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This subreddit is not about describing prescribed game plots. It is a place to recount unexpected, unique, or humorous events and player interactions that have happened in-game. Epic sagas, dastardly backstabbing and emergent metagaming are all welcome here from any source - from computer games through to tabletop RPG.

2015.06.27 00:22 Tamriel Online

Tamriel Online

2023.06.09 04:11 VehicleInterested99 bad update or avatar glitch?

when i select an outfit in the avatar editor, if it has a full body skintone, it changes the skintone to a random default one, like white with red torso and blue legs, grey with yellow torso and blue legs, etc. i turned off all of my extensions and tried it on another account.. it still happens. is this a new Roblox feature to prevent people from being naked? i seriously hope this is just a glitch and not another bad update.
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2023.06.09 04:10 pib86 Serial MLMer

Serial MLMer
She proudly called herself a Monat „lifer“ to then leave Monat a few months after for Igenius only to leave the MLM industry a few months after that. And now she has joined Doterra.
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2023.06.09 04:10 Master1781 A new advertising campaign says Monopoly rage can teach children valuable anger management skills

A new advertising campaign says Monopoly rage can teach children valuable anger management skills
Haven't seen this, Hasbro launched a marketing campaign highlighting Monopoly as a game helping children to express and deal with hard feelings and frustrations.
Link: Hasbro Monopoly - KesselsKramer
Monopoly Makes Everyone Angry — and That Might Actually Be Good for Your Kids
A new advertising campaign from Hasbro says the all-too-familiar Monopoly rage can teach children valuable anger management skills
WE’VE ALL HAD those nights where an innocent game of Monopoly ends up making most of us want to fight each other, but according to a new study, that might actually be good for kids.
Hasbro, which publishes Monopoly, recently commissioned research about its best-selling board game and found that eight out of 10 people fight during a game of Monopoly. This probably doesn’t surprise any longtime players — the board game has a unique ability to raise anger levels, start arguments, and end up flipped over — and that’s part of the fun (especially when you’re winning). But that Monopoly rage might have some real benefits, other than spicing up weeknights at home. Namely, childhood development.
By working through anger and arguing in a safe environment while playing Monopoly, kids are able to “practice” those emotions and resolve conflicts, learning skills to be applied outside the living room on game night.
Using this data on childhood development, Hasbro has started an advertising campaign for Monopoly in Belgium. The campaign, developed by Amsterdam creative agency KesselsKramer, sees five different posters featuring a portrait of a frustrated child and a lesson that the child is learning through Monopoly. These lessons include things like “For learning to let go” and “For dealing with a setback.”
“Monopoly can teach you a lot about how you express your emotions and how you deal with disappointments,” says KesselsKramer. “Therefore, throwing the Monopoly board across the room has the potential to strengthen your relationship with your family.”
Although some have a love-hate relationship with the game (maybe for its unique anger-inducing powers) Monopoly is an essential part of any board game collection — and, according to Hasbro, a great device for letting your kids experience some healthy frustration.

Monopoly might be the most famous board game of all. Everybody has played it at least once, and in the last 80 years it hasn’t changed much. In all those years, Monopoly has explored almost every possible creative and strategic angle in all their worldwide campaigns and activations for the game. So their question to us was, how do you create an original campaign for something that everybody already knows?
The one thing that makes Monopoly truly unique and different, is that it causes fights. It might be the only board game that isn’t always fun and games. Research conducted with its manufacturer Hasbro, even shows that 8 out of 10 people fight during a game of Monopoly. And that’s actually a good thing. Because in the safe space of a family game night, Monopoly can teach you a lot about how you express your emotions and how you deal with disappointments. Therefore, throwing the Monopoly board across the room has the potential to strengthen your relationship with your family.
We photographed children getting frustrated and angry during a game of Monopoly with their family, while simultaneously describing what lesson can be learned from it. The images were displayed on the real streets found on the Dutch Monopoly board game, such as Kalverstraat, Neude, and Coolsingel, as well as online.
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2023.06.09 04:10 Emotional_Engine_774 What should I expect?

Hello everyone. I recently joined this group in the hope of learning more about this cancer as my father (70M) was recently diagnosed with IgG Kappa Multiple Myeloma R-ISS II 3 weeks ago.
He has had complications with his infusions that he started 3 weeks ago (2/3 treatments sent him to the ER - most recent is where the post is heading towards so please bear with me).
He’s currently going in once a week and doing this for 8 weeks, then once every two weeks for I don’t know how long, then eventually once a month. His infusions involve dexamethasone IV, Daratumumab, Tylenol, Benadryl, and his sodium chloride. An hour before his infusion, he has to take orally Fexofenadine, Montelukast, and Dexamethasone and then continues the Fexofenadine and Montelukast 2 days post treatment. He has started maintenance with Revlimid 10 mg once at night for 3 weeks on, 1 week off. He’s not a good candidate for stem cell therapy, chemotherapy, or radiation due to his condition (diabetes, hypoalbuminemia, age, etc.)
Anyway, his last infusion caused him severe nausea/gas pains resulting him to go to the ER because he physically can’t get ill due to having surgery decades ago to surgically help with acid reflux/stomach ulcers. My mother rushed him and his abdomen was distended (he looked like he was legit carrying triplets at full term). They ran an MRI and showed that he had a bowel blockage. They then put a tube in his nose to his stomach to pump his stomach. They ended up removing more than 1 liter of fluid total at the first ER, then once he was transported to the main hospital the town over they got about half a liter more. They transported him and had to go into emergency surgery to remove this blockage.
Well, he’s not in the clear. He has to go in for another surgery tomorrow afternoon to fully repair his abdominal wall and hernia (he’s had 5 hernia repairs in his lifetime that have all failed under the care through the VA. That’s a whole other story of it’s own..)
He’s stable for now (thank the Lord). But my main concern is with his compromised immune system as is and how intense this surgery will be, what are we to expect when it comes to his healing process when he has this cancer? His oncologist checked on him this afternoon and stated he will have to postpone his cancer treatments until he is fully healed because the medications put him at higher risk of complications/infections. I just want to know what to expect and what I can do to help him throughout this process? I’ve mentally have been so distraught about this entire new chapter of my father’s life because it’s been all on me to help educate my dad on this cancer and what to possibly expect by doing extensive research and reaching out the LLS website, posts on this page, asking the doctor questions that my dad doesn’t know what to ask, taking him to his appointments, caring for him and my mom as they are both disabled while I’m also a stay at home mom to a 2 year old.
I’m so sorry that this post is so, so long, but I’m absolutely terrified that the healing process is what will ultimately take my dad, not the cancer itself. He’s been so good with taking his meds and actually not fighting it and wanting to get better (he’s the most stubborn man you’d ever meet when it comes to having him take care of himself). I just feel so horrible that he’s had some many complications since starting his treatments. He’s so weak.. I just want him better. I’m so heartbroken and scared. Thank you if you made it this far and for any guidance or advice. I’d truly appreciate it.
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2023.06.09 04:09 ziggystarnutz Feeling alone and like the only LGB teenager who isn't brainwashed (venting)

