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2023.05.18 19:35 ITEnthus Stuck fermentation - Malbec

Hello All -
Currently working on a Malbec wine(5 gal Frozen Pail w/skin) - Seems to be stuck.
- Starting Grav: 1.104, PH 3.32
- GoFerm/Fermaid O/ BDX Wine Yeast/Co-Innoculated MLF
- Fermented on skins for about 14 days. Got really SLOW around the 1.010 mark, but had to press at that point due to scheduling. For a day it only moved by 0.002 at 78F
- Pressed at 1.006 7 days ago.
- Now in my secondary it's been showing a good 1 cm ring of bubbles in the neck for about 2 days. Today it tested at 1.005-1.006(hard to tell) at 75f
At this point, it looks like it's fermenting, but doesn't look like it's doing too well based on the hydro reading. I dont have any more BDX yeast that i've used initially to add to support it. Any insight? I do have some other lalvin redwine yeast in my fridge.
Fyi - Hydrometer is calibrated, and readings are recalculated for but not written on here, thus a 1.006 is actually a 1.008 @ 75f
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2023.05.02 01:31 Tamponica Examples of child abuse and murder committed by parents that share similarities with the JonBenet case

Like John Ramsey, Jeffrey McDonald was a member of the armed forces. In the direct aftermath of his wife and two young daughters having been found murdered, McDonald's in-laws and many in the community defended him. Like many who have researched the JonBenet case, investigators believed the trigger for the McDonald homicides may have been Kimmy McDonald wetting the bed. (In a bizarre twist, Judith Barsi, the child actress who played Kimmy in the movie Fatal Vision, was killed by her real life father.)
Former child actress Jenette McCurdy details abuse by a controlling stage mother including sexual abuse and vaginal intrusion in her book I'm Glad My Mom Died. Like Patsy Ramsey, Jenette McCurdy's mother was prone to religious delusions.
As an adult Dylan Farrow has gone public with her allegations against her adoptive father, Woody Allen. At age 6, Dylan was subjected to digital penetration. No other child has come forward to accuse Allen although because Mia Farrow had a large family with both biological and adopted children, Allen had access to many children. Woody Allen escaped prosecution but the Family Court judge who presided over the Farrow/Allen custody trial believed the allegations.
Like John Ramsey, the Menendez brothers father was a millionaire CEO. Like Patsy, their mother was a former beauty queen. Lyle and Erik Menendez alleged digital penetration and penetration with objects. Their claims were backed up by medical evidence, witnesses and photographs. Evidence would suggest their mother knew what was going on and aided the father in concealing his abuse.
Dylan Redwine was murdered by his father in an attempt to conceal Mark Redwine's sexually deviant behavior of which Dylan had knowledge. The case occurred in Boulder Bayfield Colorado.
The victims of Michael Jackson who spoke out in the film Leaving Neverland initially defended Jackson, adamantly denying abuse when questioned by police, prosecutors and family. The mothers of the victims allowed MJ almost unlimited access to their children despite many seemingly obvious red flags.
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2022.10.20 19:01 MindshockPod The Delphi Murders - Conspiracy involving Mark Redwine the feces eater?
Is there a ring of human traffickers/snuff film/child killers? Is Mark Redwine involved?
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2022.08.24 19:48 rob4623 High AST levels - Cirrhosis scare

I am a 32 y male who have been drinking too much the recent years with a steady increase in consumption over the years.
The last 10 years I have always been drunk during weekends. Last 4-5 years it has been around 4-6 beers 3-5 days per week. The last years it has escalated to 1 bottle (750ml) of redwine during weekdays, and around 1 litre of booze during the weekend (some weekends even a little more). Some days off here and there. I know it has been way too much.
In the last 3-4 weeks I have had a "wierd sensation" in my right side abdomen. No pain or anything like that, but a slight "bloated" feel.
I did a quick test of the liver (do it yourself, stick-in the-finger type test). Test was done 2 days after quite heavy drinking this last weekend.
The test only shows positive results if ALT and AST is over 80 IU/L.
The test showed no positive result on ALT, but a positive mark on AST, which means over 80 IU/L AST. And below 80 IU/L ALT.
Reading online I see that ratio between ALT and AST (low ALT, high AST) most likely could be cirrhosis. With my consumption, I was afraid of high ALT readings, but now I'm really concerned if it has really progressed to chirrosis? Even though I don't have the exact readings.
I have no other symptoms like jaundice, loss of appetite etc. I feel in quite good shape physically and mentally. My BMI is 28, which I found out just right now is quite overweight..
How concerned should I be? I have not touched alcohol the last 4 days.
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2022.07.16 17:40 RDavis12 2022 Offseason Review Series: Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins

AFC East
2021 Record: 9-8, 3rd in Division

Coaches Acquired

Name Title Previous Team Previous Role
Mike McDaniel Head Coach SF Offensive Coordinator
Frank Smith Offensive Coordinator LAC OL and Run Game Coordinator
Darrell Bevell QB and Passing game coordinator JAX Offensive Coordinator
Jon Embree Asst. HC/ TE Coach SF Asst.HC/ TE Coach
Wes Welker WR Coach SF WR Coach
Matt Applebaum OL Coach Boston College OL Coach
Tyrone McKenzie Outside LBs Colts Coach Fellow OLB Coach
Sam Madison CB/ Pass Game specialist KC DB Coach
Patrick Surtain Defensive Asst. American Heritage High School Head Coach
Steve Gregory Safeties Coach MIA Coaching Asst.
Mike McDaniel
McDaniel stems from the Shanahan tree (Kyle and Mike) and has made quite the impact around the NFL. Before joining the Dolphins, McDaniel worked with 6 NFL Teams and made his presence known on the offensive side of the ball. More recently, McDaniel was on the staff for Deebo Samuel’s All-Pro 2021 season, San Fransico’s 2019 Super Bowl run, and Matt Ryan’s MVP season back in 2016. His “Offensive Guru” status has a lot of Fins fans excited but brings hesitancy considering we’re heard this term before with Adam Gase. However, unlike Gase, McDaniel is adopting an established team that isn’t in the full rebuilding process. The first-time head coach has met with the Dolphins media several times to discuss his player-first philosophies for the upcoming season. Hopefully, his optimistic attitude and refreshing mindset will rub off on the offense which is in desperate need of a boost.
*After 2 consecutive winning seasons, Flores is out and McDaniel is in. As far as the coaching spectrum goes, Flores and McDaniel exhibit two completely different philosophies; McDaniel is offensive-minded and candid while Flores was defensive and reserved. This change of pace is refreshing for some but upset others who wanted to stay with the consistency.
Frank Smith
Arriving from the blossoming LA Chargers, Frank Smith will be the third offensive coordinator for the Fins in three years. Dolphins fans are hoping that Smith stays around to maintain some much-needed consistency on that side of the ball. Undoubtedly, he’ll be working closely with the 15-year coaching veteran, Mike McDaniel, to produce explosive and innovative plays for the entire offense.

Coaches Lost

Name New Team New Role Previous Role
Brian Flores PIT Senior Defensive Asst./ LBs HC
George Godsey BAL TE Coach TE Coach
Gerald Alexander None None DB Coach

Brian Flores
The biggest change, from a coaching standpoint, was certainly the firing of Brian Flores. After ending the 19-year drought of consecutive winning seasons (‘02-’03), Brian Flores appeared to be the answer as far as head coaches go. His defensive mind was winning games but his offensive staff just wasn’t getting the job done. This being said, Flores’s seat wasn’t exactly scolding hot causing the firing to come at a bit of a surprise for fans. Despite the allegations, a large amount of pressure that rested on Flores’s shoulders was pushing past a playoff birth and winning a playoff game. The Dolphins have flirted with mediocrity for several years now; allegations aside, Flores didn’t shatter that mold but he also proved to be an established head coach juxtaposed to recent hires.
The main reason for the departure of Flores was the allegations made toward the NFL and the Miami Dolphins organization. The NFL is actively trying to make positive improvements towards hiring practices/ job opportunities for minorities at the higher NFL level. This allegation was a step in the wrong direction for the league, and Dolphins owner Stephen Ross in particular. Flores filed legal allegations regarding several instances of unethical conduct. One of the allegations that gained the most traction around the Dolphins organization was that -during the 2019 regular season- Ross offered Flores $100,000, per game, to lose in order to “tank successfully.” To summarize, and without diving into the complications and logistics of this legal dispute, Flores wanted to see positive change within the NFL, and his relationship with the Dolphins organization, at that time, was not indicative of him coaching into the 2022 season.

Free Agency

Players Lost/ Cut
Player Position New Team
Mack Hollins WR LV
Jacoby Brissett QB CLE
Jesse Davis OL MIN
Duke Johnson RB BUF
Greg Mancz C BUF
Justin Coleman CB SEA
Albert Wilson WR MIN
Philip Lindsay RB IND
Jason McCourty DB Retired
Michael Palardy P FA
Malcolm Brown RB FA
Allen Hurns WR FA
Will Fuller V WR FA
Devante Parker WR NE

Jacoby Brissett - QB
Brissett was brought into the Dolphins QB room because of his “Belichickian” connection with coach Flores. After serving as Tua’s backup for the year, it was clear that Brissett could just barely get the job done in most cases. In 2021, Brissett threw for 1,283 yards, 5 touchdowns, and 4 interceptions, netting him a QB rating of 78.1%. It’s clear that Brissett wasn’t the answer but his NFL talent is still present. This wasn’t a perfect fit in Miami; hopefully, he’ll find a better fit in Cleveland. Brissett may return to seeing a fair amount of playing time as he backs up Deshaun Watson who has his hands full with his own set of off-the-field legal allegations.
Jesse Davis - OL
The longest-tenured offensive lineup, and 2021 team captain, has moved on from the Dolphins onto greener pastures in Minnesota (metaphorically of course). Dolphins fans are not exactly disappointed to see this roster move. He gave everything he had to Miami, hands down; he moved all across a bleeding offensive line and played every game he could. Unfortunately, his production on the field was sub-par for Fins fans and Tua’s health. As Williams and Armstead join the team, it was in everybody's best interest that Davis moves on.
Duke Johnson - RB
The 2021 Duke Johnson experiment definitely paid off, he provided solid numbers in the limited games he played averaging 4.6 yards per carry (compared to Gaskin’s 3.5 on 173 attempts). Before the McDaniel signing, Johnson was projected to become the starter for the team but this did not come to fruition. With several starting caliber running backs being signed in the offseason, Johnson moved on from the team and signed with the Buffalo Bills. It would have been nice to keep Johnson, considering his production, but with three new RBs on the roster and a new offensive scheme in place, Johnson will be better utilized elsewhere. He now resides as a potential RB3 behind Devin Singletary and Zack Moss.
Will Fuller V - WR
As the old saying goes, “availability is the best ability.” The biggest concern with signing Fuller was his injury concerns and BOY was that the case here too. The Fins signed Fuller right after his career-high 8 touchdown season and fans were excited, concerned but excited if he could stay healthy. There was some speculation that Fuller was brought in to lure Deshaun Watson but that didn’t happen (thank goodness). At the end of the day, Fuller racked in 4 receptions for a total of 26 yards. He missed the remainder of the season, after week 4 versus the Colts, with a finger injury. Sure, as a receiver, it’s practically impossible to play with a broken finger but out of all Fuller’s limited moments on the field, the play that took him out sticks with me the most. The Dolphins subreddit and all Fins fans have boatloads of thoughts on this signing, but I’ll cut myself off here. Fuller will not be missed, I wish we lived in a world where he could have stayed healthy all year.
Devante Parker - WR
It’s tough seeing one of our longest-tenured Dolphins move on, especially to the NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS! With the signing of Hill and Wilson, combined with the emergence of Waddle, Parker was looking at WR3 at best. In his prime, he’s a starting-caliber talent who deserves an opportunity to play to his potential. He’s also battled his fair share of injuries but when he’s healthy, he’s one of the top WRs in the AFC (especially in 2019 when he was 5th overall in WR yardage). It makes sense to move on from Parker. He wanted to play for the Patriots and it’s only fair that Miami honored his request. It’s going to stink playing him twice a year but at least he’ll find more playing opportunities.

