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To be fair, you have to smoke a LOT of weed to appreciate Neutral Milk Hotel. The symbolism is extremely abstract, and without a concerningly high dose of THC most of the songs will go over a typical listener's head. There's also Mangum's overwhelming fetish for dead prepubescent Jewish girls, which is deftly woven into the imagery - his sexual fantasies draw heavily from Anne Frank's personal diary, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have sufficiently strong strains of grass to truly appreciate the depths of these lyrics, to realize that they're not just nonsense- they say something DEEP about LIFE, man. As a consequence people who dislike Neutral Milk Hotel truly ARE squares- of course they wouldn't appreciate, for instance, that "Holland 1945" references the Holocaust, which itself is a cryptic reference to 420. I'm laughing like Seth Rogan right now just imagining one of those sober simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Jeff Mangum's fetish unfolds itself in their headphones. What repressed prudes... I bet they vote Republican. Heheheh. And yes by the way, I DO have a "Two-headed boy" bong. And no, you cannot see it. It's for the ladies' eyes only- And even they have to demonstrate that they can handle within 5 pot brownies of my own tolerance (preferably lower) beforehand. Source
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2023.05.29 10:56 GroupThrill HOW Should You Sit in a Gaming Chair Properly?

Hi everyone, Steven here from I've had chronic poor posture for most of my life, but my gaming chair adventure began back in 2017. At first, I struggled to use the lumbar support and considered throwing my gaming chair in the trash. However, I persevered and eventually figured out how to use the lumbar support, which changed everything.
The term "ergonomic" means "adjustable," and all ergonomic chairs have three essential back support components. These components are designed to support a neutral sitting posture, which looks the same in all types of ergonomic chairs.
To achieve a neutral sitting posture, start by tucking your hips deep into the seat and positioning your lower back to your chair's lumbar support. Lumbar support keeps the back straight while sitting, so it's important to adjust the lumbar pillow to fill your lower back curve. Setting the right lumbar support height is also crucial, as setting it too low will curl the hips forward while setting it too high can do the same thing.
Armrests set to the height of your desk provide the best support, but it's important to keep your feet planted firmly on the floor. If your desk is too high, this can cause problems, such as wrist or shoulder strain. Adding a footrest can solve this problem and help you achieve perfect posture.
Movement while sitting in neutral postures has many benefits, so it's important to alternate between upright and leaning-back positions. An ideal backrest recline of 105 degrees is recommended, and you can toggle your backrest recline every so often to change your position.
With excess energy, I spent more time in the gym, lost my beer belly, enjoyed more professional success, and had better focus on the computer. In conclusion, using your ergonomic chair correctly can yield the best results. Follow these simple steps to sit longer, feel better, and be more productive.
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2023.05.29 05:43 -my-name-because- Cbd for chemo

Hey I have a question about cbd, my girlfriends aunt is going through chemotherapy and radiation and would like to know the best type of cbd / ratio to help with it. Would you also recommend a oil, edible, capsule, or weed strain(with little to no thc) that would also help thanks so much if you can
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2023.05.29 05:13 -my-name-because- Cbd for chemo

Hey I have a question about cbd, my girlfriends aunt is going through chemotherapy and radiation and would like to know the best type of cbd / ratio to help with it. Would you also recommend a oil, edible, capsule, or weed strain(with little to no thc) that would also help thanks so much if you can
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2023.05.29 04:58 6IAM6YOU6 Auto flower outdoor

I had gotten these seeds out of a bag of street weed so I didn't know what they are in any manner not the strain or anything and they ended up I guess being autoflowers because as you can see this one is about a week or two away from being done and it's only not even June never grew an autoflower before but I don't find it to be worth it unless you're growing a bunch but if you're just growing a couple plants you better grow some real plants cuz these little auto flowers don't put off any bud really I might get a half ounce out of this maybe
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2023.05.29 04:22 HydroRaptors Goldleaf Delivery Haul 1st Time.

Goldleaf Delivery Haul 1st Time.
Got my medical marijuana card finally and just made and recieved my first ever Goldleaf Delivery. Absolutely great customer service from the two drivers and very good about communicating their delivery status. Called 30 minutes prior to their arrival to verify my order on the phone. Verified my order again upon arrival and allowed me to check it was all good.
So far I've only tried the Pyroruntz preroll. Very gassy, fuel and peppery notes. Husband has not stopped talking so very much a " let's go down some conspiracy theory rabbit holes" talky talk weed. Does give a bit of a lingering burn in the throat but strangely not in an unpleasant or necessarily negative way. So far body feels floaty, or light? Relaxed! Mentally I am clear headed and focused, but there is some slight couch lock creeping up. So far so good, curious how long it lasts or fades so will try to update later.
Will say the prerolls are .5g, so there is 2 per glass tube and from the single one I opened the joint ends are not twisted or closed so attempting to get either of the 2 out was harder than I would've imagined without also knocking some of the weed out of the open end when attempting to "ketchup bottle" the jar to dislodge one of the 2. - FYI I had to default and get a small cone packing stick to help fish one of the 2 outta their container. Yes I know prerolls aren't as good as whole flower and all that jazz but sometimes I just wanna grab a quick toke without the extra work.
Also they are using TRAYS in their mylar bags and I know people were mentioning the distaste about more plastic trash but... It's actually a gold paper tray. I'm honestly impressed with the baggies inner lining also being gold. Good marketing and packaging IMO. I ordered:
7 different preroll strains with 2 prerolls in each for 14 total prerolls and an ounce of whole flower in 8 seperate mylar baggies.
And finally.... My total came to exactly ... $100 after discounts. A crisp single bill cash transaction and my first ordehaul.
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2023.05.29 03:15 ope-shoot-darn LA Taco Tour Recap

