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2023.06.01 05:26 Dr_Savage591 [15m] Hey, come chat, I’m looking for friends

Hey, im Cam. Im from the east coast (US). I love sports, I play baseball, and work out a lot. Im really into computers and love researching and building them. I have a dog, love him to death. I like gaming, I mostly play OW and Pokémon and want to get the new legends of Zelda game soon. I also love dystopian and mystery books/tv/movies. I want to make some long term friends and eventually move off of Reddit (kinda inconvenient) so we can game together or watch movies or something idk. If you don’t really plan on trying a long term friendship and just want to chat that’s fine just let me know Anyway if you want to go ahead and message me, I’m always near my phone. And there are selfies on my profile if you care what I look like.
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2023.06.01 05:26 Esoteric_Nobody Opening up

I'm 24 years old and male if that matters. I'm a demisexual sex addict. It's just as frustrating as it sounds. When I was younger anyone I was remotely attracted to worked. I'd feel gross, go home shower multiple times, rinse my genitals in hydrogen peroxide and then get back to it. I'd hold on to unhealthy relationships mainly because the sex didn't feel gross if I trusted my partner but they were all bad fits for an actual relationship( I was not self aware of this at the time). When I was 22 I hooked up with a near stranger that made me feel particularly gross and I went a bit over a year abstinent. I was miserable I'd walk around thinking about fucking anybody I saw that I was half attracted to and it made me feel gross because I always hated guys who casually talked about women like that. My sex addiction became a porn addiction which made me feel depressed, awkward, and self conscious. Eventually I started dating this girl who was infatuated with me but whom I didn't like very much and realized I was repeating a cycle so I broke it off. I went for ye olde geographical cure. I changed careers and moved to do a temporary job in tourism. While I was there I met my Cinderella. Picture all the corny shit people talk about in rom coms it was all true. Fireworks when we looked at each other, amazing sexual chemistry, same love languages, similar sense of humor, we wanted the same things out of life.. etc etc. She actually helped me realize that I am demisexual. With her I realized that sex is one of the ways I show my affection and that I can't actually be free enough or comfortable enough to truly enjoy it without that bond. Well fast forward to not so long ago and we broke up. I know part of the reason is that the addiction started controlling me again. She never said it but looking back I can't help but see a few signs. It wasn't the main cause it was one of them. Ultimately there was too much in the way and she broke her heart too to leave because there was too much in the way. It's been over 6 months. I tried going back to my old ways but I literally couldn't bring myself to sleep with anyone. But I also couldn't stop thinking about it. I'd get right to the point of it and leave or ask them to leave. I went back to porn which only made me feel worse. I'm lost confused and idk what to do from here. I've left her alone. I reached out to talk once she wasn't ready and I left her alone. I want to be able to enjoy sex again. I want to feel like myself again. I want her back but I know I can't control her and even if I could I wouldn't want to. I reached out yesterday for the first time in six months and whether she comes back or not I need a plan to get better. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you to anyone who actually read this mess.
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2023.06.01 05:25 Karlor_Gaylord_Cries Hood
Just found this app. I'm trying to get past the OTP link but I'm not receiving it.
This is a pseudo Anonymous site like Reddit I'm trying it out tell me what you think
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2023.06.01 05:24 singingal14 Anxious to go dress shopping

Hi everyone! First I just want to say I have loved this subreddit because all of you look amazing in your dresses!
I am very anxious to go dress shopping. I haven’t been nervous about any part of wedding planning but this has been the most nerve wracking part for me. I have been doing a lot of research and every time I research stores, styles, etc. I get so nervous. It isn’t weight related or not being ready to get married at all. I decided not to have a lot of people at my appointment because I want to feel as comfortable as possible. I am having my mom come with me because she is my rock and has been there for me in my darkest moments. She is super supportive of what I want and is very aware of my insecurities physically and emotionally. Part of me thinks it is stemming from my mothers divorce when I was 3. I have never seen any pictures from her wedding because she burned them all. I don’t know why my insecurities are manifesting through the dress but I keep getting very anxious to even set up appointments. If you have any words or love to send, I would really appreciate the support ❤️
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2023.06.01 05:24 Inepsy2489 How should we proceed with two potential jobs?