I've been bullied and lost some of the friends that I had for giving my opinion on the modern LGBTQ+ ideology and it seems like no one my age is able to see how toxic and harmful this is. I've never met another teenager irl or online who truly understand and realize how crazy some of these ideas are and that's really concerning. I think a lot of people here can't relate cause it seems like everyone here is a lot older than I am (no offense) but growing up LGB during the last 10 years or so you are most likely going to be groomed by this movement and realizing that for a long time I was made to believe that embracing some of the LGBTQ+ lies is the only way to live as someone who's not straight was really creepy but at least I think for myself now, but I'm not completely "out" and right now I'm going through hard times with my mental health and feeling like an outcast hasn't helped. But anyways I just wanted to vent and maybe make some friends who are on their late teens too and figuring this out. (Older people too I'm not oldphobic!!)
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2023.06.09 04:07 RedDwarfBee Alien date downloaded

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2023.06.09 04:05 SixthFall Who was in the ledger? Who wasn’t?

Who was on the ledger? Who wasn’t?
Posting this from the drs sub for visibility. I am not the op.
Credit to the op: Lawsondt
Who was on the Ledger? Who wasn’t?
Amazing to see 6days1week, dummywithwings and pale_blue_dots in Grapevine, TX. Some of the finest people I have ever met online or in person.
The ledger was current as of April 21, 2023. Technically, we saw a list of stockholders eligible to vote in stockholder meetings, but even GameStop headquarters called it “Stockholder Ledger Viewing.” While the differences are subtle, we will discuss them in detail in another post.
For context, the average investor on the ledger has 420 shares.
So, who was on the ledger and who wasn’t? How about the million share user?
Yes, AccordingAd6130 was on the ledger with a whopping 1,200,009 shares. They shared personal information ahead of time that only they would know and we could find out by viewing the ledger. The ledger includes names, positions and addresses. We reached out to this user before making this post and they were ok with us mentioning them here. RIP their inbox, but they said they are good at ignoring DM’s.
Everybody searched for ‘Keith’ and ‘Gill’ and we didn’t recognize any of the names that showed up. We also searched for ‘Kevin’ and ‘Gill’ and had the same luck.
Peruvian_Bull? Oh yeah, he’s on there! Love this guy!
Familiar wealth manager from Grapevine? We didn’t talk to him previously, but yes, he has X,XXX shares on the ledger.
How about the Mulligan brothers who produced the recent “Apes Strong Together” documentary? I watched it ($15), mainly because someone I respect tweeted about it. DRS was talked about for 45 seconds and then never mentioned again. The ending consisted of people pissed off saying it wasn’t over for some reason (nothing about DRS).
There were 4 Mulligans on the ledger. First names starting with A, A, C and D, but none from the Pacific northwest.
How about PWNWTFBBQ? When people asked her about DRS, she said she doesn’t like to talk about it because it’s not related to their DD, but that she did put some away for the “infinity pool.” Well, she wasn’t capping, she’s on the ledger with more than the average share count, mostly book. I now find her attractive.
Buttfarm69? Yes, multiple accounts with X,XXX shares.
Familiar guy with last name Kagy? Yep, he’s on the ledger with a little more than average.
Guy with the last name of Pulte was not on the ledger as of April 21, but he didn’t start tweeting about it until May.
Guy with the last name of Lauer? Maybe, we found someone with the same name, but a small XXX position in a southern city. We also found a friend of a guy named Dave with a very small position.
We did not find an “awful million karma DD writer” who deleted their account.
We did not find our beloved MSM writer who likes to drive Zamboni’s, but that may be a screen name.
We did not find any well known doctors in the community (unfortunately).
We did not find random popular names like Carl Icahn, Dennis Kelleher, Doug Cifu, Mark Cuban, Martin Shkrelli, Wes Christian, etc.
Furthermore, no institutional investors are on the ledger, including BlackRock, Vanguard, Goldman Sachs, State Street, etc. These are captured in the Cede & Co numbers, presumably they have always have been.
More to come! Thanks for your patience.
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2023.06.09 04:04 Ulquiorr4_ Oh my god! I just got a match on Tinder, and this guy is literally the man of my dreams😍❤️❤️! But I need help on how to approach him 😭.

He’s everything I could ever want! This bitch is so perfect that it’s honestly kinda scary. In case you can’t tell, I’m gay panicking right now!!! I’ve been trying to get a boyfriend for YEARS and I think this may finally be it, or at least I’m REALLY hoping it is. The only thing is that I’ve never actually been on a dating app, I literally just downloaded the app last week, and I have no idea what to do. I want to message him now, but it’s kinda late and I don’t want to bother him or interrupt him sleeping, but at the same time his profile does say he’s a “night-owl”, but it is pretty late so I should probably message him tomorrow, but he might have work in the morning, but I have work in the afternoon so I can’t message him tomorrow night. And I don’t want to wait too long and lose my chance. But also I have ZERO idea on what to say as I’ve never tried to get with someone online. I’m not very good at talking to people in general, let alone trying to get them to like me.
What do I say and when do I say it?
Someone please help me I’m scared
(Don’t worry, I’m very cautious and aware of the dangers of online dating)
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2023.06.09 04:03 TunesAndK1ngz Anyone else finish their degree at 3 in the morning?

