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2023.06.03 16:32 bobraisbored My bf(M18) ruined his relationship with his best friend (M18) to be with me(F18). He used to put in a lot of effort but 2 months have passed and he treats me more like a friend. I’ve confronted him about this multiple times and he says he will change but he doesn’t. What do I do?

I (18F) have been “dating” my bf(18M) for about 1 month now and I am completely confused.
At the beginning of my final year in high school I had a crush on 2 guys. Worst of all, they were best friends. I had no intention of pursuing either of them as I wasn’t looking for a relationship. However as some time passed my feelings grew more and more. One guy, Taylor, I had a huge crush on, but he has never been in a relationship before and has never had a proper crush on a girl before. Taylor and I always clicked; we loved talking about anything and everything and would play games like backgammon together. I always had a hint of him liking me back but completely dismissed it considering his “picky” nature when it came to the girls he liked. I forced myself to move past him and ignore my feelings.
The other guy, Alex, I had helped get over a heartbreak with his ex over the summer and we got closer. We never talked about much other than relationships. We both wanted a significant other and at some point it seemed kind of inevitable that something would happen. He was definitely flirting with me and his friends would hint at it too. I really liked him but we didn’t have much in common. One night we kissed, and afterwards he suddenly asked me if he could call me his girlfriend. I hadn’t even expected it and I felt pressured in the moment so I stupidly said yes.
The relationship moved fast. 2 weeks into dating and he introduced me formally as his girlfriend to his ENTIRE family. I’m talking parents, grandparents, aunts, childhood best friends and the pressure to stay kept piling on and on.
He kept asking if I had told my parents and I hadn’t as it was too soon, but it bothered him and I buckled and introduced him to my parents as well. Within a months time not only had I met his entire family, but he had met mine and everyone at school kept saying we were destined to get married.
I wasn’t happy. I felt pressured to stay and so I did, and I tried to make the relationship work. we had absolutely nothing in common. We had nothing to talk about and all we ever did was couples stuff such as holding hands, cuddling and having sex. It was during this time that my feelings for his best friend, Taylor, began growing deeper. The guilt accompanied by this was agonising and i felt like the biggest asshole.
Eventually, 6 months in, I couldn’t take it and ended the relationship. He didn’t take it well and I helped him though the breakup, consoling him, staying up late into the night calling him if he wasn’t feeling well. soon his friends told me I need to put distance as without it he would never move on. So I did exactly that.
I had this huge relief and felt like a pressure had been taken off my back. But my feelings for his best friend, Taylor, had grown so much over the past months that I was practically drowning in them. I had never felt this way about someone before and was the most lovesick I had ever been in my life. I neglected the feelings as I couldn’t do that to Alex.
One day however, I was studying for an exam with Taylor and he told me he had liked me and asked if I felt the same way. I told him I did.
We then talked for hours about this and came to the realisation that we had both liked each other at the beginning of the year and both of us dismissed our feelings but they only grew over the months. We talked and it felt like a relief to have my feelings out there. We didn’t pursue anything as we it was too late considering the situation with Alex and the fact that we were leaving for uni soon.
A week later Taylor told me he couldn’t take it anymore. It was obvious we liked each other and he said he couldn’t lie to Alex’s face anymore as Alex had been asking Taylor if he liked me. He asked if it was ok for him to tell Alex and as I didn’t want Alex to know, I told him it was ok with me.
When Alex found out he felt betrayed and was calling me a whore and I didn’t know how to respond. Alex and Taylor had fallen out and The guilt was killing me. Alex left school a week earlier and a whole drama escalated as Alex talked with other people at school. I was labelled a whore and the rumours about me were insane.
I never felt so shit in my life in the week that followed. But Taylor was there for me through it all. We both got really close and would stay up late into the night, talking about anything and everything. Some days, he would even wake up early in the morning and be at my house at 4am. We would sit outside, cuddling and talking until 7:00 when we had to leave for school. He would say I looked like summer and he even kept a Polaroid picture of us in his wallet. I told him I wasn’t ready to rush into anything and he said he was more than ready to respect my space. We weren’t officially together but we were essentially a thing.
A week later that he said had been in love with me for the most part of the year. He said he could wait for me as long as I needed, and that he wanted to give us a shot.
we had a one month holiday from school where we couldn’t see each other. In the beginning we would text and call. But later he seemed cold. I would reach out but his messages were dry.
At school he had really gotten cold too.He stopped texting and reaching out, he stopped showing affection in public and I felt confused. I talked to him about it and he apologised and said he hadn’t realised and said things would change. For 2 days he would be active and then he would go back to being cold again. Weeks passed and I had reached out to him multiple times. Each time the same pattern. We talk, he says he didn’t realise, he changes for 2 days, and then goes back to being cold.
In the weeks that followed I had never felt more unwanted in my life. Taylor had made up with Alex and they were back to being friends again but Alex still hated my guts. My friends had different opinions on it. One said that Taylor cared for me and that he simply didn’t know how to act in a relationship. Some of my friends didn’t like the way he treated me and told me I deserved better.
We’ve graduated from high school and I’ve never been more confused He never really opens up to me, and it’s a constant on and off. 90% of the time he’s cold. And only in the 10% does he show affection and care. I’m back home now with my parents and for the past week it has only been me who is reaching out, and when I do he replies 12-24 hours later. He is known to be a shitty texter but I feel like this is more than that.
I care about him so much and everyone keeps telling me that he does too but I don’t know what to do at this point. I feel so unwanted and unloved and I can’t take it anymore but at the same point he means so much to me that I’m not willing to let it go. I’ve already told him exactly what I’ve written here and he said things would change but they haven’t and I can’t go talk to him about this for the 4th time as I don’t want to be overbearing.
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2023.06.03 16:32 Canuck_Voyageur Getting more power in your jump?

While my control has improved some over the last 8 months, I still can't get very high on my acon. I've ordered a 6 mm web bed from china (pics once it's here --$US 480 +$115 shipping) and from comparison with the beds at the gym I'm optimistic.
The downside of china shipments, is the 4-6 week delay.
Anyone have suggestions for a routine either on or off the trampoline to develop a better jump with control.
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2023.06.03 16:31 suckerflower Why am I going crazy over this woman I have never even met…

Why? I don’t know. When I first saw your face on your profile, my heart suddenly beats fast. I have swiped a thousand times and this is the first time I have felt something like this. I don’t even know you but I know that you are my type. My heart still beats fast whenever I check the message I sent to you, whenever I look at your profile to glance at your face. There’s something in it. Peace maybe?
The only thing I have is hope. Hoping you’d seen my message and maybe I/we could start something great. Or maybe not and it’s okay. I just love these feelings. These feelings make us all alive and just be human.
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2023.06.03 16:31 Marc-0000 Struggling for the past 6 months

So I just relapsed again today and wanted to just write the stuffs that comes to my mind here.
My journey started 2-3 years ago and my first no fap lasted 1 month, after the relapsed I got motivated to last longer and I did, I achieved 9 months of no fap but after that I struggled for about 6 months. After those months of struggling, I achieved 6 months of no fap, this was my last streak. I continued to struggle again after that, just like before I continued to struggle up until today, it's my 6th month now.
At first I thought it was because of social media so i deleted Tiktok, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Then it didn't worked out so the next thing I stopped was gaming. It didn't worked out again so I stopped watching YouTube for entertainment.
After these stuffs, I had a lot of free time and was always bored so it made me relapse. To solve this, I scheduled my day to do productive stuffs. These were the hobbies that I added to my daily life: 2 hours of weightlifting 6 times a week 20 minutes of jumprope everyday Stretching every Sunday 1 hour of book reading everyday 1 hour of instrument (Kalimba) play everyday 4-5 hours of coding/studying everyday
Even though my time is already occupied, I still relapse. What's more surprising is that during my 9 month of no fap streak I casually watch YouTube, play games, and use social media but now even though I already stopped them and switched them out with productive ones, I still relapse.
Any advice?
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2023.06.03 16:31 SlightlyFedUp Nightmares of my ex