This question is not for me, but for my wife because she doesn't have a Reddit account.
I'll try to keep it brief to not bore you with all the details. My wife has two jobs she has been interviewing for, one that is very desirable to her, I'll call it job A, and another that is just ok in her opinion, I'll call that one job B. She's on the job market so she needs to accept one.
She was approached by the employer for job A. This is an emergency hire just for her because her skills are desired and the employer needs someone for this position. It's for a college, and it needs approval from administration and the fiscal team. It's been approved from one department already, and they've collected things from her such as D.O.B. and if she's a US citizen. Someone from the hiring department said they expect to have an offer for her next week (by June 5th) but will try to have an offer to her sooner. Although this is very promising, we are of the opinion that nothing is guaranteed until she has a formal offer letter.
Job B extended an offer to her yesterday and she needs to tell them her decision by the end of the week. Job B is fine, but not nearly as ideal to her as Job A.
If only job B had a timeline of one week later it would make this easier. We think she might have to accept job B and then potentially quit a week later? Is there a graceful way of handling this? Any recommendations or suggestions would be appreciated.
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2023.06.01 05:24 Ktmrider8 2005 Honda Civic ex (vtech) reliability?

I’m looking to get my first car and found a 2005 Honda Civic ex (automatic) with 100k miles near me for $4850, which is blue book average in my air. However I’m not too sure how reliable these cars are. I know Honda tends to be really good but I’ve heard from a couple of people that the older civics aren’t as good. I’m wondering what everyone here has to say.
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2023.06.01 05:23 Think-Evidence-8110 DON’T rent from the Antin brothers.

Obviously this is just my opinion, but I largely dislike the Antin brothers as my landlords. They’re unresponsive to my requests, wrongly charge me for things out of my control, and are overall hugely rude to me and my family. I realize it’s somewhat hard to avoid leasing from them especially if you want to live near campus, but I am so disturbed by their behavior towards me as a tenant that I just have to put it out there.
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2023.06.01 05:23 Ijustthinkthatyeah NPK non-Hemi Cars?

It seems like nearly everyone has switched to either a procharged Proline Hemi or a screw blown Noonan Hemi.
Can you help me with who is running something different? I know Lutz has TT small block but I think he switched to a billet block this year. Glad to see him sticking with turbos.
I know Birdman is a joke now but I heard he’s going back to twin turbo. No idea what engine though.
Reaper doesn’t count. Is Robin still twin turbo Hemi? What about Jerry Bird, still nitrous?
Is there any other turbo BBC or non-Hemi guys?
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2023.06.01 05:23 Objective_Meal_7416 🌐: 5 mo’s in, the pay is abhorrent

The title just about covers it…
I’m in long enough now to develop a decent picture of reserve life (and compensation) and it’s beyond bleak.
I’m in my early 40s and this is a second career for me. That being said, this isn’t my first rodeo and fulfilling commitments to the job while being cognizant of the reward.
The physical tole & time away with this job are to be expected…(with adequate compensation of course). The compensation however is beyond inadequate and unfortunately I don’t see it improving anytime soon.
With out a doubt a pay raise is years away I think based on the current dynamics. My most frequent observation that impacts the solidarity of arguing for better wages is the ever present in fighting between pre merger senior FAs. The vitriol is so prevalent and consistent it’s no surprise contract negotiations are stalled. Fighting on both sides over integrated seniority and pensions, all matters related to a merger settled in the past rule the headspace of so many senior crew members. Please note: I am not attempting to paint with an all encapsulating brush…this isn’t everyone (there are exceptions).
The attrition rate of junior FAs with less than a year on is absurd, yet it’s frequently chocked up to “those that couldn’t make it”. I am convinced the attrition is much more heavily skewed toward “those who didn’t want it because the pay is terrible”.
I don’t want to walk away. I am struggling with how it is possible to have paychecks worse than if I worked at a local grocery store, yet I’m working frequently in roles such as purser on wide body AC doing relatively high time transcons for a legacy carrier. What am I missing? The answer can’t possibly be “wait in poverty until year x when you get the good pay bump”.
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2023.06.01 05:22 Lucy_Starlight I don’t know if my (F32) relationship with my fiancé (M28) is normal.