Players Signed

Player Type of Acquisition Position Old Team Length Salary/ Guaranteed
Tyreek Hill Trade WR KC 4-Year $120M - $72.2M
Terron Armstead Signed T NO 5-Year $87.5M - $43.37M
Chase Edmonds Signed RB ARI 2-Year $12.6M - $6.1M
Teddy Bridgewater Signed QB DEN 1-Year $10M
Connor Williams Signed OL DAL 2-Year $14.04M - $7.5M
Alec Ingold Signed FB LV 2-Year $7.5M
Cedrick Wilson JR Signed WR DAL 3-Year $22.8 - $12.75
Raheem Mostert Signed RB SF 1-Year $3.125M
Thomas Morstead Signed P NO 1-Year $1.27M - $.5M
Trent Sherfield Signed WR SF 1-Year $1.19M - $.35M
Keion Crossen Signed DB NYG 3-Year $9.45M
Sony Michel Signed RB LAR 1-Year $1.75M - $.5M
Melvin Ingram Signed LB KC 1-Year $3.92M
John Jenkins Re-signed DT MIA 1-Year $1.27M
Brennan Scarlett Re-signed LB MIA 1-Year $1.85M
Durham Smythe Re-signed TE MIA 2-Year $7M
Sheldrick Redwine Re-signed S MIA 1-Year $1.15M - $.125M
Elandon Roberts Re-signed LB MIA 1-Year $3.25M
Sam Eguavoen Re-signed LB MIA 1-Year $1.69M
Duke Riley Re-signed LB MIA 1-Year $3M
Emmanuel Ogbah Re-signed DE MIA 4-Year $65M - $32M
Preston Williams Re-signed WR MIA 1-Year $1.99M
Nik Needham Re-signed CB MIA 1-Year $3.98M
Salvon Ahmed Re-signed RB MIA 1-Year $.895M
Elijah Campbell Re-signed DB MIA 1-Year $.895M
Mike Gesicki Transition Tag TE MIA 1-Year $10.9M
\Salaries from ESPN, Over the Cap, Miami Dolphins, Dolphins Wire*

Tyreek Hill - WR
March 23rd was an incredible day for Dolphins fans (and no I didn’t have to look that date up). This might be the biggest move I’ve ever seen in all my 28-painful years of being a Dolphins fan. We traded 5 picks to obtain Hill for the 2022 season, which essentially wiped out our draft. Considering we’ve had multiple bonus picks in the last few drafts, it was only right that the law of averages took into effect here. The number of Dolphins fans excited to finally have an absolute superstar on the team surely outweighs the fans who wanted to keep the #29 pick in the 2022 draft. The team’s GM, Chris Grier, was getting some criticism from the fans… and then he made this earthshattering move and the noise suddenly stopped. Coincidence? I think not. The idea of having literally the fastest WR duo in history only makes the wait for this upcoming season longer. With a new offensive head coach, a record-breaking rookie, an improved O-Line, and now a cheetah playing WR, fans could not be more excited to see how this offense runs!
Terron Armstead - T
According to CBS Sports, Armstead was the best Free Agent going into the 2022 offseason. To balance this, PFF graded our offensive line 32/32 in the NFL. We had a “league-leading 235 pressures” and terrible pass blocking. The sheer presence of Armstead boosts this offensive line tremendously. Not only does he bring Pro Bowl-caliber play but he also brings the veteran knowledge that only Armstead has. Over the course of his career, Armstead has missed some time, which is concerning. However, when he’s on the field, T-Stead is a force to be reckoned with.
Chase Edmonds - RB
With the emergence of James Conner, Arizona only used Edmonds as a complimentary back instead of a starting role. Edmonds has shown flashes of talent on the field and Miami might just be his chance to be the starting RB1. Even though Mostert and Michel were added, Edmonds is viewed to be the lead back going into camp. With his two-year contract and early free agency signing, Edmonds will most likely be given the keys but not before battling a handful of other running backs that have the same goal in mind.
Teddy Bridgewater - QB
Bridgewater is Miami’s #2 QB role, McDaniel made that very clear after the signing. That being said, Bridgewater is a talented QB; it wouldn’t be too surprising if he beats out Tua in camp but the outlook is doubtful. Over the last two years, Bridgewater threw for more than 3,000 yards and showed serious progress with 18 TDs and 7ints in 2021. The fact that Denver wanted to go a different direction at QB gave Miami an opportunity to snag a quality backup to a historically injury-prone Tua. As far as backups go, he’s more than solid.
Connor Williams - OL
With only allowing 2 sacks in the 2021 season, Williams is going to be a great addition to this revolving door of an offensive line. Williams’s ability to play multiple positions on the line is perfect for a Miami O-line that is always evolving. Along with his consistent playing time and toughness, he’s produced high grades when it comes to run and pass blocking. The biggest flaw in Williams’s game is the holding penalties (11/14 total penalities), if he can get those under control, he’s a serious contender for a stable spot on the offensive line.

Cedrick Wilson Jr. - WR
The Bleacher Report calls Wilson, “Miami’s ‘best-kept secret,’” after watching his highlights from last season, I can see why. Wilson’s signing was overshadowed by Hill and the hype for the rising star, Jaylen Waddle, but don’t count this player out. This slot receiver totaled 602 yards and 6 touchdowns with the Cowboys in 2021. Wilson is going to take the WR3 role on Miami’s depth chart but would easily be a WR2 on any other team that doesn’t have elite talents like Hill and Waddle. Fans are excited to see what Wilson can do to complement this exciting offense.
Raheem Mostert - RB
The signing of Mostert just makes sense considering his familiarity with McDaniels and the 49er’s offense. When healthy, the aging back perfectly fits Miami’s identity: speed. During week 2 of the 2020 season, he reached 23.09mph on his 80-yard touchdown. For the low price of 3 million, dollars, on his one-year contract, Mostert will be a solid backup assuming he doesn’t stay healthy enough to win the starting job.
Emmanuel Ogbah - DE
Our 2021 sack leader was one of the biggest question marks going into the offseason. He was debatably our biggest free agent hitting the market and the team needed to retain him. Our 2020 first-round pick, Jaelan Phillips, is well on his way to matching Ogbah’s production but having his veteran presence combined with his play on the field was something Miami couldn’t pass up. With four more years on his contract, Dolphins fans hope that he mimics another #91 we had a few years ago and makes some Pro Bowls.
Preston Williams - WR
Entering the league as an undrafted free agent out of Colorado State, Williams put up decent enough numbers for the limited role he was given. The biggest question, undoubtedly, is his health. In the past three seasons, Williams has played 17 games (8,8,9). Even with the resigning, he’s not guaranteed a roster spot considering the WR talent going into the season. If Williams can win out in camp -and stay healthy- he’s an excellent candidate for WR4.


The Dolphin's draft this year was unlike any in recent memory. Since our infamous Laremy Tunsil trade, the Fins have been collecting multiple draft picks, especially in the first round. This year, Miami took a play out of the Super Bowl Champion Ram’s playbook and tossed their picks aside for established players (or really just one playmaker in this case). This isn’t the case next year, however, where Miami has multiple firsts and thirds yet again. This draft class is certainly tiny. It’s fair speculation that McDaniel and Grier were too busy watching Tyreek Hill highlights to care about what was going on during rounds 1 and 2 of this year’s draft.
Round 3***,*** #102 overall
Channing Tindall - LB, Georgia
Tindall played for an elite Georgia defense in 2021; Miami hopes his explosiveness and speed with be a powerful addition to a powerful defense. The presumed plan for Tindall will be to be integrated into the lineup and phase out Elandon Roberts. With age on his side and a preferable missed-tackle percentage juxtaposed to Roberts, Tindall is hoping to bring an ounce of Georgia sweetness to Josh Boyer’s defensive lineup.
Round 4, #125 overall
Erik Ezukanma - WR, Texas Tech
Considering the identity of the Miami offense is “speed,” Ezukanma brings the balance that Parker brought years prior. Ezukanma can win contested catches and gain serious YAC. Wes Welker, the new Dolphins receiving coach and Texas Tech alum, has been praising this man all offseason; it’s nice seeing Welker already make his mark. This isn’t saying that the other receivers (Hill, Waddle, etc.) can’t make contested catches but when it comes to preferred playstyle, it doesn’t hurt to have multiple dimensions to the game.
Round 7, #224 overall
Cameron Goode - OLB, California
Chris Grier certainly attacked the linebacker position in this year’s draft. Since this position is full of veterans, it only makes sense to expect the young guys to eventually get a good chunk of playing time within the upcoming seasons. Goode’s accolades speak for themselves as Goode started 37 games, earned 20.5 sacks in his career, and was an Honorable Mention All-Pac 2019 player. Being a 7th-round pick, the pressure isn’t as high as Tindall, to earn a starting spot, but it’s very possible this established player could see some reps going into the season assuming he does well in camp and preseason.
Round 7, #247 overall
Skylar Thompson - QB, Kansas State
Thompson has been a player the Fins have been eyeing for a few years now. He won’t get any playing time this year, barring serious injuries for Tua and Bridgewater but he’ll hopefully be a solid “field general” with the practice quad. Since Teddy is only on a 1-year deal, Thompson is expected to be the backup going into the 2023 season.
\Draft information from Kyle Crabbs at The Draft Network, Dolphins Wire, and the Phinsider*