So Id like to start by saying I never want to get back with my ex but I'm not able to get rid of her from my mind. I left her because of alot of reasons that built up over the years and I finally could not take it.
Unfortunately I've noticed that whenever I'm in an anxiety driven situation or any incident happens, that night I tend to get nightmares about my ex in some form or the other. I call them nightmares instead of dreams because most of the time I'm anxious in the dream as well.
Tonight I woke up at 4am again where I had a nightmare. My ex who was blocked on every platform somehow got through and was calling me. I didn't pick up but got anxious. For some reason I called back (irl I've resisted the callback alot as I've got alot to say but I wanted to cut the connection completely) and luckily she didn't pick up. But after a minute she kept calling back again and again and when I picked up it was a video call where she was smiling and telling me nasty things and was for some reason giving me updates on how she moved on. The next minute she would switch to pleading to return and again go back to gloating how she doesn't need me.
Now I don't want to pay my own back and say I'm wonderful and so amazing that she would plead for me to come back but in reality she did alot for months when we broke up.
I even met her the day I broke up to give her closure but she zoned out alot that day and infact sexual harrased me alot. Few days later was valentine's day and I know alot of people will think it's really sad I broke up before that but I did for a reason. I couldn't fake it anymore. I was not able to smile, laugh and pretend anymore and I thought this would give her false hope for another month for me to again feel like things aren't working. A week later was her birthday and yes I was extremely guilty but again as I said, i couldn't fake it. Valentine's day and then throwing a celebration for her birthday (I did this every year and Is generally keep it special but this year I could not) seemed to just endorse a false Reality for a longer time. Things were miserable. I empathized and sympathize alot (not cause I'm better or anything but because of guilt) so i still picked her calls up after we broke up and didn't block her. But then things got nasty. In order to make herself feel better, I got really horrible messages, blame for things I never did, constant pleading and she even landed below my house multiple times and cried in the street which I had to handle in front of my entire community (my sister practices buddhism and it was a big day that for her, she had invited alot of people to our house to chant together and wanted my family and I to be there to support but due to this incident I was really rattled because my ex was down crying while everyone was in the house, my ex knew about this meeting because it was planned months in advance). As the messages got nasty I blocked her. First on WhatsApp, then on Facebook, then on Instagram (all 4 accounts of hers), then on Google meet, teams, i don't even know where all, as she kept finding me and messaging. Even on email. Her emails still come through in my spam and it's made me very anxious as I still land up checking the spam folder everyday in fear and clear it. It's become a bad habit. Randomly I'll get calls from odd numbers and it'll turn out to be her friends phone and she will talk and I cut the call. I even got video calls on Google meet from her 3rd and 4th email which I had to block.
It may sound brutal but I really tried to give closure to her on the day we broke up, I spent 5 hrs at house explaining everything and instead she zoned out that day and kept get distracted as if she doesn't care and kept sexual harrasing me. Pulling my shirt and unbuckling my pants which unfortunately as a guy I can't push her away i can only tell her several times to stop.
Now I'll be completely honest but I did not tell her every single thing as to why I broke up with her because the anxiety was so much. I was trying to break up since a while and finally did it. I'm extremely socially anxious and everything makes me very nervous when I'm unfamiliar. It's only my second relationship and first time I was serious, my first relationship only lasted 3 months and that was my therapist telling me to explore because I need to be out there. The reason I never said everything is because 1. I didn't want to hurt her ofcourse, it's nasty to hear someone you loved talk about things that can be looked at as flaws but in reality they were affecting me and it was really unhealthy for the both of us 2. I didn't know myself, I knew things are not right but it's only after the break up I've truly understood them 3. I was nervous as she kept saying she wants to suicide from the balcony and threatened me alot of I left that night 4. I genuinely am bad at confrontations, I cannot do it, the pressure makes me run away mostly or just let it be as is.
Over the course of the relationship I had become very dependent on her as socially she's the only person I met. Every weekend or weekday for 2.5 years. I suffered from depression and anxiety alot growing up and often found it hard to make friends. In college however things changed and for those years I was really open. As I did my master's in another country I became reserved again. Returning back home I lost touch with everyone and became a workaholic. For 6 years I worked say and night, had only 2 friends and stayed in my room mostly depressed. Work took me around the globe, I lived in LA for a year and then once covid hit I returned home where during the lockdown I decided " let's try to open up a bit more and meet someone, it's time ". I was very open from the get go that I'm horrible at socializing, I've got only few friends whom I hardly meet, I can be very quiet sometimes and enjoy my own company as well sometimes and I'm a terrible planner for "fun weekends". I know my flaws and I've accepted it. My ex on the other hand was very emotionally dependent on me. She would call me at a stop of a hat and panick and there were days where I've left calls in between to help her through her anxiety. She was younger than me by 3 years and was just going through the phases of career while I was going into a senior position and had seen these phases. I guided her alot on it and so family problems, work problems, random people bothering her, stress anything she would talk to me and I was ever ready to talk. No complaints as that's what partners do. However it became without any boundaries, she would often expect me to drop everything and tend to her. Days where I've got major deliveries to make, she would throw tantrums and in one instance I was supervising the biggest project of my life and she threw lots of tantrums as we worked weekends and 24 hrs round the clock. It was the biggest movie of the country at the time and the first big hit post covid. (i work in the film industry).
I mentioned my flaws earlier as those became her focus of complaint. My insecurities were her complaints about me and she even once broke up with me over "lack of friends and not being a man enough because I can't plan things for the weekend", no doubt she taught me how to have a good time, I had no idea which restaurant to book, what cuisine to pick, which area to book this weekend which is exciting, how to do more fun activities other than dinners and going to cafes etc and for the first I learnt what's a staycation cause of her. I guess she felt the burden was on her but then again anything I'd book she would cancel it anyways. I booked several restaurants that were good but she'd cancel it anyways and then ehen someone else would recommend the restaurant she'd agree to go. It's almost like I had no say in anything anyways so I put my hands up. My social anxiety 5 years was at an all time high and I couldn't even order food as I'd feel the waiter would judge me (which they often did) , I attended lots of therapy for these weird quirks of mine which to an average person seemed like no biggie but it genuinely made me nervous. I got over and thought by the time I met her I'd made good progress, I was able to pick up the phone and book things sometimes, I could order food, I was fine with video calls (I'm very conscious of how I look as I was bullied alot in school), I tried to participate in everything and I gave in all my efforts instead into understanding her and learning who she is first and putting my fears aside. However I feel she didn't do the same. For a long time i believed she understood exactly whats wrong with me and empathized and put it aside but i realised as the taunting went on and the gas lighting that she looked at them as flaws. She didn't bother to understand them or see them but instead gave me notes like a teacher and complained alot on how I'm not social. Infact on her birthday she kept messaging me she's alone so I felt guilty and called and instead she complained about all my insecurities and I had to take it quietly. She even said "I'll make sure the next person treats me like woman and is a real man" which really hurt me alot. I cried that night because of guilt and shame. Guilt because I wanted it work and it didn't and so I had to pull the plug and Shame because for first time in a long time I felt ashamed for who I am.
Today the anxiety driven situation was a social situation. I've come to the US for a family friends wedding and although I know people it's really making me nervous. Indian weddings last the entire week and this wedding has 250 people who have eyes on me constantly as I know few of them or my family knows them. Today was the first day and as usual I was lost, my sister on the other hand is extremely social and I used to depend on her. However a year ago she got drunk in a wedding again while we were out of town and told me "You're social life depends on me you loser" and then proceeded to abuse me alot for no reason while I was helping her as she puked. This wedding it makes me nervous and alone, I cling to my parents and the younger crowd stares at me alot pulling me to dance and I'm very awkward. Idk how to join in or have fun I'm very conscious and Idk any of the songs as I generally don't enjoy Hindi music (not cause of snobbishness but cause I don't get it, I'm more into exploring mellow music and Bollywood sounds all the same to me, also working in Hollywood and Bollywood I'm fed up of movies so I don't watch half of them).
I'm sorry for the long post, it's just that I'm awake and wondering why I got these nightmares, how to get rid of them, how to survive the next few days and what am I doing with my life. There were alot of pretty girls here today and all I could think of was "They are all too much fun for me, I'll bore them to death"
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2023.06.03 16:31 etherealecstacy dry and greasy hair HELP

dry and greasy hair HELP
I’m currently pretty early on in my wavy hair journey. My hair was poorly chemically straightened back in january. I got one bigger chop to get rid of that mess but at still dealing with extremely weird texture. Trying new products is scary and most of the time just end up wasting money. It feels thick and greasy at the top and deal with so much frizz. After struggling with taking care of my hair i’m ready to finally be consistent but have no idea how to truly find my porosity because I feel it changes due to hormone issues? Wondering if anyone has any tips or holy grail products for moisture balancing.
I currently alternate between innersense “pure harmony” shampoo and the acure “ACV balancing shampoo”. Then condition with the pure harmony conditioner.
Straight out of the shower I use all innersense products: -sweet spirit leave in, i put a small amount of this in my hands then rake through -quiet calm curl control same process with a pea sized amount -I create volume foam scrunched in
It’s been quite hard for me to identify what i’m doing wrong and how to tell which part of the process is messing me up!
Also don’t even get me started on refreshing it… idk how the methods i’ve been seeing just aren’t working well.
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2023.06.03 16:31 Miscellaneous-Nado *Father's Day Script* [F4M] Your Daughter Doesn't Like Your New Girlfriend (Yandere) (No incest) (Violent themes)

Finally finished my next Holiday Script. But you can fill it whenever you want, if you're interested. No rush.
Word Processor file available upon request. Any SFX included are just suggestions for reference. If you want to use the script, then you can change whatever you want, and post it wherever you want. Monetization OK. Please just let me see the finished product. Credit me by putting「Script by The Mousou Koujou 」in your description, and if possible, placing this image at some point in the video, like an outro: Business Card
My commissions are open! If you like my style and want a specific script, don't hesitate to ask!
[Excited] Hey dad~, I'm home! I had the craziest day at work. I can't wait to tell you all about it, and…
[Calming down] …Whoa, what's with you, dad? Why are you all dressed up?
Special night? What are you talking about? You didn't tell me anything.
[Annoyed] Well you know how much I hate surprises, so that was a dumb idea. Just explain it already. What kind of "special night" is this supposed to be?
[Confused] Are you…going to a party or something?
[Annoyed] …huh? Is that some kind of joke? Your Girlfriend is coming over? The very same girlfriend who you conveniently forgot to mention before this very moment? This isn't even a surprise anymore. It's an ambush! Why didn't you say anything!?
No no no, don't try to blame me. I'm reacting this way Because you kept quiet. You’re the one who messed up here.
(Pause) Yeah, you told me you would start dating again. And I supported you, ‘cause I didn't think Mom would want you to stay alone forever. But that was a while ago, and you haven't said anything since. Now all of a sudden you’re close enough with some random woman to bring her home? (Pause) Well she’s random to me. You haven't even told me her name. (Pause)
Alice, huh. Makes sense, since she's clearly driven you insane! (Sigh)
Fine, whatever. What time is she supposed to get here anyway? (Door bell rings) …You have got to be kidding me.
"My best behavior?" You think I can promise something like that in this situation?
Ugh, fine. I promise. Let's just get this over with.
(Front Door opens)
[Polite] Hello, pleasure to finally meet you~. I've heard so~ much about you. All good things, of course. (Giggle)
Oh, can I take your coat?
It's not a hassle at all. Please let me…oh.
[Nervous] Oh wow. Wh-what a lovely dress. Wh-where did you, um, buy it.
A gift from my father, hmm? And did he happen to mention where he got it?
Well it actually belonged to my mother. It's been collecting dust ever since she…
Well the point is, no one has worn it in a while. So he must have decided to give it a fresh start with you.
[Whisper to yourself] it's like he's trying to replace her…
[Normal volume] Hmm? Oh I was just thinking…"This is the place for her". (Giggle)
You belong here with us, and it's nice to finally have you over for dinner. Come on, let's go to the dining room and enjoy whatever dad tried to cook.
(Glasses clang, and various cutlery sounds as they ear together)
(Heavy sigh)
[exhausted] She's finally~ gone. I used up all of my energy for the month. I never want to put on a show like that ever again.
What do you mean? You told me to be on my best behavior. So what else was I supposed to do?
Well if I didn't put on a show, then I wouldn't have been able to hide how much I wanted her to leave.
No, I did not like her. For the record, I tried. I really did. But everything she talked about was so stupid and pointless. And did you really not mind how much she talked about her exes? Would it have killed her to focus more on you?
[Annoyed] Of course I'm upset!
I told you. I'm like this because you kept it a secret. We're supposed to tell each other everything, but you kept this from me. I'm sorry dad, but I don't think I can trust you.
No, I mean it. You went about this all wrong, and I don't know how to deal with this.
[Curious] …Hmm? Can you…say that again?
You mean that? You'll really do anything I say?
Well a new car, or some jewelry would definitely help me forgive you~ (giggle)
But really, I don't need anything fancy. If you're that serious about making things work out with her, then I also have to try my best. I mean Look at me, being all selfish after telling you to put yourself out there. it doesn't get any more childish than that. So all I really want from you, is her contact info.
Yes, I need to go meet with her, and be honest. Like I said, I definitely can't put on this act again. So I need her to see the real me, and hear all of my real concerns. After that, I think the 3 of us will he able to move on. What do you say?
Aww, thanks dad. You won't regret this. I love you! Good night~
(Long pause)
(Front door opes)
Dad, I'm home~. Da~d? Where are…oh. There you are. What are you doing all curled up on the couch like that. Are you…are you watching the news again? You hate watching the news. You always say it's too much negativity.
Huh? What do you mean you "want to be negative"?
Wait…is this still about Alice? Ugh, dad I told you; you have to get over her. I mean, clearly she's over you. Otherwise she wouldn't have ghosted you for the past week. Please look at me, dad.
Dad, come on. Just forget about her. And if losing her makes you feel this bad, then maybe we were wrong.
I'm saying…maybe you don't need to get back out there. I mean, between me, and mom's spirit, don't you have enough overbearing women to deal with? (Giggle)
You don't really need to add Alice to the list. Maybe one day you'll find someone new. But you don't have to rush it. For now, the 3 of us…we're still a family. Isn't that why we keep her pictures around? So come on. Show your real family some appreciation. Get off the couch and give me a hug.
(Couch squeak sfx)
Finally ~, thanks dad, it's nice to…hey, what's wrong? Why are you giving me that look?
What do you mean? What's wrong with what I'm wearing? I think it looks very nice. And it fits me perfectly.
Hmm? Oh yeah~ I remember now. I guess you did give this fancy dress to Alice. Well she, um, decided to return it when I went to visit her.
Yeah, Alice uh, remembered what I said about the dress belonging to mom. She practically begged me to take it back. In retrospect, maybe that was her way of saying she was done with us.
I'm sorry, I, uh, really thought I mentioned this when I got back from her place. It must have slipped my mind somehow.
"Not that kind of woman", huh…
And that's why you'll believe her over your own daughter?
She put you through hell this past week, and you'll still side with her? I can't believe you.
Wh-what do you mean? Of course she's the one who put you through hell. That's why you need to stop focusing on her.
N-no that's not what I meant. You don't need to interrogate me. What do I have to do with any of this?
I have not been acting weird!
Dad, please stop with all these questions!
Dad! You're wrong!
[Yelling] No! I didn't do anything to her! She did it to herself!
(Deep breath and long exhale)
[Eerily calm] …Fine, dad. Since you can't let sleeping whores lie, I'll spell it out for you.
Alice won't be returning your calls.
She won't be speaking to any one anymore. I made sure of that.
I swear, I really did go over there just to talk. To make an effort, for your sake. You were so head over heels in love. What kind of daughter would I be if I didn't support that. But when I got there, all of that crumbled away. I rang the bell, and the door opened. But she wasn't on the other side. No, it was her other boyfriend. I don't want to go into the messy details, but let's just say that by the look and smell of the place, there was no other explanation for what was going on in there. And believe me, I looked for one. I tried so~ hard to give her the benefit of the doubt. But it was all true. She was sleeping with another guy, the day after you brought her to your home. That's the kind of woman she was.
Yes, that's right. Was.
"What did I do? "
I did what I had to do. To protect you from her and her lies.
I told the boyfriend that I had the wrong apartment, and left. I hid, and waited for him to leave. Even got a clear picture of him leaving, since you wouldn't believe me otherwise. Here, see for yourself.
Anyway, after that, I went back and rang the bell again. When she opened the door for me like an idiot, I pushed her back inside to…confront her.
I remember wanting to convince her to break things off with you. She said something about having needs. After that, I got a little…upset.
It's weird. People usually justify it by saying they "lost control".
But in that moment, I had Never. Felt. More in control. It's like I knew exactly what to do, and how to do it.
And when it was all over, I felt a peace, something unlike anything I had ever felt before. Then it was just a matter of cleaning up. By the time I left, it was like I was never there in the first place. The remaining evidence only pointed to the last guy who was in her apartment. I'm sure the detectives enjoyed such an open-shut case. I'm surprised you didn't see the story since you've been obsessively watching the news all week.
And you know what the best part is? I got away with it! (Laugh)
It's been a week since then, and all they've done is arrest the other guy. Makes sense of course. Her social media presence was mysteriously erased, so there was no way to connect her to you. And this dress, which never should have been in her apartment in the first place, is finally back home where it belongs.
Everything worked out perfectly!
That's why I'm sure of it. I'm sure this had to have been a blessing from mom. She's still looking after us, keeping us safe. Even after all this time, she hasn't abandoned us. She showed me what to do, and protected me from the consequences because it was the right thing to do. And that's why I'm certain that we'll be okay. Just the 3 of us. Forever.
Oh dad, I know you don't feel it now. But you will. I'll make sure of it.
You'll what? Turn me in? You would have your own daughter arrested for helping you out? Does that really make sense?
Of course I helped you. Now that woman won't cheat on you ever again. And she can't distract you from your real family. This is a good thing. Why can't you focus on that?
I don't think calling me names is going to change anything. But it's okay, I know you're stressed. We can talk more about this in the morning. Lemme give you a hug.
Hey, don't flinch away from me. Just let your daughter hug you.
[Whispering in ear slowly until the end] Oh wow. Your pulse is racing. You really are stressed. Or could it be…you're scared? I wonder what you could be scared of. (Giggle)
But it doesn't really matter.
I promise, from now on, mom and I will be sure to protect you, so you don't need to be afraid.
Not now.
Not ever.
I love you dad. We~ love you.
Good night.
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2023.06.03 16:30 suckerflower Why am I going crazy over this woman I have never even met…