Hi, a friend and I went on a little taco tour of LA, and I felt like sharing. Enjoy!
  1. Sanoratown (Pico)
    1. Taco 1: Carne Asada
    2. Taco 2: Cabesa
    3. Review: The flour tortillas were good, and the Cabesa hit the spot. Nothing extraordinary, but gosh they were really solid tacos.
  2. Cielito Lindo
    1. Taco 1: Beef Taquito in Famous Sauce
    2. Taco 2: Beef Taquito in Famous Sauce
    3. Review: The supreme taquito spot on Olivera street downtown will make you forget your anywhere near downtown. The taquitos were a perfect blend of a softness to crunch, that only a deep fried tortilla can provide, but the real take away should be that the famous sauce. I was upset I didn't grab a spoon, as the fork took too many scoops to get my fill of the sauce after the taquitos were demolished.
  3. Holbox
    1. Taco 1: Smoked Kanpachi Taco
    2. Taco 2: Baja Fish Taco
    3. Taco 3: Taco de Pulpo en su Tinta
    4. Taco 4: Scallop Taco
    5. Review: Holbox is a Michelin recommended in the Mercado La Paloma just south of the 10/110 interchange that should be visited as soon as possible. The Rockfish taco will be remembered as my favorite fish tacos I have ever had the pleasure to eat (so far). The Scallop and the Octopus tacos were so much fun, a perfect blend of exciting proteins, bright flavors and accessibility. Holbox is a star, and I can’t wait to bring my girl here, she will love it.
  4. New Age Dispensary
    1. Strain 1: Mac 1
    2. Strain 2: White Quest
    3. Review: This dispensary grows some of the best weed in Los Angeles. A friend recently introduced me to their product, and ever since I have been ringing it's praise to anyone who will listen. Get a Cup of Ganja of whatever strain suits your fancy or the budtender recommends, and soon you’ll be enjoying a clean, clear high fitting for any occasion.
  5. Tacos Indiana
    1. Taco 1: Carne Asade
    2. Taco 2: Al Pastor
    3. Review: This spot was visited by Bourdain with his Parts Unknown series, and I am grateful he showed the world this palace. The unbelievably good Al Pastor taco a la plancha that will change your life for the better or worse, it's impossible to say. If pork doesn't tickle your taste buds don’t fret, they have you covered with a carne asada that will exceed any expectations you have. I was trying to explain LA taco culture to my midwest mother, looking back I should have saved my breath and taken her to Tacos Indiana.
  6. Tacos La Güera (Soto)
    1. Taco 1: Al Pastor
    2. Taco 2: Carnitas
    3. Review: Tacos La Güera commands your attention when you walk up. From the trumpo topped with a roasting pineapple to the carnitas cooking over the open flame to the splendid spread of salsa, your attention never stood a chance. The Al Pastor has smokiness that reminds you of the first time you had real good BBQ, and the Carnitas could not have been a better contrast with a butter melt in your mouth only a seasoned veteran can master.
  7. Unknown (Alverado and 8th, SW corner)
    1. Taco 1: Al Pastor
    2. Taco 2: Al Pastor
    3. Review: On our way back, my co-pilot and I wanted to do an experiment. The experiment was to stop at an unresearched taco vendor, and see if it pays to step off the beaten path. The parameters were 1. On the way to Koreatown 2. Have a trumpo 3. Have at least three patrons eating there. We found our subject across from Langer’s Deli in one of the more intimidating neighborhoods in LA, and my nerves peaked when I saw store bought tortillas. As soon as order was placed, those tortillas were dipped into a bubblin cauldron of carnitas, and slapped on the flat iron and then topped with absolutely lovely seasoned pork. We both concluded that, yes you should go somewhere without a name, in a place where you aren't comfortable and see if they can make your day better with some food that neighbors share on street corners.
Mt Rushmore:
Washington: Holbox’s Baja Fish Taco
Jefferson: Holbox’s Taco de Pulpo en su Tinta
Roosevelt: Tacos Indiana’s Al Pastor
Lincoln: Unknown’s Al Pastor
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2023.05.29 03:07 -my-name-because- Cbd for chemo

Hey I have a question about cbd, my girlfriends aunt is going through chemotherapy and radiation and would like to know the best type of cbd / ratio to help with it. Would you also recommend a oil, edible, capsule, or weed strain(with little to no thc) that would also help thanks so much if you can
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2023.05.29 02:52 No_Check6598 I made a tool that can grade your cannabis without a laboratory and harnesses algorithms and AI to compare your weed to the original strain

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2023.05.29 01:16 General-Aside3771 I made a tool that can grade your cannabis without a laboratory and harnesses algorithms and AI to compare your weed to the original strain

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2023.05.29 00:38 iso-all "Indica" vs "Sativa" XYZ vs ZYX etc

Hello All!
I am sure there are many posts on this.. but...
How do y'all choose your weed? I would like some weed that doesn't make me tired.... I have some Gelato right now that is AMAZING... takes all stress away... very euphoric and takes away body pains. However it makes me fairly tired. I don't always want to be tired whilst high.
WHAT really determines the effects of the strain? Thank you.
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2023.05.28 23:22 TheBusinessmang Found what looks like eggs in my yard

Found what looks like eggs in my yard
Found these while watering my yard. Would say they are around the size of a jelly belly jelly bean. Anyone have any ideas what this might be?
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2023.05.28 23:04 Stigma0609 My journey so far - A Storytime/MEGAREVIEW(including LPB/HH/TBH/Caviar) *with photos