Projected Starting Lineup

QB- Tua Tagovailoa, Teddy Bridgewater, Skylar Thompson
If you watched one ounce of Dolphins coverage this offseason, the biggest topic of conversation is certainly Tua. There is a lot at stake for the 5th overall pick in the 2020 draft. To put it bluntly, he has to execute this season or he’s most likely out of the job. When looking at the quarterbacks who were drafted right next to him (Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert), Tua is clearly not up to their standard. Sure “situations are situational,” and the organization didn’t openly commit to Tua as others did with Burrow and Herbert. Unfortunately, the media doesn’t care about that, they just care about production on the field.
In the Brian Flores regime, Flores just wouldn’t commit to saying Tua is his starting quarterback. There have been speculations that Flores and Tua had a deteriorating relationship and there are also reports that they had a great “playe coach” relationship, according to Flores himself. We might just never know. The past aside, McDaniel openly committed to Tua. On day one, McDaniel said “he was all in” on Tua and “wanted to get all his greatness out of him.” Hopefully, the commitment from McDaniel unlocks the true confidence Tua has and this is manifested on Sundays.
The fans of Tua lie in three distinct camps: the fans who have seen enough and are ready to move on, the fans who are loyal and praise his potential, and then fans who are still making up their mind. I’d wager that most fans fall in the third camp and are waiting until the 2022 season to conclude how they feel. Last season, Tua was given respectable weapons to prove himself but took shelter behind a crumbling offensive line. This season, Tua has been handed the keys to a cheetah-striped Ferarri and has moved into a castle named Terron Armstead. The excuses are gone. Tua has been given more than enough weapons and an offensive line that has much fewer question marks than in previous years. The chemistry between Tua and Hill has been strong, as Hill has gone to bat for Tua several times this offseason. Fans are praying that they can match that connection on the field. Tyreek is confident in his quarterback, Tua has shown a new swagger and upfront confidence, and Waddle is a rising star. If all three pieces fit together, Miami might finally have their answer at quarterback. This all being said, they need to find success and find it early.
RB- Chase Edmonds, Raheem Mostert, Sony Michel, Myles Gaskin, Salvon Ahmed
This backfield is going to be decided in camp. There are legitimately four starting running backs fighting for the number one spot. Even without the most starting experience amongst the group, Edmonds is expected to get his opportunity and start week one versus the Patriots. What he’s done with the limited snaps he’s been given in Arizona, his two-year contract, and his projection on the ESPN depth chart leads fans to believe that he’ll be the guy. There are still many question marks, however, considering that “competition breeds excellence” and any one of these guys could get the call week one. Another speculation is that this backfield could be a “three-headed monster” and share the touches relatively equally and depending on the matchup. It’s very possible that Mostert or Michel could take the RB1 spot but time will tell. For those fantasy players out there, don’t put all your eggs into this backfield basket.
WR- Tyreek Hill, Jaylen Waddle, Cedrick Wilson Jr, Erik Ezukanma, Preston Williams
If Miami never traded for Hill, this receiver core would have been exciting. The fact that Miami added Tyreek Hill to the mix makes this receiver corps the best we’ve seen in some time, at least on paper. As far as team concerns go, the WR room isn’t one of them. We know that there is plenty of talent on the field, it just relies on our 3rd-year QB to feed them the ball. The expectations for Waddle are for him to continue where he left off and build upon his chemistry with Tua. Breaking the rookie receiver record was an amazing accomplishment and fans are excited to see how Tua and Waddle continue to click. When it comes to Tyreek, the jury is still out. On paper, this move was earth-stopping. Getting the fastest receiver in the NFL can only help a team whose identity is speed. Hill and “Tua-T,” appear to have significant chemistry thus far; if they can convert that chemistry into consistent long-bomb touchdown receptions, this team will be something special.
TE- Mike Gesicki, Durham Smythe, Adam Shaheen
Instead of signing Gesicki to a long-term deal, Miami has placed the franchise tag on Mike Gesicki. Gesicki isn’t quite a household name but he’s on his way there; Miami fans would love to keep him around. His pass blocking isn’t the best but his ability to catch passes is incredible. (An added note here: Gesicki has never been a blocking TE so Miami knew what they were doing when they snagged him from Penn.) Gesicki is also considered to be a WR, in many instances, and there was uncertainty whether he would hit the free agency market as a TE or WR, the latter being much more lucrative historically. When it comes to the on-field play, Gesicki will be an excellent complement to a speedy offense. His deal, and usage, will depend on how well he can mesh with the scheme McDaniel sets up for him. Many assume that he’s going to take a George Kittle-type role because of McDaniel’s time in San Fransisco. Miami also drafted Hunter Long in last year’s draft, giving the team several tight ends to use. If Gesicki commands a high price next season, a financially-responsible decision might have to get made. As for now, we’re looking forward to Mike making his presence known in a much improved Miami offense.
FB- Alec Ingold
Think of all the fullbacks that are currently making strides in the NFL. Did you think of Kyle Juszczyk? If you did, you’ll also know that he plays for the 49ers, the same place where our head coach was running the offense. I’m sure Ingold will have some out-of-the-box touches when it comes to the 2022 season.
Offensive Line
LT- Terron Armstead, Austin Jackson
LG- Liam Eichenberg, Solomon Kindley
C- Michael Deite Connor Williams
RG - Connor Williams/ Robert Hunt
RT- Greg Little
For many years, the offensive line has been an area of concern. We’ve tried to address it for several years now, mostly through the draft. Whether it was the offensive coaching on Flores staff or the talent on the roster, 2021 was a year better off forgotten. During this offseason, McDaniel’s staff has put a ton of stock into the O-Line will undoubtedly pay off more dividends than last year. The team brought in Matt Applebaum to introduce a fresh coaching perspective, signed Connor Williams, and signed the Pro Bowl veteran Terron Armstead. Most of these players can play multiple spots on the line if needed; however, it’s in everyone’s best interest that a player settles into a spot for the entirety of the season. The lineup above is certainly not the final depth chart; this will be a decision unfolding in training camp.
Two players on the hot seat are Liam Eichenberg and Austin Jackson; Liam was the 42nd pick in last year’s draft and Austin Jackson was 18th overall in 2020. Since they were drafted so highly, the expectation for these players to produce is very much lingering. Liam has a longer leash, considering it’s his second season, but Jackson needs to show improvements. Besides his graceful acrobatics, Robert Hunt is probably the most stable offensive lineman that played for the team last year. His skills combined with the new signings should allow the running backs to attack the zone and give Tua the time he needs to connect with his star receivers.
DL- Emmanuel Ogbah, Raekwon Davis, Christian Wilkins, Zach Sieler, Adam Butler, John Jenkins
Bringing back Ogbah was an underrated move during the offseason. As our sack leader, we expect him to continue his on-field production and improve in the four more years he’s signed for. One of the few things this established defense needs is a powerful defensive end who can crack the top 10 when it comes to sacks. Our secondary is known as a threat around the league and we need a front 4 who can bring the same intimidation. This defense has certainly found its identity: blitz hard and often.
LB- Elandon Roberts, Jerome Baker, Jaelan Phillips, Andrew Van Ginkel, Melvin Ingram, Channing Tindall, Duke Riley, Sam Eguavoen
The linebackers are decent enough, Jerome Baker is clearly the dominant force to be reckoned with amongst the squad. He’s had flashes of greatness, complemented by our team’s favorite trait: speed. Last year, Baker accumulated 15 QB hits and 5.5 sacks which weren't as impressive as his 2020 season but nothing to discount him for either. The complimentary pieces to Baker should be enough to carry the weight moving forward.
The second-year player, Jaelan Phillips, found his stride towards the middle of last season but this was also due to a limited snap count. Even with a slow start, Phillips broke the franchise rookie record in sacks recording 8.5 which is the most since 1969 when Bill Stanfill recorded 8. Phillips will get more playing time without question. With that extra playing time, comes higher expectations, especially since his window to produce is shorter considering his first-round status (18th overall in 2021).
Another notable matchup is Elandon Roberts and Channing Tindall. Roberts can undoubtedly hit hard to remind fans what old-school football can look like. In 2021, Roberts set career-high tackles (83) and 2 forced fumbles to match. There are question marks considering his Flores connection has dissipated. The drafting of Tindall means that that position is looking to be improved in the eyes of McDaniel; plus, Tindall’s rookie contract is a much cheaper option ($5M for 4years versus Roberts’s $3M per year.)
An exciting addition during the offseason was signing of Melvin Ingram from the Chiefs. Ingram has found a couple of new homes, since leaving the Chargers. Having Ingram in the locker room will bring 10-year veteran knowledge and a 3-time pro bowler mentality to a team of young talent. To make this deal that much sweeter, there’s a very real chance that Ingram sees playing time and makes an impact on the team. He only signed for a one-year deal. This may be his last stint in the NFL unless he earns another deal with, or without, the Fins. This one-year deal has significant upsides that certainly outweigh the risks.
CB- Xavien Howard, Byron Jones, Nik Needham, Noah Igbinoghene
The cornerback position can be summed up by one word, maybe even one letter: X. This secondary is the cornerstone to our “Dancing 7” defense (quote by Miami’s Joe Rose), allowing the rest of the team to trust a “cover zero blitz” scheme. Over the past two seasons, this has become our identity of the defense and since Josh Boyer, and his staff, are back for another go, this look will not change. On the other side of the field is Byron Jones. Jones doesn’t get a lot of flashing interceptions but he does lock down defenders and not draw attention, which is also important at the position. Nik Needam has stepped up over the past couple of years, becoming a solid backup to the dynamic duo of Howard and Jones. The question mark lies in another first-round pick: Noah Igbinoghene (notice a theme here?). When X is not on the field, and Noah is, our defense was not the same. It’s troubling knowing that one injury will hinder a strong defense. However, reports this offseason say that Igbinoghene is making strides with his new coaches and a third year in the system.
S- Jevon Holland, Brandon Jones, Eric Rowe, Trill Williams
According to Pro Football Focus, Jevon Holland is 5th on the list of highest-graded rookies of the 2021 season. Holland is the 2nd highest defensive player on the list scoring an overall grade of 82.5. Holland also made his presence known on the field; he played in 16 games, totaling 69 tackles and 2.5 sacks. It’s fair to say that fans love Holland are excited to see what he does moving forward. Brandon Jones is also an excellent safety especially when it comes to blitzing, but he’s working on becoming known as more than that approaching the season. His snap count doubled last year compared to his rookie season. Jones combined with Holland makes for another excellent under-rated duo in the Miami secondary.
Special Teams
P- Thomas Morstead
K- Jason Sanders
PR- Jevon Holland
KR- Jaylen Waddle
Focusing on solely Jason Sanders here, Sanders was literally the All-Pro kicker in 2020. Without going on a rant, he should have made it to the Pro Bowl as well but I’ll save my thoughts for another time. Miami has signed Sanders through the 2026 season and is unquestionably our long-term answer at that position. Last season wasn’t as strong juxtaposed to 2020 but we’re confident that Sanders can pull more than his weight in the 2022 season.