I cant be the only one whose final exam was a long-form online exam? The only one I had all year was the very last one, so I get to celebrate by…going straight to bed.
4 years. Wow.
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2023.06.09 04:00 Anon1432434 I've (22M) noticed I have toxic relationship behaviors, how do I change.

My gf (22F) and I (22M) have been together for about a year now. We met online, I live near the upper west coast and she lives practically on the other side of the country, so were long distance. I've had this problem in the relationship and basically its that anytime she goes out clubbing or partying, I breakdown. It usually starts with me just doing some things on my own while shes out, and then I check her social media and see what shes doing while shes out. Though nothing malicious is happening, I still get anxious and breakdown. Normally, these breakdowns happen unbeknownst to her. Because I realize she is having fun, and I don't want to disturb her. We are (aside from this situation) a very healthy couple, so instead of letting it build up inside me, I tell her about my breakdown, later, about a day after shes had her fun. I have diagnosed social and general anxiety, and so she understands that is the reason why I make big deals out of nothing sometimes, but while she doesn't mind nearly as much as I do, I still want to be good for her, and make it so that it's no problem for either of us.
The toxic part comes when it's me worried about her with other guys at the club. I have security in our relationship, I'm not worried that she would leave me. I instead worry about her being looked at by other guys, and then possibly doing something, and then all I have are anxious thoughts about her getting SA'd or raped. And I spiral knowing the fact that since I'm long distance, I'm quite literally powerless to do anything. There have been times, I've also thought she should wear something a little less revealing when going out, but of course acknowledge that she shouldn't have to do that and the whole hijab theory, where woman shouldn't be confined to standards just because of the threat men may hold over them. This is the case for the most part, however, with my worst case scenarios I have caught myself breaking down over the anxious thought that she might actually like the attention. Anytime she dresses with any hint of scandalousness, I know its only ever for myself or her girlies. But sometimes things she said in the past, sparks my anxiety. Like throwing out the idea that she'd work at a hooters, or that she has extreme attractions to certain music artists that she'd (jokingly ofc) say she would do anything for. And while I know these are things I shouldn't worry about they trigger anxieties that make me think maybe she does like when people look at her, which I shut down logically, reminding myself of our relationship and how stable it is, but still my anxiety keeps me there emotionally, and makes it hard to recover.
I also have developed and anxiety surrounding substances, I'm completely sober and have no intention on touching alcohol, smoking or drugs, and so when my partner goes partying if they smoke a cigarette or have a little too much to drink (even though I know they would be realistically be ok) I start spiraling and thinking about this false version of her that would do all these concerning things, that was created out of nothing but my own worry.
Anyway thats the worst of it, this is something that has really been throwing me through the cycle, and at times I've though of resorting back to suicidal behavior I've developed years ago because of how much it emotionally hurts me. But that all gets quickly shut down, knowing now that I have so much because of her, and I'd be stupid to throw that away. I've desperately tried fixing this too. I've talked to therapists about it, but I was turned away by the last two therapists I booked after I told them that this situation and my anxiety were my main reasons for going into therapy, I'm sure they had there own reasons, but it makes me feel a little unfixable. Also, like I mentioned we communicate a lot in our relationship and so shes heard all these thoughts, and sometimes I think that she may hate that I've told her these things and she'll hate me for it. But despite being shitty like this every so often she still says she loves me, saying that its one bad thing amongst a pile of green flags. But I want to be more for her, I want to change so that substances and her having fun w/o me isn't something that I need to feel hurt by. I don't wanna be like this forever, but I'm left to either fix it myself or to keep running into dead ends. And frankly, I'm exhausted. Does anyone have any advice?
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2023.06.09 04:00 Old-Shape5834 Making the Right Investment: Evaluating Storm Proxies Price for ClonBrowser's Anonymity

Making the Right Investment: Evaluating Storm Proxies Price for ClonBrowser's Anonymity
In today's era of online privacy concerns, ClonBrowser has emerged as a popular choice for internet users looking for anonymous browsing. The fingerprint browser ensures that user data remains secured and away from prying eyes. Yet, for complete anonymity, users often require additional protection from tracking and monitoring, which is where Storm proxies come into the picture.
But with a multitude of proxy providers available in the market, is Storm proxies pricing justified for ClonBrowser's anonymity? Evaluating the cost-benefit analysis of investing in Storm proxies for ClonBrowser security is crucial.
Storm proxies offer a variety of proxy packages categorized into backconnect, rotating, and dedicated proxies. Backconnect proxies have a pool of IPs, making it challenging to detect and filter user activities. Rotating proxies' IP address changes for each request, enhancing anonymity levels. On the other hand, dedicated proxies offer exclusive access to a single IP.
While the features of Storm proxies packages sound impressive, their pricing structure might seem higher than other proxy providers in the market. Backconnect proxies start at $50 for ten ports, whereas rotating proxies cost $39 per month for 40 threads. Dedicated proxies come with a price tag of $120 per month for one IP.
However, the premium cost offers multiple benefits, some of which are mentioned below. First and foremost, Storm proxies exclude all potential security threats, ensuring complete anonymity while browsing the web. Additionally, they support HTTP/HTTPS protocols, offer unlimited bandwidth, and do not restrict ports. Lastly, their fast and reliable service is the best option for users who value their time and prioritize consistency.
In conclusion, it is imperative to invest in a reliable proxy provider for ClonBrowser's anonymity. While there are many proxy providers available, Storm proxies stand out with their robust security measures and impressive throughput speed. The higher pricing structure is justified, considering the additional features and unbeatable quality of service provided. So, investing in Storm proxies is a wise decision that ensures users get complete anonymity and security.
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2023.06.09 03:59 sushiInTheBay STEM OPT EAD extension premium processing

STEM OPT EAD extension premium processing
Have a few questions about upgrading the STEM OPT EAD Extension to premium processing online.
  1. What should I fill in here: Employer’s details or my details?
  1. In the Related case first page, employer (Manager’s) details or my details?
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2023.06.09 03:58 Durian_Ecstatic Champions League last picks: Manchester Metropolis vs. Inter predictions as specialists like Pep Guardiola’s males to win - Live Streams Online Free - Watch & Download Latest Sports Videos from []

