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Welcome to Milwaukee's bike subreddit! From the urban commuters to the beach cruisers, everyone and their bike is welcome here for newbie advice, pro events, and everything in between! Bike maps and bike shops are listed in the wiki.

2023.05.29 14:03 GTSBot [GTS] Anon gets shitfaced drunk

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2023.05.29 14:03 mangovocado May alam ba kayong computer shop near PUP main na may room or tahimik?

I hope may alam kayo kasi I have a face-to-face class na after nun ay may presentation/reporting kami and walang internet connection sa dorm ko kaya nag-iisip ako kung paano ako magpepresent.
Puwede naman na mobile data pero baka kasi maubos at bigla akong mawala sa meeting.
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2023.05.29 14:02 lavenderfetish When do the withdrawal symptoms after a breakup get better :/

It’s been 3 days since he blocked me and I feel worse with evey hour passing. The past 2 days I’ve been a masochist by going to his favorite spot near his house and just sitting there, listening to music. It sucks because the spot & his house are only 10 min away from me. It’s the only place in the world where I feel safe, he sits a lot of the times there to unwind or chill.
Why can’t I stop missing this guy who lied nonstop to me, never fought once for me while I crawled back and hurt myself for him and the worst, most probably cheated on me. Whyyyyyy 😭 why can’t I stop going to places we both went to & laughed back in the good days, it’s like I hurt myself on purpose. I’m bawling my eyes out writing this. I can’t stop myself from refreshing his instagram and seeing how he only follows 1 girl, how her profile pic is so sexy and revealing and how he must’ve met her irl and talked to her while we were still in a relationship.
I don’t know how you guys do it but I feel like I’m gonna explode soon. Instead of getting better, I get much worse and one of these days I’ll lose control over myself and ring his door just crying for him or have a mental breakdown in public that’ll get me in issues I don’t know 😭😭
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2023.05.29 14:02 twosideslikechanel How to make friends in a place where everyone knows each other already?

So. I’m 23 and I’m a bit of an introvert. I do relatively well in my job and I have a few good friends. I want to expand my social circle as a lot of my friends have moved abroad and I’ve drifted apart from some as well. And while I made a lot of new friends in uni, I didn’t make as many friends as I wanted as I spent the last 2 years of uni online and I used to work from home for nearly 2 years.
An aunt of mine is going to petition me into a prestigious, hard-to-get-into business club that’s ostensibly for entrepreneurship but in reality a place where you can join several committees and network with different people.
I’m really nervous about making new friends there since I don’t know anyone there. My aunt is more on the sociable side, and she told my mom that I along with everyone have to start somewhere, she will get someone to vouch for me who will introduce me to a bunch of people, but I’m terrified of what comes next and how I’m going to make friends when I literally don’t know anyone inside. I don’t want to complain because a lot of people really want to get inside the club for networking purposes and it’s difficult to get in, but my aunt is able to do it for me easily.
In the past, I’ve attended really elite private all-girls schools and while I made a lot of good friends, a lot of people moved abroad and a lot of people ended up betraying me. (My school was notorious for being academically rigorous and competitive, but it was also known for incessant bullying which made people transfer out or attempt to off themselves). I’ve felt that due to my shy and introverted personality, I’ve ended up investing a lot of time and energy into bad friendships when I could’ve been investing it into actual good people who will be there for me as much as I have been there for them.
So I’m hoping for help on how to make friends in a place where everyone knows each other already, as well as how to ensure I am becoming friends with the right people, and not someone who will end up doing bad stuff to me or to my friends due to their selfish actions.
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2023.05.29 14:02 RedC130 Quelle trottinette choisir pour un budget de 500 euros?

Bonjours le sub, je vais déménager prochainement dans une ville moyenne et je souhaiterais trouver un moyen de locomotion pas cher et fiable pour pouvoir faire mes déplacements en étant autonome, dans l'attente de passer mon permis en fin d'année.
J'ai actuellement un vélo qui me permet d'assurer la route de chez moi jusqu'à mon travail mais c'est crevant et chiant a la longue.
Je cherchait initialement un VAE mais je ne peut pas mettre 1000 euros dans un velo donc je me tourne vers les trottinettes électriques.
Dans cette nouvelle ville, chaque point sont à peut près a 5 km de chez moi, comme c'est un aller retours il faut compter 10 km.
Comme c'est une ville portuaire le trajet compte au moins 2 pentes.
Les caractéristique pour la trottinettes sont donc :
-Une bonne autonomie
-Peut grimper quelque pente
-une bonne longévité.
-Si possible des clignotants
-Une bonne marque
Et le tout pour un budget de 500- 550 euros.
Pour l'instant j'ai trouver ces 2 modèle:
Je me tourne vers vous car j'ai pas trop confiance dans les multiple vidéos sur YouTube de test sponsorisé par la marque de trott en question.
Merci de m'avoir lu et j'ai hâte de voir vos avis et conseilles.
Bonne journée.
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2023.05.29 14:01 _cantRiz1st_ My father is cheating