My fiancé (28M) and I (32F) have been together for six and a half years. Before this, I have been abused in every possible way you can think of. I've asked friends if they think our relationship is normal, and if how he treats me is normal. They all say no. I wanted to ask everyone on here because you don't know us and you're not inclined to lie and make me feel better. I get called names on a weekly basis. Things like "miserable fck. If things aren't going his way, he'll freak out and I will wince or flinch. He hates that and says that I’m overreacting and he’d never hurt me. I try to explain to him that that's not what it is at all. Another example is when he took me to my favorite place for a late birthday present, I got "too loud" because I was excited. We were outside and I saw something I thought was cool so I pointed at it and my voice did raise but it was because I was happy. He told me to calm down and lower my voice, and then I got upset he said that so he told me to "drop the fcking attitude and fix my tone." Then we went to a ba restaurant. I have seizures and cannot drink, so I asked the waiter if I could have a ginger ale and I guess I said it like a btch? I think it was because I wasn’t sure if they were going to have regular drinks. Because he walked away and my fiancé was like "wow, I would have definitely just thought you were a stuck up btch if I was him." excused myself and cried in the bathroom. We then went to my favorite store. I was so excited. It was the first time I had been there because they had just opened up a storefront where I live. I’ve been buying online for years. I wanted to take a picture with him in their mirror that is for selfies. We took a couple, I looked at them and didn’t like them, so I asked if I could try again and he said I was “being ridiculous and really annoying him.” Once again, I held back the tears. Then today, he was showing me a video on his phone. He knew I was trying to read so i wasn't that interested, and he was like "you don't get it, she's a powerful singer" and I was engrossed in my book and I said "I don't know babe" and he jumped off our bed, I heard a crack and I was like "Jeez, I think you might have just busted a board" and he said " don't give a fck, you're a miserable f*ck" and hasn't talked to me all night. I cried myself to sleep and just woke up. When he's not like this, he's very sweet and my best friend. I just want to know if this is normal relationship bickering or if I need to really talk to him about it. This is the healthiest relationship I’ve ever had so I don’t want to be acting like a child and having my feelings hurt when this is just a normal thing. He never used to do this, my friends say he’s gotten too comfortable. Thanks for listening to my rant!
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2023.06.01 05:22 Avatarkrishna Title: The Third Eye' s Vision