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2023.06.09 03:57 Wryyyyyxian Help needed: Need a hand with my game design as my graduate project

Help needed: Need a hand with my game design as my graduate project
Hi guys, continuing with my last post. Im making an online VR dancing game where players can whether compete or just dance together. The project is at the very beginning with only some controllable avatar 3D models. Currently, Im still confused about the background map design whether a nightclub, a big music show, or just an alley. Besides, what kind of music and dance style is most acceptable is also challenging me. Feel free to share ur mind!
BTW, here is the 2D concept image of the controllable character, how do u think about them?
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2023.06.09 03:55 Able-Gur-5637 Younger sibling rant

It’s my first post here but I guess I’ve had enough and really needed somewhere to vent so here I am! I’m the youngest child out of four children. (order goes sister a -> brother -> sister b -> me)
The age gaps are 9 years, 8, and then 5. (I’m old enough to get a license, not saying my actual age because of creeps on here)
Of course, stereotypically youngest children are the favourites and have looser rules, more attention, they're spoiled, blah blah blah. I know this can be true and I don’t want to say that there AREN’T situations like this, however, I just want a chance to say how my experience is. I know usually older siblings have it harder, but everyone’s families are different.
It’s usually bad, but these days it’s been unbearable. So here are some of my past experiences and more recent ones as well!
  1. I’ve always constantly been the butt of the joke. Of course, I know families fool around like that but I still get really affected by them. I’ve always been really insecure, and am a huge introvert as well. Things like these may seem normal but to me, they stick. I try to let it go but there are some nights the thoughts just come back.
Some jokes are about calling me stupid, my weight, my looks, my life doesn’t really matter because I’m still ‘young’)
  1. Growing up and even now, you’re not really your own person. I feel like growing up my siblings sometimes got blamed for things that I said because they were “bad influences’. But sometimes that really got to me because I was never taken seriously. I would also get yelled at by my older sibling later on as well. It made me start being critical of everything I say and do and really made me start blaming myself for everything.
  2. My studies were constantly undermined. I was constantly labelled the stupid one and was always told I have no social skills (I have really big anxiety, and it doubles when I need to talk to people I don't know.) Even now, the semester is ending and so all my final essays and research projects are due, and I have six exams to study for (High School in Canada). My siblings are constantly undermining the stress I may have and keep saying that my studies don’t really matter right now, and they’re so ‘easy’. When I questioned them about their studies in the past when they were in my grade, I was told that they had terrible grades.
Nothing I ever do in school is enough for my siblings, or my parents. Last year I got an 88 in English, and I was quite proud because most of it was online and in ‘quads’. However, my mom was furious and I got yelled at for two hours INFRONT of guests. I had a really big cry over it. After that, my anxiety over my grades has been worse and I stress myself a lot over my grades to make sure they’re all high. (I never even get praise for it). My sisters did well in school in their final years (grade 12 and university), so I’m constantly overshadowed by them. My parents have never celebrated my grades, not even when I got honour rolls. So right now my only academic goal is to continue getting honour roll till I graduate High school, in hopes that my parents will at least be proud of that. (side note: I want to pursue architecture at a good university like Waterloo, Yale etc; however my parents are against it because they don’t think I’ll be able to handle it, and I should just stay at home)
Nothing I do is a big deal. When my sisters used to get great marks, they used to be treated. However, for me it’s more of a ‘you should be doing that anyways’ type of thing. It’s already been done by my siblings so nobody really cares when I accomplish it.
  1. The siblings always team up on you. There’s no one who takes my side in the family, no matter what. It’s really frustrating because I know no one has my back, so why even bother talking to them? They always make fun of my interests and clubs and it really hurts.
  2. Parents will never believe your side of the story. When I say this, I mean NEVER. I always get blamed for everything. Somethings missing? It’s automatically my fault. Something broke? It's me. I forgot to do a chore? I’m useless and can’t do anything right.
I’m always the first name they call when something goes wrong and it’s so frustrating. I can never explain myself or defend myself properly because then I get told off for being rude and ‘talking back’. My siblings used to order out a lot and always hid the garbage in my room. My mom would always find it and I would get yelled at for hours about how fat I am and that I shouldn’t be eating out.
One example that hurt the most was about a year ago. My siblings ordered some drinks at our house, and my mom found out when she came home. Instead of telling her the truth, they pinned it on me saying that I was the one begging for it. She went ballistic and started yelling and insulting me left and right. She did this for about an hour. Finally, she ended it off by saying “I can’t even look at you anymore because it disgusts me. Just look at yourself”. Yeah, great words to say to your own daughter. Don’t even get me started on my dad, because I feel like he can’t go a day without nitpicking how I look, or making insults.
  1. I feel like as the years go on, the parents start giving up on their youngest children. There’s not much effort put in any more, and we have to do everything ourselves. My parents and siblings started to leave me at home alone when I was in grade 1(6-7 years old), and I was expected to warm up my own food and eat it. Make sure all the doors are locked, etc;
Its particularly the reason why I’m so distant from them, because I didn’t spend a lot of my after-school days with them, telling them all about my day or getting praised for stickers etc;
  1. I feel like this is more for ‘abusive’ households. Everyone in my family gets angry really quickly, anything can trigger them. When this happens, it always ends up directed at me. Even if I wasn’t the root of the problem, somehow the topic shifts to me and I’m the one that the insults are hurling at. I never argue back, because 1. I really despise yelling and 2. It’s gonna make it worse. Luckily as I’ve gotten older, it’s not physical anymore. But the verbal abuse is just as sharp as ever.
  2. Again, the insults. They hurt. They really do. I’m constantly told I'm useless, I'm a bitch, I can never do anything right, I’m a fatass, I'm so ugly etc; It’s the fact that it’s never true as well.
I do A LOT of chores in my household. I don’t wash the dishes, however, I’m the one who empties the dishwasher every day, I’m cleaning the cat litter, I always run up and down the floors to grab things for my siblings, I’m always getting up to get glasses of water or turn off the lights. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing–whether it be assignments or I’m eating–I should get up immediately and do it. If I try to tell them ‘Give me five minutes’ they’ll explode. It’s yelling again.
Onto more recent issues:
Again, it’s my final weeks. It’s busy, everythings due and I need to study for my exams. My family just doesnt understand. They’re more concerned about my weight. (I am overweight, however, it doesn’t mean that I don’t care about it. I can barely look at myself in the mirror). They’re constantly getting mad at me for not going to the gym or taking walks. IT'S BECAUSE IM DOING WORK. I walk home from school and walk around before I come home. I try and get 10k+ steps daily. I just can’t these next two weeks because I need to focus more on school. They STILL don't understand. They don’t care at all.
Now they’re threatening to take me back to our home country sometime this week or next week, so I can lose weight. (Last time I was there, I had food poisoning for the entire duration I was there and couldn’t eat anything without throwing up. I came back slimmer.) They want that to happen again. The problem is that I have EXAMS. And I took two summer courses so that I could have more space in my schedule next year for other courses. If I miss those two summer sources then my whole schedule will be messed up. I won’t have my prerequisites. They’re constantly yelling at me when I try to explain this to them. The yelling is horrible these days. It doesn’t stop for hours, and it’s just insults one after another. I can’t count the number of times I’ve broken down in the washroom just to get away from them.
There are tons more experiences, however, I really need to finish my essays,,,,,,,,.
I’m really sick of it these days. My mental health in at rock bottom and i’m really stressed. I hate talking to anyone about it because I feel like i’m being an attention seeker
Side note, I’ve had depression for a long time, something that my family doesn’t know. I feel like I’d be shrugged off if I even told them. I’ve thought about od-ing a couple of times, but I always get too scared. All the insults and indifference really build up and I’m really tired. I may be younger than them, but it doesn’t mean I'm not human. I constantly cry myself to sleep, thinking about how I made them angry today, and how much they probably hate me.
OKAY enough depressing life story. I know that it’s different for everyone! I’m not saying that all younger siblings go through hell, but some do, and that’s how it is. The order of birth doesn’t automatically decide how hard your life is going to be. Everyone should just respect that.
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2023.06.09 03:55 Wryyyyyxian Help needed: Need a hand with my game design as my graduate project