Me (25 F) and my younger sister (20) thought that there was something unusual going on with my Father. Actually, we are 4 siblings but we're only 2 working from home so we are the ones who observed things. Some days in a week, he's going home late or by tomorrow morning. Then he always speaks any alibi he thinks he won't get caught. He's riding motorcycle with friends, his phone is lowbat so he can't update us, he went to the hospital because of dizziness after work, and even going to the mechanic shop to fix his motorcycle but always came home late (12am, 4am, 5am). One day, I tried to open his soc med account since I was the one who created it but I need the log in code from his phone. Too bad I can't get his phone away from him. This morning, I tried it again and luckily it opened, I think he accidentally clicked Yes, it's me in the notification so that's it. So he's having conversation with this woman around 50s. I was right in the first place. She's the affair we are thinking he have. We're so angry at him but we both have to be calm because my mother is sick and it might cause of her stress and can lead to heart attack. Me and my sisters planned to talk about it with my father to stop that kind of thing that will surely make my mother stressful or worse, will go to the hospital for emergency. What do you think of the best way cornering him? We have all the screenshots of the conversation by the way.
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2023.05.29 14:01 uno-frillman I know this is irrational!

I just want to say it out loud!
For some reason this is not allowed in offchestph.
I am really having a bad day today and yesterday. And I asked my girlfriend to give me some space for me to breathe.
Now she told me na she will go out for dinner with her friends.
For some reason, i am kinda annoyed with her kasi instead of taking care of me she went out to have dinner.
I know I asked her for some space but i kinda want her near me.
Don’t hate me for my irrationality.
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2023.05.29 14:00 DDT126 Where can I get a bed?

I’ve got a Wakefit mattress and have finally saved enough money to buy a bed for it. Dimensions are 78x48x5 inches. It’s somewhere between a single and a double bed.
My budget is about 7-10k depending on storage, headboard, etc. Where can I find a good quality bed in this price range?
I stay near Indiranagar, even local stores would be good for me.
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2023.05.29 14:00 case025 Elevator nightmare

I've posted here before and I figured why not share this one, while it's still somewhat fresh in my mind. To set the scene I was in some kind of city area wondering aimlessly and I found myself finding some random elevator that I could enter, thinking I was going to different floors of a shopping mall.
However that was not the case, when I entered I know there were buttons 1 and 3, I pressed 3 and was going down and I was in this mini basement area and it was dark, and I could just barely see inside with the light source coming from the elevator.
What I saw inside looked like rows of sleeping bags that I think had people inside them, and I had this bad feeling creeping up on me like I shouldn't be here and I need to leave immediately. I went back inside the elevator trying to go back, I pressed 1 and didn't notice it the first time, under where the 3 is it said something like "Lucid Sleep Room", the doors wouldn't close and I saw a creepy man with a wide smile standing outside who seemed to be trying to tell me to stay with them, and I was just shaking my head telling him no.
And that's it what I thought was going to be a normal dream, suddenly went downhill when I least expected it.
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2023.05.29 13:59 adaminischool Abacus classes ADA Abacus classes for kids

Abacus classes ADA Abacus classes for kids
Calling all parents! Give your child's brain a boost with our Abacus Class!
Is your child struggling with numbers? Do they need a fun and effective way to improve their math skills? Look no further! ADA Abacus Class is here to help!
ADA expert instructors will guide your child through the fascinating world of the abacus, an ancient tool that builds a strong foundation in mental arithmetic. Using this powerful instrument, your child will develop lightning-fast calculation abilities and enhance their concentration and memory skills.
To join Abacus classes call: 9880334411 or Dm US!