My journey so far - A Storytime/MEGAREVIEW(including LPB/HH/TBH/Caviar) *with photos
-LowPriceBud concentrates suck, avoid -Harmonized Hemp: Shatter from Honey Badger isn't bad for the price, their FSE line is a bit monotonous in the flavours. Flower can be overpriced. -The Blazed Hippy (Non-NFC): "House" FSE effects are good, terps are a kinda muted. The flower they sell from OKG is good. -Ganjawise: great carts, terpy, a bit on the pricier side. -Caviar extracts: Best FSE/LR I've had so far, terpy, effects are good. Carts are good but not as flavorful as GW. I've only had one and voiced it to them, they will send me more samples to check, so review pending on that.
I decided to start using MoMs more at the beginning of the year. It's going to be a very detailed post because I want to help out as much with my experience and make it easier for the community. I'm obviously going to be called a shill for liking certain companies more than others so I'm providing some photos.
Here we go!
Pre-MoM I was using a local delivery service getting Pegasus 420 shatter and flower. The shatter was $135/5g so I decided to go online to look for better deals. I also had HVE sauce from them on 2 occasions and it was really good, I just found it a bit too runny, and it was out of my price range compared to the shatter. Maybe I'll try the HVE LR some day.
I ended up seeing an advert for LowPriceBud while searching and clicked on it (which was kind of dumb in retrospect), I saw they had a 14g mix n match concentrate deal for $200, so I jumped on it. I got a bunch of shatter from the So High line and some of their house shattebudder. When I tried the first shatter, it was horrible, it tasted burnt/like butane. I thought maybe it's just that one. Nope. They all tasted the exact same. 2 had a more glass like consistency but the rest were virtually the same, even the house shatter. The budder was white and tasted like gas, not in a good way or a terp way. I learned my lesson, and decided to steer clear of MoMs offering it.
I had to go for a company I knew was good. I remembered a brand called Honey Badger a few years back when I was visiting Ontario and how much I liked it so I decided to look for them. I found them on IG and asked. They directed me to Harmonized Hemp. As I was making my 14g mix n match from HH ($225), I was reading all the posts on Reddit saying how much they suck. I was obviously confused. The order came with some stickers, gummies, and a rolling tray(nice!). The HB shatter was good, I noticed that some strains tasted really similar(remember this) but didn't mind because they tasted good. I made a second order with some "AAAA" flower. I'm on this sub daily now looking at old and new posts about everything I could find
I get the order + the same little gifts. The flower is exactly as the pics are on the site, kinda dry though, but it was decent/good (I noticed I liked stuff from Kingsmen Crew more). For my following orders over the months, I decided to switch it up and try some FSE from HB ($280 for 14g) and some shatter from the aforementioned, Seven Star, Sabertooth and their house brand. I also grabbed some Ganjawise carts when they started selling on the site because of their reputation on this sub (they are great, best carts I've had so far).
Ok, so I think can safely say (look at the pics) I have tried almost every HB shatter strain they have over the past 3 months and almost all their FSEs. They aren't bad. I'm still going to purchase them from time to time because I like the price. I just felt like they were same 4 types of shattefse strains recycled under different names. Like the God's Treat tasted exactly like the God Bud (I can get why there) that tastest exactly like the Lychee... tropical/floral (which is good btw, one of my favorites). I also noticed that the tropical/floral ones had the same type of sugared up consistency (more terps maybe?).
The house brand was muted. The Seven Star strains I tried weren't bad, very dark color. My fave strain, Mimosa, wasn't even shatter consistency, it was like thick caramel... It tasted great though, very herbal/floral, and helped my ADHD. I don't think HH is restocking SS anymore though. I only tried 1 Sabertooth shatter, it was terpy, but weird (for me).
I decided to go looking for a new MoM that would offer the same price ranges for my budget. I asked Seven Star where I can find their shatter and they told me Cannafirm. I got a bit sketched out not only because of the Reddit reviews, but because their socials haven't been updated in over 90 weeks and some of the last pics look like the current strains they are selling.
I saw some posts on here saying Caviar Extracts was good (and some not so much), the site seemed legit, the socials were updated regularly, and they also beat Honey Badger in the Karma Cup (never heard of it but cool). The only thing I was apprehensive about was the fact that I could only pick 2 strains in the 14g (18/g or $290 with tax and shipping), and that there was no info on the strains (I'm a nerd, can't you tell by now?). After researching the strains I picked 2 (Sour Dawg, Jelly Breath) and made an order. While my order was on route I kept on remembering their name on shatter though. I looked it up...there it was...their products on Cannablossom next to the So High line...fuuuuu--. I decided to message them asking about it. They messaged me back, very professionally, saying that they make shatter and 50/50 distillate-fse that's not available on the website, only at wholesale volumes and to MoMs who wish to carry their products.
The Sour Dawg was very petrol/citrus and the Jelly Breath had a gassy floral kick. The effects are good too. The consistency is also more... consistent. It's actually "caviar" consistency, not clumpy diamonds in sauce (not saying one is better, just easier to dose for me). I thought hey! If it's so good at this price point, maybe I can find another MoM at the same price point that offers more selection.
I kept on seeing this trend here that NFC is awesome so I checked it out. I made an account with The Blazed Hippy, and although the NFC stuff was out of my price range (still wanna try it badly some day), I saw they had some in house FSE at the price point I'm used too with as many strains as you want. I decided to get some flower as well because they have OGK Suge flower, and I've ordered from that grower from HH before and enjoyed it. The flower was good OGK, really caked. The effects of the FSE were good, but I found the strains a bit muted, like I said, the effects made up for it, I just wish it was terpier. I'm guessing that's what the NFC is like, ultra terpy, but I can't afford it for regular rotation at the moment, and that's what I'm looking for. Not just a treat. I was considering trying the 8g NFC over 14g Caviar (made a Reddit post) but decided the cost/unit ratio was just too much for my wallet. A dispute happened in the comments about the companies.
Anyways, I messaged Caviar asking them what strains I should choose based on xyz preference with a P.S. asking if they add anything to the products because I really like the terps. They gave me a lengthy, professional response saying they don't (which I copy/pasted to that post in a comment, can repost here if anyone wants). They also told me that they were going to start selling a 14g variety pack (7 random strains, increased price though) because of high client demand. I told them to sign me up for the variety pack. They also told me they would send me 1g live resin and 1 cart to try out for free. Funny thinkg is I've never had live resin, only fse/caviar.
My package was delayed due to Victoria day for 2 extra days and I was out of dabs so I decided to try a new delivery service in the area. I got 2g live resin from Cloud 9 and some Enigma Extracts popcorn smalls flower. The flower is good, real deal, probably going to buy more flower again, but the live resin was gross af. Super runny/soupy and it stinks like chemicals...dabbing it was super harsh and tastes like cough syrup. When I got my order from Caviar the next day, the live resin they sent me looked completely different, like night and day (check the pic).
The Durban Poison cart I got is good. It's not as terpy as their sauces (they clarified why, I can post their response if requested) or the Ganjawise carts I've had. I voiced this to them and they told me they would send me more samples next order to try and get back to them on. Either way, the price point is good for what it is because their highest is $22/g and GW's lowest is $30g/direct, MoMs are selling them $60/g.
The variety pack from Caviar Extracts is awesome. My faves so far are the Sour Tangerine (gassy/clementine) and the Blue Widow (earthy, berry). They all have a a very slight gassy undertone, in a good way (because of the soil they use maybe?).
With my budget, I'm probably going to get the 14g variety from Caviar at the beginning of the month (more expensive price), get HB/TBH shatter mid month (cheaper price), and get the 2 of my fave strain choices from Caviar again at the end of the month (balanced price). All while getting flower from either TBH and the local delivery service.
As for treats, I want to try the following: more GW, El3vated Extracts, NFC, and Kind.
Thank you for reading all that!
Feel free to post your own anecdotes/journeys! I'm here reading your posts every day lol.
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2023.05.28 22:28 NamelessNanashi [The Gods of Dragons: Beginning] Ch 9 - Shifting Futures