Position Group Strengths and Weaknesses

The quarterback position is one that is subpar compared to the league and really has been for some time. Even though he missed time, Tua was ranked 27th out of the starting quarterbacks last season. As previously stated in his write-up above, Tua needs to confidently take control of this offense in order to remain in the starting role
McDaniel is a mastermind when it comes to pre-snap motion and run-heavy schemes. There are plenty of quality backs to choose from. The Miami rushing attack hasn’t seen a start since Jay Ajayi. It’s going to be difficult to match his production but if Miami could find a 1000-yard rusher, fans would be over the moon. This backfield is still very uncertain, Edmonds is projected to start but nobody really knows until camp. It’s also possible that they take a “three-headed monster” approach which won’t help the players on the stat sheet but may help win games.
Offensive Line
The offensive line is certainly an area of concern. The new additions of Armstead and Williams should bring out the best in the players who were on the team in 2021. Last year was literally ranked dead last in the league, the bar is set traditionally low so any signs of progress will be more than welcomed. Compared to the league, Miami’s line needs to find a few pieces of stability, as many playoff teams have.
Pass catchers
This may be arguable the strongest component of the team, it’s either the combination of Hill and Waddle or the duo of X and Jones. The pass catchers are the best we’ve had in years. The anticipation couldn’t be higher. Miami has a realistic chance of having two 1,000-yard receivers if Tua can pull his end of the bargain.
Defensive Line
An area of concern with the D-Line is the ability to stop the run. Miami’s ability to get to the quarterback has been average but it's the run stopping that needs improvement. That said, however, 2021 gave Zach Sieler and Christian Wilkins their career-highs in tackles. Combine this progress with the return of literally everybody along the line and the expectation that we’re only going to see more career highs in 2022.
The linebacker position is only getting faster. Jerome Baker brings lightning speed when he’s on his A-game and Channing Tindall compliments Baker’s quickness whenever the rookie gets the playing time. Andrew Van Ginkel has shown moments of great athleticism too (more in 2020 versus 2021) and is expected to take an important role once again. If there were to be a linebacker that defines the team, it would be Baker. A hole for a dominant, household name linebacker is certainly present.
In 2021, Xavien Howard only got 5 interceptions instead of his league-leader 10 the year prior. 5 picks don’t sound that impressive, knowing X’s talent, but his 5 interceptions were still tied for 4th in the league. This secondary is physical, mean, and quick. With the extra coaching from Dolphins legends, Sam Madison and Pat Surtain, the secondary will certainly take a step forward. If Nik Needam continues his steady improvement and Noah Igbinoghene finds his rhythm, this secondary might just be the best in the NFL.
Special Teams
The absence of Mack Hollins will unquestionably hinder the Miami special teams unit. Danny Crossman has been our special teams coach for several seasons adding another level of consistency to this team. Thomas Morstead has been great in his 14-year career, hopefully, he proves his worth enough to sign an extension beyond one year. Our kicker, Jason Sanders, is also top-tier, winning the All-Pro kicker in 2020. The special teams unit for Miami is certainly a strength but the punting game is the biggest question mark going into the 2022 season.


Being a Dolphins fan this offseason has been a wild ride. To quote the great Kyle Crabbs of Locked On Dolphins, it appears we’re “offseason champions” once again. The free agent signings are certainly going to improve the locker room, not only by bringing in established players but by competing with players who have been on the roster in 2021. Looking at the Dolphins roster as a whole, the weakest position group is the offensive line which has been impactfully improved with the signing of Armstead and Williams. The group of running backs is also a development to watch. Edmonds is projected to be the starter week one but with Mostert, Michel, and Gaskin competing, it’s going to bring out the best in them. May the best running back win!
The Dolphins organization has signed more than just players, they’ve also signed a fleet of new coaches led by rookie coach Mike McDaniel. This doesn’t capture the same energy as a complete rebuild, however, as McDaniel is inheriting an established team in all phases of the ball. The brilliance of McDaniel plus the innovative schemes delivered by Hill, Waddle, and Tua is going to be exciting! Finally, the biggest question mark, and favorite controversial topic of the sports media, is how Tua commands the offense. In year three, Tua has been given the keys to the Ferrari, he just has to drive it. There are no more excuses if this year isn’t his breakout season. The Fins have given him more than enough offensive weapons. McDaniel has openly said that Tua is the guy, the defense has retained just about every impactful player and coach from the previous season, and Miami has one of the best receiving corps in the NFL with Gesicki, Waddle, and Hill. This hype needs to manifest itself in a playoff win or else we’re in for another round of changes during the next offseason.
As we approach 2022, the Dolphins organization has made moves that shocked the NFL. The optimism in Miami has never been higher in recent memory. This team finally looks built and ready to compete. If all the pieces click together, Miami is going to race all over the field on offense, continue to blitz heavy on defense, and earn their much-needed playoff win!
Thank you to PlatypusOfDeath for running this series. As a NFL member for several years, I’ve always loved this series, and writing for one is a dream come true. I also want to thank Dolphins Wire, Phinsider, ESPN, NFL, The Draft Network, Over the Cap, Kyle Crabbs, Joe Rose, MiamiDolphins, and Pro Football Focus.
*Schedule Predictions, offseason news, additional free agent write-ups, and more notes in comments
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2022.02.20 05:20 ImaginationKey6506 Mark Redwine: child killer, poop eater

Hello Sir! I'd like to hear your version of the horrible story involving Mark Redwine and his son Dylan (RIP). It's relatively new, and the story I just heard from another YouTube channel left me with a lot of questions. I'm certain if it were told by you, The Great Mr. Ballen, there would be no questions. Thank you kindly! From Prescott, WI.
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2021.12.07 23:56 textbooks6 Google Drive eTextbooks release thread (part-21)!+ Accepting requests every day