#achieversdestinationacademy #Abacus #abacusforkids #AbacusClassesNearMe #abacusclasses #AbacusLearning #abacuscourse #abacuskids
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2023.05.29 13:58 cucumberpopsicles Sleep hygiene struggles/venting

Hey! I figure this is the only place where I can let everything out and people understand. Warning: It's a lot lol
I've officially been diagnosed with type 2 for less than a year, but I've had symptoms since a teen, which then worsened to the point of seeking help as an adult. As I'm sure most of you know, doctors always tell you to practice sleep hygiene. And that's what they told me for a couple years while in college until I stopped asking for help for a few years because nothing helped. I have a new doctor and I really liked that he took the time to go over all my prior testing and history with symptoms. I got switched from Modafinil to Armodafinil. It took over 2 weeks to get it because the pharmacy filled Modafinil instead and then Armodafinil was backordered. It's been nearly 2 weeks since I've had it filled but I haven't started because I'm still struggling to force myself to go to bed at a reasonable time like the doctor wanted. It doesn't help that I'm a night owl. Aside from this last week, I also cut out most caffeine after 2pm per the doctor. I say most because I sometimes don't realize I'm still slowly drinking the same energy drink during a busy clinic after 2pm.
I've started going to the gym after work with my sister but I'm not getting home until almost 9pm. By the time I shower, eat, and unwind for a bit, it's midnight or 1 am. Even when I can sleep at a reasonable time, waking up is so so hard so the gym is easier after work. I'm also trying to go back to school, but I'm worried I'll quickly burn out due to narcolepsy and possibly undiagnosed ADHD which is its own struggle to get help with. It's only been recent that I've thought a lot more about how much I actually struggled in college and I honestly wonder how I managed to get a bachelor and masters degree. My grades fluctuated a lot in undergrad. Grad School was better for grades but I still had a hard time with the constant fatigue and 3 hour classes. Currently, I like my job but it's been getting harder because people keep quitting (understandably) so we're all picking up the slack. But then I have coworkers not wanting to do anything so myself and other's end up doing more on top of what we're already compensating for. In turn, I've been more tired than usual from work. I don't mind talking to people about how the condition affects me, but the judgment I get when I say if I don't set an alarm I sleep 12 hours. Or sometimes I wake up and feel the need to take a nap an hour later. It's frustrating and with some of my coworkers it's them choosing to not understand what I experience and then acting as if I'm crazy for needing to sleep.
I'm stuck in a cycle of wanting to do better for myself but not being equipped to do so- at least if feels that way. I know I can do more because I was already doing so until my symptoms got worse a few years ago.
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2023.05.29 13:58 mangovocado May alam ba kayong computer shop near PUP main na may room or tahimik?

I hope may alam kayo kasi I have a face-to-face class na after nun ay may presentation/reporting kami and walang internet connection sa dorm ko kaya nag-iisip ako kung paano ako magpepresent.
Puwede naman na mobile data pero baka kasi maubos at bigla akong mawala sa meeting.
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2023.05.29 13:58 Careless_Date_8656 AITA for taking my car back?

My roommate been using my car for free only paying for the gas they used for months, no help in insurance, parking fee, or upkeep of car. It was only suppose to be for like 3 months but its been about 7 months now with no sign of them getting there car the said they were suppose to buy.

Found out this month they were late on rent the last 3 months incurring fees and this last month didn't even pay rent until the 20th. So the apartment had started the eviction process, which BOTH my roommates knew about and decided not to tell me (which I could have paid the remainder and could have made it a interest free loan to them if asked at the time.) My good credit score was used to get this place and my family was the cosigner. I didn't even find out until after the 20th only cause a lawyer contacted me directly about such. (and to my family which lead to very upset family calling me panicking.) I always paid my money to the others to pay the rent on time since the apartment only takes the whole payment we can't just pay our segment so I had NO CLUE this was happening. Thankfully since they at least paid (very late last minute possible) we aren't going to get kicked out (this time) but I am now very paranoid. All of our names are on the lease thankfully and my current plan is to leave ASAP once lease is up now in November.