I did not know it would take me 3 days to write 3-4 pages. It was time to shed the skin of uncertainty, and embrace depth of field, and 3 dimensional characters, and sense of professionalism. Enough time was wasted in uncertainty and procrastination.:
Title: The Third Eye' s Vision Author: Das, Krishna Chandra
Section 1 done on may 19 of 2023
Section 1 of Chapter 1:"Birthright's Mantle, Outcast's Shackles: The Opus of Nirvaaṇa"
Section 1 of Chapter 1:"Birthright's Mantle, Outcast's Shackles: The Opus of Nirvaaṇa"
(Beginning of Page 1)
(Character monologue)
Credits. Credits. Credits. The almighty and powerful Credits... The all-powerful Universal Credits: for a share of which we are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice. With unwavering dedication, I assume a tranquil meditation pose, directing my thoughts towards the inner realms, where my focused mind connects with the ethereal vision of my third eye. Through this heightened state of awareness, I have clandestinely observed and meticulously absorbed the whispered conversations and subtle nuances of numerous gatherings on various occasions within this mothership.
Some humanoids had invested their life savings in renting a ship to join a fleet and gain access to strategic extraction sites. Those less fortunate purchased a share of a ship with ten other crewmates, agreeing to receive a percentage of the profits. Speaking of shares, the mothership claimed a 40 percent cut from each fleet, providing flawless protection, efficient travel time, and unlimited food from its internally built vivarium. All in exchange for a share of the Universal Credits, the currency that governs our worlds.
I could write endless pages defining the term universal-credits. However, there was a time when I despised such material attachments. I was content in my dim and dreary cave. Over time, though, desperation grew from poverty, intimidation, and sorrow. Perhaps now, materialism has seeped into my/our minds, intertwining with our breath and life force. Given the current risky conditions of deep space, we are willing to risk our lives for a taste of the almighty Universal Credits.
As I delve deeper into thought experiments of risks and rewards, my mind becomes flooded with unwanted negative thoughts. Horrific news and rumors dominate my consciousness. Amongst many, one piece of news is particularly disturbing and recent. Despite deep meditations, I cannot pinpoint the source of this dark presence even with my third eye. Perhaps it is a synthetic species or an unknown race echoing the sirens of death, destruction, and doom. These rumors always make me sick. Recently, there has been an abundance of them. On the day of our great embarkment, a tip circulated claiming that an unknown source emitted a red flare, simultaneously annihilating five motherships with one single slash. Allegedly, this powerful flare not only disintegrates objects it touches but reduces them to nothingness by a rapid continual process of subatomic level evaporation.
The Vidyadhaaras, the fortunate ones, have been sanctioned by all other humanoids. In return, they have responded with an iron curtain, promising annihilation or enslavement to any species that ventures into their space. I am no expert on ethics, but one thing is certain: the Vidyadhaaras race are exceptionally fortunate. Some possess an extra third hand and naturally gemstones studded body at birth, and most are born with unlimited credit encoded in their DNA, in the form of a wish-fulfilling stone.
The dark blue-skinned manus of Shha-taM.Bha-gyaṃ display cunning charisma in these high-risk, high-reward expeditions. Yesterday, one boisterous, sapphire-backed individual, fueled by intoxicating beverages, rambled on about the statistical probabilities. In his mind, there was a red line in the depths of space, where the chances of falling into flare of nothingness stood at 60 percent. Yet, he believed the rewards outweighed the risks.
Section 2: Chapter 1:"Birthright's Mantle, Outcast's Shackles: The Opus of Nirvaaṇa"
MAY 25, 2023
(Beginning of Section 2)
The perplexed humanoid novices were both pitiful and at times detestable. I often paid little attention to their groups, always distancing myself from them, I even practiced precise isolation from stepping into the very shadows they cast, as they aimlessly scurried around the mothership, displaying a blatant state of confusion. Despite the well-lit corridors, hallways, and communal areas, they seemed utterly clueless about their next destination. With their invisible novice insignia proudly worn, they unwittingly attracted one another, creating an amusing spectacle of automated alliances, like molecular compounds.
Unfortunately, a significant portion of these individuals would never have the opportunity to find out the hidden areas and witness the marvels of the state-of-the-art artificial biomes, a place perfectly suited to shield one's gaze from their juvenile countenances. Sadly, for most of them, a grim fate awaited. I can’t protect everyone; I can’t protect each individual. It is a sad fact.
(End of character's monologue)
The dark-skinned Rudra eventually ended his inner monologue in mumbling with a long sigh. At last, he slowly opened his eyes to transition respectfully from sacred meditation to reality, moving cautiously from his meditative state to reality state. In fact, it was a sign of respect to his meditation, his life long practice. By employing simple breathing techniques, which included deep inhalation, holding the breath until reaching an uncomfortable limit, and exhaling deeply. Therefore, he repeatedly practiced the same sequence that awakened his mastery of meditation, from his very young age.
The Rudra then drank from his golden water flask, only after clearing his throat by gurgling five times once, in his customary manner. Then, he uttered the syllable 'svaa-dhaa' and dropped a portion of water on the ground as a mark of respect to his forefathers. He often mumbled similarly, whenever he entered a partial meditative state during eavesdropping; and other universal exploration through his ethereal visions, with the aid of his third eye. When he remained silent during meditation, it simply meant he was deeply immersed in self-exploration during his profound meditative state. In between deep and partial meditation, he only uttered varied two sacred syllables that held deep meaning in his culture, the Rudrakind culture.
The dark-skinned Rudra was dressed in a loincloth, decided to plunge into the artificial lake of the artificial lust rainforest biome. The rainforest biome extended enough to create horizon between artificial lights and ceiling. The intense hot and humid climate was perfectly soothing for his race. The Rudra felt rejuvenated to maximum. It was covered with towering trees, lush vegetation, and a rich diversity of plant and animal species. It receives ample rainfall, creating a humid and moist environment that supports the growth of limited species. Within this captivating biome, the intricate web of life thrives in a symphony of colors, sounds, and interconnected relationships. Furthermore, it was the source of vivarium, which caused abundance of food for the mass mothership dwellers.
The Rudra submerged his body in the crystal-clear water while observing the gathering of Quaziriths in the distance, near the lush formation of natural juice producing flowers and plants. As he massaged his muscular body, he displayed a wide and medium physique, attractive and handsome, with dreadlocked hair on the reflection of clear water. Occasionally, he touched his forehead and adjusted his red hairband to cool off his forehead. Although he detested wearing the headband, it was for his own security, to conceal his racial identity. He continued to observe the gathering of two-legged birds called the Quaziriths, which had beautiful golden feathers and were devoid of eyes. They surveyed their surroundings with the aid of their flapping wings through their ethereal and sonar perceptions. Furthermore, their flapping wings creating an eye-pleasing luminescent display even more gracefully in sunlight. With their long tongues, they sucked nectar from flowers and juices flowing from fallen fruits scattered on the ground, it was their daily routine. At one point, some of them began to quarrel, which made the Rudra chuckle with a strong negative sigh.