Google Drive eTextbooks release thread (part-21)!+ Accepting requests every day
  • If you find your book in the thread below, send the number of the book via reddit chat or via telegram .
  • Almost all the books are in their latest editions and some of them are available in multiple editions too
  • Books (pdf) are delivered through Google-Drive link
  • You can also send requests via reddit chat or by telegram .
  • Also, upvote the post if you found it useful
Please find the list below
  1. Drafting Contracts: How & Why Lawyers Do What They Do 2e (Aspen Coursebook): 2nd Edition: Tina L. Stark
  2. Hard Facts, Dangerous Half-Truths, and Total Nonsense: Profiting from Evidence-based Management: Jeffrey Pfeffer & Robert I. Sutton
  3. The Ethics Primer for Public Administrators in Government and Nonprofit Organizations, 2nd Edition: James H. Svara
  4. Citizen Governance: Leading American Communities Into the 21st Century, 1st Edition: Richard C. Box
  5. Handbook of Local Anesthesia, 7th Edition: Stanley F. Malamed
  6. An Invitation to Health, 18th Edition: Dianne Hales
  7. Research Methods for Public Administrators, 6th Edition: Elizabethann O'Sullivan & Gary Rassel & Maureen Berner & Jocelyn Taliaferro
  8. Social Gerontology: A Multidisciplinary Perspective, 10th Edition: Nancy R. Hooyman & Kevin Y. Kawamoto & H. Asuman Kiyak
  9. The Project Manager's Guide to Mastering Agile: Principles and Practices for an Adaptive Approach, 1st Edition: Charles G. Cobb
  10. Theoretical Basis for Nursing, 5th Edition: Melanie McEwen & Evelyn M. Wills
  11. Marketing Management, 3rd Edition: Greg W. Marshall & Mark W Johnston
  12. RealTime Physics: Active Learning Laboratories, Module 3: Electricity and Magnetism, 3rd Edition: David R. Sokoloff & Priscilla W. Laws
  13. Designing and Managing a Research Project: A Business Student's Guide, Third Edition: Michael J. Polonsky & David S. Waller
  14. Business Law: Text and Cases: Legal, Ethical, Global, and Corporate Environment, 12th Edition: Kenneth W. Clarkson & Roger LeRoy Miller & Frank B. Cross
  15. Classroom Management That Works: Research-Based Strategies for Every Teacher, 1st Edition: Robert J Marzano & Jana S Marzano & Debra J Pickering
  16. DAT Prep Plus 2019-2020: 2 Practice Tests + Proven Strategies + Online (Kaplan Test Prep), 1st Edition: Kaplan Test Prep
  17. Managing Information Technology: What Managers Need to Know, 7th Edition: Carol V. Brown & Daniel W DeHayes & Jeffrey Slater & Wainright E. Martin & William C. Perkins
  18. Financial Markets and Institutions (The Mcgraw-hill / Irwin Series in Finance, Insurance and Real Estate), 6th Edition: Anthony Saunders & Marcia Millon Cornett
  19. Consumer Behavior: Building Marketing Strategy, 13th Edition: David L Mothersbaugh & Delbert I Hawkins
  20. Introduction to Aircraft Structural Analysis, 3rd Edition: T.H.G. Megson
  21. ITIL®v3 Foundations: A Time-Compressed Resource To Passing The ITIL®v3 Foundations Exam On Your 1st Attempt! (Cram to Pass): Jason Dion
  22. Structural Reliability Analysis and Prediction, 3rd Edition: Robert E. Melchers & Andre T. Beck
  23. Unified Design of Steel Structures, 3rd Edition: Louis F. Geschwindner & Judy Liu & Charles J. Carter
  24. CBT for Beginners, 3rd Edition: Jane Simmons & Rachel Griffiths
  25. Splunk Essentials, Second Edition: Betsy Page Sigman & Erickson Delgado
  26. Medical Conditions in the Athlete, 3rd Edition: Katie Walsh Flanagan & Micki M. Cuppett
  27. Global Climate Change and Human Health: From Science to Practice, 1st Edition: George Luber & Jay Lemery
  28. Probability and Statistics for Data Science: Math + R + Data (Chapman & Hall/CRC Data Science Series), 1st Edition: Norman Matloff
  29. APA: The Easy Way! (Updated for APA 6th edition), Second Edition: Peggy M. Houghton & Timothy J. Houghton & Michele M. Pratt
  30. Essentials of Anatomy & Physiology, 8th Edition: Frederic H. Martini & Edwin F. Bartholomew
  31. ATI TEAS 6 Full Study Guide: TEAS 6 Study Manual, 5 Full Length Practice Tests, 850 Realistic Questions, Online Flashcards, Second Edition: Smart Edition
  32. Elements of Ecology, Global Edition (Law Express), 9th Edition: Robert Leo Smith & Thomas M. Smith
  33. Company Law: An Interactive Approach, 1st Edition: Alex Wong, Richard Baumfield, Richard Copp, Robert Cunningham, Paul Harpur
  34. Manual of Clinical Behavioral Medicine for Dogs and Cats, 1st Edition: Karen Overall
  35. Spatial Behavior: A Geographic Perspective: Reginald G. Golledge & Robert J. Stimson
  36. Statistics for Managers using MS Excel, Global Edition, 7th edition: David F. Stephan & Kathryn A. Szabat & David M. Levine
  37. Wayfinding Behavior: Cognitive Mapping and Other Spatial Processes, 1st Edition: Reginald G. Golledge
  38. CompTIA A+ Certification All-in-One Exam Guide, Tenth Edition (Exams 220-1001 & 220-1002): Mike Meyers
  39. MKTG 7 (with CourseMate with Career Transitions Printed Access Card) (New, Engaging Titles from 4LTR Press) 7th Edition: Charles W. Lamb & Joe F. Hair & Carl McDaniel
  40. Operations Management: Sustainability and Supply Chain Management, Third Canadian Edition: Jay Heizer & Barry Render & Paul Griffin
  41. Abnormal Psychology in a Changing World, 10th Edition: Jeffrey S. Nevid & Spencer A. Rathus & Beverly Greene
  42. Managerial Decision Modeling with Spreadsheets, 3rd Edition: Nagraj Balakrishnan & Barry Render & Jr. Ralph M. Stair
  43. The West in the World, Volume 2: from 1600, 5th Edition: Dennis Sherman & Joyce Salisbury
  44. Contemporary Moral Issues, 4th Edition: Lawrence M. Hinman
  45. Practical Management Science, 5th Edition: Wayne L. Winston & S. Christian Albright
  46. Entrepreneurial Finance, 6th Edition: Philip J. Adelman & Alan M. Marks
  47. Cognitive Mapping: Past, Present and Future (Frontiers of Cognitive Science), 1st Edition: Scott Freundschuh & Rob Kitchin
  48. Spitz and Fisher's Medicolegal Investigation of Death: Guidelines for the Application of Pathology to Crime Investigation, 4th Edition: Werner U. Spitz & Daniel J. Spitz
  49. Engineering Mechanics: Statics in SI Units, Global Edition, 14th Edition: Russell C. Hibbeler
  50. On-Treatment Verification Imaging: A Study Guide for IGRT (Series in Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering), 1st Edition: Mike Kirby & Kerrie-Anne Calder
  51. Problem Solving with C++, 10th Edition: Walter Savitch & Kenrick Mock
  52. Critical Thinking: An Introduction to the Basic Skills, 7th Edition: William Hughes & Jonathan Lavery & Katheryn Doran
  53. Precalculus, Global Edition, 10th Edition : Michael Sullivan
  54. Introduction to Research in Education, 9th Edition: Donald Ary & Lucy Cheser Jacobs & Christine K. Sorensen Irvine
  55. Educational Psychology, Sixth Canadian Edition: Anita Woolfolk & Philip H. Winne & Nancy E. Perry
  56. Graphical Approach to Algebra & Trigonometry, 7th Edition: John Hornsby & Margaret L. Lial & Gary K. Rockswold
  57. Introduction to Educational Research, Unbnd Edition: Craig A. Mertler
  58. Financial Reporting, Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation, 8th Edition: James M. Wahlen & Stephen P. Baginski & Mark Bradshaw
  59. Campbell Biology: Australian and New Zealand edition, 11th Edition: Lisa A. Urry & Noel Meyers & Michael L. Cain & Steven A. Wasserman & Peter V. Minorsky & Jane B. Reece
  60. Organizational Behaviour: Concepts, Controversies, Applications, Eighth Canadian Edition: Nancy Langton & Stephen P. Robbins & Timothy A. Judge
  61. Psychology: From Inquiry to Understanding, 3rd Edition: Scott Lilienfeld & Steven Jay Lynn & Laura L. Namy & Graham Jamieson & Anthony Marks & Virginia Slaughter
  62. Campbell Biology: Australian and New Zealand Edition, 10th Edition: Lisa A. Urry, Jane B. Reece, Noel Meyers
  63. Milady Standard Barbering, 6th Edition: Milady
  64. Statistics: A Tool for Social Research, 10th Edition: Joseph F. Healey
  65. Foundations of Programming Languages (Undergraduate Topics in Computer Science), 2nd Edition: Kent D. Lee
  66. Tall Building Design: Steel, Concrete, and Composite Systems, 1st Edition: Bungale S. Taranath
  67. Essentials of Meteorology: An Invitation to the Atmosphere, 8th Edition: C. Donald Ahrens & Robert Henson
  68. Audit and Assurance Services, 1st Edition: Philomena Leung & Paul Coram & Barry Cooper & Peter Richardson
  69. Introductory Chemistry, 1st Edition: Kevin Revell
  70. Teaching Health and Physical Education in Early Childhood and the Primary Years, First Edition: Natalie McMaster
  71. Maternal, Fetal, & Neonatal Physiology: A Clinical Perspective, 5th Edition: Susan Blackburn
  72. The Development of Modern Business, 2002nd Edition: Gordon Boyce & Simon Ville
  73. Sonography: Introduction to Normal Structure and Function, 4th Edition: Reva Arnez Curry & Betty Bates Tempkin
  74. Photography, 12th Edition: Barbara London & Jim Stone & John Upton
  75. Sociology of Mental Disorder, 9th Edition: William C. Cockerham
  76. C++ How to Program, 10th Edition: Paul J. Deitel & Harvey Deitel
  77. Cultural Studies, 2nd Edition: Jeff Lewis
  78. Compliance 101, Fourth Edition: Debbie Troklus & Sheryl Vacca
  79. Craig's Essentials of Sonography and Patient Care, 4th Edition: M. Robert de Jong
  80. Medical-Surgical Nursing: Concepts & Practice, 3rd Edition: Susan C. deWit & Holly Stromberg & Carol Dallred
  81. Apartment Called Freedom, 1st Edition: Algosaibi
  82. Dimensional Analysis for Meds: Refocusing on Essential Metric Calculations, 5th Edition: Anna M. Curren
  83. Intermediate Accounting, 17th Edition: Donald E. Kieso & Jerry J. Weygandt & Terry D. Warfield
  84. The Personality Puzzle, Seventh Edition: David C. Funder
  85. Social Workers' Desk Reference, 3rd Edition: Kevin Corcoran & Albert R. Roberts
  86. Introduction to Critical Care Nursing, 7th Edition: Mary Lou Sole & Deborah Goldenberg Klein & Marthe J. Moseley
  87. Physical Rehabilitation, 7th Edition: Susan B O'Sullivan & Thomas J Schmitz & George Fulk
  88. Insurance Law and Policy: Cases and Materials, 4th Edition: Tom Baker & Kyle D. Logue
  89. Corporations and Other Business Associations: Cases and Materials, 8th Edition: Charles R.T. O'Kelley & Robert B. Thompson
  90. Fundamentals of Financial Accounting, 6th Edition: Fred Phillips
  91. Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing & Healthcare: A Guide to Best Practice, 4th Edition: Bernadette Mazurek Melnyk & Ellen Fineout-Overholt
  92. Behavioral Genetics, Seventh Edition: Valerie S. Knopik & Jenae M. Neiderhiser & John C. DeFries & Robert Plomin
  93. A Concise Introduction to Mixed Methods Research, 1st Edition: John W. Creswell
  94. Competence Assessment Tools for Health-System Pharmacists, 5th Edition: Lee B. Murdaugh
  95. Gould's Pathophysiology for the Health Professions, 6th Edition: Karin C. VanMeter & Robert J Hubert
  96. Human Sexuality Today, 9th Edition: Bruce M. King & Pamela Regan
  97. Encyclopedia of Counseling, 4th Edition: Howard Rosenthal
  98. Corporate Financial Accounting, 15th Edition: Carl Warren & Jeff Jones
  99. Study Guide for Fundamentals of Nursing: The Art and Science of Person-Centered Care, 9th Edition: Carol Taylor & Pamela Lynn & Jennifer Bartlett
  100. Research for Educators, 2nd Edition: Lisa Kervin & Wilma Vialle & Steven Howard & Jan Herrington & Tony Okely
  101. Lutz's Nutrition and Diet Therapy, 7th Edition: Erin Mazur & Nancy Litch
  102. The Toyota Way: 14 Management Principles from the World's Greatest Manufacturer, 1st Edition: Jeffrey Liker
  103. Understanding Pathophysiology - ANZ adaptation, 2nd Edition: Judy Craft & Christopher Gordon & Sue Huether & Kathryn McCance & Valentina Brashers
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  108. Criminalistics: An Introduction to Forensic Science, 11th Edition: Richard Saferstein
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  116. The daily stoic : 366 meditations on wisdom, perseverance, and the art of living: Ryan Holiday & Stephen Hanselman
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  119. Juvenile Justice, 6th Edition: Kären M. Hess & Christine H. Orthmann & John P. Wright
  120. The Encyclopedia of New York City, Second Edition: Kenneth T. Jackson & Lisa Keller & Nancy Flood
  121. Health Care Ethics and the Law, Pap/Psc Edition: Donna K. Hammaker & Thomas M. Knadig
  122. Integrated Korean: Beginning 1, 2nd Edition (Klear Textbooks in Korean Language): Young-Mee Cho & Hyo Sang Lee & Carol Schulz & Ho-Min Sohn & Sung-Ock Sohn
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2021.10.12 19:29 alexstef_ Mark Redwine Sentenced to 48 Years for Murdering Teenage Son in 2012: 'Utter Lack of Remorse'

Mark Redwine Sentenced to 48 Years for Murdering Teenage Son in 2012: 'Utter Lack of Remorse' submitted by alexstef_ to myfavoritemurder [link] [comments]

2021.10.09 04:48 wikisdaily Who is Mark Redwine? Wiki, Biography, Age, Sentenced, Dylan Redwine Murder, Trial - Wiki Bio Facts

Who is Mark Redwine? Wiki, Biography, Age, Sentenced, Dylan Redwine Murder, Trial - Wiki Bio Facts submitted by wikisdaily to u/wikisdaily [link] [comments]

2021.10.09 04:33 stoolsample2 Dad who killed son who found his twisted fetish pics gets 48 years in prison. Mark Redwine sentenced to 48 years, vows to appeal 'fake conviction'

Dad who killed son who found his twisted fetish pics gets 48 years in prison. Mark Redwine sentenced to 48 years, vows to appeal 'fake conviction' submitted by stoolsample2 to TrueCrimeDiscussion [link] [comments]

2021.10.08 19:53 -en- @AP: A Colorado father has been sentenced to 48 years in prison in the 2012 disappearance of his 13-year-old son. Mark Redwine, 60, was sentenced after being convicted of second-degree murder and child abuse resulting in death.

@AP: A Colorado father has been sentenced to 48 years in prison in the 2012 disappearance of his 13-year-old son. Mark Redwine, 60, was sentenced after being convicted of second-degree murder and child abuse resulting in death. submitted by -en- to newsbotbot [link] [comments]

2021.09.13 17:04 iammrpositive Public record of the photographs used in the case of Mark Redwine. Prosecutors presented that the discovery of the images of Mark wearing and eating from feces-filled diapers was the motive for the killing of his his son Dylan.

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2021.09.13 03:16 iammrpositive Dirty Little Secret - 13 year old Dylan Redwine disappeared in 2012 after discovering compromising photos of his father Mark. It would take over a decade for Dylan to receive justice.

Dirty Little Secret - 13 year old Dylan Redwine disappeared in 2012 after discovering compromising photos of his father Mark. It would take over a decade for Dylan to receive justice. submitted by iammrpositive to InvisibleChoir [link] [comments]

2021.08.14 08:21 RetailSlave5408 Can you imagine how funny goofing on Dylan Redwine could be?

Howard has made great entertainment out of goofing on tragedies like Caylie Anthony’s murder, Jessica Dubroff’s death, Ron and Nicole, and even Columbine.
If there isn’t even an “the news” segment as of late I doubt there’s any mention of this trial of Mark Redwine.
But in case you didn’t know this is a recent trial of a guy who allegedly murdered his 13 year old son back in 2013.
The ex wife and other son say that Dylan the murdered boy, found photographs of his father eating his own feces out of a diaper and cross dressing. I mean if you’re gonna kill your kids what’s your qualm with eating shit? But I mean it sounds like a fake segment written as a live caller with all this stuff.
Howard’s made fun of dead kids before but he’s too worried about the consequences now.
But if this happened 10 years ago I could hear Artie imitating the dad eating shit with fart sound effects being played in the background and saying something like, “yes son about those photos but first help me move something in the garage” and then we hear gunshots
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2021.08.11 01:27 DopeandDiamonds DAY TWO HEARING OVERVIEW.