They were suppose to be my friends and lured me away from my home to another state claiming such. But haven't acted very friendly towards me in months and what little moments I would feel like I forced they seemed like they weren't happy around me and I don't ask for much maybe playing a game online sometimes or a meal together. Mostly it only be me tagging along when they go shopping to save on gas and trips. (and even then the roommate using my car barely never really did when asked and they use to be my 'best' friend before we moved in together... its like day and night difference.) I already felt like I was used by them to even get this place... (they did not inform me HOW TERRIBLE there credit was until I was there I was the only reason they got this place) but tried to shake it off. But now I can't seem to justify calling these people my friends... so I see no need to limit my own freedoms and movement for someone who would treat me such way. There job is only a 5 minute drive away (20 minute walk?) so easy enough to walk so I am not depriving them of access to work.
am i the asshole for taking my car keys back?
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2023.05.29 13:57 tonearm Chris Potter - Sunrise Reprise LP

Chris Potter - Sunrise Reprise LP
The open ended nature of jazz has always been a driving force for me. The interesting directions many of these artists take can be welcomed by the masses as easily as they can be shadowed. This certainly applies where an album choses to start slowly to build a musical mood. For many fly by night listeners, they will never make it to the heart of what is actually happening here. The album title pairs well with the slow warmth of this release that, at times, feels a burst of prog coming to the surface.
Bandcamp: https://chrispotterjazz.bandcamp.com/album/sunrise-reprise
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/5wreZiEotGjOjkul69Vy8t?si=jWBf3KleTtCOQCqJGAo9EA
Physical Shop: @collectiveclothing Web Store: InherentRecords.com Weekly Podcast: https://monumentsinruin.com/blogs/podcast
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2023.05.29 13:57 Facetiousswag [18M] 👯‍♀️ only posting cos I’m depressed as hell, hit me if you feeling it to 🧌. I ain’t posting face here cos fuck that lmao. Here’s some thrift shop finds tho🪂

[18M] 👯‍♀️ only posting cos I’m depressed as hell, hit me if you feeling it to 🧌. I ain’t posting face here cos fuck that lmao. Here’s some thrift shop finds tho🪂 submitted by Facetiousswag to TeensMeetTeens [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 13:56 Reddit_IsWeird i went shopping in the men's section

i know clothes shopping seems so little but my anxiety is a hugeee weight so when i went shopping today in the men's section of clothing shops, i got so damn anxious.
i thought i was going to have a panic attack when a few guys stared at me in confusion but when one of them asked if i needed help picking out shorts that would be comfortable, i thought i was going to cry.
he was such a sweetheart and i think it's cause he realised i was trans and it was my first time clothes shopping in the men's section but i just feel so good now that i have clothes i'm comfortable in. especially since the guy was so nice to me. it's people like him who make me feel like i can be comfortable in myself. shout out to you clothes store guy
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2023.05.29 13:56 BlazeFire3701 Where to Get Knowledgable Channel Help