Why? I don’t know. When I first saw your face on your profile, my heart suddenly beats fast. I have swiped a thousand times and this is the first time I have felt something like this. I don’t even know you but I know that you are my type. My heart still beats fast whenever I check the message I sent to you, whenever I look at your profile to glance at your face. There’s something in it. Peace maybe?
The only thing I have is hope. Hoping you’d seen my message and maybe I/we could start something great. Or maybe not and it’s okay. I just love these feelings. These feelings make us all alive and just be human.
submitted by suckerflower to offmychest [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 16:30 WhatARoad Thinking for Once

Lucas was training in his cabin, his mostly empty cabin. Sure he had like a couple other brothers, but they were all very distant, he never had siblings so he wasn’t really bothered by them not wanting to really interact with him, this along with the fact none of them associate with the others. But Lucas being Lucas didn’t care about his brothers he didn’t even know giving him the cold shoulder basically.
The son of Heracles had observed how other siblings at camp interacted, when he wasn’t distracted he managed to focus on other demigod’s behaviors sometimes. The Hermes, Aphrodite, and One-I-ror-i cabins all seemed close.
Sure the Hermes cabin made sense, since Hermes had his cabin opened to anyone who needed a place to stay, Lucas had stayed there himself before so he knew it was quite welcoming.
Lucas had seen different Aphrodite campers before and how they acted, if something was happening with one of their siblings they all kind of banded together.
The On-irori demigods were all the sleepy kids, they all seemed to have a symbiotic relationship, Lucas figured having all the tired dads would make their kids pretty chill.
The Ares cabin wasn’t a happy friendly one really, when the counselor was at camp Lucas could tell he was the strongest in that cabin, that’s why he’s in charge. Sure, he’d also seen Teagan try keeping an eye on them, but they didn’t just stop fighting everyone because you ask them please, so the guy seemed to struggle for a little bit with them.
Siblings… wow, they were complex. Lucas had finished working out for the day, but he’d had something to think about instead of just blasting “Life is Good” from his earbuds the whole time. He didn’t really want to control his cabin with fear, not only would it be a not so good decision for a bunch of super strong demigods to be pissed at each other, but Lucas just wasn’t like that.
Maybe his siblings wouldn’t ever come around, but he had friends at camp who were just as good, they didn’t even need to be related. Lucas related to other demigods at camp who didn’t have a lot of siblings like Salem, he was alone in his cabin, whether that was better than having siblings but they don’t talk to you or not was still up for debate… but there was people here that he cared about and they cared for him, and those were the ones he should be thinking about.
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2023.06.03 16:30 Armorchompy Soul of the Samurai/Ronin Blade/Blade of the Rakshasa (1999, PS1)

This is a forgotten PS1 Konami game that takes a bit of inspiration from RE but with much more action-focused design. It stars two routes featuring a male ronin and a female ninja fighting through a demon-infested town while also pursuing their own personal goals.
There’s limited healing supplies, fixed cameras and a map to explore like in RE, but the inventory management and tank controls give way to a much more varied and in-depth combat system (you even have a fighting game-like meter that lets you pull off super moves), to the point that it ends up feeling more like a 3D beat ‘em up. The ronin, Kotaro Hiba, focuses on straight-up sword-fighting and has a pretty good selection of supers, while the ninja, Lin, wields a smaller sword but has also access to a great variety of throwable items. I don't mind Lin, but I do think Kotaro is a decent bit more fun. The game does still make good use of the exploration it allows, allowing you to find healing items and even secret weapons if you go out of your way to look around.
Overall, Soul of the Samurai is surprisingly fun, relatively simple but punchy and well-paced, and while the story isn’t really anything special, it’s still enjoyable and I like how you learn half of it in each playthrough, and then finally get the true ending once you’ve done both. I'm surprised at how this game that received an official translation and came from a pretty popular studio hasn't really seemed to gain any attention, not even as a "cult classic" of sorts. I think it's quite good.
My full playthrough of Soul of the Samurai up to the true ending took me 3.5/4 hours, and while there isn't much (or any) side content, I would definitely recommend checking it out.
submitted by Armorchompy to patientgamers [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 16:30 McMAN_reddit [Fully Lost] "Gore" Mobile Game about Monsters/Mutants

Hello, it's been a while since I was searching for a mobile game that I've found pretty fun at the time. It's a game where you control a little monster (he was short and maybe blue) who kills entire waves of mutants with deadly weapons. The game is kinda gore, and the map is progressively recovered with the blood of the monsters that you kill. It has cartoon style graphics and the view is like Brawl Stars. I remembered that after around 5 levels succeed, you had a sort of mutant boss.
I have some more details : - when you first start the game, it asks you if you have more or less than 13 year old, if you have more, the blood was red, else it was green. - one of the weapon was a circular blade thrower, the blades bounce on walls. - Some levels were an escort mode where you escorted a cat (I'm not very sure if it was a cat), always while killing all the mutants/monsters attacking you. - I pretty sure there were "Monster" or "Mutant" in the name like "Monster Killer" for example - The vibe of the game was a bit dark and the sound was mostly choked by the sound of the shots
I have made many researches on the play store with keywords, on the internet and on YouTube, but I have found nothing. Thank you for your responses.
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2023.06.03 16:30 AutoModerator Stirling Cooper - Sexual Dominance (HD Edition)

If you want Stirling Cooper - Sexual Dominance Escalation Course contact us at (+) 447593882116 (Telegram/WhatsApp).
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Email: silverlakestore[@] (remove the brackets)
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2023.06.03 16:30 AutoModerator Stirling Cooper - Sexual Dominance (Complete Course)

If you want Stirling Cooper - Sexual Dominance Escalation Course contact us at (+) 447593882116 (Telegram/WhatsApp).
Stirling Cooper - Sexual Dominance Escalation Course is available.
Stirling Cooper - Sexual Dominance Escalation Course is one of the best courses that will teach you how to improve your love life like nothing before, led by the famous adult movie star Stirling Cooper.
To get Stirling Cooper - Sexual Dominance Escalation Course contact me on:
Whatsapp/Telegram: (+) 447593882116
Reddit DM to u/RequestCourseAccess
Email: silverlakestore[@] (remove the brackets)
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2023.06.03 16:29 xtremexavier15 TSROTI 2 (pt 2)