Hosted by u/rosegoldredditor
Barry Morphew Day Two
Senior Deputy DA Jeff Lindsey arrives at the courthouse with a container of documents. Two witnesses of 8 testified Monday. FBI Special Agent Ken Harris continues on the stand today
Good morning from day 2 of #BarryMorphew's preliminary hearing. I'm in the courtroom and will live tweet updates.
The big question we still don't know: what evidence do investigators have that ties Barry Morphew to his wife's disappearance. Hoping to learn more today.
Barry Morphew is in court today wearing what looks to be the same outfit as yesterday: A grey suit, dark tie and cowboy boots. We walked into the courtroom, hugged his attorneys and waved to his family in the room. He is not wearing handcuffs or any restraints
FBI Investigator (Agent Harris) on stand confirms Suzanne would track Barry through his phone and find my phone app. At times, she would tell her lover Barry was coming home so that they could stop talking. Barry would sometimes put his phone on airplane mode so she couldn't track him.
Barry Morphew walks into courtroom with a confident stride, no handcuffs or leg shackles, in a blue suit and mask. He hugs his attorney Iris Eytan and turns around to say hello to his family.
They wave. FBI Agent Ken Harris is called to continue from Monday
Defense starts off with questions Special Agent Harris. She's asking about text messages between Suzanne Morphew and her best friend Sheila. In July 2019 a message form Suzanne stating "he wants a secret life"
In the texts, Sheila tells Suzanne Morphew to start putting some money away to find out if she has enough to be on her own. This follows many conversations about her wanting to separate from Barry Morphew.
SA Harris says during their investigation it came out that Suzanne Morphew would use find my phone to track Barry Morphew. He says sometimes Barry would turn his phone on airplane mode so Suzanne couldn't track him.
SA Harris is going through messages between Suzanne Morphew and Jeff from April 2020. Messages read, "I want to be with you" "I can only be me with you" "You know I was born to love you".
Agent Ken Harris takes the stand again.
Iris Eytan will begin cross-examining him.
Asking questions about Sheila Oliver and Suzanne Morphew text messages from 2019 and 2020.
Attorney Eytan is speaking to Agent Harris about Barry Morphew safe in the garage. That it was searched. Eytan is claiming that Suzanne Morphew took $70,000. The state is objecting. The judge allows her to continue.
March 10 investigators tell Barry Morphew a little about Suzanne Morphew affair. Barry also asked investigators about missing money from the safe after the search warrant.
Agent Harris said that Suzanne Morphew would use FindmyIphone app and track Barry Morphew. He would sometimes put it his phone on Airplane mode to avoid this.
About 20 messages between Jeff Libler and Suzanne Morphew were exchanged on April 22, 2020. Agent Harris is asking for his binder that has all of the text messages to reference. These specific messages were not spoken about yesterday.
Text messages between Jeff Libler and Suzanne Morphew the morning of *April 21. Eytan had the date wrong. The text messages said, "I want to be with you," "I can only be me with you," I love you," "I need you."
Judge cautions the defense that they are burning through a lot of their time and that they need to be cautious of that.
Harris testifies that suzanne morphew was hoping the spy pen would reveal Barry Morphew was having an affair, and that Barry would just leave their relationship. Suzanne received the spy pen, which records audio, from her friend, Sheila.
Attorney Eytan is now speaking about an interview with BM and investigators in January. She claims that Suzanne morphew said on the spy pen that 80% of the arguments with Barry morphew were about money.
In an interview with SA Harris he says from an argument caught on the recording pen Suzanne Morphew had that 80% of the fights Barry Morphew and Suzanne had were about money.
Barry's defense continues to cross examine witness #2 of 8, agent Harris. Defense says spy pen recorded argument between Suzanne Morphew & Barry Morphew where she says their arguments are always about money.
Eytan brings up an argument that allegedly happened on May 6 where Barry Morphew said "I'm not having an affair, I would never cheat on you."
Defense now asking SA Harris about what Suzanne Morphew and Barry Morphew grown daughters knew about their marriage. Both girls said their parents argued. Macy was asked about her dad being physically abusive and she allegedly told investigators she couldn't see him being abusive
Attorney Eytan is asking Agent Harris about what Miles Harvey had told investigators about Barry morphew and Suzanne Morphew marriage "not being perfect." Miles said he was a workaholic and wasn't home enough. Didn't hear that Barry was physically abusive.
Agent Harris said Mallory was spoken to early on into the investigation but after that not able to speak with. But she said that they never spoke of divorce.
Texts on May 6 2020 show Suzanne Morphew text to Barry Morphew saying "I'm done I could care less what you've been up to for years. We just need to figure this out civilly." Barry responds saying he loves her and if she doesn't believe him then she doesn't know him.
Barry Morphew sent messages to Suzanne Morphew "I promise you, you are wrong about all the crazy thoughts about me. Why would I want another, only a fool would stray from an angel like you."
On May 8, #BarryMorphew went and got Pizza at Moonlight Pizza in Salida. While he was out, Suzanne Morphew sent a message on LinkedIn to Jeff Libler saying he is gone for a bit.
On May 7, at 7:25 a.m. Suzanne Morphew messaged Libler about how magical the last few days have been. Agent Harris is checking his binder to find the exact messages Ms. Eytan is referring to.
Suzanne Morphew continues to text message Libler a lot of the day. At 4:43 p.m. Suzanne tells Barry she's been studying all afternoon and she has veggie stew on for dinner.
May 6 text message from Suzanne to BM
"I’m done. I could care less about what you’ve been up to for years. We need to figure this out civilly."
On May 9, Suzanne Morphew tells Libler that she had a fine night got pizza, looked at homes, and talked about Arizona.
Eytan said, "We are going to move off the pizza." On to the next topic, I guess.
From Michigus, Adding her comment because it is important:
The defense is trying to paint a picture. They are the ones doing cross-examination right now.
Suzanne wanted out and away from Barry. She was taking measures to secure some kind of independence. Remember, Barry was controlling and a bully. She had to do things so that he wouldn't find out. Women are told to prepare to build a life and have money so they can afford to leave a spouse. It doesn't mean "run away," although in an abusive relationship with violence, they should get to a safe location where spouse won't find them.
Ultimately she wasn't going to leave her 2 daughters. She wanted to end her marriage, civilly if possible, not end her life.
Attorney Eytan wanted to speak about Suzanne Morphew secret bank account. The state objects and says beyond the scope. She is now explaining.
Judge overrules the objection.
Defense now asking SA Harris about a statement sent to Suzanne Morphew email about her alleged secret bank account. It was a GreenDot account. Defense says you can access the account and withdraw money without having to go to a bank.
Barry Morphew atty Iris Eytan shifts gears to raise new clandestine behavior by Suzanne Morphew : a secret bank account. Eytan generally implies Suzanne could use the $$ to flee. REDIRECT on Harris by DA Jeff Lindsey.
In April, Suzanne Morphew opened up an account with GreenDot bank and Royal Compass Management. Eytan asked Agent Harris he had looked into this and he said he hadn't. The state is now asking Agent Harris more questions.
Defense wraps up cross-examination. Senior DDA Jeff Lindsey is up for re-direct. He starts off with asking about the defense questioning him about agents not being able to find any evidence that Barry Morphew was having an affair. But Lindsey says Barry was "looking".
Lindsey immediately brings up that Barry was in fact looking for other women. Eytan immediately objects and approaches stand.
The state is now asking Agent Harris about Barry Morphew phone. There was some deleted dating web history such as Ashley Maddison. When this was said, Barry sat up in his chair.
Eytan is now asking if he knows who made the search. Agent Harris said he doesn't know. This search was in January of 2020. There were no searches after this day.
In March, interviews with Barry Morphew and the FBI asked Barry about the website Celebrity Jehad website he had allegedly search which is a porn website. Barry now has his arms crosse
Celeb Jihad is a nude celebrity website with photos and videos brought to people daily by Islamic extremists, according to their website.
Agent Harris is being asked about Holly Wilson and a conversation she had with Barry he was accusing SM of sleeping with a man in a basement in November. He allegedly told
Holly, "If I find him, I will shoot off his balls, and shove them down
his throat
Agent Harris is being asked about Holly Wilson and a conversation she had with Barry Morphew. Barry was accusing Suzanne Morphew of sleeping with a man in a basement in November. He allegedly told Holly, "If I find him, I will shoot off his balls, and shove them down his throat."
The text message on May 6 that Suzanne Morphew sent Barry Morphew reads, “I’m done. I could care less what you're up to and have been for years. We just need to figure this out civilly.” Barry had deleted but investigators found it.
Agent Harris says this text message is a significant step for Suzanne Morphew. According to Sheila, her best friend Suzanne hadn't come out and said it until MAY 6.
Agent Harris is asked what Jeff Libler was doing around May 9 and 10. He was in Michigan working on a dock (project) went to a hardware store to buy supplies and checked with his credit card statement.
Agent Harris described Jeff Libler as the opposite of Barry Morphew. He said Libler was very complimentary to Suzanne Morphew. Harris said Libler wanted to help support Suzanne get out on her own.
In March, interviews with Barry Morphew and the FBI asked Barry about the website Celebrity Jehad website he had allegedly search which is a porn website. Barry now has his arms crossed.
Celeb Jihad is a nude celebrity website with photos and videos brought to people daily by Islamic extremists, according to their website.
The defense was very upset about this. They then spoke to the judge.
Agent Harris says this text message is a significant step for Suzanne -According to her best friend she hadn't come out and said it until May 6
On May 10, Jeff Libler had wished Suzanne Morphew a Happy Mother's Day and knew it would be a hard day because she missed her mom. Suzanne never responded.
On May 11, Jeff Libler texted Suzanne Morphew wishing her well wishes for her cancer treatment day. She also didn't respond and that was allegedly Libler last message to her.
As we go to recess Barry and Suzanne Morphew daughters mouth to their dad "I love you" "You're looking great in your suit." one sends a hugging motion to him.
Prosecution now working to rule out Libler's involvement in SuzanneMorphew disapperance. SA Harris says they interviewed him and investigated what he was doing May 9th and 10th, when Suzanne went missing. They established that he was on a work project.
Harris reveals Suzanne Morphew had a cancer treatment on May 11th, day after she went missing. Says Jeff Libler texted her on May 10th about a conversation on Mother's Day. u/KKTV11News
We're headed for a 10 min recess.
As we go to recess Barry Morphew and Suzanne Morphew daughters mouth to their dad "I love you" "You're looking great in your suit." one sends a hugging motion to him.
After first break
Witness #3 takes the stand. Former FBI Agent Jonathan Grusing is legendary in Colorado for working missing person cases where there is no body including the recent Mark Redwine/ Dylan Redwine case out of Durango. Also investigation of Harold Henthorne.
Former FBI Agent Jonathan Grusing is legendary in Colorado for working missing person cases where there is no body including the recent Mark Redwine/ Dylan Redwine case out of Durango.
Agent Grusing is now being asked about BarryMorphews truck based on the data. There were 625 pages of the report to be analyzed. The data included when the door opened, closed and when brake lights were on, etc.
Grusing testifies that BarryMorphew sought information about purchasing a backhoe attachment and a new blade for his Bobcat on May 9, the day before Suzanne disappeared.
CRITICAL TO THE CASE: Grusing says the Sat before Suzanne Morphew went missing Barry Morphew got home from running errands at 2:44pm as she was sunbathing and sending photos of herself to her lover, Jeff Libler.
Grusing is going through a minute by minute account of what the FBI has been able to piece together using data from Barry's truck, his phone, and interviews.
At 2:03pm on Sat May 9, 2020, Suzanne was sunbathing and sent a picture to her lover. Barry returned home at 2:44pm.
Exhibit 59: A picture of SuzanneMorphew sunbathing is shown in the courtroom. She is smiling and laying on her front. It is a selfie. The daughters are crying in the courtroom as they see the photo for the first time.
At 2:03p on May 9, 2020, Suzanne was sunbathing and sent a picture to her lover. Barry returned home at 2:44p
The photo is shown in the courtroom, Suzanne smiling. Truck GPS coordinates show Barry's truck goes into park at 2:43:59. Phone coordinates show he walks around the house. You can hear a pin drop in the courtroom as tension is high.
Agent Grusing says they found a tranquilizer dart cap in the dryer at the Morphew home. *Fucking Christ we are doing this now?*
At 2:47pm, BM phone goes into airplane mode. Suzanne's phone is getting messages from her lover, libler asking about the weather. Meanwhile, BM says he was moving around the house shooting chipmunks. *fucking Barry leave chippies alone!!!!*
Agent Grusing mentions a tranquilizer dart cap found in the dryer. He also asked BarryMorphew about what gun he used. He said a 22. Barry's phone was turned into airplane mode. His truck doesn't move from 2:44 until 4:44 p.m. ON MAY 9
Until 9:24 pm, Grusing testifies that Morphew's driver door closes and parking lights come on and off.
At 9:25pm gearshift goes from park to reverse. The truck backs 96 feet out of the driveway.
BarryMorphew's phone goes into airplane mode at 2:47pm and does not come back out of airplane mode until around 10pm that night, Sat May 9, 2020.
At 5:33 p.m. Barry's truck indicates the power was removed and the system was rebooted.
Grusing says during the time of the next morning (May 10) Barry Morphew phone was moving between 225 and Hwy50, which is close to where Suzanne Morphew's bike was found. Suzanne's phone last pinged around 4:22am on May 10th, in an area that was hard to reach signal.
3:25 am May 10 - driver door opens and closes. Truck is at the end of driveway until 3:58am.
Cell phone moves from residence up until where 225 and highway 50 intersect, but phone experts can’t confirm this movement
4:31 am May 10 - Barry phone appeared back into airplane mode and at the residence until 5:37 am in Buena Vista as he’s on his way north to Broomfield
5:38 am May 10 - BarryMorphew texts his mom Happy Mother's Day. Text to SuzanneMorphew
6:56am May 10 - Texts to Suzanne "Happy Mother's day. I love you."
TRASH RUN 1: BarryMorphew truck passenger and drivers doors open, near a bus stop, and according to data it took him 2 minutes to throw something away that was a few feet away from his truck. The state has pulled up a google image of the bus stop in Broomfield.
Grusing says he then tracked BarryMorphew truck to a Holiday Inn near Broomfield. He says they couldn't get surveillance video on the south side of the building where Barry was parked. He says there was another "trash run" at the hotel.
Grusing testifies that telematics from Barry's Ford truck suggest he made multiple 'trash runs' on Sunday, May 10, throwing things away at different stops throughout the day.
8:25am - Grusing says BarryMorphew then moves his truck to the front of the hotel and walks in at 8:25am. Then is seen on camera again at 8:38 going to his room.
Barrymorphew has something in his hand. Something small, Agent Grusing couldn't decide what it was. His next action is carrying multiple items to his room. Hiking boots, a teal-covered piece of clothing, a darker black piece of clothing, and a light blue bag.
8:41 a.m - BarryMorphew texts SuzanneMorphew, I have made it to Broomfield. He never called her.
9:40am-ish - Barry stayed in his room for an hour, he is now seen wearing a black v-neck shirt, carrying a trash bag and hiking boots. BarryMorphew said that there were holes in the boots, but the laces were good, so he wanted to take them to the room and remove the laces and then trash the boots. Photos of this from the hotel surveillance video are being shown.
Another picture shows BarryMorphew leaving the hotel room about an hour later. Clothes are different than what he wore when he arrived, and he has a different grocery bag in his hand.
BarryMorphew said that there were holes in the boots, but the laces were good so he wanted to take them to the room and remove the laces and then trash the boots. Photos of this from the hotel surveillance video are being shown.
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TRASH RUN 3: At 9:12 am Grusing says BarryMorphew drives by the worksite he is supposed to be working at in Broomfield. He then goes to a McDonalds in Broomfield. He is caught throwing more things in a trashcan. He is seen pushing trash down into the trash can with both hands, according to the surveillance video.
Barry later claims it was wrappers he was throwing away.
Barry then went to a carwash and after that a Men's Wearhouse parking lot, where he spent 40 minutes. Passenger and driver doors open and close multiple times, with breaks in between. No video surveillance.
Grusing & prosecutors now showing surveillance photos in court of BarryMorphew throwing multiple items away on Sunday, May 10 - making 'trash runs' at an RTD stop, a Holiday Inn, a McDonald's and a Men's Wearhouse dumpster. Grusing says Morphew spent 40 mins in MW parking lot.
TRASH RUN 5: FBI has video of this. BarryMorphew mentioned to investigators he had thrown away tranquilizer material. That is the only thing he would say that he threw away.
BarryMorphew returned back to the hotel with a large notebook with papers that are messy. Then left the hotel 20 minutes later with the notebook in hand with papers neat in hand. He also has changed shirts into a grey t-shirt.
BarryMorphew went to the Broomfield WALL and did 11-15 minutes of work. Removed blocks from the retaining wall. This job was for Garrett Construction. The company told Agent Grusing that the job would need a bobcat.
Agent Grusing mentions that BarryMorphew, as well as Garrett Construction Company, knew that they couldn't work on Sunday in the city of Broomfield.
12:06 p.m. BarryMorphew calls his daughter, Mallory.
12:27 p.m. BarryMorphew is seen on hotel surveillance moving two bags to a dumpster. Throwing away a bag that you can see camo coat and a tree container.
3:30 p.m. he texted SuzanneMorphew to call him.
5:15 p.m. he got a call from Mr. Ritter
We can see in pictures of BarryMorphew taking trash to a dumpster at the hotel. There are no cars parked next to the dumpster, but Barry is carrying the items across the lot to the dumpster.
Exhibit 50: A different angle of a surveillance camera. Showing Barrymorphew carrying the items to the dumpster.
Barry is seen walking with his hands in his pockets with his head down as he walks away from the dumpster.
5:15pm - BarryMorphew goes back to his room and got a call from his neighbor about SuzanneMorphew missing.
Surveillance shows he was in his hotel room in Broomfield at this time.
Barry had told CBI agents that he received this call while he working at the worksite. This is contradictory info.
This story changed according to Agent Grusing. Early in April Barry said he worked at the jobsite but then in May he amended his statement to watching FOX News.
FBI agent says “Barry’s statements changed significantly” over time as FBI introduced more information to him.
FBI has shown surveillance pictures of Barry making stops at 5 trash cans/dumpsters in Broomfield on the day Suzanne went missing.
Barry Morphew made five trash runs, one with a tree container and a camo coat, by the time he got to Broomfield, CO to re-do a wall. This is Sunday May 10, a day his client says he should have known that Broomfield doesn't allow people to do any town construction work.
6:00pm - BarryMorphew takes multiple trips in and out of the hotel entrance bringing in tools. Asks the front desk person if it would be ok to leave them for his workers who were coming later. These were hand tools.
Grusing says after several interviews with BarryMorphew his statements continued to change about where he was when he got the call about SuzanneMorphew.
Grusing says Barry would not tell them what he was doing inside the hotel room from noon to 5:55pm when they don't have him on cam.
Grusing says over the course of several months, BarryMorphew never came back to agents to say he recalled what was in the trash he threw away.
From Michigaus: A man goes to work on a wall re-do project. He leaves before 5am on a Sunday, Mother's Day, to drive 3 hours away. This project is for a municipal town, a town that does not allow any work to be done on their construction projects on Sundays.
The man spends 11 to 15 minutes at the worksite.
The rest of the time the man is seen on different surveillance cams driving around and throwing stuff out at various dumpsters and trash cans. He spends more time throwing things out than he does doing anything related to this job he just had to get to, on the day his wife disappears.
The man admits he threw some "tranquilizer stuff out." That's all he admits to discarding besides "wrappers." Note that a cap to a dart (which would be used to hold a tranquilizer) is found in the man's dryer at home.
The man has changed his clothes 2 or 3 times in the 10 hours since he arrived in that town and when he is last seen on surveillance cam.
The man leaves "hand tools" for his workers, who are due to arrive hours later. The wall re-do job requires the use of a Bobcat. There is no Bobcat left for the workers.
Lunch break
On MAY 6, Barry Morphew sent text messages to Suzanne Morphew talking about suicide. "Going to see my savior. This life on earth is a mear grain of sand compared to eternity."
On May 6, Suzanne sent text to Barry: “I’m done. I could care less what you’re up to and have been for years. We just need to figure this out civilly.”
FBI investigator says Barry responded with texts that detailed suicidal thoughts, "Going to see my savior. This life on earth is a mere grain of sand compared to eternity."
This was 4 days before Suzanne went missing.
On May 7, Barry Morphew texted a person about getting a new truck. Attempted to call Suzanne Morphew dad Gene. Also texted George Davis. Mallory was sending pictures of their trip to Utah and also a text that said, "Finally got the job!"
May 8, 7:02 am: computer scientist able to recover from notes on phone a list of grievances against Barry. 50 reasons why Suzanne is leaving the marriage.
Investigators state they recovered messages from Suzanne Morphew's ICloud account & messages which appear to have been deleted from Barry Morphew's phone. Suzanne texted him she was "done" & he threatened to kill himself.
Agent Grusing spoke with Sheila about Suzanne Morphew list. More examples of grievances: concerns about recovering from cancer with Barry Morphew still in the picture. Concerns about cameras in the garage. Accusing Suzanne of Boyfriend. They spoke with Barry about this.
rehashing some of the things we heard yesterday about Suzanne Morphew saying Barry Morphew was pulling their daughters into fights.
On MAY 8, a note in SuzanneMorphew was a list of 50 reasons why she wanted to leave the marriage. Ex. A lot of Women on FB, and said it was good for business. (assuming this means he is posting pretty girls doing construction stuff to gain more contracts but I have no clue)
On May 8 at 9:28, Suzanne texted her sister saying, He has been "abusive emotionally and physically."
Multiple calls between Suzanne Morphew and Barry Morphew were sent back and forth to each other Friday morning. At 10:55 am Barry sent a text, "I love you Suzanne."
ON May 8, Suzanne Morphew sent a picture of Barry morphew standing outside Moonlight Pizza waiting for pizza to the girls. The girls are in Utah on a roadtrip.
On Saturday night before Suzanne was reported missing, her Facebook codes were reset and her account friended 23 of her old friends, 20 of them male. investigators asked Barry if he did this and he denied it.
On May 9, Text messages:
9:50 BM: Wanna go on a hike?
9:52 SM: where? (no response)
Later on, asking about summer tires on range rover?
10:36 SM: Wanna meet to hike?
12 minutes later
10:48 BM:No, coming home
SM: Get Hottub stuff
*poison darted while in the hot tub and what is hot tub stuff? Ew*
Exhibit 60 is being shown. It is a google map of where the helmet and bike was found vs. where the home is on Puma Path.
SuzanneMorphew helmet was 50 feet from the road.
Libler had advised Suzanne to have contact info in the helmet in case of crash.
Investigators' last interviews with BarryMorphew were April 5 and April 22. (2021)
On May 9, Barry Morphews phone is pinged near the river behind his home. Investigators asked why this was, his response was, "I was looking for a turkey that Mallory had shot some time ago." 11:50 a.m. - 12:50 a.m. *wouldn’t it be eaten by scavengers by now. Teach your kid to collect her kill. Just sloppy*
May 9th while Barry Morphew was away Suzanne Morphew was sending LinkedIn messages to Jeff Libler. Investigators showed a picture Suzanne sent to Jeff to Barry, he said she "looked drunk" and she had "drunk eyes"
Investigators say this is the last sign of Suzanne being alive
*I am still baffled linked in has a message feature. Old people are weird with technology.*
May 9 1:38pm: BarryMorphew left the home. suzannemorphew sent a message to Libler saying "Guess who is alone again??
2:03pm picture was sent by Suzanne to Libler of her sunbathing.
*sunbathing drunk or is this drugged from darts. Clarify later*
Defense Attorney Nielsen is now questioning FBI agent Grusing
Showing cell phone records, she says they prove that Barry tried calling Suzanne when he was driving home from Broomfield the day she went missing
Agent had previously testified that Barry had not called Suzanne
Agent Grusing helped write the 129-page arrest affidavit. Barry Morphew spoke with LE 23 times. Barry didn't LE until Feb. 28, 2021, about the chipmunks 9 months after Suzanne Morphew went missing. (reference about phone pinging outside the home)
Defense is arguing that Barry Morphew phone could be staying still in one spot- when the former agent says his phone was pinging on several places on the outside of the house. Defense says it could've been in one place- Grusing says "That's why we asked him what he was doing."
Defense is making the argument that the cell phone data showing Barry moving around home as soon as he arrived home the day Suzanne went missing is inaccurate
Barry says he was shooting chipmunks, though only told investigators that nine months into case
Defense exhibit J,K,I,L,M: Google maps around the Morphew home off Puma Path in Maysville with push pins on them. Neilsen again is speaking about the distance between these points referring to Barry Morphew phone. Neilsen says this shows he had to have been moving through walls.
Defense is still going over Barry Morphew cell phone position on the Morphew property the day before Suzanne Morphew went missing. Right now they're going through coordinates and defense is detailing where exactly the phone was and how long it took to get to different points.
Defense poking holes in prosecutions theory that cell phone data suggests Barry Morphew was moving all around the house the day before Suzanne disappeared. Defense says Barry would have had to move through walls & at speeds up to 42 mph in order for cell records to be accurate.
Lots of not understanding the data on the screen. Court reporters confused, it’s a dizzy mess.
This is mind-numbing testimony & people in the courtroom are struggling to stay awake.
Judge asks Grusing if he understands the method Nielsen is using to explain this. It’s the first time he’s seen it. He says he can follow, but he says to Nielsen - “You are teaching me.”
In the Arrest Warrant Affidavit, Nielsen points out, there's a sentence which says "There’s an opinion that Barry is most likely chasing Suzanne around." She asks Gruning "Did the neighbors heard unusual noises at 2:44 pm on the 10th?" "No."
Grusing testifies he wrote in arrest affidavit that Barry Morphew was 'most likely chasing Suzanne around while she was conscious' and that's why Barry's phone pinged in different areas in/around house, but defense says his movement impossible given time/distance of cell records.
After break
At 2 p.m. Barry Morphew was getting his blade replaced on his bobcat. on Saturday, May 9.
At 2:44 p.m. Barry Morphew comes home according to truck data and the next-door event is at 4:44 p.m. Agent Grusing said he asked Morphew if he would authenticate whether he left the door open or not. Neilsen checking the data on the truck again from May 9, 10.
I am painfully bored
On page 6, Barry Morphew truck stays in the same coordinates at 4:44 p.m. until 9:25 p.m. Parking light events on Page 7, doesn't change the coordinate of the truck. 6 odometer events on May 9. 3 odometer events 10:04 am & 10:06 am. are around the same of two parking light events
Back in courtroom, Nielsen is attacking the technology Grusing used to figure out exactly where Barry Morphew and his truck were on May 9 and 10. Much discussion about odometer, parking light and door opening/closing events on his Ford F350 & whether they match up.
According to an employee at Salida Stove and Spa, Neilsen said from an interview with investigator Derek Graham #BarryMorphew visited on May 9 between 4 and 5:30 p.m. That there was nothing unusual about his demeanor.
Barry Morphew had a convo with Janelle and Colton Nebal at the store, according to Neilsen. She is questioning Agent Grusing on his timeline. On May 8, Morphew sent a message to Colton around 1:18 p.m. about getting his hot tub fixed. Asking when he could come out to the home.
There were 19 miles that were unaccounted for when Barry Morphew went to Broomfield. Neilsen said this Salida Stove and Spa trip could account for 18 miles.
Agent Grusings theory is that Barry Morphew did something to Suzanne Morphew when he got home on May 9. Chasing Suzanne around the home while she is concious. The push pin map that they presented said it isn't possible for him to move at 45 miles per hour, according to Neilsen.
"At 2:45 p.m. Barry Morphew did something terrible to his wife and then went to get his hot tub fixed?" Neilsen asked. Agent Grusing responded, "I don't think their timing is accurate." (referring to Salida Stove and Spa)
Defense trying to disprove investigator's theory, that erratic cell phone pings on May 9th from #BarryMorphew's home was him chasing Suzanne around the house before killing her. Defense says Barry went to get his hot tub fixed shortly after. Shop employee confirms.
No idea where this comes in I lost track
Do you still believe he was most likely chasing Suzanne while she was conscious?
ALSO Suzanne's phone made an outgoing call at 2:53 am of MAY 10. That was a half an hour before the door event occurred on Barry Morphew truck.
Now Neilsen is going over phone data of #SuzanneMorphew and #BarryMorphew. According to the CAST REPORT, an incoming call at 12:02 a.m. and an outgoing 2:17 a.m. on May 9. Barry doesn't have a call until a little after 6 a.m.
Lauren is obsessed with hashtags and hates me
FBI agent's theory is that Barry chased Suzanne around the house before killing her. Defense trying to disprove this. Neighbors who were home at the time said they never heard anything. Defense also says cell records and Barry's vehicle telematics data are unreliable at best.
first interview with Com. Walker, Morphew claimed on Sunday morning, he set his alarm for 4:30 am. He had already loaded the truck the night before. Left the driveway around 5 a.m.
"Do you think there is time to dispose of a human body in that time?" Neilsen asked. "No there is not," Agent Grusing replied.
Nielson says a worker reported Barry came into a spa store between 4 & 530 on May 9th to inquire about fixing their hot tub. This destroys Grusing's theory that BM was home freaking out after doing "something horrible" to Suzanne Morphew. Grusing believes she got her time wrong.
Neilsen said, the first May 9 event is at 6:46 am start time airplane mode off event may have been triggered by something. According to CAST report, could be mean that he is coming out of an area with poor service.
Verizon records show #BarryMorphew cell phone at 7:19 a.m. on May 9 receiving a signal. Neilsen asked, "Can a phone receive a signal in airplane mode?" Grusing said, "I don't know."
Phones cannot receive the signal, a server can store one for a missed call leaving a voicemail
Nielsen just asked to break for the day because she has another half an hour which would put the court past 5 pm. Judge said no, that she has to continue and we will wrap at 5 pm. Things are getting testy in the courtroom.
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2021.07.31 14:33 Nemacolin Names I Came Across in my Reading (July 2021)