The quarrels of Quaziriths reminded him of his own Rudrakind, evoking a sense of envy toward the Quaziriths, that led to another deep, humming sigh withdrawn from him. In contrast, here Quaziriths were welcomed with open arms, yet his Rudrakind were not. He did not belong here legally.
As Rudra, 37 years old, expert at pondering, delved deep into his mind, he remembered his home planet name Ugra-loka, which was breathtaking from sunset until dawn. During the scorching afternoons, they sought shelter in their caves as the intense heat and contrast made them angry and uncontrollable in environments outside of caves. The Rudrakind were naturally born with a blissful and destructive "third eye" and practiced asceticism throughout their lives. They were content with small portions of food, as they practiced always controlling their senses. The mastery of the third demanded outmost priority. The children who did not obey such rules were outcasted in extremely remote places. In the event that they may cause extreme destructions. The fact is, only fraction of their children opened their third eye, prematurely before the age of sixteen.
The Rudrakind resided in cool caves that provided access to crystal-clear water, pouring out from complex inner spring systems. During the intense heat of the season, they ventured into more intricate underground cave levels, which even extended twenty levels downward, it had been built by their ancestors throughout many generations. Beyond the twenty level, there were only impenetrable rocks.
The Rudrakind practiced agriculture in open fields and sunbeam caves, where perfect sunlight seeped through cracks, creating a beautiful environment. The sunbeam caves where they also kept their pure red glowing cattle. The Rudras were non carnivorous. Therefore, they did not eat their cattle. In defiance some new generation of clans practiced carnivorism due to scarcity of foods, which justified their actions. The pure followers could go on for days with just drinking water.
The sunbeam caves held the utmost sanctity for the Rudrakind as they represented extraordinary and otherworldly environments. According to ancient beliefs, the sunbeam caves were shaped by the divine gaze of their almighty creator. The open sky within these caves symbolized the escape of sacred smoke from lit altars. Childrens and females drew sacred two-word syllables around the contour of sunbeam with chalks on the ground. At these altars, they would offer portions of their edible resources or sometimes non-edible valuable possessions as a tribute to their almighty creator and forefathers. Surprisingly, they could not recall the name of their creator, nor did they possess the knowledge of the sacred collections of their cherished short syllables, all of which were communicated in pairs of two syllables. Certain ancient declarations asserted with certainty that the combination of these unknown short syllables constituted the names of their long-forgotten god.
Over time, as indifference grew among the hierarchies within the Rudrakind, divisions between clans, and the destructive acts of superpowers flaunting their superiority, the values of their ancient culture were eroded, leading to mass extinctions of their race. Even today, some Rudras continue to engage in internal conflicts, driven by a lingering thirst for vengeance fueled by an unforgivable past. Therefore, it was too easy to forgive the past and shake hands through diplomacy. Consequently, it is disturbing to witness recently how few resorted to primitive weapons such as stones and pickaxes, equipped with handles made of strong superdense alloy, forged from the heat of their very third eye’s beam with great precision. However, they refrained from employing their beam of dissolution to crisp one another. The use of such power against their own kind was considered a highly demeaning act, resulting in complete disownment by all Rudrakind clans.
Amidst these ongoing events in Ugraloka, the Rudra in ritualistic bathing process, noticed a male and female Quazirith gracefully separating themselves from the flock, away from the quarrel. The male possessed a vibrant green emerald beak, while the female exhibited a naturally formed rose quartz stone. The pirates, often driven by their insatiable desires, extracted these rose quartz stones and sold them at exorbitant prices on the shadow market, only after indulging in the savoring consumption of Quazirith meat. However, none dared to abduct female Rudras, who possessed the power to reduce their enemies to ashes with their fiery abilities.
The Rudra continued with his ritualistic bathing process, all the while observing the Quazirith couple. Memories of his fiancée, Astrondra, flooded his mind, and he whispered her name, his voice choked with longing and accompanied by frequent pauses. Astrondra possessed remarkable control over her soft voice, complemented by a well-developed physique and an array of facial and hand expressions, her true complexion reminiscent of a chocolate cherry cat's eye. The Rudra yearned to protect her and whisk her away from the planet Ugraloka, despite the circumstances that labeled him, his Rudrakind, and the Vidyadhaaras as dangerous; they were ordered to remain within their own respective system. In fact, their mere presence instilled fear in other humanoid species, leaving none feeling secure.
In contrast, the Vidyadhaaras enjoyed access to numerous habitable planets teeming with taiga and rainforest biomes. Moreover, aided by infinite reserves of Quantumite, they effortlessly traversed their system with remarkable ease. Not to mention their wish-fulfilling stones, inherent to their very being. In fact, these stones granted them the power to manipulate any physical environment, traverse realms, and create inorganic objects at will—without even requiring Quantumite. However, they chose to refrain from extensively utilizing their all-powerful birthright stones, as such usage shortened their overall lifespan. However, this Vidyadhaaras being wouldn’t shelter his kind nor his beloved.
The most peaceful and beautiful beings with blue-posterior skin from the planet Shha-taM!' Bha-gyaṃ stood as the only reliable refuge for the Rudrakind; only if any race could prove their F'aay-doma to their supreme leader, the Manukind will welcome them with open arms. He envisioned a prosperous future for his fiancée Astrondra in that mentioned planet and his yet to be born progeny, with the assistance of his humanoid friends possessing lapis lazuli posterior- who were known as the main founder of shadow market.
At the age of 37, this Rudra had traversed a remarkable journey, eventually finding his place aboard this mothership, his spaceship is one of the hundred vessels comprising the Shha-taM!' Bha-gyaṃ fleet. His banner proudly displayed the perfectly aligned seven moons of Shha-taM!' Bha-gyaṃ, further solidifying his influence. As he had proved his F'aay-doma to these humanoid inhabitants, none among the Manukind would ever dare to unveil his racial identity. He had become the captain of his own spaceship, which was a testament to his accomplishments and the acceptance he had gained through his F'aay-doma achievement.
(End of Section 2)
... to be continue…