Help needed: Need a hand with my game design as my graduate project
Hi guys, continuing with my last post. Im making an online VR dancing game where players can whether compete or just dance together. The project is at the very beginning with only some controllable avatar 3D models. Currently, Im still confused about the background map design whether a nightclub, a big music show, or just an alley. Besides, what kind of music and dance style is most acceptable is also challenging me. Feel free to share ur mind!

BTW, here is the 2D concept image of the controllable character, how do u think about them?
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2023.06.09 03:55 Melodia_Violin I've been involved in a neighbor war and I didn't even know it

So, my wife (29F) and myself (27F) have been living at our current apartment for little under two years now. The way our building is set up, it's a three floor building, divided into three sections, with six apartments and only one staircase in each section. We're on the top floor. This is somewhat important for later.
Back in November, we had new neighbors move in to the apartment directly below us: a husband (We'll call him John) and wife (We'll call her Jane), who was expecting their first kid soon, and their two dogs (a German Shepherd and a Chow). My wife and I have two dogs ourselves (a bloodhound mix and a Labrador mix), and these were the first neighbors in our section to have dogs too, so we were really excited, maybe our dogs could have some friends. However, I found out last week that these neighbors were essentially trying to sabotage me and my wife being able to live here by essentially filing a whole bunch of false complaints against us. And the thing is: we've only had five interactions with these neighbors. I'll include rough dates these happened so you can understand how sporadic these interactions were, too.
Interaction 1 - I ran into Jane while she was walking her dogs as I was getting ready to go to the store about two weeks after they moved in. We exchanged hellos, I got to meet her dogs, and it was just the typical "welcome to the apartment complex, good to finally meet you" kind of stuff
Interaction 2 - Happened around New Years' Eve 2022. As I was coming down the stairs to take my dogs out, Jane was just coming back up with her dogs. While the interaction definitely wasn't great, it definitely could have gone worse. My dogs did pull the leashes out of my hand, but all they did was essentially shoulder check her dogs and bark as a form of posturing, and thankfully no one got bit. She did call the office and file a report, and we all (landlady, the neighbors, and myself and wifey) agreed that my dogs will have mesh muzzles on whenever they're outside to limit how much they can open their mouths. These muzzles do not restrict the dogs' breathing in any way, shape, or form.
Interaction 3 - Happened in late Feb. Wifey and I were coming home from a date night where we went out to eat and went to Barnes & Noble to pick up the next book in the Heaven Official's Blessing series that wifey and I are both reading. When we got back, both John and Jane looked like they had just gotten home from taking their dogs for a drive, and the dogs were getting out of the car. This was my wife's first time really meeting them, so she stayed in the parking lot to say hi while I went ahead upstairs to put our dinner leftovers in the fridge and the book on the shelf. A few minutes later, she comes up cradling one of her hands. Their Chow actually did bite her, and her hand was bleeding! Thankfully, it was a small bite and we were able to clean it with first aid equipment that we had at home, and we were able to cover it with a regular band-aid. After making sure she was okay, I called the office to file a report of my own. This lead into:
Interaction 4 and 5 - Both happened on the same day. Number four happened the morning after the bite, where once again, Wifey, myself, the neighbors, and the Landlady (we'll call her Clara), all met in the leasing office to discuss the bite. While Jane did admit that she loosened her grip on the leash to let the dog approach, she actually had the audacity to try to ultimately blame Wifey for getting bit! Thankfully, Clara shut that down real quick and told Jane that it didn't matter if Wifey approached the dog or not; the fact remains that everyone was in the parking lot, a public area, and where the Chow bit Wifey would easily have been the face of a little kid. Clara put the same requirements that the Chow needed to wear a muzzle when outside and also demanded proof of vaccination for the Chow be sent from animal control. That night (interaction 5), Jane came up to our apartment and spoke to Wifey on the landing. I had just gotten off work, but I could hear them through the door. Jane was essentially saying the same things that she had said down at the office, still trying to shift blame onto Wifey. Wifey actually still tried to extend a hand of friendship, saying that while our dogs might not be friends, we could at least be acquaintances. From what I heard, Jane didn't seem to like that idea.
After the bite and the conversation at the office, we stayed behind to talk to Clara after John and Jane left. Clara said that after Interaction two, Jane had called the office four times in a row before I even got back into my apartment, claiming that my dogs were vicious and needed to be removed. Apparently, John had personally gone down to the office claiming that the German Shepherd had an injured leg due to my dogs, but Clara later saw Jane walking both dogs, and both were fine. Now, Clara has met our dogs, and she loves them. Both dogs love going to say hi to her, and they give hugs and kisses, which she loves, and she told us that she doubted what John had been saying the moment he came to complain. She also said that on multiple occasions, the Chow had full-on snarled at her when she wasn't even close, and told us that Jane knows that at least the Chow is actually vicious.