Wada Woolstehulme mayor of Oakley Vermont.
Donald F Henkensieiken recently died
Dusty Hill of ZZ Top recently died. His brother is Rocky Hill.
Frank Beard of ZZ Top is the one without a beard.
Pebble Hill of Philadelphia was in the news through no fault of her own.
Sky Hopscotch was a screen name that I came across.
Darlene Hard was an American tennis player c. 1957.
Ms Jordyn Poll was in the news through no fault of her own.
Usain Bolt has a son named Thunder Bolt, and another named Saint Leo Bolt.
Clark Wonderland is with the Michigan American Legion.
Roger Friend has no notes next to his name.
Mark Redwine is a killer.
Taco Dibbits of the Dutch National Museum.
Robert Quackenbush recently died. He claimed his ancestors were duck farmers.
Railton Loy seems to have been a KKK grand wizard.
Shawn R Adolf was arrested for wanting to kill President Obama.
Charlie Danger is a retired building inspector in Florida.
Spencer Rattler is the quarterback for Oklahoma.
HMCS Harry DeWolf is a fine name for a ship.
Mr. Dion Cini has an odd hobby, but I did not write down what it is.
Kerry Chant lives in New South Wales.
C. J. Muse was in the news for some reason
Lydia Lunett is a conceptionalist
Ginger Zee is the the chief meteorologist for ABC.
Sir William Edmund Goodenough was a British admiral in WWI.
Quinn Cumberlander was arrested near Boston.
Augustus Toplady wrote "Rock of Ages."
Zaila Avant-garde is a champion
Dickie Maegle recently died. He also used the spelling "Moegle."
June Finch was a dancer who had a lovely name. She recently died.
Caleb Sixkiller is the deputy mayor of Seattle.
Tony Thunderholt is with the Texas legislature.
Dr. Ludner Confident seems to have plotted to kill the Haitian president.
Morris Fish was formerly on the Canadian Supreme Court.
Albert H Dallas, "Buddy" was a lawyer for James Brown.
Amanda Silver is a computer expert.
Massimo Faggioli of Villanova University.
Jean-Louis Lebris de Kerouac a.k.a. Jack Kerouac
Constanze Stelzenmüller of the Brookings Institute.
Wally Funk finally got into space.
Ron Kind is in the House of Representatives.
Armadillo Aerospace has gone bankrupt
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2021.07.27 13:10 captaincuttlehooroar Episode 167: What Happened to Dylan Redwine? Part 1