The scene faded back in to a shot of some treetops, Sammy saying "Well, even though we didn't finish, I'm glad I didn't get targeted," as the camera panned down to the Rats walking through the woods. "It was bad enough watching Leshawna and DJ go through it."
"Girl, you can't let that stuff get to you," Leshawna told her, the two girls walking at the front of their team's pack. "Sure it's humiliating, but it'll pass in time. Besides, it's not like any of us would've held your secrets against you, not when my secret was revealed."
"I hadn't thought of that," Sammy said with a contemplative look.
"We can't let our fears control us. It'll just prevent us from achieving what we want to do," Sierra told her team while focusing on her phone. She tripped on a rock and landed on her face as a result.
Confessional: Sammy
"Back home, there's this girl who's basically the princess of my school," Sammy exclaimed. "She leaks out the students' personal secrets just to get even with them or simply be mean," she gulped, "and when one of my own secrets got posted, I was teased for a week."
"Thankfully, my friends didn't bother me about it and still continued to hang out with me."
Confessional Ends
The scene cut back to the Maggots, also walking through the woods together, and focused on Anne Maria and Katie at the middle of their pack.
"This is the longest I've ever gone without using an electronic," Katie droned. "How am I gonna talk to my viewers about my day and give them advice?"
"You don't need to be on a device 24/7," Anne Maria spoke to the girl.
"Easy for you to say," Katie said snottily. "You don't have to worry about vlogs since you focus on maintaining your hair."
"Ya think that's easy?" Anne Maria retorted calmly. "I have to work overtime at a diner just to buy all the hairspray that I can afford."
Confessional: Katie
"Maybe I could've been nicer there," Katie admitted, "but my subscribers can go down if I don't upload anything."
Confessional Ends
The shot cut ahead to Scarlett and Molly, the former looking like she's been listening to the conversation behind her. "Chris has created a disadvantage for us by taking away Katie's gadget right before the game!"
"True, but Chris thankfully had the decency to end the challenge before he could reveal any more of our embarrassments," Molly said.
"The host just thrives off our pain and suffering," Scarlett summarized.
"You can say that again," Molly told her. "Sociopathy is something that could be cured, but Chris is way long gone."
"Welcome, players!" Chris announced over the loudspeaker again, the camera cutting down to ground level to show the Rats meeting up with the Maggots again. "Now that you're all here, it's time for part two of today's challenge," the host continued, the shot zooming out to show all thirteen campers standing in some sort of wide field of mud with a wooden ramp leading up off-camera on the right.
"The 'Mad Skills Obstacle Course'," Chris announced, the shot cutting to him standing on some patch of grass.
"The relay race begins with a mad dash from the Kick Start," the shot cut to the wooden platform at the other end of the ramp, where an absurdly large rubber root was connected by wooden shaft and gear to a pole sticking up out of the platform. "Forget coffee," the host said as the boot swung squeakily back and forth in demonstration, "if this baby doesn't get you goin', nothin' will."
"Then it's off to the race against time that is the Cannonball Run," Chris said, the camera following his motion further onward to another stretch of wooden platform. Several cannons situated below suddenly blew gaping holes in it, and the shot zoomed out to show several more cannons hooked up to a scaffold over the platform and aimed downward.
"Over to my personal fave," the shot moved to the end of the platform where a log had been set up to rotate on its side, "Wrecking Ball Alley! Hurts so good," he said as the camera panned across and the titular wrecking ball swung down over the rolling log.
"And moving on," the shot cut next to a few higher, disconnected, and generally precarious platforms, "we head to the Gang Plank, complete with rabid mutant beavers." The shot cut to the mud pit at the bottom where two giant wooly beavers with boney spikes along their back were busily chewing through the poles the gang plank platforms were on.
"Followed by," the shot cut to a close-up of a large, red, butt-shaped apparatus that was moving up and down, "the bouncy agony of Double Trouble." The shot zoomed out to show four of the butt-shaped things moving up and down between two platforms.
"And finally," Chris said, "the Grand Slam," the shot cut to several giant baseball bats sticking up out of the mud surrounding an equally giant baseball mitt, "where you'll use ropes to swing into the giant baseball mitt, while avoiding those deadly bats." The shot zoomed in on the mitt, then panned over to one of the bats as a small red bird flew head-first into it, knocking it out with a clonk. "Piece of cake," Chris said with a chuckle as the shot cut back to the staring and nervous campers.
"Oh, and as you may remember," the host added, "I said that the winning team from part one would have a distinct advantage in part two?"
"But there was no winner!" Sierra reminded the host. "You canceled the first part!"
"Yeah, don't remind me," Chris answered in annoyance. "The losing team was gonna wear snazzy specs while competing," he explained with a chipper smile, "but since we never actually finished the competition," he became annoyed again, "I've decided that everybody has to wear them!" He laughed, and the campers looked behind them to see Chef Hatchet holding a cardboard box.
Dave was the first to step forward, taking out one of the pairs of glasses – thick, ugly things that almost seemed to have a greenish tint to them – and put them on. His brow shot up immediately. "Hey, what's with the old glasses?" he asked. "We won't be able to see anything wearing these!" The perspective shifted to demonstrate what he was seeing, which was little more than an incredibly blurry shot of the forest and some unknown body of water.
"Dorktacular goggles won't make part two easy," Chris said, "or attractive," he shrugged, "but it can be done. In theory."
The campers groaned.
"Since the Maggots have one more player than the Rats," Chris added on, "one of them has to sit this one out."
"It should be Katie," Scarlett suggested to her team, "She's still suffering from her tech withdrawal."
"Fine by me," Molly boldly said. "I don't want her losing for us."
"Competitors, take your positions!" he said, and the footage flashed forward to show Anne Maria and Geoff together near the edge of the first platform, the jersey shore reject waving her hands in front of her face in order to see. "First up at the Kick Start it's Anne Maria against Geoff," the host said before the shot moved on to the next pair. "Then, it's DJ versus Sammy," the brickhouse and nervous cheerleader looked about before the shot pulled back to show the cannons, "versus the Cannonballs."
"Molly faces Scott in Wrecking Ball Alley," the indie chick and social seeker stared at each other. "B is up against Scarlett in the Gang Plank," the camera cut to the base of the ladder then panned all the way up to it to the strong, silent genius and the quiet brainiac on top, "Dave and Leshawna will battle Double Trouble," the normal guy looked warily at the butt-shaped apparatus in front of him while the sista just cracked her knuckles, "and, Sierra will fight Trent for the Grand Slam." The obsessive uberfan nervously looked around while the cool guy tried to maintain his balance, the shot moving out to show the baseball mitt.
"First team to finish wins the whoooole shebang," Chris explained. "And, the other team loses a member tonight! Since it's a relay race," he added, "you'll need something to pass: your mascots," he said with a grin. "Oh, intern~!"
A scrawny white boy with his long black hair flipped over his eyes walked up to Geoff and Anne Maria holding a pair of pet carriers; whatever was inside was snarling angrily enough for the two competitors to exchange a wary look. "Team Rat gets a mutant rat," Chris announced as the intern thrust a large, squealing, six-legged hairless rat into Geoff's arms. "And Team Maggot gets," the host continued, "a mutant maggot," a large, slimy green maggot was thrust into Anne Maria's arms.
"Ew. It's a what?" Anne Maria said in surprise.
"Aaaand," Chris said as he prepared an airhorn, "go!"
At the sound of the horn the giant boot swung down on the two campers. With a yelp Anne Maria managed to duck out of the way, but Geoff was not so lucky and got sent flying with a scream. He landed in the mud between platforms, but kept the rat held high. It burped as Chris said "And Geoff gets the boot!"
Anne Maria hopped across the gap between platforms with the maggot in her arms.
"Anne Maria takes the early lead," Chris continued, and the jersey girl ran up to DJ.
"Here!" Anne Maria held out their mascot.
"I'll take this cute critter from here," DJ took the maggot from her, then turned and ran off down the course.
"Yeah, I got it goin' on," Anne Maria walked back the opposite way...and blindly fell into the gap between platforms, landing with a squelch of mud.
The shot cut to DJ as he ran along his part of the platform. He slammed face-first into a post, then recoiled a few steps. He vigorously shook his head and sidestepped around the post. He only got another two steps before a sudden cannon volley through the floor in front of him forced him to a stop with a yelp.
Now covered in mud, Geoff ran along the first part of the platform with his rat held out in front of him. He jumped the gap, and soon reached Sammy. "We're already far behind! Go!" the party boy held out their team's mascot.
"Got it!" Sammy said, grabbing the rat and running off.
"The Rats take the lead!" Chris called out as Sammy caught up to DJ at the start of the cannonball run. Another cannon fired towards them, forcing both to dart and duck out of the way.
"Okay," Sammy assured herself, "I just have to dodge a bunch of cannons that are impossible to see!" She charged forward, leaving DJ to chase after her.
"Time to try again," DJ added in.
The scene moved to Scott and Molly waiting at the start of the next leg. Sammy ran up and thrust the rat into Scott's arms, panting after she did so.
"Wow. We're in the lead? Great," Scott realized and started to walk slowly. "Nice and slow, all the way to last place. Right, little guy?" He told the rat while walking along the rolling log, but the rat bit him in the chin. He howled painfully and missed the wrecking ball swinging down at him. It caught him and sent him flying, all the way into B.
"Faster, DJ!" Molly yelled as DJ ran up to her and handed over their maggot.
"Good luck," DJ supported Molly as she headed for the rolling logs.
Scott was lying on the floor and petting the rat with B watching as the shot cut back to them.
"Aww, who's my good freak? Who's my good little freak?" Scott faux affectionately talked to the rat in order to slow them down as B was signaling him to pass it to him. "There, there, little guy. Uncle Scotty kept you safe and sound." He saw B waiting. "Oh, do you want this? Why didn't you say so, Beverly?"
Having enough, B took the rat before putting it in his pocket and jumped on to the first precariously isolated platform. It immediately started to wobble and sink, and B quietly cried out in alarm as the camera quick-panned to the base revealing the two mutant beavers making quick work of the pole, causing him to fall down into the mud. He recovered and saw the two ferocious-looking beavers he had landed next to.
Molly was looking up and back just in time to see the wrecking ball swinging towards her. She jumped up, safely grabbing on to the ball and allowing it to carry her forward. She jumped off at the extent of its swing, and sailed further on through the air.
The camera quick-panned over to B as he hastily sculpted a female beaver out of mud. The two beavers looked past the muddy feel and fell in love with it. As they ran over to hug it, B sneakily slipped past.
"And in a surprisingly touching move, B extends the Rats' lead," Chris announced out loud.
Scott was watching from where he landed. "Oh, come on!" he whined in disappointment.
"Go now!" Molly told Scarlett as she handed the maggot over, Scarlett immediately turning.
The beavers stopped hugging the mud sculptured beaver when the head fell off. Realizing that they were tricked, they soon turned vengeful.
Scarlett hopped to the first platform. It immediately wobbled thanks to the beavers gnawing the leg, taking Scarlett down.
"Alright, my brotha!" Leshawna cheered and took the rat from the tired B. "Let me take it from here."
Leshawna threw herself on to the first butt-shaped thing, landed, and bounced off it without a word. She continued on in this way, bouncing from one to the next until eventually she reached the end. "Sierra, take it!" she yelled to her teammate, the fangirl waiting with her back turned at the edge of the next platform.
Despite stretching her rat-holding arms out towards him as she fell, Leshawna was unable to make the pass-off in time before falling completely past her and landing in the mud. "What?" Sierra said as she finally turned around. "Aww. I missed the catch."
The shot cut to Leshawna face down in the mud. The mutant rat scampered out of her grasp. With a growl, Leshawna scrambled to her feet and chased after it screaming "Get back here!"
"Here you go," Scarlett told her teammate as the shot cut back to her holding the muddy and slimy maggot out to him.
"Got it!" Dave said as he reached out for the mutated larva.
It promptly vomited onto his face.
"IT THREW UP ON ME!!!" Dave freaked out and ran while one of the beavers grabbed Scarlett's head and dragged her down.
The perspective briefly changed to show the blurry obstacle that Dave was approaching, then changed back to his head-on close-up as he became visibly determined.
"The quicker I finish this, the quicker I can clean up!" Dave told himself just as he jumped onto the first butt-shaped object; he landed on his chest with a pained yelp and bounced off, continuing on painfully from one bouncy apparatus to the next until eventually he landed on his chest on the far platform with a slam and a groan.
"And Dave takes back the lead for the Maggots!" Chris announced, the camera cutting to him and Chef on their chairs. "He really doesn't like to get messy."
"Alright, it's my turn!" Trent declared confidently, turning proudly towards the end of the course.
"Hurry up!" Dave told him impatiently.
The camera panned back to the left, passing Dave and reaching Sierra just as Leshawna forced their team's mascot into her arms. "Here!" she commanded.
"Sorry I didn't catch it in time," Sierra apologized.
"It's like they say on Blackcomb Mountain. "Best glimpse of heaven's on the way into-" Trent said before reaching the giant mitt and saw how far it was. "Hello."
Meanwhile, Scarlett was in danger courtesy of the two beavers.
"I would ask if you detach from me now," Scarlett begged while a beaver took out a bottle of ketchup and licked their teeth. "I warned you," Scarlett growled before kicking both of their groins, making them moan. "If you had simply not taken me, then I wouldn't have had to resort to kicking you two. I show no sympathy."
Sierra had finally caught up to Trent in the Grand Slam. "This is like the electric eel part of the trust challenge from season one," Sierra talked to herself before grabbing one of the ropes that had been loosely tied there and swung off.
She passed between the baseball bats, and planted her feet on the baseball mitt. Sierra slowly lost her standing and fell into the mud. "Being splattered by mud is better than being electrocuted I guess," she laughed a bit.
Back at the edge of the platform, Trent grabbed the end of the other rope. He unleashed his own terrified cry as he swung blindly through the Grand Slam, and almost made it to the mitt – but slammed into one of the last bats with his legs spread wide. He painfully groaned as he slid down into the mud.
The footage skipped ahead to show a muddy Sierra running up for her second go, the ropes once again tied to a post on the side of the platform. "This time, I should swing higher. Then I'll be on the mitt for sure," the blogger discussed with herself.
"C'mon Sierra!" Geoff called out to her, the shot cutting to show him and the other Rats standing on a nearby platform without the glasses that had been forced on them. "Swing!"
Sierra grabbed one of the ropes again and jumped off. She stuck her legs out in front of her and passed by each bat in turn. However, her muddy hands caused her to fall from the rope just before she reached the mitt and she fell into the mud.
The Rats all groaned.
The camera panned past them and on to Trent, who had grabbed his own rope again and was sizing up his next swing. "My team needs the win," he told himself, tucking the maggot under his arm as he used his fingers to frame his target.
The music turned triumphant as he ran forward and swung off. He hit all the bats, and the peak of his swing put him just about over the mitt. It was then that he let go of the rope and fell down towards the goal, landing on his head as the maggot landed on top of him.
"The Maggots win!" Chris announced, and the maggot mascot threw up on the musician.
The Maggots cheered, having also discarded their glasses, while the five nearby members of the Toxic Rats groaned once more.
"To the Maggots, the spoils," Chris announced as Chef walked over to the winning team holding some kind of gift basket. "McLean Brand Soap, Shampoo, and Conditioner. Guaranteed to wash off the stink!" the host listed over a close-up of the gift basket, showing off its contents against a radiant yellow background.
"I'll definitely keep those in handy!" Dave said with a smile.
"Make sure not to hog all of it," Katie reminded him.
Confessional: Katie
"If my team was up for elimination, I probably would have been the one eliminated, and I wouldn't have my tablet with me. I dodged a bullet there," Katie cheered.
Confessional Ends
"Rats, see you at the elimination ceremony!' Chris added with his usual smile.
The five members of the Rats groaned for a third time. "I could've used the reward to wash off the mess," Leshawna groaned.
Sierra moaned as she got off the muddy floor, coughing up mud in the process. "Losing two times in a row? That's not gonna go well for my blog."
The footage flashed ahead to all of the Toxic Rats except for B and Sierra assembled at the steps leading up to their cabin. The camera focused on Scott, who was standing on the ground in front of the others. "All right, guys. Sierra's gotta go. She lost the challenge for us, and she's more focused on using her phone than competing most of the time."
"Now hang on!" Geoff replied. "So she made a mistake and slipped up. We aren't robots. I'm thinking we should give her a second chance."
"Sierra is also a big fan of the show," Sammy said. "Voting her off this early wouldn't be fair to her."
"Fair, smhair," Leshawna muttered. "If eliminating her allows us to sleep without being disturbed by her constant texting to her friends, I'm all for it."
The footage flashed ahead again to show the Toxic Rats at the campfire pit, Chef and Chris standing before them with their respective marshmallows.
"Ready?" Chris asked. "Everyone gets a marshmallow, even the loser!" The shot cut to a close-up of the strongbox in Chef's mitted hands. "But that's one marshmallow you do not wanna eat," Chris added as his assistant flipped the lid up and revealed the bright glowing thing inside.
"To the votes! The following people are safe," the host said, picking up the first normal marshmallow off his tray. "Geoff." The party guy caught his prize with a smile.
"Leshawna." The sista sitting next to him was next, satisfied as she caught her marshmallow.
"Scott." The devious, slumped forward, raised his free left hand and caught his prize.
"And Sammy." The nervous cheerleader allowed her marshmallow to fall into her open hands.
"Which leaves, Sierra and Bev," Chris announced, earning a nervous look from both teens.
"What?" Sierra asked in shock.
"And the Marshmallow of Loserdom goes to," Chris said, trailing off as the camera slowly zoomed in on the faces of the bottom two nervous campers.
"Sierra," the host finished.
"Me? But why?" Sierra sputtered in shock while B caught his marshmallow with his mouth.
"Don't know and don't care," Chris said. "You're out."
Sierra dodged the toxic marshmallow thrown her way. "It is what it is, but one last thing!" She whipped out her phone and snapped a photo of her and her teammates, blinding their eyesight and making them audibly yelp. "#ToxicRatsForever!" she enthusiastically claimed and ran to the Hurl of Shame.
The footage cut over to the Dock of Shame, the camera zoomed in on Chris and Sierra in the catapult's bucket.
"Any last words before we give you the Hurl of Shame?" Chris asked.
"Of course. Can I have a self-" Sierra said before Chris unflinchingly launched her into the air. Sierra finished with a scream as she disappeared into the night.
Chris laughed. "It was a rhetorical question. Two hurls down, twelve to go! Who will be eliminated next?" he asked the camera. "Tune in, and find out, on Total! Drama! Revenge! Of! The Island!"
(Roll the Credits)
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2023.06.03 16:29 Hopeful_Distance_864 I was trapped in my dream

