of uncovered secrets lied.
Self-illuminating herbs, flowers, and berries lied in a field of glowing greenery that Sienna had never seen before. How could plant life grow in such a sunless place? But the greenery down here contained no ordinary flora. As Sienna soon found out, the fruit and herbs produced in the garden granted it's consumer supernatural blessings, but only temporarily. Depending on the offspring of the plant and the potency consumed, the blessings could last from just a few hours up to years. Levitation, telepathy, fire breathing, mind control, healing, and illusion casting were just some of many blessings granted by the volcano's greenery. Sienna was dumbfounded. This could save her city. Her family. Her home. This could finally put Jansara back in the trading system! Sienna knew this situation needed to be handled carefully or else the entire universe would be warmongering to invade her planet for its unprecedented resources. But then, as if to ruin her plans, a voice from the darkness. Your O/C.
"Hello? Anyone there?"
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