--- Table of Contents ---
Spring 4984, 9 Kuromoth, Spring Equinox
“Archmage, I thought you had already gone…” Brom’s voice, beyond Her door. She didn’t move, didn’t bother to look towards the closed portal. Had it been months or years since he'd last come to sit with Her?
“I will be leaving presently…” Archmage Morndancer’s cold voice answered. She squeezed tighter into Her little ball in the dark corner. It didn’t matter that he would be gone. He left the tower often, but it didn’t stop Her punishment. Even as the season turned from winter to spring, She'd stayed locked in Her room. With no books and no company. Occasionally being taken out to give samples in a lab completely separate from that of Her treasures. Only their yowls and barks from down the hall offering any comfort.
“It’s an important day, isn’t it, Archmage? Perhaps Sellon will pass the test.” Ran’s voice. Did he sound nervous? Her head tilted, just a little, towards the door. The half-circle of light from Her window did very little to banish the darkness of the room. She hadn’t bothered to light the candles. What was the point?
Morndancer scoffed, “Doubtful. Ronni didn’t manage it. And just as his sister before him, Sellon will join the Mages Guild whether he passes or not.” Sellon and Ronni, Archmage Morndancer’s children. She'd heard of them from Brom and Ran. So they were Mages as well. Perhaps they would be the ones to come take Her blood and cut Her hair in future. It didn’t matter. Nothing had ever mattered.
“But a Wizard-Cleric of Saint Bede might…”
“Enough.” Morndancer interrupted Brom, “Bede is no god, he wasn't even a decent Mage, he was and is a villain. We would not have this responsibility to save the world if he and his lot hadn’t doomed it.”
“Of course, Archmage, yes.” nervous feet shuffled outside Her door.
“Even now, Shaloon is trying to locate the next storm.” Morndancer continued his chastisement, “They come more frequently and destroy greater swaths of land. If we continue to be as useless as the other Talons, there will be no world left to save. So rather than waste your time on prayers to usurper gods, you had best refocus and redouble your efforts while we are away. Do you understand?”
“Yes, Archmage,” Brom and Ran said in unison.
“Good. And be sure to return those to the library when you have finished with them.” the hiss of fabric on stone accompanied the Archmage's exit.
Her door handle jingled, and Her head came up a fraction, but, “Wait…” Brom’s whisper. Silence followed, and She dropped Her head again, pressing her closed eyes into Her knees. Minutes passed, or was it hours? Did it matter? Maybe She would crawl into Her bed and try to sleep. Time passed faster that way. Or maybe She would just stay here in Her little ball in the corner.
“He should be gone by now…” Her lock clicked, and the door creaked open, but She didn’t bother to look up, “Goldy? Maybe She’s sleeping…” Brom whispered.
“Damn, it’s dark in here. Red, can we get a light?” She didn’t answer Ran’s request. What was the point? They would find Her and they would take Her for samples. She didn’t have to help them do it. “Grab the candle from the table, Brom. My hands are full.”
She could feel the life of a tiny flame beyond Her door. Felt it draw closer and enter Her room before it flickered and died. “Oh, Goldy… please don’t…” the shuffling of feet moving carefully in the darkness came closer. She tried to pull in tighter, tucking Her head against Her chest and letting Her now shoulder-length hair fall forward to further hide Her face.
They crouched at either side of Her, Brom setting the useless candle down to Her left with a soft ‘tink’ of brass on stone. Something much heavier was placed on Her right, the familiar scents of hardbound leather, paper, and ink… “We brought you some books, Red…”
She lifted Her head, looking through the tangled strands of golden hair and seeing a pair of worried faces looming in the dark. “If you light up the room a bit, we can read,” Brom slowly pushed Her hair back, careful not to touch Her skin. As though She would burn him. She might have. If She could find the energy.
“You’re not supposed to...” Her voice crackled from lack of use, making Her whisper even more inaudible.
“What?” Ran leaned closer, but She didn’t repeat Herself, “It’s been months, Red. You’re not in trouble anymore.”
She blinked silently at him.
“Look, Goldy,” Brom shuffled forward, still in his crouch, “things can go back to normal now. The Archmage will be out for a few days. We can take you to play with the animals tomorrow.” She shifted Her blank stare to him. Brom waited for a moment, searching Her face for a familiar flicker of excitement. She didn’t give it to him. He sighed, “We’ll leave these with you then. You can read them when you’re ready.”
Brom made to stand, but She grabbed the hem of his sleeve, “Stay with me…” On the candle, the smallest of lights began to flicker to life. Brom sat down with a groan, and on Her other side, Ran plopped down even less gracefully.
He leaned his back against Her bed and picked the top book off the small pile they'd brought Her, “We can stay until lunch, Goldy.”
“But we still have a lot of work to do…”
It was enough. The candle burned brighter, and She shifted Her legs down, taking the book Ran passed to Her. Things would finally be returning to normal. As they always had been, and as they always would be.
Shon woke long before the kitchen servant would come to fetch him. Everything was the same, and yet nothing would ever be as it was before. Sitting up, he ran his fingers through his hair, only to realize that everything wasn't the same. The other two boys who'd reached maturity were also awake. It looked like Gaven hadn’t slept at all, his sandy hair tousled and his dark eyes bloodshot.
“This is it then… the last morning in the dorms?” Gaven whispered the useless question. Nan, the oldest by a month, nodded in silence. Shon didn’t bother with even that much, swinging his legs off the bed and kicking something. Another difference. A final gift from the Church. A leather pack for him to carry everything he owned.
Shon dressed in silence only broken by the shuffle of the other two joining him. After tying his boots, he started packing the bag. It was large enough to fit all of his clothes and even his seven journals, though the eighth made it a very tight fit.
“Should we make the beds?” Nan whispered. Again, Shon didn’t answer. Instead, he stripped the blanket and sheets from the mattress, folding them neatly and placing them with the pillow at the foot of the bed.
“Yeah… they'll have to strip them to wash anyway…” Gaven said, following Shon’s example.
They'd just finished when the door creaked open. Normally woken by the morning bells, Gaven and Nan both jumped, looking from the dark window to the door then at each other.
The servant girl who usually woke Shon looked in on them with some confusion, then hummed in understanding before holding the door open for them, “Come on then. There may be some leftover dessert you can have while we make breakfast…”
Shon doubted he could eat anything at the moment. His stomach worked itself in knots that put an uncomfortable pressure on his heart that in turn seemed as though it wanted to beat its way into his throat. The entire sensation made him feel a strange sort of nauseous. Nan and Gaven looked no better than he felt, and they both swallowed before exiting the room. Gaven took a moment to look back over his shoulder before shaking himself and setting his eyes forward. Nan seemed to rush from the room, too afraid to look back. Shon took one last look around before following, the door clicking closed behind them.
He let the other boys walk ahead of him and wondered what they were thinking. Gaven would be taking the test with him today, but Nan had been selected to join the Masons Guild and had opted to accept the offer right away rather than try for one of the divine orders first. Perhaps Nan was the smartest of them.
“We'll miss you…” the servant girl whispered so only Shon could hear, “It isn’t glamorous, but it’s honest work... if you want to join the Servants Guild…” the Servants Guild was a loose association of otherwise privately employed cleaners and cooks. It was the last choice for orphans, but also their most common destination. She'd meant the offer as a kindness, so Shon nodded in thanks, though nothing but the most desperate situation would ever see him join.
The head cook looked up as they entered the kitchen, nodding in understanding, “Couldn’t sleep?” he asked Nan and Gaven, who mumbled incoherently in response. To Shon, the cook smiled, offering only a silent nod.
The girl who'd reached maturity with them was already in the dining room, staring mournfully at a plate of hastily scrambled eggs and a few cookies from the night before.
“Hey Lara, couldn’t sleep anymore either?” Gaven asked with a strained smile. Shaking her head, she picked up her fork and tried to force down some of the breakfast. She'd been accepted into the Tailors Guild, but unlike Nan, had chosen to take the test with Shon and Gavin. Just in case.
The cook himself brought the boys their plates of eggs and cookies, and they ate in silence until the morning bells sounded. The three unused to being up early jumped at the sound, exchanging nervous looks. Their juniors and the priests would come flooding in soon, laughing and talking and enjoying another breakfast with friends and the closest thing they had to family. It would be the last time the four of them ate with the others in this room.
Shon didn’t know if he could take the bustle today, even if it was the last. Or maybe because it was. He stood, taking his mostly full plate and returning it to the kitchen. The cook looked from the untouched food to Shon and back again, then picked up a pair of cookies and held them out to him, “You might not be able to eat now, but you can save these for after.”
Shon took the gift, meeting the cook's eyes and nodding in silent thanks. The cook returned the nod and Shon left the kitchen without looking back. He slipped the cookies into one of the side pockets of his new pack as he made his way to the courtyard. He passed the bathroom, its wall lined with low-hanging sinks and a single long mirror. He'd practiced arching his eyebrows in that mirror...
Entering the courtyard, Shon hesitated, remembering his first early morning. When he couldn’t sleep for excitement at the mere possibility of training with a real adventurer. He'd wanted to learn to fight, but more than that, he'd wanted to learn how to train. After all, he would be doing a lot of that once he joined the Temple. It would be helpful to have a head start… Or, that's what he'd told himself back then.
Shon shut the door with a click of finality that rang in the still morning air. To his left were the classrooms where the city's children took lessons. Just thinking about his last lesson, with only those coming of age, still made him blush. To his right was the door to the chapel, where he'd sat with the other orphans through the weekly sermons. Shon respected the god of life and healing, but Soleil had never been his patron. Across from him was the clinic, where the Clerics of Soleil saw to the needs of the sick and injured. He'd only been sent there once, after breaking his arm trying to climb the tree in the courtyard.