For the next few months, we all do our best to avoid one another. However, if I or Wifey was out with our dogs and the neighbors came back from an errand or something like that, they would lurk in their car until after we went back into out apartment. Even if we weren't anywhere near their car, they would just sit. Now, I admit, if I'm listening to a song that's almost over, I'll stay in my car for an extra minute or to let the song finish. But sometimes, we'd be out with our dogs for 10, 15, 20 minutes and John or Jane would STILL be in their car. I also caught Jane following us on some occasions, but she was always really far away, so I couldn't tell if she was actually following us or if she was just nervous if we would turn around before she got to our stairs.
Well, the neighbors were scheduled to move out at the very end of May. May 31st, and they have the UHaul truck. I was NOT sorry when I took the dogs out and saw them loading it during my lunch break (I've worked from home since the pandemic). However, at the end of the day, I ask Wifey to take the dogs out with me, and we see they have another UHaul, and they're unloading it BACK into the apartment! Jane followed us again during this walk, only this time, she was NOT subtle about it at all! She was right behind us for half of the walk, doesn't say a word to either of us, and while she is texting, she's regularly looking up and making eye contact with us, almost like she wants us to know she's following us. This happened at around 6pm, so it was still fairly light out. Later that night, at around 9:40, when it's very clearly dark, I took the dogs out again, by myself this time. Jane comes out of her apartment and says that lately, Wifey and I have been stomping on the floor and it comes through their ceiling and it's waking her up in the middle of the night (Wifey does have insomnia, so she is up late sometimes). Jane tried to gaslight me and say that she talked to me about it months ago, but the five interactions I mentioned earlier are the only ones we've ever had. She said that she had called Clara about it several times, and that if we continued stomping like that and waking her up, she was gonna call the cops. I agreed only to get her to go away, but as I thought about it, why in the world did she not bring this up when she was following us earlier in broad daylight and instead try to corner me alone when it's dark out? I also went back through my phone records, and the only missed call I have from the office was in March and was a callback regarding a maintenance request I had put in. All other calls in my phone to the office were ones I had made. Wifey didn't have any missed calls from the office, either.
The next morning, Clara calls me. The place that John and Jane were looking to move to ended up being a scam and they were hoping to cancel their early lease termination and move back in, since they had nowhere else to go. I tell Clara what happened with Jane the night before, and OH, BOY, does Clara have tea!!! Clara's assistant property manager (we'll call her Mary) is a personal friend of Jane! Those calls that Jane said she made to Clara about Wifey and I "stomping"? Were actually texts sent over Facebook Messenger directly to Mary! These do not count as noise complaints, since they weren't made through the office channels (either the office phone or email), and from what Mary confessed, John and Jane were planning to file a complaint against us for "excessive noise while we were moving out"... in the middle of the day! Clara thanked me for providing my side of the story, and informed me that, while she'd give them an extra week and a half to let them search for a legitimate place to move to, they would have to be out by a certain day and no more extensions.
John and Jane did not take that well! We happened to take our dogs outside when they were already out with their dogs? Call to the office, "Their dogs attacked ours!" We start doing dishes? Nope, we're "throwing around cookware, it's so loud; should we call the police to do a wellness check?" One of us takes a shower and a bottle falls due to the water? "Are they doing construction up there without approval?" The funniest one was they tried to call Clara to file a noise complaint while Clara was in our apartment with us monitoring another maintenance request being filled (we had to get work done on our tub, so yes, it was a bit loud)! Clara was an absolute gem during this whole time, shooting down each and every single one of their complaints for the bullshit that they are, sticking up for me and Wifey when corporate asked what was up with the deleted "complaints", and she kept me and Wifey informed during this last stretch of John and Jane's neighbor war.
As I'm writing this, I'm watching them pack their new UHaul. I feel such relief knowing that after this week, they're going to be out of our hair completely. Neighbor wars are exhausting, I don't know how Karens can handle this!!! This next part is sung to the tune of that song from The Sound of Music: So long! Farewell! Good riddance, stupid bitches!!
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2023.06.09 03:53 SteveW_MC Test post, please ignore

Read this before posting! - FAQ Megathread XXXL Edition
New FAQ - Actively maintained
If your post got removed by the automod please do not make a new one. All posts removals by the automod are reviewed by a human moderator. This might take longer then 48 hours in some cases.

Want to hack and pirate on your 3DS? Start here

Requesting a file? Post your request in the File request megathread! PLEASE !

tl;dr: useful tools and tips

Useful Subreddits

How to get each game on your device

  1. Get an R4 flashcart, THE YEAR ON THE CARD DOES NOT MATTER! Install ysmenu+rgf kernel, get it here.
  2. Use a DS Forwarder to put a DS game on your homescreen. We recomended either NDSForwarder or YANBF. You may need to AP patch the roms.
  3. Install Twilight Menu++ which is an application that, when opened, looks and functions like the DSi menu. It allows you to access and play Roms via a prettier interface. If your app is broken, try downloading it again from the Universal Updater app or try this.