I woke up late this morning, but I don’t have anything going on so I decided to go back to sleep. I had three dreams (that I can remember) back to back. The first two felt like they went by very quickly… in the first one, I was giving birth at home, oddly completely calm and painless (in real life, I’ve already had all my children, and none were a home birth). The second was that my Invisalign retainers were too loose and my teeth were going back to crooked (lol).
But the last (and most disturbing) was that I went to visit my parents’ house and my belated uncle was there. He was being his happy, jovial self and could tell I was shocked to see him. He said, “were you not expecting me?” In a joking way and laughed. I ran to him and cried and told him how much I miss his voice and his face and spending time with him… he just accepted my hugged and continued to laugh. I didn’t feel it was disrespectful, but more that he wasn’t wanting things to be emotional. I got uncomfortable starting to realize this wasn’t real. My dad was laying on the couch but not saying anything. I started walking toward the bedroom to find my mom, but I just kept saying to myself “wake up! Wake up! Wake up!” At this point, I was feeling very anxious and trying to make myself aware of real surroundings but I just couldn’t. At last, I woke up and asked my husband (who was awake next to me) if I had thrashed or made sounds, and he said no.
Clearly, I’m still mourning the loss of my uncle which isn’t new. This is the second time I’ve dream of him and realized within the dream that I was asleep. But it is the first time, I have felt trapped and scared within my dream. It was like I was terrified I’d never wake up again or that I was confused and it was the actual reality. Now I’m afraid it’ll happen again.
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2023.06.03 16:29 dioclias What CPU to get currently?

I currently have an i7 9700k with 32GB 3600mhz (2x16) on an MSI z390 gaming carbon paired with an rtx 4070. I'm lokking to upgrade my cpu next and am a little overwhelmed by the options 😅 Gaming at 1440p 240hz, the gpu can still be returned too and swapped for something else is that gives me better performance but I like rtx broadcast because my mic is quite sensitive and dlss3 seems nice for the future
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2023.06.03 16:29 fly_line22 Stories with morals that really aged well?

We all joke about stories where the main moral really shows it's age and is considered tasteless nowadays. But, what're some stories where the message stills remains relevant long after it was made?
The DCAU had tons of episodes with morals that still hold up decades later. For example, BTAS has Mad Love being an exploration of a toxic and abusive relationship that Harley knows hurts her but she keeps coming back to in a vicious cycle. Justice League has Patriot Act, where the main moral of the government not always having your best interest at heart, and how a true hero is someone who's willing to fight against impossible odds and help those in need. Batman Beyond has episodes devoting to steroid abuse, dangerous cosmetic trends, and the horrors of "rehabilitation camps" for teens among others. All these and more are just some messages that'll stick around forever.
A Goofy Movie may have been made in the 90s, and it certainly shows in some scenes, but the main message of how parents and children should strive to understand each other is a timeless one. As a kid, you understand that Max is trying to find his place in the world and be his own person. As an adult, you understand that Goofy's just trying to keep a postive relationship with his son. And it's only when they stop putting walls around each other and just talk about their feelings that they are able to see each other's perspective.
While Persona 4 may get some flak nowadays for how "outdated" some parts of the story may seem, but the two main messages of the game will always stay important. For one, how people are far too willing to play telephone with the truth until it's utterly distorted, and believing whatever random thing they see on TV is true. The second is about how people, and their issues, are more complicated than they first appear, and that others are all to eager to oversimplify said people and their problems to make them look like deranged cartoon characters. In particular, Kanji's issues not just with his sexuality, but his frustration over being constantly emasculated and made fun of because he doesn't act like a toxic dudebro, and Naoto's problems with being discriminated not just for her gender, but her age in her workplace, still ring true 15 years later.
Finally, The Iron Giant's messages about the dangers of xenophobia/paranoia and self-determinism will always be effective. Mansley is the movie's villain because he's a paranoid asshole who wants to destroy the Giant to satisfy his own ego, to the point of declaring a nuclear strike on the Giant when he's right next to him to soothe his battered pride. Meanwhile, the Giant possesses terrifying weaponry and destructive power. But with Hogarth's guidance, he decides to use his incredible power to help those around him and be like Superman. "I am not a gun" indeed.
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2023.06.03 16:29 xtremexavier15 TSROTI 2 (pt 1)