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2023.06.01 05:22 JamesVirani Looking for BIFL Data Storage Solutions That is Not Cloud

A bit of an unusual question for this sub, but I hope it still fits.
I've been using Google Drive for a while now, since I had access to unlimited storage there through a free plan available to me. I thought that would last my life, but Google changed its policy to revoke access, and I am losing that soon, and looking for data storage solutions that won't cost me an arm and a leg for the rest of my life.
I am ok with storing data locally and backing it up on a physical hard drive, but I fear that a fire or flood might destroy it all, no matter how many copies I make. That risk is not there with cloud, of course. I am aware that there are fire/flood-proof hard drives out there, but they seem quite expensive and there isn't much feedback on how reliable the hard drive part itself is. So I am looking to get one or two regular reliable hard drives, with fire/flood-proof safes, or chests, or possibly hard drive enclosures to store them in. Any suggestions on that front for a good less-expensive safe or chest? Or do you have entirely different solutions or ideas to suggest? Thanks!
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2023.06.01 05:21 Electrical_Task5681 21F, I'm so tired. Have been losing hair since last year.

21F, I'm so tired. Have been losing hair since last year.
(1st pic) this is how much I lose after not washing my hair for 3 days + leaving coconut milk inside overnight (2nd pic) how my hair looks like when it is wet.
In my country, it is hard to get minoxidil, finasteride, etc. I can probably get it on an online store but the price is not very friendly with my pocket. I did go to multiple pharmacies in the area I'm living in but the pharmacist only pushed me to buy some sort of sketchy ginger shampoo and recommended me to start consuming biotin after they looked at my nails. Now I'm only hoping and praying that coconut milk and rosemary oil can save my hair. These two are my only hope.
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2023.06.01 05:20 smidglianquestro9253 Self-proclaimed fitness model showing off her entitlement

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2023.06.01 05:20 Junior_Cress2828 Things I'll do when I move out to accommodate myself