Where to find Games

Ripping 3DS & DS cartridges
CIA file sites
Rom Sites
Note: We do not take responsibility for anything that happens offsite, use common sense when downloading files from the internet, no matter where.

Migrate save files!

 1. put physical copy into 3DS 2. open up checkpoint, select the cartridge version, back up the save and name it something obvious 3. remove the cartridge 4. select the digital version of the game you backed up and then pick the save you just made a back up of and click “restore save”. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I hack my 3DS? / Follow the guide here don't use a youtube video
Can i play out of region games? / Hacking makes your 3DS/2DS be able to play any region. You can play EUR games on a USA system and the opposite USA games on a EUR system.
My game isn’t loading! / import the seed first by locating the game within FBI → Titles → Selecting the game → Import seed. If that doesn't work, try switching the games region to whatever it is with Luma Locale Switcher. If the game is USA then switch the region of it to USA and try loading it again. For certain games, like Luigi's Mansion and Tomodachi Life, you need the right region for the game to work. If you can't get games to work please comment below for help.
Whatever happened to Freeshop? / Nintendo killed it, along with all other programs that get games from Eshop servers. They are permanently dead. Try the HShop
Can I update to the latest update? / Yes. Update Luma to the latest stable release and then update your system software.
I found a .CIA - now what? / Put it on your SD card and use an installer like FBI to install the game.
Can I get banned for pirating games? / Yes and No. It has happened in the past, but it's been years since any bans. Nintendo does not know if your console is hacked. They do not know if you are playing games you installed from a .CIA. Don't cheat while playing online and you should be fine. 3DS is dead now anyway so Nintendo seems to have giving up.
How can I install games if I don't have access to the SD card? / Use Boop (Use version 1.4.0 if the game you're sending is 1GB or larger) or FTPD. Boop is PC only while FTP can be done via PC or your phone. Boop guide and FTP Phone guide for Android and Apple. FTP is easy to use on PC just use a FTP app like Filezilla.
If I have a pirated copy of Pokémon, can I use the Pokébank? / Yes. You do need to pay the yearly fee to use Pokébank and no you can't hack it to use it for free. You can also use PKSM on your 3DS or PKHEX on your PC for a free alternative. See this guide for more helpful Pokémon information.
Can I upgrade my SD Card? / Yes. If you want to upgrade your SD card all you need to do is format the new card to Fat32 and copy the entire contents of your old card to the new one. Cards up to 256GB seem to work fine. 128GB and bigger SD cards should be formatted with 64KB clusters or else GBA VC Injects may have display problems.
Can I pop in my SD card into a non hacked console and have my games playable? / No, it doesn't work like that. Even a hacked console can't use the same SD card you have in another system. Nintendo made the 3DS locked to a single system with the SD card. Meaning it only works on the one system it's tied to.
Can I do a system transfer to another system and still have my CIA games? / Yes, but the other console needs to be hacked first. Hack the system you wish to system transfer to first (I would advise you to back up your saves with checkpoint before doing the transfer in case anything happens) Then do the system transfer. Once done use Faketik to restore your CIA installed games.
I have some .3ds files how do I convert them to .cia, or Install them to my device? / If you want to do a conversion on your 3DS use this guide. If you want to do it on your PC use this program. If you want to install them directly you can do so by using Godmode9.
I have a 3DS game cartridge that I want to dump and install as a .cia how do I do it? / Guide here
I want to backup or edit my GBA VC Inject save how do I get the save file? / How to Backup and how to Restore the save.
I want to hack my system, how risky is it? / *Thanks to our user fork_on_the_floor2 who has done a poll among our members we can give you the empirical risks of you running into problems:
80.58% did not have any issues hacking their system
16.91% had minor issues that were easy to fix
1% of users had major issues or bricked their system*
Old Megathread. For the other old megathreads, use the searchbar.
Send a DM if any information is missing or out of date. This post is for questions and tech help. Add any requests to the stickied REQUESTS MEGATHREAD. Any requests here will be deleted!
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2023.06.09 03:51 SeniorCaptain2635 Partner feels like me enforcing boundaries infringes on his autonomy. Is this hierarchy?

My partner Sam(M52) and I(FM32) are in a new relationship (6 months). The connection is intense and we are both spending the majority of our time together and even tho we don’t have an official label, it does feel like a ‘primary/anchor’ situation. He enjoys priority above all my other relationships. He had 2 other partners when we met, but he broke it off with one and the other left him. I have 2 other steady partners, and at the moment he has no other partners, but desperately seeking. He connected with a couple of people over the past month, but every attempt made me realise that there are some relationships that would be a dealbreaker because it infringes on my personal autonomy-I feel like you are allowed to revoke consent about physical boundaries for yourself if you are uncomfortable without enforcing expectations on your partner(not dictating their behaviour)without it being hierarchy. It’s my body after all. With our level of physical and emotional intimacy, I asked for disclosure about who he is seeing and I would love to hear who he connects with online. I need to be informed to give consent in a connection like ours. This all made him feel controlled and distrusted.
Here are the last 3 disasters that made me want to either break it off, or change our physical boundaries.
1.) He went on a date with a girl who has an STI. She disclosed this before their date. I told him that getting a chronic infection would be devastating for me/my other partners/ future relationships. If he chose to be intimate with her, I would no longer want a sexual relationship with him, despite protection. But we can still spend time together. I just don’t want that constant fear. He said I was being controlling and insecure. The first date went terribly and he chose not to pursue it.
2.) He connected with a coworker of mine(I’m her boss)online. I was unaware of who she was and they have never met. He vented to her about what he perceived as my controlling behaviour, insecurities and gave an unreasonable amount of personal information. She made the connection that he was dating me, told the entire office(who I never came out to). It caused a huge amount of turmoil in a professional sense. He admitted that he was wrong, and stopped pursuing it. But used the fact that he didn’t know we worked together as an excuse. He still violated my privacy. I realised that if a partner dates a coworker, that it would be a dealbreaker for me.
3.)He went on a business trip, met up for a date, which he did inform me about. I gave him space but he phoned me very shortly after they were supposed to meet up. She left the date because he disclosed that he is in a relationship and she wasn’t okay with that. I asked him why it wasn’t in his profile, I mean why waste peoples time, and he disclosed that he took that detail out because he wasn’t ready to label it that way. I took the date’s side, because even if it’s not super serious, it’s kinda important to let people know you’re poly from the get go. Her profile said that she was looking for connection and I feel like dragging her out to a date, in hopes that she might be okay with enm once you met in person, seems a little manipulative. It’s a dealbreaker, because it’s shitty behaviour and an inability to offer transparency imo.
The theme of him not considering how certain situations and connections might make me feel,is sending me to bad place.
He just got out of a 20 year mono marriage(about a year ago) and I get his desire for autonomy and that he doesn’t want to commit to me yet. But it feels like when we’re together, he makes it so hot and heavy between us, referring to me as his partner when we’re around his friends. It’s all just too confusing. He says he wants to build a secure, serious relationship with me, but it will take time. I don’t think me setting boundaries about what would be dealbreakers is to manipulate him into something serious. None of this about insecurity for me, it’s personal boundaries. Am I being gaslighted? Why can’t he just date in a less complicated way, I would be thrilled if he found someone more compatible with our relationship, so our relationship can also grow out of a more stable place. I also need good boundaries in my relationships, it makes me feel less insecure about losing my most important relationship. Am I wrong for asking any of this or communicating my needs in terms of boundaries?
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2023.06.09 03:51 Ki-Mono2030 Is fasting normal?