Shon would have no need to pray to Soleil specifically, and the Temple kept their own clinic... if he passed. If he didn't... There was a chance he would see the clinic again, perhaps the chapel...
Shon stepped off the walkway surrounding the central tree, and a familiar voice sounded from its roots, “Feeling up to a few exercises?” Master Veon-Zih asked, rising from his cross-legged seat in one fluid motion. Shon stopped in their little clearing and nodded, letting his pack slide off his shoulder and flop heavily to the ground. “I take it there's nothing fragile in there then?” Veon-Zih asked with a chuckle.
The idea that a thirteen-year-old would have something valuable or fragile enough to break just by dropping the bag finally pulled Shon all the way out of his contemplations. He arched a skeptical eyebrow at his master.
“There, that’s more like it. You looked like a rather well-preserved zombie.” Veon-Zih took Shon by the shoulder, shaking him, “Not a thought in your head, or skip in your step.”
Shon shook his head, sinking into his horse stance to start his drills. He punched with his left fist first, and Veon-Zih took position just out of reach, so Shon’s knuckles barely brushed the fabric of his tunic. Shon held the position until Veon-Zih also threw his first punch. He aimed for Shon’s face, sending a wave of air and ki over his skin and nearly touching his nose. Shon didn’t flinch.
They worked through their punches in unison, nearly touching but never quite connecting. Shon worked in silence for a while then said, “Too many thoughts…”
“And none of them new, I’m sure,” Veon-Zih commented.
Shon nodded, “The same ones circle again and again. Even though I can’t do anything about them... yet.”
“Not until after the test.”
Shon had to swallow a sudden lump in his throat and nodded again, unable to speak even if he'd wanted to.
Veon-Zih moved on to the next strike, and Shon copied him. He'd lost count of the punches but followed his Master's lead. “I don’t suppose you want to talk about it?” Master Veon-Zih asked.
Shon shook his head but then sighed. Most people seemed to like thinking out loud, especially when troubled. He didn’t understand why, but his usual quiet contemplation wasn’t working, so maybe… “If I don’t pass…”
“I would think of all days, today would be the one to take a break!” Father Branston called from the chapel door. He began strolling towards them with a broad smile, “Do you think you’ll be done in time to join me?”
Was it time already? Shon glanced around, noticing Nan, Gaven, and Lara approaching from the living quarter, all looking pale, their lips drawn in tight unsmiling lines.
Veon-Zih hadn’t come up from his stance, so neither did Shon, but the Monk did laugh, “Keeping a routine can be soothing in times of great change.” he winked at Shon, “Even if it’s a positive change.”
Shon tried to smile at Veon-Zih’s apparent show of faith but wasn’t sure if he'd managed it. What if…?
“Well, I don’t want to rush you. Can I trust you to get Shon to the Chapel on time if I take the others now?” Father Branston laughed as though he'd said something particularly humourous, his great belly bouncing with mirth.
“We'll be there.” Master Veon-Zih assured Father Branston, and Shon nodded mutely, resuming his drills and trying not to watch the others leave. “We have plenty of time,” Veon-Zih whispered, “Take a few deep breaths. It's the end of your childhood, not your life.”
They moved from drills to kata. Master Veon-Zih stayed in front of Shon, moving with him and matching his routine strikes with the appropriate counters. “You were saying?” it had been awhile since Shon had tried to speak, though his head continued to spin with the half-formed thoughts.
“I don’t want to think about not passing,” Shon said, kicking high and hitting Veon-Zih’s waiting arm.
“Do you believe such thoughts will jinx you?”
Shon dropped his kick and punched as the kata dictated. Veon-Zih was right; working through their regular routines did seem to help calm his pounding heart. “I don’t know… Maybe? It’s stupid, though. Whether I pass or not was decided when I was born. It won’t change just because I think about it.”
“Emotions are rarely logical.” Veon-Zih smacked Shon’s punch aside at the last moment, and Shon moved smoothly from that strike to the next, “It’s normal to be nervous. One of your peers is just as nervous, and he already knows where he’s going.”
“They all do…” Shon mumbled, snap kicking straight in front of him, confident in his Master’s speed to dodge and counter.
Veon-Zih did indeed dodge, but instead of the usual counter he hooked Shon’s foot with his own and tried to pull him off balance. Shon only stumbled for a moment, shifting his form to a different kata and counter, his body moving before his mind could catch up. Veon-Zih spoke as they continued the different form without finishing the first, prompting, “Even those taking the test have other plans, just in case?”
“Lara was accepted by the Tailors, and Gaven is going to enlist in the guard…” They had sped up the pace, and Shon needed to concentrate, now on edge in case Master Veon-Zih decided to shift the practice again. A few more strikes in, the Monk dropped below Shon’s punch and swung at his ribs, forcing Shon to block. Shon switched the kata to his most recent on instinct, using the block to redirect the punch rather than stop it as the original kata would have dictated.
Veon-Zih smiled, his eyes twinkling at the move as he picked up the pace even further, “Both of those are honest jobs and noble callings.” Shon could only grunt in response, now moving too fast for him to think of anything but the exercise. Veon-Zih continued, “The enlisted make up the bulk of Hengist’s armies, and their loyalty is admirable. The Tailors Guild not only clothes the populace but often creates beautiful works of art that serve to enhance the natural beauty of the human form.”
The Master hadn’t even broken a sweat, but Shon had to gasp out, “But I don’t-” before he was interrupted by another unexpected punch. He countered but then disengaged, breathing deep and slow, “What will I do? If I don’t pass? I thought about joining the enlisted too but…” but the idea of being so close, and yet so impossibly far from his failed dream, pained him in a way he couldn’t put into words.
When Shon didn’t continue, Veon-Zih asked, “Will you reconsider joining me then?”
Shon blinked at the Monk, his eyes going wide. He'd thought he'd lost his chance with the Monastery when he'd denied Veon-Zih for the Temple three years ago, “You mean you'll still take me?” he stammered out.
Veon-Zih closed the distance between them and placed a firm hand on Shon’s shoulder, “So long as you are an obedient and willing student, remember?”
Shon’s eyes burned and another lump rose in his throat, preventing him from speaking. He nodded, and Veon-Zih smiled, turning away from him so Shon could rub his eyes without the Monk seeing. He still wasn’t comfortable with the thought of failing, but he felt a little more at ease, knowing he wouldn’t be alone even if he did.
“Shall we go then?” Veon-Zih scooped up Shon’s pack and held it out to him, “Destiny awaits no man.”
The Grand Chapel was dedicated to all the gods of the kingdom, and though today it was closed to the public, the doors were still crowded with families from every walk of life. Merchants and craftsmen mingled excitedly with one another while their children nervously awaited the start of the test that would determine the trajectory of the rest of their lives. A smaller group of only two families stood apart from the throng. Dressed in fine clothes and protected by private guards, the nobles surveyed the commoners with a detached air as though above the gods themselves. The boy Shon often saw at the Temple was among them.
Shon stopped just outside the crowd, arching his neck to try and see the doors. His quiet dread had turned to jitters of nervousness as he and Master Veon-Zih walked through the city. He wasn’t sure if he'd wanted to run or stop moving altogether. Now that they were here, he tried to distract himself by studying the faces and movements of those gathered. Though if he tried to draw them now, the shaking of his hands would probably make the pictures impossible to decipher.
The differences between the nobles and commoners, in particular, caught his eye. One of the nobles, a man of middling years, wore long robes with a high collar buttoned tight to his neck and looked as if he would rather be anywhere but here. Shon had just finished scanning up the man’s robes when their eyes met. A shiver, entirely unrelated to the general anxiety of the test, ran down his spine.
The noble’s eyes went wide, and he started for Shon, the edge of the crowd giving way for him like the sea before a ship. “You…” his voice was breathy, and he reached out. Shon stepped back and ran into Master Veon-Zih, “They are back, truly?” the strange man asked, his eyes fixed on Shon who could only stare in bewilderment.
“My good lord Morndancer!” Father Branston’s joy-filled greeting sounded from the side, “So your youngest has come of age has he?” the Abbot seemed to snap the noble from his focus, and he turned away from Shon as Branston made his way through the crowd, Lara and Gaven close behind.
“Yes, Abbot.” Morndancer surveyed the Cleric with what Shon could only describe as contempt, though the look hardly wiped the wide smile from Branston’s face, “Will we be starting soon? Sellon and I have business with the Mages Guild.”
“Though if young Sellon should find himself capable…” Branston started, but the noble snorted. “Ah well, to each their own.” Branston finished, turning away from Morndancer to address his young charges.
From a pouch on his belt, Father Branston pulled forth three small books that shouldn’t have been able to fit in the little bag, “I present to you, your papers.” He fanned the books out before him, and each of them took the one closest to them. They were bound in leather with the seal of the Kingdom of Daanlin embossed on the cover. The knight on the kingdom seal rode a horse and held a shield with the seal of Clearhelm on it, three tall pine trees in front of a snow-capped mountain.
Their papers were proof of their citizenship and would serve as a record of their lives and accomplishments. Master Veon-Zih had shown Shon his own papers months before. It held a record of every border he had ever crossed and every teleport he had ever taken, as well as proof of all of his adventures and every job performed for any of the kingdom’s organizations. Veon-Zih’s papers were a veritable tome compared to Shon’s meager notebook. Opening it to the first page, Shon saw his name followed by his presumed place and date of birth. It detailed that he had been raised in the Church in Smildna and when he had come of age. At the bottom was a place labeled but left blank for the date and results of today’s test…