Toxic Rats: B, Geoff, Scott, Leshawna, Sammy, Sierra
Mutant Maggots: Anne Maria, Katie, Molly, Scarlett, Dave, DJ, Trent
Episode 02: Truth or Mutant Shark
"Last time, on Total Drama Revenge of the Island!" Chris opened over a long-distance shot of Wawanakwa, the recap montage beginning soon after. "Fourteen new competitors were blown away by this year's challenges," the host said as the yacht carrying the new cast was shown, Chris maliciously pressed a button on his remote control, and the yacht blew up. "They were treated to an early-morning swim," Max was shown trying not to drown, "said hello to the island's wildlife," Dave was shown to get nearly zapped by its eye-lasers, "and did some totem-surfing," the Toxic Rats slid down the hill and into the air, falling from their totem just before it crashed into the better cabin and exploded. "Ex-plosive!"
"In the end," a few short clips of Max trying to be villainous, "Max's non-stop claims about being dangerous made him useless enough that his team sent him packing, Hurl of Shame-style." The recap footage ended with Max getting catapulted off the island.
"Who'll go home next?" Chris asked the camera from the end of the dock. "And how much pain can I put them through first? Find out right now, on Total! Drama! Revenge of the Island!"
The episode opened on a shot of the morning sky and a few far-away bird calls as the camera panned down to the two cabins of Camp Wawanakwa.
The shot cut inside to the girls' half of the Rats' cabins where Leshawna and Sammy were woken up to the sound of Sierra texting on her phone.
"The first day competing on Total Drama was exciting," Sierra talked to her phone. "I managed to make some friends and even though my team lost the first challenge, I'm still staying for another day!"
"Girl, who are you even talking to?" Leshawna mumbled tiredly.
"I'm giving the fans an update about my day and experience being a contestant," Sierra mentioned. "The fansite eats up this stuff."
"Are you going to carry your phone everywhere you go just to do so?" Sammy asked.
"I won't use it during the challenges, but I keep it with me at all times," Sierra said. "Without my phone, I'd probably lose my mind!"
Confessional: Sammy
"So I joined the show because my friend group suggested I do so," Sammy timidly said. "They said it's to increase my self-esteem and make me branch out more or something close to those lines."
Confessional Ends
The shot cut abruptly to a top-down view of the other half of the Rats' cabin, showing Geoff and B sleeping in their bunk beds. The sound of a door suddenly slammed open and slammed shut, waking Geoff up.
It was Scott – flat against the front door with his eyes wide, his breath heaving, and his clothes dirty. "Dude, what happened to you?" Geoff asked in concern.
Scott straightened himself out. "Oh, uh... just had an early morning make out session with one of the honeys," he explained.
Geoff got out of his bed in his pajamas and got near Scott. "Why are you so messy then?"
The footage quickly cut to a scene of Scott running in terror from a Woolly Beaver – one with several boney spikes jutting out of its back. The shot flashed back to the Rats' cabin, and Scott added "A gentleman doesn't kiss and tell."
"Wait," Geoff stepped in. "You kissed a guy?" This comment earned him an annoyed expression from Scott.
Confessional: Scott
"All right. I was out looking for that hidden immunity idol, not that they need to know," Scott opened up. "It's all part of my strategy. Let my team lose so the Maggots develop a false sense of security before I pick 'em off!"
He was interrupted by a knock on the wall. "Occupied!" he shouted until the wholly beaver from earlier barged through the wall and frightened Scott into screaming.
Confessional Ends
The camera cut back outside the cabins, zooming on on the Maggots' abode on the right then cutting inside to show Anne Maria brushing and blow drying her hair.
Scarlett walked up behind her from the left carrying a clipboard. "How were you able to sneak those cans in?" she asked.
Anne Maria placed her items inside her pouf. "Easy. I stuck it in my pouf." She noticed the clipboard. "Why are you carryin' that clipboard?"
"I've been working on sleep analysis, Anne Maria," Scarlett answered. "Your stage two sleep spindles were low frequency followed by an intense delta or slow-wave. You slept well."
Anne Maria was a little surprised to hear that. "That's nice, but don't go spyin' on me." She grabbed her hairspray from her pouf and walked away spraying her hair.
Scarlett saw that Katie was still sleeping. "Seems Katie's sleep cycle is lower than I anticipated. Had she not tried to pull an all-nighter, she'd have a higher score," Scarlett spoke to herself.
Confessional: Scarlett
"I have the need to research my teammates and know what their weaknesses and strengths are," Scarlett said. "We were able to achieve victory in the first challenge, and I want to keep it that way."
Confessional Ends
The scene flashed to the boys' side of the cabin, the camera focusing on DJ as he woke up and stretched his arms. "Morning Trent and Dave!" the brickhouse greeted his bunkmates, though Dave wasn't around at the moment. "Where'd Dave go?"
Trent, who had also woken up, shrugged. "Beats me. He probably went to the bathroom."
Confessional: Trent
"This is my first time sleeping in a cabin," Trent confessed with his guitar on his lap. "It was hard trying to fall asleep, so I played some songs that were guaranteed to make me and the guys drift off… at least that's what my friends back home say."
"Anyway, my bunk mates are pretty cool. Dave's a bit neurotic, and DJ's more soft-spoken, but once I get to know them more, I can guarantee you we'll be best buds."
Confessional Ends
The scene cut to the back of the Maggots' cabin where Molly got out of a tent that she pitched.
Confessional: Molly
"I don't like bunk beds," Molly admitted with a shrug. "They tend to break no matter how stable it is. That's why I decided to sleep outside. Besides, I wanted to have a camping experience, and sleeping in a tent is the first way to go."
Confessional Ends
The footage returned to Molly stretching her body, and a few seconds later, Dave walked up to her. "Did you sleep outside of your cabin?"
"Yep," Molly nodded.
"Do you know the negatives of doing that?" Dave crossed his arms.
"I don't think so," Molly shook her head.
"You could get bug bites or get sick," Dave explained to the indie woman.
"I already planned for that," Molly laughed. "Ever heard of bug spray and sleeping bags?"
"I know those things, but why did you sleep outside?" Dave wondered.
"One, I prefer to sleep by myself, and two, I don't like sleeping indoors," Molly gives the germaphobe answers. "I hate following the crowd."
"Okay then," Dave said. "I'm gonna use the bathroom. Are you coming?"
"I'm already prepared," Molly took out toothpaste and a toothbrush.
The scene cut to a seagull sleeping in a nest inside the horn of a loudspeaker. A blow horn sounded through it without warning, though, forcing the bird out into the air and revealing its snake-like features as it fell.
"Up and at 'em my little morning glories!" Chris called out, sitting on his ATV below. "It's time for today's challenge!" he announced, the camera moving behind him to show the two teams assembled in front, their respective logos appearing on the screen overhead.
"What?" Sierra asked in shock. "But we haven't even had breakfast yet!"
"Not a problem for me," Molly brushed it off and swallowed a pickle. "I packed enough pickles for me to be full."
"And we haven't had enough sleep," Katie added.
"Cognitive function is dependent on REM sleep," Scarlett acknowledged the host.
"You can catch up on your sleep after the challenge," Chris told them. "Rrright this way, to the Bay of Dismay!"
The thirteen campers groaned, except for Katie, who pulled out her tablet.
"Hey viewers! I'm gonna be at a Bay of Dismay," Katie started to film herself until Chris used a magnet to take her tablet away. "What the?"
"Contraband! Now it's mine! Confiscator's keepers! Come on! Your humiliation awaits!" Chris told a miserable Katie.
The scene flashed ahead to the thirteen campers walking along at an even pace. "'Bay of Dismay'?" Trent told Anne Maria as they walked side-by-side. "That doesn't sound depressing at all."
"If Chris is gonna make us fight against alligators," Anne Maria said. "I'm planning on suing him after the show ends for breaking my nails."
Trent frowned, but chose to ignore it.
The camera lingered a few seconds as they walked off, long enough for DJ and Katie to enter the shot together. "So, what kinda challenge do you think Chris is gonna put us through this time?" DJ asked.
"I don't know," Katie answered without looking at him, "but I hope it's one that requires the use of a camera so I can take pictures with it, you know?"
DJ facepalmed, unseen by the influencer.
Confessional: Katie
"It's been four minutes, and I'm already missing my tablet," Katie squeaked out and huddled herself. "How will my viewers know what I'm doing right now?"
Confessional Ends
DJ decided to make Katie happy. "Maybe when the challenge is over, you could get your tablet back."
"Emphasis on maybe," Katie snarked.
"I don't know if this is going to be another physical challenge," Leshawna said to Sierra as the footage cut to the two of them walking together. "We already struggled getting that totem down last challenge."
"Chris probably has an academic challenge planned for us at the Bay of Dismay," Sierra told her as they walked forward, "and I know Chris isn't lying."
"How do you know Chris isn't frontin' us?" Leshawna asked.
"Basic knowledge," Sierra bragged. "I can tell if he's lying to us by his vocal pitch and body language."
"So you really studied the show and how it works, huh?" Leshawna followed up in surprise.
"Of course I have," Sierra said. "I've seen every episode like fifty-three times and auditioned twice before being accepted the second time."
B and Scarlett were now shown walking together. "Any idea on what we'll be facing up against?" the quiet brainiac asked the similarly intelligent boy, who didn't talk back to her. "I can see that you prefer not to vocalize your sentences like me, but you're more exaggerated."
Confessional: B
B simply shrugged in the confessional.
Confessional Ends
The static cut away to the body of water that was, presumably, the Bay of Dismay. Three structures rose out of its waters: on the left and right were two-tiered game-show-like seats that housed the Toxic Rats and Mutant Maggots respectively and bore their logos on the front; and in the middle was a single Greek pedestal upon which Chris stood in his blue tuxedo below a large video screen and electronic scoreboard.
"Welcome to the 'Getting to Know You' Trivia Game Challenge," Chris introduced. "Everyone strapped in all nice and snug?" he asked the contestants.
"Too snug," Scott answered irritably. "It's cutting into my shoulders!"
"Yeah, children's size harnesses will do that," Chris chuckled. "I'll be asking our players embarrassing personal questions," he explained, "and I mean majorly humiliating. If the player I'm talking about hits the poorly-wired buzzer and owns their humiliation before the time runs out," he continued as the shot cut back to Scott looking at the red buzzer on the counter in front of him, the camera zooming out to show Sierra on the left, Sammy on the right, and B, Leshawna, and Geoff on the back row, "their team gets a point." The camera panned across the Maggots, showing DJ, Molly, and Scarlett in the bottom row and Katie, Anne Maria, Dave, and Trent above. "First team to five wins part one, and a distinct advantage in part two."
"Buuut," Chris added as the shot cut back to him, "if no one owns up, this happens!" He took out his remote, pressed the button, and with a mechanical whir the elevated stand the Maggots were seated in suddenly dropped into the bay. The shot cut to the seven holding their breaths below the water, focusing in on DJ in particular. He looked around and screamed when he saw the large mutant shark with arms and legs looking at him hungrily, and his teammates joined in as the shark reared back to take a bite – but the stand rose back up just in time to take the teens away from danger.
The shot cut back to the surface as the Maggots re-emerged, dripping and coughing and generally frantic. "There's some kind of two-legged shark down there!" Anne Maria told the host in a panic.
"You mean Fang?" Chris asked with a broad smile and quick laugh. "Yeah, it turns out toxic waste can mess with stuff underwater too." He pointed up at the screen above him as he spoke, and the camera panned up to show a seemingly ordinary shark drinking a cup of tea on a wooden post underwater...until the screen flashed, and a picture of Fang against a simple teal background replaced the normal shark. "Who knew?"
"Better them than us," Scott said from the Rats' stand.
"Anywho," Chris continued slowly, "if a team gets dunked, their opponents can steal by guessing which dunk-ee is guilty. Guess right, and you get a point. Guess wrong, and this happens." With a sly look he pressed the button on his remote again, and this time it was the Rats who got plunged into the bay. Fang was shown tying a bib around his neck, then looking behind him just as the fresh set of teenagers came into view. He turned around and opened his mouth to bite, and with the muffled screams being heard the shot cut back to the bubbling surface. Chris pressed the button once more, and the Toxic Rats rocketed back up on their stand.
"Now that we understand the rules," Chris told them as they coughed up water, "let's start the game!" The host pulled a notecard out from behind his back. "To the Rats, now listen carefully," he began. "Who does this," he motioned upward to a picture of a question mark, "if they eat or drink any form of dairy?" the question mark farted.
All members of the Mutant Maggots began to laugh, as did the members of the Toxic Rats – all except Leshawna, who seemed to shrink in her seat as the camera zoomed in on her. "Where did you get that?" the sista asked in her embarrassment, pressing her buzzer and yelping at the shock she received.
The shot cut to the scoreboard, the Rats' half changing from 0 to 1.
The camera moved back to Chris and his card, now turned towards the Maggots. "Who sleeps with a teddy bear," he motioned upward to a picture of a brown teddy bear, "even after they turned 13?"
"Really? I thought we were more grown-up than that," Dave cringed at the fact.
Scarlett saw that DJ was feeling embarrassed. "Push the button, DJ! You're clearly harboring some guilt," Scarlett advised.
As the timer continued ticking, DJ finally shuddered, then slammed his right hand down on her buzzer. "Alright then," he declared after getting shocked, "it's me."
A bit of light laughter came from the Rats, and the scoreboard updated to show the Maggots' first point. "And it's one-all!" the host declared, earning a cheer from the Maggots.
"Aww, thanks DJ," Katie whispered to the drooping brickhouse. "I know that must've been hard, and I don't hold it against you."
"Really?" DJ regained his smile.
"I have my own collection of teddy bears in my room," Katie beamed.
Confessional: DJ
"Liking teddy bears is one thing me and Katie have in common," DJ smiled in the outhouse. "We'd have to get to know each other a bit more."
Confessional End
"Rats," Chris turned back to the other team, "whose first name is really Beverly?"
"That's not embarrassing," Trent called out defensively. "None of us will throw a fuss over a girl's name being Beverly."
Over to the Rats, Sierra was looking at a picture of Chris, Sammy was shrugging to signify it wasn't her, and Leshawna was just waiting for someone to buzz in.
B, on the other hand, looked down at his own buzzed timidly, and after some consideration, he pressed the buzzer and got shocked, raising his hand to let Chris know that he owned up to the question.
"Correct, Beverly," Chris teased the strong, silent genius. "Rats get the point, but I would've preferred a verbal response."
"But B is as quiet as a snail," Geoff piped up. "And we still got the point."
"Don't care," Chris said apathetically. "So, as a quick punishment." He smiled as he pushed the button on his remote again.
The Rats were plunged back into the water, and the camera focused on Scott as he hollered before getting chomped up by Fang, the stand rising back up as Fang struggled to close his jaws.
Scott managed to get out of Fang's mouth, shouting "No! Wait for me!" as he swam back to her seat.
Confessional: Scott
Scott winced in the confessional, pulling something white out of his butt. "What the? A shark tooth?" he asked, looking at what was obviously a shark's tooth.
Confessional: Fang
The next to use the confessional was none other than Fang, examining his mouth in a hand mirror with great concern. Upon noticing the gap in his upper row of sharp teeth, he growled angrily and snapped the mirror.
Confessionals End
Scott furiously climbed back into his seat. "Thanks for leaving me down there, team!" Scott scolded his teammates. "You can win this stupid challenge without me!"
"If he's not playing, then I'm not either," Anne Maria chimed in, the shot zooming back out as she and the other Maggots looked towards the host.
"I've already had a secret about me exposed, so I think I'll be leavin'," Leshawna declared.
"Okay, everyone just settle down," Chris told them all sternly.
"I'm with everyone else. We should stop," Molly said, standing up and trying to undo her harness. "I do not want any secrets of mine to be spilled out."
"You can do so after you've had a secret revealed," Scarlett snapped.
"Hey! Host talking here!" Chris barked. "I decide when the challenge is over."
"Whatever," Scott scoffed, having already removed his harness. "I'm out of here."
"Not until we win," Sierra held the dirt farmer back from leaving. "I am not going to have us lose."
Just then, Fang jumped out of the water and took a large bite out of the Maggots' stand, forcing them to yelp.
"Now would be a good time to leave," Sammy remarked and tried to get herself out of her straps.
The shot cut back to the Maggots as Anne Maria and Scarlett began to argue with Dave and Molly and DJ, Katie, and Trent watched the debacle going on.
Eventually, the shot cut back to Chris as he finally shouted "Alright! SHUT IT!" The off-screen arguments promptly ceased. "Thanks to that pathetic digression," he said in annoyance, glancing at his watch, "now we don't have enough time to finish this challenge! Happy?"
The Rats voiced their agreement. Likewise, all the Maggots agreed happily.
"Well you won't be happy for long," Chris told them and the camera with a smile. "Come back after the break for an all-new challenge from which there is no escape. And in the meantime," he added slyly as he took his remote back out and pushed the button, causing both teams to be dunked into the bay with a scream once more.
(Commercial Break)
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2023.06.03 16:29 Flying_Snails_today Link vs Luke Skywalker Cosmic Clash