My ball python is about 3 years old and she is my frist and only snake. She's always been a consistent eater since she was a baby. However, over the last 4-5 months she has refused to eat. Even if I feed her favorite (live). She cowers and hides from the rats! They are still decently small and usually don't even acknowledge her presence. Is she sick? I read online ball pythons sometimes fast, but there seemed to be conflicting information on whether this is normal or not. I also read that a ball python can go up to 2 years without eating, so i'm unsure when I should be concerned she is starving. I honestly haven't taken her out of her tank during these last 4 months because she's been nippy in the past when I've been late to feed her. However, she doesn't seem aggressive, although handshy now that I haven't handled her at all.
I'm genuinely unsure what to do. I'm worrying I'm starving her. I feel guilty she's been in her tank so long. She looks healthy, but because they don't have limps or facial expressions, it's hard to tell. Help!
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2023.06.09 03:50 Affectionate_Arm5948 AITA for putting work first to support myself?

I (17 f) have had a job for over a year now. Back in the beginning of last year (2022) I moved in with my aunt after my mom and her husband couldn’t afford the place we were staying at anymore. My mom and her husband wanted all of us to move into this super tiny trailer on his family’s property. I would have had to give up my dog to do that, plus I would have no privacy at all. I would have to take the couch that’s in there that has no seclusion.
It would have been a constant what are you doing? What are you doing on your phone? Who are you talking to? Have you done your homework? Do your homework now. Give me your phone. I wouldn’t be able to talk to friends on the phone. I do online school so I wouldn’t have met anyone, my mom wouldn’t have let me get a job, and I wouldn’t have been able to get my license. So, I moved in with my aunt instead
Since moving in with my aunt, I have managed to get a job, my license, graduate 10th and 11th grade, I’m currently about to get my high school diploma this summer, and I’m about to get a car. During this time I’ve only seen my mom a handful of times, and she has barley helped me out. She doesn’t ever give me money to help me, doesn’t get me any necessities, or food. So majority of the stuff I need I get myself, or my aunt will help me out.
Many times since I’ve lived here, my mom has accused me of putting work before school, work before family, money before family. She tries to control me as much as possible even now that I don’t live with her and I’m practically an adult/adulting. I have always managed to get good grades and see family when I can. All I do is work and school.
A few times throughout the time I’ve lived here, my mom has wanted me to travel with her to see family. I would tell her that I have to see if I work or not. It would always end up with an argument, her guilt tripping me, and accusing me of putting work before family. Or even just when I would go to work earlier than normal one day, she’d call me upset saying I’m putting work before school and that I don’t have that much freedom. She has even gone to the extent of telling me that I need to call out or she will make me lose my job.
The thing is, she has done nothing to support me. I’m supporting myself. All I’ve been doing is trying to support myself and survive.
It’s also good to note that my family and I aren’t necessarily on bad terms but they haven’t really treated me like family in the last year and a half. Unless I reach out, none of my family reaches out to me or talks to me. They never come visit me or make the effort to get me to visit them. They also haven’t helped me out any.
I have decided to put myself first. My family isn’t there when I need, I’m on my own. I know this has put a strain on my relationship with my mom and family. So AITA?
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2023.06.09 03:48 noEXPthrowaway How can I begin dating in my mid-20's with no real experience?

Dating and relationships has always been a confusing subject for me (26m). From middle school through college, I never dated anyone, because I never crushed on anyone. I've always been very attracted to overweight women, and I can count on just one hand the amount of girls that I found remotely attractive in my years at school.
I've been in one or two "relationships" in college with a couple of friends online, but I really just jumped in because someone was interested in me. Nothing was wrong with my exes, I was just young and immature, and things didn't last long.
I work full time, trying to get a better job so I can move out on my own, and I keep thinking about the future. When I really think about it, I've always fantasized about gaining a little weight with someone, being fat and happy together. I like reading stories or looking at art with this topic, and I used to always feel hopeful and excited about the future. Now they just make me feel very sad and lonely. I'm worried that I'll never get to share that with someone and it scares the hell out of me.
I guess I'm writing this cause I have no idea where to begin. I've never kissed a girl, asked anyone out before, any of that stuff. Sex education for teenage me was a small religious book and a lecture to "stay away from porn". I joined a dating site for people into fat/weight gain a few years ago, and besides the fact that it's every bit as shitty as any other dating platform, I'm just so damn shy. I rarely check it anymore.
I'm already thinking of a few changes I can make. I go to therapy weekly and could talk about this, could try new hobbies, start exercising and improve my mood and libido. I've acknowledged I'll probably be better off dating a girl I meet in person, and opening up to her about what I want as the relationship progresses. But that brings us back to the heart of the issue: I have no idea how to date in the first place.
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