Branston was still speaking to them, but Shon only partly registered the words, “You should keep your papers on you whenever possible. You will need them to reenter the city any time you leave…”
Veon-Zih placed a hand on Shon’s shoulder, and he nearly jumped out of his boots in surprise. Leaning down, the Monk whispered in his ear, “Soon this book will be full of your adventures and accomplishments. Regardless of what happens today.”
“Abbot,” Morndancer interjected as Father Branston finished his explanation, “the test? Some of us have places to be.”
“Yes, yes, patience is a virtue, my dear Lord Morndancer. The sun will rise no faster with you tapping your foot at its pace.” he lowered his voice and continued to address the anxious children, “I am so very proud of all of you. Know that no matter what is discovered today, the light of Soleil will always shine with joy at what you have and will accomplish in your lives.” Shon wondered if any of the adults realized that their constant efforts to comfort their nerves seemed to be having the opposite effect. Shon’s palms were sweating as he closed his papers, and he had to wipe them on his pants to try and distract himself from his pounding heart.
“Follow me,” Branston turned away, walking through the middle of the crowd that had suddenly grown hush at his movement towards the door. Veon-Zih gave Shon one last pat, then slipped Shon’s pack from his back and tossed it over his own shoulder. Letting his student know without words that he would be waiting for Shon to return, one way or another.
Shon could feel the eyes of the noble Morndancer boring into him as he followed Father Branston through the throng towards the Grand Chapel. What was that man's problem? Who was back? Shon was too distracted by the test to dwell on it, but the man had made his skin crawl, and having him at his back wasn’t helping his nerves.
Father Branston turned to address the crowd as the doors began to swing open, “The testers will enter alone and present their papers to the clerks by the door. Families and friends may wait outside until the test is complete.” Nervous adolescents made their way forward, careful not to jostle one another, many accepting last-minute hugs and well wishes from their families.
Shon thought he remembered the Grand Chapel well from his visit almost six years ago, but was struck again by the beauty of its art. The masterwork statues and carvings were outshone only by the stained glass dome that painted the round floor in bright light of every color he could imagine.
Of the ten gods, eight representatives stood opposite the doors, waiting quietly while the testers handed their papers to the clerks and shuffled nervously in the middle of the majestic holy site. Neither the Temples of Horsa nor Saint Giorgos were present. Their absence wasn’t surprising. The Temple of Saint Giorgos only took those of noble birth and would give their tests separately, and the Temple of Horsa was openly shunned in Clearhelm, its only branch located in the capital city of Tarorn.
Shon handed one of three clerks his papers. She took them with only a glance, hastily scribbling Shon’s name on a long list before handing the book to one of the others who wrote the date in the spot allocated. By the time all the testers had filtered in, there were about twenty young boys and girls huddled in the center of the room.
The Cleric of Hengist, in robes of white and blue, stepped forward to address them. “You are gathered here today in the hopes of being chosen to serve. To serve the province, the kingdom, and most importantly, the gods. But before the gods can choose you to act as their divine hands and voice, you must train and study hard their tenants and virtues. And before even that, your body must be able to hold and direct their power. For a feather that cannot hold ink will never be a quill. This is not a test of your worth but of your natural, innate ability.”
As he spoke, two other Clerics, Father Branston of Soleil and a female in the colors of Lune, stepped forward, each holding something round covered with a dark cloth. The Cleric of Hengist continued, “Very few are born with the capacity to touch the divine, there is no shame in failing.” the Clerics of Soleil and Lune removed the protective coverings and everyone had to shield their eyes from the brilliant light that flared in Father Branston’s hand.
Squinting as his eyes adjusted, Shon could just make out an orb glowing in a bowl in the Abbot’s hands. The Cleric of Lune held a similar sphere, though it appeared dead beside the brilliance of the other. “When we call your name, you will touch the empty vessel,” the Cleric of Hengist gestured towards the unlit stone, “and then you will touch the vessel filled with divine magic,” with his other hand, he gestured towards the light. “Do not hold the stone for longer than a moment. If your body is unable to channel the magic it could do serious harm,” he warned.
“Trase,” one of the clerks called from the door, reading off the list they'd compiled. A tall boy stepped forward on shaking feet. He approached the Clerics, who nodded solemnly, all encouraging smiles gone. Reaching out, he touched the unlit orb, then with a deep breath, reached for the glowing vessel.
Nothing happened. Trase pulled his hands back, and Branston whispered -though all could hear in the stillness of the room- “It’s alright lad, you may go…”
“Anhala,” the clerk called, and a girl jumped before rushing forward to try.
The first six failed before a girl named Gena reached shaking hands to the orbs. As her fingers brushed the light vessel, the dead sphere in her other hand began to glow. She gasped, holding tight to both globes, now both shining brightly.
“Congratulations, my dear, you may choose an order…” the Cleric of Hengist gestured to the altars around the Chapel. Gena pulled her hands back slowly, and the unlit stone died once again. Shon watched as she walked to the altar of Soleil to await the end of the test before beginning her life as an adept in training at the Church.
“Shaclin Ebonheart,” the noble boy Shon often saw at the Temple stepped forward, rubbing his hands on his pants before reaching for the orbs. Nothing. He held on, and Father Branston gently removed the boy’s fingers from the light orb. Shaclin pulled away sharply, clutching his hand to his chest and whimpering. His skin had grown red and blistered.
“I’m sorry…” the Cleric of Hengist whispered.
Shaclin turned away without a word and strode for the door, still clutching his burned hand, silent tears staining his cheeks.
I won’t cry… I won’t… “Shon,” Shon closed his eyes, imagining himself in the Temple chapel with its calm silence and soothing scent of incense. He could almost smell it when he opened his eyes and moved forward.
Time slowed down… it took hours to reach the Clerics. Days to raise his hand to touch the dark orb. Now that he was closer he saw that they were actually crystals, tumbled into perfectly smooth spheres. His palm covered the dead stone, and it felt cool, as though it had just been dug from the ground by adventurous children. He reached for the stone bathed in light, feeling the warmth radiate off it before he even made contact. It wasn’t nearly hot enough to burn, and yet Shaclin’s hand had shown blisters.
Shon touched the stone. The warmth filled his fingers and crawled up his arm. It flooded his body like a vessel being filled with water before flowing out his other arm and down his hand. The dead stone came to life, its coolness replaced by the warmth of the divine magic, using him as its conduit connecting the two.
“Congratulations, son, you may choose an order…”
Time sped back up, and Shon let his hands slide off the stones. “Congratulations,” Father Branston echoed, nodding towards the altar of Hengist, “The rest is up to you.”
Only two others passed the test. A girl with long auburn hair and green eyes had joined the Temple with Shon, and a boy had gone to the Church of Saint Bjarki. They stood by their respective altars as the last of the failed testers left the Chapel. Gaven and Lara managed strained smiles at Shon as they left. He attempted to return them but wasn't sure if he'd managed it. The eight Clerics all breathed sighs of relief as the last left, and Branston and the Cleric of Lune returned the covers over the stones. Though still lit by the light through the colored dome, the Chapel seemed so much darker without the divine light to fill it.
“Four this year! An entire fifth!” the Druid of Cathbad exclaimed, her brown and green robes rustling as she danced in place.
“Yes, quite remarkable. Twice the average.” the Cleric of Saint Bede agreed. Though he resisted dancing for joy.
The Cleric of Hengist was also smiling broadly, though when he spoke, it was to the kids, “You may spend the afternoon with your families. Report to your chosen order before sixth bell.”
The girl who also joined the Temple of Hengist, Daisy, gave Shon a warm smile and hurried with the others to retrieve her papers. Now marked with their status as divine conduits. Shon walked behind them, his nervousness replaced with excited anticipation. He felt somehow full and empty all at once. With one door open, another had closed...
Shon stepped into the morning light to find the crowd had cleared. Only the three families of his fellows remained, hugging and kissing their children in joy. “We shall have a feast fit for the King!” Daisy’s father exclaimed, lifting her into the air as if she were no more than five. Shon’s stomach growled.
“Hungry?” Veon-Zih asked, stepping out from beside the door and presenting Shon with his pack. Shon felt his cheeks go red, and Veon-Zih laughed, rubbing his own belly, “I could use some lunch myself.”
Hastily Shon dropped his pack and rifled through the outside pockets, finding the cookies in the last one left to check. They were cracked and crumbled in some places, but he held one out to Veon-Zih regardless.
The Monk took it with a bow, “I am trying to resist being disappointed.” he confessed as Shon eagerly shoved his own broken cookie in his mouth.
He nearly choked, and Veon-Zih patted his back hard, not helping. Shon managed to swallow, then stammered, “Master, I…”
Veon-Zih interrupted with a laugh loud enough to fill the empty entryway, “Just promise me you won’t let your new studies dull your old. I plan on testing you with each visit.”
"Visit?" Something Shon couldn’t name filled his chest with warmth reminiscent of the divine light, "Test? You..." He thought he might burst with barely contained hope. No one could be so blessed... "You'll still train me?" Shon asked.
“I happen to be good friends with one of your future teachers at Hamerfoss.” Veon-Zih stated for the first time, “I’m sure he'll welcome my visits. If you'll have me…”
Shon didn’t have words for an answer. Instead, he lunged forward, wrapping Veon-Zih in the first and only hug he could remember giving anyone.
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All comments and communication are welcome and wanted.
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2023.05.28 22:26 xMx428 Best high you’ve ever had; stories