And don't just tell me here.
I've been working on a channel for the past couple years, achieving 2,600 subs and getting monetized, but even so, things haven't gone nearly as smoothly as I'd hoped, and doing this on my own, I've felt basically clueless. I've been taking the whole "throw ideas against a wall and see what sticks" approach, but everything I try is a shot in the dark, and so far, nothing's quite sticking. My other problem is that the dumb Shorts I make, which only take an hour or so and are the one thing that has kinda stuck, tend to do far better than the actual quality videos I put full days of work into, which I find incredibly discouraging.
So why not just stick to the daily Shorts? Well for one, they haven't proven to be the most reliable in terms of long-term growth. They started out strong last summer, and were my channel's first major breakthrough, getting 3-5k views each, and sometimes way more. But their performance is all over the place, and they sometimes get literally zero views (forcing me to reupload them later, although I haven't noticed this as much anymore), not to mention the fact that the little sub-genre I've been making Shorts of has fallen off since I started, as I now average only 1-2k views on each. Additionally, instead of them doing better and better with every subsequent success, each time, I'm just hoping to get lucky, which isn't really how channel growth is supposed to go. They were a good source of subscribers too, with the 106 Shorts I've done netting me over 1,000, but again, the pace was steady, at best, and decreased over time. Oh, and they only tend to pull good numbers if I do a single one each day at 6 AM ET, no other times I've tried can compare. While making them has certainly served my channel better than if I hadn't, I don't want my channel to forever be stuck at this trot when changing my strategy could turn that into a gallop.
The other issue with them is that I'm not content with my channel being nothing more than a Shorts factory. No one wants their channel to be known as simply being a meme farm, and I'm no different. Pumping these out hasn't helped me build a community, sustain much of an audience, or let my personality shine through (giving my viewers no sense of who I am, or anything to relate to). If seeing 1,000 views and my sub count go up by 5-10 per day were enough, I wouldn't be complaining, but I know I could do so much more if I wanted to.
What I don't know though is how. When it comes to longer vids, I've hardly gotten anywhere, and nothing I've done has been even remotely worth the effort (with what the Shorts can pull in comparison just being a slap in the face).
What I'm after, and the whole point in making this thread, is a person or place to get real advice and tutelage on how to grow a channel. I'm not just talking about general know-how, like using VidIQ and/or TubeBuddy, understanding CTR and audience retention, or optimizing my branding (SEO, thumbnails, etc.), but rather getting personalized help specifically tailored toward me and my channel, from someone who knows the ins and outs of the platform, and ideally has a significant following of their own to show for it.
Like, there's this one channel I stumbled upon for instance named Robert Benjamin, who makes YouTube growth guides, and while a lot of what he says is accurate, the way he markets his videos can be extremely deceptive, and his demeanor comes off as highly disingenuous. I'm mentioning him as an example because he has a channel mentoring program, which is exactly what I want, but there's no way I'd be willing to pay hundreds to get "help" from a sleazebag like that. So many of these "YouTube/social media gurus" are either idiots, con artists, or both. But when I first made my channel, along with my first vid, I got some pointers from a guy named Blaines, who had a few hundred thousand subs at the time (and has gotten much bigger since), so it's not like what I'm trying to find isn't out there if you know where to look.
I've also explored Fiverr gigs for social media promotion and whatnot, but honestly, those are just as bad as the fake gurus, especially the cheaper ones. While they may "work" a little, they normally use questionable methods to go about it, such as viewbotting, or putting your vids in a social media feed that isn't related to your channel where they aren't likely to get many clicks. Plus you have to constantly be paying for those to power your channel, and they aren't helping you to get anywhere on your own, and that's all I really want-for my channel to be able to grow its own pair of legs it can run with.
So how can I find my footing, how can I find something I can roll with for the long run, and who can show me the way?
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2023.05.29 13:55 BingoBango567 Starting the Bounty Hunts

This is a slightly stupid question but where is the bounty board? I can go into the shop to spend pucks but I have no idea where the board is or how to accept bounties. I've talked to Caij repeatedly but it just gives some dialogue, nothing about potential bounties. Can someone tell me how I should be going about this?
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2023.05.29 13:55 hellaanxiousgemini Am I dating an abuser?

Last night my girlfriend (30F) and I (23F) were watching movies. I noticed she was being distant a bit and then out of nowhere she starts hitting and tapping a plastic bottle near my ear, trying to be noisy to irritate me. She even asked me “Am I getting on your nerves?” at first I thought maybe she was being playful so I play along and try to get the bottle from her. Eventually I just left it alone, pretended it didn’t bother me, and I guess she got bored.
Shortly after that, she she sits on the couch with me. I had a blanket on me because I was cold and then out of nowhere she snatched the blanket off of me and put it on to her. I asked her why she did that and that I was cold and tried to get it back from her. When I asked for it back she said no with an attitude, even after I was pleading with her and telling her that I was cold. I then start to get upset and tell her that was uncalled for, even a bit mean and that she could at least share the blanket. She still didn’t let up and kept the blanket. I kept asking for it because I was shocked that out of nowhere she did that and wouldn’t give it back without explanation, just said “because I don’t want to”
We got into an argument about that because I didn’t like that she did that and even after everything I still didn’t get the blanket nor an apology. I stormed into the bedroom still upset and questioning if maybe I was overreacting. I came back out to address the situation because it was something that was still bothering me and then she tells me “It’s just a blanket” as if I WAS overreacting. No matter how much I explained how mean it was that she did that to me she seemed cold and un phased. She even gave me a half ass “I’m sorry” and “I don’t know what else you want me to say” because I kept pressing the issue and I guess she got annoyed. It didn’t seem sincere so I kept trying to discuss how it made me feel and trying to understand why she thought that was okay. She shut down even more, said she was done talking, and insisted we talk about it the following day. Today.
Am I overreacting or was this behavior abusive?
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2023.05.29 13:55 Technical_Yoghurt333 AITA for not having a talking to the mother of my child’s possible sibling?