Snail: In the land of Hyrule you’ll find monster, assassins and of course Princess Zelda who will probably be with her champion Link. There have been many Link’s over the years across 3 timelines… I-I think? Uhh but we are giving Link everything! So let’s start off!
Genesis: Happily mum Link is always a blonde man who has tons of armor with different effects and abilities! Some let him swim up waterfalls like the fast fish you’ve ever seen some let him trick through the hottest places in the world and some let him cross dress. Link’s awakening am I right folks?
Snail: Genesis! Uhh anyway Link has saved the world on several occasions cutting through the likes of Ganondorf who can survive a giant ass castle falling into him, he can destroy the giant metallic legs of guardians with relative ease. And he even beat Majora who almost crashed the moon into the Earth! He’s had to save the powerful and capable princess Zelda several times from the forces of evil. And he has a hide arsenal to do it!
Genesis: Like his swords! His most powerful is the Master Sword! It can even shoot magical air blades when Link swings it! He has his famous Hylian Shield able to block any attack! Including laser! By looking at the speed they move and the distance Link can dodge or reflect them he would need to be moving over 300 times the speed of light!
Snail: He has his guardian sword and spears as well and while frail can easily chop down powerful enemies such as the giant robo spiders the Guardians! Remember those? Link also has a cloak to turn him invisible, the lens of truth to help with things invisible to the naked eye and illusions, his sheikah slate that allows him to create bombs, stomp time on certain things, control and toss around metallic objects and create ice pillars from water!
Genesis: Link is also a fine sniper with a bow and arrow! He has regular arrows basically vanilla flavored, ice arrows to freeze sorta like strawberry favor so everyone likes them but it’s nobody’s favorite, electric arrows to show and it’s like chocolate because everyone loves these, his fire arrows that are sorta like the mint flavor as not everyone loves them and his most powerful the light and ancient arrows that sorta make the other arrows useless by comparison… also I don’t have any more ice cream flavors sue me!
Snail: Link does what he does across these timelines because when he dies his soul will always be reincarnated with one of the pieces of the Triforce!
Genesis: The Triforce of Courage! No wonder Link never stands down! The other two piece of the Triforce being the Triforce of Wisdom and Power held by Ganondorf and Zelda respectively are also very powerful and when all three are brought together they create the full wish granting Triforce! Although Link made sure that it never got into the wrong hands!
Snail: Link even has fairies that can revive him just before he dies but his strangest piece of equipment are his masks!
Genesis: Yeah remember that Majora guy well to beat him Link had to use his ocarina that allows him to control the weather, teleport and even go back in time to find a way to stop Majora before the moon crashed into a clock tower killing basically everyone! And he got masks to let him do that. He can turn into a Deku,Zora and so on and so forth. He even has extra masks like the mask of truth that lets him read minds!
Snail: But his most powerful is by far his great deity mask. After putting this mask on almost nothing can hurt him and he is way more powerful than before! He beat majora who at this point created a copy of Hyrule!
Genesis: Link has elixirs to amp his speed and make him resist certain attacks! He can destroy giant monsters who are easily the size of large buildings with little effort and even beat characters like Demise who can create pocket dimensions and destroy them just as easily.
Snail: Link is the hero of Hyrule and if you asked anyway who met him they consider him a great threat or a hero of time

Mayo_Enjoyer:will is something everyone has, it's mostly associated with a certain green object wielding human, luke Skywalker the chosen one(not sorry hal), Luke Skywalker is the twin brother of leia and the son of Anakin Skywalker more commonly known as darth Vader and padme, luke has been raised by his uncle on tatoine a desert planet yet he was a farmer and that's stupid, after meeting with old man Ben also known as obi-wan kenobi luke began his training.
Mayo_Enjoyer:but space jesus got killed by his father who also took his hand and by that I mean he cut off Luke's hand and yes I'm saying this so it doesn't sound like luke married his father, luke has been training by one of the most powerful jedi in history yoda and with the training luke was able to overthrow the empire with the help of rebels and bring peace to the galaxy but this doesn't end there as luke rebuild the jedi order and defeated millena's weird cousin Abeloth the chaos bringer.
Mayo_enjoyer:luke has his trusty green lightsaber and force abilities and oh boy he has many of them, luke like every jedi can move stuff with the force and one of the stuff he moved was a black hole because it was in the way, push it and jump super high, luke can also read your memories and find your weaknesses with the force, he can also do the funny jedi mind trick and mind control people,luke can also use the force as a projectile by using force blast, luke can also see several years into the future with the force and heal himself from any injuries also with the force man why he didn't heal his hand in the movies. Luke has performed many impressive feats like moving a black hole like I mentioned earlier, speedblitzing a speedster, defeating darth Vader, defeating Abeloth the chaos bringer, destroying the death star twice but this was without his jedi abilities or the force, luke has defeated countless enemies, taking control over the millennium Falcon with just the force, became immovable, telepathically called every jedi in the galaxy, resisted force blindness. Luke is really the chosen one who will bring back the peace to cosmic clash
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2023.06.03 16:29 RecentProcess4334 Date with a really shy girl gone wrong? Can't really tell...