I’m always up for hearing the crazy stories and adventures ppl share ab either experiences with the worlds best substance: weed 🍃
What strain of weed were u smoking that gave u the best high?
What’s your favorite memory/story of the best high/craziest time you’ve ever had with weed?
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2023.05.28 22:10 SnooRecipes1035 I'm 16 and had my first psychedelic trip, which went rather poorly

So basically, I acquired some shrooms from an online dispensary that had found some loopholes in the legal system and did a small amount by myself, around two or three dried shrooms. The next day I had some friends over and I and one other friend took the shrooms by grinding them up and putting them in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I estimate I had about 3.5 grams but I really have no idea. The point is, it went okay at first, and then my other friend who had the shrooms with me was hysterically laughing and babbling nonsense, which really worried me for him, I started having a panic attack and couldn't breathe. After texting some friends some paranoid shit about how I love them and not to abandon me I started talking to myself and I mentally switched over to this guy named Jason, who basically got me through the trip by managing the anxiety and cleaning the basement to keep busy. about 4 hours into the trip he started panicking too and when the two drunk friends had left and the one laughing hysterically's good friend came over to take care of him I laid down after taking my sleep medication and antipsychotics, at this point, I was more ales back to myself but still tripping balls. I lay spasming and thrashing under the blankets periodically for several hours before I finally actually passed out. This was my first time doing any substances other than weed which I started doing regularly two years ago. This all happened last night and I'm not completely over the feeling, still rather anxious and occasionally struggling to breathe. Needless to say, I am freaked the fuck out and in the middle of the trip, all i could think was I was ruining my life and I wanted to fix myself before I end up like other people in my life. I gave away the mushrooms and all my weed and smoking accessories to my friends and I plan to stay sober. I'm just worried I already fucked up.
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2023.05.28 22:09 SmokinJister420 Hash out of the grinder