There’s no way to simplify this but I’ll try, I (f/25) refuse to have a relationship of any kind with my daughter’s (f/1yr) fathers’s new wife/gf/baby momma. It’s very confusing, I don’t know what she is. So for context, my daughter’s father has been absent in her life since I was 3 months pregnant. We had a relationship and were even engaged at one point but his alcoholism, temper, attitude, demeanor, his..everything became an issue. We lived together briefly at the beginning of my pregnancy but once he started drinking it all went downhill. One night, we got into an argument while he was drunk and it got heated so I just said I would leave for the night since I didn’t feel safe and i would come back when he was sober, he cornered me against a couch while very drunk and wouldn’t let me leave the house until I threatened to call the cops several times. After I was in my car, he kept pulling on my door and yelling at me to stop and just kept making it difficult for me to leave. I finally left that night and I stayed with my mom, we later talked and we came to an agreement where he would stop drinking until after the baby was born, I had hopes he would leave alcohol all together by then. The very next weekend, he was drunk again but he left the house this time and didn’t come back. I called him the next morning to see where he was and he claimed to be at the beach with his buddy’s gf, “picking rocks”. No buddy, just him and the buddy’s gf…I’m sorry but that didn’t sit well with me, I asked him when he would be back and he said he didn’t have a set time to be back home. He was supposed to work that day but chose to call off as well. I talked to my mom and she told me this would only get worse and that he wouldn’t change so I decided to leave him. I moved out that same day, I called to let him know and he started off by saying, I was already going to suggest you stay at your mom’s for a couple weeks but this works too. That was my final sign. I left and took all of the things I paid for which was most of everything we had minus his things and the few things his mother had bought. We kept in contact for the sake of the baby and I was determined to make things work for that reason. We were together technically but trying to work on things apart. I wanted to see some real change before the baby arrived to actually go back with him. He never changed and things got worse. He stopped calling, I had to initiate contact and it would still take him hours to respond. I would call him when i had drs appts and he would ignore them, i would text and he sometimes would respond, other times I had to wait for hours to get a simple response.I had low blood pressure which would cause me to get super dizzy sometimes when I stood up too quick or moved too fast and I passed out one time while at work. I worked at my aunt’s restaurant and my uncle was working when it happened. He saw me acting strangely while prepping and he knew something was wrong after I stopped responding to him so he rushed over to me when he saw me going down and managed to catch me before I fell completely. I fell but I didn’t fall as hard as I could have, had he not caught me. When I came to, he made sure I was okay and asked if I wanted to stay or go home and made me eat just in case it helped before letting me go back to work. I texted my ex about it all right after it happened and it took him 6 hours to respond, and he had the audacity to blame me and say that if I was a better mother I would have my dr do something about it before I killed our baby. My dr had addressed it prior to me passing out and recommended i drink more fluids and add more salt to my diet but that it was going to be normal because of my blood pressure and that there wasn’t much else i could do. She said to sit down or get low to the ground when i felt like i was getting dizzy. She even sent me to a cardiologist and she said the same things. A few weeks later I found out he had been cheating the whole time we were together and was sleeping with other girls. All of that just confirmed that we weren’t ever going to work. As the time came for the baby to arrive, he started pushing the topic of him being in the room while I was in labor and pushing. Since we were no longer together, I was strongly opposed, I said he could be at the hospital but not in the L&D room. He kept pushing and even tried to scare me into it. He claimed his “multiple” lawyers would order a DNA test to be performed on the baby while in utero to prove he was the dad so a judge could force me to let him be in the room. I simply wouldn’t allow it. It poses unnecessary risks to the baby and to myself. No way. He kept pushing but I called his bluff and so he stopped with that tactic and started bashing me on fb about how evil and monstrous and selfish I was, and how “Jesus and monk like” he was trying to be about the whole situation and that he would fight tooth and nail for his daughter and not falter and I was “keeping him from his daughter” who wasn’t born yet. (All quoted from his essay about me) I couldn’t believe him, I stopped acknowledging him as it was just becoming too stressful for me. On top of dealing with him, both of my grandparents that helped raise me in place of my absentee father passed 5 months apart from each other. It all started to take a toll on my health and i lost my sight in my left eye from lack of blood flow. It was some sort of panic attack combined with my low blood pressure and so I had to go to the hospital and stay there a night while they did tests to see what happened, the conclusion was functional vision loss and they weren’t sure when it would go away. He didn’t know about that. I was struggling a lot and he just didn’t care before so why alert him of that. I tried to block him out the last month of my pregnancy (not that there was much to ignore, after he bashed me on socials, he went radio silent) and eventually had our daughter and was really focused on my recovery as well as being a new mom to my baby girl. He showed up to my moms house with his father unannounced 2 weeks after I gave birth and she stopped him at the door. She went out to talk to him and his dad so that I wouldn’t get upset or anxious, She was worried about my health so I stayed inside with the baby. She spoke with them and told them simply that he should reach out to me via text and to try to work things out for the baby. Not to just show up unannounced. He then tried to bash me and say that he was and that I was ignoring him, which was a lie, I told her ever single time we were in contact and so she knew he was lying. She told him to try harder in regards to being a better person and