So. Today I got word from the landlord. They said I'm "very lucky" that I have my established and credible roommates (bc I'm a first time renter and have no rental history but they're both much older than me and have thus proven themselves reliable), and that they'll be doing my background check tomorrow, and.... From the sounds of it? I'll be moving into my first place on Saturday :D
And so I've done a lot of thinking. I get paid on friday. So I'll have all the money needed for my first month's rent in my checking account. I have more than plenty saved for if I'll need to pay a security deposit. And I'll have all the money I need for my bills this month. So, that means, I'll have my first-place savings to get the things I need that I dont currently have. Yknow like, for a first-place-stockup grocery run that I expect to be at least 200 dollars. But I've been doing a lot of thinking. About things I've always wanted but I've put off because it would be "too weird" to have in my family home. ....and these are some of the things I'll get when I move out to accommodate myself properly for my disability.
  1. Two full-sized trashcans for my room. One for cans and bottles (We pay bottle deposit here so I bring my bags of cans to this special recycling place and get 10c back per bottle and it adds up fast.) and one for regular trash. I know it's not really a good thing to have trash in your room, but I've come to the conclusion after living with autism and adhd and anxiety for 18 fucking years that there will never NOT be trash in my space, so why the hell don't I just deal with that accordingly? I'll have two kitchen-sized trash bins in my room. It's so much better than a mini trashcan that sits on the floor.
  2. My safe-food snack cart in my room. Again, I know you shouldn't have food in your room, but I get so overwhelmingly paranoid that my safe foods will be eaten that I used to hoard them in drawers in my room (and because they were things like applesauce cups, they popped easily when stuffed into drawers, and molded.) So instead of continuing that bad habit, I'll have a designated space for them. You know those kawaii tiktok girlies that fill those pretty pink snack carts in their gaming rooms with like ramune and hello kitty snacks? It'll be like that but with applesauce and jello cups and peanut butter and pretzels. And probably ramune because the jingle jingle of the marble in the ramune bottle makes me happy. (And melon soda is so incredibly underrated I could drink melon-flavored drinks forever its one of my safe flavors and the only way I can really find it is in ramune soda, not a lot of places near me carry other types of melon drinks)
  3. My giant 3 foot tall frog will be on the couch. When I went and toured the place my roommate had that GIANT plague doctor squishable on the couch (and it took all of my effort not to squeal in absolute autistic delight at the sight of it because I've ALWAYS WANTED ONE) and if she can have her giant plague doctor squishable on the couch I will have my giant frog within arms reach at all times. When I get overwhelmed watching tv/anime (I overempathize with the characters, my therapist describes it like "feeling what they're feeling on top of your own emotions") it helps me a lot to have something to wrap my arms around and squeeze really tightly so I dont have to get up and pace back and forth while flapping my arms and wrists.
  4. I have two closets so one of them is getting turned into a sensory space. I think I'm gonna straight up put a small tent in it and build a sensory cave inside of it. I've always wanted to do it but I've never had enough closet space AND NOW I HAVE ENOUGH CLOSET SPACE!!!!!
  5. I'm getting one of those pop-up bed tent things. Probably a kids one because they're so much cheaper and cuter than the adult ones and my bed is only a twin anyways. They're not cheap but I sleep so overwhelmingly well when I have a low ceiling over my head. Kind of a double on the sensory cave but why SHOULDNT I accommodate myself in my space? It makes me feel SAFE and COMFORTABLE and I'm going to do it.
  6. Shelves. I'm...gonna need a lot of shelves. I'm not the "knows absolutely everything about their favorite fandom" autistic I'm the "nearly melts down in public from overstimulation and excitement when they find a my hero academia funko pop they've been looking for" kind of autistic. I like to have a designated space for each fandom's collectables.
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2023.06.01 05:20 Spiritual-Plan-6002 Mutation and sec on second bird please!

Mutation and sec on second bird please!
Alright so the first little guy’s name is Sunny! I know he’s a boy because of the blue cere and how he sings and mimics my voice! When I adopted him they told me he was about two years old. I’ve had him for about four months and he’s been doing great!
My question is for the second little fella! He’s yellow with white tips and red eyes. When I got him at the local bird store (not petsmart or petco) they told me he was a boy. I was looking for a boy because I don’t want any possibility of them mating. So please help me figure out if he’s a boy! The birbs cere is pink/a little purple?
They are getting along great and I’ve had to room them together because the yellow one was going crazy and trying to hurt itself and when alone. Sunny was very welcoming and fell in love with Yellow right away and they sing to each together no fights at all. I tried to keep them separate since the yellow came here but yellow kept flying into Sunny’s cage. Any tips? Should I keep yellow by himself?
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2023.06.01 05:20 Hearty-Guffaw [M4F] 34 Introverted Nerd not doing well in the south [U.S.A/ Anywhere]