This is not a "oh she's out my league, how to approach her" or "low confidence struggle" type of post. It's quite the opposite actually. Ok well, I assume most of you, if not everyone, has been in a position that you really like someone that you think is really out of your league. You know, that guy/ girl that you see every day, you may say a hi to each other, etc but you are sure that he/she doesn't see you in an erotical way. That was happening to me as well with a girl I liked.
I'm a photographer and some Wednesdays I work at a nightclub. A few months ago, I met this girl who works there and she was definately not the typical nightclub girl who's snob etc. She was very very shy, cute and so kind. So whe started taking a bit on my smoking breaks. Our conversations were really basic "where are you from... how long do you work here... do you like this and that... what is your favorite music genre..." and blah blah blah. Although we had a laugh here and there, our actual conversations were the most shitty and boring I've ever had. You know what I mean. I just needed some company while I was smoking.
Some days later, I stop to my favorite coffee shop before work as usual and well, what do you know... she's in there making coffee. I was really excited. I went in, greeted her with big smile and she leaned on the counter to give me a hug. Woah! I definately wasn't expecting that. But that was it for me. Nothing had really happened, I just found a new friend. That was my thought up until three days ago. I hadn't had seen her for a month maybe two. I open my Instagram to send message to a friend and as I look at the news feed for a brief moment, I notice that all of a sudden she has me on her Close Friends. I don't know how people abroad see this but here in Greece, there's a rumor that if a girl puts you all of a sudden in Close Friends, it's a vary big and oversaturated green flag with fireworks popping behind it and the Team America's soundtrack playing America FUCK YEAH on a loop. But I was still skeptical. I thought it was just a friendly move. Couple days later, I see she had returned to the coffee shop she was working previously, and I went in to say a hi and grab my usual coffee. And she was so nervous and looked down all the time, didn't even talk etc etc. A common friend of ours works in the same coffee shop. And when I stepped in she started telling how nice I am and how handsome I am and the best photographer in town... It was akward but I'm used to ignore it and just say thank you with a genuine smile.
Now, here is the moment when it gets weird for me. I left the coffee shop that day, went to the studio and I open the Wifi to put some music on Spotify and a message pops up. It's her. She invited me to go for a drink with her after work to the nightclub she work at. And I agreed. I know it's a terrible location for a "first date" because everyone she knows was going to be there but in my mind it wasn't really a date but it was at the same time. It's messed up I know. I really like her but in my mind everything she does is in a friendly frame even if it isn't. I can't really explain it. So we go to the nightclub, we sit there, have a little chit chat, little casual flirting and teasing with her touching my chest and playing with my necklace but then ALL of the staff are apporacing one at a time to talk to her. And DAMN there are many people working there. Here comes one, there comes two and I find myself just drinking my Campari while her friends have the time of their lives talking to her about their personal stuff for which I don't really give a damn. The only thing that was interesting was a moment when her best friend came over, talekd to both of us a little and then she took our hands, put them together and pulled a little prank on us that was AWESOME, saying while looking at us with a little smirk "Do you know what you two should do? (little pause) Bring me some sushi". We thought she was going to say "You should go to the office upstairs and fuck like rabbits" or some shit. The girl I was with had turned red while that was happening. We had some alone time after that but for me it was too late. She tried to start a conversation and I saw that she felt bad for what had happened with everyone coming over but I wasn't in the mood for talking. After a few tries, she said to me that she was sorry but she was not in a mood that day and I agreed saying that I'm tired from work too. We stayed a bit not saying anything because she was too busy talking with her best friend on ig, who was literally at the door a few meters away but ok I guess. And afer some time I left herwith her friend, said goodnight and went to my friends at a nearby club to make it up to myself for the "terrible date" I had. I saw her again yesterday and she was nice like always but I received an akward vibe from her.
What do you think is happening here? Bad timing for a date or it wasn't even a date? Do you think there is something here or it's just me misunderstanding things? Because for me, what happened is that a girl I really thought she was out of my league, asked me on a date that went wrong and we should try again. Don't know...
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2023.06.03 16:28 wannabe_dunkey Charger

Hi, so i have been researching about this matter for quite a while but cant seem to find anything similar..
My steam deck wont charge using the charger that it came in with (no light showing or the light just blinks several times). But when I plug it using my phone or nintendo charger it works, the problem is that there's a "slow charger" pop-up and the deck doesnt really charge, it stays at 1%.
I tried the hold power + volume down button but its still the same..
Also, both deck and charger are new..
My current option is to get a new charger but I am still curious why the charger that came with it just wont work
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2023.06.03 16:28 TwelveSmallHats Warhammer Underworlds card lore snippets, part 3 - Beastgrave

Previous posts:
For those unfamiliar with Warhammer Underworlds, it's Games Workshop's card/mini/board game set in the Mortal Realms. Almost every card in the game has a small snippet of lore on it in addition to its rules text; some of the lore is simple statements about the card's effect, but others describe the setting or the fighters or provide in-universe quotes. I haven't found a card library that compiles these lore snippets (they are understandably focused on the rules), so I decided to compile them myself.
This is my third post of the project, compiling the cards from the third season of the game, Beastgrave. This is the first major setting update, since the previous seasons (Shadespire and Nightvault) both took place in Shadespire, while this one takes place in Beastgrave, a living mountain in Ghur.
Cards for the season starter warbands:
Grashrak's Despoilers:
Text Card Name
There is a diabolical method to the Brayherds' depravity. Bestial Cunning
The gruesome food for Grashrak's primal sorceries are rarely in short supply. Blood Ritual
To beastmen, carnage and mayhem are ends unto themselves. Bloodshed
The creatures of the Brayhertds stampede forth from their domains whenever a more enticing territory presents itself. Conquerors
True victory comes only when all the enemy held dear is reduced to ruin. Despoilers
To Grashrak's Despoilers, there is no sight more pleasing than that of unsullied flesh being butchered. Killing Blow
In the wild, the alpha creature is the one still standing at battle's end. Proven Superiority
There is no better hunting ground than the lands of a defiant enemy. Raiders
Beastmen strike hard and fast, and they seldom do so alone. Stampede
Bloodshed breeds strength, and strength breeds opportunity. Survival of the Fittest
Wherever Grashrak's Despoilers go, so follows the corruption of Chaos. Swarm the Battlefield
It is not enough to despoil the land - the air itself must writhe with the power of anarchy. Taint of Ruin
The primal fury of the Brayherds is infamous, and rightly feared. Baying Anger
The true children of Chaos are driven by instinctual animosity. Baying Hatred
There is nothing more fearful than a wounded beastman. Berserk Bellow
Primal magics swirl across the battlefield, driving the herd towards their foe. Bestial Vigour
The language of the Brayherds is not elegant, but it is easily understood. Blood Taunt
Grashrak's Despoilers use every weapon that nature and Chaos have bestowed upon them. Bull Charge
A bestial curse twists the foe in both body and mind. Devolve
When hunting down prey, speed is as important as brute strength. Skirmisher
Like carrion feeders to a corpse, the beasts of the Brayherds flock to territories they can despoil. Vile Invaders
The notion of a fair fight is anathema to Ungors. Weight of Numbers
Why work to conceal yourself when you can simply take away your hunter's ability to see? Blinding Attack
The scent of blood only intensifies the hunger for battle. Bloodcrazed
Even the most masterfully wrought armour crumples at the touch of this Chaos-infused blade. Cursed Flint
There are few greater weapons than a strong instinct for self-preservation. Dogged Survivor
Always another foe, always another quarry, the bloodletting in Beastgrave is never-ending. Endless Hatred
Pain is the one sense the beastmen seek to dull.
Those with the shortest horns must find other ways to puncture their prey. Jabbing Spear
Seething energy crashes into the enemy, tearing at their flesh and driving them from their feet. Savage Bolt
Grashrak has an innate understanding of the anarchic and the arcane. Sorcerous Trinket
Amongst the Brayherds, the severed head of one's enemy is the ultimate symbol of status. Trophy Taker
Skaeth's Wild Hunt:
Text Card Name
In Beastgrave, there is no end to the hunt. Aspects of Kurnoth
Once the quarry has been sighted, it is Karthaen's horn that calls the Wild Hunt. Cry of the Wild
Preparation is the first step towards victory. Gifts of Kurnoth
There are multiple ways to take down one's quarry. Hunt's End
In the wilds, one must always be aware of their surroundings. Kurnoth's Snare
It is Karthaen's hope that the Beastgrave itself will some day be scoured from the realms. Purifying Rites
'Your blood shall flow free, and it shall wash away the corruption you have brought to this land.' - Sheoch, Kurnothi Tracker Ritual Kill
'Your death is as inevitable as the changing of the seasons.' - Skaeth the Huntsman Run Down
'Die, foul creature. No longer shall you be a blight upon the realms.' - Skaeth the Huntsman Run Through
'Who can catch an arrow in flight? Its speed is its armour, and the source of its deadliness.' - Althaen, Kurnothi Tracker Safety in Swiftness
The most fallow soil can be made fertile if seeded with enough bone and flesh. Slay the Corrupted
The Wild Hunt seek to ensure that no more souls fall to the Katophrane curse. Soulbinding
With a blast of his horn, the air itself, the air itself comes to Karthaen's aid. Binding Wind
The Wild Hunt advance on their foes with the speed of a summer storm. Fleet of Foot
Even in the cavernous depths of Beastgrave, the live-giving winds of Ghyran can blow strong. Healing Breeze
'I am the Hunt! The Hunter grows within me!' - Sheoch, Kurnothi Tracker Might of Kurnoth
The weal must be reaped so that the strong may thrive. That is the way of the hunt. Pounce
'That which was made to run must run. That which was made to fly must fly. That which was made to kill must kill.' - Skaeth the Huntsman Retrieve Javelin
The resounding blaze of Karthaen's horn imbues the members of the Wild Hunt with bountiful vigour. Song of Swiftness
Just as they seek harmony in life, the Wild Hunt work in harmony to bring death to those who would desecrate the realms. Strike in Concert
In the pursuit of their foes, the Kurnothi are as relentless as a winter's gale. Swift as the Wind
Any enemy that values its life can be herded, given adequate provocation. Battle Cry
The Kurnothi call upon their fallen god to drive their enemies from the lands that have been corrupted. Divine Strength
There is no escaping thise fighter's fury when they have marked their prey for death. Eye of Kurnoth
Althaen's arrows fall swift and sharp as monsoon rains. Fast Shot
It is speed, not strength, that allows prey to outrun its predator, and a predator to close ground on its prey. Great Strides
Even now, Kurnoth's gifts still protect those who are faithful to him. Hale Charm
Those familiar with malkyn know that when their teeth are bared, it is already too late to run. Hunting Aspect
'Bring life to the lands, and death to those who would despoil them.' - Kurnothi chant Kurnoth's Mark
An enemy's offence becomes severely limited when their bones have been shattered. Shield Slash
At Karthaen's call, the motes of life magic in Beastgrave coalesce into barbed projectiles that fly towards his foes. Vicious Darts
Starter box universal cards:
Text Card Name
When the enemy lie broken and bloodied to the last, then can the deep rumbling of Beastgrave be heard. Annihilation
Stride forth boldly and seize that which belongs to your enemy. Conquest
Hold fast to what is yours, no matter the cost. Denial
Seize the howl-horn and let its mournful dirge echo through Beastgrave's heart. Hold Objective 1
Capture the amber-bone riches of Ghur. Hold Objective 2
The throne of tusks may be claimed only by one who is worthy. Hold Objective 3
The worth of the gargant's blade is beyond imagination. Hold Objective 4
Dare you don the mask of the Silent People? Hold Objective 5
Seize the heart of the mountain, chamber by twisted chamber. Supremacy
The cursed caverns within Beastgrave can disorient even the most keen-minded explorer. Confusion
A morbid fume surrounds the casts, choking any foe that dare approach. Eldritch Haze
'Nowhere have you left to run, nor any place to hide...' - Skaeth the Huntsman Marked
The key to survival is being where your predators least expect. Sidestep
The key to killing is to attack where your prey least expects. Snare
An opponent cannot always be defeated, but they can always be made to pay for their actions. Caltrops
The most fearsome creatures in Beastgrave are those who have adapted to survive in an environment of slaughter. Great Fortitude
The bestial might of Ghur flows through this fighter's veins. Great Strength
Driven by primal urges, this fighter watches their enemies for the slightest sign of weakness. Predatory Instinct
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