Hash out of the grinder
Hi! I grinded this bud and as result i got "hash". The weed is very sticky. It is also really hard to grind it. When i opened my grinder i got some small hash pieces. After i put it together it's like on the second picture.
Is this normal? Anyone had a strain similar to this?
I'm not sure to smoke this because i never had a bud like this...
(sorry for bad english)
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2023.05.28 21:16 Embarrassed_Wolf4746 Does weed help your pain ?

I’ve been dealing with sever back pain for around 10 years now and have been on prescription pain meds for the better part of it and around 5-6 years ago my pain got super bad and I started searching for different ways to relieve the pain so I do t have to take more pills.
I found that really high doses of cbd around 600-1000mg did help a little bit I’ve never actually found a strain of weed that helped even half as much as the cbd.
I’ve tried edibles, topicals, smoking vaping dabbing and imho… none of it actually helped.
I see so many people saying it’s helped them with their stuff so I was just curious if you’ve actually gotten good relief from it and what strain/cultivar was it and how did you consume it ? Cuz I’m obviously doing it wrong or something lol.
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2023.05.28 21:07 Otherwise_Current314 I made a tool that can grade your cannabis without a laboratory and harnesses algorithms and AI to compare your weed to the original strain

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2023.05.28 19:09 Calbey Castro Collective Castro Express

Castro Collective Castro Express
Open the bag immediately scared! Never smell a weed so hay so Chinese medicine. Go to China town and go inside any Chinese medicine store you can recognize the smell. Also, it looks old! My friend even tell me to return it. I bought it to try the legendary strain. Anyway I need to try it. Buds are big and small mixed btw.
Surprisingly it’s smoking smooth. Ash not the white color though. Effect climbs slow but strong! Another surprise! I can say it’s comparable to Cuban Linx! Or even stronger! Eye wide open, totally motivation! I end up fried a plate of dumplings. Stimulation is medium as the dumplings taste just ok but I finished them quick. No relaxed but pain gone. Heart pumping. Feeling focused but absolutely forgetful. I forgot to describe the taste! It taste sweet, creamy and skunky. Pleasant although no fruity hint.
After all, this Moby Dick is a very potent strain! Should the appeal and smell are normal ?(This is my first time encounter Moby Dick)
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2023.05.28 19:02 Calbey Castro Collective Castro Express

Open the bag immediately scared! Never smell a weed so hay so Chinese medicine. Go to China town and go inside any Chinese medicine store you can recognize the smell. Also, it looks old! My friend even tell me to return it. I bought it to try the legendary strain. Anyway I need to try it. Buds are big and small mixed btw.
Surprisingly it’s smoking smooth. Ash not the white color though. Effect climbs slow but strong! Another surprise! I can say it’s comparable to Cuban Linx! Or even stronger! Eye wide open, totally motivation! I end up fried a plate of dumplings. Stimulation is medium as the dumplings taste just ok but I finished them quick. No relaxed but pain gone. Heart pumping. Feeling focused but absolutely forgetful. I forgot to describe the taste! It taste sweet, creamy and skunky. Pleasant although no fruity hint.
After all, this Moby Dick is a very potent strain! Should the appeal and smell are normal ?(This is my first time encounter Moby Dick)
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2023.05.28 18:57 benboobi Help me make a weed decision

So I live in an illegal state, and am a college student. During the school year I live right on the border of a legal state, and thus am able to stay stocked pretty easily. During the summer, however, I live with my parents about a 100 miles from said legal state. Because they’re compact, and because my parents aren’t exactly weed-friendly I bought a couple distillate carts before the school year ended, and am just now starting to run low. I’m going to take a trip up to the dispo something next weekend, and want to stock up enough to hopefully last me at least a couple months, or ideally, through the summer. My problem is that I can’t decide whether it’d be smarter to grab a couple disposable live rosin vapes, or a large amount of flower and a dry herb vaporizer. I don’t loooooove the high from distillate (who does) and I heard that since live rosin is a more “raw” product, it’s high is more similar to bud. On the other hand, a dry herb vape would mean I’m not locked into one strain necessarily, and it would also be nice to use with my bong once I’m back home, the drawback being that they can be costly, and also are a bit smellier than oil.
I’d appreciate any input as I am a very indecisive dude.
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