Basics - born in 88 - works in IT for a bank - was a polar bear in a former life, is an oven/heat rock in current life - longs for the colder north (used to live there, don't anymore, wants to find something near mountains to build my forever home) - plays video games - this and TikTok is my only current form of social media - has discord - plays D&D/ TTRPGs with friends when I can - likes crafting/building/tinkering/doing things with my hands - been out of a relationship for over a year and still not sure about rejoining the scene but I do realize I'm not getting younger. - honestly want a good friend I can grow old with. - the remaining members of my family I'm very close with - jewish heratige ( apparently thats a turn off for some people) and I'm building a relationship with my creator ( non denom ) and no I don't care what you believe in, to each their own and just because I don't agree with people doesn't mean I love them any differently. - loves to cook and is a bit of a foodie - a bit fluffy but getting less as the days continue on - really is one of those weirdos who can listen to almlst any kind of music (but we all have our preferences) - loves loves loves dogs, sadly allergic to cats and am asthmatic ( also sadly evergreens wants to kill me and so does Marijuana )
I crammed a hand full of information in a short form but still left enough to talk about if what is above interests you at all. I want to build a solid friendship with my life partner and be able to enjoy whatever lays ahead of us, not afraid of work, don't mind LDR as I've done my fair share to date, willing to move near mountains or into the cold immediately. Might be willing to reconsider if the place doesnt have all four seasons during one week and then stays in the high 90°s F (32°+ C) for the rest of the year.
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2023.06.01 05:20 Then-Okra Can anyone propose me some possible cause of the mass in my dogs bladder?

My dog( medium sized dog around 13kg,15y/o, mixed) started to have blood in urine 3 days ago. My family took him to the vet today and saw that there was a mass near his bladder. They sent me these pics of Ultrasounds and the vets were unable to conclude on what the mass was. Can anyone point at some of the possibilities of what the mass is?
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2023.06.01 05:20 throw-dis-bih-away Ex is sending me photo of positive pregnancy test but I don't know to believe it or not

My ex gf [19f] is sending me [18m] Live iMessage Photos of a positive pregnancy test. I have caught her lying about pregnancy tests in the past (saying she bought one, but the store she claimed she went to, doesn't even sell them; as well as claiming her blood test results came back right away, even though blood tests get sent to a lab)
However, she is sending live photos of a positive test, but I know they can be easily faked with soda.
I'm like 90% positive that I know she's not pregnant but the fact that it's a Live Photo is scary to me.
Edit: she took a (negative) pregnancy test in front of me a couple days ago and we haven't had sex since around the first week of May
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2023.06.01 05:19 Ontopourmama What modern (non-political) thing are you, my fellow X-ers sick of that is accepted as normal?

For me, it's having to wait in line to show your receipt to some schlub at the door for the stuff I literally just paid for. I HATE that! If the stores are that concerned they should hire more security for the inside of the stores!.... I'm going to go yell at clouds, Grandpa Simpson style now (keep it civil in the comments, by the way)
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2023.06.01 05:19 RipPsychological4301 This guy gets retail fraud

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2023.06.01 05:19 Axolord-2 I don’t feel like adding a real title; make it up

Now, this is, the second to last post I will make on this subreddit, I have something bigger in store, but I plan on quitting World Conquest. I have been banned for “certain fascist ideology imagery”. And bc I know at least 1 mod uses this subreddit, I will probably get into an argument over this. I want to use this to explain myself, not to justify my actions, if they can even be remotely described as what I was even banned for. Now, let’s go ahead and start off with the basis of the story. Bc mustache man and the original Germany were incompetent, Germany found itself haven completely lost Poland and France in 1943. As a result, an initiate Roleplaying as Gregor Strasser had seized power, which as a result made the SS ( myself, and another player ) flee. The other player had taken control over the Congo, and I, as unrealistic as it was, took over France. I renamed France “Reichsstaat Frankreich” and used a Black flag, with the Fasces in the center. Nothing too extreme, just a German name, and fascist-related flag. Now, then came the people responsible for getting me banned. This other initiate began asking me questions related to “how would remotely anybody in France support this?” To which I responded with the obvious,”it’s an oppressive system, and bc I’m ran by the SS, ofc freedom of speech will be violated”. Then, TheAzalea3 ( at least I think that’s their username) had ran up to me to support the first initiate, screaming at me, calling me a Wehraboo, an insane person, and just ranting about something I didn’t believe was too offensive at all. I was pretty much forced to leave mainland france or be yelled at and tormented by these 2 for what seemed like my entire time there. Then, bc I just got ranted at by a lady who to me at the moment, seemed sensitive and didn’t understand much about SS ideology and what that type of government would be like, I left the server, for a Cold War one. I was setting up my character when I got the message. “You have been banned from World Conquest games” “You have been banned for :#### imagery”. Again, I’m not sure about appealing because I don’t know if this was really offensive or not, and I didn’t mean anybody much harm at all. Good day or night, and wait for my last post, should be sometime next week. Cyanara
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