13-year-old Dylan Redwine was last seen alive in November 2012 after a court-ordered visit with his father. In 2013, he was found deceased.
8 years later, his father, Mark Redwine, would stand trial for his murder. Did Mark Redwine murder his son, or did something else happen to him?
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2021.07.18 21:20 Faction_Chief /r/news -

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2021.07.18 21:13 dconedge_gmail_com Jury finds Mark Redwine guilty of killing his 13 yeae old son after finding pictures.

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2021.07.18 21:01 autotldr Jury finds Mark Redwine guilty of killing his 13 yeae old son after finding pictures.

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 77%. (I'm a bot)
Jurors on Friday found Mark Redwine guilty of second-degree murder and child abuse resulting in death, bringing an end to a five-week trial and nine-year investigation into the disappearance of his 13-year-old son, Dylan.
Prosecutors said Redwine killed his son in a fit of rage on Nov. 18, 2012, after the boy confronted his father about photos showing his father in women's lingerie while eating what appeared to be feces from a diaper.
Law enforcement and family testified that Redwine appeared "Laid-back" and displayed "Odd" behavior when Dylan went missing and put little effort into finding his son.
Public defender Justin Bogan argued that Redwine didn't have the time or knowledge of anatomy to dispose of his son and get to work in Durango the next morning.
Redwine agreed to take a polygraph test on the show, but as the test was getting set up, Redwine declined to take the test.
Redwine was indicted in 2017 in connection with the disappearance of his son because of blood found in the home belonging to Dylan.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Redwine#1 Dylan#2 father#3 son#4 verdict#5
Post found in /news.
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2021.07.17 06:33 ani625 Colorado Dad Mark Redwine Found Guilty of Killing Son Dylan Over Lewd Diaper Pics

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