called him out on some things he did. He stopped arguing at that point to save face for his dad. She came back in and he never reached out after that. I later moved out to my aunts on my dads side because some things happened with my mom that made it impossible to live together. My aunt convinced me to reach out to my ex and to try to make things work for the baby. So I did. I tried to talk to him about mediation and lawyers and child support, he claimed to be on board and when I offered for him to meet her, he told me he had “errands to run”. Later I found out the errands were to go grocery shopping for food to make dinner for his new gf. I stopped trying after that. I asked him to sign away his rights and he denied. He claimed he would never and that he would see me in court. I eventually started dating again and found my now husband. He and i started dating and it all just clicked into place. I fell in love with him and Hes just so good with my daughter and treats me so well. He treats my daughter as if she was his own. He’s known her since she was 3 months old so she quickly grew attached to him and We ended up getting engaged a few months after and i moved in with him before he went away on deployment. (Yes it seems sudden but this is all the complete opposite of my ex and he actually makes the effort to be involved in my daughters life, i know I found the one) Around Christmas I decided to push my ex again for him to sign away his rights. I wasn’t going to force him to be around her and at this point, after months of no contact or even an ounce of effort on his part, I didn’t think I was wrong in asking. I asked him to sign away his rights repeatedly. I wasn’t even asking for child support, I just wanted to be free of him coming back in her life later when it could become more convenient for him. My daughter deserves better than that. He denied and said that he would never…yet again…. He said he would take me to court and take her away from me. I called his bluff every single time. This kept up for months and still to this day. She is now 1 and 4 months. He now has a new wife/gf/baby momma. She reached out to me in January of 2023, 5 days after new years saying that I don’t know who she was but that she was dating my ex and that she hated to reach out like this, but she was worried about my safety and the baby’s safety. She said that he choked her and spit on her while he was intoxicated and that the police were called and that she made the mistake of not pressing charges, but that she just hoped we were safe and wanted to give me a heads up. I told her to call me and she did, she sounded sincere over the phone and I told her that that was the reason for my leaving. She said it all made sense after I explained everything. I offered for her to speak to my lawyer and eventually a judge so that it was no longer my word against his but hers as well and she seemed to agree wholeheartedly. She said he was an alcoholic and that he wasn’t fit to be a parent. I took her word and we agreed to stay in touch. The next day she texted me to tell me that she was pressing charges after all and getting a restraining order against him. I congratulated her and about a week later she blocked me. I found out that same week that she and him were back together. I was so mad. I felt betrayed and vulnerable. I couldn’t believe she just went back just like that. My fiancé and I decided in that time as well to tie the knot in February while he was on leave. We got married and after he went back, a few weeks later I found out I was expecting. My husband and I are so excited! We’re having another baby girl. Fast forward to about 3 weeks ago and I notice that she (my ex’s new thing) had unblocked me (her name in my fb messenger went from fb user to her name on fb) I clicked on it wondering why she unblocked me all of a sudden and I see that she was now married to him since January 25th and that they were excitedly expecting a boy and that they were starting a book collection for the new baby with books from both of their childhoods. I couldnt be more sad and disappointed as well as disgusted. How do you go back to him after what he did to you and add a baby to the whole thing? How selfish was she? How could you acknowledge one child but not the other? She saw how he was treating my daughter, You can’t possibly want that for your baby too? I was confused and mad but chose to ignore it all. What can I do? Nothing. Not my mess, why stress…She chose what she wanted to do. All I can do is wish her well. A few days later she messaged me apologizing for blocking me and going back to him. She said he was a wordsmith and that she fell for his empty promises yet again. She apologized for not back me up legally and that she felt terrible about it all. I truly didn’t feel bad for her. She did this to her self and now she wants to come back and pretend she didn’t just marry the guy? Like she knew what he was capable of? How did you not see that coming? I told her I seriously could care less what she had to say and that I didn’t believe her. I asked did you not marry him and get pregnant by him?? Like you’re his wife? Shouldn’t you be having his back? You did this to your self. She responded with I know why you might be weary and I don’t blame you. I’m “really sorry” and I understand why you might not want to speak. I told her more or less to fuck off and that I couldn’t speak with her anymore. I asked her did she not marry him and is she not having a baby with him and her response was legally yes we’re married but we’re separated and I’m having a baby…what? So I signed off on that note and sent the gif “Sorrows, sorrows…prayers”….iykyk…so now that bring the question of the hour up….I’m being told by a cousin of mine that l vented to that I shouldn’t have responded like that and that I should have been nice and that she probably wanted to vent and bond. “Technically” her son is my daughters sibling….I’m sorry but I don’t feel responsible for making sure that they have a relationship. I don’t even know if that’s even really her sibling, furthermore, why is that my job? Her dad doesn’t even know her! Not my fault either. I can’t be held responsible for rounding up all of his potential kids and making sure that they have a relationship. Also how do I know that she (the new thing) isn’t lying? How do I know she isn’t going to go back to him? I don’t trust her. Im trying to protect my baby. AITA? Am I being too harsh?
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2023.05.29 13:54 hatrickpatrick Are there any good in-depth and comprehensive articles to read about "washout" filter automation techniques during build ups?

I've come a long way since I started making my own EDM songs, but there's one area in which I'm quite lacking and would love to read an in-depth tutorial - filter automation during buildups. A lot of my favourite EDM tracks - I'll take Avicii's Waiting For Love and Wake Me Up as two extremely well known examples - have buildup sections that are very similar to mine in melody and construction.
However, one thing that really escapes me is how to do a proper washout - what kind of filter to use (HP vs BP), what ranges to use, and whether to use it on the entire master track or on a bus which omits some of the tracks. As the moment, I tend to have a HP filter kick in and sweep from 0 to 100% intensity on the master track during the last 4 bars of a buildup around the time my white noise filter sweep reaches its highest, and while this sounds good, it's nowhere near the kind of absolutely epic washout effect I hear in my favourite songs which to my ear seems to possible be using a band pass with a frequency range which itself widens as the center frequency rises, or something to that effect; and furthermore I feel like rather than the frequencies all coming back in at the moment of drop, some of the big hits instead have the filter open up again a moment before the buildup ends - essentially, it's obviously more complicated than anything I'm doing and I'd love to get a proper handle on it.
Unfortunately, articles about this tend to assume one already knows these fundamentals and thus they'll just have a sentence or two saying "automate a filter during the build up", but alas I need a lot more hand holding at present to get this right 😂
Can anyone point me to a good, in-depth article on what kind of effects are recommended and more importantly, which tracks to use them on and which tracks to omit?
I can't help feeling that my "HP on the master, slowly closing and cutting out the lower frequencies before dropping out in the break before the drop)" technique is the EDM producer's equivalent of learning to play Smoke On The Water using just the low E string rather than the chords, and calling one's self a guitarist 😂
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2023.05.29 13:53 Lotasar How to help my (M22) gf (F21) on her road to lose flat stomach and get her confidence back

Okay so basically, before meeting my girlfriend, she was on her road to lose weight by herself. She went from 120kg to 85kg right now in a barely 7 months (that's impressive and I'm proud of her INSANE mentality).
But here's the thing : she wants to hit the 70kg (which is clearly acceptable for a girl of his tall : 1m65) but unfortunately she still has remaining skin from her dark ages "obesity".
I'm helping her to do workout to lose that flat skin but I'm not a professional in fitness and those kind of stuff (all I do is looking for workout exercices and mix them into a "program").
Please, anyone with same experiences or even professional advice can help me (and therefore her) to establish a sort of "program" (nutritional and workout) to get a "tone" core ?
I'm well aware that it'll be nearly impossible to get the mannequin body (due basically to the shape of her body) but eliminate this remaining flat stomach skin will help her a lot!
Thanks for reading and have a nice day !
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